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REVIEWS OF Memorial Hospital and Health Care Center IN Indiana

Daniel Edwards

Went to the ER then into surgery while in the area for vacation. Great nurses and staff!

Cindi Haulk

Richa K

I went for the lab service two times and both times the staff was very helpful. Had a good experience.

Darique Smitson

Very good people made sure I had everything I needed and if I have any problems they are on it!

Meredith Knies

Great care and the staff are absolutely outstanding

Kassi Peckinpaugh

Alberto Alvarenga

Pamela Jutzi

Pam Dixon

I would like to thank Angie and Dawn in radiology. I'm claustrophobic and had to have an MRI on my spine. They helped me get through every minute and made me feel like a VIP. I'd highly recommend Memorial Hospital Radiology Department.

Patrick Hammack

Brought my wife here for treatment of a head injury. The admissions, lab, and nursing staff were wonderful. The only complaint is the doctor did not have time to answer our questions about home care after he decided to discharge her. I had asked one question and he said "Yes," then took his phone out of his pocket and left the room.

Shane Oxford

We recently had our baby boy here and it was a great experience. The nurses and doctors were all extremely nice!! They all went above and beyond to help us the whole time. Nia, Ashley, Jill and many more of the nurses I can’t remember all of the names absolutely did a perfect job and were so nice. Our first night there We felt like we were at a 5 Star hotel with the service! The nurses also explained everything thouroughly the whole time and were very patient with us and our many questions! We are very glad we picked this hospital for the birth of our beautiful son.


This is a great Hospital they had very skilled doctors and surgeons and a friendly staff it is like a large Hospital in a small town I've been to this Hospital quite a few times and in the Evansville hospitals this has small town charms and friendliness which you don't find in bigger cities if I have my choice this is the hospital I would go to


Worst Hospital ever!!!!!!!!!!!! No words can describe what they had done to me and my family, but I will try and write a review when I'm gone from this horrible town. I give 0 *

Dawn Stanley

So far, I have had only excellent service, doctors, nurses and just anyone I have came across. I have nothing but good things to say!

Jesenia Leon

This hospital deserves more than a 5 start review .. I just had a baby there a few days ago and the nurses were so amazing ... Jill was so amazing (lactation) súper patient with me ... and I hate that i don’t remember all the names of the nurses that helped me they were all angels!! I was so out of it I had a c section and they were super helpful and compassionate... Leanne stands out and I can’t remember the names of the other nurses from my last 2 days staying at the hospital... and I remember another nurse that had twins they were both angels!! I will forever be so greatfullllll! Not to mention dr Scott Beckmann..: what an amazing kind person!

Kaitlynne Pancake

Madonna Collins

Michelle Thomas

maria rosales

Jacob Bieker

Billy Thorn

I cannot say one thing about this hospital! My mom went there based on a referral, in the woman’s area she was treated like royalty! They were caring, helpful, knowledgeable, every procedure or tests she was called and checked on. It just means a lot to give my mom such wonderful care and I just want to say thank you! We are front tell city and drove the hour and will drive it again! Blessed be!

Clarissa Neal

When a child follows their parent to the er when the parent is in an ambulance, you shouldnt be made to wait in the ER and told the Nurse will get you when they are ready

Dawn Arnold

Extremely friendly staff!

Peggy Stemle

I want to thank the hospital ER staff & the 5th floor staff for excellent care during the last 4 days of my mother's life....we were treated with kindness, care & compassion as she passed away peacefully.

Melodee Gilpatrick

On July 7th we had to take my grandson to the ER, he busted his head open. He's only two and most usually kids at his age are scared. The staff that night were AWESOME! Dr. Vaughn along with Brent, Tia and one other nurse went out of their way to make sure my grandson was COMPLETELY comfortable. My grandson laid there completely still. He only whimpered one time when they put the last suture in. Right after my grandson they had to stitch up another little boy the same age. The ER that night was full, and for them to take the time and reassure my grandson it was going to be ok speak's volumes about these individuals. Thank you all for your exceptional job...❤

Gregory Sears

Very poor hospital and very rude staff

Michell Bryant

I had went to the ER Friday the 6th of April in need of some let's say mental health. I went with the intent to have my self checked in the the mental health ward feeling I was having a nervous break down. Wanting to try and get it under control before it got to bad. But no there was no help at all even though I told them that I just felt like I didn't want to be around anymore and I was told to just go home and call southern hills Monday and make an appointment. Thanks for not helping.all I was asking was for help before it got to bad and I lost control.

John Pund

ER staff was great! Only had to get a few stiches in my lip but they did a fantastic job and were very friendly throughout. The lip has healed well and you cannot tell where the stiches were.

Masculinity Redefined

This is quite possibly one of the worst hospitals that I have had a family member go to. This rating is based entirely on my personal experience, I just want to throw this out there so other people can know the reality of this location. Thank God there are advancements in the medical field across the country or my grandmother wouldn't be with us. This hospital chose to operate on her and studied her for about a year not knowing anything about her condition and telling her she was fine. The operation was unnecessary and didn't resolve anything. Instead of humbly stating they had no clue and referring her to a specialist or somewhere else to be treated properly they sent her home. That was 2 years ago. The most recent incident happened yesterday where they found fluid on her lungs and STILL sent her home. They literally can't even stabilize a patient prior to going to an knowledgeable hospital. If it wasn't for the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota I don't know where we would be, she flies out tomorrow. If your family has any serious issues going on I highly recommend going to Mayo because this hospital could kill you. I unapologetically write this review because I've known of two other people who have died from minor issues the hospital could not locate and correct or chose to neglect the patient and send them home leading to their death. If you take local individuals give them a little bit of an local college education and hire them into a hospital without any experience this is the result that you will get. Please use basic instincts and keep searching for your family member if one location doesn't do their job correctly. There is a reason the overall rating is a 3. All of that being said I am grateful that there are doctors and nurses and many other people who dedicate their life to helping others. The individuals employed there can't help that the company they work for does not offer them opportunities to advance their knowledge outside of child birth, Xrays, bloodwork, and the common cold. We went to a hospital in Evansville where they successfully unclogged the bypass that Mayo had created a couple years ago, prolonging her life and giving her the opportunity to return to Mayo for help. Thank God we didn't take her to Jasper.

Stephanie Ritter

This hospital has professional doctirs who know what they are doing.


Excellent staff

Macy Kerstiens

Brandon Casey

I think that memorial hospital is the number. I. Hospital in the nation

Maci Briggeman

My husband was seen in the ER for acute pain. The staff seen him very quickly, timely procedures and tests were done, great customer service. Recognize Alysia R. RN and Dr. Samples! Thanks again!

Mr Anonymous

Devin Bohnert

michael farmer

Vee Bill

Eliana Ortega

Amber Burgan

Went in there with a hurt wrist, felt the bone moving in an abnormal way that also felt like grinding and popping. I can't lift or hold anything with it. They wouldn't show me my x-rays and took forever to come to my aid. I'll never go there again. Waste of time!

DeAnn Hopkins

Very caring! Wonderful care and quality facility!

Alicia Burnette

Rude and unprofessional! Not all of the staff but most of the "women"! You don't argue with a patient and act snooty because your in pain during their lunch! Her words were it's just pain your not gonna die! Really??!! Bs they get pain good money I'm sure and for What? Sometimes I wonder.


Good luck if you don’t have health insurance. All they care about is MONEY.

Mark Wendholt

The staff yelled at my grandpa and family for wanting cancer treatment. I will avoid this place at all costs and go to Evansville if i can. I have a lot more horror stories about this place. I'm sure they pay people to write good reviews though.

Terrie Pulliam

My mom was recently here and the nurses were extremely helpful. I want Heather Shermersheim to know she is especially great in her care for others. Thank you so much!

Nicholas Treviño

It's been a while since I've been into the hospital. I liked the renovations. Staff was friendly and polite. I hope I never have to come back but if I do I'd hope they'd wheel me in here.


This place is the worst hospital/health care center in the country,possibly the world. They have NO RESPECT for anyone or their HIPA right's-for instance I was in the mental health unit 4 overdosing on narcotics years ago,& they treated me sO terribly that I will remember the feeling of disrespect and of having no control over my life or situation,then they start releasing all my info to people/family that I have no contact with and I was very upset,please beware of this place-all the so-called awards they supposedly have,,, father was dying of leukemia and he ABSOLUTELY refused to go to memorial hospital..dont believe me?


Awful service. There's nothing emergency about the "Emergency Room". After 45 minutes and 4 nurses going through the same routine questioning, we finally were seen by a doctor who then, of course, asked "so what brings you in today?" Then, after explaining things the 5th time we asked for something for the pain to which the doctor replied "sure" and left the room. 15 minutes later another nurse comes in who says she is "registration" and cannot issue any pain medication. Nurse 6 finally shows with some meds. Btw, the alarm for elevated blood pressure had been going off this whole time w/no response from anyone. What a joke. If you have problems in this area, rub some dirt on it. You'll have better luck and it won't cost you $$$$$$$$!!!

Airborne Paratrooper Retired

This hospital claims to be affiliated with Deaconess (Jasper Herald, Inside Indiana Business); however Deaconess made an order for me to get an EKG and the staff at Memorial registration and labs, claim they are not affiliated with Deaconess. Then they stated the may have some type of affiliation but not for routine labs etc. Then why claim affiliation? Also at the registration stations there are fliers stating if you are a veteran, let us know how we can thank you. If a veteran has to tell you how to do that, your organization has issues. I understand it is supposed to be a nice gesture, but I find it a little bit ridiculous.

Tom Vail

We are from Indy and have been to the hospitals there, this place far exceeds any other hospital we have been to. The people that work on the critical care floor are capashionet and really care about there patients. They go above and beyond. Thank you to the wonderful staff and people from hospice.

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