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REVIEWS OF Rush Copley Medical Center IN Illinois

colton sanders

Hospital is cool but whoever created the directional markings and signage was an idiot. Would you like to play a game? Find the inpatient pharmacy!


Absolutely horrible for emergency! If you need urgent care like broken bones or anything serious they don’t take it seriously at all they have you wait for hours in pain/ bleeding and converse with themselves. Understaffed or something I guess? If your in need of care right away, please, skip to the next hospital. It’ll be a life saver than this comedian house.

Janette Zetina

The staff here is so inconsiderate! They need to better train their staff or follow a completely different mission. Every department from medical records to the ICU! There is always an issue. Would never seek care from this hospital.

Christine Bartelt

Gave birth here in Oct 2015. They took great care of me and my child. I was very comfortable with the staff. The labor nurses were 10/10! At a crucial moment one nurse changed my position slightly to get more pushing power and POP, out came a baby. The hospital was clean, and the labor/delivery area was quiet the day I was there. The recovery floor was also quiet and I got as much rest as was possible; no one interrupted my sleep. The lactation consultant was invaluable! She figured out why my child was not nursing well right away and got us off to a great start in a long-lasting nursing relationship. She made sure to see us before the end of the day. I'm pretty sure she was late leaving the end of her shift, but without her I am positive I would have struggled (much more) with successfully nursing. Would recommend for labor and delivery.


Avoid this place at all costs. They will bury you in medical debt for a simple visit. $700 to say "we cant help you" or $10,000 for an IV, a MRI, and a doctor consultation that lasts less than 30 seconds. Multiple parties involved in billing (very confusing) and some are not willing to accept payment plans... FINANCIAL NIGHTMARE. I went because they were the closest hospital to home... Next time I need serious medical attention ill honestly consider dying at home before coming back to Rush-Copley Aurora.

Gina Durante

My son went there today, on Easter. He had an abscessed tooth and the infection had moved into his jaw. He wad transported to their Chicago facility. When I tried asking them questions about the urgency of this, they acted like I shouldn't be asking these questions. I asked them if there will be an Oral Surgeon there for him. The only think they would say is he needs the level care and antibiotics. I'm like, his been here for 5 hours and has a needle in his arm. What are you giving him, water. Was not satisfied at all with the way I was treated. Will never go there.

Najeebzada Zahir

Great service and awesome doctors

Debbie Larson

On July 24,2017 I had gallbladder surgery. It was the first surgery I have ever had. No one enjoys going to the hospital but I have to say that there were a few very special people that made my first surgical experience a good one. To my wonderful surgeon Dr. Bloom, thanks for getting me into surgery as fast as you did. I appreciate the way you explained all that you did and for answering all my questions. To my precious nurses, Tamara (my girl) Gina, Kathleen, and Anna thank you all for taking such good care of me and for answering all my many questions. I was terrified at the idea of an operation but you all made me feel so at ease. To Patrick and Juliet my assistant nurses thanks for helping me through the tough times when the pain was so bad you still made me smile. When I rang that call bell you always came to my aid. I so enjoyed all our conversations. I will never forget all you special people and all of the care and kindness you showed me. May God bless you for helping me through this very scary time. Love you guys Deb Larson

Christopher TheCarpenter

Terrible visits, each time I have been here it's been hours in the waiting room. Then the last visit truly is my last visit, I was pushed out the door when I was having difficulties breathing and chest pains when I breathed in, I should have gone to Delnor Northwestern or Edward's in Naperville, this hospital should not be allowed to operate, they have more armed security guards than doctors, and I see why when you ignore the needs of the sick or disabled or ones about to die probably will anger the patients or close family. Dont go here unless you want to die, seriously I would not send my cat here, these doctors dont know what they are doing, you will be some pre med Guinea pig, STAY AWAY FROM HERE ITS WORTH IT TO DRIVE TO THE NEXT HOSPITAL

Susy Pequeno

So, went to the emergency room at 12:30 in the morning. It was 5:30 am when we left. The doctor never went to see us. I went to find out what was happening, the nurse said we would have to wait till after 6:00 am and that was no guarantee we would get seen. If I could give negative reviews I would give them negative five.

Davina Wengren

This hospital has always been great. I trust my doctor and the staff. Great nurses, clean room etc. zero complaints! This is why i drive from sandwich(and avoid the hospital 2 blocks from my house)!

Darius Johnson

I came in told them i was weak and dehydrated and i cant breath and told them my history and said i need emergency care......this emergency room seem to have forgotten wat emergency means. I am disappointed i waited 12 to 3..all they did was take blood and xray and kept making me wait i even told nurses xray tech that i was weak. They said i hope they get u feeling better. Nice nurses horrible wait even in an emergency situation. They better not charge me...i left after still sitting in waiting room dying @ a hospital.


Awful place. I went in there having a panic attack and symptoms of fatigue, heart palpitations and blurred vision and they did NOTHING. Intake nurse basically implied I shouldn't even be there and that the ER is only for people that are dying. They gave me no meds for my panic attack and refused to investigate my other symptoms. They said there's nothing they can do. Never coming back here again...

Guy Lieser

Our family switched to Rush Copley after 30+ years with Dreyer. We left Dreyer after they merged with Advocate because their customer service was abominable. Our family absolutely loves our Rush primary care doctor, Dr. Oana Patrascu. She is fantastic. Unfortunately, that's where Rush's "excellent care" ends. In mid April, I was admitted overnight thru the emergency room and saw a cardiologist. I had an echocardiogram and left the hospital the next day with a wearable heart monitor and instructions to call the doctors office to schedule a stress test. I called on 3 different occasions. The first time I was put on indefinite hold. The next two times I was transferred to voicemail where I left a detailed message. It has now been seven weeks and NO ONE HAS EVER CALLED ME BACK! I wore a heart monitor for 30 days. Afterwards, I returned it to the vendor who told me the doctor would contact me within 2 days to review the results. It's now been 4 weeks and NO ONE FROM THE CARDIOLOGISTS OFFICE HAS CALLED ME! This is UNACCEPTABLE and UNFORGIVABLE. My bill for a one night hospital stay was more than $19,000. I received their bill but still haven't had any follow up from the provider. Clearly, Rush is more interested in billing patients than providing patient care. CONSUMERS BEWARE!

Amber Schmidt

You silenced a female employee that one of YOUR DOCTORS harassed, with non disclosure agreements causing her to have to eventually leave her job because she continued to be harassed by other employees. You belittled her for speaking up and advocating for an investigation against Feras. This hospital handled all of this so poorly. Supporting sexual assualters & allowing it to go on. Say hello to tons of new lawsuits coming your way! You’re going down.

Jenny Kames

Great doctor's and nurses. Dr. Guynn is a wonderful doctor, thank you for saving my life!!

Stacey Napp

Labor & Delivery, Radiology, Maternal Fetal Medicine, ER, and surgery have all been great here. Best experience personally with lactation in the country. Haven't had any problems and everyone is always nice. The coffee stand is wonderful as well!

marlena ojeda

By far the worst hospital EVER!!!! Slowest staff, longest wait times, no sense of urgency or care. If you’re in critical condition condition, you have a better chance of survival going to any other hospital.

Zainab Hussain

Best staff & best hospital to give birth at! Loved every minute spent here. Will definitely be back again for future deliveries!

Lauren Munch

I like this place I was seen about a month back where they found I had panacretits they were very thorough and admitted me the only problem I had with them was they wouldn't let me eat for two days but they were just doing there job

Teri Brown

Please be aware that the ER physicians are not on staff. Even after you pay what insurance says is reasonable, they will continue to bill you and are completely unresponsive. The facility itself is not horrible but definitely not wonderful. We will take our family elsewhere from now on.

Emmanuel Umoren

I came in for an internal medical issue. I was hospitalized for a week. The staff was excellent and the service was top notch. I felt comfortable leaving it to the doctors and nursing staff. I knew they could resolve the issue and keep me as comfortable as possible doing it. Well they did, in fact, I was ready to leave by day 4 (of 8). My only complaint is somehow the cafeteria served some very horrible chicken noodle soup (I mean how do you get that wrong), but the more complicated chicken meals were great! 5 stars.

Matt Cyncar

Dishonest organization and horrible finance dept. to deal with. My wife went into the emergency room because her doctor recommended she go. It ended up they recommended an MRI. I've had MRI's before and they were around $1200.00 or less (Not ER). These crooks charged $6500.00 for the MRI, which resulted in a $10,000.00 ER bill. Our insurance covered around 25% of it and we're stuck with the rest. This was for sitting in the ER for over 4 hours, Exam, and a single Abdominal MRI with contrast. Unless it's a dire emergency, do not go here. Be sure to ask about everything they are doing, and how much it will cost or they will just charge up your deductible. They will not negotiate on the bill unless you pay in full upfront, which is still extremely overpriced for what was done.

Alexis Kupczyk

I went in on the 10th for my asthma being bad. My oxygen was at a 89% when i went in and i left at a 91%. When i was in the triage room getting my vitals checked and receiving a breathing treatment, there was a nurse who was in an all maroon scrub outfit across the way. She kept giving me dirty looks as she walked out of her room to take her first patient to her room. She practically ripped off the blood pressure band on her patients arm and told her to " get off the table" and started walking. Then when she went to go grab her next patient she asked my nurse who it was that was next and she saw the name. When she went to go get her patient from the waiting room she screamed her name...screamed it. Then as they went back to the triage she said "turn left..sit down. Give me your arm." then proceeded to rip off the blood pressure band of this lady. then told her to go wait in the waiting room. Another incident I had was when I was in my room and the nurse i had who was short with short black curly hair kept making comments about my engagement and that her son is my age and she cant see him being engaged right now because of his age. She asked how long weve been together and i told her it would be 5 years in January. she then said oh thats a long time. when are you getting married? told her end of next year. she said oh why the guys are so young you have your entire life ahead of you. after this i stopped answering her questions. Then they made me take a test because of antibiotics so of course i was like sure no problem. I did what they asked and the same nurse came in and performed it and it came out negative. I said okay thats fine. She then proceeded to say that it was good because again we are too young for children. the fact is we've been trying to conceive for about a year now and havent had any luck. hearing this sent me over the edge and put me in a bad mood for the rest of the time i was there. every time i have had this nurse she has said this about me and my fiance. rush copley is the closest hospital to me and its convenient. I have only had this problem once before but this time was worse. im debating on going back or not.

Chris Skender

My wife worked here as a nurse. The staff works hard and is amazing. The doctors are very experienced and educated. They do great work here.

James Brown

Most polite, professional, and courteous staff I've ever encountered. If I could give more stars, I most definitely would. From reception, to ER, to X-ray, everyone was top notch!!


Went in for a allergic reaction to peanuts. Took the staff 20 minutes to get me to see a nurse. Then they sent me back out and I waited another 2 hours to get seen again TERRIBLE wait at this place. If it’s not an emergency I would go to another hospital where their patients are their priority. Smh

Gretchen Crist

Terrible, frustrating and disappointing experience at this hospital. I hope my family never has to deal with them again. Doctors, nurses, PT/OT, etc. do not communicate with one another. We had to ask for nurse help, ask for meals, blankets, basic care. We were promised doctors visits or special tests would be done. After waiting overnight with no answers and having to inquire again, visits or tests were finally done. The only good review I can give is that the nurses aides were friendly, helpful and treated my family with respect and patience.

natalie rabiela

Told them my pain was a 9 and I sat in waiting room for 3 hours. Employees stood around laughing and doing nothing. Last time I go to that emergency room.

Nashay Hunt

I was 20 weeks pregnant on September 30 when I went to this hospital at 1AM with heavy vaginal bleeding and cramps. I walked into the ER entrance and checked in, no problems, until they told me to sit in a wheelchair and wait for someone from labor and delivery to take me upstairs. I said no problem. But here is the kicker. I waited 30 minutes for somebody to come and get me. Now for every woman, we know that heavy bleeding and cramps more than likely means trouble when you are pregnant. I get to the room, they checked the baby's heartbeat, everything is normal, thank goodness. The service after was just completely slow from there. This is a life threatening situation for a baby. I mean correct me if I am wrong but shouldn't you try to find the source of the problem before it is too late. Time is extremely precious in moments like this. That is why I learned my lesson and even though this hospital is 5 minutes from my house, I will not be returning. I will do like my OB and husband told me. Go to CDH.

Jose Ochoa

We recently had our daughter here. We had our other 2 children at Mercy on the West side ( way closer to home). We will never step foot in an Amita building though, but that's another story for another time. Our midwife that we liked works out of Copley now so my wife wanted to go there. I was all for it due to my relationship with Amita. So the time came and we rushed to Copley birth center. After waiting about 15 minutes for someone to come help us we were led to a delivery room. The delivery room was large and a little nicer then Mercy, but unfortunately that was the only point that went in Copley's favor. During the birthing process a woman came in and sat on the couch. I didn't know who she was, but the midwife didnt seem concerned so I didn't mention it. She sat on the couch and started watching tv. Were we giving birth in the break room? Turns out she was a doctor forced to be in there by the hospital. If she was on the floor did she have to be in our room watching tv? They tried to send some doctor trainees in. Luckily our midwife was able to stop that. Everything after that went smoother during the birthing process. After the birthing process we were sent to a tiny room that was almost to small to have visitors. They kept sending people in that we requested not be sent. This was child 3. We dont need a lactation specialist making my wife very uncomfortable. Our midwife was able to get us out of there the next day. Then the billing started. Rush has the most disorganized billing that I have ever encountered. We have received at least 5 bills from them for that stay. None of them say what they are for. I asked many times for itemized bills with very little luck. I dont get why we couldn't get just one bill for the whole stay. It's been almost 3 months and were still getting new bills from that stay. And we have no idea when any of them are due. We have at least least 3 different due dates for each bill. We are getting ready to move now and we're looking for a place that doesn't have any Rush or Amita hospitals in the area. We were completely disrespected by rush during our care and are now forced to deal with their incompetent billing department. Don't go if you can avoid it.

Scott Cramer

My wife just delivered our first baby at Rush Copley after being induced and the experience could not have been better. As first time parents we had no idea what to expect and were pretty nervous however, all of the doctors and nurses from the labor and delivery and postpartum departments made us feel at ease and comfortable as could be. Each staff member explained in detail all of the processes and procedures that my wife would have to go through to bring our baby into the world in such a way to help settle our nerves. Their level of caring and affection towards my wife and newborn baby made us feel as though we were family. We are fortunate to live near the hospital and our doctors have offices on the campus but we would happily drive whatever distance to use this facility again. Any future children we might have will surely be delivered at Copley.

Mansour Al-Saleh

One the great Medical Center on Chicago land

Mercy Marina

I've been coming here ever since my first pregnancy as well as every ER visit. The times I've came here with my kids an for myself were all exceptional. Everyone's experience is different an I for one am glad rushs been good to us.

Sabitha Nadikatla

I simply love RUSH COLPEY..Best place to get the delivery done. I enjoyed every moment of my delivery. Tons and tons of thanks to RUSH COPLEY Team to make my journey memorable. RUSH COPLEY is the BEST

Quians Stewart

This is the worst hospital ever 3 hours never been seen ER room wasn't busy rude people to Black patients I will report Discrimination.

Shay Mays

Horrible Horrible experience they take me back for xrays and while I'm there the nurse calls me. So I'm sitting back in the waiting area and go check at the front desk after waiting for so long to find out I've been called. Will be making a personal complaint!!

Crystal Beu

I will stay short my mom went in for back pain and died 24 hours later.....the doctor in ICU even kept saying he had no idea what was going on and left when she was at her worst.. she was 55.. I have now a 16 year old sister that lost her mother. Do not ever do here

Agatha Steller

I will never go there again. The ER staff is rude and very slow.

Denise Brunson

At the ER This is a work related injury... For those who are in health care You understand that when you have a ache in your body.. from a IMPULSIVE PATIENT and your doing your proper body mechanic.. MY CLIENT was EXTREMELY MOBILE ON HIS OWN BY refusing to allow me to assist him properly.. My injury involved having to rescue him.. from falling. And from him moving impulsively during my profile assist.. he was in the wrong chair.. And a chair that was extremely low to the ground.. Which caused me a lot of pain.. later.. I reported this pain.. But because OVERTIME the VIOLENT PAIN OCCURRED LATER.. A claim was filed.. from Erie insurance.. and Denied it.. so I'm still in instense pain.. which brought me here.. Rush is extremely extremely excellent I'm grateful I'm in good hands. Rush HOSPITAL IS SUPERIOR!!!!

Gs7 Rab

Absolutely impossible to make appt. Have your doctor set up the appt there and get insurance pre authorization number or you will spend hours on the phone bouncing from one useless hold line to another to get anything scheduled. They are not helpful people or kind.

Ricardo Martinez

Emergency room made me wait for more than 5 hours for my cut finger and tendant and im still here waiting. Very unprofessional and awful service. They dont seem to be in any hurry at all. Last time coming to this hospital Rush Copley

Kendall Marie

I will start off by saying I spent 36 hours in labor and delivery and the labor and delivery staff is WONDERFUL hence the fact that it is not a 1 Star. However, after I was released I was told to come back if symptoms got worse. They did. So I came back. Unfortunately, I was taken to the ER this time. My nurse Anna was rude and judgmental, basically telling me that she was also pregnant and had worse pain than me and to suck it up. I felt complete judgment from her. I asked for ice chips and a heat pack (i am suffering extreme kidney pain and dehydration from throwing up) and she VERY reluctantly got me ice and never got me a heat pack. After seeing the doctor and not getting any concise answer other than “they don’t know why my kidney had swollen more since the day before” I was asked if I was ready to leave and i told them I was not comfortable leaving yet because last time I left before the pain meds/fluid IV wore off the pain got unbearable and I was throwing up and unable to keep fluid down on my own. Then a nurse comes in with papers and tells me to get dressed and leave because they were discharging me?! They also never checked to see if my baby was alright and I am 33 weeks pregnant! Awful emergency room staff. Maybe you should have the lovely nurses in labor and delivery teach them some bedside manner.

Ted Knur

The nurse was extremely nice and so was the doctor. I had my right largest toe nail removed

Mae Santi

Nice modern hospital with a friendly staff.

shane herman

Amazing nurses in the labor and delivery department. Seriously the best people you could ever ask for.

Bobbi Rose Photography

Was taken here after a car accident a few years ago. I was not at fault, other insurance covered all my bills. They use Valley Imaging and this place is garbage, they will not bill the party who caused the accident. They will bill you and send you to collections if you personally dont pay. I am disappointed that even though they had been given the information multiple times, they refused to bill the party who caused the accident and caused me to accept a settlement without this bill ever being paid. Terribly disappointing. What a dishonest company. A shame to Rush Copley for using their services. Other than that the hospital staff was kind and respectful during the entire process.

Melissa C

Although no one likes being in the hospital, I have a very positive experience. I went to the ER on 7/24. Was admitted rather quickly. Everyone starting from the ER doctors and nurses to all the staff in the ICU were very kind, professional, and understanding. A big thank you to all the doctors, specialists, RNs, and CNAs who treated me with such great care and compassion. I was in the ICU for 4 days to treat a brain infection. In addition, the hospital is also very spacious, clean, and beautiful. I definitely will recommend Rush Copley in the future to anyone who asks !

Shaun Wood

This hospital deserves 10 stars!! My doctor is located here and he rocks. The entire staff in Labor and Delivery were amazing for the birth of our son. The cafeteria food is amazing! Had my first surgery ever at this location. I survived so I would say it went well.

Karna Johnson

I have been waiting on hold for 1 HOUR AND 42 MINUTES to have my call answered by billing department. UNREAL.

Barb Thornbury

Unless you are dying, request that the paramedics take you to another hospital. The ER was so filthy, especially the bathroom, I wonder if they spread more disease than they treat. Staff is SLOW to respond to call buttons, average response time is between 15 and 20 minutes. And this was despite a large number of staff and what looked to be a relatively low number of patients. Staff does not tell you anything about your treatment or what is going on. They all walk around with sour frowns giving you the impression they hate their jobs. Hospital would be well advised to thoroughly clean the patient rooms and bathrooms, then figure out why staff doesn't want to be there. Someone needs to train staff on how to insert an IV too. This is basic medicine and they can't get it right. The amount of blood on my sons arm as they bungled their way through getting a needle in his vein was horrible. I seriously feel like we should not have to pay the bill as these people all acted like they were in training. Reading others reviews though, indicate that the billing department may be the worst department in this hospital.

Brian Szumigalski

The Medical offices ate horrible. My sister called as a new patient. She was asked over 50 questions it was like the inquisition. She was then told by the person asking the questions that they would have to ask the Doctor if he will take her as a patient. The Doctor said no REALLY????. She asked why and was dismissed by the admin saying he just said no. What happened to the Hippocratic Oath????. Ate they in violation. I bet Pam Zeckman from Channel 2 would love to hear about this. DON'T USE RUSH COPLEY. THEY ARE HIPPOCRITS.

Ruthann Espinosa

All the Nurses, Doctors, and Pts that took care of me were polite, friendly, and professional. But, the bad thing about my stay was the food. I was there from Wed. 11th and will be released on Tues. 23d. So far I have had only one meal that as not messed up (some how), and that was the Oatmeal for breakfast. I actually ask if they had an actual real cook, in the kitchen!! And for the menu it was very limited.

Chas M

Never again! Brought by ambulance twice in past 10 years to Emergency Room. 1st time I was admitted for 3 days for a kidney stone that required no surgery? Just weeks ago the ER doctors agreed I needed 1-2 surgeries they called the on call surgeon but since it was Sunday, he didn't feel like coming in & told ER doctors to have me driven home then return the next day to his Office & he would reexamine, admit me & schedule surgery! I was sent home with pain medicine & called my PCP who was outraged, I had to take another ambulance to St Joseph Hospital where I was admitted immediately & had both surgeries by that morning with good nurses & surgeon who did a great job before and after surgery. I will never again trust Rush Copley with my health as it seems they only care about having "weekends off and billing extra charges" even if they are "on call" and you've arrived by ambulance in need of surgery.

Marty Ch

It's May 3, 2019 at 7:00am I got up this Morning at 5am to get to Rush at 6:30am for a MRI at 7:00 am I was told less then 15 minutes ago that my scheduled appointment was moved up till 10:00 am which I scheduled this appointment earlier in the week. I am very very upset at the staff at Rush Hospital

Pink Withsprinkles

I have mixed feelings about this hospital. As an adult patient: 3 stars. Sometimes the ER is great and other times it's awful. Wait time can be long at times but then fast. Some nurses can insert an IV others you would swear have no clue. Have never really had a bad experience with a dr. It seems ok. For a child: 4 stars. Drs and especially the nursing staff are exceptional with bed side manner. Though would never recommend a catheter for an infant or small child, please request bagging. Injuries occurred by the catheter two times. Maternity - 4 stars, so badly want to give them 5 stars because the staff is exceptional. All of them. They are extremely understanding about special requests and special circumstances. Absolutely amazing staff. But the beds and furniture are so rediculouly uncomfortable. To the point it's down right painful to stay there. The rooms are terrible to stay in for admittance. Rooms are very tight and small. Emergency surgery adult - 4 stars, the staff is amazing and the drs do everything they can before rushing you off for emergency gallbladder surgery. The techs and nursing staff are amazing. Couldn't ask for better care. The hospital beds or down right painfully uncomfortable. Want to give 5 stars but can't just because of how uncomfortable it is to stay here. Day Surgery - 5 stars. For both the family in waiting and me as the patient. They will do anything they can to make everyone comfortable. Thank you!!! Billing - negative stars - what in Gods name is wrong with your billing department??? Improper charging to the insurance, not charging insurance, trying to charge the insurance for treatments that never even given. They make this experience a nightmare. Literally it's a nightmare. Double billed, over billed, you name it. Nothing is correct. I have to keep an excel spreadsheet and cross check every bill I pay with insurance statements and other bills in order to make sure I'm not over paying my out of pocket and guaranteed there is always a dispute I have to deal with. I pay late just because of how many hours of work I have to put into researching if I actually owe the amount I'm being charged. Seriously if you want me to pay you on time - fix your billing problems. Don't make me have an anxiety attack each time you send me a bill. Seriously - my overall experience rating is a 3 because of how bad the billing is.

Olivia James

I was born there as a young chap! I was born March 15. I personally did not recall the experience, but me mum told me great things. Jolly good day! I'm off to tea!

Amy Lobos

Brought my husband to er with bleeding from procedure done yesterday in arm. No rooms available and then took forever to be seen by a doctor. After dr came in and said someone would clean area and wrap. It took 30 minutes before someone came in. My husband was supposed to be at dialysis! Supposedly no one was available! They need to get more techs if they are the ones that do the cleanup!!!!!! I hope I never have to bring him back to this hospital! Yesterday the tech had no personality in the area where the av fistula gram was done!

A O Flores

Waiting in out patient area for my niece to come out from an ultrasound and staff just comes n turns off the tv saying yeah we getting ready to close.. Ok I think they should at least wait till the waiting room is clear..

Daniel Villalobos

The staff at this location is very courteous and attentive with their patients, I was comfortable with my stay.

Djcnnx Zvsbsnz

I was at Rush colpy 3wks.ago and was admitted in hospital for 3days they said I have torn legmentes I seen there orthopedic surgeon and it was he.. for me they kept me drugged all 3days and they said it was going to be able to help me walk again so they gave a cortisone injection and they sent me home with thin 10minutes after the injection and now I'm home and I can barely walk at all and I'm in sever pain I will never forget that hospital as long as I live i

Sean Scott

Since no one has reviewed this place, I will. We arrived with our daughter having seizures at 6:00pm. She had more seizures while in the ER waiting. I have never been so freaked out in my life watching my girl have seizures while no one is helping. I felt so helpless... I kept asking when they would see us. We were not seen by anyone until after 11:00. CAT Scan and a few tests and basically told us nothing. Her blood sugar dropped badly and we got it back up and they sent us home. She had a seizure again a few months later. This time, we made an appointment with our doctor at DuPage Medical Group and saw a Neurologist through Edwards Hospital. They sent her in for an EEG and verified something was wrong, and then went in for an MRI. Test showed an anomaly in her brain in the region associated with seizures. She is now on medication and is doing better than she has ever before. My other daughter had a head injury and when taken to the ER at Edwards, they took her IMMEDIATELY to a room and a doctor was already handling it. So, we went to a Rush Copley Aurora ER. Saw someone over 5 hours after we arrived. And they did not help with a damn thing after spending a ton of money. So, go to Edwards. The extra time it takes to drive, you will see someone much quicker. If I could give it negative stars, I would.

Bia Oceg

Worst experience ever! Traumatic! Wish I would have never given birth here back in June. The nurses I had were terrible except maybe 3 at most. WHat kind of hospital allows staff to swear while preping the paitient for an emergency c-section! Absolutely disgusting! The anesthesiologist are a joke. I thank god everyday that I’m not paralized due to amount of times they poked me for the epidural. This place is a circus. Just look the other way!

Nana Nao

Dr Muscia and Dr Kumar are amazing and talented both. However their front desk assistant is rude and disrespectful. Not even once this person has been able to help us as parents. Whenever I have had to reach out to the office with a question or with a request Julie haven't been responsive or attentive to us. Her answers are always "that is not possible" or "the doctors won't allow it", even though, the doctors have ALWAYS helped us. As a customer service manager I recognize there are times were there's nothing else to do, however, it seems that for Julie is easier to say no in a rude way rather than working with the parents to help them find a solution.

Lyndsi Platt

The whole staff is wonderful. Service is fast and felt very comfortable with everybody. Dr Wilburn is fantastic

Anne Ringrose

My husband and I have both been seen here for emergency care over the last 8 years, always with stellar service, competent and caring staff, and we hardly ever had to wait. My son was also born here which was another excellent experience. I intend to have any subsequent children here. Definitely much better than Provena/Mercy whatever it's called. Had a horrible experience there. We'll never go back even though it's closer to our house. Our pediatrician, my OB, and our primary care doc are all in the on site offices at Rush as well. We love them all.

Bluegrass Pups

On August 30th, 2017, I had minor surgery to place a drainage catheter in my chest. Everyone was nice and skilled at their jobs. No complaints from me about Rush-Copley hospital in Aurora, IL. One thing, however, I must mention. When the nurse forcably stuck the big IV needle into my chest port, it was incredibly painful. I have been stuck perhaps hundreds of times in my life and that was the worst. I will give it an "8" on a scale of 1 to 10. Considering how much money Rush-Copley is changing our insurance company, they should have numbed the area before inserting that big needle. For a second or two, my nurse seemed like Buffy the Vampire Slayer. I hope they figure out a more humane way to insert an IV.

J. Adams

New years eve last year, I broke my hand. The doctors were good, but the billing dept. has committed fraud. Was on an auto debit for the orthopedist. Paid remaining amount in a lump sum and was told they would stop the auto debit. They didn't. They continued to steal money from my bank account, a DVD now my family is facing hardships a a result. Pay cash or don't use Copley.

Angelica Gonzalez

I'm 20 weeks pregnant with a sever cough and throwing up to the point I can't even keep water down and I feel so dehydrated. Yet I only got one swab in my nose at check-in. No testing nothing was done Just to be sent home empty handed like I never even came in.

Amie Wade

I am beyond disappointed in the care and process that Rush Copley has in place for behavioral health issues. Though we had a good social worker, Jackie, the daytime staff was extremely uncaring and unhelpful. My loved one ended up in a behavioral unit that was atrocious at best because of the actions taken by the ER staff. I firmly believe that because of the actions and treatment of the ER staff my loved one will not admit when they need help the next time. I do not recommend that you go to this hospital.

Daniel Martinez

Very nice staff for my daughters delivery treated the mother of my child very well and did a great job 5 stars across the board they even offer a special delivery for 2 menu for expecting couples very good

Aida Alegria

I had such a bad experience in the er i had fallen from my bed do to medication that i took so i told the nurse that i was very depress .i hurt my self on my left side of my ribs and breast so i told the doctor that felt ill in side of me so the doctor ask me if was suicidal and i answer that i just wanted to sleep i could not sleep my mind would race just thinking so they took some x-rays of my chest and head scan blood test ,so then the doctor did not come back in the room to talk to me and my husband i was treated like criminals the nurse came in and said that i was discharge. that how people that have deppresion are treated at rush copley .i did not get any kind of help,what if i was suicidal i need help at that moment and i was treated very poorly. so if have any mentel problem don't go to the er.

Maria Parsons

I was transferred to the Aurora facility from the Morris hospital with heart problems. Reading previous reviews has proven something to me that I already knew: everyone's experience is different. I ended up having triple bypass surgery and have no complaints at all. Not one. Everyone involved in my care during my two and a half week stay was awesome - from maintenance to the surgeon. I would not hesitate to be admitted there in the future if needed.

Diamond Fluellen

Gave birth to my baby boy here. I had a nice stay. Staff was nice and courteous.

Kimberly Zentmyer

Love therapy

Karen Simental

This hospital has been great every time family has been admitted. Some nurses can be very rude at times and show no compassion. Yolanda a nurse in the delivery room has been very rude so far today. My cousin is going through labor and she happens to be her nurse on duty. Yolanda does not communicate with family, she is very dry when talking to the patient. She has an attitude every time she walks in the room. I've seen great nurses here, this one doesn't enjoy her job for the looks of it.

Nancy Garcia

I want to thank the nurses and DRs who have attended my husband in room A125 you guys were all extremely nice and helpful. Thank you all again


Had a good experience few times with all my family,with ER, doctors and even surgeons!Emergency surgery for my child was organized well and found quickly a specialist! Yes, at ER waiting time is long and u have to spend 3-4 hours in.

Incredible Shrinking Woman

The doctor I saw here was terrible. Misdiagnosed. Didn't show up for appts. Shouldnt be practicing medicine.

Aurora Arroyo

I was so happy to have wonderful nurses take care of this past weekend. They were extremely helpful and attentive. Thank you, Angela, Laura, Cynthia, Sam, Haley, Amy, Amy from respiratory and Stephanie in emergency. You ladies are the best. Again, Thank you! I bet they won't realize i actually remembered their names. You ladies rock.

Charles Leforce

Dirty hospital, slow not here for a life threatening emergency but the staff is sitting around and then I heard one laugh because they thought the other idiot ordered the test. I probably wouldn't have noticed how dirty the roof, vents and lights are except been waiting here for three hours. Next time I will drive the extra 5 miles to Edwards

Edson Dominguez

Long wait for ER it’s crazy how you go in to emergency in so much pain and they take forever to call you. They need to hurry their processes with patients.

Mary Louder

My nephew had nose surgery and they released him with a bloody nose. We then had to come back to the ER because it was bleeding so bad and we have been waiting over 2 hours in the ER and he cannot breath. I called the surgeons office as well to tell them about the excessive bleeding and he never returned my call. I had to call back an hour and a half later to submit another request and then got a call 20 minutes later. Bad ethics and terrible patient services!

Dawn Adams

Patients beware - My mothers necklace was stolen off her body while she was in the hospital! The hospital does nothing even though they have proof it was on her at admission - An xray was taken with the jewelry on her. BEWARE!!!! How can this happen. No one cares. How awful. taking advantage of someone who in unconscious - INCREDIBLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Glen Cherry

My Father died in the ICU there in 2017 at the age of 90 due to the adverse effects of an untreated serious acute illness he had suffered at home. The staff treated my Father professionally, with care and respect at all times. The Palliative & Hospice Care Coordinator and my Father's doctor helped him to undestand his medical situation and to tell them how he wanted them to proceed while he was still able to talk about it. His illness ultimately proved fatal, but his wishes wete respected.

Kimberlyn Stephens

I'd give less than one star if I could. I can't even begin to describe how unhelpful multiple staff members have been - from nurses, to billing, to coding, to the provider herself. Because the Nurse Practitioner I saw chose to leave out one minor piece of her documentation, they are requiring me to pay $200+ for a less than 15 minute appointment. They will make $200 off this visit, but lost me as a patient who would be having a procedure soon. Therefore, losing money in the long run. The main reason the documentation couldn't be fixed is the provider is now out of the office for a couple months. Again - I am paying because of them not being helpful, not for true medical reasons.

Sekar R

Worst service. Hospital management must change. Took 5 hrs for a simple task in the ER. ER is just for namesake. Not really a ER. A patient with chronic pain was left in the TRIAGE ROOM (another farce) for 2 hrs stating her vitals look good.

Goat of the Falls

The indoor Gym and pool is great we were members for a year and they have several programs if you are looking to get in shape and live healthy if you become a GYM member.

Mary Jandes

I and my husband have been in the ER several times. Good and bad, mostly good. People complain about wait time but may not realize they triage - worse patients treated first, for both walkin and ambulance arrivals. Worst - doctor, with big attitude, did not believe pain level, x-rays done nothing showed, received pain injection and sent home. Pain continued to be severe and pain management doctor ordered an MRI - broken vertebrae!!! Best - abdominal pain, admitted next day ultra sound showed blockage, had surgery within an hour. Doctor treating my husband noticed an injury I had and suggested I have my doctor check it out. I asked if it classified as an emergency and he suggested I check in. I had a fracture. Never had an issue with ordering or taste of the food. The nurses were VERY professional and just nice.

Becky Watson

My 4 year old broke his arm yesterday. It was a very nasty break. The staff in the ER were amazing. He was taken straight back, x-rayed within 5 minutes of being in the room. His nurse Jenny took really good care of him. The Dr, PA, tech and everyone who came in the room were all on point. I’m so grateful for the care he received!

Lana Campos

I have to just say thank you so much for the care of the wonderful doctor , his bedside manner was absolutely overwhelming to me warm and attentive, the nurses staff was just remarkable whenever I needed something they were right there helping me I’m so grateful to have such a wonderful hospital, thank you copley staff

Aaron B

Had both our daughters here. Beyond fantastic attention by every...single...employee. Every one. Doctors are fantastic and the nurses are absolute superhero’s. Bless them all.

M Henry

Rush Copley overall is an amazing hospital when it comes to the nurses and doctors once you've been admitted. However, in the ER it is an entirely different story hence the 4 stars. I took my boyfriend to the ER for obvious appendicitis. They did the right thing for prioritizing his abdominal pain and he was quickly retrieved by what I assumed to be a nurse. The nurse did the basic vitals and then decided an IV was required. However the bimbo #1 allowed him to have his arm flexed, #2 did not palate a vein first, #3 the tourniquet was placed far too high on his arm, #4 she wiggled and repositioned the needle in his arm for about 3 minutes before he got nauseous (DUH!). Then,she FINALLY allowed another nurse to try.The second nurse took 1 second and popped the IV right in. However once he was admitted the care provided was expeditious, professional, and warm. The nursing and room service staff were all social and genuinely caring.


Staff here is excellent from the nurses to all the talented doctors. Nothing but good things to say about my grandmas stay.

Elka Hoyos

My mans grandmother was calling this hospital and she only speaks Spanish a little English when she got to speak with someone ( receptionist) they couldn’t understand her and all they did was transfer her to other people and then to voicemail. They had nobody that could speak Spanish or different language?? Please hire people that can help other?! Not only people that speak English!

Eda Mustabelli

Horrible experience , my mom passed away cause of their negligence and unprofessional doctors there. Don't send your loved ones and don't trust their lives there it might be the last time seen alive. Shame on you

Banafsha Mojadaddi

went to the emergency room at 9pm and its 1am and we are still waiting for the doctor to see my son who is in allot of pain and the receptionist can clearly see him having allot of pain, I went to find out what was happening, the girl at the front desk said we would have to wait 5hrs before the doctor could see him, I'm absolutely sorry for other patients and If I could give negative reviews I would give them negative five.

Joe Lacefield

Just had our 2nd child here and all the staff are great and very helpful!

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