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REVIEWS OF La Porte Hospital IN Indiana


Shattered my radius and fractured my ulna racing motocross, and we had to wait in the waiting room with no pain meds in pain for over an hour!!!!! In extreme pain my wrist was literally a noodle. Then they told me I have to wait 4days until surgery.... After surgery I will never go back to this hospital.

Jenny Garcia

Robert McInerney

Garbage hospital they treat there employees terribly

Kalvin Timm

i have been there multiple times as a patient and visiting patients. i have come to the conclusion that most of there employees don't care about patients and they also run very slowly i have an open wound in need of stitches. there was no no else in the waiting room and it still took over an hour and a half to get back into a room. they didn't even give me any gauze to keep pressure on it. i still had to use the paper towel i grabbed when i got cut. though one time they did take me back within 30 minutes it was an xray and the xrays came back quickly.

Kevin Kotras


Is there Anything they don't mess up! Billing, test results, therapy. ..

Pat Hemphill

Catchet Young

I had my second and third children there. My experience with my second child was wonderful. But with my third i kept telling them there was something wrong with her cause she would just stop breathing and turn blue but with in just seconds she would be fine again. For two days they didnt listen to me nor did they believe me. Untill they came to get her for her 48 hour screening before they send you home n she stopped breathing and turned blue on them at first they didnt even tell but about an hour latter my baby still wasnt back yet so i called for the nurse n she told me what haooen and that they were going ro keep her. Lets just say i wont go back only because a mother knows her child better than a nurse.

Sara Kling

Husband went to get bloodwork done today and waited over 45 mins. The lady at the front desk said they lost the slip and said we should have said something. Sounds like they need to just do their jobs and not lose paperwork.

Colleen Richards

Gayle Finney

Joe Collins

It's a big med quick. I wouldn't leave urgent matters in their hands. I had some episodes which landed me in the ER and 2 different doctors said "Ehh, it's probably just...." things that were way wrong, like it was no big deal. It's gone straight downhill since it was IU health. They're building a fancy new hospital, sad it's gonna be staffed with the same mediocre at best care. Even the employees who've been there for any amount of time say how bad it is to work there now. Take the trip to Valpo or Michigan City if you can take the time.

Chris Jacob

ER people are wonderful. Why so many negatives regarding LP Hospital here?

Floyd Demmon

elizabeth nardelli

Deathex Gaming

Linda Klinedinst

I love LaPorte Hospital. I have been treated very well and everybody is so super nice. They are so very helpful too. I don't have one complaint about LaPorte Hospital. I dearly love this Hospital. I have been in and out of this Hospital since I was born as a Patient and as a Outpatient. They took real good care of me and treated me very well.

vasilica brandeu

It is a really bad hospital the doctors don't car abut you or you pain

Dan Kim

Evan Tabler

QueenMelissa Lehman

Place is a joke thy don't care what's wrong just leave u in a room for 3 to 7 hours an forget u

Vicki Bair

S Coldiron

My mother was transported to the hospital by ambulance at 12 noon. The doctor admitted her with pneumonia. As of 10 pm she is still in the ER. This is unacceptable. The nurses are incompetent. And now I'm still waiting on a return phone call from a so called supervisor. I will be contacting someone in administration to resolve this problem. This is far from over.

Angela Lopez

I just want to say that "Laura" I think her name was (head nurse on the maternity floor) made having my second child at Laporte hospital a horrible experience in 2012. I could not get her out of my hair for the life of me to say the least.


Tania Diaz

My experience with La Porte Hospital was excellent. They help with my health care while I was admitted to the hospital . All I can say is, thank you to the Doctors and nurses at the La porte hospital.

Jennifer Barnes

Helen Britton

Even though I was very ill everyone from the aids to the nurses food people Everyone real friendly and helpful

India Haschel

I just recently delivered my baby here and the staff are excellent! Especially the nurses on the maternity unit. They were all so sweet, caring, and took the time to make sure I was as comfortable as possible and well taken care of. Chris, Donna, Amy, Amanda, and Jenna you all were fantastic!

Kathryn Scherer

Michelle Amy

Ashley Kemple

The care here provided to my mother in law was fast and life saving..the only reason she's here today is because of the people in this hospital!!!


Not happy with how slow this hospital

Jon Sullivan

Worst hospital i have ever been in. I tried to overlook past experiences. But this 3hr wait with my pregnant girlfriend was unacceptable. Blood work vitals n diagnosis maded in the lobby followed by an emergency ultrasound that the father of the child (me) is not permitted to be in the room for. This place is a useless waste of tax dollars n if u can find another hospital within a safe distance i would highly recommend the trip.

Cheryl Berg

Staff was curious, helpful and compassionate. I feel the care I received was excellent.

Esthur Hursell

Victor Garcia

This place is crazy busy for a monday. 3 hour wait to get room.

Sheila Medlin

Dana Cenkush

Indiana DIY

Not happy with how slow this hospital is, treatment is Okay but slow. It seems like there behind on technology, plus the food supplied to patients is not healthy and some loaded full of junk additives. Will see if it changes when new hospital is built.

Tina Kelly

I just wanted to say that my nephew did his Phlebotomy clinicals at LP and they treated him wonderful. He had a great experience while there for 3 weeks. He had now applied there because he enjoyed it so much. Thank you to the lab employees and manager for making his experience a great one.

Vee Bill

Toni Greiner


Ladd Hovezak

Great care and advice on how to avoid repeat of issues.

Alison Y

Terrible service. Wait time 30 min and we were there 2 1/2 hours still waiting in the waiting room. I understand it's a medical priority, but you can't tell me 5 people walk in after all cheery and get seen first. I'd rather drive to porter county then ever come to this ER again. Can't believe this place is even still operating.


Got turned over to collections for making my payment on the "payment due date". They said the on-line payments take a couple days to go through. How about waiting a couple days before calling collections??

Jason West

Lp hospital is a big ass joke.they only care about is the money not the patients. Anyone that thinks lp hospital is so great is one dumb foolish minded nitwit that needs to get back into reality.

Fred Meyer

On January 22nd 2019 my wife had pad smear and panel at outpatient laboratory. Declined unnecessary STD testing. Charged anyway. Total bill$1093.92. After applying United choice plus, owed $362.49. On January 25th, 2019 was sent back to laboratory. A ten minute ultrasound cost 1276.24!! Norma Kasinger, manager of billing told me on 2/26/2019 there was nothing she could do for any of these things besides relay my story to CFO. Total bill this time after bloodwork and ultrasound, $2229.18. Run away from this hospital before you lose your arm and leg! ABSOLUTELY DO NOT ACCEPT THIS TYPE OF PREDATORY BILLING! DO NOT USE LAPORTE HOSPITAL LABORATORY! HIGHWAY ROBBERY!


Worst hospital ever....they refused to give us rabies shots when we had bat contact the night before. Said that we needed a doctor order... Then when the doctor said they would send the order we find out the hospital doesn't have the medicine on hand....wont accept an out of county referral (even though I live directly down the street from this useless hospital) and had to drive an hour away to get the treatment we needed. I will NEVER use this hospital again, unless it is an extreme life or death situation. EVER.

Sarah Popp

Tiffany Thornton

john dellinger

i was in the process of having a heart attack not from this area the doctors in the er and the nurses in ccu were awesome

Daryl Lowery

2 hr wait to get in room.. still havent seen a doctor almost 3 hrs later. kinda glad I didn't have to come here when I had spinal surgery.. going home n 5 minutes..least I can smoke there

Zaneta Wladyczuk

I would give them zero stars if that would b possible

Dank Memes

Mrs ice girl

I Am Mr. Keven John Putnam, My Home Address Is, 320 Garden Trail, Pottawattomie Park, Indiana. My Zip Code Is, 46360. Keep Up The Great Work,

Nathan Wimbley

Brittany Young

If I could give them a zero star review, I would. Went into the ER for what ended up being a bulging disc in my spine, the pain was excruciating. I basically paid them 500 dollars to schedule me an appointment for an MRI. They didn't do anything for me, wouldn't even give me pain medication. Just wanted me back out the door as soon as possible.

Diana Loingen

There were 2 nurses at different times I met. Kelly Hutson and Cheri Tracy. These lady's really have a special gift of being nurses. If anyone should ever get them or have them take care of a loved one, then your loved one is getting special care. Laporte Hospital is lucky to have these nurses. They cared, and even offered my dad coffee as where there was other nurses that told him he would need to go down stairs. Thank you lady's.

Pamela Higley

Have been here 5 hours and 10 minutes and still no room.

Bob Garrelts

Made an appointment for blood work for 7:30 am on Saturday March 10, 2018. Arrived at 7:20 and was done and on my way by 7:35. Great service and friendly people. THANKS.

Connie Smith

So pleased with the excellent care my husband received while at LaPorte Hospital. Dr. Tumuluri had made arrangements making checking in so easy. The nurses assigned to him were wonderful and caring. Dr. Leblanc was fantastic! All the specialist that saw him thoroughly explained everything.

Jacob Day

Karina Olivares

Its ok but they keep you there for the longest time in the back rooms in the ER for just anything simple then charge you thousands of dollars for almost nothing just by having waited for the longest on them. Rip off

Gracie Kollar

I went there and the doctor said he didn’t know what he was doing

Jenifer Daves

Genevieve Pazdan

Best hospital experience by far! Went into ER and was the only person in waiting room

Melanie L.

On March 31, 2015 I went to the E.R. at LP Hospital with crushing pain in my diaphragm shooting into my back. I suspected it was my gallbladder. I was treated very quickly and professionally. I will follow up with a more detailed letter. This review is just a small note of thanks for the care that was extended to me.

Zachary Knappe

it saved my life


michael kauffman

I went to ER for a bad leg injury that was infected from a motorcycle accident that happened 5 months prior. I was being treated by another hospital and all they could do is put me on antibiotics without looking to find out what it really was. I am lucky it did not get into my blood. Laporte hospital took it very serious and admitted me and ran all kinds of test to get the root cause and I was in surgery the very next day and was in the hospital for a week. My highest recommendations to the laporte hospital and staff and Dr.fang. I was treated with the upmost respect. Thankyou, Michael Kauffman

christy kleitz

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