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REVIEWS OF Mercy Medical on Pulaski IN Illinois

Magda Espinosa

Dr Savcic is the best right along w Dr Blanco. The receptionists very kind understanding. The Drs treat you very well they find a medical solution, asap. I'm also very happy with Dr Fisher from another office but same team. Thank you so much and will recommend your offices. I am a very happy patient.

Julie Januskyte

Sarah Sutton

Dr. Fitzgerald refuses to talk to her patients parents. I've had non stop issues including delays getting my kids into school on time for the school year because she refused to speak to me after I made close to 15 phone calls. I found a new pediatrician and now I'm having issues getting the medical records sent over because the rude woman in the office refuses to actually help.

Christian Esparza

Daniel Mejia

Dr Hampton is the best


Desiree Chavez

Terrible customer service and always billing incorrectly. Such a headache to have your insurance re-code. Current patients check your bills!!!

E A.

Ann the nurse practitioner best ever! I wish she was my doctor! Thank you Ann! Your the best! Congrats on the baby!

Patricia Shaw

I went in for a TB Test and came in for the reading. I do not trust them, the nurse was poking my injection sight with the tip of a ink pen saying she feel something. Of course you're going to feel something if you just agrivated the injection sight. Flash back 10-20 mins and no one acknowledged me after checking in and sitting for 30 mins. I sang, made noise, and all. Eventually,I got up and asked the Caucasian chick, "excuse me do you know how long I should be waiting to be seen." Out of the back, I hear an African American woman ( the same lady that poked me continuously with an ink pen) state, "tell her to come back here." Finally, I'm in back and she rants (before poking me unprofessionally, non-medically with with a ink pen)"everybody has been coming back with a positive reading!" I'm like really, she then proceeded to check my arm, asked a colleague for her opinion, and then asked the "so called doctor" for his opinion. They all said they felt something, SMH! It went from "I feel 7 mm to 15 mm," oh hell no! Now as I'm writing I feel my arm and it's flat as a piece of paper. The doctor could've told me to come back for a better reading, instead I was told pay $108 for a chest x ray, Wow! Sounds like fraud to me. This clinic need to be shut down immediately for malpractice. I wish I would've recorded her (the lady with the blond braids in the middle of her head, tied up in a ponytail) poking the hell out of me. NEVER GO TO THIS MERCY WORKS FACILITY, I REPEAT "NEVER!" Wasted time and money!

cruz davidson

s pacino

I scheduled an appointment for Dr. Finegold for 11:15am and was told to come in 15 - 20 mins early, which I did at 10:45 am. When I came in I only had to fill out two forms which took 2 mins and showings my insurance which was on my phone from the website and they were acting like this is a new thing to see such a thing with all the info on it... Goofy ....

Keysha Jones

They started to fix the place to look nice

Ariana Camarena

my appointment was at 2:30 and I arrived 15 minutes earlier that they said when you make an appointment. I was seen at 3:30.

Paolo B.

Stay away! Gabriel is the laziest person ever! Regarding my visit on December 17th 2016 in the laboratory. My mom's doctor asked her to do blood test. Her office is far on North side. It was very bad weather so I decided to use Mercy Medical Clinic on Pulaski Road. They informed me that accept Medicare so I was happy. But my mom didn't have the order for this test. I called the doctor and ask for it. The doctor tried to send fax many times -unsuccessful. I got phone call from the doctor that the fax machine doesn't answer. I told Gabriel about it. He said that everything is ok with his fax machine still watching the screen of the computer. There were nobody at this time. What he was doing? Most likely checking Facebook. Then I tried to check the fax machine. I worked in the phone company for 8 years so know how to check it. Their fax machine didn't answer. I told this to Gabriel but he was rude not even looked me that how was busy with his computer. I asked him to give me another fax number. He was mad and just told me, "you want me to do everything?" What? Everything? He was doing nothing for the Mercy Medical just checking something on the computer! He almost said I don't care. So I said, "yes, because you just work here". And then I walked upstairs. They gave me their fax number and after a few minutes I had my mom's order ready. We went back down to the laboratory and then I told to Gabriel, "whose fax machine was not working?" Also I told him that he will loose his job. He wasn't scared. He also told me, "I heard that many times." What? And nobody fired him? Two ladies working with him were ok. They did their job well. Tree people in charge, only a few patients, no one wanted help me. Do Mercy Medical need 3 people in there? In my opinion 2 was more then enough. That's why we pay a lot for the insurance! They don't care about the business anyway! They loose a lot of patients because they are rude and they don't want to help anyone!

Roxi Blue

An obnoxious and unprofessional receptionist greeted me as if she was talking to someone in another room. Her manner is unbecoming and unfit to deal with the public. I arrived at 10:57 a.m. After checking in and asking for the approximate wait time, the receptionist said, “We don’t give wait times. You have to wait your turn; these people are ahead of you.” As I write this receptionist is singing! I guess I would be in a cheerful mood as well, if I could maintain a job, having such an unprofessional disposition. Actually, I wouldn’t want to work in an environment where that level of mediocrity and unprofessionalism is tolerated! Why do large organizations like Chicago Public Schools send their prospective employees to such places to pay for mediocre service? Unacceptable!

Joel Isawesome

This used to be a good clinic untill i started struggling to receive my medications Dr. Vicencio makes everything difficult I've been diagnosed with ADHD With a revaluation Check Your Records

lamar floyd

Gustavo Cervantes

Went here a couple times and the same doctor that diagnosed me with ptsd and anxiety doesn’t help me with proper medication.

Angela Munoz

Scheduling department is so unprofessional. Set something up a month in advance and was cancelled last minute with no alternatives given until a month after. On top of that, the ladies on the phone were giving me attitude about my complaint on the last minute matter. Definitely looking elsewhere.

tommy Dinh

all good quick i love it esay paking too thanks


This clinic is full of pediatricians that DO NOT care about the child's health!! My daughter has had frequent ear infection and I asked Dr Jamen & Dr Fitzgerald to get a referral for ENT , well i was denied the referral!! Which why In the hell would a pcp deny a referral!! Anywho , So as a concerned mother I called the hospital MYSELF & talked myself to get the appointment for an E.N.T... I was suggested by the specialist to get the tubes in my daughter ear & change PCP!!! so I got the paper work for the pcp to fill out right, well I called prior to the surgery date and asked for an appointment with her pcp, I was told by the receptionist that I can just walk in the day before and get it done , I did just that! Well long story short when arriving at the clinic the Dr refused to see my daughter refused to even talk to ME! Her assistant is another lady full of bs! The point in my comment is that these Drs here DO NOT CARE ABOUT THE CHILDS HEALTH!! I had other prior incidents with my other daughters pcp who is Dr Fitzgerald! She kept telling me my 3month old had "the regular common cold" I told her that my daughter couldn't breath at night she kept wheezing and her cough was so thick , well she didn't try to do more for her so I took her to the children's hospital and was told my daughter had the whooping cough! As a mother u shouldn't be doing the pcps job! But thank God he gives me knowledge to look for help else where kuz these unprofessional Doctors don't do their job like they are supposed to!

S Berry

Rey Noyola

Maree Walls

Dr attia is my doctor but going to switch. He didnt wantvto give me an xray for my knees because im "too young" i pushed him got it found something that might be cancer waiting for mri. Did not want to run tests on me for diabetes or cholesterol because again im "too young" . Im 25 and they diagnosed me with osteoarthritis after i pushed the xray tho ..same one.. i asked for referrals to see counselor he was going to give them to me but the hispanic nurse that is there said i had to doit on my own. The worst doctor ive ever had no consideration when he told me about the lump they found in my knee. Going back to macneal.

Serena Vasquez

Loved my visit with Dr.Hampton..... She was polite honest and didn't sugar coat any details.....! She is amazing and I'm glad I made the transition from Mile Square clinic to Mercy

Nena McLain

I've been coming here since i was 18 & I'm 50 now. I love my doctor & all the girls in the office on the 3rd floor. They are all kind, understanding & do a great job. My doctor listens, is very helpful & knowledgeable. I can tell she cares about me & my treatment.

Nancy Zuniga

Gayle Hammer

Kind and helpful staff. Much shorter wait time than downtown. Easy parking.

eva vazquez

I use to have dr fitzgerald i loved her she left and i they put me with dr jamen she is the worst always puts you in a room makes you wait for hours and dosent even check up your kids also they open on saturdays but if your sick or something there is no dr on saturday so why are they open then

Marco Antonio Chavez Gomez

(Translated by Google) Very bad service (Original) Muy mal servicio

Norma Ortiz

My sons love to go over there. And the pediatrics are awesome with my children in special Dr. Menendez.

Soraida Ramirez

Gustavo Jardines

(Translated by Google) Worst service (Original) El peor servicio

Maggie Haluscak

Worst place ever.... appointment was at 11 and been waiting for 2 hr to be seen..... hope never have to come back

Guadalupe Estuvier

Alma Isidro

Erika Corrales

Peor no pueden ser

yuki ho

Yesenia Avina

Tania Saucedo

I recently went due to having really bad headaches, sore throat, nasal pain, and sore neck. Dr. Finegold prescribes me allergy medicine. I have never in my life suffered from allergies. Not only that but I have no allergy symptoms no runny nose, sneezing, or watery eyes. Will not be coming back. He literally had me in his office for 5 mins and prescribed me allegra.

Karmen Navarrete

Jaylee Cahue

It was Awesome they were on time there on the game when they found out what my child have they were on it I would recommend this hospital for anybody to go to

samantha t

I love mercy medical. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE DR HAMPTON AND ALABAZA. They are the best.I love the way you are treated and service.

raul ramirez

Worst place ever, my sons doctor is terrible. I do not recommend. They dont listen. Even tho you're the parent and you know what's normal and what's not. And i try to speak up and all she says no im the doctor im the one with gray hair... And walks out. I just wanted a specialist for my sons asthma. And fully dismisses the fact that my 1 year old has asthma and needs steriods... And brushes it off as alergys. Dont come here.

Sarahi Michel

Terrible service from the xray department some white women that took my my mom xray was making fun of my mom supposedly cause my mom didnt know English when she actually does know my mom just wanted to se what they would say i swear i thought people that works in clinics were more caring about patients because thanks to them you guys have a job ignorance I hope she get fired because she dont deserve a job where she likes to make fun off patients

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