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Trevor O’Keefe

I was hit by a vehicle of sorts last year, a hit and run with no witnesses. I was brought to Memorial Hospital and felt as though the staff treated me extremely poorly. Sending me on my way in under 3 hours without any pain meds, crutches and not much advice. Had to be transported there the following day for I could not deal with the pain and couldn't walk. They gave me "one" crutch and nothing for the pain. I'm not a pill seeker, but I was left to die in a ditch on the side of the road, before I came to the hospital initially. I can't give them 0 stars, cause I do know that they are a decent hospital and definitely help many people in the community and nearby communities.

Toby Veno

Very bad ! No one answers the phone. If you waist your time to leave a message you will have a better chance of winning the lottery then getting a phone call back. It’s a great place if you need to say go to the bathroom, there usually clean. There vending machines are well stocked if you want a snack. But if you are looking for good health care you will be disappointed and frustrated. It’s unfortunate because it used to be a good hospital but since Maine health took over and all the good staff left , and it’s gone down hill. They apologize for their massive mistakes but continue for months to make the same ones. So many negative experiences there is not enough space. If you want to get good health care don’t expect to get it at memorial hospital in North Conway NH.

Mark Fagan

I paid the full invoice amount to the hospital before leaving the Accident and Emergency department. Evidently my insurance did not cover everything they expected them to. Instead of contacting me, they handed the debt to a debt collection agency. I would have payed them directly if they had of contacted me. This is no way to threat a patient.

Sergei Klein

Extremely disappointed with Dr Hamden in Cardiology department. He is incredibly rude and mean to his nurses. My wife, who is one of the sweetest people on the planet, worked for him. She would come home crying telling me how he horribly treated her, called her names and other things. She would dread going to work the night before. If you are considering working at this hospital in Cardiac department, think twice.

Jacqueline Pride

I went to the ER with chest pain in the morning. The person who check me in was very nice. After that went down hill, the doctor said it was an unexplained chest pain on my release papers. They did two Xray, urine and blood work and came up nothing. They sent me home with no suggestion of medication to take. I'm still having chest pains and I rather for them to at least suggested something for me to take. They told me to do a follow up with my doctor. Tricare have to pay a doctor who really didn't help me at all. That's the reason why I don't like going to see doctors, just to be in pain with unexplained problems. I could have least gotten an answer on what is best to take for pain not just take an over the counter medicine. I didn't go to school and wasted my time in the ER, to try and figure out what I should take on my own. Wow what service!!!!! DISAPPOINTED WITH SERVICE!!

Robyn Halliday

Shannon Sheridan

The ICU staff has been amazing, as well as the doctors and surgeon that did my moms surgery!

Gert Korndoerfer

I have had nothing but a good experience at Memorial Hospital, North Conway, NH

Melissa Howell

Caring staff and great care. The radiology department is top notch--A+!!

Nancy Call

Piss poor services with radiology department. NOT AT ALL HELPFUL

Michael Madden

I've been under the care of a neuro surgeon and he has been nothing but profrssional, courteous and a dam good Dr.

Benjamin Torrent

excellent staff, caring, understanding and very professional.

Kelly Harvester

I arrived @ 6:30am for an out patient procedure and was taken back within 10 minutes. All Doctors and Nurses were very professional and caring also facility was very clean. I would recommend this hospital to all my family and friends!

jennifer diaz

This hospital was great and the nurses were very soothing and attentive..their attending physician however was not he was very harsh, not warm at all, no bedside manor whatsoever..he needed an ettiqute class and learn how to treat patients and their families better in a difficult situation

Kimberly Ann Walker

I like some of the people working here

Jeremiah Davis

Not my first choice by far.

Audrey Perry

I had to take my mother to the ER center at Memorial and it was AWFUL. We had all gotten the flu and she was experiencing intense sharp pain in her head and seizing uncontrollably. The staff acted like nothing was wrong and were so impersonal, they also were horrible at explaining what was happening and barely communicated with each other. Not to mention the Hospital looks like it's from a 1980's horror movie. Go to Tampa General Hospital if you need emergency treatment.

Keith Glattli

aRieL HernanDez

Very nice over night crew. Clean and organized hospital. Highly recommended.


Quick efficient electronic check-in is the way to go. Make sure you visit the pre registration web portal prior to reporting. Technicians were great made me feel comfortable and at ease.

Larry Pitchford

I was admitted for four days in September. ER was thorough and the team responded quickly to my situation. In the room I was constantly cared for around the clock. I’d like to mention three nurses in particular who catered to my every need : Carlos, Leilani -day shift, and Sucuoro - night. They’re warm, friendly attitudes and contagious smiles is the best medicine there is. Thank you entire staff, I appreciate everything you’ve done for me, Larry Pitchford

Gabriel Beatty

Josie Stauffer

Scott Lewis

Been several times over the years my dad died in their care not even good enough for backyard vetinary clinic

Grant King

Joyce Kepto

I had a wonderful surgical experience and recovery. Each department had caring and concerned individuals from admissions who took special time to sure that I was prepared and I stood the special preop instructions, to Anesthesia, who met with me beforehand and ordered individualized medication to be sure I was pain and nausea free, with no opiates, as requested, to the incredibly personable and attentive nursing staff, and the dining service, medical assistants/ CNA’s and cleaning staff who went out of their way every day to encourage me and be sure I was comfortable and maintained dignity in every way. I have had surgery at a few other Tampa Bay hospitals, and so I can tell you in my experiences, Memorial Hospital is incredible -a trend setter and a standard for other facilities to emulate! Thank you! And also to Dr Hoyte, my surgeon, and his staff who made me feel like a VIP each step of the way.

Britny Bobbitt

Avoid this emergency room. I was severely throwing up, to the point it had been 6 hours not keeping any of it in. I had thrown up 17 times in a 3 hour period, and continuously had to run to the restroom there in the ER for my 4 hour wait. Once I got in the room, it took him 2 seconds to figure out what was wrong with me, yet he still ran tests on me. They gave me fluid through an iv and I was off. I waited 4 hours for something that took not even 30 minutes. They were however very nice about my wait once they got me in there. The nursing staff was extremely nice.

Michelle Zuckerman

Richard Harris

I had a great experience going to Memorial Hospital Emergency Room! There care was great!

Karen Martin

Bobby Kowalski

Was Admitted from E.R. Staff and Nursing would barly even see me in my room. Dr's visits were very brief and they spoke so fast I was confused. Answered my questions very fast and brief. No way I would let them operate. I have plenty of health concerns, but was given horrible discharge planning and left in pain. I would advise seeking Emergency health concerns else where.

samantha molenda

alyssa wozniak

I tore my ACL and Miniscus on Wednesday and when I went to the ER the staff was nice I guess, but they didn't take me seriously and it seemed like they didn't think much was wrong. I went to an Orthopedic on the following day and Friday and after an MRI they diagnosed a complete ACL tear on my left knee and a partial Miniscus tear. I go to Ball State and the orthopedic gave me a number for the Ball Memorial hospital to schedule an appointment with a specific doctor closer to Ball State. I called the number and the lady on the phone was kind of rude and I was told I couldn't come in until April to start physical therapy so again, no one taking me seriously so...

Charles Akers

Very caring staff

Launa Brown

Two hours and counting in the ER with my brother that will not be on this earth much longer and DrwGoodwin will not administer pain meds. Rediculous

April Schubert

kyle thomas

Mike Parda

The hospital care was ok, but I give this place a 1 star because of their billing. They send bills in increments, you get a bill one month, pay it, then get another, pay it, then get another, to the point where you wonder what you are paying for. The bills are never explained, just a piece of paper that says you owe X amount and how to pay. When you call, the billing department has no idea what the bill is for either, they just say its "not a mistake". How is my insurance supposed to cover bills you can't explain? They outsource their billing so the billing people are just in a call center somewhere and have no real access to anything, just your name and info, and the amount you owe. These people are unwilling to work with insurance either. My insurance company said they submitted the claim wrong and needed to resubmit it, when I asked the billing department to do this, I was told they didn't make a mistake and they refused to re-submit to my insurance! Is this a joke?! When I called Memorial, no one could answer anything and they were extremely rude and genuinely didn't care. Go here if you want to overpay for mediocre care and would like to keep getting bills that no one can explain. Otherwise, avoid this place if possible, simply put its a garbage hospital run as cheaply as possible.

michael brand

No wait in the ER. It has WiFi and two TV's in the lobby. No reading material.

Darren Behm

Very helpful!

Kyle Boutot

Experience was terrible. Went into the ER with a severe laceration to my right hand was not till 3.5 hours later till I actually talked with the doctor. After waiting that long they wanted to do an X-ray which I realized was just to push me aside again. Dr. Mrozowski was very neglective to my injury and I will never go back to this hospital again. the only good part to the experience was with certain nurses they were helpful

Madeleine Fisher

ER experience was absolutely terrible. Lovely nurse but the doctor was very insensitive and made it very clear that since I wasn’t dying, I didn’t matter. He accused me and gave me absolutely no information. I would recommend any other service the hospital offers except the ER. I’ve never felt so uncomfortable in a hospital and I’ll drive the extra miles in another emergency so as not to be treated so poorly. On top of leaving with zero solace or answers, I’ve been billed $1550 although I have good health insurance.

Lulz Twomuch

Please don't go to this ER. Ever. For any reason. The physician and head nurse are an amazing display of incompetence and indifference (respectively). Nursing staff members are outstanding and I am so thankful for that as we have been stuck here for hours with no end in sight. To the administration, if you really do care as you state over and over below, why don't you do something about it?

Michelle Gomez

Worse experience of my life. Took my son in and the ER doctor (Davidson, who refused to give me his name) was horrible. I've never been treated so disrespectfully by a doctor in my life. He would ask a question while walking out as if your answer didn't matter anyways. He asked me questions about my son for that particular day and I repeatedly told him my son was with family to which he said I should know as a parent. He asked me for paperwork from my son's last ER visit which were in the car and he insisted I go get, I left my belongings but grabbed my son to which he commented rudely to the nurse "Yes, she's leaving", me not but a few feet away walk back and say "I'm not going anywhere but to the car to get the paperwork" and he continues with I'm leaving. I said "My purse and everything is right there" finally I couldn't take him any longer with his disrespectful, condescending, uncompassionate demeanor so I said "You know what I am leaving now". He act as if he didn't know the issue with his behavior and said "It's been busy, it's Gasparilla and the kid is cute", I'm still confused with what exactly that explained. And when we arrived there was only one other person there, yes super busy. I would never step foot in that facility again. Unfortunately I work 3 minutes away but it's okay I have notified the company I'm employed with in the event that anything happened to me DO NOT take me there. This was the most disrespectful and unprofessional Doctor I have ever had the displeasure of coming in contact with. I wouldn't recommend this hospital to anyone, ever !

Tanja Gregory

They are not equipped with equipment they need to save a babys life....witch if you're going to cut the placenta because you don't want to do a ultrasound before performing a c-section you're going to need everything ready

Misty Briarton

Highly disappointed. Went in with severe migraine, chills, muscle weakness, and an all over body skin rash. They gave me fluids and sent me home. Did not help at all.

Laurie Lee Dovey

We had a barium swallow test here and the experience was exceptional -- from scheduling through the testing process. The radiology staff was professional, polite, caring and informative. The speech therapist overseeing the test was amazing. Afterward we heard horrible reports but or speech tberapist is top notch.

Thick Chunky

My inpatient care experience was Great. I would highly recommend Memorial Hospital for care. Whole entire staff very pleasant. Made me feel very comfortable with no worries


Not good place to go to they got bed bugs they make you sit there for hours it’s dirty

Cheryl Lewis


I've been contemplating writing a review about this hospital for a few weeks because I hate writing negative reviews and I also wanted to give them the benefit of the doubt to see if they would shape up after the numerous complaints I've filed. But today was the final straw, I'm writing this in the hopes that no one else has to go through a similar or worse situation as we have. If you or any family member has a medical emergency and you're in the vicinity of Memorial hospital, do yourself a favor and just drive a few more miles to Tampa General hospital instead. Trust me you will not regret it! However if you do decide to send a family member here you better make sure to check on them everyday and I do mean EVERYDAY!!! Especially if they're elderly, the elderly get treated so poorly here and taken advantage of(I'll go into more detail about this later). I feel so bad for those who don't have any family members visit them on a regular basis. My grandfather has been in this hospital for four weeks, he's still there at the time of this review. So let me start off with this, Memorial hospital has the WORST staff I've ever seen at any hospital in the country. This applies to the cleaning technicians all the way up to the upper management and directors. No one wants to do their job and they will never want to go the extra mile to ensure that their patients are receiving great care. Communication between the staff and the family members of their patients is nonexistent. The nurses never want to tell you what's going on since most of them don't even know. I come to this hospital everyday to make sure my grandfather isn't being treated poorly, and I'm not exaggerating when I say that everyday I come here there is an issue or issues. He's bed ridden and can't stand or walk at all, so in order to use the bathroom he needs to urinate in a urine bottle they supply their patients with and a pan to have a bowel movement. Their have been numerous tunes when I've come in and he doesn't have either of these accessible. So I've had to go to the nurse station on the 2nd floor and complain about this. Also there have been times when he's gone and called the nurses but no one shows up. There was a situation two weeks ago on the night shift when his nurse didn't check on him the entire night and he used the bathroom on himself(since again the nurses or CNA's never seem to place his bathroom items near him) and no one cleaned him for 6 hours. That's unacceptable to have a patient who's bed ridden go 6 hours let alone an hour to have to lay in their excrement with no one to help them. I tried to complain about this issue and many others to the progressive care director/nurse leader Michelle Osborne but she never answers her phone, doesn't have a voicemail set up and is never there when I get off of work. I've also complained to the charge nurses about some of their nurses who names I have written down about numerous issues and nothing is ever done. Now to get to the main issue that set me off to even write this review in the first place, my grandfather had a major procedure done today and no one told myself or my mom about this. We are both his emergency contacts and Memorial hospital was told not to make any major decisions without consulting with either of us first but they did it anyway. His day shift nurse who's name was Lillian(or Lilliana) was his nurse today and the previous day as well. Yesterday when I came he didn't have a urine bottle so I complained about that to her and she gave me one with an attitude, I asked her for an update on what they're going to do with him and she said "I don't know" then walked away. Not only did she know that his procedure was scheduled for the next day but she purposely didn't tell me or my mom(who checked on him earlier) about this. Then when I complained about this today her response was "well someone should've told you and no one's responsible for informing family members of what's going on." I have so much more to complain about but I'm limited on characters, just stay away from this hospital.

James Dean-o Martin

Very nice place with super friendly employees.

Benjamin Wilson

One of the worst places to ever be treated I stopped going there and started seeing the VA because I’m a disabled vet. And I received a bill for dates I wasn’t there. Horrible doctors especially when dealing with the fat troll they have there.

Aud Pod

I would put no stars but seeing as thats not an option on here i cant. Terrible staff. Poor attitides. And not doing their jobs. Ball is the worst hospital in indiana.

Patty Dalpe

LinnD Andersen

Attentive helpful, staff and professionals!

Vickie Neal

The nursing staff is great but the billing department is a joke. They sent my mom to collections on a bill from 2 years ago that she never received anything about! And don't even try to ask for an itemized bill... If I could give them a negative star rating, I would! Going to Anderson from now on!!

Adam Howard

Allec Harris

I left with the same symptoms I came with, received a useless prescription and my ears are still ringing. I was just told to clean them with the prescription more often. 100% useless do not give these people your business I literally feel robbed and now feel worse than when I arrived.

Paul Klenk

My primary care physician, Dr. William Martin, has is office at Memorial. So my experience pertains to Bill Martin. I migrated from Massachusetts and was seeking a primary care physician. Hard to make an appropriate selection without any objective input. Fortunately for me, my son-in-law is a local EMT/Paramedic who has worked with Dr. Martin. Furthermore, while I was still residing in MA, Bill sent an extensive email. I could not have made a better choice. He is extremely bright, low key, and willing to work with the patient. I referred my wife to Bill Martin and she is very pleased.

Adam A

Don’t listen to these one-star ratings. Ball Memorial Hospital has always treated my family and me very well during our visits throughout the years. Most of the complaints were about the ER and the odd room designs/old building. You have to understand that a busy room full of people is just the nature of every ER. To answer the second problem, Ball is doing construction in several areas of the hospital to make it suitable for their cutting-edge edge health care.

Edwin Carr

The nurse putting in the IV prior to surgery did not proper locate my vein. Within a short time my arm was in intense pain and a small tangerine size area developed on the inside of my arm. This left me bruised and still feeling a soreness a week afterwards. This RN of 20yrs needs additional training.

cecil stephenson

I hate having to come to the ER, but when I do I love it when Dr Kornilow is the attending physician. He has excellent bedside manners and takes the time to explain everything. He is not only a very good doctor, but a good guy in general.

Karen Gebhard

My experience at this hospital was horrible, I can say that there were some staff who really cared. I have bulimia and have for years. I cannot pass judgement and ridicule the staff that works there, however I will compare the way I was treated there somewhat like a dog. If you live in the area that can come in and visit you and show them being sick with an eating disorder doesn’t make you some incapable lunatic that should be kept in a cage or you have a loved one who’s out of state, avoid this hospital! Not to mention the reason they have 2 people to a room and an outdated facility, will have you wanting to be careful with how and what they are billing both you and your insurance! Beware! Again personal shout outs to the staff that cares they know who they are.

Melissa-Ann Ries

Terrible place. The staff is rude, they pad the bill and hold you hostage over night to bill you for 2 days if you go at night. Even if you go with a child expect to stay over night. I was billed like my daughter had a bed or labs, which she didn't they sat her behind a curtain in a chair and gave her ice chips! That's not what they claim on the bill though!

Elly DeVoss

As far as their ER and psych ward are concerned, you're better off going anywhere else. The only way they accept you as a patient into their psych ward is if you tell them you have a plan and intend to kill yourself, or have already done it and are in the ER for doing so. They apparently don't deal with psychiatric disorders, only with suicide. And even then they suck at it. If you admit that you're going to kill yourself, but haven't done anything in front of them to act on it, then you're a voluntary inpatient and have to wait for a bed to be available. Meanwhile, no one checks on you during your stay in the ER (that could last days) to make sure you're not trying to kill yourself. Once you're in the psych ward, pray that Dr. Khadilkar isn't the one working, because you're better off saying you're all cured and going home before the bills get too high. He's worthless. He doesn't care about how you're doing, only that your thoughts of suicide are under control. If you're schizophrenic, everyone knows it, but just haven't been diagnosed. He doesn't care. He'll tell you you're just stressed and send you home as soon as you're not actively trying to kill yourself anymore. Seriously, if you have any other choices on where to go, avoid BMH like the plague.

Devin Lyle Cominskie

A moreira

Considering I was there for surgery, the staff in this hospital make me feel relaxed and they were so caring. They were great, thank you...

Anthony Edwards

Complete joke.. just terrified to help you if your under 50... stereotypical thoughts are with them.. don't go here

Diana Schultz

Good Caring staff. Clean facilities.

Ms King

It's close to my house. That is about it.

Yidia Diaz Santiago

I was at the 3rd floor and nurse Maria was amazing however nurse Nanette at night time was extremely disrespectful and not caring. She didn’t want my wife to stay with me or have more that 2 visitors in the room and also was very rude with nurse Maria when they were changing shifts

Carolyn Williams

Nurses disorganized. It took rapproximately 8hrs to get Dr. was great.radiology staff excellent.

Matt McFarland

Way too long of a wait. Horrible experience. Worth the drive to go to a hospital in fishers or Fort Wayne.

Kenneth Muellenberg

good service. good staff.

Lisa Thompson

The reason I am giving 3 stars is because I am deathly afraid of IVs . I asked if I could have numbing cream before they put the IV in. They said no. I have had many surgeries, and they always put numbing cream or a freezing spray before they inject me. Memorial told me no, the pain was intense. I have had nightmares every night since. Other than that, The doctor was amazing, and the nurses were super sweet. My only complaint was the IV, the fact that they were not compassionate and didn’t take the time to numb me before stabbing me in the arm with the IV.

Brooke Rooney

Johnnie Colston

Excellent patient care, by expert people.

Mary Ward

Bobbie Lanning

My sister in law is being held against her will at BMH. She signed herself out but as we were leaving a doctor said she was placing my sister in law on a psychological hold. My sister in laws medication was stolen by staff when she brought this to the staffing attention they called her a lier. Staff accused of purposefully of overmedicating herself while at the hospital. My sister in law is able to communicate and is completely ambulatory. This is criminal confinement for no other reason except to charge my sister in law for unnecessary medical procedures. Since she has signed herself out her insurance will not cover any additional medical treatments.

Teresa Taylor

Extremely helpful, friendly people.

David Pinkston

They still use latex and even though there was many warnings about my allergy to it there was still cloves in the room and within a few feet from my head, which caused a reaction which lasted for a couple of days.

Jason Sportum

Have had great experiences at the hospital. Brought our son to the walk in as he hurt his finger on our trampoline. The nurse and the doctor were extremely rude about it - basically saying oh well, that's what you get for letting him jump on the trampoline. If he fell off his bike would they have said the same? Extremely disappointed with the care tonight.

Maria Wright

The worst hospital ever! Ignorant and rude nurses! Very unprofessional hospitalist doctors. Discharge of the patient takes more than 6 hours, and nobody care. Despicable! Do yourself a favor, avoid on all cost! There shall be no star at all.

Jessica Stern

This review is for the nurse Nick on the 3rd floor. He was very helpful and kept me up to date of what was going on. After seeing numerous doctors and nurses who didn’t seem to care to explain what I was being treated with, Nick and the Gastric doctor on 4/7/2019 both explained everything. The Gastric doctor on call here made sure that I could be seen by his office the very next day. Unfortunately I experienced some people who seemed to take their frustrations out on me. After being allowed to walk around the hospital the day before, I was suddenly told to go back to my room by another nurse and was told I can’t go anywhere without supervision. Mind you, I am being discharged today. If you are able to, request Nick as your day time nurse. He was great!


I was admitted Sunday afternoon for a asthma attack... And the charge nurses Jordan and Stephanie on the 2nd floor we're awesome and very professional they went out of their way to make sure patients were taken care of and were there exactly when you needed them.

Luz Echevarria

The best hospital I've came to in my 19 years that I live in United states the nurses everything here is great

Amanda Kurtz

Josh Wiggin

Worst hospital ever. Love it when I have a seizure disorder. And they tell me I don't. Dr. Sawyer tries to tell my family I fake seizures... Funny when I am on seizure melds from my PCP and Neurologist. Dr. Sawyer also used another doctors name on the ER release papers, also violated HIPAA, and told me to stop taking up room in his ER.

Jacqui Wolfenbarger

I had a day surgery here and it was the best hospital experience I've ever had. Every staff member including the receptionist was very friendly and helpful. I felt like a treasured guest!


ER is terrible. Dislocated shoulder. Went to hospital at 11am, got looked at 3pm, discharged 7pm.

cassie reno

Sister went in because her water broke and they told her she needs to go home because her baby was screaming because he was tired. Doesn’t even know if it was her water broke or anything. Refused to see her. TERRIBLE SERVICE. Clearly doesn’t care about our patients.

Emma Rose Flaherty

Alicia Mieres

very attentive and nice .

Yimerfi Ferretti

Good place to work.

Teresa Caldwell

Johnike Bell

WORSE EXPERIENCE EVER!! I was having pain on the left side of my neck on the plane to Tampa. When I got off the plane, I did a search for a hospital and found Memorial Hospital on W Swann Ave. I arrived and was taken to the back immediately; however, I was rushed through. The guy stocking the rooms and the PA, Mark Sutherland, entered the room before I was able to undress. The PA asked if it hurts when I raise my left arm and I told him yes. He said I was having a muscle spasm and told me to get dressed. I have experienced a muscle spams in my lower back before and this pain was worse than labor pains. I know my body, but I guess the PA felt he knew my body better. I received my discharge papers (with a misdiagnosis of torticollis)and a prescription for anti-anxiety. I got the medication filled and took it as prescribed. The pain did not get better; therefore, I went to the Brandon Regional 24/7 ER in Temple Terrance the next day. I was treating like a patient there. A CT scan was done that showed inflammation on my thyroid gland. I was prescribed an antibiotic and the pain went away. I would NEVER RECOMMEND the ER at Memorial Hospital of Tampa to anyone. Although I have superior health insurance, I felt like a drive-thru patient that they thought was looking for a quick fix. I will be filing a Quality of Care and Quality of Service complaint against Memorial Hospital of Tampa located on W. Swann Ave.

julie miller

Everyone was attentive. The procedure went smoothly. The intake was fast. Their mobile payment cart made checking out easy.

Sheila Reback

Brought my boyfriend here recently ,worst expereince ever. My broyfriend was having dizzy and blurred vision issues plus he is diabetic and had a ulcer on the bottom of his foot with tendon and bones exposed with great pain in his leg etc. They put him in a room ordered a chest xray a cat scan than put an iv in then other xray. 3 hrs past nothing for pain then the dr. Comes in says there is nothing wrong with him an says we dont write pain management prescriptions funny thing he never asked for a scrip tells dr he just got out of another hosital after a 3 week stay for same foot ulcer with infect. He has bone infect and wihhout even looking at the hole in his foot this dr says no bone infect this so called idiot dr says there nothing an no bone infect i guess it just went away on its own. Funny this hospital never even so much as did wound care on his bloody foot told him put his bloody sock back on and put his dirty work boot back on not even so much as a band aide , the most un acceptable hostipal behavior ive ever seen, he also told them he had mrcsa in past they never even did a nose swab to check or a wound swab for bacteria i think there more interested in billing patients for services than taking care of the patients needs will never go here again and we re contacting our insurance carrier to tell them to watch for insurance over billing from them.

Joe Roy

Had to go to the ER, get surgery and stay the night in med sug. From start to finish was a positive experience including getting engaged in PACU, waking up from anesthesia.

windy harper

This hospital is so backwards! Whole OB/GYN and OR are good but so much is not good. Some nice caring doctors but...most don't really care at all!

Beverly Harris

Tony Planck

Loneiyce Washington

The waiting room offered food and beverage! Awesome!The staff very very proffessional!No wait time! Great service!

Avis Chaplick

Not a facility I would like to return to...the nurses were nice (for the most part) but the ER facility was pretty shabby with attendants too busy to be of any help when I came in with a kidney stone causing extreme pain. Once they got me upstairs into bed some of the nurses were responsive, some not. The guy who tried to insert my IV needle didn't seem to know what he was doing, made a mess of my arm, and had to call a nurse. I think my doctor (DR. Brunelle) was great as always, but unfortunately the facility is not.


Everything was excellent! I was brought in right on time, the technician was extremely pleasant and explained each test she did. All personal we’re extremely polite.

Taylor Miller

I never write reviews, especially bad ones but this is needed. I never go to the hospital, in fact this is the first time I have been to the ER, so that's how you know i was not feeling good at all. I couldn't even walk without getting sick, right when I get there this nurse makes me pee in a cup, when I can barely stand you think I'm going to have to use the bathroom right now?!? Then she yells at me like I'm a 12 year old child and tells me to get up, doesn't even help me get up. This nurse was atrocious. She kept insisting that I was probably "pregnant" even when I told her I had other symptoms and I've been on BC for 8 years. I felt like I was at a prison. The whole time she was talking crap about other patients and other people. I even overheard her talking about me because I was taking too long to drink this nasty stuff that they gave me. Nurses are supposed to be nice and act like they care, I did not feel welcome here at all. I wish I knew what her name was. They took my blood world in the very beginning & I asked them like 5 times what the results were and they never told me. Billy the doctor was very nice although I didn't see him much & so was the nurse with all of the tattoos.

Kris Bishop

Mandy Arnold

Michael Horn

There's a cave in the woods with a witch doctor that's a lot faster!!!

Brandon Scott

Broke my arm. Was sent home and told not to return for 3 days, after 3 days of pain came back and the nurse told me it was broken lol it’s a joke for a hospital

Val Aksanov

Paid the bill for the ER, but kept getting more bills out of nowhere. The amount was way more than what my annual deductible and copay are together. Billing said my insurance denied the claim. After calling several times the billing company and my own insurance it turned out they didn’t charge my insurance and were going to send me smaller random payment bills totaling $3000. Finally the billing said they didn’t have my insurance info on file,,, I don’t know if that was just an excuse as they charged my insurance for the initial bill??? So be aware!

Rob Barnhill

We had a very positive experience today. Patient and kind staff who were very attentive. The waiting room was full but we were seen very quickly. I was worried about coming here based on some of the reviews but it turned out to be better than one could hope for when visiting a hospital.

Becky Jobman

Michelle Longley

FOLLOW UP.... CONTINUED HORRIBLE SERVICE (12/23/17)!! This time for Walk-in care rather than ER Services. On the website it states, "The walk-in care center is intended for non-emergency situations that usually are treated in a short period of time." My son woke up unable to hear out of one of his ears and we knew from previous experience he would need them flushed in order to get his hearing back and for the pain to go away. We didn't want him to have to deal with it all through Christmas, so we brought him to the walk-in. He was the 2nd of 4 people waiting for the over 2 hrs he was there waiting to be seen. It was very quiet and completely ridiculous to have to wait over 2 hrs for walk-in care. You need to create a more efficient system of care or allow another organization to operate an urgent care in the area, because your hospital is obviously not capable of managing both. It's such a shame because there's so much potential.... (4mths Ago) You really need more staff to competently handle the busy seasons. My husband has a head injury and we've been waiting for hours. Now our option is to drive over an hour to start the process all over again with an organization who will actually take his injury seriously. We recently moved here from VT (so we understand rural situations) and never once have we have had to wait this long with past emergencies. The ladies at the desk were truly sorry, but the administration and organization at this facility is truly a disgrace. I hope we won't find ourselves in a position to have to come back here again.

Lorraine N

Stay away from all HCA hospitals. Their service and facility at this location is sub par. They took over Town and Country Hospital and down graded it. I plan to post this every where. A simple sign indicating the town and Country location is now a mental facility would have saved me a trip to their emergency room only to be transferred to a hospital on Swan road. Way on the other side of the city. Not even on a level of professionals im used to. Just don't get sick in Florida. Your screwed. Indeed I will be contacting you further. On the morning of my discharge one nurse took my blood pressure. it registered 171/115 (no exaggeration) she phoned the nurse and asked if she should record it. Clearly the answer was no since she said she'll be back around lunchtime. Lunchtime came with lunch tray, the nurse and my discharge papers which he gingerly tried to explain away why it's okay to leave with by pressure so high. Nick? I said. people are admitted for a reading like this not released. I was so ready to get out of there it wasn't even funny. High BP or not. Outside my door were other nurses scrambling to get cab service for my neighbors. They wanted us outta there. Shout out to nurse Jenny she managed to talk me into staying 3 nights in a row. If HCA will be admitting people like me you will need more nurses like Jenny to play mediator. Never truer words spoken. FIRST IMPRESSIONS DO NOT LIE. Follow your instincts people. I will never second guess mine again.

mona smith

Very racist against black people.

Mitchell & Kattie Coleman

Staff is always friendly and go above and beyond

Mary Anne Kearney

Everything went very well. I was attended to shortly after I arrived. The Dr and nurses were very helpful. I had a good experience.

Tammy Donovan

My mom was admitted on Wednesday & the entire staff I have encountered has either spoke or smiled everytime I have seen them. The staff on her floor is very accommodating & attentive to our needs.

Dianne Biggs

Dr only looked at part of the injury and walked out. Never talked to us at all and no questions were answered because we never had the option..

ayliene morales

Great ER service.

Zachary Lemay

Great hospital...great diabetes center...highly recommended...

Sue Wallace

This hospital is one of the best kept secrets in Tampa!!!! I had excellent nursing care and I was treated with respect and dignity during my entire stay. It was a comfort to know one of my family members could stay in my room overnight after my surgery. Kuddos, to all the staff members on 2W Post Surgical!!!

cindi james

Had a good experience for a hospital! lol

Alexandria Koontz

I came in twice in the same week. The first time, they diagnosed me with a UTI, but when my symptoms grew worse instead of better and I came back, they said they misdiagnosed me the first time and write me a THIRD prescription. I didn't even get to see a doctor the second time-only two nurses. The doctor on my first visit came in, told me what I had, gave me a scrip, and then left, without explaining a thing to me. As a young college student on my own for the first time, I had tons of questions and didn't have a thing explained to me. They simply referred me to the on-campus Health Center. It was very frustrating...

Allegra Hardin

Professional clinic with great care options!

siesta key

Would give this place a 0 star if I could. Went to urgent care who referred me here due to a swollen leg. BE AWARE BEFORE COMING HERE, GO TO TGH OR ADVENT HEALTH INSTEAD. I am a nursing student and have NEVER seen a patient billed what I was for the minimal services I received. I was in the ED for under one hour. The doctor took a look at my leg and sent me for an ultrasound. I got back from the ultrasound and was told that there was likely nothing wrong and I was sent home. No follow up on readings from the ultrasound. Keep in mind I received NO MEDS, NO LABS, NO IV FLUIDS.... NOTHING besides the ultrasound and a quick look at my leg. Was told I had a hematoma (collection of blood under the skin resulting from trauma). It was not a hematoma. Hematomas are black and blue and due to damaged blood vessels from trauma. I did not witness trauma. I received a bill from the ED for $900. Weird that my great insurance did not cover that, but I paid it. There was no description of services provided on the $900 bill. I then received a bill for over $1000 dollars from a separate billing agency of the physician even though the bill from the hospital claimed that $900 would be the total for services. AGAIN, NO DESCRIPTION OF SERVICES. Combined, over $2000 in total for an ultrasound and looking at a leg???Have called memorial hospital and the agency on the $1000 bill. Both told me to call a different number. NO ONE has been able to provide me with an itemized bill. Was then told that my insurance and social are not on record even though they are. DO NOT GO HERE

Kevin Roche

Arrived at ER on weekday afternoon. 3 people in waiting area. My 21 year old daughter had a temp of 103. 2 1/2 hours later, no service. This is not the fault of any individual doc's or nurses, but the admin of the hospital. We had to leave without being seen.

Amethyst Carbuncle

The staff was phenomenal. Everyone there was super nice and made me feel welcome.

Morgan Hicks

Let me start by saying that the nurses were incredible to my brother during his last days. If I could just review the nurses, I'd give them 5 stars. Thank you all so much for your care and compassion. That being said, our experience with palliative care was horrific. The woman who handled our case spoke to us in an unbelievably condescending tone. When we would leave for errands, she would come into my brother's room and repeatedly push her agenda...even though he was in and out of consciousness and was hallucinating regularly. She was relentless. It was so obnoxious that despite only being strong enough to speak a few sentences a day, my brother took the effort in one of our last conversations to tell me how uncomfortable she made him. Hours before he died I went to the nursing station and begged them not to allow her to bother him again, as I did not want her to be the last person he ever saw. Luckily, she wasn't. The last thing a family needs while their loved one is in the hospital is to be harrassed.

JoAnn T

Well. Its been six hours and finally seen a Dr in emergency department. Everyone local says this is the slowest hospital on the planet. Got xray when I first got here, took Dr 6 hrs to get a chance to read it. Now waiting to get treated and streeted.

John Dixon

Sat for 4 hours waiting on a simple X-Ray, asked what was taking so long and the nurse tells me that they do X-Rays based on sickness or how bad it is and that they don't think we were a top priory so it'll take a while..... That's after 4 hours of waiting. They don't care about the people here they're all just here to collect a check!

Mitchell Lykins

Don't go here unless absolutely necessary.

Jim Suttles

As long as you have nurse that cares about their job get excellent service

John Silvestri

bad experience for sure.... my wife developed a virus in her blood system after an operation here, which made here go home the same day of the surgery. Three days later i brought her back with a fever and pain from the surgery.. After seven days they wanted here out because the co payments were completed, she is now in an rehabilitation center for the next fourteen days getting antibiotic treatment, still feeling pain and is sleeping most of the day because of the treatment she needs. Some of the staff (not the nurses) didn't communicate the whole truth about her treatments or the duration of the treatment. Start being honest with the patients They never explained everything as to what to expect during her recovery.

Autumn Santagata

This hospital is joke . I will be taken my family elsewhere. They are not there for you. They do not care. NOT RECOMMEND. GO ELSE WHERE

sandra holliday

I had surgery on my back here on December 19th. The food is bland and there aren’t any menu choices. About half of the nurses take a long time to respond. One nurse (Jasmine) took over an hour to respond. I laid in blood soaked sheets all night and my pain level is a lot higher than it could be.

Lloyd Rowe

Mirta Huertas

Very,very happy with Dr.Tyler the Best Doctor.happy with the professional staff ,I will tell thank you,Lindsay RN,Christine RN,Joy RN, Christina-Anesthesia,Lydia RN,Judy CNA. I Recommend this Hospital to all Thanks again.

Lisa Monroe

On April 3, I had a surgical procedure.......I can't thank the staff enough, their customer service, it was above and beyond the call of duty . Staff members were Awesome. On 2Med Tiffani, Kimmie, and ,Sandra, Nurse Leaders, thank you again.

tiara blankenship

walter wolford

Great hospital! Awesome staff! Very nice people. One of the best I've been to.

Jen Thomas

Knowing that they couldn't do anything for dental problems. I know I'm dehydrated (no fluids) and they sent me on my way with a prescription. Knowing my pain was so extreme they couldn't even give orajel or anything. I'm not paying a hospital that did nothing for me.

Steeler Guy

I would like to give a big shout out to nurse practitioner Tia she took the time to listen to what was going on with my knee and gave me great medical care...

Jerry Sandoval

Place is a JOKE was treated in the hallway while having other patients stare at us during our treatment. Then placed under a light that we can't dim either. Asked about getting a room to get our privacy it was an inconvience for the hospital. I really didn't like having staff and patients walk past us while trying to nap. The situation is infuriating being that there were atleast 8 available rooms while we continue to get treated in the hallway.

Samantha Tuck

Couldn't be worse. Walk in with chest pain and watched at least 3 people get rooms before that came in after me. When the guy that thought he broke his wrist that came in after me got called back before me I left!!!


Awesome Medical Center. Busy but friendly. Patient first mentality

patrick mcrae

Experience at Memorial was very good especially the staff members.

We Believe In Me

Dr great. 0 service skills plan on staying the night with your patient.

Marie Macher

I have been very impressed with the staff at Memorial. I unfortunately have had 2 visits/admissions recently. Each time the DR staff as well as the nurses, doctors, techs,and all others have been extremely caring and nice. I currently receive outpatient treatment through them and also get wonderful care from the providers in that department.

pinksky ATL

Where do I begin. I came in with pneumonia. Worse experience ever. Okay, the nurse couldn't find a vein she tried 4-5 times. Then my medications we're never on record I was without them for 2 days. Then my IV oh geesh, then my eye infection was never looked at or cared for. No consult with any eye doctor. When the supervisor contacted the doctor. The doctor stated" oh yeah" what the Hell!!!!!!;. This was told to me by the supervisor. My eye is worse then when I came in.. you are talking about someone's vision.if I can give it 0 stars I would.

Edward Oelschlaeger

Staff is excellent. Very professional and efficient.

Dustin R

David Vasilash

AnnMarie Merta

Staff was friendly and efficient. I was in and out for my testing.

Cliff Pittman

I went to the ER at Memorial around 11:30PM on 8/11/16 due to me suffering from an altered mental state. After 4 hours in the ER, the only thing the doctor ordered was for me to provide a urine sample; however, no analysis was performed, as their systems went down during that time. No other tests were ordered as well. Was released around 3:30AM on 8/12/16 with a diagnosis of depression and ordered to return at 9:00AM to speak with a counselor in their Transitions program. Went to the appointment, was asked a bunch of questions, and the counselor determined that I was not suffering from depression and was released with no follow-up or next steps. Ended up going to TGH around noon on 8/12/16, where I was diagnosed with major brain trauma, not depression, which resulted me in being admitted to TGH for approximately 1.5 months. In the meantime, I received a bill totaling over $600 for the ER visit, including services that were not performed. Disputed the bill with the billing department, and after several back-and-forth communications, they decided that the billing was correct. I then submitted the forms to get a copy of all the medical records from that visit. As of today, I still haven’t received the records. My sister-in-law complained to Memorial, and it took about a month, including me calling Memorial back, before anyone from Memorial attempted to contact me regarding this issue. In the last two weeks, my account has been transferred to a collections agency, and I contacted them to dispute the charges. They stated that they would do an investigation. Just received a response from the collection agency, stating that they have concluded their investigation and found that I am responsible for the charges. Since it’s been almost 1.5 years since the visit and we are nowhere near resolving this, I’m currently exploring my legal options. If Memorial had done their job, and performed the tests they billed me for, then they would have discovered that I was not suffering from depression, as they originally diagnosed me as having. Also, since originally requesting a copy of my medical records back in November 2017, why have I not received a copy of my medical records? I will never go to Memorial again, and also told all my family and friends to never go to Memorial. To say I’m extremely frustrated by the inactions of Memorial is an extreme understatement. To add insult to injury, my account was forwarded to a collection agency before the dispute was resolved. Very unprofessional.

Greg Jerger

Rebecca Stevens

Kind, friendly and knowledgeable staff. This hospital is amazing. Highly recommend to all!!

Tanya Sims

Bianca Gattoni

If you have the elsewhere! Takes anyone an hour to respond to a request. Been here 6 hours just waiting for them to find a hospital that can help set my broken leg...closest one that can take me tonight is 4 hours away, don't doctors have on call for a reason.

Patricia Buchner

Husband had surgery in the "outpatient surgical unit" and it was fantastic. Absolutely nothing to complain about. It was professional, clean, the safety procedures followed perfectly. The family waiting room had breakfast muffins and fresh coffee stocked. It was comfortable and very tidy. Loved the Status Board you can see updates on to know where your loved is in the process. Everyone was very nice and quick and efficient.

Taylor Gwinn

Sandra Nash

Excellent working environment. Excellent PATIENT care.

Chris Phillippe

Constance Pitts

I live in Brandon and go to Memorial Hospital for the best of care. Where an MRI with contrast would take 3 or 4 painful sticks with the needle, the tech. gets it in one. The staff is friendly, helpful, comforting and very prompt. The drive is worth it to me to get qualified people. Not to mention the quality of the films, just saying, you can't do better.

scott craig

No longer a patient, now just a customer.

AJ Christian

This is a facility that condones child abuse, child neglect, and endangerment of a child! A 7 year old entered E.R. with negative drug rection, rapidly increasing rashes, and swelling in the neck area, then instead of triaging the child left child in E.R. waiting area for over an hour, and ONLY then took him back when they seen me taking photos of him and his condition!! DO NOT TAKE CHILDREN HERE if YOU CARE ABOUT THE best INTERESTS!!

Ed Gerecke

I was admitted through the emergency room for severe back/leg pain for a 48 hour stay. While there, I had both a CT scan and MRI. From the moment entering the ER on a Sunday afternoon to discharge on Tuesday, my experience at Memorial Hospital was outstanding. One hears horror stories about weekend hospital visits, but my experience was polar opposite. Dr. Healy in the ER was calm and caring, and got my acute pain under control. Nurse Steve who was assigned to me that Sunday was caring and attentive. But, then again, that was my experience with everyone I encountered, including Mark in MRI who patiently worked with me on two tries to get my scan done through the pain. It appears to me that the hospital must focus attention on the personal encounter because I was not treated like a body in a bed, but a patient worthy of respect and care. Kudos to the staff at Memorial!

Jessie Jones

I took my daughter whom had 9been throwing up dark green bile for three days, to the emergency room by ambulance and they sat her out in the lobby for hours! Not very compassionate! Receptionist not friendly either. Waited for hours! I sure do wish another hospital would give them competition! ... com comal

Sonja Jones

I am very pleased with the service that we as a family continue to receive from Memorial Hosp. Everyone has been so helpful, and when you are going through a crisis, you need to feel compassion. I only have Great things to say about Memorial. It is convent, easy to get to, parking is great. I have knee issues and I can't walk through garages and then a maze to get to where I need to be. Thank you, April, Edward,Mark and Debbie, Travis and do many more..

Judy Rigney

Monica Ginga

thank you for everything , the staff is really nice and the nurses really great professionals.. God bless you guys

Tracy Lee Denny

Ralph Moon

I went to Memorial Hospital on a late Saturday night in response to a post- surgical question. The hospital staff were patient, understanding and excellent in their response. I was completely examine and discharged in less than 1.5 hours and learned that I was dehydrated.

Michael Dawson

Had TDK and THR three months apart in May and August 2017. Surgical staff was excellent. Nurses were attentive, food's excellent for a hospital. Place is clean, and convenient in down town Tampa. I do recommend this hospital for surgeries.

Ron Rankin

Quick visit, the staff are nice and considerate to the patients and their families.

Roger W. Black

Spent Easter weekend in the area. Was hiking at Champney Falls off the Kanc when I slipped and fell backwards onto my camera with lens pointing straight up. Felt I was going to die. Went to Memorial hospital the next day as I thought I had broken a couple of ribs. Admissions only took several minutes. The wait for the NP was also about 10 minutes. They took vitals and history; the NP ordered X-rays, shots were given for pain and preventive tetanus (scratch on arm), initial x-ray looked like broken rib. Was in and out of the hospital in little over an hour. The NP followed up the next day with news that there was no break. Can't say enough about their professionalism and courtesy.

trent becker

jacquel hubbard

I will be contacting the administration of this hospital. I'm in the medical field and I had surgery on 03/05/2018 and my best friend and fiancee accompanied me. I was brought out of recovery to be rejoined with my family. I remember waking up saying I'm in pain so my best friend got up to let the nurse know. So she came to the room and gave me Demerol which was supposed to be 25mg. So after she gave it to me she was trying to chart it and another nurse came in to help her and this nurse asked her did she give me 50mg because the Dr order was for 25mg of Demerol. I became very nauseous and started throwing up. So the nurse told the other nurse you was supposed to give her 25mg not 50mg and all of this is being said in front of my family who knows what is going on. Such a BIG error. So then the other nurse tells her to just document you gave her 25mg not 50mg wow this is false documentation of my medical records. I have alerted my doctor of this issue as well. I just can't believe this and I would never falsify information in my patients records. My family said they was terrified because it took me longer to wake up.

Estrellita del Mar

Most people very nice, except the young lady t nurse, so arrogant with bad actitud.... Hard heart, no mercy without compassion. She didn't listen my concerns, didn't answer my question.

John Pearce

They are good at what they do. The inside is spotless, and the parking lot/garage are always free of debris. You may be waiting a while if you go to the ER and are not in critical condition, but afterward you'll be in excellent hands.

Chester Haun

April Farmer Dudon

They go above and beyond for even the smallest request

Heather Hosier

Horrible, pt 75 yr old h/o heart attack, copd, chf, and cancer. Brought in by ambulance for chest pain still in lobby of ER over an hour later. Vomiting and waiting to be seen.... this is ridiculous!

June Moon


Good and bad. The good is my grandma was in on the oncology because she was on hospice. The hospital may have a few rusty areas, but these oncology nurses were WONDERFUL! Some times I feel when a hospital gets too large, the patients can feel more like they are being treated as just a number or customer. I think many people also feel this way. Have close and one on one time with the patients, your level of care on patients side will go up! When the patients become rounds and check marks to say 'I saw them today', that is when their is a problem. As a doctor or a person that cares for patients, more than ever your patients need someone to guide them, and treat them as more than just the 5th patient I have seen today. They are people! Just like all of us! You are not treating a customer, or even a stranger anymore. This is your patient, and you care for your patients like family.

Samuel Hornbuckle

Addie Taylor

Maintenance people are so nice especially Ryan Taylor

Karl Boger

Best care and wonderful staff. Always friendly helpful encouraging and assuring

Tammy Branham

My uncle Donald Norton was on South wing 2nd floor ICU... I want to thank the Drs and nursing staff for all they did for him and my aunt Nancy... to the brought so peace and kindness to her and her family in a very terrible time. Thank you so much.


Almost all things concerning Memorial was very good. The staff (everyone included) were great, by making me feel comfortable during my stay. My only drawback was the room I was admitted to. I don't like sharing, I prefer being in a room by myself.

Dion Barley

Sohaib Siddiqui


Loved the private room during recovery and the staff was friendly, helpful, and responsive. Marisol, in particular, was very caring and attentive. The food, however, left a lot to be desired.

David Cousins

I was treated with dignity and respect. Other hca hospitals need to follow Memorial Hospital as a model to be like. Thank you for being a good place to get better.

Judith Bravo

i just left the hospital, and they actually had me on my bed being seeing by doctor within 5 minutes of being there. actual confirmation of insurance is after the fact so why 1 stars? i actually walked out of the room after 15 minutes waiting for some paperwork to be printed out. as i walked our noticed two nurses and the registration guy joking and talking, when i asked. same law excuse and when i repeated the question as to how long does it take to print the discharge papers turns out the paper was already printed and waiting for nurse (one of the two chatting away) to bring it to me. WORST customer service. yes i am a patient AND a customer.

Julie LeRoy

Your coders put me into collections. Your medical records department assisted in that endeavor. You billed incorrectly. Your customer service disconnects. No one will connect me to the Medical Director or Sonia Wellman, of course, but no one cares if I'm in collections for YOUR error

Danielle CoeWysong

They take pretty good care of us lol

Cynthia Hayward

I cannot fault the treatment that I received in any way. I was greeted with a smile from everyone, treated with respect and kindness. If I needed someone to come to my room, they would respond very quickly. Anyone who reads this, and has to go to this hospital, please have confidence. You will be very well looked after.

Alice Schick

OutPatient service was terrific. Can't say enough kind words about the nursing staff at Memorial. Thanks for a great check-up.

Cassandra Cuervo

I had surgery recently amazed how well they treated me here from the front desk receptionist to all the nurses! All were super attended , I was so scared when I went in and they all made me feel like if they knew me! Good job surgery department keep up the good work!!!

David Mercado

There is no option for a Zero rating because that's what they deserve. They have merged with another hospital and they are just sending patients from other ER to this hopital. Not there for patient care. My CNA had 20 patients to tend too. I was in a semi private room they basically took a private room and stuffed another bed it. Didn't have p menu, phone or table. The lady in there was kind enough to call my meals in. Vitals were taken 5 hours apart and I was in there for stroke level blood pressure.

Jon Flaherty

Ripoff - go elsewhere I took my daughter in with a cut lip. We try to only use the ER for real emergencies but urgent care suggested we go to ER as they don't work on lips if she needed stitches. We saw the doctor for all of 30 seconds for her to tell us our daughter was fine and no treatment was required. Everyone refused to tell us how much the visit would cost - before, during and after we saw the doctor. They asked us to sign a lot of paperwork, including saying we understood our financial obligations - which we refused as we could not get any answers on what the costs were. They ended up billing our insurance for $3,500 and we are obligated to pay $1,300. For thirty seconds of a doctors time to say the lip looks fine and no treatment needed!

Kelly Woycheese

My review pertains to the Transitions mental behavioral group. The staff is competent and friendly. The way they hold groups is a perfect outlet to learn and discover more about yourself and your mental health. Personally, I am extremely thankful to be able to have worked with this team. They have all helped me get to a place I feel I can be myself again.

W & J & L Wagner

Nothing still setting here waiting in the car because there pharmacy is so damn slow for meds. We just came from my babies doctor they call in scripts. They should have been done already. Now I've been waiting in the car 20 to 45 with my sick daughter sleeping on my lap. They need to improve on this service or hire more people. Get it fixed.

Dean Drapin

From emergency room to a week in ICU, the attention of each nurse, technician, and doctor was exceptional. I know Memorial has hundreds of patients, (thousands?), but I felt like all the attention was on me. They made me feel special, and, while doing so, I feel, saved my life. I could not take down all the names, but here are a few: Bryant, Dawn, Brenda, April, Elyce, Donna, Stella, Vin, Michael, “D”, Juana, and many more, including the doctors on duty, and the house keeping personnel. Bless you all, and thank you for blessing me. AnnE Drapin

arthur longo

In for rectal prolapse surgery with resection. Nurser's were available 24/7 to assist in my recovery battle. I was very happy with the professional staff from the pre-op to the operating room. Hat's off to Memorial and the new Hi Tech DaVinci machine.

Russel George

This hospital gave great care to my mom. All the staff members were great. This is the 1st time my mom posted something positive about a hospital in Tampa area. Thank you Dr. McGrogan for checking on her several times including Saturday.

Lindsay Warner

Horrible experience! I do not recommend this hospital to anyone. My sugeon is excellent, this hospital is not! I was stuck at least 6 times for my IV with an infiltrate and at least 2-3 blown veins. My husband had to do all nursing duties the night after my surgery. The nurse said she was too busy to get me out of bed, when it was required by my doctor. When I did get up with help of an assistant and my husband, my nurse was sitting on her behind talking on the phone. When the assistant asked if she would walk me so she could get back to her duties, my nurse said I wasn't her patient and she wouldn't help. My husband cleaned up my vomit, changed my gown, and changed my sheets. He had to help move my catheter on his own and walk me as well. After all of that the hospital has given me so much trouble over my bill. I had a letter stating my bill had been paid in full, yet I keep getting more bills and no straight answer as to why.

make america great

i came in with severe abd pain 12 hrs they were full but got to me very promptly. the doctor was very good very knowledgeable and answered all questions . i had an appendicitis and i went to surgery and Dr Cocco saved my life. i am glad we chose Ball. i may not be alive if i would have gone elsewhere Thankyou Dr Cooco , Dr Chollmer and nurses i owe you all

Nik Latrimore

Walk-in urgent care was a good experience.

Ellen Raynsford

6:45 Am when we entered the ER no one was at the desk, waited over 5 min, staff walking in for the day no one asked if we needed help, eventually a person showed up and started taking our information. Waited another 45 min to be taken out back which was empty Here is the thing if i was having chest pain no one would have known, that bothers me. if they are changing shifts I guess you have to wait for care, the doctor came in for the day as we were being taken to a cubicle. We’re we waiting for a doctor to arrive, that concerns me . The actual care was great, the none medical care was less than what I would expect from an empty ER. I understand busy ERs I don’t understand empty front desks and people walk by while you are clearly trying to find someone to help you

Carl Gilbert

This is my 3rd visit to this hospital so this rating is not based on 1 ER visit or a short stay but is based on all 3 visits as a whole.I have had a lot of experience with hospitals because alot of my family members have been in them,my mother passed away in the hospital in my hometown and I wouldn't step into another one after that because it brought up a lot of painful memories.First of all no one wants to be in the hospital but sometimes it happens and I will say that if I do pass away in the hospital I genuinely hope it is this one. The Doctors and Specialist are knowledgeable,professional and experienced and I witnessed some of the best bedside manner by any one Dr. I have ever witnessed in my life the Dr. asked his serious health questions first and then made the family feel more comfortable with a little humor and you could immediately see relief return to their faces and voices. I have had the pleasure of meeting the most caring,happy,loving,sweetest and hardworking person in the world a nurse named Gayle.I know people because my job consisted of dealing with the public on a daily basis for over 20 years and know that you need to put your best foot forward while serving the people,Gayle was different she was genuine.This nurse I think got all of her energy from the happiness and relief she received from others.I personally think she did her job more for the satisfaction she received than the paycheck. Ball is a teaching hospital and that is a good thing in my opinion because the students are fresh out of school with heads full of new knowledge and eager to use what they have learned. I could say good things about the hospital all day long but no one reads long reviews so I will close but in closing if you did have a bad experience at this hospital I am sorry but mine couldn't have been better!

Ahmir Sxlx

Horrible hospital. Horrible doctor. Horrible staff. They do not care about anything. I will not recommend for anyone! At all ! Never go here. Just go the extra mile to TGH. These people are horrible . !

Matilda Porter


Linda Baker

My foot surgery went very well and both my husband and I are pleased with our care by the staff there and our doctor's who attended us.

Rafael rodriguez

Keep drugging mt father for using his rights to speak

Barely Breathing

COMPLETELY DISGUSTED! Came in an ambulance, low blood pressure, temp 103, vomiting, nausea, rapid heart beat, chills, violent shakes! Past ablation for WPW (wolf Parkinson white) The ER doctor told the young nurse he was training that I was SEPTIC, i was admitted. The entire staff repeated to get my name wrong, even when writing it on the board on the wall, I was denied anything to drink untill the last few hours there, being hypoglycemic it was hard to keep my blood sugar up with all the vomiting the day before, I sweat so badly my clothes where soaked...I had to ask for something dry at which point they just stuffed my clothes into a bag still wet which i had to wear home later. But worst of all, when I got my release papers, it said OPIATE WITHDRAWALS!! I DONT TAKE OPIATES! This was accompanied by a script for Clonidine...AS NEEDED FOR WITHDRAWL??? Nothing about sepsis! Nothing about the "viral syndrome" I was told I had! As soon as they found out I had no insurance, they kicked me out and made my papers look like I was a drug addict going thru withdrawls!!!! I am going to get checked out at another hospital as my symptoms are returning! If I have a viral infection as I suspect, I WILL be suing this hospital as I should have been put in ICU!!

Preston Sears

They saved my life in the icu I have 3 kids and this year I my 1st grandson I would have never met if I didn't go to the hospital that night I had endocarditis 3 years ago and almost died but now I'm working making great money and my family has there dad back thank u too everyone at the icu for saving me Love Preston

christie chapman

I had visited the diagnostic clinic at Memorial and was met with kind, compassionate and professional care! I thought that everything went smoothly and efficiently. Wait time was minimal. I would recommend this facility for treatment.

Mary Weisse

People are really nice

kiyomi vecchiolli

Jon Geise

Bruce Snyder

Mitchell McQueary

Kevin Johnson

Benjamin Dutil

I've been a patient at Memorial Hospital for years. The entire staff is A+++! Every medical treatment, referral, or general inquiry has been handled immediately and with the utmost care and professionalism! I've moved as far as 5 hours away within the past 5 years and, unless it's an absolute emergency, I will make the trip! I love the primary care facility and would highly recommend receiving all medical treatment from them! Dr Sponseller and his staff have always diagnosed and treated me accurately and with the greatest care one could receive! I'm truly blessed to have found them.

George Gordon

The best doctors and staff that I have experienced. Thank you

Jason Damron

Absolutely heartless, soulless, despicable "health" center! More like Death trap! Only go here if you're suicidal.

Falonjo Stewart

Steve Mcdonald

My care by Hannah,Samanta,

chiinawa a

Zachary Overla

As the only hospital in Muncie, you sort of have to go here for emergencies. However, they are very kind amd caring.


So I went in with my daughter for my sisters delivery she was being induced and we wanted to stay with her and watch the delivery. So we were there a couple hours the night before then came up the next morning and she had him about 5:30 that afternoon. So I have had all 5 of my kids at ball always good experiences. But now I wouldn't go back. The nurses in labor and delivery were snotty and hateful and I've just never seen anything like it in a hospital. They kicked us out of the room when they knowingly knew we were there for my sister to watch and she wanted us to record her having baby. I just had twins there not even 2 years ago and my room was full of my family they've never had a policy on how many ppl could watch as long as I've went there. The nurse said it wasn't about us. Hateful like said we should have read the bulletin hateful like. Not apologetic at all my mom was tearing up. I mean we obviously know it wasn't about us. It was the way they handled it knowing we were there for her and she wanted us in there and it videotaped. It was just an awful experience with the hateful nurses doctor seemed really kind though.

Steve Paskay

Memorial Hospital ER at 6AM was understaffed. The place was chaotic with patients yelling and roaming the ER hallway. Staff seemed confused as to how to use some of the computer equipment. Overall experience, at least at that hour, was not good.

Kristen Phillips

Its extremely unfortunate how this really is the only option in the area. As a current displeased neglected patient and former employee I highly recommend somewhere else if its possible.

Nick Fabian

Probably one of the WORST hospitals in Indiana

Jay Harris

Friend of mine was here earlier and was treated so poorly by staff I felt bad because they were complaining about their ear for a while and decided to come here and they sent him home with the same issues he was having with no viable solution. These are not medical professionals they will lecture you, bill you and leave you feeling worse. Please please please do not allow your family to be hurt by them I am considering filing a lawsuit for negligence.

Laura Kraycsi

All of you complaining about your wait be thankful you weren't rushed in. If you had been you'd know what a true emergency is. Complaining about waiting in an ER is truly selfish. Put yourself aside. You have no idea who that nurse and Dr is performing cpr on. Intubating or reversing the effects of a stroke for. Grow up.

Angie Kelly

January 24th I had a surgical procedure at Memorial Hospital of Tampa. I can't thank the team enough for caring for me. I knew I would be in great hands and that is why I chose to have surgery there with Dr. Dicicco and the Memorial team. I don't remember much from the recovery room other than being asked if I am in any pain. The next thing I remember is my nurse on the surgical floor waking me up and greeting me with a wonderful smile. Professionalism was top notch with this 2 West surgical crew. I felt I was in great hands in the care of my nurses Pantelis, and Sandra as well as my nurse techs Keisha, Nathaniel, and Nefetari. I highly recommend Memorial Hospital of Tampa as they have really proven to be an exceptional hospital with knowledgable, professional staff. Thanks again team for caring for me and ensuring my comfort and recovery was of highest importance. I appreciated the hourly checks on my wellbeing and thank the director Wilma for visiting me during my stay at Memorial Hospital.

Leslie Pope

Lindsey Hall

Christian Coggeshall

Furry Twins ASMR Channel

Worst Hospital in Indiana I was haveing an asthma attack and they had ne in the waiting room for almost hour wtfff never come here they dont taje your health all nd the bad thing about it was that I was the only person n the waiting room ..

Peter Maahs

Absolutely the worst hospital care in New Hampshire. Supposed to be part of maine medical hospital. What a joke. Push the button for hep and you might get a responce within an hour. I walked out to the nurse's station and it's more important to them to look at pictures on there cell phones. Good job

Cllaws 889

Most people who right poor reviews about this hospital are uneducated in the field of Public Health Care, it's a very good hospital. All reviews with poor feedback are unjustifiable and simply ignorant. "I waited too long in the ER and I was throwing up nose was bleeding...I had a minor wound...." ER's don't prioritize people by the patients view of the emergency. If there were real problems you would be rushed into the ER stat. Cutting edge technology with a University Campus located across the street. These people know what they're doing.

william hudson

Justyce Thomas

If you are from out of town or just moved to Muncie, do not go here! They are horrible! My mother was going here to treat her breast cancer, and they never told us that her cancer was continuously growing. My mother recently passed on May 20, 2016 & it would have been prevented or she may have had more time, if we went somewhere else. Majority of nurses are very rude, and they may not check on your loved one or you when they have to. The doctors are also very rude, and they act like they don't care about your situation or helping you to their full extent. This is a horrible place, and that's the people of my city call it "Ball Memurder". PLEASE FOR YOUR SAFETY DO NOT GO HERE!

Quinn Comical

My mom has always been in the hospital, she's heavily disabled and has had the following in my lifetime: chrones, asthma, copd, gallbladder removal, seizures, dead lung, disk on spine, heart attack, bone degeneration, etc. She's always getting the treatment she needs at some limit, even if not the best. Some of the nurses are amazing, especially on the 2nd floor. She's currently in the hospital and the staff is so understanding and loving, now that she's out of intensive care and on the 8th. Although she does always get the help she needs, my mom is allergic to some medicine (that I forget) and she informs them, as well as it being in the records. The staff had then given her something with it in it, causing a serious reaction, and stating it was normal. Another situation happened the other night, where my mom couldn't breathe and the nurse did nothing; stating she was "holding her breath" and "faking" as the machine went off. They had gathered, nurses, doctors, etc; and they talked around her like nothing was happening. Eventually, she was so bad they had to take her back to intensive care.

Jen deffinger

My grandma had been at ballHospital for the last seven days she was in the PCU and then transferred to oncology for comfort care. I have the most respect for all of the nurses and techs that took care ofMy grandma. They were all very respect full they were helpful they answered our questions. They made you feel at home. I would also like to mention the palliative care doctors. My family would not have been able to get through my grandmother‘s passing without the help of dr. Buchanan. And the other members of the palliative care team.

Belinda Theoret

I don't usually take the time to leave a review but this time I feel that it is really important that I do. Some of the reviews I read on here frightened me because I was having surgery at Memorial Hospital on 4/13. I thought it was a good idea to check out the reviews since I usually have procedures in Tampa done at Tampa General. There were bad reviews left by a few...mostly about the staff being unfriendly or unprofessional. My guard was up from the moment I walked in the door that early morning for an 8:30 surgery. From the very 1st person that checked me in... to the nurse that made sure I got to the car safely, this was by far an incredibly caring and thoughtful medical staff. They even honored my request (without question) to have my IV in my arm and not my hand. Anyone that says this medical staff is unprofessional, uncaring, or any other negative feedback is not speaking from an unbiased opinion. To the medical personnel that took care of me: you have my personal "Thank you" for making a scary procedure as pleasant as possible. Thank you for putting my mind at ease and answering all of my questions. and thank you for being so caring and thoughtful. Two weeks post-op and I'm doing great! :-)

George Gage

Very good experience.

Lynne Bragg

ER is like the Twighlight Zone.... My sister went to the ER with arm and chest pain and was promptly put into a Cardiac room, seen by a Dr and given tests. All good. I arrived about 1 hour later. I sat with her for 3.5 hours and at no time did her nurse check in on her. No offer of water, blanket or pillow. I went to the nurses station several times to inquire about the status of her tests, to get her water, to inquire about when she would be transported to a room. What has happened to patient care ?? I was really shocked. Is this the normal for Muncie and ER care?

Lisa Miller

Absolutely amazing ED depart (Dr. "S") as well as nurses listen with compassion. The hospitalists and Cardiology (Dr. Stauffer and staff) went above an beyond. A truly great model of care!

Kayla Ridge

I went in for severe pain in head and neck. They informed me it was a headache and gave me ibuprofen through an IV. They didn't ask me if I felt better. They didn't run any type of testing and they didn't even allow the iv to finish before they discharged me and had another patient waiting outside my door for my room before I was even given my paperwork. It's now 2 weeks later, I still have the pain, I lost my job over it and I still have no answers as to why I'm in the pain. way to go.

Kevin Foster

I went to this hospital in July 2019 with complaining of short breathing along with severe pain. After I got examined by a doctor, he said to me, "there is no flue or stomach strip, and I don't see any problem with your body; maybe you have a viral infection." They charged me for this short visit, almost $1600.Now, when I am paying their install payment every month, it makes me upset. Immediately, I went back to my hometown and visited another hospital. I got diagnosed with Pleural effusion and hospitalized for a few days.

Joshua Priest

Been wait more than two hours and they are not even busy

Kim Fournier

When an employee of a hospital trusts their hospital to care for themselves or their family you know you have a great hospital. I am an employee of Memorial Hospital of Tampa and I can without hesitation state that I put my faith and trust in this hospital. The Nurses are compassionate, smart and engaging, the Emergency Room doctors are incredibly wonderful and knowledgeable. The other professional staff at Memorial are equally as kind and caring. Memorial received an "A" from Leapfrog...that grade is bestowed upon those hospitals that have high patient safety and quality of care. Not all our surrounding hospitals received that grade. Compassion, high quality of care, and warm and expert care givers make this hospital the Jewel of South Tampa!!!

Miranda Cottrell

Literally the worst urgent care. You could walk in the ER with a head injury and they wouldn't see you for an hour. The only way to get semi quick care is if you go by ambulance but even then you will be waiting in a room for awhile until you see a doctor or anyone to check anything more than your vitals. I was once driven by an ambulance for CO2 poisoning and did not see a doctor for at least 45 minutes if not more. I've been sadly going here for most of my care for the past 19 years of my life and rarely ever have a good experience. I had a seizure in the waiting room and was never seen even 20 minutes after it had passed. They do not give you a expected waiting time so you could be there waiting for urgent care for hours. Today I had a dog bite wound and waited an hour and a half with still no one even checking the wound. If it is possible, I recommend trying to go elsewhere. The saco medical group in glen was pretty great when I went today only a five minute wait

Laura Frith

Seraphique Vox

Friendly enough staff... though the incompetent administration seems to be giving themselves colonoscopies by simply shoving their heads up there and having a look around.

Traci Kristine Rowland

I am transgender, so going to a new hospital is frightening because I never know if I will be treated with dignity or not. My experience at another hospital was horrible. I was on 9 North, and I was shown so much kindness and respect. I felt safe and among friends. All of my nurses, techs and my doctors were wonderful. And the care they provided was perfect.

Travis Cano

I really enjoyed my stay here. The nurses are attentive and very friendly. The size of the hospital is perfect--it is not too small where there is not enough staff and it is not too large where you wait a long time for someone to respond to a bedside call.


These people were WONDERFUL! The day previous a traveling companion was bitten on the ear by an insect. That evening it was already swelling. A pharmacist suggested some OTC items but also said if it did not show any improvement by the next day to seek medial attention. The next morning the ear had swollen shut with inflammation spreading down the neck. We opted for walk-in "urgent care" at the hospital, which turned out to be a wise choice. When the RN saw the bite, my friend was immediately upgraded to Emergency Care. Total wait time on a Saturday morning was about 30 minutes. All of the staff that helped us were friendly and compassionate. The doctor determined the bite was actually much less worse than it appeared and prescribed antibiotics and cortisone. Within 24 hours the swelling was down and the was far less discomfort. I live in Cleveland, home of the world-renowned Cleveland Clinic. There I have waited hours in emergency for far worse medical problems. Hats-off to Memorial Hospital of North Conway for demonstrating what patient care is supposed to mean.

Alexis Hernandez

christina redding

This is the most caring, efficient hospital and staff that I have ever been in. Not only do they care for their patients needs, but also the needs of their loved ones. I've stayed as an inpatient for at least a week, and had outpatient procedure. Same great care!!!

nathaniel mauro

One Doc show in ER tonight guys!

Henry Wayne

The staff were exceptional. They cared for my mom like I think they would care for their own. Very thorough and attentive.

Lee Hoke

Everyone was helpful and friendly from start to finish.

Ashley Doherty

well considering their negligent staff killed my son and myself, i wouldn't recommend this hospital to ANYONE!

Cearie Girl

People that want to complain about the long waits it is because they did not need to be there in the first place! The reason there are such long waits in ALL E.R's is because everyone goes there like it is a doctor or dentist. Since when did the E.R become a place for a small cut or sore throat or cough? This is the majority of what comes through the door and this makes the wait times high for people who DO need seen. If you are having a heart attack or Chest pain or stroke or have been in a car wreck you will be seen right away. These are real emergencies! YES the E.R is going to have a long wait time especially if you are there for something you could have easily went to see your primary care physician about. I have been to Ball countless times and have only had a few bad experiences. I know nurses are overworked and underpaid and under-appreciated. Thank you Ball for all you do. You are a great hospital people just don't understand how it works....

JA Fields

In June I broke both bones in my right leg, below the knee. This was early on a Sunday and was told I would have surgery that afternoon. Well, that didn't happen and with no explanation. Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday; same thing; surgery scheduled and then no surgery. No explanation until Wednesday evening around 6pm and a Doctor came in. They had never handled that much trauma surgery for a leg in that area. They wanted to transfer me to Indianapolis. I had asked on Sunday if I could be moved to Lafayette since I am living in that area and have had prior surgery there. I was told NO! But now they wanted to send me to Indy! Going that many days without surgery, I was miserable. It took forever to find someone competent and knew what they were doing to draw blood and start an IV. Blood draws left me bruised and sore. That Wednesday evening I demanded that I wanted to be in Lafayette. That finally happened at 9pm, which meant I didn't arrive in Lafayette until 11PM. All the people fluttering in and out of my room were of no help. At one point I had 3 students poking and prodding all at once. Seriously, that is uncalled for! I did have some nurses that were kind and caring but this overall situation makes me sad. I have known this location when it was Ball Hospital and now that it is IU, it is extremely disappointing. Franciscan in Lafayette performed my surgery early the next day and was allowed to go home in 48 hours of arriving there. The 4 days I spent in IU Muncie was an absolute waste and all to the tune of over $14,000.00 billing. I have contacted my insurance providers and advised the situation. No one, including them should pay a dime for that type of NON-service!!

Mark Nix

I am writing in behalf of my niece who was seen in the ER recently. When she arrived there was no one else in the waiting area. She was vomiting and in excruciating pain. She wasn't even taken back to triage. They brought her out a pill to dissolve under her tongue to help the nausea. It didn't accomplish a thing. This service is UNACCEPTABLE!!! She waited for over an hour and a half in terrible pain and non-stop vomiting. Everyone deserves the right to comfort and compassion. It should have been the priority of the staff to manage her pain and stop the vomiting. I have spent many a night in hospital emergency rooms and know that they are to address your comfort and pain level immediately. There is no excuse for her treatment. The weather was bad and my sister had to leave and drive another hour to get her in to some place that would treat her like a human being. Heads should roll there in Muncie if that is all the better your ER is. We will spread the word to our family and friends that you can't be counted on.

Donna Oleson

Excellent service from the moment I walked into the Diagnostic Center. The registration process is streamlined to facilitate shorter wait time.

Juwan H

If I could give this place zero stars I would. Came in for an ear irrigation with serious discomfort accompanied by a headache and tinnitus. Nonetheless I was rushed out and looked at by on of the staff with disgust after being told it was my fault for not cleaning out my ears enough. Although ear drops don’t work for me? 0/5 please do not bring yourself let alone your family that you care about here. Terrible facility with terrible staff that could care less about people.

Joe Montano


This place needs to be shut down or something. Disgrace for a hospital

Christopher Ellis

Received a bill from the hospital. I live out of state. It took me three days to be able to contact someone from billing. After giving me the run around for 6 hours, I was finally able to get them to send me a bill. The billing department is a joke. I do not know if it is their software or just the representatives. I happen to be on vacation from work otherwise I do not know how I would have received a corrected bill. I was finally able to pay my bill. They seemed very uncaring on collecting money for bill. I imagine they had alternate plans to collect my money. My guess would be that the hospital would have turn the bill over to a third party. The hospitals are usually too lazy or uncaring to send a patient a bill and prefer to use these third party collection agencies.

Yano Pelaez

I Had a surgery done at this hospital on 12/16/2017, the doctor the conducted the surgery ask me to pay his service and the hospital in full prior to surgery, as was giving a estimate of under 18k for the completed surgery not including the pre-test, after all pay and me recover i pay 19567.00 total cash since i don't have insurance, now on 8/9/2018 i receive a collection letter that i have to pay 3780.00 add to pay the anesthesiology BE WARE THEY ARE NOT HONEST AND THE LAW PROTECT THEM , if you are going there for any service ask for written estimated in advance, if possible go somewhere else, they have the worse customer service i have ever experience.

Glen Francis

Taking great care of my father

Margaret Thornburg

I give one start only because zero is not an option.

Samuel Mahoney

Extremely slow, I’ve been to a lot of hospitals and never been to one this slow and unwilling to help someone in clear immediate pain

Kevin Moran

Two Outpatient procedures one week apart. Cannot say enough superlatives for my treatment. Simply great from start to finish.

Nathan Collins

I've been going there for the past 8 years.

Megan Martin

I took my 1 year old daughter to memorial Saturday 6/3-2017 because of a 105.3 fever. I spent 8 1/2 Hours waiting around it took them 4 hours to get my daughter into a room. I never had such a problem with the Emergency Department in my life. All they did to her in that 8 1/2 hours was draw blood urine sample and gave her a shot and then come back and say they don't know why she has a 105.3 fever

Barbara Turman

I was admitted for strep throat and flu 5stars except for PCT Lashay had a very very nasty attitude I'm so unpset I actually want to leave I don't want her to do nothing for me!!!

Christopher Spinney

Considering it is the only Emergency medical facility around it isn't terrible

Candlewoode Farm

Angela M

Overcharge...went in for a blood draw for my son through a central line. They can't do it in the lab there so sent us to oncology. Staff was nice but 2 hours for a blood draw os ridiculous...and then I got my bill for over $500!! For a blood draw! Will not be going back for any services of this is how much they gouge for a blood draw!

Jessica Walker

I had to have surgery to have my gallbladder removed. It was my first surgery so I was quite nervous. The staff was very friendly, informative and comforting. Although I was a bit nervous still going into my surgery, I Definately felt calmer. After the surgery, the staff took great care of me. The were extremely friendly. I would still had been a tid bit nervous because it was a first experience for me, but the staff was very comforting. I had a room to myself which was nice, and the hospital was very clean.

Hannah Varner

Worst hospital I have ever had to be admitted to . I pray that if you or your family need to be seen do not come here . I was in for an infection, And I seen my nurse maybe one time and that was when she was leaving her shift .. Also, my doctor discharged me at 3 pm ... it is now 830 pm and I am now being told that I might have to spend another night in here because my doctor forgot to write the discharge papers ... I do not think so ... this hospital is a joke .

Cruising Diva

ER is horrible. My son had a fever of 105 with an pneumonia. We waited in the ER for 8 hours before we had enough and left for another hospital. I drove him to St Vincent in Fishers. St Vincent got him in right away. Avoid this ER if you can.

Melissa Leonard

Sakkano Imako

Lisa Sanchez

Cannot say enough great things about the ER at Memorial Hospital. My husband was having severe sciatica pain. We were afraid he may have had a clot in his calf because the pain there was so bad. It was about 10 pm when we got to hospital. Parked right by door, no problem. Taken immediately. The staff was fantastic, from the intake nurse at reception to the ER nurses, doctor, ultrasound tech (who got called in from home) and finally the lady taking our information and payment. And a plus was we got a 20% discount because we made immediately!! Also, no blood clot! Doctor gave my husband medicine and referred us to follow up with orthopedist. We would highly recommend this ER! In and out within two hours.

Tay Vee

They suck, went in with shortness of breath and weezing, told them I was asthmatic and didnt have any medication ( inhaler) and they made me wait 1 1/2 hours to be seen!!! REDICULOUS! !! I WON'T BE GOING THERE AGAIN. I SUGGEST YOU GO SOMEWHERE ELSE SERIOUSLY.

Charles Eldredge

Good experience. Everyone was nice. Great nurses. They all gave me great care. Gall bladder surgery was complications. I didn't find the place to be dirty as another reviewer stated. It's an older, smaller hospital and a little dowdy, but nothing terrible, or even bad, at all.

Carol Ann Foster

This was my very first personal experience with an ER and I was very impressed by Memorial hospital emergency room. The intake staff was very friendly and efficient and when they took me back to a cubicle everyone was very kind and caring. I got excellent care I would not hesitate to go back there again if necessary.

Keri Smith

I really just had the worst experience there. First of all you will wait HOURS. When I finally got back there I waited two hours for Tylenol! No one would talk to me or give me updates. I just sat there for five hours for an inhaler. I asked the nurse what I should take for my bronchitis. Her response? Benadryl. It’s almost comical how completely unhelpful you all were. Then I finally got my paperwork to leave and she told me to sign, I did. She said “you’re good to go” and vanished. I walked alll the way out to my car before I realized no one removed my IV. So I go back into the hospital to get my iv removed and they send me to triage and ask me to wait for them to finish with someone else before I can get mine removed. I just had a horrible experience and I still don’t have any medication for my bronchitis. Totally unprofessional.

Cara Riverso

Was hospitalized for almost a week while on vacation for an accident. Was grateful to have received such wonderful care and great doctors and nuurses. The entire staff was fabulous.

Erica Fox

Two stars because Dr. John Schmidt in neurology is great, Tanya who is one of the nurse practitioners in the ER is wonderful, and many providers in obstetrics are top-notch. I had a perfectly fine time delivering my daughter here and they’ve done a good job helping me with my chronic migraine disorder. However, my complaint is against Natasha Lynn Thompson, NP, regarding December 19th, 2017. My daughter experienced a thunderclap headache (a very sudden, severe headache) followed by a period of unconsciousness, then projectile vomiting when she came to. In the past year, I’ve spoken with three other nurse practitioners and one former ER nurse, and learned that this is indeed a medical emergency because it can be indicative of very serious neurological problems: brain bleeding, stroke, seizure, aneurysm. Fortunately, it’s been nearly a year, and my daughter is fine as far as I can tell. However, that night, after being examined by Tasha Thompson for maybe two or three minutes, tops, she “diagnosed” my daughter with “gastroenteritis”, explained that “belly pain can cause” what happened to her (what?) and prescribed an anti-emetic. Actual quotes. I requested an MRI or CT and was told that an MRI wouldn’t be done without a CT (which isn’t true, I've had them) and that a CT would expose her to radiation (which IS true, however, again: I've had CTs during medical emergencies). I requested bloodwork and was told that nothing in bloodwork would be relevant. When I questioned her line of thinking and asked for a second opinion, she spent more time bragging about her former--read: former--position at Riley Children’s Hospital. I asked, “What do I do if this happens again?” I was told, “Bring her back.” Why, exactly, would I ever do that? The next day, of course, my daughter did not have any more vomiting or other GI difficulties, because she didn’t have gastroenteritis. (She was, however, extremely dehydrated, which is what I assume caused the incident, though this was never addressed.) At a follow-up appointment at Open Door, a provider asked me why no bloodwork was done, and explained that elevated prolactin levels could’ve indicated a seizure. Multiple providers I’ve described the incident to have told me that this was completely mishandled, including two who work in our community (and, I know from experience, provide excellent care). Most of my family members are healthcare workers. I am not ignorant. This person should not be practicing medicine in our community or any community. For whatever reason, Tasha Thompson didn’t feel like my daughter was important enough to receive anything but a nonsense diagnosis. I empathize with everyone who has ever worked in an ER. It’s hard work, the shifts are long, and the work is grueling. My father worked as an ER nurse in my hometown for several years, so I understand. We all make mistakes and medical professionals aren’t perfect. There is, however, no excuse for such a blatant disregard for patient care. The time she spent defending her credentials to me was time she could’ve spent *caring for my daughter* and listening to me about what happened to her. I immediately filed a complaint on Ms. Thompson through the joint commission, and received no response. She continues to practice medicine in the ER, which is dangerous, because a provider who diagnoses a thunderclap headache as “gastroenteritis” is liable to kill someone. This puts everyone in Muncie in a very scary position: time is critical during medical emergencies, but going to the closest ER may result in someone treating your potential neurological emergency with zofran and apple juice. I encourage anyone who has ever received subpar care from Ms. Thompson to file a complaint with the state, which I will also do if I continue to receive no response from BMH regarding this incident. Also, anyone who *would* like to file a complaint and would like assistance in doing so, writing one, submitting it, etc. may feel free to get into contact with me. I would be more than happy to help. Thanks. God bless.


On 7/12/19 I went to Memorial for a broken toe. The girl who checked me in was very nice and professional. And the Xray tech, Joe Roy, was excellant, but the doctor, Kimberly Goodwin and the girls in the emergency room were very rude. One said I could leave if I wanted anytime and I should have. There were only myself and snother person were there at the time and it took almost three hours to have a rude doctor tell me I had a broken toe. Next I surely will not go the Memorial. There were no emergencies, just a doctor and her staff talking at the desk. I heard them, was in a room across from the desk and heard the xray tech tell the doctor it was broken but that took an hour to tell me. Next time I will fix it myself. This is not the first time Memorial has done this type of thing to me and I hear many others experienc this type of care from Memorial. I hope they don't charge my insurance too much for this care because it was terrible care. Just thought you should know this. Barb Ataman

J. Rose

Disappointed with the way the OR staff did not comply with my request to not use tegaderm on surgical site. Had a severe rash underneath the tegaderm they applied to the site and their response was "that's all we had for a dressing". No opsite in their supplies? Doubt it. As usual, sloppy management of procedures. So much for the attention given to their patient's welfare. Could've been worse, I guess, but still it doesn't give me confidence in their patient care procedures. There have been other incidents where proper protocol wasn't observed...

Caydran Emery

Worst hospital I’ve ever had to deal with. & good luck getting a call back without having to call 50 times.

Madeline Rodgers

The majority of the staff here are angels! Attentive, timely, and thorough. Their bedside manner is great. There's always a bad apple in a bunch, but I've only encountered one who had poor bedside manner, and I have dealt with Women's Health and Primary Care for years. The facility is always clean and I always feel safe and comfortable in their hands, regardless of the situation.

Eboni Jett

My husband works over the road and became sick while in Tampa. (We are from Atlanta) He had emergency surgery while there. The entire staff was so attentive and accommodating to both my husband and myself. The nurses rounded timely and his call light was answered within seconds every time he pressed it. The doctors and nurses explained everything that was going on. The EVS and Food Service staff were great as well!

Kent Stewart

Emergency Department wait was terrible there.

Paige Denton

Shared rooms are no longer allowed.

Queen Leedia

I'm 8 weeks pregnant & I waited for over 2 hours to get into a room after I specifically told them I was in extreme pain and bleeding. They told me they would get me the next room available, I was the only one basically in there until people started coming in and I saw them all going before me. I finally got in & got to see my aunt (one of the R.N.s) there which calmed me down. Everyone in the E.R. was nice.

Jeffrey Hunt

The Staff made my experience as enjoyable as humanly possible.

Arden Arden

My mom just had surgery at Memorial Hospital. The surgery went very smoothly. We met with the surgeon, Anesthesiologist, CRNA's and pretty much everyone that was going to be in the operating room. They were all friendly and willing to answer any questions without seeming annoyed or rushed. Now, onto post-op. The room was very clean and roomy and the nurses were very friendly and efficient. Everyone seemed to go over and beyond to make my mom feel comfortable. Each person that entered the room instantly put had sanitizer on which was much appreciated. The selections of food on the menu was amazing; we've never seen such a big selection (chicken parmesan, tilapia, carrot cake, various soups, many side items, cheesecake, big salad selections, I could go on and on). My mom was not feeling very well after surgery so she special ordered a few items and they quickly brought it to her....just like room service. :) My mom wouldn't stop talking about how good the food tasted. I cannot say enough about the staff of this hospital. I do not understand the negative reviews about this hospital, unless the ER is a total different experience. We had 3 different directors/administrators check in to be sure my mom had a good experience. We would highly recommend this hospital!

Maribel Gude

Everything went well, very efficient, professional staff.

Paul McCloskey

Without a question the worst hospital in the Country. Their management and billing department are a lying joke. My wife has had two procedures that she has had done at Memorial. We agreed on a cash price which was 80% cheaper than what they would have charged the insurance company. The cash price was all inclusive. Since the procedures we have gotten two bills from the South Tampa Imaging Ass. The bills where to be paid by Memorial. They said they had paid them. We have gotten a collection notice that we owe. They are a bunch of lying bastards.

maureen edwards

Do not go here. They will kill you. Very poor service.

Will The creator

I went here to have surgery on my gallbladder and came back 4 months later due to severe vomiting and stomach pain. When the doctor couldn't diagnose me I went to st Joseph's and they told me I had a stomach ulcer personally I wouldn't even take my dog to memorial staff is very unpleasant and very rude. please be smart and just go to st Joseph's.

Brooke Mccreary

The time you have to wait to even get out of the waiting room is absolutely ridiculous! Every time I come to this hospital i regret it 30 minutes in. Over 2.5hrs just waiting for a room. Next time I will drive 30 minutes to another hospital, I thought they were bad, hell they get us a room in about 30 minutes.

David Sheveily

Wolfgang Ireland

Billing department and the ER is not up to par. Had to go to a different doctor in Plymouth to resolve my issue.


Staff was very kind and helpful and the doctors and nurses were very professional..I was nervous for my surgery and they maked me feel good and in good hands. I Thank God for all the good people who was there and did a awesome Job.

Derek Gosman

I once had a bad reaction to some medication and thought I was having a heart attack because my left arm was discolored, I was having severe arrhythmia, and I was sweating profusely. The nurses proceed to make jokes as if I had taken the medication incorrectly. Plus, the doctor said it was not an actual heart attack and that, in the future, I should consider going to urgent care for issues that are not "true emergencies."

Riley Corbridge


Jess Roth

Randy Stevens

The nurses a rude don't tell what's going on they just give you the run around just let you set there and let you suffer when are having a heartack 15 hours straight We went to Lutheran hospital after We left there and my uncle was treated like a patient should be kept him informed and checked on him alot to make sure he was comfortable didn't treat him like he was a hassle like ball did if nurse can't put up with people they shouldn't be a nurse and Lutheran was busy to i would take my cat to ball hospital

Rikki *

I have had the opportunity to work here, first as a medical student and now as a resident physician. Everyone works as a team, placing the needs of the patient first. Care is provided with compassion, and people strive for excellence. This hospital has been ranked very highly at a national level for quality and safety measures. I would gladly come here if I needed medical care.

Jean Lee

If I could give it a negative number I would. DO NOT got to the Women's Center for any type of surgery. Go to a specialist. I trusted them and have paid dearly.

Dan Traugott

Very attentive friendly staff. No crowds. No waiting for hours.

Zach Fizer

Kyle Tyler

William Ellison

I went to the emergency room early Thursday morning already dreading the wait and lousy treatment. Much to my surprise and delight, Dr. Swierzewski saw me almost immediately. After some conversation and some tests he had me on the road to recovery. He diagnosed an issue that my neurosurgeon had not. Kudos and lifelong gratitude to Dr. Swierzewski and the ER staff for the excellent care and results! (I hope I spelled his name right.) If I or someone I care about needs the ER this is the one for them.

Rob Gonzalez

The nurses are wonderful. They are very attentive to your needs.

Jayla Boyd

I went in to have my baby girl. I had the two most AMAZING nurses. Because of them, I have a whole new appreciation for nurses. These two women went above and beyond for me and I couldn’t thank them enough. Thank you again Karen Langdon and Jan Dilley!!

Steven Beaudoin

Had a age 50 colonoscopy done on 5 June 2019. Dr. Hanan and the entire administration / nursing staff were exceptionally friendly, helpful, professional, and proficient. I wholeheartedly recommend them!

Dinah Miller

I was treated very well and the staff was very attentive. I was there for bunion surgery and I couldn't have ask for more. Dr Rivera was terriffic and I am pleased with the results.

David Mitchell

Jennifer McMillan

Eddie & Noel check in were great. New technician was aso very professional and caring

Janet Jerger

The admissions staff is always friendly and welcoming. It is so nice to have my family doctor, specialists, digital mammography, and excellent radiology right here in Seward.

Kay Miller

The medical staff and everyone else were so friendly and did their best to make me as comfortable as possible prior to surgery. I would highly recommend this hospital.

Angelisa Walker-meurant

worst stay, hospital dirty, care is horrible. my husband was left without pain care on the day of his surgery. nursing supervisor was no help!

stelthykat and Company

A few weeks ago I went to an urgent care center. The doctor told me to get to the emergency room ASAP for a CT scan and a few other tests. He even called them ahead and said these were tests that needed to be done to ensure I was not getting sicker. I waited about an hour, for assigned a resident and a nurse and suddenly the resident comes in insisting that I drink glasses of water. They already had me scheduled for an IV. Nurses were baffled why he would give me water when it was unknown if I needed surgery and no doctor had been consulted. After they'd run labs I asked about the scheduled CT scan and they refused saying it wasn't necessary. I was discharged with a prescription, and NEVER spoke to a Doctor or had any of the recommended tests run. My family doctor was appalled because they didn't even get the prescription right so I am now having other issues that could have been prevented. My family doctor was so upset that he took my entire teams names and was making a phone call to them. He said those tests should have been run 1st as if it had not resolved on its own I could have very well needed immediate care and attention. Now I'm one month after I got sick and I'm still dealing with the issues that they overlooked. I understand in the medical field you must prioritize cases. I understand that if I go into the ER with a broken bone I may not be seen immediately because of someone needing cpr. I understand an ER is busy, however if you have had a medical professional insist you need a test on an incoming patient you should probably run the test. Besides all that this hospital has horrible hygiene practices, staph infections run rampant in here due to these practices. And doctors continuously make errors like I mentioned above. Went here for a broken none years back and had to wait for hours while they deliberated if it was actually broke, I'm no expert but if I could read the x ray and see plain as day the bone was broke four doctors and a technician should be able to do it too. I would highly recommend Hospitals in Anderson, Indy and Lafayette because I've never had issues like this happen at these hospitals.

Richard Friley

Don't trust emergency nurses my mom and I went in july 2017 about the 23 it was sunday night she had problems breathing I was sent out by them so they could do a procedure and when I returned they said they put her jewelry in her purse 4 gold necklaces 3 tennis bracelets worth about 1000.00 lost mom 4 days later while in hospital 2 weeks later when I went into her purse to give sister the jewelry there was none i'm the only one that had the purse locked in trunk of car all that was in the purse was medic alert bracelet went to memorial to file complaint and get copy of E.R. video and was refused because video was out of service that night and would not let me file for that reason saw a nurse from that night shuck her hand and not sure but thought I saw my moms heart and diamond bracelet on her wrist went back in to report it and was refused again DON'T use this hospital on Swann Ave. Tampa if you do BEWARE

Taylor Brooke

Billie Pla

Is there less than one star? I went to this ER after an accidental trauma to my nose (in which there was an audible 'crunch'). They took an x-ray, pronounced me fine, and sent me on my way telling me it would straighten out as the swelling went down. Fast forward two years and my nose is still crooked. A new x-ray and CT shows a healed fracture. I need surgery to open the airway on my right side and I'm probably going to wind up paying out of pocket because they suck at their job. Take my advice and go to a good hospital (i.e. TGH or St. Joe's) and not this one because its 'conveniently located'

belinda bromley

The staff was amazing!!!

Angelia Tellone

Excellent care! Confident, professional, compassionate and quality.

Jane Rehmer

Exceptional medical providers and appointments available for same day care.

Christina Carlson

I have to say that I have either been a patient or have had a family member at several hospitals in the city of Tampa. Memorial Hospital is by far the most impressive. From the moment we came in until the moment we left. We received incredible service. All of the staff was extremely patient, kind, efficient, and very caring. My husband was delerious from an infection, and unintentionally rude, obnoxious, and hateful to majority of the staff members but yet they were still patient, kind, and still went above and beyond to give him the best care. I would definitely recommend this Hospital to all of our friends and family thank you Memorial for making this rough time that much more bearable

Brandon Oren

Worst hospital. Multiple experiences by myself, wife, mother in law, and other family members. All bad...really bad. Dangerously incomitanant in my opinion of course.

Jessica Heno

Had a great experience here. Not from the area and was unsure where to go when I was very sick. I was seen fairly quickly in the emergency department on a busy night. The receptionist, nursing staff and Dr. Plasse were kind and very helpful. Glad I went in.

Hildz Ramirez

Don't understand why Memorial Hospital of Tampa is only 3 ⭐️?. I was reluctant to have my surgery at Memorial Hospital, but I had no other choice and took a change. After my surgery I was so impressed with the caring I received, I decided to write a letter and rate the hospital. I have not a bad thing to say about my staying and recuperation. I had the best service ever. The nursing staff were incredibly caring, compassionate, and understanding. They were continually trying to make me as comfortable as possible. This was my first time at this hospital, but I most tell you, I would not hesitate to do any other needed procedure at this facility. The cleanness and caring was outstanding! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ For you! Thank you for a job well done!!!.

Traci Markcum

Dan James

We were at a we'll know Hospital down the road when I decided it was time to leave and researched the next closest.... glad that I made the right choice. From the security woman who helped us get a wheel chair, to the intake personnel to the ER nurses and docs , this place and its staff is amazing . The housekeepers, the Manager of Nutritional services , all nurses...... like I said everyone was amazing and very caring. Great care , great doctors!

Rosalie Lopresti

The experience was great. The staff was wonderful and very compassionate and caring. I would come back to this hospital.

Norma Davis

Over the years I have had family cared for in the hospital, the ER and their outpatient services. I have had good and bad experiences. Overall I find the nurses and physicians try very hard to do a great job, Individuals usually write complaints but only a few write the good experiences I encourage you to address your concerns when they send you a review so they can strive to improve. Always give the positive as well as the negative. May you all stay healthy .

Rosa Catalan

Had surgery, overnight stay at Hospital. Staff was courteous and attentive. Felt safe at Hospital, rooms were big for single patients. The food was ok, not knowing the cut off time to place the menu order and having staff confused about it could have made my stay more pleasant. This was actually addressed without me bringing it up the following day. Had Nutrition supervisor visit to see how it was going, explained the concern and it was taken care of but left that same day. Overall it was a good experience being my first time at this hospital.

Donna Wells

Bonnie Pearson

People are open and friendly

Jen Cameron

If you need surgery on your left leg, Ball will be sure to operate on the right leg. Sadly i am not kidding. Dive the extra 40 minutes ANYWHERE else!


My family had a recent experience with Ball Memorial Hospital concerning my 92-year-old mother. She suddenly became gravely ill after always being a healthy, vibrant woman. She was in ICU and the 5th floor cancer unit. The care and compassion shown by the staff here was exceptional. My brother and I are both health professionals and were impressed with her level of care. The only reason I didn't give them 5 stars was that the cafeteria food was not so good and the hospital is in need of renovation, which they are working on. This did not affect her level of care, though.


The only reason I’m giving 3 is because e tried to get in contact with someone but i keep getting transferred. I had an outpatient procedure preregistration was horrible someone told me I needed to pay 7900 for the procedure they said they contacted my insurance and they were told that which was alie I called my insurance and registration on3way then it was a different story they saidthey had no record of telling me i needed to pay that amount bottom line they never called my insurance. the part that I’ve been trying to contact you guys about is that I got there everything went great I needed two IV’s the nurse put one in one arm and did fine then she put the other one in and I felt a shock through my whole arm I yelled for her to take it out I wasn’t sure what or why my arm was in pain and my hand was numb I couldn’t feel my fingers I let her know repeatedly she kept saying she went in the vein I didn’t know why so they didn’t put anything in because the anesthesiologists said he didn’t need her too so they give me something and I’m out when I awake 4hours later I have an iv in my hand the numb one and the numbness has gotten worse I can’t remember if I said something because I was in and out well by Wednesday the numbness finally went away but I cannot pick up anything turn my wrist touch the spot where the needle went in or fully stretch my arm out without it hurting and or giving a shock and going a little numb..MY ARM HURTS and I called you guys to figure out why is this happening to my arm/wrist/hand my grandmother was there and she is a nurse she told me the nurse hit a nerve but to act as if she didn’t know that happened and to not do anything after I told her my hand is numb and my arm hurts is CRAZY and RIDICULOUS and to be transferred hung up on is crazyI’ve never been to this hospital and I went in for fibroids removal and came out with a whole set a surgery went great besides the problem the nurse caused

Joanne Moore

The care that I received here yesterday did not meet my expectations to say the least. Upon arrival the check-in staff did not seem very courteous or welcoming and I was instructed to just have a seat we will be with you. had I walked in with several other people who would they have known to call next. As far as my treatment I was surprised to see that I was not going to see a doctor and only a nurse practitioner handle my care . There was a vaginal exam done and the nurse was not gentle at all to an already irritated place for me . I complain about hip pain that is unrelated to the other issue I was having that was never addressed till I brought it up and asked about it then I was told we will give you some ibuprofen and if that doesn’t work come back. I had already been taking ibuprofen at home I came to the hospital because I hope that they would order an x-ray or MRI to find out why my hip has a burning numbing pain for almost a week now . I am very disappointed with the care that I received on top of not receiving any of the results of the tests that were done and if you do go back up to the hospital and request those results there’s nobody to discuss them with you and sometimes they’re not very understandable to the patient so I’m still left in the dark as far as my diagnosis. We as people when we work in fields that we have to care for people the main thing that you need is care you need to care about the people that you are servicing and I don’t feel that was the case and this gives many nurses and doctors a bad reputation.

Christina Wilson

I had the most amazing hospital experience in my life. I went there for labs and diagnostics, and the excellent service started with the free valet. It was my first time there and I was lost. I asked the valet gentleman if I was in the right area, he wasn’t sure but he still managed to direct me to the front desk for information. Once I got to the desk, the nurse further helped me and had another gentleman assist with me registration. This was 7 in the morning and everyone was chipper and friendly. The gentleman checked me in and then escorted my husband and I to the laboratory. From there we could see they kept coffee, muffins, and cookies in the waiting area and offered us some. I could go on, but overall it was very pleasant and they got my labs and ultrasound done within the hour.

Jenny Dukes

Appreciate the professionalism of Mark and Wade in MRI.

Joe Lowery

Very professional and caring. Kat made me feel at ease.

Lisa Burton

Would actually give it negative stars if I could. The staff here is so incompetent. It's truly sad that they have so much education they brag about, but yet a parent knows so much more.

Sarah Fox

Whatever you do, DO NOT go to the psychiatric ward upstairs. If you don't have either the proper kind of Medicaid, insurance or even money to cover your meds, they will keep you in there until somehow someway you or your family gets the money. Which is the same thing as holding a patient hostage. It's not right at all. Also, the so called "Psychiatrists" are total quacks who don't care and seem to get some kind of sick enjoyment out of experimenting on the patients. They just give you your pills then practically forget you even exist. Most of the nurses were pleasant, but some of them were just absolutely rude and treated their patients like they were prisoners, including me. What's even worse is that no one will even bother to inform you about that medication payment bs until the last minute. Very horrible establishment, if you ask me. If you need any kind of inpatient psychiatric help, DO NOT go to Ball. Please. That place is in desperate need of improvement, compassion and ethics.

Diana Franklin

This has been the most awesome place. My son was brought in with a life threatening condition. Faster than I could get here from Naples they had him in surgery. The ICU staff were so accommodating and on point at all times. His nurse Tony has made him feel very comfortable! All guests treated as if the nurses were here for us as well. Those locals who visited all commenting on how much nicer this hospital is over others and how they will be coming here. Thank you for the remarkable staff here!!!!!!!!!! I rate this place #1. Thank you for saving my son!!!!!

Calvin's Body Shop

I had pain in my chest and within 2 seconds hooking me up to the EKG machine and 2 minutes and they were drawing blood. It was a very good experience. Thank you!

Bob Crawford

My wife has been in numerous hospitals in indianapolis and now muncie in the last 12 years (4 thirty days stays in the last 7 months). She is seriously ill with multiple maladies. We have found IU Ball Hospital to be the best of all the hospitals she has visited. From emergency to the patient floors, there is a friendly, caring environment we have not found in the other locations. When you are sick, or hurting, the responses you get from nurses, doctors, and technicians goes a long way in aiding the healing process. The help you receive at Ball is exceptional! I could only give Ball 4 out of 5 stars because of their food service. It is not correct to add the name "service" to their food provider. From the phone ordering system, to the food and condiments, to the preparation and delivery of the food, it is sub standard. Examples are as follows: 1) Elderly patients, who can barely lift a fork, are expected blend and mix there hot chocolate in their bed. 2) If you order pancakes, you are delivered bare pancakes, unless you specifically order butter or syrup as a addition. 3) Food is sometimes left on a counter across the room, instead of being left at the bedside. How is a person who can't get out of bed supposed to get their food? 4) if you are in the AMG section of the hospital the food service is even worse, since "they" decide what you are going to eat, unless you order your breakfast before 7pm the night exceptions.! The different rules for the AMG section are not explained prior to entering that section. The quality of the food is at best a "C" but the food service is definitely a "F"! If it wasn't for the food service, IU Ball would get 5 stars from us.

Lily Rodriguez

my hip bone scan was handled with great respect. Chris was a great help.

Jessica Belcher

As long as you are in trauma and other locations it's great, but ER....its just like any others.

Kevin Noyes

This hospital was bad before. But since Maine Health took over it has become an absolute NIGHTMARE! Among other things that I won't even begin to get into here, there are changes that are happening with how Maine Health wants to run things. My regular physician can no longer see me. He has been the only physician that I have seen that I actually liked. He helped me quit smoking among many other things. Now I have to start all over again thanks to Maine Health, and NO I will not be dealing with Maine Health moving forward.

whitney quirk

Andrew Schlueter

Monique DPS16

By far the WORST experience of my life On Wed- Aug 29th 2018. I went to the ER for a very bad bloody nose. I was bleeding like crazy. All was done was the insertion of a very painful nose tampon and referred me to a ear, nose, and throat specialist. After I left I had to come back a hour later because the nose tampon came out because there was so much blood and it wasnt done correctly. They didnt even bother to tape the tag to my face so it wouldnt dangle all over the place. When I had return for the 2nd time. The PA stuck the tampon so far up my nose i thought i was going to pass out and then he blew it up so much I thought my eardrum on my right was going to explode literally because there was so much pressure. I was in so much excruciating pain I was crying uncontrollably like baby. I had to have the nurse tell him(PA) to come back twice to deflate the tampon for me to be able to stand it and function. My nurse was very sweet and I wish I remembered her name but threw all that i cant. But there was nothing extensively done to find out why my nose was bleeding so much and so badly. I had blood coming from my nose and mouth and all was done was the bare minimum like a Urgent Care Walkin Clinic. 2 ER visits is ridiculous and barely nothing was done. The 3rd trip to the ER later that same night both nose (both nostrils) started bleeding again heavily to the point I had tears of blood coming out of my eyes streaming my face and blood from my mouth like a horror movie. I had to call 911 and be taken by ambulance and I sternly informed them to take me to Tampa General Hosp do not take me to Memorial Hosp. When I got there TGH they did everything to find out what the problem was and immediately took out the nose tampon. I had a team of 6 of Drs and nurses to get to the bottom of the issue. And they found it and took care of it ASAP and stopped the bleeding for good. I saw I was in very bad shape. Thank the lord for them. I WILL NEVER step foot back in Memorial Hospital ever again for anything . I will not recommend anyone go there for anything. The only thing Memorial Staff stayed on top of was making sure they got ALL of my insurance information. Now that they have down pat to make sure that bill is paid. Shameful Never Again.

Jerry H

If people would use the er for actual emergencies instead of going there for routine care instead of a doctors office they see 160 people a day on average you would find shorter wait periods and if u have an actual emergency like a heart attack there is no wait.

Joe M

It's ok, they don't do a full city work up but friendly and respectful.

Scott Cummings

Good place for Health care friendly employee's

Don Munroe

Was traveling through the area recently and needed a walk-in clinic. I was impressed with their attentiveness and professionalism. A few days later, my condition worsened forcing me to return. This time I was sent to the E.D. for treatment. Once again I was impressed with the staff and facility. I highly recommend this hospital - I just wish I had a facility like this back home.

jayden williams

Amelia Thomas

Hygienic, wonderful staff and great treatment. They basically saved my life so I’m very thankful

Makayla Morgan

I gave birth at Ball Hospital and sincerely wish I hadn't. The triage room in labor and delivery was at least 90° while we waited over an hour for a 20 min test result to come back to determine if my labor had broke. The nurses ate their food while we fanned ourselves with the curtains separating the triage "rooms". The anesthesiologist was a complete joke. I waited for an epidural for a little while but once I got one they upped my Pitocin immediately to a 9 and threw me into active labor almost immediately all while my epidural hadn't been placed correctly. The nurse in the room with me was nice but oh so annoying. The Doctor who was delivering my baby to begin with switched with a different one because it was shift change. The list goes on. I highly DO NOT recommend!

Angela Mckillip

This is the 3rd time I’ve been disappointed here. From now on my family will be going to Anderson. My BP was 182/114 and I had a head injury, 2nd Er visitor, and we still sat there for 1.5 hours. I went home. No ER should let someone with a BP as high as mine go home. I told them I was leaving and they said OK. Really?

Brandi E

Great staff in the midst of an emergency situation! Cannot say enough wonderful things about the folks that work at this hospital. They care, and it truly shows. I went into the ER with what turned out to be an emergency surgery situation, and everyone from the ER staff to the surgical team to the recovery and 2W nursing staff were awesome. Couldn't have asked for better folks...special thanks to nurses Mara and Jane and Dr. Madani in ER and Dr. Vidovich (surgeon). Keep up the fantastic job!!

Milagros Reyes

As always the stay was a good experience. What made extra special this time was that my 11 year old daughter was allowed to stay with me and was so very helpful. The following nurses get extra stars nurse Lindsey and nurse Rose as well as Elizabeth the pct were very attentive and made sure we we're not in need of anything. Thank you again for the great experience at Memorial. Oops, almost forgot nurse Vanessa with dialysis was great and also gave me some very useful info about dialysis since I am new to it. Thank you ALL again from my family and I. Till next time.

Sly Phillips

I recently had an ortho surgery at the hospital and the staff there made my experience relaxed. I was cared for extremely well by the nurses and crew and they worked like an incredibly well oiled machine. The facility itself was beautiful and clean. Thank you for your care during such a scary time.

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