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REVIEWS OF AMITA Health Resurrection Medical Center Chicago IN Illinois

Pauline Brunet

Not quite sure about this place, I tried to check in on a friend who is here, and they seemed reluctant to give me much help ... hmmmmmm

Onewho Isanonomous

I had a bilateral quadriceps repair done Monday. Pre-op pain management was fine, post-operative pain management was nearly non-existant. It was 2 days of pure hell until I was in the care of another facility that the pain was addressed. I don't think that level of pain can be an oversight.

Christy Cutting

The medical team at home sent my husband off for an international vacation. Just an hour into the flight, he had a cardiac episode. The emergency medical team took us to RMC with lots of comments about what we could expect. What we got was the most excellent care we thought possible. There wasn't a doctor who could have cared more, a staff member who could have been more helpful. The emergency room soon had all the right doctors assigned to my husband's case and there was not a beat skipped in his care. Needless to say, my husband will not be returning to the home team! We can only hope to find a team as good as the one at RMC.

Ann Gajour

Worst experience ever. Do not recommend this hospital to anyone.

Cristina Lara

Susan Zurek

Had an attack of gout in my ankle. I could not walk at all. Was taken care of immediately by a very caring Doctor who recognized my problem right away. He called my primary care physician to make sure the medication he was prescribing wouldn't interact with medication I was already taking. Gave me something to ease my pain and a prescription to take over the following week. Within two days I was back on my feet feeling 100 percent better. I couldn't ask for better care.

j.a. hlad

Nice and professional services. Very happy.

Jorge Velazquez

me llamo chenita. y. su servicio es 5 estrellas. sali con. otro bb

Jennifer Jackson

Not a good hospital. SMH I been here for 4 hrs this is just sad. This place is terrible/ nasty.

Nanilu Martin

Clean hospital you get Fast friendly service.

Jacob Tarsa

Great hospital, I have been going here all my life. Awesome staff.

Ricardo Rodriguez

I almost died

SIB IT Services LTD

Final day of therapy I will miss the staff they are all great!!!

B Coleman

The first time I was here in 2014, I arrived by ambulance and between no one listening to my ailement, them keeping me in the hospital for days uneccasarily then sticking me with a huge bill as I had no insurance...only to make me miss work see a specialist they referred to be turned away when I got there for having no insurance. Im here again, as I type this, arrived by ambulance from urgent care referral, and Ive been here since 4. Its almost 7pm. They were preparing me a rooom then suddenly a woman said send him to triage, which is hospital speak fir a 3 hour wait where the possible blood clot in my leg causes more pain. I hate this hospital, I have insurance now, ad this experience was worse than the first.

Kristine Carmona

Nonprofit Hospital of Chicago, IL. 60631

Blue Beard


Resurrection Family Practice Center is a great place to go the Doctor's that I have seen are so great and they take there time and spend as much time with you so you understand your need's and treatment of care that you need and the front desk staff are really friendly and extremely helpful as there are the people who you see and talk to the most along with the Doctor's assistants.

mike lukas

Just Today , Great service emergency room ,wait few minutes when Dr. Jacob Cream , take care of me New born ,excellent work no pain anymore Thank you Dr. Jacob Cream .all the best.Lest evening I visit emergency room again .Great care of a Dr. Matthew T.Jordan , quick decisions , pain go away , all people so nice . Dr. Jordan future dr. Today I feel a lot better Thank YOU ALL, Best Regards Miroslaw Lukaszuk

Matt O

Regarding the Emergency Department - The male nurse in short stature (with glasses) by the front desk thinks it's alright to talk down to patients and family, including my mother, who is older than he is. This didn't even compare to the brunette Caucasian nurse by the front desk who (in quite the condiscending manner), told my father that he could not crouch in pain by the chairs in front of her...that he needed to go sit elsewhere. I understand there are rules put in place but watch your tone and attitude, especially towards someone who is in excruciating pain. Other than these two individuals, my experience with everyone else in the emergency department and this hospital was positive.

Sandy Zapata

Staff is rude nurses are bad. No sympathy. For families or patients.

Leri Miles

This rating would be -5 if possible. If you have a minor child with any type of mental illness DO NOT under any circumstances bring them to this hospital. Dr. Collier (Emergency room) told us to bring her back when she hurt herself or another and then maybe then they would be able to help her.

Manjul Saini

Clean and professional

Eva Cameron

State of the art, you are all beautiful ANGELS!

Ney Ottoni

I had a great experience, everyone treated me nicely.


I’m sitting here now and the service is awful. Been here over four hours and I had to remind them we were here. Never again. Go anywhere but here.

Jeanine Segura

This is one of the worst hospitals to be in!! I could've died because they really dont look into your illness unless you keep coming back and getting checked out! You literally have to say your dying in order to get the treatments you need!

Chris Binkowski

A month a go my sister took my 68 Year old mom to the ER because she had a broken humeras bone and instead of treating her they tried to send her home

Murad Farhan

This place is a joke it's dirty the staff is very amurture. It took four hours to get a blood test result. This is a place if you want to come to die. They don't even deserve a star!!

Lyn Christy

Staff Compassionate. Knowledgeable

Lola Sanchez

Dr. Powers ! I must say I'm very happy with my care at this family practice group! Dr.powers is truly amazing.. kind. Caring and a true professional! She will continue to be my Doctor for everything ! I just hope that every doctor I do come across at this hospital has a "wonderful bed side manner such as Dr.Powers"

Master Keith Horvath

Love it here . been coming here all my life. I died in this hospital. I spent xmas birthdays here

Spike Spiegel

Come at 10,am for an appointment, it’s now 11am and still waiting. No respect for people’s time. They even charge you for appointment cancellation a whopping $50. Parking is non existent as well. Doctors refuse to tell you anything over the phone of course. Quite horrible.

Carlos Aguirre

Bad parking, always full and the valley parking people at the front always pushing you to move your car because they want to make money.

Wadee Chaiinkham

All staff are very good service mind and have specialized knowledge..

Dee Mila

I have been billed 3000$ worth of services that were never renderred. On top of that they are claiming I had them done. This is Outrageous!!!!???

Alex Wilkes

Darlene Bobczyk

Totally unbelievable I had hip surgery and the surgeon dr.hyek was very ignorant rude and unprofessional ..if I ever have to have surgery again it won't be with that ignorant psycho .

Holly Domagalski

Terrible, My father is an old man that cannot see or hear well. I called to check the status on him I asked the nurse to tell the doctor that they might want to look at my dads blood. He cannot see and we think he has mice. I asked her NOT to tell my father. I am 1,000 miles away and I cannot see the doctor face to face. So instead of telling the doctor she tells my father what I said. So now my father will not answer his phone or talk to me. If he dies in there and I cannot talk to him because of this nurse. I will be devastated.

Mayra Jimenez

jose ramirez

Nice Great and professional service....

Anais Kiczula

Visiting is 24 hours, which my family really appreciated and took advantage of when my grandmother was admitted. The hospital is in good condition, all waiting rooms seem to be very accommodating. I would say the hospital was lacking a positive morale in it's staff. The nurses did not seem enthusiastic to help when were lost (the place is easy to get lost in) and they seemed to have a little bit of an attitude with us over their inability to submit our grandmother dietary restriction to the kitchen in a timely manner. Parking is also extremely easy, unlike a lot of other hospitals where it can be confusing/costly.

Martin Dziegielewski

My wife had an outpatient surgery here to remove something out of her bladder. Procedure was quick, dr James Brown was very professional, their waiting room is amazing, free coffee tea, cookies, apples, charging station, lounge area, big tv with a news station on, a tv with a surgery status showing each stage of the process. Very satisfied with service. I definitely recommend this place

Michelle Kuc

honestly the worst experience. staff is literally outside the room they shoved us in and are laughing and chatting

Gary S

Great hospital but the billing department never answers the phone or calls back. The hospital gets 5 starts but the billing dept gets 1.

Ally's Metal.Moments

Went to the ER, Told them I had problems breathing. They did some blood test and sent me home. I over heard one male nurse say they discharged several people in under 2 hrs,. including myself. I had to go back the next day,. turns out I had pneumonia! They should have scanned my lungs in the first place,. instead of rushing me out of the ER. I also felt like they thought I was just there for pain meds. The nurse saw my tattoos and made a comment about how I was only getting Tylenol. I told them I didn't want any pain meds,. I just wanted to find out what's wrong!

Barbara BM

What a joke! Emergency rooms are terrible! Sit there for hours until doctor gets to see you...and nurses say that dr reviews cases and goes in order...bull****

Barah Rihan

Me and my wife came here for the delivery of our first child and it was overall a great experience! Very professional and clean. Dr. Eman Al-Tag was amazing and did everything she could to make sure the delivery process was as comfortable as possible ! Agatha and Monika the RNs were exceptional and they were the prime example for what a RN should be. Highly recccomend this hospital and we plan on staying with this hospital in our future. Thank you for the great service.

Janet Baker

I had a mammogram at Presence Resurrection Medical Center. I left in tears. I had to sit in a waiting room with a giant tv blaring one of those morning variety shows, in this case a lengthy dance act in which a series of men surrounded a single woman dancer and in turn simulated intercourse with her two at a time, from the front and from the rear. As in group sex. The staff passed hurriedly back and forth in front of this screen, indifferent to it. I was only partially clothed and in no position to find the on/off switch even had I permission to turn it off, nor could I ask the staff which was busy fending off petitions from women who had been waiting for a long time and were trying unsuccessfully to find out when they would be seen to do so. Nor could I leave. I was there to diagnose a lump, it was rather urgent. I come to a Catholic hospital expecting to find Catholic values reflected there. It is crushing to find televisions in every waiting area, spewing just the opposite of Catholic values, depicting out and out porn as in this case, or abortion propaganda on soap operas, or homosexual lifestyles--the whole gamut of our ruined America. Take the televisions out! Or have them play educational material appropriate to the setting. It does not belong in a Catholic hospital! I was just looking for a good eye exam in my area, but passed over an office housed in Presence Resurrection. I won't go there again for any reason.


If I can put zero stars i would! , was taken there by ambulance because of a head injury ( big cut on my scalp) nurse was not nice at all did not even clean blood properly, was seen by 3 doctors all of them said a different report on how to close the wound ! I just felt mistreated by all of the staff . Except for one doctor who suggested stitching the wound to avoid scarring, but then they rushed through the whole process by stapling the wound.

Princess Tejeda

Got treated really well. Nice friendly nurses. Excellent care.

emmay friedenson

Terrible hospital. The doctors on call ignore you, the nurses ignore you and forget to bring you what you need- water, medication, etc. I was overdosed with insulin while here- the doctor didnt see the need to test my blood sugar after administering the insulin, and it was only when I woke up in hypoclycemia and screaming for them to being me juice did anyone come to check on me. A very scary experience.


Great people to be around

Mil Allen

Staff ignored my request for no service. Upon requesting my release and phone call I was handcuffed each hand to a hospital bed. I did not recieve a phone call or any direction or explanation to why I was their or when I was going to be released. Officer stationed beside my bed noticed the unfair circumstances and proceeded to cry. I believe this was because of the irregularities taken place throughout the hospital that night. After 30 minutes I finally received a little cup of water. I could of drank a gallon. After refusing to sign any papers, another officer signed for me. I was treated for an open laceration to my mouth and forehead. I was also given one shot containing two separate viles. Nurse ignored my request for no injection and proceeded to jam into my shoulder (my tattoo). After experiencing what was one of the worst tragedies in my life and probably anything but proper or safe healthcare I did witness a miracle which I will hold in high respect to any and all higher power. While in restraints and nervous to my condition of brong a hostage, I did witness a reptilian in nature crocodile man freely walking around. ( not first experience with other wordy presence) (blessed citing) Staff was timid and unwilling to truly help. Force fed injection not necessary or wanted. WI Healthcare is better... anyways anyone with information or a good lawyer please feel free to help. I did recieve paperwork with detailed treatment notes. Thanks for reading. GOD BLESS.

Marcos Corminas

Last night I went to the emergency room with some chest pains and the care that I received was amazing. I was taken in right away and the team did a set of tests to see if the pains were from a heart attack or another issue. They kept me informed at all times and released me after confirming that the pain was nothing serious. Special thanks to the nurses and Dr Steve Christos for being so attentive and for calling to follow up the next day to see how I was feeling.

Dorothy Conway

Compassion care


The previous customer's review was dead on. I would not got to their emergency ever again. I went there on a Friday night, there were like no people, went right in. I went because I was coughing so bad I couldn't breathe. I got a male nurse Ivan who thinks it is ok to treat patients with disrespect, and he is incompetent. After 2 hours from when the doctor said they would give me something for my cough, a cough syrup was finally delivered with my Iv. (When they put the I.V. in 2 hours before they must of really hit the blood vesel not help the cathydor in place, I dunno , but blood started gushing more than I had ever seen in my life. ( I have had ivs and never seen blood. This was like a hack job) After finally getting the cough syrup, Ivan (who is not a likeable personality ) Hooked up the iv to the previous cathador. Now I dont konw about you but aren't nurses supposed to see if the Iv is actually working before they leave you for another hour? After about an hour I check and notice the Iv isn't even dripping. I go to call the nurse, as they have no radios by the bed, and all you see is drs sitting laughing, not doing anything. I ask for the nurse and Ivan comes in. He says the Iv isnt even in. I ask for another nurse and they said that i can't request one, he comes back with another set, but I tell him I am done with him and want to speak to my doctor now. ( He says and I quote "FORGET YOU THEN" They must teach customer service too! I am How is a patient who knows nothing spot such a thing, while a nurse who is trained does not check to see it is properly going before they leave? I tell him I want to file a report, and I want his last name they would not provide it to me. I ask for a supervisor or manager and they escorted me out. This place is unreal the service that I had was beyond horrible, and as onone was even there. Imagine if they were busy. Dont got to this E.R. if you have another option. I am still waiting to hear a call back from a supervisor to file a report. This place should be ashamed.

leke adesina

Lack of information, and proper care, the staff just came in and did what they wanted without telling us what's going on. My wife and I did birthing class at this place, some of the information they told us was not true or didn't happen that way.. I rarely give bad reviews about a product or service but you won't get your money's worth at this place. It's a bit dirty and some of the staff are rude

Dolres Islas

er staff professionals compassion really really good doing their job just went yesterday thank u all

Raquel Roman Zeron

Good professional staff.

Nora Tellez

Miles Noland

Doctors and nurses listened, and took their time with us. My wife's condition was very rare, presented as the flu, yet it was life-threatening condition. They were calm and professional, and the surgery saved my wife's life. They called in the head doctor who was not even working that day to help perform the difficult operation. They were highly skilled, and if it was anywhere else, my 35 year old wife would probably be dead right now. I thank God for putting us in their path for them to help us.

Eileen Capuli-Yuen

So many mistakes. A doctor forgot to prescribe medication. Nurses giving meds without taking vital signs first or retaking blood sugar/holding insulin for prior low blood sugar. The patient developed complications, such as hypotension, hypoglycemia, respiratory distress... and a mean nurse in ICU... oh my. It was a horrible experience and I couldn't wait to take my loved one out of there. I do want to acknowledge the few nurses who met the standard of care. And Jill, who was exceptional, didn't mind updating me when I had questions.

Frank meccia

I have to admit, the care and service I received is better then other area hospitals or University based Hospitals. My only complaint is there billing. For the same procedure I could have saved thousands at other hospitals. Even thou I have a good insurance company, and they payed a great deal, there prices were so high, that I had to pay $3000.00 more.

Lenin Plazas

Piss poor treatment, staff don’t treat patients with respect and only laugh around, and full on neglect patients. Doesn’t care about patients.

Mark D

Having a relative here for over two weeks, the room furniture is absolutely horrible for visitors, your best to bring bag chairs from Wal-Mart. Garbage and uncomfortable for the amount of time spent here.

Vanessa Ramirez

great staff, very friendly and helpful. they take a little bit long to take you to an emergencies room though.

Jamie Cozzi

Everyone is so friendly and very professional. Dr. Michael has excellent bedside manners and awareness treating my son jamie, with special needs, making him feel comfortable and relaxed. In doing so, Jamie jr allows doctor to thoroughly exam him without any problems or behaviors. Thank you Dr. Michaels

Samantha Kalinowski

I will be helping my parents find a new provider. The service my dad is receiving is just awful, not to mention the food selection or lack there of. Thankfully it’s been almost two years since he was hospitalized and it that time this hospital transitioned to Amita health. Well, he used to be able to pick what he could eat within the dietary restrictions and now no choices and the food is cold and absolutely disgusting. I pray that he never has to come to the awful place again.

Lisa Stevak

They over-billed me and still have not returned my money.

Jacey Long

This hospital is very unorganized, and not one of the cleanest. I was very disappointed with the overall appearance, Hell I was disgusted. You have absolutely no privacy and everyone can hear why you’re there. What made me give them four stars is the staff. From the emergency intake Nurse to the doctors they went above and beyond to make sure I was comfortable and feeling up to part. The doctor even called me two days later to follow up as promised. They have a very good team of doctors and nurses.

Allyson Jones


Matthew Pikul

Most of these negative reviews may be misleading when it comes to the efficiency and the patience of the nurses and staff. When I arrived for my ER visit I was in incredible pain and the nurses and all individuals involved had moved quickly and efficiently and tried to get me the care that I needed as quickly as I needed. I understand that most people come to the ER on the worst day or their lives, but nurses and doctors need to accommodate for each person that walks through as quickly as possible to move on to the next patient. 5 stars

Michelle Cerriti

Worst hospital I've ever been to in my life! I'm 33 and have been to hospitals in other countries and this place has the worst care (wouldn't even call it that) possible. You want to die please go here!

Ikechi Ogbonna

Came in when my wife had an ear infection. Was expecting an all day event but enjoyed quick service, relatively friendly staff, and standard hospital facilities. They solved our problem but because we both have healthcare experience, we asked questions to get the right service. Be sure to keep probing and asking if something the doctor or nurse says doesn't sound quite right or if you don't fully understand what they are saying. Would come back again for another emergency.

Jessica Collins


In January of 2019, I had to use radiology department. My insurance is covering visits for Amita hospitals and doctors, so when I had my first consultation visit with Md Michael Tomblyn at Ressurection Medical Center/ Amita, I told him first thing. I am here because my insurance is not covering Loyola, ( I was a patient at Loyola last year), he didn’t say nothing. As of today, on the Amita website he is still listed as Amita doctor! But last month... I received a bill from Loyola for this doctor visits! And 2 other doctors from Loyola that I had never seen. How hospital can have one radiology doctor and not be clear about where they come from. Amita should be clear, who works for them, especially for all those patients with private insurance! Why would I go through all this changes if my bill is still the same. Honesty! I would expect this from anyone, but especially from a doctor! I’m not a number, I’m a patient!

Dennis Gogonas

Tried five tries to get through to a patient's room and after holding for five minutes, was disconnected. actually zero stars

karen korzuchowski

I am always treated in a very friendly and professional manner.But I do wish some staff would stop mistaking my Husband as my husband is only 61 and I'm

Pp . x

It is amazing how people behind a desk and a telephone are very rude and uneducated according to the work they do, they do not have the capacity to help with clear and adequate information, and even to get an appointment with a doctor they do not have the kindness to understand, what you call is because you are very sick and you need help from the professional, but these people do not understand this, and even professionals do not understand this ... they believe that you call them because they want to bother with something insignificant and it's not like that ... they are not aware of what people are going through with our pains ..

Nina Marie

This by far the worst hospital I've ever been to. The staff is so rude and don't care why you're here. I'm sitting on my bed as we speak waiting for discharge papers. If I could give this place a BIG FAT 0 I would. I'm here for chest tightness and they wanted to put me in the hallway with absolutely no privacy . No nice treatment here at all. The nurses act like they hate their job there was maybe 3 nice people here. Is once I didn't want to be in the hallway I was thrown in some back room with no tv no nothing like I didn't matter. If I didn't feel the way I did I would of walked out. Now I'm leaving the same way I came with no answers a big yippy. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!!

Claire McPhillips

After planning a trip to the US for years, I collapsed with a seizure at Chicago airport and was taken here. It was my first time in a hospital abroad. I basically felt like I was being held prisoner. The staff were lovely, apart from whoever the lady in charge was who demanded to know how I was going to pay! $25,000??? The room and food were adequate. I think all the tests they ran on me were unnecessary. Guess the more they did they more they charged. I'm grateful for the help but it's put me off traveling again. I know for a fact my insurance will not cover all this amount. It's a disgrace. I will never take the NHS here in the UK for granted again.

Jilliam Alonso

April 6 2018 thru April 7 2018

Maureen O'Brien

Jamie Ponzio

I took my Mom to the ER on 11/22/16 and a nurse named Charles stayed with her and helped her. He was so kind and helping, explaining everything to her each minute. He could see that she was nervous and scared and he was gentle and so incredible. He knew exactly what he was doing and my Mom was so grateful. Charles was amazing and deserves an award!

Indira Karina Villasmil Araujo

Niamh Gilsenan

J Burnette

My husband received outstanding care at Presence Resurrection Medical Center/Hospital. He recently had open-heart surgery and we had a great surgeon (Bradshaw), cardiologist (Abbariotis), and received fantastic care in the Cardiac Intensive Care Unit. We could not speak more highly of the service and care we received. The hospital is clean, quiet, and everyone is friendly and helpful. OUTSTANDING!

Lisa Kufahl

Filthy hospital. Only one nurse working in the E.R. My dogs veterinary office is cleaner, more efficient, and more compassionate. Two hours and still waiting. Will travel next time to E.R. Anywhere but here.

Shampoo Doesnt taste as good as it smells

Normal hospital, clean inside. Pharmacy built in. Nothing else more to say.

Gregory Daniel

Excellent care on the 3rd floor OB and Labor section.Caring nurses and friendly atmosphere..


I wouldn’t go to ER for sure if i have another issue I would rather wait for my doctor to see me than go there .The nurses were very nice so was resident doctor but Dr. Cohen he scared the hell out of me. I was 5 weeks and 1 day pregnant and they did my sonogram the technician left me in the middle to talk to the doctor while me laying there and sending me to the room waiting for 2 hrs the doctor came and said he cannot see any baby in gestational sac so i might have already had a miscarried i told him I didn’t bleed at all but he didn’t listen also said i will have my af over weekend and lose the baby. He said my hcg was high but cannot see anything now . for 5 weeks how would u see anything it’s so tiny. He said do another blood test but i might had oblighted ovum. I was so panicked and scared and called my ob gyno and he assured nothing is wrong and I should see him on scheduled date for U/S i was devastated so he said ok do blood test and we’ll see what’s happening. I went on my scheduled date did U/S and GUESS WHAT the baby is there with heart beat in just 4 days. The tech told me that how did he knew if u miscarried if u told him no bleeding just pain and docs are not supposed to say what they have in their mind unless they r sure and This Dr. definitely don’t know that saying this kind of thing to expecting women can cause more stress and and anxiety. The nurses were great though. I went again for my blood test and another dr came I don’t recall her name but she said my chances of miscarriage are very low and hcg is double than whatnit should be and cuz I don’t have history of miscarriage or had any problems with 1st. Idk how silly i sound but my experience is definitely not so great. Oh btw my ob gyno is in professional building in same hospital but they r very nice.

Veronica Gibson

Having surgery soon on ovaries very painful. Staff has been great and doctor came talk to me today, scheduling surgery in two days. Everybody very nice waiting to speak to social worker.

Alex Passini

Very friendly doctors and nurses. I was here for 36 hrs after an incident and I was impressed with the service and food lol. But wait until you get the bill, I received a total of 12+ bills for close to $29k, thankfully I had insurance but it took over 9 months to sort out.

Rita L

I went to the ER after having severe stomach pain for over 24 hours. The doctors, nurses and staff provided excellent care. No one ever looks forward to a visit to the ER, but Dr. Gordon, Dr. Olen and nurses Kattie and Nikki eased my anxieties and were very helpful and efficient in providing services. Thanks to all.

Irma Herrera

I just. finished my physical therapy yesterday and would like to say that I was very much pleased with my therapist who took care of me before my surgery last August for Rotary Cuff left shoulder. She Natalie is in my opinion an asset to your hospital. Explained each time what exercise I needed to do and gave me print out for home exercises. She is a very professional and caring person. Koodos to this wonderful physical therapist.!!!

กกประภีร์เหมนิธิ กก

(Translated by Google) Good luck from Kok Kok Prapee Hemnithi and see the medical center United States and like it very much (Original) สวัสดึคะจากสาวกกกกประภีร์ เหมนิธิและเห็นศูนย์การแพทย์ สหรัฐอเมริกาและชอบมากฯ

Ola Khomyk

Avoid this hospital. In this hospital anyone can walk into ICU, very low security, patients are not fed properly or at all. ICU nurses not very friendly and cold. My uncle was in ICU and from Wed to Sunday we found out they were not feeding him at all. No feeding tube either. Doc said he is ready for therapy out patient today as well. Insane. Avoid, avoid, go to Northwestern or Northshore.

krystina sajdak

My father was brought in by family members to the ED on 9/20 for DKA, he was confused, severely dehydrated among other health issues. I arrived about an hour later to be informed by security that only 2 visitors per pt. My uncles were there providing him comfort and calming him down he speaks Polish and was disoriented. They kept insisting that one us leave I asked to speak to an administrator, I was physically removed to another room by security and had a "talking to". Never did I saw a charge nurse or an administrator. I work at Northwestern and rules are always bent to accommodate comfort for both pt and families. We were not in the way or disruptive. After about 20 minutes away from my father, I agreed that my uncles would change every 5 minutes to accommodate them and I didn't want to away from my father too much longer. I have POA and my father was disoriented. I felt disrespected and not heard. He was admitted to ICU and from there the staff were great, May in ICU was great. I couldn't be there all the time, when I called for updates the nurses were great. But i really believe something has to be done with communication between physicians and family member especially POA's. I was only able to speak to the nurses not the specialists involved in my father care such as Urology, Nephrology, or infectious diseases. The first 24hrs I was there I was told that he had a fistula between the bladder and ilium. I had to return to work, I was back ~ 3 days later and was informed that my father had an abscess, a drain was placed. Poor communication. I also believe there needs to be a protocol or plan for elderly that as on long term antibiotics so that don't get C-diff. It wasn't happened to my dad only because I was bringing him yogurt rich with cultures. I asked the doctor if they can order a probiotic, they were not sure they even had it on formulary. You have to treat the pt holistically.

Patricia Seiling

My husband was transferred from Presence St. Joseph Hospital to Resurrection as the medical center has the laser equipment to remove lead wires of a pacemaker which retained bacteria from sepsis. From the time he arrived at Resurrection to 2nd floor South, to ICU and the insertion of the new pacemaker, the service was very commendable. However, once the pacemaker was inserted and he was moved from ICU to 2nd floor North, it was like night and day. We visited Easter Sunday and nothing was said about discharge. When I visited on the 17th I met a note on the dry erase board---Anticipated discharge 4/17. Dr. Kaihini, the assigned primary care doctor, Jerome Gomolka, Care Manager were more concerned about Discharge (Medicare guidelines) than the patient or family. Find a sub-acute rehab center! He needs antibiotic treatment through a PICC for 6 weeks and a lot of therapy as he was hospitalized since 3/21. The most recent experience makes a lasting impression.

Jeff W

My mom is here. The room is so small you trip over yourself trying to go around the bed. No choices on food - AMITA took out the menus - you eat what they give you or you don't eat. The staff on the floor seems pretty nice. Not impressed.

Mary Osiecki

They don't call family members what going on when test are being done

mram abdelaziz

The staff are really nice and great doctors

Nelson Acosta

Excellent hospital! Nurses, doctors and all associates performed at high levels way beyond my expectations.

T. S.A.

Just called and was speaking to an operator name Tamika. She was very rude, ghetto, and unprofessional.

JustMe Marcy

This place is the worst ever. It was great when it was ressurecruion. Where do I begin the staff, the food stink. The place needs a great big wash. I really think prison or third world hospitals are a better choice. My poor dad is stuck here. I definitely will suggest they not go back. At any cost. Terrible terrible shame on you amita

Rob Gaughan

Please do not come here. I'm here right now in "Same Day Surgery". The staff is quite literally just "mad at the world", they are bickering with each other in front of all of us patients, their information system is dangerously inaccurate and the facility has to be out of hygiene/saniation code for "bay" has HOLES in the drywall. Please, consider anywhere (Lutheran General, Rush, Alexian Brothers......COUNTY HOSPITAL) before coming here. I was sincerely disappointed. But don't worry their "bot" responses will say "We're working for EXCELLENT service!".....whatever. They want my "input" on how to improve, you can pay me to consult, otherwise they may do better as an ANIMAL HOSPITAL.

Steven Marchfield

Good hospital great ER

troy jude

Great doctors and caring staff. They are always friendly and will see you sometimes without an appointment

Sexycricket a

Love it here, I go to the er within ten minutes im seen they waste no time. The only people you seen complain probably got there when it was crowded, they are super friendly and honest and beyond nice. All nurses and Dr's were very helpful to me and im sure July 2, 1981 12:14pm was a awesome day when I was delivered there lol...

pamobie irizarry

I have been here in the e.r.,and have been admitted. I, too have been told what a bad hospital this was, I must say that everyone in both departments have treated me well. The doctors, nurses, interns, and even the security guards that police the e.r,, have been kind and helpful.

Jennica Schneider

My daughter and i were transported via ambulance from Rosemont after a car accident. I suffered injuries to my wrist, arm, neck, and shoulder. Upon arrival the nursing staff was not very friendly. I gave them my name and started giving them my medical history. The woman brings me the wrong wristband and tries to put it on me and insisted i was someone else. When i corrected her again e gave me a dirty look, got irritated and stormed off. Then another nurse asked for my daughter's name and refused to believe her first name was not her last name. She rolled her eyes and walked out. My daughter's name was misspelled on hers. After initial evaluation i needed to use the bathroom. I was handed a balled up, wrinkled up hospital gown that had already been tied , indicating it had possibly been used already. Same for my daughter. I visited the bathroom and it was absolutely filthy. Toilet paper all over the floor, dirty toilet seat, and a dirty blanket draped over the handrail with garbage can overflowing with used latex gloves. My daughter told them she had a headache. They said they would give her tylenol and 30-40 min later still no tylenol. Xray came to get me so for my wrist. We were stopped in the hallway by the nurse on the way back who had a urine cup to do an HCG before xray. They gave me the xray BEFORE the urine test which the tech and nurse sort of laughed off like oh okay whatever no big deal. My mom came to meet us there and was treated with disrespect. She was also appalled at the conditions of the room and ER. We decided to leave and were looked at like we were crazy by the doctors for telling them we felt the place was unsanitary and filthy.

Braven Ford

You're better off googling your diagnosis on Web MD than seeing the doctors in the ER. Unprofessional staff, doctors and nurses. No one knows what the hell their doing. Doctor Baqai in the ER straight up told me that "you could have this or you could have this"...but didn't bother testing for it. I was stuck in that hospital for 5 hours and spoke to someone for less than 5 minutes tops. Left with no answers. You want to know whats going on with you? Go somewhere else.

Carl Thompson

One of the most attentive, accommodating, professional and friendly hospital patient care staffs I've seen. I've stayed in many hospitals, but this time I was only a visitor of my friend for a week who had just spent over 9 days in ICU. The 3rd floor nursing staff (in the non-delivery and labor section) were all fantastic as also were the PCTs, the therapists, the room cleaners, etc. We all agreed that if we had to stay in a hospital when in Chicago, we would want to be in Presence Resurrection. They actually saved my friend's life, but that is her story to tell. She is now home and doing well in her next phase of recovery.

kyle kollar

“’s one of the best!” Appearance and cleanliness: 1/1 Customer service: 1/1 Quality: 1/1 Popularity: 1/1 Convince: 1/1 ———————————————— —Appearance and cleanliness: A beautiful building and great architecture. I really enjoy going to the top floor and looking down over the railing. Always clean and shiny. —Customer service: The front desk used to have someone there to answer questions but now it’s just the directory. Everyone try’s to make sure you feel right at home. —Quality: I’ve gone to this hospital all my life and it’s one of the best! —Popularity: Normally busy —Convince: parking is about half full on average. Elevators, ramps, handicap accessible, everything you could think of to make it easier and safer.

Ibrahim A

The hospital is falling apart

Renata Silvare

Good medical service

Jeanette Collazo

They don't care about you and only care about your insurance money

Stevan Machev

Everyone at the ER is suuper slow and when you have a sick toddler its not easy waiting for a doctor 40min .. Very disappointed

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