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REVIEWS OF ROPH Emergency Department IN Illinois

Victoria Clare Sulouff

ROPH caused me to get C Diff! I don't usually leave reviews, but this is a must. Rush Oak Park Emergency Department is filthy. The waiting time is extremely long, and it's disgustingly dirty. The nurse who drew my blood stabbed my arm too hard and blood got on the bed. She left the blood stain without cleaning it up. The doctor didn't do anything. She detected protein in my urine and told me I was experiencing "kidney problems, possibly a kidney stone" and sent me home without any X-Rays and no medication other than ibuprofen. Shortly after my visit to ROPH, I tested positive for C-Diff and my doctor seemed certain based on the timeline that I picked up the infection fro ROPH. I was EXTREMELY careful about cleaning my clothes and my body after my ER visit, yet I still picked up a nasty infection. ROPH didn't solve any of my issues and in fact created more of them. Please be very careful about visiting this facility; you might pick up an infection like C Diff or MRSA.

Rachel Davis

Everyone made me feel so relaxed and comfortable. I was treated so warmly by the nurses, staff, and students. Dr. Berman and Dr. Ananda.

Hannah McGinnis

Miller Steve

We are here now. I don’t know where to start. My daughter was admitted into the ER from an ambulance but there was no parking when I arrived. I found valet and told them I needed to get to emergency room since my daughter is there. They said ER is on the other side of hospital and pointed me in the other direction. I asked if there is parking and they said there should be but there is also a garage. When I found the ER there wasn’t any parking and the garage was full. I found a sign that said there was valet but it took you to a entrance that didn’t have any valet. In the end, the only valet available was the original valet I went to on the other side of the hospital. Really frustrating. I found my way to the ER. I spoke to a girl (chewing gum) who told me I needed to talk to security to see my daughter. Fairly standard for ER but then had to ask her where is security?? Apparently, it was in an office behind her but no signs nor was she willing to direct me. Once I talked to ER security, they could not find a record for her. I explained she was there. It had been about an hour since she was admitted. He had to make a phone call to verify but then gave me attitude. He was not friendly at all. Later when I needed to go back into the ER again to let my wife go back (only 1 person in ER), he seemed put off because he was eating a sandwich! It’s a hospital and they allow employees to openly eat food at their desk? How odd and unprofessional. The ER exam rooms floors are filthy. Feels more like a third world ER to me. I am so nervous for daughter to be here but we had no choice. I took pictures and hope I can post in my review. It’s completely unacceptable for a hospital ER. On a positive note the nursing staff seems nice and competent.

Stephanie P

I brought my father into the ER today. The Lady at registration was friendly and the nurses checked him promptly. We were seated but called on within 20 minutes. My father was taken care of.

Natalie Stellato

terrible service


Just received the best care here in the er I was here 6/6/19. I would have given all 5 stars but I notice they do not arranged being called in the back from severity’s of someone issue It’s really based on if u have insurance or not. Someone literally came in way after me and was called to go in the back 10 mins later... but I wanna seen a special thanks to doctor Mano for going above and beyond to help me feel better. They have some great nurses and dr. I strongly recommend coming here

Tianna McClain

This is the first medical facility I've visited and received superb service from the time I walked in until I was discharged. If I wasn't in so much pain I might have forgot why I was there. I was in disbelief with there service. The intake staff wonderful, respectful and professional. The emergency room staff smiley face, professional and patient. I have NEVER received service like this from a medical staff. Keep up the awesome work.

Ajoke Yusuf

Amazing place to be and the care is top notch

Tiffany Correa

James Chard

Great hospital the short time I was there

Sharon Terrell

My husband was in extreme pain in his foot. We decided to go to ROPH since it was a few blocks away. The ER was empty and we were seen right away. Buf, there was an interesting odor in the waiting room. The patient area was not cleaned as well. ROPH was my choice of hospital, not after this visit. I will take the ride to Loyola Medical Center or Northwestern Hospital. Clean this place up to the standards I once knew!

Amanda Terrell-Chatman

I was seen by Dr. McKenna and a Male nurse I didnt get his name. They did a great job at diagnosing me. I felt very comfortable. They were very nice and explained everything to me in a professional undertanding manner. They seemed to really care and it seemed like they enjoyed their profession. Thank you so much.

Shavon Stanton

Sat in the ER extremely too long. Rude staff was more concerned with charging my insurance than allowing me to be seen by a doctor. Never again.

Gloricelly Martinez

My mother went to this emergency room because we thought they would have the resources to get fast results to figure out what type of bug she got that would cause her the fever, aches, and chills. Which would take urgent cares and primary doctor office a week to get results. Co-payment is due at the time of service, so as soon as you step down their door. Total waste of money!! No IV saline-lock was even placed, in case of an emergency, no blood was drawn to get a complete blood count to check for infection, no urine was even tested as usually is protocol for the rest of the hospitals... they attend you fast, if you got the money in hand... waste of $300 in an hour.

Jacqueline Ruiz

My father came here 4 days in a row. His medical problem was never resolved. I am now at cook county hospital hoping they can help him.its a shame how this hospital can't even insert a Foley catheter .

Clemente Miguel

Doctor's n nurses took very good care of me I wanna thank everyone that help me out wen I was there very great food I probably would of been dead if it wasn't for you guys thanks again you guys safe my life this hospital is way better than McNeal hospital....

Toni Mahan

So I've been to two emergency rooms over the past 48 hours .. first Elmhurst then Loyola lastly oak park rush. My ear has been killing me with so much pain and the doctors at the previous hospitals couldn't find a thing. So I came here expecting the same results i had the Nurse practitioner Eric Roberts see me and he was amazing!! Not only was he able to find a diagnosis unlike the other doctors he did not RUSH me in and out !! He took his time explaining exactly what I had going on and exactly what I needed and he even drew it for me. If that's not a concerned NP then I don't know what is !! I left so happy and I thank him so much for all the help these past two days have been miserable and now I know I'll be ok. I know this is a long paragraph and I usually only write food reviews but I had to get his name out there. I understand this hospital isn't as fancy and up to date as others but he got the job done !! Thanks Eric !! You're awesome !!

Josh Manego

Collin Slagell

I dislocated my finger playing basketball so I went to the ER. The wait to get into a room was limited to 45 minutes which was quicker than expected. Before being given a room, my X-Ray was taken. The greeting attendant was impersonal but asked if I needed to some form a pain reliever such as Ibuprofen or Tylenol. I took ibuprofen but noticed no difference in my pain during the 2 hour visit which was not surprising. Once in my room, I was met by a woman who requested my insurance information and had me sign 2 pieces of paper covering liability during my stay. 30 minutes go by and in comes an assistant who looks at my finger and says we will have someone in shortly. She seemed nice enough. Finally the physician's assistant (the highest professional title to which I had encountered) and the previous assistant entered the room. The PA looked at my finger and told me "I have never fixed a dislocated finger before" and proceeded to pop her cherry with mine. She simply pulled and twisted continually for 15 to 20 seconds. The dislocation was at my first joint passed the knuckle on my left pinkie. The bone moved but did not locate properly. They began binding a splint. I said this neither looks nor feels right and they said "oh okay we can try it again if you like". They did. To no avail, but they quickly bound it again seemingly reassuring themselves - not me - that it was straighter. They told me it would only feel better from here but I could contact an Orthopedic Surgeon soon if I felt it necessary. I was billed a $250 co-pay and was off. The next day I took off work due to nearly unbearable pain which came in waves. I went into an OS appt. in Edgewater at 4 pm., just less than 24 hours after my ER visit. Upon meeting the OS, he told me "your finger is absolutely still dislocated" and he scoffed at the story I recalled from the ER. I received Novocaine shots in my knuckle and waited 5 minutes for numbing. After 5 minutes passed, the OS proceeded to slowly flex the joint of the dislocation. It felt awful regardless of the numbing. In a matter of 10 seconds he pulled, and bent my finger the way it shouldn't go and it magically snapped into realignment. Some ER's may have better mock/near professionals but this one does not. I can only imagine a dislocated shoulder being treated.

Angel Navy

The doctors are FANTASTIC! The nurses are great too. Very caring. My husband was in a room by a window and the window was open. I said something and a staff brought him a warm blanket with me asking. The only thing was most of the noise was coming from staff laughing and joking in ER. It was a little disturbing because I was stressed at that time. I have been to other ER and its not the case. I even saw some on Facebook. But once my husband got to ICU couldn't ask for anything more! Doctors & Nurses were not only professional but I could feel their warm spirit. They took fantastic care of him and treated me well making sure I was comfortable as well. As Medical Professionals I would not go any place else! Thank you for your service!

Sheena Zollicoffer

I went to the emergency room for pain in my legs. I set in the waiting room for 4 hours and in the room for 3 hours. Staff was laughing and joking around. I didn't see no use of the fast track system.

veronica salinas

1st and last time... Terrible service in the ER.... I am genuinely surprised people still come and that they have a sign saying fast track. I had a sister vomiting and passing out and she was still not a priority patient...

george birmingham

I brought my wife in on Christmas Eve because she no longer could stand on her own. After xrays and blood tests the doctor informed me she had extreme osteoporosis in her hip and there was nothing they could do for her.The doctor and the nurse had her stand up and told her to walk. My wife took one step forward while the nurse and doctor still held her and she slumped back on the table. They wrote up a discharge for her and told me to take her home. Since I had an ambulance bring her I asked how I could get her to our house and up the 12 steps to get her inside. After some discussion they called a transport to assist in getting her home. She left soaking in urine since the nurse had cut off her underwear and was never able to use a restroom in the seven hours we we there. They also never offered any food or water during our stay. Care facilities I have talked to are appalled by this and indicated they would have accepted my wife if the hospital had called.

esperanza cuevas

Philip Slezews

Absolutely worste service ever 4 hour wait with a dislocated shoulder in waiting room while people walking in are going right back

Kiyat Kahjit

The hospital is gross looks like the don't even clean in here. Has a unnecessary charge for their "treatments"

Edward mILLER

This is the worst ER I have ever been to. They do not allow both parents to be with there child. I have been treated af I'f I am not supposed to be here. If you unfortunately have to come to this ER don't come with both parents they don't care you're just a visitor to them not the child's parents. Then I get walked up on by security and asked ( what am I doing here). This is the worst ER I have ever been in. Never would I ever recommend this place for anyone. I have never been so disrespected by people that are supposed to help people in my life and treated as if I was a criminal. All because I want to be with my son which I have ever right to be. I have been disrespected, profiled, wronged, treated as I don't belong and discriminated against.

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