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REVIEWS OF Loretto Hospital IN Illinois

Zuliat Aiyeleso

Very good atmosphere to regain your good health and staffs are heaven sent

Nicole Alicia

Tremaine Taylor

Justine Hicks

IT Ok.

jameica brown

This Treatment facility was the best in my opinion. I had a awesome experience The staff was great, the kindness and patience that they had was perfect. They really know how to work with the patients. I mean each and every last Counselor spoke with Absolute knowledge. They were very clear by getting their message across in reference to this Drug Addiction Disease. There's not only 1 counselor in particular that stood out. They ALL STOOD OUT! Even the nurses were fantastic. As well as the Secretary Olivia. She goes that extra mile for the patients and even takes the time out to listen to the Patients And their concerns. Kim, she's the Programs Boss This lady is always prepared to listen to the Patients And if the issue is small or large She handles it usually right on the spot. Also the case Managers. They were always willing to listen and instruct Offering their insight on your needs as a patient I can't say enough about the Rehab at Loretta hospital. I loved my experience And I'd recommend it to anyone who's serious about getting theirs lives back.

Minnie Martinez

My brother had surgery and had to stay for 3 days. The nurses (Thalia, Maria, and Marina) where so friendly and caring.

srikar chilla

Alphonzo adams

Midhun Joy

I witnessed my first ever code blue in the Loretto Hospital few days back. I was extremely impressed and pleased with how organized the whole process was. Everything was done in an orderly manner with accuracy and proper timing. I want to congratulate all of the staff of the Loretto Hospital who were involved in the code blue drill. Also, a very special thanks to everyone at the Med Surg who r so pleasant and efficient running the place. Med Surg is the best department in the Loretto Hospital as per my own experience.

Tina Grady

First off i would like to say Loretto Hospital is a 5 star Neighborhood Hospital,Compared to others i have been to.West Suburban takes entirely Tooo long just to see you! I took my daughter there and she was throwing up had a high fever and so forth.They said is was a virus of some sort.They sent her home and nothing got better,infact things just got worser,the throwing up and fever with chills got worser,So i took her up to Loretto it was closer and it was in the single digits outside this day.She was examined and TESTS were ran,Something West Suburban DIDN'T DO!..Later on the doctor came and told us she had a Urinary Tract Infection for weeks messing around with the Diagnosis the other hospital gave..So to each HIS OWN!! I never had any bad experiences with this hospital,And im generally a U.I.C. patient..So Defeinetly did their job in helping my child get better! DUECES!!!

Melissa Brannam

My personal experience in the er was awful. I had fractured my tailbone, couldnt walk, taken by ambulance. They left me sitting there for 5 hours. No one saw me, got discharged with nothing .Terrible!! I am giving 3 stars cause my sons experience was much better. Long story, he was almost killed. Needed resus and was brought to this hospital. Great doc, good experience. My son is fine btw.

Marko RavenWest

Jennifer Emery

This hospital has been the best. They helped my family find my father in law after 3 months missing. We are very grateful that they posted his picture on the news, if they didn't we would of never knew he was here. Thank you to the paramedics who helped bring him to the hospital. What a miracle! Thank God! We found him before Christmas. This is everything we wanted.

Harpreet Singh

I did some rotations here, the hospital is really updated on the inside even though looks old from outside. The staff was generally very good. I've worked with addiction, psych, ICU, ER, and Internal Medicine. Because its a generally smaller hospital with less staff, one department was able to do multiple things that would typically be reserved for a specific department at other hospitals, so I got to learn more.

vasilica brandeu

The doctor that I had was a female she was rude and I waited forever with cheats pain. The er was ok but if you want to stay alive go somewhere else

Christin Myers

Benespo Barnes

An utter disgrace to healthcare. this hospital as of this review in not premeditated. recently a patient jumped from a 3rd story window. Not long before that patient hanged herself. Please close this hospital and hand management over to the state.

marnie robinson

Mary White

Sarah Sadiqaphoenix

I really think this I a good hospital even though they don't have enough equipments like the other big hospitals. The CEO of the hospital have a rule that all the workers in the hospital must abide to and that is always smile, say hi to whoever you come across with and tell them thanks for choosing the Loretto hospital and I think that is very good of him to implement that because I thought he was just talking but I realized the team members actually do these things. Based on my experience the nurses are super nice they help the medical students a lot and the doctors are humble and nice. Am so glad my school sent me there for my rotations.

Dany Paul

tonya jones

Ariana Garcia

Horrible hospital, my grandmother was left for 5hrs without an iv,fluids, pain meds for high fever, and respiratory machine BC they said they needed an approval from her doctor. The security at the front desk rude when you ask for help. The Nurses in CCU unprofessional mostly sitting at the nurse station talking amongst themselves except for two male nurse's they were helpful.

Maricela Robles

(Translated by Google) It is one of the worst hospital that I know with a terrible service I do not recommend it or to die (Original) Es uno de los peores hospital que e conocido con un pésimo servicio no se los recomiendo ni para morirse

Patricia Salgado

(Translated by Google) I don't know how they can call him to a hospital so they don't have any ethics or professionalism, apart from racists, they almost let my husband die, they didn't even let us into the ambulance with him, when they left him in the hospital the paramedics did that He walked to the waiting room and was told to fill out papers and the nest he wanted to move because he had a symptom of heart disease what a shame that disappointment, what love they have for their work. (Original) No sé cómo le pueden llamar a un hospital así no tienen nada de de ética ni profesionalismo, aparte racistas, casi dejan morir a mi esposo ni siquiera nos dejaron subir a la ambulancia con el, cuando lo dejaron en el hospital los paramédicos lo hicieron que caminara a la sala de espera y le dijeron que llenara papeles y el nido quiera se podía mover porque llevaba síntoma de para cardiaco qué pena que desilusión, que amor le tienen a su trabajo.


Every time I come here it's not as bad as you might think. I can't even give the staff a bad review some of the nurses are actually pretty nice people. What I will say is that I was given a horrible experience by ignorant paramedics on my way to Loretto. It doesn't give me a bad perception of all paramedics, just the two jackasses that I had the displeasure of handling me with their snide remarks on my mental well-being. The only problem is the wait time at this place, but when you're exhausted it can seem like you're there for days when it's only been a few hours. The nurses I've met have always been nice or very chill, even when I've been a bit of a psycho.

Keith Cole


Changing for the better.

Charles Chapman

Rey Jackson Pinoy in Chicago

alketa didani

Ynabon Cabrera-Loos

Jose Lugo

Reanna Ward

Pooky S

Rose Walker

I've been in Loretto Hospital for Treatment of Substance Abuse and I was pleased with the staff members whom did their best to work with me. I was a HELL--RAISER!!!! When I first got there,(that was the drugs not me!!) But the ppl there are great, I'd love to work at Loretto Hospital as a Drug and Alcohol Councelor or work there as House Keepin'!!!!! It really doesn't matter what kind of job I get in that hospital as long as it's at LORETTO HOSPITAL.


If I could give this less stars I would I went to the psych ward for a suicide attempt and even though my case worker said I could leave Sunday they made me stay until Tuesday for no reason they also were giving me 10 pills a day which weren’t needed and had no groups so everyone just slept the only good thing about it are the night nurses/tech day nurse literally yelled at me because I was asking about my blood test results and now that I’m home I still have none of my results

Ruby Paul

Noreen Byrne

If you are an outpatient that likes a smaller scale hospital you will be surprised at how kind the employess are here. Dr. Joshi is very kind. The nurses in ambulatory are very good hearted. For minor health concerns I would recommend. They even provide transportation if you are local. The guys who drive are very friendly also. The ambulatory care centeris good, the only improvement would be not scheduling too many patients at the same time, If you have a serious illiness, get two opinions if you can.

Jesus Montalvo

Jonathan Butkovsky

A man had a heart attack and died while waiting at this ER to be seen, when I had arrived. Wait to see intake nurse: 3 hours. Wait to see a room in ER 5 more hours. Waited another hour to see a doctor. I waited 9 hours from 6pm till 3am for a simple prescription. They failed to ask me for my insurance information. Security let filthy racist homeless people sleep in the lobby. I ended up contracting scabies and bed bugs.

Jelly Fish

Selected individual for artificial Insemination presidential meeting counseling hall for debate on bare skin or .

Jeremy Higgs

A great family of coworkers working towards a common goal. Excellent hospital that doesn't get the credit I lt deserves. Let's end the rumors.

David Chacon

Worst Hospital I been too. Waited over 4 hours in the emergency room to get attended. Staff just kept laughing in the hall way, while making fun of a Spanish speaking lady. Except a young lady. She was helpful

Tony Miller

Nice and friendly people

Zainab Muftau

Good service

Sarah Abarca

Nurses at the ER are the sweetest. They have really good service and great workers.

Sara Siudak

I worked at this hospital and all the bad reviews here are telling the truth. The good reviews are from people who are affiliated with the hospital. Im glad I dont work there anymore xD

John Pfeifer

The inpatient psych unit is like something from a bad horror movie.

Angie Rice

This hospital has made major changes for the best and this place is much cleaner.

Iesha Walker

Really friendly they seen my daughter right away and they aren't taking forever with results or what needs to be done

saheed jegede

I was recently in this facility for care and the nurses appeared to be more concerned with immediate jeopardy from IDPH rather than providing care. The place is runs like a third world hospital with substandard care and a side of arrogance. The services are poor and nobody smiles or says hello in the place. Not a welcoming place at all. I finally left after overhearing one of the staff saying that JHACO was walking around due to multiple deaths at this place.

I Suck At Games

Horrible nurses, horrible service... If I could give 0 stars I would. Do not go to this hospital.

Marty McFresh

I get routine check-ups here at the hospital. I can tell that they've made some changes for the better. The staff are a lot nicer and the hospital appears to be a lot more cleaner. Hoping they continue to move upward!

roberta lee

I was in the psyche ward back around 2003, I also went to the basic care clinic and the outpatient clinic across the street; really the staff was decent to me, the care was very basic, my health needs were met , the icing on the cake was a lady doctor that convinced me to quit smoking cold turkey after 35 years and I did it! The psyche doctor prescribed Risperadol though without explaining it would eventually change my metabolism and cause weight gain....I have been moved away from the Austin/ Lawndale area for many years now but if I did live close by I would go to Loretto again.

Susan Frances

I went to the ER for a broken toe on 6/5/14. Everyone was very professional and really nice. The triage person sent me directly to Radiology instead of making me sit and wait to see the doctor who would send me to Radiology anyway. I saw the doctor who confirmed it was broken (quite badly actually), gave me an rx for pain meds. wrapped the toe, gave me an orthopedic shoe and suggested I follow up with a Podiatrist. They even wheeled me all the way to my car since walking was difficult. I had to go back to sign a consent. My one complaint is they should have had me sign a consent to release records to my primary care doctor while I was in the ER. The medical records person came down with the forms for me to sign, gave me a copy of the records, called my doctor's office to inform them she was faxing them and then faxed them to my doctor. I have been in the ER at Oak Park Hospital (awful), Central DuPage Hospital (experience varied from great to bad) and I would say that my experience at Loretto was one of the best I have had at a hospital.

Chicago Media Firm

A safe haven and a must needed resource on Chicago's west side. Not another Emergency Room for miles.

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