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REVIEWS OF IU Health Saxony Hospital IN Indiana

Courtney Hiatt

The 3rd shift front desk staff in the ER are absolutely awful people. They made fun of me the entire time I was sitting in the waiting room. I was in an intense amount of pain, and they were making jokes about me not having any shoes on saying I was going to "stink up the place" and they hoped I'd step on a spider, that they would need air freshener after I left, etc. People like that shouldn't be working in an ER and I feel so sad that they feel the need to act like a bunch of middle schoolers and put others down.

Michelle Norman

Wonderful place wonderful doctors..

Haley Brown

Dr. Prasad was wonderful. We will never go to another doctor. My fiance has been struggling with an illness for the last three months, we have seen several different doctors and they were all dismissive and condescending. They sent us away with antibiotics my fiancé didn't even need and had no plan or follow up for us. Dr. Prasad was kind and thoughtful, she was the first doctor to actually LISTEN to my fiancé, and she mapped out a plan for us to find out what is going on with him. We are so grateful to have found her, we recommend her to anyone looking for a physician that cares

John Hilkirk

Earlier today (December 9, 2014), I had an MRI performed at IU Saxony. From the moment I arrived, the care of service from sign-in to the actual MRI was well above the normal care received in business. I did want to mention, the professional - Carol - who did the MRI was one of the best medical staffers I've ever came in contact with. Although I hope the need for future MRI's is limited, I would definitely wish to to be scheduled with Carol because of her support.

Juan Jose S. Perez

Cardiologist and medical Professional staff are extremely curtious and friendly.

Shea Ellington

Angela Rail

Unfortunate visit to ER but doctor Healy and nurse Erin Suz and the nursing and medical students were beyond caring and compassionate. I cannot thank them enough for how well they took care of me. Thanks a billion!!

Vicki Rees


I am grateful for what they r doing I like it

Malinda Banks

George Brooks

I'll be the first one to praise a Healthcare provider for exceptional service, however, if I am to be honest, in terms of graciousness and attitude of the staff, they are sorely lacking. On more than one occasion the staff has responded in a confrontational manner. Rather than being pleasant, they seem to think they are there for some other reason than the patient. As a former healthcare administrator, I would not tolerate this unprofessional behavior. Let's be real, would you (providers) accept this behavior if you were paying for this service. Not!

Emily Harrison

This hospital is ridiculous. Every time I go in here, no one can manage to put a needle in my vein, they always blow at least two of my veins attempting. I am not a scared and fidgety patient. There should be absolutely no reason for this other than improper training. They have even told me "Sorry you're the first person I've tried to stick before" um??? Can you get someone in here that knows what they're doing??? Not only that, but they ignore their patients. Have been hushed and sent back to my room countless times because "they're working on it" when they have been sitting there on their phones and sharing food amongst each other. Sorry to interrupt your play time, but this is AN EMERGENCY ROOM. And as if the staff weren't enough, I've attempted to call the emergency doctor David Tannas about questions for my pregnancy countless times, and their ignorant call service says "Sorry we don't answer questions over the phone! So there's nothing he can do for you" when he told me HIMSELF to call if I had any questions, any time. So really this hospital does not seem to know what they are doing at all if any. The only good worker here is Doctor Tannas. He deserves a raise for putting up with such bullsh*t.

vasilica brandeu

Lesa Mattox

Sevine Elizabeth

ER DR. HEALY treats everyone like a drug addict. I went because I had really bad stomach pains. I told the nurse, and Dr. Healy, that I was in a lot of pain but he wouldn't give me anything for pain... UNTIL he found out I had appendicitis and then all of the sudden he decided to care. What's it matter to him if he gives someone pain medication when they're crying in pain? It doesn't cost him anything!! He obviously just treats everyone like a drug addict and lets them SUFFER IN AGONY until he has proof (which takes hours, btw, they're so slow there). I hope I never have to go back because I'd never want to deal with him again. I hope he has to endure that type of pain and be treated the way he treats his patients!!! So don't go here unless you enjoy being in pain for a very long time!!

Indiana Biker FTW

Very nice people and there wasn't hardly any waiting at all. I'd DEFINITELY recommend this place to ANYONE.

Katy R

You can’t beat IU Health.. everyone there is so sweet & pleasant to talk to! They’re very efficient & don’t make you wait forever to be seen or get a procedure done!

Katherine Dunnican

York Comp

My second time here, and the doctors and staff are all very caring and kind. I have seen nothing but good things from the entire medical staff.

Vivian K

I won’t bother with this hospital if you can avoid it. They don’t take care of the solution just work around it. My husband was released with no answers to his pain. I was warned by many people and didn’t listen to them.

Enr Owens

Great place to get into the ER quick. However, if there is nothing obvious found you can expect to sit in the room for TWO hours and only be checked on once! I just about removed my husbands IV myself and left. This is not considered good care

Gail Allen

Annie Gegner

They saved my husband's life.

Luis Ramirez

I hate hospitals. I'm a big baby when it comes to needles. I hated the actual procedure but the doctors and nurses were great! It was also very fast! I went to another ER earlier and I had to leave because it took to long. It was no more than 30 mins till we started the procedure at IU Saxony! Dr. Collins was great and his nurses very attentive and funny!

True Vision

Specifically the Women's Health Dept on 3rd Floor. My wife was referred there by her family doctor on the first floor. Upon reaching the office the staff had to look up her insurance in the IU system. Not difficult since we have been in the IU system for 13 years. The staff began to berate her and ask her multiple times about her appointment, who it was with, what time it was, as if they were confused and angry because she was there. This seemed to be a deliberate attempt to humiliate her, since it was done loudly, and in the waiting room. At this point she left without completing the appointment.

Bronc Jones

The worst hospital I've ever been to, it was like I was at a high school, I'm guessing the nurses all just got out of college cuz they were all flirting with each other and dr never even came in to talk to me. They discharged me and I went to community hospital and immediately put in icu and was told I was getting ready to die...

Venice Roberts

Mitch Renfro

Went to get a fishing hook taken out. Dr. ordered the nurse to cut the hook at the base which is exactly what you don't want to do and I tried to explain that. Ended up losing the rest of the hook in my arm. Then the Dr. couldn't find it which then I asked to hand me over the pliers and after digging in my own arm I was able to find it. Then the Dr. couldn't get the hook out which at that point I again took the pliers and took it out myself. The Dr. then asked me how I did it.... So I ended up having to get stitches when I shouldn't have. So with stitches the cost goes way up and just was a terrible experience. This was all done at the ER.

Jim Clifford

Outstanding facility with all the latest you would need to keep you and your entire family happy and healthy.

Ray Gardner

Mom had hip surgery on Tues Jan 30 and I would like to say the staff was very friendly and attentive to her needs they also kept me informed about what was going on with her care

Kristin Franks

Yurico Rodriguez

My parents have been going to Dr. Juthani for over a year. Dr. Juthani is awesome, probably one of the best doctors out there. But the staff from his office is horrible. They are rude on the phone and act like helping a patient over the phone is the hardest thing in the world. I understand sometimes the office can get pretty busy but I have called at different times during the day and still they are rude. They won't even let me finish a sentence when they are already trying to hang up the phone. Staff at doctors offices should help the patient not try to make them stop callling. So sad to see a good doctor lose patients because of bad staff.

Shawna Pierce

Alyssa Miller

I have been so impressed with the people and service of this hospital. I had a scheduled visit that was so quick, I had to finish my paperwork after the appointment. I went in for an emergency tetanus shot and got right in and out. Even when I got my labs done I only waited a few minutes. Everyone was very helpful and accommodating. I am very pleased to call this my new hospital.

Tina Tipton

Adrian Manuel

Kandice Thompson

Michael Hornung

Dr. Warth performed the surgery for my left hip replacement. He is great, tells you what he will do and straight to the point. The hospital was wonderful. The nurses were very nice to my wife and I and the care was great. Facility was nice and clean. I would highly recommend this hospital.

Lin Cui

ER was quick and staff were great.

Robert Hicks

Awesome staff.

Shravan Suravarjjala

I went to IU Health Saxony Hospital to deliver my grandmother's spit samples. When I got there, however they verified the system and told me that there was no account of the doctor needing any spit sample. Therefore, with my optimistic thinking I decided that this was a genuine mistake on the part of the doctors or us and I was ready to forgive it. Come next week and try to deliver the spit sample, the lady at the reception C, without asking me any questions about the patient that I was delivering the spit sample asked me my age. I told her I was sixteen, without even checking the system for whether this patient existed , she told me that I was not 18 and therefore unable to deliver the spit sample. I called my dad on the phone and asked the receptionist to talk to my dad and she said there was NO way that my dad could authorize me dropping off the spit sample, even though I had my dad tell her that it was infact "his mom's spit sample". Even with this much clarification from my dad, on account of my age, the receptionist didn't take the spit sample or even attempt to check the spit sample even though I was 16 years old. This charade is unacceptable, since there was no reason for the receptionist to act this way on account of everything that happened.

Tiffany Campbell

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