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REVIEWS OF IU Health Bloomington Hospital IN Indiana

Reily Anderson

Debbie Gallo

The emergency room had 8 pieces of trash on the floor.

Denise McDowell

Andrew Houlne

The staff tries, but there are some issues with this hospital. My wife was brought in after a bicycle crash and was admitted overnight for observation and pain management. My feedback: - When you admit a patient, provide an action plan and post it where they can refer back to it. If you are in a hospital as a patient, it's not likely you will remember what your doctor said. - Get key information, like dietary requirements, up front. My wife typically eats vegetarian, but that wasn't noted until late the next day. Every initial food tray had to be rejected, and a new order placed. - Be aware, responsive, and prompt. Numerous alarms would alert through the night and day, creating an environment where it is impossible to think let alone sleep. If the alarm can be ignored, then don't set it. - Set expectations. If it really takes 2 hours to get an x-ray, then convey the schedule up front. Don't let the patient wonder. There is no reason this can't be a top Hospital, but it will take a culture change, and a lot of work.

Loretta Breeden

On Dec. 7, 2017 I had a reverse shoulder replacement. My meal was brought to me and left on the table with no help to open my utensils. One arm was in a body sling and totally useless. I was released on the 8th. I had to ask someone how to get out and then I had to walk all the way to my vehicle. A cousin had some stomach surgery and the same thing happened to her! I DO NOT recommend them.

Brandy Morris

They are very helpful and very kind thank you

Jerry Ludwig

Yvonne French

Run for your life. Go to Monroe Hospital. I filed a HIPPA compliant, no privacy, negligent staff, wrong drugs, conflict in care. Do not go to IU Health if you can about your health.

Mohammed Alamri


Wow, the customer service is awesome, Kia, the Critical Care nurse assured me a message would be delivered to my friend, receptionists were on the ball, and everybody was polite and gracious during this stressful period. My buddy will be hospitalized during the Christmas holidays, and I know he is in good hands.

melissa jewell

Took 11 year old son with a 101 fever and he couldn't swallow very well waited 4 hours in wait room. People came in and waited a little while and went in, can't say what was wrong with them they were laughing and kept going out to smoke. Couldn't have been to bad. We never saw a doctor when we were leaving the man at the desk looked at us I said after 4 hours of waiting we are leaving. He shrugged his shoulders and wrinkled his nose and said oh. I will do everything in my power to never go to that hospital again. I urge everyone else to to the same and travel a little further to get good help. I had to make a least 1 stat to get this to post I guess that is one way of getting a star.

Rob Aptheker

Witch doctors and Trolls would do a better job at providing Medical Care in this community

Etho07 Ethan

My family has always received excellent care here. All of our families children are born here and have been for generations. We have always recieved beautiful care from this Hospital. Our youngest child who was 5 at the time broke his arm at the ymca and was rushed to the ER because it was such a bad break. He was treated with great care and love. My oldest son was rushed to the ER when he was 10 and had his apendix removed, after the surgery the surgeon informed us that on our sons ex-ray it showed that he might have Spina Bifida. After having him tested it was determined that he did in fact have Spina-Bifida and his spinal cord was tethered to the base of his spine. He was born like this and it wasn't until we took him to the IU Health BLoomington ER that this was properly identified, had this wonderful Doctor not found this our child could have very easily become paralyzed. The Booomington Hospital set us up with a wonderful Neurologist at IU Health Riley who assured us of her ability to do our sons spinal cord surgery. If you are a parent then you know that there is nothing in this world worse then your child being sick and there is nothing you wouldn't go through or do to help your child and when we could no longer help our son the wonderful doctors and nurses at Bloomington hospital did. I applaud and give my deepest respect to the Doctors and nurses at Bloomington Hospital.

Jacob Tibbett

The staff was extremely nice and the fact is most people are in a bad mood around places like this so the reviews are harsh when they don't need to be. I got helped everytime I asked and they treated my entire family with the upmost respect. Thank you for all your staff did.

Michelle Slaughter

My mother had emergency vascular surgery on Saturday and will be there for another week. Tonight, they put a woman in her room that was transferred from Bedford Hospital that was supposed to be in isolation due to being septic. Luckily, my brother was in the room when the nurse for the other woman came in and told her family that they would need to be "suited up" and wear gloves to EVEN ENTER THE ROOM due to the severity of her contagiousness. All-the-while, my mother and brother were sitting next to them listening to the nurse's conversation WHILE EATING DINNER! If it weren't for my brother going to the nurse and telling them that they overheard their conversation, THEY WERE GOING TO LEAVE MY MOTHER IN THE ROOM, without protection! They admitted that the other woman was having a C-DIFF test done and that "the doctor ordered the woman to be in isolation". My mother stayed in the room for an hour a half after-the-fact and told my mother that they will let her know if the other woman tested positive so she could be tested. I'm so beyond angry and no wonder people say this is the hospital to come to if you want to die! I'm thankful that I DO, in fact, have the audience to make sure this is made well aware of.

Bloomington Reviewer

Jake Jewell

I was just in there for a week,because I had to have surgery and I had nothing but perfection while I was there!!!!!

James Lowery

The ER wait is ridiculous, waited 4 hours and they never saw me. Eventually i left, as numerous people before me did... Will NEVER go back to this hospital again.

Ashley Hardy

Great hospital and such an amazing nice doctor's but not very fast service that is my baby sis that is 7 months lol

Some One

I went to the ER with my 2 year old. He had a swollen penis. The PA diagnosed him with cellulitis. She admitted she did not know what it was, because they did not do a culture due to the lack of discharge. She prescribed antibiotics anyways; I refused. I told her that they are dangerous to gut flora and she asked if my son likes yogurt; as if store bought yogurt could replenish what antibiotics would destroy. This is the reason we have super bugs; medical profressionals over prescribing dangerous antibiotics. It was not cellulitis. It was swollen due to the natural separation of the foreskin. Everytime I go to a doctor I lose more and more faith in our medical community; it seems the majority are over paid pill pushers.

Karen Soo

Went to the ER with excruciating lower back pain. I've had back problems for 30 years and had some awful pain, but nothing like this. I rated the pain 10/10 for first time ever. At home, I had stabbing pain when I stood up with the support of a walker, then the stabbing pain started again after taking a few steps. I would sit down for relief, but within 2 min had stabbing pain again. Could find any relief at all only when curled up in a ball in bed. At the ER, I asked to lie down while waiting 2x but was told no, just sit there! The intake girl was so rude and condescending. Then, I had to wait several hours, sitting in a wheelchair in excruciating pain before I was helped. I cried the whole time. Once someone took me back to a treatment room, the staff were nice. They gave me pain medication to get my pain under control but said they couldn't send me for an MRI. Then they left me in another area to wait for a ride home. I wasn't sure where I was or if my ride would know where to pick me up, so I started to walk out. Couldn't wheel myself in the wheelchair or push it, so a staff person showed me how to push it from behind. So, I walked out to the main drive by myself pushing the wheelchair for support. A 90-year-old friend had to help me to the car. If I ever have to use the ER again while in Bloomington, I'll go to Monroe Hospital.

queen city

My critically ill father received incredible care from all of his doctors and nurses. The entire IVU and PCU staff clearly communicated his symptoms and options to us!

Steve Baker

Went to the emergency room with severe right side lower back and groin pain. They did a CT scan and said my bowel was impacted and that was causing my pain. I questioned that as the pain was so localized and bowels have been working fine. So after a 6 hour stay and never seeing a Doctor they tell me to go home and take a laxative and gave me a Rx for stool softener. I go home and follow their directions and clean my self out. I get up next morning, still have pain and now I have bright red blood in my Urine. I called them and talked to a charge nurse. They say I would have to come back or see my primary care Doctor. Why would I go back there ???? I am not a Doctor, but seems I have a kidney, bladder, or urinary tract infection. Go figure.

Karen Forajter

My mom fell and broke her hip while we were visiting Bloomington. The staff at Bloomington Hospital were incredible!! So professional yet kind. They went above and beyond to put my 85 year old mother at ease. Dr Hood was amazing- great bedside manner and highly informative. Dr Rink went out of his way to ease my mom’s worries. Both Drs were so personable and approachable. The extraordinary service continued with the nursing staff that cared for my mom. Kristie on the orthopedic floor has such a friendly, optimistic personality. She is a great example of someone who truly loves their chosen profession. I feel that my mother received the best care possible. A huge thank you to everyone that tended to Rita Anderson- we truly appreciate each of you!!

Virgil Erb

Their bedside manner here needs a serious overhaul. We get a lot of "your not my patient so I can't help you" . We had an iv machines alarm goin off for 10 minutes 28th nobody coming to check on it. Finally I went looking for somebody. I found a nurse right outside my girlfriends room. He said he had heard it but it wasn't his patient so he didn't come in to check on her but he would make sure to tell her nurse about it when he ran into her. I was so mad I didn't even think to get his name. Her nurse came in and was really apologetic. It wasn't her fault she had been on lunch when the alarm started. So I guess if your nurse is busy nobody will come to help if you need it unless you go look for them. Whatever happened to teamwork in the workplace?


Similar to other reviews my sister went there multiple times for a problem they couldn't diagnose properly and even sent her home with the wrong prescription. She almost died if not for the fact that when the ambulance came she asked to go to the other hospital and they saved her life by airlifting her to Indianapolis!

William Wallace

Typical hospital, extremely poor communication between nurses and doctor and patients. Wife was in surgery, was in waiting room and no one came to notify. They did try to call once and left no voicemail. That was the only contact even attempted. Contacted 3 different areas to find her status and was not allowed to see her in post op. Information desk is extremely helpful and most volunteers are great. As is typical for hospitals they do not treat you as the customer you are who is paying outrageous prices. But this is the fault of the american healthcare system not this hospital. Also multiple nurses flat out lied toe about hospital policies.

gerald bull

Total Knee Replacement surgery by Dr. Lucini. Care provided was excellent by doctors and all involved in my brief post surgery stay at hospital.

Ryan Newton

They were great for our child's birth and maternity services. I'm horrified at the reviews of the ER here. ERs are always terrible and I can't tell if this means that Bloomington Hospitals is actually worse than usual or just usual.


I was treated 2 days in a row my PA LaurieJo Hall Cueto-Arreola. The first l had a temp of 103 and wasnt even offered Tylenol. She told me both times l just had canker sores and would eat within the month. Finally l went to Monroe where l found put l have severe shingles. The PA also said l was manipulative and drug seeking for asking for cold water! At Monroe they said its an extremely painful condition! Incompetent AND abusive doctor

dylan taylor

Hey, that's pretty good

Shane Worley

ER receptionists are terrible. Laughing and joking while our family is waiting on news about our relative. Terrible communication for an "emergency room"

Cynthia Hintzwesterfield

brenda king

To the Cardiac Unit, Theresa, Susan, Linda, thanks for taking such good care of my sister. You people rock. You even went above and beyond. I was a NICU nurse and i know how hard the job can be. Thanks.

Stephanie Dean

I don't even know where to start.. Nurses Lindsey &.. Sam Best Nurses ever the staff treated me like I was the only patient there!!! Bloomington Hospital is the ONLY way to Go. .. EVERYONE JUST SO PLEASANT..thoughtful..kind and really cared about their patients!!! I was there for 10 days....beds aren't comfortable but they want you home as much as you want to get home!!! Thank you all ICU..PED..!!!!

Joseph Blahut

my 90 year old relative was admitted with broken pelvis July 6 and left July 10. She was in room 4108. She wanted her purse locked away but no one ever did so. While she was getting x rays, someone stole the money out of her purse. They took all her grocery and living expense money. It is a shame that a thief works under the guise of helping people.

Katreen Boustani

I wish I could give this hospital less than 1 star honestly. A few months ago we rushed my boyfriend to the ER after he stated having really strange severe muscle pain and heart palpitations. He was born with a heart murmur and told the nurse up front about this and that he suspected there was something wrong with his heart and that his pain was an 8-9 out of 10. Despite this, they took their sweet time and we waited for 2.5 hours before being seen. Finally, when we did get in, we didn't even see a real doctor! Only a physician's assistant. This assistant, while very pleasant, did NOT run an ekg, or check his heart out whatsoever despite us suggesting to do so. Months later, he's seen a specialist and learned that he has a serious heart condition and the cardiologist who saw him was baffled at the horrible misdiagnosis (the physician's assistant from the ER had suggested he was experiencing muscle cramps but said she just "didn't know what was wrong" and sent him home) He was also disturbed by the absurdly long wait, as the situation was very serious and could have been fatal. I'm shocked and disappointed at the horrible service and horrible expertise. We went to the emergency room needing emergency care and did not receive that at all. Thank god my boyfriend was lucky and survived long enough to seek other treatment. The staff here was dangerously incompetent.

Dawn Turner

Aimee Morrison

This is the worst ER in Bloomington. The staff and doctors treat you like absolute garbage. I was in a car wreck and diagnosed with a shoulder contusion, but dismissed any of the other parts of my body that were in pain. They didn't listen or care what I had to say, I was just another number. They gave me nothing for my pain, which was quite severe and they treated me like a "drug seeker". This is not the first time either. I would suggest not even wasting your time or insurance. If you must go to an ER and you have insurance, to go to Monroe Hospital. They treat you with the respect of the Hippocratic oath in which they have taken. Keli Ferguson is awful and I will NEVER come to this ER again. The information desk and people who check you in, however, are very friendly. Too bad the doctors aren't the same way.

Michelle Bryan

Last time I was there with my son, who was diagnosed with scarlet fever that night , had to wait in the waiting room for quite sometime before being taken back to a room. The staff was amazing , mainly one impiticular, I think His name was Mr.Stafford, he was part of the cleaning crew. He cheered my son up when he was to scared to see the doctor. Thank you so much Mr. Stafford.


Katie Burris

The psyc. Unit is a joke!

Mandy Corbett

I have had two emergency room visits and two births at this hospital. I can tell you that as far as the maternity ward is concerned it is second to none! I have had 9 babies and 2 were born here. Let me tell you how bad my hospital experiences were in other states- horrifying doesn’t begin to describe them. But at Bloomington, the nurses and doctors were respectful, caring, patient and very good. Dr Waters took me as an overdue homebirth patient and was never a jerk once to me. Dr Labban and his partner were phenomenal! My nurses, Maria, Janice and a few others whose names escape me were awesome! After the births, they were respectful of all my choices and did not make me feel badly once. They were supportive but not overbearing and I can assure you that’s not the norm in the world of hospital births!!!! So, I thank them all for a great job! As for the ER visits, I think they helped a lot. I did wait four hours when my son split his head open by throwing a piece of limestone in the air.... but the bleeding was under control and he only needed staples. In conclusion, I had good experiences here and I am thankful to the nurses, doctors, food service staff and cleaning crew.


Husband passed a kidney stone. They were soooo slow in getting him pain medicine and were not professional or prepared. It was like they didn’t have a routine procedure and they were very scattered minded.

Julie Garman

I had recent extensive emergency surgery at the Bloomington Hospital. Here is what went good: * the surgeon was great converting my minor surgery into major and fixing the life-threatening problem I had. Here is what went bad: * They called my pharmacy to get a complete med list with milligrams and dosage and missed some of them including the meds I take for chronic insomnia. Therefore, I was awake the entire night following my surgery. They also switched out the Prilosec I take for heartburn for Zertec which doesn’t work for me. After 3 days of telling them I had to have my husband bring mine in from home. * The machine they had my stuff hooked to went off approximately every 30 minutes (2 out of 10 times the nurses actually needed to know about it). The staff seemed baffled by this and went through troubleshooting steps that didn’t work. I got a roommate the last couple of days and her machine went off that much too. It was interesting listening to the aids tell her the same things they told me in the same order. * After my surgery, I had a drain tube that was connected to a small bottle. No one checked this bottle and I was unaware I had it. Result: the bottle filled up and I was laying on it. That resulted in it leaking all over my bed undetected for 2 days. I’m sure that wasn’t good for my wound which was supposed to be draining. * In my room behind my bed, there was a clear bottle connected to the wall. It had fluid in it that looked similar to what had been draining from my wound. No idea how long it had been there but it looked like it had mold in it. * None of the light switches on my bed worked. The only light in my room was surgery room bright. The switch was on the wall by my roommate’s so my light got turned on constantly by mistake. * The bathroom was filthy. There was an empty bag of saline that laid in the sink for 3 days. * During my 5 days there, not one time did anyone offer to give me a bath of any kind or brush my teeth. * On the 3rd day, they came in and told me that they had to move me to a different room. So they walked me down the hall and around a corner to a new room. Five minutes later, a very nervous head nurse came in and said they had to move me back to my old room. She offered to let them move me in the bed I was in. I said that would be great since my old bed was dirty and hadn’t been changed. * On day 4, I was finally offered my first solid food. It arrived on a plastic plate with a plastic cover. Everything tasted like old Tupperware Which I couldn’t eat. I have stayed in that hospital many times over the years and the food has always been very good. Not anymore. * The evening after I ate the food, my stomach gave it all back up. I started vomiting. My kind roommate and her husband asked if I needed help. They called the nurse while I held a pillow to the staples running up and down my stomach. My nurse came in and seemed very methodical in taking care of the logistics of my situation - checking my vitals, turning off alarms on my machine, etc. My ROOMMATE’s nurse actually seemed to care about ME. She was very sympaetic and even got me a wet rag to clean my face. No one checked to see if I had gotten vomit on my gown. * Calling the nurse rarely got the nurse to my room. My last full day there, I called and asked for ice (I was back on ice only). The aid that answered the phone said she would tell my nurse. Having been told this for days with no result, I called again after 15 minutes, the aid acted like she told her but would tell her again. After 15 more minutes, I called again. Finally after an hour, my nurse happened to come into my room. I told her I needed some ice. She acted like this was completely new information. 3 times, my husband happened to walk by the nurses’ station and heard the nurses standing around complaining about the patients while alarms were going off on the switchboard. * I got shots in my stomach for blood thinner. The trainee nurse who did my last shot stabbed me like a steak. The most painful shot I’ve ever had. After 5 weeks, I still have a bruise.

LureeneFox 177

Most of the people are nice, however, their entire hospital systen is terrible, my dad has had back and neck pain for the past 6-7 months and they barely did anything to help him, told him to do the physical therapy he already did twice and it failed to help him. Most of the people are okay, but their online systen sucks.

Taylor Harris

tim buselt

In hospital now and have received the best care all nurse's were the best especially nurse Steve

Emmy B

Worst hospital ever. The ER staff is incredibly rude and the wait times are absolutely outrageous. Took my sister to the ER which was completely empty except for one other person. We waited for two hours before seeing anyone. Then another three hours just to get the results back from a urine test. This hospital is undoubtedly the most inefficient one I have ever been to. If you can go to the Monroe hospital instead, do that!

Michele Crail

This is the worst hospital ever since IU health took over before that you was in and out and now you have to wait over 2 or more hours. I had to take my son because of his foot and it was the bad hospital if I had a car I would take him to Riley Hospital for children it is the best one in the state for hospital for children

Cynthia Geisler

I was born there in 1974!

Mason Hatfield

I like it for everything, BUT the ER… If you are having an emergency definitely go to Monroe County hospital for the ER… It is much faster, and great ER staff too.

Amy Butler

I love that place

Corinne Mattioli

My daughter is presently in the ER here with abdominal pain. We were ushered into a room at 4:15 am. It is now 6:30am and we still haven't been seen by a physician. Awful ! Bordering on negligent

Craig Reynolds

What a clusterf***. Lack of communication between staff, doctors, nurses, PT, etc. A torn ACL, and was told surgery for following day. Now its an 11 day wait just to talk to surgeon. But they want to start PT, and PT did not know we were coming. And we were told to go back to work, even though she cant walk or put any wieght on her knee! Bunch of idiot, second rate people here

Joe S

I wouldn’t take my family here if it was the only place in the state that could treat them. The staff (especially security guard Lee) exhibited an egregious disregard for patient care and unprofessionalism. As a healthcare professional, if anyone I came across acted with such a blatant disregard for the patient’s interests and the laws surrounding patient care, they would not have a job where I work. The way Bloomington Hospital treated patients and guests was shameful, and I can only hope that they get audited by the department of health. Absolutely no tax payer funding should contibted to this excuse for a healthcare facility.

Shirley Douglas

My 84-year old sister-in-law was transported there after a serious fall. Ambulance and EMT'S WERE FABULOUS. Nursing staff, however, was not coordinated or communicative in her care. We had to ask the nurses to dress her open wounds, as they were unaware of them after she was admitted from the ER. Therapy experience was the worst! Therapist accused her of removing her sling after her shoulder replacement surgery and all but called her a liar when she informed her the sling hadn't even been adjusted since leaving the OR. Therapist put her in a chair, left her room and said, "I'll be right back, but she never returned." After an hour, we had to call the nurse to put her back to bed. When it was time to be discharged to rehab center, she was told she'd be leaving "around 1:00 pm." The facility's van came to transport her, and they, as well as we, were then told, it would be around 3:00. At 4:00, we asked again for release, and the new shift was not even aware she was to be moved. It appears that removing the IV and completing the necessary paper work were the hindering issues. The nursing staff failed to document the open wounds on her arms, so the rehab center was unaware of them after the transfer. COMMUNICATION SEEMS TO BE THE BIGGEST ISSUE!

Annie b


josh dillery

Waited 7 hours before I seen the doctor and another 2 after.. There's no excuse for this.

Marva Graves

I can say the cardio dept.has improved greatly!!!

Karen Lindsey

I have had 2 stays here in the last 2 weeks for somewhat different events. I was quickly given a room. The nursing staff was very attentive. My doctor is wonderful. The reason I give four stars is because I found that in my room, the nursing staff was constantly battling their equipment. IV machines malfunctioned, the thermometer on the wall in my room worked on occasion and they would have to run to get a backup, the blood pressure machine also had to be swapped out for a new one, and once my nurse had to take it manually because the machine wasn't working. It seemed like the nurses were in a constant battle with the machines on the floor and they could use some updating. This in turn would allow them to focus on their patients and cut down on the steps they take to do so. I have not been billed yet, but as far as cleanliness, and quality of care, I do put my trust in this staff at this hospital. Updates to the standard machines would improve the quality of care.

Kellie Osmon

I took my son to the ER with abdominal pain. The ER docs recommended a CT scan where the radiologist and Dr discovered a mass. They were able to quickly and accurately tell me that it was most likely lymphoma, a very rapidly growing cancer. It was this quick and accurate diagnosis that got us to Riley hospital that very night. We are currently beginning treatment but I wanted to acknowledge the amazing Team who saved us critical hours and days.


My girlfriend and I just had our baby at Bloomington hospital. First I am writing this review for both her and I since we are still here and she is in bed attempting to rest. When we arrived to the hospital and got into our room in post partum they came in and told us our surgery time had been pushed back a half hour, no big deal but still a strike in my book. The surgery went very well our doctor “Dr. Perry” was very good and the entire c-section surgery went very well. The anesthesiologist “Dr. Ridge” was also very friendly and very professional. The operating room nurse Kristen was also very good. Overall the c-section surgery went great and was the best part of our experience. After surgery is when our bad experiences began. We have been here for 3 days and have gotten zero rest at all. They are in the room literally every 20 minutes just asking if she needs anything. We feel that they are more concerned with their protocol rather than the specific care of each patient individually. In our case there is no problems with baby or Mom other then we have had about 4 hours of broken sleep in the past 3 days. Something that I have noticed as a Dad is a lot of the nurses don’t even acknowledge that I exist, and even if I comment on something or may have a question I’ve been completely ignored. which really is upsetting considering Ive been number one support for Mom and baby the whole time. One post partum nurse in particular was very bad about this, her name was “Kat Aronson” and she was on the night shift for 2 of the 3 nights we stayed. She was the rudest, most hateful nurse I’ve ever met, that is unless another nurse was around then she put on a nice little act for them. But when she was in our room by herself she was awful!! They mostly just barge into your quiet room talking in a loud voice like it’s no big deal while your thinking to yourself, “ no we don’t need another pillow will you just leave us alone so we can rest already!!” Also they will just stand there and “shoot the s**t” with their co-workers over the foot of your bed while your waiting for them to leave. I could go on for an hour but I’ll stop here. Overall I wouldn’t recommend this hospital for child birth or for anything really, I don’t know how they keep the doors open. If you can go to Indy or research other hospitals there are way better options out there we wouldn’t come back for a paper cut.

Cmdr Fuzzy Nubbins

Here's a perfect example of my average experience with IU Health. A convo I just had with medical records: Me: I called last Friday and asked that you send a copy of my MRI to my doctor in Indy and they haven't received it yet. When did you send it? Her: We sent it last Tuesday. How on earth could they send it before I even asked them to or before they even had the address to send it to? I've had them lie to me about scans in the ER, telling me I had an anxiety attack, when in fact I had pneumonia. The ER director a few years back told me before even introducing himself that they weren't "A drug dispensary" when that was the first time I'd ever asked for any. A month later I had to have a hysterectomy. When I called to make a complaint, nothing was done, to my knowledge. They've repeatedly deleted my reviews. IU has ruined the Healthcare system in this town.

Danielle Clarke

Lot's of improvement. The ER has come along way.

Eric Baker

Justin Miller

worst nursing staff I have ever encountered the 4th s nurses were highly unprofessional in there tone and bedside manner. Expect lacey, bethany, john and holly. Most of the staff from doctors, patient care assitants, and culinary staff were great but its the few that will always ruin it for the many. When stress levels are risen in an all ready stressful situations health can not be obtained. I didnt read all of the 1 star reviews but hey they all cant be complaining about the same thing.

Clifford Butcher

Been waiting to get a room and be seen in the ER For over 4 hrs and still waiting as of writing this review. Staff asked what was wrong I explained and then because her computer didn’t list what all is going on with my friend she asked so what is wrong again? Was like I just told you!?!? I’ve never seen such slow as molasses staff or this level of incompetence. Didn’t appreciate anti American CNN being shown in the waiting room either. Will never step foot in this place again. It’s a joke and their rating proves it.

Tha Cuz Show

Went in with an injured back. I could barely walk. The first test the doctor wanted to order was a urine screen. After I talked him into an xray, they lied to me and told me my xray results were unchanged from the last time. Thing is... they don't have any old xrays. This is the THIRD time I've been lied to about xrays in that ER in the last 6 years. It's pretty disgusting that they place more importance on their witch hunt that actual triage.

Corodon Baker

Good caring doctors and good comforting care.

Michelle Corbett

Had my first child here and all the nursing staff was so friendly and helpful. They helped us with all our silly baby questions and seemed like they really cared about the health and wellbeing of our little one and me. The delivery nurses were equally great and helpful. The doctors are busy people but the nurses and lactation support here really made us feel at ease.

Glenda Smith

Jon Torok

Not going to be in bloomington

Chuxi Xiao

Waiting for a long time

Mac Weber

You need to be on the verge of death before they will help you.

Chance Magno

Poor scheduling management and failure of communication.

Wade Wilson

My friend thought he had a fractured ankle. We took him to the “emergency” room at this hospital and were told there were no rooms available and that someone in the waiting room had been there for five hours! Five hours... in the emergency room. There were maybe three people visibly on staff and the waiting room was filled with people in extreme discomfort, who clearly needed immediate care. It was something out of a horror movie. I’ve been fortunate enough to not have been to many emergency rooms, but I can’t imagine a worse experience than I had at this hospital. My friend was in an emergency situation and somehow the ER at this place was treating us like we were getting a check-up at a family physician. Unbelievable. If it was a life or death situation and you were taken here, you’d be in deep trouble.

Ronald Barker

addyson kelp

Definitely dont even deserve one star. They gave me the wrong medication and were completely evil to my mom and i, definitely take the trip to Indy!

Jim Kay

Lwin Moe

Staff are friendly and very helpful. Nurses are super nice, too.

Vic Overdorf

Super fast, everyone was very nice, in and out in less than an hour, even with x rays!

Mr. Review

Don't work here, they treat their employees like they do their customers. Only worried about money.

Shania Johnson

drew bola

In early Oct. my son contracted salmonella poisoning. His pain was intense so we went to the emergency room (it being the weekend). The inept doctor diagnosed it as gas and gave him a laxative (thats a no no for a condition that causes diarrhea). Next day nothing solved. Pain increases and his pediatrician (who last saw him while chewing gum) told us to go back to the hospital. 2nd trip to hospital emergency room. Got I.V. and Tylenol. Nothing worked so we sent him back to Japan where he got proper care and diagnosis. Final bill for what would cost us about 800 dollars in Japan - $10,000!!!!!! THATS WITH INSURANCE.. . I send my bill to committee arguing their care on the first day was grossly inadequate.... Just got word back that they won't take off any charges. Honestly. Shame on IU Hospital, the insurance provider, and America. Is this how you care for your children?!?! Final bill - $2000 I.V. $22 - ONE DOSE OF TYLENOL!!!! - honestly? All this is above bluebook! Do yourself a favor and go anywhere but here! I will drive out of my way to avoid this place! They are overcharging to pay for a new hospital complex. They are risking your financial independence for their greedy gain.

Janey Sawyer

Visiting brother in law in hospital, nurse staff not showing up, physical therapy not here..all were to show up at 10 and it almost 3 and still no one here. Poor excuse for health providers. Why do people go into health profession if they're too lazy to do their job. Blood pressure goes up because staff is lazy.

Sarah B

DO NOT GO TO THIS ER. Painfully slow. The staff is cold and rude. They take hours to admit you, act as though you're an inconvenience to them, treat you terribly and try to rush you out when finished. The doctors are nice but seem to be the only ones. If you have the time to drive to a hospital in Indy, I highly recommend doing that instead of going to this hospital.

Sarah Weingarden

It's a hospital. They do a good job it just sometimes takes awhile.

Aaron Brummett

Waiting times in the E.R. are typical... but the staff is 1st grade great!

Cheng Cheng

No patient respect at all. The staff are rude and not helpful. Waited for four hours and not able to see the doctor. Staff directed me a few times at different waiting area but NO doctor shows up! More than half of the unit was empty but they kept telling me that they are fully staffed and the doctor is busy with other patients.

James Michael

I came here because I was having issues with breathing because my car burst into flames while driving. I inhaled some of the smoke while trying to get the car off the road. My doctor was extremely nice and knowledgeable. The nurses, staff, radiologist were really nice. Thank you again for your services!

kyle gruber

Elizabeth Rodda

Bloomington Hospital is the most horrendous medical facility I have ever had to use. It is owned by IU Health, a complete monopolistic system that has extended it's miasma all over the state of Indiana. 98.9% of doctors, specialists, surgeons etc. have fallen in with this conglomerate. The doctors at the hospital run in and out of your room without the courtesy of a "hello", read your chart while they're standing in front of you and then you don't see them until the next day. Some of the nurses are friendly, most are not. They make you feel like you're a burden on them, they are rude, talk to each other about you when you're right there and the rest of the time ignore you. They won't let you leave, even though you have a right to leave, regardless of what they think. All you have to do is sign a contract absolving the hospital of any wrongdoing in the case of your death. But they refuse to give you the contract, to the extent of acting like it doesn't exist. They don't notify your primary care physician, so the bloodwork they do about 6 times throughout the night never reaches your doctor, even though they work for the same company and are able to legally exchange information about your medical records back and forth between the hospital and your doctor and for some reason they don't have you sign a release of information form, which is a HIPAA violation. But it doesn't really matter because they don't notify your doctor anyway. And even if the did, I know MY FORMER IU health doctor wouldn't have even known who I was or cared and would certainly never stepped foot into the hospital to check my progress. I HATE BLOOMINGTON HOSPITAL and I hate the entire IU health system monstrosity. They care about one thing. Their bottom line. Money and how much they can squeeze their patients for. I was in that hospital for 4 days, my bill was over $150,000. Who can just up and drop that kind of money for a hospital bill, when you didn't want to be there in the first place??? STAY AWAY!!! If you even can anymore...

Janise Porter

This place was a joke. Told me to put gown on. Nurse practitioner walked in room said back pain we can not do anything for it. Get a hold of your doctor have them increase your pain medication. Then they Wonder why everybody's dying of overdoses. I will never go back to that place as long as I live

Dave Davidson

Corey Leachman

Karyn Paul

I will not write what I really think.

Adrian Fish

They didnt help me at all the first visit even though I was in severe pain and I had told them exactly what my injury was and they didnt believe me and I didnt get help until I came in a second time in even more pain, and they charged me $8,000 for TWO visits.....WORST HOSPITAL EVER.

Robert Reynolds

Deceptive---Dishonest---Corrupted Hospital. JUST STAY AWAY----FROM THIS HOSPITAL!!!

Emma Suzanne Hamilton

I got extremely sick last month and got very dehydrated from losing fluids. I came to the ER at about 11pm and was very pleased. They gave my antinausea medicine and an IV to replenish my fluids. They ran lots and lots of tests to try and figure out what was wrong with me. They nurses came to check on me often to make sure I was comfortable. They were so nice! It was a bit of a long night but I was appreciative that they did everything they could to figure out what was wrong instead of sending me away after I had stopped puking. Great experience. I feel so much better now. Very glad I made the trip.

M Merritt

Wife had to wait hours to hear back from a doctor, and apparently all this communication is done digitally. I can't imagine how it takes that long. I'm sure there's some excuse. I don't really care what it is. Please get better at communicating. Medicine is the only place where it's acceptable to be hours late to a scheduled meeting because these people have every bit of leverage. Id never even get hired if I was late to an interview and I'd be fired if I was always that late to meetings. Unsat. Provide more efficient care please. *EDIT* I just have to say we had good nurses who cared about us as patients, but it is evident they (along with most doctors) are shackled by corporate policy and process. This is clearly a place built around making money over providing a superior level of human care.

Maureen Kipp

9/22 in ER, 8:30 am. Young man at window taking info slow and not attending efficiently or compassionately. Another woman next to him said her computer didn't do the intake info so just stood there. A woman in severe pain came in and I offered she be seen before me. She got no attention till Susie came & triaged. She was very efficient throughout. Elizabeth PA seeminly overworked. Xray Tech, young girl very rude, insensitive and told me it didn't look like I needed help getting pants pulled up when I asked her for help. After half hr I called the hospital case management myself when I'd inquired about a Walker but she was only one in hospital. She did answer my question, I got the Walker. Was told I had a sprain. Instead was broken & walked with Walker for 9 days till begging IU Health for me appt was sent to IU Ortho @ Clarizz. PA said...broken, gave me a boot. I made appt with Bloomington Bone & Joint and got dmgood care. IU Health obviously cost contious, understaffed, dirty ER room, shoddy care. Egad though...they have near monopoly on regional health care. Sad state of affairs. Will the new hospital be better? It better.

Parris Wall

Me an my fiance sat there for 5 hours... Nothing happened besides his vitals being checked twice. He has had a herina and it was rebluding or however you spell it putting him in so much pain... After us waitting there and nothing i walked out of his room and not even one nurse in sight and all the other rooms surrondering us were empty. Usually bloomington hospital is the best place ever. Even though they are super busy. I understand that... But just leaving us in a room for 3 hours after we had waited for 2 hours and nothing... While he was in so much pain and sweating bc of it... I hope that everyone gets better treatment than what we have recived tonight...

Bella ak 66

They listed my uppers and having a hard time getting help

Skyler Bryant

in here to be treated for meningitis, waited 4 hours in the er with nothing to help my light sensitivity and noise sensitivity. finally got back in a room and get hooked up for pain control. they find out I do have it so after giving me pain medicine via IV every 30 minutes for a couple hours, they decide to take me to the neurologist and also decides that they can only give me pain medicine once every 3 hours now and would not give me ANYTHING until the three hours had passed. meningitis is swelling of the brain and spinal cord, VERY VERY painful. they should not have doped me up like that and then put me in a room with nothing but excruciating pain for 3 hours. everytime I hit the call button I can expect at least 20 minutes until anyone shows up. this place is a joke. go to monroe co hospital. much better staff

Patricua Phillips Phillips

My husband was admitted through ER. Got excellent care in ER and up on the floor. Nurses and doctors super

Emily Wright

Nate Hickman

Horrible hospital. RNs are lazy and sit around not doing their job to treat any medical emergency. Welcome to a lawsuit to neglect to treat your patients

Brenda Bowman

When you have a 95 yr old in pain you shouldn't have to wait going on3hours

Sarah Swanson

I’ve had 4 babies here and one surgery. My daughter had to be admitted once when she was very young as well. The nurses are phenomenal, so very kind and caring. They are all angels. I enjoy meeting them and talking with them, and consistently feel well cared for. I’m thankful for the nurses and staff who keep IU Health/Bloomington Hospital a bright resource for healthcare in our town.


Every time I have been it was a good experience, although the wait time was long

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