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REVIEWS OF University of Illinois Veterinary Teaching Hospital IN Illinois

Shim Ahmed


A thoughtful, kind and loving team of people that really care about your furry family member. They took amazing care of my little boy in his final days and went above and beyond to memorialize him after his loss. His doctor and the staff even wrote a personal card to me + providing a bag with care items. They really went above and beyond to not only care for my boy but me as well. If my pets ever need attention in the future, I know where they will go from now on.

James Hinrichsen

WKhen my great dane got hit by a car we took he to three local vets and they all said we nee to amputate but the U of I said they could save her leg and they did just that! now at eight years old she has a serious infection and we have taken her back.

Susan Blake

On advisement from primary care vet, we took our senior rescue'd pit bull for EKG and additional testing for his heart condition. Everyone was wonderful and easy to communicate and work with!!! What a wonderful place we have here in Champaign! After a few hours and many tests, the "Ole man" came prancing out of the exam room, he was so happy & feeling much better after a needed procedure, everything was excellent! I would advise anyone with a furbaby to go to U of I. Yes, you may spend a few hours here, but go get lunch, its worth the waiting....the staff, techs, students, everyone is great !!!

Julie Ryan

I always feel lucky to live so close to these vets. All of them are friendly and know exactly what they are doing. My blind cat is a real handful, but they do very good with him. Thank you to all the staff at the small animal clinic.

Matthew Tonero

Brian Korus

Kati Johnson

I cannot say enough great things about this group of people. I brought my pup in to the emergency dept with a busted up toe/nail. From check in to check out everyone was so kind and professional to her & myself. Both Drs that saw my girl went above & beyond for her, and treated her in the most caring way. I am so lucky to have this facility close to home for emergency visits.

Stephanie Kincade

Took my 8 month old Yorke there in bad condition dropped a 20 MG bacoflin on floor with one second he ate it with 15 min vomiting lifeless took him there said he need full time care didn't do much ,i myself researched the pill on way there and no antidote to reverse but totally screenshot what exactly needed to be done for this medication read it loud and clear didn't listen to me was barely breathing 3 breaths per min when left there cause they give him that,wow do your research clinic! they even give him diazapam they said for ciesure well he already out of it from that pill they drug him more which by time we left tounge out was definitely worse then when i got there which I clearly stated it said not to do that they recommended we put him down on spot !!! if not going to be well 1st quote up to 2k then come back said over 4k so I chose not put him down even made me sign a paper I was going against putting him down and there care plan ,took him home contacted local vet they started iv right away no other med by morning he was up and going like nothing happened sad if I took the advice of this Dr vet clinic I'd be shattered wo my baby, he was in local vet less then 24 hours that night picked him up by noon same day so needless to say always trust your gut ! Very disappointed charged me almost 200.00 at u of I for nothing my local vet kept him overnight 146.00 wow they said over 4k to save him very disappointed with the service and when u r pets are like your babies u do what u got to thank goodness I had the sense to take him elsewhere otherwise my puppy been euthanized and gone right now !not even a courtesy call to do follow up !very disappointed! Almost 200.00 totaly upsetting ! Then while I'm trying to get him to another vet they take 30 min to get him and then make me sign all this paperwork totaly uncalled for ,idk who the girl was there that night but they had plenty of time while he was back getting dosed up more to get all that done !so lesson ed learned gut instinct always go with it!

Bradley Geegan

Everyone was very pleasant to work with. Staff was thorough in examination and really seemed to care. They are not my primary care for my greyhound, however, if the need arose I would go back in a heartbeat! Dr Gary Brummet was awesome. I thought it was very cool that they emailed me notes, tips and follow up from the vaccination. Wonderful job!


Many horses

Nancy Gaumer

Loving, helpful, knowledgeable, skilled. Best.

Kamal Kishore

Very knowledgeable and caring staff

Avery Stuart

Tina Olszewski

Khristine McMahon

I brought my 11 year old male Siamese cat into the Small Animal ER when I was unable to get him into a regular veterinarian. Lil’ Man had stopped eating and drinking and was quite lethargic which is way out of my social butterfly cat’s personality. Lil’ Man received great care at Vet Med and I would highly recommend them should your pet need immediate care.

Ann Davis

My senior dog with a heart murmur needed small growth on leg removed & needed a lot of dental work done including extractions. After researching my options, I brought Tilly to this full service vet hospital. They specialize in dental, anesthesia, as well as critical care. They took great care of her & she did amazing day after, no problems on the drive back to Tennessee. My experience was excellent from the time I called to get info, scheduling, the day of surgery & follow up phone calls. I particularly appreciated the opportunity for consultation before & after she was sedated & xrays of teeth were done. After Tilly was sedated, Dr Kling called, informed me of her assessment & explained the best plan of action for her dental surgery. In her case, to minimize risk, growth was removed from leg & left side of mouth was done, which was the worst side. Right side will be done after left is healed. It was definitely the right choice, my dog is doing so well. I was extremely concerned taking this step because of all the risks, I am so relieved & grateful. Many thanks to the front staff, vet student Savannah, & Dr Kling for all their empathy & expertise. They are awesome!! Tilly's human

Patrick Fonner

Julie Atteberry

I have had a great experience bringing my beatded dragon here! The staff and students were very knowledgeable and experienced working with reptiles and I felt like mt pet's health care was in good hands. I will definitely keep bringing him here and would absolutely recommend the vet teaching school!

Tina O

Jeremy Schumann

My guide dog Bart had osteosarcoma and we came to the U. of I. after he had been diagnosed. We were told that he would live only one to three months unless we had his leg amputated and then he may have an additional three months. When we met with the doctor at U.of I., we were told about the study regarding Bart's cancer and agreed to put Bart on the trial. Bart lived a very full life for an additional thirteen months. He continued to guide me, played, ate and did everything he had always done. The last two weeks of his life he began to slow down as the pain increased. The doctors made sure that he was comfortable and relatively pain-free throughout his battle. Bart even looked forward to his monthly trips! He especially loved Rebecca and any of the staff he came in contact with. I would like to say Thank You to everyone at U. of I. Veterinary Hospital for treating Bart with such love and TLC.

Betty Ujhelyi

Dr Austin came out and explained my horses condition "sweet itch" which I had suspected with a realistic but sad prognosis. came within a day of me calling and horse was treated with vast improvement within 24 hrs.the horse being in his condition though he was not a horse for student to practice on. He was already agiitated and threw a fit. The vet was knowlegable about the horses condition, treatment and expectations

Chanda Davetas

On Friday 9/6, I brought my dog in for an abdominal ultrasound to check out a mass that had been found in her abdomen. Despite it being 10:30am, Dr. Kao told me they were "fully booked" for abdominal ultrasounds, though that was the one thing I said I needed when I made the appointment 1 1/2 weeks earlier and drove 6 hours round trip from NE Chicago. I left her there for the tests, but as I was driving away, I received a call from a tech who said my dog would need to be sedated. When I protested, Dr. Kao came on the line said it wasn't a sedative per se, but a pain reliever called butorphanol that was safe. My last words to her were, "OK, I trust you". Two hours later when i returned to pick her up, they had to carry her into the room. They did not address why she was unresponsive until I asked, and they said they didn't know why. I had to carry her out. My dog never walked more than a few steps again. After moaning in pain the rest of Friday and Saturday, she seemed to get a bit better Sunday and Monday. On Tuesday 9/10, she was too weak to stand and I had to euthanize her. A few days later, I called to ask for a reduction on the bill, since what happened that day forced me to end her life. I was transferred to Lori's (I believe this was the head of customer service) voicemail. A week and a half went by with no return call. When I called back Tuesday, 10/1, I was put on hold for 15 minutes, only to have Lori come on and have the gall to LIE and tell me that my dog was "in poor condition" and "succumbed to her disease", which somehow happened in the two hours I left her alone there. Lori then said I'd been informed of the potential for bleeding during the tests, which A) is not true. Kao said the FNA test could cause bleeding, but we did not end up doing that test. B) the "repercussions" of bleeding were not discussed at all. I thought it would be like a cut, which heals. If Kao had said that simply doing an ultrasound and X-rays were going to kill her, I would've said, "thank you for telling me, let's not do any of these tests then and call it a day." I said these lies were unacceptable, so Lori said she'd refer to me to Dr. Wittington, the director, but she'd be out for the rest of the week. After 11 days with no call, I called back on 10/11, and was told Wittington would be out until 10/18 or 10/19, so they passed me on to Natalie Lamphier (Laskowski on her vm), who was acting director in Wittington's absence. Natalie called back within a few hours and repeated that a Dr. Garrett had reviewed the case file and my dog, who walked in happily but had to be carried out and soon died, was "in poor condition" and "succumbed to her disease". When I asked why the test I'd made an appointment for 1 1/2 weeks earlier was not available, she said emergencies often book up those appointments. If I would've been told that before arrival, I would've cancelled my appointment and my dog might still be alive. I can't tell you how long my dog would've lived had we never gone to U of I. It could've been weeks, it could've been months. What I do know is going there cost me an extra $500+, 6 hours of driving, a month of brush offs and lies, and ended my dog's life prematurely and miserably. I honestly can't give you a recommendation of a better place to go either. MedVet and Premier were booked up over a month in advance, and both locations of Blue Pearl had such horrendous reviews that I'd never consider darkening their door. I gave two stars instead of one because Kao, the techs, and the receptionists seemed very nice and I was actually happy with the service, right up until they killed my dog.

Michael Harshbarger

I had to bring my golden retriever for specialized services (operation). The students and vets were great to deal with. I knew my precious family member was in the right hands.

Ed Foley

If I could give this place 100 stars I would. Everyone from the front desk to the people cleaning the floors in the waiting room are fantastic. We brought our dog in that was very sick and they made us feel so welcome and like family. The student doctors did an amazing job diagnosing our severely ill dog and were supportive the entire time. When all options of saving our dog were exhausted, they made making the ultimate decision so much easier. This is a top notch facility. If I ever win the lottery, I will be donating to this place in bucket loads of it.

Vicky Kemp

I wanted to thank you for all of you help with Tiny.

Sarah Butts

The best animal hospital around!

Nancy Banning

Page Hinkleman

Although the tests done on my Labrador Retriever revealed irreversible blindness, the students and staff were knowledgeable, compassionate, and thorough. We still left feeling hopeful for future of our beloved pet, armed with information we can use to help our dog live life safely and to the fullest. Thanks U of I teaching hospital... ❤️

Thomas Ruiz

I had to take my mom and her dog Buggs in he was having a hard time walking on his hind leg come to find out it was his knee cap and it was fine before we left . the student dr. and dr was very kind and my bill was very cheap i about fell over when she told me

Cindy S.

I have a difficult time finding quality vet care but the team here really knows what they're doing. The doctors are very knowledgeable and communicate well. I am super over protective of my pets and knew my dog was in good hands here. Wish I lived closer because instead of jumping through hoops at my local vet I'd recommend coming here first to get accurate information and treatment the first time.

Leslie Bridges-Kingston

Sean McDonald

They are misleading and dishonest for billing. I put a $4,000 deposit down for my dog's surgery, but ultimately wound up having him put down (due to other issues they discovered later in the day). I was assured they would take care of this and refund my credit card. 3 days later, the $4,000 charge hit my card and I had to deal with calling them (several times) to get the refund. Definitely not something I wanted to have to deal with, while mourning the loss of my pet. Beware of their policy for down payments.

Tricia Haggard

Our dog suddenly fell ill. We brought him to our local vets, no one knew exactly what was wrong. We then brought him to U of I animal clinic. They diagnosed him accurately that day and performed emergency surgery. Without them my dog would have died. I can't thank them enough for their help and compassion. Every intern and student we met was fantastic, and the doctor top notch. Duncan is feeling much better and my family couldn't be more excited. Thank you.

Big Jerm

Took my dog here cause she got ran over by a car and all these people wanted to talk about was money. They didn't even worry about the dog. They're worried more about the 15000 dollars they wanted. Our dog has been laying there for 3 days doped up on medicine because they haven't done anything. Go to Paxton because they actually care for your animal. They don't want just money.

Carol Baker

We took our. Bulldog there who was. Critical. Hf we hadnt he would of died. They are very caring dedicated people. I was so impressed. With this place. Because of them our dog lived. We are so so thankful !

Ashley Ruebling

I called the emergency line to see if I needed to bring my kitten in right away due to his lip being split (the top lip right under the nose) they said yes even though he is eating and acting the same and it would be 115 bucks. I called another 24 hour vet clinic and they told me if he is acting normal and comfortable to wait until morning for convenient care. Thankfully I took the 2nd opinion. Definitely seem all about the cost and not priority of the pet.

Julie Hunt

The staff are amazing and caring. They did everything needed to check my ferret Tinkerbell and diagnose and treat her. I am forever grateful to them!!

Amy Cohen

Highly recommend! My 12 year old dog with Addison's disease requires a lot of care, and my experience with Internal Medicine was awesome from start to finish. Emily, the vet student who worked with us, was outstanding. She had reviewed Wrigley's chart thoroughly (not an easy feat!) and was compassionate and knowledgeable. Dr. Barka was also great, and I feel very comfortable having Wrigley's care in his hands. He even offered very helpful advice on how to save money on managing what can be a very costly disease! Appointment definitely exceeded my expectations. Note: If you have a dog that isn't dog friendly, the waiting area and check-in can be a little tricky to navigate at peak times. This is a busy place!

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