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REVIEWS OF Riley Hospital for Children IN Indiana

amanda jameson

I think out of all my nights at Riley I had only one bad day. Very caring staff. Always had decent food. Which is important when your stuck in a room with no way to get more! Love the Ronald's McDonald house and their home cooked meals for parents.

Gavin Nash

They are awesome. Highly recommended to everyone. Thanks to all the staff members.

josh lipe

Amazing because me and my cousin got better

Annie Coston

Just came off of an admission and it was the worst care that I have ever had from them. I had problems from every department in the hospital. It was not just one area. The food is horrible and expensive. It has no flavor and a lot of the time not even edible(this goes for patient food as well). Usually I am one to praise rileys for how they keep the hospital clean and the staff trained well, but this time I am not sure why it was so horrible. Here is to a new year and hoping you guys make some changes and have better communication!!! Please get some better food. Walk across the street to eskanazi and learn a thing or two about a cafeteria from them! It seems like that is where all of your staff goes anyways!

Alicia Littlejohn

Riley Hospital itself is a godsend. That being said, their Pediatric Care Center is a joke. I drove an hour to an appointment after waiting an entire year to get in, only to be told my appointment had been rescheduled. Not one person told me my appointment had been rescheduled.

Cindy Urton

Many thanks to everyone who works here.

Linda Nelson

Rileys Hosp. Has always been there for my daughter. They have a very friendly staff.

Jonny G

They take super great care of you and they make you feel welcomed and loved!

There are blessings in everything

What a splendid place, they truly were most helpful when I was a child. They go out of their way to make the kids feel less frightened and scared and make them comfortable as well as making sure their health is at it's best. I would say their speciality would be more in the Asthma/breathing department but they really are great at helping with all sorts of conditions.

Miles Royer

This place I was able to get an IQ test when i was 3 years old and I got 151. I also had a hernia when I was a baby and they did a great job with that. Thank you, I will never be the same without the Riley Children’s Hospital

Brian Kirkwood

it doesn't get better for treatment of children than here.

Brian Shedd

Under construction but always nice

precious broadus

I use to think very highly of this place based on the commercials and all of the donations everyone make because it's the best "children's hospital" well my 3 yr old has had a high fever of 103.8 could not get it down for 3 weeks 3 visits to Riley hospital and was told there was nothing they could do. Took him to community north hospital and found out he had acute bronchitis. Our last visit to Riley Hospital The nurse explained that she had to discharge him because they had so many people waiting in the emergency room. She shove the discharge papers in my hand and asked if I could hurry and sign them so that she can get to the next patient in the waiting area. I was very frustrated because I explained that he was also having chest pain but the doctor never acknowledged it

Kaneshia Ransom

Love this hospital they take care my son everytime we have to come. Nurse's and staff is amazing the whole asthma time is lovely❤

Michelle Westfall

My child was denied to see a dr because they said she wasn't bad enough. So I would not recommend to go to riley at all. For them to turn my child down for treatment is beyond disbelief to me.. I will never take my children to them...

Truly Blessed

They're great with children. The wait wasn't long for my son to be seen and they are very caring.

Jessica Archer

The best place to take your children in Indiana. Caring staff and exceptional support make Riley the number one place I think of when I think of medical care for my children. They are 17 now and I dread the day they age out.

Rita Ferrufino

Everyone here is so helpful


Started having a search desk before you enter the hospital. Similar to a check points at the airport.

M. J. B. Pagel

Fantastic hospital with friendly staff and knowledgeable physicians and nurses. They have done their very best to get my son seen quickly and at a time that works for us (we have to travel to get here). The doc (Dr. Puri, Peds GI) is very thorough, well-versed in her field and good at making sure that she has the clear input of parents before making recommendations for treatment. Highly, highly recommend. If you have to travel, it's worth the trip!

Alex Rogers

Amazing staff and top doctors!!!!

Kayla Hinshaw

I was trying to make an apt to see if my son has autism... I understand if they put me on a waiting list but the lady just said they weren't taking autistic kids period and red something that seemed to be off of a paper very emotionless it makes me so mad that suck a highly rated hospital is no longer taking autistic kids at this time...

Samantha Byrne

I love the doctors and nurses my daughter has had here.. Thier so nice and very helpful.. The best doctor awe have had is Dr.Loader.. I thank them for everything they have done fore her

sarai ortiz

They take forever to assist you and their place is so dirty .

Thalia Trinidad

Emergency room visit was great and fast, BUT valet parking staffing lost my house keys. I had my car key and house key on the same chain and when I get home I noticed there was only my car keys! No house keys when they was on the same hook. I would of been completely locked out at 10pm if my daughter didn’t have her set of keys.

Arron Tilley

Cleanest kitchen exhaust I have cleaned

Shane Hughes

The staff treat you like family.

valencia hargrave

I am black and the Night Nurse @tai_fieri is a DANGER to the LIVES of Newborns all over the world and she does not need to work anywhere around them, nor be allowed at the Facility of Riley Hospital There is no more room in this Great Nation for the racial division that was an agenda of the previous president Barrack Obama, who promised changed and this nation was duped because of his meaning of change and is now reaping the benefits of his change. This Night Nurse is just as evil and demon inspired as the previous president. PLEASE KEEP HER AWAY FROM CHILDREN, ESPECIALLY WHITE CHILDREN?

Chayse Devine

It’s not my experience but my families. We moved here from North Carolina when my Dad retired from the ARMY after 22 years. My little brother, has spina bifida and has had a lot of “stuff”. Everything seemed pretty under control when we moved back to Indiana. My Mom was sure to ask the doctors at UNC for referrals to physicians to get in touch with when we moved. My brothers Orthopedic surgeon referred us to Dr. Kishan at Riley because he knew him personally. Everything was great with Dr. Kishan, but other nurses and doctors were threatening my Mom with reports to CPS because my brother is very small for his age. They suggested that he eat butter, cream instead of milk, etc to get him to grow. When my Mom refused this “dietary” plan because that type of diet isn’t good for anyone, thats when they said they could refer him to CPS. My Mom, being my Mom told her off LOL. She also had been told that they know better than her and that my brother needs these medications and should be on them. I’ve been to appointements with her and they are always trying to push medications. As it is right now, my brother takes nothing for any of the related problems to spina bifida other than an occasional laxative. How is that bad? She always says that she knows my brother will need to be on medications later in his life, and the longer we can manage symptoms without those medications the better off he will be. Which is the truth. She has stayed for Dr. Kishan because he was so highly recommended from my brothers previous doctor and my Mom was always happy with him. Now that Dr. Kishan is retired, Dr. Fitzgerald is handling my brothers orthopedic care. He has been pretty great, especially after this last year when my brother had a crazy infection that my Mom took him to the doctor for several times, and his primary care physician (who was also at Riley) ignored the signs and symptoms, and kept telling her that my brother was fine...HE WASNT. Come November of last year, my Mom found another lump on his back and took him to the ER at Riley, That primary care physician almost killed my little brother. He ended up having a severe life threatening infection around his growing rods and had that doctor been more diligent he would have never been admitted in the hospital, lord knows my Mom had him there twice a month for it. Nor would his life had been changed forever. Because of this infection, he has been a full year without his growing rods in place, he had to have three surgeries in one week, one to take the growing rods out and to clear out the infected tissue, the second surgery was to debrie the area again, and the third was to debrie and close it up. Now he has to have his spinal fusion way earlier than planned, meaning he will now be the size of a 10 year old for the rest of his life. My Mom is really scared of this next surgery because his organs have been compressed for a year, and the possibility of his heart stopping is very real. All because one doctor thought my mom was being to “fussy”. WAY TO COST MY FAMILY 217,000.00 DOC if she would have listened it would have only been antibiotics. The outpatient people are just a joke, last February my Mom ordered a new wheelchair for my brother, the pre approval was sent to the company, but ended up being canceled because Riley never sent in the claim, therefore the chair was never ordered. It took my Mom calling and almost screaming at them in order to get the chair ordered. The chair is finally in and put together, but it’s going to be another three weeks for them to get it to him! My Mom is beyond mad, because his feet hang off the foot plate. HE has no feeling from his hips down, and he can easily break something. Not one person cares, because it doesnt fit into their little plans. She asked if she can just pick it up, and they wont let her, but it’s been paid for. They are now keeping a piece of equipment that is paid for and my brother desperately needs in order to get office visit money. We need to change hospitals.

joshua hughey

Really hard to find parking, but a really nice facility all together.

Christina Dunn

Rileys Hosp. Has always been there for my daughter. They have a very friendly staff.

Tammy Linback

Riley has saved 2 of my grandchildren 's lives. 1 at 9 weeks of age and is now a spunky, thriving 3 year old. The 2nd my 6 month old grandson who wss brought in last week and is still in the hospital there. I can't thank them enough for the care they give. Every nurse that pours their heart into the great care as if those children are their own. I will not pass up a donation site for Riley or Ronald McDojMcDonald house again without donating. You never know when your family might need this place. Donations are vital in helping these families that are in need

Brandi Hyatt

This is only addressed to dr. Haggstorm and her doctors in dermatology's care towards my daughter... We waited SEVERAL months to get in JUST to see a different doctor each visit ( never even saw the same doctor twice) then RIGHT BEFORE (a good month before in fact) I asked if we could PLEASE make an appointment with her to see my daughter before we moved (the treatment one of her other doctor's on her staff gave us wasn't working and they knew we were moving) we were denied saying "we don't need to see her it's not necessary" I begged.. Still denied. So I had to move without any treatment plans going for my daughter... Not to mention they thought their treatment plan was working when the once every six weeks they saw her she wasn't having a flare up (she has eczema. Severe eczema with an allergy to steroid ointments). They would give us a script for A SIMILAR OINTMENT THAT WOULD ALSO CAUSE MY DAUGHTER TO GET HIVES. Not to mention they didn't care for my thoughts on the topic. So when I started my own research on helping my daughter based on what was working for us SHE'S GETTING BETTER. Flare ups less often, scratching herself until she bleeds, usually never.. Itching in general HARDLY EVER! Thank you so much for failing to provide us with any basic information about eczema and failure to pay any mind to the things that actually were helping her...As for the rest of the departments my kids were in FANTASTIC MISS YOU ALL!

Treva Howard

One of the best hospitals in the state. Very attentive to families as well as children. Excellent care.

Kamyia Marshall

Two stars only because of my two nurses I had while I was receiving care here. I do not remember their names but they helped me alot but some of the staff members there are extremely rude and disrespectful when I was in crippling pain from my Crohn's flair up they told me to "suck it up" and "it's all in my head" I could add more but I will leave it at that.

Charity Capshaw

Everyone seems very nice and helpful.

Richard Mayotte

Good Hospital with top not nursing staff.

Anthony Moore

The staff is awesome , they really care about your comfort and your child comfort.. Hands down the best hospital I took my kids

william the gamer

Compassionate staff. Great Doctors. Very thorough and knowledgeable.

katie moorehead

If I could give a zero I would. The neurologists in this hospital are refusing to see my daughter because not enough information was given from my daughter's pediatrician. She needs to see a pediatric neurologist yet they refused a 2 year old care and there was a referral sent over! UNBELIEVABLE!!! Thank god for Lurie's in Chicago where I will choose to send my child every single time from now on. Thanks Riley's for failing to give proper health care to a child in need! I WAITED TWO WEEKS TO SET THIS APPOINTMENT UP! My child could have been receiving care and treatment to the problem already!

Rob Cullen

Great Place and Friendly staff...

Sterling Fox

You guys did a great horrible job quit working instead of Mary and heather

Drummer DEW

If I could give them zero stars, I would! Everyone claims this is the best hospital for any child. As the nurses in the hospital do a very well job, the case workers and other staff treat all parents like hard core criminals. These people going and say one thing then, go behind the parents back and lie to DCS and the police or both, accuse parents of about anything. Even though a lot of people are proven innocent, their intentions are to stress the parents out even more after a horrifying emergency and to try and scare parents that haven't done anything but try to get their kid to the E.R. We all want whats best for our children and with that being said, whenever there's any emergency, I would recommend never going to this hospital. treating parents the way we were treated, I don't understand how this place is still open. I recommend taking them to Community, St. Vincent, or Peyton Manning.

Lauren Bloom

I took my daughter here Saturday around 2. The valet people where very nice, the check in nurses where ok... but there was not many there and we waited 3 hours in the lobby while my girl sat there and cried in pain (has had GI pain for 2yrs) but had also developed a terrible cough. When we finally got back to a room a young man walked in, I told him what was going on, that she has GI pain but that she was not drinking willingly, hadn't eaten ANYTHING in 3 days, and throwing up here and there. He listened to her lungs and heart beat. Said she was good, and that she accepted an apple juice and sent her home (within less than 10-15mins). Took her to her normal doctor on Monday and they checked her lungs and heard her cough and she has WALKING PNEUMONIA!!!

Daisha Glasco

I don't know if it's because I'm young (just turned 20 after having her August the 2nd) or that I was there by myself all the time but they definitely act differently. I ould tell y'all in great details why not to take your children here and if you do always get a second opinion too. I'm shorten the stories and tell y'all main ones. TAKE CARE OF YOUR OWN PAPER WORK AND ASK FOR COPIES OF ANYTHING THEY DO BECAUSE THEY EITHER WILL CLAIM THEY DID SOMETHING OR WILL DO IT BUT BARELY. For example my daughter needs nursing but they had only contacted one agency and she won't have one until some become available which who knows when that will happen. I was told it will be taken care of but they didn't take care of it at all. I should've even when they will take of it. My daughter is about to be 11 months on the 2nd. She spent her whole life here for it almost to be taken so many times because this hospital. If I could rate it negative 100 I would. We left finally when she was about to be 10 months but not from their help. They even said they were ready to discharge her and got mad when I said to hold off on for another day. But when they day came they HAD NOTHING READY and tried keeping her or momentarily keeping her longer to give DCS time to come to my house. We were supposed to leave at 11 to not leave until 3 and us saying we're not waiting and we're going home today. They knew my mother lost her car in a car accident (which I'm very glad her and my sister survived because the whole passenger side plus front is gone) and we had paid for transportation and trying to do this all the next day was very much not ideal especially if you have to work and don't have transportation. Always check on your kids because they will act like they're doing something but will literally wait until the very last second to do anything for your child if you're not there. If it's not on the schedule or they don't have to they won't. My daughter left the 4th floor for 7th just for me to see why we got trained down there for her medical issues. I might not have liked the 4th floor but their care was wayyyyy better than 7th. Just if you have a hunch about your child care go with it make sure to get it check even if they say nothing wrong over and over. Be careful these people are not your friends even when they may act like it because the nurses especially will sit outside your door and gossip about anything everything especially the parents! Some people are actually nice but be careful because this is still their job and they're only concerned about your child because of it. Also any young parent like myself that's probably 25 and down be careful. They have treated me multiple times like I don't know my own child and even called CPS on me twice for no reason except lie. I'm a young black mother too so the first case they tried building saying I smelled like weed every time I came and tried to sneak and take pictures of my child but I caught them when they thought I had left but when tested me said negative. I can't smoke anyways if I'm at the hospital 24/7 people. The second case was because they kept hinting at adoption or sending my daughter to medical facility (when the closest one is shebvile) because I couldn't complete a shift but I was literally failing from 2 or 3 alarms. They always lied and say big amounts when I'll literally would sit and record all night my second and third times failing. But if they say no them it's a no smh. I told them I will keep doing the shifts until I get it right because I'm her mother so we wasn't sending her nowhere I wouldn't be 24/7 and able to come to her and stay.Then the social worker on the 7th floor told my mother they thought I had a mental handicap and didn't understand when they told the DCS people I had anger issues and didn't want to learn NOTHING. When common sense I always wanted to learn and teach my family everything I knew. Moral of the story PARENTS BE CAREFUL BECAUSE THEY WILL LIE AND SAY ANYTHING TO REPORT YOU FOR NOTHING IF YOU MAKE THEM MAD OR BE TO "FUSSY" ABOUT YOUR CHILD'S CARE!!!!!!!!!!

Amanda Moore

Amazing staff. Love how they work together to find the issues. Very professional services. Very clean.

Joseph Chen

5 stars for the excellent medical staff. 3 stars for the receptionists (some are very good and some not so much). 1 star for the mall cops and the metal detector.

xTSSU Gaming

If you want to just wait for hours it's a great place. Fever at 103 and said they ordered motion 2 hours later it's still has not been given. I will never bring my child here again.

Nancy Baker

Been treating my grandson for rectal prolapses for 10 days.......still haven't done anything for him. He doesn't eat .....has lost 4 pounds during this time. Nothing has even done about it.

Kristen Relyi

We have called for a paper many many times and it would take less than 5 minutes to receive but it has been almost a whole month and we still have not received anything or been contacted of anything and have called many many times but the staff in the department keep saying we will get it to you. Doctors either need to get their stuff together or just find another way to manage your situations because there are absolutely many others WAITING.

Paris Johns

They are awesome. I absolutely love the help we receive every visit. Cochlear Implant and Speech Therapy.

rooki morgan

Gave our twins excellent care. Doctors are great.

Paul Targett

My daughter had a minor surgery here and everyone made us feel at ease and comfortable. When I say everyone I mean everyone, from the first face we saw as we went in the door to the folks who took care of us when we were ready to go. We thought our daughter was going to be extremely afraid and such but everyone managed to put her at ease. The doctor was professional but still managed to make my daughter laugh a bit and put her at ease.

Jennifer Mckinley


Krystal Brooks

The staff was very caring and made sure my daughter didn't leave until the found out what was wrong. Also the wait times were awesome and the staff kept us very comfortable.

Chris C.

The culture and community here are incredible! A great network of caring and dedicated staff and families.

Katey Kaur

I've never had a better experience at a hospital. Nothing even comes close. Children's TOTAL comfort AND enjoyment wholly considered. Outdoor and indoor play areas for children of all ages (including billiard tables). Wiis in every room with tons of games to choose from. The entire massive building is decorated intricately and incredibly well. I mean incredibly well. Every floor has its own theme with stunning pictures and art everywhere. The elevators are colour-coded, making it easy to remember where you came from and where you're going. Every single doctor, nurse, assistant, intake specialist, bag-checker, janitor, and secretary I came into contact with was utterly kind, thoughtful, caring, careful, and generous with their time, ideas, and actions. There's even a comfy space for a parent to sleep. I would have to think long and hard to find something I didn't love about Riley's Hospital. Okay- the one thing I didn't like is knowing that children and families are made to suffer under crushing life-long healthcare debt, losing their homes to pay for their health, etc. I'm ready to see us give ourselves and our children national healthcare. Then every child without exception can enjoy this same beauty, love, care, and concern that I and my son have experienced and enjoyed these past two days. Other than that, I've never felt more at ease, happy, cared for, and comfortable in a hospital. Riley's deserves five stars and nothing but five stars.

Matthew James Davis

Great and friendly hospital for the children and teens. Thank God we have a place like this here in this city. Amen, too bad some have to travel far and wide to get here.

lpoisonx ivyl

This Hospital is nothing but a joke. My daughter has been throwing up constantly for 2 years now and they do nothing but send me home if I go to the ER. Her doctor (Dr. Davis) sends prescriptions to CVS that arnt even covered by insurance, I had to switch her doctor twice because no one is doing anything, I keep telling them its not normal for someone to throw up 6 times a week EVERYWEEK for two years. I'm pretty sure its all about money to all of them. Really considering going to Peyton Manning Children Hospital. So over these idiotic "wanna be" doctors.

Princess bree

the nurses aren’t good nurses and the don’t care about your kids. i had a few different nurse ignore my baby’s cries and then when you try to look for them not a single one is in the hallways to assist you. i’ve also tried to tell them when my son was throwing up and choking on his throw up and they told me ok and walked away!!!! very bad service and not good communication

Karina Cortez

since you arrived the staff attends you with excellence and quality. thanks for all your attentions, excellent facilities

Melanie Hilton

Took my toddler son here because he was having severe neurological issues that cropped up after falling and hitting his head. ER staff did no neuro exam, even after being told repeatedly what had happened. The idiotic ER doctor said the issues we were seeing were likely a "behavioral tic" and nothing to worry about. We took him to his pediatrician and it turns out he had a concussion and needed to see a neurologist. Huh... So much for "behavioral tic." Moral of the story- I will NEVER take my child back to Riley. They obviously don't care about treating kids. Drive out of your way to Peyton Manning Children's Hospital if you want quality healthcare for your children.

dlea durbin

Couldn't ask for a better hospital

Tai Richardson

An outpatient surgery for my 2 year old turned into a 4 day stay, I was bitten by bedbugs, treated rudely by staff, initially denied flu testing for my child, discharged while still running fevers, & after fighting for flu results since discharge... found out she's positive.

Sandra Hartman

My grandson dane farlee has been going there since born for heart problems, now 13 going back tomorrow for a surgery. Great hospital!!!

BrAndon Rekklez

i would rate them 0 stars they dont care about tou and they spend most of their time on their phones and take a long time jst see the paitent

john soto

The best children's hospital in the country

William Minton

They are the best. Very friendly and treat the kiddos very well.

Jade Wagner

Absolutely amazing hospital. Very caring staff all around. Took my newborn in for vomiting and they ended up catching that he had pyloric stenosis right away. The surgery team here is amazing.

Wayne Twp 4H Cara Kowal

They take great care of my daughter with complex congenital heart defects.

Myrna Johnson

I love this hospital. They are very nice. I think they take care of their patient's.

Raonna Wilburn

My son has had surgery here and his main pulmonary doctor and his surgery team were awesome !!! On the other hand when I have to take him to the emergency room the service is AWFUL !! The doctor literally told me not to give my son any medicine as it is bad for him but he’s sick !! They did nothing for him but listened to his lungs and then sent us home ! My son hasn’t eaten and has been having hot sweats ! I really hate going to the emergency room here !!! It’s horrible it’s supposed to be a children’s hospital and they don’t care for the children !!

Tantilea Turman

They truly take care of my children

Landon Stark

Father In Law had heart surgery done, procedure went well and all was good. Doc Brown, I swear, was awesome, as well as all of the other medical staff. The waiting area we're all very comfortable and the food in the cafes we're all delish. Follow the fish. Riley is my friend's name. Free pizza in the fun room but we didn't take advantage. I hope I don't ever have to bring my kids to Riley, but I will if I need to.

Kylie Sullivan

This hospital has helped me with so many different illnesses I have had, they were able to figure out what was happening with my body when no one else could. The staff is all incredibly nice and they really make you feel at home. Thank you

Tammy Stapleton

Was so caring for my grandson. Highly recommended .Thanks to all the great staff


Great services everytime

Corinna Haines

Great hospital. Staff, nurses and doctors are very polite.

Sendy Torres

Awesome personal...

Samra Ahmed

My had some allergic reaction and I’m not exaggerating when I say that and we were sitting in the waiting room for three hours with my daughter scratching the entire time begging me for relief. Really bad customer service through nurses in the front desk. I will never come here again.

Debbi Villano

My grandson had a kind transplant their they gave him a better life

Leczie Horton-Palmer

I really wish I could give 0 stars. This hospital DOESN'T care about your child. I took my child here last because her temperature kept dropping VERY low in her sleep. At 1am last night, I called the on call pediatrician because her body temp dropped to 94 degrees! When we get there, the people who check you in made it seem like we were crazy and our thermometer was broken because her temp had gone back up. I’ve told them it only drops while she sleeps! We had to wait almost 2 hours to be seen even though there was no one in the waiting room except one other family. When we finally got seen by a “doctor,” once again we were made to feel like we were crazy. They told us 94 degrees wasn’t alarming. I questioned it because hypothermia starts at 95 degrees. They told us that it is normal for the body temperature to drop a degree or two while sleeping. Her temp dropped 4 degrees!!! FOUR!!!! They continued to tell me she was fine and sent us home. We had this issue with them a few months back when our daughter was running a fever of 105.8. They told us it wasn’t alarming and we shouldn’t have brought her in for something like this! I was so upset and mad that we got treated this way 2 different times by 4 different “doctors.” You really need to get your act together and train your so called doctors to actually care about the children they are seeing. I will NEVER be coming back to Riley Hospital.

Arri Jade

I’m here for a kidney biopsy and I had it done and they sent out a paper saying i would only have to be on my back for 5 hours but then wanted to change it i couldn’t get out of bed all night and they wanted me to pee and poop laying down ? which i told them i couldn’t and they wouldn’t listen to me so finally they brought in a bladder scanner an they say how much per was in there so then they brought a portable toilet in here i sat right on it and went right away , also in pain and all i can have are tylonal and heat packs and even though those aren’t working they don’t care , i honestly think because i’m not a sickly CHILD and im a teenager they don’t care how i feel , AND when i press the nurse call button it takes them about 30 minutes to get to my room so if i was choking or something i would already be dead , and now i’m off bed rest i can’t leave the unit when i was told i would be able to walk around but now i can’t , honestly this is the worst hospital i been to even worse than the hospital i was in for 5 days , they don’t care about what i day or anything so might as well say nothing.

Heather Bright

Riley hospital is a great place the staff are so nice and helpful. They help and make you feel comfortable if you have to stay over night. They are wonderful with children.

April Snyder

Sitting in a room in the ER and it's been over an hour's since we have seen anyone.. This is crap. Never have I ever been to an ER where I have to sit in a room for hours before a doctor comes to see the child.

Holly Cotrel

My son had an outpatient procedure done by Dr. Ben Whittam at Riley Urology. I was so impressed with the level of professionalism, quick response, and encouragement I received from the individuals at Riley. I was encouraged to call with any concerns and so I did one night and my concerns were passed to the on call doctor. I wish I could remember her name, but she was quick to call me, back, took my concerns, and made sure my sons doctor knew about them. After Dr. Whittam was informed that night he requested the information From the on call doctor and they consulted on my question and assured me everything was fine. I was so impressed that Dr. Whittam took the time at home to make sure his patient, my son, was safe and healing. I thank you all, not just for the care of my son, but for the work you put in every day.

Jonathon Jennings

I would give them 5 stars but theirs 2 physains we seen I have micordal myopthy and OSA and Dr Matt in ENT said I talked to your metabolic doctor you can go home my mom told him it was my plamnary doctor who said it so he calls Dr Maires in cardio and ended up getting a bed in the heart center finally my mom calls doctor given plamnary Dr Stevens was up in recovery in 5 to 15 minutes I was pretty Sedated and i ain't

Ryan Savage

Used to be a good hospital. Now they have joke security who will even tell you up front that they won't guarantee your safety. Riley just became a dangerous place where you cannot protect yourself. Find another hospital.

Kevin Luke

My aunt works here! :)

Suprena Carter

They are the best hospital for children in Indianapolis IN they see your child with or without insurance or any insurance they don't turn you down...

Raquel Perez

Best service ever! Very friendly people! And im always in and out quickly !

Nevaeh Lair

As a father of 2 autistic boys. This place is awesome.

J Chev

Go to Peyton Manning Hospital instead. This is a TEACHING hospital and they generally don't care about the patient. Yea a kid hospital that doesn't care about the patient, Your kid.

Linda Napier

We make at least eight trips a year. They are so helpful with our kids genetic disorder.

Tashottia Capitanio

I was recently kicked out of ICU where my 9 month old son is at. Due to I didn't have a face mask on. Which I was never told to put a face mask on. I was only told to put a gown on. The nurse called security on me who escorted me out of the hospital told me I can't come back for 24 hours and if I did I would be arrested for trespassing. They also said I couldn't transfer my son to another children's hospital. That since they are a privately owned I had no rights as a parent.

Richard Turner

Nice, pleasant people who care

Jeff Harshey

Great place they really care

Dianne Lupian

I went to Riley's when I was 9 years old. As a patient, I loved it. I was in ICU for 16 days and they had a cart that went around full of toys to choose from. They also had game systems in the ICU rooms and you could rent games in their library.

Barb Rath

Both my babies and my niece have been Riley patients. They go out of of their way to make the hospital as she and enjoyable add possible for the children and make the patents as comfortable as possible. Excellent medical care, very knowledgeable staff. No doubt my kids are getting the best possible care.

Paul Bell

Doctors are informative and courtesy is awesome! Riley has been a big part of my family life.may God bless the nurses to the doctors and staff esp..janitors and ticket handlers.

Khaled Mohamed

Hospital staff are some of the hardest working people. They take care of us and our loved one's during very difficult times. Thank you all.

Ashlyn DeWitt

Took my daughter on 03/18/19, the room was filthy. My daughter had breathing issues and their lack of concern was disturbing. They swabbed my daughter for the flu and two hours later tell us they lost the results. They were completely unorganized and unhelpful.

Jody Huffman

Great hospital for children

Samantha Adamovich

My son see several doctors here and we love it. Even with a rare metabolic disorder that no one is able to treat Riley Hospital staff is always there. It is our home away from home. Great Hospital nurses and on call doctors are always willing to help.

Brittney Bowie

Waited 30 minutes before even getting to a room then was discharged around 11 for them to have called child protective services so she can say my daughter was "playing house" needed to be talked to and disciplinary actions were up to the adult. During our time there they fed her dry cereal jello o and wait gave me a $4.50 voucher for the gift store. They didn't do an exam physical because they didn't "wanna" scar her. Why couldn't CPS come to the house I have nothing to hide bi polish does not mean that I am not able to take care of my child. Who I have sexual relations with is none of no one's business when I have my daughter there's no men around her and no drugs around her she is safe fed and clothed. When it's necessary she gets disciplined. Who ever don't like me or have something against me please just mind your own business and worry about your life. I love Amoshnn my daughter is my world and just because I don't raise her how you want me to doesn't make me unfit have a great night and thanks for everything.

Jennifer Kehl

The most amazing concept of a children's Hospital. All of the staff all the way down to the cleanup crew and the deli are very nice and very sympathetic. Great place to be when you have a special needs child or a crisis.

Way Toofazt

Spectecular NightNurse nurse saying white women should kill their children. Love that kind of publicity for your facility.

chewyscooter james

I was born with a cleft lip and palate and had surgery here in the 50's. They did a great job on me.

Chantel Spurlock

The worst hospital in Indianapolis! They are some seriously shady people. Caught them in plenty of lies. Their care is beyond unacceptable. Unnecessary procedures performed but when something is needed they sweep it under the rug. Had several bad experiences with them with several different patients. Changing hospitals was the best decision I ever made. Do your research on this hospital. I promise they are bad news!! I take my children out of state before I'll ever take them back to Riley

Chihuahua Rescue Indiana Inc

Outstanding care for children of all ages

Vee King

I was very disappointed after the treatment my granddaughter received when going to Riley Hospital for children. This is the third time she has been bought here for the same problem, seizure and breathing issues. After IV and EEG testing, cscan, were completed and waiting three hours for a doctor to come explain the results, we ended up taking her home the same as she was bought in. Then insult on top of confusion, she was taken out of the room and placed in the hallway so another patient could have the room, not cool!! So after all this being done and no satisfactory answer but told a neurologist will contact in a day or so, and being told that if it occurs again to bring her back to the ER. We left. I surely hope that nothing more serious happens to my granddaughter or someone will definitely be held liable. I am so disappointed and even upset at this point. We wanna know more or at least what can be done when these episodes occur. She is missing school due to this, and may need home schooling for her safety, because her episodes causes her to pass out without warning and even at school the nurse had to call us to come get her with a nice bump on her head from falling. This issue concerns us, and we are at a total loss. Only hoping that this isn't anything disabling her. We held this hospital in high standing, now it is lowered a few notches from this experience.

Debra Wallace

Awesome place for your children. Great Services and friendly atmosphere.

tiffany kabowski

We love it. My daughter gets such good treatment. The drs and staff are wonderful, friendly, and understanding.

Shelby Crawford

We have been going here weekly for a year now . Everyone who is apart of my sons team is absolutely AMAZING !! They go over and beyond to help him. Constantly giving me feed back and things to work on to help improve with my little one. I wouldn't even think to go anywhere else.

Onna Lanay

Best hospital in Indianapolis ..nurses really care for the patients and are very friendly ..

stuart horine

The staff is great. They really care about our children.

Isaac's Assortment

This hospital works real Miracles. All my appointments and procedures here were done professionally and well. They reassure you that everything will be OK and they have a great Child Life department. Special thanks to Doctors from ENT, Gastroenterology, And Anesthesiology. ENT- Doctor Ryan Mitchell, Gastroenterology, Doctor Kanika Puri, And Doctor Cossu from anesthesia.

Erica Turner

This is a wonderful hospital that you hate to be at but are thankful that you are here. I would rather be anywhere but here (especially at home) but glad to be getting the best care possible after they saved my sons life Monday night!

Pac Man

The care is phenomenal. The vibes in the atmosphere is sensational.

Catherine Lawson

On Thursday night May 24th my grandson was taken via ambulance from Community South to Riley Hospital after x-rays showed he swallowed a "penny". Upon getting to Riley and 2 sets of x-rays and surgeons being called in, said penny turned out to be a dime. My daughter lives in Martinsville. She was instructed to ride in the ambulance with my grandson to keep him from moving and to help keep him calm so the penny didn't move....he is 3. Therefore my daughters car was still and South along with the carseat. Her husband is in the military and was out of state, myself and my husband were out of town and she had no one. I called to see if there was a loaner carseat to get my grandson back to the car because my son in law had arranged a ride with an officer friend to get them back there. I was told they didn't have any carseats. We then made arrangements for someone to drive 45 minutes to Riley to get the keys, drive to South and get the seat, come back to Riley, pick them up and go back to South and drop them off then drive 45 back home. This was a long and daunting process at 1 am in the morning. Once we got back in town I was told by my youngest daughter that she indeed called the hospital as well about a loaner car seat and was told my daughter didn't meet the "criteria". I understand my grandson does not have an incurable disease but he did have an issue that was an emergency situation. Therefore considering the circumstances I feel there should be no "criteria". I am extremely upset about this situation as Riley is always talked about as a kind helping place. I am assuming the "criteria" she did not meet was that she is a married white woman with a working military/police officer husband and has insurance. Again I understand my grandson does not have cancer or any other disease and did not need long term housing and for those that do, I am glad Riley is there and I pray for your healing. i do feel everyone should have the same courtesy. He is still a 3 year old that would've been intubated had the dime moved and she was a young scared mother alone.

Joshua Berk

Our daughter has CP and we have been here a few times as we are local. The first visit we felt like we were given zero resources to help us provide the proper care. This caused us to ask lots of questions at our second visit. We were promised a lot of info by the nutritionist but never received anything. We have followed up multiple times and left messages with the office since we were not given any direct contact info. It would be nice if these people understood just how upsetting it is to be left alone with no resources. This is our first child so we are not only adapting to being new parents but also parents of a child with a disability. Having more resources would be a huge help and therefore we are considering switching providers. Update: Since my first review we have been to Peyton Manning children's hospital for a second opinion. What a world of difference in care. I would recommend anyone looking for care to try Mannings children hospital first.

Bryant Evans

Riley Children's Hospital is the BEST!!! Has done my Daughter right in alot of ways!!! St Vincent's was trying to convince me to take my daughter off of life support, and whereas Riley's has done everything to help my daughter!!!

Brittany Daggett

REALLY!?! OUTPATIENT SURGERY CENTER!! My ONE & ONLY complaint with this place is that this is a CHILDREN'S Hospital & there are a lot of toys here for ALL the kids to play with! When they took us back to get out baby ready for his surgery & inform us on everything about it. I HAD TO BITE MY TOUNGE SO SONE COULD GET HIS SURGERY DONE CAUSE THE NEXT NURSE THAT CAME IN I COULDN’T BELIEVE! My 3 yr old son asked her if he could play with one of the 3 toys sitting across the hall (remind you he is 3, we’ve been sitting in this room for 2 hrs he has been eyeing this toys the whole time & been so good) he didn’t care if it was the doll house he just wanted a toy & she said yes if it’s ok with your mommy. I said yes of course it’s ok he can play with witch ever one he wants. He runs out there to pick one & then comes back and says NO SORRY YOUR NOT THE PATIENT ONLY THE PATIENTS CAN PLAY WITH THE TOYS! REALLY B**** WE SHOULD HAVE SPENT A TOTAL OF THREE HOURS THERE WE SPENT ALMOST SEVEN & MY SON COULDN'T PLAY WITH TOYS BECAUSE HE WASN'T THE PATIENT!! WHAT A CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL!?!?

Jeff Hicks

2 stars for child care and they are lucky for that. 2 days in this place and I miss ball memorial hospital in Muncie Indiana. Ball is much better. Riley is lacking in quality and service. Very rude staff and not helpful. I have no idea what all the hype is about this place cause it doesn't live up to it's name so far.

Matthew Eifert

I would not have a baby here, one of the neonatal nurses seems like a sociopath.

Margaret Cervantes

Friendly knowledgeable doctors, nurses, and staff.


Very rapid triage. We were in a room in 5 min and saw Fellow physician in another 5 min. Attending Dr. Tyler Arnold was excellent. Calm, knowledge, explained things 2 or 3 different ways until we understood what was going on with our kiddo. All around excellent, reassuring, professional staff. No negatives whatsoever.

angela bolden

Great for children and parents

Bev Waltermire

Thank you all at Riley hospital you all are awesome and caring people my grandson Nicholas Waltermire was in a lawnmower accident and you all have work really hard taking care of him and saving his live yes he did loss part of his leg below the knee but at least he is alive and doing good all the doctors and nurses and aids and everyone help with him are a blessing he is my miracle grandkid we love you so much Nicholas thank you all for making us feel comfortable when we are there I haven't meet any rude people at all keep up the good jobs you all are awesome

Meagan Faye

The ER is a nightmare! The ER staff is very rude. I understand that the staff is frustrated due to the high volume however the patients should not be treated or spoken to in that manner. The parents are already under stress. The staff should be more caring in the ER and helpful not rude and disrespectful like we are in their way. When we got a room upstairs evey RN, Doctor, PCA, and everyone involved are great! U you can tell they love what they do. Thank you Riley!

Melissa Walton

My daughter had 2 surgeries in 2015 one I'm Sept and one in dec. The staff was AWESOME!! When I say staff I mean from doctors, nurses, therapist to housekeeping. We purchased the meal tickets since we were there a few days and the food.was great. My daughter loved the spaghetti:)

Samantha H

My daughter was admitted in the NICU for jaundice and the staff couldn't have been better. It brings me to teara how friendly and accommodating everyone was, from the doctors, to the nurses to the receptionists. Amanda was new and had no experience putting in a catheter in a newborn. I requested that the head nurse do it cause I had a bad experience with a previous "new" nurse. They were super supportive and did not pass judgement. They respected my request and Amanda was phenomenal throughout our entire stay. If any of my kids need medical care, we will only go to Riley.

Matt Sink

I have never been to Riley before, but my nephew Gunnar was unfortunately this weekend due to low oxygen levels, a fever, and trouble breathing. He had a bronchoscopy done that produced 3 chunks of peanut in his lungs. Well they were able to extract those and he's back to normal now! Thanks guys for saving his life! It was a really scary few hours for our family Saturday night! He loved the Ambulance ride from Martinsville though! Usually a 2 yr old wouldn't have any part of that, but he loved it! Thanks for taking so much care of him, my sister and brother-in-law! There isn't enough words for how thankful we are that you guys helped him out!

ben boyle

I think that Riley did a good job with my little brother and they took good care of him they also let him mess with there little phones


Excellent staff and service as always.


Riley Hospital swindles families without health insurance coverage. We went for a hearing aid assessment and got charged $400+ only to be told the patient was unlikely to benefit from hearing aids. The Riley audiologist warned us the clinic would overcharge and advised us not to come back. Most providers don’t charge patients anything to try to sell them hearing aids.

Bandit Trucker

Great people doing great job

Brent David

Cannot give this place enough stars. 5 just isn't enough

Grimmm Evil

They do good work

Missy Calhoun

I have a son with Down s . they have helped in many parts of his journey.. But he is having some depression is home bound and needs to see a psychiatrist but was told that they do not accept his insurance now we have no where to go because other psychiatrist won't see him because he has Down syndrome so now my child is do you care about children or more about the money

SSS Smith

This was the worst hospital experience I have ever had. My daughter has a heart defect and we were told this was the best pace in the state which it might be but we will never be returning. The care was worse than it was at the regional facility we were at prior. I was threatened by a member of the staff and had a horrific stay.

Joe Thornton

The doctors and staff are all nice and helpful.

Bruce Clingerman

I have had Friends that Needed Riley Children's Hospital my Entire LIFE! I have Never Heard a Complaint ! Although there have been Times when God's Will has been done even with the EXCELLENT CARE & EXPERTISE GIVEN BY RILEY CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL ! Also I just found out that it is named after Mr. Riley, 1 of my Favorite Author's in my "Early Years" growing up in the Town of Riley Indiana :-))) Also the FB Group "LIFE Of RILEY REUNION" That I am Blessed to be the Admin. Of, & It has been Decided for US TO DONATE $200.00 TO THE HOSPITAL & THE RONALD McDONALD HOUSE !


Rileys saved my younger brothers life 22 years ago. I will always donate and respect this hospital.

Walter and Tati Brooks

Great hospital, highly skilled, helpful, high quality staff and kids (the patients) are treated like royalty easily an A+ facility

Miranda Cunningham

They are taking excellent care of my baby.

Rosemarie Brown

I went to the hospital with my 1 month old who is a premature bby and got there at 145am and no doctor seen us so Me and her dad walked out at 345 am with no doctor or nurse seein our child I have never experienced that in my life.

B Van Cleave

Worst hospital at night!!! Don’t give a dam abt a kid after hrs!!! Waiting 2 hrs an counting under staffed an need to expose this so called children hospital!!!

Alecia Jefferson

I love this hospital....My kids have to go to see their Hematologist here for Sickle Cell Anemia....The staff is great and I never had a bad experience here...Best place for Children...Great,Pediatric Oncology Unit

Leah Velez

Riley Hospital is a great hospital for children and the doctors do a great job with them!

scottie B

All of the extra ways they make kiddos feel better

mohammed labsir

very bad experience they make you wait for 6 hour for no reason very slow process

D Merchant

Best childrens hospital in indianapolis

Kim Urrutia

I’m shocked that this hospital would continue to employ such a hateful and racist nurse like Taiesha Baker! How dare you put the lives of babies in the hands of a woman who openly calls for the death of all white male children!!! White parents- BEWARE!!! Do not take your child there!! This administration is not protecting the life of your child!!!!

mygirls h.

If I could give Riley hospital, no stars I would! My daughter and I had to take her 18 month old son there on 6/13/2019, at 10;45 at night. We had to wait for over 2 hours to get a room. When we finally did get a room it took another 25 minutes after the nurse checked him out, for the "doctor" to come and see him. The person that finally did come, first of all did not introduce herself, and secondly she did not let us know until she finished examining him that she was a RESIDENT, the problem with that was we had to wait longer for the staff "doctor" to come in and see him, by that time it was 2 o'clock in the MORNING! Which was ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!! By then we were FED up with their SHANIGIANS and requested his discharge papers to leave. When they finally did track down the doctor, she told us she needed a few more moments before she could see us. She was in another room with patients that were called back AFTER us!! And their kids were NO sicker than my grandson!! I WILL NOT BE GOING BACK TO RILEY PERIOD and I WILL NOT RECOMMEND THEM TO ANYONE!!

Billy Wright

My son is at rileys and they are doing everything they can to win his fight for life great staff best hospital

patrick ramroop

The best Pediatric Hospital I ever experienced, my daughter as well our family couldn't have ask for anything more.

Laura Rohrer

Riley's is always the best for any age child.

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