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REVIEWS OF Clark Memorial Health IN Indiana

Allison Singleton

The hospital staff was incredible. Starting with the ER. The check in lady was extremely busy but as she took vitals, checked people, and gave directions, she still managed to comfort patients and be friendly and polite. The nurses were exceptional and the doctors considerate and friendly. They answered any questions we had and made my safety a priority. After being admitted I had the same amazing care. Every doctor, nurse, surgical staff, down to the person who pushed my bed were incredible. I never heard any negative comment or saw anyone unhappy. CONS: Food choices are minimal and so so on taste. ER parking is small and hard to find.

Jessica berry

Aaron Kincade

Amber Wagner

I was here to have my last baby hoping for a wonderful experience. I had a few people I enjoyed meeting and talking to but other than that I was dissapointed with the lack of communication during my labor process and the condescending way I was treated during my recovery about taking care of my baby by the nurses. I couldn't wait to leave and would not go back if I were having another child. Unfortunately this was my last baby and I cant change the unhappy experience.

bree cassidy

Tammy Jones

I've had issues in the past with this hospital but I cannot say enough about how great Dr. Latino in the E.R. is! He has the best bedside manner I have ever encountered! He is patient and kind. He sits down with his patients and listens actively. He updated us throughout the entire process! Thank you so much for the amazing care!!!!

Sam and Kaden Dewey

Ruben Nataren


Jeremy Rowlett

ER rooms are dirty and poorly maintained. Dried blood and other body fluids on a bed rails.

Connie Barker

I had to take my Grandson Jordan to the Emergency while traveling yesterday. He had severe breathing problems and the Doctors and Nurses were right on the problem and didn't stop until all his problems were documented and a plan in place to help him get better. He was admitted. I am thankful we stopped here when we did! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!

Kaytee Rest'Easy Steven Aoun

Had my son here and they saved my life

Y Justme

Poor clinical service

Mee Notyouu

I would rate it lower if I could, walked Into er woth multiple broke rubs shallow harsh breathing and bloody urine didnt even get seen.

Jamielee Sloan



A nice place Clarksville Memorial Hospital

Lead Foot 2003

My step mom had to have a utuerus surgery and they helped her through it. They called her a couple days later to check on her.

Matt Bangz

Staff was nice, had to bring wife to this ER because we are still new in town. Facility is below substandard. Had to use restroom, walked into it and did an immediate about-face and walked right back out. Theres no way this place isn't breaking health codes of all sorts. I've never seen an ER and/or medical environment so disgusting in my life. Then to make matters worse, its almost like no AC here its hot as hell! The rooms don't even have independent climate control. I thought medical facilities are supposed to be kept at certain temps to reduce germs. Staff is nice facility is disgusting, old, outdated, etc. Staff does do the best with what they have you can tell that, down to earth for most part or at least it seems that way. Don't think we'll ever be back. Man I miss Indy and the Community Health Network and IU Health. This would be an unheard experience!


This place is the absolute worst. I do not recommend ever going here unless you absolutely have to. Go to any hospital in Louisville over this place. They will probably send you to Louisville anyway.

Courtney Houtchens

Absolute worst hospital evvver !!! They don’t care about their patients and the SLOWEST place around.

Heather Dickey

I had to take my husband here for a mental breakdown of sorts and the ER got him in real fast. They were all very nice to him and myself. I had a problem contacting my husband the first day he was there but I was able to speak to him the second day. He said they did not have all the scheduled activities that were promised upon admission and that all they did was give meds to keep him sleepy. He said food was horrible and he wasnt getting the help he needed so Im picking him up and taking him somewhere else. I was referred here by a doctor but was not happy with the outcome. Idk maybe because he was self pay they didnt want to help him.

Michelle Piper

Tried to call for something that would take less than 5 mins to do and was on hold for 40 mins and still no one picked up. Ridiculous.

Mygoogle 65

Had x-rays done. Wallpaper peeling off in x-ray for years now. Hospital is in need of a major renovation throughout. If the facility is dirty and in disrepair, makes me wonder about the type of care.

Mary Orr

I have had mostly good experiences with the doctors and other techs I have interacted with. However, my experience with the billing department has not been as good. I have been given incorrect information multiple different times, and have also not been given information that I should have. Due to the issues I have had and are currently having with billing I will NOT be coming back for any further services once I have the issues resolved.

Debby Coons

The ER physician and nurse were great. Being admitted was when it all went downhill. Food tray ordered at 4:30 never showed up. Food services shuts down at 7 pm and you’re out of luck. Normal diet following surgery at 2 pm on day 2, yet never got dinner, not breakfast the following morning. Apparently patients have to call in their own requests to be fed or rely on family members to bring them something. Sadly, that wasn’t the worst of the care (or lack thereof) that occurred. The first nurse seemed incompetent. When another nurse (knowledgeable) came to help and asked if the irrigation drip was on, she was told yes. However, the physician that cane in 40 minutes later turned it on because it wasn’t. The nursing assistant was kind and worked her. It off. The nurses themselves have bad attitudes, are dismissive when they are around (took two hours after a shift change to even “meet” the new nurse). Sadly, they are probably overworked but the apathy shown to patients is unnerving and unacceptable. Nobody wants to be in a hospital to begin with, but being in a bad one is even worse.

Angela Ward

Very poor service in the emergency room.

Kristy Jackson

Joe Henson

Mary Mullins

I was informed the rays showed I had a dislocated knee. Was given a brace also. Followed up with my orthopedic doctor. X-ray's were clear, had a Mri clear. It was my back causing my knee to hurt. I will only go to this hospital for non emergency procedures. I'm scared of this place.

Christopher Reason

Horrible experience:( too much to type out!

Buffie Daniel

Both times I've "really" experienced this hospital (in these 2 particular cases it was ER visits), but, moving on, in the start of the visit it seemed like I had nothing to worry about and was actually in good hands .. remind you this was at the beginning.. later on this completely changed. It seemed that once 'they' we're convinced they had done all they could (two pain shots equaling less than even one dose of my regular pain medication), and a couple smiles and x-rays/cat scan later they're was 'obviously' nothing more they could do.. One Dr told the actual Drs that we're seeing me that I had been to this hospital before and had been going through 'the same thing' for 'awhile now' . Sorry but if you're scratching your head and asking what exactly this'thing' I've been going through for 'awhile' now is, or even how long they consider 'awhile' (because this was actually my second visit for the same thing over less than 4 months, so,... Like I said.... If you're confused and scratching your head then have some comfort knowing that I am doing the exact same thing... I know my anger is quite muted in this post but that doesn't mean I'm not extremely angered.. especially for other patients. To me it felt like at the beginning of my visit when I seemed a quick fix everything was fine, but after it became more complicated it became very clear to me that I was 'obviously' the only one in control of my fate. Which is sad and scary, because right then I needed a Dr to be in charge... And I am no Dr that's for sure. I do have common sense though & that alone tells me not to go back to that place unless it's just an absolute emergency and no where else to go is available and I don't know still that I would... Sorry, but not sorry.. This is ppls lives....... *P. S. I did have an excellent experience for around a week in their ICU!!! & Yes, that is a compliment..Lol, as long as you don't ask me how I ended up there...

Mary Beckam

Ben Long

The people in the ER have no clue about HIPPA laws.

Kimberly Fawbush

Do not go here for ultrasounds! I had to have an internal ultrasound. The tech was great, but half way through someone knocked on the door. The tech yelled for them to stay out. This person opened the door anyway. I yelled no! I'm naked from the waist down having an internal ultrasound and this person didn't care that I said no and that the tech said no. She tried to justify that well she's the radiologist doctor so it's ok. No it is not! I said no. I left there in tears feeling violated and vulnerable. I can't really put in to words how devastating that feeling in that moment was for me. And apparently I am not the only one. This doctor does this to patients all the time according to the tech, even when they say no. I will never go to the hospital again for any services. I called the number for the house supervisor afterwards to make a complaint, and that woman got off the phone with me quickly, saying she would call me right back, but hasn't. I've left a message with their office to make a grievance. This shouldn't happen to one person let alone, apparently, many! This was a huge violation of my privacy and trust!

Jhonna Parra

I've been her for 3 in a half hours and they have not talked to me nor helped me at all I'm vomiting and have chest pains and they haven't helped at all

loren pickerill

Good hospital

Marilu Uland

Staff is friendly and helpful. Care is excellent, both as in-patient and as out-patient. Easy access to registration, labs, imaging--all near front entrance.

It's Néika

Marine 1

The Emergency room is no better than the rest of the hospital, they were caustic. Some of the Nurses are physically abusive to patients. They tend to taunt and make fun of patients stoned from the drugs they give them. Needless to say this set the tone of my stay. They finally strapped me down so I couldn't fight back. I do remember their faces though.

Stephanie Taz

Jackie Howard

Clark Memorial Hospital is an excellent healthcare facility. They helped me feel so much better after an acute asthma exacerbation. I highly recommend it to anyone with health care needs.

Ashley Bessette

If I could give a negative review for this "establishment" I would. I have been in the ER on a couple of occasions and have witnessed quite a few appalling things. ER rooms are usually dirty and not maintained by any means. Wrappings and used items from previous patients can be seen scattered on the floor. MRI scan lady blew my vein and did nothing about it including informing my nurse. Witnessed a lady aspirating in the waiting room while the desk receptionist just sat there. Another person went to tell her after this happening for about 2 or 3 mins. When they came to put her on a gurney they laid her improperly on the gurney, half hanging off and laying on her back WHILE STILL ASPIRATING! Also just witnessed them throw a man who is on the autism spectrum outside in the cold and rain because him talking quietly to himself was "bothering others". My S/O and I sat literally right across from this gentleman while he spoke to himself and when I say quiet I mean children are WAY louder than this man. Mind you he was seen and treated by staff and was wearing the medical soft boots on both feet, now in the freezing cold rain....smh...this place is a disgrace to human decency and health code on ALL levels.

Raven Hudson

I will never visit this hospital for treatment again. As a jeffersonville native I have never had an issue with the billing department until now. I didn't have insurance so I was payment plans which I've made them online however the electronic department does not keep up with the paper records so I received not one but two medical bills saying my account was delinquent when really it was not. I never missed a payment. when I called the billing department they were unconcerned didn't care because it wasn't their credit they could possibly mess up. I was born in the hospital I visited a few times but I would never return. Customer service is awful. Any uninsured patients I will pray for you. I paid my last payment off and will have them close my account.

Kate Cooper

Very rarely have I had a good experience here & being talked to with respect and compassion is not an attribute they seem to be concerned about.

Teresa Holmes

aaron mukes

Go prepared when visiting ER to shorten your wait time

Rae Joy

This hospital sucks if there was a zero

Kally Day

Melissa Barr

Went to ER with a friend of my daughter. I arrived around 12:30 they had already been there 2 1/2 hours and was waiting for more test to be ran. After standing for 15 mins and no communication on what was taking so long Frank the RN came back we asked he said "He was sleepy and asked us to repeat the question we asked him. At this point we were Done. We told him we were leaving he said the Dr would come back with discharge papers. Another 20 to 30 mins later Frank came with the papers. As we were leaving there was a room full of Doctors and. Nurses standing around eating and chatting. We told the nurse at the front desk that someone needs to go back and help Frank because he was Sleepy. She laughed and said Frank is always sleepy and he would be getting off shortly. We never return to Clark County ER Horrible

Cecilia Law

Redac Redacted

As I write this I've watched 2 staff members standing and chatting in the emergency room. I don't know if there's some rule that lets hospital staff stand around and chit chat but it shows the lack of professionalism here.

bruce taylor


King Tutt

I have always used Clark Memorial Hospital, because everyone makes me feel comfortable, and they are always very friendly. I had all three of my children at Clark. I have also been seen in the emergency room a few times. All of my testing has been at Clark. Clark Memorial has been my hospital of choice for over forty years. I know when I go to Clark I will be taken care of quickly, and I will be treated like family Keep up the GREAT work! Sincerely, Sherry Bostic

elliott moore

Was so happy with the way I was treated before an after y surgey. Everyone was so caring was completely satisfied with everything an everyone there.thank u all

Brandi Bargain

michele carnell

Getting better with ER admittance.

Charlie Coakley

Love L&D and maternity floor nurses. All really nice and caring.

Brittany Beville

hella falloutboy


Michael Macintosh

Everything and everyone was more than helpful to my G-Ma. She said that staff and doctors are very informative and nice. While I was visiting a young lady came and took my grandmas order for dinner and breakfast which comes off a nice menu like a restaurant. The lady was very kind and patient. My grandma said everything is amazing here...except the deserts, she doesn't like the whip cream ;)

Christopher Buie

Mixed reviews at best.

Cortney Matlock


My dad was there from Thursday-Tuesday and they didn't bathe him ONCE! Dirty hospital and lazy nurses who sit around on their phones

Chelse Abell

Their ok staff is Misty nice if course just they are really show in the emergency room if your looking for quick go to New Albany

Jamey Ward

Was terrible had a terrible nurse my oxygen was way low only 80 they never offered me oxygen nor not even ice. So i had chronic migraines kept feeling nauseaus in & out if i talked it was way worse & she looked at me like an idiot whe i was begging for ice cuz my throat was so dry i was crying so hard for 3 min i finally yelled so she then pushed the btton for the nurse station & asked for dr it was the worst experience of my life. The same nurse the whole time frome the time i arrived just kept gossiping to her coworker saying how she hates her job at the hospital but from how she treated me im lucky im alive. Im now trying to report her & pray mo one else has that experience it was hell. Im a cna & never understand why people waste their time being in nursing field if their hearts arent truly to love & care for others

Hussam R

not sure

jon n kim roution

Would have rather went to floyd er room lies says they take patients by pain scale and never ask the patient how bad there hurting sitting in waiting room four hours watching druggies go first don't come here plenty more close by to choose from. Triage employees are a joke.

Thea True


Thanks for selling my debt of under 200 bucks to a collection agency for the time my body was shutting down and your staff did nothing but make me feel insane and send me away with bullshit psychological diagnosis. I am a poor, student... and now my credit, that I have painstakingly gotten into the green so I can have a life, is knocked back severely. Sorry I can't go without food or a place to live to pay a "small" bill that you all have been HARRASSING me over. All you did was sit me in a room and have disinterested nurses pace past me for hours, only to receive no help for my thyroid levels. Petty and your hospital is reminiscent of Wayward Pines.

John Graves

Cierra Richmond

Camyla Nikirk

Your physician's group office is a joke. Went through an hour of paperwork....secretaries were very rude both on the phone and when I dropped off paperwork....only to find that they will not accept me as a patient for an unknown reason...they will not indicate the reason why. What kind of business are you running? I'm not getting anything for free here. I have to chose physicians in network and you just drastically reduced my choices.

Jennifer Ware

I went to the ER because I had a temp of 103.1 heart rate of 139 and my left breast (under it) was hurting very bad. Well the dr at the sent me home saying I had the Flu.

Angie Crowe

Rebecca Everhart

Michelle Zion

Had to visit the OR last night. I was treated so well by every single person at the facility. Your OR staff is wonderful. Everyone from admissions to recovery was a pleasure to deal with. I was nervous and scared but there was no need, I was with caring professionals. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!!!

Jennifer Myers

I have recently had two family members inpatient here. The nurses were very kind and patient with my elderly mother. Most of the nurses were good with my disabled sister. The TCU department took great care of her and generally went above and beyond when treating her and checking on her. The other staff here were kind and did a great job as well.

Gitesh Patel

Great staff specially I had interaction with Phatmacy staff and they are super approachable and nice.

Abbi garrett

Leigha Boughton

Nurses are nice. Waited 4 hours now in the ER . Very upset!

Ruth Dowling

It was open when the kentuckiana one and so many others were closed (midnight). I was so grateful for it but the equipment in here is clearly dated and everyone seems overwhelmed and understaffed. Floors dirty, overflowing trash cans and I get that it's under construction in parts but I don't see how that will help it much. Wait time was way too long even for an ER visit. We are new to the area but if we can find something nicer we probably won't be back here

wrecks 72

Very poor medical staff. Rude, arrogant Dr Schrater failed to treat my symptoms and after giving me Kalbitor I wasn't monitored at all.

Avani Singh

OK Goonie

Rick Phillips

I went into this hospital (Clark Memorial) the Doctors and Nurses treated me fine. But, the billing department can't do their June 16, 2016

Dominick Berry

John Gass

Maleena Hackbarth

Leah Gates

My mother came in for emergency appendectomy. The surgeons, doctors, and some nurses were excellent. The hospital building is outdated. The emergency room process took 8.5 hours to get her to surgery. After care OR nurses were AMAZING, but the hospital was at full capacity and we waited <5 hours to get a hospital room. Once in the room, the quality of nurses declined. My mother ran out of pain medication and would have to wait over 2.5 hours for the nurse to bring it. (We had to call several times.) Staff at the desk was not inviting. Everyone acts like you are a burden. Nurse came in to give meds and told us we needed to ask them for it. When we told them we called twice, she said she wasn't notified. Hospital administrator needs to really put some work into process and policies. It simply doesnt meet patient expectations. The care is just average and below average in certain area . I'm giving this a 3. We probably won't come back.


Very unprofessional.. Very rude staff.. Not very gay friendly. Just blew us off like nothing serious was happening. I will never come here again.

Charlie Ricketts

It was the ABSOLUTE worst hospital in the USA. I was discharged after 30 hours no better when EMS dropped me off. I would have been better off seeking healthcare in a 3rd world country. I spent a day seeing the nurse only 3 times

darrin steiner

3 hour wait in ER!!!

Makenzie Mullins

My name is Mary R Mullins had a ultrasound done on my right breast. After mammogram shown images. Very professionally done, I was amazed and very thankful. The radiologist came in and told me what he thought of my images. Scheduling was awesome, getting me back in almost immediately for the ultrasound. The breast mammogram and ultrasound team. There AWESOME.

Jenn Caldwell

Slow very very slow!

Louis Curry

Just visited my daughter and new grandson at Labor and Delivery. The staff is awesome. They took very good care of everyone, was attentive and helpful. Room was pretty nice also.

Priscilla lausterer

Great so helpful kind in every way

Rose Srphm

I came here to get Lithotripsy done. I have SEVERE PTSD regarding medical procedures, as my own mother died under anesthesia of a heart attack. I TOLD my doc this, and I told the staff this, and still they hand me this piece of paper to sign that read in large black letters: "Anesthesia can cause heart attack, seizure, stroke..." and I just freaked and ran out of the waiting room and back outside. I'm sitting there bawling my eyes out, because, hello--PTSD anyone? Then the nurse came out and threw a paper at me and yelled, "you can't have any more pain meds." Guess what Nurse Ratchett-I'm not even on pain medication--did you even read my chart? And if I was on meds they wouldn't have come from you, as I came from my doctor for the procedure, to you. And I had my son without medication at all, and I usually don't take any medication, even when in terrible pain, because of my fear of medical procedures and the medical field, in general. Your staff isn't trained in how to deal with PTSD, or anxiety. It makes me wonder how you'd treat War Vets who had the same response. You don't throw something at another human being and then yell at them because you ASSUME they might be a what...addict, homeless, when they are running away from you in terror. I have a 9-5 job. I have a family. I put a roof over our heads. I feed us. I can usually keep things together pretty well, except when it comes to medical procedures and going under anesthesia. Hand me a snake and I'll hold it for hours, or a tarantula, no problem. Tell me there's a fire and I'll run in to help. But I have a "phobia," to anesthesia. Please don't treat other human beings like dog poop under your feet because you weren't trained on how to handle phobias and anxiety.

Katharine Pezzullo

Just had my first baby here and they did great! Super friendly , nice and caring.

Jerome White

If I could give negative stars I would this hospital needs a serious state intervention. Security brutality beat my brother in er for not complying with orders from staff tore his clothes and made him walk home in a hospital down. The head staff contacted him to see what he wanted out of it so they wouldn't get sued. My sister had a seizure they kept her medicated on sedatives for days without any answers or treatment. My opinion tear this hospital down. They also lost my blood work in their lab not to mention when I had my daughter they dried her with paper towels after her first bath. God have mercy for anyone who steps through these doors!

Rick Bobbi

Just had our baby here and every single employee here has been 100 percent nice, professional, and more than helpful. I've never had a hospital be so we'll put together with genuine good hearted people as this one

Charlie Glück

terrible triage staff. once you get past those rude people though you get very nice nurses in the ER.

Angie Barnett

This hospital is a joke! Do not go for any reason whatsoever! Find another ER or place to have surgery or to have a CAT Scan done. EVERYTHING AND ANYTHING about this hospital is the worst in the medical industry.

Harrell Jason

I think it's a good hospital.

Hematology Interest Group

Don Edds

2 weeks, 2nd cancelled test. Joke of a hospital administration. I will avoid this place going forward. Last week a test was going to cost double last year. No thank you. Called around, found it for 75% less. Today the excuse was they couldn't give me a cost for my test beforehand. After an hour of waiting I was told today's test (diff than last week) was going to be three times last year. No thank you I'll be leaving now, goodbye, done with you. #notasheep

ingrid grant

They about killed me. I had multiple blood clots no dr would touch me took them 4 days to decide i needed higher level of care. The nurses and techs where nice . That's about it.

Autumn Grant

Worst Hospital Ever There Drs Are Rude There Nurses Are Rude I Would Die Before Coming To This Hospital

George Paz

We’ve had both of our children delivered here and they did a stellar job both instances. Thank you!

Rachelle Tempo

Ultrasound tech nice. Registration people helpful and warm. But going into a visit with master's degree accomplished nurse practioner on the fence about. I want someone knowledgeable, but I don't think it's too much to ask for to have some courtesy or compassion. First visit with her was fine I felt like she was really trying to help me, she wasn't the smiley, warm n fuzzy type which Im ok with. But next visit, geez. I wanted to discuss some effects I was experiencing from the medication she put me on and before she even stepped foot in the room she kept sending the MA to ask me questions about why I was there. Working in the medical field I already knew she was trying to imply my visit was unnecessary and push me out the door. Finally after coming to the threshold, not even in the room, started asking me about my situation. I kindly asked her to shut the door first. And with an attitude replied "yes ill shut the door." Sassy. HIPAA anyone ? Pretty disrespectful that I made time out of my day before having to go to work and I get bated with questions with a demeaning tone further implying I had no good reason to be there. And when I would ask her questions or tell about what's going on she just seemed to have more of an attitude. Thankfully we had a resolution at the end of the "forced" visit with her about issue. Sorry my health issues and concerns were such an inconvenience and unimportant to you.

Mary Klingsmith

Owens Customs

Had to have my wife transferred here for surgery for her kidney stone, they were very nice, doctor Pekin was amazing treated my wife, myself and our baby great! Amazing staff as well the nurses were very kind and if we needed anything they were quick to respond. They also explained everything very well highly recommend.

Dana Coleman

Everyone was pleasant.. mostly...but the doctor was a moron..My stitches from oral surgery got infected & the office was closed for another 2 days so I went to Clark Memorial..Doctor told me there was no infection, it was a dry socket, & pain meds wouldn't help (but the 10mg hydrocodone the nurse gave me helped, enough I could drink & eat pain free for the first time in days)..So he gave me tramadol & antibiotics..I came home & looked, I don't have a dry socket, it's perfectly intact..I did however squeeze infection that is unmistakable out the exact spot I'm having the horrific pain. The stitches in the pocket between my cheek & jaw..He talked to me like a child, & I couldn't get a word in. He was also not gental in jamming a tongue depresser against & poking at my stitched up 3 day old extraction site..I think it's time Dr Schroeter hangs it up. They weren't busy, this was standard stuff & he acted like I was stupid & wasted his time...Can't say I'm suprised, it is Clark Memorial

Jacobi Woods


Chris Cowles

Kari Beeson

Susann Bixler


Elaine Ronau

My mom had to go to the ER waited 4 hours to be told 6 weeks bed rest for a herniated disk. No pain medication. WORST HOSPITAL EVER. All the nurses and doctors treat ER patients as homeless drug addicts. If possible go to Floyd Memorial.

Daniel Ross

Used this hospital a couple of times, great staff and friendly...

kylie stakelin

My nephew was born here (call him my nephew cause of big age difference, he's actually my cousin) unfortunately when he was born he had went 4-5 minutes without breathing and immediately had to be transported to a Children's Hospital, his mom only being able to touch his feet. The hospital did very well with taking care of Brayden (the baby) and my aunt. I'll definitely be coming here when I'm older & ready to have one of my own :)

Kyle Crusoe

Really having an issue with one of their departments in terms of communication but some of the people who work here are the best of the best. Real heroes. The woman I spoke to in billing has such a good head on her shoulders and was able to keep me calm while legitimately addressing my concerns.

shalayna prim

Teresa Walters

After reading other reviews, I’m asking myself why did I bring my dad here. Now I know!!! Slow slow slow claiming they’re busy. Waited 1 hour for transport to get X-rays, now on hour 3 since X-rays with no kind of explanation. So frustrated.

Amanda D

Henrietta Babb

Hospital is sub-standard. Nurse aids work over 8 hours per shift. Requested clean gown for my son numerous times, finally asked for a gown at the nurse station and the staff at the nurse's station did not know where the linen was kept.

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