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REVIEWS OF Hancock Regional Hospital IN Indiana

Jordan Cox

Patient experience goes further and a lot deeper than just the word excellent.. Assuring them that they feel safe and are in excellent hands under my watch while giving them care. Exceptional care Is being with my patient every step of way in their health plan. It’s going that extra step by Giving my patient the support through the tough times, encouragement through the obstacles life brings them, and most importantly showing them love and empathy. They may be here just for a routine visit or several day stay, they all have a different story that deserves that same exceptional experience. I am an employee in the imaging department at HRH. The Reward for me is that they give back to me more than I give back to them. I learn so much from my patients. I was once in their shoes this last holiday season. I couldn’t tell you how much support, love, and care we got while spending a couple nights at Hancock Regional hospital with my littlest one. An excellent experience comes from teamwork. From the ER staff to the nurses and doctors on the floor! Even the housekeepers checking in making sure we had everything we needed made a memorable impression that made our stay and patient experience more relaxed and put us more at ease in a scary situation. The amount of care my daughter and our family received is unmeasurable! And for that We are so thankful and blessed to have been given excellent patient experience by Hancock Regional Health.

Aaron Eckart

Everyone is friendly and willing to help with whatever you may need. They stand behind their mission and values. "To be a Caring Community Partner by healing, improving health and wellness, alleviating suffering, and delivering acts of kindness one person at a time." and they "Love people for a living."

Candice Ross

After having surgery 2/2018 I had to stay in the hospital for three nights. All of the staff was amazing. The nurses were great and most of them even went above and beyond to make sure that I was comfortable and that all of my needs were met. I was very pleased with my experience at Hancock Regional Hospital

Nicole Myers

Get ready to set and wait even bleeding all over yourself... Watch the cases of allergies be called back and prioritized above you as your setting in a puddle of your own blood.

Jennifer Stanley

Staff at the hospital are always cheerful and helpful during procedures. Highly recommend. I am proud to be an associate.

Diane Froiland

The girls that did my CT scan were very nice and caring.


Daughter went to ER three times in one weekend. Kept getting sent home after IV fluids. After less than12 hours after the third discharge my daughter was found unresponsive. Went to Community hospital and she was admitted to the ICU and stayed for a week. This hospital will kill you so steer clear. Go to Community! Female ER doctor was rude as well. The only thing this place has going for them is the nurses.

Steven Mullins

Very friendly and social company!


Went to Emergency tonight. Doctor was great. X-ray tech was great. Nurses were cold, dry, and rude in the exam room, but loudly laughing and screaming- having a blast at the nurse desk. If you want nurses with the bedside manners of a turnip, go here. If you’d like to lay in a room wondering if you’re ok while the nurses are possibly having a party outside your door, this is the place. I cannot believe how unprofessional, inconsiderate, and detached these nurses were. Very very bad experience.

Ryan Simpson

We have always had a great experience with this hospital. Both of our boys were born here and the doctors and nurses took great care of them. We also had our son's tubes put in and our daughter's tonsils removed with no problems.

Melanie Hughbanks

We are so blessed to have such a great hospital in our city.

Sandy Sandifer

Got a steroid injection in my hip and the entire staff was thoughtful, courteous and caring, thanks so much!

ashley Speed

AMAZING staff ❤️ AMAZING place ❤️

Betty B Willard

My doctors appt today was uneventful. I always dread the exam day but the confidence of the staff and the regular routine makes me more confident each time. I gave chosen true professionals that have my well being as a priority. Being able to review my notes and results through use of the digital portal keeps me informed and allows me to ask questions at any time. Thank you friends at Hancock Regional Hospital.

Drea Eggert

Poor quality care. Granted, there are a few diamonds in the rough!!

Brenda Oleary

Once again they dropped the ball. Go in to the ER and the Doctors are rude. People with real problems, sent to the ER by other health professionals, are treated like they are bothering the staff. Everyone is drug seeking. I have complained to administration and yet the crappy care continues. Stay clear of this place.

jacki caudill

We have used the ER several times for various children placed in our home. We have usually experienced long wait times in the ER waiting room. I have always had good luck with the staff and doctors there. I felt like the issues have always been treated appropriately.

Pug Momma

I had both an MRI and an XRay yesterday. Both ladies were super nice and professional.

Patty Paxton

I had test ran with Wendy and Jennifer at the McCordsville location. They were both excellent to work with and explained everything that was going to happen. Excellent job performance and excellent caring people in general.

Donna Lindley

Happy with the care and expertise at Hancock Family Med-New Palestine. Caring staff and efficient testing.

Debra Silcox

This hospital is amazing from the minute you walk in the door through the procedure you received. The staff makes you feel at ease and is friendly and helpful....keep up the good work!

Ann Ferguson

We've had nothing but excellant service. We've been treated like family but also with dignity and respect. My husband has the best doctors and nurses. I can't say enough about Hancock Regional. Also I want to give accolades to the Sue Ann Cancer Center.

Carrie Thayer

Had to bring in my 1 y/o to the ER everyone was so helpful and understanding

Larry Selvidge

Linda, Ashley & Sarah in Diagnostic Imaging were all great! Can definitely recommend this team and facility.

Brenda Overbey

My nurses were great! The whole team I had including techs , nurses and Doctors were amazing..Thanks so much

Lexxi Newsom

I had the best experience I could ever imagine in a hospital. Staff treated me like family and like I’ve been there my whole life. I’ve only been there once and I felt safe and like my health was in great hands. Thank you!

Joseph Eskew

Always have great experiences with this company!

Judy Fedorchak

I had a routine visit for a health screening and both Shelly and Debbie were knowledgeable, pleasant, and efficient. What else could you ask for!

Steve's Google

I just had out patient surgery here and the staff and doctors were some of the best I have ever had!!! They were very efficient, friendly, carrying and professional. I did not visit the rest of the hospital but for this wing, they deserve 5 star plus!!

Allyson Smith

This health system offers high-quality healthcare services, the latest technology and, most importantly, some of the most caring, kind staff, nurses and physicians I've ever encountered. We are so lucky to have a community hospital like this in Hancock County!

Sabrina Sangar

Hancock Network is an awesome place for healthcare! Such friendly staff and amazing doctors.

Dianne Osborne

Efficient check-in at the imaging department followed immediately by a warm welcome from Rhonda who performed the ultrasound procedure. Rhonda put my mind at ease as we met and talked. She explained that she is fairly new to Hancock Health, bringing more than two decades of experience from another system. She will eventually be assigned to the new Gateway facility and looks forward to joining the team. Even though I was apprehensive and somewhat (greatly) nervous about the testing, Rhonda’s calmness spoke to me. She is professional, friendly and represents all the aspects of Hancock Health that distinguish its associates and services. Thank you, Rhonda. I wish you many years at Hancock in your new role!

Tara Williams

Small town charm, state of the art medicine, community minded, with you all the way!

Nancy Faith

Everyone at Hancock Regional is very helpful and friendly!

B Ours

Anywhere you go within Hancock everyone is so friendly and there to help. I will be going to Hancock Health for years to come.

Tawn Hensley

Have used this ER for myself and my husband. We have never had a bad experience. It is clean and all the people are very nice and professional. We have always gotten in and out very quickly.


I just had a blood draw at the HRH Lab. My tech Linda was super. Very courtious and profesional.

Michele Woods

Wendy very professionally took care of me during my mammogram. She provided me with excellent service.

Emily Harrison

I love this hospital. I have been going here for two of my children now. Unfortunately my son was stillborn in July 2017. The OBGYN staff handled it very delicately and was as kind as possible with my difficult situation. They treated me like a queen my entire pregnancy and continued to treat me like a queen even after my Jackson had passed. I am newly pregnant now with my rainbow baby, still getting the same awesome treatment! I definitely recommend their OB team if you are a high risk pregnancy. They will give you a specialized plan that caters to your needs and your baby's needs. This hospital is amazing for their emergency services as well! Emergency team always listens to me even when I feel crazy. Thanks Hancock!

Cindy Cimaglio

Wonderful people!! Extremely helpful!

DB McKinley

Very favorable experience. Check in and test were efficient. Test personnel were attentive to maintaining my comfort throughout.

Abraham Salazar

Friendly atmosphere! Also the food is fantastic :D

Cynthia Neal

Amazing comprehensive healthcare in a local setting. Well staffed, patient focused care is given.

megan shields

I went in to the ER thinking something is wrong. Haven't had a menstrual cycle in almost 2 months and my tubes are tied. I am only 30 years old so not menopause. I told them I needed a blood test in case of pregnancy because urine tests are showing negative. I am having all pregnancy symptoms and afraid the baby is stuck in my tubes. They did blood work for infections, not pregnancy. Everything was negative and sent me home.. I do not feel the issue was resolved at all as that was last Monday and I still haven't had a period and still having pregnancy symptoms. If I find out I am pregnant and they NEGLECTED to run the blood test for it I am going to sue them.

connie nickels

Bev always does a great job. She listens and try to get you in and out in timely manner.

Keaton Lewis

Great place to work! Always excited to come in and see what the day has in store for me!

Brandi Epperson

Wonderful experience at each location that I have visited within Hancock.

Teresa Forsyth

I will pick this hospital first before going elsewhere, because of the past excellent service it has provided me. Today's appointment was for a CT scan. Ronnie first asked how i was doing, then explained everything as she prepared me for the scan. I am that patient who wants to know "play by play" what is going to happen, and she didn't disappoint me. It made for a less stressful procedure, and extra kudos to her for getting the IV in the first time, too!

Ashley Cook

Very personal service, the staff genuinely cares about their patients! My daughter has had to have a few procedures in the past year. I was recently there for the birth of my son and on my way out, was stopped by one of the staff members in the surgery department and was asked about how my daughter was doing. They take very good care of us all!

Trina Lf Holycross

If you have chronic low back pain, do NOT go to the ER. First, the admitting staff is very professional and actually concerned about your welfare. After that forget it. The file check for medication allergies was incorrect, for one med in particular they listed one type, when my allergy is to the entire spectrum. You will not be thoroughly examined. You get a light touch to one spot, do a couple of stand positions and that is all. You will not be given any prescriptions to replace prescriptions that you stated you had adverse reactions to, you are *stupid* and don't know what you are talking about. All you will get a lecture about taking the medication prescribed. Forget any kind of pain medication, you are automatically a drug seeker without checking your history on file, or checking through the federal database that will show any other ER visits. Then comes the lecture about cold pack and soaks. After I stated I don't have a bathtub, the cold and soak was repeated two more times. Then comes the offer to schedule an MRI if I am seeking surgery. In the beginning I said I was none to ready to go under the knife, I preferred physical therapy and had it scheduled but I was in pain and I wanted something to stop the pain so I could actually make it to therapy in the first place, and do the exercises without pain. Then came the offer to give me phone numbers of a specialist. What good is that? Most specialists require a referral from a physician. In the end I got zero help and I left realizing I didn't matter at all.

Jolanda Rankin

I fell and broke my wrist roller skating this past winter. I was promptly seen by Hancock Orthopedics (Dr. Kaushik) and surgery was scheduled. I had an amazing surgery team! Everyone from the assisting surgeons, nursing staff, anesthesiologist, to registration were very knowledgeable and courteous. You can see by the pictures, that Dr. Kaushik and his team did excellent work, look at that incision, hardly noticeable! Even went around my tattoo. I was very nervous about being under anesthesia, but I met with the anesthesiologist (Dr. Woodard) and he reassured me I was in good hands and his confidence put me at ease. If I were to ever need surgery again, I would most definitely choose to have the procedure done at Hancock Regional Hospital Surgery Dept.

Chris James

Very warm and caring atmosphere. They really have a patients first mentality at Hancock Regional.

Randy Young

Had fun getting my blood drawn. What else is there to say?

Jennie Nelson

My son had stitches at the ER and I was told to return to the ER for suture removal a week later, which we did. They then proceeded to charge me a second ER visit for that, a separate $320! I contested this and at first was told that it would be reviewed and should have been part of the original ER visit cost. They did not follow back up with me and then went on to send my account to collections. I will NOT be returning to this hospital or recommending it to anyone. Our discharge papers stated to return, at NO time did they indicate they would charge it as a completely separate visit. I am so disappointed in this hospital, I used to think it was great but it just proves they only care about making a buck.

Jessica Conaway

My son needed surgery to have tubes put in his ears, he was scheduled for surgery and the day before the surgery the surgery center called me and said I had to pay a $3,000.00 down payment. She negotiated down to $1,000.00 and said it was because other people don't pay their bills and they now take the patients payment upfront before any services are rendered. I contacted my Insurance who confirmed that the hospital and doctor were in network and that I should only have to pay my copay and nothing further. The Insurance called the surgery center and was told that they required their patients to pay the copay and 30% of the total charges irregardless of whether the hospital or provider were in network. We had to cancel the surgery and reschedule at Methodist to only pay our required copay. Recently my husband was treated in the ER for an allergic reaction, he didn't have his insurance card, but called a few days later to give the billing department the information. We still got the full bill with a Insurance adjustment. The Insurance was never billed. When we contacted our insurance, they called the billing department. We got another bill for the entire bill plus $20.00 re-billing charge. Every time you call the billing department they basically blame the Insurance companies and want payment immediately.

Jodi Gilman

Caring, friendly staff. Expert advice and care.

Tom Eddy

I had an MRI on left leg and Brooks was my technician who was very helpful, kind and caring. I have had several tests and x-rays etc at Hancock and all have been top notch people doing the services.

Courtney Williams

Had a great experience getting blood work done. Very nice staff from registration to nurses.

Robert Coleman

Sherri and Janet were great! As a Los Angeles resident, it was a dream to check-in and be finished with my ultrasound in less than 30 minutes. I’ve consistently had a great experience with Hancock Medical facilities.

Connor Landis

I have had all three of my sons here. Nurses and Doctors are absolutely amazing. Would highly recommend the OB unit here. Excellent, excellent, excellent!

vicki swinney

Seen in the emergency room, very caring and kind! Made me feel very comfortable! Nursing staff and doctor rocked!

Katherine Josleyn

I had to go to Hancock Regional Hospital Emergency Room. They did not explain that this physician group did not accept Aetna or United Healthcare insurances; therefore I would be liable for the entire physician bill of $544.00. Thjis charge was for the physician to dilate my eye and prescribe antibiotic eyedrops. My insurance company said the normal charge is $297.00 for this service but the ER physician group did not have a contract with the above insurance companies. Therefore the Indiana Physician Management - Hancock could charge us the full payment. They would not negotiate the price. Even though Hancock Regional Hospital is in those insurance company networks, the Hancock ER Physicians are not. Not having a contract with two major insurance companies is questionable and a deceptive business practice. If you have an emergency you literally have no choice of an alternate doctor. I don't know any other medical company that has this level of deceit and uninformed customer charges. Hancock Regional Hospital should have explained this when we checked in.

Kimberly Rains

Hancock Health has been my "home" for health care for over a decade. From the moment I walk through the doors until the moment I walk out again I always feel welcomed and treated like family.

Tamra Parrish

Every time I have been admitted or in the emergency department I have had great care across the board. They keep me informed and answer all of my questions. I am proud that we have Hancock Health so close to home.

Stanley Wallace

Very friendly staff, arrived early so I assumed I would have to wait but they took me in shortly after. A young lady named Ronni took me back for a CT scan and made me feel very comfortable. Definitely would recommend it to others.

Jeannie Crowe

I am a proud associate of Hancock Health. I can tell you that this is an organization that is sincerely dedicated to providing our community with excellent care and exceptional kindness. All of us (from our nurses and doctors, to our wellness center workers, our administrators and everyone in between) have a common goal of providing world class care with more love and kindness than you can find anywhere else. It's a good place. Come see us.

Joe Shmoe

was in an accident over 3 hrs away from home and was taken by ambulance to this hospital. the er staff on overnights was amazing! some of the best bedside manor i have ever seen. these guys went above and beyond to make sure i was comfortable and keep my nerves calm. treated me like family and kept my people informed what was going on. could not have asked for more from an er team. thank you all for looking after me.

Dennis Dunn

Had a complicated, unpleasant x ray test to be done and your xray tech Nicole R. was very in tune and focused and downright patient friendly! Things didn't go exactly right but were able to get the images needed and Nicole showed/explained results to me immediately along with assisting me when it was done. If not for her this could've been a one star rated visit- she deserves a commendation for great job! Thx!

Tracy Hall

I am so thankful for healthcare workers who really care about their patients! Nurse practitioner kim at Hancock ob/gyn has been so caring and beyond helpful. Shelly in women’s health was so attentive to my scheduling needs. Ashley and Debbie were so caring doing my tests; listening to my questions and concerns. I’m thankful to have an awesome hospital in my home town!

Charles Reeves

Carissa was very nice to help with my EKG I was very great full she let me walk in on a Saturday to do my test She had a very warm personality and would like to have her as a nurse for future testing Thank you Carissa

Michael Halliburton

This hospital is a f**king joke. It took them two hours to get my pregnant fiancé two Tylenol and a Benadryl. I’ll never come back.

Marsha Dyer

A very caring, compassionate hospital, that provides my needs close to home.

AnnMarie Rowe

This hospital is terrible ! I was in there for upper abdominal pain that had me doubled over that morning and that was bareable a couple days prior . Basically, she prescribed me heart burn medication and told me she knew what I was going through is painful but to just take the heartburn medication and Tylenol . Two days later, the medication I was perscribed and Tylenol hasn’t done anything for me . So know I have to work through this pain and take care of my two kids on top of it . I’m 110% sure I was misdiagnosed so now I have a doctors appointment Friday and if the pain gets any worse before then, then I’m taking a trip to community . Don’t go here . They don’t care how you feel or what’s wrong with you . All they care about is getting you out of there .

April Stillinger

Hancock Health is a great place to work. I have worked at different organizations, but this has definitely become my "home". I truly feel cared for and valued as an employee. I would highly recommend Hancock Health to anyone!

ZombieScrote JTR

I believe that HRH is making great strides with improvements, community outreach, and becoming a happy family!

Allison Wagner

Fantastic service! Staff was very kind and patient.

Buck Naked

I wouldn't take my worst enemy to this hospital

Jennifer Hawley

They took amazing care of my mom when she was in the hospital after her knee replacement. I am proud to work for this amazing hospital.

Jennifer Menser

Hancock Regional is where our family goes for local, quick, accurate, safe, personal medical needs. Their medical staff is professional and totally able to handle all of your healthcare needs. I am so thankful we have this resource in our community.

Lawrence Gember

I have been here twice since the grand opening--for ultrasound and MRI. Both times the staff have been so friendly, helpful, and competent. Short walk from parking lot, short wait time, and a much shorter price tag for my insurance co-pay! You can't beat it!

Lady of the Lake Placid

My family had a terrible experience at this hospital. It took three visits to the ER for my uncle to finally receive an MRI for a herniated disc after being labeled "drug seeking" regarding lower back pain. The same doctor examined my uncle twice within two days and was extremely rude to him and my aunt (a different doctor was seen during the first visit but the outcome was basically the same). My uncle had to be taken to the hospital via ambulance on the third visit and was never taken seriously by the hospital staff. This happened over the course of one weekend so there was no way for us to get to a doctor's office quickly enough to get a referral for an MRI; the ER was the only choice. My family has lived in Hancock County most their lives and we will never go back to this hospital again after experiencing such unprofessional behavior from the ER doctors and nursing staff.

Dawn Corrie

I visit the Cancer Center at least once a month for my procedures , and the Cardiac area several times per year. The employees i interact with always seem to enjoy interacting with people while providing a service. Even when i have to wait it doesnt seem bad and is never very long. Thanks for a great place when i need it.

Cassy Pope

Great hospital!!! Love the staff

wil adams

Being a provider at HRH has been a really wonderful experience. Greenfield is a very friendly community, and offering care to the people here has been really rewarding. My family and I not only benefit from being employed by the hospital, but we also receieve our own health care here, and would highly recommend it to anyone that doesn’t want to be a “number” at a larger facility.

Amanda Overton

I would recommend Hancock Regional to all my friends and family.

Jim Bell

Excellent, knowledgeable, personable, passionate are all words that would describe the treatment I received as a new patient today.

Kim Woods

Need more help at registration desk. There at 7 am long line with only 1 person working. Then only had one checking in. 35 minutes later finally checked in and could go to lab. People with medical problems such as diabetes and coming in fasting for labs shouldn't have to wait 35 for check in and still have to wait to get labs drawn. Only 1 person drawing labs.

Kansas Peach

Everyone is ALWAYS so friendly and compassionate! I never feel rushed or like I am a burden. Shelly and Erica provided the care when I came in for a mammogram & ultrasound. I really appreciate their kindness and consideration for my health and comfort!

Vickie Rudd

I would not go to any other hospital but to Hancock Menmorial ! Everybody was great !!

Shirley Johnson

I have always been treated very good. I have only a great report. Thank you.

Carolyn McLaughlin

Very quick, professional and always friendly.

Chelsie Welty

very nice and clean. also didn't have to wait very long for labs or other test.

Sara Hardin

How fortunate are we that the most convenient place in Hancock County for healthcare happens to be the most capable AND compassionate?! The big city hospitals can't compare to what Hancock offers its patients and staff!

Lindsey Meyer

Beautiful, state of the art facility, staff members were extremely nice and welcoming and Nurse Practitioner Rausch was informative and thorough.

Nicholas Chen

Dr. Hoffman and the nurse were extremely friendly and concerned with my overall well-being. However, the wait was unacceptable, almost seven hours. Then there was the prescription ordeal. Dr. Hoffman wrote a prescription that was/is unattainable at any pharmacy around Greenfield. I was told to go back to the hospital to have them write another prescription. Thus, I did. However, when I returned to the hospital to request a different prescription the receptionist was rude, unwelcoming, and unprofessional. I waited for an hour and a half in the waiting room before I left, without a prescription. At that time I was wanted to be in my own bed, seeing that the pain was damn near unbearable, kidney stones are painful. Al this happen about 9:30 am (EST). After multiple calls to the hospital asking if anything was written. I was told to come back and get the original prescription because I must have been confused because the local CVS pharmacy, which I had went to and get the prescription filled, has the prescription. I called the CVS pharmacy and told again that they did not have the prescription. I had to argue with the young woman on the phone for another 4 phone calls, expanding over six hours before they wrote a prescription for something else. It was 3:30 pm (EST) when I finally got something for the pain. After all that I received multiple bills for the one visit, totaling over $6,000.00 for a minor routine visit. Beware Hancock Regional Hospital and their practices.

Don Cornett

I was processed in promptly Very short wait time In and out of CT in about 3 minutes

Linda Stearns

I received EXCELLENT care from both mammography departments I visited; from the receptionist to the nurses and techs. Its not a fun experience but the ladies, (Jada, Teresa, Shelly and April) all made me feel at ease. Keep up the excellent work ladies!

Angela Evans

The only reason I am giving 2 instead of 1 is because the 5 minutes we actually got to spend with the doctor of the 3 1/2 hours we were there he was kind and helpful. We arrived at 3:50 in ER for an infant with difficult breathing, sat in ER until 5:40, then took 45 mins of being in the room until I asked an exceptionally rude and frustrating staff member an estimate of when we would be seen. Now, 7:30, we are finally leaving. This long of a wait time, especially for an infant with difficulty breathing, is absolutely unacceptable. We will never come back to this joke of a hospital unless we are losing a limb, in which case the wait may be worth driving elsewhere.

Leah Reynolds

I had an incredible experience giving birth to my son here! Amazing nurses!

Brad Becraft

This morning had Labs and the lady that did blood work really hurt I couldn't help but jump, never have had problem before .

Lindsey Stewart

The only reason I'm giving 2 stars is because the Billing department SUCKS! They are very rude when you ask questions or try to figure things out. You try to tell them something and they won't take your word for it. I think the older women in the billing department need a new job. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE BILLING SERVICE! I believe their names are Lisa and Nikki. DO NOT COME HERE IF YOU DON'T WANT PROBLEMS WITH YOUR BILLS OR IF YOU DON'T WANT TO DEAL WITH PEOPLES RUDE ATTITUDES!

Chris Hammond

Be warned getting any MRI will cost you 6200$ with good insurance you’ll pay 1400$-$1900. but you may leave the same way you came in, my case. But more my fault for not doing homework. I should note not being able to help me was not there fault just nothing could be done.

Theresa Lueder

I am a proud associate and receiver of care at this hospital. The doctors and nurses are friendly, compassionate and providers of excellent care. If you want to be treated like family this is the healthcare facility to choose. I highly recommend!!


I've been here just over a year and it has been the best experience in my career. Very personable staff and a great environment!

Randy Anderson

Excellent staff. Very professional. Never been in a hospital environment that demonstrates true service excellence, and comitted to patient satisfaction the way you do.

Steve Sutton

We had a good experience when we came in for our heart scans. The only hiccup we experienced was when we told the person at the registration desk we were here for the scan is that they sent us back to Radiation instead of the cashier. So we had to come back and pay for the heart scans first then go back to Radiation. The heart scan part went very well as everybody from the information volunteers, the Radiation receptionist, and the nurse who did the scan were very helpful and competent.The scans only took about 15 minutes each and we got the results with an explanation of our scores and that our doctor and a Radiologist would get the results as well.

Annie Smyth

Everyone is friendly and nice. I was in to have blood drawn and was in and out. And got my vein in the first try with no problem!

Lissa Ferrara

I love Hancock Health both as an employer, and as my go to place for medical care. I wouldn't want to go anywhere else.

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