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REVIEWS OF Norwegian American Hospital IN Illinois

Holly Barabasz

Two words: AWESOME SAUCE!¡!

Martha Fernandez

There foot Doctor are actually good. The staff from doctor, nurses, and front desk were very nice and professional. I was a little worried since all the review looked bad, but im actually glad with the attention they give their patients....

Cortney Scott

The most horrible hospital that you can ever imagine! My pregnant sister was told she had a blood clot in her lungs by her doctor and that we should go to the ER at Norwegian Hospital. When we arrived there at 10:00pm the nurses(MALES) at the front desk couldnt figure out what the doctors note said let alone understand medical terms. We were told that my sister has to do PE. When we asked what PE was they told us Physical Education when PE ACTUALLY MEANS PULMONARY EMBOLISM which is a blood clot that stops blood from feeding the lungs. They also did not know what to put her condition as and suggested they leave it BLANK until the doctor comes. NOT TO MENTION the nurse at the front desk was watching 8 mile on youtube and talking loud about how he switches debit cards everytime he gets paid to avoid deductions from child support. When the nurse attempted to put in her IV he stuck her with the needle 3 times claiming he couldnt find her vein. The end result of the IV left her arm swollen and bruised and breeding. We were told by the doctor that an ON CALL doctor had to be called from his home to give her a scan on her lungs so they moved her to a room where there was a guy right next to her who was HIGH OFF HEROIN and refused to be helped. We're forced to listen to this mans moans and groans and it grew louder and louder due to a half inch curtain separating them. This hospital was extremely unsanitary and there were sick people lying in beds in the hallway. One sick man was on the hospital bed blocking the bathroom door. At approximately 1245 midnight we were told the doctor was not going to be there until 7am and she has to stay. We both could not rest and were very uncomfortable. At 7am we were told the doctor wasnt going to be there until 11am. It is now 12pm in the afternoon and my sister is just now being seen. The worst 14 hours of my LIFE!

Kimberlee Esmeralda

I was born here. One of my doctors did his residency here and he is absolutely fabulous! I am 44 now so that says something for this hospital!

Marta Cerda, J.D.

I recently went to Norwegian American Hospital for a mammogram. I normally have to wait for an appointment from Northwester Memorial, but Norwegian quickly gave me an appointment. I was given directions and instructions for the exam that were easy to follow. The intake staff were super helpful and made me smile. Then I had a positive experience with the technician. She explained every step in the process. Overall, the experience went well. I highly recommend going to Norwegian American Hospital for medical exams.

Rafael Hernandez

Worse hospital in Humboldt Park. The nurses are horribly lazy and inefficient. They spend most of the day gossiping at the nurses station. When I would request my pain medication for a major surgery I had at Norwegian it would take hours before the nurses would get back to me. One nurse tried to send me to get X-rayed with my surgery wound uncovered stating the "X-Rays would look better if the cut was uncovered." While I was there they ran out of supplies, snacks, medication, and first aid items and acted like that was routine. Don't go to this hospital.

David L

I went to the hospital with family. As it turned out we couldn't bring my nephew aged 10 into the ICU to see his grandma. OK that seemed relatively understandable considering the things that can go on in the ICU. So we ended up taking turns going up and seeing our mom, while Adrian had to sit down stairs. Then even later once she was moved out of the ICU and into the recovery room, I still couldn't bring my 10 year old nephew to go see her. I can also confirm that the nurse had a hard time finding the vein in my mom's arm because of the lack of lighting. So I offered to use my phone light to help, and that helped a lot. So the nurses need more lighting for finding veins. Overall the experience was good. My mom was being taken care of, the nurses were friendly and took time to talk to us, but they need to look over the problems pointed out here.

Kasey Tighe

I gave birth at Norwegian American Hospital and had a good experience overall. My husband and I had taken a Bradley Method class and chose Norwegian American because I was adamant about working with Midwives. We wanted to have an unmedicated delivery and most everyone on the team was onboard with our wishes. I was actually shocked at how respectful everyone was about our birth plan and honoring our choices. I did have several major issues with one of the midwives on the rotation - I had a hard time with her during my pregnancy and she was on call when I happened to go into labor. I felt her behavior during my labor was extremely unprofessional and disrespectful. I adored both of the other midwives (Elise Kaye and Bridget Pintz) , and most of the OBGYNs that I interacted with during my (very very long) labor. The nurse team was OUTSTANDING-- incredibly supportive, nurturing, and receptive. Two nurses stayed after their shifts ended to help my daughter get born - which meant a lot to me. Besides the one midwife that I absolutely did not jive with- everyone was fantastic. I had a somewhat complicated labor but delivered without an epidural and nobody pushed any intervention on me, as per my wishes. The facility was really good- I had a private room with a shower- which I spent quite a bit of time in. Post natal care was great too. Our room was very warm, but we had everything we needed. Norwegian is all about breastfeeding and I loved that. The lactation specialist, Norma was so helpful and charming- a breath of fresh air. I hope more people chose to deliver in this small but mighty hospital.

Essag Ghim

I am forever in debt to this hospital. Love and respect all the staff there for doing what they do. For my mild yet potentially severe wounds they really went the extra mile to make sure i was good to go. Thank you for being there guys!

nick raebig

Adolf Hitler Norwegian

Yadisan nena

The staff in the emergency room and the staff in the registration department is very rude and has no patience.

Lloyd Owens

The nurses here are very rude and disrespectful and they lie to family members about the patients


Five years ago I had my first daughter in that hospital. It was the worst experience of my life. I went to the hospital because I was not feeling very good. They told me that the bag was broken, so they proceeded to induce labor. I spent 12 hours in a room screaming in pain and no one seemed to care until they finally came to receive my baby, she was about to be born. It was two female doctors, that's when the worst began. The baby girl could not be born because I had only open to 7 cm and the delivery was dry. My baby girl was stuck. They looked at each other and did not know what to do. Suddenly, the doctors stopped trying. My husband and a nurse who was there put on gloves and ripped me.The baby girl was born with the cord tangled and very purple, she did not cry. I was bleeding a lot, they stopped the bleeding after a while, but nobody had noticed that I was unconscious until my husband looked at me. He told them I was not well, they immediately gave me an injection. After everything that happened, a nurse comes and begins to tell me that I have to stand up and go urinate, I told her I had no strength and that I could not move. This lady didn't seem to care a little, she forced me to stand up and refuced to help me. I almost fell in the bathroom. My daughter was taken to an incubator because she was premature, she was never brought to breastfeed. I did not see her until day #2. The nurse bring her to my room, according to them, the girl was fine, she did not have bilirubin anymore. That day, a black nurse came into my room to change my dressing gown, suddenly she told me that if I did not want my daughter she will keep her and take her home with her, immediately I said no. On the third day they released us and sent us home saying that everything was perfect. Then on the fifth day, I went back to the emergency room with my daughter. They checked her and they said everything was fine. They were about to send us home, I got so mad and said I was not completely satisfied. They had no other option, but to call an ambulance and transfer her to children memorial hospital. As soon as we get there the nurses right away said this baby is not Okay and put her in the incubator, she was there for six days. Please don't use this hospital, they don't care about you. They don't care if you die.

Dolores Scott

staff wasn't very nice

Patricia Coleman

Went to see Dr.Pareja and he is very excellent he listens to your concerns and give you great detail of what to expect. Office staff are excellent with communicating with me even though I'm deaf. Great job guys keep up the good work I'm very apprecitive of all of you.

Erica Bailey

This is the WORST hospital to give birth at. The doctor pushed me on the bed and I was in so much pain because of the stitches after giving birth. I was threatened by a nurse because I told her to stop squeezing blood out my baby feet and she said she will call DCFS on me if she didn’t finished. Please do not go here PLEASE DON’T !!!!!!!!!! They didn’t even service a girl while blooding was running down her pants because she was having a MISCARRIAGE!!! A man at the front desk had a attitude and didn’t care at all for the lady as she said she needed help badly. Remember that day like yesterday

Tango P

I had a procedure done there and man let me tell u the whole staff is unbelievable they were so helpful I wish I could take them all out to breakfast lunch and dinner and trust me all the bad stuff y'all reading on here is B.S the people who said it must have been in a rush because if I had to do it all over again I would definitely recommend going to this hospital hands down and I did get paid To say this either

Paulina F

Grandmother was admitted to ER here right away they began to work with her and on her she had a fever of 105 and an infection all going at the same time, they immediately diagnosed sepsis and began preventive care, with antibiotics and a medicine for controlling the blood pressure, the doctor made it very serious to do it now before it can get worse, never heard of sepsis, they informed me of every step and care given. The staff were all so polite, compassionate and listen to everything. The facility is clean, well maintained, close and complimentary visitor parking, and very nice staff. She was moved to ICU where Winnie, Kasia, Scott, and ICU team were so helpful. The Dr on staff thoroughly explained the situation and never rushed out what a difference in treatment. Thank you everyone, you are all gems. I've never heard of sepsis and had no idea how life threatening it was.

Jack Thomas

2nd wound care visitation received very good care, and these medical professionals no one understand wound care very well.

Yvette Bariffe

worst hospital son had 10am appointment for his broken wrist in which we arrived early. it took 2 hours just for them to take his vitals and then was told to go back to the waiting area

Jacqueline Townes

First of all i went to visit my sister in the hospital, they did not ask for any identification. My sister was brought into the emergency room at 10a.m. She did not get into her room until after 5p.m. The floor she's on smell like urine. They're weren't curtains up in the room,and she has a roommate. They just put them up. The nurse came in and hooked her IV up, but something must have went wrong , my sisters in a lot of pain cause the needle came out. They gave her an icepack.

Jose Delacruz

Señores y señoras a mi me tuvieron en este hospital sin darme ningún diagnóstico por 4 días solamente me dormían y me daban medicina para el dolor Este es el peor hospital de mundo solamente es un matadero donde matan a las personas y no las atienden el trato a los pacientes es de lo peor las enfermeras y los enfermeros no se preocupan por sus pacientes y en realidad no son ni para al cansarte un vaso de agua si en verdad quieren ir a un buen hospital vayan a masónic hospital es el mejor de todos aquí solamente dure 3 días pero salí muy bien con mi medicina medicamento y con ganas de seguir viviendo

Dashauna Garner

I hate this hospital never go here


Norwegian is a pretty good hospital. I've been to the hospital for a couple of procedures and my current Physician just referred me to go back for treatment of a condition I developed.

Phat Boii

A table was born here

Alain Fernandez

Very clean hospital

love pink girl

This hospital is a very bad hospital I had three family members that died here so please I repeat please do not go to this hospital it is very bad and stupid if you want to go to a good hospital go to West Suburban or Rush or North Western memorial those are very great hospital's you can go to any other hospital just please don't go to this one please cause this hospital is very horrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Valerie Jimenez

Horrible hospital I must say! My grandfather whom is 85 years old had a bad fall. Which lead him to breaking his arm in three places, to make a long story short my family and I took him to the ER so they can check they took his x-rays the nurse came in the room and told us he has to see a bone specialist. So we agreed and as we waited for three hours the nurse comes back into the room and told us the bone specialist wont be able to see him until Monday. I couldn't believe my ears! It was mind blowing! Mind you it was only Thursday and my grandfather is 85 years old with a broken arm. They decided to send him home with a broken arm and a prescription. I would Perfer Cook county hospital, before ever stepping foot in this hospital again.

mayra sevilla

El personal medico es muy amable

Stephen DePooter

One of the last remaining independent hospitals focused on serving the community. Great staff and high quality! This hospital is the diamond of the Humboldt Park community.

David Martin

I love this place the ER nurses are great!

Aida G.

Went to the ER, there was a tall blonde nurse and a younger male nurse inside doing triage they were the rudest people I have ever come across, so why stars? Because the Doctor was Fantastic, and saved my sons life. He was transferred to Northwestern because the doctor knew that's what he needed and it made a big difference. Thanks Norwiegen

Christina Flores

Brandon Brandon

I just watched your security guard force a man screaming in pain walk to the waiting room down the hall - instead of ofgering to push to ithim while he waited for his ride. Tall fat guy ten minutes ago

Las Travesuras de Becky

vasilica brandeu

I am so happy that I went to this hospital everyone was nice .i ended up staying in the hospital for 5 days and love my new blood Doctor he is funny caring . Thank you dr Adab

Beverly Draus

Although the people that work here are very nice, the thoughtfulness shown to a patient regarding communication regarding their health as well as the checkout process is just awful. It's incredibly unfortunate that a patients time spent at the hospital is not considered with any sort of efficiency or thoughtfulness for a timely release. It's a direct lend to the incredible dollar amount that the hospital is able to invoice for. Unfortunate and just plain negligent.

winterr star

They are horrible and ghetto the front desk lady from e.r department was very disrespectful and unprofessional i was very dissapointed also made me wait for 2 hours just to get my 4 month old seen i recommend even for adults to never come get seen at this hospital. Nurses even were drinking alcohol on the job while i was in the waiting area.

NWR Vega

Customer service stinks. They are not professionals. They dont know how to treat and / or talk to their patients.

Jennie Rivera

Mizael Santiago

This is a. Best hospital help people mental health.

Courtney Rader

Went to the ER later one night for a UTI. The nurse who checked me in told me I looked horrible and that was just the start. The facilities are not well kept. When I saw the doctor it felt like he didn't listen to what I had to say, prescribed me a very expensive antibiotic which turned out to not take my symptoms away (he also refused to prescribe me pain meds, I have never been told I "don't need pain meds" for a UTI) so I visited my normal doctor and showed her what I was prescribed. She was very confused as to why a broad spectrum antibiotic that does not focus on UTIs would have been prescribed to me, saying that it was not typically given to people with UTIs. So not only was I made uncomfortable by the staff, ignored by the doctor, but also given meds that did not cure my illness. I would never recommend this facility, ER or otherwise to anyone I know because of their staff and dilapidated facilities. AVOID THIS HOSPITAL

Jack Mann Blog Chicago

Went to see wound care...very good.

Marisol Irizarry

Great food

Tiffany McCoy

Worst Hospital ever, my sister was admitted yesterday and the care is completely unprofessional. Let’s start by sanitation, the patient floor (4) makes you gag. The smell is unbearable I had to hold My breath. The manager on the floor has a nasty attitude when you ask her questions regarding your loved one. Medicine was given at 3am and not it’s 10am and the patient ask for pain medicine in which she still has not received after asking several nurses who gave the run around and then telling the charge nurse and still nothing. Ridiculous that you have to be in pain for so long. Service sucks. The patient called me crying because no one will attend to her needs after pressing the call button for 30 mins. I called to complain, and was given the incorrect individual, once corrected the person was not available. Called back to speak with the charge nurse and she said pharmacy hasn’t verified the medicine which was put in after 3am????? Ask how long does it take she couldn’t give me an answer. Ask to speak with the Dr. and was told he made his rounds and will not be returning today!!!!!!!!! Totally unacceptable. She will be signing her self out this hell hole and getting the proper care she deserves. Please don’t take your love One here, you will be very disappointed. Sincerely a concern irritated family member!!!!

Margarita Taylor

All i got to say is they should close this HOSPITAL FOR GOOD.

Bella Bella

Very dirty and unprofessional staff!I will NEVER go back!!

Chyna Foe

The Emergency Room Is Very Unprofessional I wouldn't recommend to a dying man

Eric Guzman

Letisha Coppoletta

This hospital is terrible, waiting for hours and nurses are so unhelpful, these people have no sense of urgency....if a pregnant woman was to walk in the emergency shouting for help they would probably make her wait in the waiting room, St. Mary's hospital is 10× better than this!!


Jamie Newell

Every person who I have interacted with has been extremely kind, considerate, and helpful. From the administration staff to the medical teams, I recommend this hospital for the comfort, quality and security that the personnel provide.

Raymond Rivera

I take my daughter to the kids Pediatrics on the 4 floor let me just say DOES ANYBODY THERE CLEAN AT NIGHT OR ATLEAST DURING THE DAY this clinic is allways dirty and I mean stains on the wall the counter are dirty this office needs to be updated the floors are stained with rust from certain machines I mean the doc is pretty cool and the students who they have here to learn are cool but man serious please CLEAN THE OFFICES AND CLEAN THE WALLS AND SCRUB THE FLOORS DECREASE THIS PLACE IT'S HORRIBLE

abdul khan

Please do not go here, if they don't like you or how you look they won't help you, in fact they may try to kill you by over drugging you, this hospital is filled with killers in disguise.

Sergio Azul

(Translated by Google) A very good hospital where my 2 princesses were born, and where they have been treated very well excellent !! (Original) Un Hospital muy bueno donde nacieron mis 2 princesas, y donde me las han atendido muy bien exelente!!!!

Sean Denz

They stuck me in an ER room and forgot about me! Been sitting for over an hour and a doctor, not even a nurse. I hate the CFD for bringing me here!

Jack Mann Consulting

Great experience with a respiratory doctor. Dr. Juan Bosco Ayala is excellent!

Matthew Wallce

Sharon Delcid

Worse hospital ever seen in my life. The nurses are the worse and so damn rude. They have a nurse with blond hair, skinny and she's an alcoholic, those are the words of her co-workers. She yells at people. Treats them like garbage. She racists. She says if she has a black or Latino patient she calls security cuz shes afraid for her life. They misdiagnosed me and I ended up in a coma for 3 days in another hospital. Ive heard from 2 friends that they lost loved ones due to negligence from this hospital and they like me have a lawsuit going on with them. If ur sick dont go here. Keep going one more main light to st Mary's or st elizabeth on Western and division.

Rocio Garcia

(Translated by Google) I really liked the attention they provide there. I attended almost all my pregnancy and very comfortable huh. (Original) La verdad me gusto mucho la atencion q brindan ahi .me atendi casi todo mi embarazo y muy agusto eh .

S Lucas

Every time my father has to go to this Hospital there's always a problem. Unfortunately this hospital is the only one the ambulance can take him because of where he loves. I have spent the last hour trying to speak to my father & I just keep being put on hold

aadin nawrocki

This is the worse emergency room I have ever encountered before I could barely ask the question she said no and hung up on me it was 8:10 am on a saturday 12/29/18 it's probably the tall blonde nurse every body is commenting on I understand stand they are probably under staffed but that's no excuse if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen

Andrew Dehaan

Horrible place, sat in an ER. With girl friend, as they proceeded to lance an staph infection in the hallway and left her in the hallway like this with bloody gauze and infection on the sheets. A joke..

Vicky Fleming

A hell hole. I thought I was in a third world country. We should not have hospitals l like this in the US.

Love You

This has been bothering for a long time I’m so dumb for not saying anything the time I gave birth back in 2010. I’ll never forget the rude nurse

Bill Henders

Horrible doctor, horrendous nurse..Lack of compassion is over the top, wouldn't recommend to my worst enemy, went there with bad pain left with worse.. I think I need a hospital just for being there

Tiffany Pressley

If I could give 0 stars I would. Had an appointment at 8am didn't get seen till 11:00am. Never ever coming back. Was asked if I wanted to scheudal my next appointment I looked at him like he was crazy and just said no.

Tiffany Nelson

Ever since we moved back to Minnesota iv called to have my kids medical info transferred to here and was very rude on the phone and decided to get snobby with me. Thank goodness we no longer live in Chicago and deal with snobby receptionists for the family doctor office

Piotr Purymski

Because ...norwegian.

Silvia Avila

Muy mala atención y muy malos tratos lo miran a uno con rasismo y no lo atienden bien nos les importa el dolor ajeno y no te quieren atender bien uno va por necesidad no por gusto va uno preocupado llevando a sus seres queridos enfermos y no a resivir esos tratos

Giovanni Roman

Horrible staff, they let anyone in the waiting room. In order for someone to stay with the patient it needs to be a man. They told my dad that today and how sexist and stupid of this hospital. STRONGLY RECOMMEND TO LOOK FOR ANOTHER HOSPITAL.

Michael Winemiller

This hospital is the best I have experienced as far as my ongoing foot condition. I have been to university of Chicago, Rush and Swedish Covenant. The staff is very professional caring and compassionate. Best of all they listen to my entire medical history and used the information to the benefit of my healthcare. Most of the doctors are top notch and first rate. The nursing staff was excellent.


My mother was their for 4 days fora heart attack they didn't beat her kept her in a nightgown with blood on it they love people screaming asking for water and laugh about it very unprofessional I would never go there person anybody there recommend it to anyone

Vanessa Begovich

I stayed for 9 days had 2 little surgeries to everyone I have came to meet was great, friendly and professional. Had no insurance and they waived my prescription fee. Best hospital

Blanca Rios


Lilian Ramirez

Cynthia Lewis

Fred Ramos

Good hospital that's (slowly) getting better. If you speak spanish, I would 100% recommend this hospital.

Reanna Ward

the staff has great people skills

Peter Hake

Hard to rate this hospital. ER is very very busy, I'd goto St Mary's instead if you're in an emergency


ER is okay. The general hospital however is horrible. Don't expect help from nurses. If your staying for more than one day due to something serious that requires monitoring don't only expect incompetent service. They will kick you out before your anywhere near ready and in stable condition.


I went for a severe asthma attack and NEVER received an asthma treatment. Terrible service

Maria Samano

The ED Dr he don't even know what to do or give when you have an very bad allergic reaction to another medicine he needs to retired he don't even give me benadryl for the dam allergic reaction I have ,I'm covered almost 90% of rash all over my body having trouble breathing and he said he don't know what to do....very disappointed nurses a sucks nasty accitude. place is very dirty . I never in my life go there again or recomend my family to go to that hospital....

Monica Jackson

Not the best facilities but very personal service. Would come again.

Efrain Luna

Queen of Swords Divination

They took care of me right away when St Mary's left me waiting for a wrist operation for days. Thank you :)

Betty Sinful

I was born here in 1987...Nice to see its still standing.

Paola Zambrano


Eduardo Maldonado

(Translated by Google) Good medical attention Excellent treats and fast attention. (Original) Buena atención medica. Excelente trata y atención rápida.

Vasilica Brandeu

The doctors do not listen to the patients at all

kimberly Vicens Galarza

Was seen here throughout my pregnancy and had a c section to deliver him. Dr Max Izbicki Is the best ever. I couldn’t have had another doctor that would meet and exceed my expectations as much as he did. He takes his job seriously and has the best vibe that makes you feel so comfortable. Also the labor and delivery nurse Paula I thank her so much for being so kind and caring. Overall in my hospital stay I had great nurses. In the future when I have another baby I’m for sure going to Dr Max Izbicki 100%

Margarita L Barraza

This place isnt a hospital uncleanlyness

Travis Patrick

Worst ER experience of my life. If you have a choice, do not go here.

Carol Casual

Clean hospital. However, you wait forever in the ER room and like the other reviews, the nurses are very unprofessional, except for a few . Most seem like they don't like their job.


They should have a zero star

Diana E

This hospital should be closes down I was there 1 time and it was the most awful service ever. The doctor didn't even know what my dad had. And plus nurses where on snapchat and watching youtube videos really!!!!!!

Theresa Berg

Took my daughter there for a follow up orthopedic since the office near us closed. Disgusting!!! Stains on the examining table, no paper to put on the table, smells like stale cigarettes, dirty waiting area. Waited over an hour and we had an appointment. Wow! Will NEVER go back there!!!

Casianne Manning

I came here for imaging. The staff was accommodating and very professional. I am grateful for their service and time.

Guille Loza

(Translated by Google) When my son was born in 2000 everything was excellent, I was never treated badly .. very good service (Original) Cuando nació mi hijo en el 2000 todo fue excelente, nunca me trataron mal.. muy buen servicio


Great hospital but the pharmacy is very slow.i had to wait almost a hour to get my medicine after they told me it would just take 30 minutes.

Monique Shiel

If I could give it a ZERO I would. State of Illinois should close this

yajaira roman

Brought my daughter to see the hospital pediatrician Dr. George Amapalloor M.D. All I can say is that this office on the 4th floor is HORRIBLE. I needed some paperwork filled out for my daughters school. Every time that I come to this office I end up waiting for 3-4 hours before being seen. That’s with or without an appointment. The receptionist always has an horrible attitude and the doctor is never available. All student doctors here and they treat you like an idiot. They charge co-payments in the office and you still receive a billing statement in the mail for the exact amount. I switched to Loyola pediatrics and the experience is way more professional and clean.

Debbie Podgorske

I was admitted into the psychiatric ward under false pretenses. It was absolutely terrifying. The staff+ was abusive too the "truly mentally ill" patients. I can't believe the state of Illinois allows this unit to treat human beings the way they do. It was abusive, terrifying and torturous to say the least. jB Pritzker made a commitment to help mentally ill when he ran for Governor and if he's going to live up to it he needs to start here. up to his promises he should

Jelly Fish

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Karen Rios

Mediocre... Mientras uno esta con un dolor terrible ellos se pasean por todo el hospital hablando con todos sus compañeros de trabajo. Llegue con dolor y me fui peor de cm llegué. Solo me dieron una ibuprofen para el dolor de nervio ciatico pinchado. Me dejaron en una silla sentada todo el tiempo de espera. En fin esta mierda es un matadero.

Jessica V

I was born in this hospital 26 years ago, and heard so many bad things about this hospital until i got the chance to become an employee in here, and it is not bad at all!!! actually it has changed a lot for the better!!

Ash Santana

We had our beautiful baby girl here with the help of everyone from the security to the doctors just days ago. I will never be able to rant and rave about how amazing our experience was enough. We’ve already said Norwegian will be where we birth all of our babies forevermore! We have been spreading the word when anyone asks our birthing story about the levels of dedication, support, and love every staff member provided us in a breathtaking but difficult birthing journey! Upon arrival and not knowing I was very ready to have this baby the ER and security staff helped immediately and got me transportation and a wheelchair thank goodness. It was hard to walk at that point. I was brought right up to labor and delivery and the nurses swarmed to help and get me all taken care of. No one was cold or demanding of paperwork or signing things. They treated me first and listened to what I had to say before demanding paper and questions answered. I was in a bed trying to breath through the contractions in a matter of minutes only!! My doctor and nurses were there in minutes after to confirm, yes let’s have this baby, no dillydallying. I was helped through paperwork then and brought to my delivery room. Once there my nurses and partner got me through everything afterwards. If my night nurses Cindy and Ankita weren’t there we wouldn’t have handled things so gracefully! They made my partner feel so happy and welcome which calmed him so much. I am forever grateful! We were both put at ease by their good natures and wonderful personalities. It’s not easy to be so caring and loving while working so hard all night. It was much appreciated. We will never forget the nurses and doctor Iz who got our baby here to us! After the gross parts (although precious), we went to our recovery room and met even more staff that made it awesome! More doctors from all different parts of the hospital came and chatted and informed us which was amazing. They made us feel so good and reassured that hey, we are doing really great and so is our baby! The food staff were wonderful people, always checking up on me and always a smile on their faces. Our cleaning woman was such a bright light whenever she came. Chatting with us in Spanish felt very comforting to us personally. Even when shifts changed and new nurses and doctors came on things never faltered or became difficult. Open line of communication always! Daytime staff was just as brilliant as nighttime! Another nurse who was a blessing was Iraida (I hope that’s correct), our nurse while being discharged! We were sent home with so many little goodies that just made us feel very loved! The kitchen staff sent us a meal to make at home, beautiful blanket from a group there! Everything from words of wisdom to stool softeners (really though) was incredibly helpful and wonderful. We really wanted to say a huge heartfelt thank you to everyone at Norwegian Hospital for making our birth there spectacular!

Max Stewart

If you have another option, take it.

Petra Castrejon

Wish I could give it zero. The worst experience ever. The nurses are mean. They pocked me more than 8 times, saying they couldn't find my vein. They are just unprofessional. The doctor was nice. It was the nurses that are there are just awful and not polite called my mom a stupid animal for taking me out of this hospital, but she made a good choice, she took me to another hospital and they found my vein the first time. They fed me and actually stopped my pain.

Mandy KidsTv

Nice and clean place, friendly staff and good doctor.

Leticia Enriquez

If I can give this hospital a 0 I would but unfortunately that option is not available. I had my baby here and it was terrible. They made my husband and mother hold my legs before giving birth when it's their job. They almost poked my baby in the head w scissors. I don't recommend this hospital at all. They're not careful. It's terrible. I didn't wanna breastfeed and they wanted to force not once did they offer to give me formula... terrible.

Mike Guetzow

The nurse was rude and unprofessional. Been there twice and each time was a horrible experience mainly because of the nurses. Even if I'm dying I will go past this hospital to go to a different. AVOID THIS HOSPITAL

Megan Munoz

If it wasn't for the amazing nurses here I would have given it zero stars. They sent us on a manhunt back and forth to try and find where we were supposed to go. when I went to the front desk one of the medical billers was standing at the information desk and gave us so much attitude. She was talking to me like she was my superior. Im pretty sure it's because I look foreign. Too bad I'm a nurse and I know that's not how you treat someone in a hospital, it's still a business and customer service. Thank god one of the nurses brought us to where we needed to go despite her busy schedule, so the only stars given are to her!!!

Alberto Rivera

Gladys Kabeya

I love Doctor Jenkins and Chloe the best Doctor

Noel Delgado-Madrigal

My 4 year old daughter had to be transfer to Norwegian American Hospital via 911. She was attended in the ER by nurse Elvira. Elvira was compassionate and gentle to my daughter at all times. From the doctor to the nurses assistants, everyone was professional and attentive to us. The hospital installations are not the best but I guive 5 stars for the care my daughter received at Norwegian American Hospital ER.

Skib Nub Marketing

I had a great wound care experience. The workers are excellent, doctors too. I follow the directions and am almost healed.


Found my new Neurologist here and I am absolutely pleased with my visit. Staff is friendly, my new doctor listened and was very helpful. I have dealt with some really bad Neurologists in the past, but I have high hopes for this doctor. Hospital was well kept and clean for being an older building.


Terrible hospital. Terrible service and doctors. I went here in an ambulance and they are sending me bills for new things MONTHS after I paid off the initial bills. This place is criminal and vile. Save yourself some time and got LITERALLY anywhere else. If you're not a millionaire who makes endless amounts of money, you will NOT be able to afford to even breathe the air in their building. DO NOT GO HERE!

Dannette Dani Santos

This hospital is alright; nice medical staff. However, NAH really needs much more improvement especially in their patient-caring.

Angel Medina

I was on Vacation in Chicago on February, I am from Puerto Rico, My father got sick so we took him to This hospital, my father had rectal bleeding when using the bathroom, we took him to the Norwegian emergency room there he was treated correctly, but he was sent to a room on the second floor for evaluation and the service was very bad, hear we have a 80 year old man that is bleeding every time he uses the bathroom, I ask the nurse if they where going to give him any thing to stop the bleeding she told me they had to wait to the next day because there where no gastroenterologists in the hospital, how is it possible that there where no doctors that could help my father, the next day we had a visit from the doctor and this person was the most arrogant person I have ever seen, my Cousin had to ask for a different doctor to have a half decent service. If you're in Chicago and get sick don't go to this hospital.

Karen Sanchez

Best ICU , the staff is hands on, they saved my dad's life, these doctor's and nurses are ANGELS!!!♡♡♡

Rico V. Latimore, Sr.

Professional, courteous, and pleasant.

Yajaira Taboada

Jesus Leon

Had my first daughter here and the care we received was amazing, definitely recommend for anyone planning on giving birth

dana baker gage

Kinda dingy and dirty the staff were nice the hospital needs updating throughout.

Yumerys Perez

The worse Childbirth place in my entire life Doctors and staff are very unprofessional. I thought I was going to die in this place by the way they serve there services.

Ryan Burk

Fantastic experience delivering our baby back in December. Nurses and staff were great! Our son was born only 16 min after arriving and the Physician on call and staff were quick and fast to make sure we were taken care of. The Lactation specialist was amazing, we were even sent home with a “meal to go”! Can’t say enough.

Parker Jensen

It's a crack den. Truly the worst.

Ken Baumgartner

Worst hospital in chicago. Security guards are a joke, Hospital staff are morons and facility is dirty and smells bad.

Brendahhh G0924

Worst hospital ever!!! Had I bad experience with the delivery. And when I had my daughter.. I stayed 5 days at this hospital and all I can say nurses are unprofessional! They didn't treat me like a expected and even my daughter was not treated right! The nurses that take care of the newborns they treat the babies bad! They scream at them and tell them to shut up!!! I mean If you don't like working with babies why have that job!!! Terrible hospital! Will never recommend !

Mercy jimenez

good job

Julio Santiago

(Translated by Google) Good (Original) Bueno

Oksana Kravets

Hi, if u thinking to go or not to this hospital for delivering your baby? GO! YES probably hospital is 3 star but a nurse's who works there is the best. Good experience. I was very nervous reading about this hospital all negative things. I see it now,it's all depends on people you dealing with. Me and my baby was in good hands! THANK U EVERYONE! MY DELIVERY DR.THANA TARSHA YOU ARE THE BEST!GOD BLESS YOUR!

Blair Sullivan

I came to the ER section of this hospital with acute chest pain and was promptly transferred to the ICU unit where I was immediately evaluated by the cardiac team. They had my pain and general condition stabilized quickly. It eventually became apparent that a heart catheter procedure to remove a possible arterial blockage was necessary. Dr Kutom and his cardiac team were extremely caring and highly competent as they performed this delicate procedure. The entire team of physcians and nurses there were more that exemplary in all facets. My discharge from the hospital was thorough with complete instrucrions on how to proceed with ongoing care and lifestyle adjustments. The care I recieved from the entire staff at the Norwegian American Hospital in Chicago was EXCELLENT!

Karina Morales

Worst emergency room service more like a dying room seriously they take to long to see you still sitting in a room been here since 3:30pm they dont even know who they have in there waiting rooms or who got here 1st


TLDR, DO NOT GO HERE FOR MENTAL HEALTH CASES. I was here in late November of 2017. I went to the ER for mental health reasons and VOLUNTARILY agreed to an inpatient program. But they kept me in a small room in the ER with a babysitter for over 2 days, not letting me leave to walk around or anything. They never asked me for my insurance until I realized they were attempting to transfer me to another hospital, which had a terrible reputation and I didn't want to go to. They said it was because I didn't have insurance and I said, "You never asked me for my insurance." I spoke with a social worker who said she would assist me. Despite this, after another 24 hours, I discovered my transfer was still in the works. My friends came to visit me and I asked to speak with the doctor. I was calm and reasonable but the doctor immediately started treating me like some cattle she could do whatever she wanted with. I never even got checked out by her, even though I'd been sitting in the ER for days. She became irritated that I refused to go to the hospital she was sending me to and demanded that my friends leave, saying they weren't allow to visit. Thankfully, one of the nurses stood up for me. If I could give her flowers, I would. She pointed out that my friends had every right to be there according to the ER rules. The doctor refused to let us see the rules in print so the nurse gave them to us. How unprofessional can an ER doctor be!!! Finally, they sent me upstairs to the psyche ward. EVERY DAY I WAS THERE I was told that I would get to see a doctor and it never happened. I only saw the doctor for about two minutes while I was getting discharged, after a week of begging to leave and having my family call the hospital repeatedly. They asked if I wanted some vaccinations while I was up there, which I agreed to. I never got them, either. I was assured that no one would have to take medicine they didn't want to take but twice I witnessed my fellow patients refuse medicine, which the nurse proceeded to force them to take. Unbelievable. I took my medicine, participated in group, and was patient and friendly with the clearly overworked, stretched-thin staff. I really feel bad for the kind counselors there and the nurses who actually cared. But I still have to give this hospital a 1 star rating. I was begging to go home or see a doctor or anything but they just kept me there, day in and day out. I lost money and time from work, received virtually no treatment, watched the abuse of other patients, and was forced to stay there for an unreasonable amount of time. Please increase staff. Or something. Anything so that the fragile mental health patients don't leave wanting to hurt themselves more than ever. I pray for the people I met in the psyche ward, having watched them become more and more depressed and then being sent out without ever having seen a doctor.

Ramiro Ocampo

Horriblemente este lugar No atienden las enfermeras se la pasan platicando Unas con otras las llamas y te atienden como a la media hora 40 minutos

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