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REVIEWS OF St. Catherine Hospital IN Illinois

john keteltas

worst staff i have ever met , 4 hour wait with a concussion and a panic attack , once i got thru the doors another 45 min wait to be told i need to have blood taken wile i am perscribed xanax for panic attack , i have a phobia of needles and they wouldent take blood because i was on a so called "trank" aka xanax so they told me to leave , total time there about 4.5 hours , time spoken to dr and nurse 10 min and sead they cant help me , so now im home throwing up headace and more to have to go to a diff hospital the 5 years iv been on this and the numaris times iv givin blood i have never been told this .....nurses would rather send you home to die then treat you ....DO NOT GO !!! DO NOT GO DO NOT GOOO !!!

Candice HEDGER

Ashleigh Claudio

I delivered my baby at this Birthing Center and I don't think I could've had a better experience elsewhere. Me and my husband have chose to stick with them for future deliveries. Nurse Linda is the bomb. Tracy is so infectious and sweet and makes you feel comfortable enough to come to her about anything. I can't say enough about the staff! They were awesome and had lovely bedside manners and people skills. So giving! I appreciate them so much!

Angela Sannasardo


mee Rob

Allison Piech

In the Behavioral Health Unit, they treat patients and visitors like prisoners. Word of warning: if you are going to visit a loved one who is a patient here, you can't even hold their hand or comfort them. You might be "passing drugs or weapons." They don't tell you these rules as a visitor, though. Instead, they tell the patients, whom they fill with drugs upon drugs. I guess that's a reliable source of information as any.... Don't take your purse, your phone. Don't wear a hoodie or hat. When you are allowed to hug your loved one goodbye, don't make it last for longer than two seconds. Otherwise security will clap in your face and tell you "vamanos! vamanos!" If you are looking for actual compassion, please do not take your loved one to this facility unless you are used to the rules and regulations of a prison. However, Erin (sp?) in the ER was very kind, honest, and friendly.

nickie geros

Terry White

Cmar Candy

This place is ass

Robert Gillispie

Excellent staff helpful and caring nurses always smiling

Valentno Almodovar

Wow children not allow to visit unless your 12 yrs old just not considerate of people with small children if thats the case then don't treat the small children cause you sure bill the parents and make your money so shame on st. catherine's

David Madriz

Ang Sandilla

Funny how I put a review on here yesterday and it's not here now because the staff was beyond again Beyond unprofessional all I did was ask a simple question and no one could answer it rude rude rude I would never recommend anybody to come to this Hospital

Nick Bon

Enrique Vega

John Sankar

Great and friendly place!!!!!!

ms strawberry

We are here right now as I'm writing an my son came in at 6am all they did was the exray, an now they are saying what ever gun it is to drain the blood frm his one finger ONE FINGER NAIL

Ray L

Psych unit is an abusive warehouse/jail. I felt like Sandra Bland must’ve felt in jail while I was in there. Freakishly obese staff loudly discuss details of scraping suicided dead bodies off floors & other inappropriate topics to terrorize the inmates. Lots of physical & psychological abuse. Dirty. No therapy. To call it a psych unit is a joke. It’s pure abuse & these oddballs get off on it. Indiana patient rights aren’t great compared to other states but this place will lie & deny you the rights you are entitled to.

Katie Lynn

X-Ray Crew was great and kept me at ease, male ER nurse was fantastic. That's about the good I have at this place. The female ER nurse was condescending and arrogant with a terrible bedside manner. Diagnosed me with something that I have had for years and had nothing to do with my ER visit and basically lectured me for having a life that was limited in resources. The ER Check-in told me that my insurance was on record when I asked him, but the question I have is why was I billed for something else that labeled me as uninsured? Are they trying to double bill me for something? A good chunk of my bill was covered via insurance while this billing occurred so unsure as to why I am getting a bill that says I am not insured. Incredibly long wait to get treated, took about an hour to get in, 5 in the ER Update: Spoke to the people billing me on 1/5 that I had insurance and they said to disregard the bill. Received another bill on 1/22 for the same bill. Really not recommending. Go to St. Margaret's if you want a better hospital.

Southern Belle

Some of the NPs are great and some are terrible !!! Everybody else is wonderful .

Ethen Jude the Gamer Dude

Amazing staff. Had an allergic reaction to something and was treated immediately. My nurse and Dr. were fabulous, kind, and caring.

Jake Trent

I had surgery here and I couldn't of asked for a better nursing staff. They were so cool made me feel really comfortable we were cracking jokes and my DR. was there early and ready to get the surgery going and get me home.

Alicia Maldonado


Sandra Bostic


Cynthia Gomez

Cindy Tietz

mona martinez

nida bolinces

Jonathan Ramirez

They charge you the second you walk in. Dont let them put you on a wheelchair and have them cart you a full feet to a room if you can help it. They will charge you significantly for that like if you came on an ambulance.

chandra lyles

Jennifer Hamilton

I am currently in-patient and asked for a patient survey to write down some things while its fresh in my mind. I was denied a survey and told one would come to me in the mail! Crazy! I guess I better keep good notes!

Scott Davis

Their Behavioral Health unit took good care of me, and a social worker helped me get into an aftercare plan. BUT beware of their cancer care. Hopefully it's improved since 1999 when my grandfather was dying. Nurse response was VERY SLOW while he was covered in his vomit.

Kathleen Mauch

Dimas Gutierrez

The worst excuse for a hospital. If you come to the ER expect to die waiting for service.



Mr. Doss

Sindy Mendoza

Bobby Hall

If you are looking for behavioral health care services, do not go here. They will tell you nothing and do nothing. I'm sorry but I can see no benefit in going here.

Lynn Kirk

The geri-psych unit is wonderful! I cannot say enough good things about this hospital and their staff. Samantha Ramsey has been a blessing to my family and St. Catherine's should do everything they can to keep her as an employee. It has been a rough road but they have been such great help. I have had experiences with other geri--psych units before and they tend to over-medicate the patients and lose them in the system. This does not happen at St. Catherine's. The patients are clean, happy and most importantly engaged!

karen marie

Uncaring and rude... so many mistakes made. Never ever go here if you want proper care.

Taff M

Harriet Stephens

They took excellent care of my brother who was there for a while .

Elaine Gardner

Nurse, Tech and emergency staff were good. The Doctors sucked, I felt their only concern was getting paid by medicare. Unnecessary tests were ran on me, I was not treated for my problem..They made sure I was doped up and sleepy to not feel pain. Was dismissed with the same pain I was admitted for. I don't understand why I was not transferred to where my primary doctor was or gotten advice to see my primary doctor before I was admitted into the hospital.

Brooke White

very sad, the hospital staff definitely needs some training to handle young adults with special needs. necessary medication was given several hours after prescribed time and it was left up to my daughter as the patient to remind them, even though we as parents have a POA, information was not provided and we could not be there 24/7. VERY disturbing!!

Spinal Break

All around great people.

Seph Ruin

Doris Waiters

Adorah Taylor

Patricia Culter

They sucked my sister went in and was 22 weeks prego and they just told her to pick a fural home for him because they were not equipped to help her and refussed to transfer her finally we had to get a lawyer to get her moved and now that she moved she is doing so much better and has a chance of being able to keep her baby in now do not go here if at possible u can

April Price

Great staff always

Viola Eagle

They've always taken care of me. Recently the ER team discovered a serious life threatening problem and got me where I needed to go in order to save my life. I am eternally grateful for this hospital, the ER department, the radiology team, the transport team, everyone! Thank you! I am alive!

Dennis Fech

My sister just spent two weeks at St. Catherine and it is a shame the conditions and treatment she had to endure. She had a blackout episode causing her to fall while at home. She broke a bone that pushed her front teeth and they offered her a meal of pot roast. Nurses also had to be told to clean her up as she was covered in blood. Hope she doesn't have to return.

Amanda Guadalupe

Jackie C

The ladies in radiology did my first ever CT , I was a nervous wreak . They were very patient and calming. Great job!

Louis Gorman

I workout in the cardio room.

Jessica Magallanes

Brittney Conway

If you aren’t Hispanic do not go here to be treated in the e.r !!! Terrible treatment.

Wes Young

We went into the emergency room knowing that my wife had most likely torn her ACL for the second time and they performed an x-ray. It wasn't necessary, but I understand that there are protocols that need to be followed. They then strongly suggested that we get a CT scan since an MRI was not available. The CT scan didn't show any results and the visit just ended up being a money whole.

Jess Urie

HORRIBLE!! Elderly grandmother came in early April, it is currently April 17th and still bad service being given. Was transferred from IMCU to ICU and back to IMCU only to go back into ICU and is currently in IMCU. Horrible service. ICU is noisy and crazy, nurses singing, dancing, cussing. Can barely hear yourself think over all the noise. Nurses don't check in as often as they should, came here at 2:30 yesterday and nurses didn't come in for at least 3 hours. They leave trays by the door as if the patients are supposed to get them. Housekeeping barely cleans. Majority of the time nurses are sitting at the station just talking or laughing instead of doing job. Would not recommend to anyone. Go to Community Hospital instead.

Nicole Peters

Hospital entrance was very clean as well as waiting area and room I was in. Short wait time despite getting caught by a train and being 5 minutes late to my appointment. Ultrasound tech Molly was incredible! Seriously the BEST tech I've ever had, and I've had a lot of ultrasounds after 3 pregnancies!! Her bedside manner, kindness, thoroughness of explaining step by step the ultrasound, as well as ensuring me my son is healthy, she is just amazing! Will definitely request her next time!

Barbara Bateman

Great service!

jeffrey daxe

My mother was a patient on the elder care unit. She was discharged to home in worse condition than with which she was admitted. Verbatum from her doctor. "I have met the criteria for medicare and she can no longer stay here." The nurse who discharged her to home with my sister, recognizing her poor condition said, "I'm sorry". Two days later she was at Northwestern.

Bob Bull

Not fast but helpful and friendly people.

u e

Billy Grant

Jennifer Guerra

Alejandra Morales

michelle augustyniak

William Hilliard

Rosa Rodriguez

Im here now in the waiting room been here for allmost 4 hours the wait time is just un believable and this is a emergency room.

cece delgado

Front desk lady very rude when I asked for her assistance politely, she needs better communication skills, and besides her everyone else is so nice and friendly and their care for patients is extensively thorough. Very nice and comfortable staff.

Daniel Garcia

The staff is very friendly and professional. They treated my mother like a queen. Thank you

Cheryle Barnard

Yalani Leonard

Christina Kirkwood

Michael Jacobsen

Excellent service. I am a truck driver and needed to get in asap. They got me on quick and attended to me very quickly. If ever i need medical assistance again, and in the area, i will return. Definitely recommend!

Arcelia Becerra

(Translated by Google) I was in the emergency room and they treated me very well in my language and with a lot of understanding. Especially the nurse named Elíseo thank you very much for your attention. (Original) Estuve en la sala de emergencias y me trataron muy bien en mi idioma y con mucha comprensión. Especialmente el enfermero de nombre Elíseo muchas gracias por su atención.

Keela Finley

We read the reviews prior to coming and was ALMOST deterred. I was in so much pain i told my husband to just take me. BEST DECISION EVER!! I am uninsured - told them up front and got THE BEST treatment! The staff was Phenomemal! NP Amy was extremely engaged and concerned about me, her Nurse Angie was also a Sweetie. I came in with a upper respitory and ear infection - in a lot pain. NP Gave me what i need right there as well as scripts which BTW was filled by the hospitals Pharmacy - for all $35 w/o insurance. The Pharmacist was very helpful, knoweledgeable and most of all THEY ALL CARED! What a Wonderful Group of Health Professionals. And to top ot off, got a well check from a member of the ER today - just to see how i was feeling. Hands down they were Great! I'd recommend St. CatherInes for care in a HeartBeat❤ Thank You!

Mr. Sullivan

Very rude ER nurses , especially when trying to obtain information for my pregnant wife. I've always had good experiences with other departments. However, ER nurses are very arrogant and rude.

Carmille Caluag

Michelle Nixon

They took care of him perfectly fine. So well, that then they didn't want to discharge him. He was off pain meds and good to go and still fighting to get discharged a day and a half later. Must be the only hospital in the country fighting to keep patients in beds.

Tina Kasper

Jan Sebestyen

The Wound Care center is fabulous !

matt keammerer


James Evans

The best hospital and the first hospital with experience of 40 years even after brought back to life in SC. I seriously could be wrong but as a republican that has a portion of my brain demolished with the ability to rehabilitate. I was diagnosed with "mersa"/ "staff" infection after surgery in SC. Im happy and proud with my son after my life passed by. Jesus/love Mr Trump please help with life in America. I love everone on the planet but with common sence with life today, we have to get it straight without democrats.


Please if u have family in ICU make sure their getting the right treatment ask for second opinions because I was told that my brother was not getting better and i needed to give up basically and that was not an option for us ... now he's in the university of Indianapolis getting the right treatment and getting stronger now we are now finding out that they weren't giving any real medication to make him better. Alot of the meds were just given with no real benefit. Please be careful with your love one's health at this hospital ...

Mai B.

My child had to be hospitalized. In St. Catherine you will find ONLY THE VERY BEST NURSES & ASSISTANTS AS WELL AS DOCTORS AND I TRULY MEAN THAT FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY HEART! This is NOT just a review from my heart. I used to work in a Hospital (a 'few' years ago) on a surgical floor & have Many Nurse & other types of Hosp. Employees as friends. Technologically St. Catherines is Absolutely at the Top of the list. You will be Very hard pressed to find this kind of Care and Quality at another hospital. THANK YOU VERY MUCH TO ALL THE WONDERFUL PEOPLE WHO TRULY DO CARE AT ST. CATHERINES HOSPITAL!


The practices followed in St. Catherine's Behavioral Health Facility are highly questionable. Visited a family member who was unclear on why they were sent to this hospital from Community Hospital in Munster while in their ER care. When attempted to get answers for my family member in their care and myself was asked to leave by their senior staff in the presence of guests and their security. Use of Emergency Detention Orders (EDOs) in Indiana are horrible based on this experience and what I've read online. This hospital is clearly involved in such abuses. Additionally, earlier comments of unprofessional nurses is true. I've heard they sit around, playfully within view of patients but are verbally abusive. Disgusting! Beware to all dealing with similar situations at this hospital.

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