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REVIEWS OF Saint Anthony Hospital IN Illinois

sharon reyes

Had my delievery there friendly and fast Patient and good food!!!

Soso Good

DO NOT GO TO THIS HOSPITAL!!!!!This is the nastiest, filthiest hospital I have ever been to. The staff is all unprofessional, rude and ignorant. I cannot believe that the state allows such a hospital to even be operational.

Katherine Cruz

Worst services and waiting time just to be call 4.5 hrs in the ER.

Salvador Chavez

Everything was going good until they told me the doctor will be with you shortly ...well I been waiting for over 2 hours and no doctor yet! I should have learned my lesson from the last time I was here when I waited for over 2 hours for the doc to just come in and give me my prescription ..which only took him about 10sec ..they need more doctors!!!

Sal spallone

This hospital should be closed a long time ago. Inspectors from the stat should go and see what goes on. Many violations. Its open because ita serving the lower income people and people that don't speak english as a first language.

Sabas Carbajal

Mr Pineda

Worst hospital to have a baby! Don't waste your time go to a better one. My wife had our first child here and it was an awful experience! The nurses don't pay any attention to the patient and talk and talk like there is no pregnant women right next to them!

ray -von-yae


Patricia Colon

Great people who care! Thankful for this hospital and the workers that serve others in need with plenty of TLC!!!


ER staff are all great!

Lizzette G

Poor service

Patricia Gonzalez

Awesome staff...

Kayla Negrete

I took my children to the rehab department and it was wonderful. The physical therapist went into depth of my treatment and was very helpful in detail compared to the physician which didn't state much. The Speech Therapist was so nice to my son and was very welcoming for treatment so that he wouldn't be scared of coming to the hospital. The front desk girls were also very helpful with all my insurance questions and very accommodating for scheduling multiple services on same dates.

Stephany Izguerra

LONG NEGATIVE EXPERIENCE REVIEW FOLKS. My sister was admitted to the hospital to be induced, due to a blood test that came back concerning. I came out to see her early in the morning and the kind nurses came in and brought her breakfast. Its 4:30, way past lunch time, apparently, we have to let the nurses know if she had lunch or not when no nurse came in to ask if she needed something other than the midwife doing her job. This is ridiculous. I didnt know this is "Patient care for themselves". They claim they have ordered the lunch for her but not sure why she didnt get it. BS. Pardon my French. The nurse was kind enough to request her 5:30 p.m dinner to come early, but she will bring a turkey sandwich to hold her off a bit. WE WERE ALL LIVID THE MINUTE HER BOYFRIEND AND I WENT TO THE NURSES AND ASK ABOUT THE SNACK, THEY WERE ALL TALKING, LAUGHING, JOKING AND ALL OF THE SUDDEN, NOW THEY ARE BUSY. Her "holding off till dinner snack", that was promised at 4:30, came in at the same time as her 530 dinner AT 5:30. That's not all. A nurse came in this morning wanted to go over her needs for the actual labor (requests) and she wanted the laughing gas to relax her instead of epidural. As she started feeling the contractions every 2 to 3 minutes(4:00 pm), she wants the gas to help her asap, the nurse came back an hour later telling her that they have to order it. If you come in early in the morn, and ask the patient if they have special requests, as such, the obvious thing they could have done is order it in the morning, not last minute while leaving her in uncomfortable pain for a whole hour. I am saddened to leave my sister behind, and cannot imagine what she will go through when it comes time to push. Their Patient Care is Outrageous. I am so glad, that after seeing what she went through, will not be coming here to deliver my baby. I will be taking my baby business elsewhere.

roxy starr

I went to St.Anthony's for an exam in the radiology department this past weekend. The service was pretty fast and staff is very friendly but how is it that there is staff that is dealing with the patients and they have some lady working there with nails that are so long that they are even curved?!!?!? I dont understand this! hello?! isn't that unsanitary? unhygienic? I was just disgusted.

Carmen Guadarrama

(Translated by Google) They give appointments and do not attend at the time they design takes more than 35 minutes or more to attend my appointments that I had with the pediatrician tra (Original) Dan las citas y no atienden a la hora que disen se tardan más de 35 minutos o mas

nelsy cruz

Unprofessional staff, no bedside manners, prejudice doctors.

Ghostly 326

Never again will I ever go there... The doctor and nurses actually laughed at me because I have shortness of breath/ Hard time breathing, They actually told me I just wanted skip school but I work and it was my day off when I went to them.. very unprofessional.. My personal doctor is actually treating my condition. I honestly wouldn't recommend this hospital to anybody..

Brian Brian

Good service wait time at the ER was a little long but not as long as the ER Wait time at the UIC they take forever to assist you

Tatiana Davidson

Food is delicious doctors and nurses are really nice they check on you and make sure you're fine.janitors are great they clean up really well. I love this hospital

Sara O'Donoghue

On Febrarury 22nd, 2019 I had an 8 minute seizure at work in the west loop. I was sent in an ambulance to St. Anthony Hospital. I have never had such a horrible experience at a hospital. If you look up the general reviews of the hospital you’ll get the idea. I truly believe if my family didn’t show up as early and admiment as they did, I would be dead by now. I was admitted Friday afternoon, I stopped breathing on my own and ended up being connected to breathing tubes. I wake up the next morning, once the tube is out of my throat the only medical professional I see throughout the day is the rudest nurse I’ve EVER encountered (Emily). I asked her when I could get a drink of water, mind you this is the first time I’ve spoken to this woman, and she shortly tells me “not now”, a drugged up, confused me asks “okay can you give me an estimate” and she all but yells at me that it’ll probably be an hour. I was so lost and confused I had no doctor to tell me what was going on, No cat scan results no eeg results no nothing. By 7 o’clock, I finally get some energy to try and find out where my doctors are at, come to find out they are all at different hospitals. I have multiple family meme bees working in multiple different hospitals telling me they have never ever seen anything as disorganized as this. I finally found a nurse nice enough to try and track down ANY neurologist for me at this point. He found one that was actually at home and got him to come up to the hospital to discharge me. He, again, isn’t my doctor so doesn’t know much about what happened to me besides reading it. I told him I’d rather go home and get referred to a different neurologist by my primary at this point. I’ve been awake and tubes out of my throat since 11am, it’s 6 pm now, I’m done waiting on you people. He decides to write me a seizure preventive medication just in case for the days leading to my doctors appointment. The prescription was written for March 6th, 2019. A JOKE. The pharmacy tried getting ahold of this Dr. Had no luck. Alll in all the service in the hospital was a joke. The cleanliness, a joke. I woke up from a drug induced coma to the most negative environment you could possibly imagine. I went through their google reviews and ALL of them are just as bad as mine. I really think it’s time somebody really puts them out there. They need to fix this behavior. It especially is messing with my head because my older sister was and epileptic and died in her sleep from a seizure. I’ve never had a seizure before this day I was so scared and confused. This was just a regular day for my family and I’m positive my family was even worse when I was first admitted they were giving my mother trouble to come back and see me. After all this, I’m finally home and in a whole bunch of pain. After this experience I can’t shake the feeling that they did everything they could for me before shoving tubes down my throat to breathe for me. I just hope somebody reads this and feels as strongly as my family and I do. This hospital is a joke and I want to see them reap some of the consequences or at least correct these issues.

Ashley Ruiz

Worst hospital ever. We had our second child here the nurses don't pay attention to the patient nore do they come and check if the baby needs anything . all the do is laugh, laugh and laugh. There so unprofessional ask them a question and they give you a hold own and ill find out for you and.never come back.

Miranda Tobias

I went in with a complaint of chest pains vomiting and dizziness. Not once did they check my chest. Right away said it was anxiety. Just for me to come to houston to a GOOD hospital to find out I have a respiratory infection. All the doctors and nurses do is stand around and talk to each other. I'd give you zero stars if that was possible

bimbo yeye

it is a good hospital. Staff are nice And caring

Nick Matarazzo

Very professional great people to be around


Terrible organization nobody follows up on anything.

Bianca Gonzalez

(Translated by Google) The worst hospital, all the staff is useless, nobody knows how to say anything if you ask about a patient you took and you wait for an answer, just ‘that person is not in the system’ ’oh I would not know how to tell you anything” (Original) El peor hospital, todo el personal es inservible nadie te sabe decir nada si preguntas por un paciente al cual tú llevaste y esperas una respuesta, simplemente ‘esa persona no está en el sistema’’ oh no sabría decirte nada”

Joshua Bagley

Saint Anthony's hospital is not worth a star at all. Dr. Joshi and the other doctor who has the haircut like the 3 stooges are very racist and very rude and don't even do full testes that's needed. They even rig your lab results. I found the truth about that last friday. Went to North Western hospital and had the same lab testes done and was rushed into surgery and a small blood clot was found in my left arm. Those 2 doctors needs to be investigated and locked up in prison for lying and cussing and for falsifying results. I've done reported them to the hospital director and to internal affairs. The hospital staffs has no manners and it's filthy and smells like urine.

Geoff Mazur

Great hospital serving their local community. Modern imaging and testing equipment and well connected to specialists.

Lorena Durango

No manners my daughter was brought by ambulance once she got admitted the medical assistant was talking about her little did they know we were in the next room! "Talking about she 14 dam she weight more than me. The medical student however was nice other than that that was ghetto and unprofessional no respect for the patients. Can i imagine what goes on when no one is listening!!

Valerie Reyna

Great place close to where I live, they attend people fast and everyone so nice

Bill Tekien

I was born there in 1947 and am still alive so they must be pretty good.

Jocelyn Ponce

My character limit exceeded so let me post the screen shots of my opinion of this disgusting hospital

Victoria Rodriguez

Terrible!! I Gave birth here, NEVER AGAIN!! The nurses were nice but left me for 4 hours with out checking on me and my uv bag was running low the moniter was beeping for 2 hours when it started beeping faster im wondering what's going on when a nurse finally walked in just on time the nurse told me I almost got air in my vains. I ended up getting a feaver right before I had my baby and they kept me 2 extra days to give the baby antibiotics. The idiot nurces pooked my new born baby with the needle in both hands when they finally decided to put the uv on her foot. If you're planning on having a baby at this hospital i do not recommend!!


my first baby was delivered in the wonderful hospital and It was a excellent service cleaned and the friendly staff.

First Last

Waited for 2 hrs and in that time was only able to acquire a wristband. Left for an hr, came back and was seen in 30 mins. Last time i was here i estimated I'd be here for 5 hours. I was spot on. Sad part is there were only 2 patients in front of me and all i needed was a script. Understaffed? Maybe, though I doubt it. Higher quality professionals is what this hospital needs.

dawn boone

I was a patient here twice for knee replacement because this was the surgeons hospital and was greatfull I made it out alive. The care and treatment the first time was not as bad as the second but upon leaving facility discovered I had many items missing from my bag even though I brought nothing of value. I made a report at the hospital who didn't seem concerned and implied I was mistaken or making it up. I also filed a police report since my drivers license was one of the items stolen. FYI if you have to go here take nothing with no matter how insignificant it is, they don't care. The second visit I brought nothing with me so that couldn't happen but the level of care diminished significantly. My leg was supposed to be on a machine that would continually move it at the knee for 18-20 hours a day but I think it was only put on me once because the staff couldn't be bothered. They also told me to use the bedside commode as a walker for assistance to the bathroom because they didn't have any walkers for patient use which I think it was more they couldn't be bothered to go look for one. The drain put in my leg at the knee was pulled out 1-2 days early accidentally due to lack of assistance in getting out of bed and they just packed my leg to stop the bleeding and said it was fine, don't think they checked with a doctor. I was extremely ill the whole time I was there, throwing up, and for many weeks after. I wound up with a bladder infection that I think was due to the catheter insertion done at the hospital. I will never go back even if it's the last hospital on earth.

Markus Ruiz

To god damn packed I don’t care I rather go home

Hector Perez

Ressa & Mel

Doctors And Staff Are Very Rude And Careless!!!

mar jmz

(Translated by Google) Very good doctors and most friendly nurses although the office staff the record have a bad temper (Original) Muy buenos doctores y la mayoria de enfermeras amables aunque el personal de oficina los de registro tienen mal genio

Rana Tuleimat

ayde lopez

I really like the CNAs and only 2 out of 4 my nurses. I stayed their a whole weekend (Friday to Sunday) Because of a cyst. I went their mainly because my insurance covers that hospital and it seems they everyone wanted to try something on me. The 1st doctor recommend surgery, which I was for it. The 2nd wanted to do just antibiotics and pain killers and the 3rd doctor just ask me what did I wanted to do. I was in pain for most of my visit and I even had a roommate it was 80 something year old blind lady and she would need to constantly ask/buzzed that she needed help with using the bathroom or shower and remind nurse about her medication. 2nd doctor gave me my RX I'm thinkinf she is giving me something for the pain turns out when the 3rd check my RX the 2nd didn't wrote anything down for pain. I was about to walk out of there and pretty much walk back in with the pain. Overall it was ok. Food was decent and staff is ok. Also this hospital goes by religion so they won't do certain surgeries if it's against Catholic religion. Whole reason why the surgery the 1st doctor recommend was suddenly off the table.

Noe Gutierrez

(Translated by Google) The cervisio is terrible in emergencies the old diske nurses are unpleasant and have a bad temper especially a fat woman who is called a star I think she is better called the full moon (Original) El cervisio es pésimo en emergencias las viejas diske enfermeras son inrespetosas y tienen mal genio en especial una gorda q dise llamarse estrella yo creo q le keda mejor el nombre de luna llena

Sus Frank

Worst hospital to have a baby, terrible service especially a fat stupid puerto Rican woman, i ask for a pads and she forgot, she left me the catheter all day my hand get hurt and bigger for 3 weeks, and she send me walk from 3rd floor when i left the hospital so painful after 23hrs labor and 9 pound baby i don't know she supposed take me out on wheelchair , i ask for baby wipes after 30 min she came with bad actitud and my baby get rash BAD EXPERIENCE ON THIS HOSPITAL if you pregnant don't even think this place.

Adriana Martinez

Jose Gonsalez

(Translated by Google) Children of the yard, I'm dying and pure cock serve me, you have to get killed for care have 6 hours in the waiting room and are waiting for me to die revisenme better check my dick now. (Original) Hijos de la verga, me ando muriendo y pura verga me atienden , uno tiene que llegar muerto para que lo atiendan tengo 6 horas en la sala de espera y están esperando a que me muera para revisarme mejor revisenme la verga ya.

Denise Beasley

I dont kno wat you people are talking about saint anthony has always been a great hospital back in the day i feel comfortable wit they bad rep.

Maxine Gibas

One star because zero is not an option. In fact, I wish I could rate in the negatives. Couples years back my son was treated for an upper respiratory infection. I had to sleep on the floor for two nights because they didn't even have an extra recliner chair. Thats a few years ago and I'm over it. The issue now is that I am visiting a family member and went to grab a bite to eat at the cafeteria. I ask the worker a question about hot food and she YELLS excuse me at the top of her lungs! Pysch ward or cafeteria?!? This women scared my poor son that I was carrying in my arms. Then her response was so full of attitude and ignorance. Excuse me but people are already going threw enough if they are at the hospital, then you have to deal with people who hate their jobs. The women's name was Malinda. Definitely not acustom to this Excurrrrrseee me type of behavior. Malinda shouldn't be working with the public let alone a holy religious hospital. But the fried rice and fried corn served for dinner was good!

Ellery R

Baby Box pickup experience: this location is one of two partner pickup locations in Chicago (you don’t have to be a patient here; you must complete the course and produce the completion ID). I was specifically told to pickup the box at 10am. It wasn’t until 11am that someone brought them out. There were 2 others waiting as well for an hour. The staff is very unprofessional. Hardly any English spoken anywhere. Not only did reception poorly communicate the wait time, but I had been trying to reach the main contact person for this pickup for a month, leaving multiple messages, before I had to speak with a supervisor. No one called me back. If you are told to reach out to a girl named Jocelyn, ask for a supervisor.Bathrooms are a disgrace. Go to the other pickup location. I don’t know if it’s better, but this was not a good experience.

Josephine Smith

My grandson was referred there for possible surgery for a broken WRIST from a football injury. It was dirty..the washrooms were disgustung. Left and never went back.

Amanda Roberts

Got my gallbladder out by Dr masrur. He was the nicest doctor I have ever meet in my life and I recommend him to anyone, he is the best !!!!!!!!!!!! Dr. Masrur saved my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Judy Artist

Great staff,and bedside manner,I don't know what all these negative comments are doing here but my 3 day stay here was excellent ,and the staff were kind and curtious as well !!

John John

Worst ever over priced by 4 times checked in er they put me at a level 4 wich is $4500 level 1 is $650 plus all the test blud pressure was elecated to 140 total bill was $6200 i was given asprin and released in 3 hrs they said go see my family doc total rip off they would not reduce price should been checked in at level 1

Jovie Reyes

Not enough staff. They have too Many people in the waiting room, people were sitting on the stairs and in the hallway. I spent 5 hours just to see the doctor even though I had an appointment.

Ivan Romero-Martinez

Friendly people


Its great but I got sick from the lunchroom pizza. The food for the patients is really bad

Erika Silva

I had my daughter at Saint Anthony's and had a great experience. My nurses Amanda, Evelyn, Lety, Janine, and Regine were so friendly and helped me keep calm through the entire process. The lactation consultants Cecilia and Maria helped me with breastfeeding and helped me stay calm. My husband even said she wanted to take Maria home! I would definitely go to Saint Anthony's again.

Oscar Gabriel

Two appointments canceled without notice. Doctor quits without notice, no replacement. Waited 3 months for appointment because hospital "thought I was on public aid". Overheard fat shaming joke by emergency room doctor during a diabetic crisis "Let's give him an insulin biscuit". More fat shaming examples, I was greeted by a resident with "How about that weight!". Also, dietetics beware! This hospital does not know how to handle newly diagnosed diabetics!. Fleeting doctors who do not explain (or know) what's going on...The list goes on. In short, stay clear of this Clown School.

Jennifer Roldan

Poor service, extremely rude

Soccer For Life

It takes forever

Charlise Jacox

Y'all Need Headphones With Music Because The TV Don't Have That Many Channels. And Your Turkey Can Be More Seasoned And Let Level 6 Got Down And In Their Food If They Can. And Y'all Be Coming In The Room Loud At 12 am And 4 am Loud Asl. Y'all Need Some Relaxing Music In The Room For Us To Fall Back Asleep Fast. -C And Ask Me My Name Before You Pronounce It Wrong In My Dreams. That's All

Yolanda Cruz


Cesar Clemente

(Translated by Google) Deeply grateful to the staff that was in charge during the time my wife gave birth and then to some drastic heart events, many thanks to the doctors and nurses who studied during the 12/12 to 12/15 period. Thank you for taking care of my wife Nayeli and my son Fernando. Thank you so much !!!! (Original) Profundamente agradecido con el personal que estuvo a cargo durante el tiempo que mi esposa dio a luz y posteriormente a unos sucesos drásticos de corazón muchas gracias a los doctores y enfermeras que estudien durante el periodo 12/12 to 12/15. Gracias por cuidar de mi esposa Nayeli y mi hijo Fernando. Thank you so much!!!!

Susan Mundo

Horrible atención de parteras a mi no me dieron una cama especial para los partos quede 15 días sin poder caminar y muy pésima y burlona , ojalá a no le pase lo que a mí a otra futura madre..

Maria Zuniga

The service here is horrid. My appointment was scheduled for 2:00 and it is 3:32 for an ultrasound. I haven't been called for registration and one of the lady's working here said there is only one doctor here. There are at least 15 people waiting. Some have been here for two hours and still have not been called for registration. They are "striving" for 5 stars but have only one person working here and scheduled about 20 people for today.

Maria Diaz

Horrible waiting time.

Blanca Salgado

3rd baby that I deliver at St Anthony hospital best experience ever Ivon Erica Susana Esther and Dr Pontarelli very very helpful nurse Ivon gave me an excellent care she was the best thank u so much st Anthony hospital and all there staff

Dulce Sanchez

The staff here is extremely supportive and kind. They show a great amount of patience and genuine care for their patients and prospective patients. I am planning to deliver my first child here due to the amount of catering I have received from this hospital. They offer an extensive tour of the maternity ward, a free car seat and certified installation of it on the day you are ready to go home and they give free classes. I attended all 3 classes they offer which are labor and delivery, child development and breastfeeding! Thanks to them the angst of being a new mom has been considerably diminished. I am truly looking forward to my delivery experience here.

Maria Patino

It will be the last time I come here. Waiting time is more than 6 hours. Very unprofessional , most of the nurses/ doctors just sit around and gossip.

The Cheap Investor

Yesterday me and my wife had an appointment for a stress test and ultra sound. My wife is in the last days of her pregnancy. They had taken us in for three ultra sounds accepting our insurance card. Until 9/13 they told my wife they couldn’t check her out endless we paid cash. My wife trying to be cool explained this is the first time we are hearing about this? They told her it was an error but our insurance wasn’t paying anything and we haven’t paid the previous three bills. We never received anything except a bill explanation and called to ensure we don’t owe. Anyways this has to be the stupidest thing ever for god sake if you don’t accept someone’s insurance you let them know not run the bill. Our insurance was shocked my wife’s primary doctor called them telling them what kind of people let something like this happen. My wife was in tears already anxious about the stress test due to her blood pressure. Will avoid this place for sure!! Come one three times! Now we got like three bills just floating around!

Arlett M Chavez Quiroz

Unpleasant. I called to make an appointment and the radiology department never answers the phone and when they do answer they do it with such a bad attitude.

Chantel Lynn

Stephanie Carter

I wish there was an option for no stars! The hospital smells like urine, the lady in Radiology Elizabeth made it seem like it was my fault they did not have my referrals when THEY called me and said I could come in for my test in radiology. When I got there they did not have the order from the doctor when i was told they had everything they needed the day before my arrival. I was OUTDONE! Elizabeth kept saying "you didn't talk to me, that person was not here you should have came with your paperwork" I was told you all had my paperwork dummy. She is lacking in wanting to do her work correctly and effectively. This hospital was out of my way trying to save a few dollars since I let my insurance company recommend them. Never again I put in a complaint against with my insurance as well. This was my first visit and my last! I will tell any and everyone never to go there. The hospital is very dated, this is 2017 for heaven sake!! I have better choices so I will use them.

ernesto sarante

(Translated by Google) The worst hospital I have visited in my entire life (Original) El peor hospital que he visitado en toda mi vida

Isabel Villarreal

The emergency doctors need more experience. I went in with a leg pain and they sent me home saying I have a leg cramp and gave me some tylenol. NO XRAYS OR TEST. My pain was so bad I couldn't walk. So I went to my primary doctor were I was received a xray. My diagnosis unleveled pelvis and muscle tearing on my calf. Now I have to see a chiropractor once every week and physical therapy for 6 weeks.

Jesus Huerta

Tiffany Brown

The Human Resource department is so unprofessional. Dont work here

Ramon Tinoco

I'm really surprised to see such review's for what i would consider a flawless experience! I was just there over the Riot Fest concert weekend (didn't mind at all, had a nice lil view from my hospital room) for the removal of an abscess. (5 days and 4 nights)I thought that everyone from the moment i arrived in the E.R. treated me with respect, compassion and sincerity toward my general well being. Thank you to everyone but especially LuLu from after surgery recovery, everyone at 3EW but especially Fabian, Roger, Mitzi, Joanne, Vicky and Lashawnna! Thank you and who ever said hospital food sucked has never had yours!! I was always surprised by how good it was!!!

jenny aguilar

Somer Nabas

Rosa Orozco

My sister was brought here by ambulance. This hospital should be shut down. I have been calling and leaving messages to Michelle the social worker and have not gotten a call back. My experience from the beginning has been bad . Employees cursing outside the hospital and security very disrespectful. The complaint phone number is always busy so why even have that number handed out to clients .

yohana de martinez

(Translated by Google) They treated me very quickly, they analyzed everything and they treated me very well. I'm going to relieve myself. I'm sure everything will be fine. .......... well, I was relieved and everything was beautiful my baby was born and it was a girl and the truth all made an excellent job very attentive and careful of any detail I go with a lot of fear but at every moment there was someone telling me that everything was fine and explaining every step that davan

Mikey Bear

Called me less than 20 hours before my appointment with the Ortho SurheSu telling me I needed a new referral from my primary care doctor, because you know, same day appointments are SO easy to come by. I was reassured by two staff members they would call my PCP and get back to me. Surprise surprise, noone bothered to call me. Terrible customer service all around, and it is obvious they could not care any less about patient recovery.

Esmeralda Rodriguez

Waited 2 hours in a lot of pain with constant vomiting . Someone walked in and within 10 minuted they were in a room. Pathetic .


The care givers are awesome, nice and very passionate

Momoffour Goingcrazy

Horrible service. Came in today with my 9yr old son with his finger halfway cut off bleeding terribly. Got here at 5:00pm it is now 9:30pm and he still has not been admitted in. I am about to walk out of this dump. Never coming here again..STAY AWAY FROM THIS HOSPITAL!!

Samuel Espinosa

(Translated by Google) Emergency room" Bad service

Joel Reynoso

3 hrs in the ER. They take forever to attend you. Better off drivin an hour and going somewhere else.

Pooky S


Best nurse ever and I mean ever is LULU in the surgery recovery department she so compassionate and caring for the patient I just love her . Like the mom / guarding angel I always wanted in my life . Shes awesome . Love u mamacita love Michelle Lopez.

Grace Lee Kwai

Vasilica Brandeu

It was okay they were nice but nothing for pain

Grizzly Country

99.9% Chance of dying at St Anthony Hospital.

Jennifer Gervasio

Compassionate community based hospital that truly cares about its patients well being and the care they provide. Very warm and friendly atmosphere.

Rey Martinez

Nothing but idiots here rated to the ppl with money ..I would never have come here if it wasn't for my wife benefit of the doubt ..almost missed my child's birth thanks to idiots ...horrible service on more then 3 occasions..someone needs to handle this staff and not the onsite hr as she and others collaborate on defending there employee's...see for your self but if avoid the headache...fore warned my ppl

Zarko Mladenovic

What an amazing environment. They have the most curtous and friendly staff I have come across so far in healthcare. Did a colonoscopy procedure here - the nurses and the doctor treated me like family. It felt like home. The whole staff signs a Thank You card for you before you leave. Im touched. 5 star hospital.

don't care

why y’all let me be born smh

Carolyn Contreras

I just had my nasal deviation septum surgery, and everything went smooth. The nurses are soo polite, and make sure your comfortable. One of the nurses was soo positive and happy, that she made me feel safe, and just simply made me laugh before my surgery. I had no complaints at this hospital.

Kim Tran

Great community hospital. Everyone knows everyone. Feels like home. Great quality nursing care.

lessli frias

(Translated by Google) At the hospital (Original) En el hospital

Stephen Howe

Still pain, dizziness, weak, and keep on them to make me better. Rush and Northwestern work better on getting going in a couple of days

I Lo

Took my toddler just to make sure he didnt have flu since he had a high fever the day before. Test came out negative, he had no more fever ears/throat no infection yet the doctor i think her last name was feister insisted on putting a catheter on my son for urine to test for u.t.i, although he had no symptoms & no more fever, since i said no she screamed " if u take him out of the hospital he will die!" So unprofessional & i said i rather take him to his regular pediatrician to get a 2nd opinion so she threatened that ok if u leave im calling dcfs on you. She is obviously unfit to be a doctor & obviously taking advantage of the minorities speaking to us like we are mentally ill, my son is very well taken care of, i only brought him as a precaution & this so called doctor is either power hungry or just forces parents to do unnecessary tests just to get as much money from the insurance. Where is the state or even a supervisor? This is a crime parents take their children trying to do the right thing & get threats from a so called doctor to call Dcfs if she dont get her way This is a very serious case of abusing her license as a doctor & she shouldn't be allowed to do so The nurse was so incompetent i cant evwn believe it Horrible Be careful or they will make a DCFS report on you if u disagree with them, unbelievable Its like St Anthony emergency room is in a third world country

Latwaun Coleman

If I can give this place zero stars I would this is the most unprofessionally hospital ever

Nicole Santiago

Waited 5 hours to be seen. RIDICULOUS! Worst patient care ever! Apparently the dr books 12 patients an hour...WOW. how can you receive good care when he books like a freak! And to top it off there is no parking lot, so I parked in the ghetto park across the streets as instructed, scared because last time my car got broken into! Wouldn't recommend it to my worst enemy!!!

joselyn rosas

Karina Rodriguez

I gave birth 3 months ago to my 2 identical twins i love how the nurses treat you very veryhelpful they check up on you so much and are very patient w you

Sebastian Ocampo

Worst hospital ever. They will let you die and keep reschedule your appointment in case of surgery. Also when you call for medicine will get here in over an hour and never pay attention to you as a patient...

Brittany Mason

The worst place I've ever been to in my entire life. The worst staff, zero compassion. We came in for a serious issue and they treated us as if we were criminals. I am still in shock everything that happened. They lie to you, won't give you any information when you ask and will slam the window in your face. I watched an actual altercation between a male nurse a patient who clearly had either a mental issue or a drug issue. It looked like I was about to watch a street fight. If we weren't visiting Chicago with zero idea on where to go, we wouldn't have come here. I don't know how this place is still operating

Mireya Coriano

Not very professional, Some staff were nice and did their jobs. But others especially my doctor was just clueless. I don't think they communicate much, My doctor didnt even know I was on certain meds that he prescribed me.

dalia moreno

(Translated by Google) Very good doctors have and in fermeras tends very well ... (Original) Muy buenos doctores tiene y en fermeras a tiende muy bien...

Blanca Garcia

(Translated by Google) They take a long time to get a check (Original) Se tardan mucho para poder hcr un chekeo

Janet Linares

Very unprofessional some cna and nurse have no idea whats going on with patients.

Mariana Kiss

(Translated by Google) Excellent hospital, very good service and excellent staff, very complete. (Original) Excelente hospital, muy buena atención y excelente personal, muy completo.

Michael Tokarski

Very friendly and compassionate staff. Quick and complete services.

Chepys Pena

(Translated by Google) They take too long to attend and that you go to emergencies and those that take your data instead of attending quickly to people start talking, the service in that hospital is really bad. (Original) Se tardan demasiado en atender y eso que vas a emergencias y las que te toman tus datos en vez de atender rápido ala gente se ponen a platicar ,de verdad es pésimo el servicio en ese hospital.

anne dyer

Understaffed and under trained . Mostly rude. Never want to stay here again .

J Seno

This place needs to get there stuff together. We waited almost 4 1/2 hrs for 1 X-ray and for a student assistant to come in not even the doctor to look at my daughter for about 5 min. We were ahead of at least 5 people that were all called before us. Oh and by the way I had 4 kids with me as well throughout this. As soon as insurances switch, We are out of there!

Efrain Barraza

Waleska Morales

(Translated by Google) Very good work (Original) Muy buen trabajo

Herlinda Castro

Nelsy Cruz

the nurses had me waiting in a room that was uncleaned. While my legs were swelling for hours. Dr. Cobbs was rude talking to client and having attitude as if the client was a child. Nurses staff laughed as I was leaving. No wonder clients are always leaving, complaining, and not arriving to the emergency rooms. the entire staff do not have empathy towards clients.

Hhh Bb

Very good service is nice yes I'll have more baby's in this hospital The staff are very nice, they check on you every 15 mins they give you a lot of attention, I like the service

Israel Hernandez

No manners I’m going to suid them and theres stuff one doctors try to hit me

Lidia Ceron

Alexa Frausto

Disgusting hospital. My grandfather stayed in ICU on Monday and was released Friday and throughout his time there, the nurses and staff were EXTREMELY rude and useless. My grandpa’s blanket and gown were not changed not once even though there was blood stains on his gown and blanket. Unbelievably disgusting. We asked nurses questions and every nurse either didn’t know the answers or ignored our questions entirely. Extremely unprofessional and disgusting environment. DO NOT GO THERE ! Will never ever be going back.

Natalie Pardo-Navejar

Took my daughter here with abdominal pain and other symptoms and they sent me home with a laxative. 3 days later the pain isn't gone so I took her to Rush ER and the admitted her for a burst appendix. If they had done their job correctly, they would have noticed my daughter's appendicitis and operated right away. Instead they didn't pay attention, her appendix burst, and now we have to go through a whole month long procedure so they could drain it and then remove it. My baby girl is going through so much pain that could have been prevented! Wouldn't go back to this hospital if you paid me!


This is good for a community hospital, but there are a lot of bigger, more specialized, more academic medical centers around. I believe they are a Trauma 3 center. It is also in a bad neighborhood so beware when walking around.

Jennifer Mares

Yunus Emre Tozal

May Allah not let anyone down...

Hera Martinez

This hospital is horrible. The service is horrible. The bathrooms are disgusting filled with flies. The hospital halls have an awful smell. If you want to die this is the place. Don't get me wrong though there are some good nurses here that go far beyond their job. Other than that most most nurses here are rude and especially that Puerto Rican receptionist. You could tell that her co-workers can't even stand her.

Yurai Barrios

Imelda Cervantes

(Translated by Google) The emergency area is horrible, it is the worst service I have received. I don't care what hours I had to wait, so I'm really upset because the doctor left me more sore than I was and in the end they only gave me 2 pain pills and told me they couldn't do anything for me. I put a star to comment, but they do not deserve that. (Original) El área de urgencias es horrible, es el peor servicio que he recibido. No me importa las horas que tuve que esperar, por lo que estoy realmente molesta es porque la doctora me dejo más adolorida de lo que estaba y al final solo me dieron 2 pastillas para el dolor y me dijeron que no podían hacer nada por mi. Les puse una estrella para poder comentar, pero ni eso se merecen.

Aracely Capetillo

Always good service, they really care for their patients. Been at the emergency room and didn’t have wait that long.

Zayra Ibarra

Giving birth there was really good everyone really nice. But now i call to pay my bills with insurance and never answer, put you on wait or hang up on me

Isabel Flores

Koverly Weaver

The doctors nurses took care of me. And were very patient. With me and so were the counselors if i ever have to go to the hospital again ill choose saint Anthony hospital.

A.C. Van Benthuysen

Waited 4 hours in the ER with a throbbing pain in my chest, never saw a doctor. I was told to sit and wait. I left at the advice of my primary physician and went to a real hospital. Stay away from St. Anthony.

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