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REVIEWS OF Loyola University Medical Center IN Illinois

Victoria Gaul

MD David Daniels of the north Riverside location is completely uninformed on his patients, unprofessional and absolutely unpleasant.

Timothy Schedler

I have been here several times and my wife and I never had a bad experience. Friendly staff and very attentive to our needs. I did notice a lot of dust and dirt outside the GI room 1101. I understand that this is a very high traffic area. The baseboards on top and at the corners that meet the floor are filthy for a hospital waiting area.

Sonja D. Bell

4.5⭐ In 2003 I had to have brain surgery to repair a leaking aneurysm and met doctors in several fields that were the top doctors in their fields of expertise, they each recommended the other. There is NOTHING bad or derrogatory that I can say about either professional because together they saved and extended my lifespan! I cannot give enough thanks or recommendations to/for them because GOD gave them the gift of healing hands and educational aptitude to mindfully treat patients and help save and hopefully redirect lives...Oh what a BLESSING to behold.

Ramarao Linga

#Nomoreloyola #Nomoreloyola Loyal physician and hospital billing teams are terrible. They sent our account to collections when it's under review. I wasted many hours in the past six months to resolve the issue. They still can't resolve it, they are just looping me to one department to another. Do not waste your time, go for other providers in the area ! #Nomoreloyola

Amanda Bowman

Every nurse and doctor I had was absolutely amazing!

Kathy Majeski

If I could give them a 0 rate, I would. Their scheduling is ridiculous. Having gone to an outside physician was given a paper prescription which had to be faxed prior to making an appointment, I went directly to the Homer Glen clinic so they could fax it. Called to make an appointment 4 days after the prescription was faxed and was told they don't have it!!!! I was given the fax confirmation. It wasn't the correct fax number. I would need to re-fax. I refuse to contact my physician to have them re-faxit due to the incompetence of the Loyola employees. I will go elsewhere. Rediculous!!!! This is not an isolated case, this has happened the last time I had to make an appointment. Done with Loyola!!!

Hector Hernandez

I don’t go to many hospitals but I would have to say 7 hour wait in the ER for an arm injury is a bit excessive! You have to be dieing to get seen by a DR. Here. But those charges a processed quicker then ever. Worse hospital ever!!!


I won’t burden anyone with my experiences. I firmly believe the staff and doctors carelessness and lack of motivation in their line of work, caused my family member to suffer and decline more than they already were. The facilities are absolutely filthy, the care inconsistent and poor at best. Basic disinfection practices, working equipment and competent staff are non-existent. I honestly have no idea how a hospital operates in conditions I experienced let alone call itself a medical facility. I am sorry for anyone who has had to watch a loved one rot in this sh*thole excuse of a hospital.

Stasia Chatfield

I’ve been waiting in the ER waiting area for 5 hours now and I’m still waiting!!! This is past ridiculous. No one should have to waste their whole day just to get assist at an hospital. I’m highly disappointed. Is they know the wait will be this long, they should at least inform the patients they will be waiting 5+ hours to get seen by a doctor. I had important things to attend today and it’s been greatly wasted by this. I do not recommend anyone to Loyola hospital. More specifically, the ER!!!!!!!

Julia _651988

The nurses were so friendly and efficient. The cafeteria was great and I really liked the gift shop too.

Sam ?

If there was a choice for zero, I would select zero. Great care but the worst administration in the world. Bad coding, inaccurate bills, broken promises on follow up calls. No ability to listen and understand. Go somewhere better like Rush or UofC.

Angelo C

Do not go here if your on the insurance is Medicare and Medicaid and if you are currently in this facility you should be seeking a transfer out as soon as you can. They refused my mom for having this type of insurance after having her current facility take blood from her at her in preparation for her arrival. The next day they refused my mom because of her Medicare Medicaid insurance. My mom is currently at another hospital and on our second day should begin getting a nervous tick in her eyeballs that is gone down her right side which has been paralyzed for two years due to a stroke. The doctors at this Hospital are stumped on the sixth day they came in and recommend doing a spinal tap and a full body scan at another more well-equipped facility that can get it done faster for my mom. The first hospital we called it was full with 54 people waiting for a bed then we were told we could get her into Rush. Then a phlebotomist came in the room saying they needed blood for Rush hospital that was requesting it. Then it's 6 p.m. we were told that the financial part of my mom's admission has not been accepted by Rush yet they wanted to check her insurance and that would probably not be done until morning. This morning I come to my mom's house when I find out that Rush will not accept my mom because she has Medicare and Medicaid. Do not go to this hospital if you have Medicare and Medicaid and if you're already in this Hospital you should be seeking a way to transfer out ASAP because they will kick you out as soon as they can to make room for the better paying people with better, private insurance companies.

Bobby Fitzpatrick

My Healthcare Center since 1970. Do I really need to say anymore?

patricia burnell

This is in regards to the billing department at Loyola. I called them and simply asked them to send her a receipt of payment the lady insists she is not in charge of sending out the receipts so she transfers her over to another guy who says I need to transfer you back to the other lady you were just on the phone with and she can help you. Like wait a second you are saying no one at Loyola has the power to send me a receipt. This is unacceptable. We have never had problems in the Cancer center here.... it is the best around by the way. Billing for this hospital however good luck trying to have them do anything to help in any way. Awful customer service. P.S. I called around 4:30 so I guess they just didn't want to deal with her.

Kristen Stewart

I had a wonderful experience in 2017, when my then 5 year son had to be seen following a seizure. The hospital staff was kind, caring, empathetic, and took very good care of him. **We did have to wait in the ER to be seen for quite awhile, but I understand that an Emergency Room is just that- a waiting game for the severity of the emergency. The Children's section of Loyola Maywood is world class and top notch. Thank you for your excellent care of my baby boy.


We are never coming back to this awful hospital. My poor mother waited over 6 hours for a bed in the e.r.!! When I asked the nurse why it was taking so long I was told it was by "acuity level" meaning if there are other patients with more serious concerns they will take them before you. It does not matter if you arrive hours before, they will take other patients that arrived much later before you, simply because their condition is more "severe" than yours. My question is this to Loyola and please read this hospital administrators- 1. Just because you may not physically see your patients bleeding on the floor does it mean they too are not in crucial pain and need to be seen as soon as possible? 2. How can you let your other patients sit in the waiting area when they are also in agony and in pain for several hours while you continue to decide to put more patients ahead of them? Shame on you. You are being negligent to those poor patients waiting in the area waiting for care. I will never step foot in this hospital again for this reason. I feel sorry for all of those patients that you keep waiting while they are also in need of desperate care. As a hospital, you failed to treat every single patient with the care and concern they deserve.

Will O

Ever since my sibling was diagnosed with cancer, I have never experienced such completely incompetent, rude, and negligent staff. I get a phone call from the nurse taking care of her. I ask her specific questions about the surgery, but she only reading a tiny portion of the record; it was obvious she didn't want to expend the effort to read her chart information, and just wanted get off the phone. So, she states she will have a nurse practitioner call me back in a few minutes. NO CALL. She was rude and got mad at my sister, who is laying there suffering. She needed to be catherized, but this fool of a nurse didn't even have the skill to insert it, and hurt her, which gave my sister such trauma, 3 other people tried to insert a catheter, but her uterus was so traumatized, they could not. Can you believe this? I forgot to mention that in a second call to my sister's room, this nurse answered the phone, & said she was doing something to my sister, so I could not talk to her now. Yes, trying to insert a catheter like the incompetent "nurse" she was. Now, my sister is still sitting in bed, waiting for them to get someone who will try this again. And, by the way, Loyola is the only hospital I have EVER went to that charges even patients who come for visits or tests $5 to park there! What a poor excuse of what at one time was a high quality hospital.

Agustin Sanchez Jr

I was sent to the emergency room after the The Immediate care clinic in River Grove Doctor who Happens to be the Medical director of the Emergency room told me I needed Bloodwork and Chest X-ray because I didn't look good at all. Well he told me he's going to let the emergency room I was going. WELL once i got there I was treated not soooo nice I had a very high fever very dizzy and short of breath to make a long story short it took them 12 hours just too tell me I have a fever and take a ibuprofen . Not Happy at all with this emergency room service

Mike Angerame

Loyola University Medical Center has saved my Father's life....twice. After spending days in suburban hospitals that are all about ambiance and woeful in care, on these two occasions I pleaded with my father to go to Loyola. That is the reason he is here today. I am astounded by some of the reviews that are posted here; what did you think the purpose of a hospital is?! No, it is not here to cater to you and wipe you backside when you need it, and it is not responsible to give you a room that has all the bells and whistles or an on-floor barista; it is there to cure you. Loyola is a World-Class medical institution with the best health care professionals in the business. Dr. Bruce Lewis is the best cardiologist there is, and Dr. Michael Woods saved my father from the mis-steps of other ill-equipped physicians that mis-diagnosed Stage 1 cancer that was actually Stage 4. I thank them in my prayers every single day. Had it not been for Loyola, I'd be writing a review for a funeral home right now. Great hospitals are not supposed to be nice and visitor-friendly; they are there to allow you to get on with life and give you the ability to enjoy your loved ones for years to come once the smartest, most able, and most caring medical professionals bring you back to the health that allows you to do so. For those of you that have posted negative remarks on this board, unless the Ritz-Carlton gets into the medical business, I strongly suggest that you shut up. If you want the environment of a new swanky hospital with doctors educated in Haiti and Lord knows where else when you get sick then Loyola is not your place. If you want to seek a hospital with the most accomplished doctors on the planet, there is no hospital where I'd rather go.


This is the hospital where I was born. I have been visiting and going in when my grandfather was there all the time! All of the nurses and doctors are so nice. Right when they are needed they answer the call. They always greeted us with open arms. All in all it's an amazing hospital!

Barbara Caston

The staff is kept clean

taylor rascia

From my mother: After a weekend of taking my mom to immediate care center twice, we were sent to Loyola Emergency center to get further treatment. What a mistake! The waiting room was a mess, the bathrooms had blood and poop all over them.The vending machines had coffee pouring out of it on the floor and it stayed that way for hours.They give you a wrist band and make you wait like a dog for hours.They took her vitals and sent her for a few tests only to be sent back in the waiting room.My dog gets better treatment at the vet!! After 5 hours of waiting and her getting more anxious and sick we left.Loyola you should be ashamed of yourselves for treating seniors like this, and believe me she wasn’t the only one!!What a horrible experience, I am so sorry I brought her there never again.Is this what our health care system has turned into.I understand that life threatening cases go first, but come on get a better system and clean up your dam disgusting waiting room!!

Matt Hamater

If you like paying way more for anything, this is the place to go. Over $400 for an Xray with Insurance, that I could have done for $125 without Insurance. However, I felt the staff was nice, but it still doesn't justify the pricing.

Mark Jewett

Seriously, how do they stay open? Had an ortho appt. was promptly shown into a little room and there I sat. Finally after an hour without explanation I got up and left. I told the PCT that I had better not be billed for the visit (no services were rendered) and even complained to patient relations and guess what! I was billed for the visit!!! Also trying to schedule an appt is worse than root canal. Tried to schedule a physical with my primary and no slots open even a month out! Took me 3 times to try to schedule another appointment. I give the star for the people that work there; they are amazing. It’s the system that is woefully stupid!

Melissa Brannam

My son was here in peds for a month. He was admitted to the step down (from icu) as a transfer from lagrange hospital due to his pulse ox being in the 70s and 80s when he slept. He had been brought to the er for an apnea episode. He had surgery to remove his tonsils since those were blocking his airway up and after less than 24 hours he stopped breathing and went into resp failure. Thankfully the ent and his hoard of medical students were walking into the room as they were calling the code. (My son was 18 months old and i had just delivered a stillborn baby boy so i was freaking) the staff helped me calm down and he was put on a vent and in the pccu in minutes .He was on a vent for 2 weeks. The staff is amazing at what they do, they saved my sons life. Thank gods for them. The only negative thing i have to say is their security was rude. But it was one guard, he yelled at a fellow parent who had just lost his child to a pool accident. I told that guard to get lost. This was back in Nov of 2003. If he ever reads this. I think of him and his wife and family a lot....

Tre Thompson

Everyone, PLEASE listen to reviews. I read them and did not listen as I didn’t think it would happen to me. Loyola is a complete rip off. They bill you for every single thing. I have excellent insurance but this place bills under revenue codes which is the best way to get less from the insurance company and more from the patient. I will be advising people everywhere to pay attention to these reviews and stay away from Loyola. I even confirmed billing with the office and the doctor and was lied to. Do yourself the favor and seek treatments elsewhere.


Usually have a good experience compared to other hospitals and clinics. The ER can be a very long wait unfortunately just like most. DR. David Snow is one of the best I've had the pleasure of being seen by. Very knowledgeable and spot on with his diagnosis despite a very complicated set of symptoms I was experiencing. His bedside manner is among the best I've seen in recent years too. Very kind and compassionate Dr. (as it should always be for the average patient).

Marci Anderson

As far as the doctors go they were very good. The ICU staff was as well. However I don’t understand how at such a big hospital you have to wait hours for X-rays and medications. Also not very welcoming to out of town families who may have had a traumatic accident and ended up there. Once out of the ICU Family member had to sleep on a chair in the waiting room and not allowed to be in her husbands room. You are definitely just another number to them!

Bob Oo

The staff is generally nice and it's a great place to learn.

reginal salas

I took my 8 years old for an EKG at Loyola Hospital on 1/14/19, I had VERIFIED with the central scheduling before arriving that I was given an EKG referral for LOYOLA HOSPITAL. I was told to bring my son to the hospital for the exam they take patients from MON- FRI 6am to 6PM. Yesterday I left work early because I really needed my son to have this test done, he suffers of a heart murmur, I was register and everything went well then I was sent to the cardiac center in the same floor, the Polish technician was so rude he asked my husband to go back and sit to the waiting area she was so rude with my 8yr old child she never acknowledged us or mentioned her name or verified anything, and the first thing she says you where lucky it’s 5:22pm and I was going home we take our last patient at 5:30pm, I told her talk to the central scheduling and the registration desk person, the EKG WAS 5min long and she was so rude and unprofessional. By 5:30 I was walking back to my car. She never mentioned to me when do I get the results until I questioned her. Unbelievable!!! Worst customer service!!! So so disappointed!

Maria Beavin

The first thing the one nurse at the front desk was really rude

Len Faltin

Macneal is my main provider, however since Macneal is a subsidiary of Loyola I have to call this hospital to schedule an MRI, it's take me 5 days so far to schedule an MRI because they have claimed they haven't received the paperwork, so I was like no problem I'll send over the paperwork myself, keep in mind this is for both of my ankles and this will be important later on. I send over the paperwork for both of the ankles via email and they said they only received one of the ankle paperworks and not the other even though I sent the other at the same time, I said no problem on the phone and resent the paperwork for the second ankle again, only to be told they can't handle the paperwork and that they can't move forward with the MRI appointment until after labor day weekend. I've called twice now to set up an appointment again today and I still haven't gotten anywhere. Their customer service is piss poor.

Cat Argueta

Terrible wait times. Had to fly back from school to help my grandmother, and they made us sit for HOURS! We have to do better

Lima Dan

they denied my application for financial assitance and they send my information to any loaner without your authorization. The patient financial service never picks up the phone and no service at all. Poor customer service with arrogant attitude and its better go to Saint lexus medical center for a better treatment. I got medical bills but stil no proper diagnosis still. Improve your service, Loyola!

Tatiana Madrid

I made an appointment for an OB/GYN on May 18th LAST MONTH and they called today telling me whoever scheduled my appointment made a “mistake” and scheduled me at a Spanish speaking clinic. I’ve even contacted the doctor via myLoyola explaining what my problems are and he told me “Look forward to seeing you in the 18th.” They tell me the next available Saturday will be July 20th or June 5th during the day. I’ve explicitly stated that I’m only available weekends or during the week after 5:30 pm. They were not willing to accommodate me at all. This is not my fault, your employees made a mistake and yet I’m taking the consequences for it. The lack of customer service is appalling and I will be changing my facility because I don’t to give them any more of my money. Edit: I called back and tried again to reschedule this appointment and whoever I spoke to was making it seem like I had no other options bit to take an appointment in July. After I told her to cancel the appointment, I asked to speak to a manager. They found me an appointment in a few days before my original appointment. I am happy for this but still disgruntled I had to go through all this with them.


Has a doctors appointment at 9am & 11:20am.. got out of the first appointment @10am and was told i would be seen sooner then 11:20 because i was there i sat a HOUR and 30 minutes and nobody said a word . The receptionist was super surprised that i hadn’t been seen n was confused . That’s beyond terrible and i left . Don’t tell me I’ll be seen soon and i have to wait over a hour . I left and will definitely take my business elsewhere.

Patricia Adams

Loyola hospital started out good but things changed for the worse I had my right kidneyremove because I had stage 3 cancer after that I was fine a few months later I felt sick went to the hospital i was told the cancer had moved to the liningof my stomach one treatment and that was it my family was told to put me in hospice my family took me to Cleveland clinic I was told my cancer was treatable and that I was no where near hospice thanksbe to God and my family never again Loyola bad experience

Patricia H

I love my team of Loyola doctors. They are smart and compassionate. This facility does everything on campus, a little shuttle takes you from doctors to cray, etc. And many things are right in the main building. All my records are together so my care is coordinated. Nurses and reception, technicians are all kind.

Nurse T33

This is my ER experience, I will do a separate review for my Labor and Delivery stay. This is lengthy so I do apologize in advance. I just had my baby on 7/18/19 and started having recurrent, high fevers when I came home that Saturday night. I took 600mg Motrin every 6 hrs. But the second it wore of, my fever would spike even higher. so on that Monday afternoon, when my thermometer read 104.6, I decided to go to Loyola’s ER. In triage, I was sweating profusely due to the fever breaking from the medicine. I told the triage nurse my symptoms, including dizziness, loss of appetite, back pain and fever. I told her I was 4 days postpartum and prior to arriving in the ER, I took 600mg Motrin. She took my temp., which read 99.2 and said, “You don’t have a fever.” I repeated that I just took medicine and that it will go back up. She told me that I would be seen in the ED, took the rest of my vitals, and sent me to the waiting room.After having my labs drawn, I waited patiently in the waiting room for over 4 hours as my fever and chills returned. Now I am an ER nurse and one thing my hospital knows is that postpartum patients who present with signs and symptoms of infection needs to be evaluated immediately. After my nearly 5 hour wait, an ER nurse called my name and brought over a wheelchair, stating, “We are going to take you to L&D because your blood pressure is elevated.” This was the blood pressure they took when I first arrived!!! It took them nearly 5 hours to determine that!!! The moment I got to L&D, they re-evaluated me, my temperature 102, heart rate in 120s, blood pressure elevated. They immediately called a rapid response. Working in the ER, I know how challenging it is to determine who needs to be evaluated immediately and who is able to wait, especially when the census is high, which it was that day. However, there is no way a postpartum patient presenting with signs & symptoms of infection should’ve been waiting for as long as I did. Loyola’s triage process really needs to be re-evaluated.

Jaszmine Marroquin

Waited 8 Hours in the E.R just for a room!!! RIDICULOUS! Get it together people!

Vladimir Krastev

Very unprofessional people don’t loose your time to make any appointments there!!! I made an appointment for kidney specialist and had to wait 2 weeks for it! Guess what they call me in the last moment and told me that they cancel the appointment and that I have to go in different hospital!!! I was shocked and asked what’s the reason for this and if I can’t see those doctor can I go to different one? They said they will call me back... so I got a call from automated call system, to confirm AGAIN that I can come for my appointment. I thought everything is good but after another 20 min I got a call from a nurse and she told me that they have to cancel my appointment again!! The reason for the cancellation was that they want me to go first to primary physician so I can get a “referral” than they can make new appointment!!! So my question was why they made the appointment and didn’t tell me for this when I called them two weeks ago?!!! How one person can trust these people and put its health in their hands when they don’t care about their clients and they don’t know their own laws!!! They don’t value your time and your choice to spend your money there!!! Don’t trust any advertisements about this hospital, that’s was my mistake!!! Please don’t count on this hospital for important health issues because you may get very disappointed!!!!

Paula Cano

If I had to chose a hospital over and over again it’d be Loyola. The Doctor’s and Nurses were very attentive and friendly. They constantly checked up on me and my son. We are both in great help and I pray a hospital visit is not near our future. If there is I will visit Loyola.

Paul Singh

The doctors are amazing, the nursing staff on the other hand need lots of training. Food court in the main hospital is the worst I’ve ever seen, in any hospital. They need to get a cleaning crew that actually does their job.

Nikia Cammon


David Thompson

Place has gone down the drain in recent years stay away if you have an emergency

Leah Barrett

The surgical doctor was awesome! Super nice man. However, the front desk lady is very rude and made me feel like I annoyed her with the SINGLE question that I had asked her. Its unfortunate that family is worried about another relatives surgery and we have to feel like a burden to your employees. The front desk women had no compassion to simply even look me in the eyes when she was talking to me. How disrespectful is that?

lauren ruiz

The E.R. wait time is the absolute WORST! I came to the emergency room at 6:00 pm I was triaged rather quickly but I was not taken back until around 12am!! Not only was the waiting room full to the max but I seen at least 7 people leave in that time frame! That is sad and ridiculous that people come to the E.R. in pain but rather leave because the wait time is so ridiculous! I was not discharged until 4:30 AM!! Not sure if I would return to Loyola ED again!The only reason I'm giving one star is because the Dr William's was awesome and listened to my health concerns intently!

aliyah fielding

Worst hospital for emergencies, the waiting limit is horrible.

John Adkison

Be careful not to give a poor review! They may just ban you from the place! Just another reason to go somewhere else if you can.

Cynthia Vorel


Victoria L

I spent a week in this facility, on top of in and out appointments thereafter. I've met many staff members, doctors, nurses, and technicians. I have also been observant of the processes and the level of care everyone here provides. 50% care, 50% don't. You have a 50/50 survival rate. I would perhaps recommend certain (very few and far in between) physicians, however not the facility or practices itself, especially for major health issues. Check in at your own risk.

Jamin Raadsen

So I contacted The number you provided and they were clueless as to why I was calling. I sat for an hour and a half today waiting for a 20 to 30 minute test. After speaking to a few other patients waiting I discovered there were 3 others still ahead of me. Which means I had another hour to a hour and a half until I was called. Terrible time management and scheduling. I ended up leaving without having my scheduled test completed. Apparently you have to have your entire day free for a 30 minute test when visiting Loyola.

Jennifer Lagunas

Loyola has always been my go to hospital ever since I moved around the area. I felt like Loyola had always went above and beyond, service was always great until my last couple of visits to the Er . I came in today to the Loyola Er department since 7pm August 14!! Its currently 2:20 Am of the next day and i have yet to get a room or even my results for Xrays!!! Im currently pregnant and I asked for a quilt since the Er is cold and 2 hours later nothing . I asked again for a quilt about 30 min ago and all I got was a ill try give me a second. THE NURSES KEEP CALLING PATIENTS IN WHO ALREADY LEFT BECAUSE OF THE OVER EXAGARATED WAIT AND ARE CONTINIOUSLY UPDATING THE LIST AND YET IM NOT IN. IM OUTRAGED , THE LEAST THEY COULD DO IS ENSURE WE ALL ARE OK REFRESH US WITH COURTESY CUPS OF WATER OR EVEN WITH A QUILT. At this point I honestly feel like the wait and how some of the nurses treat us is not even worth it . Last time I took my mother in the nurse said and I quote "why are you here, we are still going to poke you take your blood out and your still going to be in pain". Luckily I was there to respond back. Im honestly lost for words yes I understand having this certain disease will cause some reapeted symptoms but whenever my mother tells me shes in pain and not able to tolerate pain I WILL BRING HER IN . Sad part is she even had to search up her disease right infront of us since she was not familiar with it. Again we waited round 6 hours in order for my Mother to be checked RIDICULOUS!! AND THE ER DID NOT EVEN SEEMED BUSY AT ALL ONCE WE HAD A ROOM .

Samson N Shama

My uncle would have lived longer if it weren't for the lack of compassion displayed by some of his healthcare providers. Nurse Tia interrupted his sleeping time (knowing that he hasn't slept for days) by wanting to draw his blood during the wee hours of the morning. Seems kind of stupid that she also gave his Melatonin before the procedure because it defeats the effect of the med. She couldn't find a good vein and so she called in 2 different nurses to help her out (understandable), but at the end they had to draw blood from his foot, which was so painful for him. It took them almost 2 hours to draw out the blood. They took out most of his sleeping time. Mind you my uncle kept on looking at the clock in desperation because he knew he wouldn't be able to sleep anymore with all the anxiety these people had put him in. I watched his oxygen saturation slowly go down all throughout the procedure. I also asked Nurse Tia to wait until my uncle's saturation would go a bit higher (like how my uncle also wanted it) before she gave his heparin shot, but she ignored my plea and continued anyway. Even that caused my uncle's saturation to go to 80%. Unbelievably callous for a nurse. I wish we had Nurse Christine that night. She was very patient and compassionate and did a really good job at making my uncle comfortable and NOT PRESSURED. Nurse Christine made it clear to my uncle that also being too anxious would cause his o2 saturation to go into dangerously low levels. A kind touch, an uplifting voice like Nurse Christine's. She did wonders to my uncle's o2 saturation that night. I wish we had her one more night and even more... The day my uncle died, 2 techs went into his room and took his chest x-ray around 5.45 am. My uncle wasn't looking forward to that because he was already too stressed about the blood-draw and ABG. Anyway, I had to step out of his room and leave him under their hands until they were done. As I was hovering in the MICU's hallway and as they were about to step out, my uncle searched for me with his panicked and fear-stricken eyes that were crying to me for help. These techs left him in an uncomfortable position that made it more difficult for him to breathe and cause his O2 sat to go as low as 75%. I immediately ran to his side and helped him find a comfortable position. Before I left him with the x-ray techs, his O2 sat was going in between 84%-88%. That chest x-ray right there did him. What's even worse was that all of a sudden we saw new faces rush into the room, and a bunch of doctors looking at my uncle sternly and telling him he basically has no chance anymore. Wow too much anxiety being caused in a few hours in between 2 am to 8am. I am still upset with the service these people have showed. No compassion at all. My uncle's o2 sat was doing fine when I showed up for my shift that night. His O2 sat levels were at high 90s even without the high flow oxygen mask. And this was around 7pm to 12 midnight. I know for a fact that his lungs are really bad. But the body can also heal when it is given a chance to REST/SLEEP. His disease, sleep-deprivation and poor nutrition due to loss of appetite from the antibiotics are all factors to his condition getting worse. The mind is also a powerful thing. I remember when my uncle's o2 sat would go low, and he would ask me what his O2 sat was I would not tell him the number that was dispalyed on the monitor, but would tell him a higher number. This act would cause his O2 sat to go up to 4 levels. I have seen Nurse Christine also cause the same thing on my uncle's O2 sat everytime she uttered encouraging words to my uncle I would also like to say thank the last nurse to take care of my uncle on the day he passed away. She was very compassionate. My uncle also liked the guy nurse (i don't know his name). He appreciated the fact that this nurse still came to his room to say hi and wish him well even if he wasn't his nurse that night. To all those nurses who took time to wish my uncle well and even brought him food, thank you.

Me LuLu

I love Loyola University Medical Center. It would be great if the staff was loving as well, specifically the Jazzman cafe staff. The cafe opens late each weekday and to top it off the opening staff members are very rude and impatient.

David Miller

The nurses and doctors who cared for me were very compassionate and professional. The second floor neurology team is awesome!

Kate Beck-Korst

The receptionist talked on a personal call for hours while we were waiting for treatment. Ot wouldn't have been so annoying, but were waiting from 11:30 PM though early am hours. No attempt to dim the lights or make the waiting room more accommodating. No idea the length of the wait or where my daughter was in the queue. The physician on call recommended the ED my daughter's 2 day and counting migraine. It wasn't really acceptable.

lucy robles

Worst service. Car accident? No problem, here’s ibuprofen. “It may be a spine injury, but I need you to stand up.” Pathetic, lazy employees. No one is attentive to the needs of patients.

Bianca Lopez

I’m so disgusted by this place it’s a shame on how I was treated. I literally had a miscarriage in the waiting room. And when asked how long and what can be done I was simply told there are other pts ahead of me and since I was there a day before for the same reason I need to wait. The receptionist asked if I needed any towels while I was waiting. The triage nurse was rude. I then asked to speak to the head nurse and she brushed off the fact that I’m in early labor. I will never come back to this place. Why tell me to come back if I get worse and then treat me like I’m no one.

Angela Marie

The staff is relatively friendly except for this one registered nurse, Sarah. Her attitude towards my mom and I was completely unnecessary and highly unprofessional. My mom and I took my sister, who busted her mouth and lost two teeth, to this hospital because originally, we went to Rush but they sent us to UIC dental but we were turned away because the doctors were gone for the day even though we were told they would help us ASAP cause of how urgent the situation was. My mom and I were both severely concerned for my sister and was worried about the nonstop bleeding, decided to take her to this hospital to see if there was anything they could do to help my sister. Once we arrived, the waiting was not bad, but not good. The triage lady was super kind and reassuring of the situation. We waited for almost two hours to be seen by the RN Sarah. Once she saw us, she repeatedly asked what happened, what can she do for us, and what we expect for them to do. We politely told her the situation and she kept scolding us on how we didn’t take my sister home, put her to rest, and give her pain meds. She even scolded my mom some more when they took my sister to the bathroom, as if my mom was not stressed enough. Sarah even told us that there is nothing they could do and repeatedly kept asking “well what do you want me to do”. She had such a bad attitude, I was so close to asking for another RN (I wish I did!). The doctor who came to us was slightly rude as well, but was more empathetic and understanding of the situation. Never going back again for medical treatment.

LC Gilbert

We came here because a friend recommended this hospital. A family member is having abdominal pain and is throwing up. After seeing the triage nurse and a xray we are still sitting in the ER waiting room. Its been over 5 hours and no one has even check on on them. I tried to convince my family member to go back to Edwards where we never have waited nowhere near this length of time. Loyola take notes on how Edwards handles their patients. There is more activity with food being delivered to the ER staff than anything else. I understand that it takes time but this is unacceptable.

Kirbie Carpenter

I absolutely was flown to Loyola for a cardiology procedure (Ablasion via Pericardial Wall) in which only a Electrophysiology cardiologists can preform. Having a rare heart disease, I always go to Vanderbilt, but this wasn't an option, so Loyola was my best choice for this procedure. Upon arrival, I was quickly admitted , assessed , and scheduled the next morning. My Dr's were Wilbur, Green, Smitt Vasuahla on the for-front, and I actually had 3 instead of one procedure, but this team, dealing with a new patient with astronomical cardiology needs, and I was actually the first ever patient with this one of a kind heart disease that terrifies most Dr's, but not this this team! They actually saved my life, and were so kind! I can't say enough for what looked like the end, but opened up a whole new life for myself as well as my family! Absolutely Wonderful and Thank you all isn't nearly enough, but Thank you from the bottom of our Hearts! Truly Amazing! I will always remember the kindness and expertise given myself and my family's !

James Holman

I'm still disgusted by how I was treated from a nurse back in 2017 , was restrained unnecessary , no water , no rag , no vile nothing else but restraint straps , had bad feeling what they were gonna do , always trust your instincts , i have had anxiety issues and anxiety attack on and off since the nurses attempt , i wouldn't recommend this hospital if the nurses treat patients even mentally disabled patients like the way they did ,

john teter

The Teter family would like to thank all the staff in the ICU. Special thanks to neurologist Dr Rick Gill, cardiologists Dr Jeffery Schwartz, Andrea Grillini, all the lnurses and physical therapist for the care Carla received in the ICU

Cee Dee

Almost killed me 3 times. They treat you like a piece of meat

Mike Hillman

Do your self a favor go some were else. Nurses and doctors were good and friendly but you can find this at other Hospitals. Their billing department is so bad it is unreal. For four months they refused to acknowledge insurance payments even after insurance proved it was paid. Then when they finally acknowledge it they called a couple days later and gave 4 months to pay several thousand dollars. After I agreed and made a payment 2 weeks later they turned part of it to collections. When I called and asked why they did not give a answer but took another payment and then 2 days later they turned more over to collections. Spent several hours over the last 6 months on the phone trying to get this straightened out in the end I will have to deal with the collection agency so be ready if you choose this hospital.

Sue Ordzowialy

Very courteous appt. schedulers. Asking appropriate questions in order to make sure I am scheduled with the appropriate Physician. My testing, PFT, xray & mammogram easy to fit in right away. I like that I can use the "My Chart" app on my phone to view my history as well as my bill. No area has let me down. This is coming from me, a person very familiar with healthcare services as I worked 37 years in the field. 21 in the Intensive Care area where I have seen it all. Keep up the good work!

albert simcsak

Do not bring your love one here to be treated for cancer They have not acted with any sense of urgency as my wife’s cancer has progressed After my wife had her wait over 30 minutes to be transported Back to her thank god I was with her she has mild dementia just imagine sitting in a dark room by yourself no empathy towards the human spirit There new Motto should be not treating body and killing the soul

Canon Montana

This place is horrible, I literally had to sit in pain for 4 hours after a car accident. People that were complaining of headaches were going before me at times when I was already there an hour before. I think there should be a new system here. Not only that but it’s freezing in this hospital, the bathrooms are covered with urine and vomit! Who’s cleaning this establishment?????! Another thing the rooms are not swept clean and there was a tub of urine left in my “clean” room! Hospitals already have enough germs! We don’t have to make it worse by having staff contributing to this filth! I will ALWAYS go to Elmhurst Memorial! Not only did I freeze and get sick because of them blasting the ac but the overall experience was the absolute worse!

Martin Hernandez

Took my wife to the ER right arm tingling, numbness and burning sensations in both hands. We had to wait 5hrs. Yes 5hrs! To get taken to the back to be seen. After being taken to a room in the back we had to wait some more. Long story short we were there for 12hrs

Darren Hall

A patient should be able to trust his or her healthcare provider. When a healthcare provider lies to, coerces, and or manipulates a person into performing a procedure on an infant that is unnecessary and without any medical benefit, and actually causes harm, that healthcare provider is failing at the most basic level. When an organization such as Loyola University Medical Center supports the provider in this action and refuses service to the patient because the patient voiced displeasure over being deceived, it speaks very poorly for the institution. This institution would do better if it were willing to acknowledge wrongdoing on its part, and endeavor to correct that wrongdoing, rather than attempting to defend it.

Itzel Larios

I had a great experience here. Firs time visiting this hospital and I can’t complain everyone in women’s health was very kind and understanding.

Allan Martinez

Worst service ever.will not recommend nobody coming here.

Blake K

Very unprofessional hospital. They need to be under review and shut down. This should be a learning center on HOW NOT TO RUN A HOSPITAL


This place is great.. the nurses and doctors really care about their patients God bless this place.. good food too lol

Greg Dorneden

At this time my concern is why has the administration not responded to the negative comments or at least let the public know what is being done to correct these problems. Thank you!

Lydia Moorhausen

Great doctors and excellent medical care. Would recommend to anyone who has kidney problems and needs to get effectively treated.

Divine Nature Love Truth n Positive Energy

Hi I'm Elaine B I always experience the best care...everyone has been very kind and compassionate always concerned about my health and wellbeing taking very good care of me since day one 2009...2010-Jan 06 was my Bi lateral Transplant .....I'm a miracle very blessed and thankful too have a beautiful group of Doctors and Nurse Coordinators ...Thank you

Ness H

The care provided is good. Medical professionals are sympathetic and caring. Parking is an issue and a rip off. I feel like charging $5 is a scam. Especially having someone outside collecting the money at the gate. They only do that when they feel like it because sometimes you go up to the gate and it just opens

Google User

Very bad place to get healthcare. They never pick calls and they never return your calls when you leave a message.very bad place.

Luis Colon

Worst hospital ever been attended . I've been there twice in less than a month cause is the close hospital nearby and when you go to emergency room you literally has to be dying for them to attend you. I went today with a strong chest pain and after they did the triage had to leave premises after 3 hours waiting in emergency room. It's not the first time that happens. -F but I'm pretty sure I will receive the bill from them.

Wafeek Wahba

one the best best places you can get treated. talented doctors and nurses.

Vivian Mendez

The E.R wait time is beyond disappointing. I arrived here at 12:00 p.m with my 11 month old son and It’s about 3:30 now. There are patients here that have been waiting since 10 am. So Unfortunate. All they said at check in was to wait until they called me to enter the pediatric department, 3+ hours later and I’m still waiting. First time here and yet my last. Do not waste your time coming here, this place is packed and the patients who have questions get ignored! Go to Christ or MacNeal hospital if you have a sick baby, they take them in right away!

Tiana B

Dr. Ethan Sterk was very calm, and listened to my concerns. After an dismissive, unprofessional, and disappointing conversation my family and I had with one of the neurologist, Dr. Sterk was able to calm us down and give us options for how we would like to proceed with my care. I am grateful for his understanding nature, and willingness to listen.

Victor Galvan

Shawana H. Is by far the best the best housekeeper. She wiped down everything a person can touch, wiped down the whole bed, changed the sheets swept mopped and disinfected everything. Very good job. Room # 3377-2. My mother in law was in #3377-1.

MrzKJones Jones

Dr Neancy and her 2 nurses Matt and Jackie are the worse. They all are rude and talk to you as if we as the patients are there kids when dr neancy doesn’t have a decent man to give her kids! I was lied to several times and held hostage because I took pain medicine and was ready to discharge myself but barney fife and his crew stood outside my door for 4 hours! Now mind you I wasn’t even driving myself I was getting picked up. I asked for the nursing supervisor at 434am and it’s 952am and no one has been to see me as of yet! Actually when I finally was able to speak to someone in pateient relations at 830 they said they had no notice that someone had reached out to them! So basically dr neacey and Jackie both lies to me and told me that they did a job when they actually didn’t! I was told that because I had taken the medicine I had to leave at 7am well Matt comes in the room and 636am with discharge papers no sir I want to speak to the nurse supervisor before I sign anything! and of course it seems as if nothing happened because they never raised the situation to anyone and now they are all gone gone for the morning!! Loyola use to be a nice clean, respectful and professional hospital to come to but my past 2 ER experience has forced me to want to go on to another hospital, not to mention I live almost a hour away from this whole in the wall, but I make the travel because I felt these doctors and nurses would know my situation better since this is my home hospital, but the fooled the hell out of me! I have written my P.C. a long 2 page letter about why I’m leaving. Oh I’m sorry if I forgot to mention I have lupus and shouldn’t be stressing cause it can cause a flare up but this is the BS that you have to go through at Loyola hospital in Maywood, IL on first Ave!! This hospital is really starting to go down the drain starting with the disrespect from the people in the ER!! The only one nice person was a black young lady that’s an unarmed security guard she was very pleasant to speak with, and I apologize I didn’t get her name! Her chief or boss he is a white short very fat guy and he was disrespectful and rude and as I tried to speak with him he walked off - now how disrespectful and unprofessional is that??? But that’s the overnight crew here at Loyola - if helping people get better is not for you then Matt Jackie and whoever else needs a refreshment course on how to do there job or just find a entire new job - I gave the hospital 1 star and I shouldn’t have done that - they don’t get none because it’s nasty in here!! Bathrooms beds sheets and the employees

Joshua Figueroa

Lack of communication between staff is very noticeable & very bad with patients. Not very clean either. The trash was full since day 1 and was never changed 3 days we were there. Never once offered to change sheets or blankets. When a nurse says the doctor is reviewing and adding to notes and will discharge you very soon, we didn’t expect to wait 3 hours. Only to have to reach out for answers. The nurse that came back in was just as confused as we were. She said she had reached out to doctor but had not received an answer. After another hour she comes back to say “the doctor wants to keep an eye on you another night.” We were forgotten about no doubt about it. Probably on purpose (insurance money). My dad has been in and out of hospitals for a very long time. Very disappointed.

valiere Asena

a month ago-The nurses and doctors who cared for me were very compassionate and professional. The second floor neurology team is awesome

Jessica McClure

I have gotten nothing but the best care from Dr's and staff. I have one of the best lung transplant Dr's. And the nurses are always great.

Jequita Sims

They take 50 years before you be seen by a nurse

Ken Smith

Took my wife into emergency room at 8:45 am there were for people in front of us and did not see a doctor until 3:00 pm. they did nothing for except to tell her to take ibuprofen. I would not take a dog to that ER. the only reason we went there is because it was in the network of hospitals as soon as medicare kicks in for her in April we will be going to Rush University Hospital. I week and a half later the doctor at Loyola is still trying to figure out what is wrong

Francis Duran

Sad to say the wait is horrible and the attention worse. How sad.

Isabel Rosado

Don’t waste your time visiting this hospital. Be prepared to wait 6-10 hrs just to be seen by a doctor in the emergency room. The nurses are rude and insensitive. The waiting area is filthy and appears to have never been cleaned. I’m in total disbelief that this hospital has not been shut down.

Carolyn Hill

Brought my mother -In law there .On Nov 4 2017 . We arrive around 11 :40 am ,so far we are still here .At 7:30 the staff do not communicate with you at all !I had to go , and fine the nurse . Like a needle an a hay sack . Like look for her with ,a flashlight in the damn daytime . I rate them a zero! I am going to do a live on them . Oh I forgot .... we are still waiting . Never come here ! You will do better by going to the county.

Ashley Maytorena

I came to see if I have asthma and I've been waiting for 4 HOURS ! This place really disappointed me, thought it would be better than oak park hospital but at least over there they take me in right away. People with broken legs are waiting the same amount as me.

Maureen Maltese

It’s just a shame that my mom has been in there for one week and no one from the infectious disease team has talk to me/family, I left several messages with no phone calls returned, She is on a expensive antibiotic, that needs to be given in the infusion clinic on an outpatient basis, but my mom is too weak to go home so they are doing aggressive PT on her so she can go home, The family thinks that she needs rehab first but cannot have rehab and give the life-saving antibiotics at the same time! Communication is Not great there at Loyola

Jessica Biczo

If I could give zero stars, I would. I take my elderly neighbor here for her doctors visits. She is on 24/7 oxygen and is easily tired out so I always get her a wheelchair. This is the ONLY hospital I've ever been to that does not have wheelchairs accessible for their patients at the front. They also don't provide patients any assistance in getting to their doctor once they enter the building. That is why I need to bring her, because she can't do it on her own. When I asked the front desk for assistance they were rude and unhelpful. I asked if they could maybe call up to the floors to see if any were available and even offered to go get them. The receptionist refused to assist me at all. "We just have to wait." I ended up just walking her to the elevator while she struggled to catch her breath. She had an appointment with Opthamology today at 3:30pm. We arrived at 3:00pm and weren't brought back to a room until after 4:00pm. Its now after 5pm and we STILL have not been seen by the doctor. We were told 3 emergency cases came in and were added to the doctors schedule and it was "out of their control." I'm sorry, but they have a phone. Pick it up and call the patients and offer to reschedule or tell then to come in later. I had to cancel her next appointment because they are taking so long to see us. Don't waste your time or money here!!!! *UPDATE* Called the number below in the owners response and instead of being assisted was asked who gave me this number.. What a JOKE!

Brandi Jorgenson

Careful about leaving honest feed back....the hospital may actually fire you as a patient.

Brittany Koerner

My grandmother is 72. She had a very sharp pain in her abdomen, virtigo and a few other symptoms that are serious at her age. She went to the ER twice. The first time she did lab tests, both visits she also asked for an X-ray just to be safe because her pain was significant. Both times she was denied and told to wait a week because it's probably just a virus. The second doctor told her that x-rays 'take too much time and that's not necessary'. Unbelievably rude, like money was being taken from his pocket to do the X-ray.

K Miller

The doctors act and relate like caring human beings. My primary care doctor is amazing in her approach. I got a hug from another physician because my spirit after my cancer journey inspired. The physicians are medically up-to-date and help me understand the “why” of medications.

Evelyn Campos

Very nice staff! With good attitude , very nice doctors as well. DR Lack was very nice! He will do surgery on my brother and we have faith in him. We trust him. Very nice nurses as well as radiology . Very good hospital , been to SINAI and very bad service. Loyola medicine is the best hospital I’ve been too so far!

Ramon Marrero

They must drug these people for good reviews, because this ER is horrible.not only is intake unprofessional she sat there doing personal emails and had the nerve to give attitude when asked question about something she's in charge of,most of they're staff is clueless to the needs and care of patients.better off going to a county hospital.loyola is a garbage hospital....

Fairyetta Bell

This hospital is very nice and the works are Great! The food was good too I recommend this hospital


Theres been a lot of changes at Loyola and I particularly blame the new upper management and CEO for changing so many policies that affect so many patients for the worst. From billing to even the treatment from Physicians. Before if you paid your bill in full they would offer you a discount. Now they refer you out to a 3rd party company (comparable to collections the way they treat you) that charges around 6% interest on your health bill. Thats more than my student loans ! I recently had a baby, the soonest appointment for a specialist to treat my ppd was a month out. What an absolute joke and mockery for something so serious ! Everyone keeps passing the buck it's like no one wants to be held accountable for anything. Two ob/gyns did not want to treat it or acknowledge my mental health despite treating my pregnancy for 9 months and kept "referring me" out (more co-pays more billing) Womens health is a joke here they dont even have birth control to offer you because they're against it yet theyll charge your insurance thousands of dollars for a blood transfusion such hypocrisy. I wasted my time here if you're a woman please RUN !!! I pay such a high premium for my insurance and im extremely disgusted at how I was treated and will be switching over to central dupage hospital let me tell you they took me as a new patient immediately and acknowledged how serious ppd and told me it isnt a waiting matter. That alone is enough for me to leave and the plethora of good reviews.

Mackenzie Christian

This hospital ignored my wishes to be discharged and sent me a huge bill for services that I did not ask for. Ended up having to take my own IV out. Do not go here, they don't respect patient wishes and have some of the highest charges out there since they're private. Not to mention I waited all day for services. I could not be more upset. The same exact visit at Oak Park hospital cost me $130 after insurance where Loyola cost $1000. Don't go here.

Derricka Perry

June 24th 2018 When I came into the ER I was 3 months with really really bad morning sickness! I’m talking about , constantly throwing up , gagging every 3mins , spitting in a cup , barely walking , couldn’t talk ,and barely breathing . My wait was about 30-45 mins long at the most . The staff were very helpful and made sure I was seen as soon as a room became available. I was told by the nurse & Doctor that my sickness was the first they’ve ever encountered since being in there career. When I tell you , I was scaredddddddddd. I thought that they were gonna send me home just like the other hospitals have done the past week but that wasn’t the end for me . I got admitted and started going through testing from there . By the third day , I was back eating & the spitting had stopped . They were complete life savors and are the reason my babygirl is here today and I’m forever thankful for you all ♥️


Amazing staff. Such a great experience! Nobody wants to be hospitalized, but there generally isn’t a choice. My Father was transferred here and I couldn’t ask for better care

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