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REVIEWS OF Dupont Hospital IN Indiana

Ashley Wolf

Rude, inconsiderate nurses and staff. The list is endless.

Estil Gayheart

Very Professional and Caring! Thank You!

Michael Crowe

Renee Harding

I was with my sister when she was in labor and the staff was so great and so patient. My mom also works there and I have loved getting to know all of the sweet staff. Their hearts are so big and they are very respectable people. I LOVE Dupont

Anne Scofield

I had to visit the ER in December and February for pancreatic/liver issues. Both times, the registration, nursing, doctors and radiology staff were exceptional. Well done to all emergency staff. Thank you all for being so kind and caring. You have no idea how much your kindness meant to me at two distressing moments in my life.

Lynda Creager

Taken more steps to help my mother than other places shes been...great staff!

Tony Lamley

Lindsey Nanneman

The worst hospital I have ever been to in my entire life. I am not one to ever go to the hospital or doctors. I'm new to the area. I was in severe pain and tried to get into my doctor and they didn't have any openings until the afternoon so I went to urgent care who then told me to go to the hospital. The only person at Dupont who treated me like a human being was my nurse. She was great. The doctor was a jerk and not thorough at all. I was not coming to this hospital for drugs but they sure treated me like a drug seeker/user. I wanted to know the source of my pain because it was freaking me out and I wouldn't have come if i could manage my pain at home. Hey doctor who treated me like dirt on your shoe thanks for nothing and maybe next time you should of dug a little deeper and gotten to know my history before just looking at me and treating me like a drug addict. I don't use drugs, didn't want drugs but also didnt want to be closed off in some room with noone checking on me for 3 hours. Would of been nice if you would of done a better exam, gotten more history, and had a better bedside manner. I don't really care if you think people are out to get drugs or not you should never just assume everyone is like that. Use better judgement so you can care for your patients better. I will never go back to this hospital. Will never use any networks affiliated with this hospital again. If I could give this hospital 0 stars I would.

Rebeqa Hubart

DO NOT GO HERE! I have negatively reviewed MAYBE one other place my whole life but this place needs to be shown for what it is! I was pregnant with my first baby. When I went in for my first checkup they said there was a small chance there might be something wrong with the baby but they didn't know what. They told us to decide if we wanted an abortion or not! I was so offended! Decided against it & tentatively came back. The next time they asked what my symptoms had been, I told them I was in so much pain that if I leaned forward I would cry out it hurt so bad (I have an EXTREMELY high pain tolerance) & I would black out DAILY. They said they didn't know what caused the black outs but that I should just lay down and if I was at work to go lay out in my car for a while. Also, that the pain was normal. Then they couldn't find the heartbeat and I had to point them to where I though it would be! The pain continued and got so bad I couldn't stand at work, I would have to hunch over, but they said it was normal so I continued my daily life trusting their judgement. A month later I went back to the doctor and they told me the baby had been dead inside me for a month and that they had to get it out in an hour. I spent my ENTIRE day (12am-12pm) at the hospital waiting for a space for my 45 minute operation and 30 min recovery time. I was throwing up & passing out & they forced me to go home even though I couldn't walk without falling to the ground & was pouring blood all over the floor. It is months later & now I have to deal with their billing system. Lets just say I have been transferred to 14 different numbers (4 of which were no longer in service) & after asking them to lower my bills because I was paying four at once for the one surgery they told me they lowered them but kept charging me the same amount anyway. I finally TODAY got ahold of someone who told me that the fault had been completely on their end & that I was right the whole time. Not to mention the fact that the first two months of me being billed they said I was never in their system & that I was never a patient there when I had my account numbers in front of me & was still getting bills from them. Moral of the story: they are morons. If you want someone who cares about you DO NOT GO HERE! I can't stress that enough...

Debbie Parker

I had surgery at this hospital Dec. 6, 2017 and I have no complaints. The hospital was as soothing as a hospital can be, spotless, easy to find your way around, and everyone was pleasant and helpful. The registration was easy. I had to get a dye injection before surgery and the 2 techs and the radiologist were very nice, willing to answer questions, and the procedure went smoothly. Every nurse I was in contact with during my outpatient surgery was kind, efficient, well-informed, treated me with respect and compassion, and had smiles on their faces the entire time. The nurse who did my IV was excellent and it only took one try. I'm a person that has only had that experience one other time. At Lutheran Hospital just two weeks ago. I'm and I.V. nightmare unfortunately. My surgeon, Dr. Rachael Hayes, is one of the best doctors I've had in my life. Not only is she an excellent surgeon, she is a good person. She's patient, you never feel rushed by her, she's more than willing to answer any questions, she's witty, and from the first time I met her I felt comfortable and trusted her completely. I asked her not to sugar coat answers to my questions, and she doesn't, but she is kind, honest, and compassionate with her explanations and has never made me feel my questions were lame. That rarely happens. I saw her before surgery, and after. Again, that rarely happens anymore and when you're dealing with cancer it's so important. The Anesthesiologist, Dr. Wallace, was excellent. Very witty and sat down twice to ask questions, and answer any concerns because I have anesthesia awareness, as well as an ICD and I'm happy to say that he kept me asleep through the entire surgery. Again, for me, that's rare. I felt very comfortable with him and trusted him completely. Trust doesn't come easy for me as I've been at the wrong end of medical mishaps on many occasions. I'm the Murphy's Law of medical procedures so my smooth surgical experience yesterday meant so much to me. The Nurses, Dr. Hayes, and Dr. Wallace made that possible. I'm the type of person that smiles, a good sense of humor, willingness to explain the procedures while being treated with respect and as a person instead of livestock, especially with a few fears of anything medical, and being the best in their fields is of great importance to me. Especially the smiles and sense of humor. I'm weird that way. I would recommend this hospital and the people who made my experience as painless as possible, both physical and emotionally, to anyone.

Jacquelyn Carney

Ikea Smith

I just had a baby 4 days ago. I would have to say i would never go back to dupont hospital not even if i was shot at their front doors. I could have had my c section and went home the same day. One nurse didn't come check on me for 7 hrs paged for pain meds she was no where to be found. I will always be a Parkview fan....

Sarah Gamble

Had to take my boyfriend there a few weeks ago for sever pain, the PA came in, jerked my boyfriend around that made the pain worse, he also was short and seemed to have an attitude about the whole situation. My boyfriend tried explaining what pain he was having and where and the PA named Ben didn't want to listen and was so quick to dismiss my boyfriend from trying to talk. The doctor came in asking about immediate surgery, about my boyfriends insurance and if it was good or not, never took xrays or even asked for that matter which floored our family doctor later and kept pushing the surgery and meeting with the surgeons, our family physician told is not to jump on surgery just yet when we saw him two days later. The nurse asked my boyfriend his pain level, wrote it on the dry erase board, they loaded him up with meds, forced him to walk out of the room while he was still in the same amount of pain, got him back to the room and discharged him right away. They didn't even come to help him into the wheel chair they sat outside of his room by the way and then the nurse acted annoyed when I asked he to wheel him to the waiting room. At the waiting room to leave they jumped us for a payment before we even parked his wheel chair and then let his dad and I wheel him out to the car ourselves with no assistance or even asking if we wanted help. This place is a joke, ran by rude staff. I am disgusted with how we were treated and will never recommend this hospital to anyone.

Kara Teel

Surprised at some of these reviews about labor and delivery. I had a very different, and excellent experience in 2011 when I gave birth to my second daughter by c-section. I had a terrible experience with my first daughter. The labor was awful, the hospital was not that great, and I had to be put to sleep halfway through my emergency c-section. Worried that this would happen again, I received a lot of reassurance from my doctor (who had over 30 years experience delivering babies). I also struggled with postpartum depression, which always sets in for me when my milk comes in. It came in while I was in the hospital and I could already feel the panic and anxiety happening. My nurse was amazing the entire stay, so sweet and even worked a little overtime while I was there to make sure I was alright. Also I have to comment on the food. Best hospital food I've ever. I had a wonderful experience at Dupont that I will always remember!

Chuck McCormick

My wife was in Dupont with major kidney failure. She was in ICU for a week the doctors and nurses took great care of her. Then she was transferred to a regular room for for another three days the care there was also very good.

Nathan Dirck

We have had a terrible experience with DuPont Hospital. One day, My wife went to get routine bloodwork done. They called her the next day and told her to come back in because they didn’t take enough blood. So she had to take off more work to go in and get blood drawn a second time. Fast forward a few weeks and they tell us we owe close to $1500 (after insurance) for the bloodwork. That is ridiculous. Something as routine as bloodwork should not cost that much. It gets worse. DuPont tried to send an invoice to our home, but LOSES the invoice in the US mail. So my wife’s confidential information is just out there for anyone to find. DuPont hospital’s negligence and malpractice knows no bounds.

Sawn Chan

They rush you make you wait for hours! I’m talking Doctors! Nurses there are also really loud chitchatting while patients are trying to rest! Rude! Doesn’t Explain things thoroughly! In and out with different doctors and nurses unprofessional! No wonder a lot of people I know don’t recommend DuPont at all! You get your bill after couple weeks with outrageous number for Nothing! Taking my hard earning money else where and I won’t be recommending DuPont to anyone else! I wish I could give this hospital a 0 stars!

Tiffany Celeste

My delivery and post partum care was excellent in every way!! Fantastic doctors, nurses, and comfortable rooms and atmospheres.

Angel Nikki

I went to ER. The staff wasnt treating good. Just for small test, they made me wait for 1 whole hour. They were laughing at me, talking about me and no proper information was given. I particularly dont expect this from doctors, which i personally felt very bad. I was in ER and heard jokes about me outside the door by the nurse. They just want to charge extra bucks, tho ER was totally empty like totally. They made me wait for 1 hour. This is ridiclious. I suggest people not to choose dupont ER. Instead you can go to Parkview. I atleast got good treatment there. Staff was very helpful. Given a chance i would give NO STARS.

sarah stockert

Semi friendly, very slow response time waiting to be registered for blood work.

Todd Bastress

Nathan Howard

Waited 2 hours to get my blood drawn.......ridiculous!!

De Bough

Teri Biggs

Mark Skinner

We had a terrific experience here in April 2015 when our daughter was born. Doctors, nurses, and support staff were outstanding. Thank you DuPont Hospital.


Alexandra Beber

When I went i got stuck with a needle for blood work and it did not hurt.

Caland Sembach

I went to Dupont to give birth because my OB is a part of the system. I attended the birthing classes they offered and was impressed and looking forward to being there. Then I actually experienced the hospital and it was horrible. It started out poorly. I was having some complications, so my OB sent me to get checked for blood pressure issues, etc. Long story short, I needed to get induced. My doctor called the nurse to tell her this and she came back in the room cursing at me. Saying things like, "I don't know what the hell your doctor is thinking, why are you even here, get ready for the longest, most painful days of your life, and you're never going to leave this place." Then I flinched when she put my IV in and she told me I better toughen up. My doctor came in later to break my water. The nurse didn't agree with him and argued with him in front of me. They then went in the hallway to discuss it. She came back in and commented about how stupid my doctor was and how this was all wrong. Later I needed a cathader when I got my epidural. I am allergic to latex and they put a latex one in. They switched it when they realized their mistake but never apoligized for giving me an allergic reaction. Then everytime either of the two nurses I had, had to empty my bag they complained about it EVERY time saying, "Geeze, how could you possibly be peeing this much. Slow down." I had a blood pressure cuff in that went off every 15 minutes. Not anybody's fault, just what was expected when I had my complications and an epidural. But I was having trouble sleeping because of it. Then I could see on the monitor that my contractions had almost stopped (because the epidural was too high) The night nurse literally yelled at me for worrying about it and told me to get over it. At that point I had been in labor for almost 3 days and just had to break down and cry. I didn't expect to be fauned over but I did expect to be treated civily when I asked for help. After I gave birth we went to recovery. We were in there for 4 days because of some complications with my child. The room was never cleaned in those 4 days. My mom had to take out the trash and set it outside the door. Some one took it but no one came to clean later. This is a small point, but it did bother me a little. During quiet hour the nurses were the loudest people in the maternity ward. It may be because my room was right outside one of the nurses stations, but there was always a lot of laughing and loud talking. Multiple times my child or I woke up because of this. Again, not a huge deal, but if they expect everyone else to be quiet, they should too. A few things also happened when we were leaving that concerned me greatly. The first one being that when they were cutting my child's security tag off, they turned the wrong tag off. The alarms were blaring and the whole ward got shut down. We had to wait for over an hour while they figured out whose baby did not have their tag activated. Then we were being escorted out by a nurse, whose was very nice, and the security gaurd for the maternity ward was sleeping. I mean, deep sleep snoring. What if some one other than us had walked in or tried to go out? It took multiple attempts for the nurse to wake him up. That was just infuriating. It was just the cherry on top of the whole awful experience. I feel it important to note here that I consider myself a pretty pleasant and patient person. I am not a conplainer and can handle a lot of stress and pain and general crappiness. The entire time I was in the hospital I was nice. I said please and thank you anytime anyone did anything for me. Even when I felt like the nurses were being unreasonable or rude. I know it is a stressfull job. I don't feel like I deserved to be treated that poorly. Honestly, I was contracting and in labor for three days and then had to be in recovery for 4 days and I had one nurse that I would reccomend and being competent and caring during labor and 2 after. It was a horrible experience and I will never give birth there again.

Jean R

Mark Flanagan

Just choose to go elsewhere, all the hospitals in Fort Wayne are good. They use Associated Anesthesiologists of Fort Wayne--you don't get to choose--and these swine don't take insurance so you are on the hook for thousands of dollars regardless of your insurance carrier. In addition, their billing is a disaster so... Don't have surgery done here, EVER!

Carson Kosier

Audrey Kintz

The nurses are rude. Never again. Going to Parkview.

Cole Jetmore

Horrible wait time can’t hardly breathe sat in ER for over an hour in the lobby with not a single person sitting in the lobby

Lucy Depew

Husband and I went on 4/19/19 for heart scans. Sadly this isn't our first time in doing this. When you register they ask for your dr name & you think the person in charge will sent these to your dr. Well wrong...intead patients are left for days wondering what their results are or when the person responsible will email them to your dr. WHY can't these hospitals work efficently and keep "release forms" for patients to sign during registeration to simplify this process? Today is 4/24/19 and still no answer or result. I would like to know WHY they don't work MORE efficiently?

Molly Z

My husband and I had to take my daughter to the ER after she had a seizure and had an awful experience. The doctor never put her hands on our daughter to listen to her or anything. She said she had to talk to our pediatrician before she could do anything. The nurse did not seem confident in anything she was doing. The phlebotomist did not do a good job attempting to place an IV in my daughter, she was constantly poking around her arm trying to find a vein as my daughter was screaming and her fever was rising. She finally "got it" and drew blood only to blow the vein where we had to remove the IV. My husband and I had to beg the doctor and nurse to get Tylenol to lower her fever. I will never take my child to Dupont hospital for anything. We were transported to Lutheran Hospital and they did a great job. Dupont is not the hospital I thought it was.

Taylor Plattner

Kathryn Bowman

As first time parents my husband and I took advantage of the free classes offered prior to birth. Our great experience started there with Stephanie who was a well informed, articulate and kind instructor. The nurses from the moment we walked in to the moment we walked out were phenomenal! for a couple parents that were unsure and nervous they put our minds at ease and made us feel comfortable. Dr. Fouts was our Doctor from beginning of the pregnancy to delivery. She was always professional but still down to earth and able to explain questions and procedures in a way that people such as ourselves who had no clue could understand. I even want to give shout out to the cleaning ladies and the people in the cafeteria. All of which were courteous and nice. They went out of their way to make sure we weren't inconvenienced in anyway and made our stay as easy as possible. A huge thank you to Dupont Hospital and its staff. Our stay and care was nothing short of amazing. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND!!!

Jamie Clark

Rachael Hill

Horrible place for billing and payment plans! I was set up on a payment plan with the appropriate payment to pay it off in time allowed and Dupont STILL sent me to collections! None of my payments were ever late and were automatically taken out. Not good customer service or communication on their end. Greedy business!!!

Shannon Decker

Very clean very respectable Hospital! They took great care of my mom!

Anonymous A

If you need mental health care, be aware that this hospital has NO MENTAL HEALTH CARE available. I was naive and thought every hospital should have some form of psychiatry. Especially a big, expensive hospital like DuPont. But it doesn’t. For pretty much any other health issue, this would be a great place to go and they have treated myself and my family very well for all other health issues we’ve had.


I had a scheduled c section for twins. Staff was wonderful for the delivery. Doctor, nurses etc were great. My issue was after. The room they showed us on the tour was large however we received a very small room once were there. I had two bassinets and between the bed chair and sofa I tripped multiple times because I couldn’t walk well and I hadn’t slept in days. There was a woman with a single child that delivered hours after me and she received a large room. How could they not give that one to us when it was a scheduled c section for TWINS! They knew this! My one baby had a hard time keeping her temp up and the nurse even commented that the room was so small there were no places to put the bassinet except under a vent which could’ve been why she struggled to keep her temp up. I asked if there were more rooms and she said no. Confusing because when they made me walk there was an empty room at the end of the hall. Our sink didn’t work and maintenance came to fix it while they were doing hearing tests for my twins. There was a huge cart with the computer as well two techs, the maintenance man, my husband me and my girls. He used some sort of chemical draino maybe to get rid of the clog right next to where my babies were (again small room) I would’ve told him to wait to use it and I would have the girls sent to the nursery. It was very overwhelming. It was nothing like they described on our walk through. We were uncomfortable the entire time when that is supposed to be a time to bond with your new babes not feel extreme anxiety. I don’t think I would deliver there again.

Tina Janiszewski

My daughter unfortunately had to spend a week in the hospital due to abdominal pain. The nurses were amazing! They made my daughter so much less anxious, and became like friends. Dr E was amazing too and a wonderful advocate for my daughter.

Elaine Sturgill

tree hugger

Terrible ER experience. I did not feel like I was getting Care at all but I got rude attitude and pushy doctors that didn't Care to talk to me about much before they tried pushing medication. I will never waste my time there again.

Jason G

If you can avoid going to this Hospital PLEASE DO! I have had the worst experiences and customer service! They took blood from me one time and tore my arm up horribly! On top of that they dropped my blood vile and it rolled under the sheet separator into the next bed where another patient was... they simply lifted up the sheet and still used the sample!! DuPont will not work with you financially! They will come after you and SUE you! Please believe me even if its 500 dollars they will hire a lawyer and take you to small claims court. They do not forgive debt no matter how poor you are. They are also now asking for a down payment when you go to the ER!! seriously they will ask you to put down 50 or 100 dollars towards your bill... in the ER! before you can even get help!

Beatrice Dante

The doctors didn't do anything to help my baby live like they were supposed to. Now he is dead thanks to them. Don't go here ever! The nurse didn't even say "sorry for your loss".

Cory Hentgen

Been there 17 years and I love my work family.


I love Dupont Hospital! Why you ask? The amazing care I receive three times a week from the Dupont Hospital Outpatient Infusion Clinic staff. Dupont Hospital isn't just a hospital. They're like family. I received an infusion the day after my birthday. While at the infusion clinic that day, I ordered some lunch. Upon the arrival of my food tray, I noticed something special. It was a Happy Birthday card! Receiving this was the highlight of my day and just one more example of how Dupont Hospital isn't just a hospital...they're like family. So I want to say THANK YOU to all Dupont Hospital staff for all you do and the positive impact you have on patients lives.

William Harbert

Kyle Klopfenstein

Mallory Thomas

If you have to go to a hospital, go right across the street to parkview. There are phenomenal employees here but they are far and few between. On the surgical floor and ICU, the nurses tend to be snobby. The nicest employees on this care floor tend to be the PCTs. In the emergency room (which is a joke and is barely an emergency room,) the receptionist treated my son like he was a complete joke. The other receptionist seemed nice, but I could hear nurses at the station talking about unrelated work events/their personal lives. Completely unprofessional. I’ve been with the outpatient lab a few times for blood work and it’s hit or miss. There used to be some really nice phlebotomists but I haven’t seen them lately. The ones that work currently can be nice, but also shady, and they take FOREVER when there is no one in the waiting room. They treat me with disrespect only because I have difficult veins (which I cannot control.) They also act like complete children and seem to have no respect for each other. The cafeteria employees are the kindest. Anytime family is here, the cafeteria and room delivery employees are the sweetest. They do everything with a smile. Our dietician was very kind for my father. She was quiet, but got the job done and was very helpful. We also had one really great nurse. But any other employee seems to be there for the paycheck. We dealt with blood drawing, an NP, a physician, nurses, care techs, and respiratory I believe. Most of these individuals seemed to be in a hurry and didn’t give us the love we needed through such a hard time. All in all, go to Parkview. This place is a joke and seems to only be in it for the money. Upper management is a joke from what my family has dealt with. There are some fantastic employees, but the staff seems to be full of themselves. I’ve had much better experiences at parkview, like when I gave birth. Don’t give this place business! Just trying to save you before you have the same experience throughout such unknown and scary times.

Stephanie Foss

I just got discharged from Dupont after being admitted for a DVT blood clot and two pulmonary embolisms. I had very low risk factors, no predispositions, and I'm in my lower 30s! However, from the time I got to the ER to the time I got admitted, I was listened to. The ER doctor was phenomenal and ordered tests he wasn't even sure I needed but wanted to rule things out. Thank God he did because it saved my life. Everyone there was amazing and I truly got the feeling of "patient first" mentality. Side note, Parkview completely missed my clot and I was walking around with it for 4 days. I will always go to Dupont first now.

Cara Momany

Daniel Mccoy

Post partum pain nurses, will not give fiance proper pain meds, they tell her sorry honey I've had 6 kids theres nothing we can give you. just keep ice on it.

Isaias Santiago

We arrived due to a Post-pregnancy Hernia my wife has been battling. The nurse was kind and quick. The Dr. was the best as far as knowledge and bedside manner that I have ever experienced in the ER with my wife(ER visits=23 now). I highly recommend this hospital and their staff. Much love to Dr. Goodman!!!

Nick Perkins


DuPont is a joke . They have rude services and staffing is terrible & horrible . I would not let anyone go here for anything . They scam you & your money . Again DUPONT IS A JOKE . Parkview will always be BETTER , CLEANER & NICER .

Brandy Hart

In and out but thorough. I can honestly say the 6 times I've been here I've never waited more than 2 minutes. The staff is so great and nice. They kept me and my family calm each time and really look out for your well being. My one issue was with check out. Be wary that sometimes to check out folk will yell out how much you owe after insurance. I've had to explain once that it's not the entire waiting rooms business.

David Reyes

2 Words (Exelent Experience)

June Marie

John Malloy

The doctors and the ICU nurses were fantastic. I enjoyed my stay there while I was going through some health issues. They were able accommodate all my needs. Thank you again!

Jaclyn Smith-Moore

My stepfather went here after a massive heart attack. He was in surgery almost immediately and out the door in only a few days. Staff was friendly and professional.

Angela Lassiter

My mom had back surgery on Wednesday December 12th 2018. She had to wait three hours post surgery in the recovery room because they had no beds, we were not allowed to see her! Then took her to a room FINALLY, and then moved her again. Very disappointed in the care she received in ICU. First nurse post surgery left her with no pain medicine for over three hours while she was in SEVERE pain because of a mistake the nurse made over and over and over!!! Had to ask multiple times for everything! Example, my mom had a severely dry mouth after surgery and wanted ice chips, asked three times for ice chips that the nurse left sitting at the nurses station! Discharged the next day...because I could provide better care than they were, very confusing discharge directions as to what she was supposed to do. AND, the nurse was taking her downstairs in the wheel chair when MY MOM asked the nurse about taking out her IV, to which the nurse stated, “OMG, I forgot to take out your IV! I don’t know what is wrong with me!” This is the care my mom received in the ICU people!! So scary and NOT acceptable! Didn’t even feel comfortable leaving her alone to be taken care of!!

Dave Wallace

To As

Delanta Bridges

I came here hurting so bad my toes foot and leg Dupont hospital from the emergency room to getting admitted has been the best experience I have ever seen Nurses are the best in the country And doctors are the best it's all about politeness patience and doing their job and they got it all together The food staff is even super I ate like a king and loving the 24 hour service.. they took care of my pain and my feeling Dupont is the best

Walmart Coldwater Crossing

Did I went there in 2012?

Laura Webb

Most definately prefer this hospital to Parkview. ER staff was friendly and waiting times was barely any. Great customer service all around

David Schwarz

Nice hospital with unsustainable prices. I could buy an airplane ticket, and have the same procedure done 5 times for the same price (and that's comparing with the price I paid after my health insurance coverage) in another country. Healthcare needs sustainability and quality service, not useless pianos.

Greta Hoostal

I was in labor with excruciating pain that was getting worse (totally different from the last labor, when it was manageable), so I had to get an epidural. It worked perfectly, even though when I had one in the last labor it had failed completely. Then the nurses tried lots of things to try to get my baby to descend, for about 12 more hours. (She couldn't descend, apparently was too big and my hips too narrow.) Then I had to get a c-section, because her heartrate was getting dangerously high and not coming down, and the anesthesiologist was spectacular again. All the nurses and other doctors were as well. The hospital tested my baby for chorioamnionitis, which I hadn't even known existed, and it was positive, so she had to go to the NICU, and her life was saved for the second time in only 3 days. Even though I was discharged, I was allowed to stay in a room at the hospital across the hall from the NICU so I could nurse he round the clock. The c-section made my milk not come in fast enough, and my baby was really hungry because of that and being so big, so the nurses gave her donor-milk supplements. She was released at 9 days old, and now she's 3 weeks old and doing really well.

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