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Ro Zee

My son was here for about a month. They prescribed Antipsychotics (seroquel) right away, not giving me his diagnosis until he was discharged. Also, gave him INVEGA SUSTENNA which has left him in a zombie like state now. He went from crying for me to get him out of there, to someone I don't even recognize. Not just that but what facility allows staff to HIDE their badges in their pockets?! Very unprofessional!!!

Elliot Perez

Brandon Cortez

Hate this place to me this is jail more than a hospital,. Terrible people. The doctor only call you once, from a private phone just for a few words and later No way to contact her. Think twice before taking your child to a place like this,. I hate when people decides for you as a parent and for your child and that's what they do here.

Samuel Schmidt

I am leaving this review for my brother who spent a week there recently. My brother entered as a minor case of depression and this hospital clearly does not help. Staff are not cooperative and are often rude and absurd. You are let "outside" less than prisoners. And severe isolation can drive anyone insane. To add to this, outside is a small playground with 15 foot high wooden fences treating patients like dogs. Anything and I mean anything that the staff does not expect from you gets you injected in the ass to make you drowsy. Warning! Staff are not afraid to show sass repeatedly and will try to manipulate the patients psychological behavior with ass injections.

Who2 Know

Very bad the staff are disredpectful curse at you and they dont have people you can discuss how you feel because most if the time there are only 2 staff members and 1 nurse and the food is disgusting i recently got out and while your there they say things like well go home then or thats why your here now of they tell you to shutup and doctors or social workers arent there on the weekends when your there they makr you feel worse then when you came do not go here they like to put you on lots of meds too they isolate you alot and you dont ever really go outside i sayed there 3 months total with out ever going outside and the staff members are lazy and dont do what their supposed to if you do any little thing they threaten you with an ass shotplease do not go here

Velda Brunner

Security is better CPD

Kelvin Gonzales

Heriberto Moyett

Candis Saunders

A decision to place your child in a facility is an extremely hard decision to make for any parent. I will admit there are things about this place I'm not so fond of for example the limited visits with my child, limited phone calls with my child and the frosted Windows that they are unable to see out of. Isolating a child from their support system on the outside in my childs case did cause some increased depression during the beginning of her stay. I feel this should be a time where communication and bonding with your child while they're working on emotions in a controlled setting should be increased not limited. This entire process has been a difficult one, however I will say that if you are lucky enough to have Megan as part of your childs team of professionals their chance of success is going to be high! She is amazing at her job and really does care! Everything she said she was going to do she did right away! Shes extremely supportive of not only her patients but their families as well! Thank you Megan for truly caring!

Eva Steffy Steffy

because I was once in a mental hospital and stuff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))** I did a gangster move and I peed in the hospital bed!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!))**)) yay me


Max McELwee

For a type one diabetic with suicidal Ideation I expected to get my insulin pump taken from me but They don't carb count and didn't do a constant dose of Lantus at night. I told them I took 40 Units and at first they gave me 30 then 35 then 42 then 50 like they were just testing how my Blood sugar would go throughout the day. Kile and Kate, My social workers, were amazing. But Dr. Randhawa barey saw me and only spoke few words then sent me off. she didn't even tell me that the prozak might not take effect for a month until I told her It wasn't effecting me.

Lydia Gonzalez

My grandson has been hospitalized a couple of times there and they are very professional and the staff is very informative about my grandson situation and the diagnoses ...they helped me when my grandson couldn't get his medication... So overall I would recommend this place to a family in crisis

Sheree Lati

Kolaid d


Juan Rivera


Ms. T Eiland

issa queen

don't wanna go back at all this jail asf bro

Jade R

While better than other facilities, better does still not mean good. My family member, and other Hispanic patients they interacted with, where treated with less deference than their other patients. While they might be the minority in this facility, they still deserve the same respect and ability to participate in group discussions. My family member also recalls that the staff kept encouraging a vegetarian patient to eat meat to raise a vital of hers. Our first visit we were allowed to keep our personal belongings on us. On our second visit we were told quite brusquely that we were not allowed to keep them during our visit. Visiting hours are strict, a staff member goes down and any time they dawdle going down the elevators is deducted from your visiting time. While 15-20min might not mean anything to them, it could mean a lot to someone who has to take 2 buses and a train or a $20 Uber to be there on time... and for them to just waste your precious time with your loved ones. That is not fair. Make sure your children are aware of their rights in this facility, that they review any paperwork they sign. Ask if there is any way you can minimize their stay at this hospital. Report any trouble with their roommates, lest they be blamed for causing trouble themselves.

Tay Tizzlë

Very Nice Place Love The Staff There It's A Great Place For Children Who ADHD Or Any Sickness


My sis is in there now and it’s like she’s in jail. They don’t care about her there. Girls fighting in there and everything. It’s a terrible environment

Felicca Sampson

Safe place for children who going through difficult time in their live

Sebastian Sutor

My daughter was in this hospital for 8 days. She left as a new person. She felt better and happier. Staff was very helpful and knowledgeable. I love the waiting room.

Artistry Entertainment

Rosalba Ramirez

Aleksandra Nikolic

M Wms.

Ryn’s Room!

So I recently got discharged from inpatient and I have to say that I honestly love the staff there. They’re super kind and extremely helpful. What I will say though is that you/or your child’s experience there depends on said patients behavior! Drastically. I stopped reading the reviews, because they’re old and the ones I went through basically said the staff mistreats them. In reality, you’re at a *behavioral* hospital, the point of being there is to improve on that exact thing, your behavior. The staff does not mistreat us, or pick on us, degrade anyone for their race/background/sexuality/beliefs/etc. AND IF THEY DO JUST ASK FOR THE NUMBER IN WHICH YOU CAN (anonymously) MAKE A COMPLAINT ABOUT THAT PARTICULAR STAFF! Most of the girls that were on my unit were there for aggression, while I was there I just sat back and watched these little girls be oppositional/defiant/just straight up disrespectful to adults that are trying to show them that the attitudes they have won’t get them anywhere in life, and it especially is not going to get you out the hospital any faster. They want to see progress so if all the patient do is talk back/isolate themselves/ don’t eat(the food is honestly terrible but you have to at least make it seem like you’re eating because this determines how how you stay too)/don’t participate in group you’re either staying the same or you’re digressing. Realize that the aforementioned list is signs of both depression & aggression, it may not seem like a big deal to you but those are things they have to look out for. The staff makes notes of EVERY little thing you do and don’t do to give to the doctor, so word from the wise, don’t give them reasons to write down anything negative! It’s simple, but they make it seem like it’s painstaking labor. Addressing the reviews that say it’s jail, I agree with this feeling but I didn’t complain because I understood why it is the way it is. Once again, you’re a patient at a *behavioral* hospital. they take away your freedom (sorta) because regardless of what got you in there, you clearly wasn’t using that freedom appropriately, aside from that they introduce structure (yeah it can get tired, doing the same mundane things everyday, literally clockwork, but guess what? You shouldn’t have done whatever you did to get yourself in this predicament. But you’re in it, so now you gotta grow up and accept the “consequence” of your *behavior*) I noticed that for a lot of girls this structure was previously non-existent so they tried they’re hardest to rebel. But do I have to repeat what I’ve already repeated twice? Try to actually learn a thing or two. Speak once and listen twice. It seems pretty much average for the girls to not listen and just run off at the mouth. That’s a character flaw that should be quickly fixed. Anyway, back to it being like jail. Every door is locked, even the bathrooms. You have to ask for everything. People complained about why the bathrooms are locked with a key, so I guess them trying to ensure the fact of their safety in a *behavioral* hospital just goes straight over their heads. Patients can be there for all sorts of mental illness, if someones psychotic (or not even psychotic but even simply just aggressive) and you trigger them, now they’re waiting for you to go to the bathroom to get you alone so they can harm you. Guess what could have avoided that? A lock. And for people complaining about all the things they consider contraband or things we’re not allowed to have, you clearly don’t know how easy someone who wants to harm/ kill themself can take a seemingly innocent item and make it deadly. This goes for depression and aggression alike. The doctors/social workers/personal therapists/nurses/staff all work extremely hard to ensure everyone is getting what they need, but if you don’t voice that, then they’ll never know how to help the situation(s) speak up but learn to do that respectfully. Everyone at this hospital is 17 or under so we’re all kids, act your age and stop thinking you’re entitled to sizing up with adults.- (Word limit reached


Jazzy Mare

This hospital is the worst place ever! The staff treat you like animals! Like we are not human! I was a patient and whatever we say to them they don’t listen! I felt mistreated like some wild dog! We rarely go outside and i’ve been captive for 2 and a half weeks and I nearly went insane just by being inside for so long getting fresh air. The food is disgusting. There’s no chips, nothing good. They give you only a small cup of water so I’m constantly dehydrated! They never clean the sheets! Never clean the showers properly! The floor is so dirty nothing gets cleaned! The people that wash our clothes would sometimes lose our stuff so I wouldn’t recommend bringing expensive clothing items. We have a tv with cable and we rarely use it. And because they wake you up at 3 am to check you and you only have 3 hours to go back to sleep, my sleep is constantly disturbed and I would have purple bags under my eyes! The staff are so unprofessional! They talk to us like we are animals! Just because we have mental issues doesn’t mean we don’t have feelings? And that we aren’t human?? One staff blamed us for “stealing a sharpener” and we all had to get body checked and it was all for nothing because it was in her room the whole time! The fact that she thought that it was us that took it is so disrespectful. They didn’t even say sorry! The security in the hospital is so bad and sometimes we the patients are at risk because of this! A girl escaped the unit 2 times! And a boy some how went in my room! The boy almost touched me and my roommate but instead he toiled my glasses and through them back at me! Something could bad could had happen if my roommate wasn’t there! This hospital is like jail, the military, or even hell! This is definitely not a hospital you’d wanna go!

Ponce Garcia

i was there for 3 week everything was good but the food was terrible and some of my therapist were asking personal stuff and it was a male too but other wise it was good but i would not reccommend it :/

Myisha Trotter

Frozen ProGaming

I was there maybe for like a week and a half and this happened around March. The staff they are okay. I really didn't have much issues there or any staffs had any issues, our group was pretty good. The problem is the food, the food is the one that got me sick after a while, I forgot which department I was in, I really don't want to call out names so, it was an all boy group. The cups were very small but sometimes they give up big cups and we keep it while we in the Day room. Other than that, I had a great stay. I was kinda upset when I had to leave everyone behind but we just have to move on with life.

Linda Fulton

Kim Herring

I would recommend this hospital to family's with children in crisis.

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