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REVIEWS OF Deaconess Midtown Hospital IN Indiana

Sharon Harper

Ann Maasberg

It went better than expected

GD wicked kings

Lisa Huey

This place is a sorry excuse for a hospital. Everyday it's different story. Their medical staff need to get on board witn their decisions, before coming to family members who have a loved one in the hospital. My father has been here for almost two weeks and I've never been lied to as much as I have been in this past week. Finally after putting up the best fight he could on his own, he passed away. My brother and father both entered this hospital and never came out alive. If you want someone to help save your life, or someone you love. Don't choose this so called hospital! I would rate it no stars if possible. You're better off going to vet for care. This place should be shut down.

Carolyn Williams

Very disappointed with medical staff i went in with severe stomach pain and nauseous they gave me perscription for lortabs even after telling doc i was unable to use the medication service and staff really suck

Carol Hess

They are great people.Do their jobs well. Caring and thoughtful.

Julie Robinson

Deaconess hospital rant.. just have to vent and hope it gets to the right ears! I know I have several friends who are related to or good friends with the CEO. My husband has cancer. Every 3 months he goes to Deaconess for a CT scan to watch for growth (we have been very blessed that there has been no growth for some time now, thank God!) So every 3 months, he registers for the scan. They ask name, dob, address, phone, has anything changed. Right? All the basics that everyone has to answer at every doctor appointment. So here goes, yesterday he gets a letter in the mail from Vanderburgh Superior Courts. An order to appear. There was an internet link included to view a document that the letter is in regards to. Turns out that we are being called to court over two bills. One is from April 2015, a second from February 2016. Here is my true rant.. WTH???? I can honestly say that we have not seen a bill on these services. Not only that, this had to go to a collection agency, right(now that alone is embarrassing!!)? but again, we have not been contacted in any way about these charges! But now.....Attorney Mallory Catherine Deckard wants to see us in court. We were married September 2, 2016, we had all bills paid in full before we got married. Do you really think that we would let something like this go when... again....he is there every 3 months for a CT scan? I will be posting this to Deaconess website. We are more than happy to pay for services rendered, all It would have taken was a statement....I believe those still go out monthly!!!! Why would you need to update addresses if they dont? Any words of wisdom are greatly appreciated. I am quite perturbed over this!!! Thank you for listening!

There are blessings in everything

Ricky Eraser

Wonderful Service and Food. Better than some fancy restaurants

Jamie Durham

Was there 5 days and never got an allergy band put on after asking 5 nurses for it. Was discharged without any medication for pain the same day that I had my gallbladder removed. Spent 6 hours waiting on the nurse to get ahold of doctor for pain medication, and finally she said she would call them in and they couldn't be called it after we left. It was horrible quality of care, poor nursing care, and the doctors were very forgetful and not trustworthy.

Morgan Schmidt

Curtis Jones

Worst place I have ever had.a loved one in . totally pathetic veterinary clinic would be bettef

Marsha Pick

I can't say anything

LisaMarie Kelle

I usually have my surgeries @ Gateway but I just had my first one @ Midtown & was I was pleased with my experience

Edward Bocan

The absolute standard for the area. Very good young, intelligent talent. Dialysis treatment the best. All good every time for us. Wouldn't go anywhere else. Family.

Kathryn Jones

In the past I was not happy with this hospital. Brought my daughter in with a broken ankle. Took less than an hour to get pretty much complete service. WOW! And the staff was so super nice.

David Ryon

Two recent experiences as a patient in different departments, exceptional personal attention, deeply appreciated!

K. S.

I recently took my mother to the ER because she was experiencing trouble breathing and severe pain in her chest, neck, and back. Once we were taken back to a room, the nurse took notes on my mother’s medical history and symptoms. She was in so much pain that tears would well up in her eyes as she spoke. After the nurse took her history and symptoms my mother asked if she could have a pillow to help make her somewhat more comfortable. She has a degenerative muscle disease and uses ice packs and needs to be positioned a certain way when lying down otherwise it makes her already terrible pain worse. The nurse responded “I don’t think we have pillows here, but I’ll check”. An hour passed before the nurse returned to the room, not even mentioning if he attempted to find a pillow or an alternative option to help make my mother more comfortable. He then gave my mother baby aspirin and took her blood. It took him three tries to properly take her blood, which may not seem like a big deal but when someone is in severe pain every aspect of care makes a difference. The nurse was not caring, compassionate, or skilled. Another employee came in to obtain insurance information, after I signed all of the paper work, I asked if she knew where we could get a pillow and she responded “I don’t know if we have any, your nurse would be the best person to ask”. So again, my mother just wanted a pillow to slightly alleviate her pain, but apparently no one in the ER has access to one. Finally the Doctor comes in the room in a sloth like pace and an annoyed look on his face. My mother then described her pain and also told him about the adverse effects she has due to a pervious surgery. He responded in a condescending tone “so you think this is related to a surgery from 20 years ago?” My mother then further explained how her surgery has led to further medical complications and how it affects her life on a daily basis but that today the pain was worse than it has ever been. The doctor then says “so are you still taking your pain medication or did you get cut off?” The fact that he was insinuating that she was there for pills is not only insulting it is completely inaccurate. My mother is prescribed medication to manage her pain and she takes it as prescribed by her primary doctor. She was not there for pills; she has the medication that she needs. She was there because she was in severe pain, scared, and didn’t know what to do or if something was seriously wrong. That doctor treated her like she was just some drug addict trying to get pills or medication and it was absolutely revolting. After all this happened the doctor said they were going to run some tests to make sure it wasn’t a heart attack or something more serious. My mother said okay and then asked if he knew of anyway that she could get a pillow. He didn’t respond and then walked out of the room and when he was half way down the hall said “not that I know of”. I have never witnessed such lack of care, compassion, or empathy in my life. The way my mother was treated was unacceptable. How hard would it have been for the nurse to call housekeeping or sterile supply and ask for a pillow or even a towel to put behind her neck? It is such a simple gesture that would have went a long way. The doctor was rude, condescending, didn’t care about what my mother had to say, and made assumptions about why she was there. I realize that it is highly unlikely that any change will occur from me writing this, but regardless I am going to make my mother’s experience known. My mother is the most amazing, selfless, kind, and honest person I know. She did not deserve to be treated so poorly, no one does. I will never take her to Deaconess Midtown Hospital again. Deaconess Health System claims to “provide high-quality health care with a compassionate spirit”, but I can tell you that they most definitely do not. Also, the facility itself was extremely dirty. I even told my mother not to get out of the bed without her shoes on because the floor was so gross. Please do better.

Madelyn Uplinger

my own mother doesn’t treat me so awful and that’s saying something because she is horrible

Martha Fraliex

allison ragland

Penny Hubbard

Emergency room and Neuro ICE personnel are really outstanding. Mother-in-law was treated there 12/29 -1/5. Hospital was exceptionally clean and staff was dilligent and caring.

Alex Campbell

crystal B

Too nearly 2 hours for the nurse practitioner to come see my son. Another 45 min after that for xrays, another hours for anyone to comeback to check on him. Only one provider in the er. And it isn't even a flipping doctor!!! Never coming back here again so many times over the past 2 years and st Mary's surpasses this place by far. Go there first!

Nick Hirsch


Long wait times, they over bill and double bill. Hard to deal with their billing department. I will not go back!

Amanda Zarobinski

Took my husband to the er. For diverticulitis. Went to the cat scan area as a nurse was coming out she is banging the patient's bed on the wall as she is moving him out the doors. I said be easy with the poor man. And she said, get the hell outta the way or go to your room she didn't care. But I was nowhere near the door or them. And when my husband got admitted. The techs would come In and Ask would you want anything Then never come back at all. The Drs were great. And treated use with respect. But some of the nurses would be sarcastically rude and disrespectful. But came across one nurse who was really nice! her name was Lisa. She came in at night And Took very good care of us. She was very easy to talk to, and made our stay a little better. Thanks lisa on the 4th floor.

kris neale

They are horrible. Maybe they need to go to St. Mary's hospital & take lessons on how to be the best.

Lori Hughes

Cody Brummett

Awesome staff. They treat all the people we take to the er.

Ted Miller

Teresa Chasteen

I wanted to thank the staff of Unit 2700 for taking care of my sister Deborah Peerman. The nurses and techs took such great care of her and kept us informed of what was going on. Her first stroke was October 1,2018 and the second was was December 26, 2018. Thank you also to Doctor Link and Dr Meckler. You were honest with us during the second hospitalization and helped us to make some very difficult decisions. Your kindness will always be remembered. Thanks also to the palliative care team and the Neuro intensive care when she was transferred. To those that made it possible to go to the Linda White Hospice House we will be forever grateful. The family of Deborah Peerman.

Ayden Kilgore

Amer Newlin

Bill Donnelly

ned flanders

a handfull of judge mental staff go around giving everyone they dont like the looks of hell other than that its no tattoos drugs crimes i worked there many years its not opinion itsfact

Cynthia Waters

Convinently located

Kimberly Williams

The worst hospital ever. They are suppose to process charity cases so that a poor person with no insurance will not be billed then taken to court with threat of jail even when they have no ability to pay. I think they just throw the charity forms in the trash. Then they fail to bill for a about a year then the poor sick person gets a summons to go to court where they are given orders to pay even though they are to sick to work and have no money. This is a crime and it has happened to some disabled persons I know. I know the forms were filled out and taken to the right office to be processed because I did these for some people myself since the disabled persons were learning disabled with no ability to read or write. Thank God for Obama Care for now these folks have proper insurance. But No! Their trials are not over! They just got another summons to appear in court for failure to pay a 2 year old bill they thought was taken care of through the Charity office for those with no ability to pay! Shame on you Deaconess. What you have been doing is a crime! By Federal and State law you must process these claims and leave folks with no ability to pay alone! You are criminals!

Krystal Soto

As a patient you will receive EXCELLENT care. This facility has top notch physicians, nurses, respiratory, occupational and physical therapy, patient care technicians, and this is only naming a few of yhe specialities. Deaconess is an asset to this community. You will be encouraged to participate in your care and you will receive the education and tools to do so.

Moxley Kinda Girl

sarah h

I was very shocked to see all these negative reviews. My grandma has always went here and do a great job. My grandpa too had excellent care. It's been transfers sometimes and they are great. My dad was in and out of here for a good year or even longer about 10 years ago and they were trying to help but he had just too many problems going on and were doing all they could, one issue after another and they were very helpful. My mom also needed to utilize the hotel room complex near by and for a few months they were very very helpful in providing a cheap rate for her on a budget and being off work and all. The rate increased over time but were helpful especially at first to accommodate her there. It was easy for her and close to the hospital as she isn't much of a big city driver

Susan Rightnowar

Nurses are mean. Techs be found . My nurses Stacey told me I had been rude all day. Told me she was gonna call security on me if I didn't get back in bed. Incompetentent lab techs. Had blood drawn for everything under the sun, about every hour. If they had a question they drew blood..

Mackenzie B.

I wish Nurse A. Howard wasn't telling large groups of people that she would murder people if they expressed that they had different political opinions. Very disturbing.

Stephanie Collins

greg sureck

I wish to dispute a bill. invoice # 139978135. My visit was less than 10 minutes. this was my first visit. the doctor told me she was unable to help me. she was very unprofessional. she pretended to be "homey" but came across as condescending. she did not conduct a physical examination. she told me she could not help me. I am an amputee. she told me she did not provide the type of services I sought. Dr.Leslie Strouse came to Boonville from New Albany. About me. I am a 69 yr old male. I am a left leg BK amputee. I am a retired RN, LCSW, CADAC, LMFT . Worked in health care for four decades. I have worked with addicted nurses and doctors as a part of my practice. I ask you to review Dr. Stouse's note to my visit to see if that visit was deserving of money. I was hesitant to file a complaint against this doctor but if necessary I will do so. I was hesitant to post this publicly but it's difficult to communicate with you folks Please respond

Sandra Avila

Philip Morefield

Worst experience of my life. I came in with lower abdominal pain in the morning. Lower right side. They did a blood test then said I was fine and sent me home. They told me if it got worse to come back. So later that evening it did and I certainly back. They sitter me to the hospital. I received no pain or naseua medicine for over 5 hours. No fluids either. So I laid in the hospital bed in horrible pain with no help. The nurses just keep saying the doctor was busy an had not had a chance to order me any meds. Eventually we left and went to St. Mary's.

Madonna Collins

Nicole North

ginger wilcox

MY husband had a procedure and was told 2 weeks biopsy results will be in well its a ONE MONTH later and no result, by mail, phone NOTHING. called Dr. our says the attending Dr. has to give results, called attending Dr. office, NO ANSWER, A BRIEF COMMENT WAS MADE, " OH, the Dr. didnt get it but in his mailbox, I will have to have him call you I am not allowed to give out that information." That was yesterday..... NO CALL AGAIN, i called administrative office, was told " they are on phone I will PERSONALLY WALK THIS TO THEIR OFFICE lol that was at 9:06 am, its now 12:31 AND NO CALL!!!!!! I have had many comments on facebook on how AWFUL, this is and have many comments of others and similar things going on, REMEMBER DEACONESS WHEN YOUR BILL NEEDS PAID.... MAYBE THESE PEOPLE SHOULD DISCUSS IT IN A COURTROOM I CANT BELIEVE THE DOZENS OF COMMENTS, pitiful

Beth Price

The staff here is wonderful! Everybody I came into contact with in the Cardiovascular Care Center and in Radiology was very caring and professional. I was very happy with my stay here.

Cheryl Wiggins

I work there

Ronda Mayberry

I still cant talk about what happen to me no doctor can fix what happen to me in the hospital

Kimberly kelly

When your mother is 1000 miles away and in the hospital, you want to know she's being taken care of. I called her today and she had nothing but rave reviews about the doctors and nurses. While we were talking they brought her dinner which was delicious. I was discussing a problem my girlfriend was having in nursing school and when my mom mentioned it to the nurse, the nurse got on the phone with me to give me encouraging words for Katie. How nice was that?? I really felt like they cared about her and took care of all her needs. She's a little ornery, and I heard the nurses giving it right back to her and joking around with her. It warmed my cockles. So when in Southwest Indiana, Deaconess downtown is the place to be!

Mary Bannister

Got released today...not knowing what is wrong. I have had a history of chronic bronchitis which usually causes a lower grade fever...but three different Drs. two totally unconcerned with my care at all assured me I'd be alright. I'm sure I'll be just another demographic if they are wrong and if something bad does happen it wouldn't be the first time. If it wasn't for a couple nurses the stay would have been unbearable. Thanks Christy and Jessica on floor 3. Dr. Link sucks should lose his license if he can't even look at a patient's history....a dying dog deserves a better place to croak.

John Ellis

Excellent, friendly and caring staff!! Made my visit to surgery very comfortable, all questions answered and no delays. Thanks to you all!!

Bobby Reyes

Amber Puckett

Great facility with top of the line doctors.

Wouldn'tYou Like2K

Dr. Broshears is a caring and great doctor. I've always feel welcomed and feel like I have a great knowledge of my visit.

Jacelyn Nicholle

rude workers

Mike Schaefer

Wonderful care! Great staff and Dr's!

Kyle Kellogg

Peter Hawley

Great staff. Very professional and friendly. Excellent care.

Mac Pullman

Amanda Moit

My mom went to the er after suffering from major chest pain, back pain, and a numb/tinglely feeling in her left arm. After a ct scan revealed that her aorta had dissected from her heart to somewhere down in her abdomen, the er staff very quickly got my mom into a trauma room, and calmed her down using drugs to keep her BP low. It is a miracle my mother is alive. I owe everything to the nurses and doctors who took care of my mom. Because of all they did that morning, she was able to make it up to indy for surgery. There are no words to express my gratitude.

Bill Edwards

This place is just ok.

Bonnie McCammon

Jackie_odis Bonnell

Because I do lo e tomorrow

Suzanne Noftz

Malana Recker

Deana Howell

I absolutely loved the people, what a wonderful experience it has been. Thanks to all of the staff....

John Ray

Recently underwent micro lumbar diesectomy with Dr. Cannon. So far surgery is a success..Pain was gone when woke up in the recovery room. Nursing staff from getting started prepping receiving iv to the gentleman that took me to the operating room. Thank you. The nurses on the 4th floor who took care of me till the next morning were great thank you Shelley and Colton . If these 2 are examples of the rest of the nursing staff you are in good hands. Thanks to all for the excellent care and treatment. And to Dr. Cannon you are a miracle worker thank you for helping me. I am like others did a little research on you there was good and bad but my regular doctor said to me if he was going to have to have back surgery this is the only person I would let do it when he said that I knew I would be in good hands and was again THANK YOU to everyone who was involved in my stay.

Albert Kizer


Utter disappointment. I went to tge ER for a herniated disc that was crushing my sciatic nerve. Not only was I treated with utter disregard but I was lied to as well. I was transferred from a hospital in Kentucky to here. I was given something that worked for pain in Ky., when I informed the ER nurse of said medication I was told it was on backorder and they had none. I returned from my MRI in excruciating pain and they miraculously had said pain medication that I was administered once in a 6 hour period. Afterwards I was given a weaker less effective medicine. After being admitted I received the preferred medicine every 3 hours. Backorder? After my stay and trying to submit my information to my accident policy, i was informed that my records stated that there was no accident even though the surgeon stated it was clearly caused by an accident. The billing department stated that if they documented as an accident they wouldnt get paid. So they falsified my medical records to get paid.

Brenda Burklow

Kaitlyn Schneider

Ruby Hall

My husband was in ER waiting room screaming in pain while all the nurses where have a group talk at the end of the hall way. My mother was with him. She has a defibrillator. Her chest started hurting because of the poor service and her having to roll my husband into the hosptial with no help. She told the police officers if she passed out to call an ambulance to take her to St. Marys. He got there at 6:30 am. The doc comes in @ 2:30pm. Everyone on the floor was coming in the room asking the same questions while my husband was screaming of pain. Just don't get it. They treat you bad. The drip machine keep going But will sue you in a minute.


I was assaulted by an elderly female employee in the main lobby of this hospital in broad daylight while pushing my baby in her stroller (19 mo). This woman grabbed my hand TWICE and told me i was a "dispicable lady", repeatedly. She began yelling it. I asked her not to yell at me in front of my baby. She then bent down and looked inside my stroller at my baby and said "your mommy is a dispicable lady". I walked away pushing my baby as quickly as I could. I could still hear her screaming at me as I was outside the building and walking away from the situation. I was genuinely shocked and scared. I am still shaking with anxiety days after the incident. To my knowledge, this woman is still employed there. I only post to warn others of her behavior, especially if you have a child with you. Please be careful; this place is NOT SAFE.

James De Souza

They released me after a diagnosis of irritable bowel syndrome and a gluten allergy. In reality I had Leukemia. So not only did they misdiagnosed me they also charged me and took me to court to pay for the wrong diagnosis. Nothing wrong with charging people 2k while being wrong I guess. It would be like them taking their car with a flat front right tire to a garage, the mechanic charges them for replacing a perfectly fine rear right tire, and they still have a flat front tire. This place is so awful if I didn't already have cancer I am sure I would have left with it. PATHETIC!

terry atchison

Anyway all those who took care of me did a great, professional, friendly job, and I just wanted them all to know I appreciated their efforts. Reception, vitals, lab, radiology, nurses, and who administered my IV and injections, made me know that I was in good hands…and, of course, Dr. Gest, thank you all.

Janet Fulkerson

Bob Dugan

Audrey the nurse 3671,and the tech Lynzie 3665 are my absolutes favorites! Let's start with the good first. The staff here is absolutely amazing! I've talked to a ton, and everyone is awesome and hard working. The staff is hard working, and not lazy. The food in the rooms and the cafeteria is amazing too! Best Dijon salad dressing ever! I will say the ER is creepy with sketch people outside, the vending kept taking my money and drinks were getting stuck. Employees kept pawning off the night time security pass on other places. It's super hard and sketch to navigate around here. The guy at the night time security post to give out an ID at 8 pm (ER,) area was super rude. I mean, rude. I told him that the ER told my kid and I to meet us upstairs. He didn't care they just told us that and our family member was waiting. He just basically kept repeating the same sentence over and over with no facial expression. Then, I told him someone told us security could walk us to our car. He said, we don't provide that. I understand there are policies in place, but it's his way of saying it and handling it. My bf is a police officer and hospital security as well at a different hospital and he would never treat ppl this way. The security guy at the ER coming in at the security checkpoint Monday evening is very kind however, and always smiling.

Kellen Donnelly

Bonnie Haller

Horrible E.R. doctor. Nurses can only do what they are doing. I posted review 3 weeks ago. Haven't seen it posted. St Vincent/Mary's is a safer place. But, most Insurances tell you where you have to go.

Dennis Flathers

Aaron Lutz

Best hospital as well as staff here in Evansville!


Wow, some of ya'll are pretty harsh. Let me explain to everyone how it really is here. My dad has been admitted here numerous times over the years for heart issues and/or blood pressure issues. He was always treated thoroughly and efficiently. The rooms all have upgraded equipment for the nurses to use. The staff is always helpful to me, and I have a phobia of even being in hospitals for cryin out loud! So if I am ok being here, you will be too.

Joshua McNinch

I've only lived in the area a couple of years and have had to make 3 trips here. They were professional and great staff. Made the experience of getting a bug out of my ear as amusing as it could be. Joked around with the nurse and nurse practitioner and they took my stupidity in stride.

Jessica Gerlach

Great hospital. The facility was very clean and the staff was caring. I would take any of my family members there in the future.

Carl Ham

Ex-wife fell in room on 4100 unit. She couldn't hardly walk. They didn't check her except vitals. Last I knew u don't fall and land o ur blood pressure or heart rate. Then sent her home where couldn't make up steps. Had call Ambulance take her to St.Vincent. where she is now. In my opinion they closed wrong hospital. Should have closed Deaconess and left Welborn hospital like it was. Hospitals always have excuses . It's not our fault we did all we could if only they'd gotten here sooner. See pattern. It's never their fault. And I say when are they just going to tell the truth for once. Like beats me or ur guess as good as mine. Just say we don't know. But u don't kick someone out of ur hospital especially after they have fell in one ur room . I would just as soon as go to herbalist

Teana Lawrence

Very terrible service, u really need to treat patients Well and not kill them worst hospital in the tri-state,never go here for surgery because u will not survive this hospital killed MY grandma 2 weeks ago before she arrived there she was alive

Patricia Minor

The Bluegrass Genealogist

This is not to complain about the hospital itself but it's billing department, because I am a Veteran under the Veterans Choice Program and Deaconess is under contract to not bill the Veteran under this program and yet they continue to call me and now the bill are under collections. I am considering legal action against Deaconess about this because if I had made a contract which is a legal and binding I would have been sued. I am very angry with this whole thing.

Gaines Luckett

Bruce Lane

Just visited sister ibn trauma unit. Nurse was very nice and caring. Her name was Brittany or Britney and worked weekend/ day shift. I'm sure it's a stressful job but she handles it well

Belinda Higgs

Nick Maynard

Treated me horribly!

Andrew B

I had necrotizing fasciitis. I was in the worst pain of my life. Go Google it and read about it if you don't know what it is. I would have rather had someone sawing my leg off while awake. I was sent here to this God forsaken place. I screamed my head off in pain and they eventually gave me a shot of morphine. Then they literally left me alone for 3 hours... 3 hours no joke of some of the worst pain ever. I pissed in the corner of the room that no one even noticed because I couldn't get anyone to help me to the bathroom and wasn't dragging my IV down the hall 100 feet. God that was so awful. Then after about 3 hours doctors come rushing in because they finally got the readings and saw I had necrotizing fasciitis. They didn't have all the staff they needed for OR so they had to life flight me to IU Methodist. You would think this would be a good time to give me another shot of morphine right? Once they realized I wasn't a drug seeker and that my neck muscles were being ripped apart by the bacteria. Well you thought wrong. I had to scream my head off almost another hour because they had to get papers ready for me to sign and I couldn't sign them if I had a morphine shot. Good God. I hope everyone of them get it some day and have to wait hours in pain because they have to print papers off. The best thing about this event was went I finally got that humongous dose of morphine and flew away on a helicopter. If I could have taken a dump off the helicopter on this place I would have.

Kenny Hillyard

If you had dealt with our small town Hospitial you would give this Hospital 100 Stars if you could !!!!

antony sudano

I went in to ER with severe knee leg pain I had 24 hrs and wasn't going away but getting worse with home treatment. As the pain had me up alnight and sick to my stomach from the pain I was desperate for relief. The staff was timely, nice, and did tests. NP thought something was probly torn and referred follow up with ortho.. now I went in with a 10 pain and that is how I left. I had to ask to even get a tramadol shot and got sent home with naproxen which I'd takin at home with ice packing and it didn't work. I would not be given PAIN doing as told I am in day 3 of very uncomfortable pain and cried in pain both days prior. I WILL NOT RETURN TO ER AND PAY A FORTUNE AND NOT BE ALLOWED PAIN RELIEF, that is unacceptable as a patient, and ridiculous I couldn't have gotten a narcotic shot that gives pain relief and sent home with atleast a cpl days meds for my pain.

Lauren Brown

Shelly Smith

Best hospital ever wonderful nurses and Drs ! Very appreciative of the care and time they provide!

Starr Mcnary

The deaconess hospital I went to is slow. Also if it was a life or death situation the patient would have been dead. We ask for water 3 times and the still have not bring it.

Lauryn Watkins

Diamond Princess

Put you in a room make you sit in the hallway for test results. Terrible experience if it’s not St. Mary’s or the Women’s Hospital I wouldn’t recommend! They get paid to do nothing

Lee Lane

The staff has been so professional and caring !Big kudos to nurses Leslie ,Courtney ,and Bailey up in the cardiac unit ! They were great !

S Norman

Friendly nursing staff and nice rooms.

Josh Schluter

I'm less and less impressed the more time I spend here

Michael Knight

We have been here for an hour and a half My 94 year old mother in law is here due to a fall. She asked to go to the restroom over an hour ago. I went to the hallway to try and get help. I was told to go back inside the room because of patient confidentiality. We are still waiting for someone to help. I have rung the help button 3 times.

John Kuntz

Clean, friendly, timely, accurate, compassionate

Jeff Schmidt

Emergency Room visit was a joke, we had to repeat to everyone we talked to on what medication my son took before we got here. They are not listening to the patients, or for the parents for that matter. The doctor prescribed more tylonal, after we told them repetitdely that he took some Nyquil before we came in. No respect for the family's having to come in here because all other Urgent Care offices are already closed. The room was absolutely disgusting, the floors has dust bunnies all over, hasn't been vaccumed/swept in months. I guess the A/C wasn't working either, it was hotter in the room, then it was in the waiting area. We will not return here again for emergency visits.

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