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REVIEWS OF Monroe Hospital IN Indiana

Kim L

Extremely fast care and pleasant staff!

Fredrick E Clapper Jr

Ramsey Fahim

I absolutely love everybod I was treated in the emergency room fearing I was having Tias. My nurse, Bill was with me nearly the entire time and boy, were they thorough. urinalysis, mri, cat scan and numerous other diag tests which ruled out stroke, among other things. After all the tests imaginable, Dr Beierle questioned me closely about my prescription medications and determined that I was overmedicated with two muscle relaxants and two antidepressants--actually he came back three times to see if I had remembered all my prescriptions. Thank you, Dr Beierle, for your thoroughness

Jennifer price

The head nurse of the er made a phone call and disclosed my fiance's private medical info to my ex boyfriend because she is affiliated with him thru his girlfriend. My fiance signed hippa paperwork and his info is very private due to his veteran status. is this ok with anyone else.

Adam N

I'm so thankful they're here. I have been to the ER, and go there for other services such as blood work, x rays, and MRIs. The staff is great, and they always do great with my blood draws. My medical care has been so much better with my NP vs the doctor I had with IU.

Lisa Manyvong

William Reed

Daughter had foot infection, simple fix get fever down and prescribe antibiotics. Must have been a really slow night got stuck with 2 x-rays, blood work, told she had pneumonia and when all else failed tried to pull good old fashion flu. Guess what, none except the first thing we told the doctor, infection in the foot. $1500, 4 hours later & a Merry Christmas we get to go home.

Rachelle Parrish

If I could give 0 stars I would! Worst hospital around! I seriously don't even know how they stay open... The nurses are very rude, they never know what is going on with the patient, never enough staff and on top of that as if it wasn't enough they sit out in the hallway and talk bad about the patients for all to hear! They gave my family member medicine that she was allergic too (which was clearly stated on her chart) which put her in ICU! Do not go here!

steve levay

The doctor there r a joke I will never go back there ever again doctor walked in did not even looke at it and gave me false Diagnosis and said it was just infected it was MRSA they r domb then ever

Vicki Linder

The nurses were great..the doctor on the other hand Marchino had no personality what so ever...he couldn't be bothered to come back into see me to advise me on my condition or what the test results were. I won't be going back here!

Karen L. Danielson

I recently accompanied my daughter to the ER. She was 7 days post operative, had bone shaking chills, ached all of her body with pain level of 7. Many of her symptoms suggested sepsis (very frightening). It was clear she had some type of infection related to her surgery. She was quickly and kindly triaged, Her care for the entire visit was compassionate, attentive, and efficient. Her pain was controlled, condition assessed and medication prescribed and administered. Jared, Christian and Dr. Buro were all fantastic!

Nikki Mathias

Congratulations, Monroe Hospital! You have effectively ruined my faith in your organization. I, at one time, felt you could be a nice alternative to an overly crowded IU Health, however, after the treatment, or lack there of, that my mother received today....I will never recommend your hospital to anyone. My mother was diagnosed with Type A Flu at urgent care and was instructed to go to the ED immediately if her symptoms persisted or worsened. She was compliant and I took her to Monroe ED. We were met by a nurse who spoke down to us and acted as if we were ignorant (my mother is a nurse) and a provider, Dr. Baker, who treated her as nothing more than a drug seeker. No imaging, no labs, no medications. She was told that the provider at urgent care gave her wrong information and that she needed to “tough it out” a few more days. No compassion, no conversation. Just a cold provider and a degrading nurse. I couldn’t be more disappointed in this ED. It’s unfortunate, as I was hoping there would be a successful and qualified competitor for IU.

Brenda Dameron

The absolute best experience I’ve ever had at a hospital. My brother was here in critical condition over Thanksgiving and the staff was so friendly and helpful to us. The cafeteria even served a free Thanksgiving meal to everyone.

Linda Greene

I have waited over 4 months to write this review to be sure that I was not writing in the heat of the moment or as a result of emotional and physical exhaustion. I want to be fair but honest. I've had a number of experiences with Monroe Hospital over the years and have gone there when I wanted to be seen quickly in the ER. In the past, I've always been treated with respect and care. I especially don't want those who are seeking care at this facility to be fearful of being there; however, I think it is also important for people to know that there is a risk of unfounded attacks on family members, a CEO who will not interact with patients and their families nor lend her support or compassion, and one nurse, at least, who violates patient trust (and potentially HIPA) and who administers drugs against patient's wishes. This is what my family and I endured while my husband was a patient at Monroe Hospital. Because of this experience, I will never, ever set foot on the grounds of this place again because I can't trust that I or my loved ones will be treated with respect and dignity. We are still dealing with the emotional fallout from this experience. Never once has anyone from the hospital followed up with us to see how we were doing. I never before feared being a patient in a hospital; I do now as a result of what happened during my husband's week-long stay at Monroe Hospital. Monroe Hospital is no longer a place where I feel I would receive safe, supportive, caring, treatment.

Bj Bennett

Kind, concerned staff. Excellent care. Fantastic dining room and cafeteria.

Stephanie Mitchell

If I could give zero or negative stars I would. This hospital should be shut down immediately. Gross incompetence by the hospitalist, radiologist who read the ct scan and missed a diagnosis by 4(!!) days. Almost killed my family member. DO NOT GO HERE.

Susannah Smith

Went to their emergency room twice. Was grossly misdiagnosed twice. Both times they put narcotics in my IV and sent me home. The second time I insisted on physical examination since I was numb from the low back down. Doctor was extremely uncomfortable doing below the waist examination. Third time I went to IU Health was diagnosed accurately within half an hour and ended up being admitted immediately with spinal chord injuries. STILL trying to pay my bill for Monroe, as there is only ONE person in billing. That's it... one person. No online bill pay. Terrible business structure. Maybe it's good for drug seekers, but terrifying if you need actual treatment.

debra smith

I went in for outpatient surgery on my shoulder. From the time I walked in the door the staff was very professional, efficient & friendly. If you have to have surgery on your shoulder Dr.James Lindner atPremier Ortho is the Dr. to go to.

Scott Lowe

Went there with my gf for pain in her belly doc came in with an attitude then pointed a clip board in her face and neededless to say after a few Choice words her and I was kicked out. Don't go here it's a joke

Amy Jones

Way much better than Bloomington Hospital.

Abigail Roark

I would give this place a zero if I could. My papa is in the hospital and hasn't given him his home meds for 3 days keep in mind he's a diabetic and needs insulin... never put on SCDs, he's on bed rest. My grandma and aunt changed his bed sheets and he was laying in dried blood from his previous surgery, they haven't changed the bandages either. Just pure negligence. The only reply we get for answers is I don't know.

Karen Soo

Went to the ER twice; second time I was admitted. Didn't have a very long wait while I was in the ER, but when I did have to wait a little while between tests, the medical staff made sure I was as comfortable as possible and they checked on me frequently. Everyone was so courteous and compassionate, including nursing staff on the floor. Whenever I needed something, someone would answer the call button quickly and help would be there usually within 2-5 min.The food was good and the menus consisted of a variety of healthy foods. Someone came around to my room to make sure all of my needs were being met. Obviously, Monroe Hospital is committed to providing the best care to their patients.

Eddy Bingham

Worst hospital ever . Drs are over paid quacks their. I would give no stars if possible . Very unprofessional staff .

D3FY bigtimegamer2012

Dr beierle is the worst doctor if he is there it’s pointless he doesn’t listen doesn’t care they need to find new doctors

julie sisley

I went to this ER after reading reviews on here, but sad to say I did not have the same pleasure. I went to be seen because I injured my leg and was given a shot that was suppose to be a muscle relaxer. I called the nurse to let her know I was reacting to it and it was giving me spasms instead. My nurse was awesome, but the doctor didn't care. He comes in 3 minutes later and said okay I am going to discharge you home. He told me he wrote 2 scripts for me, the first one was the same medication that I had a reaction to and the second one he tried to give me I informed I couldn't take because it can't be taken while I am on my medications I take daily. Dr.Hakim didn't even care, he said those are the only 2 medications I will prescribe you and walked out of my room. My nurse came in and she told me that the doctor just wrote for the same medication that he was already informed I couldn't take, I even pulled up the drug interactions and showed the nurse and she said I am so sorry. Her hands were tied, tgere was nothing else she could do so I asked to see another provider and I was informed Dr. Hakim was the only provider on duty. I will never recommend this ER to anyone. I went to the hospital with a pain level of 7 and left the hospital with a pain level of 8. Epic failure on this Dr. Hakim bedside manor as well as his willing to listen to his patients and actually care about not mixing medications that can't be given Together after he was already informed. Do yourself a favor and go somewhereelse that won't cause harm to you as a patient than when you came into their hospital

Amanda Harris

My husband almost severed his finger off with an angle grinder. I was not with him when he arrived but a friend of ours luckily was able to take him in to the ER. Upon arrival, my husband's BP was 177/165 and HR was 175. They had him sitting in the bed with his hand in a solution when I got there with no machines hooked up to monitor his dangerously high BP and HR. The nurses were "hanging out" at the nurse's station because there was only 2 patients there at the time. They refused to treat him for shock (he was shaking uncontrollably and looked awful) so I had to ask for a blanket and try to control it myself and they had done an x-ray with the result that he was fine. No stitches, no antibiotics, and sent him out the door. Twenty four hours later, while changing the bandages per Dr's orders, his finger looked like ground up hamburger. He went to Med Express today to find out that the skin on his finger was dead. The Dr there had to reopen the wound and cut off the dead skin. In doing so, he found shrapnel and metal shavings from the grinder wheel still in my husbands finger and had to pick/flush it out! You would have thought this would have been caught by the radiologist when he had his x-ray done. He was sent home with antibiotics and pain medication. The Dr stated it was very likely that the lack of care provided at Monroe hospital was a direct cause of the condition that his finger is currently in. This is not the first bad experience we have had there with various conditions/family members. We only live 1.5 miles from Monroe hospital and their wait times are quick but I would much prefer to drive further and spend hours at Bloomington hospital and get better care than spend 1 minute in this piss poor excuse for a hospital ever again. My family's health is way more important than my time spent waiting.

Cory Adams

If I could give a half a star I would. Very poor patient care

Tabetha DeMoss

Went in couldn’t breathe or thought my rib was out the lady’s up front wanted to talk about there personal life and leave me standing there even gasping and screaming last night doctors bedside was awful they treat everyone like they are a drugie awful place place worse doctor I’ve ever had changes need to be done I was told well if you want the pain to stop figure out what’s causing it I said getting out of bedmakes it start he said to me well sorry just wait till your my age I said couldn’t emagain being your age or making it to your age it to your age with pain like this and he walked out my bloo pressure was so high from the pain I mean really how can you act like it’s for my benefit really who is so good they can raise there own blood pressure just to get drugs sad if any happens to me I will Sue this hospital

Dustin Ikerd

If Dr. Bierlie is working you might as well turn around and go home. Most unqualified doctor I’ve ever seen there. He doesn’t care about any of his patients or what their problem really is. He wants them out so the next person can come in. There’s also a nurse who is an older lady that probably doesn’t need to be working there. She’s rude, talks down to you, won’t answer your questions, and is very judgmental. Monroe Hospital started off well. Whatever company is in charge of it has ran it into the ground. They hire the cheapest drs they can find, I’m beginning to wonder if some drs there are even qualified to be a dr

Maria Juana

Was taken in by an ambulance due to a severe asthma attack and rapid heartbeat due to asthma medications not having an effect on my asthma. I also had body pain and had earlier a fever. The ambulance stabilized me by giving me oxygen and an albuterol treatment, but as soon as they left me the hospital did nothing!! They gave me an IV, took a chest X-ray and held me in an uncomfortable position for about 2 hours, never stopping to ask if I needed anything. The horrible nurse would only make my life miserable by forcing me to breathe slow through my nose, when I informed that I cannot normally breathe through my nose and I could not breathe slow because I COULDNT BREATHE (hello, asthma attack?!). I was shocked to see that they were discharging me without doing anything. I expressed my shock and disappointment, because I have been many times to the ER with even milder symptoms and I am never, ever discharged until my breathing is normal. She just responded by saying that they did treat me, that they gave me antibiotics (probably not true), steroids (not true), and a breathing treatment (not true). The ambulance gave me the breathing treatment, and had they actually given me steroids, they would not be prescribing the steroids that you take for a few days. This visit was negligence at its finest. I am writing this very upset while still unable to breathe. I will have to go shortly to IU’s ER, so I can actually get some treatment. This is completely irresponsible to do to someone going through an asthma attack (and still am having it)!!


This place it total garbage. The nurses talks bad about patients. They ignore and dont care. So if you want you family meber taking well care of. This is not the place!!!!!!!!! Very unprofessional staff.

tim buselt

You don't want to be a patient in the ER because the nurses are rude and you don't want to work there because they will plant dirt and say its been their for weeks

Stacey Ireland-Toal

Absolute First Class all the way. Beautiful clean facilities, incredible staff, lightening quick response time from the ER staff. Just can't say enough good things about this place and I am so grateful we have a choice in Bloomington. I would never go to the other "facility" in town.

Morris Morris

Worst place I have ever been world will be a better place if the entire place was bulldozed with the drs still inside

Shay Marie

Me and my boyfriend came in because we believe he has Staph, they didn't even look at him hardly, no test, nothing.. prescribed him something.. but here's the even better part he had a blood pressure of 177/95 which is hypertension stage 2 and if it went up any more was a crisis. Let him go, 20 mins later he had chest pains and a headache. Fastest place, but worst nurses and doctors!!! Never again will we be back. I also am pregnant and I told them we needed to know if it was staph because I had been in contact with the area, doctor proceeded to say you don't need to worry about that.. when staph is spread through contact.

George Mckee

Michael Thompson

Bandaid station

Judy Miller

I went to the ER on January 25, 2017. Once we got in there I had excellent care. They really saved my life. I was in and out of consciousness because I had lost so much blood. I think the 2 nurses that were with me were Erin and Danielle. I appreciate so much their TLC. May God bless you both forever!!

awesome rays

Well first of all the CT scan lady is extremely disrespectful and rude. The doctors and nurses are also rude. If you need a CT scan this is definitely not the place to go.

Cody Morris

Worst place ever


Didn't like anything about it long wait with wife in pain been unable to see anyone since we got here. Way to slow would rather get treated by slug it would be faster

rong fu

Bill Parks

Not real happy about the way I was treated at this hospital, or what they charged.

Lisa Gabrielsen

This is a fantastic hospital. I come to get my blood drawn every once and awhile, and the staff does a great job to make you feel welcome and comfortable. I also come in to get ultrasounds for a condition I have, and they also do an excellent job with this as well. The wait is never too long.

Emma Wilks

This place is amazing, a friend of mine was there and had a great visit. The doctors and nurses are amazing, they are very one on one and will help you with whatever you need. I would not want to be anywhere else, it is i think the greatest hospital I have ever been too. Especially if you want a smaller hospital or to be closer to home, if you live more south of indy and Bloomington.

Jonathan Mitchell

Very very very ssssssllllooooowwwwww!!!!!!!!

Lagrotta Doty

This hospital was so fast and the staff was very professional and friendly. I can't thank them enough.

Gary Halstead

I brought my Mom (Joyce Meadows) in today to have a stent replacement with Dr.Vasquez. All the staff from reception to recovery were so kind to Mom. Dr.Vasquez even took the time to bring me back and talk about Moms procedure. On the drive to take Mom home she said they always make her feel like a Queen at Monroe Hospital. Thank You!

Me Only

They do, as I've seen others post, treat everyone as if they are drug seeking. That's not fair to the ones who are "actually sick and need services" They need new nurses and Drs. It needs to be the way it used to be around 1988-90

Clayton Lenig

Cruz Holmes


Jeanine Burge

Jeff Hooten

Took my wife in for a really bad migraine headache, the doctor asked a round of questions, the doctor did a two second exam consisting of squeeze my fingers and raise your legs, listened to her breathe and then went back to his desk, the nurse came back with a shot of something that she couldn’t have because of other health related issues, so she went back and told the doctor and he came back in and said well there is not much we can do for you because your blood pressure is kinda low, so he said let me think a min and left, the nurse then came back with an iv and began running that, about 30 min later she came back and checked her blood pressure and it has came up so she went and told the doctor and she came back with a small dose of Benadryl,,,, I couldn’t believe what I heard, you go to the ER because your hurting and in tears and have been for days and they give you Benadryl. WOW!!!!! Monroe hospital use to be a really good place to go because they were better than Bloomington hospital and quicker, and you could get help. NOT SO MUCH ANYMORE, I wish they would get doctors that truly want to help people and care, not just be there to get a paycheck and push you out the door.

Flo Evergreen

Awful experience here! The only positive was no waiting. The lady at the front desk grimaced, scowled, and made disgusted faces at me while I described what happened. I’m sorry but you work in an emergency room, get a grip lady I’m sure you’ve seen some crazy stuff. The nurses were not warm or kind at all to someone in severe pain. Terrible bedside manner! I asked for a pillow and that was a major inconvenience apparently because the nurse huffed at me. Dr. Torres missed a fracture, thankfully the radiologist caught it and I was sent home without my prescription.

Christian Wilhelm

If you like a 1400 dollar bill for a flu swab test this is the place to go!

Zyan Rodriguez

zack morrow

Kim Garcia

Joanna Jones

My food was ok my room smelled like pee found men pee pants under my bed.But some of the nurses were fantastic when they moved me fo a different floor the my other nurse came to check on me and brouggt me a gift.I dont rember her name but she was rights and afro american she also was wounderful with my family.Doctor did great job aswell. lab tech blue all my veins


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