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REVIEWS OF Edward Hines, Jr. VA Hospital IN Illinois

Marie Johnson

Very slow .....

Danny Lane

Employee at emergency entrance was sleeping and refused to admit a veteran who came the ER for help. She stated she is off the clock and proceeded to go back to sleep. Very disappointed and disgusted!!!

Mary Haney

This is my first visit and it was to the er for a non-emergency visit. The front desk guy was screaming on the phone with another department but he did said excuse me. The Triag nurse was very nice and the Dr Teddy was great. My nurse communicated to me from her chair at the nurses station in between eating peanuts and working with her cellular phone. When she did come to hand me a discharge paper, it was pulling teeth to get directions to the pharmacy. I love the signs that say Veteran First!

Taylor H

I have been treated at Hines for about seven years. I have been very impressed by the hospital and the VA overall. I have always been treated by Loyola interns and doctors and have always been treated like, as they call us, a hero. They have always been engaged and genuinely concerned in improving my health. With the changes that have happened in civilian medicine, I am SO glad that I invested a few years of my life in The NAVY which resulted in my receiving the benefit of excellent medical care for the rest of my life. God's Speed Hines. After talking with many vets that have gone to Hines over the years, I can speak for many when I say, job well done!

Willie Weems

My meds are basically generic. They dropped some they didn't think I needed. For my stomach. My hit is not so good now. My doctor don't listen all the time. I compare Hines with Loyola. Right now I give Hines almost a three.

steve erickson

The doctor I'm seeing is from the dermatology order me to up my dose of prescription. One shot of enbrel 50mg. To 100mg. The doctor didn't even know what the effects of this high doses could have done to me. If would have entirely killed my emunity system & left me open to possibly Death! Be careful what doctor you see. Very inexperienced doctors!!! Called many times to schedule dermatology department and no one can transfer me, after 8 different transfers to different people! One big joke!

Vincent Koenig

The entire staff has been nothing but exceptional. I have been coming to hines multiple times a week for just about a year and I have been treated with nothing but respect. I would like to thank the polytrauma and mental health departments for thier continued support and dedication to the veterans of this great nation. World class service from world class providers.

Bill Paymaster

Excellent service! Could not ask for more.

Sadie Therese Montress

This hospital is by far the worst VA hospital to exist! In the women's clinic the Doctors are just there for a paycheck and ready to go home! I feel they treat patients just like a number or a client. Remember the Veterans are not just a "number" "clients" they're people, patients who need care n understanding! Coming here it was just like a big "f**** you" indirectly to my face! I've never had such a crappy expirences at other VA hospitals like I have here! This place makes me lose my mind. I advise all veterans PLEASE go else where!!!

Lester Boyd

I think the staff at Hines goes above and beyond when it comes to service and care for veterans their.

Yvette Wilkinson

Extremely impressed with the VA Hospital System. Semper Fi!

V. Ram Krishnamoorthi

I worked at Hines for 9 years and have collected the fondest memories of the vets, my co-workers, and the staff. A wonderful place. Don't let the critics blast the VA. They do not understand the hard work it takes to care for vets, and they do it right at Hines.


Bery good inpatient care but the need to see how the Jesse Brown VA handles meals. Its similar to pridon food at Hines. At Jesse Brown, you order your meals and they listen.

Trace B

I've been to a lot of VA's across the US and this one is by far the worst. Horrible wait times, more so than typical VA stuff, they cancel major appointments with less than 24hr notice when it took you 3 months to get that one, then offer the next available appt is over 2 months out. I sat in the ER in agony for 20hrs with out hardly being looked at, nurses purposely walk by the room quickly with heads down just so they don't have to acknowledge you exist. Some quack doctors that take u off all pain meds suddenly, and suggest yoga will help your 2 compressed vertebrae. After sitting on hold for 30 min, someone will randomly hang up on you. This place ought to be shut down!

Morning Star Management and Technical Solutions

Love my hospital

Norbert Langys

I have been a patiant of this hospital since 2005 for multple health issues including quadruple bypass, and a few less serious procedures, I have the highest regard & respect for the doctors and staff here, Of course not everybody will be …

Dennis Spears

The care givers have improved greatly since the 90's but the length of time to get a specialist appointment is crazy. We will see how this new Veterans Choice works...

susan lamb

You have an actual PA there that assists with Cardiac Surgery by the name of Natalie Mecum who just posted one of the most vile comments on social media I’ve seen in awhile. I couldn’t imagine ever going under the knife knowing these are the angry vile gals assisting my surgeon and a heart surgeon to boot. She’s a mom also so it’s quite disturbing. I don’t know about everyone else but I want to know anyone I see medically is @ least 1/2 way stable and not expressing pent up anger on a silly social media post. I am always stunned these are educated professionals. I wouldn’t send my elderly relatives to anyone with that much bottled anger. Ever.



Marc Schwartz


Terry Martell

Great support & care for veterans. Free vallet for patients too . Lot of volunteers in hallways to help guide u to the department u need to find .

Brian Hall

The Pharmacy in this hospital is terrible the wait time is crazy unbelievable

Tony Ciesielski

Very professional services. Medical care is provided at the highest standards.

William Banks

Couldn't be happier with the service I received today at Suite 1356 GI /colon dept. Everyone treated me with respect and kindness and I am so grateful for all of them. Mallory and Violet treated me as if they were my own personal angels!! A smile goes a long way and I found myself happy to of been there...thank you!

Manny Gonzales

Great hospital that does a lot of great work for veterans. Wish the VA had facilities closer to downtown, other than Jessie Brown. The location is totally inconvenient.

Deej Carpenter

I am experiencing terrible follow up between departments. I'v been constantly on the phone calling numbers to get the Vetran Choice to get out of network care on a patient with eye cancer. They honor the radiation and surgery but haven't oked follow up care which is needed. I been working on matter since March that's over 3 months your system is broken. It needs to be fixed. You fail ... .. Vetrans should have the option to use public care without restriction. A concerned caretaker

Antwan Rieff

Thank you. I give 5 stars.

Ihor Wyn

Got my hearing aids today. Everyone was friendly. Audiology was professional and explained everything to my satisfaction. After five visit I am not at all disappointed

Craig clendening

It really depends on who you get, but it is not uncommon to feel as though you are somehow inconveniencing the receptionist with your existence. The doctors and nurses that I have dealt with have all been as attentive as possible with such a large workload. Overall this place gets a 2 for the attitude of the support staff and crowdedness.

amel han

There is know weight room facilitie in this hospital. This a huge block of VA related buildings.

Michael Skelton

This place has improved so much I like it now it used to be not so great drs and nurses are very friendly keep up the good work

Ruby Frazier

They have taken excellent care of my husband ever since we started seeing the Drs. there.

Raymond Kmet

When I tried using the VA back in the 90's it was a bureaucratic mess. It was a lot of the old "hurry up and wait" routine and it was mostly wait. It took me over an hour just to get an identification card. I stopped using the VA because of it's inability to help the veteran expeditiously. I began using the VA again about two years ago and I am really surprised at the improvements and the quality of care I now receive from them. They ensure that I am informed about all of my appointments, notify me when changes have been made to those appointments, and the care and attention given is rated as A1! I was once checking in for an appointment at one of their kiosks and they were calling me to see the doctor before the kiosk could finish processing the sign in. Once I am in with the caregiver, I feel as though I am the only patient they are attending to for the day. They dont just prescribe a course of action, they listen to my concerns and work with me to help solve my issues and take the time to ensure I understand my treatment. Overall, I could confidently say that the VA is, now, the best healthcare provider I have ever used. They are the most courteous and professional staff that I have ever experienced and I really appreciate the respect I am given as a veteran and, most importantly, a patient. This place is rated as number 1 in my book. Thank you and keep up the great work.

Kevin Augustyniak

Very excellent health care for all veterans

Noah Garrity

I once thought Edward Hines took care of not only its veterans but also the people who worked to keep those Veterans as comfortable and as happy as possible. I once volunteered with the biomedical engineering team at the age of 12 back in …


In general, I give it a two out of five. Seemed to be in pretty bad condition, small rooms, no central check-in and difficult to navigate. Perhaps because it is so massive, it just seems to exude unfriendliness. People did their jobs but it was difficult to find a smile or kind word. Not too conducive to wellness.

Al Skeels

I can't understand this incessant whining about Hines and the care it provides for us veterans...I've had two major surgeries there, countless tests and have interacted with dozens of caring people who've provided exceptional, compassionate care..what's your problem???

Kris Maliszewski

Can't say enough about this hospital and the wonderful care and service they gave and continue to give to my Father. I knew nothing about the VA other than things I heard in the press. They have the best of everything here. I would not take my father anywhere else. They treat my Dad like he is their only patient. Not one negative thing can I say and we are here several times a month.

Ed Dziwak

I've been here a handful of times over last year and always have a positive experience. Most recently went for a sleep study and it was good as a sleep study can be compared to non VA establishments. Rose the technician was great. Only reason I gave four stars versus five is some of the rooms need updating.

Joseph Tovar

The doctors and nurses take very good care of us Vets! They have lots of patience and are very sincere.

Aleksey Boyarshinov

For the most part I get what I need. There are few thinga that could be better - like wait time to see doctors. But it's about the same as in private sector. Fred Kozik

Lol Looking for blgd 12 at hines hospital Maywood ill

Anthony Gholston

I like their services and the employees there treats me with kindness ,but every time I go to the emergency room it takes forever for me to be seen by a doctor.

Laurie Gauthier

They do great work here. My only complaint is wait times! My family member had to wait like 3 months for a pair of glasses to come in! Unacceptable. Couldn't see anything!

Bud Feigenbaum

Been coming to the Hines VA Hospital for 20 years. NEVER have I had bad care. My Doc is the best. The nurses, aides and admin always are helpful, nice and the do a great job.

Joe Rosa

The Ear/Nose and Throat department saved my life when I was diagnosed with MRSA. They sprung into immediate action when I thought I had just a simple pimple in my nose. I was told I was hours away from an infection spreading to my brain which would have sealed my fate. But because of them, I am living now a healthier and grateful life. Thank you, Thank you.... Hines V.A. Hospital

Reinaldo Cartagena

Ive been sitting in the E.R now for about 2 hours now. And there was only 4 people waiting. Within those 2 hours they only called 1 person. Horrible service.

Draven Romero

This is easily the best hospital I've ever been to, I've gone here multiple times and everyone in the staff is extremely friendly and happy to help (great sense of humor as well (for times humor is acceptable)). The wait time is short (depending on the amount of patients, of course), the order in which everything goes is precise, the doctors/nurses ACTUALLY listen and try to solve the issues at hand. I've literally 0 complaints whatsoever. I genuinely don't understand the bad reviews; maybe the people with the bad reviews started off yelling and recieved said treatment for being rude or something? Anyways, it's a great hospital with an amazing staff and brilliant doctors/nurses (my doctor and nurse started reciting +10 medications off the top of their heads and brainstorming which would be the best option, with eachother, when I asked if there was a medication for a separate minor issue I was having; it was like I was watching House). If that's not enough, I was given FRESH+WARM blankets MULTIPLE TIMES within my short time of being there and nothing but the best behavior.

John Irvine

Anytime I see a review without any comments I totally disregard any number given good or bad. Personally i have been going to Hines since 1978. There have been many changes to the facility since that time and I have to admit for the dozens of times that I have gone there they are very good at what they do. Asking questions, is very important. we are used of being quiet. We need to ask so we can tell them what is going on. Dont assume. I am happy and will continue to go there.

Douglas Jimerson

everyone was very kind and helpful

Allen Widel

The care at Hines is the best that I have ever had. Every time that I go there I am so grateful for the way they offer their services. I owe them my life. I hope the professionals that work there are well taken care of. God bless Hines hospital.

lauren bell

This Hospitals ER treated My Mother in law ( who is blind) and my fiance so poorly we had to contact patient advocate. Who then had every department call an apologize to us!!! Only to have my mother in law return WITHIN DAYS to be treated poorly again. Due to the fact that her first ER visit which was well over a 10 hour visit ( mind you we live over an hour away from the VA) did not tell her what was wrong the first time. Now she is in inpatient an is still being treated poorly. This place has no idea how to treat the people who served our country at all!!! I'd hate to see how this VA would treat regular civilians!!!

Kath B

Very friendly knowledgeable staff excellent care

Jennifer Eng

Nice efficient people working at the hospital. You get appointments soon. Very satisfied with their service to veterans.

Renee Dole Finley

Awesome Care for my 94yr Mother Delphine!! With Dementia & Broke Hip surgery and excellent one on one care. Had nurse with her 24/7 cause she wld not remember she had surgery. Great follow up care also..this wld not happen in a private hospital...expensive ones wld just put alarms etc.

Kenneth Roof

The best VA hospital in the country! Had both knees replaced with a fast and healthy recovery!

Muay Thai Devil Doc

Yet another VA that is failing heir Veterans. Especially those with mental health conditions. Never have I had my dignity taken more than here after serving my country and fighting in Iraq. I registered today and did exactly as I was told and sent to the ER to speak to a doctor that took my dignity.

Debby Gollobit

Your staff members beat my dad when he was alive. All b/c he took himself to the bathroom and couldn't get back up in his wheelchair. My mom brought it to the higher ups attention but didn't tell family till he passed away, in fear we would do something. 8 years have passed and I've kept my cool but you won't silence me any longer. He died in your horrible establishment and this is not how you treat the men and women that have fought for our country. You all should be ashamed of yourselves, and I'm glad the president is keeping his promise and 500 VA employees have been fired. You don't go into this business b/c of money. You go into it b/c you care and want change until things are done accordingly. God bless my dad and the men and women who have served.

Catherine Nikrandt

I am so thankful for the care they gave to my dad and the piece my mind I had while he has in their care and away from my care

George Hairston

Hands down, thumbs up, best care I've gotten at ANY other VAMC or private system.

Arturo Gonzalez

My father was a Korean War vet. He just passed away of a very rare skin cancer. The last months of his life were spent in the extended care unit . The care he received until he breathed his last breath was extraordinary. All staff from doctors to nurses to aides to volunteers chaplains and social workers did their job beyond expectations. They were always kind and compassionate and treated my dad with the utmost respect and dignity. They always took the time to talk to family. And everytime we visited , we were greeted by any and all staff. The nurse practitioner , especially, on the last day spent an unbelievable amount of time listening and preparing us for the end. All our wishes were met. I cannot say enough wonderful things about our experience at this hospital.

dori kaspar

As seen on Facebook today. What's up with that I want a job where I can sleep, be rude and still get paid with No consequence.

Ke Re

10 year veteran trying to get an inhaler( service connected disability) it's Sunday so pharmacy is closed, I'm out of town and only one here,took two hours sitting in room. Staff sitting around talking about what they will eat for lunch. All I need is a inhaler refill. Wish I could post the audio from their conversations. Absolute trash.

Angela H

After 6 days of "toughing it out," I decided to go to the ER here. The front desk staff kindly told me I had to register there (I thought my info would transfer between hospitals everywhere). The guy at the Admissions desk was super kind! When I finally got called back in the ER, which wasn't a long wait thankfully, everyone was so nice and personable and I felt I was being listened to! I had only gotten the names of two of my caretakers - Dr. Cordero and Barb, my nurse. This was my first ER experience and I'm so happy it was a great one, all things considered!

Regina Gill

It provides excellent care and everyone is so friendly . Doctors are ģood listeners to focus on your well being .

Andrew Kral

This place is horrible. These people dont even pick up the phone and when they do they throw you on hold until you get tired of holding and hangup. If you want decent care go to jesse brown. This place is garbage


From the receptionist at the emergency room to the nurses the xray Technician then the Dr and pharmacy it was all 5 star service. I'm from out of town, Albany NY area and was in severe pain from nerve damage and am feeling much better now. Thank You all.

Donald Reiersen

the best hospital for veteran's by far.

Aaron Fredenburg

good people with limited resources. its not the Mayo Clinic but it is quality health care with caring staff.

Michael W

I can't say enough good things about this place. Excellent care for veterans. If you have a choice of places to go, I would fight to go here. Top notch place!

Todd Roberts

This hospital is fantastic except for the food if you have to stay there but everything else is on par with the best hospitals in Chicago. The staff is outstanding. Anyone who complains about the care would complain no matter where there were.

Antonio O

The va doesn't do enough for the vets, and it's a shame because there people have put there life on the line.

Butter Fly

Worst hospital for veterans ever. They care less about patients and their families. Very rude and unprofessional people I've ever met in my life. This hospital needs to be torn down. The GU unit in the basement needs a health inspector to come in. They give patients dixie cups to urinate in with no lids or biohazard bags. There were about a dozen Dixie cups full people's pee sitting on the entire countertop of the lab part of the GU unit. That is so unsanitary and unhealthy for people to breath that was very disgusting. Stray dogs are treated better then veterans

Nikki Poe

I wish I could put 0 . My father in law who is a veteran had a knee replacement done and they put in the wrong size knee. 2 years later they finally tell him they won't do anything to fix it! Thank you for nothing !!! Shame on you, you …


I'm very lucky unlike most people in our country with out any or useful health insurance. Thank you VA and Hines. God bless the United States. And our duly elected president Trump : )

John Gunia

All my experiences with Hines and the satellites have been wonderful except the Orthopedic Dept.. They should clean house and replace the department with the model of the other wonderful departments that give Hines it's great name. It is sad that one group of doctors can bring down the rating of this fine hospital.

Randy Long

it sucks. i have been waiting a month to see a doctor 4 something that could b life changing 4 MY WIFE And myself

Nina Desantis

I've been going to Hines VA for 10 yrs. I have had some good positive experiences there, I've also dealt with staff who were either rude, lazy, incompetent, or a combination of all those things. I was an inpatient once & I stood @ the …

Ghost Boo

I get all my medical as a vet free of coust

Photog Pro

I've never had greater care! Since June, 2016, I've had 3 MRI's Oral Surgery, Cataract Surgery and will have hip replacement surgery in January. A complete set of dentures, and NOT had to pay a cent! The medical staff have been outstanding.

LaTanya Garcia

This hospital has thoroughly evaluated my uncle, treated him with the utmost respect. He shunned going to the hospital but now he makes sure I take him to all his appointments. Wonderful, caring staff.


I've been a patient of the hospital for many years. I've always tried to be understanding of the long wait times and horrible attitudes of the staff. Well, I no longer have patience. My left knee has a meniscul tare do to arthritis, This has been going on for 2 yrs. now. I've been to physical therapy, pain injections, steroid injections, and seen a bunch of ortho doctors. Today I thought I was going to get an appointment for knee replacement surgery since 3 doctors there thought I needed one. NOPE...I was told I'm too young (47) , I'm too fat, and it probably won't help much. I wasn't always overweight. I have some depression and PTSD problems so that caused the weight gain. It's hard to get off since I can't do cardio without being in pain. I waited over a hour as usual and got knowhere as usual. What a waste of 2 yrs. and multipe Dr. Appointments.They wanted to send me to physical therapy agin or have another shot. Thanks for nothing as usual VA.

Sandy Solt

Several years ago I took my husband to Hines because his health was failing rspidly. Every Hines employee, with the exception of the kitchen staff who continually disregarded Dr. orders, rated my highest thanks. However, the doctors from Loyola think themselves more important than God. My husband who suffered from Parkinson's and a variety of other ailments was treated like a dog from some Neurologist who stood at the end of his bed and screamed at him to get up and let someone who was really sick take his place. Just for the record he died a month later in the Hospice building, where he was treated with kindness and respect. Hines is getting a bad rap from the "superior " bad apples from Loyola.


Hines has tremendous potential but is just not nearly there yet.... There are a few superb doctors but it is very difficult to find them and get in their good graces. It is a huge crapshoot and it is the luck, or lack of luck, of the draw. I am fortunate now, after going through patient advocate hell and other methods of communication, to have some of the better doctors and staff in my corner. It was very very difficult and thus the two star grade. If you do not like your doctor, ask to change it though advocacy. If you have questions and concerns ask as many people as you have to. There are many lack luster people working at Hines. Avoid them or change them if they are part of your health care support team. Be your own best advocate. Call and write congress. Do whatever you can to get the best health care that you can. Good luck to you in your personal quest for well being! :)

Douglas Robertson

I did not serve in the military because I didn't want to go to Vietnam and get killed. They didn't invite us. It was a Dirty War.

Armond W. Cozzi

This hospital is a first rate facility. I have been going to HInes since 09, and the Doctors, nurses and staff couldn't be more thorough they have the best diagnostic departments and waste no time in treating it's veterans with great care and dignity.

carly j

Very disappointed in the Volunteers service department. They are not responsive and organize. I have been trying to get our team in for 3 weeks now.

Liwia Gentry

Going to get abused by my physical therapist, but getting better, love the care in this hospital.

Jay C

If you have something negative to say about this Hospital or any VA Hospital, KEEP IT TO YOURSELF!! We should be very grateful to have this benefit, most people have no insurance.

tony scire

Always get good care never a complaint

Mike zebbman

I've been going here since 1995. First visit was in a room in the old building with bars on doors and windows. I of course had my doubt's. Those soon vanished. The care I have received since day 1 has been A+. They have quite honestly changed my life. I have received care for everything from my hearing trouble to weight loss. My hearing aids are awesome and thanks to my primary care physician and my simply awesome nutritionist I have lost 90 pounds and am no longer taking diabetic meds or cholesterol meds. To put it as simple as possible, they actually care about me and all my health needs. Walk into any civilian hospital and you are a number. Their first question is do you have insurance or how will you pay. Walk in to Hines and the first question is how can we help. From bars on the doors to the beautiful building it has become is amazing to me. I am a disabled veteran not by choice but I am a patient at Hines which is the best choice I could have ever made. Dont put a review here because you heard something on the news and want to jump on that band wagon. Veterans owe a lot to these hospitals. We all gave and now they give back. I, like many others have already say thank you.

Frank Nichols

Received fast efficient treatment , er checked me in , in less than 5 minutes, technicians , nurses, took my vitals within 5 minutes afterward, appropriate Physician saw me with in 15 minutes, and sent me for xrays. After x-rays were reviewed by the physician and reviewed to me and prescription was issued and I went to the out patient pharmacy to get them. All in the same building, no driving around all over, no 500 questions, credit checks, etc, no long waiting for a Doctor in the ER like most civilian hospitals , was better in a week. when you have a VA card, really a vet, and have a VA primary with specialist referrals. Did not wait 30 years to see a doctor, or go on drunk or drug benders for years, or poor life and eating habits for 30 years. I really feel many of the whiners and wimps who complain are one of them with poor life style habits and blame the VA, and think that a pill will cure everything in a week or have no or poor paper work to prove they are a real vet, or are drunk or drugged up when they arrive at the hospital. Been to four VA hospitals in the mid west , no weird problems, no one trying to drain my wallet, no 500 questions every visit before I can see a doctor. Appointments are super easy and can be changed or done on the cell phone or internet. The VA is light years ahead of most civilian hospitals. Done both, and had valid Blue Cross full coverage for civilian hospitals near my house and valid VA card for VA hospitals that I saw in Chicago Area and Milwaukee.

Pamela Bourrell

My gr.father died in this hell hole many years ago. I still read cases of abuse and lck of care on FB!

Macer Boogies

Just seen the housekeeper wipe down the trash can then use the same rag to clean off the tables. What goes on in the clinics and patient areas?

Charles Swoape

Best hospital experience I've ever had. The doctors, nurses and staff were great. Even the food was great!

Gary Waller

I've been going to Hines VA Hospital for quite a while and as hospitals go it's the best.... I've had numerous surgeries there and am totally satisfied....

Mike Fusco

I don't know who Edward Hines Jr is, but he should be ashamed of his name being on this place

Lint King

Absolute Kaos. About all you count on at the HINES VA is BS and aggravation. I just had hernia surgery canceled again, because of a neck injury in 1992. They have MRI's they have X Rays, and my neck and there nothing to be done, is fine! The first surgeon they assigned wanted me to wait 2 months for her to get certified to do my surgery. Victim #1. When I broke My wrist 6 years ago, HINES VA made me wait 3 months to get it fixed with surgery. Is this what we get for serving this country. Semper FI

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