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Returning home from picking up my brother after a 15 hr surgery for bladder cancer.I am wondering how people can possibly give any bad reviews on a hospital that gives free care & deals with the magnitude of people it does on a daily basis. Thank god for this hospital & the people who work there . Special thanks to all the surgeons who did such a wonderful job on my brother. And to all the nurses in ICU & on the 8th floor (especially SHIRLEY ;)

Anita Brown

The nurses at this hospital are very rude and unprofessional they have no empathy for patients and their family it's sad because the doctors provide quality care it's just the nurses who make you want to transfer to another hospital

Henry Post

Consistent let-downs. Rude staff, 11-hour ER wait for a single ultrasound, and appointments that are generally 2-3 weeks away.

Samantha Samuelson

While it takes a minute to get into your appointments, or whatever is scheduled at a certain time, the doctors and nurses are amazing. Also would like to give a shout out to the security guard Mosely(Moses) very greatful he seems to be there everyday we have been there.

Yari Salinas

There's was a lady in clinic L who was very rude last week. She had sooo much attitude and disrespect with every one, including the patients

Janet Ramirez

My father had surgery for a reversal of a eilostomy, the surgery was a success (great surgeant by the way) he was in ICU for 1 day and a half, while in the ICU there is a nurse who usually works 3rd shift who is just careless, oh and let me point out she is the charge nurse of the department, she left my father with pain for 4 hrs, because she was lazy and was waiting on the morning shift nurse to come in to do her job, the rest of the nursing staff in this department was great! Then my father was admitted to the 8th floor, in which mostly all the nursing staff is careless, it only took one day for them to screw up my fathers health, they missed two doses of his medication because they said the pharmacy didnt supply them with it, mostly all their nurses need to take the patients health seriously, there is patients with all different type of needs and with different type of care, they need to take the time to know each of them, if they do not have the patience to deal with it, then they need to find a different "profession".


My girlfriend came in for burn wounds and they barely checked the dressing and they gave her false hope by saying she'd be able to go home when they hadn't even checked the dressing only to then after checking tell her that it got worse and that she'd have to stay another day or two. Highly unprofessional. Would not recommend coming here unless you have absolutely no other choice.

Christine Bonilla

UPDATE: The director of facilities Samuel Williams, patient relations coordinators Barbara Stroud and Nekesha Tharbs, and security all look out to cover their butts and any serious mess up that happens. The director of facilities scheduled a meeting over the phone and then canceled last minute with an excuse about having a meeting (then why schedule the call). Barbara and Nekesha both pushing he had a meeting, and they didn’t call to tell me, I called 10 mins after the conference call should’ve started. So, I find his number through public records and call, he picks up immediately... what about that meeting?...He proceeds to say he will not discuss this over the phone (again why schedule a conference call if you don’t talk about these things over the phone), he pushes to get me off the phone saying he will schedule a face to face, but he only schedules a meeting only because I call the alderman. Seriously no calls were made until after I call the alderman. Within 5 mins of making the call to the alderman I get a call from Stroger. Guess who actually got a meeting set up... While Barbara and Nekesha are telling me about the meeting they ask where I found Samuel Williams number. Did you think I was just going to believe that lie of having a meeting? The day of the meeting arrives, Samuel is late, and I’m told by Barbara that I cannot record the meeting, it’s against their policy, they have security monitoring video (how does that hold you responsible for what you say?), even though it is for my protection and records, but I was told I would be getting a letter stating that recording during the meeting was not allowed and why. They all stated there was no cover-up, especially Samuel Williams who said he doesn’t do cover-ups he fires people... If you have nothing to hide why could I not record? If you have nothing to hide why was I not given a policy statement at the end of the meeting like Barbara said to show why I can’t record? If you aren hiding anything why have I still not received a letter stating why I couldn’t recorded? Luckily I still have a snippet of her saying to turn it off, but still where is my letter? Instead I get a letter stating Lewis was still in the right for how he treated my partner and I, and they make sure to put in there that there is only video monitoring not audio... but you can’t state why I couldn’t record the meeting? This place is run by shady people and don’t think going to patient relations will do anything. It’s just to keep you quiet and feel like your doing something, these people could care less about how you are treated, they get paid either way. While the less fortunate exist these people will get to do whatever they want and act however they want. Such a disgrace, the people deserve better.

raul duarte

I want to thank cook county hospital for the care that i had they are the best i had surgery back in august and my leg isnfine thanks agaon god bless you

Sandor Regalado

Horrible experience with orthopedic specialists and their nurses, they say you have to schedule an appointment but isn't true at all,even know you schedule one, you have wait for the specialist to see you for hours and i mean a long time, just for the specialist to tells you oh you have to come back again to do exactly the same thing, finally when he decided you need surgery, they put you in a list and they said you have an appointment for surgery but once again isn't true, they may call you o they never do to let you know that you were cancel so pretty much you're in the limbo with this guys, they make me thing that having a broken hand isn't an emergency, they make me wait 5 weeks in order for them to decide that yes i was ready for surgery and at that time my bones were solidified already so the specialist want me to sign some legal paper work in order for him to cut my bone again and put it in the right position, i just walked out there, it's just insane what people have to go through to get well in that hospital.

DIANNE Velazquez

I found the service friendly and mostly professional.. the surgery staff was incredible.they explained delays and what was going to happen next..they were equally hospitable to my husband who accompanied me.


The best , thanks for saving my life

Rendell E. Norrington Sr.

This is the Third time I have been Admitted in hospital. Pleasant and Courteous Staff Members feeling Loved and cared about. They came in to take care of me like clockwork. The Staff Members explained what they were here for and conducted themselves Professionally and was Clean as can be expected of a big Hospital who treats thousands of patients a year or more. Rested well before surgery and Recovery. God Continue to bless the President Ms. Tony and Staff helping to Keep this Blessed institution Running! When you have something good you take good care of it. As I heard from a Car Dealer Commercial on a Chicago Radio station.

Maria Theresa Hinojosa - Sanchez

Professional Customer Service with all personnel, from DRs to Nurses. perfect communication, and everyone is friendly. They make sure your needs are taken care of. Pharmacy doesn't take forever as years back.

Erica peralta

This place is like a nightmare out of the scary movie the are not gentle when doing a pepsmeer they are monster. I am still traumatize by this place.

Xavier Drape

Terrible I came in with chest pains I waited 4 hours be seeing anyone if I was having a stroke I would have died

Tiesha Hogue

I wish I could give this place a negative rating. Any idiot can get a job at this hospital. The staff lost my medical release 5 weeks after confirming receipt. They mistakenly made two different profiles (spelling error) for my relative who was receiving treatment for they apparently don't know how to receive a fax. This is THE most unprofessional healthcare facility I've ever walked in. The nurses were about to fight in the E.R. My relative who was waiting in E.R. had to wait 12 hours for a room and more than 15 hours for an emergency blood transfusion. I wish the federal government would audit this place for quality control and privacy compliance then replace all of their unprofessional staff with competent healthcare workers. This is sad and ridiculous

Theresa Leflore

I was taken care of and had all my labs and blood work up done in a very professional but not stale manner. The nurses were what help me get through the terrible experience. It just took 4.6 hours to get to the point where I could get taken care of.

ShaTi Monae

Been going here since I was pregnant with my 1st child. Love it here... Everyone is friendly and the appointments don't take long. Will be having my 3rd child here

Italia Staine

From July of 2014 to 2017 a lot has changed

sam man

6hrs of my life gone to waste because of this unprofessional unproductive pathetic excuse for a hospital. Didn't get nothing accomplished plus they still had the audacity to charge me 30 dollars for parking because if you stay longer than 6 hrs they charge you from 5 to 30 dollars for wasting my time. Gtfoh


This is a teaching hospital and is staffed by very competent medical staff.

Sofiyat Motunrayo

Lovely hospital

Terry Ski

Dirtiest place I've ever been to in life. Sat in the waiting room for 5 hours on a hard chair while a homeless guy across from me was picking some type of white scabbed disease off his leg and flicking it. After finally being called into the room. I had to wait another hour for the doctor. Not to mention it's $30 to park, I'd you're there longer than six hours. Which you probably will be with that waiting room. Never again.

T Holliday

The people here are so rude. They belittle people. The lady had nerv to tell me to get together. I really didn't know at all. All she had do was explain the question that I ask. After she slam the phone down I could believe it. I don't care if its 311 nobody better not ever send me here.

Lazerick Burnett

Wish I could’ve gave it 0 stars

Natlie Mcgee

I have insurance , so I don't understand why they never wrote me a prescription. Why even ask me for my nearest pharmacy? I had 2 wisdom teeth removed and end up with an infection because they never gave me antibiotics or pain pills. The biggest mistake I ever made was coming here. My first and last time I'll ever come back here. Not everyone take or do drugs and alcohol. You should've wrote me a prescription. Tried calling and left messages no one returned my call . Ended up calling my dentist for a prescription for pain pills and antibiotics. HOW ARE YOU STILL IN BUSINESS?

Eduardo Hinojosa

I was there in 2007 I’m Mexican and they thought that I was resident only and went finally found I was U.S. citizens everything change!!!

Sabrina Gaytan

The waiting sucked. No communication the floors for a "newer hospital" was not in perfect condition. The er nurses who took care of me was great. Was admitted to the hospital the staff just looked at me. Don't know who was my nurse until 30 minutes later. The 3rd shift nurse was extremely lazy. Didn't want to take my stool sample.

Daliladez G.

I want to share my experience when I went to the ER staff were so helpful and the waiting is not that long. I was immediately taken care off and staff and dr’s and nurses were so nice and had a very beautiful attitude. I have no complaints and I was reassured by good Dr’s there.

Juanita Gomez

Worst service ever my fiance was admitted to the hospital and got one of the worst nurses ever he didn't care about his health at all he didn't want to help when I told him that my fiance need help breathing he just ignored me and never even got up from his chair he just keeped on looking at the machines from far away if you ever get a nurse name Alex in uic west/east section for hypothermia have him changed immediately he would not care for your family member at all. He would just ignore you from the requests that your giving him to help.

Anna Devereaux

I just heard the news about a man being shot in the chest and taken to this hospital. News were not giving out mans name, due to notification of family. My son called ex wife for my email address I sent it to her and she assured me he got it and my phone no. I have not heard from my son. He is 51 years old and a professional. Called this hospital and after several rings was switched to another line. That phone line was never answered either. Tried a second time, no answer to their phone at all. I am extremely worried. So my answer just on the phone problem alone I would not want to be at this hospital. Therefore I give it a zero, not enough phone operators to just inform a parent if their child is there or not. How long would that really take I ask you? My son is native american and french, looks like Italian, first name is Anthony, professionally goes by Anton. I do not want to give out my information to this hospital but I will call the Police.

Sandra Herrera

They dont get back to you with test results and when you call to figure it out on your own they dont pick up the phone 30 calls later no answer and still yet to hear back about my results and the one time the gynecology department answers is after you call private only so they can put me on hold and 3 hrs later still no answer worst employees ive ever encountered arrogant and unhelpful if you can choose any hospital besides this one stroger is the worst hospital in Illinois

Nikkos Scales

This place sucks waiting in line just to ask if my Boyfriend is here. While they gossip about last night and fake log into the computer. Very unprofessional , rude ghetto staff.

Magdalena Urrutia

Good careing for people.a lettle slow in calling out but they have good doctors

Mazi Brown

What kind of hospital is this? I have visited hospitals all over and never have I ever had such a nasty experience. Rude, unprofessional, arrogant staff! If I could give this hospital a zero I would. As I went up to the front desk for some information, I had the unfortunate experience of having to deal with with an individual who did not want to be there. Like literally your job is to greet and provide information which is possibly the easiest thing you can do. Doesn’t require much skill if you ask me. But no he’s laying back in his chair, annoyed that he’s even there, rolling his eyes, very short with his answers. He set the tone for the rest of my experience there because the same type of unprofessionalism and attitude that I was met with was pretty much the culture of this place.

Neil Ham

My partner has had a routine appointment scheduled here several weeks in advance. Has been waiting over two hours and still hasn’t been seen.

William Miles

It good but to slow

Rose Acosta

I’ve been here for 12 hours with all my fluids leaving my body. No help and no concern why do ever. Not even an IV.

liz pantoja

Some staff are very rude. If they don’t like their job why are you working here! I’ve seen receptionist treating patients very rude or they even ignored the patient. The only reason why I’m giving 1 star is because some of the stuff nurses and doctors are really friendly.bathrooms are definitely gross. Will never come back here.

ruben Alvarez

Really bad experience, they made my mother wait for hours!! I tried to visit her at night and the lazy officers refused to call the nurses to let them know i was going to up there for a few minutes. Basterds aren't doing anything just sitting there. Too lazy to pick up the damnnn phone.

Andrea PoopiVeganFit

I guess I will never come here on Mondays anymore.The ladies from registration at the Gastroenterology were the rudest people I've ever met here .If it's free healthcare it doesn't mean you have to spit in my face just because you don't like your job and Mondays.Why the doctors can be the nicest people in the workd and you f.... fat asses with minimum education you treat people like garbage.People who go there we need your help and understanding.Respect everybody,you never know if you are next to be in a hospital looking for help and you will be treated the same .Disgusting!!!!

Jonathan Barber

Staff needs customer service procedures put in place. They need to be aware that the people they treat poorly actually fund their paychecks indirectly.

yvonne Watson

Trauma Unit, I was taken to the trauma unit on 7/25/17. I had been chased by a dog and fallen on a short iron fence. I received 40 plus stitches by physicians in the Trauma unit. The entire staff of the unit took very good care of me and was very respectful . I continue treatment for four months and is thankful for the care that saved my leg. I highly recommend the trauma unit .

Princess Promise Aka FocusReme

Some of the nursed in clinic I, have major attitude problems. People can be sitting for hours frustrated and dealing with pains that these nurses may couldn't bare themselves or may have never experienced themself. And for us to have to deal with nurses that are mad because we have question need not to be working in this field. We need more nurses who love their jobs not just for the pay but for the patients. Rude ass people.

Barbara Barker

This hospital is the ONLY public city hospital in Chicago available for the unfortunate lower class without insurance who can't afford insurance and/or have an income just above the qualification of medicaid/medicare. Sorry if this hospital is not the Ritz Carlton of hospitals or even marginally a La Quinta... but you get what you get for FREE (if you qualify within the income requirements). If you make more than $30,000 per year, maybe you should consider getting some insurance so you don't have to ever come here again - if you still cannot afford health insurance... then stop complaining. For those of you who are lower income, receiving free medical care and have posted a bad rating... stop complaining! This is THE ONLY public city hospital in Chicago, you will have a long wait time and poor conditions.

Kanubhai patel

Very nice and more helpful for poor people.

Denisse A.

Best care service, nurses were amazing to my mother. Been here a couple times now and wouldn't change it.

Robyn Jones

Intermediate hospital. I went to this hospital with a hand injury. They didn’t even see me, did a pain-free injection and let me go home. I went to another hospital and it turned out I had a fracture. Good thing I didn't listen to them.

Raul Sotelo

You know for a hospital they have the rudest staff I have ever had to deal with. They are extremely unprofessional. The Nurses in the 4th Floor are the rudest people i have ever had to deal with. They dont like to be bothered and they act like they dont want to be there. The bathrooms are very filthy. This hospital is very poor. Shame on whoever runs this facility.

Emily Mitchell

I've had tremendously beautiful staff to assist in ways that were above the call of duty here at Stroger. There were also moments that truly distressed my core and forced me to understand unreasonable complaints I hear about Stroger. Kim, Dr. Nguyen, Nurses Shirley, Miraf, Miriam and PCT Lucrecia, Juanita, the desk staff, Mrs. Chambliss, and a young lady PCT in OB Clinic were kind, attentive, professional, and truly concerned about my care. I felt like family was caring for me. The doctors in the OB Clinic wear tired smiles filled with great wisdom and knowledge to care for complicated cases such as mine. They are frank, honest, and fair in their clinical assessments. The resident doctors are usually Northwestern Hospital alum looking to learn something new and adapt it to those "better" hospitals. Yes...there ARE better, cleaner, more friendly hospitals than Stroger...though many, like Northwestern Medical won't accept an OB prenatal patient without medical insurance. The bad side of Stroger was REALLY BAD! The hospital lab staff is funny in their if they were joking with an unwelcome, disliked family member. They do NOT go above and beyond the call of duty to assist the patients. I witnessed them sit in their stations, allowing people to wait unnecessarily all because the next patient in line had not known or been told that when they signed the clipboard...the corresponding number would be lit up above their door. My labs were lost three different times. I have grown to dislike the lab with a passion. When admitted for observation, I was escorted to the overnight room while it was being cleaned. The albino cleaning lady refused...I do mean continue cleaning the room, starting that the nurse needs to clean it since she brought me here before she could finish. I politely said I didn't mind waiting. The cleaning lady replied...I hope the bed is clean, even though I have the bedding right here and know it's not. I asked if she would please dress the bed and she, they shouldn't have brought you here...and left! The floor was dirty along with many terribly unclean items in the room. To add to my misery, when I requested a snack, I was brought a dry meat and wheat bread sandwich. I felt like THIS was prison...or least what I think prison is like. Mrs. Love, the PCT on 4South was kind and generously gave me juice to wash down my misery. While I received a big hospital bill to fight, had good and really bad experiences at Stroger, I appreciate it being available for those who need them. I hope to never return though!

Estrellita Marinera

Not good,don't like this hospital at all..

Mariah Marie

The staff is so rude in almost every department. Very unprofessional staff discussing personal business at the check in desk . I’m so disgusted with this place I wish my insurance still was accepted at rush !!!

Yuri Drozdovskiy

10 hours veytin with bled going..

AVI Jara

My mother in law came to the emergency room at 9 pm didn't get attended until 11 am , all while crying and in pain, ,,Never again.

Jihad Odeh

Rude, obnoxious nurses in the er. I been here since 10am and it's almost 2:30pm. I don't understand how this is an emergency room when patients sit in the waiting area for several hours. Unprofessional hospital and unprofessional nurses who send half the time laughing and cracking jokes instead of doing their job.

Linda New

Scheduled 3 times with surgeon n all 3 times she no show...horrible...unorganized...vwry unprofessional n rude..i wouldn't let my cat go there...everyone worried about the person smoking outside but nobody worried about the roaches running around in broad daylight...

Stephanie Rodriguez

Nothing but ghetto ass nurses here. The hospital is run down itself so they make a good fit. Anyone looking for a ghetto run down hospital? Come here!

margaret bonnett

Calling for patient information first I was hung up on... Second call on hold for 4 mintues I hung up . operator didn't return to say anything this is ridiculous

Unknown Person

When I came here for a surgical procedure, I was in so much pain, they gave me meds for the procedure and they didn't wait until it kick in my system I was rush to the table, I was in pain when they was doing the procedure when I was awake, that I was screaming but they didn't care. When they was done I could hardly stand or want to sit. I asked for more pain pill and they refused to help me with my pain.those nurse and doctors are horriable to there patients. Now days after from this procedure I'm suffering pain and no over counter pills is strong enough.

Yevgeniy Kashpur

Disappointed. Very long wait and nurses ignore you when you ask them questions.

Carlos Malave

Nothing but the best of the best. Caring and attentive. Great food BTW.

Margarita H

Didn’t happen to me but while waiting a lady came to the desk and the ladies behind the desk being very rude to her and giving her attitude and arguing I couldn’t believe how they were talking to her and then when she leaves they start talking about her and in front of all the other patients and then one of the ladies on the phone talking to I don’t know who telling her she was patients and to chill out and giving her attitude. They are so unprofessional and rude I can’t believe they talk to patients like that and people who come

Nicole Mayfield

Doctor at this hospital save my daughter life back in 2008 l am for ever grateful

Adrienne Monu

I the doctors at Cook County hospital saved my life in October 5 2014. I had blood clots in both of my lungs. The doctors and nurses gave me excellent care and kept me alive. I am thankful and grateful to the doctors and nurses there. They were my blessing.

Kristin Talbert

. I'm very familiar with Stroger hospital I've been to the emergency room several times I had surgery on my arm and I also just had a cyst removed and it's a very good hospital I love Stroger!!!

Mercedes Rampersadsingh

Terrible. No one want to do they job. Very nasty employees.

Jysel Magana

Advice to the hospital: Care for people of every race and every ethnicity, regardless of age. I am a future surgeon and I definitely know I will not treat my patients like you are treating yours. People who speak a different language other than English need to feel welcomed, rather than be welcomed by an attitude. Hire people who are kind and who speak various languages. Do not only hire people who speak English, and who are not even willing on helping others. You have your hospital filled with employees that feel above others only because they speak English. Unfortunately, thats not a reason to feel superior. I am sure if you lived in a country that spoke another language other than your own and needed emergency medical help, you too would feel the frustration and difficulties. Thank you.


Horrible wait, bad attitudes and no help at all. People have been sitting here for 12 hours waiting to see a doctor. People in pain and complaining are ignored. There is no wheelchairs to help people who can barely walk and don't even help them walk. Horrible service!

Jj Swan

They do try to take care of everyone and there is some amazing Dr.s and people that work there everyday but they are an overrun system even with all the improvements they have been making over the last 12 years. But like any overrun system there is problems and people that slip through the cracks. It also is an assembly line Health Care System where you see an accual Dr. for just a few minutes but they do try and I believe the improvements are helping alot more people that really need help, me included.

Quonisha Potts

My experience here was great during my pregnancy with my last child. The nurses were absolutely fantastic. I just dislike the fact that when applying with them I feel that all applications aren’t viewed fairly. Seems as if it’s a “got to know someone” type of thing. Please reach out to candidates, some of us really truly want to work.

Lonel Verdeflor

Public hospitals in general, including John Stroger, often have a reputation for being overly bureaucratic, unfriendly, and inefficient. I am glad to say that during our recent visit, we found exactly the opposite, along with facilities that were clean, inviting, and well-maintained. From the moment we went in for consultation, we felt the care. They recognized a potential problem, sent us to ER for evaluation, ran a number of tests and scans, and checked-in my mother overnight for observation and a possible procedure. All of this was done efficiently, and we never were left to feel like we did not know what was going on. Upon check-out the next day, Doctor Tricia Gomez returned to explain in detail what we needed to do at home and what the follow-up at the hospital was going to be. My mother even took a selfie with her. Finally, shortly before we left, Tehonor Russell came to the room (on a Saturday! When her office was officially closed!) to help us with paperwork we needed to do to help apply for financial assistance (my mother has no insurance). I can’t speak enough to the thoughtfulness, friendliness, and professionalism of the staff, during what could have been a very stressful situation.

Asalh Ghasim

A nurse, last name “Lopez”, who works at this hospital is very unprofessional. I am well over the age of 18 and am an adult. I requested that information about my medical records be a secret from my mom who had come with me to the hospital. When my mother came in the room and asked what was going on, the Filipino* nurse told my mom all my information that I just requested not to be told. My privacy was stricken from me and I felt very uncomfortable. Without my consent, my mother was given personal information about me (and I won’t say what exactly) and now we are on bad terms. Not only did Nurse Lopez violate my rights to privacy, she ruined my relationship with my mother. She should NOT be working in a hospital.

Stan John

It's a good hospital. There is delay on things but there are good employees also.

Katherine Kelly


Alex 6 6 Rodriguez

The doctor's were great the rn are horrible i have a video of there unprofessional laughter thinking its a joke saying the attorney's aint gonna fo jack they will kill u before they help u

Ariadna Olguin

Worst window people. The nurse up front her name is Maria has the worst attitude to talk to people..too long to get the the emergencies. People fainting on the hallways, horrible


If I️ could give this place a zero I️ would. Downright horrible, had me waiting in ER for 6 hours while my symptoms got worse

Rodion Pavlov

They helping people here, treat everybody equally, with dignity, respect and kindness.


My family member was admitted who has insurance waited in ER for two days which is waiting in a hallway with 59 other ill people . So when you call the hospital you get transferred to 3-4 operators and eventually you get hung up on. Was transferred several times by women who answered the phone very rudely as if they hate their job . I'm aware you're working with a lot of poor people but treat them with humanity.

Sandy Lacy

One of the worst hospitals in Chicago. They kept my son overnight because we couldn't find a wheelchair. They kept him until 6:00pm the next day. When they finally got it together for his release, they wanted to hold him for more tests (he didn't need). Then they made him sign an ASA (it's so he can't sue if something goes wrong) and would not prescribe his pain meds. All they were looking for is more money from his worker's comp. He was ignored by the nurses and doctors both in the ER and on the orthopedic floor. Horrible place!!!!!!!

Anna Rosa González

I will forever be greatful. The doctor performing the surgery on our loved one took his time to explain everything. His name is Dr. Courtney Holowell. He is such a humble doctor. The care he gave and keeps giving is sent from God.

Delfina Dombrowski

My mom had to go there due to she hurt herself near that hospital. And I dont know how it's in operation. The nurses are rude and incompetent to care for patients. She was their for 2 days and in that time she had to use bed pain bcuz nurses too lazy to walk her to bathroom. The day I was there my mom was in the trauma unit where the nurses were chatting on their phones . They had a pizza party where they were whipping it up. Being loud and obnoxious. Not a quiet environment for patients. I dont know how these ppl have jobs. I would rather dye on the streets before going there. Poor poor place!!!!

Frank Nitti

The WORST!! customer service that I've ever experienced in 29 years of dealing with any hospital in Illinois. These so called phone operators or ladies to be specific answering phones at the nurse's station need another profession!! The most rudest,unprofessional people I've ever encountered!! They don't have any common knowledge obviously of their work environment they can't answer simple questions or concerns of your loved one that may be there!! ,you will not know if they're alive or deceased, when you ask to speak to a doctor they will say no doctor is available or anyone for that matter that you may speak to about a loved one...I was asked th leave my contact information after I left the emergency room so someone could call me on the condition of my 19yr old son he consumed an unidentified substance and I was told by a very nice professional doctor that my son needed to be sedated and it could take hours for them to conclude his condition. Well understood! So that's when I was asked to leave my contact info,this horrible experience happened when I called back to check on his condition with providing that I was his mother! I was spoken to with no respect by a phone attendant and actually hung up on because I asked if I could please speak to a doctor!! again told no doctor was available because that was not a psycho ward!!!??? I was like excuse me what are you implying, I asked her name and for her supervisor and thats when I heard the dail tone. These type of people are around our sick loved one's to care for them!!! A job!! they! Chose to do!!! may God help us.

Tammy Brink

The doctors and nurses are all top notch! If you are part of medicaid and get appointments it is Great! Even in ER great too! If tests are needed in ER you must spend the night until 3 pm the next day. But the first time I went 7 years ago with UTI etc, I got taken care of with medicine and off by 3 pm and signed up for medicaid with free doctors. I am so grateful!

NGA Aguilar

This is a ghetto ratchet hospital, been here couple of times and never want to come back , some of the nurses are African Americans and are very rude and act like they have no profession in what they are doing!!

iTasha Clark

I love the County even though it may be take awhile to be seen it's worth it, cause they'll do a thorough exam & get you properly taken care of.... I've felt frustrated many times but left relieved

TarayqHussaini Syed

Excellent staff. Excellent Doctors and Nurses. Excellent ER.

Natalie Lopez

I dont recommend people to bring their selfs and children here. The trauma rooms are unclean. The curtain have stains and their bed's have hairs. And who knows what else they dont clean good. Hospital needs a lot of update.

ericka chhim

I had a great expierience with the nurses and doctors there they were very caring and respectful the only problem I see were the people at the desks where they sit all day having the face and attitude of just having a bad day. Now I can see when someone is having a bad day from time to time but everyday? Come on I don't see how that is possible.

julyssa Rangel

Very unprofessional staff,!!!! Wow

Payal Sheth

Calling for an appointment, first I was hung up on... Second call hung up and third call on hold for 6min And hung up . I left voice Messages every day from last one week , operator didn't return to say anything this is ridiculous.

Kelly Brown

I like the new J H Stroger Hospital

Margarita Arzate

We came to the ER 7/28/2019 and from check in to triage was good staff service. HOWEVER, once we went to pharmacy we were treated with high disrespect and poor service. Turns out you have to get a ticket to drop off your prescription then wait an hour and get another ticket to pick your medicine. As first time visitors, it wouldn’t do any harm to be explained with civilized voice how the process works. In this case, the staff members were rude and yelled at customers like if they were idiots. Especially those with language barrier. Just because you are yelling at me does not mean I’m going to understand what you’re saying. Otherwise I would’ve given 5 stars.

Rocio Gonzalez

People working in the front desk of this hospital are rude, I came for information to find this guy just laying on the chair. He looked like he did not want to work there even though the line wasn't even crowded, I was called with a shout, he didn't even check the papers that I had from a doctor, no information at all. THIS GUY SHOULDNT BE WORKING ON THIS FACILITY!

Ricardo Hernandez

Nusres take to long to attend a patient. Also they don't allow family to spend the night, nor able to enter early in the morning to see family

Rosalind Williams

Good hospital

maira carrillo

Someone needs to train the pharmacy techs how to talk to people! They are so rude the lady that I paid literally didn’t even open her mouth just hand signaled me the entire time

kouidri brahim

Bad experience,,, i dont want go back anymore

Giovanni Diaz


Carlos Morales

They Saved my live I wanted to said thanks doctor and Norse’s they are the best .☺️

Sharon O'Sullivan

You must be a person w/patience, but docs are Top Notch!

Leslee Rene

Can't even get ahold of the Radiology dept, not like it's anything serious or important right .... you either get transferred by someone without being told first, or you're listening to bad hold music until it literally HANGS UP ON YOU. I'll just wait I guess??? Hope I don't have anything really dire going on, idk though because I NEED AN ULTRASOUND to figure that out. I almost forgot, if you do magically reach the Radiology dept NO MATTER WHAT TIME IT IS you just get a bogus VM saying they are closed & to call back during said hours, which I was EVERY TIME y'all.

Gerry Bryant

Great hospital I’ve been going there for 20yrs

Sandra Ezeani

It a good to go when u are sick

Jonathan Tomon

They make people wait a long time when you have made a appointment in a advanced

Angelica Stachon

WARNING!!! If you care for your loved ones you will not take those hospitals word as final. So many misinformed doctors, whose information that they give to patients can be debunked with a simple phone call to a different hospital or in our case the lung Association of America. What this hospital has become is completely tragic, as someone who works in healthcare just the lack of sterile medical practice is horrifying. We had a nurse who came in to check blood sugar and placed the guys they were going to use on the nearby trashcan and then proceeded to hand it to the patient. They will come in and give medications without even informing the patient what it is why they are giving it. I have never seen a hospital so poorly run as not to even keep the patient and their family in the loop. I understand that they have many patients to see but the sole fact that when we needed a doctor to answer the families questions that it took about two hours and me asking six different nurses is insane. On top of this when one of my family members asked why they would not give her an IV the doctor responded by saying “ we are not a miracle hospital”. I’m sorry? You can’t even offer a simple explanation as to why and IV isn’t given? Why are you practicing medicine then. The doctor my family member followed up with as well is tragically misinformed and I feel like should not be continuing to practice medicine. If at all possible go get a second opinion if you are being seen here. Front desk staff clearly doesn’t enjoy working there and they allow anybody to get on the elevator to visit patients in different ICUs without even checking slips. It’s absolutely unacceptable that anybody can go visit upstairs without even saying they’re seeing a patient because nobody is checking anything and these are patients who are in critical care. Give yourself peace of mind that they are doing the right thing for your family member or even yourself because for us this wasn’t the case.

Desiree Huertas

The worst hospital I've ever been to. If I could give negative stars I would. Because that's what it deserves. 8 hours of waiting. And on top of that their waiting room and bathrooms are extra Dirty.

Toni Montano

It is terrible place, a last resort if no other hospital can take you in. Doctors make patience worry more by telling them they will die, nurses are rude, and careless. I had my own experience TODAY. A "nurse" spilled blood of a patient all over me and nearly got it in my mouth. Careless, worst part of all, she did not even have the decency to apologize and just went on with her business. Leaving blood on the floor and my father himself cleaned it instead. It is dirty and unorganized. DISGUSTING HOSPITAL.

Chris Scott


Gabriela Garcia

My grandmother had an appointment at 8:15am. It is 1:15pm and we had to leave because she still hadn't been seen and she is Diabetic. I mentioned that to the doctors and Nurce's. Neither of them asked how she was doing. They just keep saying she's next she's next. Being that they are Doctors and Nurce's you would think they would be more concerned of a patient rather than a check

K. K.

When I bought medicines at the hospital’s pharmacy. To Me bought three medicine jars on the package and put three in a bag, and then the operator entered the price of the package in window number 13 for five drugs. But in fact, there are only three drugs in the package. And so I paid for two medicines that were not received for an unknown person in the hospital pharmacy.And in pharmacy of this hospital, staff divides patients according to nationality in a bad sense.

Teka Mcdaniel

I'm a fellow hospital employee at Ohiohealth. I came to visit with a friend after he had a colostomy reversal, it was on a Saturday. I was so shocked walking into this hospital. The conditions are worse than any other hospital I've ever been in. We first walked in from the parking garage, confused and lost because there was nobody around to show us where we needed to go. We finally ended up in the front, where the main entrance is located. I had to use the restrooms and they were disgusting ! I would think coming to a hospital that things would be more clean but they were not. We finally received our visitors pass, got on the elevator and went up a few floors. Everything was so outdated and depressing. I even noticed how bland the walls and the floors were. Very creepy ! The RN that came into the room seemed pretty nice and was concerned. We stayed awhile and then left. Pulling out of the parking lot I was so upset that we had to pay $5.00 to even park. Parking should be free for visitors don't you think ? I did call the hospital to make a complaint about my experience but just got transfered around, someone finally did answer and told me to bring my complaint to a room number. Overall, it was a very bad experience. Hospital needs remodeling very badly, maybe an uplifting paint color ? and overall just a good clean.

Delia Arroyo


Cynthia Sanchez

The front desk in the trauma building is very rude! They gave us no direction on where to go, myself and my family were already very nervous and scared because one of our family members got in a severe accident and the front desk were NO help at all.

Steal.Kill.Destroy.62 Westerman

they really like to make the poor people wait all day for there medical problems. seems very intentional to me. but i guess I'm just going to have to get used to life without BLUE/CROSS BLUE/SHIELD.

mark beatty

Hands down one of the slowest and most disorganized hospitals I have ever had to deal with. Took my friend to the emergency room, it was not a life-threatening issue, we got here at 1 p.m.. we did not leave until 10 p.m. we wear them scheduled to come back the next day at 1 p.m. to meet with doctors and do a couple tests, at the time of this writing we've been here for four and a half hours and we're still waiting. I wouldn't wish this place on my worst enemy. Personally hope nothing ever happens to me that this is the hospital I'm brought to. The best description I can give you is, Hell on Earth.

Calvin Law

Made one call to this hospital.. staff was unfriendedly and unwilling to answer my questions. Then proceeded to hang up on me while I was still talking after a 10 minute wait. Amazing service.

Glossie Towner

Nice clean hospital with Great Workers. They have Great Doctors that check everything, but if you are leery, get a second opinion. A lot of Nurses are BAD with NASTY attitudes, snickering,. carelessness, and they don'''t answer when you call; must be overworked or overloaded with patients.. They have the best food in the world with great Cooks. It would be the best Hospital, if the Nurses took a class to learn about how to treat People better, like Customer Service!!!

Ginger Mistery

This is horrible emergency service!!!!! I have Asia and I feel so bad, I coming 5.57am and still seat inside and waiting help ! Now time 7.05 I asked what was the matter and why no one is suitable and will not check that with my health, they said sorry but our shift is over and we are waiting for another shift) date 6 May 2019 (but I think they make salary every hour. 10 people just talking about,,expensive Uber and lift,, when and where today they can eat and drink! Everyone drinks coffe

Eva Magnus

I called the Patient Advocate about a problem in the Dermatology Department...Never received a call back.

Norma Hundley

My records were transferred from Oak Forest Hospital in 2001 or 02 and I and glad that this happened. I have had Blue Cross Blue Shield and now I have Social Security and I can go to any hospital I want but Stroger Hosp has always helped me and the treatment is excellent - I have to wait sometimes but I bring a book - the doctors are polite and I feel comfortable with them. They are informative and do not mind answering questions - this hospital is super.

Ronald Lewis

I have worked at Stronger for over 30 years.

Alejandra Caudillo

It is a good hospital but some staff do have a bad attitude and some security do great people rude like as if we where criminals


As a professional at another health facility, I am very disappointed in their customer service and communication methods. I was transferred around several times trying to get information for one of our patients. I recommend to avoid this place at all costs if you are looking for patient care.

Adrian Briceno

My mom have a surgery there and I'm very thankful with this place great job

John Byrne

they have the rudest people I have ever met in my life and the fact that this is even a hospital should not be a thing they should not be a hospital they should be more like a jail the woman hung up on me after me trying to figure out something personal and I feel that this place is garbage it's not right what they do at least the front desk is horrible they should try to work on like customer satisfaction but all in all this place has the worst place I've ever called my life your doctors may be good but your customer service is pathetic

Laura Meagher

What an excellent experience! I'm a native Chicagoan and for some reason have a negative impression of this hospital. Today, I needed to be treated there and I was impressed by efficiency, staff, environment...just an overall quality experience!

Mary McGrory

I had a HORRIBLE experience. I had to take my 16 month old son there. Most of the nurses were straight up rude to put it nicely. The doctors were nice but total lack of communication which each other and the nurses. It took over two hours to get discharged after I was told a nurse would be in in a few minutes. I had to hound them to finally get a nurse to discharge us. Several nurses were horrible, most didn’t treat my son like a baby- not gentle and caring at all. Two nurses in particular shouldn’t work with people, let alone with any kids. They wanted to do a skin graft which we thought was extreme especially for a baby. They scheduled it and were going to move ahead with the surgery without the head burn doctor even looking at it which they said he would need to. (The other hospital we went to said a skin graft was unnecessary and extreme and our son healed fine without one) I had some random worker that I didn’t even know and don’t know where she came from come in my son’s room to ask me to get her parking validated because employees have to pay full price for parking. We switched hospitals for many reasons

Reyy Yanez

Love this place very friendly people and the doctors are great! I would recommend it!


If a person is having heart problem, they shouldn't be sitting in a waiting room for over four hour, while others are walk-in and going straight to the back. It been the weekend and short of staff shouldn't be a patient life. I see people doing more bull**** then working people of all racist to the back, it more then Mexican here in need of help

Oleg Peleshok

I'll give 2 stars for doctors that do a great job and are able to perform their duties in that workplace. I've visited this place with my father that requires eye treatment once in a while. I would say 90% of personnel are rude and unprofessional. We had an appt. @ 1:30PM, but got to the doctor @ 6:30PM. Once I asked a question why we still haven't been called, scheduling clerk with hate in her voice just told me to SIT AND WAIT. This behavior we encountered everywhere we needed to ask a simple question. In my opinion this hospital needs fire management (and most of the rude employees) that is responsible of hiring and training personnel. Horrible experience every time we go there.

Marta J

My very diabetic father waited for appointment 5 hours in Clinic F. Nobody seemed to care he isn't feeling well, and he literally was the last person taken even thought loads of people were checked in after we came. Hospital is great. Clinics are a disaster and very disorganized.

Alejandra Rodriguez

Like any other hospitals it has its good and bad days(and by this i mean the staff), but besides that it's a really good hospital We gotta admit it.


Over 4 hours just to see a specialist or doctor for my wife's ear pain and no results...waste of time...

Vito Barruzza

The cancer care is very good . the people work is very nice judy gris

Kendra Roper

I love this hospital!!!! They understand the importance of being kind and friendly in addition to knowledgeable and skilled. Victoria in clinic F is truly an angel who cares about her patient's well being. I was nervous and she put me at ease and even gave me encouragement to quit my bad habits. I'm so thankful I started coming here over my previous hospital due to the care that is put in to every case. Both me and my fiance go here and I wouldn't trust any where else with our health.

Michele J Taliaferro

If you did not know that they install dental implants at Stroger Hospital, now ya know. For only 500$ each! (Price increased since I received mine) I had 8 implants placed and a bone replacement. I was lucky enough to be passed to Dr. Dee after my first three implants were placed by Dr. Burnett who has since left to start his practice in California. (Dr. B was great too) Dr. Dee did a phenomenal job with placement. He has to be the absolute best Dentist I have come across. He was so down to earth, professional, a total hoot to be in the room with and most importantly, he genuinely cares for his patients. (Texting me after every procedure to make sure all was well) From numbing to attaching the abutments, start to finish, all went smooth with Doc Dee with the help of his assistant Miss Cathy. :-D

Mahjabeen Masood

Most of the staff members here are so rude to the patients, especially in the Dental department. It is really hard to get an appointment at the tooth removal clinic, since they only accept calls from 8:00am to 8:15am, which makes it harder. The staff members will treat you as if they are providing for you for free.

ajaykumar reddy

Thanks in advance whoever is reading this and replying to me ! I’m an international student with internship visa I got sick and I live down here western Devon ! I don’t have insurance at this moment.! Do they charge for lab tests/ emergency room walk in ? .! First do they accept international patients or only for local residents? Or is it free for everybody?

Miguel Rodríguez

They Have Been Assisting me In My Diabetes Treatment So I Am Glad to have Good Medical Assistence! Thanks a Lot!

Josia Dixon

Never went during the day usually in the middle of the night and it's not really thay bad I'd an experience. Today was the worst experience ever!!! Staff wss extremely rude and after waiting 7hrs to see a doctor I never did. Sat in so much pain for sho long I couldn't take it and I left. Never again will I use my insurance for this place.

Roselle P Alcaria

I would say that this hospital being free and what not, its very much better vs. other hospitals that are extremely hesitant to give you their service. If there is somewhere BETTER that is going to treat you for free, then go there and not complain. Stroger is a decent hospital. Yes, I completely agree that they can add more nurses and have faster service. But hey, its free. Where else can you go somewhere that can give you free medical services? If you want to be treated like a royal and not have to wait in lines for hours to see a doctor, then maybe you should become a doctor and care for yourself, and stop complaining and be grateful that there is medical service for free in this country. Because in other countries, they cannot even afford to lay in a bed while they are giving birth to their babies in some cases.

Paulette Adolphus

I have a great experience here great staff good Dr nd up to now I've choose Stroger hospital to anyone .god blessing

Murad Sahat

Thankful I am happy my pain doing good!!!

Maryflor Cervantes

I went to the Emergency Room yesterday September 15, 2017. I was accommodated right away with 2 staff at the front desk & was given my number, #128 & told to go wait at the next room. After 10 minutes, I heard my name right away, was interviewed for a few minutes by another staff, & was told to go to the emergency room. The nurse in the ER was really good & also the doctor , Dr. Rashid Kysia. After I was given my prescription, the doctor told me to go to the next room & had to be registered. The same thing, the lady staff in charge of my registration was also very good to me. After that, the ER nurse came back to me & showed me where to go to get my prescription medicines. Thanks to all the Emergency hospital staff. I might have not known their names because I didn't bother to ask but these goes to all those who were on duty yesterday, September 15, 2017.

Christopher Mcclendon

Excellent service from the staff,the medical team is second to none,they run test on your from head to toe if you had a splinter in your toe the doctors will find it and fix it lol


Originally 4 stars... *Update 1 star for their prenatal clinic! If I could give a negative I would.....

Debra Patton

Had Breast Cancer treatments there nd the nurses didn't take in that ths is overwhelming nd they send u here nd there. Don't miss being there glad tht I moved where I get personal attention. Strogers Hospital has rude nurses

Think Smart

I came I sat in the waiting room from 10 to 1 am bleeding from my chest I told the nurse she I still had to wait 3 pple was ahead of me I wasn't looking to get a head but a bandage or tissue would be nice my shirt was drenched with blood the I guess they jst handing out Medical degrees with every box of cereal you buy

Iryna Deli

I am mostly visiting clinic I which is orthopedics due to my knee injury. Be prepared to wait 2-3 hours after your appointment time and another hour at a room to see a doctor. Ridiculous, you have to take 5-6 hours out of your day to be seen by a doctor for 5-10 min.

Jillian Rice

I thought the doctors here were good but that unfortunately doesn't make up for the bad service I've had otherwise. I received a worker's comp claim and had to update my insurance. I called multiple times and was given different phone numbers to call and who to talk to, none of whom ever answered over the course of 3 days. Finally I get ahold of someone who tells me I can't even do that over the phone, I have to come in. Would have been nice if everyone working here had known this and could have told me from the get go. Anyways, she tells me to go to the ER, because that's where I was seen. After I get there I'm told that's not true and I'm sent to another room. I get to that room and am once again sent away. On the third room I am told I was supposed to go back to the second room, but apparently that room sends everyone to the wrong place. They worked with me anyway in that third room. I thought I had things updated then, but on my visit today I find my old insurance is still the only one on file. Incredibly frustrating to say the least. I can't imagine that this is a rare occasion to update one's insurance, so why is there no standard area for where someone needs to go? Nobody seems to have the same instructions and almost all seemed angry when I would ask them. I'm not sure why this couldn't have been done quickly and efficiently. Then I had an appointment today to remove stitches, which on my appointment it stated the appointment was to take 10 minutes. It was for 11:30 AM. I came earlier than my appointment time and ended up waiting more than FOUR HOURS past my appointment time. I finally walked out around 4 PM because I was at that point sick of waiting and was never guaranteed a time I'd be seen. I may have been stuck waiting two more hours, I'm not even sure. I completely understand emergencies need to take priority, but I wonder why do they even bother to schedule appointments when this could potentially happen? After speaking with two ER nurses I know at different hospitals, they said that is completely acceptable even given that it's an ER, and the doctors or nurses should have known that with how quick stitch removal is, they should have been able to get it done much sooner. If there were any complications, it's only then that I should have needed to wait that long for someone to come back a second time around. That upset me to find out, to know that other hospitals would have considered me more. I also need to add that I find it really unprofessional and probably a HIPAA violation for staff to be gossiping about other patients directly in front of me. Even though you whisper, others can still hear you.. If you can avoid this hospital, do it. If you end up here from no choice, best of luck to you.

James Hobbs

Very nice hospital

Catherine Arevalo

The ladies at the Medical Report office 1100 were the kindest, most helpful, and efficient personnel I’ve encountered at this hospital. They were looking to make sure everyone had gotten the help they needed and on top of that were so fast at pulling reports. Thank you so much Ladies!!

The Honcho Life

They do not care

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