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REVIEWS OF Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago IN Illinois

ces domingo

First Time to get sick

Mena Igho

So my 3 year old nephew went in on Tuesday night for a sleep apnea test. They released him and his mom to go home on public transportation in -55 degree weather at 5am... I find it hard to believe there were 0 resources to have them stay another day or a rideshare or cab. A 3 YEAR OLD walking around in temps an adult can not tolerate for more than a few minutes. Frostbite, you were perfectly fine releasing a child to get frost bite and offer no assistance to his mother to get him home SAFELY. The entire city was shut down yesterday and all you can offer is a blanket for them to wrap up in? Damn shame and I am thoroughly disgusted. -55 would be my review score for you. All you care about was getting paid, to hell with the actual patients.

marlen martinez

Very friendly atmosphere we felt very welcomed and everyone is kind and helpful.

Tadziu S.

They ran all needed tests for my son and were very gentle as he is 8 months old and wasn't feeling well.

Nan Cee

The best children's hospital in the city of Chicago! It's designed in a way that's friendly and takes away from the scary hospital setting. Everyone from the time you check in, to the time you check out, is extremely nice and helpful. The doctors and nurses are amazing, and the equipment they have is top of the line. I especially love that as a parent you don't have to worry about leaving your child alone to be able to eat. Lurie's offers room service for parents and guests alike at a very affordable price. Whether it's an ER visit, an outpatient visit, or an inpatient stay, it's an overall great place to receive treatment for pediatric patients.

Jose Sosa

It's a great hospital for children they really care

Juana linares

Horrible service i waited more then it took them to treat my child they did not do anything but dismiss us. They are a horrible institution for children with disablities.

Nakita Collins

If I could have given no stars I would. Some of the doctors at least the ones I had to deal with are controlling. If you don't agree with their recommendations they threaten you and make you feel like it's the only options and you can't say no. I was forced to go alone with their recommendations even though I expressed to them and the social worker I didn't consent and wasn't in agreement with them or their recommendations. It was a intimidating situation and scary experience. Horrible experience with this hospital that I underwent.

brandi schultz

My son had surgery here on 1/9/19. I was absolutely amazed by the staff who took the time to explain every single aspect of what my sons procedure was going to be like. The nurses,doctors and staff made having the surgery easy. Everyone that my family and I spoke to was kind,courteous and polite. But what really impressed me was that my son was given prescriptions for afterwards. There was a Walgreens on the 3rd floor and the nurse faxed over the prescriptions and they were delivered to my sons room. No parent wants to have their children go through surgery,but if you find yourself in that situation,this is by far one of the best children’s hospitals you can entrust for the care of your children.


One of the best childrens hospital in nation. We do regular eye checkup and we had one surgery here. Staff is amazing, everything is new since building is only 5 years I guess.

Debi Steiner

What a scam this hospital is!!! We to er for X-rays and got a $8,000 bill!!!! There was no treatment besides waiting for X-rays!! Then I got a bill in full so I called them to figure out why nothing went through my insurance. I was told that nothing was on file, sooo I give them my insurance information (again) . Well guess what, they still didn’t put it through, they just sent it to collections. Now I would understand if this was dragging on forever but they sent it to collections 40 days after the visit!!!!

Dennika Franklin

First of all the Doctor need to listen to parents concern before talking over them. But other then that staffs are nice

Lukes FastBreaks

Incredible hospital and staff! Our nonprofit visited the Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders to pass out colorful medical shirts that replace the hospital gowns to the patients. The Child Life staff was cheerful and easy to work with! We will definitely be coming back again to donate more medical shirts! :-D

Known Alam

Perfect Service from outpatient to emergency, very good and cooperative staff from nurses to case workers to doctors. This experience is from my Daughter's liver transplant so i m not sure about other departments. I assume they will also be good as the the management and administrative system is very good. The only thing so far which they seem to lack is the diagnostics they are sometimes unable to figure out whats wrong with the patient. This is not in the liver case, in liver's department they are very good.

Adriana Santoyo

Best experience! The nurse and doctor were very friendly and informative. My 2 year didn't mind being examined by them. Very kind and professional.

Nat Wehr

Great place, great nurses and doctors, very clean. I have been in need of this hospital for 10 years and my daughter loves it.

Nemesy Aguilar-Flores

Fast attending and care of my infant no wait to be seen. Also we were moved to observation and they are nice to give coupons if you stay overnight for parents to get food. Thank you for taking care of our children

Fabian Hernandez

The best hospital in Chicago

Kelsey Dyer

I've had so many issues with this hospital, especially the ent department it is crazy. My son was scheduled for a surgery back in December. We were told verbal and on paper that his surgery was scheduled at 7:15am and to be there by 6am to prep him for surgery. Mind you we live an hour away, so I had to wake my baby up at 5am. We get to luries to be told our surgery is scheduled for 8am when I had the paper in front of me saying different. They sent us to the 5th floor for us to be sent to the 6th floor and back to the 5th because they couldn't figure out where my sons surgery was going to get done. Now 4 months later my son has had 3 ear infection since the tubes were placed. This ear infection this month is the worst yet. Hes been in pain, crying uncontrollably, and discharge from both ears (first time). I tried contacting the hospital to talk to an on call ent since it was sunday. I waited and never received a call. Two hours of waiting I call again. Someone finally calls me back. She said that to alternate motrin and tylenol which I had been doing and that if he was still in pain after 24 hours he had to be seen at the ent office. So this morning on Monday 29th 2019 I called to be on hold for over 15 minutes and they told me they dont take same day appointments. My son is in pain. I was sent to a nurse's voicemail and still haven't received a call back. This is ridiculous. I thought I was going to a children's hospital for my son to get the best care, turns out I was wrong.

Tracy Bragg

What an amazing hospital! The staff are supportive and friendly. They go above and beyond!

Roxana Tascon

I Loved this Hospital I used to be hospitalized in this Hospital and also I Loved this Hospital when this Hospital was called Children's Memorial Hospital oh yeah and I Loved this Hospital Because I had a very and also a really Good Great Awesome and Cool Doctor and his Name was Doctor Todd A. Davis

ricardo lopez

My son turned 14 in this hospital. 7 days before they diagnosed him with leukemia. There so called senior and most respected doctors at times could not find out what was a matter with him. In the meantime the leukemia engulfed his brain stem. He lost alot of movement in his young face. I miss his smile. Exactly 5 months later he died. The hardest thing i have ever gone through is watching your kid die slowly and at the end take his last breath. It's engraved in my mind and I live that sad last day constantly. Make the drive to St. Jude cuz i got nothing out of here.

zoreslava matskiv

Horrible experience in this Hospital, horrible Dr.'s and staff. I am a sister to a 15 year old that has been diagnosed with a horrible syndrome or disease called as Cushing's ( due to unsureness of doctors IN THIS HOSPITAL in past two months we still don't know if its the disease or syndrome). It all started when we came to the neurosurgeon appointment with an MRI from another hospital the Chef of Neurosurgery assured us that my brother has an micro adenoma growing in his pituitary gland and we will need a surgery ASAP, he scheduled us to an ENT doctors not one but two all of them told us its there we will remove it and talked about the procedure, then we had another CTA scan and followed with another MRI as we were told to see the location of it ( all are done with contrast with has bad influence on kindness). After a week passes we get a call that there is no more adenoma there because radiology doesn't see it. After I asked if the neurosurgeon saw scans and I was told he didn't but we can assure you its no there. So, after my multiple calls I made to have an update on it no one answered or called us back with any update AND ITS BEEN ALMOST A MONTH FROM THAT CALL. And then we get a call in two weeks from endocrinologist a young one with no practice with children with such a disorder, not only she told me my brother wont grow anymore without additional exams ( she used the test done in Ukraine to tell us this and accused doctor to be wrong there a doctor with over 30 years of experience in Cushing's not like her 3 years in practice as a pediatrician), she also told us she cant really help us before we do another round of land that were done just few weeks before this, and maybe later we can do additional MRI's and other tests. To what I told her that we are already waisting a lot of time waiting for your doctors to give us some answers, lets do MRI's now!!!! to what she said ok, lets do one and we will see.... At the end I was telling her what to schedule him for and do it sooner then she wanted. My family is very aggravated with this hospital, not only we didn't get any information is past months but we also have been kicked out from the appointment, doctors give you 45 min max and when you are out of time they leave, they don't care if you have additional questions they just stand up and leave!! It happened with neurosurgeons appointment and endocrinologist as well ( my parents were asked to leave by the nurse cuz the doctor event didn't say she was done with the appointment). So dear parents who take children to this hospital please please think twice cuz you wont get help here immediately they take their sweet time before they inform you whats wrong with your child.

Rebecca Sanchez

I loved it here. All the nurses were very kind and experienced. From the Er nurses to the ICU nurses. They were very thoughtful and caring. They treated my daughter like if she was their own. Honestly by far the best hospital for babies and children.

Madleen Barbarawi

Best hospital they car about patient more than any place we ever see

Silvia Ankova

I can't say that the service is really extraordinary or different than any other places where I have been. The doctors I'm dealing with a nice. Most of the appointments I really don't see the doctor himself, but his helpers, who are nice. My frustration is from scheduling appointments. This is a nightmare. In order to schedule first time appointment it takes weeks before they "approve" you I guess. This is like an interrogation and they ask for so many documents to be sent in order to schedule the appointment. Although my child has already the diagnose and I was looking for second opinion. Once "approved" the appointment is about 6 months later. I just scheduled the appointment and got first available date in the end of July. Also the location in down town Chicago is very inconvenient to get to.

Norma Figueroa

They take good care of our children.

Mohammad Omar

Excellent service .great and friendly employees with professionalism are always there. Nice place to bring children.

Alexandria Smith

Everyone is always great. Nursing staff is attentive and helps the families.

Thomas Smith

The employees here are the best! They treat every patient as if they were family! Highly recommend to everyone!

Pahola Uriostegui

Love this place fast service and caring doctors

Erin Schuster

Please don't go here if you don't have to. This hospital's carelessness and lack of information sharing caused our child's death. Our daughter was born with a heart defect and had surgery at a week old. She was discharged a week after surgery and readmitted a few days later for serious, but unexplained complications. She was again discharged and sent home with oxygen and died at home a little over 24 hours later. She was only three weeks old. After her death the hospital ignored our initial calls to get in touch with them. Later they denied that her death could have had anything to do with her heart, even after being presented with the autopsy concluding that she died from her heart defects. It wasn't until after she was dead that we learned about the reality of her condition. We feel we were lied to regarding mortality rates, course of care and complications. This hospital not only stole our child's life, but also our ability to make informed decisions for her while she was alive. I believe our daughter would still be here had we selected a different hospital for her cardiac care.

Magdalena Maya

Amazing hospital! Superb care!

Danbert Carino

Great hospital with a great staff that makes you feel so welcomed in this location. We received the best care possible and are very great-full

Jessica Borgersen

Janice B is a nurse there and i have never met such a rude nurse before and I can not believe the support and help she provided.

Arturo Gomez

I am having a very hard time believing that this is a children’s hospital. Please if your looking at theses reviews re consider and choose another children’s hospital. I would have made the journey out of state if I had too ! I can not believe these nurses are PED nurses.


Regarding pediatric surgery: My baby girl had her Audiology test at the Northbrook location. Her audiologists were two wonderful young ladies that treated my daughter with patience and I loved the room she was tested in. It was found right then in there that she has mild hearing loss because her eardrums were not moving properly. I got to see the surgeon Dr. Valika, immediately after the results, in a different room. He was very kind and friendly to my child. (I pick up on how people look or act with my child, and how she responds to them) she didn't cry and he checked her ears and stated she would need surgery. Of course I wanted it the next week. And although he was full, he saw my worry and fit me in at the downtown location the following week. All staff from the valet, to the nurses, the anesthesiologist and team did wonderful, they carried her and blew bubbles at her and I waited. The entire team were great and patient with my baby. I love this hospital. Perhaps the ER isn't so good (none really are) in reading the other reviews but pediatric surgery is was the best in my experience.

Ramona Little

Jessica in the emergency department, an Caucasian woman is racist. I brought my child to the emergency department and was told to have a seat they were waiting for an room to be available for us. About 2 minutes later an Caucasian family comes in and Jessica calls them right to the back even though me and my child were there before that family. I’ve never experienced this at children’s until today and something needs to be done.

Pamela Serrano

They saved my son's life over 30 years ago; when it was known as Childrens Memorial Hospital. I will always be thankful.

Luis Figueroa

Just went to eat at Potbelly there and th he place looks amazing. Great environment for kids and parents as well.

Dallas Benkendorf

My daughter needed to be here for a week, we were taken care of and all her medical issues were met. I would recommend this hospital to all parents and the children. There are daily activities in the family life center, and if you cannot leave the room, someone will bring you items from the area for your child's and your comfort. When we left the hospital, my daughter had more to bring home than we imagined. Thank you very much for caring for my special little girl. Signed by a very happy Mom

Chief Abee

The best care a hospital can give to a child.

TheManOnTheMoon _

Alejandro Arguijo

The best children hospital I ever known of. Raed Top 20. Good service.

Atala Garcia

Robert Sotelo

Dr. Bowman is one of most professional and non transparent doctors ive met.


I had liver cancer, liver transplant, liver rejection, and bileduct issues. I love this hospital, they saved my life!! The staff are amazing when they worked with me, I have really bad anxiety and they knew how to calm me down. I am a healthy 16 year old girl and I thank them so much for everything!!

Miranda Morehart

Just a 2-3 hour experience. But, I was there for my 5 month old son's umbilical hernia complication, in the E.R. Beautiful, big place. Comfortable, kid-friendly, environment. The staff were pleasant, they made him comfortable, they were very nice & knew what they were doing. Also they helped us RIGHT AWAY. I've never had to wait so little to be seen in an emergency room. Luckily

Andrew Humphreys

Luries is a paradigm shift in healthcare and a gold standard model for the rest of the world to aim for. Travelled from Australia to come here and get the best treatment in the world and would do it again in a heartbeat. Never met a hospital I couldn't criticize heavily, until now. The only issue I have is there are only 5 stars. Here you'll meet doctors so capable they dont make up answers just to sound correct, or to glorify their egos, just honest integrity from humble, capable world class specialists. I know now from years of experience at hospitals in several countries, that the poorest outcomes come from those "doctors" at the bottom of the pack having big egos that need grooming, and hence will tell you whatever pops into their heads with little regard for accuracy so long as it makes them appear knowledgeable. I now realise that the best of the best dont have to justify and inflate themselves, and it makes ALL the difference, as poor information only makes things SO MUCH worse. If it's worth doing, it's worth going to Luries. It really has been all, for my one. Thanks Luries for showing us healthcare integrity when we had zero faith left in doctors. Dr Superina has gone amazingly above and beyond the call of duty, he took customer service to new heights , hit it out of the ballpark and he is the ONLY reason my child is alive. I just wish I could do more to thank him, his team and all your staff. Well done and thanks repeatedly for the professional care, thorough service and for saving my daughters life when everyone else in the world said it couldn't be done and gave up on her. Love from the whole family forever.

Crys 2380

My daughter has a tumor and she needed an MRI she needed to stay very still However she has difficulty breathing on her back. They had her lay there for hours and she was struggling to stay still. Several hours later I was informed they would need to give her annestisia at a later date. They changed me the whole cost and then had to pay for a second one at $5000.00 a piece. They should have made that call since the beginning. Totally unprofessional.

Anai Rebollar

I’m a first time mom and I’ve heard wonders about this hospital. I had an incident yesterday with my newborn and we both fell down the stairs. I decided to take my newborn here to make sure she was okay. I got there at 10:35pm.. I left at 3:00am and I still wasn’t called back. I counted 15 patients who got there after me and were called in before my daughter! They all seem to have the cold.. I get you guys prioritize patients but I will assume a newborn head injury will be a bit more serious than the common cold! Being a clinic director myself I can honestly say that Lurie has VERY poor patient management. I left the facility and went to my regular hospital. Elmhurst. I was in and out for both my daughter and I in less than two hours. Never going back to this place.

Dianis Vargas

(Translated by Google) Very good attention to children, the bad that does not always have someone who speaks Spanish and as with African-Americans the receptionists do not have patience and they almost shout at me (Original) Muy muy buena atención a los niños lo malo que no siempre tienen alguien que hable español y como con afroamericanas las recepcionistas no tienen paciencia ya casi me gritan

Grant Russell

The best facilities team and engineering team you’ll find! Even though many things they do are behind the scenes, Everyone in the department cares and wants to help you have a great experience. Extremely clean facility, well kept equipment and cared for; their own standards are far beyond any hospitals “minimum requirements”. This is one hospital you walk into, you know and feel they care about the air quality. Trust me; There is a difference! Awesome facility!

Jayden & Braden

Awful.....everything was awful about the experience.

steven guy

When it comes to caring about the health and well being of children. This place is at the top of the list. Not only do they work to help the child they support the intire family.

Alfred Ikedinma

Good and efficient job

Nazik Akmatalyeva

Excellent hospital

Jorge Sanabria

good doctors and very good hospital for the children but the emergency service is bad and some nurses in the reception tend to you wrong when you ask something take too long to attend

Lilian Joloy

Seriously the best hospital in Illinois!!!! The best from therapy, to nurses, to every doctor I promised you from coming from a horrible experience at advocate children’s hospital in oak lawn Luries was our savor!!! What I love best about them is from speech therapist to every one for his doctors they all work together as a team working for the best for your child and I truly mean that there a dream team!!! Your child deserves the best and at luries my son gets the best!! I drive two hours to luries just for my son to get seen by not only the best but doctors therapist nurses etc everyone who works there that loves there job and truly gives your child the best care!!! Thank you luries for everything you’ve done for my son with out all of yous my son wouldn’t have improved so positively as he has!! They listen to you every conern you have and truly care whole heartedly ❤️

Amber Huggins

Jessie zoretic did a great job with my son when. He had to get an MRI done. My son is only 10 months and was screaming at the top of his lungs having to be put in the machine but Jessie was very calm and nice towards my son. Thank you.

Patrick Philipps

The drs and staff are so kind and thoughtful and wonderful with our daughter

Rana M

This is hospital is great!! I have no words to say I was so satisfied when I got out of the doors. They have fast service, amazing doctors and nurses and amazing clean rooms. I recommend this hospital for best treatments and answer for anything. I’ve went to several hospitals and they all do the same thing and they take a long time to get one thing. But this hospital is so much different!

gwendolyn vanarsdale

I love the staff and the amenities. we always receive great service from the valet parking to the laboratory. They make us feel at home and answer our every need

Mrs. Rojas

Ive been here a couple of times. I come out of there so dissapointed. I had hope for them but I wont be going there anymore. Theyre rude. Careless. Seems like they just want to get you out of there with whatever answer. I suffer when I see my children suffer of sickness please dont take your children there. They dont care.


when my sister Hannah was three she passed out and had to have a brain surgery without Luri's she would be dead thank you Luris

Alberta Mucolli

Its like 5 star hotel. The rooms are super clean, the staff is super professional and very nice. My room view, 20th floor, looked awesome.

Yun Liu

Our daughter had an eye surgery here. The doctor was OK. Post-surgical visits are pain in the butt. You only see doctor for 1 min, while you spent hours on the road. You would expect it must worth it to see the expert, but they cannot really explain much to you; the people in charge of scheduling are totally useless. Called once every week to schedule the final visit, do not know how to get the job done. I am driving from champaign, they suggest I can go to a location northern of chicago because they do not have an opening. I'd love to....The doctor never responded to the messages I left, which I explained to her how it may work for us in terms scheduling. The doctor ignored us for TWO WEEKS??!! OMG, cannot imagine how those who had more serious conditions will put your trust in someone like that.

Dustin Jansen

Communication between doctors and patients is poor. Worse yet is the mess of their billing department. It's impossible to talk to anyone regarding your bill.

Vero Piña

Les Gluszynski

Amazing doctors and amazing staff. Everyone goes above and beyond to make your stay here as comfortable as possible. You are definitely in great hands when you are there.

Gaby highland

Some of the nurses are really nice but they force me to eat even though I'm sick they take my TV time tablet time and phone time away

Xiaopeng Dai

I am a 4 months old baby's father. I had a really BAD experience at the ER with my 4 months year old baby! We went to ER because our daughter had fever more than 2 days, we want to know what we can do and why she is keep have high temperature. The nurse was not happy to help us with perfunctory operation. They told us they need to have urine test and must have her urine put catheter into her bladder. They told us and promise it will be safe and only 30 seconds. But the worse thing happened that they tried more than 10 times that could not put in. My daughter cried so laud and painfully. They said, sorry we took a wrong size and we need change to smaller size! ! My Daughter urinated during their slow and not fully prepared work to find a smaller size equipment. The second time is fine, they put it in, but could not get any urine because of she already peed. I will never forget about my daughters helpless eyes and cry. They did not explain anything and left to talk to doctor. Later the doctor came in say you have to wait for another 20 minutes because they did not get anything. We have no choice and don't know what we should do at that time. So we did the third time collect urine work. My baby girl had to cry second time when she just come down for 20 minutes at 10pm in the night! So we just want to say, why they are so unprofessional and not efficient, but still charge so much money! I blame myself that I could not do anything to help my daughter.

Jope N1A

Out of the times I've been there I have been highly frustrated, it seems like they just want to make money and do as much medical work as they can possibly do we down Asus tangible explanation. At one time on the emergency room I actually had to intervene and protect my child from getting stitched in the worst possible way he's is caring would have been terrible.

Kelsey Waggoner

We have had a great experience at Lurie with Dr. Gong. My son was diagnosed with hydronephrosis while I was pregnant. I went to see him for a second opinion after he was born and got a completely different explanation of my son's diagnosis. Dr. Gong was kind and patiently explained the diagnosis to us, reviewed the ultrasounds with us and went over all of our options. My son ended up having surgery in the Spring of 2017 and is now doing great! At our last appointment Dr. Gong even offered to look at my 20 week ultrasound images when I had concerns about my current pregnancy. He really cares. We have also seen a pediatric cardiologist, ENT specialist, had ultrasounds done and had my son's hearing tested. Everyone was always great with him and we couldn't have asked for more!

tatyana pozo

I would like to just say I’ve had a very bad experience in my recent visit to the ER with my son. I bring my son in because as you are known to be the “BEST” pediatric hospital In chicago. I’m very upset and sad to say my son was diagnosed 3 days later after our visit to lurie with an ear infection and virus. My son was suffering for a whole entire week because lurie did not do there job correctly. Your staff sent us home and said he should be fine just continue to suction his nose mind you the reason for our visit was because he was wheezing he had a fever and was very sluggish and did not want to drink his bottle and did not have as many regulars wet pampers. Then 3 days later we went to our regular hospital where he was born at for them to diagnose him with again an ear infection and a virus. The doctor at our regular hospital sad his ears where extremely inflamed. Also your staff should never compare a dog to a baby who is in pain. I am extremely disappointed with the way we where treated during our visit we waited 45 minutes for discharge papers for them to send me home with no diagnosis.

otman sraiti

Amazing and Great Hospital I like this hospital, the teams in it are well organized, professional manner, and they keep closer to you till you leave. Great clean and have all the specialties. Recommend this one to all people who live in the city to bring their lovely kids if they need a Great medical care.

Lily Gomez

the nurses and physicians are not so attentive to my sister they took long to come whenever my sister needed help Lutheran will always be the best hospital

roz michel

They need to fix their ID scanner. They scanned my driver's license and the name is totally different, 2nd time this has happened. I'd say that's a security issue. This is the reason for the 4 star rating. Otherwise, a great hospital.

Jackey Dominguez

Excellent, my 7 month old brother was sent there from lake forest hospital, beautiful hospital over all, always checking in my baby brother and he had surgery on him n is on prefect condition now , play room for kids is so cute , thank you so much for taking care of him !!

Smiley Miley

A good hospital, I’ve usually seen nothing but excellent service. I’ve also heard they have good inpatient and outpatient programs. Your kid would be well treated here.

Mandi Darr

Nothing but great service at Lurie's.

Ana Diaz

Leonor Ramirez

Zully Garcia

Hate visiting the dinning area on the 11th floor and the people that take care of you at the counter entrance during the NIGHT shift. They are so rude and mean, people like me are mostly there because of a certain health problem with their children not to have fun or face bad attitude people acting like they pay for your food or medical bills. I've visited this place for years and this year everybody that's there is new unprofessional people that treat people so horrible, also be careful to take your child there when they have selfmade bruises because they won't hesitate to call DCFS on you and get your children taken away for ridiculous reasons, sad to call it one of the "best" hospitals....

shynae murphy

This is a great hospital, but I have been waiting for 3 hrs and the nurse is explaining since my daughter isn't an infant she has to wait longer. Also, the categorized my daughter as non emergency. Meanwhile, other parents who walked in later then me are been seeing before. I think the they need to prioritized the ER better. Infants are going to stay coming into the hospital, and I just keep waiting. Also, I don't like how they view emergency, while other parents are paying cheaper price for parking I'm getting stuck paying more. I just want them to understand parents are not made of money. Also, my insurance pays the bill like everyone else, been here since 7 and still waiting that mean Lurie is going to get a more money for my parents. Beware of the ER especially if u don't have an infant... Please consider everyone is important.


The staff are nice

Brittany Nolan

Head shape clinic: I was initially referred here for my daughter for a head shaping band. They were able to get me in quickly for an initial appointment and at that time recommended a band for my daughter. During the appointment they told me the time line typically takes 2 weeks to get insurance approval and 2 weeks to make the band. After following up with my insurance multiple times, the hospital never sent in the paperwork for approval until I pushed them and it wasn't till three and a half weeks after our initial appointment. They also marked the pre-approval as "non urgent" so my insurance won't expedite it, yet when I asked them to resubmit it as "urgent" they claim that it isn't something that they can mark when my insurance is stating otherwise. I have just been getting the run around and no one calling me back from the clinic or insurance department at Children's. If I would have gone with Cranial Technologies instead my daughter would have already received her band weeks ago. I would not recommend their head shaping clinic to anyone!

Katty None of your business

My daughter is a patient here and has her primary doctors here, the hospital is awesome with very competent intelligent professional staff. I just dont like that I have to pay for parking when my daughter has a doctors appointment smh 7 bucks really ? Let's do better.

Stephanie Stern

We had a recent terrible experience with Lurie's gastroenterology department that has negatively impacted our son's health. Dr. Bass their head of GI has turned us from Lurie diehards to fleeing to Lutheran General. That bad.

Qaadir Muhammad

This facility is a great place to bring your children to see the doctor. The Doctors are attentive and helpful in treating patients .

Andrea Vassell

The doctors in the pulmonary division are simply amazing! If your child has been diagnosed with any type of respiratory illness/disease I would get a second opinion from this hospital. Not only are the doctors talented, they are also very professional and caring. And I hate to bring up something so insignificant, but the food in the cafeteria is very good.


An Amazing hospital.! Great hospitality and an amazing staff. :)

Rob Miller

Both of my boys were bought into the world here, there's no place I trust more.

Gulnura Subankulova

The initial consultation appointment we've been waiting for Two Months. To make the second appointment for the therapy I called at least Five times and always ended up being transferred to the hospital's general number. And someone on the phone "Was always making sure to give me a call back". And Finally, after One Month, I received a call to make an appointment and it was scheduled an almost a Month ahead. So Four Month required to get the Therapy for my baby. It's NOT Acceptable in terms of Child's Health or is it the way children are treated by this hospital?

Morris Alvarez

You know your kids are in safe hands, probably the best children hospital in the country

Ricky Houghton

Cool place! I like it! My childrens too

Kevin J Redmond

Hope, Comer, Loyola & Lutheran are much better. Staff much nicer & better than Laurie's.

BusQuote USA

During a bus charter we had a medical emergency. The child and the parents were assisted quickly and correctly. Next time you see a dr or a nurse.. Stop and Say Thank you! They are amazing people.

Emilee Althardt

Had an MRI done today. The doctors were so nice. Made sure I felt no pain when I got the IV. Also made sure I was comfortable during the MRI. Kid friendly and very clean. Staff is awesome.

Brendahhh G0924

Best Hospital ever, my son had had surgery here to get his ear tubes in. And the only thing I can say is that I had a great experience! a big thanks to Dr. Valika in the ENT department, my son now hears perfectly. Dr. Valika is the best and so professional.

John Sanchez

The only place I will ever bring my children in an emergency


This is the worst place I have ever worked. The HR department is incompetent. There is a very toxic culture, HR directors are not held accountable for their mistakes, and no training is provided when you begin working there. DO NOT WORK IN THE HR DEPARTMENT. Worst directors you could ever have.

Amy Beth Green

Care for my delivery was fine, but my issue is with their provider of infant hearing tests, Pediatrix. Pediatrix is a sham company that, with minimal googling, it's clear has shady billing practices and refuses to bill legitimate insurance companies. I've called Pediatrix multiple times to confirm and re-confirm insurance ID and phone numbers, and they claim that my insurance provider (a major one) doesn't answer the phone. I've called the same phone number myself with no issues, and they're a major insurer, so this is hard to believe. I don't know why Lurie allows Pediatrix to perform infant hearing tests when they're such a terrible company. Already submitted a BBB complaint as well.

suanchirae williams

My son loves coming to Lurie's. He says the doctors here help him to keep believing in himself

Darissa And Mia

we Had recently gotten back from Wisconsin dells and my little brother of age 2 was having lower stomach pain. In the morning he would be Sleeping and he would start crying and rolling over while holding his stomach. He would also have fevers. After a few days my parents decided to take him to the er in northwestern lake forest hospital bc we live right by it. We took him there and they ran scans and told us everything should be fine and that he just had a fever. My mother told them no it’s not just a fever because it’s been going on for more than 3 days and he’s rolling around and crying when he’s sleeping and she told them that she wanted an ultrasound for my little brother. They ran one and saw that something was wrong with his small intestine. They called an ambulance and told us that we were gonna be transferred to the children’s hospital in Chicago. Here at this hospital they were super wonderful that walls were all colorful and had such a view from the patient room. They even played curious George while they were getting all the information from northwestern lake forest hospital. They came back in and told us that they can just do something to his stomach and the intestine would move to it’s original spot and if that didn’t work they were going to give him surgery. Thank god the small not surgical procedure worked and he didn’t end up having surgery. It was late and everyone was hungry and there were a lot of restaurants nearby closed so lucky for us there was a potbelly’s in the lobby. Really recommend this hospital!

Louis Odisho

My wife has been working at Lurie and Children's for 43 years as an expert RN. I admire her for what she has accomplished. She loves working with kids. This place is AMAZING. It's super clean, and fun as a hospital can be with all the things that they have created to appeal to kids. The staff are also so amazing - the doctors God Bless them for what they can do. This place performs miracles. I wish that all the staff - doctors, nurses, everyone that works at Lurie to have goodness and good health to keep performing miracles for the kids on a daily basis. I have been to this place many times over the years and have met many doctors and nurses that are all wonderful. My favorite person in the hospital is Dr Osama - I was so honored to meet him. He's a genius heart surgeon and has a wonderful personality. I just cant describe anymore how amazing this place is and the amount of trust you should have in bringing your child to this place. God Bless. Well done Ann and Robert Lurie Children's

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