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I had a c-section here on 3/11 of this year while my ob/gyn was great and everything went smoothly however after I had her the nurses moods shifted. I was treated like I was their last priority. I get it you guys get busy but I wish you guys would of explained more on how to take care of my wound what to do and not to do I was completely blind to it. The last 2 days I was there they checked on me 3 times max to the point I had to ask for my medication. On another note I had put her in the nursery the second day so I can rest a little bit. I had them bring her back and she had a diaper rash!!!! HOW DOES A TWO DAY OLD GET A DIAPER RASH?!?!? (I’ve had her home since 3/16/19 and she hasn’t gotten one since she was in the care of the nurses) that shows me they neglected her. It also sad how I had to bring up that my daughter looked like she had jaundice. I brought it up and they said oh yeah she does!!! Like really? When she was in the photolight therapy I saw the nurses getting annoyed by her because she cried a lot, they kept telling me “she has a set of lungs on her” like really be more professional and if you can’t stand to be around crying babies then you need to find another job!!!

Kari Swan

I was in severe pain and they had me wait hours to see a dr at the er, I was not even put into a room but put in the hallway even after rooms opened up. The nurses showed no compassion for my situation and watched me struggle in pain to lay down for cat scan. The Dr kept trying to say I had a muscle pain, (I assume he thought I wanted drugs which was absolutely not the case!) I ended up having a collapsed lung and then when I seen my dr 2 days later I found out I needed to be on antibiotics immediately and they also didnt do that. I will not return to this hospital even if I'm dying!!

Stephen Semethy

Elizabeth Jancek

Angela Sannasardo

In my opinion community hospital is the best in lake county Indiana. They have the best nurses they are so friendly and caring. And so are at the front desk. If I have to go to any hospital .My choice is Community hospital in Munster. Indiana

V. P.

Dr. Richardson is a great doctor, very professional and kind he listens to his patients so well. Also the medical assistants are very caring too. I highly recommend him. Try to schedule right away if you need to see him because he is always very busy. Ethel Vanzo

Decker Rebecca

Worst hospital ever my daughter sat in Er FOR 12 HOURS,,,,WORST nurses at night on her floor never checked on her all night.she hohad a fever of 104 really.trying to give her test she didn't need...your better off at st. Margaret s in hammond.If u value ur life don't go to community hospital....

David Walker

Tony Rogers

It's been over 2 years since being discharged, so I'm not sure if my review will be of help, but I'm also sure nothing has changed with the hospital standards. I was run over by a semi tractor trailer and taken to CH Munster. I went into cardiac arrest with cuts and bruises, I had no health insurance at the time. I was placed on life support for the entire 3 days I was there. The 3rd day I was discharged from intensive care straight to the street while still being in excruciating pain. To make a very long story short, my point is that the hospital has no compassion unless you have some awesome health insurance and that is sad...$$$

Kyla Peck

Beware of this hospital, they will send you home telling you your health is fine when in reality they never fixed the problem.

dyson Myer

My doctor triple books. Very long wait


My wife is hear for 4th. Day. Excellent staff and service.. for the size of the hospital, they could have bigger ER. More rooms.

Geoffrey Onyeukwu

Best on implementation of the standard of care and quality of care from their physicians, courteous and professional nurses with excellent bed side manners, very accommodative of patients limitations, humane, clean, most proximal staff at your service for room calls, internal descriptive sign to assist you, helicopter pads for transfer to tertiary centers and an unending safe parking lots at all entry and exit points.

Rick Ziadat

E.R at night was horrible there was a very disrespectful admission lady in the front she was asking many questions we brought a patient to who was in severe pain in an ambulance car and he was forced to sign and fill out papers. This is ridiculous

Jim Janssen

Soon out of Network for BCBS? Always liked this hospital but will be forced to change if they don't work something out! Easier to change hospitals than it is to change my health insurance company.

Angela W

This is such a great hospital. I have gone there for several tests/procedures. Everyone I come in contact with has been very friendly and attentive. I highly recommend.

tawana johnson

ER is terribly slow if you're sick or in pain go somewhere where the nurses are working and not singing and cracking jokes. Go somewhere where the doctor don't walk in then say I have an important phone call I'll be right back then you wait for another hour. Go somewhere where you can have privacy in a room and not in a hospital gown in the hallway for people to keep walking by you. Community use to be a great hospital but has really gone down over the years.

Donna Hlista

The ER gets crowed but they fast-track the most critical patients first.The Doctors are the best in the area

George J

No one would give me a doctor's note after visiting my father in law. Said "they don't do that there".

Judy Sanders

Dr. Seithi Pulmonologist is extreme. Intubate and then trach. Way to much invasive procedures. He listens with passifying facial expressions. I suggested weaning my mother to see what she can do on her own. So she started weaning. But the order is to wean the whole night threw? Really? My mother has had a heart attack and mini strokes. I think that's a little to much for the first day. 2 nurses in ICU need humanity classes and that's Megan and Darlene. The nurse Kim Kate Nests the best nurses there. You're lucky if you're blessed to have them.

Sarah S

Dr Harris was incredibly rude and condescending. She kept reiterating that an ER is for emergencies and sent my dad home with the misdiagnosis of bronchitis and a month later he died of guess what not bronchitis. Dont waste your time here go to a hospital in Chicago.

John Til

To busy long wait time for er with stroke symtoms sitting in waiting room they are rude and no empathy to big for there birches would not take my dog there.wait hours in hallway waiting for a room with everbody gawking at you when they walk by . cant use a urinal in hallway and cant walk to restroom .also i had pleurisy and was missed diagnose with conception had to go back two days later by ambulance now with phenomena too

Nibeth Ramos

Long time wait on er . Go because i bleeding . I wait 2.30 hour . But is clean .

Mark Jankiewicz

All they care about is using BS excuses to admit you to a room just so they can charge the insurance company more money. Completely unnecessary and fraudulent charges. 13 hours in the ER...then get admitted for 2 hours only to have your nurse ask why you are being admitted because there is nothing wrong with you.

John Fowler

Neglected to notify family when the patient was out of surgery leading to increased anxiety and stress for the patient.

Samantha Taylor

kristen irby

Eileen Miles

Awesome Staff....They took excellent care of my Grandmother and were so kind to our family. Thanks so much.

Derrick Davis

Went to the ER 9/24/16 with a severe gout attack. The staff...all the way from triage to Courtney the nurse, John the PA, Dr. Grippo, even Annie who followed up today to see how everything went......were the epitome of what great patient service should be like

Samantha Anderson

If you have any emergency do not go here! My mother in came BY AMBULANCE and sat in ER waiting area for three hours!

purple queen



Vanessa Cervantes

If I could put 0 stars, I would. I brought my mother to the ER here because she was having severe abdominal pain, vomiting and her stool was bloody. It was packed so I understood the 2 hour wait. When we were admitted, my mom was given a bed in a hallway. She never got a room. She was treated in a hallway as she was exposed in her gown to everyone! We watched as other patients got the privacy of a room. We let that slide though because we understood the ER was busy. However, our nurse was horrible. She hooked my mom to an IV and the bag drained into my mother so quickly that the bag emptied and drew blood from my mother. The nurse did not check up on her so I pulled a doctor passing by to help us. He called our nurse over, made her fix it, and told her she had it on the wrong setting. When my mother was wheeled to a CT scan, they wheeled her right back into the hallway as soon as it was done. They told us she would be moved to a room because she would need to have a colonoscopy done in the morning. I waited in the hallway with my tired mother who was trying to fall asleep under the bright florescent lights. We waited 3 and 1/2 hours in that hallway watching other patients who came in after her get treated in ER rooms and then sent to private rooms upstairs where my mother had been promised to be taken. Finally, after much fustration, we asked for her to be discharged from this god forsaken hospital. The minute we asked to leave, the head nurse comes out and begs us to stay with the promise of a private room right away. He said "I understand your frustration but we put your mother last on the list to get a room because that's just how she got grouped with the patients and we understand being treated in a hallway is not ideal, but we're just trying to get everyone out of the waiting room and back in here." We got to the ER at 6pm. It is now 3am and we just got a room because we complained. Had we not said anything, I'm sure we would've never gotten a room. 9 hours! 9 hours we waited as I sat and watched my mother get the most horrific treatment by a hospital I have ever seen. If you love your mother or anybody at all, you will not take them to this hospital. Maybe it's just the ER that has horrible service and treatment. I don't know, but I would not recommend you find out. The promise of being admitted to a room right away is what convinced my mother to stay although, I would've much prefer if she would've let me take her somewhere else. Never again, will I be returning.

Bethany Sell

Absolutely terrible, awful, service and completely incompetent staff. None of the nurses knew anything about the human body. I came in to the emergency room knowing exactly what was wrong and asking for two specific tests, but instead they were stuck following a set of generic protocol, forcing me to have basic tests I already had done after I repeatedly asked them to look deeper with a cat scan and ultrasound. The nurses knew nothing about the human body and just stick to their stupid generic instructions to treat each patient like a number. I spent four hours in the emergency room waiting around with life threatening fluid in my chest, getting tests I already had done and then got sent home to schedule the cat scan and ultrasound with my regular doctor anyways!!! This is highway robbery and should be illegal!!

Michelle Brown

I love this hospital!!! Had all three of my children here and they all stayed in NICU. Their staff is phenomenal and always informative. The food is actually good, the rooms are clean and the ER has great time management. I have never sat in the ER for a super long period of time!!

Abigail Irizarry

Almost 2 hours and have not even passed registration! We were told to go to registration desk. The lady looked as if she had no clue what she was doing had Us sit down. Took someone for I don’t know how long, and as she’s talking to this Hispanic couple you can tell she’s frustrated cause she can’t understand. So rude and making them feel uncomfortable. Then asks for our name and proceeds to have someone else Come up for her to register them. Then constantly getting up looking for I don’t know who. As if she does not know how to do her job! So ridiculous!

Jean Lasher

Maria Donovan

Karen Thomas

I was there because I couldn't breathe staff didn't take me serious assume I was off drugs which wasn't true very racist against black people just rude and bad attitude

Kim Jarvis

Thomas Skinner

Matt Bensema

“You’re experience is very important to us blah blah blah” obviously not get some new staff who know how to write a proper evaluation on a patient.

Tiffany Clark

My mom is at this hospital now! This hospital is trash!! Instead of helping her,they want to give her a mental evaluation? My mom has been there since Nov 20th and it' Dec 1st now and she's getting cranky and moody now because she's ready to go home, Not because she's crazy?????

Salvador Ruiz

bad hospital

Carlos Navarro


Michael Lewis

The doctors and staff are the best.

Christine Hutchings

Great place and staff

Danielle Gee

My first experience was with the ER staff unfortunately. They were young girls and one young man standing around like they were at a party, attitudes were HORRIBLE. Rude, unsympathetic, not helpful at all. Finally a helpful older staff member (woman), saw me crying and began to help me. After that, everyone I encountered was amazing, informed, and knowledgeable....especially the nurses and doctors. The first faces you encounter should be those that are empathetic and patient.

Cynthia Thompson

My mother was admitted to the rehab unit after surgery. Very disappointed in the staff and unit. Staff members insensitive and rude at times. Poor care received. Rooms are dirty, poor/lack of housekeeping. Medications repeatedly given at incorrect times. Medications marked as refused when they were not. Call lights are definitely not answered in a timely fashion. Would not recommend this place to anyone.

Miguel Mota

Worst hospital ever in NW Indiana. Last time I was there wasn't even for me and we were there for a long time without being seen by anybody after got checked in. You also need to watch out for they will do extra things you don't need just to suck more money out of you. Even after your pay them you still seem to owe them money and you'll get sent into collection. Rather die then go there again.

Craig Garcia

Love coming here.

Zachary Tucker

My grandfather was in this place and he like this hospital more than any other hospital good food for all people

jasmin reid


The staff at Community Hospital saved my fathers life tonight. He came in around 3:30 with chest pains and found out he had a mild heart attack. They fixed him up and he's already in recovery at 8:30. Thanks Community!!

Cecilia Mackowicz

Staff was very rude. I had surgery. When I asked for help, they sad they would be right back and never returned. Asked for a specific medication and was given the wrong one. Luckily I was being discharged where I can get myself. Need drastic change there.

Joelene Chappell

Kristen Watson

Mixed review—my 5 year old son had a severe, acute medical emergency, waited in the ER hallway for hours (screaming in pain for help), was given morphine and a CT scan... and sent home. 36 hours later, he was knocking on death’s door when we returned to the ER. They missed the very frightening (and simple) diagnosis the first time and sent him home with laxatives for constipation (that he didn’t have!). He spent THIRTEEN DAYS at Comer Children’s hospital, underwent TWO major surgeries and endured a medically induced coma... all of which could have been avoided had we not been dismissed the first time. He’s lucky to be alive. After ordering and reviewing an X-ray, the ER doctor on the second visit was quick to acknowledge that Community Hospital couldn’t provide the care he needed and transferred us to Comer. I dealt with the Patient Relations department too, and they were understanding and helpful. But if you have a true medical emergency, I’d caution you against taking yourself or your children to this hospital. My son is still with us because the second ER doctor transferred him, and that doctor is the only reason I’m giving this two stars. I’m sure there are good providers here, but obviously, not all of them are.

Samuel Burkhart

Worst hospital in the area equipped with the rudest and lazest staff!!!

Nicole Baginski

Came directly from school yesterday to see my Dad. Drove into the parking lot and a security guard laid the security car horn on me for some reason, and I think was yelling at me??? I would have rolled down my passenger window to talk, but I have crank windows and cannot reach that far. I'm sorry, I didn't realize I was offending you by coming to see my sick Dad, get over yourself. If the guard had done their job, I would have been helped to a parking spot or told the lot was full. I ended up parking in the garage because I didn't want to use the valet and ended up on the wrong side of the building. Treat your patients and visitors like humans. Horns are not used to communicate with people PAYING YOU for your SLOW care. Learn some respect.

Amey Phillips

Big and they aren't really crowing on Sunday around 9 and 10 o'clock .

Perry Ramirez

Hisham Abidallah

Paco Luna

I strongly encourage anyone who happens to have a hernia condition to seek Dr. Chan for an office consultation with him. I found Dr. Samson M. Chan, after performing an extensive on-line search for a Doctor that I could see for what appeared to be an uncomfortable bump on my stomach and also in my navel area, as it was protruding outwards. I had two different visible lumps on my stomach area that caused discomfort and obviously looked unpleasant. After having scheduled an appointment, I was happy to quickly get a quick appointment to be seen by Dr. Chan. Since I had already had taken some Cat Scans, Dr. Chan was able to review the images and was able to confirm that indeed I had a double hernia. He was so kind and caring that he managed to schedule me within the next week to perform a surgical repair for my condition. Before my surgery took place, I explained to Dr. Chan my main concerns in understanding the specifics and the manner to perform my surgery to repair in such a manner to avoid noticeable scarring due to the surgery. He was very kind and extremely caring that I could not believe that the only noticeable signs of surgery are only a few incisions that can not be seen. In fact, my navel was also, corrected that cosmetically speaking it looks as if I have never even had a double umbilical hernia repair on my stomach and navel area. Thank You Doctor Chan for being there with me during the whole process and after my surgery as I woke up afterwards. The entire process was well worth my time in researching not just for a qualified Doctor but also, for a caring Doctor about any possible scarring. The healing process was a bit difficult but it only encouraged me to become active again in order to continue to improve my health and awareness to prevent any future injuries. I have since dropped 44 lbs. and continue to stay healthy and in shape by long walks every day, eat responsibly, and no heavy lifting. Paco Luna

sabrina alvarado

Most of the staff is awesome and very considerate, however you always get one nurse who just doesn't seem to care

Michele Keller


Really good as far as hospitals go!

Lisa Torry

I had the worst experience with community hospital..went in for my best pains and sugar...stayed overnight for observation ER Doctor said he wanted me to speak to an additional dietitian..never seen the doctor until 3pm the next day with a bad attitude who had me on a liquid diet which consists of Grape Juuce W/Sugar but told me that that is the reason my sugar was up...News flash I never ate the lunch NEVER found out why my sugar fluctuations with no liquids in my system...I had to call and ask can someone check my sugar levels..IV machine went off constantly no one came in until 45min and No I didn't page them it comes across their board! After enough of foolery the attitude with the Doctor I signed myself out...Big Jim was the only nurse that checked on me 3W, I will never go back to them again..Not even in a body bag!

Ruth Quiros

Disappointed on the Customer Service.

Adrian Matthew Rai

Joseph Veyette

Michael Bray

Great hospital! Doctors and nurses very friendly and caring! My brother broke his back and received excellent care while in the hospital! He’s now walking (with a walker) and in a rehabilitation center! Many thanks to the hospital and staff! God bless you all!

Shock Advised

Amazing labor and delivery floor, incredibly friendly and caring team of nurses and doctors

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Jessica Golden

This is by far the worst experience I have ever had at a hospital to date, as I lay in bed here writing. I came in about 2am for what I suspected was food poisoning. I had been getting sick continuously for several hours before coming in and was especially concerned of bring dehydrated (severe stomach and leg cramps) because I could not keep anything down including water most of the day. After one nurse tersely drew my blood while I was doubled in pain, another informed me she she could maybe give me some nausea medication "when she gets to it" after taking my vitals. I spent another 30 minutes waiting as best I could until the pain was simply unbearable. I asked the receptionist for help because my pain was severe. As I plopped down on a chair near her feeling faint and nauseas, she asked me to go back to the waiting area and wait until they could give me meds. Now I completely understand the way an ER works and was willing to tough things out, but after she implied that I had only just now started having these symptoms (even though I checked in with them 1+ hours ago?), I vomited on the spot. While I caught my breath, she had a nice chat with a security guard about her trip to Vegas. She then asked me to get up and walk to the waiting area again. I said I was afraid to stand from being lightheaded and she rolled her eyes and called another nurse to get me a wheelchair as if this was the hugest inconvenience of her life. Once I finally made it to the back, I was left with a fluid IV drip with minimal explanation of my condition or what to expect. Shivering, I asked for a blanket and never recieved one. I so legitimately felt like my problems were being entirely brushed off by all staff. Several nurses complained about their shift while walking by. I was miserable and literally rexieved no assurance or comfort. I know people come in to the ER for dumb things. I didn't think severe dehydration and muscle pain was one of them. I'm a tough lady and have been through alot with my body, but this truly had me in tears. Thanks, Community.

Gabriel Davenport

Worst hospital in my whole life I was sick one day to the point where I couldn't talk I had to be transported to the hospital. The paramedics were so dumb and slow that they put me down for resisting medical attention when I couldn't move. When I got to the hospital they were yelling at me and saying that I was faking and it took at least one smart nurse to figure out I was actually sick and couldn't talk.Long story short a good doctor arrived at my bed finally and helped me.

Kim Strainis

Good Peeps

Unfortunately I would have to agree with some of the reviews. Yes the ED is full, the waiting area is full. We stayed in the hallway with other patients and EMT pushing carts etc..for 10 hours. The care was great in the beginning then went slowly downhill with ending as if they don’t care. You are worn down on the waiting game, no communication, incredibly long wait times for procedures. Don’t call the nurses station for an update, clearly annoyed them. Then the shift in staff because you asked questions. I did feel the staff was knowledgeable on procedures and body parts. Friendliness not so much. As true to most healthcare, there is little to no communication between departments. This unfortunately results in negative reviews. With communications and technology in this day and age, you would think there is a better way to know you have been bumped and pushed to different times multiple times. Sarcastic condescending doctors, staff walking by not caring you are obviously confused on how to navigate the multiple additions. They keep walking. Stopping at the wrong nurses station hoping someone will help you navigate back. And no one picks up their head. It’s unfortunate to watch good institutions lose their credibility. There are choices in healthcare, I hope you can get back to the top of the list one day. But for now, going elsewhere unless emergent then out we shall go.

Zuly's blogs

My wife just got out today we have a baby boy she loved this hospital the nurses are awesome the place super clean

Susan Bansley

Horrible patient care


This place was going to give me a blood thinner and I can't take blood thinners. It was a nightmare. The nurse was one rude woman.


There is inconsistent quality to the point of danger to people's lives... Some humility will go a long way for Dr's and nurses... Also accountability. Last, it will help them financially if they stop building and remodeling.... It causes them to harass people for 6 dollars literally..... Hospitals used to be charitable.... This models corporate behavior not charity. Beware.

Christine Stephen

Extremely very happy we went at midnight my husband has poison ivy dr Garoza is good dr helpful and so polite nice no waiting in the e.r. On a Friday very good hospital good staff friendly. Thank you!!!

Craig Decker

Horrible hospital went there cause I was having horrible back pain got there and they thought it was kidney stones they did a scan and did not find stones but did find a cyst and the nurse said it was no big deal my wife asked what my white blood cell count was the nurse said it was normal a couple of days later my doctor calls and tells me I need to see a hematologist because my white blood cell count was through the roof very high and had to end up seeing a urologist to have the cyst removed and even they said something about my white blood cell count not sure the nurse knew what the hell she was talking about I will never go back there even my wife had a bad experience when she went there a couple years back

Thomas Gulotta

What a joke! went there today [ER} for severe rectal pain,waited over 2 hrs .Finally saw Dr Sambhav Shah,he looked at my problem for less than 2 seconds,said nothing was wrong. i 'asked him why am i almost in tears than "? I guess when they say point to the frowning faces on the wall that doesn't mean much. Oh it gets better,he then prescribed me hemorrhoid medicine, I asked why if he didn't check for one?? answer {none}..I got in my car went to St Anthony"s with in 30 min i was diagnosed with a anal fissure & hemorrhoid...

Giorgi di Lemis

Hands down the worst hospital in the area. From the way you are treated, to the ugliest building architecture, to the high charges [I cut my finger, the bill without even a suture, just a badly wrapped bandage was over $500 !!!!!] Stay away from this place if you can help it!!

Paul Olson

Has anyone ever heard of broadcasting on social media? Certainly a better place to air your thoughts. The internet reaches billions.

Nicole Rich

ER is beyond slow. I had to wait 3 hours just to see someone. Staff, nurses, and doctors were rude. No compassion. Had to hear doctors yelling at housekeeping. So awkward and unprofessional. Horrible experience.

Jia Escotto

Todd Hansen

Couldn't ask for better care from emergency room to intensive care they are the best in the business


My 15 year old son had surgery for a broken arm. Everyone and everything from start to finish was awesome!. Rebecca was our surgery nurse and dr evenson was our ortho. I appreciate all of you guys. Thank you for making out experience great! There are other hospitals closer to home, but so glad we chose Munster community Would definately use them again!

Indy's Caterer to Go

The management IS TERRIBLE and staff is highly lacking in diversity, empathy, and are very demonic as a result. Staff are careless about how they treat other staff, let alone their patients. I do not recommend working here or receiving treatments from this hospital, as patients are underserved due to the problems I mentioned. If I could give a lower score it would be a zero. YOU have been warned!!

Rose William

Rose Zambrano

Great hospital great nurses and a great team of doctors highly recommend this hospital

Marc Coachys

One of the top Hospital groups in the NWI region. Famous for it's maternity ward, excellent physicians, and state of the art facility.

prayer sheila

Tabitha Tidwell

Redleg Trucker

Janet Laballiere

I was there for a very delicate surgery in 2009. My back, due to a congenital genetic condition, after several years of weakness, quietly snapped. For years, I had not been able to lay flat but when I could barely sit, I made my way to emergency. It was then that I learn my back had been broken perhaps three years. According to x-rays, there were bone shards around my spine, so much scar tissue that my spine was pinched to half its width, my L5 vertebrae was floating in the middle of my pelvis and I was essentially in two parts. Dr. Chang, orthopedic surgeon, cleaned up this mess and placed a titanium bolt to hold the repair. From something that could have paralyzed me, one would never even know I had surgery except for the scar on my lower back. The hospital, especially the PT department, helped me get back onto my feet and kept me fairly comfortable in a situation in which pain and potential infection were a major factor. Today, I walk with no pain, and have no neuropathy nor nerve damage of any kind. Isn't that remarkable!? Thank you Dr. Chang and Community Hospital.

Antwanique Williams

This hospital has been a God send! For the last week I have been admitted to 2 different hospitals including Community. Not only did I get a proper diagnosis at Community but no question was unanswered, the nurses, techs, doctors (except for one

kelly ratcliff

Vasilica Brandeu

sharon ashford

I came to the hospital today and started with the friendly registration person Sara. Then spent the day in the cardiac cath lab holding area. I was very impressed by the amazing nurses. (Jackie, Jodi and Ms. Miller) They treat you like a Queen! They are intelligent, professional and so compassionate! I would definitely recommended this hospital!

Jason Earl

ER confused a sinus/ear infection in a newborn for pneumonia. Had to come back in a little over a week because treatment wasnt working and they still didnt get it right. Afterwards, they admitted us for a stay because they didn't know what was wrong. Every nurse and pediatrician was able to easily diagnose the problem the following day. Post ER treatment is clearing up everything. I no longer trust this ER team.

Jennifer Feminella

Jen Roosma

If you are self pay--DON'T EVEN BOTHER yourself with this awful hospital. They don't know how to bill you correctly, they will send you to several different people within the company back and forth and then they will REBILL you for more when they never charged you enough in the first place. Then on top of that, they won't give you the correct self pay discount when you rebill. I believe this is so they can charge you more without you knowing. So carfeully watch your bills and calculate everything yourself so that you can call them and have them corrected. If I didn't love my OB/GYN so much I wouldn't even bother with this ridiculous hospital. Wish it wasn't such a hassle. BOTTOM LINE: If you have all the time in the world (and don't work) so you can deal with this hassle...and you like the challenge of figuring out your own medical bills and calling them to tell them what's wrong...then go here. If you want to be treated fairly and without as much hassle....go to a Fransician Hospital! We won't be here much longer or I would have transfered sooner! (Even when I had insurance and went to the ER--they were rude and did nothing).

Iris Gutierrez

They don’t care if your baby makes it or not. My baby girl was born and didn’t even try to save they let her suffer , she took her last gasps in my chest . They also told us she couldn’t breathe but that’s a lie I watched my little girl die in my arms trying to breathe. I don’t recommend this place to have your baby they won’t do anything to help you I was 23 weeks. They could of at least tried to save her. But they didn’t even try. The dr came in with no hope his intentions weren’t to try to save my little girl. He didn’t even try I looked him in eyes and beg him to try please try to save her a life is a life 3 times and he had nothing to say looked me in my eyes with a straight faced and walked away while she gasped in my chest. I would of done anything for my little girl. my baby girl R.I.P 8-2-18 if there was an option I would rate this place no stars !

james oosborne

Great staff. The best area doctors work here. Clean rooms. As good as it gets for lake county.

Donna Brown

They took very good care of me

Ronaldo Santiago

We was better off going to Gary then coming here the service was slow and the lady at the front desk was rude. I bought my son in for the flu he had streped throat and a fever he has seizure when he have a high fever aprantly that not important we been here for hours and he was on fast pace so the lady said don’t come here if your in a hurry or hurting bring a tent ⛺️ so you can camp out

judie clopton

My first night here I was woken up by staff members and the patient saying things whispering and laughing about my snoring. The next day and employee was admitted in my room and apparently she's going through some things and I sympathize with her, but don't act like I'm not a patient in the room. First they put a sign on the doors and closed it saying NO VISITORS after I said something than they put her name on it. Then they kept closing the door and I'm very claustrophobic. When I took am m r i they gave me a Zantac and it didn't work. So I just left my room and is sitting in the chapel. Smdh I feel very discriminated against at this time. Just because you work here doesn't mean you get special treatment. We're all here to get well. Room 266

Amy Mumaugh

My 96-year old grandpa was brought to the ER yesterday with a heart issue. He spent nearly 24 hours on a gurnee in the ER hallway. He is 6'4" tall, and when he was finally moved to an exam room, it was determined by staff that the gurnee was causing leg cramps due to being too short. He had no call light. The staff was good, but the conditions were terrible. The ER was not clean; there were 35 patients being bedded in the hallways with more in the waiting room. Who knows what he was exposed to with all the lack of privacy? Absolutely obvious that Community cares more about the payments than they do about the care of patients.

Kevin Kozak

Michael Toth

Simon Frey

Dan Hollingshead

Terrible place to have any kind of work done to you. Munster is only 45-60 minutes from many great hospitals in Chicago where you will be taken much better of. Northwestern,Rush, university of Chicago, university of Illinois at Chicago just to name a few. If your going to have something major done for your own sake do not go to this hospital.

Renay McKenney

My 2 year old son had staples stuck in his head and the doctor took them out with ease. He was also friendly and informative. Such a great experience. This is definitely the best hospital in NWI .

Josh Chavez

I have been here with my wife for the birth of both of my children, and other issues as well. Each time, I have always been blown away by the professionalism of the staff and faculty! The nurses and doctors who have attended my wife, and the delivery of both my children have always been ineffably professional, knowledgeable, and helpful!

Martiniana Martinez

I was in a minor accident and was treat like royalty that was dieing. Thank you for the excellent care!!

patrea lynn

`glad its all over .im under excellent care with my doctor at Adam Benjamin in Merrillville. im a vet and they care about what happens to me. my bp numbers are getting under control with 3 small once a day pills only one doctor where you are understood i needed to get my bp under control and he did it anonymously .nice guy. i wont see you anymore .........have a better day and next time be nicer to women veterans... please...... im a vet from have very nice nurses and clean up people and good food. could use better reading material for patients though.also if you piped in classical music to the patient rooms itd be much more peaceful and less scary in there.i now have permanent nerve damage in my left arm and hand, and foot. from being tied into an iv for a little over a week, which was never used and in my left foot too. i can only hope VA can help me try to reverse the damage done to me simply because i had no money,and am VA, which i earned, it was not given to me. the person i had coming in my room that insulted me wasnt my doctor after all. he never had a white coat on all . last jacket i saw him wear was a North Face ONE. HE ISNT NICE TO PEOPLE WHO ARE AFRAID, HE SHOULD NOT HAVE ANY CONTACT WITH PATIENTS IN THE HOSPITAL AT ALL . TOO MEAN..AND HE TOLD ME I WAS A TERRIBLE PATIENT.. Dr. Chan is A REALLY NICE GUY AND HE is very silly too.. yay him and boo on that other person.very disrespectful to me and im older than him too.dont worry, ill never be back , i have no money to give you, im VA . and i was even looked down on cuz my clothes werent fancy, just from Dollar General., thats all i can afford, im sorry i wasted all of your time. , you can frighten someone else.i know where im not welcome .and im 63.also, having read 2 reviews of Hispanic babies born before 23 weeks not having any help to live and left to die in their mothers arms, id say its evil. if youre not white, and have lots of money, definitely pick a different hospital. i wont be back for myself ever again. myself, ill stick to VA..

Kelli Dudley

Prompt service. Clean. Friendly. Competent.

Nihilistic Neko

Unfortunately this is not my experience but I wish to let everyone know. My boyfriend has had stomach problems since the beginning of January. We have gone 4 times since then to figure out what could possibly be wrong with him the first 2 times they tried to dope him on painkillers when we wanted to know if he had a ulcer or if he had infection. The wait was about 1 hour for the first 2 times, the last 2 times both "docters" told him it was NOT a emergency and he shouldn't come to the ER unless his dying. I didn't know the possibility of internal bleeding wasn't a emergency but last year I had to go to the ER for bronchitis and was treated immediately. If you do not have insurance and unless you have something that is apparently more life threaten then internal bleeding, this place will not help you, they will dick you around and tell you are fine while you are obviously not and demand for money that they obviously do not deserve if they can not tell my boyfriend what is wrong with his stomach. It I could give this rating 0 stars I would for how he treated him here.

Raechel Pietraszak

Regina Rader

Staff was great.. compassionate, professional, friendly

Rachel Ragauskis

The Sweet life

If I could give zero with a review I would. Disappointing

Elle Farrell

If zero stars was an option, that would be my choice. On more than one occasion, i went to the ER and was disgusted. This last visit was the worst and i will never return. Terrible service, not patient friendly and when u have to have a bed in the hallway, they aren't very quiet so u can hear everyone's business which means they all hear yours. I was treated like a second class citizen. Asked for my daily night time meds and literally got them after being there 12 hours, which means i didn't get my morning ones either. I never got severed food till i was there 17 hours! I told them i wanted to leave, i didn't feel i was being treated right and they refused to let me leave. They told me i was a threat to myself because i started getting angry and threw some bogus court papers dated 8 years ago and said they had the right to keep me.

Donna Batty

Diamond Carter

Brandy Flores

If you are a woman with a high risk pregnancy don't choose this hospital. They will in no way attempt to save a baby born before 23 weeks. My granddaughter was born 22 weeks 5 days and didn't make it because this hospital cares more about policies than saving a life. Most of the drs and nurses don't care or show an ounce of compassion for a mother and father going through such a horrific deal.

Millie Rice

Jim Shooo

Went to the er for chest pain and was out on a gurney in the hall for 6.5 hrs. Gave me a nuclear stress test and put me back in the hall with no monitor while atill having chest pain. Never saw a dr other that the stress test. Sent me home said nothing was wrong. Month and a half later same pain at st margrets north i had tripple bypass. Still billed so now two hospitals are billing me and munster said it was safe to rel ase me. Go there to die i guess. Thank God i got. Hecked at st margrets

Braden Branigin

Gerardo Vences

(Translated by Google) Excellent service (Original) Excelente servicio

Alecia Jefferson

The staff and the cleanliness of the hospital,compassion of the nurses and the tech. I would recommend this hospital to my family and friends.

Jeremy Coffer

Waiting for mom to be done with surgery her spirit was high

Camo Chique

I have a number of health issues and wasted days of mis-diagnosed treatment at other well known facilities and now I go straight to ER or one of their doctors for problems. Besides their Wound Clinic and ER, I have been hospitalized there several times and it is a clean, friendly facility where the patient is treated respectfully whether they are rich or poor, great insurance or Medicaid. Before signing up for my managed health insurance I made sure to choose one that includes this hospital!

Shaquilla Mosley

Kourtney Hitchcock

Wouldn't go anywhere else! Amazing physicians, wonderful nurses, and extraordinary care! By far the best hospital in Northwest Indiana!

Natori hull

Spent 3 hours in emergency without seeing a single doctor

Richard Ramos

Iman C

I'm so spoiled with Community hospital and the way they care for my mom that no other hospital in NWI can compare.

P A Hill

Mom spent 2 nights in ER because no beds were available after the decision to admit her. Patients were lined up in the hallways of the ER. While the nursing staff was helpful and apologetic, it appears that the facility needs to expand to accommodate the increasing number of patients. Very cold in the waiting room

Jovita Villanueva


Went to ER with abdominal pain which turned out to be a gall stone in the gall bladder. Needed Surgery; it took a long time because the gall bladder was infected. Stayed for four days; great care, nice staff, decent food, clean rooms.

George Shawn

Good service.

Blue Benjamin

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