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REVIEWS OF Porter Regional Hospital IN Indiana

Don Steber

I come here often I really don't have any complaints the staff has usually short but they make up for it somehow

Sara S

The ER does not care..does not want to run tests. Useless

Brayden Shireman

this is a nice place my grandma works there the other nurses can be a little harsh but my take's her life surious there so should the other nurses but she is really nice and will take great care of you all

Kdizzy Dakota

I am very displeased with the organization. On multiple occasions I have had difficulties on just trying to get ahold of anyone on the phone. Not only that but after waiting seemingly endless minutes to reach anyone, once I do, they have no idea what they are doing/talking about. Also have had issues with insurance because no one seems to know how to enter the right numbers in. Alot of inexcusable mishaps if you ask me.

scott Gebert

The staff at the hospital is very under staffed. They don't care for patients and are very rude. No wonder this hospital has been under investigations. There's also a good reason they can't keep a CEO. They all no there's no hope for this place. This second one they've had in under 2 years. I've met the new CEO at a heart walk fundraiser. He's a very nice southern man. He seems like he might b able to turn this meat market around. I'll tell you this. I would rather drag my dying body to Franciscan than let these incompetent people work on me. And I don't even care for Franciscan. They seriously need to retrain 95% of there staff. They need training in human relations and in care. Nor are they prompt, or care for your well being. Most of staff are rude and snide comments. Like a curtain is going to keep you from hearing there jokes about patients. I realize it's a tough job. But you know what? If you can't handle it, your most likely in the wrong field. We all have bad days. It just seems like they don't care. They charge outrageous prices and you don't receive anything close to price they charge. So if you like being treated like you're less than human. By all means go to porter. Totally disappointed with all aspects of there facilities. You build a new hospital and fill it with rude condescending workers that aren't trained in caring for people. They don't even take care of there own...... porter you will never b what you used to be. Time for an overhaul. Good luck on your poor endeavours. What a waste of talent. Now your dragging the laporte division down with you. I suggest, change and quick. Before you're forced to sell to some company and you're name will all but be forgotten. Sincerely, from one of many displeased and badly treated patients.

bartimus 3

I don't know why there are so many negative reviews. We just spent three days there for the birth of our daughter and every staff member that we met acted like a true professional. We were always asked if we needed help with anything and never had to wait for help from anyone. I can't speak for other people's experiences, but ours was about the best we've ever had in a hospital.

Sue Lemon

My dad had surgery today. No one came out to speak to us when the procedure was done. No one told us when he went to the recovery room. They had even asked for our cell phone numbers so they could call us if needed, but no one did. Their board that shows the patient's status continually showed that he was in the OR. The volunteer at the desk didn't know anymore than we did. After 4 hours we went to his room and there he was...He had just gotten to his room 5 minutes before we got there. The nursing staff on the unit have been wonderful, very attentive and patient with my elderly father. They also were very attentive to my mother's needs. That was sooooo very appreciated by me and my brother. 1 star for lack of communication. BUT I do give the nursing staff 5 stars....

La JUNE Brown

I would truly love to say that I have never felt so welcomed and cared for. The nurses were wonderful. They were courteousand friendly, but most of professional. Dr. Paul he made me feel comfortable through my procedure while there. I must also thank the kitchen staff, you all were wonderful and food was good.

Dan The pool shark!

Basically all hospitals are the same in my opinion so the 2 star rating is typical for me to give in this case. Although, my diagnosis was a simple UTI and I thought the diagnosis seemed off. I went into the hospital for pain in my extremities, severe feelings of passing out, head pain, could hardly function, think, etc. I asked a doctor if he thought that these symptoms matched a simple UTI and he even said that he didn’t think so. I don’t think that people feel like passing out when they have a simple UTI! Now I’m faced with worrying that these horrible symptoms will come back since I feel that they were caused from a new medication that I even told the ER doctors that that was what I thought was causing the problem. I’m guessing and hoping that the doctors checked my blood levels for this medication and found normal levels but to me it just seemed like this particular medication had built up in my body enough to cause the symptoms that brought me into the ER in the first place. Misdiagnosis? I guess time will have to tell unfortunately. ☹️

Kaitlin Davis

The labor and delivery staff deserve 5 stars. However, the way the check in process is everytime you need to get a blood draw is ridiculous. You have to fill out all of your information as if you're a new patient. Its 2019!!!! There doesnt seem to be any technical advancements here. Once you are in the system, you should not have to fill out everything again unless something has changed. Your hospital could save a lot of paper and money by eliminating the people who check you in. I also hate the bill pay on your website. I paid an invoice and received a receipt yet it is still giving me an option to pay that same invoice. That doesnt make sense. When it is paid, you shouldn't have the option to pay it again. That feels like a scam. I also find it difficult when one patient has multiple account numbers. Why can't they have one account number for the same patient? Your website won't allow me to link accounts for the same person so therefore I have to create a new account for each individual bill. You also moved money from one account to another without my authorization as I was told I would be receiving a refund. My bill had not hit the due date yet either so I wasn't late on anything. Your system is in need of a much needed upgrade and by doing so your profit margin should increase since thats all you care about anyway.

Jennifer Atkinson

They have been wonderful for my rather sick mother. Each time she goes in there, and I regret to say it's quiet often, she was been very well taken care of, treated well by most if the staff (there is always that one jerk), and they do not push aside family concerns and any information that is given to them ,even though I'm sure some of it was not necessary. The nurses and doctors will actually talk to you instead of speeding by on rounds with a quick tidbit, and will take more time if needed.

Karen Garcia

After 6 hours in the Emergency room they decided to admit my mother. It has now been over 24 hours and she is still in the Emergency room. They have beds available they just don't have any staff to take care of patients so my mom is an inpatient in the ER receiving crappy care. Nice brand new facility but substandard care.

Anthony Hofer

Care okay-billing department is terrible. We constantly get "mis-coded" bills asking for much more money than my insurance policy allows. Has happened almost 15 times so far.

Jacob Poff

Super Slow, don't visit unless you want to waste half a day here

Carol Murray

Friendly staff.

Yvonne Mears

If I could give less stars I would. The nurses, aside from a night nurse I had, were terrible. They ignored my call light. They could see I was in obvious distress and didn't ask what was wrong. I overheard the nurse tell the next nurse at shift change that I was nice but I cried a lot. I was super sick, so sick that I couldn't do anything but cry and say I don't feel good. They didn't call my doctor or try to do anything to help me. When I complained to my doctor at discharge and the nurse was there, she denied the fact that I was getting myself out of bed to use the bathroom which I was not supposed to do myself, and measuring my own urine and putting it on the white board for the doctor. The last time I was there I couldn't even get in the bed when I finally got a room 7 hours after getting to the ER by ambulance. The nurse didn't even try to help me into bed, she was busy asking about my meds which had already been taken down in the ER. When I asked her if she could see I was in distress and needed help she left the room and the nurse supervisor came in and told me that she wouldn't have her nurses treated with disrespect. I called and had someone pick me up right then. I will not be admitted in that hospital ever again. They don't even have a patient advocate, they tell you to talk to the nurse supervisor, well I saw how that worked. No thank you. Just as someone else pointed out, check out the good reviews and you'll find they are fake.

Sarah W. Price

Professional, courteous, knowledgeable, kind, and caring just to list the top five adjectives that come to mind regarding the staff at Porter Regional. From housekeeping to support staff to nurses to specialists and attendings, we've continually experienced nothing short of honest, upfront treatment that has always been deeply rooted in professionalism and a determined duty to not only the patient, but the family as well. From trips to the ER to an extended stay following a life-threatening event, I'm deeply grateful for the staff and attention my family has been afforded at Porter Regional.

Brenda Houston

I have been here for almost 4 hours now was taken back to do my vitals. Jackie who was the nurse started asking me questions and before I could respond she cut me off mid sentence and started talking to a coworker in the hall about what to get for lunch. How is that professional? I was taken to a waiting area to wait to have blood drawn. Waited there for 30 minutes. I witnessed a male nurse call down to lab and insist that someone come draw blood now. I guess the only answer he got was I will page them again. Then they sent me back to the ER waiting room. Its been another 30 minutes and still no blood drawn. My regular doctor sent me to the ER with suspicion of pancreatitis. This place is awful! The front desk was awesome at their job. Very patient.

george Whiting

To long of wait for blood test

Kim Jacobs

I went there after I had a cortisone injection. I believe it is infected. They just gave me pain meds which did not help. I was in tears because of the pain. I told them the medicine would not help and it didn't. I was crying and they were rude. Just a number to them.


I was bitten on the lip by my elderly dog and decided to go to Porter because it is closest to my home. I was gushing blood, my lower lip and chin were torn open. No one cleaned my wounds, I was given a VOIDED prescription, and the Dr. said "I guess I could put a stitch here and... here..." while squinting and not acting like he knew much of what he was talking about. He said that he contacted a plastic surgeon with me to meet with the next day -- I contacted the surgeon the next morning and there was no record of contact between the hospital and surgeon. I ended up going to Methodist out in Gary and they were very very caring. They cleaned my wounds, gave me pain pills and antibiotics, they sent in numerous Doctors to assist my situation, and recommended various surgeons. The people at Methodist Hospital clearly care about their patients. Honestly, my time at Porter was a horrible experience and I am ashamed of that hospital. MAKE THE DRIVE TO ANY OTHER HOSPITAL, IT'S WORTH YOUR TIME.

puppy kitty 101 gaming

My 8 year old daughter was send home with a heart rate of 180. They did nothing for her. They said they would not release her until it went down... but they ended up releasing her anyway. Luckily she was ok long enough to be diagnosed by her doctor with a life threatening condition 2 days later.

M Curry

Mixed feelings: When my mom was in the ICU, she had a spectacular nursing team, who were there for us every step of the way. The doctors for the most part were pompous and unhelpful. Also, doctors and nurses talked with families in the surgery waiting area, out loud, in front of everyone else. I knew exactly why everyone around me was there, which is not only unprofessional, it's unethical, and actually against the law.

Kurt Reid

Staff is rude and no helpful. Have been waiting for my wife to be seen for kidney pain. She has been doubled over and throwing up. But they are taking people who have shown up later. We have been sitting in the waiting room for 2 hours now. We are the only ones here.

Natalie Nuñez

The website says 19 minutes of waiting time for the ER. But I was there for 3 hours and when I ask how long it would take they said 40 minutes. So I left.

Pam Cain

3 days after we moved to La Porte, my husband was hospitalized for cardiac care. We absolutely loved the care he received for the 1 week stay. The nurses and all the staff treated us very well. Thank you to all the staff, and the doctors for the excellent care we received.

Chef Enjay

Worst ER ever

Yvette Keene

I had to stay in the hospital after surgery and by far the best experience I have had. The only hospital I would ever go to in this area was St. Anthony's in Crown Point............ By far Porter Regional is in my top favorites now. The staff took care of me as soon as I walked in for surgery till I left to go home. My only downfall was there was a nurse that had me laughing extremely hard and that made me go into a bit of pain. (I survived though.) Would definitely recommend thus hospital to anyone.

Randi Lanenga

While I have tried to be very patient with my nurses and doctors at Porter Regional Hospital I have got to say it has been the worst experience of my life. I have never stayed in such an unorganized hospital. During my stay I was partially in the ICU and during that portion I received wonderful service. But as soon as I was brought back onto the 5th floor things started to unravel. For starters, the nurses need to practice must better communication. Between themselves and between their patients. On many occasions I was left unattended to without any reason or excuse. Every time when my IV machine goes off it takes more then 20 minutes for a Nurse to come. Ounce it went off and no Nurse came.. I called again to tell her.. she still didn’t come so I had to figure out how to stop it myself. During the middle of the night my IV machine was going off and it took nearly an hour for someone to come assist me. For how loud it was I got a huge headache so I had to even ask for Tylenol. Even times when I would request Tylenol it would take upwards of 30-45 minutes. It felt although my nurses completely forgot about me and my needs on multiple occasions. When my nurses slack off all day and their lack of focus causes me to have to stay another night then that is where I draw the line. Had my nurses performed the procedures needed I would had been able to be discharged. They left me unattended all day and then in the evening told me they would not have enough time now to get the things done that would allow me to leave. When personal care is disregarded is when a hospital looses its credibility. A patient needs to trust their nurses and doctors and for that reason alone I will never return back to this hospital for any future needs.

Chris Kuliczkowski


Debra Standerski

Excellent nurses and supportive care staff. Fast response to call light, informative, caring and compassionate

Maria Avila

Great staff, administration staff as well. Clean rooms, nurses are fabulous. Dr.'s are awesome and medical assistant s are also helpful in every way possible. Thank u for caring for me and taking care of promptly help. Thank u. God bless you always!!!

Kevin Rosko

I'd say the timing to get me into a room was excellent. Considering the waiting room had one person with a child with a cut in his head. However that's where the goodness ended. After literally telling the nurses all my tests I was awaiting results on the concern kinda drifted out the window. Or an hour after being in my room "Things got really busy 10 minutes after you arrived". I get it. My BP was high, I have an auto immune marker that may be active (tests pending) and the bulge in my stomach and back pain was all speculatory in their eyes without testing. Testing I was told they wouldn't do. "We have you down for hypertension the nurse told me nearly 2 hours later. She took my BP in the room but it failed to register. Tried a bigger cuff only to get the same non result. 98/63? Another nurse enters and says I'll get my stethoscope. Never returns. Either of them. I did mention to the one nurse I had a tooth issue that may be quite infected as a root canal tooth broke off and there was a huge bubble. This nurse went on to tell me a crown is needed afterwards on root canals. She was being a dentist. That is until I asked her to look at it and see if it was abscessed or just infected. Many of my issues may have been due to this infection I've had about 3 weeks. SSDI says once a month we take care of things and dentists get paid up front after weeks of waiting to get in. But the nurse responded "well I'm not a dentist". Wow! Thanks. I'll end by saying I've lost faith in ER's totally. I was here with my grandson and finally 2 1/2 hours later left on my own. Seen no dr only 2 nurses who made points on why I was t being seen right away. Yet 10 minutes or so would have been enough to know what we should do. Infection or no infection? Antibiotics perhaps? Well here's a tip. Be brief telling them what's up. They don't need a list because it confuses them. Don't make them think only react. It's an ER. It's what they do. But I'll tell you this. I don't care if my BP is 159/111 ( sound familiar nurses) I will NEVER go to this ER again if I'm conscious. I'd rather have a heart attack or stroke. Then they can do what they do best. React. Listen? Incapable....research your issue and treat accordingly. Save the insurance company money and save what time you have on this earth for outside an ER that treats you like an unwanted guest unless your dying. I love the hospital. Uncle was there with leukemia a few years back. Great facility. But first impression as a patient. Grade F.

Anthony.R West

I love this place I'm 41 & I've spent almost 6 years of my life in there plus the nurses kickass

Richard Prowse

The doctors were extremely rude. I was confused by what the doctor had told me ( his accent was hard to understand) so I asked a nurse to clarify. I heard her ask the doctor and he started going off on her and talking bad about me. I hope that I will never have to go there again. There were other issues but horrible bedside manner of the doctor sticks out.


The only reason they get 2 stars is because their Labor & Delivery department is wonderful. Everything else in this hospital is horrible. I'm surprised they are in business.

Charlotte Hipp

Awsome staff Thank you Bridget(registration dept) for helping me make it to work on time. Very polite, professional and fast. Wont go any where else

James Haney

Good people

Matthew Andino

Came in to get my arm checked out to make sure it wasn’t broke. Waited a half hour to get seen and then another twenty minutes to wait for X-rays. And now I’m still waiting in total already been here for two hours. They are so slow and there isn’t even a lot of people in the E.R. Department waiting. They need to work on there time management.

Denlse Goldman

The best group of care givers you would want for your loved one. Especially in I C U.

Kevin O'Hare

Dr Bradlow and the nurse named Ashley are both very good at their jobs. Ashley was kind, attentive, and very professional. She listened to everything I had to say and asked a lot of questions to try and help the doctor figure out what was wrong. She filled me in on the status of my tests and results as she made her rounds, even though they were extremely busy.They both explained everything they were doing and why during the whole process as well. I had been to the ER a few times before and never received this level of service. A good nurse makes a world of difference. My wife also had the same nurse and doctor months later and received fantastic service. If there is a reward for top nurse and doctor this team should get it.

Googly Googly

Got sued by the hospital because their doctor coded a procedure wrong and after it was recoded correctly the hospital forgot to submit it to my insurance. Without hearing from ANYONE at the hospital, I was served papers that informed me I was being sued by the hospital and I had 20 days before my bank accounts would be frozen and wages garnished and they even tacked on extra charges for the cost of filing the lawsuit. Called an attorney friend of mine, he submitted paperwork so the hospital couldn't get a default judgment and magically, and again with no one contacting me, I got an explanation of benefits from my insurer that the bill had been paid by them. Such a great experience. In the future, even if I'm in an ambulance bleeding to death, as long as I'm conscious I'll do whatever I can to never set foot through the doors of this place again. The words incompetent and uncaring don't even begin to explain the way this hospital operates.

Angy Torres

I’d I could give less stars I would I went to the ER in pain with severe cramps and pregnant with my first child I was very anxious and in pain and waited there for 5 hours!!!! No doctor coming in to see me or anything to help me with the pain. This is the worst experience I’ve ever had at a hospital and to top it off I’m supposed to giving birth there!!

Kate Nagel

I was in an MVA (I was rear-ended), and my dad was a passenger. He had recently had major abdominal surgery, still had the staples and catheter in, and had previously been diagnosed with an abdominal aortic aneurysm (AAA). He was transported to the hospital via ambulance. We told the police officer at the scene, the EMT's who transported him, and hospital staff about his AAA and our concern that it might have been injured further in the accident. Once we reached the ER, we were actually taken THROUGH the ER to the waiting room, where we then had to register and wait for almost 45 minutes before the called us back. It took another 45 minutes to an hour for my dad to get an echo to make sure the AAA hadn't burst and wasn't leaking! Absolutely UNACCEPTABLE!!! My dad could have been bleeding out the entire time, but no one cared. We told everyone we came in contact with our concerns, but no one cared enough to run a simple test to make sure he wasn't bleeding to death internally. HORRIBLE experience. I would NEVER recommend this hospital to anyone.

robert Brown

I called the Billing Department... Spoke to a representative, and while I was telling her my information I heard excessive typing. I was giving short answers to the lady, so I knew she wasn't really typing what I was saying. Needless to say she hung up the phone in the middle of my conversation.... Terrible customer service..

Jane Blackwall

As a pain patient for the last 12 years of my life, I will tell you... do not go to this hospital. I have been in terrible hospitals like this before and it probably won't ever change, just like the others. In this hospital, They don't care about you, and they are incapable of treating you because they don't know what they are doing. But they will send you a huge bill for doing nothing. Maybe the huge bill was for the unsolicited advice about circumstances that are out of my control. Lady... you're a nurse practitioner pretending to be a Dr. not an accountant.

Scott Coleman

So angry that there is no alternative in the immediate area. Ambulance must take you there is my understanding. On a monday the ambulance transported my elderly mother to the E.D. After several hours we took her home as the on duty "hospitalist" said that all test, scans, xrays came back negative. Good news right ? NO...2 days later she was admitted to another facility through the E.D. for kidneys issues, and infection. They tell us that her bladder/kidney infection is one of the most severe they've seen. How did the "hospitalist" miss this you ask. That's our question. We've heard all the negative reviews, but chose to utilize porter anyway. That was our last visit ever to this facility. Seeking legal action due to the pain and suffering that mom has had to endure at the hands of poor, uncaring hospitalist.

Arthur Hawryluk

Lab work should not take hours of waiting......most certainly I will take my business somewhere else if processing 3 patients is so lengtly here..... Definitely significant service decrease


Just went in with our son to the ER. Just as our experience when he was born it was great. The facility is so clean and the staff is fantastic with the exception of the lady who came in to do the X-ray. Absolutely NO bedside manners. Our son is only a year old with 103.7 fever. Yes he’s fussy so a little patience would have been nice but that wasn’t an option. When she walked in the body language and expression on her face was “you’re inconveniencing me so hurry up and do what I tell you whether you like it or not and whether he’s uncomfortable or not!” Thank you to all the staff that helped us tonight. We will definitely be back even though there was one bad apple inf the bunch.

Paul Warnke

This hospital was a very special place when the new facility opened. The staff is still amazing, in general, but there appears to have been a change in management. During a recent visit we found it to be understaffed, unkempt, poorly maintained, and the food served to patients was gross, to be generous. I had to carry food in for my wife. The building is getting run down, the parking lot is messy, the hallways are dirty, the bathrooms are nasty. If it weren't for the medical staff we'd go elsewhere. The doctors and nurses get 5 stars, the morons running the place get -2 stars.

Mary Ortiz

I was extremely pleased with my experience in Porter Regional Hospital after having surgery and assign to the orthopedic section. Everyone involved in my care gets a double thumbs up. I also enjoyed the way their process of meals is done. I call in for each meal and depending on how I am feeling is how I chose my meals. Not like the old days of picking your meals day in advance. Thank you ALL for a wonderful experience from pre-op testing to discharge and transport to Addison Point Rehab in Chesterton.

Michigan City Public Library

I cannot say enough about the Labor and Delivery floor nurses! They made my stay so incredibly nice that every time I drive by the hospital, I carry nothing but the best of thoughts about my experience there. I could not have received better care.

ric ombrem

4 times in 3 months!...each time ambulance crew and er staff saved me.. best of best health pros..thank you and God bless

Lyndsey Fernandez

This is the absolute worst hospital in the area! I wish that there were a rating that is less than one star, because that is the rating they deserve! I would sooner go to a veterinary hospital than go back to this awful place!

Levi Messer

Our 2 children were born here and we could not have had a better experience. :)

Chad Engel

2.5 hour wait at ER with a very callused uninformative attention seeking receptionist. There were 2 girls working and both fit this description. I understand that there are a specific number of rooms and it gets busy, but 2.5 hours without even checking her vitals while she is curled up in a ball vomiting in waiting room isn’t okay. I consulted with other medical professionals elsewhere and they stated this is unacceptable. Nurses and the Tech were great, that’s the positive.

David Tipton

If you read reviews please read and take this review to heart. I've been to hospitals all around the country some good some bad, I can honestly say that this is the worst hospital I've ever been too. My wife came down with the flu and was unable to drink liquids for days and became severely dehydrated. We arrived at the er for blood work and an evaluation. During this time my wife was in the fetal position vomiting. Five hours later we were still in the er waiting for results and a room for an iv. Most places the actually care about reviews will respond to them, look for yourself there is none on here. I will try to contact the administration to share my concern with the lack of professionalism and patient priority. Bottom line for a new hospital this facility is lacking in every area. I hope those responsible for running and owning this hospital take accountability for the treament and handling of patients. Your a joke and so is your hospital. Me and my family will never come back and hopefully this review will save others the trouble.

Kara Orosz

I went to the er with a kidney stone. I waited 3 hours, at a level 10 pain, placing, sweating, and puking from the extreme pain. It is unacceptable to make someone suffer for so long. Horrible.

Jim O

Would not let them treat a sick rat. Complete incompetence by the doctors and just pray your loved one doesn't need treatment for a life threatening condition and they blow them off as they have my Mother. Im a EMT and have more sense than the doctors at this facility.

John Vespo

Here right now with a friend and the nurse is the RUDEST nurse I’ve ever seen. Worst experience. Still waiting on blood results and it’s been 2 1/2 hours

Chris Butler

Horrible place showed a 8 min wait time in the er we have been waiting over 3 hours. Then they come out in the waiting room to take your vitals so they can bill you if you decide to leave and go elsewhere! Will never go back!

Beverly Brown

Just trying to take care of myself and make sure I didn't have pneumonia, because of what was going on with me and was very dishearten... The emergency room doctor's do not know how to communicate with people.. very disappointed. I do not want to put my trust in someone that's nasty to me

Delly Dell

Love this hospital. They delivered my son and I had a great experience with them through out my stay we got to order any food we wanted. The stay was great we had no issues and the staff was very nice made sure I and my newborn was well tooken care of. The best ive been to so far. I give them what they deserve 5 stars great job keep it up.

Nate Collins

The billing practices of PRH is deceitful! A real scam! I went to the Urgent Care facility in Chesterton. My insurance provides that I pay $30 co-pay for Urgent Care facilities. I payed the $30 at the time of service. After the bill arrived from Porter Health Services, they insist that I pay $65 co-pay because my insurance allows that amount for EMERGENCY ROOM visits. I DID NOT visit the emergency room! I visited the urgent care! PHS says its the same thing because the urgent care is owned by PRH hospital. I am now looking into moving all my health care to the new Catholic hospital on 500 North and State Road 49. Thank you NOT so very much PHS.

Kody Manning

I have been waiting for 5 hours and roughly 15 people have came out

Vlad Tudorache

I don't recommend this facility. Nice building populated with mediocre personnel contracted by the hospital management to perform medical services purely for financial profit.Long story short: STAY AWAY!

Abel Bastida

I can not believe the total price-gouging this hospital has committed against my family and I. DO NOT GO HERE. I went in because I just wanted to get checked to see if I have the flu. Got the bill in the mail... the hospital billed $3,500!!!!! for that visit. I am still waiting for the doctor's bill which I am sure is going to be $1,500 so total that is $5,000 just to see if I had the flu!! They are obviously overcharging everyone to pay for their new facility.

Jeff Weber

If first impressions mean anything at a new place, this hospital was awful from the onset and I would definitely NOT recommend it. We visited this hospital's Emergency Room on a Saturday night, where I noted that only one other person was waiting in the lobby ahead of us. Our first interaction with an Emergency Room registration staff member took way too long during an "emergency" situation - the staff member literally finished reading the article in whatever magazine that she was reading before acknowledging us, and further insulted our situation by answering two phone calls and getting off of her chair to buzz someone into a restricted area during her information gathering process. Despite only one person waiting ahead of us, it took nearly 45 minutes before we were seen by a nurse, and nearly 90 minutes before the doctor briefly came in to let us know that he was ordering tests and blood work. After waiting at least another hour for the results, we were forced to wait again while more tests were ordered and reviewed. The staff-to-patient ratio during our visit had to have been at least 7-to-1, so I cannot understand what these extended wait times could have been attributed to. After nearly 7 (SEVEN) hours of waiting, it turned out that our situation was a very serious one that resulted in a need to be admitted upstairs. I felt that this amount of time was completely unacceptable for assessment, particularly in light of the fact that we went to the EMERGENCY Room for care. To top it all off, on our way upstairs I looked over at the very un-busy staff and see a nurse sleeping at her station. This only further infuriated me, considering the extended time we spent waiting all night. With regards to the Emergency Room, I would again definitely NOT recommend this location for walk-in care. Our experience showed that the staff had very little interest in helping us, instead preferring to gossip, read, and/or sleep their shifts away. We experienced absolutely unprofessional service and very abhorrent care, and ultimately left very disappointed.

Jessica Clifford

If I could do negative reviews for this place I would. I've had the worst care there!! Almost 10 years worth I've tried getting my files taken away and they refused unless I paid for them....

David Minnick

Patty from central scheduling went Above and beyond to schedule a test for my wife, keeping us notified of what she was doing, and called us several times. Great job!

Marvin Miller

Disappointing to see all the bad reviews.Received good care for my wife.We are fortunate to have this hospital in the area

troy crawford

Nothing,this is the worst hospital I ever stated at!!i do not know where they get there nurses at,they need to send them back!! I will never come back to this he'll whole,

Brittany Wright

Everyone was super nice and helpful during my stay there! Very pleased! If you have medical needs, go here!

Donielle Swain

Never again it was a horrible experience.

Alicia Baker

Everyone was very nice and respectful. Every department handled my care efficiently and kindly. I really appreciate the support and care I was given. Thank you very much!

Aaliyah D'Angelo

Registered nurse Morgan was exceptionally great with caring for my fiance and being mindful of our baby being in the room. Amazing service! Thank you!

Joe LaBate

I love how they pay 18 minute ER wait. What a joke been here for over 3 hours and have not seen a doctor. Very frustrating.


Amazing hospital! The staff an doctors were extremely friendly and very professional. I’m very pleased with the way that they talked to me. I highly recommend this hospital.

Susan Rosenwinkel

I was impressed! I ended up at Porter Regional with appendicitis. The ER was busy, but I was triaged rather quickly. Though there were waits for blood draws and CT scan, everyone tried to make me comfortable. The triage nurse gave me the best IV ever: it held up for 4 days and did not leave my arm swollen or bruised, and I am on blood thinners. The doctor, Dr. Cooper Jr., was professional and kind, and the surgery went superblyl. The anesthesiologist listened to me about past experiences, and I had the best experience after general anesthesia that I ever had. The lovely staff on the floor were kind. They do something I really likes with the shifts. First, they staggered the shifts ( or so it seemed) of the nurses and aides, so that I always had someone available even at shift changes. Secondly, the nurses and aides brought the next person to each room and introduced them if necessary, and highlighted anything of importance. The food was pretty good, and even the gift shop went out of the way to help my Mom get me the nices rose I have ever gotten. For specialized care I probably would still seek out the university hospitals that I am acquainted with, but for general care I would not hesitate to return to Porter Regional.

Mariel Vergara

I went to the er to get antibiotics for a double ear infection that started escalating rapidly. After waiting for an hour with only four people ahead of me they brought me in to do the initial check (temp, blood pressure, etc.) and get my insurance info. The nurse at that point informed me that all the rooms were full and doctors were busy and I would have to wait out in the waiting room for 3-4 more hours. At some point my bf went to check with the er check in lady who had on her computer that the er in portage 10 mins down the road had not a single patient. She told him not to tell anyone. I was unaware of this. So as we were leaving I said to everyone out in the waiting room "hey guys, it's gonna be a while. If you're capable of driving you should come down to portage with us." The front desk lady yelled at us and told us we were gonna make her lose her job. We got to portage and within half an hour I was admitted, seen by a doc, diagnosed, prescribed, and even made it down the road to cvs to get my script. Bottom line, if they had this info in their computer system all along, they should have told us when we checked in in the first place since I drove myself in and was capable of driving to portage.

Brittany Croft

ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE! My grandma was admitted 16 days ago and is still there because the doctors and nurses (all of the ones she has at least) are NOT paying attention to her and one minute they say it’s not looking good at all to everything’s fine and then back to it’s not looking good. They can’t figure anything out! They won’t give you straight answers! They don’t care enough to remember if she has ate anything and the doctors won’t go in there for days!!! While she’s only getting worst!! Went in there about a bladder infection and now she has pneumonia, cant swallow food and can’t have any thin liquid because it’s all going into her lungs!!! OH AND CONGESTIVE HEART FAILURE! She only got worst! I respect the medical field BUT NOT THIS STAFF AND NOT THIS HOSPITAL!!! If you have someone who can’t depend on themself, who needs medical attention, DO NOT GO HERE! Do not leave someone’s life in their hands!!!

Susan Scheffer

My husband came to Porter Regional in Valparaiso on March 17, 2018 in a ambulance to the ER. He had passed out at home and started to cough up blood. They got him into a room a started to assess his condition. After about an hour they had determined that he had a bleeding ulcer and decide to keep him and send him up to ICU to watch him for the night. Later that night, his blood pressure dropped and he became in-coherent. They got a gastrologist to put a scope down his throat to see exactly what was bleeding. They found a huge ulcer and it had eaten the wall of the main artery in the stomach and the artery had started bleeding. Without the fast action of the staff, my husband would not be here. He lossed 2 times the body volume of blood and had gone into cardiac arrest for 10 min. When they finally got him some what stable, they rushed him to surgery. There, two surgeons worked on opening him and got the artery in the stomach sutured and the the bleeding to stop. They kept us update thru every process. He was sent back up to ICU and was critical but every nurse who was in charged of him helped get him back to us. He still has a long way to go but we are grateful to the staff at Porter Regional Hospital for saving our husband, son, brother, Dad, Grandpa, Great Grandpa's life. You all are totally awesome!!!

warren koehl

We arrived at the Porter Regional ER at 4:15 AM my wife having a full blown Appendicitis attack. She was in so much pain she could barely answer the questions at the check-in desk. They took her immediately to a room in the ER. This is where things seemed to go super slow and dysfunctional. My wife laid moaning in pain for about an hour or more until one GREAT RN nurse named Mary working the 7-7 shift took charge. Wish we could remember her last name so we could thank her again for being really great in helping to ease my wife's pain. My wife told me later the pain was worse than child birth. Also want to thank DR Nemeth for working her into his very busy schedule later that afternoon for surgery...If I was to rate this experience on the first 90 minutes it would be no stars but that would not be fair because the rest of our experience was professional.

Jacalyn Schlundt

Terrible food one of the nurses was very rude the lazy staff didn't give my fiancee his presurgical shampoo to use before his surgery terrible at discharge don't know who the home health service is suppose to be because the discharge planner never came anď spoke to home about anything bad place to go I remember the hospital when it was owned by the county when it was a wonderful hospital not that anymore

Colleen Summers

I have to say that I was really hesitant to go to PRH but I am so glad that I did! My stay was excellent, and other than having to stay in the ER for about 15 hours, (which i'm not sure was their fault, they had to keep testing my blood every so many hours), everything was great! Also, I did have a little bathroom issue, I really had to go and put on my light and nobody came. I had to start yelling until someone finally came. But once I got upstars everyone was so nice and I like how they check on you so much. I was just at another local hospital and they did not check on me sometimes more than once in a whole shift. And the guy who took me out in the wheelchair was so funny, singing songs

James O'Reilly

The woman at registration desk on 2/26/18 should not be in that position. She strikes me as an inconsiderate apathetic person, who would try to have me walk in the cold with a time&temperature sensitive lab sample, than take 15 seconds to look up my lab order in the computer. She may be the reason I seek another facility. Otherwise the place seems like a decent hospital.

KatilynnPlayz !

Terrible ER they don't care if you die. Better care in a third world country

Ron Pyke

Why am i on Lasix??? It is making me urinate every 5 MINUTES, and the walls of my bladder hurt so bad that i seem to have a raging UTI I do not have congestive heart or othother indicated for LasixIt seems like a totaally unnecessary therappy, and is cauding me. Useless misrryfailureto get my money any other failure or

David Rodriguez

If you don't have full coverage insurance never go here! You would be better off at any other hospital. If Your insurance doesn't cover the whole bill they won't even send you the remaining balance. They will send it to a law office to prosecute with extreme prejudice. They don't even ask for your insurance at every visit which will be a problem if you have switched insurance so make sure to always offer your card even if they don't ask. That's not even including the services received here are well below average. I wouldn't even go here if I was dying.

Jeff Lynch

Its not all that bad! When my father-in-law needed help or just had questions! They were there for him! I've never met any other nurses that were so kid and educational about my father-in-law's cancer! Keep up the good work Porter Regional! Even though out of all the Hospital's owned by this franchise in northern Indiana, you are the least paid!! Witch I think is a bunch of B.S., because LaPorte isn't all that!! But I do know that IU still owns 20 percent of LaPorte!!!

Toni Elliott

Considering the circumstances I have to say this is the best hospital I've seen. Dr. Shafiq - Amazing Dr. with great compassion and knowledge. Dr. Tummuru - Impressive Dr. as well with great comfort and compassion attached with knowledge. Dr. Ghouse - Awesome Dr. with great compassion and knowledge. Too bad Porter is losing a great guy to Chicago. Dr. Bautista - What a great Dr. Will definitely have mom follow up with her. Very smart, very compassionate. Dr. KParker - Will follow up with him as well. Very smart guy. Nice guy with compassion as well. Dr. Klein - Rude, rushed, gave us false hope yet sucker punched us. Inexcusable to say treatment is available one week and the next week tell us there's no treatment. Maybe she should relax a little, take time to evaluate things THOROUGHLY before giving false hope. Dr. Klein needs to realize she is dealing with human beings, not robots. Can not recommend. Dr. Filipowicz - Very kind Dr. initially brought in and even after another diagnosis blew us away, he continued to check in on mom. The staff is incredible. From the nurses, cna's, housekeeping, room service, cafeteria....everything. There seems to be great quality control with supervisors checking with us to see how things are going with the staff. A special shout out to the Speech Pathologists here. It is obvious they enjoy their jobs. There was also a teacher doing clinicals with students. I believe she works at the hospital during off time from teaching. If this teacher was in charge of all training, we'd have much better care in the the field!

Sharon Browne

Doctors and nurses were wonderful but did not always communicate with each other. Case management was not informed of discharge plans in a timely manner, therefore wasn’t very helpful.

Master Yoda

Notice all the good reviews are done by people with less than 5 reviews it's a stage to help bring their rating up !! this place sucks really bad they treated my wife horrible which is a nurse and she was appalled by the way she was treated by the doctors and staff.

Sherry p

I have really no complaints, this is my go to place for any medical care I need, the staff is great and they keep it very clean... I personally wouldn't go anywhere else around here....

Bobbie Hunter

We were here because my 93 yr. Mom fell in shower. She is a resident at Oak Grove. They were going to have root beer floats today at the home. Kim Sullivan ER nurse ordered and had delivered 3 Root Beer floats. She is such a sweetheart, remembered Mom from the last time we were here. Thanks so much to all of the staff. Bobbie Hixson Gloria Moolenaar For Jean Peterson

d goldsmith

went there with my dad. we took my neighbor there. they misdiagnosed him and sent him home. he went to another hospital and found out he had a dicease that was not diagnosed there. they were rude and the doctor was an idiot to send him home thinking that it was just a flu. Should not have surprised us as we have heard so many bad things about this place.

Brandon Sharpe

Worst Hospital Ever! Wait 4 hours to be seen! I'm sueing for patient abuse! My wife sat in the waiting room while her water broke and they didn't do anything! Nothing! I'm sueing! Never go to this hospital! It's only an emergency on their time! We had to leave. Got charged by triage! And was about to leave before they took us in!

Shelby Jones

Went to the ER today for severe ear pain. The lobby was super packed almost no seats left. I got triaged super quickly and they told me I had a fever and an ear infection they asked me what my pain was and I said a 10. It was so packed they just had a nurse practitioner see me and he said to go home and take motrin. I felt like because it was only ear pain(to me it's been terribly painful) they rushed me out so quickly because they were busy. Why ask people what their pain is and then tell them to take motrin. Will not be coming back. I personally hate the ER and only come when I have to so I felt I was treated very unfairly.

Light Lamia

My mother went into the ER a few days ago with shortness of breath and a few other issues. They did manage to diagnose her correctly and got her on oxygen and medicine that helped. However, the nurses were only helpful in giving me SOME of the information. They gave me her health information which was fine, but failed to tell me that my mother was sitting in her room terrified because they had moved a hysterically screaming prisoner into the room right actoss the hall. It scared her and she requested to be moved or at least something to be done about it. They refused. First of all, I understand that it is ICU, but don't put a screaming inmate who's probably only throwing a fit to stay out of prison in the same place with people who are trying to recuperate. Yes, treat the man, but if he is going to be screaming like a madman to the point where they have to strap him to his bed, then he needs to be moved somewhere where he isn't disturbing the rest of the patients. That's terrible. The elderly are already scared enough being in the hospital, especially when you're in for heart failure, but to bring someone in who sounds like he needs a mental hospital more so than a medical hospital and force his crazy and/or drug induced screaming and raving on them is deplorable.

Kayla Herrera

Went to this hospital, to the ER, a while back due to severe back pain that had been tested by the campus doctor and had been confirmed to be caused by an inflamed kidney. I get frequent and often unexplained UTI'S and this doctor thought I might have something wrong with my kidney that was causing them. I was to go see my regular doctor over the weekend but woke up unable to move my back due to the pain. So I went to this ER. There was a wait, which I expected, its an ER after all. But once I finally got to an exam the doctor told me I was overreacting and didn't do ANYTHING other than press on my back and ask if it hurt. I said "not there, lower, it's flank pain. And he just said ok and said "well we're not gonna do any scans or anything on it because ant scans we do could mess with your fertility and you have your womb to worry about" as if I care more about my womb than the fact that my kidney could be failing? He sent me home with nothing and it cost me thousands of dollars. I did end up seeing my regular doctor who found a bacterial lining that wasn't responding to antibiotics. So yeah, untreated bacteria can cause kidney problems, oops. So I can live without a kidney but not with a slightly decreased chance to birth a child apparently. I wasn't going to leave this review at first, wanted to give the benefit of the doubt, but I just recently went back with a friend who needed an xray for a possible fracture and it was another bad experience. she told them "it hurt to walk on it" and they made her walk the entire time. The nurse told her it was tendonitis after her xray showed no fractures. The nurse said someone would come and tell her more about it and what to do. Another registration nurse came and discharged her without them even telling her what tendonitis is. We waited another half an hour before another nurse ran in handed her a packet and was like ok you can go. The nurses were very polite though! They were just pawns of a very broken system. Do not go here.

Dana Hand

Absolutely horrible. I came in with awful pain in my knee. I sat in waiting room 30 minutes crying. They came and got me and I had to wait because they were cleaning a room ..what is this? A restaurant? They helped me onto the gurney/bed and left. A gentleman cane to take my blood pressure but he didn't know what he was doing and he had to do it three times .I finally told him I had two shirts on, and pulled my arm out of one side .He finally got it but left the cuff on me and left the room never to be seen again. So I am on this bed, with one arm out and shirt bunched around my neck. So I take off the cuff and fix my shirt. I forgot to mention when I was by the desk waiting for the room, Dr. Rao felt around on my knee and said he was going to get x-rays. So after the BP fiasco, x-ray came in and took x-rays. The tech asked if I wanted a blanket, cause it was cold in the ER. I said yes and they got me one, not the nurses or CNA or the nurse leader Dana but x-ray techs. So 2.5 hours later, I have to call them with my call light button because no one has come in to see me, check on me in all that time. They told me uktasound was coming to get me cause the Dr. didn't see anything. I also had to use the bathroom. The aide tried to help me get up but it hurt so she said when ultrasound cane to get me we would do it then. After waiting and no ultrasound AGAIN, my niece and husband helped me up and I walked to the bathroom. I told them I did not want the ultrasound because I didn't want to wait another 2 hours. There was a different doctor who FINALLY told me the x-rays didn't show anything but swelling. The nurse wrapped my knee, asked my niece or husband to push me out, and we left. What? Not even inportant enough for hospital staff to push out? This was a horrible experience. The staff was rude, distant, and incompetent. Since they have changed locations and ownership, this hospital lacks. Seriously.

Peggy Kilburn

My Dr wants an eco-cardiogram, I called Porter Hosp because I have had other test here before. I called on June 20th and they said the earliest they could get me in is July 31st. That is almost 6 weeks! So all this week I don't feel well, I'm fatigued a lot short of breath and my son says maybe I should call someplace else to get the test sooner, I call St Mary's today Thur 6/27, they give me apt for Monday July 1st., 4 days from now! Needless to say, I cancelled the Porter appointment! I'm guessing that short wait time for the ER @ Porter doesn't apply to anywhere else in that hospital, except the ER WAITING room. Hey people this is a HEART test we're talking about here, it could be life threating!. When they moved to Rt 6 they were better for a while and I used to suggest Porter Hosp to friends, but they seem to be going down-hill fast again! Only interested in getting the money and the heck with patient care or consideration.

Sherry Flowers

Worst ER doctors, long wait to be seen, outrageous bills, no help provided...they see you, to charge you, and tell you to see your family doctor. Came in sick with no answer as to the cause, left the ER sick with no answer to the cause, and now...I have an astronomical bill!

Brandie Fleeger

If I could give this place a zero I would. Worst bed side manners and the slowest hospital I have ever been at. I have been in this freaking room with my husband for two hours and haven't even seen anyone ! We press the call button ask very politely about how much longer it will be till we see a nurse or doctor. It takes them 15 minutes to even answer the call and instead of coming to check if everything is okay she rudely asks " what do you need" like what!? I need a god damn doctor. Will never come here again !

Eve Orris

I normally have to go to Chicago Northwestern hospital. No one in Indiana knows how to deal with a congenial heart problem. I am having chest pain that was about an 8 on pain scale. I walked in in tears and short of breath. I was brought back very fast. All the ladies here were very nice and helpful.. the Dr. On the other hand is a flipping joke. All the test that I have done in the past few months and told by 3 different Dr's in and 2different hospitals in Chicago say I need surgery. This guy said. Your test look pretty good to me. So I think you are good to go.. My advice to you is drive past this place go to Gary or Merrillville. P.s. this is me being nice.

amrutha choudary

I am very disappointed with their accounts department. They did not send my bills to my insurance provider on time. And now my insurance denied to cover those bills. Not only that I have to pay for the bills now but they sent my account to collections department without any notice. Services were good though.

Allyson Petersen

Aside from L&D/Postpartum/Peds floor, this place is a joke. Was in the Er May 30th for a cut to the back of my ankle, stitched me up, squeezed my calf to make sure I didn’t rupture my Achilles’ tendon and sent me on my way. Now, almost 3 months later, I have to have surgery to repair my Achilles and several other tendons in my ankle that we’re also lacerated.

Cherie B

The staff on the oncology floor are the best. Thank god for good nurses.

Sharon Lloyd

The Cardiology center at Porter Cath Lab are amazing!! So efficient and caring!!!

paul bodie

This system is horrible. From the doctors affiliated with this hospital to the hospital itself. Terrible bed side manner. Misdiagnoses to abuse from the registration department about money owed and billing mistakes. There a few people that have had incidents of pure negligence which I will not go into since I am seeking legal counsel. If you know anything about medicine or emergency care you will see how clueless they are. Mean Medical Assistants or nurses aids. Inattentive care. Conflicting results from doctors. They can't keep staff. If you have anything more then a bee sting I would never go there. Anything else go to Chicago or Indy. If you care for your loved ones don't fall for there referal to another doctor who is a "speacialist" in the Porter system its a gimmick the doctors get a kick back. Look all the negative reviews. If you had a good exsperience you were lucky that time.

Riggy Riggs

Went there for my gfs pregnancy and everything went good. I thought the RNs did a fine job helping with the delivery. The nurses during our stay were very helpful in getting us what we needed for the baby and us. The rooms were cleaned daily and looked perfectly fine. Had no issues with the food she ordered and our baby was cared for perfect. Side note.. The chair pulls out to a bed and it's not comfy..

Adam Mote

My grandma was admitted ten days only to be released and then have to go back. Luckily my mom admitted her into a much better hospital that takes care of their patients.also a majority of the positive reviews are fake it's pretty obvious with a little research.

Samuel Bunton

This place needs to change some of its policies. I got yelled at after i got permission to go outside. And told you cant go outside why is that . Even people in prisons get to enjoy fresh air. I will say the staff was kind and generous and its a lovely hospital compares to michigan city hospital where the nurses are rude

Ashley Pierson

Had my son there is C-SECTION just this past week! I have delivered my other children at St Mary and St Anthony...but Porter Regional was by far my favorite and best experience!!! All the nurses were AWESOME!!! All the aides and doctors and even the cleaning and kitchen staff were just all awesome! I had nurse Karen and Lori quite a bit BOTH GREAT NURSES and one nurse named Kim who was just the perfect baby swaddler lol and took care of my little man for me so I could get a good night rest! ALL THE NURSES and STAFF WERE AMAZING!!! IF I EVER HAVE ANOTHER BABY IT WILL BE AT PORTER!!! I was happy to go home but miss all the nice people I met there!!! I’m usually a nervous nelly to and they made me so comfortable that I didn’t even cry before or during the surgery lol which is a big deal for me!!! Anyways just wanted to write my review bc they deserve all the praise and more!!!

Barbara Payne

Had a repeat cesarean section here. It was a very good experience. Infinitely better than my previous c-section at a different location. Amazing staff all around. Only one nurse was less than satisfactory and that was because I found her to be *too* helpful. They are very baby friendly and offered me many options regarding the birth that I didn't know were available. I can't speak for the rest of the hospital, but they have an amazing maternity ward.

John Douglas

Very disappointed in our overall experience! We will be making the 30 minute drive to St.Mary's from now on, opposed to the less than 5 minute drive to Porter. Our bill for standard labor and delivery was literally TWICE the amount of everyone else we have talked to who have delivered at other hospitals in the region ($12,000 vs. $25,000). I awoke to feed my newborn daughter, only to find she had been taken down the nursery without as much as my being told they were taking her. She was brought back to me 3 hours later, and I was then reprimanded by the nurse for not nursing her for over 5 hours. As a first time mom, the nurses I had were far from happy, or even helpful, to assist me with feeding questions and how to get a good latch. The only good thing about our experience was the wonderful midwife we had who delivered our daughter- and she is affiliated with St. Mary's. On a separate occasion a few weeks later, our daughter was admitted to the NICU for some feeding and weight loss issues. I, thankfully, stayed with her the entire 2 days she was there, and in one instance she began throwing up and choking while eating. It was in the middle of the night, and there were no nurses out at the nurse's station or roaming the halls. I tended to my daughter and waited for someone to show up. When I asked why there were no call lights in the room to notify a nurse when they're nowhere to be found in the case of an emergency, I was very rudely told they do not have call lights in the NICU rooms because, "the babies can't press call lights". In the case that a parent is in with their baby, they are urgently needing care, and they are nowhere to be found, I don't think it's asking too much to have access to call lights in a brand new $140+ million dollar hospital...or at least be able to easily track down a nurse on the unit during the night shift. In the best interest of yourself, your loved ones, and you bank account...go elsewhere!

Michelle Neuliep

Don’t go to the lab here unless you don’t mind being part of their training program for students. I was told after the fact that you could tell them you didn’t want a student. How do you tell them that if you have no clue they are training students and the person trying to take your blood is a student?

Heather Rios

My son is almost 2 years old and has seizure problems and they want to take 5 hours to see him. Even though he might have a seizure. Worst hospital ever and never coming back. only ones here in the waiting area

Shawn Barton

The staff are awesome. Thank you all so very much.

Tony Molnar

Good Health services friendly with people

Kim Bedella

The hospital was very clean, the staff is attentive. I actually came with my infant son a few hours after visiting another hospital when I wasn't happy with the diagnosis. Porter Regional xray ed and found pneumonia. It potentially saved his life.

Lorrie Diehl

I would give this place ZERO stars if I could. The staff is lazy, rude and uncaring. Left my 80 year old Mom, who is on oxygen 24/7, has diabetes and CHF, sitting for 3 hours IN THE LOBBY, before even doing anything other than blood work. I will NEVER, EVER, EVER come back here. I'll take her to Community in Munster. Screw this place. We're now back sitting in the lobby waiting to see a Doctor. How sad......

Jenny Gallagher

Every single person that I had contact with were amazing. Special shout out to the nursing staff on the 5th Floor. You ladies are fantastic!! Thank you for taking such good care of me❤️

Amy Dominick

My father hurt his back yesterday and went to porter in Valparaiso. They were rude and gave him medicine that could have killed him due to his congestive heart failure! They even came in to give him a treatment meant for another patient! BEWARE!


Waits at registration can be kind of long wait and chairs need replaced but service is very good

c formetoknow

I've been here since the 2nd of July, and everyone is very professional in what they are doing. I'm in this hospital due to a massive blood clot in my right leg. Without the help of the Staff at this hospital, I wouldn'tbe here now.

Kathryn Sytsma

The best place to go is Rush or Chicago University Hospital. The best Dr's are there folks.

Christa Clifford

Q q fell backwards and hit my head and back really you can't diagnose a broken back common people what the hell is wrong with you I told you what happened you did absolutely nothing to help me set make me experience severe pain for two weeks so I went to my neurosurgeon I was just in golden living nursing home my patient fell and broke her hip and cracked her head open and you can't scanned her head stitched her up Center home center back there was a broken hip and she had to return what is wrong with you people that's all I hear from patients of years so we need to find lease to you and be done with it I sure wish I would've three years ago when my entire intestines were dead and felt gangrene can you tell me I was just constipated and sent me on numerous times until I came back in an ambulance by then I was unconscious and had if emergency surgery and I live with him is not interested now in severe pain every day


My stepmom had stage 4 cancer and went in due to being in serious pain because the medicine she was taking wasn’t helping and the doctor CUT HER MEDICINE IN HALF. If that doesn’t tell you anything, I don’t know what will. Terrible hospital.

Devron Zea

During the long labor and birth of my first born, each and every nurse has been caring and helpful. I could not have asked for a better experience, through 8 RNs at my time of writing this, I’m sure it can’t be coincidence, but a simply well-staffed maternity ward. I’m very happy with the way the birth of my daughter and am eternally grateful to the hard working women who have given us this great experience.

Colette Ensley

Honestly the worst hospital experience I’ve ever had. They were not compassionate at all towards the things I was going through as an overwhelmed and stressed out patient. They continuously put me on hold, and when I was transferred to an actual room(after having to sleepless night in an ER triage room) I was met with a very rude doctor who had no idea how a platelet count number was read and wanted to discharge me. We said, “we would greatly appreciate going home” and he said “we would like to see you all go home as well.” In a tone none of us appreciated. My family has had a long history in this hospital from past medical problems, and this is the first time any of us have had an issue, and it was so stressful and just a terrible experience. I’d only recommend this to someone who had no other option for care.

Jill Madison

Had a 2 night stay in the hospital after my procedure ... Nursing and therapeutic staff were awful ... impatient ... took them longer than expected to respond to call button ... Will not return for further care.

Mary Benson

Nursing staff in surgical holding, OR, recovery room, and Ortho unit were all fantastic. They were knowledgeable, compassionate, and made me feel at ease. The only complaint I have is with dietary. The menu stated “ no sugar added” ice cream. Since I am eating low carb and low calorie and have been for over a year resulting in 75 pound weight loss I always read the labels. The ice cream that arrived stated it was low fat. Low fat and no sugar added are not the same. Plus on the menu there was a “1” following the ice cream, which according to the legend on the menu means 15 gms carb. The label on the ice cream said there were 21gms of carb for the container. What irritated me was when I called dietary back the woman in the phone told me low fat and low are are the same. That is not true. I explained this to her and she wouldn’t budged on her opinion. You need to fix this ignorance. The other thing was my meal green beans, baby carrots, and plain turkey breast were all swimming in water. Very unappetizing. I assume dietary has heard of slotted spoons. When battling post-op nausea that presentation was very sad.

Theresa Dixon

Been in the ER waiting room with my 80yr old mother in law for the last 2 hours now they said they have no beds in the Er to take care of her what a shame we are leaving and going to St Anthony’s now

Robert Crocker

The Bosses that is in charge of the kitchen don't care about the workers they never scheduled them time off like a normal job but they can have 2 or 3 days off all the time they don't care about the workers family time they will schedule you a day shift and then the next day you will work nights then come back in in the morning . THEY NEED TO GET NEW PEOPLE WHO CAN RUN A JOB

LM Sarbs

Great, high end facilities. Poor, unorganized care. Go to Chicago for treatment. What time you'll lose on the drive you will gain back because they will diagnose and treat you 1000 times faster than Porter Regional.

Genny Powell

I had excellent care on 6/5/18 for my out patient surgery. The staff was friendly and caring. They really took the time to listen to my needs. After surgery I had a nurse right there when I woke up and stay with me until it was time for me to go. My doctor was also great! I recommend this hospital highly.

Chris Norris

I agree with most of the others, absolutely the worst place to go. I received better care in the Philippines while I was traveling there and was much more confident in the doctors. On my last visit the Dr. didn't even come see me to discuss results or discharge instructions before I left the ER, despite my repeatedly asking for him to. No, he wasn't with another patient, he was sitting at the nurses station playing on his phone. And forget the "New ER" in Valpo, it's tiny and looks just like an urgent care except it's open all night, and costs what a real ER costs. Drive further, go to any of the Catholic hospitals in the surrounding area (St Mary's or St. Anthony's) and you'll get much better care.

David Falck

This is a ridiculously bad hospital. My mom was admitted at 8am and is still not in a room, 13 hours later. No doctor has seen her, and there's garbage all over the waiting area she's been stuck in all day. Complete disgrace.

liz turney

won't be going there gain unless i have to!!! Worse bedside manners ever! they sent my mom home to slowly die!! They had her blood pressure medication up so high. Less than 2 weeks aftr she was released i had to call the abulance which took her to crown point hospital where her blood pressure was 57/43. thank god for he doctors n nurses there!!! they lowered her blood pressure medication and she is stable NO THANKS TO REGIONAL HOSPITAL!!!!!!!!1

Grace G.

I had to take a visit to the er after being ill for 3 weeks. I was really afraid of being disregarded because I hadn't seen a regular dr to follow up after another unsuccessful visit to another location. I received excellent care. The Dr. came in promptly after going in the room and detailed an explanation of what I should except. Then my nurse Jenny came in and was so understanding and took a very detailed explanation of my symptoms. All the tests that I should expect were taken and explained and I was given a really good list of instructions. I was pleased.

Scott West

AVOID PORTER, IT'S AFFILIATE DOCTORS, ASSOCIATES, AND IT'S FACILITIES AT ALL COSTS. Do yourself a favor and go somewhere else if at all possible. Nothing but a big corporation looking to separate you from your hard earned money. They own the county and all the doctors in it. If you want to save $$$, stay away.

Kristen G

So Porter hospital is absolutely ridiculous on prices. Porter first 15min $5,304.00 every min after is $168 a MINUTE for Level III room rental fee! RUSH in Chicago is- first HOUR is $5332.00 (key word being HOUR)! Every min after that is only 89$ a min Cyst removed via out patient surgery was $23,000 for 78mins that’s just her room rental charges. That doesn’t include the surgery or meds or anesthesia. Her total bill was over 30k They are being less helpful! Been trying to call to reach someone and all I get is they aren’t in or I can’t help. And transfers the call to someone else who also can’t help with bill! Porter is such a joke! Just remember your level III surgery will be $353 for the first 15min for room charges. then ever min after that it’s 168$ for surgery room rental fee. That doesn’t include the surgery or anything else! That’s just thfine room rental

Joan Loucks

I had the Best experience here a d the best food ever. I want to thank all of the staff who helped me. I especially appre iate Dr Patel who cared deeply for my wellbeing.

Johnny Bardsley

This hospital sucks bad service not enough employees I would never take my family there.

Coolmama Q

Unprofessional and rude.

Kimberly Cornett

They should be ashamed at how they treat their patients. I have never in my life dealt with such poor care. Worst bedside manner I have ever experienced. Your nurses and doctors should chose a different career path if they want to treat people in such an unprofessional way. Never again will I take any family members there!!!

Laura Nelson

Worst hospital care ever, they almost killed me. Check your medical records too because they put things in there that are untrue. Tried to talk to admin and they would not even return calls.

Nancy Martinez

You need to add more patient room to have to wait for a room is not is not big enough for this area.

Barbara Sipich

I just had surgery and was there 5 days ..I had wonderful care day and night caring doctors and staff Dr.Thomas and Dr. lai are wonderful surgeons...

Melanie Krygowski

A very good hospital and the staff is very considered and friendly.

Kara Hlivjak

Worst hospital I have ever been to in my life. I have been treated horribly, they have switched my plan of care multiple times, was put to sleep for surgery for them to wake me and tell me they changed their minds, none of the doctors can come to an agreement and if they do it’s in their favor and not in favor of the patients health. They do NOT care about their patients. Oh, and I’m not just speaking on terms of being a patient, noooooo... I used to work here as well. Do not come here if you want the best care for your loved ones.

Melanie Mulder

ABSOLUTLY go somewhere else if you are in an emergency situation, the longer drive time will not matter as you will actually be seen by competent staff faster then you will here. We brought my father, who lives in KY, in at 7pm with stroke symptoms and they literally were debating if he was a stroke case in front of us as he repeated the same questions over and over because he had no memory of anything and his BP was measuring 196/140! Then they brought him into the ER to do a CAT scan, put an IV in him and there we sat for two hours waiting for the obviously incompetent ER doctor who should have her license revoked, to finally show her face. This was after the nurse went looking for her multiple times. There was zero sense of urgency in these people, except for the nurse, and she can't do anything without the doctor. We are talking about life and death here and these people did not give a you know what. It took three viles of some medication and an oral med just to get his BP down enough to be considered ok. They claimed nothing showed up on the CAT scan and diagnosed him with some weird amnesia that had nothing to do with his BP that was through the roof, it was just a coincidence, right. They then told him that their elusive neurologist would be by that evening, wrong again. Of course they wanted to admit him to do more testing the next day. He didn't even get a room until the following evening after he had gotten an MRI and a TEE. He also started complaining about have a blind spot in his left eye but literally no one cared, they said they don't have an opthamologist and that he needed to follow up with his eye doctor when he was released. What kind of hospital doesn't have some kind of eye doctor? Or takes this seriously since he potentially had a stroke and it effected his sight? As it happens I had an eye doctor appt the next day and asked mine if they have anyone that goes to Porter hospital on call and he said yes, so they lied. So the MRI showed three new spots on his brain that no one wanted to call strokes, they were still waiting on the neurologist you know, who once again didn't show up. The following day he had an EEG which was normal and they found out that he has a defective heart valve from the TEE. Still waiting on the neurologist who finally decided to show his face the next day, three days after he was admitted and guess what, he didn't want to call them strokes either and diagnosed him with the same amnesia that they diagnosed him with in the ER and that everything else, the spots on his brain, the eye issue, the heart valve, the high BP, was all a separate issue and coincidental. Three days for this man to say absolutely nothing new and didn't know what to call the spots, you're the neuro that's you job! Well my father is back home and has gone to several doctors for second options and everyone is in agreement that it was a mini stroke and he has a clot in his eye and the tissue is dead so it's permanent. If you value your life or your families lives, stay as far away from this place as possible. Thank GOD he is doing better and that it wasn't any worse because I believe they would've let him die. I will always think about how I should just taken him to merrillville or Crown Point to anywhere else instead of Porter just because it was closer. All of these people need to be fired.

Alina Burson

So far most of my experiences here have been with the ER staff and they have not been pleasant. I took my one-year-old here and the doctors have little to no bedside manners. I think they just assume you will Google whatever they tell you the diagnosis is, because they do not bother explaining much. The rest of the PCT staff is also inconsiderate. One example is them purposefully making a lot of noise right outside our room because we asked to wait to be discharged until the baby woke up after a concussion (the main reason for the ER visit). I thought they would understand how important it is to monitor a baby’s vitals after a significant fall.

Angie Barragan

Worse hospital in the region. You may think like I did new hospital, new Dr's, very attentive. Wrong I went in at 3 explained my hip was hurt. They performed every test imaginable. Finally at 10:30th they decided to do an xray. Which mind you I explained to them when I got there that something was broken. Well finally they came to tell me my hip was fractured, and my blood had an infection, and also I had a bilateral siatica nerve. Never judge a book by its color.

Barbara Jean Jenkins

I would like to thank the staff on the second floor cardio unit for taking good care of my father during his recent stay. The nurses responded quickly when my father would need help. We couldn't ask for better care for him. His doctors explained his diagnosis and answered our questions. A stressful situation was eased by these professionals. Once again, thank you!

Heather Lynn Harris

This is the worst hospital I had ever been to. I don't know how many hours that I waited for blood work. The nurse was incredibly creepy extracting so much blood from my arm...made it look like I suffered a really bad injury when she was through. I'm never coming back again.

Rick Newman

Don't bother coming here. You will wait in the ER for hours. Go down the street to the ER in Chesterton. They will see you within minutes.

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