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REVIEWS OF Northwestern Memorial Hospital IN Illinois

Radim Svoboda

I don't have many experiences with hospitals, but when I underwent a surgery of my brain here, I literally met with angels. Very professional nurses, amazing friendliness of all staff, even the receptionists and support personnel. It's amazing to even learn this is a "not for profit" organization! While I hope I won't be back in a hospital anytime soon, I also hope that next time I will need any medical help, I can come back to this very place.

Sam Yaconis

Worst hospital I’ve ever experienced! You will be waiting for 8+ hours just to be seen, plus they will charge you up the ass for minimal work done. Not worth your time, if you need to go to a hospital do NOT visit this one. There are plenty of other hospitals in Chicago that are far more superior to this one.

lyle hargus

We are from out of state my wife unfortunately fell and broke her arm and resulted in surgery I can not speak enough for the staff they are all so wonderful and the surgery team went through the whole process. I'm not used to good treatment back home. This is a very nice experience thank you all for all you have done

Erin Zamojski

Discriminates against people on Medicaid! For 2 years I've been trying to get a Primary Care Doctor but the entire internal medicine department won't accept new patients with Medicaid. For 10 years all of my specialists have been at Northwestern, I finally wanted to get all my health care at or location but to do that I'd have to travel 70 miles to Greyslake to be seen by a Northwestern PCP! So I've been stuck using Northwestern Immediate Care as my Primary Care when I have any little illness. 2 years without care for 2 chronic pain disorders all because they won't accept me because I'm poor!

Ales Me

I've been in/out of hospitals with crohnic issues for nearly 50 yrs. I have never run across such impersonal nurses. One nurse rocked in my 3 day stay. Maybe it's just a sign of the times, but something is wrong when you are admitted to a room from ER, the door is closed and you see no one for 2 1/2 hrs, and that was only because I called and asked if I'd see a nurse before morning.. At one point, two nurses showed up to do a procedure they told me pretty much nothing about. They spoke to one another from both sides of my bed as if I wasn't there, I told them to leave.

Rose Maus

Doctor kept our daughter off food and water [for a pre-scheduled test under anesthesia] for over twenty four hours while requiring for her to be admitted overnight, then did not conduct the test. Our daughter is suffering severe headaches with intermittent head swelling and additional symptoms, she has chronic health condition and a disability. Doctor went on to state that she was to be scheduled for the following day and will not be allowed food and drink for another twelve hours but that he could not guarantee that the test would be done the following day either. He proceeded to explain that she could remain admitted for days before receiving the testing because "Northwestern Memorial is a company" while his assistant resident doctor assured us that they could "come up with many reasons to justify insurance payment with her condition". Our daughter was being ordered to have the IV needle in her arm with no need for an IV (other than to administer anesthesia) and no medications needed through an IV which was to remain in her arm for an undetermined period of time until they would conduct the testing that she requires. There was no regard that she was trying to remove the IV needle which could lead to injury or infection, no regard that we had to be awake and monitoring her for all hours until the test was performed, no regard for absence from school and our jobs for their indefinite period of time for a test that should have been written and ordered as outpatient; the test is being conducted as outpatient at this time. We waited several months for our daughter to be seen by neurology at Northwestern and will have to wait many more months for her to have an available appointment with a new neurologist. The collaborating Northwestern doctors could not locate orders, notes, and documents on their own My Chart system and nurse Regine yelled and screamed on the phone that we, as her parents, were not advocating enough with the Northwestern Memorial neurology and nephrology departments. The first neurologist, Tavee, referred to a different neurologist within the hospital and wrote an order for MRI with the language "sedation" which could not be used by any facility that conducts out patient MRIs under anesthesia. She explained to both of us that general anesthesia would be needed for the MRI imaging, which our daughter has required in previous years, and for which her order restricted only to serve to restrict out daughter's ability to receive the necessary testing unless admitted for an undetermined amount of days with food and water withheld for twelve hours intervals. We have many more details documented about or daughter's Northwestern Memorial experience including an ER visit without a diagnosis and refusal of the ordered MRI. There were several patients we observed who were registering complaints at payment relations who were very upset about mistreatment they received at the hospital upon our leaving. Some of the distraught patients were being ridiculed and spoken to very disrespectfully by the patient relations staff. Northwestern has refused to address any of our concerns.

Lauryn Johnson

The whole staff if amazing! Even if they're a little busy in the E.R. they keep you updated on whats going on. And how soon they may be able to get you to the back. Gloria in registration has a beautiful personality. She made me feel really at home.

John Sagami

Remodeled: smaller ER waiting room AND longer wait times. Arrived around 11AM and still waiting at 4PM. NW Urgent Care on Belmont sent is and said they would hook up to a heart monitor to the Senior Citizen I am helping. Said all would be in notes. Nope. Didn't happen. ER triage was surprised no treatment or tests were done at Urgent Care. Appears to have been a breakdown that left GAP in service. __________________________ Because there are not enough rooms, they are forced to use ER spaces as temporary rooms, gurney waiting, and staging areas. Maybe having so many medical groups practicing in the hospital building was not such a good idea. Business is good, service is bad. Why can't they run a hospital with service that would risk the original Marshall Fields. Guess it wouldn't be profitable.

Rocio Linares

I am a nurse. I went to the ER today, I felt horrible. The doctors were incredible and efficient, the problem was the discharge nurse. I had IV fluids, and I was placed in one of those new "pod rooms" to finish the IV fluids. The RN comes in with my discharge paperwork and takes off the IV before the solution is finished. I told her, you said you were going to discharge me after the fluids finished. She said, "it's a cup, you can drink a cup of water at home." In nursing school, we are taught bedside manners, unfortunately, this nurse did not have any. Before I left, administration came in to verify my information, she gave me the estimate bill for my ER visit, $6000. I am certain the IV solution is included in the bill. My entire family is treated here, nurses like her make the experience unforgettable, in the worst way.

Jean Russell

Fantastic place. Everyone we encountered went above and beyond from registration to the Cath lab nurses. The ICU nurses on the 9th floor deserve a 20 score on the 1-10 scale. An amazing group of people.

Ruth Kyle

Great Doctor's staff

tonya lambn

I rate because the company as a whole is a very nice place to work and patient care is a #1 priority but, as a former employee for Northwestern Medicine Kishwaukee Hospital Sterile Processing Dept. I would give the company ⭐⭐⭐ I worked there for 4 yrs and a total of 8-10 ppl have left prior to me the SUPERVISOR IS A VERY TOXIC PERSON to have in charge of an entire dept says myself and all those that left prior to me


I'm scared the nurses going to sneak and look at my files! Lol now you know the media outlets are trying to get info and paid those poor women, & got them fired.

Mike Lukyanov

Dr. Quarrels was the best doctor ever. I got cut open like a fish, got 10 stitches from him, and went back to work after a 1.5 hour visit. I almost want to get hurt again just to say what’s up to Dr. Quarrels.

Diane Titus

I had an upper right lobectomy in 2015 and my husband just had a left lung transplant. We cannot say enough about this hospital and the entire staff from the head of thoracic surgery to the cleaning staff. Everyone in this hospital has been kind, courteous, helpful, and extremely knowledgeable!! The team if doctors have been outstanding. Thank you Northwestern!! The only thing that could make it better would be parking with little or no charges.

Guy Lentini

TWO WORDS= Diorganazation , unreliable with late explanations and then change it up Forget or dropped tasks repeatedly Transport personel are in constant shortage and late or not coming so speak up about everything because ball was most likely dropped! Enviremental polution from so many complimentary K CUP BEVERAGE MACHINES is counter productive in health- PLANETARY HEALTH!!! They are not recycled and will polute for thousand years !!!!!!

Jacqueline Ascencio

Been in the ER hospital since 4 pm, after some test were run they said they were gonna admit my mom for the night. this was at 830pm and to our surprise they told us they didn't have any rooms available. So still here 7 hrs later in the ER waiting for a room to open up.

Otaku Chan097

I went here yesterday, because I broke one of my toes on my right foot(pinky). It was dislocated... for I must have stubbed it hard against a wall corner. I had to get some bandage wrap on it to support it. I could barely walk, and if I did... i’d limp/ walk weirdly... because I couldn’t feel it at all, and if I tried stepping on it... it would hurt like hell( that I’d scream, or cry). The guy giving me the x-Ray was super funny/nice though, he got me smiling and laughing even when I was in pain, so I applaud him for that. Only down side that removes one star for me is, I sat there for like three hours in the waiting room, feeling nervous/tired(because I also deal with severe anxiety/ocd, and depression), when I saw these two people... one lady in waiting room kept throwing up into a bag, and one man next to me did too. I started to freak out from that, because I didn’t wash my hair that day, and I was scared to catch whatever they had(because I was also touching my face), last thing I want is to catch like three days later or so... whatever they have! And last thing I need, is for it to be deadly! And also I didn’t get enough sleep today(only like 6 hours, cause of the long wait). If you are gonna having patients that are puking nonstop, please at least don’t make them wait in the same room with everyone else... cause last thing I want is to catch what they have. Yikes!

Joshua Bagley

The doctors and nurses are fantastic but the security officers are very unprofessional and to damn nosey and running the hospital like they are cops. I have done reported them to the state to have a full investigation done on them.

Aryeh Jacobsohn

Am I a person, or a wallet with legs? As a longtime Chicago resident with a couple of health problems, I've seen my fair share of Northwestern Memorial — the emergency room, primary care and specialists. Northwestern employs many wonderful practitioners and has clean, spacious and well-maintained facilities. As far as hospitals go, the optics are good and I would imagine that quality of care is as well. This should be a five-star hospital. It's not. Over the years, I've observed a consistent pattern in interactions with Northwestern — a common, but nevertheless inexcusable pattern in large healthcare networks: 1. Northwestern enjoys the benefits of nearly monopolized access to primary and secondary care in many specialities downtown, having consolidated so many practices into their network. Consequently, prices are high. However, the claimed benefits of superior care coordination never materialize. Doctors' offices — let alone doctors — do not talk to each other. At all. Recently, it took a concerted month-long effort from my wife and me simply to **schedule** a rheumatology appointment after receiving a referral to see a rheumatologist from my primary care physician who is also employed by Northwestern and works out of a Northwestern building. 2. It seems that costs are dramatically inflated due to totally unnecessary amenities which allow Northwestern to justify high prices but which do not affect quality of care. For example, my insurance was recently billed north of $2,000 for a simple ultrasound (of which I paid quite a large chunk due to deductibles). This is a procedure which costs 1/5 to 1/10 of that in some places. I guess the plush chairs and the waiting room gowns are nice, but I'm not rich enough to prefer that over a cheaper ultrasound. 3. Billing trumps nearly all other concerns, including accuracy. I cannot tell you how many times my wife or I have received unexpected bills, duplicate bills, bills months or years after the fact... even bills for amounts which had previously been "settled" with the hospital. Once, after a pretty nasty bike crash in which I was hit by a car and not exactly thinking straight afterwards, I went to the ER at Northwestern and was told by a receptionist that they don't take insurance! Obviously not true, but at the time, I wasn't in a frame of mind to argue. Recently, Northwestern have begun to tell you about "unpaid" bills at check-ins for unrelated appointments. For example, I recently had my annual physical, which included some blood tests, for which there was apparently a bill. I have not yet received the bill. The receptionist at a doctor's office for a follow-up appointment with a specialist — a different doctor in a different office in a different building — was sure to announce out loud that I had a ~$70 unpaid bill while I was checking in. This is surely quite effective given my presumption that the shame I felt in the moment — totally unjustified shame, given this is a bill I never received and did not know the origin of at the time — must be shared by many people. Blindsiding people in this nature about bills, and shaming them to boot, is a disgusting tactic. Overall, I remain fortunate to have decent insurance and access to doctors at Northwestern. However, I believe that Northwestern is (1) not at all delivering on the promise of a consolidated health care network, (2) privileging aesthetics and amenities which appeal to rich people who visit the hospital, but which all people who visit the hospital subsidize whether or not they are rich and (3) engaging in motivated-ly sloppy, if not outright obnoxious billing practices.

Ron Herzberg

From the mapping to the insertion of the Y-90 pellets my care was awesome. They called to check up on me and were amazingly attentive to my needs. I would recommend the Interventional Radiolgy Team at Nortwestern to anyone that needs their services.

Nikki P.

I'm a little torn on this hospital. I heard they were one of the best and when I went in for an MRI the staff was kind, informative, and patient. However, I feel only go here if you are in need of something seriously done and already have the diagnosis. - It's been almost 2 months from when my doctor initially sent the order for the MRI scan. It took over a month to even make the appointment. Northwestern just kept saying to check back later. Only one staff member was willing to really help. I'm now waiting for them to send the results to my doctor, but when I called them they said my doctor needs to contact them and request the results for the order. Wouldn't the order for the scan be the request? I've never had to have my doctor call a hospital to request the results for an order they sent. It seems redundant. - I get that there are people with more serious conditions there needing treatment and their resources are limited, but maybe just say that upfront. - Again, I would recommend only going here for something serious. Doing things like tests, scans, etc. would be best to do elsewhere due to the administrative overload.

Jack Stonebraker

The Doctors, Nurses and ER Staff were/are incredible...... really tough to actually leave less than a 5 star review since this group saved my life and supported me and my family through my medical experience. What sucks is the medical transport and coordination of services and movement between labs, etc. Friday, Saturday and Monday experiences were terrible and just when I didn’t think it could get worse...... today the nurse actually came in an said, “wow, xRay called and are on their way way up” (at 5:00AM) it’s now been 3 hrs, food is being delivered that I am not supposed to eat until after the xRay and have still seen no one. I hate that I took it out on the food services guy, they have been great too...... Dear “owner” instead of posting a number for me to call and discuss, you can call or see me in Feinburg East, 1512.

Amarilys Flores

Friendly staff. The staff knows how to treat their patients

Olivergavin Gavin

Northwestern Memorial Hospital is the best hospital in the City of Chicago there #1 on the list they treat you with respect and courtesy they provided me with the best medical service I ever had in my life. I was suffering chest pain I came through the emergency room and was seen right away no long wait or stay at this hospital. They have state of the art equipment and very clean linen on bed.I highly recommend this place to Families and Friends. This is the reason why I gave Northwestern Memorial Hospital 5 - stars rating.


I was referred here by another Dr. The lady I spoke to on the phone assured me they were in network. I took the day off work to come here and learn they are not in network

Cynthia Utti

Nice staff fine parking. In stay hospital food is not tasty.

jeff dunmyer

Caring staff , huge hospital, yet when one walks in everyone , and I do mean everyone helps in any way they can to make my visit pleasant as can be , and thorough

Joe Baur

I battled a stage 4 pressure ulcer for over a year at hospitals in the suburbs. It wasn't until one of the doctors at Lutheran General recommended I have a surgery with 6 to 8 week recovery time that I realized a second opinion was necessary. As you might have guessed, I decided on Northwestern Memorial. I informed the doctors at Northwestern that I had been advised I would need surgery and was looking for a second opinion. At this point, the doctors reviewed my history and were in absolute shock that the doctors of the former hospital did not perform one of the most simple, painless, and non invasive tests available. They performed the test and had the results to me within a day or two (this was around Christmas as well). The results of the tests dictated the type of treatment I would need and was promised they would exhaust all options before considering surgery. Within three months, the pressure ulcer healed completely with assistance of medications and other treatments. Thank you Northwestern Memorial for saving me the agony of a major surgery and everything associated with it. Seeking a second opinion at Northwestern might be the best decision I have ever made.

David Saldana

Becarefull with this hospital! I was hospatilized for 2 weeks with an infection. And bcouse of there neglect and not being on the same page with other doctors they dontceven know what there doing. Becouse of there neglect i got worst! It was a horrible experience!!! Omg my nurses were slmost all to young for me to b nurses! They all look like there 19 years old and there experience goes exactly with there image. ! Please becarefull . They do have the best doctors but i found out with my horrible stay . That if u dont hsve good insurance! You will b lied to treaded down! And discriminated!! Its all about the money at this place. Especialy b aware of the vascular dept omg!! Dont even get me started!

Alexandra S

This is not the best hospital. Save yourself frustration and go elsewhere for medical care. The doctors and hospital don’t really care about patients.

lamar rieves

From what I see they have the best doctors and medical personal. My mother was admitted yesterday and she had a long wait in the ER but then was treated very well. However she was alseep today and some random person came in and stole her purse right out her room. They are working fast to get a police report but this would not have happened if they had tighter security and more strict rules and more people to work security. Very poor security measures.

Mike Denault

I was thoroughly impressed with the E.R. here. My girlfriend came in with a severe migraine and dehydration. They started her on fluids and began treatment within a half hour and before she was even registered, on a Saturday night! Their efficient approach provided her with much quicker relief than we expected. The staff was friendly and responsive to her needs. Great job! We will come back if we need care while in Chicago.

Linda Darnell

the staff, doctors and residents cutting edge. I was there a week. sheets/bed never changed. floor never swept or mopped with disinfectant. food ok. again, went for a test and was diagnosed with a rare form of dystrophy I've had all my life and not one doctor caught it until there. Great neirologists.

Annmarie Kelderhouse

Excellent care for my fathers heart condition

Bill Wilson

What every hospital should aspire to be! Nursing staff is wonderful: competent, caring and responsive. Doctors are extremely knowledgeable and thorough, have an array of technology at their disposal to diagnose and treat your malady, and also interact with patient about the care you receive. The remainder of the staff is helpful and polite. If you come or are taken to this hospital, you’re fortunate

Ronda Beyer

Staff and Dr's were wonderful, however leaving somebody in post-op for close to 6 hours supposedly waiting for a room is ridiculous. Dr came down after surgery @11am no communication at all for 4hours till I asked that was at 3PM was told at 3:30 a room was ready after 5PM now and still waiting. Guess if you have State of Illinois insurance plan on being here till whenever they feel like getting around to you. Bottom line is that if I wouldn't have asked not sure would have been told anything. Total BS

Patricia Kirby

The hospitalists system is the revolving door of this hospital...They don't listen and in more than a few times never examine me..I left with serious injury undiagnosed. The ER department is a little better but the new observation unit is grossly understaffed and the rooms are nothing more than closets. If you have to go to the bathroom you probably are going to be sitting in it.... This has been my hospital for for a long time but I no longer feel safe here.....I love the docs I have but the hospital has made some bad choices and patient care has been compromised.

Ron Formento Jr

issues with the billing department

Barb M

Been coming here 4 years. The Drs. N staff are excellent. I highly recommend them!

Javier Gomez

Very Good Hospital.

Charmane Kielbasa

Sitting in the ER with my 83 year old mother for over 7 hours! Absolutely ridiculous! We were in a room in ER for 5 hours but then moved into the hallway for at least two more hours-maybe longer-I don’t know we are still here in the Hall. They had a room for her. Then they didn’t have a room. Then the room had to be cleaned. Then room cleaning suspended. This is a 3rd World Hospital! People in hall getting IV’s put in them. Doctors and nurses openly asking people about there medical condition. What happened to the Hippa Laws? Does anyone care? What if this was your 83 year old mother? It’s now 8:35 pm finally being pushed up to our room. Got here at 12:30 pm. Took 8 hours! Ridiculous! The nursing staff and doctors were phenomenal. Extremely empathetic. Northwestern really needs to step up their game in their ER!

Morgan Layton

Good luck seeing the doctor you would like to see. Horrible answering service they, very clearly run as a money making operation not a place of healing.

Michael Grady

Best Doctors, Best P.A.s, Best R.N.s, LPNs, C.As Staff Techs, Everyone employed there and the Greatest Volunteers. They are # 1.

Mary Kate McCann

You couldn't pay me to ever visit that hospital again. They'd have to replace nearly all of their ER staff first.

Ashley McBride

I had to go to the ER for stomachs pains. World class care and I am deeply appreciative. But waiting 4 hours to be seen by a physician was completely ridiculous. Still, I have to say the care I received once the docs saw me was amazing

Dag Nabit

This place was once a great place to go for your health care needs but over the past several years this place as far as competence and patient treatment has deteriorated to a point of I'm not going back. They recently where not even listed as one of the top four safest places to go for procedures. I have been getting billed wrong and provided them with a certified copy of the policy. They combine multiple billings on one page and even have a greeting message when you call about this practice of combing billing about how great it is for the patient YEH RIGHT. Steer clear of this once premier institution as the burbs are now producing far better results in service and procedures. I talked with a Mary Kate O'Connor that never returned calls and then allegedly she gets promoted poor customer service equals promotion we seen this before must be making some supervisor HAPPY. Then was dealing with a Katie Doyle who was yeh man I don't know man I don't understand myself as to my incorrect billing that the policy described in black and white but still continued to bill me incorrectly as if I been talking to a wall. Get a attorney file complaint with Illinois attorney generals bureau of healthcare, health and human services and the department of insurance if applicable


Most HORRIBLE experience I have ever had with a medical facility. I am not usually the one to leave negative reviews unless I think it is important. I arrived at the adult emergency waiting room at 11:30 pm after having what I was told was a panic attack and vomiting (if you have those you know it is scary and you actually think you're going to die). I did not see a doctor until 7:30 am. I understand it's a big city and all and it's a busy hospital, but 8 hours?!?!?! Unacceptable. This one guy at the desk I could see he was prioritizing people over me, which I understand. But you can't just forget about a patient for 8 hours! They kept going around and taking people who have been waiting for hours' vitals over and over again and prioritizing who is more sick and who should go first based on that. I kept going up there and I was told, "oh, there's about 1 to 2 people in front of you, should be about 1 to 2 hours" at 3:30 in the morning. 6:30 am and several more people get in before me, I finally am told I get to go in, after the shift changing though! This guy got away before I could say anything to him. Also, past 7 hours of parking, it doubles so we had to pay more for that too... Another thing that really disgusted me was there was this guy who came in about 30 minutes after me. Just around 5 am, he gave up and asked them to take the needle out of his arm and he left. What if that man had a life threatening illness that could've been found today rather than later, but because he had to wait hours on end he decided to leave?! It was unbelievable. I was just terrified out of my mind from the panic attack, so just sitting there for hours and hours on end with no communication really took a toll on me. One of the worst nights/experiences of my life. I will NEVER go here again.

Ravi Kiran Adusumalli

I have lost my Jacket in North Western Chicago hospital. I tried to reach Lost and Found Dept. They are as lazy as Govt employees. I have lost it on Mar 5th, 2018 and I reported it on Mar 9th. Till Mar 21st there is no response. Just an update. Jan 16, 2019. Still no communication from NW

Swati Govind

So here I was trying to soothe my 1.5 yr old at 1am in the night, he was suffering from high fever and stuffy nose and was finding it difficult to breathe. I thought of getting an appointment set up with the pediatrics outpatient department for the next day, just in case since it had been couple of days my kid was sick. Mychart application will not let me pick date before 5th May, which was a week away. Mychart never fails to disappoint me. I would have been ok, of the doctors weren't available, but my problem was the algorithm of the stupid my chart which would say a date before than a week from now, was invalid. Ridiculous!!

Evelyn Reyes

We have been bringing my grandmother to this hospital for 3 years. They have helped her with her conditions no other hospital found treatments for. And have helped our family understand and taught us how to properly care for her and make her comfortable. Everyone from the nurses, doctors, radiologists, environmental and nutrition staff have been nothing but wonderful we are very lucky to have chosen this as her primary hospital. I know no hospital is perfect but the positives from this hospital far outweigh any negatives including other facility we have been.

anonymous mcgee

All hospitals should aspire to be as great as Northwestern Memorial. Everyone from the doctors to housekeeping put 101% into their work.

Nelma Sales

If I could I'll give zero! Terrible customer service, overcharge patients 3x the most of the good hospitals! I went to do a nasal-endoscopy and i was charged for a surgery, they didn't want to change the code and I ended up with a bill of 10 payments of $50. When I already did the same exam and many good hospital and I just paid $25 copay. DO NEVER GO IN THIS PLACE !!! YOU WILL BE OVERCHARGE AND TREAT LIKE NOTHING! THE WORST HOSPITAL IN CHICAGO!!!

Michael Bruchas

The best care that I needed! In Chicago Police jargon, I was “kissed by a bus” in Rush Hour downtown. Don’t remember it. Lost consciousness several times. The CFD paramedics took me to the NM ER. Saw and tried to coherently talk to several very good ER doctors and a surgeon. They LISTENED. Nursing care was great - my concussion seemed worsen and I lost all balance. Had several CTscans and was moved to a room early in the morning. My first experience with the nurses up there who looked over me was not good. Bossy. That was my only bad experience with an outstanding bunch of nurses and pct’s. I had a lot of pain and vertigo issues and wouldn’t eat. They were my cheer leaders every day. The shift supervisors, overnight nurses and the wonderful day shift nurses - I cannot praise enough! The PT folks were patient and great. One connected me to my current PT doc. The doctors were listening and did not breeze through in the night. Only my last day’s doc didn’t listen - wanted me out the day that I was first able to walk with a cane. Thank you, Northwestern Hospital!

Andre Jones

This Hospital and it's Hospitality save my life more than once

Tracy Holmes

This has been my go to hospital for over 10+ years. I am pleased with my PCP, & my specialists docs as well. The challenge is that the waiting time in the ER is beyond egregious at times. I am currently here & have been waiting for 4.5 hours to be called to the back. Granted I've seen triage already 3 hours ago...I guess it comes with the territory of being one of the best hospitals in chicago..everyone wants to come & perhaps there is not enough staff to meet the overload of patients in the ER.

Shaggy Wau

I was in and out quickly. The Dr knew exactly what was wrong. I feel much much better Thank you Northwestern!!

Min Park

Nov 2017 My wife got sent to the ER during her business trip and I️ am very thankful for the professional team of staff here that took great care of her. I️ took the next flight out and it gave me great piece of mind she was in great care. I️ was even more blown away after I️ arrived to see she was very well taken care of. Bottom line, it’s the high caliber staff that is here and we have seen our fair share of good Hospital. This one is GREAT and wish similar one was in NJ. Keep up the great work and personal thank you from a worried husband. Now I️ just gotta find a one way ticket back home with my beautiful smiling wife :)

Ursula Spaulding

There vwry personable doctors

Review Time

As a patient you will receive great care. As a coworker you will be grossly disappointed because the work culture is comparable to a sorority house: specifically with the Social Workers and Nurses. Those gals are real...vanilla. I'm Caucasian so I can say that, right?

Latrice Love

Northwestern is the best Hospital they really care about Their Patients , I absolutely love my doctors there amazing services everytime I been seen here

deseree fawn

Primary care doctors are good but I would recommend going to a different hospital for vascular work and orthopedic surgeries. The departments are extremely unorganized and do not care enough to have a sense of urgency for scans, oppointments or surgeries to be completed. Vascular had a lot of wasted oppointments and Orthopedic surgeries get canceled by the doctors just a few hours in advance. Northwestern does not allow a second opinion, you get forced to go to a whole different hospital. I believe northwestern just spends a ton on real estate and marketing and truly is not the best hospital in Chicago.

Karen Baker

It is work...

Danny Correa

Very courteous and kind employees.

li kwon kim

One of my close friends was admitted at this hospital. I tried to locate my friend by calling the E. R. and the hospital operator to see where my friend might be at for she was admitted 3 days ago. E.R. person and the operator said no such person was admitted to this hospital and gave me a contact phone number at the Lake Forest Location. E.R. nurse at Lake Forest had told me that person was admitted at the Chicago Location and was discharged already. Called again the downtown location and the operator gave an attitude that the person I was looking for was not on their list. The fifth person at E.R. finally told me she was admitted but discharged yesterday even though my friend was still at the hospital. WT?

Sheila Vinson

I was in the ER with my adult son on Sunday evening, July 29, 2018. His nurses, Danielle and Ron were ABSOLUTELY PHENOMENAL. His treating doctor was ABSOLUTELY OUTSTANDING and ALL of them exceeded our expectations. The doctor would make himself available and any question I had. The level of PROFESSIONALISM they exhibited is to be APPLAUDED. Thank YOU ALL VERY, VERY MUCH ~

Vanessa Signorile

Everybody at this hospital is super friendly and helpful. I came to see DR LEAH WARGOLET in neurology, she is THEE most sweetest, loving, caring, compassion doctor i have ever seen. Had a medical condition for three years ive seen 7 nuerologist, 1 ENT, 3 chiropractors, 2 dentist, 1 neuro opthamologist, and she was the only doctor that ever persued me. Everyone pushed me away with meds. My first appt with leah was a HR long she is so genuine and willing to do anything to figure things out.She makes you feel like family and she actually cares. Please if you need a nuerologist PLEASE see her she wont let you down!!!!!!

Shelley Matthews

best place to get health care in Chicago

London Skyy

After a few visits I’ve noticed a different care of service. it has to do with a white dr versus a black dr. The white dr comes in my room and tell me that all of my symptoms probably mean nothing. He was so nonchalant about it but why we he genuinely care about my health and getting better me being a black woman ? On a previous visit my dr was black he was very knowledgeable and efficient. He was happy to get me back to feeling better and that was great. I’m not saying all the non color drs that are there are like this but I know when person wants to help you and when they don’t . It’s sad

Matt Howard

The best of the best! Focused on helping people.

James Lett

I’m am currently in the Emergency Room. We checked in at 11:00pm on 11/29/18. We had Nurse Hannah. Which did a good job receiving us. But soon as they or (Nurse Hannah), immediately put us out the triage area and stuff my clothing and my wife’s clothes together, mind you she’s the patient. Into (2) garbage bags and pushed us into the hallway. With promises of s waiting bed on the second floor above the emergency room. But after they rolled my wife, Carolynn Simpson into the hall. Where we sat from 12:30 am till 5:48 before Elizabeth S., came over to assist us in, (us) still not knowing what’s going on. Mind you Ms. Nurse Hannah. For location purposes we were in triage #6. So we didn’t have any communication with Hannah at all. Hate to say she had a bad attitude. Not sure what nurse treats her patients in a manner. As we were moved outside in the hallway. Another patient was brought in to triage #6. Whatever was going on in the room. Triage (room without doors) a smell came out and it stunned very bad enough to wake my wife 20 feet away. And make me gag. I asked Nurse Hannah can she assist in slaying something. She smartly answered maybe. So I started asking all the nurses can they spray or move us. With all the people going on and out of this smelly room no one thought to move us. I know it’s busy and they are assisting people. Biut to leave us be in the hallway. They left us unattended, and poorly served. Thanks for having a Nurse like Hannah on your staff. We are not satisfied with thus or the service of a nurse that takes an oath! Sincerely a let down husband of a patient. After they placed us in the hallway there was no communication. My husband had to grab Elizabeth’s attention and ask about being moved to a room and additional questions about medication, and if I could have some water or ice chips (I asked for this when I was in room 6). Elizabeth checked and told me that I couldn’t have anything to eat or drink. I said ok and that nobody told me this earlier. Elizabeth explained when my next dose of antibiotics would be and to let them know if I was in pain and they would see about getting more pain medication. I understand that this is a busy time but we all deserve proper communication. When you’re not feeling well that in itself is scary enough add not knowing what’s Going combined with dealing with staff with bad attitudes that’s makes it more challenging. I’ve been in the hospital since 2:00pm. I started at Weiss and was transported over here. I still only know one thing that I have to see a Ear and throat specialist. It would be nice to know what’s going on.

anil david

Excellent Teaching Hospital in downtown Chicago with state of the art facilities and a world class support system.some of the finest doctors in the world practice at this facility.

T Hicks

Awesome healthcare professionals and facility! They really helped myself and children at a difficult time in my life. The emergency department were awesome. They made sure we were comfortable and even offered us snacks and breakfast. May God truly bless them!! Compassionate people there. One does not understand compassion until they have really experienced some real hardships in life. The people there understand the following two life quotes I live by: Never kick someone when they are down AND Be careful how you treat the next being. The advocates and er clerk and social workers and nurses and food services and security...... Thankyou!!!

SandyScheeringa Scheeringa

Northwestern staff has been amazing treating my daughter AmberLyn in the ICU. RN Karly and RN Elizabeth were her main nurses. They were compassionate, caring and most of all so knowledgeable about caring for my daughter. I cannot express enough the level of peace I had just knowing they were there. Thank you Karly and Elizabeth for making a horrible situation as bearable as it possibly could be. You were my son in laws and my “angels” Sandy Scheeringa

Sand LH

I have visited the Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s ER twice in 2018 for different issues and was given excellent care both times. The doctors, nurses and technicians were attentive and efficient and ran a full compliment of tests in order to achieve proper diagnosis. This hospital is top notch, facility very clean and updated with modern equipment. I waited 5 minutes for an EKG as I arrived with very high bp and taken to a room within 10 minutes. On second visit, I arrived with a fractured or sprained wrist and waited about an hour. I also had two outpatient surgical procedures in the last 2 years and received excellent care for both procedures. Very satisfied and highly recommend NWM. All my doctors are at Northwestern Medicine Chicago and I am very happy with the care and treatment I receive.

Elizabeth Vargas

Best treatment

Josephine Szarowicz

Nicely remodeled, very clean and spacious. Nice doctors work here, too.

Anthony Fleming

Best medical facility in the midwest. Arguably in the whole country.

Ethan Ortega

It's a great Hospital.

David Jeffery

I came to the ER with chest pain and other heart attack symptoms. I was taken immediately for an ECG - though to be honest it was a relatively quiet day. I then went for triage and then immediately set-up for blood work and a chest x-ray. Maybe because of my symptoms or that the hospital wasn’t too busy, but truly everything went quite quickly. Everything came back normal but the doctors recommended I get a stress test. I decided to do so at the hospital and I admitted myself and stayed the night. The stress test was done first thing the morning and I was released in the afternoon. I have to say that every single person I came across - in every department - was nothing but kind, patient, and caring. I never felt I had anything less than their full attention even in the ER when I could tell they were working very quickly to get my vitals and take my blood, etc. I then waited a while for my room, which is understandable as they’re all private. I got to my room too late for food. I was starving so the nurse ran around to find me what he could so I wasn’t hungry. I really appreciated that. The next morning, the two ladies that did my stress test were so nice it was like talking with friends. In fact, all of the nurses and doctors I saw were thorough, explained everything in detail, repeated things when I needed and sat with me as long as I needed. Overall I am really impressed with this hospital and happy to have had a great experience.

Todd Graff

I work there and have been a patient also. The care and people are great.

Eastmon Mason

Northwestern Memorial Hospital has the worst customer service and operators ever! Every time I call them either they always got an attitude, they act like they can’t pick up the phone, they are very rude when they do pick up the phone, or they always give the phone call to another customer service representative who’s even more lost than them. Expect the worst customer service and operators of all time! They need to fired all they customer service representatives and operators!

Gee Money 1

Nice n best hospital (#1 in Illinois)

Ralph Braseth

Pound for pound, one of the finest hospitals in the United States. If possible try and find the department you wish to visit rather than make an appointment through the central office. Also, the university provides great biographical information on their physicians including education, publications and board certification. The medical center is engaged in major research and the institution continues to grow. It is the most dominant medical center in Chicago, but there are other great hospitals as well including the U of Chicago and Rush Medical Center.

Hogan Linda

If you're are register within the hospital you'll get pretty good service

Emily Washington

I went to the ER and am still shocked from my experience. I came in on the brink of passing out with a cloudy brain, lots of nausea and pain, and alarming symptoms. When trying to explain my complicated medical history, the nurse and medical assistant would rudely interrupt me. After feeling a little better, I received no answers for what happened or no direction on how to move forward, they were just focused on me leaving as soon as possible. I was given a prescription for medicine that cures acid reflux (which wasn't why I was there and made no sense). I was so frustrated to the point where I broke down and cried because of how severe my symptoms were and how I wasn't being taken seriously. The nurse continued to talk over me rudely and even accused me of just trying to stay overnight. I don't know if it was because of the fact that I'm a black woman, or that I'm young and I had to check myself in, but neither the doctor, the nurse, nor the medical assistant took my pain seriously. I did not feel welcomed, tolerated, or listened to. They're biggest concern was me leaving. If I come to have a serious medical issue, I will have them know that they failed me.

Nicola Catrambone

Is there anyone that works here without a pretentious attitude? Never seen a place that is meant to save lives yet hated people so much. This place is good at medical procedures, to say otherwise would be intellectually dishonest. However, I would probably rather die prematurely than be treated by those people.

Dee Green

I had an unexpected emergency. They took very good care of me!!! Best possible place to be!

Delicia Morris

My brother has been in the hallway of the emergency room waiting for a room since 8AM its now 9PM. He's still in the hallway. We've seen staff and the other hallway mates come and go. Utterly ridiculous

John Welsh

It's a great a hospital offering the best care for patients and support for those who visit and work there. The mezzanine / food court has the best nutrtious offerings and there is is plenty of comfortable seating area with usb charging and outlets for laptops.

Tricia Rodriguez

No one wants to be in the hospital, but if you or a family member needs medical care, this is the place to be. The staff is kind and attentive. In edition, the doctors are intelligent with a great bed side manner.

voincee Harris

I have to give a big thumbs up to EVERYONE on Dr. Tjong's team in Orthopedic. The day of my surgery and every doctor's visit has been beyond exceptional!!! These are the most caring, compassionate, patient and knowledgeable group of professionals that I've ever seen. Northwestern is by far the #1 hospital in Chicago!!! The employees are so contagious with their workplace happiness, that I've since applied. I have to be part of this work family.

Test Gmail

Iam so so disappointed in the er i was happy i didnt let my daughter go alone its the worst i ever experienced in any hospital i thought i was in third world country its unbelievable then i went to read reviews and i wasn't krazy they all what we experienced so am not going to repeat and northwestern representative please dont reply how sorry you are all those bad reviews You actually insult your self and the hospital Because you do nothing you have bad old reviews and you hospital is or worse so quit Apologizing and do something your hospital Charges are out rages the er i filthy i was Afraid to use the restroom you a television that Doesn't work take it of please quit apologizing and do something the hospital makes a ton of Money .

Dan Dougherty

Do not be fooled by the overall rating on Google. Most low ratings appear to be by self-important people complaining about ER wait times. If you are not at the ER for a life-threatening illness, yes, you will have a longer wait time for service. It's that way at every ER in America. My wife and have used Northwestern Memorial for 7 years, and we have major medical issues we would never trust to a local community hospital. It is a top-notch, world-class facility in all respects!

Drake Dre Reffy

This hospital used to be a five star establishment now it is three stars at best they need to better manage the ER and better manage their outpatient clinics no one wants to be told that it will be three months to see their specialist I will be looking for other doctors offices

Nancy Sandra

Godbless the good people working here.

Daisy Olvera

BEST HOSPITAL!! Doctors and nurses are very kind and respectful. And fast acting.

Andrea Hopkins

I work here in Ophthalmology & have been working here for almost 21 years. Very excellent hospital. I have learned a lot.

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