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Daniel Jefferson

Horrible experience. Took my father there for imaging mri and the tech amer was very rude, disrespectful, and unhelpful. Changing the hospital he goes to immediately!!

Jinne Kakolski

The IVT nurse manage Michelle Rainers called the unit to gather on 5/25/17 to take a group photo during the photo she asked if all the DARKIES could step to the back. She was reported several times. Those who reported were retaliated against for months. She continues to be the infusion manager in this department 6 floor dcam building. She oversees the care of hundreds of patients of races and backgrounds. I find this disturbing. She fully admitted to the comment and referred to it as a slip of the tounge. There is only one definition for this word. She given “ corrective action “ but continues to over see the care of hundreds of patients at a hospital located in a center of a black community. Extremely disturbing and dissapointing.

P Apothecary

Medications left at bedside. IV bags not labeled with patient data. IV tubing not dated. Wound dressings not dated/timed. No personal hygiene assistance offered. Left soaked in blood all night. Call light on the floor out of reach all night even after multiple people came into the room including the nurse, CNA, and phlebotomist for two separate blood draws. Did not promote sleep/rest. No respect for patient or family. Facility out of IV Benadryl per the nurse. Nurse made inappropriate comments to family member.. Promises were made to return for care and were not kept..Inadequate amount of supplies sent home upon discharge. Medication orders for Lovenox incorrect upon discharge. These are all huge safety, quality, and customer service issues. Very disappointed in the lack of customer service and failure to provide adequate nursing care. Be aware!


The best medical treatment that I’ve ever received!!! Dr. Dirschl and all of his staff and the hospital staff provided me with the best care that I’ve ever received!!! From the moment I arrived from the parking garage attendant to the operating room and everyone in between provided the most stellar care that I have ever experienced. I live in Indiana and traveled to the university of Chicago medicine and will continue to drive the 3 hour drive for all my medical needs from this point on!! THANK YOU DR. DIRSCHL AND NURSE AMANDA AND ASSISTANT AVIS AND THE UNIVERSITY OF CHICAGO FOR GIVING ME MY NORMAL LIFE BACK!!! In my opinion This is by far the best medical institution in the United States!!! THANK YOU ALL SOOO MUCH

Anderia Hines

The great place took great care of me and my twin girl thanks so much.

Lucretia Martin

Shelley Robison is the BEST! She was able to correct a problem that I’ve been dealing with for 2 weeks in less than 10 minutes! I appreciate her customer service skills and professionalism so much! -Thank you so much!

Jennifer Smith

4/30/19 I've been here since 10am, only been seen by triage not a Doctor, came in due to my breathing problem, it really doesn't make since to be out here waiting this long, this is truly terrible. Money is is definitely wasted. We need better services.

Michele Green

Went in with chest pains, dizziness, they did a ekg, blood work & urine sample & a chest X-ray that tech he was rude, told me not to tie my gown up leave it open, very rude I was waiting on my results from 3:45pm until I left @ 9pm.5 hours for results?? Very unprofessional! On top of that they were taking all the Hispanic & Caucasian people before seeing a black person. & I wasn’t the only one who said anything about it. They were in & outta there while we had to wait. & since I left they want me to pay medical records to get my Results. Y’all crazy. I would have been better off going to the County E.R!! Sad I’m disappointed & they will never get my service again or my kids & I use to love them! Not Anymore..... the service they provided sucked!! There was a couple people who came in that should have went straight to the back but was told they had to wait!

Steven Anderson

Horrible patient care. Disgusting attitude. The things I heard from multiple people about the same imaging tech is just awful. This hospital does not care about their reputation and patient care/satisfaction is the last thing they care about. If they did they wouldn’t get so many complaints about a main tech that is always there!!

Ales Me

My experiences at the medical center have been positive. I don't understand the choice making the ER waiting area 1/4 of the other size. I don't understand them being ok with a loud mouth security person giving medical advice. She shouts as though she owns the place... non-stop. If she's in the room you know it, and the waiting area is her audience...Watched her enter a room where a family who had just lost a love one were put while leaving the security desk unattended. She was explaining the meaning of trauma to these ppl earlier, (before their loved one died) and she actually told them at the earlier time that the situation probably wasn't bad. My nurse left me 2 hrs w/o giving me my pain, even the Doctor looked confused. My call light just went off as I watched her walk past over and over and listened to her talk to the other nurses and the loud mouth security person. The nurse (after the Doctor said something) showed up like she was doing me a favor, after seeing she wouldn't even say something to cover up, I asked her if it was ok that I waited all that time, she said "sorry." Guess she's securely employed.

Crystal L

The worst place ever! They could care less if you dropped dead. All about the money here.

Suzi Sal

I can honestly say that I have received life-saving care for my daughter and I. I saw Dr. Nunes for all my prenatal care visits, he was always on time and always very informative on what I should be expecting all the tests that are available to me with options. And every visit here I would update me on my progress and potential issues. As it turns out I became very ill during my pregnancy and he was there for me. He had previously had me meet some of his associates so in the event of him not being there I would feel comfortable with the other doctors. While it was a very emotional time in my life I can look back a year later and say I was in the right place. It was devastating to have my a baby so early but having the Children's Hospital she had every opportunity to thrive. The nurses were excellent and understanding and the doctors did everything they could to make sure that both of us would make it through. Without going into detail I know both of us could've had a different outcome if we had not received the best care from both the doctors and nurses. Also the social workers were in contact with me to try and make my stay and her long-term stay as comfortable as possible even putting me in contact with the local Ronald McDonald house and helping me with the possible disability papers and therapy information that I possibly needed. Reading some of the other negative reviews I could say that there was some nonclinical staff that has probably since changed. However when I I am rating a hospital or Doctor I am basing it on the most important aspect which is clinical care. A rude person at the front desk or cafeteria would be the least of my concerns and are probably handled. I will return for all other major medical procedures. Thank you!

Tressa Armour

I have been a patient at this hospital for about 17 year's. I thought I had the best care team Ever. Especially my Gastro doctor Dr. Rubin he was my Main doctor. Helped me with just about every problem I had. Made me build trust in doctor's again. I hate it got to the point where I feel he stopped listening to me. Then wanted to put me on another medicine that had nothing to do with what I have going on. I refused to take the medicine He cancelled my follow up with him. I'm so hurt by this on so many different levels. I'm getting attitude from other doctors too when I'm asking questions about MY Health. I just want to have a good understanding of what I'm going through that's all. And I Don't. I still have some Great doctor's here and don't want to leave them. Thinking about leaving this hospital now....

Anita M

One doctor failed my operation and another tried to cut my organs out without giving me an explanation. Had to pay for the doctors mistake as well. If you want to live, it’s better to stay at home or go to a pharmacy than come here :)

Christopher John

Reading all these bad reviews and still nothing has been done about anything is such a shame. How many complaints does someone need to notice there’s a problems with their employees? So sad. I’ve emailed many people about this mri tech and from these reviews it looks like they still don’t care about what anyone has to say. Horrible patient care.

Sword Lord

Honestly not sure where these bad reviews are coming from unless the people writing them have some serious attitude problems to begin with. Took my mother here after a horrible experience at another hospital and the U of C saved her life. The entire staff from surgeons to physicians and nurses, etc.. showed amazing care and were very forthcoming with information. We didn't have to search for answers they let us know right away and made sure we understood everything. They showed genuine compassion for my mom and our family. We have friends at other facilities like North Western and Loyola and even they said U of C was the best and we couldn't agree more. Maybe their billing isn't easy to understand or a bit flawed but honestly who cares...? That's what happens when we start to let computers run everything. You can't possibly say a hospital is bad because of that. The system at where I work gets garbled too....again, it's software and only as smart as the people who program them which isn't the doctors or nurses, etc. fault. If your health or that of your loved ones is your main concern which I sure hope it would be you can worry about billing issues later.

Amanda Williams

0 stars for Amer the mri tech. Very rude to his patients. If it wasn’t for our insurance my family would never come to this hospital. Horrible and the fact that no one is doing anything about this is ridiculous.

Angelica Lopez

Very rude and unprofessional imaging staff! Never again will I have one of my family members get an mri there with that tech amer there. Disgusting attitude.

Sherrell Johnson

The University of Chicago emergency room has really changed and gone down since they moved it. The nurses that register patients also show favoritism to patients they know. I've been here since 2:30pm and I've haven't had any pain relief. Another patient with the same issues came in 30 minutes after me and the nurse that registered her took her right in the back. This Emergency room doesn't follow the 2014 Guidelines for Sickle Cell at all. The waiting room is dirty. It's cups, paper, and dirt all over the floor. No one came out to clean the entire time I was in the emergency room waiting! It's 9:41pm and I haven't had labs done or my port accessed yet. My Brother had to keep calling the Emergency room to get me into the back into a bed. I have a history of Blood clots and Acute Chest and my complaints were ignored!

Mathew Luke

Very unprofessional from the mri tech Amer. My mother will not be going back there.

Brittany Banks

After my experience & reading other reviews , I suggest we all Boycott this ER Room. Management and medical staff clearly doesn’t care on any level. I woke up on my birthday today having shortness of breath and I wanted to make sure I wouldnt Be gasping for air in the waiting room for 6 hours. She said she couldn’t give a wait time which is fine but when I tried to ask what’s the priority of shortness of breath at their establishment I was cut off, given a NASTY comment, and hung up on. As a former hospital AND urgent care receptionist we are TRAINED and REVIEWED on medical priority, customer service, and building rapport. I was in the middle of asking her a question when she hung up in my face. I’m making sure to make a note of this just in case something happens to me and I actually have a serious condition so I can report this place for this disgusting, uncaring, inappropriate behavior. Why would I even come here if you guys have an unprofessional front line. I can only expect chaos in triage and in the back. Not only did she make a big dent in my special day and ruined my mood on top of being sick, but she showed how much your facility doesn’t care about paying patients that come for appropriate health care. You won’t be a patient here, just a number. Last time I came here my jaw was swollen shut and a doctor tried to pry it open and almost broke my jaw then laughed about it. I should’ve known better than to try and come back

Robin Jackson-Tweedy1975

Best Care & Doctors Ever!! They're my Miracle workers & highly recommend checking them out if you have digestive diseases. Dr. Cohen & Dr. Rubin are Fantastic & I owe them for giving me my life back(crohn's disease) multiple times!!

Samantha Hill

One of the worst imaging experiences I’ve ever had. The tech was so rude. Very ignorant and worried about his phone. I wish I can remember his name but from all these reviews it’s probably the same one everyone else is talking about. Never coming back.

Ebony Fairley

I gave U of C one star because that’s what it took for me to post a review. Danielle is a Nurse that works in the E.R. Mental Health Department and Her treatment was unbelievable. She was evil! She was unprofessional and just down right rude. I can’t believe administration tolerates her behavior toward a patient. Unbelievable!!! I thought she was the patient. She literally slammed the door in my face, she was belligerent on so many levels. I just can’t wrap my head around her being employed at a hospital which such a beautiful reputation. The University of Chicago has really changed in the last decade. So sad, a Million dollar hospital with that level of Nurses. Wow

Shane Binot

Pharmacological research At Harvard University, in the late 1940s, researchers began performing experiments in which they tested diethylstilbestrol, a synthetic estrogen, on pregnant women at the Lying-In Hospital of the University of Chicago. The women experienced an abnormally high number of miscarriages and babies with low birth weight (LBW). None of the women were told that they were being experimented on.[166]

Danetta Perkins

I'm just so over these hospitals and their unprofessional staff. Like its a time to laugh and play and that time is not in front of sick patients who are in extreme pain. This hospital is as bad as holy cross and that says a lot. I don't know why I expected more.

Natasha Dussard

I used to come here Many years ago where, since it's a teaching hospital, had so many doctors that would come in with the main hospitalist that it would make your head spin! They have since got rid of that procedure, so I give them a huge thumbs up for that! However, some of the staff including the doctors, have a problem with actively listening to their patients to best assess what is the most effective way to devise a proper treatment plan. Seems like they forgot that the patient know their bodies best. The menu is great and overall the changes that has been made in the last 10 years have been positive ones and hope that they keep improving in this direction.

T.J. Utset-Ward

Facilities continue to be upgraded and are quite nice! The residents are amazing and really keep the place going (particularly the orthopedic surgery residents). Food options are limited, especially at night, and the options that are available are on the pricier side (especially for the geographic location/community). Family waiting areas for surgery are top notch.

Mildred Smith

In the ER for 4 hours still has not been triaged I work at a community hospital ER a d this is unacceptable if everyone fill or do the survey insurance will not pay and Medicare and Medicaid will site them as well as when you approach the desk they are rude asked for the charge nurse and nurse supervisor refused to get me either one will be calling patient relations probably won't do any good


The one star was given due to the rude treatment received by a security guard name Shauntel on the 3rd shift. This security guard deserves to be FIRED! Her boss lifted a restriction of a patient in front of both security guards present at the front desk which was placed 3 days prior due to the patient being tired an not wanting to see 1 particular guest at that moment. Never once was it explained that the restriction would be for 72 hrs and the restriction would be for all guest. As soon as Shauntel boss left she tried to make it seem as if the patient was calling to put a restriction on when her boss took the restriction off and she involved her co worker to not give me a pass even though she as well knew the restriction was lifted by the head. I was suppose to spend the night with the patient as the patient was going into surgery Tue 6-4-19 at 7am. It would make absolutely no sense for the patient to call or place a restriction again when she had been speaking with the head of security to get it lifted. Ms. Shauntel has abused her authority and basically disregarded what her boss placed in motion which was the restriction lifted. She has been rude from day one of the interaction with the patient and needs to be repremended. UPDATE: I would like to add the nurses was more than nice and had very good bedside manner. But it is unfortunate that since the incident the patient children were given a hard time to visit and I was lied when checking the status of the patient after surgery. The 7flr receptionist told me that a family member was with the patient and I knew this to be untrue because I was the only one present at the hospital. Also after visiting a day or so later another security guard seem like she was going to hold my ID like I was going to forget that she had not given it back. Certain staff members at this hospital treats the visitors as if they are the problem when in fact their team member created this unfortunate situation.

Nicole Garcia

0 stars. My mother had an mri done last week and the imaging tech amer was very rude and aggressive. That’s the last time she’ll be getting anything done there.

Miguel Sanchez

Got my mother to the ER because she is having chest pain and she is a strong woman so when she said take me to the ER I know she wasn’t feeling well and everything was going fine until they told us to wait for a room and it’s been four hours waiting. I see other people also waiting long hours and I thought trinity hospital was bad.

Lisa Downer

This place is amazing! I'm doing a 18 month clinical trial for cancer ( Multiple Myeloma). The people here so loving understanding caring in the most sincerest ways. They go the extra mile to ensure your comfort and understanding. Their truly looking out for you and their not afraid to go against the grain for you. I highly recommend and will definitely come back here for in case of a relapse or any other medical issue. Here you don't have "a doctor" you have a "team" of doctor's.

Lisa Stewart

What seems like unorganized, is actually endearing. These folks work very hard with the traffic of diverse clients. They take the time to speak clearly to patients (for which many English is not their first language). Im Canadian and appreciate their attention to the patients needed a little more time to process.

James Larrison

Great people. Great facilities. Great care.

Ki ana

I absolutely love this hospital. Almost my entire care team is here now. I haven't had a bad experience here yet, in over 10yrs, besides the ER wait time. Overall a great hospital with a great team...

Pink Love

This hospital is very proficient within their knowledge of medicine, diagnoses, and treatments for each individual/patient. I have a few positive and negative experiences with U of C Hospital. The physicians and specialists are very insightful and intelligent but some doctors lack their ability to understand and properly communicate with their patients. Some really lack the vital component of patient and physician and leans more towards just the “physician case closed” deal. This often leads the patients to feel perplexed, unhappy and even worse; ultimately dismissed/ignored. Overall, the faculty members, customer supports, and medical team members are great. No doubt. I do hope that physicians can develop a better way to communicate with their clients with better patience and within a more of humane approach. Nonetheless, U of C is still outstanding and a great facility.

Dr. Stan Gasko

Wonderful hospital. World class!

sylus truesdale

AWESOME doctors and staff. Very professional! Doctors were very very knowledgeable and caring

Martin A

Horrible mri staff. Treated my mother horribly. The tech was rude and inconsiderate always worried about his phone. Tech named Amer.

Kenya Phillips

They're giving my dad the best care!!

Vankelford Lee

I am a victim of identity theft not for being stupid but for negligence in professional proceedures.


My name is Leslie D., I am writing a very poor review on this hospital based on the treatment my spouse received while an inpatient. Being that it is a teaching hospital, it was so confusing to me. I didn't know the students from the doctors when they came into the room. One nurse sent my spouse off the floor to go take a test and didn't test his sugar level. Upon return to the room, she didn't come in to check. I saw my love one go into a diabetic shock and quickly summoned the nurse. The next morning my spouse was transferred to ICU and later passed away. I tried to speak to a hospital administrator many times but one was never available to talk to me. I've seen a lot of negligence from their staff. They didn't even call me to tell me my spouse was dying, when do arrived the heart monitor was turned off, and the oxygen machine was removed. They claim they didn't have my contact that I gave them in the ER and to medical floor nurses. When I took a break to get some rest and went to ICU, my spouse was already taken off life support without my consent. Two of their physical therapist was reckless in providing therapy I witnessed, that led to a life threatening infection to a chest dialysis catheter. Their dialysis techs were also reckless in their failure to follow doctors orders to complete my spouse's time for the dialysis treatment. When I tried to reach out to the hospital through their attorneys, they ignored me. Again, I never spoke to the hospital administrator. My experience with the staff and this hospital was a living nightmare! They weren't aware, because they never cared or took the time to reach out to me or to send a hospital survey in the mail. One thing they made sure of was to bill my spouse thousands of dollars for 6 days of hospital care, some which was due to their negligent medical services, plus charges for medicines, test, etc., some which was ordered to correct, balance their medical errors due to negligences. I can only hope that this review will finally get me some attention.

Alejandro Amante

No children in side and they take forever really bad

John Matthews

I never do reviews but after reading these comments I’m glad to see I’m not the only one that feels the same way about this new imaging tech guy. I was there about 2 months ago and hated everything about my visit. I have to go back soon and I am dreading it!! He treats his patients like we’re animals it’s disgusting. Hopefully I will be able to request anyone but him!!

Kat Masterson

Cynical+not an experienced neurologist. Fully Ignored complex, constant nerve-death+ failed regeneration also horrifically constant. Worst pain known, I explained, was routinely compared to Worst-Scenario,-End- Phases OF Stage-Four cancer. Badly needed tests updated and full workup. and Needed a very sharp specialist not this fill-in. I get a simple doc who recklessly suggested a shrink?? And rehab after I was in Rehab Institute? he wrote blank referrals on Rx get (Already been there, had The Best) (pal) Chief Prof and Chief Neurosurgeon @U.Chgo visited me in another hospital when I was touch and go years back. But this doc should-just GO. Also my big concern over deadly, worst pain and also the use of right arm, both getting much worse- after that he said too many problems? (Mister Hurry TOTALLY missed the connections..made me sick that I struggled to prepare notes, when pain is always keeping me unficused and forgetful of many difficult Symptoms, stuck traveling alone, GPS quit..nothing sent in mail..waited over 3 months FOR CRUEL, ABUSIVE, AND IGNORANTsuggestions? ..for a big nothing degradingly poor doctor.. I Got billed $350 or -$400 (for low-blow insults)--or was it a few hundred more than a whopping $400 ? It was maybe 20 minutes max? Billing claimed "one hour" charge?? All was insane and exhausting. IT took weeks to even start to calm down from. And pain went even higher. I could go on..

Olivergavin Gavin

I cut my Left Thumb with a Butcher Knife on June 21, 2017 I had outpatient surgery on Nov. 14, 2017. I had to wait for a appointment date for a surgery operation on my Left Thumb Dr. Daniel Mass and his surgical team perform the surgery on my Left Thumb in the Duchoiss Building. My surgery was successful and did not need a blood transfusion. I give this surgical team a 4- Star rating.

francine gadson

If I could give less than 1, I would. I went to the U of C emergency room last evening with bladder pain , vomiting and nausea. I was severely dehydrated and low bp. After a few hours they finally called me to triage. While waiting to see the doctor, I hear the staff cursing, eating and laughing out loud. A tech came in to draw my blood. When he left out I noticed blood running down my arm. I went to the door to try to get the attention of someone, just to be shooed away. Finally I got the attention on the lab guy who seemed annoyed. They Dr. prescribed a pain med that was supposed to be given to me in the next room. They sent me back in the waiting room for another 4 hours. SEVEN + hours total. The waiting area was littered with cups cans and spilled beverages. I dont have to put up with such disrespect and waiting in filth. One guy came out from triage with underwear on and cussing and bleeding . Security did nothing while a nother patient calmed him down. We drove 45 min to get to the er on recommendation of others Just to be treated like dirt

Ebony Williams

I am truly disappointed in the University of Chicago Emergency Room service. The service was never that bad as it was yesterday. I went to see a doctor about excruciating stomach and abdomen pain and waited in that ER for over four hours crying over the pain. The service was slow and not too many doctors were on staff. The receptionists didn't even look like they gave a care in the world when it came to the patients. The ER continuously filled up and by the time I got sick of waiting and was about to leave, the exit door was almost baracaded with sock people in wheelchairs. This was extremely ridiculous. I get a call from the hospital asking me will I be coming back to see them again and I was going to go back today until she told me that the long wait time is still in tact. I'm going to another hospital. This was absolutely sad.

Magdalena Delgado

My mother was admitted to the this hospital for dehydration, the staff was inconsiderate and unprofessional. It took over an hour to get the nurse in my room to clean her up and assist her in removing her IV after the bag was empty for 3 hours. While I can’t say it was the worst experience I have ever had. It was among the worst I have had, My expectations for u of c was high, Next time I will be sure I take her to rush medical

Inger Mobley

Always friendly staff

Joe Mosqueda

My Hospital of choice since 2008. Had Bariatric and Transplant surgeries here.

Nadine Sampson

I have been a patient of University of Chicago Medicine for about a year now. Last week I saw what my doctors expect my insurance to pay. I AM APPALLED! I am appalled that they make that much money off of my and other people's cancer. It would be different if they weren't condescending to patients. It would be different if they could treat patients with real pain. If you are uncomfortable relieving pain with opiates, offer an alternative then. No cancer patient should be treated like it's their fault they are in pain. University of Chicago Medicine I challenge you to treat the people who make it possible for you to make that kind of money with respect and dignity. After all, we(cancer patients) are your meal tickets. And don't you forget about that!


My family and I were in a hit and run really bad accident miracle we got out the way we did . We were checked in fast and got taken to the back they put a neck support on us my husband got his xray hand fast they gave him a shot for pain nurse put the medicine and stuff for the shot ontop of the trashcan lid and my husband felt the needle had air in it as well. We got in around 10 i hit my head and diddnt give me a ct scan till 3 am i had concussion i am in pain arms head body they told take tylenol but no prescription. My husband prescription took more then 24 hrs for them call pharmacy back . Nurses pretty much dont care to check in they thought we were exaggerating i had to bug them for my ct scan after waiting hours in the room . Rooms are so so unclean and even trashcan full . Not to mention they didnt even check out bodies after the accident just a quick 3 min checkup got home saw all bruises on chest and stomach that were not examined

Mathew Brian

Very sad to hear about patients being treated poorly because of a certain tech. I know TWO patients that complained about the same imaging tech Amer but have no choice but to stay with the hospital because of their insurance and the doctor. So unfortunate.

Elizabeth Wilkison

This place is great. The only thing I wish for us the Drs to talk more with family then among them and the nurses.

Jessica Dixon

You would think after seeing a very sick child you would want to make their visit a little pleasant. Nope not in imaging. The tech my child had (amer) had my poor child in tears after his mri exam. He doesn’t even deserve 1 star. 0 stars is what you really get. Couldn’t reach the manager so hopefully this will help.

China Pugh

The hospital use to be my favorite hospital but now its not no more what I went through I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy period....

Alicia Garland

I waited the ER for over 6 hours. No one never saw me. I was in excruciating pain. Nurses just pretty much didn't give a damn. When I told the lady that I had been there for six houra she pretty much didn't care I finally left. I came in at 10:45am by 4:45pm no one still had yet to c me. Unbelievable. I was better off suffering at home

andre rodriguez

Best hospital nurses .doctors need to go get bedside manner training.

April Westerfield

When traveling to attend appointments we are always on time, but never wait less than 1hour often more to be seen. We are rescheduled often then they are still late.

Lil Beady Vargas

The wait time at times in the ER can be

Bradley Spencer

Was not expecting to have that bad of service from just having an MRI. Worst tech I’ve ever experienced. I believe his name was Amer. All he was worried about was getting back to his snacks and food. Very unprofessional. Doctor- 5 stars This tech- 0 stars

Angela Odoms-Young

The service in the ER was not what I would expect from a research/teaching hospital. First, I was evaluated only by what appeared to be very junior residents with limited experience. No attending MD came in to follow up to talk directly with me.It would be different if the ER was super busy but the waiting room was pretty empty. Second, they gave me pain medication but never asked what I had taken at home. Third, I feel like if I hadn't insisted I would have pretty much walked out with the problem I came in for, without any temporary treatment or recommendation to hold me over until I could see my regular provider. Lastly, in addition to being condescending and acting like this was an inconvenience, the last person I saw never asked me if I had any questions.

Therese Boettger

Dr Eggener performed prostate surgery on my husband. He recovered amazingly. Little pain. Excellent care and aftercare. Dr actually called us 2x while on his vacation to reach us. Truly a caring and able surgeon.

Hadi Fallah

my name is mitra fallah i was diagnose with cancer last year , i contact the hospital and they took my case , they a sure me they taking my insurance , i was ask over and over and they said yes no problem , i did a biopsy on dec 18 and hospital took my insurance card no problem , month latter i received 29000 dollar bill , i was confused with the bill and called the hospital , i was told they made a mistake and they donot except my insurance and am responsible for the whole bill. this was in month of January . am sill add , believe or not no one has still call me to let me no what i have to do i reach out to them several times no call back they are telling me that i have to pay this bill . today i went and hire a lawyer. i give them zero star . please beware.

Dallas Holladay

Leaving my primary care physician after being under her care for three years because her Clinic joined University of Chicago. I have had nothing but billing problems as detailed in the photos posted below. I was given a pediatric vaccination instead of the adult vaccinations and so I had to be given a second vaccination. I was billed for both vaccinations, when I contacted my insurance they said that it was a duplicate charge and that under their contract it was fraudulent for University of Chicago to charge me the bill they did not pay since they were charging for the same thing. Today I get a bill for an office visit for the same vaccination from over 6 months ago and they apparently didn't even bother to attempt to bill my insurance, which is very good and would cover the bill. I will be changing primary care physicians unfortunately because of dealing with University of Chicago.

Alexis Edenburt

Second time one of my family members went to get an imaging test done and complains about the same tech Amer. No one is doing anything about the problem this tech is giving his patients. Horrible. 0 stars for this place.

Tod Standing

Mother is sick. They say too many in her. They say she be well soon. I hope. Doctor know her like father do now. Life begin again. Well oh well. Mother call him Gujarat after fathers jail buddy. So so. Sister says that it take two to make one. But mother had many.

Lauren Gillowski

Father had an mri done here. Amer the tech was just awful and rude.

SK McCall

My grandmother has received outstanding service from her nurses after being admitted for the flu. Unfortunately planning for her aftercare has left my family researching inaccurate information from the U of C team. We have spent over 1 week looking at rehab programs, referred to us by the hospital. In many cases the programs did not accept my grandmother's insurance and we learned this after days passes waiting on a potential placement. We finally find a place and the hospital is literally kicking my grandmother out before the placement is finalized. I am sick. There case management is non-existent. A doctor was checking on my grandmother earlier and was verbally berating my mother as if it was her fault that we did not have a rehab facility. This process has negated the positives of her actual care. If you have elderly family members go to another hospital with more knowledgeable and experienced case managers. I'm now scrambling trying to figure out what to do for my grandmother until she is admitted to rehab.

Eric Carbajal

Got checked in at 12PM in the ER. It is currently 7:30 and farthest I got was to triage. They don’t have enough rooms and they don’t view they need to expand since they have a monopoly for south side ER visits. In terms of customer service, senior management want to just cut costs as opposed to expanding and improving wait times and fixing the bottlenecks they have (a 7 and half hour bottleneck is pretty bad). The staff does a good job and doing what they can but until management wants to be proactive in caring for patients, recommend going to a different hospital if healthy enough to make trip.

James Maurer

Great hospital! They have taken good care of me for the past 3 years. So much so I drive in from joliet!

Steven Stanowski

Horrible imaging service/experience. The tech amer was very rude and inconsiderate.

Gabb'e Harrold

I delivered my 4th son here (recently), it was such a nice experience! The nurses where AWESOME !!! (Especially the nurses Bianca and Robyn on the Mitchell L&D floor) ... I definitely recommend this hospital for any delivery!!!

Kandey Ibrahim

I love it no other way

Richard Robinson

The most money grubbing facility in all the land.

Teddy Rodríguez

It's great to be taken care of knowledgeable caring professionals. Everyone is so polite and kind.

Patricia Wallace

Don't go for services at this hospital. They don't answer the freaking phones. My daughter is a patient there she have a tumor in her stomach There treatment is pills


Parking to go the ER is awful at night you have to walk all the way around from the other buildings to get to the garage and it doesn't feel safe. The university makes more than enough money to provide better parking, especially for disabled. Their should be a better way to get to the ER from the bridge than walking outside or some type of security inside and out of the garage.

comment on Life

I went to the ER with my son in 2012. It was horrible experience. I knew what my son had cause of the symptoms he was having but the ER said something else. I felt it was the wrong diagnose. We sat there from 3pm until midnight. He had very high fever. Anyways once he got release after 2am after giving his fluids in IV no blood tests or urine tests. Smh I knew I had to take him to another hospital. They diagnose him right n he recover. Never again will go to their ER.

Mariana Almazan

My mother was admitted due to heart failure and I had to travel from Texas to Chicago to care for her. The medical team that cared for her were BEYOND amazing. From the doctors to the nurses to the technicians, everyone showed compassion and kindness. I have nothing bad to say about our treatment at this hospital. If I or a loved one ever need medical care, U Chicago Medicine will always be my first choice.

Adam Levowski

Some employees here are so rude and inconsiderate. The imaging tech Amer is the worst does not care about one thing.

LaShea' Gorgeous

Best hospital to deliver at. I had a wonderful labor and delivery here. The nurses and Drs and as well as the OBs were the best. They have very large rooms for delivery and large rooms for recovery (c sections) They also have very nice menus to choose from breakfast, lunch and dinner. Will definitely deliver at this hospital again.

Anthony Timeki

I give the hospital 5 but the imaging experience and the tech we had a 0. Only reason my family will be coming back is because of our insurance and the doctor but other than that we would never come back after having Amer as a tech. Very rude.

Carey Smith

They sleep study on 58th street are great they treat you like family, i was there and my technologist by the name anthony was awesome!!! If you need a sleep study please go there you will love them. Also the ER man they're awesome they always took good care of me.

Sondra DeFauw

My experience here was excellent. I was transferred from another hospital, and the staff was all friendly and helpful. The nurses were amazing and did everything to make me feel better. I had really great doctors taking care of me as well.

Marlene Sylvester

I couldn't have received any better treatment then what I did 2 weeks ago. I was there at the clinic when my Doctor sent me to the ER because of some s/e that were causing some uncommon reactions with the heart. I did sit in the waiting area in the ER for a good 7 hours before being admitted to the ER. The facility is a trauma center so that is whI o has priority over any other admits. Being in Chicago there are a lot of gun shot victims who do have priority over the symptoms that I was having and many others waiting for a room. Once in ER I was treated as if I was the only patient there. About 4 or 5 hours later I was admitted to the hospital. Once in the Hospital I was really turned inside out with many type testings and exams. All the staff was exceptional at making me feel comfortable. I have never experienced such friendly caring and knowledgeable people as the staff at UCof Chicago. I come from a much smaller community 160 miles South of Chicago so being in Chicago I feel lost but never felt that way with any of the staff. Great place it is.

Venessa Flanagan

I wouldn't recommend a sick rat to come here. Where to begin? Came to this hospital for a week long EEG. My admit time was 11am on a Monday. Due to the fact this is my first long term stay at a hospital for a Seizure disorder, I arrived at 9:30. Checked into Admitt and was told to sit outside the doors and someone would be with me SHORTLY. After an hour, the lady came out and said, "They're on the way, we didnt forget about you". Fast forward to 11:45 and I recieve a phone call from U of C asking if I'm SHOWING UP FOR MY STAY!!!!!!! Then, I get to my room and the Neurologist apologized for the mix up and said she would have food sent up to me. THREE HOURS LATER, NO SIGN OF FOOD. So I ordered some on my own. The staff is very VERY rude and seem as if theyre only here for the paycheck. I have a button on the side of my bed for an alert if I am having a seizure, this morning the alert was going off for 10 MINUTES BEFORE I ASKED FOR THEM TO TURN IT OFF. After doing a test for my epilepsy, I was told to stay in bed until a nurse came back to make sure I was okay to move. That was 2 hours ago and the only thing i heard my nurse talking about in the hallway was how she can't "finna wait to get up out of here". Beyond disappointed in myself that I put my health into such a careless establishment.

Beppie Bardzcar

VERY POOR!! Left my CD for them to download to their system with the assurance (by Dr. SHALHAV) that CD would be mailed back. It was NOT MAILED! When I asked them to make another CD and mail it they responded: "radiology department does not make discs of images that are not done here directly. You will have to contact the hospital that originally preformed the scans." How unprofessional--i would certainly not have left the CD if I'd know how unprofessional and undependable this group was!!!!

Katie Edwards

I’ve been here multiple times with my father. Never had a problem. This is by far the worst experience in imaging we had. For an elderly patient this new tech that obviously I’m not the only one complaining about is very very rude and inconsiderate. Only worried about his phone and in a hurry to sit back down. Disgusting behavior.

Erica Rogers

I am 16 weeks pregnant and all my appointments were canceled today due to me being 15 mins late never mind the fact the I had to wait to even be checked in .. this hospital is a joke as I was walking away the whole staff decided to crack a joke on me very unprofessional I wouldn’t take my dying fish to this hospital‼️

Joseph Anderson

Worst place to get an mri done. Tech was rude and inconsiderate. This isn’t the first time someone has complained about this particular tech. Recommend no one goes there’s unless it’s the last place possible.

DL Bily

Coming here for cancer treatment was absolutely one of the best times of my life. This is an awesome medical facility with scores of committed and dedicated people who make a gigantic difference! I feel very fortunate to have come here for treatment.

Nadine Z

I had all my prenatal appointments there and delivered at this hospital as well last August and almost everyone was so kind, informative and helpful...all except this one nurse. She was paying more attention to my fiancé than to the patient ( ME).

Cy Jacks

They take good care of me. Not perfect but better than most.

Anthony Garcia

Why hasn’t anyone done anything about this horrible patient care from this mri tech?! My family will not be coming back here.

Jeff clark

Mother 87 y.o.has received care here for 25+ years. Up until last year care was excellent. She was admitted in December due to multiple falls at home and urinary tract infection. They told my sister mom was being 'admitted'. Mom was there 4 days. During admission there was very little contact with MD or Social Worker answer questions. Social Worker (SW) shows up on 3rd day snd says Mom will be discharged next day and we need to find nursing home. SW gave us 3 referrals. The first nursing home (in 'Evergreen Park) told us to come in for interview. When we got there, the intake coordinator met us at door and told us they don't accept pts on Medicaid. We told her mom has Medicare. She said after reviewing the information hospital, mom would be under Medicaid rather than Medicare. The 2nd nursing home coordinator took time and explained to us that the U of C Hospital said mom was in there 4 days for observation only, and not 'Admitted', therefore she only gets medicaid for nursing home. Under Medicaid she would not receive the needed physical therapy. Medicaid is basically public aid. Up contactin U of C, MD and SW could not explain reason for confusion in admission status other than to say Medicare requires them to do that now. U o C is changing - unfortunately.

Mohammad Zamat

Save yourself the trouble and aggravation. Completely unprofessional staff, these young doctors will give you anything and say anything to make them look better or to put more money in their pockets. Fair warning not to trust these crooks.

Ron Johnson

This is a tale of two hospitals The ER is a mess, clearly an out dated mess, when a new one is built , build it right and please distinguish random ER users from your Medical Clinics customers The Medical clinic saved /gave me a life Once I was finally admitted via the ER and My long time Team took over my. Are,, it was great as usual for p

Taniesha Williams

My overall experience coming through the emergency was very frustrating. I sat for 6+ hours and I was only seen by a triage nurse and at registration. Normally whenever I, or someone else, comes through the ER the wait time is not this extensive. This is my neighborhood facility and I don't want to chance traveling to another hospital for care. This process has to improve. Whether that is staff or speed of service.

Donna Miller

I have always had the best care the staff have the best attitudes I highly recommend this hospital

cheyenne green

Today is March 13,2018 my name is Cheyenne Green. I came here yesterday through emergency that you art went over without a hitch! I was transferred to Bernard Mitchell hospital at about 3am trifling to say the least, the first nurse whom took my Vital’s didn’t want to be there and it was obvious but he was polite. Although I pressed the call button all morning for pain meds no response I guess I finally fell asleep at a quarter to 7am I was awakened by laughing giggling and loud talk, I thought I had fell asleep at one point f our Friday night socials! I proceed out the room to find a nurse and trust and believe it was the nurses in the nurses lounge right to the side of the nurses desk cackling I ask do they realize this is a hospital,that I was in pain I I could hear them through the wall and I was in severe pain Lord have Mercy I was talked to like I was a child I have never felt so disrespected,and to make it worse they called security on me as if I was in the wrong!

Michael Speers

I was a patient at the pain clinic here. I saw my doctor a few times, they tried a couple of things, they didn't help that much, but my doctor seemed hopeful at least. Later she retired, and I had to go in to see a new doctor to renew a prescription. I thought since it was a full appointment, I'd be able to explain how my pain was and that I'd finally gotten a diagnosis of EDS, and what different treatment options I could try, since my pcp had run out of ideas and said I should try more with pain clinics. I didn't get that chance, the first thing they said was they can't help me, they tried everything (they tried 2 things, out of maybe 15 or 20 they say they offer on their site, many of which Ive heard could help me). The appointment was over in a few minutes, I had trouble explaining things since I was upset because of what they said initially. So I might as well not have gone. Since the pain clinic was kind of my last hope at this point, I tried the patient advocate number. I talked to someone there, she thought it was unfair and recommended I call them and try to explain, so I could make another appointment. I did, and talked to the receptionist, who said she would leave a short note, and that a nurse would call me soon, I could talk to her, then she would talk to the doctor. Great! Except that didn't happen. The nurse talked to the doctor first, and since the receptionist only left a short note, I got a voice msg repeating the same thing: we can't help you, we tried everything (yeah not really), ask your pcp to find someone else. I just wanted to explain to them that my pain had been getting worse and my current medications weren't helping, that I can't go back to my pcp again because he's already run out of ideas. And while before they had fibromyalgia as my problem in my file, I finally got a proper diagnosis of EDS which is often mistaked for fibro, I thought that might be the issue, since many doctors often don't try as many treatments for fibro. I talked to the patient advocate again, who said she would talk to them soon. 2 weeks later, one of the nurses called, who thankfully listened to what I had to say. She was sympathetic and said they'd make me another appointment, and they'll call me in the next few days with an appt time. 2 weeks later, and still no call, I finally called them. The guy who answered couldn't find anything about them scheduling me for an appointment, and said hed find out soon. A week later, he left a voice msg saying the schedule was full, but he put me on a waiting list or something, and he called to "assure me that they didnt forget about me", and that even if they couldnt find a way to get me in the schedule, theyd call me by the end of the week to update me. 3 weeks after that and still no call, I called them again, the person who answered once again couldnt find anything about scheduling me, or a wait list or anything. She said there was no room that month, and that I couldnt make an appointment in advance past this month, I'd have to call later when they get a schedule. I asked if I could make an appointment with another doctor who might have openings, but was told I couldnt see a different doctor. I tried again a couple more times in the following weeks, but it was the same. No idea about the people I talked to before, no way to make an appointment with any doctor. I just stopped trying. It's humiliating to call and get nothing over and over again. Even with the patient advocate talking to them more than once, they still would never call back. Either there's no communication between anyone in that department, or they just didn't care. I'm not sure which one's worse. I was strung along for 3 months, thinking Id be able make an appointment, during which my nerve pain kept getting worse and worse, I ended up in the ER and psych ward for suicidal thoughts from the pain. Since then I was thankfully able to find a similar place that would actually treat me. Big rant, sorry if anyone read this whole thing.

Alan Schultz

Roy is a Great Therapest!!!

Andrew Jeff

Tired of people complaining about the same thing over and over again yet no one has done anything about this specific tech. After reading all these comments looks like everyone has one thing in common and that’s the same mri tech Amer. Change needs to happen.

Sheree Mileski

So far I have not been happy when I come here. Having to pay a lot of $ to park and then waiting forever to see the doctor. My 2pm follow up appointment (saw the doctor for 15 minutes) put me in the car at 4:15pm to drive back to the suburbs during the heart of rush hour. Plus my doctor does not see existing patients on Tuesday which is my day off which makes me use a vacation day. In November, I tried to change my 2:30pm February appointment to an earlier time to avoid rush hour again but earliest time they can get me in is May. I'm happy the doctor is busy but worries me when I get sick again if I will be able to locate him. May start looking at a doctor closer to suburbs.

Kenneth Bryk

It's very customer friendly

Marie Temple

Dr appt

Sh Fin

The new ER location, operation and design is horrible. We waited here for 3 hours to get service. Twice the nurse came out to the waiting area to ask whether my mother was sitting out there. My mom was taken to the back like an hour prior before his multiple visits. They literally lost a patient my mom. And I thought that the university was known for their intellect. Nope not hardly. My mom was eventually located. Then I walked to the back and there are were dozens of patients sitting in the hallway which is dumb. I assume they want it to appear in the waiting room as if they are not busy while in the back they have patients waiting to be seen stockpiled. Deceptive and sneaky and HORRIBLE! Then we get to the chair er room and the nurse had to use the lid of the trash can as a table because due to bad design there were no tables in the room. Who designed this place? An u of c student? Stupid. Avoid this place by any many necessary.

Chris Cothen

When you hear about a hospital you would never think that the personal would be so kind caring to you and your love family every person they worked at University of Chicago Hospital that I countered or my family encountered was kind caring and respectful and Went Above and beyond to make sure I had the best care and to make sure my family knew that I would be careful with Excellency


I love this place. I have been here since I was a little girl. I want to go to the University here not just I know this place very well it's because of high the academics is here. Also how a future a can create.

Amanda Ellen

Horrible mri experience. Would not recommend.


Horrible service! My grandma wasn't feeling well & we took her here. The "doctors" & "nurses" are young and careless. We were inside the emergency room from 9:30PM until a little after 6AM. Ridiculous right?

Pattie Kobe

This hospital has no transparency with how it charges and bills. A one hour routine visit with a cardiologist was $1695. The billing office is not sure of the protocol or why when I asked at the time I scheduled it I was not informed. As a courtesy, they reduced it to $1300. The way the entire situation has been handled is shameful.

Victor Caruth, SR

The University of Chicago is the most professional and caring hospital that I've ever been in and is saving my life

Maya Andelson

The service and treatment were actually great -- it was after the fact that I had problems. I had a procedure done in July 2017 that is supposed to be completely covered by my insurance. 8 months later, I am still being harassed by debt collecting agencies and UChicago Medicine itself so that I pay them $500.00 which I shouldn't actually owe, but which their system tells me I owe due to an incorrect coding of the service I received. Each time I call to try to resolve the issue, very nice people say they will help. I have been told twice that the issue is resolved and I don't owe anything, only to be called 3 months later for the same issue. It's infuriating to have to explain the situation to different people over and over, and this nightmare of incompetence and bureaucracy has no end in sight. Update: this was finally solved one year later. No apology or official call - they just stopped bothering me and my balance on the UChicago student portal was changed to $0.

Victoria Richards

Only reason this is getting a star because I have to rate it or else it would get no stars. Horrible experience. I’m glad I’m not the only one that did not like the imaging mri tech amer. So rude. He did not show any simpathy. Acted like he did not want to be there. I’ve been there multiple time this one is for sure the worst visit yet.

Frank Edwards

The University of Chicago Hospital saved my life. All of the amazing days I've lived since are due to the care and compassion they gave me during the worst day of my life. No system is perfect. But they continuously strive for perfection. The nurses that brought me from a coma to good health are my personal heroes. I shall never be able to repay that debt. 15 years of life and counting, that they've given me....... and I've made them count .THANK GOD FOR YOU.

Jessica Lindenberger

Waited 3 hours to be seen. Finally got into a room that smelled so bad of vomit a housekeeper had to clean it. Waited an additional hour for a nurse. The nurse refused to help us because she thought we called her stupid. We left without being seen. There staff is very rude unprofessional and racist! Never again will I visit a Chicago medical establishment.

Devin Hall

Not organized can’t give a clear answer of how many people are in front... Staff don’t care it feels like the county

Amber Wilowski

Horrible patient care within the imaging staff. Mostly the same mri tech in past reviews. Very sad.

Alexis Michaels

After many complaints and nothing done about the imaging tech amer my dad finally changed doctors and hospitals. Thank you university of Chicago for having employees that make their patients scared and not wanting to ever come back. 0 stars.

Demetrice Scott

This hospital was very grateful when my baby was there 2004 thru 2005 surgery was a success

Sam Cotton

This is a world class hospital. I received top-notch ACL repair. Vast majority of staff are helpful.

Gregory H

Would not recommend for any mri to be done here. Horrible patient care from the tech.

Bianca Jones

One of THE WORST EXPERIENCES I HAVE EVER HAD IN MY LIFE!!!! If you want to have a c-section, be treated like the bottom of a shoe, and then wake up to find that you have not been properly put back together correctly then this is the place for you!!!!!!. The staff after my surgery were THEE WORST! I should have kept going to West Suburban where I had my first cesarean done with the best experience possible. NO CONPLAINT ABOUT WEST SUBURBAN AT ALL! University of Chicago has really messed by body up! I will never be the same again. It’s as if the just pulled my top to my bottom instead of getting my lower body into upper position again. I even heard the doctor tell the guy oh no that’s too deep when they began cutting on me. I really want zero stars and a lawsuit to be honest.

Darious Edwards

Great! Truly world class!

Cee Crouse

Everyone here is so friendly! They greet me and take good care to get man best as possible. The doctors and residents are unbelievable. I highly recommend this for your medical care.

Kaylea Huskey

These people are awful. My dentist sent lab work to them and they aren’t supposed to bill me yet they do. Everyone on the phone is not helpful. I have to go theosee gah my doctor to get answers because the people at this place are so stupid. I’m so upset. I wish I didn’t have any interactions with them ever. horrible!

Leslie Joseph

Nurses are great but if your insurance want approve you for a regular stay they just put you any where. The food use to be good now the menu is nothing like the food. I give the food a 3.


Very dissatisfied and disappointed with this hospital!!! Very dirty place!! E.R Very filthy and a mess!! Hours of waiting people sitting in wheelchairs in middle of hallways!!Cafeteria/ Sky cafe filthy as well!! most of the staff had absolutely no idea what the hell they were doing and were very Rude did not make us feel welcomed or comfortable at all.. Out of all the staff maybe a few drs were actually sincere and nice and seemed to know what the issue was..was very disappointed with this hospital and staff for it being my first time there it was the worst I've ever been to honestly would rather travel hrs away before going back there until a lot of improvements have been made!!!

Amanda Owens

1 star for the horrible care the mri tech Amer gave my mother. Disgusted in this behavior very rude.

Juan Arroyo

We received most excellent care here! The oncology Dept and the 10th floor are amazing at what they do! After not getting any results in Aurora, we drove 60+ miles to this hospital and can now say, I'm cancer free! Thanks, UCMedicine!!

barbara hubbard

My family has a decades long history of being serviced by the University of Chicago Hospital. I made the mistake of going to Jackson Park Hospital, which I will never do again! Whether it was the Cancer center, Children's Hospital, or any other section of the hospital; we have always received quality care. The University of Chicago Hospital is the best that the Southside of Chicago has to offer! Check it out for yourself

Takiya Clausell

You would think after coming here for the 3rd time within 2 weeks they would have found the problem before I was scheduled to have an emergency C-section. They are so in a hurry to do nothing. I was discharged on Thursday from having a baby via C-Section & I’m back again today with the same problem I had before having my baby only to find out the the importance & serverity of my situation isn’t as important as others after waiting 8 hours to only be placed out in the hallway & still haven’t been taken care of which is beyond ridiculous my pain is 10 out of 10 & all the supervisor had to say was he’s sorry. Waiting for A CT scan shouldn’t take his long to make a decision for the pain the pain I’m feeling. I will no longer be a patient to this hospital nor my children.

Alex J

Horrible patient care from the mri tech. Very disappointed.

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