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REVIEWS OF Harrison County Hospital IN Indiana

Tom Werner

ER staff was friendly and efficient, but without appropriate physician on hand. Hospital billed $500.00 out of pocket. Physicians group billed $500.00 out of pocket for a "Dr. Smith".

Theresa Blight

I have nothing but praise for the hospital. I was treated with respect and kindness. I was there for 5 days. The nursing staff was professional and caring. Especially RN Angela.

Tillie Bogard

Super service and nicest people to deal with!

KayKay Whalin

I’ve never had any problems with this place before in until today waiting over an hour with no one else in the waiting for my grandfather to get an X-ray!!!! And the staff could careless!

Vince Roberts

Terrible treatment!!! How can you have a little 10 month old baby girl come in with extremely high fever for days and not be tested for the flu??!!! Told to go home and wait it out....Puhleeze!!!! Now my niece was told that he baby does have Type A & B flu!!! Thanks for nothing!!!

Patricia Payne

Going to ER was not my choice for an allergic reaction. However, AFTER HOURS, the lady at the window told me they wouldn't see me, I had to go to the ER. My lip and eye were swelling. Upon arrival to HCH-ER, I had my dtr to sign me in. The receptionist told me and dtr. to have a seat, ER would come and get me when ready. There were two other people in front of me. Not once did a nurse triage me or the other two either. A man came out and calmly called a name. The 3rd time was me. By the time I was called back I was getting rather anxious. My lip is apart of my airway(that's why AH wouldn't see me). I assumed who was a nurse that appeared as my dtr transferred me from my wheelchair to the ER stretcher. The first words out her mouth was"she don't look out of breath to me." She was RUDE to say the least. This nurse or whoever she was did not even look at the oxyimeter when she said that. Now HCH you built the big new hospital, everyone was so proud. We even had a brand new triage room. To be used for training pts. waiting to be seen in ER. That triage room will save HCH a law suite. Just like letting your receptionists do the training of walk-ins to be seen in ER. Just what does it take? It's not if but when. Also, what happened to your ER Board Certified Drs. HCH certainly went to hell once they left. Now you don't know who it is. Is is treating you. Shame on you HCH you have a beautiful facility and some excellent staff, but you don't hold them all to the same standards!!

Julie Minyard

Waited almost 5 hrs for them to tell me they had no ortho doc on call

jen mulvaney

I went in for bleeding at 13 weeks of pregnancy. The woman at registration was kind and sweet. We were called back to the ER within minutes after arrival and quickly attended to by the nurse on duty, Rebekah, who was polite and professional. She took my vitals and soon the Dr. Reisert came in. He did a quick assessment and ordered an ultrasound. A woman named Jennifer took us to the ultrasound room. She was also awesome and kind. The ultrasound tech, Shannon, was sweet and professional. Jennifer took us back to the room and said she would find out for me if I could get copies of the ultrasound pictures. She did and later the nurse brought the prints to me. A phlebotomist named Michelle came in and took blood. She was funny and sweet. She said I was her easiest patient all day because I had great veins. It wasn’t long until Dr. Reisert and Rebekah came back to give us the news that our baby had no heartbeat and was very small and underdeveloped for its gestational age. I could tell it was very difficult for Dr. Reisert to have to be “the bearer of bad news”. He said it was the worst part of his job. He answered our questions and provided a copy of the report with the diagnosis when my husband asked for it. He let us know I could choose to go home and let nature take its course or I could come back at any time if I needed anything. He gave me a prescription for pain medication for when the “passing” of the fetus took place, which I was very grateful for. Rebekah was kind and professional and offered all the resources we might need and an OB/GYN’s number to follow up with. We arrived at 2:30 and were leaving by 5:30ish, so it was also a mercifully short stay and soon we were on our way home to process and grieve in our own space. I thank God for all these people and their kindness and professionalism in a difficult and emotional situation. Everyone we dealt with was helpful and kind to us. I would highly recommend the ER services at Harrison County Hospital and the professionals that work there.

Stacy Greer

ER nurses all of them today 6/15/19 at 3pm were so rude I had to leave my mom before I lost it on thos I'll mannered, heartless people never again will I ever take my mom to that hospital, I would rather drive to Louisville every day so I know she is being taken care of and treated with respect

Rene Simpson-Humphrey

Excellence was seen here today. EVERYONE I encountered were extremely kind. Dr Flemming showed compassion and took my concerns seriously. Nurse Megan was very caring. They also had a great support staff of nursing students (Christine and another student nurse, I'm sorry I can't remember her name) that will definitely be great nurses soon. I feel much better than I did when I arrived. Thanks to each of you.

Sisters Twice

Almost died because of their lack of knowledge and testing.

Lucas Johnson

This post may be confusing because it says Lucas, but I am writing this under my fiancé’s account. Anyway, Rating this hospital one star is a star too many. One of the worst hospitals I’ve ever been to. Went there with 105 fever, coughing so hard I was throwing up blood, nausea, abdominal and back pain and dizziness. The hospital was pretty quick to give me an iv, ekg and ct which was good, but , they hardly did anything to help me with my pain, or coughing. my fiancé had to go in a cabinet in the room find a washcloth and wet down it down for me because I was sweating and burning up. Hospital staff saw this and didn’t ask if I needed water or ice or anything. The nurse was super rude, didn’t ask if we needed anything or was nice in any way shape or form. While giving her my Info, I had told her I had not had a natural cycle in over a year, I don’t take birth control and my body had just not ovulated in a year (it’s sometbinf my doctor back home and I are fixing) anyway, RIGHT after telling her this she asks me if there’s any chance I’m pregnant, after telling her there’s no way I can get pregnant she asked me why. To which I told her again, I haven’t ovulated or had a cycle in over a no, I’m not pregnant. At 1105 told us her shift was ending and someone else would be in the room soon and 30 minutes later someone showed up, and I saw the doctor twice and he got snippy with us because we had asked him if they could check my ears for an infection (I’ve had over 8 surgeries in my ears and sometimes ear infections cause me to get high fevers and sick) They ran a bunch of tests that took five hours. My oxygen level was around 75 and went up to 95 and they tried telling me I needed to stay the night because it was too low. I told the hospital over four times that I couldn’t breathe properly because every time I took a breath I would go into a coughing fit and throw up. Also told me one of my tests was elevated and may be a blood clot (I’m 25) then after numerous tests, told me everything came Back negative and told me I probably had a UTI?? Sent me home with antibiotics and nausea meds. Nothing to help the pain or my cough and told me I needed to see my doctor within 48 hours very well knowing that I am in Indiana for work for a few months and my doctor is in Wisconsin. I missed a week of work from being so sick and laid in bed for five of those days crying because of the pain I was in and being so miserable and the hospital did absolutely nothing to help me. Absolutely horrible.

Logan Trainharder

Great EMS and the hospital staff is great to work with

Hicks Family

I will never go here again. I took my 11 month old daughter here she had been running a 103 fever for 24 hours with no other symptoms. It was Sunday so I had to go to the hospital to take her to get checked because by Sunday it was 104. They gave her medicine to help bring the fever down. The doctor checked her ears and throat said everything looked fine. Said no flu no cold so then did a catheter which was so painful to watch to check for UTI that came back negative so he said just a virus keep giving her Tylenol and Motrin. Tuesday comes along still 103 fever I call my local doctor they said bring her in they swab her nose and mouth and results show she has type A & B flu. They couldn't understand why the ER dr didn't swab to check for that. So I will NEVER go here again.

Crystal Coddington

I was in labor for over 24 hours and ended up with a c section. The nurses here took AMAZING care of me during labor, held my hand as I was getting an epidural, and talked me through contractions. They really took the time to make my birthing experience personal. Into the c section, the anesthesiologist kept me calm and feeling great through out the whole procedure. Dr Dunn talked me through and told me exactly what I could expect. Days after birth dr Dunn checked on us multiple times. The nurses took very good care of my child while we tried to get some sleep the second and third night and answered call lights in a matter of seconds. I would deliver here again in a heart beat.

Katie Stroud

We took our 10 month old son around 5 am to the Harrison Co ER for difficulty breathing. The admissions rep was kind enough to take a moment and give our 4 year old a "bracelet" like her brothers and upon discharge we received two teddy bears. We'd never been there before but the nurses and doctors were very kind, patient and knowledgeable. Thank you!

Kayti Forsell

From out of town and was havin terrible neck pain and my mental health was acting up. The doctor was so rude and uncaring. I wouldn't send my worst enemy here!!!

Jenna Gehlbach

Hulen III

Devin McCollum

Staff was completely rude especially the young girl with glasses, never goto her name. I waited a hour to be seen once I was in a car wreck then once I was admitted they were rude. Better off staying home then going to this hell.

roger s

Having read the reviews I am surprised by some of them. I went to ER having symptoms of a heart attack. I've had 2 in past years. I felt that all was done quite well. Service, attention, care, knowledge all was what should be expected. I'm 66 and I found complete trust in them. The nurse Nikita was excellent and showed true caring. Dr. O was great. She took time to explain things well and showed compassion. (how often do you get that from a Dr.) All the other workers were equally good. I have no problem putting my heart in their hands. Maybe since the age of the other reviews things have changed. (I've lived here 2 yrs. And I'm from the big city.) consider yourself fortunate. Thank you.

Lindsey Knipp

We had such a good experience in the ER with friendly and helpful staff. I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone.

Bryan Davis

Diagnosed an arterial blood clot in the leg as sciatica. When discharged had to go directly back to have an iv port removed that was left in arm.

Kyle Kopp

Er doctor told us to come in it would take 5 min to get stictches removed have been here all morning waiting now noone will remove them. Several patients in and out and we are still waiting. Absolutely ridiculous!

Beverly Carter

Excellent care and super clean


My room was super dirty trash on the floor needle caps the floor was black looking. Didn't try to get my health insurance. Was in so much pain I almost passed out sent me home with nausea meds because the pain made me sick cost me $11,200 for me . For a super unsanitary experience I wish they had 0 stars

April Clark

Devinewarrior 01

Yesterday I had to go to this ER because I had a fever and severe pain in my surgical site. (The surgical department is fantastic!) I was told if I have a fever or pain after office hours to go to the ER. I went there and the person who checked me in literally rolled her eyes as I am explaining why I was here. Once they called me back the nurse that walked me back was very impatient and rude. Once in the room the service seemed too fast nobody was communicating with each other or with me. It seemed like they were stumbling over each other and they were all firing questions off to me at once. The tornado of nurses stepped out of the room and the doctor came in. (Let me tell you about My surgery. I had a polinidal cyst excision. My surgical wound has to be packed in order to heal properly. The packing hurts when it goes in and when it comes out!) The doctor asks what is going on and I tell him I am having serious pain at the site and a fever. He proceeds to untape the gauze and just yanks the packing out. Which sends me into a sobbing mess from the sheer amount of pain that caused. Then he says we need cultures and leaves. Then the nurse tornado comes back in and more questions get fired at me as a q-tip is jammed into my incision and I am getting yelled at about an IV. I am in loads of pain and trying to focus on a nurse in this tornado. Suddenly I have a nurse yelling at me saying why am I refusing treatment! When I honestly am trying to cooperate through my pain. I had enough and yelled back at her I wasn't refusing! And that she was being rude! Then she proceeds to yell at me more as she slams the tray to the other side of the bed. At that point I am in so much pain that I just sit there and sob while the nurse tornado finishes it destructo path. Once they are all out of my room I hear them talking about me and laughing right outside my door. My husband didn't have a clue what was going on and when they came back in again I6e tried to ask but they were just plain rude to him as well. Finally came back and gave me a painkiller and antibiotics and then repacked the woung and . sent me home.


Rude doctor who did absolutely nothing to help. My advice? Try to make it to a better equipped hospital! I admitted myself for cramps-he left the door open to talk to me, pretty sure HIPA Would disagree with that. & after telling him my symptoms he says I'm too young for heart problems. Tells my I'm pregnant and that's probably why I'm cramping. He didn't check to see if I was dehydrated or for potassium levels...NOTHING! & when I requested a sonogram I got RUDELY informed that I could go to the next hospital in the next town. He also then informed me that I was not in pain. My bad...I'm pretty sure that's why I came to the hospital?!? He then discharged me with prenatal and nausea RX, and discharge papers that CLEARLY state that you should seek help if you have cramping! I hope & pray he doesn't treat all his patients like he did me. I can fix myself with web md better than he could. Good riddance!!!

Anthony Tuell


I want to warn anyone that may have the misfortune of being taken here without knowing the hospitals in this area. I was having what I thought was a stroke and was unsure what was happening to me. My face, hands, and feet were losing feeling for no apparent reason and it became hard to breath. I called 911 unsure what to do as at the time I was driving alone in the middle of no where. I will not mention how terrible the EMT was as they are not affiliated with this hospital. I was taken to this hospitals ER and was immediately disregarded. I disclosed to them immediately that I had a "condition" (that I will not disclose publicly) in order to help them diagnostically as I thought at the time that being truthful was beneficial to my health and well being. I did not want anyone to know of my condition other than them they seemed to understand. However, not long after, the doctor disclosed this condition to two of my coworkers and told me that my very traumatic reaction that I have never experienced before in my life was a panic attack and that I should simply "breathe" it away if it happens again. Turns out they just ignored the fact that I had a reaction due to low potassium and I am currently on medication to regulate that. But no, it must be that I have anxiety, right? I truly regret ever calling 911 and being taken to this hospital. I should have simply pulled my car off on the side of the road and laid in a ditch and waited for whatever was happening to me to pass as I would have gotten the same amount of care in that ditch as I did in the hospital without the 1000+ medical bill. I also could have avoided the fact that they disclosed personal medical information to coworkers of mine without consulting me first and the discomfort of having to talk to them about it and ask them not to disclose it to others too.

john boy

They tell you at Administration your stress test will be $1,000 then they bill you $10,000 and say they never told you that. Supervisors don't return phone calls...Fu©£ing Scam artists.

Morgan Branch

Everytime i have ever been at the ER they are ALWAYS quick to get us back. And so great at communicating with me whats going on. And how long it will take. We love Dawn in the ER. And also there is a male dr we have seen a few times with the kiddos. He is wonderful and sweet. Labor and delivery also always goes above and beyond to make sure their patients are pampered and well taken care of which i love.

Bekah Roberts

[sarcasm] Way to go almost killing my little 11 month old cousin by not giving her proper tests. Absolutely flawless service, keep it up. [/sarcasm]

Kalee Jackson

I was rushed to the ER when my water broke prematurely. The staff was beyond fantastic. Unfortunately I had already began to miscarry so they couldn't save my pregnancy. But, they did help me deliver my son. Every nurse who saw me was beyond sweet and compassionate. The doctor was amazing and kind. They treated my son as a true baby, even letting me and my husband hold him and say goodbye. They stayed on top of my pain and helped keep my bed clean and dry. The anesthesiology knew about my genetic condition (ehlers danlos syndrome) and gave me the best surgery prep care. Dr. Dunn did my d&c which has made my experience coping at home much easier. Everyone tailored my care to me personally. I really felt valued and respected. Given the grim situation I couldn't have had a better experience. The care and compassion I received has greatly helped me start my grieving process in peace knowing my son was born respected as a child not just a fetus. I can't thank everyone enough for their comfort and care.

Jeffrey Morton

Locals often talk down about this hospital; not because it's bad but because they don't have much to compare it to. Also, it doesn't help that there's a prevailing inferiority complex that makes people from around here feel that anywhere but here is better. HCH is by no means bad. It's no large city medical complex with hundreds of millions of dollars in University funding; it's an average community hospital.

Carol Hall

I have had two experiences with this hospital. The first was when I took my thirteen year old son who said he broke his leg snowboarding. After sitting in the waiting room for 3 hours he complained of needing to lay down because of pain. I asked the woman at the desk if he could lay down until they could see him and she said no, and I don't think his leg is broke anyway. She had not even seen his leg yet. When we finally go to go back into the patient area four hours later there were many empty beds. They did x-rays and sent him home saying it wasn't broke without so much as an asprin. The next day the radiologist called and said it was indeed broken in three places in the growth plate. I said I would never go there again however years later I found myself there again in the emergency department with a nasty earache. The Doctor said to me," you have excess earwax buildup" and proceeded to shove that scope into my ear. It really hurt and couldn't have helped me any impacting the wax with the force he used. I did give them one star because he did give me some antibiotics. Today I went to an immediate care center in Corydon, Indiana that I later found out was owned by Harrison County Hospital. I had tried to get the wax out of my ear and saw blood and my ear clogged up. I asked to have my ears cleaned as my reason for the visit. Doctor Brown looked in my ears about a total of 20 seconds and told me I had gotten most of the earwax out and to use tepid water in a rubber bulb to wash the rest out. He was in there about 60 seconds and I did not get the service I asked for or that my insurance will pay for. Then they had the nerve to hand me discharge papers saying one of my treatments could be to have a medical professional remove the wax.

Tammy Pearce

Wonderful staff, very professional! Had all my children here and had a great experience each time. Their ER was efficient and friendly, Imaging and mammography are very professional. TCU took care of my mother after her stroke and they were very caring and helpful. I would highly recommend this hospital!

Andy Simpson

Mixed review, 5 stars for the staff, 2 to 3 stars for the time we had to wait to be seen! Note: If you are a tourist in the area, go to Louisville if you can, if you're local then take a good book with you!

Denise Villafranco

I will not go any where else my first night here Kenny and Jessica took very good care of me and my daughter very clean friendly staff i was very ill they tended to my every need I wanted to give a special thank u to a few of their wonderful staff of course Kenny, Jessica, Debbie,Cindy holli, and Amber I was a mess they would sit and talk to me as if they knew me my whole life they cared about me and what I was going threw they just don't know how much I appreciate all that they did for me the kindness Amber showed me was above just her doing a good job she went the extra mile as did all the staff here!! Even the one I never met they r the best hospital I live in Kentucky and came here I would give them 1000 stars but they only give us 5! I want to thank each and everyone of u I appreciate everything may God bless each one of u! Again Thank u I also want to thank Dr Perkins he also went above and beyond his duties to help me excellent staff!!!! Oh yeah a student nurse she will make a wonderful RN thank u all

Rhonda McAfee

I was in the we on 2/20/2019, my nurse hayley was an excellent nurse, the one I did not like was the we doctor I came in because my catnip me, the doctor gave me 2 shots of antibiotic most doctors are careful on antibiotic useage, not this one, he did sent me ho.e with an antibiotic that I had to take 3 capsules every 6 hours that is too much a antibiotic I do not know why in the he'll they prescribe antibiotics if they can also damage healthy organs, I threw that antibiotic away, I especially stopped it after I researched it and saw that it is the worst drug to take, I hate taking that kind of medicine the we doctor was not professional are you sure he graduated medical school this doctor was the morning doctor I want better explanations. Patients do deserve that


Terrible service, I've been there three times, hoping it would get better, but I have since went to another facility for emergencies and or other services. I would not recommend this hospital to anybody.

Blake Smith-Bohnert

I live less than five minutes from this hospital, but you won't find me here unless I'm dying and need to be stabilized. In all likelihood, you'll be transferred to a "real" hospital if something is really truly wrong, so just cut out the middle man and go to Baptist Floyd. Also, their billing department is insufferable.

As As

Horrible service!! 6 hours in ER for one shot. Just go to Floyd.

Scott Devine

Came to the hospital with a dislocated shoulder and the staff took extremely good care of me!! Went the extra mile in showing genuine compassion!! Huge thank you to Dr reinsert, Rn Aaron, tech Ashton, RT chad, and especially Np Carmen and Rn Adrienne who made me feel like family!! THANK YOU!!!!

Dabbler and a Dog

I have had to use their emergency room services twice. First time, I was kept waiting in the lobby for 2 hours and when i was finally seen tevieved no medication or fluids for my condition therm sent home amd received a huge bill for them to basically just let me sit in the ER. 2nd time I alerted my doctor ahead of time to my medical problem and had hardly any wait into the ER. The staff was very considerate and attentive. The hospital stay overnight after surgery was quiet and rather pleasant for a hospital stay. The friendliness of the staff compared to other larger hospitals was a big plus for me. Overall, despite a bad experience woth the ER previously, I still recommend this hospital for minor surgeries or medical condition.

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