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REVIEWS OF Riverside Medical Center IN Illinois

Andrew Mazzuchi

Great patient care, staff, and one of the cleaner hospitals I've seen. Also has state of the art technology like a Da Vinci surgical room.

Mark H

Terrible service on the part of a few on the staff. Instead of giving me a menu they presumed to order my food for me. Food that went against my dietary restrictions. They did it three times. I refused help and left against their advice they were so bad. My discharge papers said follow up with the doctor at 1130 am the following Monday. I showed up and they had no record of the appointment at all. This place is a joke.

Austin h

sharon niewold

Spent some time in the E R last night. The staff was fantastic from the minute I walked in until I left. Thanks for all your help!

Robert Coyne


Giovanni Manjarrez

Richard Michniak

Let me just say Riverside is one of the best hospitals to go to get checked out or if you are having bad chest pains and very very bad pains too like for Example August will make the two year mark I was working out around my place doing a lot of cleaning up And I decided to go And move 18 cinder blocks from my back pole barn And then went and took 8 bags of garbage up front to the trash can And then cleaned up 12 long 2x4s And threw them like they where nothing and the decided to go And clean up and take a nap And then woke up that night and couldn't talk or breath too and my family seen it on the outside part Of me something wasn't right and i had to use my head to talk to shake it to say yes and no and they knew i was in so much pain because what they called Fatty Tumors that was inside my back and knees was taking there pound Of flesh And the pain was so bad that i couldn't talk or breath and then when i got to Riverside ER Room they couldn't get me to talk and then they gave me a shot in my back And then the pain slowly let up and 20 minutes later i could breath And talk again and tell them what it was and where the pain was at And onces I told them what I did and then how many pain killer pills I was taking like they where candy and how many I was taking in a day and night the doc eyes blew open and I me No Don't Do Anything Else Because Where Going To Get You The Info That You Need To Have To Start Getting Those Removed And Taken Care Of and I told them You Choose Wisely And The Right Road And ever since I been pain free And I can work more and do more and my family And mother can believe how much more that I'm doing and working to and about too get ready to make the move out Of here anytime and day now pretty soon as next Year for sure hopefully but like I've posted on there Facebook page plenty Of Times And that is Riverside has Gave me my life back Riverside has gave me my freedom back I can do more and I can work more And more than what I use to do before all this pain and suffering I been losing for more 15 plus years but I wouldn't go nowhere else but Riverside Medical Center and Riverside Clinics and Riverside ER Room because they have friendly doctors And nurses there and that know how to take care Of you with whatever that you need and all so Riverside has saved my life plenty Of Times too and I couldn't be anymore happier than what I am today

Bob Albrecht Jr

Tabia C.R.

tried taking to a nurse over the phone and she hung up on me mid question

Nick Davies

My wife went in with complaints of vomiting blood after a surgery. The wouldn't do anything except bloodwork and sent her home. After realizing after the fact that she left her phone charger plugged in she went back right away and they said it wasn't there and that she must have taken it with her. They stole a phone charger and wouldn't even allow her back to look. These people are incompetent and thieves! Would much rather she would have went to st Mary's or community in Hammond. At least the would have scoped her or something. Imbeciles!

Tabitha Qualls

You wait for several hours. When I sprained my ankle a couple of years ago, and when my accompaniment tried to get a wheelchair for me, a nurse told her she was crazy. There was a huge scene. They gave me a pair of generic crutches and a half cast. Not the greatest service. They were better several years ago. What happened? Going to St. Mary's until they are better.

Silvia Guzman

Very friendly and polite

Chad Harrison

Riverside is a wonderful place full of beautiful people to help with any medical need.

Meila Williams

I'm confused at what an emergency room is for anymore. Since the last time I used one was about 15 years ago. Something happened to my lower back, to the point that I can barely walk. And I mean struggling bent completely over crying. Feels like something in my spinal cord is severed. I've never been like this even though I do have lower back issues. This is scarey. I went in to ER with a pain level of 10 waited two hours in the waiting room (struggling) and when I was seen by the PA. She said there was nothing they could do for me except manage my pain. So they gave me a shot of toradol, a tramadol pill. Waited an hour when that did nothing they gave me norco. After 30 min when that did nothing. They sent me home in the same condition I was in when I got there. I've wasted my time and money for what? I'm laying in bed unable to walk but I'm supposed to follow up with my primary care doctor which is also a PA. Where is the healthcare?

Dionn Ownbey

Takes forever to see a doctor even get into a room for that matter

Tinisha Johnson

Daniel Withheld

Nice friendly staff.

Andrew Pronger

Had a pretty serious accident in the very early hours of Sunday December 23rd...the entire staff from the sign in desk, to the ER Nurses, Doctor, CAT scan tech, and everyone I may have overlooked were absolutely amazing...thanks for all your assistance and putting up with a patient like me...FYI, the fingers are great and so is the eye...thanks again for being there, and all you do!!

Joanna Piwowarczyk

Always wait a long time. Some staff are very rude and impatient.

Eva Steffy Steffy

I had to spend some time in the hospital for my first surgery was so invasive!!!!!!!!)))***

Music-love Peace

The ER has slightly improved since 2016, but they still have a lot of work to do. Like not hiring staff that laugh in groups. I visited the ER twice in 2017 once for myself for a chronic, lifelong illness and once for an acute issue for my child and both times there were groups of nurses laughing. One group of 3 even "whispered" 'shh there she is' when I was going to the bathroom - I even looked around and no one else was there besides me and the group of nurses. How rude, I hadn't done anything wrong! Trust me, if I did I'd own up to it. This was the visit when I was there for my son!!! Unbelievable. Though they have improved, I still highly recommend St Mary's ER, it may not be "state of the art" but they actually help you! I added photos of Riversides Christmas decorations to show they have the money to decorate nicely, yet still can't figure out how to give good emergency care. As for other departments; Special surgical, OB, radiology they are all 5 stars which is why I didn't give this an even lower score. I've heard so many horror stories from others in the ER, so it's not just me. I really hope they start caring more about people coming in for emergency situations! In my opinion, 99% of people going to the ER don't want to be there, they just don't know what else to do! Have some compassion!

Louise Breen

Cassandra Wade

I gave birth to my daughter her and the experience was excellent. Not all of the doctors and nurses here are the best but the good ones deserve an a five star rating. The lactation consultants are amazing and helped me through questionable times. One of which I still keep in touch with. My only disappointment and is why I would probably have marked this hospital three stars is that they did not allow recording for my birth. During the moment, I did not have the energy to put up a fight but I am pretty upset that I was prohibited from doing so.

Cole W

Shelby Leatherwood

Tonight a close family member went in the er from ambulance for an attempted suicide she ate over 200 pills mostly narcotics, she had been there many times very recently for similar insidents yet they keep discharging this woman instead of bringing her to the second floor to get actual help.. if she dies there deff will be a lawsuit since yall dont do what is very necessary!

Crystal Lorek

Eric Cockrell

The thoroughness of the ED doctors and nurses at Riverside Medical Center more than likely saved my mother’s life last night. Also they have one hell of a chicken sandwich.

Rachel Lynn


Mike Silanskis

Amazing caring staff. I was a pleasure getting to know the staff. I rate them from one to ten, a twelve. Keep up the good work my hero's

Big Wap

Their internet is trash get a better router

Justin Hensley

Had my appendix removed here was a great smooth experience all the nurses were great and so friendly. Big shout out to Dr Roland and nurse Sara and all the others you guys were so good to me.

Mark Moore

I like the staff there and Doctors, I also volunteer there M-F.

Marissa Gourley

justin popovich


M Devine

Dan DeBord

Robert Schneider

Nice building but if you are a patient waiting for the Heart and Cardiovascular group to call you back on the phone, good luck. I've called every day for three days and no return phone call after being assured they would call me back. Something is broken in their care delivery and is not being fixed

takisha mason

Everything was going well at my e.r visit until a nurse "Tim Brown" came in being rude saying "you can get up now I have a patient that needs this room!" 1st and far most I was not dressed and I was not comfortable with him coming in like that and did I rush them to come to my aide or did I let them take their time? Am I not a patient also?

Victoria Frye

Taylor Harper

Jason Sons

My son broke his collar bone and we were in and out in an hour. Everyone was professional and courteous, sympathetic to my son. I can't say enough great things about the doctor, the nurse, and the tech that helped us.

Waynette Carter

C Yak

Everytime I've been in the last several years, for myself and other family members, we've gotten in quickly. The staff is wonderfully caring. Sometimes they can't get to you quickly IF they are really busy and they have more urgent cases. Several years ago I would not have given them a good review but they are so much better now.

John N

The ER is ok. The hospital nurses are good. The hospital Docs are no good for the most part. Avoid them Neither local hospital is accredited by the joint commission.

Sarina DiMaso

The staff was very attentive, the dr.s, nurses, all the staff were very promt when i paged them. Then went above and beyond to take care of me from the time I walked into ER. I definatly recommend this hospital and I will be looking for a physcian with Riverside Medical Center as well.

Crystal Kiefling

Deborah Essary

The nurses were friendly and caring. The doctors were great. Entire 8 days. My husband was there his nurses were very nice, even thanking him for his service in the army. Everyone was just awesome.

alex koerner

It's a good local hospital with good doctors and staff. Always updating the facility to beter accommodate of help the patients.

Julie Rauster

Had a Dr who decided to not only treated my phyc needs she being a med also would go into my medical file and would change my medicine . This I believe caused me to fall last Oct and break my foot . She gave me higher doses of my sleep meds by 30%. Then she was fired or walked off the job. I don't believe this was right but what to do.

Beverly Baker

I had the worst customer service experience. I was bringing a friend to the interventional recovery unit for anprocedure. My friend is a wheelchair bound amputee with various other medical priblems. She had forgotten her handicap placard at home. I pulled up in the drop off area to get her out and signed in, and she asked me to stay with her until they called her in. This process tool no more than 10 jinutes, I explained this at the registration desk at sign in. And yet, as I'm standing next to my car getting ready to oeave, Ariel (who was at the desk when we arrived) came out to inform me that if I did not move my car she would call security and have it towed. Are you serious??!! I'm standing at my car getting ready to leave!

Brian Christian

Worst food Ever!!! If you have to stay ..Inpatient. Not sure how they can take the flavor out of food. Some of the worst food ever. Supposedly "Skilled Chefs" prepare the food with the "freshest ingredients"???. Most certainly they take most everything out of the freezer or a can and throw in the oven usually to see if they can dehydrate it. Certainly when they Hired this company(Morrison) no one ever tasted the food. I challenge Management to eat this stuff next to the patients daily. Be sure to bring your loved ones food from outside.

Eduardo Gonzales

1000% ♡☆

Mike Granzow

Deanna Parchem

The lady was very ignorant on the phone. I mistakenly called not knowing that it was the hospital and not a dr office where I can make an appointment and the female that picked up said " this is the hospital you would have to call your doctor" i apologized and went to ask a question but before i was able to ask what the number was to the dr she said " no this isnt bye" so damn ignorant.

Jean Auteberry

They are always on top of things. Comes in every hour. Just looks in if you are sleeping. Only wakes you when needed. The rooms are private and they give the person staying with the patient a pull out bed pillows and blankets. EVERY time my mom is in there I stay. I don't like driving back to her house in the night with winding roads and deer. They understand and make us both comfortable.

Taylor Patterson

Chuck Widerstrom

Surgeon and nurse's are great

Jonathon Bacon

April Mcclees

I had $36 when I went to the er they dont do a inventory of ur property and when I went to the floor my belongings stayed in bvb the er while I was upstairs and finally when it was brought up the staff inventoried my stuff without me present they told me to sign my inventory sheet on the paper where ur valuables are It said I only had $15. I told them I had $36. Also I had a bunch of change it said 0 on it but it was clearly noticeable I had alot of loose change. Well it was counted so it was marked down after the fact I pointed out I had change. So if anyone goes there as n they take ur property I would demand it be searched in front of u and written down. Just warning Riverside is a crooked hospital and my care there was horrible very professional. I wouldn't even give this a partial star.

Emerald Green Blueberry Koolaid

Stay away from this hospital. They are shady. I witnessed it first-hand. They will alter documents to cover things up. They will justify their own negligence. They will leave out important things that you tell them. They will twist your words. They will say that you said things that you didn't say. They will talk over you. It's really sad. This is supposed to be the one of the places where people can let their guards down but unfortunately, it's not. If you do not plan on bringing an audio recording device, do not visit. Otherwise you'll regret it because the moment you access your medical records and read the doctor's report, you will see the inaccurate assessment of you and everything. Which will show you their poor listening skills, arrogance, dishonesty, shadiness, rudeness, and narcissistic know-it-all nature. You deserve to be at a hospital with staff who respect you , listen well, and truly care about you. This is certainly not the place for you especially if you are seeking care or treatment for an injury related to a legal matter. The actions of their unprofessional staff will negativity backfire against you and your claim. Be cautious with this hospital! No dignity or integrity.

Connor Flynn

Do not tend to patients in a timely manner. Doctors have mis-diagnosed me or someone I know a multitude of times.

Dan Feigel

To much paper work

Julianne Papas

I am NOT happy with this ER and will never return. My husband was having an allergic reaction to prednisone and developed serious Ulceratis Esophagitis. When he went to the ER, he was in extreme pain. They did nothing to look into any kind of reaction or to give him information for that. They didn't do any tests, either. They simply spent 15 min with him and said he must have a pulled muscle. We ended up at another ER after the pain didn't subside to find out why. Thankfully to Carle Clinic in Champaign, we have answers and also more bills. I appealed this bill, as they literally did nothing to help him. But, alas, that is not seen as a problem and I am stuck with a $200 dollar bill for nothing. Do yourself a favor and NEVER go here.

Chris Earling

They were a contributing factor to my daughter's death!!! Dr. Chatrath and his staff were allowed to turn my daughter away from her Vivitrol treatments that was covered by my BCBS great insurance that kept her clean and in recovery! We were told after over 15 years of being patients they will no longer except her as a patient IN A LETTER and turned their backs on her and my family for help! We tried reaching out to board members or anyone who would listen or talk to AND NEVER EVEN RECEIVED a single call back!!! Obviously no care at this hospital ITS ALL ABOUT MONEY. My family, family members and friends I've talked to have already begun finding BETTER doctors and I will continue to spread my word about this hospital TO EVERYONE....

Paula Williams

Vanessa Zalik

Tammy Rawlings

Roberto Huerta

I use to remember that hospital when I was litel and I still remember the hospital for a year 2006 i was born in that hospital and I was still in that hospital for 13 year

Madonna Zasada

Bradley IL copwatch

Worst hospital in Illinois. It's all about the money. They don't want to prescribed antibiotics. Or take a x-ray. And if your child gets hurt at church they ask what church ? Does it matter ? Why does a religion matter for health care? ??

pertrice rutledge

This past Saturday morning, i went to rmc er with my daughter, who was attacked and beaten with a hammer, she is also an insulin dependent diabetic, we asked the staff 6 times for her blood sugar level to be tested, that didn't happen for 2 hours, she sat there with her head busted open for two and a half hours with several requests for pain meds , it took 3 hours for that, the only staff member that was pleasant was the doctor, the rest stood around in groups of 5 to 6 people talking and laughing with each other, they were rude, and obviously they didn't want to be at work, it was truly my worst ER experience ever!!!! Riverside staff USED to be the best, i guess they've lowered their standards , and is hiring anyone that applies, again, the Saturday morning staff that was assigned to room 2 sucks, go to ST MARYS ER

Megan Crumb

I wonder if I could sue you for neglect because you lock your behavior health patients in their rooms for hours on end because your so short staffed. This is not going unnoticed... just saying... don’t send anyone you love here

Jessica Teeter

Great Doctors, Nurses, and staff. Everyone was friendly, kind, and compassionate.

Linda Richardson

While I feel most of the physicians here are very good, the nursing care here at the hospital is awful (with the exception of a few good ones). I have had numerous trips here over the past 2 years with my parents only because all of their physicians are from here. Each time, I struggle with the nursing staff and their rudeness towards the family. This last time was the ultimate as my father was put in-patient hospice, and yet some of the CNA's and nurses continued to be rude. If you don't have a good bed side manner FIND ANOTHER CAREER! It is beyond my comprehension that Riverside continues to win award after award year after year......because it doesn't compute. Furthermore, if your loved one dies, you will have no access to mychart. They disable it as soon as they are gone. Shameful and absolutely no communication or compassion by management. Nothing but rude people. Sad, just sad.

mom mom

Rebecca Clemens

Julia Knox

I was at the triage in the ER and a nurse berated me before I could even tell her what my issue was. She lectured me about how I shouldn't be managing my pain with narcotic at my age, and continued to use words like, "you're an addict", "you're jonesing for your next fix", "abusing your medication", when the only information she had of me is that I am in pain management, not why, or how long, or what I've done for it, or what my other medical history is. I had to hold back tears, and she was still giving me grief as if I was only there to get a fix, when I was really there to have help managing withdraw symptoms due to an incorrect dosage my regular doctor prescribed me. I had ample proof of it as well, and proof that I couldn't get a hold of my doctor. I didn't have any help, and I feel terrible about the whole experience.

sheryl schwickrath

Worst hospital ever!! We've been waitingfor over 4 hours in the waiting room, we'll never come back here again, the service was terrible. Going to St. Mary's from now on.

Nenad Zivkovic

The staff and the care were excellent!!

Judi Cory

Horrible went to have a us cardiogram blood pressure was to high sent me to er re let me sit in a chair in waiting room sick chest pains after 2hours I signed out left went to st Mary's took me right in was 95 percent blocked could of died unreal was given the best care ever had stents done everyone from cardiologist Kapoor to ICU to even kitchen was the best shame on you Riverside who lets someone sit in a chair already being a heart patient never would I step foot in Riverside again

Toni Thomas-Wilson

Once again the 3rd floor staff rendered beyond exceptional care! First, Telemetry cared for me when I was admitted for fainting/vertigo and walking pneumonia. They informed me about the pneumonia...smh I had no clue. Then about a month later, my husband was admitted to 3rd floor ICU for a heart attack. Once again, beyond exceptional care. All the staff....dietary, housekeeping, cna’s, lab techs, doctors, nurses, cath lab, cat scan techs, er staff, paramedics ....etc! All you guys rock! The only place we go for care.

Seth Barber

Drake Dre Reffy

Needs a fast trac care team also needs to provide wait times

Kathleen Williams

Well hub is really dangerously ill and literally waited 30 minutes for someone to answer his call light then was rude and snippy when I spoke up for him saying rudely that she was sorry there's only one nurse for six patients and next time pull the cord out then they know it's an emergency. The only one I found was a clerk or something when I was trying to find ANYONE. Tonight they let the guy next door be yelling at the top of his lungs until I alerted hub's nurse. were they deaf? It was very disturbing to listen to and they ought to have got an order from the Dr to give him (the screamer) something much sooner and I feel bad because he was clearly not all there but wow! And they let patients who are confused but can answer the right questions put their lives in danger by self-release.

Boomstick Butcher With The Chainsaw hand

3rd time for an appointment, they keep rescheduling the appointment without letting me know about it. Been out of medication now for more than 2 months.

Joey Hernandez

Great people here! Lots of top notch nurses& doctors

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