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Robert Arney

Growning up in the 1960's until now St Francis had always been a name of integrity and security, my 3 brothers were also born there... But they are failing our father, a 77 year old Korean war VET and a recent cancer survivor, our father Roscoe Dean Arney has been placed at a disgusting disgraceful andn dehumanizing list of priorities.... Because the staff is tired of dealing with this brave elderly man, the staff have moved him to a less monitored floor of the hospital. This displays only the heartless selfishness of placeing him in a part of the hospital where only the family and friends can helplessly watch this dear man, brave hero, loving father and generously gracious friend can suffer through the last days of his life.... I wish to thank this heartless nursing staff for allowing only those that love him, care for him while he lay in the hard bed and cold room in the hollow halls of your heartless establishment.....

Good Heart

Do not go unless you have no other option. It is a horrible place and Drs are just running a factory trying to churn out more people in less time than treat you with the appropriate medicine.

Slime Works

Deb Turley

One star because I can't leave a review with zero stars. I would not take my worst enemy there. Maybe my worst one since that person could end up dead at the hands of this hospital. I've used this hospital for decades only to watch it slide downhill. It appears that they raid the payroll fund to constantly change their name & buy new furnishings, carpets, & decor instead of procuring quality staff. I went into the ER unable to move my arms or legs. I could not put any weight on my feet, therefore could not walk. I either had to use a wheelchair or be carried. I woke up perfectly fine only a few hours earlier! The 2 gals at the front desk got mad because I could not stretch my arm out to sign the paperwork. One of them actually had to stand up and stretch HER arm to me. I know, how dare I inconvenience her! The nurse wanted a urine sample & got mad when I asked her how I was supposed to do that since I couldn't use my arms or my legs. I asked her to catherize me. She said that was against policy. Her words, not mine. Eventually she did it. My joints had locked up, skin hot & beet red, & I was crying with intermittant screaming because of the pain. Doc thought some kind of joint inflammation, sent me home unable to stand, unable to unbend my arms, crying & screaming. I had to use the restroom on the way out. Husband said he would help me and hold me up. I could not even stand with his help by then and the pain was excruciating. I was screaming to loud and so long that staff broke into the restroom to see what was going on. I decided to just pee my pants if I couldn't hold it. Still told to go home. I was unable to get back into the car. I could not bend or unbend my legs to get into the door. Mind you this was a DeVille...a touring car with large door openings. I tried & tried, but could not get in. A crowd gathered as I was crying & screaming in pain. Husband took me back in & explained what was happening & asked me to be admitted. The gal at the desk...the same one who got mad because she had to move her butt from her seat to help me sign the forms said "what do you want us to do? obviously the doctor released you, so he must feel like you don't need anything" My usually calm husband lost it then. Oh, the gal also said "you want me to set you up in a rehabilitation center or something?" I lost it! I wanted to go somewhere else, but could not get into the car to do that. Another doctor saw me. He appeared to be very upset, ordered some tests...I had a temp. and blood tests were whacked & ordered a C-scan. He admitted me. Then there was a major problem with a floor nurse who refused to get me a bedpan. She told me she USED to be an ortho nurse, that she knew best & I was going to get up & walk across the room to the bathroom...on my own. I could not do it of course. The docs had no idea what was wrong with me. I saw three docs after the one that sent me home that 1st night. When I asked her who told her I had to get up & walk she was silent except to say she knew best...over and over. I was bawling. I finally told her that not only was she the worst nurse I had ever dealt with, but that she was a horrible human being and to get the hell out of my room and don't ever step back in. Another doc came in shortly thereafter and reiterated that she was not to come into my room. That was the 1st night. Oh, she also had refused to clean me up, change my sheets or give me a clean gown when she had let me use the bedpan earlier in the night.. The hospital also lost my clothes and ID! The hospital refused to take any blame for anything. The head of the er docs said the one who sent me home not knowing what was wrong, me unable to walk or even hold my weight, or unbend my arms did everything right. I found out that nurse, like so many of their staff, are contract help & are only interviewed by phone before being brought on board. The head of the nursing department told me that herself. I know this was very long, but believe it or not, there is still more to the story. It won't allow me to go on. STAY AWAY!

Patrick Bushnell

Sustained an injury to my hand and had to go to the ER. Expected a wait but had to wait approximately 1 hour to see the doctor who spent 5 seconds with me while his scribe quickly walked in and out. Took about another 1-2 hours to see a PA who actually gave me the stitches. Needless to say, I live farther away to other hospitals, and I think it's worth the drive.


Most of the staff are very rude opinionated and very unprofessional that also goes to a few of the Dr I'm in the hospital at least 3 to 6 months out of the year and the care that I'm receiving here is subpar to say the least should a point where I discharge to go someplace else

Nitro Nick27

Elaine Hacker

Worst hospital I’ve ever encountered don’t go here !

Rolfe Hesse

I called St Francis regarding the report of Walgreens Drugs refusing to fill pain Medications and stating that "your doctor only prescribes these medications to you because you are an addict" When I called I was hung up upon by the hospital operator when I called back it seems that NO One remembered talking to me 5 minutes ago. Call me stupid but if my Doctor and his hospital are so uncaring about patient after care don't think I want to go there

Tonya Paz

Issy Kochava

The ER and Neurology are fantastic and wonderful! The internal doctor who hangs out on the Orthopedic/Neurology floor SUCKS. His name is Dr Tawfik and he damn near killed me. Put me on a beta blocker for a high pulse rate and high blood pressure which I only had because I'd been in the hospital a week. Got home and I tanked at 80/40 and a pulse of 40. If you are in the hospital AVOID Dr Tawfik and request someone else!!

Michelle Tasker

I arrived at the hospital because of a severe nosebleed that wouldn’t stop and kept restarting. My GP said to go to the hospital to get it packed and that is the ONLY reason I went. By the time I got checked in, the bleeding stopped for the time being but I wanted to make sure it was ok and wasn't going to start again before I left on my trip in 5 days. They took the basic information and had me wait for the doctor. The doctor came in and asked what was wrong. I explained I had really overdone it in on Afrin and now I can’t control the swelling in my sinuses and I had a bad nosebleed twice that day. He took a look and said he couldn’t help with the bleeding except for using a noseclip when it bled again, he won't pack noses only for the elderly and he was going to write up a whole thing about how to take care of the swelling and when he came back we were going to discuss treatment options for controlling the swelling and getting it back to normal. I waited 5 minutes before a lady walked in and told me she was escorting me to the discharge “room” aka broom closet. Discharge? What happened to seeing the doctor for treatment? What happened to the discussion we were supposed to have? I had questions for him for when he returned. Shortly after, another nurse came in with discharge papers and something written up to cover what to do in case my nose bleeds again but there was NOTHING on there about how to control the swelling. Everything he said he was going to do never got done. He provided me the same information I already told him I was doing when I came in. He didn’t TREAT me at all. I explained to the nurse what he said. She went looking for him and he was treating someone else! He abandoned me and handed me a bill for something he didn’t do. She replied, “He’s seeing someone else and it’ll be a while before he’ll be free to come back and talk to you again. But you can wait it out if you’d like.” I am APPALLED at the level of substandard service I received, the level of neglect and the audacity to charge me over $1,500 for it all that my insurance only covered $485 of!! I can promise I will not pay that bill. If I received quality care or any help at all, I would have made payment arrangements. Under these conditions, I refuse.

Michelle Ferguson

Dr. Melbert, is a very professional and caring doctor. Previously called Kendricks Colon & Rectal Surgery Center.

Misty Buis

roger myers

Diana Smith

Caven Tanksley

Frank Arihood

Lane Palmer

Wayne Thomerson

PATIENTS BILL OF RIGHTS st. Francis has none. The right of autonomy over medical decisions. I told them LISINOPRIL is bad for me. I had to stop it. They did not want to hear it. So they said I refuel my meds PATIENTS BILL OF RIGHTS

vm vm

I sure hope St Francis can get with it and spend some time on being kind and caring. ReTeach doc, nurses to treat others the way they want to be treated at the hospital. Always thought St Francis was great place in Beach Grove but now since big place on Emerson, the care has declined drastically!! I'm afraid to go here again or have my family there. Please St Francis get focus back on pt and staff that want to be at work. Not on how big we can build!

kim brennan

They need to check some of there evs staff public comments on Facebook. Alot of hatred and bigotry. What kind of establishment hires people like that

Justin Anderson

Wish I could have given this hospital no stars! Worst experience I've ever had at a hospital. My aunt has been to this hospital 3 times within 10 days. She has just suffered a stroke and on her third visit was told she has water in her lungs and pneumonia. We have had doctors tell us she has had tests ran that have never been performed. At one point her oxygen level was 85% (thats bad) the nurses in ER put the oxygen tube in her nose and never turned on the oxygen. So she sat there struggling to breath for around an hour! She has had doctors ARGUE with her about her medical history! After arriving on our third visit the ER doctor tried to send her home without running any type of test to figure out why she was having shortness of breath after just having a stroke a week prior and if all of that wasn't bad enough she sat in the ER for 12 HOURS! before being admitted. Do your self and your loved one a favor and go somewhere else!

S. S

Greedy hospital. Doctor doesn't listen to patients.

manpreet Binning

Good staff

Lara Lay


Oleg Bandurov

Jim Rohland

I wouldn't even give this place 1 star.I wouldn't recommend place to take a dog to.The ICU is ran like a Nazi concentration camp. So of the nurse are b_ _ch to deal with. My relatives room had dryed blood on the floor and on the bed for 2 day. Test strips left laying on bed.

Susan Dahl

Charles Mathis

My partner came in a 4:30 Sunday morning and once he told them what was going on they had him in a room like lighting and the nurses and doctor was there in no time and tested and found out that he had a massive heartattic and they have been so nice and sweet I am so happy he came here

Nomon Kennedy

My wife was placed in the Emergency Room with extreme shortness of breath and chilling horribly. She was diagnosed with Bacterial Pneumonia and high Sodium levels. She was there for three days. I have never seen as much attentive care in her MANY and I do mean many hospital stays. She was seen by no less that four specialty Dr. and two Specialties of Counselors. She was both taken care of physically but also educationally. She and I both received an education on her conditions as well as how to improve her life with them. I would rate St. Fransis as one of the best hospitals in America and the BEST I have had the experience of.

Matthew James Davis

Both of my daughters were born here. Excellent Maternity Services here!!! They made our experiences outstanding and very stress free. I highly recommend it, both childbirths were natural and they were very supportive of it!!!!


Sara Gomez

Nadya Miranda

The HIPPA is not active in the E.R what so ever. You share an emergency room with pretty much 6-10 different patients. Their results are revealed to everyone in that emergency room. I received a letter stating that I had an issue with my urine and they tried contacting me via phone, which was a lie! Then the letter states that the antibiotic I was prescribed will not help the infection when in fact I was never prescribed a prescription at all what so ever! The bed sheets are unsanitary, the chairs are unsanitary. I will be reporting this hospital due to its unprofessional-ism and its disgust to follow any guidelines as a hospital. I will never go here again! I do not recommend it to no one!

melissa haley

Primi Rosas

(Translated by Google) The best (Original) El mejor

Indiana Homestead

Endoscopy center Dr. Troiano is fantastic. He has been keeping my husband alive since 1995. He has such a great bedside manner.

Joseph Smith

A wonderful faith-based facility, I cannot say enough good things about this place. You can feel as you walk through the doors how religious backing shapes this hospitals culture and atmosphere. Staff are so friendly and say hi to patients and co-workers in the halls. Everyone stops for mid-day prayers around noon voiced over the hospital intercom. And nurses and medical staff go out of their way to be friendly with patients and other co-workers. Personally, I believe this is one of the best places in Indy for patients to go and for employees to work. There seems to be little turnover at this hospital. Those who work here stay here. : )

Therese Staublin

State of the art care and employees who care.

Marvin Phelps

What kind of greedy scum would send a man fighting lung and brain cancer home without his chemo therapy because his insurance was cancelled ? Franciscan health thats who !!!! Without treatment his doctor gives him 6 months at best. Hope you all burn in hell !!!!

Sy Uberto

m b

Greg Merrick

I was very disappointed with the referral made for Rhumatology. The doctor I seen claimed not to be a specialist in why I was there to see him.

Debi Daily

ICU gave great care

Zoey Heffley

Debbie Steinmetz

Kevin Kramp

Most of the 4 or 5 star ratings are local guides lololololol! Who are they paying to write these lol? The PA's job is to only undermine the actual doctor. I went in with multiple symptoms only to be presumed to be a prescription pain addict. It seems like the PA's job is to breath down the doctors neck making sure he doesn't treat any kind of pain. The PA that "assisted" my ER doctor undermined him every step of the way. The PA had an attitude too. This "problem" they think they're solving will solve itself when people stop going there. Other doctors and hospitals are talking about St. Francis and the way they treat their patients. While I understand there is an opiod problem, each and every person that comes in shouldn't be assumed to be a prescription pain addict. Some people truly have health problems that cause them daily pain and if they're not treating it then why are they billing my insurance thousands of dollars? This problem will solve itself and you can take that to the bank.

Zhen Weng

Erin Vanek

We have had the worse experience at St Francis over the last couple of weeks. And would strongly encourage anyone considering having their labor and delivery at St Francis to look elsewhere! Our daughter had her baby at the Women and Children's Center on March 2nd. Granted our daughter is young, at 22 years old, and inexperienced, but that is not an excuse for nurses to disregard her concerns and treat her rudely while she was there. During her delivery an IV came out, at a pivotal point in her pushing, they made her stop pushing to deal with the IV for 20 minutes and by the time they came back to pushing, the baby had moved into a position that made a C-Section necessary. She voiced concerns repeatedly about pain in her incision, especially when a tube was removed on the day of discharge. Her concerns were ignored and she was basically told she was over reacting and they sent her home. Three days later her incision starting gushing a yellowish brown discharge all over the floor. We rushed her to the ER where they did indicate her incision was infected. They thought it was because she had not been able to use the restroom, so they gave her an enema and some antibiotics for her incision and sent her home. When she finally got to see her labor doctor a couple days later (also a St Francis doctor), her infection had created channeling throughout her incision site and she needed to go on different antibiotics and start doing open wound care at home. We, as untrained healthcare workers, are stuffing gauze and removing gauze from her open wound everyday in our living room!! At the baby's first doctor appointment, the pediatrician was shocked that the hospital had our daughter breast feeding her baby while on Oxy! They said she should have been "pumping and dumping" that the baby never should have been getting those drugs through her milk! Shouldn't an experienced staff at a LABOR AND DELIVERY WARD know this!?!? Another week later, our daughter noticed something hanging from her "insides" when she went to the bathroom. Another rush to the ER at St Francis, they couldn't figure out exactly what it was attached to, although they think it is her placenta that wasn't fully removed. They told her she'd need to make an appointment with her labor doctor for a D&C and sent her home. When she called her labor doctor the next day she was told that they had 40 patients to see and that her situation was "not an emergency". Maybe it is not an emergency to an experienced doctor, I don't know if it should be classified as such or not (it's hard to gauge how accurate the information we get from St Francis is or is not), but to a family who has consistently been dismissed by St Francis staff, sent home with inaccurate information, wrong medications, without thorough tests, and most a family whose daughter has a large gaping hole that is oozing the most awful thick infectious mucus looking stuff and has something hanging out of her privates.....IT IS AN EMERGENCY TO US! A patient should never just be discharged without given comfort and answers. And then rudely dismissed. Shame on you St Francis!! I will forever steer people from your facility!

Aaron Keller

Top notch cardiac unit, took good care of my grandma in her final days, but the ER let my grandfather sit there with chest pain and a BP getting up to 190s for over an hour before we had to self medicate him and leave. There was no nurse to be seen taking care of him. I waited at the nursing station for quite some time and never even met her once. If you have an emergency, stay away from this ER! I'm a medical student and can tell you that leaving a patient to sit in a room with a hypertensive crisis level BP is NOT standard of care. The doctor who saw him didn't even want to treat him and he could have possibly had a major event, just stay out of their ER.

Connie A Ayala

Got tired of my grandmother not being able to hear me. Went to Costco and a couple other places but I was surprised by Accuquest. The woman was young but more experienced than I expected. I’m glad to be able to have an actual conversation with my grandmother now. They really worked with me and her as we had tons of questions. That’s hard to find now a days.

ShariLevi Jenkins Jenkins

Alright but I'm going to go toi look in the because phone oh i'm dear the term dates hi a bear in n e man burton and food food a happy

James Murphy

Seems all they want is your money. They used to care about their patient's from my past experiences.

Robert Sebastian

Sitting in the ER waiting... As a VA patient I am very thankful I d not have to come here for myself. Aweful staff!!!! Good luck to those of you who are in dire need of help here.

Katherine Horsley

Wonderful hospital

Melissa Clark

Very poor! Staff is very unprofessional, in the hall ways loud and cursing. I am in the er now, and have only been checked once by a nurse. But they can gossip in the hallways but not check on their patients. I will never step foot in this place again. Not for my hard earned money.

Stephanie Gill

Everyone is great!!!


I've been going to this hospital my entire life and every time I have a great experience and nor just in one department.

Keviñ DiSano

For being Catholic Hospital I was upset that the View TV was playing in the waiting area such a liberal show that pushes abortions. I am glad to to IU

Lisa Reed

Tell me how a hospital can tell a man that without treatment he has 6 months to live then send him home without treatment because his insurance was cancelled. Heartless place.

Matthew Evans

Danielle Dennett

Rude Staff and Uncomfortable Environment and furniture. I am a southsider and I really wanted to like this Emergency Room as I delivered both of my children at St. Francis 11 and 13 years ago. The nurse practitioner that I saw was great. The nurse and the doctor were a joke. They both had horrible attitudes and the doctor tried to tell me my son had epilepsy which the neurologist later debunked. Sorry, all these bad reviews are true. Go to Community North or St. Vincents if you want to be treated like a person and not a wild animal. I don't think the little nurse and doctor understand that I pay $800 a month for health insurance AND I will also be paying their wages. The southside has no E.R. now as far as I'm concerned. Community North respects people and even has FREE valet for patients. I'll be taking my business North in the future.

Helen Mwanza

Best Hospital ever! Wonderful RN staff and Exceptional doctors.

Tina Smith

Went to the ear eyes ears and throat doctor dr. Copeland for hearing awesome people took their time with me I always enjoy my visits with this doctor



Amber Crouch

Just because i went to the ER here doesnt mean i want a physician here. The ER just happened to be the closest. Whats the point of a PA in the ER telling you to come back in 48hrs (insisted 48hrs was extremely important) for blood work to make sure levels are were they should be if they will not be there to give you the results. apparently no body else can give you the results but your physician unless i checked back into the ER just to have somebody tell me said results. Hopefully i dont come to regret avoiding another ER bill. When i do choose a physician it will not under any circumstances be one from the Franciscan network.

Abdullah Alqahtani

Brian Rudman

I had an appointment in the cancer department. I found everybody working to be very polite, and professional. I had a mammogram performed and was very nervous. The nurse was very sympathetic and very considerate. I was given my results immediately following the test, so I didn't have to wait around wondering what the outcome would be. My appointment was at 8 a.m. and I was back on the road by 8:45 a.m. All in all, it was a great experience and would most certainly return. Thanks again to all the people at Franciscan Health. To all the people leaving negative reviews. Grow up. Educate yourself on how the affordable healthcare act has made it harder for doctors to do their jobs.

Doug Nave

Paula Kelley

You would think the ER would Ha e more than one person checking people in. Nope ! Took 40 minuets standing in line. A little boy came bleeding from a fall and need stitches. He waited as well. No one needed the doctor more than him. If you have to come this facility.... call 911 you will get better service. I asked why only one person and she said we have more than one. I said well I have been line for 40 minuets. I guess she didn’t believe me.

Teri Jones

The entire staff in CCU were amazing. Dr. Cordova and the nurses took excellent care of our family. while the outcome was not what we hoped, the care and empathy that we were shown was over the top. I do not know their names, but the overnite nurses on 27/28th we so nice and caring. Thank you to all

Joshua Berk

We visited the ER with my daughter who has cerebral palsy and was in the midst of having a seizure when the RN working the desk told us that our situation wasn't an emergency and that we needed to "wait our turn". We have been to this ER at least 5 times in the last 6 months due to my daughter starting to have uncontrolled seizures and this is the first time we have ever been treated so poorly. Last time we came in she wasn't breathing properly and needed assistance so we were concerned about the same. When we tried to protest, the nurse let us know that she would call security if we didn't stop. She was very rude and did not seem to care about the fact that our daughter was unresponsive in my wife's arms. The nurse's name was Melissa and the DOS was 5/1 @ 10:45pm at the Stop 11 and Emerson location. Normally we are treated great and immediately helped given that my daughter is only 2.5 yo and as mentioned previously is actively vomiting and otherwise unresponsive when this occurs however this time Melissa apparently decided that an adult complaining about nausea was a higher priority than a two year old actively having a seizure. Someone needs to do some re-training on how to properly triage patients...

Bobby Singer

I like this hospital.

Phil Swaim

This company is fighting in court to not serve trans people. They do jot care about lgbtqi health and should be ashamed to call themselves health professionals.

pessimistic pisces

Doug Yohler

There is not another hospital around that I would entrust my health care needs to. I have been admitted to this hospital on numerous occasions and have never encountered a bad experience. There doctors, nurses and all supporting staff are exceptional. The entire Franciscan Health Network provides the best health care available. Thank you St. Francis and all your staff for providing such quality health care.

Brett Chambers

Was treated very well here today. A person could not ask for better care. Out of all indianapolis hospitals this by far is the best. Thank you emergency room staff and doctors for your professional and quick reponse.

Tyler Hamilton

Horrible Emergency room! Ladies at the front desk took more priority in their conversation than the patients in line! My father was in excruciating pain and my mom went to the desk to see if someone could come get him and they said somebody would and no one did so we had to wait until it we finally got to the desk! You would think a hospital that prides itself on service and hospitality would be a little bit better... Then we had to wait in the waiting room for a long time as well... My father was put behind a girl with a sprained ankle. Completely unexceptable. we're never coming here again.

Tara Ornelas

Richard Feltersnatch

Ben Lopez

This is probably the worst hospital on the southside. The E.R. are very slow and in caring. The nurses are very rude and dumbfounded of anything. For being a big emergency department they are not quick at all. Last time I was there the doctor forgot about me for about 45 min until finally realizing I was still there. My whole visit was basically almost 4 hours long. Community South is my recommendation to anyone if you ever need medical attention !

Robert Roberson

Went to the ER for lower back pain. The pain was in my spine. They tested for pancreatitis. Did nothing for my back. Told me to go home and deal with the pain. Will never be back to this hospital even if it means my life.

Julie Branson

My daughter had paperwork from emergency clinic for a CT scan at St Francis on a Saturday and St Francis said they would not turn on their machine on Saturday just for her and to come back Monday for the scan. Saint Francis billed my insurance for $1,300 For doing nothing. I got her into St Vincent's Monday for the scan and surgery after that at St Vincent's

Torry Stiles

I come for the free WiFi and HGTV.

Ali Moore

Funny how I've been sitting here watching white people come amd get taken back but I'm still "waiting for a room"

phyllis crabtree

I have 3 different doctors there and their great

Jon Bone

The nurses and the administrative staff are excellent. Everyone shows you that they care.

Mary Indiana

Top notch hospital. Great doctors and knowledgeable staff. Everyone has different experiences,but mine,over the course of a year,was excellent.

Mikey Friend

I don't leave many reviews for hospitals, but I visited St. Francis the other day when they were unable to draw blood at my doctor's office. I have weird, deep veins. The lady working at the Outpatient Lab is VERY nice and funny. She was super welcoming and, to be honest, I have never had this pleasant of an experience at a hospital before. I hate having my blood drawn, but she assure that Kevin could do it. Unfortunately, Kevin had some trouble getting it out of my arm. He chose to go through my tiny little veins on my hand BUT he was very VERY good at getting the needle in and out. No pain or bruising. I did have to wait for a little while, as they were busy. It was definitely worth it.

Kevin Sullivan

The place did a great job for my daughter and grandson, thank it was easy to find my way around the place.

stephanie stephens

ER sucks. And was hospitalized a few days later and hospitalist refuses to give me medicine even though I am I severe pain!

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