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Louann Mueller

Very hard to find parking. Cars driving around and around looking for parking takes about an hour to park. Use valet, if you go. Dr wasn't very nice, after an hour in the waiting room I had a 10 minute visit with the dr. I told the dr one of my symptoms and she said "I didn't see it" and also "who are you gonna trust me, or the other dr" I won't be returning to either. Expensive co-pay for no remedy.

Anita Norman

OMG... 4 hours wait for emergency room... was offered a wheel chair after complaining about the 4 hour wait to lady at check in counter who lacked customer service skills.. uncomfortable hard furniture to sit on.. broken over priced vending machines, broken cell phone charging station, but okay staff, nurses and an awesome ER doctor. I would think hard before choosing this hospital again. :(

Sean C

It is a shame, 6+ hour wait in the ER waiting room which during that time my appendix finally started rupturing. I was "next on the list" for 2 hours after waiting past the estimated 3 hour wait given when I arrived. The most they offer is a blanket and since I was throwing up they gave me a bucket. The nurse clearly was not concerned. Everything after finally getting through those double doors is wonderful, but its impossible to give a good review when they so heartlessly make people suffer in the ER waiting room longer than any other hospital in the area. If you have an actual emergency like I did, walk down the street and call an ambulance to take you to the ER. Honestly the amount of suffering they forced me to endure is the most traumatic thing I've had to go through. If your appendix is rupturing, you most definitely will be given a blanket and bucket, you will have to find a double seat to curl in a ball to lay down (and hopefully fit) and they will get back to you when its convenient for them. Best of luck.

Elizabeth Westergaard

Receptionist was responsive and helpful to those waiting.

Julian Alvarez Vega

Should have the option of zero stars, as it may be possible that they do not have control of their patients, my brother is hospitalized and they tell me that he is not in the hospital, his employees are not doing their job correctly, I hope and the doctors do work well and we do not have losses of our loved ones due to the poor professionalism of their staff

Alexandra Malcolm

Received excellent care in the ER after taking my baby in for a fall. Staff at check in was caring and knowledgeable, minimal wait time, nurses were focused, friendly, and communicated well, doctor took an abundant amount of time sharing his expertise on head injuries and observing my baby. Very impressed with this experience!


i was born here, still alive now :) met a few workers here and they are all nice. The food court quality is so good that it's worth noting if you are planning an extended stay at a hospital.

Curt Stowe

Saw Dr. Heim after going through 6 months of pain for herniated disc in cervical spine (c6-c7). Dr. Heim who is very conservative showed me on my xray that my spine and nerve was impinged. He told me the only way was this would ever be fixed was surgery. So did another doctor. After reading online for months about all the failures I was terrified. I saw several doctors, but Dr. Heim had the most experience. What finally convinced me to go to him and do the surgery was a lady in the office downstairs not even connected to him whispered to me if she had to have surgery, he would be the one she would pick. To summarize my experience with him. I did the surgery. Woke up to almost no pain except throat a bit sore, was doing laps around the hospital the same night and out the next morning. I read another review online that commented that Dr. Heim has very gentle hands. I have to agree! Also my incision is barely noticeable, I'm told he insists on doing these himself which I was impressed by versus letting the assistant do them. My Wife drove me home from hospital. When I got home I walked 4 miles on tread mill and drove to the dog park with my dog. I did have to wear soft collar for two months but never really noticed it. Today is my 2 month mark, Dr. Heim had me come in yesterday for 2nd xray and said everything looked great. He released me from light weight restrictions and collar. He sent me to physical therapy who did a bunch of tests and said I was fine and I didn't need it. I woke up to almost no pain after surgery and have had none since. I counted 5 different people from staff at the hospital, physical therapist and nurses who all said to me "You had Dr. Heim, you will have no problems". Even surgery which was supposed to last 3 hours I was out in 2. I'm told all the nurses love him because he does his job so well it makes their job easy. All I can say is thank you Dr. Heim. I'm perfectly healthy now and you are the reason why. I also want to ad his nurse Elaine is incredible. I called with many questions and she always returned my calls within an hour. She knew every step that was going to happen in the surgery and walked me through every detail so I knew what the expect. There were zero surprises. I have to say I didn't believe this would be the case after all the bad experiences people have had with this surgery, and I truly think the reason it was so great was Dr. Heim with his experience and knowledge. Northwestern hospital and its staff were also incredible. Food....not so good but it was you can eat and had good variety so I chowed. I wish you the best of luck if you need surgery. Its not that bad!

Steve Gieser

Top-notch regional hospital in the western suburbs of Chicago. Special kudos to the staff in the Emergency Room. The ER doctors are smart and efficient.

Michelle DeLong

I can see why all of the bad reviews are based off of the ER. You would think they would be trying their best to fix the problem, but oh, no. My daughter is here because she is pregnant and bleeding. She's only about 4 months pregnant but they are treating her like it doesn't matter. She came almost 2 hours ago and very few people (like 2, maybe 3) have been called back. I have seen 7 people walk out with their papers and leave, but only the few have been called back. I get triage, I get that she's may not be the most urgent patient, but my gosh, we're talking about another life here. They could at least call her back before the twisted ankle patient. The ER is awful!! There's no urgency here. (Not one ambulance came in during her wait, so far at least).

Carol Pence

I felt like I was in a hotel instead of a hospital. EVERYONE was very welcoming, informative and helpful. We were escorted everywhere since it was our first time there, and it was amazing how wonderful everyone was.

Sarvinoz Bababekova

my sоn went rash all over my body my husband and I arrived at the hospital it was 3 am accepted the norms of the nurse good but the doctor I apologize for being rude stupid she diagnosed rubella but my son last year had this when the child can have every year I asked for a rubella to make onlesy and to check exactly what they were doing to what they told me that it was impossible to check with some anesthesia when I said that I had one small child at home they said 100% that it is not transmitted but the rubella is a viral disease s it is transmitted. Mena was just sent home and told to just wait it was 01/19/19 today 01/21/19 the child has no blemishes anymore, so tell me if the rubella goes away in one day ???????? This is a photo of the duty attendant who gave us such a diagnosis!

Patricia Byrne

Worked all over Chicago. Best hospital ever!

Ronald Hafeman

I had back surgery yesterday an L5-L6 Discectomy, the surgery was an overwhelming success thanks to Dr. Peter Lee and the entire staff of CDH. I can't say enough about the professionalism and bedside manner of the staff. I have had NO pain since the surgery including pain from the surgery itself which quite frankly surprised me. No one could ask more of a surgical experience, my heartfelt thanks to everyone.

Mandie S.

Came here for detox....was a wonderful experience. Staff was extremely pleasant and attentive and understanding. They also addressed on other issues they noticed and was quick to get down to the point of it. The rooms are nicer than an upscale hotel room plus you have room service with better than the usual hospital food. I do recommend the smoothies.

Paul Halfman

All the money that went into building this hospital and retaining excellent staff is now being withdrawn by the big corporation of Northwestern. The remaining product is diluted and unsafe as they cut corners, release experienced staff, and hire inexperienced/inexpensive new graduates to save money and line their pockets. It's sad. I expect this once high rating to drop significantly over the next few years.


4 hour wait in the ER

Robbie Phillips

Was taken in for just being drunk, and when I coherently expressed that I was fine and would like to sign out against medical advice which i believe is my right, just by trying to get out of bed I was attacked and strapped down. Even the next morning I instead again I was fine but they chose to keep me a full 24 hours. Police putting me in a drunk tank would have been more civiliazed....i give this practice a -5 our of 5 of I could. Go to Edwards if you want a good hospital in this area.

Liu Lee

Emergency room is a mess you can die in there long waiting hours

Mike Pabich

Just got out of CDH. Overall great experience. Was there for a total of 5 days. Everyone was helpful, friendly, and convenient. The food was better than okay. But I wasn't concerned over the food, was only concerned with getting better. The nurses, doctors, and technicians were over the top nice. Coming back for future visits.

istvan meissler

ER staff not competent or pleasant. Other staff much better.

Jay Teagle

I have been going to Midwest Orthopedics for 2+ years now. With my history of bad knees for the last 30 years, I can tell you that I did my research for the best of the best. I found it at Midwest Orthopedics. My experience has been easy and truthful. The doctors have been honest and did not push me to make a decision that was not my decision nor a decision that was going to hurt my overall health. I have found my doctors and will not go anywhere else.

Darlene Prince

About a year ago my sister was rushed in to the ER because she had fallen and had a lot of bleeding on the brain. She had to go in for emergency surgery to get some of the bleeding stopped. They told us that they had to remove half of her skull in order to do the surgery. The next day I kept asking her nurse what pain meds she was on. I kept asking for the next 12 hours and never got a answer. The next family member to go in asked the same question. What she was told was nothing. SO, for over 12 hours, the day after taking off half of her skull she was given NO pain meds. She passed the very next day. I did report the nurse but I saw her the day my sister died so my guess is nothing was done to the nurse. Be very careful if you or a loved on is admitted there.

M Lopez

I brought my daughter to the ER for excessive vomiting due to a GI virus. Dr. Jay and Jen (nurse) were great. After some meds and fluids my daughter felt good enough to be released. Unfortunately, she started vomiting again after we received her release papers so I let her continue to rest for a hour. Meagan S (nurse) was rude and unprofessional when she realized we were still there. She was not interested in my daughter's decline, instead she told us multiple times "your lucky we're not busy. Usually we shoo people out of here pretty quick because we need the room". "You can go now, you're released" and handed us a bucket in case my daughter needed to vomit on the way home. Meagan S turned what would have been a positive review into a poor reflection on the hospital and a negative experience for a patient. One rotten apple Meagan rotten apple.

janelle b

I broke my ankle on hospital property, due to a pot hole. No one even bothered to call me back. See what my lawyer says i guess

Diana McGovern

Sad to see so many reviews with a 1 star for this hospital! CDH is such a clean, friendly environment! Staff were coming in and out all day and night to check if I was ok. Very caring staff. Made me feel at home!

Brianna B

I was hospitalized there to treat two major abdominal infections, both of which they caused. The second one was caused by them not keeping me on the IV antibiotics long enough (4 wks should've been 6). As a result, it ruined my right ovary and fallopian tube, which they removed WITHOUT telling me! It happened over 7 years ago. I only found out yesterday. Always read your surgical reports, and insist on getting copies of them. NEVER blindly trust them. Don't make my mistake. They also triple billed me for the same procedures, and charged $16 for a single ibuprofen. Check your bills carefully.

Carlene Baird

I had surgery yesterday in the women’s and children’s unit at CDH. From the moment I entered the clinic, I was treated with respect and kindness by every member, from the receptionist, to the registration lady, to each nurse that got me ready for surgery, my doctors, my anesthesiologist, as well as the ones who helped me after surgery. Special shout out to Danny and Rosalie. You two were amazing!!! Thank you, CDH.


Great service at the E.R.!!! Standing crossing your arms and rolling your eyes fixed me right up. (sarcasm) Showing some empathy and pretending like you care wouldn't hurt. Oh and thanks for the referral and wasted trip to the ENT that didn't take my insurance thanks to the merger. If it was a option I would give you negative 5 stars.

Jimmy Adams

Went above and beyond to make our stay as pleasant as possible.

Hassan Awan

Worst experience ever. My wife was having severe pain in her arm. Called the doctor and they sent us to the ER. The front desk staff was very rude. They made us wait 3 hours and 49 minutes and still didn't get to see a doctor. We decided to leave and go to another hospital and the lady at the front desk said if we leave we will still get a bill and said that we should wait more because otherwise we are still responsible for the bill. This place doesn't even deserve one star. ABSOLUTELY WORST ER AND WORST STAFF EVER.

Sotiris Leventis

The best !


Things that can be done in minutes they take hours. Spent 6 hours in er room for couple test. Very limited parking in front parking lot across emergency entrance. And now once in room upstairs, its so hard to get a nurse or pct (patient care tech) to come in. 10 minutes into call sign goes up and they still might not show up. I guess there are not enough. Rooms are like 4 star hotel but whats good its gonna do if the service is not there for patient.

Atrium J

We’ve been in the er since 12pm. Still sitting here waiting for my family member to be seen who is very sick. This other lady has been here since 10:45am hasn’t seen anyone except the lady whom weighed her and it was only 3 people in the waiting area when we arrived. The time is now 3:30pm this hospital looks good. But, they don’t seem to care much about the elderly or any other patient there’s no since of urgency here. This poor lady is crying in pain and they don’t give a

Andrew Coplien

Worst emergency room service ever. I came to the emergency room in incredible pain. went into triage and the was made to sit in the waiting area in pain for nearly three hours. When I asked how long it would be before I could see some one I was told that nothing I had would kill me and I had only been there an hour and a half so I shouldn't complain. I waited another hour and a half before I was taken in and given any treatment. The people in the waiting area are rude and unprofessional.

Me You

Nurses and patient care tech you constantly have to remind them to do things the nite shift is the worse they don't check on the patient just put there initials on the paper by the door like they did all attend to the patient The emergency room is not organized you can go hours once they doctor first sees you before they come back to see you You can wait up to 5-6 hours just to get a room once you are admired would not recommend the hospital at all if you can go somewhere else

ann behrens

Horrible waits in ER. Ridiculously loud and noisy. Does not feel clean.

Josh Lindsay

We took our 8 year old son to the ER and I was so impressed at how quickly we were wheeled away to a room where several nurses and a doctor immediately attended to him. He had to stay 2 nights and all the nurses, doctors and staff did a fantastic job taking care of my son and keeping me calm. Thank you, CDH.

Juliana Defrancesco

I wish I could give them NO stars. Nothing like being yelled at by a pregnant lady (LeAnn) right as you get in the door. The nurses in the ER are all rude and condescending. One nurse by the name of Jessica (that looks like a young little boy) slammed her hands into my chest was i was sleeping... I feel thats common sense to not do that... I asked for another nurse after that as i felt uncomfortable and violated... her name was Jen (short blonde hair), she was not that great either - about 10% better than Jessica, but both very rude. Im not going to go into detail with my diagnosis but there is a lot of medical malpractice in this place. Doctor Fort (shouldn't even be called doctor) is part of the malpractice in misdiagnosing a patient and sending them off to the looney-bin. The real kicker is he misdiagnoses me then runs off home and leaves for his shift to leave me with just the obnoxiously rude nurses and Dr. Hwang that never even stepped in my room to see what was going on. THIS PLACE IS MESSED UP, my mother died in this hospital and now i see why she did so quickly, she got misdiagnosed as well. Sad that all these "doctors" just take a test and pass to become one. What ever happened to caring about your patient and delivering bed side manner. This place is a joke. Sidenote: the social workers are also idiots.

Margaret Mihalyov

Horrible. My daughter who is special needs has cancer. She needed her medication refilled. I asked for one months worth to buy time to get her tests done. A total of 5 phone calls and a complete nonresponse from the doctor. Walgreens even gave me 3 pills. Call doctor again, "well she has to make an appt." I explained numerous times what happened .

Sean Knutson

Excessively long ER wait, stubborn staff, and overpriced too. Took my wife to the ER for an incarcerated hernia, and had to wait TWO HOURS before ever seeing a nurse (even though it wasn't particularly busy). After another long wait in the room, the PA who treated her didn't wait for the painkillers to kick in before she started pushing on the hernia, and kept pushing on it even when she was screaming in pain and told her to stop multiple times. In total we spent about six hours waiting around for a few minutes of torture and a 10-minute CT scan. The icing on the cake was that they charged us a collosal $6200 for the CT scan and $4400 for "emergency room services", whatever that means. (Thank God we have insurance, so we're only on the hook for about $2000, which still seems like a lot for pretty basic treatment.) The only pros were that the CT technicians and the surgeon who went over the results with us were caring and professional.

Tommy Seilheimer

The kids center wait times are freaking brutal. I'm talking hours to see someone. We had our baby here and it was the best experience, but the emergency room to the kids area is so understaffed. Be prepared to look through this window for E. V. E. R.

Martin Valadez

My 2 month old son was transported there from silver cross ( who's E.R. Doctor was going to send us home ) after his symptoms worsened from RSV On Christmas day. The staff was awesome and Nurse Grace in the PICU was very attentive to all of us. They even gave us a build a bear moose. I hope I never have to see these great people again while they are at work but would love to see them again in passing to thank them for all the hard work they put into getting my son healthy again and getting us home. And on a side note the cafeteria isn't half bad and the pizza is pretty good lol.

Ocean Family

If I could give this hospital zero stars I would. The nurses are great. If you have to pay a bill it is the worst experience ever. Payments do not get credited to your account. You make a payment and they send you to collections. You will get ten bills a month for various services. They farm the bills out to many different companies and when you try to call to get information on a bill you are forced to be transfered to these other companies that cannot assist you. And you can never speak to a supervisor because of this. If I were dying I wouldn't go to this hospital!

Denise Schlitt

This is a few months late. I was hospitalized from December 10, 2018 until December 16, 2018. The experience was absolutely amazing. The nurses (Sam, Ashley and Emily) on the 4th floor room 444 were absolutely fantastic. They treated me as if I was their own Mother. Also one if the Patient Tech (Liz) was absolutely amazing also. Thank you for your amazing professional service.

Michael Kofel

I wish I didn't need to be here but since we needed to be here I cannot be happier with the care, staff, facilities, and all involved at this hospital.

Joseph Crocello

Me and my fiance just had our baby here and after 5 hours of pushing, she ended up needing a c-section. Dr. Bernardo was EXCELLENT and super nice/informative. The nursing staff has been outstanding. Mrs. luann [nurse] was with us in our room her entire shift. Any questions are answered. Food is good. I wouldn't go to any other hospital for anything. My sister had 2 kids in the NICU recently and it was just had perfect. You guys deserve so much respect and praise for the work you do.!

Dave Hathaway

I was there for extremely high alcohol abuse the staff was extremely helpful they cared about me when I was transferred upstairs I can't believe how much they really really cared all the nursing staff was very good. I recommend this place to anyone that needs help

Carmen Armstrong

ER wait time, with no one in the waiting room, is awful. This is not my first time experiencing this with the ER at CDH. There is zero sense of urgency and when you ask, no one has information.

Lisa P

I had my daughter here and it was a wonderful experience. Also the food was amazing !

Rose Lauer

If I could give no stars I would place is terrible dont come if you need anything go somewhere else

T. 1.

Excellent nursing care, highly professional and knowledgeable staff. Physicians are top rated, clinical excellence at every encounter. I have been in and out patient for surgery and procedures - fully trust this hospital, the nurses, NPs, PAs, and MDs with my life!

ian ish

Came in with a possible appendix problem. Was told 30 minute wait, now it's been an hour and a half and nobody has called me back. Staff has no sense of urgency, this is just an hourly job to them and it shows. Hope I don't die here in the waiting room.. After finally getting in and check my vitals the nurse put me back in the waiting room, said it could be another 4 hours. This is unacceptable. People pay more money for emergency room visits and to have to deal with this unprofessional staff. I won't be back and unless you enjoy being played I recommend you do the same. This was on a Monday, not a weekend, not a Friday. A Monday... Update: I left after being told it would be a 4 hour wait before they could even see me, went to Edwards hospital where they immediately got me in for surgery. My appendix had burst. To top it off, this sham of a hospital wants to charge 1500 for someone to check my pulse and temperature, which I will he disputing. When your nurse asks a patient on a scale from one to ten what your pain level is and you respond with 10. Being told it's another 4 hours to be seen is beyond ridiculous. Please explain what justifies $1500 to check vitals, which took her not even 5 minutes.

doug galeca

I'm pretty sure that through their hasty and uninformed these people killed my father. If I could prove it, I'd spend the rest of my life in court with them.

Ruth Brackmann

Waited for 1 1/2 hours to be seen and still waiting! Very poor answers to to it off! Nurse said if he had a room he would have put me back but funny how they have many rooms over the time I'm here waiting! Think twice before you come here again!!!

Virginia Morris

Emergency room: 4 visits, in only one, after a head injury in an automobile accident, was I kept waiting. I would give the ER 4 stars. Hospital stays: awful! The first was for major surgery. In the Intensive Care unit, the nurses told me that they wouldn't give me any pain medicine until I lay in the bed "properly". Finally a doctor appeared and told them to give me the pain medicine. As required, I gave them a list of my ongoing medications; the nurses told me that there was nothing on file. I got no water for three days. I was never visited by the surgeon, only by "hospitallers", who (of course) knew nothing of my medical history. During the entire week of my stay, the bedding was never changed, I was never allowed to brush my teeth or shower, and I was not allowed to get out of the bed except when a nurse was present. The second stay was for a C. Diff. infection after the surgery. The treatment was equivalent. I would rather just die in the parking lot than stay in that hospital again.

Morgan Mooga

Directions: Located inside of the hospital, park in the parking structure that is attached to the hospital to the right of the main entrance and it's on the second floor. If you enter on the main entrance the outpatient lab is a walk toward the right, follow the signs. It's on the 2nd floor.

Stephen Callow

ER waiting room is spacious and appeared clean. The front desk staff is courteous. Wait time was about 45 minutes (at noon) including checking in with the triage nurse before heading into a room. The ER unit is modern and clean. Staff was quick and seemed to care. Tight parking but they have valet. Surprisingly, I was placed in a room and hooked to an IV before ever showing an insurance cards or giving identifying info beyond name and birth date. Overall, ER staff was quick and I would return.


This hospital is the worst!! I have never waited less than an hour and a half and that is with an appointment.

Alexandra Motz

I recently had surgery at this hospital and I was super nervous about it all just because of past bad experience at a different hospital. However this hospital is wonderful in every aspect from the hospital to itself all the way to the staff. Everyone is so nice and make sure you are comfortable the whole time you are there.

Jerry Rauch

This place is absolutely awful. They botched my wife's c section causing her to get a bad hernia. We would have sued but it took 2 years to find out the cause of her 9 month old has croup today and she has been in th e.r since midnight. It is almost 5 am , and they told her a Dr. would be able to see them at 8am. Absolutely pathetic hey have a children's e.r This is the last time we ever come to this place. We will drive a few towns over than deal with these incompetent quacks.


They write that they recognize 'Access to health services' as a priority need but individual BCBSIL insurance is not accepted; they only accept BCBSIL employer insurance. It's unfortunate that while avoiding being accessible to more people, the institution's employees have accepted NW's corrupt finance/administration practices. Hopefully this will change soon and I can delete this review.

Dennis Hood

My father was treated accurately here and the staff was very kind to him. There have not been excessive waits for service. The facility can be a bit of a maze until you get uses to where you are going.

Eddie Ruble

We were lied to by the hospital, and will never be returning. This hospital has royally screwed my wife and I over, and set us back months. IF YOU ARE EXPECTING PARENTS, proceed with caution. We followed the instructions of the hospital and now we aren't able to have our baby there. Simply for having prior appointments at a clinic the hospital themselves recommended. Our insurance policy number finally came in the mail and they wont accept us for following their instructions. This hospital has been in the family for years, but we will all be transferring elsewhere.

Melissa Dichtl

Unfortunately my 83 year mother really needs to be in a hospital, but was there for one night & got totally ignored... so her theory is why bother... really sad!

Alyssa Blackburn

Brought in by ambulance and had to wait for 4 1/2 hours in the waiting room. Absolutely horrible hospital. You could die and they wouldn't even help. Ridiculous hospital. No care or concern. Bitchy nurses Turns out I had pancreatitis. Went to Edwards hospital. They took me right away. And kept me for 4 days. Meanwhile.... I could have been rotting in the waitinf room of this understaffed hospital that put so much money into it....for what? To go downhill? This was my trusted hospital since Northwestern took over this place is hell. You don't feel safe. Funny because one of the questions they ask u is if u feel safe at home my response is, I don't feel safe under your care.

Martha Becker

My sister has been hospitalized since last week some nurses been nice and caring but not all of them specially today she had this nurse by the name of Sam on the 4th floor room 449 she has no patience horrible attitude she was yelling at my sisters in a loud tone of voice in front of my old Parents and me my sister has depression and she had major surgery and that’s how she treated her I just can’t believe it nurses should be caring and take care of their patients with respect your not working for free you get pay. I only pray that she relies that she hurting her patients by being like that. Horrible experience.

Sam Inayat

Worst place on earth. I told them a million times that i have an autistic kid who is v prone to having meltdowns so please see us on time . I even said i would reschedule because they were v busy but they didnt let us leave. Waited 1 hour and 20 mins. I had to cancel my doctors appointment and my sons ABA session. Would not recommend this place to anyone. No regard to partients time.

Bernadette Young

I was referred to this hospital by another doctor because this location was more convenient. I called and spoke to someone who took all my personal/medical data and told me someone would be calling me back to set up an appointment. I never heard from anyone again. Now all my data is in their systems, but I was never a patient.

Kelly Loftus

The people who work in the ER waiting room are RIDICULOUSLY rude. Tonight was my third experience with them and each one was AWFUL; I went in for extreme discomfort and had to wait about two hours for the waiting room to clear, refill, and clear again. My mom was with me and went up to ask the desk several times how much longer we needed to wait and was dismissed because I apparently wasn't acting uncomfortable enough (I did turn out to have a pretty serious kidney infection, low and behold, I wasn't crazy). During this time period the staff members behind the desk spent most of their time ordering food and flirting with security. I was sitting there long enough to hear them order AND see their food arrive AND watch them eat it. Tonight we were in with my Dad, who is NEVER sick and certainly never dramatic. He went in with a 103 fever and chills. He didn't want to go in, but he could not stop shaking and it was very scary, so we told him to go, and my mom took him. Someone working there came to take his temperature and very condescendingly told him that she "knew he could control his shaking" so he needed to calm down so she could take the temperature. I could've picked her in the throat...just a glimpse of the issues I've personally experienced specifically in the waiting room, but for heaven's sake, employ kinder people in your damn ER waiting room.

Wayne Lessner

Total knee replacement/ the best !

Ken Witz

My wife had a hystorectomy here and the staff was wonderful. They explain everything very thorough and are very nice. Dr. Johnson did a great job with the procedure. The facility is very nice and immaculate.

Zain AlHamed

My wife and I came in yesterday to the ER. She is pregnant and was having severe abdominal pain/complications. The wait time was alright; however, the some of the staff is terrible. The ultrasound technician lady was so disrespectful and rude! I asked the ultrasound tech about the imaging and instead of answering me in a normal manner, she basically started yelling at me about how she couldn't tell me the results. I can understand, but she didn't have to be so rude by shouting and acting like we don't know anything. Any questions we asked, she responded to with sarcastic responses and by acting all high and mighty. This is not how patients should be treated, especially those who come in the ER as they are already in pain and are worried. The other nurses we had were so much nicer and answered our questions without being rude and even tried to comfort my wife instead of yelling. I hope they can get staff members who care about the well-being of the patients instead of acting so exasperated. Why work in the hospital if you can't be bothered to care??????

Jim C Rivera

If you feel like you're dying! Go somewhere else because you're probably will die in here!

Carolyn Kelly

As a fellow medical professional, I can say that my experiences at CDH today were some of the most unprofessional encounters I’ve ever experienced in the medical field. I brought my 2 year old son to CDH to the department of Diagnostic Imaging. Initially, the nursing staff was accommodative, but as the day went on, it was clear that their staff was not at all experienced when it came to dealing with pediatric patients. First off, we had a scheduled appointment for an MRI which ran late. Again, being in the medical field, I can understand these things can happen, but in my experience, you should always schedule pediatric surgeries/procedures/imaging first thing as you can’t always predict how a pediatric patient might respond. I honestly feel this particular “small” issue set the tone for the rest of our time spent at CDH. Following my son’s MRI (he was placed under conscious sedation), his vitals were taken every 15 minutes which I know is standard of care. He was tired, but cooperative during these times. The nurse related that his vitals “looked good,” including his blood pressure, so we never questioned that there was an issue. When my son was finally coming to from the medication and becoming agitated, it was determined that a final blood pressure needed to be taken as the others were more than 20% off from his baseline (again something we were not informed of prior to the last BP reading). My son was very agitated at this point and required several nurses from Diagnostic Imaging to hold him down to attempt to get the blood pressure. One nurse in particular made the following comment aloud to my son: “Let’s get you home. You’re giving me a headache!” At this point, with my son beside himself and at risk of yanking out his IV, I told the nursing staff that I was refusing that particular BP read at that time for my son. The nurse, without my knowing, contacted the pediatric hospitalist - Dr. Kimberly Arvidson Mazur - who related that we needed to get another blood pressure read for my son’s safety. During a phone exchange with her where I expressed that I did not feel my son needed a BP check at that time, not once did she offer to come speak to me in person to possibly better explain why this needed to be done at that time nor did she potentially offer to take another later BP read after my son had calmed down; instead she stated that if I refused this particular blood pressure attempt we would need to get DCFS involved. As you can imagine, as a responsible parent and fellow physician, I felt this was not only unacceptable, but disrespectful. Dr. Arvidson had a difficult time keeping her composure and raised her voice at me. With a threat like that, I was forced to comply with what she wanted at that time, despite my good intentions for better care for my son. Another BP attempt was made, a reading was obtained, but due to my son’s distress, the read was in no way accurate. How an inaccurate read like that was suitable versus no read at all, I don’t understand. For those of you with little ones be aware of the care they might receive in the Diagnostic Imaging Department at CDH. I cannot speak to the rest of the hospital’s professionalism or quality care, but I can guarantee you that I never expected to be so dissatisfied and disappointed with the care my son received at this particular area of this hospital. I can tell you with certainty that we will not be returning to CDH. Addendum: This is in response to the hospital contact that responded to my initial post. You can be assured that I requested speaking to someone in patient liaison THAT day. I am still waiting to receive a return call regarding the outcome of our discussion.

Jason Heidkamp

I was born here. My son was born here as well 2 years ago. Had a stay in the NICU and I gotta say, it was 5 star care all around. The nurses were top notch. Cared about you as a person.

Lupe Gonzalez

Late review but my dad had surgery here over the summer. He stayed for a few days here. Staff was fantastic! In every department. Janitors, cafeteria, nurses, doctors, receptionists, etc. VERY clean hospital and very updated. My dad's room was spacious, clean, and they waited on him hand and foot. So happy with this hospital, way better than the one near me!

Kathy Diaz

My experience was horrible. I get there at 2 in the morning. My body is ache & my head feels like is going to explode. Im feeling dehydrated. So Im seeing people go ahead of me in the emergency room. I ask MARIA the one in charge. She tells me that my case is not that severe. At this time it was 4 in the morning & she kept letting people go in front of me. I waited for 4 hours in the emergency room.

Sharon F

Mom's care was great until insurance became an issue. The family agreed to sign financial responsibility but all they did was to constantly talk about how expensive (basically trying to imply what we could afford). We're not young, gullible people who aren't aware. The rush came to transfer her. Passing the buck started with insurance saying it's the hospital and hospital saying it's the insurance. Her welfare became secondary. Rounds started with have you looked at a facility first and updates next. Great doctors as long as they think you can afford it. NOTE: Has anyone notice the cut and paste responses from hospital. They just change the name of whom they're responding.

Missy Broadway

Came on a Sunday night. Not busy at all. Took 6 hours. Not impressed.. waited an hour and a half for discharge papers. It would have took longer but I decided to just leave and then that’s when my paperwork was miraculously ready. Not to mention the nurse has told me. “There’s people here that’s more critical then you”. So you can wait. Excuse me ?

David Pitts

The waiting room Nurses are incredibly rude and condescending. Additionally, they act as if an inquiry into a five hour wait to be seen by an ER doctor, a five hour wait which included every person that was there before you and every person that came within your first two hours haven been seen, is a bother to them. You don't expect nurses to be the fast talking, hurry up and get done with you types, but the Northwestern Medicine (formerly CDH) nurses in the emergency room are exactly that type. When you shift a medical professional from care to customer service plus care (registration and managing queue) it's probably a good idea to train them to address the concerns that naturally intersect with a person coming into the ER (i.e. care, time waiting, quality of interaction, etc). This hospital has regressed significantly. I've been coming here since I was 13 years old, and now I'm 38. All four of my children were born here, and despite all of that history I feel very comfortable dispassionately recommending that you stay away from this ER unless absolutely necessary. Oh, and I do have insurance just in case a reviewer might think that matters. It apparently doesn't.

Jodi Hendricksen

My daughter is currently an inpatient being seen by a revolving door of hospitalist, neurologists, psych, NONE of whom are familiar with her complex medical history. Her neurologist has been on vacation, but returned to DMG today - however the hospital charge nurse tells me they won’t engage my daughter’s neurologist because “she’s not on staff”, which is untrue. She was cared for by her Dupage Medical Grp neuro when in patient a couple months ago and both the DMG and CDH websites list her neuro as on the hospital’s medical staff!!! Because my daughter has debilitating chronic health conditions, I have VAST experience with a variety of hospitals and this visit has been the most frustrating in 24 years. I agree with another reviewer, if you need a hospital - go to Edward in Naperville. We have superior experiences there.

Kimberly Williams

I was brought to the hospital due to an emergency. The level of care I've received is phenomenal!!! The doctors, PA's, and nurses and techs kept me very informed. Everyone explained prior and during all my procedures in great detail so I was able to understand. I would highly recommend this hospital. Oh the food was really good also. Kim Williams

Walter Miller

I recently stayed at CDH and wanted to comment on the excellent food service provided to patients. From speaking to the people on the phone and assisting me to get to the right carb count and selection choices to the meals provided. it was all very good especially the Honey Salmon. I would like to see additional food choices but that adding more food selection choices could affect the food quality. One thing I did notice is that when I asked for Splenda the packet said Equal. What I later determined whether you ordered Equal, Sweet & Low, or Splenda each packet was labeled Equal though the color on the packet did match the labeling of the ingredients on the packet. What I am saying the color of the packet was correct to what's inside but the labeling all said Equal. Lastly I have switched over to Stevia and would like to see that and another alternative to the other zero calorie sweetener alternatives.

Sriraj Rajaram

We had our first child delivered in Mother and Children unit and the care provided was beyond exemplary. The nurses were all genuinely interested in the welfare of mother and child and went to extraordinary lengths to take care of them. We have seen care in different countries and this hospital definitely set a high standard to beat.

Jenny Reyes

been waiting 2 hrs and counting in the Emergency wars with an open arm in need of stitches, guess you have to be dying to be treated quickly in here

Rosalia Aquino

Visited the Pediatric ER yesterday for my 5 yr old daughter at about 12:30/12:45 Despite being busy, valet was on top of taking cars. We were quickly checked it - brought back in less than 10min, got the ball rolling and between our amazing nurse, Dr, x Ray and discharge papers we were out by 2:30pm A big thank you to our nurse Gail- who went above and beyond to make my daughter comfortable. ❤ (funny how much a purple gown and purple popsicle help an experience when you 5 haha) Room was clean, well kept, organized. Thank you again!

asif shaikh

Mother & Baby department Staff awesome. Too good service.

Patrick McGovern

Highly recommended state of the art Hospital. Great nurses and fantastic doctors providing excellent care. Very fast and efficient in providing accurate care.

Roger Kyriacou

Ended up in the emergency room due to a doctor's error. Insurance refuses to pay, and while I'm in the middle of negotiations with them and making payments on my bill, they sent me to collections. They charged six figures for a couple of days in the hospital. Crooks.

David Montague

They explain everything to me they knew I was very nervous.


Been to many hospitals. By far best hospital in the suburbs. We live next to Edwards hospital in Naperville. I would rather drive out to CDH any day.

Amy Luhan

Absolutely loved this hospital!! As a first time mom I was afraid of how everything was going to go because of all the horror stories I hear with hospitals.......but all the nurses and Dr.Torres were PHENOMENAL with labor and delivery!! I am with AMITA right now and I HATEEEE it, I am hoping to change my insurance to something Dupage accepts... I would highly recommend this hospital, sure the waiting room has a huge waiting time, but thats almost like any other hospital waiting room, NEVER know what they are dealing with most of the time behind the doors. ...

Chris Johnson

The ER department is absolutely horrible!!!! Get ready for 3hr or more wait times!! Terrible terrible terrible!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Helen Mangold

The people in the ER are rude. The doctors don't care to listen. I was sent home twice with appendicitis. I told the. & showed them I had major pain in the lower right abdominal area & they REFUSED twice to do a CTscan. Told me it was female related. I finally was taken to convenient care & the doctor there properly diagnosed me with appenditicitis & I had to wait 3 hours to be seen by my third ER doctor at CDH. Then it took 2 hours and three people to get an IV in me before getting admitted. Think twice before going to this ER. They should be grateful I'm alive. Time for them to re-evaluate their ER department.

Cynthia Castillo

I waited for about 3 hours to see someone, when finally in the Dr. asked for the symptoms took my sugar and swab for strep throat . Nurse comes back in saying the Dr is treating it as a strep throat regardless what the test is . How do you diagnose the without facts . What if it’s something else even though I mentioned more symptoms. Well I know if I suddenly die my family will be rich cause this Dr is in and out without facts.

Harlon Lipkowski

On November 1st 2015 I was rushed to Central Dupage Hospital. I had been in involved in a life threatening accident. I was in the best place to receive critical care. I had a 5% chance of living. God was on my side as he guided the wonderful Dr's and staff in my recovery. I had months of physical, speech and occupational therapy. At this point my biggest problem is short term memory loss for the Tramatic Brain Injury. Thankfully there is paper and pen. Best Hospital, Best Doctor's, Best Staff. Thank You

Tiffany Balchunas

Absolutely fantastic. The staff is wonderful and if you need a pick up, go to the Starbucks in the corporate office building, they have the biggest donuts I have ever seen!

shawn ingraham

I am a terminal cancer patient suffering from multiple myeloma back in 2012 I was diagnosed and I was treated by a wonderful staff and afforded a program called access DuPage Central DuPage hospital literally saved my life then along came northwestern medicine since then I have been billed for everything even though they have a contract with blue Cross community Health which is my unfortunately Medicaid provider I was told when northwestern took over that they were no longer seeing me and that I was not welcome a year went by and I received the letter from northwestern apologizing for turning me away and again offering their services to me even though I am a Medicaid recipient I did have private insurance with terminal cancer is extremely expensive and my private insurance maxed out now every time I go see an oncologist who I've been seeing for 7 years it cost me $170 I have no choice where I can get my health care because I am contracted with northwestern medicine Central DuPage hospital but in my opinion if you don't have money they prefer you just died now that's not a reflection on the staff or the quality of medical Care because both of which are superlative in other words very good but northwestern medicine as a whole is a money hungry horror they could care less if your liver die and in about 18 months I'll be proof because I'll be dead not lack of care lack of cash so beware when you go to CDH a hospital my father helped found and raise money when it was a sanitarium and a detox center back in the 60s with a small group of people and doctors in in around Winfield and now it's a massive money-hungry concierge hospital poor need not apply or show up because you will be billed or turned away

Steve Kulisek

ER visit Sat 7AM - staff was kind, courteous & professional. Easily a 5 star experience

Jim Cohick

Just completed my inpatient stay for by-pass surgery - I am grateful to everyone at and associated with Northwestern Medicine CDH for providing superb care pre, during, and post my surgery. Even from the initial shock of realizing I would need surgery based upon my angiogram results, the staff (physicians, nurses, techs) prepared me and my family well, and then navigated each step with us. I can not remember each person's name, but I will try to list for sake of expressing my thanks in this venue in hopes they are recognized: Dr. Jim Carroll, Dr. Tim James, Dr. Schwartz, Dr. Lee (anesthesia), Dr. Greenfield (ICU) ... APN/PA Whitny Wood, Morgan, ... ICU nurses Joan, Elijah ... ICU Tech Sara ... Cardiac Step Down Unit nurses Tony, Vicky, Kathy, Romera (sp?), ... Cardiac Step Down Unit techs Rachel, Jennifer, Courtney ... my apologies to those missed. I am confident my recovery will continue on its good trajectory. I highly recommend this hospital and its team of physicians, nurses, and other care givers especially for matters of the heart.

Leonard Topps

Today my mother had surgery at cdh although it was a simple procedure, anesthesia takes a toll on her. When I entered PACU things did not look good,and at that moment she requested tp stay overnight. I went to her nurse Dawn and asked if she could call the surgeon to get a request to stay, she was very RUDE , and said to her coworkers that ain't going to happen, I was very disappointed her attitude was not a patient comes first. I called the director of PACU, to help with the situation. She immediately responded and replaced the staff nurse with another. I want to thank Joan and Katrina and Karen for making what could have been an awful experience into a delightful situation.

Julie k

Do you enjoy being treated with condescension, disrespect, and disinterest? Do you enjoy your pain and discomfort being treated as an inconvenience or flat out ignored? Are you are looking for treatment that barely sets the bar at adequate? Do you look to be treated with either passive apathy or outright hostility? Do you consider the idea of being provided a pillow a luxury? Do you crave chaos, poor communication and lack of follow through? Do you thrive on cursory, clipped explanations and roll your eyes when provided with detailed instructions on how to prevent death? Does the prospect of being threatened with a call to security because you have exceeded the pre-determined length of stay or degree of medical problem make you all warm and fuzzy inside? How about being given the distinct impression that your ailments are not the medical establishment's problem? Or maybe you just seek to experience third world quality of care in a first world environment? If you said yes to any of the questions above, then cdh's emergency room is just the place for you! The staff will go out of their way to treat you with as little warmth and care as possible. You'll be provided with the opportunity to wait for hours in uncomfortable, institutional seating while no one troubles you with little things like updates on when you might be next, inquiries as to why you're sobbing in pain, or offers of receptacles in which to vomit. But of course...if you wish to get the deluxe experience of being put in your place and reminded how unimportant you really are, you can ask for such things. Rest assured, you will not be disappointed, the staff is sure to convey that your tiny little health problems and puny little requests mean nothing when they are so Busy with All The Important Things that your tiny little brain cannot possibly comprehend. Of course that's just the warm up to the highlight of your visit: Treatment. You, yes you, will experience first hand the medical staff treating you without the slightest bit of interest or concern! You will enjoy deluxe room accommodations while you wait in cold silence as someone gets around to talking to you. Expect your medical staff to give you perfunctory care as they whittle down their interactions with you to the bare minimum. And if you wish, you can even go so far as to make a special request for a blanket or a pillow and watch the staff pretend to care as they return an hour later empty handed. As an added bonus, if you come in with multiple, yet related medical issues, you can be sure that only the most straight forward one will be addressed while you will be encouraged to deal with the rest on your own. Fear not, they are sure to make you feel horrible about yourself for even mentioning that you're still in pain and they'll be sure to let you know how crazy you are to think they care. And to top it off, they'll be sure to give you discharge papers that are only the basic of instructions printed off the internet. If you have questions, they'll be sure to act as if they did not hear you, tell you that you cannot waste any more of their valuable time and smile sweetly at you as they park you in the waiting room and ask you if you want to call a cab. Patients with medical problems can be SUCH inconveniences when you work in the ER.

Felipe Cardona

Extremely long waiting time at the emergency room ZERO stars if possible.!

Karen Wogaski

I should have known better than to go here. I slipped in the shower, and I was in so much pain.My husband and I were told the wait was no more than 3 hours. We went to another hospital, after all the testing, I found out I had 2 bruised ribs, and a herniated disc. They can make this hospital pretty all they want, but what really matters is if it runs right. Nobody should have to wait 3 hr!

Steve Christides

I came to the ER at 1:30 and I'm still here at 8:05 the doctor was suppose to tell me what's wrong with me but yet he still isn't here. This place is a joke.

Jeannie Schiavo

We have been here a lot- especially this past year- for overnight stays and regular doctor visit stuff. Overall- this is the best hospital. The ONLY bad experience we have every time with this hospital has to do with the Pharmacy. If you have relatives staying overnight for anything: beware that pharmacy takes forever to send up medications and makes it difficult for nurses. Everything else has been perfect: Parking is great, the patient rooms are like a 5 Star Hotel, the cafeteria is amazing, We love the doctors and the nurses go above and beyond every single time. Friendly staff and patient transport. When I am at this hospital I feel safe, in good hands, know I will leave happy and healthy.

Jean Cole-Allen

Waited 6 full hours in the waiting room, then another hour and 10 minutes before we saw a doctor...will never come back!

Lakeisha Hairl

Came to the ER for a back injury and was told 6hrs to be seen. Left came back the next morning, and my tech didn't assist me getting out of the wheel chair or into the bed. They had me to undress but my nurse didn't provide a blanket our a call light and left. The doctor gave me 3 minutes of his time after waiting in a room for an hour, and told me tho go see my primary care doctor. Sitting here cold, in pain, and confused by the lack of help from this staff

Erica Ray

Been to ER a couple times. Once for myself during miscarriage and once for my son with broken leg .Both times we were tended to quickly and professionally .

Ruben Vargas

I took my 8 year old daughter to the children's part of the emergency and everybody was great. Treated me and especially my daughter great. I would go again their in a heart beat.

NaKetha Kerr

My 20 yr old son was admitted to CDH, after experiencing major physical and mental setbacks that caused him to be in a sensitive very delicate situation. Although our family was devastated we were very grateful to the first responders and staff that helped to save his life. After a major thoracic operation to repair a lung and stop bleeding, the next critical care option was mental. The psychiatrist on staff I never met due to our schedule variance. As our son began to heal physically we knew the next point of care would be mentally. I shared some insight with one of the physicians In order to help the staff understand some crucial things that might aid in his recovery and treatment of incidents that transpired before the mental psychosis. This Dr. Suggested I update the psychiatrist, I spent the night to meet with this psychiatrist before his transfer for mental health evaluation and treatment as in patient. As all other physicians came and cleared him medically, I never saw psych. I told the nurses on duty we wanted to speak to psych and complete paperwork necessary to be a part his treatment as a family and after this we never got the respect of continuing this choice, After my son told me he last saw the psychiatrist two days prior to him leaving the facility. I asked him did he get any new medicine, he said she prescribed him a sleeping pill to help him sleep. This was a lie he was on resparidol unknowingly. I'm not sure how you can treat people using deceit. He said the day after his first dose she came in the next morning and he vomited and she never came back for anything after that. I realized the nurses on duty Nikki and Anetta had decided that they knew what was best for our family and had called the psychiatrist who they told me themselves cleared him over the phone. I had to create unprofessional forms to attach ourselves to his treatment and have my son sign his consent while recorded in order to have the next rotation attach his consent for our involvement to his case before transfer. I think this was just a very clear example of how hospital workers interfere with the wishes of the family. I wanted to make it very clear, that this was so disrespectful, distasteful and an abuse of medical power to exhibit the qualities that would render a young adult who wants family advice incapable of having the support needed to heal

Cynthia Pfeffer

We had our second baby here a couple weeks ago. I can honestly say there is no other place I would ever have a baby. The level of care you receive from the nurses, doctors, lactation consultants, etc, is beyond superior. Our nurse, Shannon, from labor and delivery actually stayed past her shift in order to be there when our baby was born. This made us feel like we were more than just patients. The other labor and delivery nurse, Tricia, was amazing as well. She took great care of us before we were transferred to the mother/baby floor. We had several nurses take care of us over the 2 days we were there. Laura, Lauren, Susan, Tia, and Anne Marie were all wonderful! They were all so helpful and had great senses of humor. This place feels more like a hotel than a hospital. They have 24 hour valet parking, in-room dining service, and beautiful modern rooms. If you're trying to decide where to have your baby definitely take a tour of this hospital!

Michael Manion

They took great care of me. I had an urgent and unexpected medical issue arrize that needed expeditious care and their expert team diagnosed me and ensured that all of the necessary steps were met in amazing time. The hospital team was friendly and so accommodating throughout the entire time. Dr. Kahn, my neurosurgeon, is absolutely amazing. He is blessed with such wonderful knowledge and skills and amazing talent. I believe that his foresight and planning and anticipation as well as his skills and knowledge lead to me retaining my eyesight after surgery in an area of the brain that could have been very challenging. I would recommend Dr. Kahn and the whole team at northwestern for anyone, they are real lifesavers.


This is a review specific to the Pediatric ER at Central DuPage Hospital. My child was sick and we needed to go to a hospital for a non-life threatening evaluation. I had many choices to choose from in the Kane, Kendall, DuPage and DeKald county area. I live in central location that could get me to a lot of different hospitals and I decided the best option would be go to Central DuPage Hospital which is accessed via the regular ER entrance. We only had to wait less than 5 minutes before we were called back. Once we were taken to a room, they started working on my child right away, drawing blood, throat and nasal cultures. The doctor, nurses and CNAs, were all great. They kept us in the loop and we felt in good hands. I would whole heartedly return if necessary and I'm going to highly recommend the Pediatric ER to anyone who has children. This option beats out taking your kids to the regular ER, waiting forever to be seen and having staff that may not be experts with dealing with children.

Mike Baker

Overall, our experience at this hospital was fantastic. Our experience centered around the women's health department. I've had multiple experiences at Hinsdale Hospital and Loyola Hospital and CDH blew both of them out of the water. Time management here is one of the biggest things they have going for them. We joke in my family about "hospital time," the phenomenon in hospitals where any time that something is scheduled for will realistically be pushed back by at least an hour - whether that is a scheduled surgery, discharge, or food order. CDH did not suffer from "Hospital Time" at all in the times that we have been there. The food is actually excellent. The nursing staff were all incredible and far beyond expectations. The on call doctors there are absolutely top notch. So why only four stars? There was one issue that I feel strongly should be addressed. Upon discharge we were given information about follow-up sessions that ended up being incorrect/out-dated. This was not a big deal in our case, but there are potential situations that could be severe. Take, for example, a patient who intends to return to the hospital for an outpatient group support/therapy session. If they arrive and that support group is not actually meeting anymore, that can have impactful ramifications on a person's mental health. These situations can be serious - if the hospital tells patients about available services when they are discharged, those services need to still be available for them a week later.

Cynthia Tapia

I've always been treated very well here on ER visits with my children. I always receive quality care and follow ups. Also I feel the dr.'s are quite knowledgeable and don't misdiagnose or send me home guessing. I am always seen right away with my kids they will send a nurse practitioner if it is something minor like pink eye so you are in and out. Again, that is if it is minor. Very clean.

Craig b

Worst customer treatment I have ever seen. Harass you with robo-calls before your appointment. Of course you can't respond to them - 'press button one or two'. Then I got an email each day asking me to go online to fill out forms. It started bad when they immediately wanted me to set up security questions. The forms were unnecessarily painful, poorly written. I wasted 15 minutes trying to fill them out but in the end it wouldn't let me continue because it wanted answers to a question it did not give enough options to. Rude, thoughtless.

alyssa tennant

If I could give his a 0 I would! I was in the emergency room... The bed sheets didn't look like they were changed. There was used stuffed in the room! And the most disgusting was used surgical utensils that were on the counter in my room! They had blood on them! I even took a picture. I've waited almost 7 hours before In the waiting room before there! If you can go anywhere else I would definitely not go to cdh!

Rustem Salim

Extremely disappointed, toke my one year cuz he woke up crying and wouldn't stop, toke him to NW ER all they told me he had gas, he might have had gas but he never cried like this before and we told the doctor he never cried this bad, they dismissed it and let us go. We tried comforting all morning and toke him to different doctor, there he was diagnosed with severe ear infection ....i watched my one year old from 11pm till 6 am cream in pain.... Stay away from this place!!!


You'll have better healthcare going to Walgreens and doing the job yourself.


best nurses ever!

Denise Aragon

Very racist staff!! Wish I would of taken down the rude receptionists name. My mother called to see if the hospital had recieved a referral from her primary physician for some X-rays. My mom does not speak English and I was not able to interpret for her at the moment so she asked for a Spanish speaking intrepeter. From the beginning, as soon as my mother told the receptionist that she did not speak English this rep sounded very rude. After finally getting someone to interpret on a 3 way phone call this lady was being externally rude saying “does she not have someone that speaks English there with her?!” Obviously if my mom is asking for an interpreter it’s for a reason. It was clear she did not want to help my mom AT ALL. During the whole call she did not even ask for a name or date of birth to see if there was any referral recieved which is literally ALL she had to do in order to find out if the referral was faxed or not. This crazy lady ended up getting so mad and said “I don’t understand what you want” when clearly the intrepeter was saying exactly what my mom needed to know, IF THEY RECIEVED THE REFERRAL OR NOT! After going back and forth my mom told her she was being rude and racist and not helpful at all. the lady said “Oh my god!” In a very unprofessional way And transferred my mom somewhere else. Luckily the next rep who answered was extreamly helpful and knew exactly how to help my mom. She asked for her date of birth and name right away and found the referral in seconds! Coming from a receptionists point of view this is not acceptable whatsoever and actions have to be taken to stop this from happening again. No one deserves to be treated less than anyone, mostly in what is suppose to be a very professional environment. A clinic, hospital etc. is suppose to be a place you go to for help, mostly a receptionist. People, like that horrible lady, ruin this hospitals reputation.

gd gd

I was admitted through the E.R and was releived at the attentiveness of the nurses and E.R doctor's. Once admitted I was treated with care and kindness. It's unreasonable for there not to have been a couple of glitches considering how hard a nurse's job can be . I thank the physicians for being thourough and patient in treating me; I look forward to continuing my care here.

Florentino Tirado


Kiara Norris

Came in at 5pm there were only 2 people in the waiting area. I was taken back quickly however it has now been over 3 hours since I arrived and all I’ve gotten was IV fluids and urine taken. I’ve pressed the nurse button twice asking for timing information & water 1 hour later no one has come into my room to speak with me, give me water or start the tests that need to be done. I’m highly disappointed. Should’ve gone to Elmhurst Memorial. This is ridiculous.

lori brozman

Went to er having excruciating pain, arrivef at 12:30pm. Wait for triage to do vitals, back to waiting room. Called for blood nd urine sample. Told to go back to waiting room will call me when results come back. That was 5pm. Never asked or cared about pain.5:45 no water, hv to have cat scan first. 7pm asked again for water and something to eat, I got a bag of pretzels graham crackers and a cup of water. Never been to a slower or uncaring e in my life. I work close by that's only reason I came. If I have next time I will drive to Edwards hospital in Naperville. And I'm still here waiting for my tests. To top it 'll off I haven't even seen a doctor, only physicians assistant. I HATE THIS PLACE.

Luis Tello

One of the worst places you can be... emergency room takes forever

Yareli Wario

First time ever going to a hospital and I am glad I had the best nurses!

Al Visco

Outpatient labs are slow. Plan to get in on their time. Hour wait!

Kyle P

You go to the emergency center for a reason, and you wait in for lobby for more that 7 hours just to see a doctor. This place was my last resort. Nothing a real emergency here.

Matt k

My wife had our first child here, the doctors are all great, but the real kicker is the burses. They are amazing people and really made our stay awesome. Couldn't be happier we decided to go here.

Rachel Darner

I had what is to be my last child here and out of the 4 different hospitals I delivered at this was the worst! We did have some good nurses, but the majority were rude and they put my baby's security tag on so tight it cut his ankle and he was bleeding! In the 3 days I was there the only good nurses we had was the first one and last 2. I also have hypothyroidism and one of the nurses discontinued the medication I am supposed to take daily. Lucky for me I keep my medication on me so I didn't miss taking it and it only took 2 days for one of the nurses to catch this error!! We were also told we were going to be discharged and due to lack of communication had to stay another day! The list goes on with comments and what seemed to be on going lack of communication the whole time. This is my last child I will be having due to getting tubal ligation surgery and they ruined the whole experience of bringing my baby into this world! I was in tears I was so upset and never wanted to get out of a place as bad as this hospital! I will never recommend this hospital and will never go back!

Steven Ignacek

Rude employees and the stay was horrible.. You can’t trust anything they tell you

Gaga Varagic

The worst hospital!! I ever went to if u we’re dying they would tell u to sit down and wait. I’m 5 months pregnant and I had gallbladder that was inflamed and I waited 6 hrs I was in so much pain I was crying that how bad it was . The front desk nurse LeAnn(pregnant lady) was so rude when I would ask her how long she would tell me few more hrs I mean if u don’t like working with people why are u a nurse in the first place!?

Victorio Pellicano

I had my son's surgery done here. It was a nice hospital, but they billed us $12,000 for using the facility, while the doctor only billed $3,000. The surgeon's bill was very reasonable, and insurance covered a good portion of both, but the hospital charging 400% more than my doctor seems absolutely insane. When I called to question it, they told me the hospital cost is usually 3-4x as much as the doctor doing the surgery. Why? They have no idea, except to tell me "nurses, medicine, etc." and refused to negotiate the price at all. In my eyes, the doctor who did the surgery should make more than the hospital where the surgery was done. But I guess I'm just a socialist.

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