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REVIEWS OF Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center IN Illinois

Maurice Wright

Enrique Carrillo

Lynn Austrheim

I am a Licensed clinical social worker and would highly recommend the James A Lovell in North Chicago to those people that are qualified for services. My primary doctor is excellent and easily makes referrals to specialist when that is required. In every instance of treatment I have been treated with courtesy and respect. All staff I have met so far have taken the time to listen to my issues, and I have never been rushed through treatment. This VA hospital is at the top of my list for quality care. Thank you.

Donald R. Massey Jr

Travis Cain

First, I certainly appreciate the teams and professionals that work here. However, let's talk 'right of first refusal'. This is when this center executes a legal ability to redirect care in their favor. Here's the impact - having to drive over 2 hours (through Chicago, which is never fun) and losing a good portion of my work day when I could quite literally travel a block for the exact same or better service is frustrating. Each time they have done this it is 5-6 hours of my day as opposed to 30-45 minutes. There needs to be a balance here and as Veterans we should at least have a voice in this.

Chase E

I have always been treated respectfully and have been helped by all personnel. This is a newer VA with all the current medical technology and other facilities. Doctors respond to secure email within 24 hours. Appointments usually in reasonable time frame. ER visit was similar to other ER experiences, good experience, but lengthy. There are many programs available to veterans and current DOD.


Mr tittle is the best Linda bldg 7 nurse Sheryl In the er bldg 11,7,66 thank god for their programs Dr Danielson ,Paula Neville ,larenda,in 11,

Anna Matchin

Top of the line

Anthony Bellomo

Neo Matriks


Sam Jones

Chris Caldron

Be aware ! If trying to get a referral, LT White is not on the side of the person needing help, she has no compassion for the needs of the service member and is heartless with no real concern for your wellbeing. Very long story - short version. Had been seen for over 2 years for shoulder and knee pain, I was tired of it ask for a referral, they tried to send me 1:30 minutes away to WI, I looked and found a fantastic place called NorthShore just 10 minutes away, within 2 visits they found a torn rotator cuff that was hanging on by a thread and was in need of surgery, and PT for my knees! Real Doctors. Everything going better, surgery set up, then bam no approval the place who didn’t and couldn’t find my problems said I needed to have them do it. What a joke. I may have to change my insurance just to get proper care. I have a list of wrongdoing there like being stabbed 3 times to get blood drawn, hell I could have done better. BE AWARE of LT White. What’s even worse is the thought of poor care for people who are dependent upon them more so than I.

Reginald Addison

Like mobile app for works job use.

Jessica Chase

Steven M. Bastean

Great care and excellent service for all veterans! The hospital is great and the er is open to the public now. They have a great drug and achlol rehab program, homeless program, and top notch PTSD program in the US!

Christina Cantu

I found this card

susan wiswald

Steve Matteson

Filled with people collecting paychecks . They don't understand why they even have that job they hate. Pharmacy is a joke where you can wait an hour to find out someone prescribed a flagged medicine and then you leave without any meds at all. G.I department is poorly run by more paycheck collectors . V.S.O . Guy there couple days a week appears to take two hour lunches while there. Doesn't care you've been waiting just says I'll be back in two hours after trying to lie about how your 5 minute procedure will take 30 mins. Doctors don't talk to each other and your treatment is all over the map and wasted days/weeks sometimes. Advocates office doesnt respond to phone either. Place should be closed down and care privatised.

joshua lieb

Matthew Booker

isaiah hollis

It a good butter VA Hospital. The staff are really nice. And clean area.

Todd Sander

We have always received high quality care from a very caring staff. Our only complaints are from some of the strange rules that make providing care a bigger challenge for the folks who are just trying their best to serve us. Next time you visit, make sure to smile and thank someone who is helping you. I don't think they get enough appreciation.

Ryan Jones

Nddd Bjss

They seam to usaualy treat me right some parts of the hospital do not it depends on what department you are being seen nuroligy is rude especially the respeconist

Mike M

I interviewed for an Engineering job with the Facilities and had an unpleasant experience. I interviewed twice for the same job, the interview panel was very inexperienced to say the least. The interview was conducted in a very robotic manner - the panel would read a question and the candidate had to answer. No personal interaction, very dry. You could see the lack of experience and the fact that the interview panel was feeling uneasy about that. I wish a senior, more experienced panel conducted the interview.

Michael Hodges

Louis Portlock


João Barros

Robert Cranpton

Richard London

Jerrell M Wolfe

Love the upgrade.

Steven Keller

Love this place, takes very good care of me

John Braeckman

Prompt and friendly. No complaints

Jim Wardlow

The Lovell complex is the nation's only combined VA/DOD medical facility. I go there regularly and the care at this place definitely stacks up against your favorite outside medical facility/hospital. A great place with great people working there.

Eric Buescher

Terrifying inexperience will leave you in worse shape than you went in. If you have a simple cold or a rash or need some mental help(Dr. Karla Renhoffer is outstanding) this is a place you can get decent care if your willing to wait. If it's something serious stop and find a professional at a real hospital, if you must go here I highly recommend you follow your appointment up with a second opinion from another doctor anywhere else.

Jack S

If you really...I mean really, want to die a young death. This is the place! VAH needs to be shut down and completely replaced with something else. This administration was designed in the earlier part of the 20th Century and is not equipped to deal with the number of Veterans needing care nor the kind of care these Veterans need! Political correctness and bureaucratic red tape is everywhere. Care for Veterans is at the bottom of the pile.

Bakhtiar Mohammed

Geetanjali Singh

My Primary Care Practitioner, Deborah Safron, is as good as any doctor one can find.

Michael Morse

Good VA Health Care Center.

Steven Kenedy

Andrew Patchett

Their automated phone system is garbage. A lot of options are broken and cycle back to the beginning. No one in the dental office ever picks up the damn phone. I called all day yesterday and not one time did anyone pick up the phone. I left a message and they returned the call to me next day to then tell me that I wasn't their problem, I was another clinic's problem. My call is then redirected into a broken automated phone directory. I hate this place.

Bob Diehl

On Dick Clark's "American Bandstand" he would always ask someone in his audience to rate a particular song. I will give JLFHCC a 99 44/100 % rating. When I can walk into Primary Care and be instantly greeted with a "Hi Bob" it just makes my day that much better. The only thing I would like to see improved upon is the adjusting of the eye glasses frame. I have to long of bows and they do not carry a shorter version so I had to go to an outside clinic to get them fixed. I was very impressed with the level of the equipment used to check out these tired eyes of mine and the level of professionalism displayed. I would like to say thank you to all of the personnel at this facility for their caring and being there for all of us. On a separate note, in all my travels on this campus, I have never seen anything prominently displayed that draws attention to the Merchant Marine veterans. They deserve as much praise and admiration as we do. I will look forward to that prominent change as soon as possible this year.

Anthony Shababy


They are the best VA HOSPITAL IN THE MIDWEST THEY HAVE save MY LIFE MANY OF TIMES. THANK GOD FOR THE ER department. SHERYL IS A GREAT WOMEN .THANKS TO building 11 AND 7 AND 66 ..This Veteran was always being treated with the highest respect and dignity ,that this country has solely given me , here at the north Chicago VA hospital ❗❗❗❗❗❗❓❓❓❓ April 2016 BACK IN THE VA HOSPITAL AGAIN ❗

Azriel Cabrini

Professional Military styled Hospital environment!

Bob Tierney

The doctors aren't bad but you better be ready to wait at least an hour to get anything from the pharmacy. They do not move with any urgency and their system takes forever!!

Gregory Sielepkowski

What an outstanding medical facility, I have been going to the N. Chicago VA since 1977, and I need can tell you that the transformation since then has been nothing short of spectacular. Since then it has improved 300%, I go nowhere else for my medical needs.

Diana Hail

Excellent care of my dad, a Korean war veteran!

Courtney Colyar

Excellent Care; Incredible staff.

John Rizoff

Stephanie Stewart

yvette walker

Gilberto Molina

To whom it may concern; I try to avoid bringing small issues to my PCP at the facility to not over whelm the clinic, but when I do have an issue that is in need of addressing, it is super disappointing to know that I cannot just head to the VA (FHCC) to have these concerns addressed. Case in point, today I called and was unable to obtain an appointment with my provider, but was told to come into the walk-in clinic. I did just that, only to be told 2 hrs later by the Triage RN that they actually don’t really have a walk-in clinic and that I needed to have my issue addressed by the ER. Poor service!

Roof_Rat CV66

Excellent care!

LisA TamAr

Jim Hardiman

Too often letters are only written when a problem needs to be addressed, In contrast, I like to write in support & appreciation of the entire staff serving in Building 134, Freedom Square at the Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center, The trip, to visit my brother Bill Hardiman, 1965 - 1967 US Army veteran, As many, he had returned with medical issues, Through the outstanding care provided by his primary Doctor, Dr, Sachs, I believe at Heinz Medical center, (I could write a novel on the bahalf of this mans dedication) Bill has worked with the VA Chicago, Loyola University and Waukegan. Now, when he needs the most assistance, Freedom Square is there for him! As many others will also relate. time has put miles between us, you could call it a snap inspection. Well I am proud to write, this place is run wonderfully, the people serving here, are outstanding. As I traveled home reflecting on this first-rate care, I knew I had to take a few moments to write this review. Adding to their already high marks on google. THANK YOU ONE AND ALL. Jim Hardiman. Sacramento, CA.

richard charette

Excellent care. My primary Dr. FRANCISCO is one if the best doctors I have ever had. The speciality clinics are also very good.

Inez Ski

Michael Dougherty

Great staff and doctors!


Rena Eschenburg

Where do I even start? I have issues every time I go here. I saw my doctor for TERRIBLE crippling cramps and he just wrote it off as normal womanly cramps even though I repeatedly told him that something was not right. He prescribed me some Advil and sent me on my way. When I came back and asked him to get a referral to Woman's Health, he said he would put one in but never did. I had to call him back and wait to have it put in. After weeks of this persistent issue, I finally got into Woman's Health and found out that I had issues in my Fallopian tube! This same doctor also denied me a choice in birth control options and I was desperate so I went to Planned Parenthood for it instead. Recently I went to the doctor for another issue which had to be checked IMMEDIATELY. I scheduled the appointment the day of and the receptionist told me the appointment was at 1330... so 1:30. I repeated it back to her and even put it in my calendar as we were speaking. I showed up for my appointment at 1:15 and was told "Sorry ma'am, your appointment was at 1:10 so you will have to reschedule. The doctor has other important things to do." Like excuse me??? I told them my appointment was confirmed for 1:30. Besides I was there at 1:15... 5 minutes late and I get booted??? Mind you, I live an hour away so I drove two hours for absolutely nothing. I had to see the doctor for my issue but now I have to wait an entire weekend before I can be seen. Finally... Mental Health... What a joke. I was seeing a therapist for about a year because I was severely depressed and she really was not empathetic at all. I felt like she was there for her paycheck and not to really want to help her patients. She actually LAUGHED at me when I was telling her about my insecurities! That's when I knew I had to go elsewhere. I am looking into paying for my own insurance now because I consistently receive poor service. I get better service paying for care nearby.

Roy McClellan

I needed a diagnosis & couldn't have been more pleased with the service in a professional & timely manner.

Edward Jones

Good health care.

Frank Bock

Ela Mirkovic

SM Kaza

private private

I have never been treated better, anywhere else

Ty Stephens

Andrew Sawicki

Michael Bogan

It's a mixed bag of nuts. You never know what level of service you'll get when you're treated here. But it's one stop shopping from dental to podiatry, as long as you've served your country, been injured and then navigated the VA.

Roberto Garcia

Mike V

The mental health department is a joke. I've never in my life experienced such incompetent doctors. I'm disappointed in my government with it's fake promises to take care of veterans.

Great Choice

Complete Medical care for Veterans Up to date equipment, staff helpful in most cases. Dr appointments run on time, don't be late, if you are running late call them, they will do what they can to take others early so the Dr. will be able to see you. If you don't call you will most likely be told to reschedule.

Jason Loeb

andrew bond

We have always been treated with courtesy and respect. The staff has always provided professional service and made us feel safe.

Dan Trapp

Many interactions. Professional and helpful staff with only 1 exception (in optometry).

Shamill Baker

My father died here in 2014 at the young age of 56 of some form of cancer and pneumonia. He went in with flu-like symptoms at about 215-220 lbs standing at a height of 6'1. A week later he had lost a significant amount of weight and was sent home with the belief he was treated and no longer had pneumonia. However, he returned the very next day with worsened symptoms. After the doctor actually ran tests they told him he had cancer and it was possible he had it for 20 years. We were baffled. First he was told he had lung cancer, then stage 3B, then stage 4 all within a matter of a few weeks. We were all confused. All the while they never got rid of the pneumonia so both illnesses were attacking his cells aggressively. I visited him every weekend coming in from Chicago while his wife stayed at his bedside. I never saw a doctor. All of my questions were directed to a nurse or nurse assistant who seemed to be clueless as to what they were talking about. When his entire family visited, a nurse came in and changed his catheter bag in front of all of us. I was furious.What happened to patient privacy. They told us he had three months to live after finding out he had cancer just a week prior. He actually died within the next 3 weeks. I feel like the staff here did nothing to treat, prevent or prolong his death. They sent him out into the air with a severe case of pneumonia, failed to attend to him properly and kept him drugged up at all times. They fed him pop-sickles just about his entire stay there. He went 9 days straight without eating because of a medicine they administered that left a metallic taste in his mouth. To top it off, I have been given a very difficult time when trying to get his medical records from this place as his biological daughter. I will not rest until I find out what really happened because I know in my heart that more could have been done to save his life. I have dedicated my Graduate education degree to finding out more about his case and other Veterans who suffer or die at the hands of a VA medical center designed to care for our Veterans. With each paper I write and each form of research I encounter I am discovering how negligent VA hospitals all over the world really are. It's like they just kept him drugged up waiting for him to die. The only reason I gave them one star is because I couldn't post my review with no stars. Otherwise, I would rate them a negative infinity of stars. The Captain James A. Lovell Federal Health Care Center has failed my father miserably as a Veteran as well as his wife and 11 children who loved him dearly.

david seward

Another appointment, another doctor that hasn't reported for work. My appointment was made for 9am but it's 9:30 and my provider is still missing in action. Pulmonary clinic.

Chris Lambert

The best VA I have visited all Doctors and Nurse's professional help heart body and mind .Airborne.

A Gottlieb

Trying to get referrals for community care is a joke. Was told today I can not have a chiropractic referral and acupuncture. Most outside facilities do both and I had both in the past from VA Miami. Didn't President Bush 2 sign a law to make these services easier to obtain and after all these years they still do not have in-house Dr to perform these services. If you suffer from migraines and chronic back pain the ER is horrible. Had 10 out of 10 pain at 2am and left me in a ER room for 1.5 hours no meds. When i did get an IV line in my arm they just wanted to test me for illegal drug use WTH.... Thank goodness I have private insurance and took an uber to Libertyville treated within 20 minutes. Sent the VA the bill and they declined to pay... Hmm wonder why do so many vets hurt themselves in the parking lot from not getting care sad...... Do not even bother asking for a DBQ unless things changed. Was told they have an internal policy that prevents medical staff from completing these documents. Stupid your specials and Dr know you better than any of the C&P staff and they are more qualified. Guess they just want to keep the compensation approvals lower. Do not get me wrong. I do believe there are some good people that love taking care of vets. I think Dr. Gamboa eye clinc, Val and Dr Kruper are really good and fine people but are hindered by internal policy not found at other VAs.

Susan Melton

Physical Therapists (Emily Baker) should not be making clinical diagnosis and overriding MD's. Working for the military doesn't mean you can circumvent laws and exceed your scope of practice. PT's can not diagnose!


There seems to be alot of underlying issues here with SOME of the staff that they choose to let work as BOTH administration and providers at this facility. And after looking at all of the 1 star ratings almost out numbering the 4 star questionable ratings, i see why after having come here to get care in person commuting from chicago. So in short i will be brief and to the point with my answer.. IF YOU want a health care provider from the DOD side in internal medicine (Patrick Phohae) to have his staff pre add weight numbers to your scale when weighing you about having weight loss concerns, or tell you that he will put a specialty care referral in (oncology) but there is no guarantee that they will call you, or a va side provider named (sara syeda) (gold team) to prescribe you an overdose of a combination water pill medicine in which you did not ask for: (hctz/triamterene 50/75) then cancel the prescription after it was delivered thru the mail and you find this out on myhealthevet, Also tell you "if you do not like what i am telling you then you can change your provider" ( after waiting for 1 hour past the original appointment to see her) And worse, seeing the Advocates about these provider issues and request that change with someone wonderful as (christina) who addresses these concerns then comming back to thank her and meeting someone like (kim) who will talk to you about irrelevant issues like you tube videos and her estranged family and falsely telling you your provider has been changed in one phone call only to find out 2 weeks later, they want you as a patient to come in and drive 1hr from your residence to a 30 min. meeting and that the matter still hasnt been resolved and you have that same provider and yet even worse she tells you that "you're not unique" after expressing for 20 mins about your concerns on how the matter is not being handled to expectation but getting no where still THEN THIS PLACE IS FOR YOU.. Ret usn.

Eileen Remlinger

SoutheBanke _Marcus

If you are used to going to a regular VA hospital where the motto is “veterans first” then your visit to the Lovell federal health care center will be awful. At the FHCC it’s veterans 5th. Veterans will be treated like second class citizens. You will not like it, the federal healthcare center is a disaster and an insult to veterans.

Connie Penland

Cynthia Choi

felix mireku

Great place for veterans

Jo Anna R

This hospital is my lifesaver! I've been a patient there for 8 years and I receive the best care there. I have experience from almost all the clinics except dermatology. I had major and minor surgeries performed, numerous procedures, tests, labs, you name it. They have state of the art technology, diagnostic equipment, and referrals to non-VA hospitals for nuclear medicine. I currently see several doctors on a regular basis, and they all know exactly what I'm dealing with. They are extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and think outside the box. They emphasize whole patient care, body, mind, spirit, nutrition, exercise, etc. One time, during my surgery, there were unexpected complications and a second pair of hands was needed. My surgeon called the other surgeon who was on leave and she came to assist immediately. I stayed there for a week after the surgery, which was successful and they saved my life. My current primary doctor is phenomenal! Other specialists and therapists as well. I had great experiences with physical therapy, occupational therapy, psychotherapy (individual and group) and supporting staff. I am able to reach the doctors very easy through secure messaging and they respond if not the same day then definitely the next. Some of the doctors I can reach directly by phone to report serious adverse events due to my illness or medications. MyHealtheVet is an excellent tool to order your prescriptions, access your health records, appointments, and contact the doctors and their staff. FHCC communicates with other VA and non-VA hospitals very well. When I was going through a cancer scare, the entire diagnostic process took only six weeks from my initial visit to their ER on June 30 to final diagnosis on August 13. This process involved lab tests, bronchoscopy, attempted biopsy (however, there was no safe access to the area), PET-CT scan (at Highland Park), and finally exploratory surgery with overnight stay at Zablocki VA in Milwaukee. It was an ordeal because of unknown, but the diagnostic process was perfect. For two years now since the diagnosis I'm treated, have constantly updated and regulated medications, labs, and scans and everything is synchronized perfectly. I still have to visit the ER sometimes, but I'm treated there with dignity and respect. Yes, I have to wait, like everywhere else. However, when I showed up with chest pain, I was seen immediately. If I was unhappy about some customer service issue, I went to Patient Advocates who are very helpful, compassionate and act immediately. I usually get a call back from the clinic the next day that issue was resolved. As they say, as a patient you are your best advocate. If there is a problem, address it with proper personnel and it will be fixed.

Keely Albarracin

Travis Smith

Siva Rama Krishna Cheetirala

Christina Payne

My client has not been in for 20 years and was amazed that he told his friends.

tom cooper

They almost killed me 3 times which I have proof of in recordings and emails Mis diagnosed me at least twice unfortunately the people work there don't care about vets all about the pay check

Michael Gardner

Patrick Little

Elliott Moore

Roberta Cogan

I have always received the best care in any of the clinics I have been in. Wonderful staff and caring doctors. Thank you for all you do!

Eric Walleck

Very clean Hospital and Friendly employees

Patrick Little

Takes great care of Vets and active duty.

Antonia G

Vince Lemetti

I've been up here at Lovell FHCC for reasons that differ from many others, however, the service and quality of people and programs they have here represent some of the finest I've experienced in the VA to date. The facilities are exemplary, the dining facility is amazing, the grounds are perfect. One drawback is if you have to travel from building to building they may be a little far from one another, but they have a system called the Tramway linking ALL the buildings together. Very nice place indeed.

Lydia McDermott

joe kop

The wait times at the Pharmacy are ridiculous to have 6 windows and shut 5 is stupid. I have. Even coming here for over a year and everytime the wait time is insane. Does not matter what time of day if you show up right when it opens they are in no rush to see you that's for sure


For three days I’ve been trying to get my prescription refilled from the most incompetent doctor a patient could ever ask for. Dr. Hung. Now here I sit in the walk in clinic jeopardizing my job by missing yet another day of work and it looks like they are failing me again. I will be contacting my state senators and congressman about this.

Francisco Hurtado

lisa hults

My 90 year old father is there and they are taking good care of him

Nancy Russell

My last visit was HORRIBLE I was informed there is 1 Dr FEMALE VETS CAN BE ASSIGNED TO AND I MUST WAIT OVER A MONTH TO SEE A DR. THIS IS UNACCEPTIBLE.i am blessed we have medical insurance through his currant job and tri care as a retiree. I WILL NOT GO HERE AS A VET UNLESS I HAVE NO OTHER OPTION SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE. i am a disabled vet, for over 23 yrs now I was treated originally through this facility when I was hurt, I felt the clinics worked well with each other. Since my discharge I have been stationed elsewhere with my husband. I have now returned to the the great Lakes facility with his retirement and our new home SOMETHING MAJOR HAS CHANGED AND NEEDS TO BE FIXED....ASAP

Rich Melford

Professional at all levels! Everyone I have met is patient, kind and understanding. So grateful this facility is available to veterans.

Jamie Kirchner

Absolutely great. Not one complaint.

The Real Captain Vape

Julie Powers

Derek Theisen

Tavia CraziisexicooL DemiGODDESS

Mark Otis

This the hospital I go to because I'm a veteran and it's close to home

FVincent -

If you enter a health care facility unsure of the care that you are going to receive, that facility is unhealthy. A good facility is consistently good with a few exceptions. Those exceptions are caught and removed as part of the management of such care. This facility has great doctors and staff. However, the incompetent doctors and staff are running the patient support. Adherence to guidelines is cursory at best and ignored if inconvenient to the career of those in charge. This is also a DOD facility and it would seem that the military mindset would coax some professionalism out of the VA personnel, but the military mostly keep to themselves and their mouths shut because they definitely are not in charge. This malaise is present in the Patient Advocates' Office as well. They feel they are there only as liaisons from the patient to the hospital staff rather than as oversight correction. They have no power and in some cases are already acting in the interests of the status quo. If you have to come here, never take a diagnosis at face value and if you disagree, get a second opinion even if you have to go to another hospital.

Terry Couch

Fast friendly service


David Ashe

futbol fan

Steven Box

As a former Home Healthcare Provider, I've brought more than a few Honorable Vet's there for care... Parking garage or valet parking. Regardless of most opinions, this is a great Healthcare provider for local Veterans. With local veterans volunteering helping other vets thoughtout this VA system. Several entrances, but an easy system of buildings and departments. Just what our Veterans and caregivers easy in and out when there for appointments. Very near the Great Lakes Naval Training Command...⚓

Cecil Lampkin


Andrew Kelley

Its hard to rate a hospital this low except when they almost kill my father in law. This is not a rant or a exaggeration but really just a warning to other people. I wish nothing on anyone at this hospital like what happened to him. Especially since he is a disabled Vietnam Veteran. The doctors dont communicate with each other so while one perscribes a med to help the other perscribes another med to, well that did ruin his life. They did not monitor him as was known he was a patient to watch closely because he was known to get out of bed at any given moment. So he fell twice during one stay. Please be aware.

Carol Patterson

I have been a patient of North Chicago VA since 2006. I have received the best, professional care. Thank you so much!

Todd Lemme

After calling the facility and feeling like a dog chasing it's tail, I drove to 3001 Green Bay rd. to get info on obtaining the new VA medical card, hoping it would be a simple procedure since mine is approx. 10 yrs. old. It was my 1st visit to this very clean facility but was told I had to get one at Hines Hospital in Maywood since I was in the system there previously. I would think it would be nationwide link considering I obtained my last ID no problem at a V.A. facility in Charleston,S.C. while taking my Father there for an eye wonder out Veterans are so frustrated with the V.A. system...thumbs down!

Rodney Coleman


Marc Cover

Everytime I come here to get treatment or testing I have a great experience. The staff are always extremely Pleasant and helpful. The medical services are always Top Notch from Cardiology to Radiology.. I have been here about 20 times, today I had a CAT scan that took 16 minutes from check-in to walking out the doors. You can't beat that anywhere!

Shirley Bagshaw

The Best care facility ever. All the doctors I've ever seen have been thorough and proffessional.

John Sersha

I was Active duty who Worked at a branch clinic and have had a friend with an orbital fracture who was blatantly ignored through the ER services, who had follow on care and was told he couldn't see one of the two doctors because one was VA who refused to do any surgery even though the other one was on Vacation. Active duty military have been told to go to other ER's due to poor services. With my roommate also dealing with poor civilian counter parts who do not care for their job and put any blame on the active duty counter parts.

Paul Mason

They have gone down in most of the services. Not gotten better, a CT scan took me a half hour yesterday, then over an hour and lodging a complaint waiting for the hip x-ray. As well, the PHarmacy department now takes an hour before your number is called just to explain what medications you need to pick up. The whole process takes a minimum of two hours. I have to plan on the whole day each month to pick up medications after my primary visit.

A. Witter

John Kuzyk

Caring and helpful staff.

Derrick Phillips

Zach Teague

Thanks for refilling my RX 4 days late. Everyone loves going days without their prescribed medications. Oh....not the first time. Every time I refill.

WoOdZ Mag

Christopher Sennett

yamil rivera

Demarjay Gipson

Great place to get medical treatment

Alexandra Vlad

Wonderful staff and personnel.

Jan Haggerty

Helpful, professional people in every area I have encountered. Their computers and systems seem to be clunky and rigid, but the medical and support staff members do a great job anyway.

reggie addison

Also employee.

Kim reid

VA hospital

shannon tindell

Brian Harris

Facility takes very good care of active duty members but it is difficult for family members to get appointments and get care in a timely manner. Archaic computer system that only allows appointments 30 days out is ridiculous by civilian standards.

Phoebe Pamptopee Sickal-DeSmet

Frank Beeman

Best care I've received at the VA!

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