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REVIEWS OF Rush University Medical Center IN Illinois

Pamela Fregoso

We brought my granddaughter age 2 in for a procedure . The nurses and staff where amazing with her. Lots of interaction with them which eased our minds knowing she is in great hands . They put her first and made sure they explained things to her in a fun way. Thank you so much for your great care, love for children. Truly blessed today

Ashley Johnso

Very nasty hospital !!! Infested with bed bugs. I will be contacting the health department. BEWARE !!!!

Dasia Dobbins

I was not happy with the service I received. Rush needs to be conscious of what they put in their contracts. I’m not a “sign and go” kinda girl. I read everything, and if your contract states we could request information before signing, then you need to be sure to have that information readily available. The nurses (Mira and the other lady) were horrible. Then the head manager didn’t help either. I was thinking she would be more knowledgeable of policy and procedures but she was just as clueless as the nurse. I nearly walked out before having my appointment. Horrible horrible service!

Katrina Walker

Unfortunately, I had to leave Rush because you stop taking HMO patients. My four star review is based on my former medical care at your facility. The staff and the doctors were always professional. I loved the headache free referral system. The facility ample parking. Also, making an appointment was fast too. Then, after my doctor's appointment; I always ate a great tasting lunch. I just wanted to let you know how much I miss your services. Also, how great you treat your patient regarding time and care. You need to teach UIC on Taylor how to run their facility.

diane Ribbentrop

My daughter got Excellent care @ Rush after her 2012 stroke. Cared for by stroke & heart MD's Heart care MD was Chester Kavinski He was super great in every way... Even worked with her uncooperative HMO to guarantee good care . Thanks to all the doctors & nurses who cared for my daughter age 38.

Carol's Daughter

Horrible, racist place... overheard too many conversations while my family member was there where white employees spoke negatively about Black employees, and even Black patients/family members. For the most part, the only Black employees we saw were in subservient positions...the one Black healthcare worker we had was very personable, professional, educated, helpful, and good at what they did. Yet, when we asked for this person to care for our family member again, we were told they no longer worked there, among other negative comments about the employee. The EEOC really needs to look at this place. The nurses and residents were extremely condescending to us as well. In the past, my family has had bad experiences with Rush, but we thought that it was better in this day and age. It isn't. We will not be returning to this hospital ever again, and we will be sure to tell everyone we know the reasons why. People need to know how truly racist Rush University Medical Center is.

Curtis McCune

The staff (nurses, security personnel, doctors, receptionists) that we've had the pleasure to interact with were friendly and professional. They were not afraid to help to best of their ability or get the you the assistance you need.

dennis watkins

Horrible experience went to rush for lung surgery in 2015, the nurse I had was terrible, and I'm still getting bills even though my insurance covered it they try to make you pay twice for the service you receive. To everyone that reads this if you find me dying in the street DO NOT SEND me back there I'd rather die.

Keyana Lewis

My baby was delivered at Rush. What a horrible experience with the staff during my labor and recovery. I know that Rush is a teaching hospital however, you would think the doctors would teach the physician assistants how to communicate and work together effectively. Not the case. No one properly introduce themselves, different assistance would come in and out of my room with the same robotic verbatim speech. The attending doctor did not read my medical records before talking to me and stated that I would need to have a full hysterectomy and blood transfusion during my C section procedure. Which was not the case. (perhaps he read the wrong medical chart) He apologized for giving me incorrect information. However, at this point I was devastated. During my recovery process and stay at Rush the Nurses weren't very helpful and took quite a while to respond to my needs. I do not recommend this hospital if you plan to deliver your child.

Ann Rainey

Great doctors, and health care persons

Kevin Thibo

This hospital is pathetic, you might as well go to Stronger clinic.. they are slow and I came to emergency with chest pains, loss of breath and high blood pressure.. nice to know that’s not an emergency

Chander Balakrishnan

I've been to the ER twice, and have had joint surgery twice. Top notch hospital with excellent doctors, nurses and staff.

Esperanza Markham

Rush hospital being a university hospital should be very much ashamed of taking advantage of family members who receive an emergency call to rush for their family members aide on parking. They do not express to family members parking security stops at 8pm to validate parking. It is quite sickening to think this hospital charges for coming to the aide and be with your family through the medical emergency in fact I am mortified to think how the hospital would think it’s acceptable. Shame on Rush.

Sabrina Ryder

My grandma just passed away today from this hospital bad experience she was fine after a good surgery then she ended up with pneumonia an infection and went into a coma how can that happen you people killed her

Henry Beltran

Great people , educated doctors, nurses are friendly

Daniel Vilchiz

Best place when you need an Emergency. I had an Asthma Attack and they attended quickly and gave me some Predsidone and the Albuterol gas... They're so nice, I would highly Recommend it to anyone

ms strawberry

The new buildingi loved it I hate they moved me,I feel so sorry,I wanna go home so bad!!! Im now in the rehab area, nothing like where I was,its lonely like the morgue, my room is old an horrible .noone talks to you.In the new building I was on the 11th floor an it was beautiful an awesomely clean an everyone greeted you an treated u nice. They must be very very under staffed cause I'm sitting here looking crazy as HELL.I WANNA LEAVE SO BAD. I cant believe a rehad place is ran like this. I keep looking out hoping someone comes to see if I need anything or if I'm alive. This is a cold dark worst experience in my life


The lack of communication and transparency at this hospital would be my biggest complaint. I was asked if they could do a procedure on my dad but was not told until after he died that they werent sure he would even survive the procedure.

Beti Kulevska

Great hospital overall.the waits are barely 2 minutes in the waiting room if not 5 or 10

Leitia Patton

This hospital is beyond care this Hospital is more then the impossible to the Possible!! Just amazing how the hospital is on top of everything and the skilled staff and surgeon are on point of the new invasive technology

Ken Levinson

In our injury law practice, many of our clients are treated at Rush. They have some of the best orthopedic surgeons in Chicagoland. The nurses and rest of the team are also fantastic. If you are heading to Rush, make sure you give yourself a bit extra time since the parking garage gets crowded.

Dorothy Huddleston

I'm giving a three star too don't know why but my mother has blood on her brain praying blessing keeping my ✋ in God . Doctor's and nurses I pray amen my family stay strong.

Gordon Gekko

Great job exposing thousands of patients private data.You shouldn’t be selling private data with outside vendors.

susan chapa

Yes the E R was jam packed and I had a long wait. After that, my many techs, food service workers, housekeepers, transporters, docs and nurses were great, efficient, kind and wise. They took great care of me. I could not have had a better experience.

Danny Martin

I have been to countless Dr visits and testing. Some tests have been done in the northwest suburbs, and even some of the same tests have been done at Rush. Even though I have had the exact same tests done, the actual procedure, and stress and pain experiences have been completely different. Rush is head and shoulders above any hospital in illinois. Leading the best are special, and caring people. Dr. Phillips, his staff, and specifically, Christine Johnroe (PA) take so much pride and attention to detail making sure my health and family comfort is top priority. I trust my life with the Dr. Phillips team. Thank you all.

George Hudson

Doctor Rauch and Doctor Bullock are amazing. They really care and sit down with you about what you are experiencing. If you want doctors that listen and really want to help you stay happy and healthy, go here.

Al Perez

When at Rush, avoid Dr. Mitchell Popovetsky. He's a lousy doctor. He wouldn't listen to me, and he yelled at me. He has no respect for patients. He's your typical A male with a crappy attitude.

Harsh Agarwal

Great hospital! The doctors here are all top-notch and really know what they're doing. They genuinely want you to get better. The nursing staff however, is very hit and miss here, which is why I had to knock off a star.

Stephanie Sanchez

Hospital doesn’t even deserve 1 star. Been here since 8PM and it is now 4AM waiting to hear my results. I’ve never waited this long In an ER before. Wouldn’t come here at all so don’t waste your time.

emilio luna

Horrible er over night been in the er since 9pm they did their first check in and after that keeps you waiting in the waiting area til 7am must i add that this is the second time im here in a week i was told to come back in if i didnt get better and i will be admitted right away

Bobby Gerstner

Best hospital I've ever been to. After I got stabbed they convinced me to get a surgery I didn't think I even needed. Turns out I would of lost my leg if I didn't get the surgery. And at the same time they helped me fix my drug abuse proublems as well. 5 stars best nurses and drs I've ever felt with in my life and I have delt with alot

Jeffery Childers

Great Dr, but the people taking appointments and answering the phones after hours are very , very I’m wasting there time....

R. G.

Better then UIC Hospital but not the best for sure. Nurses are friendly and good.

Alicia McNamara-grott

It takes 13 minutes for anyone to answer the phone when you call to make an appt or speak to a nurse. Then they won’t let you speak to a nurse. The have to call you back. They have no same day appointments despite what they advertise or how sick you are- you either have to wait 2 months to see your doctor or go to the emergency room.

Brianna L Buckner

I have never been to see a doctor here. However I tried cancelling an appointment I had and the operator was incredibly rude. I was going to go to get treated for a TMJ disorder. Mind you Rush has a TMJ therapist. The operator said she had "no idea what I was talking about" and couldn't get me the help I needed. All I wanted was to cancel that appointment! I ended up being on hold for a long time. I finally just left a voice message. I'm pretty sure I dodged a bullet at this place.

Ann Marie Shumate

My daughter is in ICU very great staff. She suffered a anerisium...And I'm so grateful blessed to have DR's and nurses 24/7 working on her... God bless them!

J 1948

Do not go there if you are a diabetic. They do not know how to effectively manage it. Told me and my husband 250 was an “okay” sugar level. Dream on. Did not count carbs for their menu....I could go on and on. Gave my husband the wrong trays several times. Did not even OFFER him diabetic menu for 3 days despite knowing he was a diabetic. (He was in heart failure and kidney failure after a heart attack). Specialties did not communicate. We got conflicting messages on the SAME day, depending on who was talking to us. This was while in cardiac intensive care.


I believe Rush Hospital Killed my mother as an experiment and experience for a Dr then when she was dying and not healthy enough to be moved and her heart had stopped the night before they moved her to another hospital and she flat lined again they also kept all of her family from visiting her I'm deeply saddened by this not only because it's my mom but because poor people with government insurance are never given a fighting chance. I pray for the other families that have gone through the same thing it's hard to go against a billion dollar industry a chop shop my opinion matters Rush and I pray God forgives me because I hate them all

Jasmin Jones

Terrible service Terrible doctors We got a run around here and it took way to long to get results for my grandfather. Took him somewhere else and it turns out he had cancer that could of been seen way earlier by rush we found out this information in a matter of weeks

Shay Chanel

Wait time in the emergency room is ridiculous. A person will die waiting to see the doctor.

Karen Christensen

We can’t thank Rush Presbyterian enough. After having a cardio ablation my father ended up in cardiac ICU. Mary Ann and Ewa were our nurses. My father received extraordinary care under their auspices!!!!! They couldn’t have been more tentative and tender. They truly care and it showed! Would highly recommend this Hospital to all.

Maryan Mohamed

I was admitted to RUSH emergency a few months ago and the physician assistant asked when I had my last pap smear? I let him know a week prior to my visit but he still ordered REALLY expensive tests that I already had results for. This hospital strives to offer patients transparency of services but they fail to do this from the minute you walk into hospital in some many ways. - Rush is a teaching hospital and I had a physician assistant who was all over the place, barely said more than five sentences that was relevant to my health concerns. Physician assistants should introduce themselves as such so patience who are able to speak can request a real doctor. - Services rendered weren't clearly communicated to me. He was selective about tests he was ordering and proceeded to order tests that I refused. It's unethical to order tests a patient hasn't agreed to!!!! My situation was not life threatening and these tests couldn't have been necessary because on call Gynecologist only reviewed scans with me and nothing else. Your physician assistants shouldn't order unnecessary tests because they are unsure of course of treatment. They should be trained to access the situation and involve the appropriate team members if they are unable to help.

V Mehta

The doctors are great, but because this is "Rush" the prices are EXTREMELY HIGH!! I used to see my doctor for 3 years at Loyola medical, ever since he came to Rush, my doctor visit went from $142 to $859!! Go elsewhere, unless you are absolutely sure insurance will cover the majority of your bill... buyer beware!!

Nelly De Leon

I have been a Rush patient since 1993 and I was an HMO patient and came back as a PPO customer. I love my Doctors. Dr. Ervalino at Rush Anchor is intelligent and she truly is concerned with my wellbeing. My only complain is the medical billing system; Dual billing, expensive and confusing. My rating score goes towards the medical team. Rush billing system and service needs to be revamped.

j.barry Arlington

I am from New Jersey, when my doctor said I was going for my operation he said you can go to 1 or 2 places. California or Chicago.. I asked why He said because the east coast is way behind. They were just starting to perform this operation in NYC. So I asked him which he recommends? He said Chicago. SoI was at Rush in 1988 for the operation to correct my Seizure Disorder. This Facility was top of the line (back in 1988). The outcome is I"m seizure free since the operation. I still have seizure activity but that is controlled by medication.. Over all That operation saved my life. I work and always have before and after the operation.

Luella Smith

My Reh Dr. James Young retired he was my Dr for 14/ years really like my Dr has a new now apt text month. had a stroke in 03

Thomas Canero

Yes it's big since it's a teaching hospital but they have every department/need on site. No driving around town to get this procedure or that procedure. You always come to the same place. Might have to walk more but it's all here.

Faith B.

I have been a patient at Rush for over 5 years now in various departments... All I can say is the treatment I receive here is incredible. Yes the ER is slow at times, but there are much worse with in the city, believe me. I truly feel blessed to have so much support. From the valet people to the nurses and doctors, you can truly tell most people are here for the love of the job.

Vince Roe

Just curious is this the hospital they use in Chicago Med? I watch the show every week and im actually from the south side of Chicago born and raised live in FL now but I grew up in Bridgeport/Brighton Park area

Noelle Roach

I went to Rush because years ago Dr. Verma did my knee surgery. I have had horrible lower back issues for about a month causing pain in my legs and weakness. I originally went to Sherman, got a MRI and couldn't find anything. The pain continued to get worse. I figured what better place than Rush because they are supposed to be the best. Anyway, went to ER because I couldn't take it anymore. Never Ever again!!! I told them my whole story. What I've done, the meds (including pain meds) I was on and was begging for them to help. I was put in a hallway, given a few shots of pain meds and they got my results from Sherman. I was told there was nothing they could do. I was in tears begging them not to send me home and to help. The pain was excruciating. I had meds at home. I even explained it could be coming from my knee up because I'm overdue for a full knee replacement. I was there 9 hours with no help but a few shots. Then because I was so upset and trying so hard for someone to listen the next thing I know there are 5 yes 5 security guards telling me I have to leave!!! Wow!! I could only think of 2 reasons they got rid of me. 1- no insurance or 2- They thought I was looking for drugs ( which I already told them I had at home and weren't working). But to be escorted out while you are still in the amount of pain you came in and not listened to at all is so NOT acceptable by any means! I used to praise this hospital. It's unbelievable they would treat someone this way!

Didi Wiyogo

I had a septoplasty, turbinectomy, and sleep endoscopy on June 18, 2018. I was under general anesthesia through out the procedure. The nurse in the recovery room was fantastic, she made sure I didn't stop breathing. After that I was transferred to the extended recovery on the 4th floor. The nurse who was on duty on 4th floor that evening on June 18, 2018 named Jennifer Wright (Race: African American, I'm stating the race here so Rush CS will not be mistaken identifying the person). I had to be moved from the OR bed to regular bed on the 4th floor. Ms. Wright woke me up by yelling at my name in such disrespectful manner. I was still very weak due to the influence of anesthesia, but I could hear very well. Ms. Wright laughed and told her colleague, "Another one that tries to play a game with me, not wanting to wake up!" I was shocked to hear this. Since I just got out from the surgery with unberable pain, my throat was extremely painful, I couldn't say a word. Ms. Wright with such bad attitude tried to force me to get up, walk on my foot, and go to the regular bed. I didn't reply to her request, I was in extreme pain, dizzy, weak, and really couldn't walk. Eventually, Ms. Wright managed to wheel the OR bed, so that it's next to the regular bed and told me to roll over. I have never had a nurse that behave so disrespectful. Later on that night, I must had my dose of antibiotic put in my IV. Ms. Wright tried to flush the IV that's on my right hand. She pushed that saline so hard that I had to scream in pain. It felt like my right hand almost exploded! She knew the IV was stuck, but still forced the syringe as hard as she could without thinking that it could blow up my vein. Struggling with talking, I managed to scream, it's how painful this idiot nurse did. I told her to STOP, she still insisted to try on the other hand (my left hand). As soon as she poked me, she blew up my vein and blood was squirting out. Again I told her to just STOP and call the doctor or her senior who could do a better job in flushing IV. Perhaps her pride made her not want to call anybody. She said, "So what do you want?" I said, "I dont want to be your guinea pig, find somebody who can do this. I dont care how." Ms. Wright is absolutely incompetent as a nurse, she doesn't have any experience at all as a nurse. I question Rush big time how in the world this poorly trained nurse could be hired in this hospital. I have pictures of how bad she has done damage to my arm. Ms. Wright doesn't belong in Rush, her credential is questioned big time. I'm sure Rush doesn't want to have this kind of nurse represent a hospital that got F rating for safety and quality issues. Fix this mistake and ensure Ms. Wright doesnt practice anywhere, she will do more harm than good to patients.

J Lindski

Fancy suits, shirts, and shoes…nothing more (beware) If you are looking for a higher level of expertise with alternative options that deliver gratifying results…look elsewhere, for this medical ring is all about attitude (oversight), not ability (foresight)…poor process control (operations), poor bedside manners (communications), and poor attention to details (executions)…in words, generalists (not specialists) who practice anecdotal medicine (not narrative medicine), perform primitive diagnostics (not computer diagnostics), use default trees (not decision trees), and deliver common care (not advanced care)…beware, do NOT be deceived by their egocentric and overrated marketing resumes and reviews (degrees and testimonies), shop elsewhere, unless of course, someone else is paying the bill (forewarned)

Nelson McCrimon

Nice and clean and it's very big has parking garage and validate your ticket for discount. Great staff..


Great facility, have been going here for 15 years, never had a problem what soever. Do keep in mind, that people tend to write reviews a large percentage of the time when they have an outstandingly bad experience (which happens from time to time everywhere), so think about that when reading reviews, anywhere!

glen maiberger

Most of my doctors are there. They don't get back with you when you call or my chart. Takes forever to get appointments. The hospital itself cancels tests and back to waiting forever to get them. Seems like they're riding on their reputation. But unless changes are made to get quality people the hospital reputation will change.

seth charles

Everytime I leave this place I feel disrespected 0 stars

Joyce Saykao

My ER nurse and doctors were lovely, sensitive and kind. Triage nurses sent very friendly and welcoming which is concerning for vulnerable patients arriving; and the lady who took my blood did not seem like a nurse and didn't perform hand hygiene at all. She didn't seem like she knew what she was doing, and didn't have professional and social skills to manage patients... besides those awful first encounters, everyone else was amazing and I received excellent care after that. Thank you for what you do, ER team!

Jennifer Trumbull

Worst hospital ever! Went to ER today at 10:30 a.m. for head trauma, nobody in waiting room, got taken in right away. Registration saw me immediately so they can charge me, after that I was stuck in a room for 45 minutes and nobody came. I heard plenty of nurses talking about their bad credit, how they work long hours and how they can’t wait to go out to party. I pressed my call light that I had to find on my own and after 30 more minutes passed and nobody came I left. I came in for head trauma, you think these people would no that is a priority. I wasn’t offered an ice pack or anything, I was bleeding from my head, I can’t believe this hospital. So disappointed I would not take my dog here!

Gd Dd

Drs always take their time seeing their patients. You show up 5 minutes late and they charge you $25-$100. Their office staff is rude, even in the individual suites! The Drs never respond to their messages on my chart or the calls made to their office. Terrible. The ER is a joke. I saw 4 people before a Dr. One lady for my vitals who took notes, a nurse to get me in the room, a lousy resident who looked like she'd rather be elsewhere, billing to get my info, the resident again, and then finally a doctor he spent a total of 15 minutes with me. The ER had 2 other people in it! It was not crowded or even populated. I had to repeat my symptoms over and over to each one, either no one communicated to the other or they didn't read the notes one of them took, they made me feel like a child making up reasons to be there. Really? I wanna be here on a Sunday during a holiday, missing the day off with family to make up excuses and pay you so I could sit here. Makes complete sense that I'd want to waste my time and money like that. I wish I had all their names because they were all dismissive of everything I had to say. I could see the look of disbelief in their eyes. The resident damn near rolled her eyes at me. Oh but they made sure to send billing in my room to get my information and charge me money to sit there while they made a show of running around. Spent over 3 hrs and $250 in the ER to be given water in a weird container, some saltine crackers, and some socks, just to be told they don't know what's wrong with me and to be prescribed Tylenol for no reason! I can't even take Tylenol! I told them that! Overall upsetting experience.

Donell Williams

they saved my sister, I ty

Nancy Velez

Excellent care

dwayne smith

Well I guess emergency doesn’t really mean emergency to Rush. I arrived at 10:30 pm it’s now 4 am I’m still in pain. I just got up and left. If u get hurt DO NOT COME HERE you will not be seen in a reasonable time terrible

Elizabeth Pankey

Came here for the ortho clinic but they are only open one day a week... Third hospital I went to for my broken arm Doctor looked at the xrays said it's not that bad but not what was specifically wrong with it When I said I'd go to the ER he discouraged me and told me to wait and come back when the ortho department was open. But the one doctors trip seamed to me more important than quickly telling me what exactly was wrong with it... Very disappointed and cried the entire way home...

Jessica Richards

Great hospital! The doctors here are all top-notch and really know what they're doing. My rating is for the medical team, but billing is less than 5.

Mayra Edith Camargo Moreno

Thank you. Best medine in the world. The cure is prevention and it. Thank you once again.

Kathleen Heneghan

Great neuro research team

Nithin Srinivas

They try and make it as comfortable for Visitors and Patients.

Korio Stewart

After my sisters cancer diagnosis, we came to rush for her treatment. Walking into the hospital the windows are filled with fringerprints and slime. Normally I understand, in a hospital covered in windows it can’t be easy to keep clean. It unfortunately doesn’t stop there, the main lobby looks like it hasn’t been mopped in a very long time. There was blood left on the railing of my sisters hospital bed. The surgery recovery room smelled of sweat and urine. The bathrooms floors are always sticky, slimey and out of toilet paper/ paper towels. Absolutely disgusting, hospitals are suppose to operate on a level one scale of cleanliness. I would not be surprised if people don’t become sick just from walking into the building. I will add the doctors and nurses overall were very kind and treated my sister with care, but the facility services deserve a 0 out of 5 stars.

hetal vithalani

very worse. More then two weeks ago I made appointment to see endocrinologist. I received today call from some one telling me by mistake they book me with wrong doctor now I have to restart again and wait in line till September. I have been waiting in line for long now I have to restart. when I told them this was not right way to do it. she said if you argue we do not take you as customer. She behaved like king. She hang up very rudely and phone came from some internet service showing +1 (307) 1 worse customer service ever. I would say go to hospital where patience has some human value and rush is not one of them. They do not apologies for their mistake they will shut you up for their mistake and they do not correct their mistake.


So I went here after an accident in a class I had for work. I smashed my thumb and against my better judgment I went to the ER for X-rays to make sure I didn’t do horrible damage. The Asian nurse that was in triage squeezed the hell out of my thumb without telling me what she was doing or why. Now I asked several other health care professionals what this would be about and all said I would say what I was doing and why. She was doing this as to punish me for “seeking pain meds”. As when she asked later what do I take for pain I said ibuprofen. See my finger was black and blue and not once did I ask for meds. She never apologized and explained what and why she did that. Never do you ever make a patient hurt on purpose unless it’s to help. What was the reason she would do this please answer this for me!

Rob Campell

I took my mother to Rush Surgical Center and she received outstanding service! Peter was her nurse and I could not talk say thank-you again! Her Dr, was a saint and I wish her the best in her career! Again thank-you to such a loyal staff! Mom was so happy!

maria sanchez

Best hospital to get all treatments done.Especially if you stay they treat you like a patient should be treated AWESOME

Vicki DuFauchard

everyone explained everything

Randy Amiel

very high tech hospital and newly built. has autonomous ai vehicles, elevator voices, but I've never been treated here but the place is on a university campus so I expect it to be good.

Cavonne Blanchard

I have been with this hospital since 2009 they really helped me with all my medical needs and they still do.

edward santiago

There is one person in particular(a nurse) that prompted me to leave and go elsewhere. Earlier today, he definitely made me feel unwelcomed upon my visit to the ER. Rush, please address your staff in the ER to be kind and courteous to patients.

angel s

In the ER with severe symptoms. Not seen for 5 hours and ticking.... its like they have no organization and 1/10th of the staff they need. This is where you go to DIE

Kaitlyn Bradshaw

My first surgery I had to wait six hours from my scheduled surgery time. I’m currently in a hospital gown waiting for my second surgery and was just told it would be at least a two hour wait. A ten dollar gift card to a hospital Aun Bon does not make up for 24 hours without food or drink while chilling in a hospital gown with a surgical wire hanging out of your chest. I’m never stepping foot in this hospital ever again - seriously go literally anywhere else. PS this hospital bed is 90% pee stains - bring your own linens.

Daisy Ayala

Great service and trusted, professional, friendly staff!!!! Had two emergency surgeries there this past year and I will confirm that this hospital is phenomenal!!!


I just started working here and everyone is so nice and warm and welcoming. I noticed they are the same way with patients too

Laura Lanum

Horrible POST CARE, my family memeber is suffering from her back surgery. Also just went there to the er to make sure everything was ok because she was in such pain. They release her still in pain. Very sad to see her like this barely can walk she regrets it. Wish she never went through with it.

Uni Cannabis

Garbage hospital they made me wait for hours they had a crappy dollar store rotating fan as air conditioning people who are already dealing with their main medical issue are sweating in stressful heat how freakin embarrassing and on top of that they had my information wrong in the damn computer this hospital is a unacceptable and unprofessional bunch of liberal morons that don’t care and half ass their job efforts. You might as well call the damn ambulance It’s probably your only way of getting in a room properly of how much of a joke this place is.

Judy D

This is the most unorganized hospital i have ever been in. The almighty dollar is the most important to Rush. I have been here longer than need be. My husband and i have been on the phone for the past two days doing everyone's job to transfer me to another facility and I'm still here for another weekend because god forbid anyone work the weekends to release patients to get the care they need closer to home! I am now here for another 3 days. Guess that's more money for rush!!!

brittney king

Rush has become the worst hospital on the westside you sit in their emergency room for 5 hours before getting seen while the whole time the nurses laughing and playing

Regina Simmons

My great niece was born there on March 29th 2019.she was born with drugs in her system.they said if she didn't show signs of withdrawal within 48 hours that was great if she didn't show them by day 5 she wouldn't be put on anything.well the 7th day they put her on morphine every 3 hours and then cut her off cold turkey.well then she was showing signs because they had her addicted to morphine.then they put her on Claudine because they said her brain was to active i asked if they did a test on her for her brain to be to active and they said no.a new born baby will drink 1 to 2 ounces of formula they put a feeding tube in and if she only drank 2 ounces they would put 3 more ounces in the feeding tube.if a baby is crying sneezing coughing fussy spitting up are all signs of a baby with withdrawal.those are all signs a normal baby does.i asked if she can be transferred to kankakee and they said kankakee don't take drug addiction baby's.well that was a lie.they said she was never scored on trimmers and thats one of the first not happy.we went to visit and her little who who and but was packed with dry poop and desestine in all the cracks.i can go on and on about what was done to her while she was in there care.they go off of Ohio state laws and not our own and it even states in the Ohio laws NOT to mistaken what a normal baby does to a drug addiction baby.when i took her to her dr.2 days after her being released her dr said she is drinking way to much which i knew and cut her makes me sad to know her mother put her through this but the hospital made it worse.i pray that another baby or family won't go threw what we have.i would never go back to rush even if i was dying.

Greg Lewis

I have been using the services from Rush for over 15 years. This past week is the first time I had to go to the emergency room. I can't say enough about the first class treatment from everyone that helped me. Unbelievable professional and prompt service from every doctor, nurse, technician, front desk and billing staff. Having used other hospitals for emergency services for my family I have never had such a positive experience. Everyone was caring and concerned for my well being. Thanks to all who helped me out at Rush.

Jim Kilty

Hospital experience/surgery for my son was good. Valet parking was a different story. Used the valet parking in front of 1725 W. Harrison. I have a new car and was preoccupied with getting my son home after 6 hours at the hospital. Noticed that there was mud in wheel wells and fenders behind wheels. Mentioned it to driver and did a quick walk around and didn't notice any obvious damage. They were in a hurry to get me away from the hospital...I should have taken that cue and inspected a little closer. The tire inflation pressure light came on. I should have turned around and went back but I had to tend to my son. Got him home and situated...noticed the damage to the front tire and rim. There was no damage on the car when it was dropped off. Called the Valet and they will not do anything about it because I left the hospital. I recommend to not use the valet...there are some very dishonest people working there. If you do feel like you have to use valet take a few minutes and go over your car carefully. They have you because most people leaving the hospital are not in the correct frame of mind and are usually more concerned about their patient then their car.

Mivian Sanchez

Great Hospital was recently treated for a Brain procedure due to a brain Aneurysm that North Western did not take seriously when Dr Chen met with me he felt that we should not wait since I head a history of family member with Aneurysm that had ruptured along with Kidney disease and bad Migraines and headaches he scheduled for for 5 days later for a brain procedure and we he went it was even bigger the CT scan had mentioned great work acting quickly and was given a chance in life thank you sincerely. Mivian Sanchez

Tina parker

Very clean and respectful and considerate of you and your family. So helpful and always smiling.


I was having pains in my stomach and it was my first time needing to go to an ER in my life. I was nervous about long wait times and feeling ignored. To my surprise my experience could not have been handled any better. I walked in, said I needed to see a doctor and was taken back right away, was given a room right away and my concerns were all addressed within 20 minutes of being there. The nursing staff is excellent, they were constantly checking in, seeing if I needed anything and making sure my pain was taken care of. The doctors were very knowledgeable and I was correctly diagnosed and taken care of. I wouldn't wish a trip to the ER on anyone, but if you have to go anywhere, go here!

James Lakerdas

Wife came in by ambulance. They had us wait on a gurney in the Hall for 2 hours. Did a Ct scan, gave us some prescriptions and sent us home in the same condition. When things got worse I tried contacting the Doctor, to only find out that he doesn’t work in the ER. I guess he was just passing through. 24 hours we (reluctantly) came back to the ER in worse shape. This time they had us wait in the ER waiting room. Until she threw up and passed out. If you have anything more than a sprained wrist or a cut stay out of this ER.

Shelvie Scales

I am a patient of Dr. Buvanendran at the Rush pain center. I was referred to him by Dr. Beger for knee pain. So far i've seen more of his staff than him! I have a catheter in my back to help with knee pain and june 15th his staff not him redressed the tubing on my back. He popped in twice to see how his intern was doing then took the nurse away to attend to someone else! The intern told him he needed assistance but he took her anyway. The doctor left then came back in a rush! He jumped in with no gloves and started unwrapping and taping till the intern told him he was okay! He leaves the room with the door wide open as i layed on the table partially clothed! After the intern was done he asked if i was okay and i told him i had some discomfort in my back. As i drove home it got worse! I called the pain clinic 30 minutes after I left and no one answered my call. One hour afer i left i kept calling only to be told by the person taking appointments than she can't call the doctors and i just have to leave a message or go to the emergency room! An hour and a half later i was rushed to St Francis emergency room with severe back pain! Even the emergency doctor had trouble getting in contact with the doctor on call! I'm going to have this catheter removed and i will NEVER use this clinic ever again!

Lady Mustang

Wow this place have change. . Better staff and nice rooms. Clean rooms and hallways. Bathroom are clean and smell nice. Parking fees are high. Need to come down on the price. Nice shops to buy things. Big food court high prices also. Very pleased on up grades.

phil c

Easy way to wait for a pick up at United Center

Trump the dump The chump

5 dollars for a small soup???? Ridiculous

cristina mendez

Bad emergency room ! Takes hours just to see u u could be here at 8pm and won’t be seen til 5 am

Jonathan Tomon

They are grate they don't make you wait for hours at a appointment like Cook county hospital dose

Toby R

Out Patient Lab was a very bad experience. Long wait time, inadvertent staff leaving giant bruises on my arms after blood work. Billing was shady as well.

von ferrer

Well first of all thanks to the hard working men and woman that serve us to keep are loved ones healthy I love this place , Also had to stay over night and this is what I got for dinner

James Watson

I went rush in oak park 5 hours then told me my mom she had to go downtown went and to wait again, but while in oakpark rush I ask for something to eat for her or I can run and get it she had eaten lunch and she diabetic they blew me off for hours.Then they said rush downtown but you need to take a ambulance to sit in another emergency room, I drove and I'm now sitting in another emergency room and I didn't pay for ambulance they were set on getting that money.poor poor service.

jim kapus

My cancer journey started a year ago and am so glad i chose Rush. Worst year of my life but everybody at Rush was awesome. I am very grateful to everybody there that helped me.

Yamile Garcia

Rush ER is the worst. I will be reaching out to the CEO of this hospital as well. It is 9:30 on a Sunday. There are people in this waiting room that have been waiting since 3:30 pm. The staff is unprofessional and rude. One of the patients stated that she heard a doctor say, " oh give that patient some pain medicine, so that they can hurry up and go". This type of behavior in a hospital setting is completely unacceptable. No one wants to come to the hospital. In addition for the staff to be joking, laughing, and discuss personal affairs, does not appeal well especially when this is suppose to be a top ranking establishment. Maybe a little retraining on caring and compassion along with understanding may assist this facility. The sad part is that I work in healthcare and this is quite embarrassing. I hope this helps and makes a difference.

Jonathon Bacon

Friendly staff, great residents and doctors, got a diagnosis after almost two years of testing in 2 days here. So thankful for all they did for me.

yahco caples

I Love Rush Hospital!!! Daughter has severe asthma and frequently is admitted. Esp winter season. The care that she get here at Rush! Speechless!!! Then the care and support they give the families! The stories i can tell. Ok ill tell two lol. First they brought miniature ponies in the hospital for the patients. Second they gave the parents massages to relieve the stress of their child being in the hospital. I have and will continue to donate to Rush hospital when I can. Great Job Rush!!!

Samantha Wichert

I’m giving them one star on their laboratory. You guys are TERRIBLE on infection control and cystic fibrosis patients. The wait is usually 2 PLUS hours long just to draw labs. I’d rather be go somewhere faster and who cares about their patients. I already gave 5 stars on your Facebook for the doctors I’ve seen, just your laboratory.. I’m sorry but it’s the worst..

patrick worthy

It's easy to get lost in this huge building. Just remember the 4th floor information desk is the key point. To the garage and traveling to different floors.

Joe Flood

Good place for medical care

Venice Sorrels

I went to the emergency room and the receptionist had a very nasty attitude and rude for no reason news flash DON'T WORK A JOB WHERE U HAVE TO INTERACT WITH PEOPLE DUMMY! Lucky for her I didn't let her negative energy affect me and go down to her level of stupidity. The nurses act like they don't even know what they are doin they walking around like their not even at work smh and when it was time to draw my blood he couldn't even do that! I'm truly done with this hospital! My advice don't go here unless u wanna waste your time (true story)!!!


So far I'm loving the experience here at rush the nurses that took care of me are wonderful helped me out alot Thank you ladies

Kristy Hernandez

If you have BCBS don't come here. I've been on the phone for an hour, trying to determine if my ER visit was in or out of network. If it is determined as out of network, they do not want to work with me as far as setting up a payment plan UNLESS I put down HALF, and because it was determined by Rush that I am NOT in network, they will not honor a financial assistance plan.

the Garcia & perez family

I love rush Hospital

Robert Rahe

Overcharged me when my wife eas there for an emergency visit.

Jasmine Vann

Poor service. I went through the ER none of the staff introduced themselves!! Terrible bedside manner. I advised the student that he would not get a blood return through my arm, he completely ignored what I said!!!! I was then diagnosed with having a missed miscarriage prescribed meds and sent home. I called to advise them that I thought I was having an allergic reaction only for them to say, there’s nothing they could do”. These people could care less about the patients they are only there for a check and that obvious.

Jesse Evans

Rush Hospital has the Best , most thoughtful Kind Hearted Doctors ,nurses , staff . They are all some Excellent Saints and Rush Hospital Should Be Given Their Proper Accolades. They Should be given Their Proper Respect and Honor as Well . The Entire Saint Ran Facility of Rush Hospital Gets a 1000 Rating From Real People. Keep up the excellent work Rush Hospital Employees . You all are doing an Excellent Job . God bless . B BLESSED ! .

Robert Friend

This place is a joke. First my girlfriend went there had an MRI which they told everything looked good especially her gallbladder which had been removed years ago. I could go on with a lot more just know this place is a joke anyone tells you different they just got lucky.

Alex Armstrong

Doctor Rauch and Doctor Bullock are amazing. They really care and sit down with you about what you are experiencing. If you want doctors that listen and really want to help you stay happy and healthy, go here.

Jonathan Kahanovitch

Dirty public restrooms, and haven't heard any positive experiences from whom I've talked to. Hopefully these matters will be remedied and its a one time issue I've run in to.

Jonathan Konrath

I was given phenomenal care at the ENT Clinic Hands down five stars. Rush please keep up the good work. Five stars hands down.

-__- Sacriliago

They have a really good child psychiatric ward. I was inpatient there three times and it was the best psychiatric unit I've ever been in. The doctors and nurses there are especially lovely and they have stuff to do which is very nice and not always the case.

Lynette Rache

My sister is very sick. We arrived in the ER at noon & she STILL has not seen a doctor!!!! This is ridiculous!!!! Update...2 hours later...finally saw a dr....suspected pneumonia & waiting 1-1/2 hrs for a chest X-ray!!!! Finally arrived to take her. Now 8:30 pm & still have to wait for results & for the dr to come back...probably another hour or 2...unacceptable. Never coming back to this ER..

Vanessa Morrison

They are murderers at Rush hospital. They killed my sister last night. 1 star is way to good. How about zero stars for the zeros there. Please don't take your family members here if you care about them. I sure regret my sister ever set her feet in there doors. You will reap what you sow Rush.

Debbie Burdelik

Best hospital and doctors I've ever been to. I have been going to Rush for over twenty years. The doctor I saw all the time was Dr. Kanner, he was the best!

Ralph Braseth

Most efficient hospital in Chicago. World-class medical faculty. Easily stands w Northwestern and U Chicago. Hidden gem. I cannot comment on the ER. Never been there.

Dolly J ,Star, Abbey, & Ellie

Great ER. Quick. Try going to Christ Hospital in Oak Lawn. There you have to pack your patients AND a lunch. Plan an all day wait. Go to Rush. The medical field is just like any other business. Patients are a $. Many Drs put patients 1st before the $. Use your own judgement.

Elvira Flores

Ive always had great people when i brought my mom here n now my husband! Wonderful hospital!

Andre Gachter

My wife had to go to ER and they diagnosed appendicitis’s. Once she was admitted into hospital the communication and physician care was not where it should and the physician was completely inaccessible. Pain management was less than it needed to be. Physician could not be reached prior to surgery. Not impressed and not sure I can recommend this hospital.

David Arroyo

I wish I can give them a lower score. This hospital is terrible. I've been here with my child for 5 hours and the mom next us has been here 8 hours. I've seen so many nurses and doctors just stand there and do nothing. They have lost patience and just asked everyone if they seen their patient. When i asked why they took so long, they said they didn't have enough rooms. It's a big hospital!

Sam Ramos

This is possibly the worst hospital to go to if you are in any real emergency. First off the staff did nothing but stand around and laugh like it was some type of play house. We went because my family member who has diabetes was having severe complications and the ENTIRE time she was there she didn’t receive ANY insulin so her sugar was through the roof and she started to swell up. all of this could have been avoided and i pray people stop going here.

Niecy Santos

they expect you to die before you get an appointment with a bariatric doctor, I have gastric bypass a month ago in another hospital 2 hr away from chicago, and for family reason i had to moved back to the city, I call rush hospital trying to see if I could see a doctor there since I had so many complication with my surgery and I cant drive the 2 hr to see a doctor and all I was told was sorry but we cant give you an appointment you need to figure out how to get to the other hospital wow smh nice

Jose quique

Where is the cero star for this place... You wait all day on emergency room and then you wait to see the doctor for over an hour just to give you a pill no properly checking you they act like they don't care or have no time... Just wanted to try this place but love cook county hospital way better

andrea murphy

I've been trying to reach my oncologist for 2 days thru various numbers provided for her on the Rush and Web MD websites. Not one is hers. it seems a very basic to get physician contact info correct on a website. what's up with this?


I like this Hospital because our son was born her and I like the Service and the nurse are really nice

Fabiola Lopez

First time visiting the ER at Rush however my experience was not the greatest. no empathy from the doctor whatsoever. I was in the emergency room for 7 hours to be told by Dr. Alexandra Mannix, she was only there to treat emergency trauma cases and she was not a specialist so she couldn't help me and suggested I schedule a visit with a gastroenterologist for further testing/treatment. She said this a couple of times and was flat-out rude. Now $400 co-pay and 7 hours later in the ER to hear this is ridiculous. I would not be in the emergency room if I didn't think my symptoms were an emergency. I should have followed my instinct and gone to St Anthony Hospital where I have been in the past and was seen by someone within the hour. Consider St Anthony next time it's only 10minutes from Rush.

Nancy Delatorre

I was admitted to this hospital in Mother baby unit for 8 weeks. I don’t usually share experience reviews but I really felt that I had to. Absolutely all of the Nurses were great and very supportive with my situation. Always very positive and with a big smile! They did my stay very comfortable and really cared about my self esteem. All Doctors did great saving my daughters life I will always be greatful for that! and even House keeping specially Martha she was always kind and very supportive with all my staying needs and keeping everything clean. Even the Food was very VERY good to be Hospital food and Friday was my favorite day because they have a special menu with desserts like chocolate covered strawberries. The NICU area as well has all of the nurses and Specialists sent from heaven! They are true angels to babies. Thanks to all of you my daughter and I are alive! Thank you Rush University Medical Center!!!

Yolanda Missri

Everybody is so nice

Kee Vang

Some of the nurses are great and understands compassion as well as care and love, others dont care because policy is policy. Hate that only one person can stay over night and not two. Even if its intermediate family. But I guess that's how things are. And to those nurses, wouldn't want to wish this on you but if something similar like my position ever happens to you. Policy's policy right? Smh

The Honcho Life

They really do not care

Doris Goldbloom

The worst emergency room in the whole city by far; there are much better and cheaper options

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