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Vivian Garcia

My experience here was bad . As a worker here I would say don't work here or be a patient here it's bad all around. They don't care about there workers. The manager don't care if you are having an anixty attack. The new manger for food and nutrition asked if I could chill out for an hour I was having a really bad anixty attack my eyes were red from crying Like sorry no I need to take care of me first. All so how is it that they don't have a grace period to clock in .? These people are writing up there employees over 1 min late .... Also how are we going to go in isolation rooms For 12$ an hour?? Oh when I worked here I did 10 hour shifts and I would start at 7a.m to 5:30p.m I would not eat till 1:30 because these people said no eating in the pantry ok I understand that but when do I eat ? I straved myself till lunch to eat I'm sorry but you guys have soo much work to do to become the best .

Alice Frenz

My bf was hospitalized twice in 1 week and 3 of the 5 days I had to ask for assistance changing his diaper. He had severe urine burns and feces that were dried on his skin. I was able to have one kind CNA that brought cream to put on him. His diaper and bedding and gown were saturated with urine. He was unable to walk but he would urinate in the plastic urinal bottle but also urinate in his diaper. He was on heavy medications and it was just devastating to find him in those conditions.

Jules E

Came here on the expense of my 18 m.o. son. Staff was very nice, except for one nurse who treated me like a sore thumb for no reason. First night, misdiagnosed him with bronchitis. Next day, had to come back with same symptoms. Diagnosed him with croup. By monday morning he has a fever of 102 again. Brought him to his primary care doctor and he had Strep the entire time.. why MacNeal didn't think to test for that after our first visit blows my mind... but then again, how else would they have wasted my time and money? Can't wait for the pointless bills to come in the mail! Will just go to Lagrange or Loyola from now on. Thanks for nothing!

Rafael Hernandez

Feel free to go here or take a loved one of you want them to get robbed then die from the lack of treatment. I was there and someone in the ER stole my wallet. The Doctors had no idea what was wrong with me and would have probably had better luck putting every disease known to man on a wall and throwing a dart at it. The doctors and nurses are super condicending acting most of the time as if you are the problem and they are the blessing from God. Food is terrible. I've had better food at immigrant detention centers. Parking was adequate.

nina feliciano

Horrible I wasted my whole morning in the radiology dept. The woman that scheduled me scheduled me for a regular ultrasound and not radioactive one so they basically told me they couldn't see me today because no one ordered the pill I had to take the DAY BEFORE I actually get my ultrasound. Horrible stay away if you can, unfortunately for me I have hmo so they are the only ones in my area that are in network l.


This hospital is excellent. In 2015 I suffered a stroke and was taken to MacNeal. The care that I received was excellent. I ended up being admitted and was there for 1 month. The doctors, nurses and staff were all very caring answering questions fully and explaining exactly what had happened and what the various treatments were. Since my stay at MacNeal they have built a new wing that has a state of the art therapy facility. It is fully staffed with therapists You can now receive inpatient therapy. They have also instituted a stroke survivor support group which is open to the public. You would be hard pressed to find a better hospital.

Jennifer Bran

Is the BEST hospital everrrr !!!!!

Maria Ruiz

Nurses who cared for my elderly mom were great but the social worker Dawn was horrible. Social worker never called us back to give updates, and would of sent my mom to the wrong rehabilitation facility had my mom's family doctor not intervened.

Luz Vazquez-Perez

Thank God i have had two surgeries here and have had good experiences.

Marissela Franco

They so amazing staff there. With God all things are possible.

Chicago Pops

Was in the ER for chest pains, from the beginning at check in to being discharged the entire staff was professional, courteous and concerned about my well being.

Jay Alnz

First time I visit this hospital. My nephew had a small surgery and the nurses were so polite and helpful to all of us who visited and to my nephew.

Ashley Starr

My brother went here in emergency after a car accident, his face broken beat up and his arm broken. The doctors were lazy and didn't do anything about his arm. They were stupid enough to not check and get the glass out. There is still glass in his head from the windshield. This is unacceptable.

Michael Barnett

Horrible service waited 3hours for doctor. Emergency room dirty..

Reginald Johnson

I never see anyone dying here. A nurse was nice to me once. Maybe all the nurses here are nice. I don't know. 5 stars.

Giselle Padilla

I had excellent services from McNeal today, thank you Nasion Tailor for attending me!

maria garita

When to emergency with mother because she was in an awful lot of pain and there were no people waiting to get checked before her , yet they took forever just get her in one of the rooms to wait for the nurse!! The stuff is awful you can literally be dying and they won't do nothing to help you. Besides that the man that was in the front desk was nice enough to bring us some blankets.

Liz M

The doctors we've had, are great. The nurses, it's hit or miss. But be Aware, the cafeteria, charges what they want. I paid Three different prices, for a Simple cup of coffee. I give the cafeteria, a 0

Cynthia Jimenez

The staff were very friendly and made my nervousness go away. I visited the breast care center and I can happily say that Diane did great and I would definitely go to this hospital again.

Paul Geer

Their billing department is incompetent, inept, and rude. The medical staff range from mediocre to outright incompetent. Their "doctors" are the bottom of the barrel! Summery? I would not take a dog or a cat to this alleged "hospital"! RUSH Presbyterian St. Luke's is a great hospital, with very talented staff all around and well worth the short drive past MacNeal!

Naida Alvarado

I have a friend who's husband died at this hospital because they didn't diagnosed correctly nor promptly. As a result he died of a heart attack that got complicated from an infection in his pancreas. Two years later her daughter also died because she was sick and was taken to MacNeal and they brushed off her condition as being a flu and was told to go home and she died in the middle of the night.

Zimo Perez

I had lot's of emergency here and it's the best hospital in Berwyn,I'll , best hospital personal I CANNOT COMPLAINED AT ALL ,THANK YOU

judy henderson

I didn’t want to give it one star, more like a zero operator services are unbelievable, exactly how many do they have, 1 no excuses for the long wait time on the phone

Gerardo Ramirez

Shouldn't even get a star I only come here cuz this hospital is the closest to me. They always have me waiting for a doctor more then 2 hours when they only have like 3 people in the emergency room.

Jessica Carlson

So I am forced to give a star just to send a review? That’s BOGUS! My grandmother had very bad bed sores that no one attended to. My father was going to have a lawsuit against this hospital. When I went in for my hysterectomy, the woman who put the IV in gave me a vein infection. My daughter’s tonsil was bleeding and the doctor would not remove her tonsils. All he did was stop the bleeding.

Yareli Perez

As far as my delivery experience with my son, it was nice and have no complaint. However I am assuming with so much change going on here also comes change with the staff and how they do their job, beginning with the ones making appointments thru the phone. My son failed his hearing test as a newborn and was due for a follow up there in the hospital in 6 months. In his 6 month appointment his pediatrician gave me the referral order to schedule his appointment for the follow up all so I can call and the lady who was suppose to schedule my sons appointment gives me a hard time and was not clear on why I couldnt schedule it there in the hospital. 10 months now and my son still hasnt followed up so now i have to wait for his next appointment with his pediatrician so she can reffer me somewhere else. SMH!

Marcos Reyes

The rooms are tight they take forever to check you in for the ER, they ignore the elderly, they YELL at the elderly. This is an awful hospital never come here

Jessica Castronova

I had a very positive experience with MacNeal. Everyone was very helpful and polite.

SP Johnson

It's one star because this is the lowest option available. Terrible service. Tried to schedule procedure with Dr. Vinokur and Charlotte neither were helpful in making this happen. I tried the give this place a chance, however, it should not take from June 2018 until October 2018 to schedule anything. Customer Service is not important these days.

Tere Sanchez

Started coming to this hospital since 2004 and I honestly can say I have had the best treatment ever.. Although I can have a hard time at times they always seem to find the way to accommodate with my schedule...2 weeks ago I came to the women's breast center and DEFINITELY had a great medical asst/nurse not sure of her title but she was the best. Thank u Diane for your help. Now today I'm back and so far so great. Staff is amazing here n will keep continuing to come as there patient even if I drive miles from home.

Gena A

My grandfather's has his doctor here and he had to stay for almost two weeks on the 4th floor for breathing problems the nurses where good with him. The only thing i didnt like is when it was late pass 9p.m the nurse's where laughing up a storm at there nurses station which i didnt like at all they sit by the nurses station talking and gossiping i dont know how they find the time for all that with all the people that need care there. since people that are admited there need time to heal and relax they need to keep there noise to a minimum.

Monique Robinson

My nephew got on a scuffle so I brought him uo in here. Nice doctors and nurses.Next time I am leaving his ass here of he keeps it up.Nice clean hospital though. Great people

Angela Kasper

Horrible hospital. Everytime I come here there’s an issue, on top of that majority of staff is extremely rude.

Ibrahim Omar


Melissa Brannam

This happened quite a long time ago. I brought my son in for a breathing issue. It was packed and my son was having obvious issues .We checked in and they told us to "take a seat" lol wow. Other pts in the waiting area even got upset about that .I demanded they do something before my son died .His o2 was fine so they accused him of faking it. Well a couple years later he almost died from it. He was diagnosed with vocal cord dysfunction. He was in the icu for days. Thanks macneal for nearly killing my child . Wanna die? Go to macneal!

Jeff Plummer

My mom worked there for many years. My ex girlfriend had her little girl there.they did a great job.good hospital for the area.

boubon threefiftyseven

Major improvement as Loyola has integrated into this hospital! Definitely a much needed shot in the arm.


I was sent to Mac Neal psychiatric. Melrose Police refused to look into desk clerk error at a motel and although I paid for my room I was put in street. Mac Neal staff wrote false report to justify bullying me with restraints and injections against my will. My property went missing. In groups expression is devalued and suppressed. It's nothing but drugging and abuse. It's all over the United States .

Catherine Sanicki

My father was admitted in August. He died three weeks later. I was on the caller list for my Dad. No one from this hospital notified me on my Dad being so sick and passing away.

Lisa Martinez

Had surgery at MacNeal Hospital yesterday, very impressed with the care I received. Everyone was very caring and did a grad job with my surgery.

Adriana Beltran

worst doctors ever. they never find anything wrong with the patient. Don't do any testing. I've been in for chest pains and they told me just to monitor it.... I took my kids in the summer for physicals and shots... well they called me today to pick up my daughter because she is missing a shot.. she wont be able to go back to school for 3 days... I hate this place. oh yeah all these doctors are new doctors...they don't stay long so you have a new doctor almost every time you go. if you have one of the older doctors they will have about 3 learning doctors with them on your visit asking you the same questions over and over...

Nikiya Booker

I've never been to the ER here but I gave birth to my son at this hospital on 1/22/19 and the staff was amazing. I loved how attentive each nurse and doctor were to my recovery and how great everyone was with my newborn. Seems like they genuinely care about their patients.

Rene Gallegos

Horrible service. My daughter was brought there for an emergency in an ambulance and as soon as we got there they had us waiting and show no interest in us whatsoever. Had us waiting for over 3 hours. Nobody came to check. Horrible Horrible service. Never coming back here and i don't recomend this place to anyone.

Perla Marin

Had my first baby here and loved the care they had for me and my baby!

Carlos M

Getting ready to be seen and I can't help bit notice how dirty this room is. Leaving garbage on the floor.

vasilica brandeu

They don't care if you are in pain they will spend time looking you up instead of taking care of you. I was in the ER last night with chest pain,the spoke to me like I was looking for drugs if you need to go to the hospital do not go there

Cecilia Magana

This hospital ER always has a long wait. To get see. The room i got is dirty and smells real bad.


I have used MacNeal Hospital's services numerous times since 2004 and have always had very positive experiences with the physicians, medical staff, administrative staff, chaplains, and everyone else associated with the hospital. I have had any number of surgical procedures throughout the years and, most importantly, they saved my life when I suffered a massive heart attack in 2015. My doctors are the best and I would recommend this hospital to anyone. The facilities are clean and everyone is courteous, caring, and helpful.

Kael Key


Jacky N

I love this hospital they SAVED my life. I was in this hospital for a whole week and every nurse I had was very nice.

moe zahra

Bad service and too much waiting time to been seen or answered on the phone, and worse of all they always have new doctors in with different opinions you feel like they try to treat u by the book not from experience. Sorry I had to write all this put they gave me plenty of time to do while waiting on the phone for 27 min

Lorena Miranda

I brought my daughter to the hospital at 7pm because she was crying she didn’t feel good and we come to the staff being on their phone . And acting like they have nothing to do . The waiting room is full and they’re going to tell me they have nothing to do ? They are so unprofessional.

King Ligma Jr

i love men

Maura Capiak

OMG all I wanted was my friends room no since she can't talk. Called twice ,aside from having to lisyen to long drawn out recording. They kept connecting me to her room. Duh people learn to listen?

Stephanie Rodriguez

First of all, I never had a complaint or issue with this hospital until today. I came in today to visit my friend and the first thing that hit me was that horrible smell that smelled like urine. Disgusting! I tried to check in but there was nobody present at the desk nor did it say it was closed so I went on to ask someone else for directions. As I went up to my friends room, a lady came in holding on to the door and asked me what did I needed. I told her I came to see my friend and I gave her his name. She looked at me funny then said she didn’t have anyone with that name there. Then I told her well he said he was here and I told her what the room he texted me and she went on to say he was released. My thing is instead of having me still confused and keep talking to me, that’s all she should’ve said-that he was released. Never again am I returning to this hospital as I never had issues with this hospital, but now I do!

brown sugar babe

Terrible service from three nurses .when I was diagnosed with diabetes the nurse was so rude to me and my family said she has diabetes she gonna lose body parts and so on I was having a panic attack and that jerk didn't care only there for a paycheck.

James Lones

Poor service in the ER

Raj Jha

Very expensive. Please do ask about charges before you avail any service in this hospital

Sisto Antonio Brito

Horrible nurses horrible doctors horrible patient care I walked out in this hospital. I had surgery done a prior day and had severe pain all night which took for ever to get proper medication. The next day dr said I was good to go around 8am so I was waiting for my primary doctor to give me my discharge papers around 10:30am I walked out the damn hospital with a 10/10 pain from my surgery done on me. I would high recommend for patients here to move along to the next hospital not his one. Not this one at all. I’ll be calling patient relations for this matter and if you have been mistreated in the past by this hospital report your case to patient relations.

Kay Love


Milton Passon

Yesterday I had the best emergency treatment in my 71 year life. I was transported by ambulance with a severe injury and within 30 minutes Dr Diana Goodwin had my wound cleansed and sewed me up. I was in and out in less than 2 hours and that included a catscan. The nurse Daniel Max was outstanding as well as all of the technicians.

Melissa Espinoza

I am changing my review to a 4 star. I have been to the ER recently as well as the Famiy practice office. I have to admit l, I have seen big improvements. I am not sure it the merging with Loyola had anything to do with it but, I have not felt as I am being rushed, doctors have listen and shown empathy. I recently took my grandaughter to the ER and I am please with the thorough check up, constant communication with patient and family, and excellent customer service we received. They have hired more people to assist in the front office at the family practice and referrals are faster. The rooms are still a bit tight but overall I am glad to he back at McNeal, in tried many other places and I have to say this is the best place.

K Day

Just had my 3rd visit to MacNeal. First time my doctor sent me there for X-Rays. Other 2 times were trips to the ER. Every time the staff (intake people and doctors) was attentive, kind, compassionate and thoughtful. We've never had a long wait and have always been treated very well.

Michael Quinn

competent and courteous care in a pleasant professional environment

Manny Rivera

Awesome care for my father in law. Eventhough we waited 3 hours from our scheduled appointment to be seen, they made it up in the loving and professional care. The place thise need a major renovation.

Rowena Rozema

Staff is ALWAYS rude. Make you feel like you're waisting their time. Just make the extra trip and go to Christ where the staff treats you with respect.

nancy Johnson

They saved my father's life. Many of these reviews are by people who admit on the review that they were not even patients! I had a really good doctor who was affiliated with this hospital and I am glad there is a smaller community hospital in the area that is still going.


This is a great hospital if you are a healthy person. This hospital is very low staffed. The only classes this hospital offers are for expecting mothers. My father had a mild stroke and has been waiting for 7 days to be admitted to rehab. Mean while, he had two incidents where he was choking and we pressed the nurses button but the nurse that walked in said she's going to look for the nurse that is assisting my dad first. My mom and I helped my dad while he was choking. Would would have happened had we not been there??????

Heidi Ali

God bless doctor Ali and for saving my father inalw life on a successful sergury and to his wonderful staff and all the the nurses who took good care of him

Mary Adam

I want to thank all the nurses that took care of my bf on the 3rd floor. Especially Anna, she really showed heart! She's very patient and kind. Thank you.

Linda Colon Corona

NEGETIVE STARS!!!!!! Very disappointed with this hospital it feels as though they give up on their patients. Doctors are rude and inconsiderate. One of the worts hospitals to go to. Please, please, stay away! This hospital was the cause of death to my aunt, who was transferred to a better hospital after receiving heart surgery here. We noticed her progress decline fast and no action was done until a week later. Had the doctors done their job properly and transferred imminently her life would have been safed. Now in the same situation with my father in law. Doctors refused to take action after requesting a transfer multiple times. Insted telling us that they can not do anything else. We have been begging for a second opinion and their respons is find a doctor who Will do it first. We understand that there are procedures that have to be followed but when its a matter of life and death doctors have the resources to make things happen!!! Seems like its of waste of their time to do so. Insted we are forced to watch our loved one die. This hospital does not care for its patients! Stay away!!! I REPEATE STAY AWAYYYY!!!!

Dakota M Baughn

UPDATED 7.17.2018 -- ZERO STARS Went to ER due to a severe stomach pains. Very sick and in major pain. Dr. Zebaa Kalimullah came in once and saw me for about 30 seconds, ordered some blood & urine tests and left, never to be seen again. Nurses were caring, taking tests and asking how I felt. Was given medicine for nausea through my IV, but nothing for pain. Time goes by, still in pain, so asked again. Nurses checked with Kalimullah and gave me partial GI cocktail, but it didn’t help. Three hours later, still in pain. Nurse asked my pain level and goes to see if doctor can give me something else: comes back and says doctor okayed Tylenol. I checked in at 6.00am and when released at 9.30am I was still in major pain. As it was a Friday, and since was never given anything to help relieve what I thought were GERD systems, I was in pain and sick all weekend. **ADDED TO REVIEW: Went for follow up to a 2nd doctor. Then finally saw Dr Rizzo in Palos Park, who immediately sent me to the Palos Community Hospital for tests. Ultra sound found I had an EXTREMELY infected gallbladder and had to have emergence surgery. Since infection was so severe, I also had to have an ERCP procedure. ### I spent 7 days in the PCH hospital. ### Several years ago when I went to the MacNeal ER for a bad cold/flu infection, the doctor ordered a CAT scan because I had a headache for a few days. This time when I went to the ER, I had had constant stomach pain for over a week and no tests were ordered.

Jenny Garcia

Very disappointed with the service my sister in law went in cause she was in labor already 5cms dilated and soon as you walk in to the floor you can tell the nurse was very serious she send us to the room and we wait for the nurse to get there and when the actual doctor who delivers the baby walks in with attitude and being smart with her and made her feel like she was a bother he asked her what was her plan and she said she wants to wait naturally for the baby to come out so he then says well you can do that at home cause your taking up space if another patient comes in witch was uncalled for how are you gonna send a pregnant woman home when she’s already 5 cms dilated ? They couldn’t even do anything to help her make the baby come out a little faster couldn’t believe they treated her like that never going to that hospital again .

Ruth Phillips

this hospital, particularly 4-north treated my Grand-mother very well while she was there twice in 2 years with pneumonia. Wonderful nurses worked hard -but too bad she has an awful doctor. My daughter brought her in to see Dr. Hroncich on Christmas Eve because she was short of breath, experienced the worst treatment while in his office, and he looked at my grandmother and just said "you have to be admitted- i'm admitting you to the hospital. This doctor does not take time with his long time patient. I'm so glad she will be receiving at home therapy.

Ceelia Sanchez

The staff was quick and efficient, friendly and caring, and were great about the treatment of their patients. I visited the emergency room due to an asthma attack after feeling sick for the past 2 days. I live in Oak Park but decided to travel the extra 2 miles to go to Berwyn because Oak Park's emergency was packed and I read bad reviews about long wait times there. Going to Berwyn was the best decision I made. Their energy room was rather busy also but they immediately took my vitals and saw how short of breath I was and how much stress was on my heart from working overtime to keep oxogen flowing. I waited in the main after for about 10 minutes before they moved me to an area where I was given a treatment for my breathing. After about 20 minutes they moved me to a private emergency room and continued treatment for my breathing and monitored my heart. They gave me an IV and diagnosed me with pneumonia. After being in that room for about 2 hours they moved me to a hospital room and treated me for the next few days. The doctors, ER staff, nurses, assistants, specialist, and even food servers and cleaning staff were all very friendly and respectful. Unlike so many other hospital employees, they actually seem to enjoy their job of helping people. I HIGHLY recommend this facility!!!!

Mario87 Kai

Was in the hospital for emergencia and did not atent to me right away. I ended up sleeping on the hospital and was atended the next morning all nite long. People coming in and out no doctors available. they sew me up and sent me to work right away. They don't care they can sent you to work right away even if you feel really bad and hurting no good


Friendly medical staff

Mercedes Erica

Terrible! You will not see a doctor only PA's. They misdiagnosis, it's about a 6 hour wait in the overcrowded waiting just to be seen a rude physicians assistant, once incident they didn't know what was wrong with my year and a half old daughter so after hours of them guessing and doing nothing they suggested a SPINAL TAP! I had her transported to another hospital ASAP where she was in critical condition. Another incident during a high risk pregnancy I visited the ER and during an ultrasound I told the tech she was hurting me and she told me to shut up!! Another time my mother was here and I called to check her status and whoever answered the phone interrupted me and said "I'm busy waiting for a doctors call" avoid this place! I live in Cicero and drive all the way to oak lawn's Advocate christ!


E.R. WRONG WAY !!! good service from the staff but, misdiagnosis and as a result wrong treatment get a second opinion which gave me better results (from cook county hospital stroger). This was the third time it happens (different situations) all of them same result WRONG! I don´t recommend this hospital. buen servicio del staff pero mal diagnostico y como resultado un tratamiento equivocado y por consecuencia una segunda opinion con otro doctor que si sabe, ya me paso tres veces y hasta la tercera aprendi nooooo NOOO debo ir a Mc neal otra vez.

Anayeli Tapia

I wish I could give this place 0 stars. I was admitted last year in May from the start I told the doctors I thought my medication was making me sick. They insisted it was a bunch of different diseases and kept testing me for different stuff. They would not listen to me. After 4 days of being in their "care" I was doing better and they said they thought i had an allergy to the medication i was on exactly what i said from the start. Well my bill came out crazy expensive obviously because they tested me for so many unnecessary things. When i told them i couldnt afford to pay they told me i had no choice and only had 4 months to pay in full. Save your time and money don't go here. They only try to get the most amount of money they can out of you. They dont care about their patients.

Patrica Sanchez

My personel experience It has taken me 17 years to over come, a death of a love one I lost their, and its so sad that it still hasn't change. The staff are very inattentive doctors and nurses, I dont know why people go their. Just the other and I went to visit a ill friend and notice nurse forgeting where they leave things and forget what patient had asked for its unprofessional. I think the staff are training their using people.

Muhammad Malik

This hospital wasnt friendly atall. Very unprofessional staff. Cleaniness was overall good Came in as a emergency patient. Would not recommmed unless its an emergency

Lizette Masri

I had surgery and receive the best care. I was skeptical because of the reviews of others. However, that was not the case. I am very happy I decided to have my surgery here. I received the best service the nurses were very attentive and helpful. They kept checking on me making sure I was ok. The nurses gave me really good advise for how to care for my cut. Nurse Lynnel and Esmeralda were the best. I would definitely recommend this hospital to anyone.

yolanda C

I recently experienced horrible service from the staff at MacNeal Hospital located in Berwyn, IL. I was given incorrect information for a scheduled procedure at every turn (wrong times, incorrect pre-procedure instructions, and unable to refund my co-pay, when the technician was unable to perform the prep work. The staff had me to make an unnecessary trip to the hospital, the night before the procedure, to pick up medication that ultimately was not required. On the day of the procedure the hospital staff was unknowledgeable, and unable to correctly answer multiple questions. I was given the incorrect name and telephone to the billing department in an attempt to retrieve my $66 co-pay. It is my hope and intentions to never visit this hospital again.

Kathleen Murray

Altho docs and nursing staff if great. Very thorough and attentive. Er staff terrific. Double rooms not ideal when sick. Roommate loud found it hard to rest. Cell phone on speaker. Very disruptive. Room was way too crowded. Beds were not changed daily as well as new gown. Never given hygiene supplies. Had to ask for water. When ordering daily meals rarely sent what was selected.

Ramya Council

I came in the emergency area today. They told me to signin, then told me to wait for them to call my name. I am African American. I have asthma, bronchitis and scoliosis. The reasons I came is because my chest feels congested, shortness of breath, migraines, late period w/ brown blood, cold sweats, can’t sleep (tossing and turning) and so on! After waiting 45 mins. I NEVER EVEN WAS SEEN NO VITALS TOOKEN NO BLOOD PRESSURE TOOKEN NOTHING! Everyone who came in after me (another race.. infact I was the only black girl in there) was seen before me! So when I asked what as going on.... THEY TOLD ME MY ISSUES ARENT SEVERE ENOUGH SO THEYRE PUTTING OTHERS BEFORE ME. I FEEL COMPLETELY DISRESPECTED AND I TRULY BELIEVE MC NEAL HOSPITAL IS RACIST!!!! I'll will never under any circumstance go there nor will I recommend. My issue needs to taking care of immediately.. or my lawyer will be called!

Maricruz De San Luis Rey

Most of my family has been diagnosed with cancer at MacNeal. So far, there's no one to complain about, until recently, when my mom went in to the Interventional Radiology Clinic, for a Power-Port (portacath) & J/G tube placement. The Power-Port insertion went well and the nurses were great; so was the doctor. However, since there was an issue with feeding tube placement, the procedure had to be deferred until 1 or 2 weeks later. This has made my mom very nervous and has had many sleepless nights. During our experience at the Cancer Center, there was a lot of confusion about whether to place a G or J tube. I figured by the time we get to Interventional Rad, the procedure performing surgeon should know. NOPE! She asked if I knew what was being done on my mom. I responded, a porta-cath and a G OR J TUBE. That raised her concern and had to call the Oncol/RAd-oncol for clarification. Obviously there was none, because my mom was sent home only with a Power-Port. Apparently, the markings on the abdomen, were not enough for the Interv. Rad. Surgeon to place the tube, so here we are, going back to the Rad oncol clinic for markings on mom's body, so INterv. RAd. can know where to place the tube. Other than that, it's a great place to get care, but as a patient/family member, you must do your homework to avoid errors & lawsuits.


Worst customer service ever. They won't answer questions, and refuse to give you a diagnosis. Tell you to go elsewhere....

Sonia Flores

My mother in law was hospitalized there and they were wonderful. I have all my doctors all at MacNeal and never had an issue. Great staff and great doctors!

Jasmine Aranda

We are very disappointed with the social worker Jamie services. My husband was hospitalized in August. Doctor Gotum recommended for my husband to go to a facility, because he needed Iv Antibiotics. My husband refused to go, he is paralyzed from his shoulders down and he knows that his care at the nursing home will not be better than Home. We asked if he they can send a nurse home to do the antibiotics, like they had done in the passed. Social worker Jamie contacted my husband workers compresation Insurance Director, and told her that I refused to sign papers for my husband to go to a facility and that I brain washed him that the facility will be the worse place to go, and that I want to get him out of the hospital with out medical adivised. Jamie lie to the insurance. My husband was discharged home by the Infection decease Doctor. Now the Insurace is causing me that I did not looked for my husband best interest and I can no longer be his care giver after I been taking care of hin for 20 years. Do to MacNeal Hospital Social worker JAMMIE LIES. I had to get an attorney to fight for our rights. These is causing me to get sick.

sindy lima

I am using my wife's account; anyhow, it's not necessarily a review about the hospital. It's more in regards to how horrible the grammar, spelling, punctuation...etc etc by at least 80% of the folks that are complaining. I'd be embarrassed if I was trying to submit a review. If you're planning on complaining, at least put in the effort to know how to differentiate between the "their" and the "there." Okay, end of rant. :)

Liz Villanueva

I had to be induced and it was all scheduled on time. I get to the hospital and I waited over an hour because there was no room at all. Funny how other ladies who are pregnant are going ahead of me and I still have to wait. This is the worst hospital!!

Miriam Salazar

Half a star. I went to the e.r cause i had strong abdomimal pain and they took me in a room an never came to actually help me. I walked out that room mad an in pain. This hospital sucks!!

Yesenia Gonzalez

Horrible experience! I’ve waited and waited for almost 10 hours in pain but never gotten the chance to see the doctor smh

Jerry Camacho

Friendly doctors and staff, some improvements in the waiting area with free coffee. The hospital over all looks old and not well maintained, it looks like it could use a good cleaning.

bobby smith

I visited a friend there one day, staff didn't care much about who goes in or out, security needs to be tighter in places like this. At least they helped my friend get better, which i guess is the whole point of going to a hospital.

Libby VA

The worst hospital a member of the family have ever been in. My sister just gave birth there and they were not proffesional at all. She got a very strong uterus infection because of the negligent services from all the staff. Now after almost two months she still very sick hospitalized because of many other complications due to medical malpractice. Too sad. We will NEVER recommend it... NEVER!!

oscar monarrez

Staff is extremely caring.

Rhonda Rogers

This is the worst hospital and I'm not even a patient here. My experience I've had with this this hospital over the past 30 days has been beyond disgusting. The unnecessary back and forth calling I've gone through to get any kind of patient records. It seems to be a bunch of lazy people working and doing the bare minimum for a paycheck. Why is it that a request for records is still sitting to processed that was submitted 4 weeks ago.

Megan Eckardt

Awful awful hospital if your in pain take the extra time and go to a different hospital. Sat for 3 hrs in empty waiting room and another 45mins before someone even came to talk to me.

Carmen Lopez

I love this hospital. Everything is very clean and good looking. The people up there are very nice. Excellent service.


Best ER experience . Nurses were phenomenal and doctors as well.

SunFlower Seed

The hispanic male doctor in the ER is the worst rudest inconsiderate doctor I’ve ever met and I’ve been to numerous different hospitals in the Chicagoland area, never met a doctor like him. Worst experience. Won’t be back to this hospital because of him!

Nancy Melewski

i have worked as a nurse for over 20 years and by far, this hospital is one of the best, if not the best, i have ever seen. The public needs to look past the smoke screen of the "newer hospitals" out there with the private big rooms and granite counter tops....what really counts is the quality of patient care, and nurse to patient ratio, the patient care tech to patient ratio, and layout of the floors, as well as the doctors and overall environment of how the hospital is run.. The culture at Macneal is friendly, diverse and happy. The staff is extremely devoted to quality patient care. The hospital has the best healing environment, is clean and well run. I do not have the opportunity to work there very much anymore, but this hospital rocks!


I had my second child here. My Dr was amazing. And the staff in labor and delivery were amazing. I had a c section. I didn't receive enough numbing agent for my spinal and when they put the needle in, it hit a nerve and I jumped. They scolded me and then put more numbing agent in. After they were able to put the spinal in successfully. But unbeknownst to me at the time, I had CSF leaking. Once I got to mother and baby (the area for women to stay after giving birth) my room didn't have AC that worked and this was July. It was in the 90s outside and I was miserable. I asked about it and the nurses acted like I was an idiot. But every visitor i had said it was really hot and uncomfortable. Even with the door open. My Dr had ordered 1 10/325 norco every 4 hours and 1g Tylenol every 6 hours. One of the nurses decided because there was Tylenol in the norco, I wasn't allowed to have the supplemental Tylenol anymore. Which is ridiculous. She also cut my norco to 5/325 every 4 hours. I asked the Dr that came to see me why and she had no idea. She told me to tell the nurse to give me my prescribed medication. Even though I had and the nurse wouldn't listen to me. So when the next nurse came on I told her what I was supposed to receive and she argued with me. I told her to check my chart. And sure enough I had 10/325 norco and Tylenol ordered. But she still only gave me 1 norco every 4 hours. After a c section. Then my head began to hurt because of my CSF leaking. The anesthetist said I should get an IV with fluids and caffeine. The nurses refused. So I had to get up and get my own water (even though I was in excruciating pain at this point) and my husband had to get me Starbucks. But I was in so much pain my stomach was upset and I couldn't drink enough. Plus sitting up to drink and nurse was too much. The Dr finally ordered some medicine to help with the pain. A nurse ( none of them wrote their names down so I had no idea who they were) decided that the medicine the doctor ordered was too strong (I hadn't received it yet) and asked if I had taken other medications similar to it. I said I had but I wanted to stick with what the doctor ordered. I was next to the nurses station and had the door open because it was so hot in my room. I heard her call the doctor and tell her I wanted Toradol instead. I have a kidney disease. And I am on an ace inhibitor. Toradol is counter indicated with kidney disease and ace inhibitors. I told her this as well as my husband (who is an MD). Her response was "let's just try it since we already ordered it." Not only did it not work and I spent most of the night sobbing in pain, but it damaged my kidneys further. My proteinuria increased quite a bit after that and I have been working with my nephrologist since to get my kidneys healthier. She lied to the doctor about my request and said it was because her sister had been given the medicine the doctor ordered for me and had been loopy on it. And that when she was pregnant she had been given Toradol (which is not true. You can't give pregnant women Toradol) and it worked wonders. But by that point I was in so much pain and had been dismissed so much I just wanted to get through the night alive and go home. At one point the nurses were trash talking about a patient and the patient heard it. The patient came out and told the nurses shame on them for judging and being so unprofessional. And I had to do all of this alone because the room was too small for my husband to sleep in. I would honestly be surprised if the staff there didn't have a high death toll. I know we were struggling while my husband was in med school, so we were poor. But treating everyone like a drug addict that doesn't count as a human being is just wrong. Leaving people in pain and deciding to change meds that are damaging to a persons health is negligent at best. I still have spasms and lower back problems from the mess up with the spinal. I have been battling an infection in my c section scar because the sutures they used were rejected by my body. This hospital is deplorable.

Guadalupe Arias

My father was recently admitted to the hospital and I have to admit the bed side manners where top- notch. From answering every question that I had to making sure my father has the best care. I will forever be grateful with the staff in the 4th floor for giving my father a second chance in life. I will like to thank all the nurses and pct. Keep up the good work. Just remember negative comments makes us work harder to achieve perfection one day. Love you guys

Reina Maldonado

Worst damn place ever to go for an emergency. It's crazy after all this ugly reviews this place its still open. An emergency is never an emergency here is more like a clinic that you wait for hours. I've seen many patients who came in with breathing problems and one collapsed Infront of me and it seem like they didn't care since no one seem to run or do anything besides the patients mother. Not just that the staffs are so damn rude they talk to people like animals. One patients was asked so loud what was her temperature and she said it was 101• and all the damn staff said was "that's it"? Like that wasn't high enough. Wish my mom didn't live in berwyn and have to deal with this damn hospital. But it's the only one near her. This staffs have no heart or dignity in the job they do. I wonder why people do this kind of jobs of supposedly helping people and they seem like they don't enjoy it.

Parker Duran

The quality of service at this hospital has plummeted drastically. A few of the nursing staff seem to forget that they are only nurses and not doctors. The education they have received in nursing school has suddenly given them a medical degree and the right to consult patients. They emit an odor of lawsuit and malpractice.

j m s

More like 0 stars I'm very disappointed with my visits you made my self and other mental illness patients look like we're only there for drugs I was there for hours and I was told to go somewhere else that only had open schedule 6 months away when I asked for help. Second was with another patient and was told they had gas from a constant pain we specifically said they are always in pain but all they said it was, was gas , leaving the hospital and now another day the patient is still in bad pain.

Berenice Resendiz

Sorry, we couldn't find what you have. You can't breath?... sorry good luck. But first let me see how much money we can charge before you go.

Jazmine Marquez

the doctors dont look for anything, they say its just a virus. ends up being cancer. doctors let patients die there dont not go there

Jesus Colon

My mother had open heart surgery here. After a week of being there, she wasnt doing so well so they moved her to Medical University of Chicago were she passed. A few months later my uncle ends up in the hospital and is slowly dying and his son is willing to give him a kidney and part of his liver, but they don't want to do the surgery because of fear that he will die. We want to take the risk because he's going to pass in a few days. This hospital is terrible because they killed my mother and now my uncle.

Alyssa Franco

The greeter, Valarie, is one of the nicest women I have met. She made the trip to the emergency fun and very calm. ❤️

Danielle Weiner

This is a horrible hospital i gave birth to my son there and they did not five him proper care they watched his levels go up and he near died.i forced them to release him and took my son to a hospital that was not all about money but cared for there patience. Christ hospital will always be my number one choice.If you take your child or siblings here its just to die they will kill your family is all about a pay day for this hospital.if i could give a negative i woul -20.i gave birth to my son their in 2015 name this the killer hospital

Noah Delgadillo

i was born here.

IDNGAMING Corporation

They mistake pain expressions for dirty looks... this place is garbage I hope Loyola gets rid of these workers too. Garbage service

daniel ramirez

The Doctors and Nurses NEVER have any clue whats wrong with their patients. Seems like they want ANY problem anyone has to persist so that people HAVE TO KEEP COMING BACK! Its obvious MONEY is above the well-being of the people in the eyes of MacNeal Hospital

stfu Potato

Went here to pay bills, it was REALLY clean here. It was also decorated which made me happy. My family were confused as to where to go so a VERY nice lady (cleaning lady) helped us find the correct department. This isn't my first time here but every time I come I feel happy with the service. Highly recommended. Also give cleaning people raises if possible

Melissa Flores

Nice clean place. Good staff and doctor's went there for myself and with my mom good place to go to.

robert gee

If you want to die and be charged for their mistake then go there! They ALMOST killed me not once but twice not only with the misdiagnosis but with medicine. And to top it off since I had all ready told the doc. what was wrong with me, when he cane to a different conclusion when I fought with him over his answer, he said that if I did not start to be more corroborative that he was going to have me sent to a mental hospital for observation. I will have my last say over this esp. now since the doc. at Northwestern, are appalled at the medical treatment and what that has done to me. IF ANYONE HAS ANY QUESTIONS OR DOES NOT BELIEVE ME, JUST ASK ANY QUESTIONS. THIS PLACE NEEDS TO BE SUED SO BAD THAT IT SHUTS DOWN. .


All the doctors and nurses were caring and kind. I felt very relaxed and comfortable during my overnight stay. There was not one thing I had a problem with this hospital.

Pete Madritsch

Had a seizure got taken here surprisingly and was so happy with them i cant believe anyone would rate them low must of been old macneal!!!!! Place is so clean people so nice looking out for you. Thank you gor ur help and eric my nurse funny ash

Alan M

Dr Ronald Weiss Did a Great Job on my grandma Eye surgery but otherwise avoid this hospital

Dom Powells

I honestly don't know what the healthcare is like at MacNeal, but I've heard bad things. I had an awful experience with human resources in which they asked me to delete my application that had somehow indicated that I was an internal applicant, complimented me on my resume, and asked me to call them back when I'd reapplied to the same position. The posting was removed in the time it took me to delete my original application and attempt to apply as an external applicant, and the phone number they gave me was not a working number and the name of the "HR Rep" I spoke to was apparently bogus. I feel like that type of treatment was particularly spiteful, but I'm glad I never ended up working there with people like that.

Lupe Avila

I really like their service at the emergency entrance it was fast and the personal very frenly and professional.

Jonathan Kahanovitch

I'm so happy loyola took over. I was there and it was such a turnaround. I truly hope it takes over Swedish in the near future!!

Shannon Hubbs

The staff is outstanding

lady macaroon

I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart for all the doctors and nurses for saving my dad's life. He wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the excellent attention each nurse and doctor gave him. May god bless this hospital and it's staff! <3

Stephanie Townsend

Nice hospital Crystal in the Urologist office is very sweet work hard and is always. Courtesy and kind

alexis rodriguez

this is the worst place to work. no room for improvement. management is horrible choosing favorites some are unprofessional 90% of the time dont even know how to do the job their employees do yet they try to tell you how to do you job when they dont even know how to use the system themselves . no set schedules so you can bounce between first and third shift in the same week. no set days off. i loved my coworkers. and the pay sucks


Every time I have been to this hospital, it has always been something! From mixing my electronic medical file with another patient, making my appointment for one time and I arrive then claiming the appointment was another time and I have the appointment call recorded to rude employees.... the list goes on. I’m DONE with this place.

Alison Berthiaume

Horrible ! I had just given birth and the day after was asked to fill out a paternity paper so that my husband and myself can be on the birth certificate...well I guess the lady who was working on January 18 2019 around 230pm didn't turn the paper work in and now I'm stuck with having a birth certificate with no father on it!!! Just pathetic because now I need to fill out the paper and wait extra 2weeks and pay again when all the lady had to do was turn my paper in

Kenneth Virva


Keenan Beene

May not be a big thing, but just wondering why I went into 2 rest rooms that had no toilet seat covers. And I'm not talking about the holder is empty, there is no holder. Never seen this before in public bathroom weird

Windy City

its a hit or miss

LoveLifeMoney &Positivity

Horrible. Went there for primary and their hematology dept. The Md's or nurses don't follow-up as requested, nor do they use their online portal, which I would prefer since I'm at work when they're at work. I'll never go here again.

Da D

Came to the emergency room. The room was dirty (4)alcohol wipe on the floor, piece of glove, spot of blood on the floor (took pictures). The Hispanic doctor was very explanatory his service was very good. The registration old lady was very rude, ask for my health insurance my husband is the card holder. She ask if he was with us bcz he need to sign some documentation. I ask what form and why. She answer very rude I don't know I'm just doing my job and walk away. I worked here before and never gave that service to patients. I was disappointment with the service.

Aime Munoz

I took my little sister last night 10/10/17 at 8 pm to get her sprained ankle checked out just to get a school note I would like to say that the RN Vivian goes above and beyond to make everyone at the E.R. Feel special and taken care for. There where kids running, she calmed them down and gave em coloring books and crayons. There wherent enough chairs? She got some more chairs. Alot of people waiting? She offered us coffe, even decaf :)) I had been there a few times before and no nurse had done that. We'll done Vivian, this hospital gets a thumbs up for hireing great workers. I had also slit my arm a couple years ago and the doctor and nurse did a great job. Sad to say I don't remember their names.

Andres Meluso

The service has been going down lately. My relative got surgery while she was there the nursing staffing was incompetent and rude. I point to this young blonde nurse that the IV was infriltated and she said it's ok.. During the three day they clean the room ONCE.. We were even clean the bathroom ourselves. Then again nurses were assigned Spanish speaking patient and they will just "forget about them" because they can't complain. Doctors would show once in a while... I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND THIS PLACE UNTIL THERE IS NEW MANAGEMENT.

Kile R

There is NO communication whatsoever, too many interns on staff. I spoke to many of them and still don't feel any better or know what the issue is. I had to check myself out due to the horrible treatment I got from the nurses there. One of them slapped a cup of water out of my hand, telling me I was not supposed to have any until my test results came back. That test was 12 hours ago! I was denied water for the full 19 hours I was there and talked down to like an idiot. Don't go here if you value your dignity and your life.


It's alright, but if you're in inpatient treatment, they'll try to scan ways into making you pay for stuff you didn't ask for in the first place... I'm 19 years old... Tf I need an ECG for??? Newcomers beware! Other than that it's ok.

Ernada Ibranovic

I always have the best experiences whenever I come here. I always tell people I could live in there. The staff works great together and I always feel safe and well taken care of. Keep up the great work everyone!!!

Go4Ur Dream

Horrible place with the exception of Octavia and Allen that work there.

Dionte Smith

My mother came to this hospital in 2003 for cramping due to her sickle cell. They proceeded to make her wait for hours as the pain from the cramps worsened and became a crisis. Then while she was in unbelievable pain, they pumped her with pregnazone even after my grandmother, her mother DEMANDED THAT THEY DONT!!!!! She told them how allergic my mother was and within a few hours she died. This hospital killed my mother!!!!!!

Maria E Lopez

I have been a patient for McNeal for 15 years and Im very satisfied with the services they offer and the way they take care of me when I need it,and this is a good opportunity to thank all the staff that works at McNeal Hospital, Thank you ! And God Bless everyone.

Marquetta Tidwell

I have had 2 babies at this hospital and the nurse are awsome. They listen to your needs and take great care of you.

I'm not Laura Kightlinger

I went in there for alcohol detox and without telling me they threw me in the psych ward. They took my clothes and said they were gonna wash them and gave me a gown to wear until I got them back. The psychologist talked to me for about 5 minutes before deciding to put me on a bunch of meds that I didn't know anything about and when I asked for information on them they kept saying they were gonna give it to me and then didn't. I was constantly being called up to take the meds and they made me open my mouth to make sure I got them down. When I hadn't gotten my clothes back for two days I started asking about them and they kept saying they would look into it and never did. When I asked my roommate why he was there, he said it was because he had told his therapist that he planned to drive down I 290 till he was going as fast as possible and blow his brains out, and I was in for alcohol detox. He liked to punch the walls. After an incident that I know nothing about but which got security called on him, I told the lady that I wanted to change rooms, and I had the pleasure to get to be the one to inform my new roommate, who had just got there and was also in for alcohol detox, that we were in a psych ward. In the time I was there I only attended one of the group sessions, and the topic of the session was electro shock therapy. I had been under the impression that this barbaric practice had fallen out of fashion decades ago, but they were advocating for it. Said it worked "99.9 percent of the time." When I challenged this claim, the lady tried to embarrass me by repeatedly bringing up my alcoholism, and saying that it was inappropriate for me to be wearing a gown in the middle of the day, when I still hadn't gotten my clothes back. From that point on she was consistently hostile. When I decided to leave I couldn't for 3 days because I needed the psychologists approval and she was never there. I finally got my clothes back when I did leave and they hadn't been washed and had small bugs crawling all over them. I don't usually feel compelled to write reviews of businesses but jesus christ.

Feck Off

Horrible place. If you get admitted, be prepared to get bombarded by medical students waking you up to ask the same question every 5 minutes. You will see about 10 of them a day, and they don't know what the hell they are doing. Avoid this place if at all possible. Go to LaGrange instead.

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