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REVIEWS OF Holy Cross Hospital IN Illinois

Keisha Pierce

ER visit - Nurse and Doctors on staff were professional, courteous, and informative. Every question was answered and I believe my loved one received great care during the ER visit.

Igor Markovic

Was there this morning had a appointment at 07:30 was done with in 2 hrs . Good place friendly people .

Rafael Hernandez

This hospital is terrible. I was left in the ER for hours while I had a room ready with a Turkey. When I finally moved up to a room the food was terrible. Half the call lights are broken or wired wrong. I have an open wound on my left. Saturday night I had a nightmare about being attacked by rats. I was thrashing around and not a single staff member checked on me. In addition they made fun of me for being homeless (which I'm not).then called me nasty for 15 minutes right by door. Terrible professionalism

Stanley Smith

The physical therapy dept...and the wonderful people working there...took a worried man, helped physically and mentally I leave after Two months healthier and confident and relaxed.Thank you all.

Christopher Campbell

I would give zero if I could my wife literally ran out of there. the nurse helping her walked away but my wife could still hear her making fun of the way my wife looked. My wife no longer wants to go to hospitals and nearly died because she wouldn't go to a hospital after holy cross's treatment of her. Please if you value your health or you loved ones avoid hily cross at all cost. Its old dirty and the staff is horrible I wouldnt take my dog there

Jack Lynk

Very friendly staff. Took care my friend efficiently and respectfully. Great neighborhood hospital.

deannse pleasant

Jazzie Gonzalez

luvin tolrn

Worst experience EVER!! Please, do not go here ever, even if it's an emergency! I went here to the emergency room on 3/6/16 with severe abdominal pain. They sent me for a CT Scan and I was told I had appendicitis! Prior to, the ER DR. told me I had a gallbladder infection! They called in a Surgeon of Indian descent (from India) who explained that I had appendicitis and that he was going to perform a laproscopic removal of my appendix which included drainage of any toxic leakage from the appendix. After surgery, I woke up in ICU in severe pain to a very rude nurse who gave me a dose of morphine, made me get up sit in a chair, then transferred me to their 5th floor (cardiac floor). They gave me overdoses of mylanta to get me to make a bowel movement, made me walk down hall and my heart was racing! I knew something was wrong, and couldn't wait to get discharged! After being discharged, 2 days later I was in severe abdominal pain again, and I could barely walk! I visited my PCP who told me the surgeon never removed the leakage from my appendix and the toxins from my appendix were floating around in my abdomen causing my pain, severe abdominal bloat, and I had a blood clot in my rectum with severe distended hemorrhoids that needed removal! I could barely sit down, and all of this came from the botched first laproscopic appendectomy I received on 3/6/16! I went back as directed by my PCP to have the abdominal toxins drained, the blood clot drained, and the hemorrhoids removed. I was told by anesthesiologist before my second correction of first botched surgery on 3/13/16 that there was no record of my admission for 3/6/16, or the surgery! I woke up in middle of the second surgery! I was in severe pain, and yelled at for screaming out in pain! By the time the surgeon finished with me and sent me back to a room, I was running a fever of 101, had a tube in my right nostril draining fluid from my stomach, in severe pain, and left in the hands of lazy, uncaring nurses of all races who wore no gloves when I.V.'ing me and injecting me! I watched them do this to other patients as well! They go from patient to patient practicing no form of sanitizing period! DO NOT GO HERE EVER UNLESS YOU ARE READY TO DIE, PLEASE!!

T Tp

Ghetto Ghetto and Ghetto !!! Horrible service No cafeteria No vending machine Registration nurse was rude and unprofessional I’m complaining cause I feel that I was waiting too long after arriving @ 3am. It was 610 and still no one called any one at all there was patients in excruciating pain screaming crying and everyone acted nonchalant. I dared to ask the front desk if they knew how much longer it would be and she asked how long have I been here when I said 3am she said oh that’s nothing. I asked if there was a cafeteria and she responded in a snotty attitude no our cafeteria only opens on Monday through Friday. Ppl go to the emergency room because they are in pain and need dr attention of some sort. The hospital was dirty the walls looked like the hospital was abandoned and opened only to receive patients from the walking dead The bathroom had no tissue nor soap. If you would of told me that the hospital was cook County back in the day I would of believed it but even back then cook county was a good hospital in a ugly building This hospital is ugly and so are the people who work in it. I mean I can’t even believe these are professionals Very displeased.. I ended up walking out with no treatment. Horrible !!! Please don’t go here for your sake

Heartsylvester 96

Creshay Harris

The most ghetto and unprofessional hospital i have ever been in and they have bed bugs!!!!!!

Carliz-Maria Alexander-Starks

Ghetto & unprofessional staff all around.. If you value life, hold on & get to another hospital The 4 plus stars must come from the employees.

Tia Hawkins

I was rushed to Holy Cross with severe stomach pains, and they informed me they could do NOTHING at all to help me. I arrived to the hospital with severe stomach pains and left the hospital with severe stomach pains. PLEASE! Do not waste your time trying to get any care from this hospital!

Diane M Wolf Palmer

I had the unfortunate experience when I was in my 20's - gash in the arm, sat in the hallway for hours bleeding. they did a hatch job on my arm and now looks like frankenstein. Mom just got brought in there (5/22) for an emergency, no other hospital had a bed for her, she sat for 12 hours slumped over in a chair, she's 95, she was freezing, pnemonia, still not fed (she's still in there) for a week, they lost her teeth, had to recommend a nebulizer for her to breathe. I saw her on Sat (I do not live any where close to the hospital, and do not have POA). All I could do was cry - no one should be left like that in a hospital. Very sad. Nurses do not wash their hands going to/from patients room. Not sure what the doctor is like. Floors are very dirty

Claudia Martinez

Don't go there. It's nasty and they dont treat patients right.

Alfredo Luna

I went there last year while being diagnosed with vertigo they treated me for it. After I was treated 4 hours later they told me I could go home after I got discharged I asked a nurse for assistance to help me get to the front door and she said no u can do it. I was very dizzy and I had to walk to the front door by myself thinking I would have fainted, they didn’t do their best job and they didn’t try hard enough to make me feel safe. Never returning here again.

Dj Wain


Catherine Cullum

If I could rate this place a zero I would. Horrible service ever the most unprofessional staff and doctor. They should close this place down

Candice Allen

The nurse's were rude and uncaring will never return here again

Fat Tony

They need to shut this place down. Its very dirty and not professional i have been here since 2 in the morning and its now 620am I would not come back here if I was dieing its sad and I was born here too lol NO STARS

Sabrina Gaytan

I was seen for pneumonia 1 male nurse is so heartless. I was seen the 2nd of July given medication to go home with. Came back later that week my symptoms was getting worse. The nurse made me feel my symptoms we're nothing.

Hollie O

Front desk staff is horrid. Conditions are horrid. There is no AC and haven’t been any showers in YEARS. When will they decide to shut this place down and rebrand?

Moe Odeh

The hospital and the staff are miserable. If you want to die just go there!

Mitch Davis

Wait time is forever..

Guadalupe Nunez

The first doctor I had was nice and kind. I was losing my voice from asthma and even though I could barely talk they made me ask questions. The nurse was very rude tho because she was so busy. I guess they are understaffed but don't take it out on me.

Alva Malagon

This hospital shouldn't be open if you do companion some one who is sick you will go home sick yourself because of the disgusting fill finesse of this place so called "hospita"not mentioning the waiting mightes go straight to the cemetery......

Rogue A

Possibly the worst experience ever. I'm going to list my observations as a visitor in the ICU; the fact that anyone could walk in to the hospital without being questioned was the first red flag, none of the "staff" including drs have any bed side manors. The janitors are more professional than the "professionals". 3rd day here visiting my mother in law and I still cannot get a straight answer on her progress. During an episode where my mother in law had to be restrained because she was not sure of her surroundings 2 nurses decided to have a side bar conversation and laugh while trying to restrain her. Hmmm would they do that if it was their loved one? Why be in a profession that you are not able to perform the most simplest gesture of respect. And don't get me started on the staff that have conversations and use profanity. I can't imagine being a patient at this facility. I feel terrible for the few nurses that actually care about their patients. Good luck to all the patients that for lack of better options get stuck at this facility


One time I needed sticks and there was a nurses just walking around the place for 3 mins AND I HATE IT That she was just noting plus I want to go get my grandma food to eat they took her to some room and say give me the food I give it to her when I pick her up SHE SAY SHE WAS HUNGRY AS A HORSE AND I WILL NEVER EVER GO THERE ANGIN IN MY LIFE!!!!! AND FIX YOUR DANM HOSPITAL JEZZ EVERYONE HATES YOUR HOSPITAL FIX THE DANM THING OR FIRE YOUR NUTSES THEN A SAW OR HEAR SOMETHING I WENT TO GO CHECK I SAW PEOPLE IN THERE HAVEING SEX!!!!!! DONT COME TO THIS HOSPITAL!! EVER!!!

Sue Heiss

My husband had out-patient eye surgery at this hospital. Every one of the 15-20 staff persons that we experienced (from the front door to the one-day surgery team, gift shop to the cafeteria, nurses, doctors, security, food service professionals, etc.) were cordial, helpful, and professional. I noticed that they treated other patients and each other in the same manor. We were very please with our experience at Holy Cross. At no point did we feel forgotten, un-imformed or delayed. As soon as my husband was recovered, the nurse wheeled him right to the front door. We didn't have to wait to be transported. I would go here again.

Maureen O'Connor

The Holy Cross Clinic on Archer and Mayfield closed it's doors. I had a standing blood draw order there. The phone recording telling me that the clinic closed included ALL WRONG NUMBERS. I had no idea what to do. I called the hospital and was transferred to the inpatient blood bank. The woman that answered argues with me that the clinic is still open. I informed her the doors were closed for good. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she would not get one. She transferred me to outpatient, where I got the kindest and most helpful woman. She still did not know where my orders ended up, but I got some help. I do not want to deal with people that say they are transferring you, and our call goes no where.

Rolando Serrano

Nasty ass hospital , made me wait nearly 4 hours and didnt see me, left me in terrible pain, i left after finding out they were letting people that came in a ambulance go before me, they seem to let crackheads go first ! This place needs to be condemned!!

The Duvals

I agree with other reviews, this is a horrible hospital with substandard care. I hope hospital administration reads all of these reviews and recognizes the magnitude of patient/family dissatisfaction. Is this America or some third world developing country. If you’ve had a bad experience-contact your Alderman, local representative , news stations any source to bring attention to such an unsafe institution.This place needs to be formally Reviewed. I am a doctor and my mom has gotten admitted ,unfortunately to this hospital twice. Getting a good nurse who knows and cares about your love one is a hit or miss-To you I say thank you Sincerely. However, to the massive others-which includes higher level providers and some allied heath professionals -I too agree -they were rude, exhibited poor medical competency and professional behavior, calls not returned sufficiently. I’ve had to monitor my mom daily asking about her tests just to ensure her care was adequate -making sure there is no neglect or worse malpractice. I even watched a doc come in, recognize I Too was a physician-he met me b4–not examine my mom talk only to the nurses and walk out-But I’m sure billed Medicare as if he examined her. This is more than unethical -it’s Malpractice at one of the highest levels. I’ve had to recommend what was standard medical care as if I was the treating physician. My mom will never come here again. I’m writing this review because I Care about your experience. Please make sure your Voices are heard-protect your love ones-Change happens one person at a time but a Movement brings a Wave of Change.

Sal Araujo


big kids vs little kids

I would put no stars. This hospital treats you really badly and their rude. My son went in because he was having seizures, and they treated him poorly and the nurses where streaming at us. God it hurts just to remember that day.

Tricia Dakis

I should be able to rate 0 stars... ABSOLUTE HELL!!! I went to the emergency room and left before I could even be seen by a doctor because the nurse got mad she couldn't get blood from me and stormed out and proceeded to talk about me to other staff where I could hear them laughing at her saying that my "teeth look like she stole them from a horse" and she also said things about me that were way worse, but I'm too humiliated to post that here... I was so humiliated that I got dressed and left... DO NOT GO HERE!!! Also I have tried contacting the hospital to report her and none of my calls have been returned!!! At least I knew a lawyer would answer for me, so that's who I called!!!

Ruthie Eops

I hope I never have to go there I hate that hospital have family members go there have no were to wash your behind out in the open sad lot more to say just don’t have time doctors Pitiful if your doctor need your medical record while you in holy cross my mom doctor ask for the medical record in March I still haven’t receive the papers yet this is June sad that’s one hospital need to close

Lakisha Westbrook

Very disrespectful and unprofessional staff. They are rude in person and on the phone if you call concerning a patient. I can't believe these people took an oath to care and help heal and they can't even show any type of empathy for the people they are taking care of. I'm extremely disappointed in my experience with this hospital!

Wendygirl Withthelastest

Nicole Irhova

I have never been in that hospital before. So I dont know how it is there.

Andrew Rios

Worse experience of our lives! Left feeling like the doctors are incompetent, heartless and negligent! We had the hospice voltures trying to convince us it's time. The doctors telling us that she lived a long time n it's time to let her go, one evn told me she would NVR com back from this state. To prepare for the end. It wasn't till aftr we fought with the main doctor and his staff that we forcefully had her transferred to another hospital. When we demanded a transfer was when we were told it was the end the doctor fought with us 2 days later he told us nothing is wrong w ur mom and discharged her, aftr a heated discussion about the transfer, ON THE SPOT! 2MONTHS LATER my mom is doing better and smiling again. Holy Cross does not exemplify the meaning of the name nor do they live by their mission statement. Mark this day, today marks the beginning of the end of the butcher shop Holy Cross!

Isabel Zamudio

Worst worst hospital to go to !!!!!!!! VERY VERY DIRTY

aime madrigal

Rude af!!!!!

Pandora Martin

Let me begin by saying this review is in regard to the specific ER Staff , for this visit, on this date (3/7/17). I can not speak on anything other than this as this is as far as I've gotten at this time. My Mom was transported to this facility by ambulance around 9pm. Upon her arrival she was immediately greeted and triaged by Louis and Nancy. Both spoke to the patient respectfuly and in very comforting tones which calmed my mother immensely while they performed their duties. She was then visited by 4th yr med student Rojay, a very polite, eager young man who displayed compassion, empathy, humor and a yearning to learn .Physcian Assistant Matthew E. spoke with me before, during, and after all procedures performed, speaking in medical terms followed by layman's terms to ensure I completely understood everything that transpired. Mike did the repeated EKG test. He also was very professional yet personable, as well as the two young ladies doing Xray that night/morning. Our nurse, Rinku (I know it's spelled wrong, sorry), was the absolute best, checking on Mom almost every 15 minutes or so. It is now 5:53 am , Mom is sleeping, I'm napping on and off as we wait for a bed and transport upstairs. 9am and Anthony is here to transport. This young man is so funny and encouraging, putting everyone at ease. We arrived safely and relaxed to room 545 (now the staff for this area is a whole different story, and I'm going to leave it alone... for now). Overall this was the best ER experience we've had, and believe me there has been many, at various hospitals. So I close this review thanking all involved in caring for Leonia Martin this night, you are all PRICELESS.

Ashtyn Jones

The most ghettoiest hospital and unsanitary place to be at. Unprofessional and very slow with assisting patients. I'm high disgusted in this facility.

Terrence Phillipson

The nurses here were very friendly and personable, the treatment was top quality and the doctors were very competent, they gave me all the answers to my medical questions and helped me understand everything better. Hopefully you don't need to go to a hospital but if you do Holy Cross Hospital is very good.

Danielle Petrouski

I only gave 1 star because I had no choice this is the worst place ever dirty not up to health code puke all over bathroom toilets they dont wash there hands they have gloves on as they are moving about the hospital needs to be shut down I wouldn't bring my dying fish here


I have been going here for years and it’s great.

Betty Cervantes

I don’t understand why this hospital is still in service. They have the worst service on doctors and staff in Chicago. They all need to go back to medical school.

Annetta Morgan

Horrible Service. Was asked for $25 Copay Cash only. Was not informed ahead of time. Went to ATM got $40 (in 20s) Receptionist did not have change!?! Patients there since 1:30pm. Told Doctor would not arrive until 3:30pm. It's 4:00pm Doctor not in yet and has 4 Patients before me.

Elias Gonzalez

It is terrible service some nurses and doctors drag bringing my mom in here was a terrible mistake but for some nurses i hope they follow in the good doctors and nurses foot steps

Angelica Smith

Very unprofessional and everything is so nasty and dirty. Had to go to another hospital after the long wait time.

Samantha Walker

Went there once with no insurance and was treated terribly,I have 3 heart conditions and some other stuff going on,and they were more concerned with their payment then my supraventra tachy cardia. I had several doctors ask me how was I going to pay instead of actually treating me Let's not even chat on the nurses. One day my mom had to bring me some food cause they kept "for getting" my food tray for 6hrs. I even had a cardiologist tell me not to come back without insurance. I complained to the necessary channels and nothing happen. Almost a year later I found myself there again cause it was an emergency and it's the nearest hospital to where I was, I have health insurance now. They treated me well,doctors did a good job,they never forgot the good tray. The nurses were very friendly and the room they put me in was clean. And P.S my first visit was paid for promptly while I was being discharged. It's ridiculous and I would only go there if no other choice was given. Last year I had a heart attack and I took a bus and a train to Illinois Masonic. Js.

Eli Mar

I like this hospital more then the other one my mom been there one complain only one nurse was not treating my mom right we all ready complain about that but after all I like this hospital.

Martin Rivera

Please do not come here. I am a very patient person, and this place drove me Nuts. The nurses are horrible. The service the nurses provide are an embarrassment. They gossip amongst themselves about their patients. When i finally got discharged I requested for a wheelchair and the chair took 45 mins to arrive, and that was only a small request, imagine how long it took for the other services to Be done


The waiting room was so dirty I couldn't believe it old food was sitting on a chair and on the floor ,there was no security guard at the desk anyone can just walk in and take a visitor's pass without any questions .I really hope some changes are made.

Sonia Morales

A great hospital. I know from experience. The staff there are passionate about the patients and their well being.

Angel Oneal

I didnt even want to give this place 1star! If you are experiencing a medical emergency PLEASE DO NOT come here this place is a death trap. This hospital should be shut down the worst in Chicago!

Cinthia Alvarez

If I could give no star I would! The staff is so unprofessional ! They don't wash hands, they listen to loud music in triage while taking vitals, the bathrooms are always dirty with throw-up and when informed the staff does nothing but turn the cheek. They all talk loudly about the patients, and if you are doubling over in pain DO NOT COME HERE THEY WILL LITERALLY WATCH U DYING IN PAIN AND DO NOTHING. there is no compassion for patients ND these nurses barely know Common medical terminology, nor do they have the passion for their field. HORRIBLE!

Walter Lowery

Worst hospital in Chicago will cut off a arm for a headache gotta get searched to come in wanded and im bout to die. Rude people the worst hospital in Chicago waited 2hrs to b called with only 1 person in the er waiting room and i came in a ambulance

Shalonda Cooper

My dad fell very ill at work and was taken by ambulance to holy cross yesterday at about 9:30 A.M. He had a a bowel movement when he passed out. When assigned to his emergency room, my dad said the nurse brought him a potty pan of water and a towel and told him to wash himself up. My dad said he was so weak he could hardly sit up on his own, and the staff showed no concern because of his condition at the time. Why is this place still open when there is so many horror stories about the staff? There were flies and knats flying around as well!

Andre Jackson

Thier staff was very rude to get any kind of help do you need anything it took so long for service I wouldn't recommend this hospital for anyone

Anton Cowens

vickie richards


Deborah Brown

I don't love this place because, it's a hospital but it was nice while it lasted.

Chris Sanchez

This hospital is trash. They let me die in the toilets with rats..

Cecy Rodriguez

Worst Hospital EVER! Doctors forget about you,don't Even tell you test result ..Worst Worst Hospital I Ever Gone 2 Not Recommended Specially not for baby's

Anniah King

The WORST hospital! No A/C in certain wings, rude staff who move with no sense of urgency. Dirty hospital, trash all over the floor. Also , even if you have an appointment be prepared to take a number and wait almost 1hr to be checked in!

Rosa Banderas

PEOPLE AVOID THIS PLACE AT ALL COSTS AND/OR TAKE YOUR LOVED ONES TO A REAL HOSPITAL!!! I would give this place NEGATIVE stars if I could because 0 is too high! This is a horrible facility, I don't understand how it is still functioning. The staff has absolutely no clue on how to treat patients or visitors and the hospital is dirty and conditions are unhygienic and unsafe. When we asked a doctor to please explain our loved one's condition he told to us to "GOOGLE" it to learn about it. I had to hunt for nurses when my loved one was in need of serious help because they don't respond to the call button. The nurses were asking ME how to do things, things they as nurses should know why the heck would I know!!!! The only reason why we ended up here is because this is where the ambulance brought us but I am moving her out of here ASAP before they kill her. If taken by ambulance ask them to please take you somewhere else, anywhere but here. You've been warned, I wish I'd known!

Jackie Wilson

Worst experience ever. My son was taken there for an asthma attach in June. He walked in and left out on a stretcher to a more qualified hospital. The staff there is extremely rude and unprofessional. We could have lost our son that night. These people have NOOOO idea how to treat or handle children. For that to be an emergency room they were not equipped with anything. They were reading manuals trying to figure out what to do with our son. They gave him medication that should not have been administered to him. (epinephrine for an asthma attack) those are not common practices these days. Extremely OLD. It was such a disgrace to see these people run around not knowing how to treat our son. It was such a stressful, traumatizing experience. So see people that you want to trust with a precious life and they fail tremendously was the worst. To see my son lay there practically lifeless after they were done with him was the worst thing on earth to have to be a witness to. Never will I set foot into that sorry excuse for a hospital. And I advise anyone to do the same. My son was transported to another facility once he was stabilized from errors that they made. We had a good mind to sue them. Just know our son was able to live another day was more than enough for us. We are so grateful that Mt. Sinai was able to take amazing care of our son. Our son was in a medically induced coma (compliments of Holy Cross) for 3 days. And all of the things they used were improper. All tubing wrong sizes. This hospital should be shut down implode. No one should have to endure the things that our family endured during is hospital visit.

Jaime Velasco


hellsburn oner

More like Anti cross hospital. Rude Drs and nurses and uncaring. A short female white nurse, unprofessional. There is the Asian Indian Dr too who was rude as hell. Who is giving 5 stars? Are they fake?

Jamilla Green

Great caring hospital and staff!


FYI- Holy Cross is NOW part of Mt. Sinai. There was a review here regarding her son who had an asthma and was given wrong medicine and was transferred to Mt. Sinai...ALL Drs and most nurses in ER are from Mt. Sinai. The holy cross' doctors left and also most of the night shift nurses or crew are way better than the day shift. Holy Cross got worst when it became part of Mt. Sinai. The drs. order unnecessary procedures/exams and unnecessary radiation for patients. It was a good hospital before. I hope Mt. Sinai can modify how they handle Holy Cross.

anallely mickey

My Boyfriend waited for hours to be seen while in great pain. All they did was sat him in a wheelchair and made him wait in the waiting room for about 3 hours.Never coming back here again, if you are in great pain or in need of help this is not the place.

Sharen Parish

The Doctors & Nurses In Their ICU Unit Saved Our Friend Homer’s Life Last Month (If You Only Knew) & If “Earth Angels” Actually Do Exist It Would Most Definitely Be The Staff/Members Of The Holy Cross ICU!

Tee Parker

It's ok in the ER

silent TTB

If you want to die just go to this dump! I live 5 blocks away and that's where they automatically take you (911). Needless to say, I have a private ambulance number on standby to take me ANYWHERE else but here.

Quinnisha Williams

Staff is very rude had to wait until the security guard and the receptionist finish having a conversation before to even getting help and was standing right in front of them personal conversation should be on break not infront of visitors especially talking about other staff members

Elaine Lebron

Everything and everyone was very professional. 4 star Rating for receptionist where you 1st walk in. Tiffany ! I had to ask her to put her cell phone down and take care of me.. Her response was I didn't see you. Hello I'm standing right in front of you.

Laquawnshe Ludington

This is the worst hospital I've ever been in. I have a medical emergency and have been waiting 6 hours. It's also extremely obvious this hospital runs on a $5 budget. Despicable.

Kate Cummings

Would give it 0 stars if I could. Both my parents have been here over the last 5 years or so and my mom is there right now. The ER is so dirty and disorganized, but the nurses seemed compassionate and capable (doctors seemed quite lazy). It took them 12 hours to find a bed for her, which would have been fine except for how dirty the ER was. It's really difficult to get any usable information on her situation. I was also dismayed that I had my mom hit the nurse button as she pulled her O2 tube out of the wall and no one responded - I had to go get someone. Same thing happened to the lady in the bed next to my mom (not O2 tube, but something was alarming in her area). If you can avoid HC, do so and go to Christ.

America Radecki

This place is dirty and unprofessional!

Jennifer Harris

In 2016 I was hospitalized 3 times. Eventually my problem required surgery. Dr.Dekoj and his staff treated me with excellent care. I was hospitalized for a 4th time in August because of the surgery. Everyone on the 4th floor made my stay memorable. My room was cleaned daily, linen change daily, I had clean gowns daily and the food was great. It's not a modern looking facility but the care overrides that.

Josette Dezir

I had my 3rd baby at Holy Cross Hospital Chicago. It was a wonderful experience from prenatal care with my midwife Rebecca Smith, my weekly monitoring at the birth center to my delivery by Dr. Alston Charles and the nursing team. As an RN, BSN myself, from my experiences I recommend HCH to anyone who needs good patient centered care. ❤ I can't close without sending my special thanks to all the nurses, doctors and techs at the birth center who took good care of me, my husband and my babygirl. Special love to nurses Marivic, Vivian, and Yolanda. May God bless you, your career and your family

Jasper Holt

Great help from the housekeeping staff

Melanie Wojtulewicz

I wanted to transfer to U. of C. They wouldn't let me! I was denied my normal meds for a day and a half untii I called hospital administrator. Thank God for cell phones. Their phones were out for two days. Nurses were barbaric. One , STAR is for the ER. They knew what they were doing. The nursing staff has a motto: "pain management is our goal". The ER gave morphine for excruiiating knee pain. When admitted, they offeed me Tylenol! My betting got when I went for an ultra sound from the gel they use. The nurse accused me of wetting the bed. She wanted to put a pad between my legs. I am not incontinent. In order to get a nurse to attend to me i had to call the hospital and call the 5th floor nurses station and ask for a nurse to attend to the patient in 504-1. This happened on the first day.

Michelle Cerriti

Wait 3 hours for Dr to even come to work then he sees you for 2 minutes and 2 is being nice.... unreal

fox radomezacky2231 zacky2231

They're rude and unprofessional. My two year old got treated badly . And the guy nurse decided to scream at us , for no reason . Horrible, horrible hospital .

Debra Alexander

Actually it was in 2005 they where better back then I'm shocked about the horrible reviews they have now I had a major surgery by a black female doctor she was very nice and professional it's a shame how that hospital went down hill over the years

Moya Jafry

I've been to other hospitals and they don't care. I came to holy cross And they have the best staff. Caring and courteous. I would highly recommend Holy cross because they answer all your questions and keep your posted on test results

michelle boens

Nurses are so rude & interrupts you when they ask questions.

Maratha 38

God forbid anyone has to come to come to this horrible hospital!!

Teresa Anne Chadwell

We had excellent service from the Admitting department to the Radiology department. Every employee went out of their way to make our visit a good one. Thank you all very much, we appreciate all of your help. Thank you, the family of Andreas Fotopoulos

Benjamin Gomez

On this day a year ago I was discharged after being forced to admit myself into this hospital’s emergency room - for no real good reason the night before (I was just drunk). When they took me to to a bed, I was choked by a police officer because I would not comply to undress and put on a hospital gown. When I was discharged in the morning and they gave me back my clothes and belongings - a hoodie I was wearing with my phone and headphones was missing. I had reported it to their security, but they just did not find it. I have no doubt that SOMEONE there stole my stuff, and cannot let this go unnoted any longer. The end.

HeyBlackSoulsistah Echols

Yes I tried to get in touch and check on a love one I call a certain number he was calling from no answer at all because he told me his blood pressure was extremely high and they where not giving him his blood pressure medication . So I can the main number on this page I was transfer to his floor and they to me I needed a code to talk to him were 5hey do that at ? Usually when someone in the hospital they give you the floor and the bed number . So I was unable to talk to him . What kind of DAMN Hospital is this ?

Cynthia D

Ana Ortega

Elizabeth Pena

If I could give this hospital 0 starts that's what they get not even 1. The registration desk is horrible. The lady is very rude and you can tell she hates her job. I had an appointment at 2:30 pm and I didn't get seen till 4pm. What's the point of making an appointment?? I got up to ask how much longer I needed to wait and the ladies in the desk where to busy gossiping. I waited until I had to interrupt and they were offended that I interrupted them. This is the worst service ever! I got lost in the hospital since it's my first time there and there was no security no one at the desks in the entrance. I had to changed my insurance just so I won't ever come back to this hospital. If you live near here drive the extra 20 minutes and head over to christ hospital!

Sarah Greenan

I was sexually harassed while I was sick with Colitis about 8 years ago in this hospital. I was admitted to a room with no roommate and the man that came into my room to serve me breakfast, started talking about/asking vulgar, inappropriate questions that made me feel incredibly uncomfortable and and quite frankly, scared me. He then reached over me and under my shirt to fondle my breast. I pushed him away and he left the room. I was so shocked as to what had just happened that I didn't know what to do.I called my dad to come to the hospital as soon as the man left the room and I told the nurse, who then reported to the head of the hospital. I dont know if this man was ever punished or fired for his actions, but to this day when I receive a bill in the mail from Holy Cross Hospital, I immediately throw it away in the garbage!

Rosalinda Trejo

No good

sandra contreras

Would give it a zero if I could. Staff is very rude, ignorant and unprofessional. I was in the outpatient registration area around 3pm. As I was registering, the employee kept making very rude remarks over everything I would say.

Melissa Bower

My husband went in after a car accident and the only test they gave him was a cray on his shoulder. He hit his head and told the doctors but no other test where done.

Fnaf channel and more


Luiza Gonzalez

Called 911 and the ambulance took me there. My son wasn't breathing right and he turned purple. I spent almost 3 hrs there and nobody saw my son. When i went ask about it they said that they dont have preferences with kids that he was fighting with adults for a bed that it will be better to take him to Christ hospital in oak lawn. I will mever return to this hospital my son couldnt have died and they didnt care

Liz Rivera

Erik Hernandez

Great people to work with!

Tawanda Williams

DO NOT GO HEREEEEE!! I SHOULDVE READ THE REVIEWS BEFORE I CAME THE HOSPITAL IS FILTHY I WENT FOR BACK AND ABDOMINAL PAIN IM 6MONTHS PREGNANT AND AS SOON AS I WAS TRANSPORTED TO TRIAGE I WAS GREETED BY A VERY VERYYY RUDE NURSE WITH A STANK LOOK ON HER FACE, then I was told to pee in a cup inside of the bathroom very forcfully she wouldn't answer the questions I was asking her she was talking over me. the bathroom was dirty there was DOO DOO on the toilet and the tissue was sitting on top of the garbage Can! Once I got changed I waited for 3 AND A HALF HOURS until a nurse FINNALY came back in the room to take my urine (which she shouldve did when she first seen it before she left!) by time she came back I had my clothes back on and left out and told them its no way in the world it should take that long just to get seen by a doctor while being pregnant!!

korayma garcia

Real bad hospital, it should be shut down

amber pope

If I could give this hospital a zero I would. I passed out and my significant other called the ambulance. They took me to this hospital. We got here around 5:50pm. We are still here at 9:37pm. The employees are distasteful, they talk to you like they are talking to one of their friends on the street. Furthermore, the hospital is extremely dirty, they had to clear out the rooms a patient found bed bugs. When they called me to triage. They did not even change the sheets, and it was a big black spot on the sheets. I had to keep looking at the spot until she changed it. Please do not go here.

Ahmad Badran

Angelica Rodriguez

I cannot express enough how much we appreciate the wonderful care my father received during his recent visit to the ER. The staff had such a rapid response to his symptoms that he was taken care of immediately. The staff showed such an urgency & compassion for him which eased our nervousness. Updated information regarding results and next measures were remarkable. Because he had administered his insulin prior to going in and not yet eating they immediately ordered a meal tray. Staff member, Alex was very polite and precise in taking blood samples for labs(As we all know, some who aren't as skilled tend to poke us more than we'd like). Nurse Nancy was very understanding & professional in caring for my father. Dr. Cone and Kevin were very informative and took the time to explain the diagnosis as well as tests that were needed and the reasons why. Staff member Mark made us feel like family with tending not only to my father's medical needs but also making sure my mom was ok too. The professionalism and compassion displayed was exceptional. Thank you HCH ER staff. Angelica

D3M0N L0V3

I almost die....

Michael Storino

This hospital is an absolute dump; the literal worst hospital in all of Chicagoland, and I've been to them all. Go to Advocate Christ on 95th street instead, because healthcare is no area to be skimping.

Evelina Matthews

This hospital couldn't save my baby so why would I think they could draw blood for kidney donor so sad

Alexandria Butler

One of the male nurse was about to draw blood with no gloves on and my husband asked for him to put gloves on he insisted that everything would be fine and he's done the procedure for a long time then my husband kindly asked for a new nurse to draw my blood.....

Jessica Schiappa



Betty Brownlee

As I sit here waiting on transportation to take me home I wanted to write my experience while in holy cross came 4-6-18 discharge 4-11-18. This was the worse hospital I have ever been in I thought cook county hospital was bad but compare to this hospital county is not that bad not all the nurses were bad but the two nurses on 7-7 evening shift was bad. A Chinese, and afro american nurse was so rude the black nurse taking my blood just kept sticking me then went to the Chinese lady came in my room talking to me just being rude. Then that next night she came trying to discharge me in the night. God will expose you two one day. I wonder how many people they have mistreated? Yes this shift at night are loud they get outside your door laughing and creaking jokes.they were not professional at all. The food came cold, if you can go somewhere else bypass this place. Long as I live don't ever bring me back here. Oh the nurse who was thanking my blood she said she did not get then she went to use the same needle to get more blood I asked her was she going to get a new needle she said you but she did not get a clean needle. But the third time she got a clean needle. She got mad because she was hurting me so some on that second shift need to get a class on bedside manner.

Rita Buda

Never did like this hospital. My father died there 24 years ago. Too long of a story to write about but I believe part of it was due to neglect when he was an in-patient. Haven't been to this hospital since and have no intention of returning in for any reason.

Velma Medina

My dad has been there 3x. And I have been very satisfied with the expertise of its doctors, especially in the ER! The food for patients looks, smells and tastes better than other hospitals my parents have been at. And that's important to me inorder to get their health back sooner. Rooms are clean, hospital is clean & bright. Not cluttered. Nursing staff is always nice, patient & caring. You don't have to be hunting them down for your loved one. I feel my loved one is well cared for and watched.

Karina Granda

Very dirty and very unprofessional. I do not understand how this hospital is still open. Disgusting. Super rude people!!!!!. My dad was there and they tried to giving him dialysis... He does not take dialysis!!!! They have clearly not heard of HIPAA

Cecilia Reyna

Worst Hospital... Terrible service nasty nurse in ER.. First and last time going to this Hospital

An Recendiz

They are not clean it looks like a horror house they don’t even treat there patients right and how is that good for a hospital this is a horrible place I would not recommend it for no one they made my friend wait for the longest for food!!like how is that even right they don’t treat them right what kind of hospital is this!!?

Latrice Tricey

The staff is terrible. The social workers give you very limited information and act like you are aggravating them by asking questions. I had this experience with the social worker by the name of Maria. No compassion, pca tech has attitudes for no reason. This is the closest hospital in my area so the ambulance first choice but definitely never a choice of mines.

Joseph Espinola

DO NOT GO HERE IF YOURE PREGNANT. If you have dr. Jacob Meyer, leave now before he kills your wife and baby. Way to long to type and explain the story but for the love of GOD TRUST ME.

Lynette Rache

Choose your hospital mom & dad both died at that place. I’ll never step foot there again.

Ruby Guevara

I was born here.


This hospital stink.Everybody in there are very rude and ignorant. My father is 74-year-old and was taken here by ambulance. They didn't start an i v or nothing. They didn't do anything and we had been in there 4hours.He signed out and im glad he did.We need to petition to have them shut down. Everybody on here giving these type of reviews ain't lying at all.Pleeeaaase don't go here nor take anyone here. Id rather suffer.Stinking nasty ignorant unprofessional playground full of clowns.Literally! !!

Roderick Elston

They kill people there

Vishal Patel

Great Customer service and very helpful staff!!

Andrea Juarez

I had serve bleeding. They did nothing but make me wait. I kept complaining yet no moves made. Horrible and slow! Staff and doctors very unsanitary. Should be sued.


If you make an appointment there, they would make you stay even longer than the time you were suppose to be. Then once you get called and and you explain what is wrong with you they leave and drag even MORE! The only thing that is actually kind of good is the security in case if there is any trouble, and that's it.

Cenuse Reed


Britney carpenter

7/3/2016! I'll never forget this day! I was in motor vehicle collision. I don't remember anything until I was unconsciously noticing I was full of blood in a hospital waiting room in a wheel chair. I had a concussion and while they had me in a waiting room for what it felt like about a hour. I had blood dripping from my forehead. Across from me was my boyfriend holding his face complaining about pain on the right side of his face, which comes to find out his zygomatic arch was broken. We both were in sever pain in a waiting room!!! I'm from California visiting Chicago and this was by far the worst ER visit I heard of. I finally got escorted to a hospital bed where in this room they were trying to take my blood and failed at that. It took 3 nurse to find a vain. This was like a bad dream I couldn't believe this was really happening. I felt like a dumby doll. No one really concerned about my life. Don't come to Holy across in Chicago.


Rude rude rude, while being checked into the er the front desk lady answered and talked on her cell phone giggling. Ran into the most lazy and rude security personnel ever. They didn't even check me at all. Nothing but eye rolls. They are a young woman and man the time is 11:12pm on 8/2/2016 if you are unhappy with your job quit and find something else to do for a living.

Tom Mass

0 stars for the customer service! I went to emergency room after my car accident, the worst decision in my entire existence! I waited for 2 hours to be seen?!? What kind of emergency care or urgent care is that. And after 6 months they put my bill on collection. Look, I called 6 times to make sure that they would not, the attorney and was involved and they put that on their data base. After all that, I received a mail that my balance it due and on collection?!?! I made sure to call every month and told them about this case. They said everything is taking care of and I don’t even have to call that many times. Like really?!? So what happened? I got played? Don’t count the time u have to wait every call, it’s usually about an hour.

Saira Leon

Steve Wiesen

What kind of place puts you on hold and then never comes back. VERY UNPROFESSIONAL!

Aflac Duckworth

I was in the ICU a few years ago. The staff and the services were not bad, but I did have issue with that young asian female nurse (never knew her name). She really needs to stop acting so lustfully with some of the medical students, especially the tall guys. Doesn't she realize that patients and their families are watching???

James Robinson

Disgusting dirty hospital damn shame

Sarahi Michel

They are dirty horrible in that hospital some er clark that works in the emergency room her name is parise she was talking to loud and nasty ordering me what to do instead of saying pleas i just didn't like it thats why i left i work for medical field and i know we can't be rude to customer like she was.....

Uli O

This place is extremely dirty, the staff is rude, not to mention they speak so ghetto. Waited four hours in the emergency room and when I asked a question, the people looked at me as if I was asking for a million dollars. Avoid this hospital at all costs, you're better off suffering a little longer by going to a further location.

trash man

Just don’t go here

christina Newman

The nurses on the 5th floor are slow. You ask for your pain meds and they come in and say they will be back and 2 hours later you have to actually start snapping and then you will get it. I was there 6 days and never did anyone just come in and say are you OK do you need anything. I had to beg to get a cup of water. They are very loud and rude on the midnight shift. And when you ask them to quiet down that you are trying to sleep they only get louder. I would not come back to this hospital. I was in room 505.

Mary Jackson

Contacted the Hospital on 02/05/2015. Press one of English and 3 for the department. This young lady answer, I think her name was denisha, but not really sure. She was the most rudest person that I have encounter in quite sometime. Holy Cross can do better and I'm hoping by the grace of god they will.


This hospital rather let you die. My brother had an accident and had a deep cut on his arm, when they finally called his name the nurse asked what was wrong while staring at her phone for 5 minutes, after she put her phone down she replied with "ok... so.. what was wrong"(obviously not paying attention to a word my brother said ). The doctors walk around with their hand in their pockets, paying more attention to the tv rather than their patients. If you could avoid coming to this hospital please, DONT come to this hospital!

Hector Perez

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