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Iservean AwesomeGod

Patient Advocate Alicia is great! Nice clean Hospital. Great Staff.

Patricia Cain

I have been a patient here at t Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North for one week. Although it has not been a very long time to gauge everything, I feel very confident about the Physicians that are apart of the Kindred Team. Upon admission the overwhelming process of being a new patient was exalting while at the same time I had the feeling of assurance by the level of attention that was given to me. On day two I had already had my assessment Physical Therapy and the very next day it was performed in my room at bedside. The staff was very nice and attentive to my needs. Thanks for Everything thus far.

Scott Beatty

Great staff, The Doctors here has been really good with relaying information to the family. My wife will be moved today which is a good sign the she is improving. Thanks for everything and we will definitely recommend kindred in the future.

Gail Staten

Before touring this facility, my niece had advised me that kindred hospital North was the place that I wanted my brother to be hospitalized. After touring the facility, we realized that we really made a good choice. The staff is very nice and the facility is very clean. I would definately recommend . ,

DeAnn Miller

Our journey started at the end of November when my husband began to have breathing problems that caused him to go into cardiac arrest. Due to the lack of oxygen to his brain, he had to be trached and placed on a vent to support his breathing. After leaving the previous hospital, I have noticed a significant difference in the quality of care that Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North provides to their patients. I am very pleased with the staff because from the Doctor's down to the housekeepers they have shown our family genuin concerns for the things that are important to us. I recently had another family member that has became ill and I mention that Kindred is great family oriented hospital and that I am pleased with the service that has been given to me and my husband. Thanks for everything.

D McLaurine

My experience at Kindred has been pleasant under the circumstances. The nurses and doctors have been nice and have given me great care. They have improved my condition tremendously. I'm grateful to have been under such good care.

Gloria Livingston

This is my family second go around with Kindred Hospital Indianapolis. The staff was very nice and we are very excited to come back. Currently my husband is doing so much better we are so proud of his progress thus far.I would highly recommend this facility.


I have been a patient here at Kindred for almost a week, and have been happy with the care I have received thus far. The nurses and staff are very accommodating and will go out of their way to help. All the doctors I have worked with have had great bedside manner, take the time to understand my complex medical history, and are very open to questions and concerns. Their patient relations advocate is amazing, one of the most genuine people I've ever met, and consistently goes out of her way to make sure that my stay is as comfortable as possible. I would highly recommend this place.

Bobby Johnson

Great facility and great staff can't ask for anything better keep up the good work

Dennicka Kendall

My aunts husband recently past away at Kindred North. After everything was over, the staff continued to reach out to her in support. Words cannot express the gratitude I felt when she explained how your phone calls help her to cope. Thanks for providing excellent care to our family during and after the care of my uncle.

Jennifer Vernon

My mother in law has been in the hospital for a little over 3 weeks. Her caregivers have a lot of compassion. They always tried to put a smile on her face.

Eric Krause

A great experience and wonderful staff that took care of my ailing wife. They worked miracles and brought her back to me❤ I am here Notre talking to her on our 22 wedding anniversary June, 28th. God is good and God worked miracles with the staff

stacia clemons

Great Hospital, Love the atmosphere and the people ! Will be coming back !

Martha Huesca

Great service at Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North. My family speaks Spanish and everyone here has been very helpful with assuring that we completely understand everything. The translator hotline is used when communicating. Thanks for having these procedures in place to help us whom do not speak English. Very much appreciated by our family.

Brittany James

I think the staff are helpful and respectful and welcoming. It's very clean kept. The food is pretty delicious, and bountiful.

Luann Solt

Most nurses were kind,passionate, and knowledgeable. I had a few nurses who I barely seen along with barely seen any cna's. I needed assistance w bathroom and when I hit call light could take up to 45 min for someone to finally arrive. Nurse Flora was awesome! She always took great care. And the dialysis girls were geeat.

Pam Wilson

My husband arrived at kindred hospital Indianapolis North around Thanksgiving. The Nusing staff has not impressed me with the level of care that I know he should have received, although I have been here by his side everyday since his arrival Dr. Q has,been absolutely amazing. The atmosphere was at times plesant but I thankful that my husband will discharged to home soon.

Andrew Black

Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North is a great facility to come to for recovery. I have been a patient here for three weeks and it has been very easy to communicate with the staff and Doctors. Thanks for everything, I greatly appreciate all of you and I will definitely recommend Kindred in the future.

Craig Farmer

Me and my wife had a great time at kindred while visiting for the holiday. Thanks for the awesome hospitality.

Emma TM

Hospitalized when your still in high school can be very challenging. Kindred Hospital indianapoliis North is doing an excellent job with keeping me smiling and motivated to strive forward in Physical Therapy. The Doctors has shown me love with excellence in bedside manner. The entire staff including Respiratory therapy is awesome.

Brian Evans

I have had a few issues while being a patient here at Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North. Overall I am receiving great care. The issues were all human error that could have happend at any Hospital. What I really appreciate about Kindred is that everything was taken care of in a timely manner. I will definately recommend in the future.

Chyrisse Edwards

My mother is currently a patient at this location and is getting excellent care. I especially appreciate the assistance from the Patient Relations Rep Alaesha Collins. She goes above and beyond to check on the comfort and care of my loved one.

Pamela Hardwick

Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North is a great facility to come to for recovery. The food is great, which is good for any hospital. The Dr's are nice, friendly and they actually do what they say they're going to do! The rooms are very spacious with a lovely view of a peaceful pond to look at while you heal. I would definitely recommend the facility.

sheena lee

When I arrived on last Friday I must say that I was very angry about coming to Kindred. My attitude was awful and it stemmed over to the following day. On that Monday, The Patient Advocate came in to introduce herself. She listened to my concerns and by the end of our visit I felt as if I actually had somone in my corner. Dr. Caun and I dididn't see eye to eye on where we should go moving forward with my health concerns, but Dr. Q. is wonderful. If it wasn't Dr. Q. I would have walked out. The information he gave was well received and I am grateful for his knowledge of patients. The Nurses are always on top of things and very caring. Although things started out on the wrong foot, It is very noticeable that the staff is well trained in compassion. I apologize for being emotionally stressed my first few days. I look forward to gettinf better and going home soon.

Keziah Bowne

I have been at kindred north for about 2 weeks and i have met some of the kindest people. From the time i was admitted to the time i left i recieved excellent care. They always made me feel like i was priority. The case managers and other staff made sure everything was set in place for me to go home. I never had to ask more than once for anything. I also did physical therapy there, i was able to gain strength back easily getting therapy 3 days a week. Also dialisis was nice because its private. The room was smaller than big hospitals so patients are able to get more one on one care. I definitely recommend kindred, they gave me a place to recover and heal. I was admitted back into kindred, hopefully about to get discharged is what I've been told by staff. Again nothing but good things to say about my stay here. I knew coming back people would remember me and that I would get good care. All staff are very friendly, and get to know their pts very fast. Therapy team are great, the staff and even the food isn't bad. I still recomaid kindred North. Ps one person even braided my hair. Lol

James Stewart

My wife is a patient here at Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North and had been for three week's. Everytine I am here to visit the care has been great. The Advocate does her hair and makes her beatiful. Just thanksful for the caring and thoughtful staff that works here.

Sheila Brooks

Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North has some amazing and caring staff that takes great care of you from the time you are admitted until you are discharged. Allesha Collins was an amazing Advocate. I will definitely recommend in the future.

darren mcewen

I cannot express they way it feels about the care that I am receiving. After being here for a month. I am utterly satisfied with the staff. Everyone here especially the Nurse Nikki she is very funny and has been very compassionate as she deliver care. Physical Therapy is also helping me to take small steps to recovery as I build up my strength. I would like to thank all of you for helping me to get better.

Marlene Caudill

My Kindred Hospital experience has been so wonderful. I am so excited to be in a facility that shows compassion to the sick. Everyone here has been great and I really appreciate the words of encouragement that has been given by the staff here. When you do not have family that visits often you grow on the ones you see most often. A special thanks you goes out to the Physical Therapy team that has kept me motivated by having activities that are fun and exciting. I will never forget what you have done for me.

virginia welke

The staff was very cordial and welcoming. Alleshal was open and caring to the friend we were visiting. All staff showed respect to Maria and to us.

mason holder

After being a patient here at Kindred Hospital Indianspolisniki in North, I arrived not knowing what an LTACH Hospital was. My patient Advocate explain what Kindred specialized in and now I know why I am here. I am also delighted to report that the staff here is really accommodating. When I call for someone they are here within a timely manner. I am here to receive woundcare after meeting Dr. Tenninhouse and being placed on a wound vac, I'm confident that he has made the right suggestions for my care. I also recieve Physical and Occupational Therapy. Overall I am pleased to say, I am recieving quality healthcare within an healthy environment.

Steven Mills

Been here for 24 hours and this place was way better than where I was it's clean staff are great didn't know what a patient advocate was til here and she's great talked to PT already just ready to get back to my life and walk out of here healthy again

Donna Harrison

I have had some of the best staff of Doctors and Nurses that work here to care for me since my arrival. everyone seems to respect their elders here. The Physical Therapy girls are so sweet and they have alot of great ideas to help you get stronger so look forward to working with them everyday. The housekeeping staff is also very polite when cleaning my room. I love seeing the Patient Advocate who paints my nails to make me feel and look pretty which really brightens my day. Thanks for everything you've done to help me get better and I mean that from the bottom of my heart.

Jaylaaa waayla

Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North is a great facility for recovery. I was admitted about a two weeks ago to recieve antibiotics in efforts to avoid a major heart surgery. The staff is awesome especially DJ. The Doctors here always explain everything in a way that I can understand it. I really appreciate the kindness shown to me while I am recovering.

Paula Williamson

This is a Humbling experience.... My first cousin is in Gods care here at this facility. I sincerely Thank each and every person assisting her at this time... May God continue his Blessings with you all. So far the service has been very good. Our family Thank you and appreciate all your help.... Paula W.

Sandy Martin

My Doctor here a very good. I have one male Nurse that has really been good to me, he always move me in a way that makes me feel so comfortable. My pillows are always adjusted correctly and when I push my call button he is here right away. This is very surprising to find someone to do that these days. What was so great about this nurse is that he also gave great respect to my Husband because he asked him if it would be ok before he provided care. The food service is ok for some people but I think it could could use a little help. Housekeeping is always on top of there job and it always smells good in here. I should be here for a few more weeks but. I very confident in the care that I am receiving

Deb VanGorder

Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North has been working really hard to keep me stabilized. I have had difficult days but I also have a great support system called my sister. Everyone has been kind during this diffcult time and I really appreciate the love and support shown to me and my family.

Emily Rice

Kindred Hospital North is a very good hospital for rehab. I also came to kindred for wound care. I have diabetes and have had several surgeries. The care here is Awesome. There are some really good Doctors and Nurses that work really hard to get you back to yourself. I would defiantly recommend Kindred in the future.

william hicks

This place is great. They have awesome staff. The rehab team is great as well. The staff is Friendly and fun to be around. I would recommend this place to anyone needing assistance. It's a great hospital and they actually care about there patients

Kevin Cardwell

No one knows how much Love I have for my Brother he is currently a patient here at Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North and has been for maybe a week. I visit him everyday. What I am pleased with is the care that is given to my Brother from this amazing staff. Today a young lady gave my Brother a hair cut. This really brightend up his day as I saw his face light up while talking about how he use to wear his hair afterwards. Everday isn't easy here at kindred. but it helps to know that when issues arise, someone is here to aanswer your questions. I will recommend in the future.

Jack McClain

My wife has been a patient here for 2 weeks. There are 2 CNA’s, Amber & Jen, that were wonderful. They’ve always went above and beyond. Thank you for the top notch care of my wife.

Dolled By Detysha

I came in to visit a family member today at Kindred hospital Indianapolis North and I’m not from around here so I was happy to see so many staff that were there showing genuine care for her health. My aunt is doing so much better than when I last heard from her . Thanks for doing your job with love and care!

Michele Smith

I have been a Patient here at Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North for over two weeks now. The care I have received has been up and down but overall it is exceptionally effective. Dr. Q is a very knowledgeable and caring Physician that respects his patients while performing care. The Physical Therapy program is excellent! out of all the programs I have been through, Kindred North tops them all. I would also like to acknowledge the Dialysis team for their professional operational treatment. Charmaign and Allesha thanks you too for your support in patient care and encouragement. Dietary, I cant leave you out, your meals are prepared with care and delivered in a timely manner. I would not only recommend Kindred North, I plan to tell everyone I know using the area's spoken of above, on how to choose a health care facility that has staff dedicated to moving their patients to the next level.

George Brumley

The staff is wonderful here at Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North. This is my second time being admitted to this facility and and it is just like my first. I can't say enough good things about the care that has been given to me since my return back. Everyone that has come into my room expressed how much they missed me. It really makes a patient feel good when they can trust the care that you are given. I would defiantly recommend Kindred in the future.

Betty Blakley

I would like to thank all the staff that works here at Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North for all the hard work that they have done to help me to get better. The Nurse Dennis is really helpful and funny. The remaining Nurses are all very knowledgeable and efficient. There is one CNA that I would like to mention. Tamika agency aid but she was the only one who figured out how to wash my hair and get it clean with no shampoo cap. That's what I call going above and beyond for your patients! Don was very nice about taking me for a walk. The Doctors here are good they have their own opinion so you have to agree or go with your own intuition but I must add that Kindred North is the only facility that I have been in where I have not seen any staff with a bad attitude. Thanks again for everything and I will definitely recommend in the future.

Angie Dickerson

Came to visit our 23 year old friend, a new patient, at Kindred North today. From the moment we walked in, we were greeted with smiles, laughter and helpful directions to her room. Each staff member who entered our friend's room was full of smiles, energy and generous to help out beyond their "position's requirements." I was so impressed with the staff, their ability to connect with our friend, their patient, as caregivers, as mothers and as family. The building provides a safe haven but the professional staff make it a home, away from home.

Gracie Dickerson

Everyone we encountered was so friendly, welcoming, and high spirited! We decorated our friends room and they even helped tape things up. They truly care for their patients and making sure everyone is as comfortable and happy as possible. The Patient Relations Manager, Allesha, is so authentically kind, and all of her nurses, staff, and even the person who came in to get her trash, made sure she was doing okay and offered their services! They genuinely want to see their patients succeed and it’s such a breath of fresh air! I LOVE this place and everyone there. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone who needs or knows someone who needs long term care!

jessica doyle

My sister has been staying here for the past few days and received phenomenal care. The staff is truly genuine and friendly and cares so much about their patients. My sister has been given hope to change her life around and looks forward to being back on her feet with the help of the wonderful staff.

Lawanna Brooks

I have been a patient here for three weeks, The day shift has provided adequate care but the night shift needs to be more attentive to their patients. I did not address my issues when I should have but when I did, the hospital took the proper measures to adhere to my needs until I was discharged. Physical Therapy work very well with thier patients and I would like to thank them for helping me prepare myself for my next level of care.

Linda Acosta

It's very rare for a patient to undergo three Trach placements within three years. I am truly thankful to God that I have another opportunity to spend more time with my family and fullfil what Gods original purpose is for my life. I want every family who is in need of great long term healthcare, Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North has very kind and caring staff that is here to treat your current illnesses and support your discharge outcomes. If anyone who has doubts about getting better, be encouraged and no matter what, BELIEVE, DON'T QUIT, and NEVER GIVE UP!

Kristin Bogan

My dad is a patient here. His only complaint is they dont give him his soda on me that's nothing to complain about. He says and I have seen good care given to him. I would recommend this facility.

Mindy George

When I am here visiting my grandpa everyone here is nice and friendly.

Ann Mill

My granddaughter has been a patient here for approximately one week today and the staff has been wonderful.

Amanda Wells

Great hospital was very clean all the staff was friendly and the nurses was very nice and over all experience hear was very nice .

Nicole Krause

Our experience here was amazing! The staff is very helpful and kind.

Candyslim Walker

Kindred Hospital on the North side of Indianapolis is where I was admitted. The staff is very polite and I really like the Doctors. The young lady that comes around to see the patients to make sure they are doing okay is really good at what she does the service that she provide is nice and I like to see her when she comes because I can really express my feelings If I had to come back to this location, I would.

Bobby Butler

I have been a patient here at kindred Hospital Indianapolis North for three weeks. I am really thankful for the Respiratory Team because I was weened from my Trach shortly after arriving here. The staff has been really good. I have not had any problems since I arrived. Thanks for the patients that has been given to me during this stay. Being a quad with wounds is and can be very difficult to find great care. I appreciate everything that Kindred has done for me thus far.

Shodi Holloway

At first I was a mess I hated it, I'm younger than most of the people here. The anxiety was horrible but, without this hospital, I wouldn't be here today. They accepted me when most long term facilities would not. They have many resources, a wonderful patient advocate, nurse case manager and plenty of people to help you with anything you need whether it's outside court dates, Dr appts whatever they'll help to fax paperwork and do what Is needed to help when they can. This facility may not have been what I wanted, but was definitely what I needed and I dont know where I would be without them...

Heidi Foster

The care that is given to the patients here at Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North is really good. They have good Nurses and patient service staff.

Itss. Shantiii

I came in to visit my aunt and was greeted with staff that help me understand what her illness was and how the family can support her. Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North is very clean and my aunt seems to be resting well under the circumstances. Thanks for the medical information that will help all of us to be there for one of the best women I know.

Rhonda K Walls

After being a patient here at Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North, I can say without a doubt that I chose the right facility to come to for recovery. I fell about a couple of weeks ago and as a result my knee became infected and soon started to exemplify other problems like Kidney and Liver failure. My blood pressure also seems to want to drop occasionally which makes me feel very lightheaded with dizziness. My Doctors here at Kindred are all on it. I have seen her on a daily basis every since I arrived. The Nurses that work here are wonderful. I had a couple of ladies from a Christian Organization that crocheted me a Prayer Shawl and a cross for me to hold when praying and going through difficult times. Allesha polished my nails to make me feel pretty with those two very small tokens of love, that alone really made me feel like I will beat this thing, get better, and go home. Although my KINDRED family treats me very well, I look forward to seeing my Grandkids and my family really soon.

Vickie Stevenson

I am currently a patient here at kindred Hospital Indianapolis North and has been for the past two weeks. The care here is very good. I had a recent surgery that did not go on the intended direction which caused swelling in my airway and a trach was place a few hours later. After being here and going through Physical Therapy to get my strength back I am looking to my next level of care which is the Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana. I have had only one concern where that since My arrival I had not received any menus and the food here is not all that great other than that My Husband and I appreciate all the pleasant staff that has help us through this difficult journey. Thank you and we will recommend Kindred to others.

Samantha Stacey

This place is amazing! My friend has received excellent care while there. Friendly staff.

Kelly Thompson

Upon arrival We was greeted with warmth from the staff . Fast forward now to beginning of week 3. I think I am regretting my decision on sending him here. Was not informed a med was not being given, that was supposed to also waiting an hour to get help using bathroom is not acceptable. I would not recommend this facility . I totally regret my decision on sending him there. And when asking a question, the usual answer from the staff was " i dont know" again not acceptable

Michelle Wilham

Very friendly staff! Great at answering questions

Amanda Medle

I have been here at kindred for over a month mowand I've enjoyed the time very much. Sareana has had a lot to do with my time here being so great.

Cathy Gibbs

I had a great experience with the lady with the candy cart she was so polite nice. We need more kind people in the world like the candy lady.

Rhonda Chance

After being a patient here at Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North for the past two weeks, I am ready to go home. I was recently in a moped accident that caused severe trauma to my brain. According to the Speech Therapist,I have regained approximately 75% of my memory. Physical Therapy has also help me to regain some of my strength to walk but most of my will power comes from me wanting to get better and back to a normal routine. Thanks

S c

Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North Gets one star. Slow service. Night time they sat by my door playing cards. Try to get ice good luck. One Respiratory nurse try to KILL ME put trachea on me and refused to turn on air while I was kicking begging and fighting for air , The Nurse would only smile as i got knock out. My brother saved my life taking off trachea, and giving me oxygen. I told CEO and she yelled at me refusing to do anything to this Nurse. NO NURSE LIKE HER SHOULD WORK IN A HOSPITAL. Most Nurse's was AWESOME!!!!! BEWARE OF THIS PLACE

Mckayla Little

My mom has been here for about a week now, the staff has been wonderful. They’re great at updating us, and at explaining things very well to us. We can come in at anytime to visit and call anytime to check up on her. Everyone is so nice here! Truly a wonderful place.

Laura Downey

My son came from critical care to Kindred with kidney failure and on dyalisis. He has had a full recovery! Thank you Kindred staff!

John Thompson

This review is to praise the services of your hospital as an outstanding facility. I am truly impressed by the level of care, commitment, and concern your entire staff showed while attending to every aspect of treatment. In addition I would like especially recognize the services of your Patient Advocate Ms Allesha Collins. It is rare to find someone in the service sector who is as caring, attentive, and kind as she, all in one. Allesha is not only personable, she is also professional at the same time. I can say without hesitation or equivocation that her dedication and diligence make her a valuable, vibrant, and vital asset to your facility. Thank you Kindred, staff, Allesha, and Dr Q for all that you do!

Katie and Adam Murray

The team is very attentive and wonderful. My grandfather made great strides there and they made our family feel at home. Thank you so much for everything!

Megan Thompson

Everyone is excellent here with helping my dad. Thank you.

Susan Stewart

A friend of Fran. This is twice I’ve been to see her. She seems to be going good. But it’s a little g process. I will recommend the hospital

Jack K

Allesha Collins was great. She has gone above and beyond to make sure that my loved one has been taken care of. She takes time to bond with her patient. She makes them feel like they are family.

Vivian Bell

I would like to thank all the wonderful staff that works for kindred Hospital Indianapolis North. Everyone has treated me and my family with total respect. I really appreciate the dedication that all of you show to your guest.

Sheila Freeman

I have been a patient here at Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North for approximately two weeks, The Dr.s are nice and the Physical Therapy team is absolutely nuts! I have such a good time with them that it didnt feel like work. Housekeeping also does a great job with keeping your room neat and tidy. Just on yesterday my friend asked, How is it down there? I simply told her, its very nice. Not only does it look clean, it also smells clean. I would definitely recommend Kindred in the future.

Stephen Smith

The staff was very caring and always asked if I needed anything. I had very few problems while I was there. I feel that they genuinely cared about my rehabilitation and well being

Mary Hamm

I am truly thankful that God saved my life. If it wasn't did him I would not be here. Kindred hospital has been really good with making sure I get better. I really want to see my granddaughter get married next month. Thanks for everything your doing to get your patients better.

Roselea Kegg

Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North has a way of making their patients feel safe. They are always here checking on my well being even when I do not call for assistance. The Nurse's Emanuel, Rachel, Serena, Tonya, Soloman and Robin has been amazing Nurses. It makes me feel at ease knowing I have a Patient Advocate that check up on my care two to three times a week. I would definitely recommended Kindred Hospital to all my family and friends.


Amazing greating upon entering the facility for a visit with a friend who was a patient. She is treated very well. Meals are full and filling. Staff is very friendly.

Moses Daly

They did a great job helping my dad get back on his feet. He was here for about 2 to 3 weeks. Physical therapy was great for him and alot of nice and caring Women and Men here.

Bonnie Wilson

After being a patient here at Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North for the past two weeks, the Doctors especially Dr. Q I like alot. The Nursing staff are good at times and Physical Therapy will do better if you had some idea when they are coming to get you. Over all the care has been very good.

Robert Caravelli

During my first week here at Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North, Everything has been hectic and pleasant. I seem to be a little anxious when I am in pain. Although the staff here cannot give me my medicine until it is time, I really appreciate that the Nurses do everything they can to help me. The Hospital food is very good and I seem to be getting stronger every time I am in Physical Therapy. The staff of young ladies in Therapy are very deligent with assuring that you get the maximum amount of time allowed to complet your session. I will definitely recommend Kindred in the future.Thanks for all of your hard work that helps me get closer to my goal of going home.

morgan taylor

staff is very kind and accepting of all situations. They answer all questions that you may have to the best of their ability and if they are unsure of an answer they are sure to get one for you from someone who has better knowledge of what your asking about. For a hospital setting it is very laid back and helps to make what would normally be a stressful situation more comfortable. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone in need of its services.

David Sauer

Hospital staff was more than willing to update me on my brother's condition.

James Schill

My daughter was admitted to Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North approximately a week ago. When we first arrived we had a numerous amount of concerns that got off to a bad start. Allesha Collins was very comforting during this entire process. At one time I was accused of cursing at staff and she immediacy stood up for me. Allesha has continued to communicate with me as she has help with assuring that all my questions has been answered in a timely manner. This process could have gone wrong very quickly and I am thankful to have her presence when family comes to visit. My daughter and I are pleased with our care here. She is now back to herself and doing great in Physical and Respiratory Therapy.

Belinda Reed

My daughter has been here at Kindred North since May 29th . Doesn’t look like much more than an office building from the outside, but looks are very deceiving. The atmosphere is welcoming and the staff are great. I would definitely recommend Kindred North to anyone needing extra time to heal before returning home.

Paula Dickman

Excellent care of my mother -great staff who takes time to listen to concerns of patients .

Billie Breaux

My daughter has been hospitalized here at Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North for the second time. The staff makes the effort to perform their tasks and others don't quite meet my expectations. Overall I feel confident about the care that she has received thus far. We have met staff that works here that will stay with us forever.

Brittany Winstead

My mom's been here for a little over 2 weeks and for the most part, the staff have been amazing. There were a few on night shift who seemed to be slightly uncaring but mom got the care she needed after having suffered a very traumatic brain injury. If it weren't for this hospital, my mom would probably be in a nursing home. They helped her get her strength back in her legs and arms. If you need a place for your loved one to go, I'd suggest this hospital.

Lloyd Thompson

Would not recommend this place at all. Had to wait up to an hour after pressing the call light before anyone came to check on me. I also noticed other patients had to wait over an hour also. Just be very cautious when or if you chose this place , I would not recommend it at all

Maria C

They were great! My dad always told me every single time, that they treated him great! I thought they were amazing and they always attended to him when he needed it. I would recommend them to anyone! Thanks for making my dad better and back to he is!! ❤️ I have my dad back!!!

Dedric Johnson

After being a patient here for approximately a week, I can say without a doubt that the service Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North provides has been nothing short of exceptional. TheDoctors here keep you updated on your care care and you are also seen daily. The remaining staff is also very informative while showing compassion with everything they do. Physical Therapy has been very effective and I am very appreciative of the care that I have been provided thus far. Overall I have been very pleased and will definitely recommend in the future.

Jenn V

The patient care is great especially with the patient care advocate. All my situations concrens and questions have been answered and taken care of in a timely manner!

Alexandra Guffey

The care was great. I would recommend this place to anyone. The doctors were very informative and took great care of me.

Nicole Helblig

We chose Kindred for my father whom was recovering from anal cancer, total colostomy and skin flap surgery. When he was transferred his stomach had not woke up yet and he needed extra TLC and a Clinitron Bed due to the location of his wounds. Our very first night was awful. The nurses acted like they didn't know what to do with him. They would not listen to any of our concerns. We learned quickly that communication was an issue in this place. The next day dad was in need of and NG tube which ended up not working out after they tried placing it 6 times and the nursing staff just threw it down on his bedside table, all bloody, as they did a pic line that was removed from his arm. My aunt actually threw them away. Very unsanitary. We did have issues with a couple of nurses over the weekend that were just not friendly and not interested in listening to his concerns once again.. He wasn't allowed to continue his normal physical therapy he had been doing daily at IU. He went 4 days without getting up after walking twice a day for 2 weeks. We were not happy about this but they explained to us that they do not do physical therapy on weekends. My dad also complained of night staff dumping his colostomy bag on him while trying to empty it twice. I can not recall the one nurses name who hit the CPR button on my dads bed and deflated it without knowing how to restart its name but she was not nice, she was an agency nurse. I have this on video! He was to have no pressure on his wound and this happened within being there for 24 hours. Luckily the nursing supervisor happened to be walking by and asked if I needed help. She got things taken care of and the bed we had originally asked for delivered. I will say that Dr. Q was very nice and does seem to care about his patients. A few other staff members that didn't give us awful service included his nurse, Jeff, his wound care staff, Monica ( I can't think of the other lady's name), and Charmaine. His Case Manager was also very nice. They were all very friendly and helpful. We also met a couple of Supervisors that tried to make up for the mistakes that were made and we did appreciate that but already had decided that we might have made a mistake by choosing this facility. Luckily my dad got discharged after 2 weeks instead of the intended 4. He still has a long way to get back to himself and we wish our experience with Kindred would have started out a little better and we do recommend that Kindred steps the game up on being more sanitary when it comes to bodily fluids, teaching their nursing staff a little empathy and working on communication skills.

Kay Glenn

I have had a good patient experience here at Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North. The Nurses are excellent and the Doctors come around daily to monitor your care. The facility is very clean and Physical Therapy is working but I would like for it to be more extensive to help me become stronger. Overall I would definitely recommend Kindred Hospital to others.

Sylvia Reed

My experience at Kindred Hospital North was very pleasing. The staff was very welcoming and environment was clean. I was very pleased with the wait time to be cared for and the staff helping my family along the way. I appreciate your service.

Ellen K. Cook

I really appreciate Dr. Rhodes he is very knowledgable and understanding. The Respiratory Therapy men and women are very attentive and helpful. The facility is clean and full of LOVE. Thank you for all you've done

Vincent Valde

They gave really good care for our grandpa who was staying here. I was really satisfied with how things went. The people were all very nice and caring.

Willie White

My experience with kindred hospital very good , the staff seems to be very knowledgeable and caring in assisting my loved one. Also the facility is very well kept! Cleanliness is a must in any hospital. So I’m happy to share this experience and would highly recommend this facility.

Lee Jones

I am very pleased my care. Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North is a very good facility to come to for recovery. During my stay I have met a wonderful group of health care professionals that shows how much they care for their patients. Overall I rate this Hospital at a TEN for all the great services that they provide to the sick. I will most likely recommend in the future.

Barbara Green

The Kindred Hospital North Indianapolis? The staff treats you like a loved one and genuinely cares about their patients. My mom was treated with respect and dignity during her stay there. Which allowed me to go to work and leave her there with minimal patient care concerns.

Leah Fayette

My Sister has been a patient here at Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North for a little over a week. The staff has been very knowledgeable and keeps you informed on what to expect next. I have had things that I had to bring to administration attention as it relates to my Sisters care. The hospital then provided the family a care conference to discuss the concerns and also what to expect next. Overall there are some really experienced staff that works here.

Lexi Thorpe

My visit to the facility was awesome as well as my tour guide. She was very knowledgeable and patient with all my questions. I will recommend in the future.

Tom Sawyer

Kindred Hospital North is a good hospital. I will be leaving here on tomorrow and I would like to thank all of the wonders staff that has helped to contribute to my overall health condition and recovery. What I really like about this facility is that it really seems to be complete with everything a patient needs to get better. The staff is very friendly and always willing to help.

You Love

I absolutely love Kindred Hospital North. The staff is caring and kind. I especially want to say the Patient Advocate Alesha is by far the most compasionate, understanding, and loving person i have ever met. No lie. She from day one treated me as if I were family. She goes beyond her job discription to make every patient feel at home and welcomed. She listened to any issue I was having and quickly helped me solve them. Noticing i was getting stir crazy in my room she got me out doing things. Helping her decorate employee of the month bored. Missing my children she figured out a way for me to talk to them without actually talking to them which helped me tremendously emotionally. I would definitly recommened this hospital for yourself or a loved one. I was treated like family not like a patient.

Barbara cardwell

After leaving a hospital in the central part of Indiana I started to feel like the compassion was not valued here at Kindred Hospital Indianspolis North. After my first couple of days I was for sure that I would have been better off in a facility that was not only closer to home but a place that was, also closer to my family. I brought my concerns to the Patient Advocate, shortly afterwards she help me in a numerous of ways by first explaining the BLUE FOLDER that has all the emergency phone numbers for when I need immediate assistance. The advisement for me to speak with my Doctor who was very nice, also assured me that he could help with my emotional concerns. The issues that I had was addressed in a timely manner. I really appreciate the staff for helping me help myself. If anyone is reading this review, know that help is there for you if you ask. The feeling of hopelessness and helplessness makes you feel like your a burdon to others when its only that you are afraid and missing your love ones because your hospitalized. Thanks for all the help you have given to me it has been greatly appreciated.

Terri Price

Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North is primarily responsible for my health being in great shape. When I compare where I was about two weeks ago, I am just overjoyed with how the staff here engage with the patients. I am always checked on and asked frequently how I am doing? I reall appreciate all of you for doing a great job.

Anne M Wiles

During our visit today, the staff was very friendly and helpful. A positive climate existed among all those who were working together today. Allesha exudes such positive energy! Her supportive compassionate spirit makes a tremendous difference. All those who entered the room exhibited a caring attitude.

patty taskey

My son has been a patient here at Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North for a little over a week. The care here has been excellent. The Nurses and Aides are kind and responsive. Doctor Q. Was very interested in what I had to say and explained things in away that me and my son could understand it. Overall everyone including Physical Therapy has prepared my son for his next level of care.

Linda Hart

My Husband is currently a patient here at Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North and has been for the past 21 days. I simply love Dr. Q and Dr. Kaun. Both Dr's are very knowledgeable and gave very good advice as it relates to his care. At times when I'm visiting, I've had to call for housekeeping to tidy the room and the response was very rapid which was very pleasing that there was no long wait. Overall the staff has been very good to our family.

Susan Farris

This facility has a wonderful and caring staff, immaculate rooms and professional care. Patient Advocate Allesha Collins was very helpful. Highly recommend this Hospital.

Matt Miller

I have been a patient of kindred Hospital Indianapolis North for two weeks. Physical Therapy has done so excellent job with building up my strength for Independence. I wasn't told what ype of facility Kindred was prior to my arrival but once I was here, everyone welcomed me and it has been a great experience to work with all of your staff.

Venus Stedman

The staff is very welcoming, Everyone seems to know what you need before you need it. I would like to thank the Doctors for the helpful advice that was given on today. I look forwardard to going home soon, Physical Therapy has already started to work on my upper body and will start the lower on tomorrow. Thanks for everything and I will be sure to recommend in the future.


This was the first time I visited my family member at this facility but I have received nothing but good reports on her progress here. When I came today I was pleased at that I was able to see that she is doing a lot better the staff is very caring, kind and attentive. I was very happy to see my cousin smiling again.

Shawn Phillips

I have had the best care here at Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North. The Nurse Angela is always smiling and in good mood, when she is my Nurse I know things are going to be done. Monica in wound care is very fast and efficient. I didn’t know if I was traumatized or amazed with how quickly she performed her task. My fiancé and I are very pleased with everything especially how quickly my health has improved it just the last week alone. Having a Patient Advocate is truely an asset to your organization simply because she is kind and she took very good care of me by doing whatever needs to be done. I appreciate all the care and work that has been put into my overall healthcare outcome.

Thelma Daly

As a wife I have seen things happen so fast that you would not believe. When we came here he could not do hardly anything. He could not talk or walk. He was walking in less than a week. He was talking with in a week and a half. He was ready to go to the next stage of of his life and ready to improve his life. I would recommend is to everyone.

madison Brown

My experience at Kindted Hospital Indianapolis north has been amazingly fun. On yesterday I witnessed the staff doing a video that included one of the patients in which I thought was very considerate of the staff to do this. Thanks for all the care that you have given to our family. Great facility! Great staff!

Tony Nelson

Great facility has excellent care. The facility was also clean with helpful staff towards Rogers care. All questions was answered within a timely manner.

Frances Lake

The Respiratory team at Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North has done a fantastic job with helping me to ween off the vent. They are also very responsable when it comes to calming you while controlling the vent. The CPT machine is used to help me break up the phlem in my lungs. Kindred provides this to me three times a day. After using it, I feel so much better. My Mom is here every day to support me in my recovery. So are the Doctors that work here. The staff is also very attentive to all my needs. All of my family and friends says that they have been very pleased with the facility, consideration and care that has been given to me. Thank you.

Aatir Ateeq

My family is from Pakistan. I came all the way here visit my brother who is a patient here at Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North. We have been treated with kindness from everyone who works here. The staff is friendly and helpful. I really appreciate having a Patient Advocate that help us with gathering information. She is very helpful and the services are greatly appreciated.

Theresa Niles Arness-Kohtz

We were happy with my mothers overall care, and her therapists from OT, PT, and ST were great. They accurately assessed her abilities and set reasonable plans of care to help her work toward functional goals. Their kindness, gentle hands on therapy, and encouragement were terrific!

Dorothy Austin

This facility has been great for my sister. Everyone here has been very helpful. The Doctors are great and the Hospital is always clean. If you have questions they are answered in a timely manner. I will definitely recommend.

Heidy Nakata

We have been at Kindred North for almost a week and have had a good experience. As a family member, we have appreciated the nurses, doctors, therapists and staff that have gone out of their way to meet our daughter’s needs. We’ve had some great, caring nurses and therapists who even got involved in decorating our daughter’s room to cheer her up. I have to do a shout out to Kindred’s Patient Relations, Allesha. This woman rocks! You could not have a better ambassador for Kindred in this position, someone who truly shows love and compassion and advocates for the patients. Thank you Kindred for doing what you do and for providing a great facility for patients to rehabilitate before returning home.

Sheila Ezzell-Taylor

Only been here for one day at Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North and it has been filled with ups and downs. I felt I had made the wrong choice after waiting to long to get to the bathroom. After that issue was resolved. I became anxious and called a close friend to express my feelings. The patient advocate has really been on top of both situations that I have had and I am thankful that her presence made a difference in the outcome of my day. I really don't know how the rest of my hospital stay will be but I am confident that if somthing else was to arise, the matter would be taken care of in a timely manner.

Kelli Brinkley

I was admitted to Kindred Hospital North Indianapolis , after being in community North Indianapolis for a few weeks. I had been unconscious for about a month. My behaviors were not good. I kept trying to remove traic tube. I didn't know any better, seeing I had never been through anything like this before. So, when I would make a move, the staff, would jump all over me for my protection. I I hated this because I felt like I was being beat on and was sore from them protecting me. I am grateful today that the Kindred staff had the foresight to stop me from hurting myself. The road to my healing has been a long one. I have have been lonely, cold, afriad, but there has always been someone or a member of the Kindred staff available to me.

Gloria Goode

The Physical Therapy team here at kindred Hospital Indianapolis North has helped me regain my strength and courage to return home healthly and strong. I love the Doctors who encourages their patients to do their best. I would most likely recommend the this hospital in the future. Thank you!

Bev Bowers

My sister has been a patient here for a week and she is gettin great care. The staff is very kind and caring to her and has been to the family also. To day was an off day for her lots happened I was here alone I thought but found I wasn’t I was meant with kindness and care by the Patient Advicate to help my needs as well. The CEO even came to check on me. I highly recommend Kindred North!

Thomas Edwards

Before I was admitted, my daughter read al of the reviews for Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North and was very amazed with all the wonderful things that was said concerning the care that is given to their patients here.Then she came to visit the facility for a tour. After the tour I was admitted the very next day. Since day one, I have felt nothing but love from all the staff. They are very attentive to all your needs and that make you feel like home. Dialysis is given right in my room which makes it very convenient for me. The Doctors are great, they explain things in a way that you can follow along and understand. The call lights are answered within a reasonable amount of time. I am Thankful for Kindred because originally they where going to send me to a nursing home but my doctor highly recommended Kindred as a specialty Hospital that could take care of all of my needs.

Teressa Guffey

I have a really good experience with my daughters stay at kindred. Everyone was very friendly. Also, everyone seemed to be very conscientious.

Jill Howard

There are a lot of positives at Kindred. My sister has been a patient there for 2 1/2 weeks. We are both nurses ourselves. Dr Q, the hospitalist, has been fantastic. He really listens. Dr. T and the wound care team, Angie and Monica, have been absolute gems. My sister has extensive wounds and the dressing changes prior to those at Kindred were traumatizing. This wound team, alone has made her time at Kindred worthwhile. Occupational, physical and respiratory therapies have been very thorough and competent. In all honesty, these therapies deserve a 5 star rating. To add to that, the patient care techs are very attentive and quick to answer call lights and the housekeeping staff is friendly and comes in multiple times a day to check trash. The biggest deficits are in their pharmacy department and nursing staff. I'm not talking about personality differences. Those don't matter as long as they are competent. We were told there was 24/7 pharmacy at this facility. It took 4 hours after admission for her to receive any meds. 4 hours. We heard repeatedly, " the orders have been sent to pharmacy, we're just waiting on the MARs (medication administration record) and for them to be profiled in the med machine." After 4 hours, I insisted they override the machine and give my sister her pain medicine. Unacceptable. Also throughout the weeks, medications have been missed or 'dropped' from the MARs. I can count at least 4 times this has happened. The MARs are not thoroughly and safely checked and things are getting missed. Most recently my sister spiked a fever and IV antibiotics were ordered on a Sunday. My sister nearly died from sepsis last month. She has multiple open surgical areas from that hospitalization that will require future surgeries. She was told since pharmacy wasn't available, she wont receive her antibiotics until Monday. In this acute care setting, this boggles my mind. Not only is this unacceptable, it is unsafe practice. Their pharmacy practices MUST improve to adequately provide the care their complicated population needs. Nursing. With any hospital you have your great, good and not so good. There were a few personality differences but again, those don't really matter. There was one RN whose practice was concerning. We took it up with appropriate channels. There are a few who have been just wonderful. But even the wonderful ones are limited in what they can do because the staffing ratios in this facility are completely inappropriate. Every patient there is complicated. For the nurse to have 5-8 (maybe more) patients is unreal in this setting. They are set up to fail, behind-before-they-start and end up just putting out fires instead of giving comprehensive, proactive care. Because they can't. They don't have time. As a nurse myself, I feel for them. My sister has had family with her not just for support but to aid in her care. Especially when she first arrived, for the first week, one of us was with her around the clock. And we continue to come daily. Due to her extensive surgical wounds, she has incredible pain. The techs are very quick to answer her call light but they cannot administer medicine or change wound dressings. They can only pass on the message. The average time for her to receive her pain medicine was about 45 minutes after asking. Rarely, it was within 15 minutes and all too often, over an hour. Unacceptable, yes. Understandable due to staffing ratio, also yes. We talked to the C.O.O. in regards to these concerns. She is aware of the nursing needs and working to improve. Something has to change. My recommendation for any future patients and families is to be very present and involved in the daily care.

emily little

My mom has been here for a week and the nursing staff has done an excellent job of caring for her. I appreciate everything they have done. They also have been good about notifying us when there is a change.

my playlist

So far our experience has been good. The nurses and staff seem to work with you on things. The environment of the hospital makes u feel welcome.

Molly Lindzy

Our experience was amazing!

Rocky Surber

After being a patient here for three weeks I can honestly say that the care here from the Nursing staff has been amazing. The CNA's are very load and noisey busy with laughing and caring on with personal conversations that keeps the patients awake during day shift. Dr. Q is a very good doctor and I trust his opinion as it relates to my care. Housekeeping and food service are good as well. I would recommend the hospital but the CNA's are making everyone who works here look bad by not assisting the patients in a timely manner and I have to go get it myself if I need anything because they will not return.

Jozlynn Mills

Allesha Collins is so great, she has done everything in her power to make sure my mom has a comfortable stay. My family is so appreciative of everything here. The nursing staff (I have met Angela and Kris and they’re the best!) is also so kind and accommodating! Cannot say enough about how thankful we are for the staff at Kindred North.

Ronald Malone

I have only been a patient here for a few days and from what I have been told, I only have a few more days left before I go to a Rehab facility. I want to start by saying I, met someone today who is called a Patient Representative by the name of Alicia. First thing this morning I was greated with good morning and a smile. After introducing herself and asking questions about how the staff here has treated me since my arrival, all I can say was this is a very hospitable facility. The staff is Super, they explain things before preceding and that shows respect to the patient and I really appreciated that. The Doctors here has given me intstructions on how to continue improving until I discharge. The volunteer Christian service came around and prayed for me which lifted my spirits. Physical Therapy was very diligent in helping me get into my wheel chair and out of bed without putting any weight on my leg. Overall all everything and everyone has been great. I will definitely never forget the special people that works here. I will most definitely recommend Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North in the future.

Rick Cardwell

My wife is a patient here and the care that she she has received has been absolutely awesome. I would like to thank all of the professional staff that has contributed to her overall care.

Ethel Jones

My Husband has been a patient at Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North for three weeks. We have experienced the staff work delingently with us to make sure that all our needs have been met. My Husband cannot stop raving about all the great services that Kindred has, It feels like huge Kindred family here. I am a very satisfied patient.

Mar Phillips

Allesha is wonderful she makes you feel very welcomed and comfortable I just adore her. the nurses are very kind and make sure you have everything you want or need, I still have a little ways to go but I wouldn't want to be recovering anywhere else. This is a very good hospital I definitely recommend it.

Rob Rose

I have been a patient here for two weeks. The Doctors here treat you with respect and the staff is very friendly. My room is very clean the food here is also great. I will recommend.

Anthony lemna

They are much better of a hospital due to the facts that the nurses are more careing they also make sure your well being comes first they are always on getting your meds to you and your room is always clean and they are a family oriented kinda place so that makes a person feel rite at home thanks kindred.. my stay was grrrreat!!!

Andrew Phillips

After being a patient here for three weeks, I finally get to go home soon. The staff is over accommodating when helping you. Kindred is a wonderful hospital with great people working for them. Thanks!

Rebecca Robinson

The entire staff here is wonderful. I can't say anything but good things because I am thankful that my family and I choose a facility that really cares about their patients.

Barb Hare

What can I say about Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North. My experience here has been absolutely exceptional. The caring feel that the staff gives to the patients and families while being a patient and guest makes you feel confident that we made the right choice to bring in my family here. The loving atmosphere was noticed immediately after arriving. Thanks so much for the genuine display of kindness while our family endure this trial.

Sophia Shephard

I am so thankful for the opportunity to write a review about a Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North. I am very satisfied with the care that is given here, not only that, it is given with compassion by everyone you come in contact with. The Physicians displays exceptional bedside manner while the remaining staff follows the model. If I had to recommend this facility, it would be done with honor. Thank you so much for giving me the peace of mind while supporting my love one.

Bryan Taskey

Great facility and staff

justine m

I have been a patient here at Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North for a short period of time but it's been long enough to know that the care that is given to the patients is awesome. I can't express the level of comfort that I feel here as a patient. They actually have a team of great staff that continues to motivate me with compassion by encouraging me to stay strong. When I needed things outside of the hospital to make me fell better about my current situation it was given with no questions asked. The Doctors are very informative about your diagnosis while giving a clear descriptions to assure that you understand. Thanks for everything.

Linda Orman

As a patient here at Kindred Hospital North, I feel that the Doctors has provided me with attentiontion and care. The Nurses are very attentive and kind. The remaining staff has done a good job with keeping me comfortable despite my ongoing challenges that I have had here lately. I would like to thank everyone here at Kindred who had contributed to my overall health care needs.

Lara George

They take good care of their patients. They are really nice and caring. I would highly recomend this facility.

Steven Martinez

I would suggest reading all the one through three start ratings first we had the same experience here but my review has been deleted so I imagine they have been manipulating the review. I really suggest keeping a close eye on your love ones and don’t just leave them there thinking that they will be taken care of.

Cheryl Vansteenwyk

I am a neighbor of a patient that is here at Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North. All of the workers that works here are amazing. The receptionist at the front desk was so polite. I believe that within the few times I’ve visited the staff here works very hard to keep the patients and theirs guest happy.

Sherman Jacobs

Upon arrival I was greeted with warmth from the staff at kindred Hospital Indianapolis North. After I was processed and place into a room, I felt very comfortable with how the Nurses interacted with me. My expectations were set very high prior to my arrival because of the fear I have had from being in so many other different facilities. I'm praying that my health improves so I will be able to go home soon. Your welcoming approach will always be remembered.

Dale Drutowski

I feel confident in the care that is given to me here at Kindred Hospital Indianapolis North but I also feel that it is short staffed due to the return time when you ask for assistance. Overall the care is good.

LaTonya Stanley

Most wonderful nurses and staff! Every one of them were so helpful and caring. They all took the time with dad to make him feel at home here. 1 week in and absolutely no complaints! Couldn't ask for a better place for dad to get the long term care that he needs.

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