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REVIEWS OF IU Health Methodist Hospital IN Indiana

Jasmine Ragland

It was horrible I'm never coming here again I just had had a C-section the hospital called CPS on don't know why and a cps worker came and was asking me questions about my mental health and if I had somewhere for the baby to go she stepped out came back in with the police the nurse came in and just took my baby other nurses came in just staring at me like I'm crazy literally just standing there with the door wide open while I was naked while the police just stood there watching then they left back out and everybody stood there outside my door talking trying to listen to me talk to other people on the phone I feel like they was humiliating, harassing, torturing me and during being there the nurse took a very long time getting to my room when I needed help at first they seemed nice and friendly then seems like after my baby daddy came to she his daughter for a while and left they attitude's started changing then everything crashed and burned

Andrea Smooks

I will say that the surgeons are professional. The back half, overnight nursing staff was: lazy, nasty, rude, and unprofessional. Had a recent surgery at the hospital. First time. It took a nurse 20 minutes to get to my room, I was in pain. She could not properly operate the bladder container. A head nurse made an excuse for her. I told my two doctors, and the administration staff when they called my home. I left the next day with bruises and very angry. That night I had nightmares of the Hosptial. I will never go back there again. Will file a suit.

Dan Steiner

the doctors milked us for weeks of unnecessary hospital stay. they are all about the Benjamin over health care. Our daughter died as a result of thier 'care'.

Steven Roberts

Great doctors and mostly good staff. Horrible administration procedures as related to timely discharge process and subpar food service. Rooms not especially clean, equipment such as tray tables dated and poorly maintained Roots as a relic charity institution thinly disguised. Poorly staffed due to past budget cutbacks (According to staff). BRING YOUR OWN FOOD or order out for pizza. No one seemed to know who was in charge of what. If you want to learn how hospital admin can cost so much, look no further for a case study.

St V

Bad services . unprocfeccional .

Regina Horton

I’m giving 4 star because my friend has been waiting on his room for three hrs and still waiting. We’re still waiting on a room after 8 hrs!!

Megan Bernath

Had a really good experience with a couple nurses. If you're on the B400-s I hope you don't get Ebony as your nurse. She was the worst.

Trischa Carr

I was injured about an hour after I got to Indianapolis. The valet said to go to IU Methodist ER. Check in was okay. What floored me was the lack of care. My husband had to ask for pillows to prop my ankle up, ice to put on it and I had to ask if they were going to clean up my ripped off toe nail and huge scrape on my knee. Instead of Band-Aids, they GAVE me gauze and tape to do it myself!!! All they did was do an X-ray to confirm it was sprained. Gave me crutches and wrapped my ankle. That's it. I wish I was at home. I know my hospital there would have at least given me bandages!

Hannah Mae

My grandma was there for the last 4 days of her life. She wasn't awake for three. She was in surgery for 10-12 hours. The staff made sure that the family was all there. They made sure that we were all okay. They gave us a quite room. They didn't let us leave without knowing that my grandma was safe in their hands. I just want everyone to know, they are the best hospital that I have been to so far.

David Bowers

IU Health/Methodist ICU isaAbsolutely best ICU team/staff possible. 4 days plus and ALL are absolutely the top-line in the business. Lucky to have gone there.

Kimberly Mathews

Went to visit relative who has been in hospital for over two months. When I say how disappointed I was to walk into room to find it looked like a frat house. The floor had trash and crumbs on it. I found a hair brush under bed and cleaned it off. There was trash piled .high in bin. Dirty wet wash clothes on the floor. She has layed in own feces for over 5-hrs without assitance she end up calling 911 for help. Items have come up missing. WHERE IS THE STAFF??

Ba-uz Shil Maluk Gabelu

My 2 bad experiences in labor and delivery: My daughter was born in 2014 at Methodist hospital on 16th street in indianapolis. Before she was even born (as well as after), my husband i specifically told nurses NO IMMUNIZATIONS...They kept waiting til my husband left the room and pressured me to get them for my baby, by telling me the man has no say so and they could give our baby the shots if i wanted. I said NO My son was born 2016 at the same Methodist hospital. (Ironically its the ONLY hospital my insurance allows me to deliver). They had waterbirth tubs available ; i had a consent form signed weeks in advance for a waterbirth. I understand that things happen and if in use, then ok. But 2 out of 4 were in use and they simply had not cleaned the other 2 yet. And chose not to. After my son was born, i signed a form for his circumcision to be done there at Methodist BEFORE we were to be discharged. Now, i wear scarves alot. For many reasons. But because of that, and because my husband had a quran, which he reads that among many other religious books and science books, the staff sent in a "muslim" nurse with a scarf on and a white nurse who BOTH stood and told us there is no medical reason at all for a baby boy to be circumcised and that its usually a religious belief....i wont explain how pissed we were about that. Those nurses had already given my son a ahot to prepare him for the circumcision but refused to do his circumcision... I had to wait until my 1st postpartum appointment to schedule his circumcision at Riley Hospital; it was 3 weeks later he got circumcised. I could have assumed the nurses were just misunderstood, but im not stupid. They are racist, prejudice, assuming, disrespectful, noncompliant with patient demands, and i have not cared for either experience i have had there. Now im due with my next son. Was only going back because my husband asked me to give them 1 more chance, and he liles the food there -_- But i recently found an AMAZING doula and WILL never deliver at Methodist again. Thank God... A woman goes through enough just trying to bring a baby into this world, aside from dealing with overbearing hospital staff. I praise doulas and midwives for their hard work and dedication. ✊

Wicked Lady

I came in because I needed to see an oral surgeon. I waited almost two hours, before being moved into a room where what I guess was Medical Assistant (she didnt even introduce herself) came to ask me questions about my "spot" on the tongue. Which was followed by the NP wanting to know "who had diagnosed it." After some poking around, she finally said she would go call the oral surgeon because in all that extra time before hand, no one thought hey we have some for the surgeon who is supposed to be on call 24/7 lets reach out to that person. I ended up waiting another freaking hour, disturbed only by random student a doing a survey and random dude b looking for the person who was in the room ahead of me. So random people opening my door, three hours of waiting total with no visit with the actual oral surgeon. While waiting, my mouth started bleeding again, my throat definitely was sore before going and after not event being offered a cup of water or being checked on by any of the staff, I just got home.

Mary Graphman

10 minutes, 20 minutes, doesn't matter how long they say it will take, it's always longer. Slow, for absolutely no reason. Leaving an 8 year old to sit for hours, while they "wait".

Amber Back

I recently had to have a fairly serious surgery and needed to be admitted after for observation. I also have a genetic condition that can complicate anesthesia and cause me to be very easily injured while unconscious. The surgical team took my concerns seriously and took excellent care of me. Every doctor and nurse was exceptionally helpful and quick to respond to my needs. With two chronic illnesses, I have a lot of experience with health care professionals, and the ones I have interacted with at Methodist have all been wonderful.

Ellis Savage

The facilities were a little tight and on the grungier side (for example, my IV pole had rust on it) but out of every major surgery I’ve had (this is the 4th one) I think it went the smoothest. My technicians were kind and I was able to genuinely thank them for their help before I got out under. My recovery nurse, Julie, was the best. In the past I’ve encountered beyond rude nurses who told me to shut up from crying out in pain. Julie waited on my beck and call and kept giving me pain meds until I had finally relaxed. I did feel a bit rushed but it was the end of the day, what can you expect. Overall I had a swell recovery and enjoyed my short stay at Methodist and would return for another procedure if necessary.

Brandon McKinley

Hospital capacity dictated my care. Not my health needs. IU Methodist place an alarm everytime a baby is born and forces sick patients to wake up and acknowledge new borns. Doesnt matter how sick you are. Doesnt matter what time or how often in the night. If a baby is born at Methodist they expect you to wake up and pay "respect" If only they respected the sick people in their hospital.

Matthew W

Other than the wait times I have no problems with Methodist Hospital. I received good medical care while I was here. The nurses and doctors are good people.

Kimberly Weyer

It's sad that this World class hospital with World class Doctors and specialists are supported by the most uncaring and rude affiliate staff (parking, security, food service) I get that your job might suck, but if you hate people that much, you might think doing something else.

Stan Orr

The staff was really nice but I have been here since Tuesday night and I’m trying to get a shower and on the 5th floor east side and they told me I cannot shower because the showers flood the rooms I’m like really that’s why they sent me to the 5th floor from the 4th what kind of place is this.

Ed Agner

The doctors and nurses were fantastic. The hospital was very clean. The operating room was like something from star wars.

M Heredia

Staff is super nice, all the time!!

Zander Evans

Very clean area to be in, nice workers

LuAnn Unger

I had a bilateral lung transplant here at Methodist! I received the best care, compassion, and extra personal things, like washing my hair for me (since I couldn't take a shower), and painting my finger nails/toe nails, to make me feel better during my lengthy stay there for my recovery time. My transplant team has become my family. They really care about you, and your health. They don't give up on you, if they can't find out what's going on with you. They research and try everything they can to heal you of your health issues. I am so greatful to the lung transplant surgeons and my transplant team for my successful bilateral lung transplant! I highly recommend IU Health Methodist Hospital, in Indianapolis IN. They have an excellent staff!

Brandon Brauckhoff

The staff appear disgruntled and rather rude. Waited 3 hours for x-Rays like they were making them in a dark room? Very displeased and would not recommend for any reason!

John O'Keefe

If you do not 9-5 don't expect to rest when visiting a loved one here. I work over nights so I have been coming to the hospital to show my support of my mom and stepfather after work. I try to sleep in the waiting room so I can be there as soon as I get up and spend time with them. However, I was woken up yesterday at 0930 and told that they needed to clean. They had not cleaned the room since I arrived four days ago, but now it was dirty. I was also told I needed to refold the lounge chair and could not pull it back out. Today it was 0845 and the same thing. Do not get me wrong, they are taking good care of my stepfather, but if they could show half the concern for non-patients it would be an improvement to help those of us who are already shaken about why we are there in the first place.

sharon fox

Most horrible hospital experience. Ever. Snooty nurses. No safe place to stay. Placing call light and urinal out of patients reach. Turning air down to 55 to freezing out patients wife

Krystal jung

The best hospital. RN nurses from ICPare really good especially Kristian. Janice Brown and Megan. They are so polite. Thank you very much for your care May god bless you guys. You guys may not remember me I will always remember you guys..

Charles Rodgers

Just visiting. Staff seem quite friendly and helpful. This place is huge and hard for a didabled person to get around. Parking is troublesome with crowded parking garages nearly full by mid day.

Ahmad Alsmadi

Very disappointed. Awful Service. Dirty Facility and terrible food

Amber Thayer

Methodist hospital not only saved my life, but also the life of my beautiful baby girl Laynie. The labor And delivery team gave me the support and direction I needed to turn my life around . I was treated with the up most care and respect. Methodist will always be my home and the staff will always be my family. I am alive, with a wonderful future ahead for myself and my family because they took the time to help and heal me. I am healthy and happy and owe it to my guardian angels at methodist. #thirdfloorfam.

Carol Ladd

Great facility, caring staff, excellent physicians. Exceptional nursing

Jonathan Mayo

Special shout out to the labor an delivery dept. The nurses here are such wonderful people. Thank you very much IU health for providing everything that my family needed an also for going above an beyond. God bless yall

Rekke Ray

As always everything was delicious. I'm so full and there's enough for about 2 or 3 people. They never disappoint.

Frank wilm

I am very appreciative of the treatment and care I received from all the staff including the ability to have a laugh with everyone. A special thanks to all the nursing support staff in 6 east ICU. Can't say that I will miss being there but I will miss you all and glad to have met you all.

Stephanie Scott

They are horrible they say i can talk to my mom if i have code then they send me whild goosechase and never let me talk to my mom they are rude and not caring

Terry Anderson

My friend had a double lung transplant in 05/2014 which gave him the luxury of breathing again! However, his vagus nerve was damaged during surgery causing a paralyzed stomach for life requiring stomach pacemaker surgery after months of dehydration admissions for chronic vomiting, several feeding tube placements, chronic n&v for a year and part of the problem there was a diseased gallbladder undiagnosed that should've come out long ago per surgeon. Lots of pain and suffering that has gone on with many excuses on the staffs part with no accountability or an apology for his chronic suffering and lack of quality of life now.

shelly Hyder

On Thurs June 29, I had a heart attack went to i.u Methodist and I had s nurse name Dalvin very unprofessional never came to check he had me turning off my IV drip when the alarms was going off just to stay out my room not my place he was the nurse he told me there were sick people more than me that really upset me being on a ICU unit I ask if I could have another nurse just was not comfortable with the nurse nobody wanted me to fill out a complaint form so I was fearing for my safety and checked out on my own never to return to IU Methodist again service is horrible and unprofessional

Tristan Brown

Very great, always gone there and never felt then need to switch

Dorothy Gracy

So amazed with how IU Methodist was so friendly and caring when my son was in an car accident. The Social Workers are great, made sure my son had a way home with a mobility van, and made sure he got to and from the specialists. The Doctors explained everything that needs to be done, step by step. Would recommend The Hospital to anyone that asks.

Rose Kremple

I was there a week ago Thursday in labor and delivery unfortunately my beautiful princess had passed away before delivery at 35 weeks. The staff was as friendly as possible and was excellent with the circumstances. However they had one nurse that made a big impact on my life and I will NEVER forget about her or will I ever be able to repay her in her kindness. She did her best to comfort me and my family and was there for us and the most important part was she made me a momento box of beautiful pictures of my beautiful princess and made me molds of her precious feet and a few other things along with that. I will always have a spot in my heart for nurse Jan.

philip seddon

I go to Methodist for all my healthcare needs. They are awesome.

Adam Runyan

They took four xray pictures and deleted one from my profile which i thought was important i remember why i quite going to there hospital now is because they want you to come back for the money they are money hungry im telling because i seen the pictures and then get my cd and only 3 is on which the 4 was important so ya im switching back to st francis because they actually care not feed you bull to get more money and get you to come back which lets keep in mind still sharp pain and not going away gets worse standing up and i get dizzy and stuff but no im fine oh wait they in a hurry and want the money hahahaha all jokes switching doctors and everything from IU

Tom Bishop

Had a bout with prostrate Cancer last year. Chose Methodist Hospital not because it was the closest, but it's reputation Doctor Boris preformed the surgery with surgical robot tech. Couldn't have asked for better treatment. I had physical therapy before and after the surgery to minimize the after effects and speed recovery. Amy Medley DPT was the therapist. I credit her for a rapid recovery.

Living in Sky


Minni Kalkat

One of the best hospital in Indiana. Staff members are courteous and highly professional. We been to Cath lab, my husband had hole in the heart . Dr kay and Dr Hoyer are one of the best heart specialist in our country. The supporting staff was very kind and helpful.We loved everything here in the hospital including the cafeteria

Janice Jones

This hospital would be a 5 star hospital due to the phenomenal care they provide. The therapy department is A1. But I had to give a 2 star because the room floor, corners and cove bass are unbelievable filthy. The staff in the hallway and nursing station are loud-having on going conversations about any and every event. The young lady who came to change my husband bed arrived with her lunch empty containers in her hands explaining she would return when he gets up to walks with therapy. What kind of training does the staff receive?

Dustin Fitzpatrick

Worst hospital I've ever been to. Walking in to the ER was like a prison. Front desk was rude. Any hospital but this ghetto nasty rude place.

Lenora Rowlett

I wanted to give zero starts but that wasn't an option. I want to first start off saying that i hope I NEVER have to be taken to this hospital again. The nursing student's that were attending to me were absolutely horrible and unprofessional. When I arrived to the facility via ambulance I couldn't respond to the nursing and medical staff but could hear EVERYTHING they were saying. The ER doctor was the only person that introduced himself, none of the nursing staff did. It took a student nurse over 17 mins to get IV in my hand which still was unsuccessful while the other nurse just observed. Due to the fact I was nonverbal and unable to speak they never assumed I was aware of what was going on. I could hear as they made fun of my weight, the Resident physician forgot to put in order for my meds, and my Tiffany earrings were stolen and incident report was filed. I will be doing a formal complaint with the proper authorities but wanted to make sure the public is aware of how unprofessional and the poor service I received. I am aware of how people should be treated, as I also have completed nursing school and have been working in the medical field foe 23 years. Ironically how people treat you when they're not aware of your background.

John Webster

In response to previous comments... they don't wear costumes... except on Halloween and the week before Christmas! It's more fun that way.

jacob combs

Staff is rude. Drove an hr to see my dad and they acted like I was doing them a disservice by trying to come see my dad because they were doing a shift change. Wouldn’t answer my questions, and acted like I wasn’t there!! Very unprofessional, and also discourteous!! I seriously wanted to tell them off and give them a piece of my mind, but didn’t want to stoop to their level of class!!!

Chris Baylis

I was taken to this hospital when I fell ill with an unknown virus a few weeks ago. As a visitor from England I didn't know what to expect. I was pleasantly surprised at the excellent treatment and service I received. I didn't know what was wrong with me but felt safe in the knowledge that the staff were doing all they could to find out and cure me. The food wasn't 5 star cuisine but I ordered what I wanted from a menu and they brought it to me quickly. I felt I was very well looked after.


Nice place Dr are good

Jill Gray-Clifton

Horrible experience! Unqualified staff members! Will definitely be reporting this incident to Human Resources, and let them guide me from there within the hospital as to who else these incompetent individuals can be reported to.

Sherman Be

15 min on hold and they hang up on you.

Justin Dryden

It's great

Tierrany Monroe

The hospital service is terrible every time I come. A lot of the rooms are old & dirty looking the nurses are slow in responding & very rude the food is also horrible

Dawn Whitecotten

The surgeon ( Dr. Hiedelman) who did my daughter's double jaw surgery was fanominal!!! I can't day day enough about him and his team from the assistant to the residents to the R.Ns in surgery. They were all awesome!! Finished 2 hours ahead of time!! Shout out to Marc an R.N. for her in the surgery room he was very nice and comforting. In her room upstairs the charge nurse Kim Wood WOW!!!!!! thank you and I just can't find a strong word for how great she was .She helped us so so much, and not being the nurse assigned to my daughter she went above and beyond for her, and us!! Thank you I.U. for empolying such great people like the ones mentioned above. The only thing negitive I have about the hospital itself, is Kim ordered a private room for my daughter so her fiance could stay and she was in a shared room. Kim ordered a cot for him, but even tho it had been six hours since she ordered it when she requested the prvite room, ( which my daughter did get) no cot ever came, and he had to sleep in the window sill!? I don't know why a cot never got brought up for him?! But, now he may end up getting sick from the cold window. But, I gave the rating a five because as far as my daughters experience, everything was great and I'm appreciative of that, so, thank you ALL..

Yaya Mama

If I could give this hospital a negative 10 I would! Keep yourself and your loved ones away from this hospital!

Burnam Fleming

Great medical center! I love IU Methodist Hospital. The staff is amazing and the care this institution they provide is excellent!

Nicholas Cookerly

go to a different hospital! when my pregnant wife came in with vaginal bleeding, they gave her a blood test and told us that she may be having a miscarriage. they sent us home and told us to call our doctor on monday. they did absolutely NOTHING to try and save our baby! we were charged 2000+ dollars (plus 300 for the doctor, 2417.25 in all) for a 100 dollar blood test (at hendricks county hospitals the same test is 100 dollars). we had to call three times before we were sent a bill. two months later when we finally received our bill, the customer service reps told us that they applied a discount for self pay and that they would contact us in 2 days. they did neither. my family and i will never use their hospitals again. murderers and crooks!

Noodle Head

Went to visit a dying family member and they wouldn't let my cousin and I in, saying "there were too many people throughout the day and visiting hours were over". They said they make exceptions for dying patients but made none for us and forced us to leave the hospital without seeing her. The 2 ladies at the information desk were extremely rude and careless.


I called ahead to Sports Medicine and Orthopedic Surgery in need of surgery due to a leg injury. Both departments pointed me to General Surgery, where I then scheduled a consultation. After being brought back for observation, 2 students came into the room and took notes on the injury, asked a number of questions, then exited to get the doctor. Once the doctor came in (30 minutes late) he IMMEDIATELY, and without even looking at the injury, informed me that I would have to visit Orthopedic Surgery or Sports Medicine for the injury - both of which recommended me to him in the first place. Then he got up and left the room - less than 15 seconds after entering. Dr. Rouch allowed 2 medical students to conduct his inspection on his behalf, then charged me for a consultation that I never received, after informing me as I left that I would not be charged. I was prepared to spend an ungodly amount of money on this surgery, but because the three departments that are separated by 1 floor are incapable of communicating to each-other, the facility was filthy, and the customer/patient services were extremely poor, I will not be returning to this hospital under any circumstance, and will go out of my way to broadcast this experience to my family and friends to hopefully prevent this experience from being extended to them. I'll bump this review to 2 stars when I receive my refund.

Brandon Super

The excellent staff of trauma doctors at this facility saved my life. I was lifelined here after an auto accident, and stayed for 6 days in the ICU. Other than being kept in ICU and not transferred to a normal room until the last day, I received great treatment from the staff. The Dr's saved my life. Most of the nurses, and physical therapists were very friendly and helpfull. The regular beds are much more comfortable than the ones in ICU. I have been back for a couple follow up visits. The Ortho clinic staff have been very friendly, and helpful in my recovery. One Dr and a nurse even took the time to walk down to the pharmacy with me to discuss details of a prescription on a follow up visit. I feel like I received the best care I could ask for.

Danielle Maulucci

Front desk was extremely rude, we had no idea what was going on with our family member for 5 hours. We were told the visit was simple and would take no more than 30 minutes. They provided no updates and lacked respect for friends and family. Security guard went back and checked on our family member and gave us an update (not a nurse or anyone from the front desk). Never spoke to a nurse or doctor during the entire visit. Awful experience, unprofessional staff. Will never return.

Ron Bryan Sr

Staff is amazing. The space for family staying to be near loved ones in critical care is not even close to being suitable. A small vet office waiting room is bigger an more acomidating. With size of hospital, you would think the icu waiting for family staying out of town would be bigger. You have 3 restaurants in the hospital doubling size of other hospitals, but no focus on family comfort in their time of most need worrying about loved ones. A $95 night hotel room is not in the budget to stay at all. Want to spend money on improving the quality of care, then focus on patient an family.

Simply Me

Top notch medical facility.

Angela Gilbert

security guards were very rude our grandfather was dieing and there was slight emotional moment between the family nothing to drastic of course were raised with respect but instead of listening to what happened he disrespected is and refused us to say our final good byes tonour grandfather I will never allow another memeber of my family to go there again

Trina Nickerson

My husband had to have emergency back surgery there. I felt like the nurses and doctors were top notch and I don't think he could have gotten better care anywhere else in the country. I will always appreciate the care they gave him and for making me feel welcome too.

Adrianna Person

I was in a bad accident. I was brought in on a stretcher in severe back and neck pain . Before I was given any medicine they took me for X-ray . Was there for about 20 mins . When they brought me back I waited for a good 10mins before they had given me any pain medicine. At that point they told me I was being discharged with ibuprofen. This was a joke I was really hurt . I think because I had no insurance they totally didn’t treat me fairly!!

Dane Hawkins

Awful service the doctor didnt do the proper surgery. Was supposed to have kidney stones removed. Then 3 weeks later i passed stones. The nurse in the outpatient was a complete waste of time. i was in pain and she told me "to deal with it"

Charles Robertson

Slowest people i have seen having problems breathing came here by ambulance and was placed in the waiting room and was told that my breathing problems was not an emergency! Staff have no manners what so ever!

Ann Muse

Didn't even properly care for my stomach pain and try to figure out what's wrong. Won't be back for quite a long time.

Shelby Biddy

Worst hospital in Indianapolis. When i was younger i got four stiches from the er and they didnt numb it all the way.They continued to try and sow up my chin anyway with out it being numb worst pain ever. I decided to give them another chance because i had an issue with my pregnancy to cause me to pass out at work which is downtown. They send me up to labor and delivery the little area i was in was very small and dirty. The nurse went to put an iv in my arm fished inside my arm for like 5 min then said ok we need to give you fluids. Come to find out she wasnt even in my vain so the fluids made my arm swell up...then they told me i could leave and said there was nothing wrong with me. On my way out of there i see a bed bug on one of the cairs in the waiting room. This place is vile.

Mrs S.

My brother had a very traumatic hand injury. Took them 7 hours just to get him an i.v. after he had been in the hot sun with so much loss of blood. Sent him on his way while he was in so much pain he was almost in tears, insisting he sign papers. Then when we get to the pharmacy the "doctor" hadn't put his license number on it claiming he "didn't know it, he'd have to look thru his emails" and see if he could find it. So we had to go back to the hospital where a different dr had to write for the prescriptions. Crazy. And then when he went back for his surgery it was Way Worse. They were SO rude. Probably bcuz they were trying to get so many patients thru? I do not know but it was ridiculous. I'm giving them 2 stars bcuz it ended up turning out ok. Probably from prayer. I don't wish anyone to be treated like that. Very unprofessional

Lindy Goetz


Ashlyn Grimes

Was treated like I'm stupid

Crystal Lindsey

Doctors very helpful and nice. Explained everything to me where I understood it all.

Zachary Boler

Good hospital now my symptoms are worse than before but the nurses were excellence of execution because they were so nice and mannerable thanks just can't eat drink or swallow er last night had endoscopy done Tuesday morning great job but now its day 4 and still can't eat or drink and don't want to either because it feels like swallowing glass

Stephanie English

I haven't been hospitalized in over 20 years but I was very happy with the care, and quality of care that I received. Every staff member that I came into contact with was attentive and made me feel as though I was their only patient. The Chaplain was wonderful and put me at ease. A special shout out to the dietary department for serving such tasty food. My favorite staff member that I had was the man who brought me my dinner the first time and made me laugh for the first time in days. Keep up the great work. I hope I don't ever have to come back but I would definitely make the extra drive to Methodist.

Robin Fischer

Used to the best Indy hospital but falls short behind Community Health Network and St. Vincent now.

The Harris's

Was seen in the e.r by a female, last few of last name Ski. Horrible service felt she was being prejudiced toward me and did nothing but tell me to see specialist. I seen her one other time and service bad and I let it go not this time. She should not be able to see patients her social skills are horrible.

Jenifer Coverstone

From the moment we went the nurses did not care what I had to say about my mothers care. 4 days went by and I witnessed my mother getting worse, she was not able to remember things and getting nervous easy. Turns out the doctor had taken her off Klinopin, did not consult us or discuss weaning her off the drug. She was going through withdrawals and I did not know it. Every medical journal says a person must be weened off the drug. I went to talk tot he hospital staff but they kept interrupting me, would to listen that I know her care better then anyone, been her care giver for 5 years. She had one left and I gave it to her to help her calm down, she was begging for it and I could not take seeing her suffer and the hospital staff would not listen! In 2 hours she was back to her ld self and calmed down, I showed the nurses, and instead of listening to me and see my mother was doing better they called security, flipped out and kicked me out. I can only say this hospital does not like the family knowing what is going on, and when family tries to find out they work to keep the family shut out. They over reacted got my mother upset and treated me like a criminal, I am my mothers care giver and I have the legal right to know what they are doing with my mother and to step in when they are not doing the right thing. Stay away from this hell hole

Dawn Michele Whitecotten

I.u. west was a terrible experience. The Dr.s can't give a diagnosis most of the time. They aren't nice no bedside manner. They want to throw everything u waited forever and came in for back on ur own doctor

Michael Watson

As a non patient, the experience was awful. Very rude noncaring workers.

Joelle Lauck

I was away from home on a trip this past August. I have good insurance, but Indianapolis is surprisingly devoid of any urgent care centers in or close to Downtown. That left me with few options, as someone who had bused there. I could Uber to someplace 15-20 minutes away, or I could be seen at this hospital. Those were seriously my options. I specifically asked, when I walked in the door of this ER, whether or not this portion of the hospital was considered an urgent care. In retrospect, I'm sure they didn't understand the question. Why would anyone in healthcare give a thought to the monetary burden they place on their patients? (Spoiler alert: they don't!) That said, do hospitals not have ways of seeing people who aren't there for an emergency but still want efficient treatment? No? Then don't tell people, like one of the nurses told me, that "this is basically an urgent care, yes." Urgent care = cheap, affordable. Why else would I be asking? I know what the acronym "ER" stands for, so I know you're going to see me as efficiently as possible. My insurance was billed over 1000 dollars. For what, exactly? Moderate laryngitis, that's what. I knew that's what I had because I'd been seen just days ago at an urgent care in Florida (where, by the way, I paid about $100). I bet I'd have paid about the same amount to be seen for a broken arm, which is just crazy. My final question is: how do you not advise someone to be seen elsewhere if it would mean paying 1/10 of the price? My insurance is paying 1000, but I'm stuck with over $300 out-of-pocket. Ridiculous. I just wanted some fast-acting medicine. What did I get? Some Ibuprofen. Oh, and a $300 bill. This place is awful. I'm going to call the billing department again and ask who the doctor was who saw me, and then I'm going to make her out to be the joke she is on any and every website out there. Because she obviously puts her own livelihood above the livelihoods of others, a serious crime that many others in the healthcare industry are sadly guilty of.

Gale Shaffer

For the most part I had excellent care, my recovery room nurse was the best I got excellent care from her she had a great sense of humor and I really enjoyed my time with her in recovery. I had her laughing so hard I guess it was the medication and she even came up the next afternoon to visit me in my room I want to thank her, so much for all the great care I receive from her. On the other hand the nurse's assistant or AIDE was not so nice I reported her to the unit director on that floor, I will be going back down to Methodist in June for major back surgery if I have that same AIDE I will request to have her replace. All of my nurses who took care of me we're fine I had no problems with any of them all my needs were met.

travis shake

Dr Martin (black guy) is a total pos. Discharges my wife after surgery. Asked him to help by writing just a very very small amount of medication (not opioids) to help her get through the next few days since we're stranded 100+ miles from home. He denies and says to call prescribing doc (known damn will it's holiday weekend and that's not possible. This is by far one of the worst hospitals we've ever had to be in. Not to mention seemed like most of the nurse staff is just there to be paid and not to help. Absolutely a pathetic excuse for a hospital, absolutely pathetic

Joann McRoy

I would encourage anyone to go to this hos. The best ever DR`s along with many others, They did not question any thing,they knew what to do! (My Life ) was in there hands + i pulled threw my "surgeries" . I Am Alive Lots of love + respect to all. Joann

James Peter

I went to the ER yesterday for treatment of a dog bite to my leg. I sat in the lobby in pain for 2 hours before I was taken in, then sat on the bed bleeding for hours before your nurse applied an antibacterial on it and gave me a pain pill and a tetanus shot. Nobody could explain why I was not getting a rabies shot, which is standard after a dog bite.They did an Xray to "see if the dog had lodged a tooth in my leg" but never discussed the results with me or even showed me the X ray. When I finally got tired of waiting, and told them I was leaving, THEN, the lady decided to hurry up and clean my wound, AFTER they had applied the antibacterial. Now I didnt go to Nursing or Medical School, but I can read the instructions, and know that you have to clean a wound BEFORE applying Bactricin. Your service is TERRIBLE, and you are clearly not following the proper clinical procedures or standards of care that are required from a health professional. I will NEVER go back to your hospital EVER, and you should be ashamed of yourself.


This is a none-profit hospital so im not sure if my standards are asking too much and I believe this hospital means well and the history is without argument one of the best period. They just need to work on the cleanliness of the hospital. Im speaking about the maternity unit on the 3rd floor only because that is where we are. The shower in room 20 has mold and dust is everywhere. The water fountain just outside of triage closest to the rooms is clogged with all kinds of _____. I hope this helps.

Allison Hayden

The nursing staff was very polite and attentive to my me and my injuries while I was admitted here.

Kurt Miller

I was very impressed by the service that I received while I was there , it was an 8 day medical emergency stay and not only did the surgeon save my leg from amputation, everyone treated my wife and I like family!! I definitely give 5 stars, you guys all ROCK!!!

Vanessa Blair

Some of the nurses on the 6 th floor are rude. When they think no one is listening as the change sheets. They talk bout the patients on the floor. They need to be dealt with. One got rude with my mom. And that is not right

Alicia Shipley

They got me right in, assessed my needs, and treated my problem professionally and in a friendly manner. I was very pleased by the personable staff and care with which they treated me.


If my sister was taken to another hospital she would have lived

Face MrcEnt

Did a wonderful job with my brother when he got rush there


Worst and most traumatic birthing experience of my life. Had no rights as a patient, and no professional took responsibility for the neglect and abuse. I was completely mistreated and I still have nightmares.

Cynthia Godwin

This is the first time my rights were violated and the staff and security guards teamed up to take down a patient. The staff double teamed me and told me I have no rights in this hospital. My five year old daughter got security called on her twice. My family wasn't permitted to see me and were treated with pure DISRESPECT. I kept asking for administration to help and kept coming back to the same nurses I HEARD laughing and making fun of me while I was hurting, confused, and clearly in need of help. I am applaud at the treatment I received from the nurses, security, and administration.

shura mckinney

This place is absolutely filthy. Been in the CCU waiting room going on 5 days and it has not been cleaned one time. No linens picked up no floor swept and tv is from 2003 which explains why it’s so blurry it’s unwatchable. The only bathroom for that floor has not been cleaned in 3 days and I had to call 3x for toilet paper. Thank God the nurses in CCU are excellent!

Dawn Spears

We've had nothing but excellent service from doctors and nurses answered all questions we had

Wicky Lightyear

Very professional staff and quick service.

Destiny Marie

Horrible visit , staff was rude and unprofessional

Angel Brown

I was rushed there in January with 3 gsw and a bullet lodged between my aorta and spine which can be operated on while I was there the care was good but upon release the doctors weren’t very helpful and released me and I am now having problems that my doctor doesn’t seem to care about

Kylea Finley

Methodist is the new wishard hospital its horrible been here for over 13 hours and no body knows anything staff rude .

Allen Hill

Today I walked into my brothers room whom is in a coma and he lay in feces and bed soaked urine. The nurse and staff were very flippant and rude about it. The room is a5217. It's horrendous.

Robert Brenton

Saved my life in 2015 . Thank you.

Calico Jack

Had a really good experience with a couple nurses. If you're on the B400-s I hope you don't get Ebony as your nurse. She was the worst.

clarissa caston

Lack of communication skills (STAFF) Not good at listening to the patient with their problem. My Sister had brain Surgery (Dangerous Surgery )the doctors took hours before Speaking with us. Are Over all experiment Is bad

sreane joy

I have never been treated so badly in my life. I will not go to this hospital if I am dying!

Sierra Williams

I honestly wouldn’t even give them one star! My ob in Evansville transferred me here to deliver earlier than 37 weeks because I have hard time breathing and not to mention I have cystic fibrosis which is even harder than other pregnant women who don’t have it. Anyways the doctors don’t care about what health condition your in they told me if the baby is fine then we’re not gonna deliver yet. Also this place needs to be updated bad! They need knew monitors! Also the tv is very old! The vents in the rooms are very dusty so is the ceiling not a very clean hospital! The bathroom had girls hair on the floor in the shower. Some of the respiratory staffs are rude! I’m very disgusted with this place!

Liddy Summers

They where the est. I had twin early and they took the best care of us

Andrew Rumple

Good ICU here. Would give 5 stars but too many stupid rules.

Robert Morrison

In for prostate surgery. Outstanding care from Dr. Lingeman, all the Dr. residents, all the nurses and terrific food service and food quality. A benchmark for excellecnce in all regards. Thanks for being people who are so good and so caring.

Karmen Sanchez

My wife is an employee at this hospital and would not recommend it to anyone... When you're on hold for 34 minutes the jingle says "IU health delivers exceptional care" but the care delivered here is anything but that. The hospital is filthy from top to bottom and no respect for employees or for patients. Do not recommend.

Angela McG


Emma F

They took good care of my dad while he was there, the doctors and nurses are really friendly and professional.

Dana Davis

They are slow as heck I have been sitting here for almost 3 hours in the emergency room September 18, 2017 since 11:30 my dad broke his finger and we first ran Radiology and then Radiology brought us down to the emergency room and been here ever since his x-rays already taken I don't see why it's taking so long to figure out that his finger is broken and what to do about it why you have all these people sitting around laughing and playing on the phone playing on the computer doing absolutely nothing talking about everybody. You have 1 person checking in patients at the front counter which is ridiculous when you have a line going out the door. So slow

Brittney Nicolas

This is one of the worst hospitals I have dealt with. It took them 10 hours to get a room after having surgery.

Adraine Ingram

Methodist Hospital has ALWAYS been known in the past for outstanding continuing education seminars under the direction of Mrs. Sandy Peircy, RN, who is now retired. Everyone was welcome, all of Sandy's Seminars were orchestrated perfect. Kim Brewer, supposed to be RN, is RUDE to the max. When you contact her about the seminars Kim says, ''I located your request in my junk mail''. Via telephone she can tell the tone of your voice if you are black, once you tell her you are an LPN, Kim isn't concerned. Kim Brewer wants the seminars to accommodate RN's only. I did not know IU Methodist Hospital had such a hateful nurse on their staff. The trouble with this nurse, being a black patient in this hospital, what about the nurses that are her friends, they must feel the same way. Kim Brewer, needs prayer to rid herself of her ignorance in this society. Rude and arrogant, without organizational skills. Wow!!!!! What a RISK!!!!! LOTS of complaints from other nurses also, about the seminars she is conducting and presenting.

Kamela Martin

I love this hospital...the staff is amazing!!! I had my daughter herand both my surgeries. These are the only medical people I trust. I recommend this hospital to everyone I know.

Steve Carr

Anywhere but here. I'm in post op. Terrible facilities

Valencia Love

Dangerous neighborhood metal detectors the longest wait times only one Check in line and u have to pay for parking worst hospital ever

Lisa Bowles

my daughter had a stroke and the nurses there are absolutely the best. great care....

James Carter

Very unprofessional personnel at every level

cyle hartgrove

Great staff and great food (:


Today was the first time we've been to IU Health as we are new to the area. The lobby wait time was extremely quick however that is quite frankly where the smiles end. As soon as we pushed through the door from triage to the actual ER I was shocked at the filth that I saw in an emergency room. Cluttered hallways, dirty floors, noticable dust balls in corners. AND THEN we were escorted into the room where my other half would be seen and treated... the floor had spills, drips, foot prints from one end to the other. The bedside table had crumbs as well as something smeared on it. The brightest thing in the room was the crisp white sheet on the bed... in my experience as a professional cleaner if the floors and table is clearly dirty the entire room is filthy. When the extremely nice nurse came in I did mention the un cleaned room, he apologized and moved on as if I had not said a word. Which lead me to believe if I wanted the room clean I'd have to clean it myself. Which I did. After cleaning the bed and rails, tables, sink, dispensers ( which were empty- no SOAP to wash your hands) in the room I moved onto the bathroom which was beyond disgusting. Never have I been to a hospital an seen such. Isn't housekeeping required to clean after each patient and discharge? I AM VERY DISAPPOINTED IN IU HEALTH METHODIST. VERY DISAPPOINTED.

Layla Tavassoli

If I could give this hospital negative stars, I would. Absolutely atrocious and inhumane treatment of patients with no sense of an ethical practice. The whole IU Health system is quite revolting, but this particular location is horrible (the “patient advocate” Jennifer Killebrew who I was advised to work with didn’t even seem to believe me when I said I was treated there after dealing with a claim - just incredibly disorganized and unprofessional). Would not recommend this hospital or organization to anyone. No one returns phone calls, and the treatment is appalling. They wouldn’t even take responsibility for causing neuropathic damage to my arm and nearly causing my heart to stop during a potassium infusion. Just truly some of the most criminal activity I’ve ever seen. Please save yourself the damage, and opt for another hospital.

Stephanie Roberts

The reason they are named in the magazine is because in Indianapolis, they are the place where race car drivers go if injured/hurt. A hospital can be recognized if it's a place where the famous can go and be treated as the best. My experience with them has been far from the pat on the back they are giving themselves. My only hope/wish is that they treat patients better than their staff. At the first chance they get, they will fire a 20+ year nurse who has an excellent care record, and is known for standing up for patients rights even with the doctor, but when that one nurse isn't able to make her shift because she is having a medical crisis of her own, they grant her FMLA and then cancel it and fire her, because they can bring in 3 new nurses who are straight out of college and hire them for the same pay. So if you are a patient, would you rather see a fresh out of college nurse who it takes 6 times to get a catheter in or a seasoned nurse that can do it right the first time, and will stand up for your best interest? As for patients, my mother has been having mental problems for YEARS 10+ years, had been taken to Methodist numerous times and in 10+ years, they still can't seem to get her right. They get her barely stable and send her home, and within 2 weeks or less (this time 3 days) she is right back there. When did hospitals stop caring about the patient and worry more about the money??? Oh wait, hospitals are always worried about the bottom dollar, especially when it comes to the bill. I've seen bills where they will charge for the whole roll of gauze tape when they probably have used three inches to tape your iv down. Keep up the below par work Methodist. If it wasn't for the celebrities coming there, you wouldn't be named in any magazine. I would go to Wishard Hospital before I went to Methodist - any time, any day, any week. Didn't Indiana University have enough of a stigma with Bobby Knight always being associated with the university without adding their name to Methodist Hospital???? If I had 10 thumbs they would all be pointing down, but unfortunately I was only born with two. I would rather be treated by the homeless men/women on Senate Blvd with a rusty hacksaw and a $2.99 bottle of Boone's Farm then walk in this hospital ever. And I can tell you this from experience, that they care more about the almighty dollar than they do their staff or patients.

Elizabeth Dove

Don't go here for any emergency. I almost died here. I was hemorrhaging and my husband was my only form of care in a hospital full of doctors and nurses.

Brian Wade

Nothing but great things to say about IU Methodist Hospital. My doctor and all of the staff were terrific and attentive.

Mary Coder

They saved my life! Everyone in every department that I went through for care/treatment/surgery was phenomenal and treated my husband and myself like we were the only patients that mattered. I will NEVER go anywhere else not will my immediate family. You're in very good hands there with top knotch care, technology & treatment.

Amanda Reed

This place is a using women's restroom....people puking in the lobby...people at the desk 100% rude to anyone....

Brian Wodetzki

Great staff clean facilities. The nurses were wonderful and always willing to help. Everyone was cheering polite.

toya brown

Terrible care on the 5th floor. The nurse didn't care about the medication effects on my mother law, so when she couldn't move after spine surgery the nurse gave up. Please dont to this hospital. The nurses have lost their compassion.

Susan Szulc-Flissi

My father went to the ED having a stroke, with a known cardiac hx of quadruple coronary bypass, hypertension, high cholesterol, & atrial fibrillation. They didn't even admit him, sent him home & he had another stroke 3 days later with debilitating chronic effects. His life has been permanently changed. To say that I am highly unimpressed is a gross under statement to say the least. I wouldn't take a pet rodent there for treatment.

David Byrne

I was born here! Very good.

Patricia Edwards

Emergency waiting room was dirty, and nasty. If I ever get sick again I'm going somewhere else.

michael johnson

The nurses in the mother and baby department on the 3rd floor were very rude and unprofessional they wouldn't give us any cream for our newborns diaper rash for four days and it got very bad I recommend they retrain some of them and make them have some consideration and compation I mean these are new babies and that is not a good first experience into the world there was a nurse named stacy she was the best nurse there very caring I wish the rest of the nurses were like her!

I Castle

Terrible experience in ER with Mr "I think I am God" doctor, a real winner. No sense of urgency, place is filthy and sub zero patient attention. Zero communication as to what's going on. I will never come down here again. Very disappointing.

Kenneth McNeely

The reason I am not giving a 5 star rating is that I cannot close my eyes for a few minutes while sitting in the ICU units with my wife who was recently involved in a life endangering car accident that left her battered and broken from the pelvis up. I'm told I have to go to the waiting room while I worry about her. I'm sorry but I have been going almost non stop for the past week, at the time I'm giving this review, on less than 24 hours of sleep in 7 days due to worrying about my wife dying while I'm not by her side. I was at the edge of the room and just closed my eyes for a few minutes. I understand that if something happened to her and I was asleep they may not be able to react as quickly due to waking me up, that she could die. Other hospitals allow cargivers to remain by the patients side and even sleep if they need to. As far as the care goes, I'm 90% satisfied. There have been a few nurses that have not given adequate service to my wife as a patient but most have been right there when she needs something and have been able to give excellent service. I thank the hospital doctor of the ICU units for saving my wife's life. I'm just not happy about some of the service received. In general, keep up the good work. I would recommend this hospital to those who may need their service despite my 4 star rating.

Caitlyn Rose

Confusing getting around the building

Jennifer Williams

I have been taking my children there since birth and i had been going there my whole life . I loved this hospital but in the last 2 years it has gotten so bad i will never go back or take my child . the er staff is so slow its unreal and so unprofessional. They use to have a fast track and any time i have had to take someone there it has been closed . You have people waiting so long to be seen they fell out in the emergency room and the staff just stood there . i would not recommend this hospital at all

Rissa RaeLynn

My son Eli Moody, was lifelined to the ER this past Tuesday. Words cannot express the appreciation and gratitude our family has for the exceptional care. From start to finish, the social services and ER staff was beyond amazing in every decision they made regarding the care of my son. Too many names to remember and thank each one of you individually...but from the bottom of heart and on behalf of the Moody family, we thank you!!!!

Nicholas Dismukes

My husband was in a major semi truck accident and brought in by helicopter to receive surgery on multiple broken bones in his leg. When I arrived the next after noon over 15 hours since the arrival to the ER, 10 hours since surgery, he was laying on glass from the accident, still had glass in his wounds as well as his eyes, mouth and head. They ordered PT to get him out of bed before the 5 hour mark after surgery and could have made the injury worse by doing so. Thankfully the PT is the only competent person in this part of the hospital and refused to do more than suggest exercises after 10 hours to start. His mother and I had to remove the glass and almost beg to have help changing his sheets because he couldn't get up so he was off the glass covering him from head to toe. Now day two his OR surgeon came in, (husband felt well enough for PT and wanted to try getting out of bed) but when the surgeon came in for his 2 minute (if that) eval he grab my husbands leg lifted it 8in off the bed and basically twisted it and turned it so fast and hard I didn't even have time to say "what are you doing?" Before he was back out the door, leaving my husband in agonizing pain for the rest of the day, and putting him back to wanting IV meds he had been off for 12 hours to try and get discharged on day 3. We have since than been dealing with people who walk in to his room and have no idea why he's here or what his name is to do what ever test they need to do. We have to tell the nurse that they are over do for pain meds then wait 40 minutes for any relief during the day. At night if you tell one person he's due for meds they don't relay it to anyone else, and God for bid you fall asleep while waiting cause you don't realize no one has come, until your woken up by your husband's screams over 4 hours after he was supposed to have meds. He has massive amounts of cuts, scraps and surgical marks that no one cares if they bump and send him in to a high 10 in pain. We tell them he has to pee and they say oh it's not been 8 hours yet since your last Cath so you'll have to wait, even though the scans at the 8 hour mark are showing he's to full and if they waited much longer it could cause problems. Have asked for a transfer to a hospital in our home state but have been told we have to clear it with 6 different people and if they don't all agree to the transfer he won't be going anywhere but their rehab facility here in Indiana for his full recovery time, meaning over 2 months away from family and his support system. I hope we never have to come back here and we can get out before they make his condition worse or cause something else to happen!

Walkr Shaw

Best place ever

kristina pearson

Ive been here for back surgery for two days now i go home tomorrow. My surgeon was amazing and my nurses (all but one) have been amazing!! Oh and the cheesecake is fire!!! Lol loving it!

Treasa Linnemeier

I am a trauma flight nurse with 26 years experience. We live in FORT WAYNE. Now that's so bad, Parkview being the WORSE. The only thing they have different is the food is amazing!!! But, I feel fortunate.that I am alive. They transferred me to METHODIST, Indianapolis. The staff were awesome, attentive, I had just spent another five weeks there was in worse shape. Methodist was great I love the honesty from the staff and how punctual they were with meds, information they were great my pain was controlled with in 6min. I love you guys. Now, I am septic again and on our way back. Feel free to contact us anytime. Now the 1 really really really bad complaint is the food I don't think my dog would eat i.e.. Please let me know when it becomes edible.

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