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REVIEWS OF Peyton Manning Children's Hospital at St. Vincent Indianapolis IN Indiana

Josh Kemper

The only reason I gave them 5 stars is because they will not allow me to give it 1000 stars. Peyton Manning Children's Hospital has been so great to my son and our family. The staff is great and actually remembered us each time we had to be admitted. They worked had to help us and even showed their generosity. I cannot say enough how grateful we are for that hospital. Thank the Lord for having us sent there, not sure any other hospital would be able to do what they did. Thank you again Peyton Manning's Children's Hospital.

Lolita Logan

My daughter has been on a Ventilator for the last 5 days. She's had amazing care and amazing staff taking care of her. This is a Great and Exceptional Hospital, and I couldn't have asked for better Care. She was talked to and treated like a patient although she was sedated and unaware. That made me very pleased and very happy!! The nurses and Respiratory Techs continued to check on me and will if I needed anything. Whenever her alarms went off someone was there immediately. Even the Doctors made there rounds and answered there phones wherever they were needed. Thanks so much Peyton Manning Staff! I would specifically like to thank The PICU Nurses Tena, Alicia, and Alex. Also the Respiratory Staff Aaron, Jacque and Wale. I'm not excluding any, and I'm thankful for you all! Great Job Guys! Me & My daughter are Greatful!

Julie Shaffer

The staff is so nice and just Amazing thank you to all the staff! This place is a blessing!

Amber Jones

Terri Pittman

We spent 23 days there in 2009. Everyone was fantastic. They really care about their patients & their family.

Mindy Walden

I will say this is our very special trip here!! Everybody from registration to the nurse Adam. Dr.Schwab to the guy Scott that did both of Mya treatment. I can not say enough positive words about this E.R. visit THANK YOU everyone for the great treatment my baby received. I will be back here even tho Mya is up set she got no special toy or gift St.V you all rock thank you

Patricia N

Let me tell about my experience, you be the judge. First time I'd ever been there was today 2/3/18. While visiting and since it was supper time my daughter suggested we order 2 trays. To say that person on the other end was rude would be too much of a compliment. The only way we found out that meal ordered had been delivered was because a nurse came by and asked we had ordered a meal. See the person who had delivered it had left in the hallway despite the fact that the door was wide open and we were feet from it, no knock, not a sound and just walked away. I can't tell you how long it actually sat there. As we left we got turned around, never had the best sense of direction so actually made a complete circle. So we thought we ask the nurse's desk where several ladies (and use the word loosely because the way I was taught ladies don't and should not act like what transpired next) these gave us directions to the elevators which I admit we had just passed but could wait for us to get out of ear shot before they broke out in uproarish laughter that carried pass the double doors. I normally would not comment on things like this but one would think a faith based organization would embody christian principles it just goes to show you some places are just places and hype is just hype.

Alberto Jiménez

Is good,

Joanie Welch

My 11 year old daughter had Scoliosis surgery on Tuesday at Peyton Manning Children's Hospital in Indianapolis. The surgeon, Dr. Joseph Bellflower and his PA Tara are amazing. He is so professional, has the best bed side manner, explained the procedure well, and took great care of our daughter. I would recommend him to anyone. The Nursing staff on the 3rd floor Pediatric unit were amazing especially Kass, Lauren, Kristen, Amanda, Kayla, Arieanna, and Emily from PT. A special thank you to the nurse named Kyle. He made my daughter feel special, told her jokes to make her smile, made her comfortable by talking her through her pain, and checking on her when she wasn't even his patient. All of these nurses deserve to be recognized for their dedication to patient care. They are all special in their own individual way. You can absolutely tell that they care about their patients and that they whole heartedly love their jobs. We appreciate everything that was done for our daughter! Thank you all so much!

Randy Moles

Caring and loving place

harsha khandagale

My 3 month baby had a open heart surgery and was in ICU. I am tremendously disappointment with the night staff. It was taking 20 minutes for the night staff to show up even for immediate requests. Finally, when I personally investigated the hold up, I saw that the nurses were simply chatting with each other. All this while - - Ignoring my urgent call, - Ignoring the system alerts, - Ignoring my 3 month baby's Pain!! However, I also want to mention that the staff attending the baby during day time was good.

Tammy Mundy

paul terhune

We received amazing care here. spent a lot of time here

Gbolahan Bamisile

Nice place to be

traveling with maultinsaw Jakob

I love peyton

Farrah Lane

Our son had open heart surgery, and our stay was 6 days long. The first four days he was in picu. They gave me a "sleep room key" because the nurses are in and out and they give parents these rooms to sleep in overnight if they choose to. It sounded good for the first night! However I was disgusted! It was a dusty room with two beds. The floor you would not have thought it had been clean in weeks! Maybe even months. There was food crumbs all over, toe nail clippings (my boyfriend pointed those out--ew!), dirty sunglasses I threw into the trash, and the room smelled of body odor. I simply used the key for the shower rather than to sleep on either of those beds. I slept on the uncomfortable couch next to my son, best place for me to be anyway!! The cafe has some very unprofessional "chefs" and workers. We got vouchers, and all it said was "grab and go salad" so while they see us looking around they didn't point us in the direction of the right ones to grab! We paid close to $20 out of pocket for two disgusting salads! The dressing ruined mine. I got two containers of Italian and it tasted like it was mixed with another dressing. Garlic perhaps? Anyway the lady was so rude about it. They don't give off a friendly vibe at all. The nurses are awesome. But everything else was unpleasant.

Kimberly b

Very attentive in comparison to Riley

Kerri Dawn

Rachel Jones, RN was absolutely wonderful. I could tell she was on her way out and could obviously tell I was lost seeing as I’ve never been here before she stopped and guided me all the way to where I needed to be. She didn’t just give me directions she took time out to take me where I needed to go. I know it’s not much but I meant the world to me knowing how long a shift can be for a nurse and wanting to go home. So should out to Rachel for being amazing!

Marianne McCall

Is it standard procedure to ignore blood test results FOR A WEEK and assume they are a “bad blood draw?” Even though I called daily to ask for another blood test to confirm?! Our experience was that two different doctors within your hospital system made this assumption and our baby got worse, and it cost us a hospital stay and an emergency transfer to another hospital. Not to mention that we were bullied into a treatment that ended up harming our daughter as a result of your doctors’ negligence. A baby cannot talk or express if they are dizzy or in pain. Why would you ignore her lab results? I wish I didn’t have to resort to a public review; however, this doesn’t seem to be a concern the many times that I’ve reached out to discuss our experience with you. I would tell my mom friends to run from this hospital system given the traumatic experience we’ve had.

Abouttime K

Do not bring your kids to the ER. This hospital has just kidnapped a two month old. The mother brought the child in for a cesura ( caused by documentwd birrh defect ) mother was accused of shaken baby syndrome call CPS. CPS saw documentation of birth defect told hospital to release baby to mom. Hospital kept baby for "Testing" mom got upset and was forced to leave hospital by security. Mom not allowed to see baby. Horrific experience.

Caitlin Labranche

My son was seen at the ER and no complaints on treatment but after asking the bill to be held to clarify charges they sent me a bill, I paid it, they sent me the same bill from R1 (contractor). I left several messages, no call back and now another from the hospital. Seems hard to believe they can lose a payment but they managed to and seem determined to ignore attempts to reconcile.

Heather Dailey

Janessa Wagoner

This is absolutely the worst children’s hospital I have ever been to ... I want to start off by saying I am not the type to complain or say anything negative but I have to admit I have never seen such an unprofessional hospital may I add children’s hospital at that in my life. My little sister was admitted with influenza and pneumonia . When we first arrived the ladies at the desk refused to help us and told us to ask somome else. When we did the lady started off by saying why are you here with in attitude instead of reading the paper work we tried to give her. Once we finally got into a room the nurse wouldn’t read to papers at all that explains why we were sent there. She went on to say see doesn’t see why we where there in the first place that we could have for medicine where we lived at ( we lived an hour away from Peyton Manning hospital). They never hooked up monitors or anything they checked her vitals When we first arrived at 9:45pm. We where not checked on till 2am in the morning . When the respiratory doctor came in she even mentioned why the baby wasn’t connected to anything she was upset and sent a nurse in To do so after we have already been there for 3 hours at this point. When 4am rolled around the doctor finally came in they must have forgot about us. My mom spoke to the lady next to us and she even said her and her son have been there for 10 hours and no one checked on them to see how they where and that she made a nurse cry because of it. It was the worst experience I have ever been apart of and I hate that they deal with children that are innocent and Ill. They have really bad attitudes.

Danny Key

Playground, security, nice docs


(Translated by Google) The best hospital for children !! Super nice I loved that hospital (Original) El mejor hospital para niños!! Super amables amé ese hospital

Carolyn Crider

Laurie Burnell

Peyton Manning Children's hospital is the best! They have a comprehensive team of excellent pediatric specialists who work together, communicate well and develop a team approach to treatment for your child! They actually listen to parents as well as the childs wants and needs!

L Miller

I have had to take my autistic child to the pediatric emergency room at this hospital on two occasions. Both times the staff was unbelievably amazing! They were all very patient and understanding of my child's special needs. I cannot praise the Pediatric Unit enough!!

Daniel Mechling

The doctors and nurses were well trained and very confident. They bent over backwards for my wife and I. They treated our 13 day old daughter like she was the only patient in the hospital. The hospital that transferred us (due to lack of resources) gave us very little hope, but at Peyton Manning hospital we were filled with hope and support and were able to go home several days earlier than expected. I will be forever grateful to their staff.

Amanda Deuth

Maniecia Trice

Always the best care with compassionate caregivers.

Kyle Foster


I had a spinal fusion here and the daytime staff was eh, and the nighttime staff was terrible. I am in so much pain at home and they won’t give us answers or refill anything and take forever with everything! Whenever I would see the nurses they would just be chatting together about their lives and not attending to me. I highly regret getting a spinal surgery for has it has ruined my life. I hate this hospital. I can’t do anything and I feel like the only reason they admitted me for surgery was for their filthy money, some of the nurses are ok but most of the staff I feel have no care in the world for my pain. DONT GET A SPINAL FUSION YOU WILL REGRET IT!

Elizabeth Egan

Chantel Spurlock

I recommend this hospital over any other in the area. Mother of 9 having my fair share of hospital visits. I refuse to take my children to any other hospital in indianapolis.

Robert Clark

Thanking God for them and all the staff working there!

Mark C

Debby Weger

This hospital is the best. My grandson has been a patient there quite a few time with his disabilities. Everyone there is wonderful.

Donald Miller

Leieshiea Drake

The manager here is poorly trained she does not know how to communicate with anyone including her staff. The manager is very racist! She will set a meeting and will be late to the meeting which is very unprofessional, it came to a point where one of the nurses had to call her to ask her was she still coming to their meeting. She ask for feedback but never consider the feedback that was given, when trying to do what’s right for the family/patients that she had no encounter with. If you asked her any of her staff name she would have to guess but she never takes the time to actually be a leader. Shannon Rinehart is the manager and she’s absolutely horrible!!

Tyler Sunderland

Nephew has been here over the Christmas holiday for a few weeks now and has been treated with exceptional care. The parents were given free room and board in the Ronald McDonald house and the child was given numerous Christmas presents from donators and hospital staff. The nurses and doctors truly seem like they care for their little patients. I think they made the right decision sending their child to Peyton's children's hospital. The only thing that would've made it better was a visit from Peyton himself!

stephanie Scarff

Celll Phone

St. Vincent is aVery clean, smoke free environment. Staff is very polite

Darrell Padgett

They made a great mother feel like she wasn't good mom

Matt opalka

Fantastic care of very sick kids!

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