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Lisa S

Hospitals can be a scary place. So many unknowns can be overwhelming. Unless, you are at Alexian Brothers Medical Center. I had the best hospital experience!! Misty, Arlene were my pre-op Gals who were reassuring and kind. My post-op was a relaxing time with Tina and Nikki...checking on me every 15 minutes with re-assuring words. My incredible surgery team lead by the wonderful Dr. Mark Metzl. Erin and Rick were supportive as I was getting settled. Sweet Jen who chatted with me about hair color and kids when I was nervous. The lovely Teresa, and Amy who dried anxious tears, put wash clothes on my forehead and were just the gentlest and kind ladies. The hospital stay was peaceful, I'm thankful to you all. Praising God, that I'm fully recovered and enjoying all my blessings. Much Love to this incredible group of people.

Sandra Lomeli

I came into Emergency room on March 2, 2018 was treated right away! The staff was amazing the Doctor my Nurse Geniene thank you all for being so theral and helping me feel better!

Arpita patel

Dr Brownbear

Really good experience with Dr. Tritt tonight. Took very good care of my family in the ER and very personable

Areli Arias

My OB recommended this hospital to deliver in, and i couldn't be happier with my choice. Had my two babies there and continue to go there for my emergency. They're very nice and have always treated me well.

anderson player

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jon healy

$5,300.00 for a CT scan! My cost is $2,200 after insurance. There is cheaper alternatives for such a basic scan.

Jose Zaragoza

I went to the emergency room because I was bleeding so bad that I was so dizzy I couldn't stand. They took all my information and then told me I had to wait 2 hours bleeding to death. They could care less about me it was all about their bottom dollar. I would strongly urge you to not go to this hospital of want to live. Another side note my father in law had a heart attack and they also had him wait in the waiting room for 2 in a half hours. He ended up having a quadruple bypass surgery because they waited too long to treat him.. So again turn around and go somewhere else, we ended up at Lutheran General and we got in a room right away because they saw how bad I was. I hope this helps you decide on whether or not to go there, but again I would NOT go there.

Mindy Frohn

The wait is long, but the doctors are awesome.

Arkadiusz K

It's 6.30 December 12th, me and my wife are 2nd day with our newly born here. Hospital and all services are fine but freaking ordering food its like trying to get something done by stereotypical overpaid over and protected government vorker. Fake valley accent and ghetto attitude thors providing ANY value or positive experience is class for itself. I'm just amazed. Thats why I'm writing that.

Tristan Seals

Staff was not polite at all and I feel as if you are are not dying they don't really care what happens or what your dealing with just because someone is not in pain does not mean they are ok I will never go to Alexian ever again I would rather die then go back to alexian brothers emergency room

Rafael Saldana Jr.

For the most part, very pleasant, very comfortable. Four out of five people there treated me very well and with respect. There was one female nurse who was mean-spirited and sarcastic.. she seemed like she does not like her job or the atmosphere has has really gotten to her. Luckily, I did not have to deal with her outside her bringing me into my room. So there you habe it., four out five stars.. four out of five people at that hospital care about you

George Bag

Dr Bruce Lewis has crooked fingers. Practically killed my grandmother. His vacation was more important than his patient whose heart he punctured in a rush to catch his flight.

Mike Brennan

John Bauer

This place is the stuff nightmares are made of. They did nothing but lie to our family from the moment we walked in the door. They treated my son like a dirt, kept the door to his ER room wide open so everyone could see him in his gown as they went past, they man handled him, were rude, inconsiderate and above incompetent in treating the mental health issue he willing went in to receive treatment for. Instead of helping him, they escalated all his problems then had him committed!!! After he came in with a bag packed, willing to go on his OWN! They stripped him of all dignity and his rights as a human being. They have ensured that he will never seek medical help for his mental issues ever again. DO NOT GO HERE!!!! You will never see a real Psychiatrist, which was what they kept telling us would happen each step.. it still has not. The staff between the two 'hospitals' are totally confused as to the protocol at each, yet they pretend to act together. No one there can give you a straight answer. Your loved one will be incarcerated against their will and you will not be able to do a thing. The whole experience, which is still not over, has been a horrible nightmare that we are having trouble comprehending and processing. I am not the patient, but I walked away feeling completely violated, humiliated, used, abused and not listened to at all. I can't even imagine what my son is going through right now at their hands. Can you imagine having to leave a loved one in a place that lies and doesn't listen? How could you possibly trust them to CARE for them? They really do not know how to treat people with mental illness, they do know how to make it WORSE however. Stay away, stay far, far, away.

Sam Imeri

At. Suburban Lung Associates Katia is very Helpful thanks Katia

Susan Oluñd

Do not honor ER appointments have been waiting 90 minutes.Do not bother making an appointment to supposedly skip the wait


I arrived here at 1:00 AM. It is 5:35 AM. I have not seen any doctor here as of yet. I am still waiting

Raj Upadhyaya

I like Alexian Brothers. I have most of my doctor visits in the same pavillion.

Prerak Patel

The hospital was good, but it still needs a lot of improvement! The staff is so rude! The emergency room is always packed! They take a lot of time for the next patient 's availability! The doctors are good and talented though! They know their job perfectly! Nurses too know, but many of them are rude! Go here if tou don't have another option!

Mallory Charatz

This was absolutely the BEST and FASTEST E.R. trip we have ever had. All the personnel were very friendly and helpful, our wait was minimal and the doctor was very thorough and attentive. The doctor's and nurse's bedside manner were top notch. Hopefully, we will never have another emergency, but if we do, we will definitely go here!

gerardo chavez

I love this hospital. I had my daughter here, and whenever I have to go to the hospital this is where I go. Everyone's so nice, and they always take care of me in a timely manner.

Socorro Martinez

My father was in critical care unit due to a spontaneous hematoma. While in Critical Care all of his nurses went above and beyond to take care of him, seeing if he needs anything checking his blood pressure (he was struggling with maintaining a decent BP after surgery), keeping up with his meds etc. however, there was one nurse in CCU, Tomas, who completely neglected my father while in CCU. Did not check his blood pressure or even bothered to check on him during his entire shift. When the night shift nurse came in and checked him she found his BP had spiked and they had to monitor him closely to bring it back down. We spoke to the charge nurse who was very understating and assured us the issue would be addressed. What otherwise would have been a very pleasant experience has been tainted by the lack of professionalism and compassion from the "nurse". What upsets me is if that was the care that was given to a conscious patient, can you imagine to an unconcious patient that cannot speak up? Hopefully this gets addressed and corrected.

Sue Thomas

Alexian was bad before Amita. I would rather go to a hospital in the sticks than this one. Unfortunately, this hospital is closest to home. If you're ready to die a slow and painful death while waiting for medical care, if you're a masochist who enjoys condescension and humiliation, the Amita system is the place for you!

Theodore Mavrakis

Worse hospital this one and the one by Hoffman Estates. I'm going to come back and edit this review and say the full story what happened. I wish there no stars because this hospital is absolutely terrifying.

merek spodek

WHAT A HORRENDOUS EXCUSE FOR A HOSPITAL. I would not come back here if my life was on the line. The place is a joke. The status is so unfriendly n on organized they have no idea which tests you need or have taken already. they don't seem to care about you one bit. And pray you don't have to stay overnight. I've been too many hospitals in this is by far the 2nd worst one next to glen oaks in Glendale heights

salil priyadarshi

I won't recommend this medical facility to anyone. When I am reviewing previous google reviews, It shows the same negative reason and feedback. On 06/01/2017, I reached this facility with severe stomach pain. I was dying out of severe pain with each passing minute and was asked by the facility, to wait in the waiting room. I waited for 4 1/2 hours in that pain, before being seen in the ER. By the time, doctor came to see me my pain was gone. I can’t imagine that Emergency care can be this much slow in a country like US. It’s like there's no rush to help people who have serious problems or pain. Now, when I am reading through all previous hospital reviews, I can relate my experience with those earlier post. At the end, I got medical bill with hefty emergency charges. Emergency charges do make senses, when we get emergency care at the facility. Should we pay for emergency services, when services itself cannot be called an emergency care? I charged for ER level IV, but my stomach pain was not considered for urgent care? Honestly, it was the worst experience of my life, when I decided to visit Alexian Brothers Medical Center for emergency care (address; 800 Biesterfield Rd, Elk Grove Village, IL 60007). If I could give it less rating or star, I would. All previous reviews are telling the same thing.

Cindy Patel

This hospital has no security whatsoever. Anyone can walk in & go wherever the hell they want.

B Hammond

I took my son to the ER on Christmas Eve it took them 5 minutes to get us into a room. The staff was friendly and very attentive. I thought I was silly for taking him to ER but his normal doctor was not available because of the holiday and I am glad I did they took X-Rays and were very thorough and determined that my son had Phemonia and gave him breathing treatments and everyone really was very nice and I had such a pleasant experience at St. Alexian Brothers ER. This hospital is fantastic!!!

Deanna Salasek

My only experience at this hospital was only with elderly patients. DO NOT bring your loved elderly family member or friend to this hospital! Many if not all are NOT trained in elderly care, so both my elderly parents left the hospital weaker than they went in. For example, Elderly patients lose muscle very quickly and need to be routinely walked if able , use the bathroom on their own etc. just leaving them in bed and putting a "diaper" on them is detrimental to their well-being. No respect was given to my parents! The nurses and other medical staff talked to each other in front of him like HE WASN'T EVEN THERE! How rude! Did the think he couldn't hear them? Plus if your loved one has Dementia or Alzheimer's DO NOT follow the suggestion of the social worker to put them up on the geriatric psch ward!!!! It is AWFUL. The staff definitely not trained in dementia or Alzheimer's care. The patients are reprimanded, scolded, drugged, not exercised, it was a horrific experience. BEWARE!

Erica Walton

I was hospitalized here for 1 week and was very well taken care of. My PCP Dr. Sandra Valino Doyle is the best.

Sandra Prena

Worst hospital ever rooms are itchy I asked for service and it was terrible and nurses and doctor are rude

John G Bantner

Every since Alexian Brother merged with Anita the overall place has declined. New computer systems with poor pre training. Schedule process is total messed up. The personal touch is GONE. It is too bad was the best in the area.

Mikael Alba

Went here last night, and the staff was excellent! Just came from Lutheran and thank God I decided to come here instead. The service in Lutheran is horrible and always had good experience at Alexian. I live 5minutes from Lutheran and 25mins. From Alexian. Will make that decision any day.

Sonia Ferraz

Worst experianced on 4th floor cardiac telemetry floor. Nurse can't give my dad who is a patient any information on whats going on or what's going to happen. My dad waited one hour to get his pain meds and had to call twice for nurse.

Crystal Petitti

What useless staff at this hospital. My husband has been in patient here for 3 days and I have been his nurse. The nurses here will not help him out of bed, or help him get situated. I have changed his sheets, pillows, and gowns... the nurse hooked his catheter to his leg improperly so it was pulling and causing extreme pain. The doctor had ordered he stop one medicine and start another and they did not change him for 7 hours, when the doctor came to check on him and noticed he still had the same meds he was pissed. Now they will not even give him the dose the doctor prescribed. My husband is uncomfortable, can't sleep, in more pain than the day of surgery and none of the staff care. I will be posting full stories here and on other social media to warn those who may be looking into a hospital.

T.S. Banks

I have been going to facility in ambulatory care department for the last 28 days for antibiotics for my Lyme Disease. The staff has been nothing but caring and compassionate to me. I highly recommend this hospital when I had a Lyme induced seizure the ER was wonderful to me as well. As someone that in the past wasn't treated well for having Lyme at other hospitals, this place is different.

Sonia Clark

The worse ER ever... came in with a torn meniscus sudden twist (I have a left leg meniscus tear). I came in for a Drs appointment and when leaving the elevator to go home, I twisted my left leg rather severely that resulted in a gradually pain increased. Next thing I know was becoming unable to walk. The E.R. Dr. and nurses took for ever. The pain in my left knee kept on going on. They gave me one tablet of med and when I asked the male nurse in charge it didn’t wanted to tell me what it was. I waited a couple of hours for relief. I pressed the nurse bottom several times cried, screamed due to the pain not going away. No one came for nearly an hour I pressed the nurse bottom and I could hear them chitchatting and laughing and not even one came to at least check on me. The X-rays... The physician or maybe an intern? Hum


Been there today with my son for surgery. Everyone was wonderful.

Buff Low

My wife delivered at this superb hospital, if I want to explain my story it's gonna be too long, simply the hospital is amazing and few of their staff are incredible and true heroes but the others are extreme rude and got ugly attitude and seriously I don't understand why, this type of employees should be monitored and make changes accordingly.

boubon threefiftyseven

Terrible emergency room staff & "doctors". Huge waste of time to be "treated" by talentless "doctors". Zero stars. Famous last words, "You should follow up with a specialist. Here's some antibiotics. You have an infection." Couging up a blood clot? Total lack of knowledge...

Kari Hunter

Alexian Brothers was the hospital I was born in, my daughter was also born here, I had my gallbladder removed in emergency surgery here and have been in for other health issues and they have always done a great job. This last visit on Easter Sunday is what really set them over the top. I now live in California, and came home with my daughter to visit family. On Easter my 3 year old was attacked by a 130lb dog. On my way to the ER I called ahead of time in a panic to be sure they would be prepared for us. The woman I spoke to on the phone was very quick with getting me to calm down and explain the situation, she assured me the staff would be ready for us, and right before hanging up she sweetly said "ma'am, please be careful driving", luckily my brother was driving. When we pulled up to the ER doors there was a paramedic outside waiting, he actually was on his break but as soon as he saw us he grabbed my daughter and carried her and got us where we needed to be immediately. We were in a room right away, there were about 3-4 nurses in there and more coming in, but I think they saw that anymore would have just been in the way. I saw one nurse not too busy so I went to hand her my insurance card and she said to me "Right now we do not care about the insurance information, we just care about your little girl." and instead of taking my card she went to tend to my daughter. Once cleaned up there was one nurse and one doctor working on giving her stitches, they were absolutely amazing. They kept me calm, as I was having a hard time not crying my eyes out seeing my child hurt. They did an even better job communicating with my 3 year old and letting her know she was going to be alright. Although my daughter was not a fan of getting her wounds cleaned or the stitches they did awesome with helping her understand why she needed to be good and let help her. They also had a great sense of humor when she would yell at them and give them dirty looks. Alexian Brothers was quick to handle the situation, the staff was super sweet and efficient with their job, and I will gladly recommend them to everyone I know.

Michelle Fox

I have never had a bad experience at this hospital. I was taken here after my gall bladder attack and they were very thorough and kind. I have given birth to both of my children here and my family has had various emergency room visits. All visits to this hospital were positive. Staff has been professional and the doctors have been knowledgeable.

Susan Nakano

I brought my daughter in for x-rays after she fell and complained of her wrist hurting. Accident was after office hours so emergency room was my only option. First of all, the pediatrics service was excellent -- no complaints. But, the broken bone in her hand was not identified. They sent her home with ace bandages and ice. I asked for the x-rays intending to follow-up irrespective of their diagnosis. They said they don't typically give x-rays unless there is a break. I insisted and they provided the CD. Took her to an orthopedist during regular hours and yes, a bone in her wrist/hand was broken. The orthopedist said that the x-ray taken at the emergency room didn't show the break. He felt her hand, noticed where she experienced pain and directed the x-ray technician how specifically to angle the x-ray. When done based on skill rather than whatever criteria the emergency room used, the break was faintly shown and treated. We didn't see the doctor in the emergency room until after the x-ray was taken. So the single x-ray was based entirely on my description when we checked in. Seemingly, the registration personnel directed the x-ray. But, the bill came nonetheless, even though they provided no value beyond telling us my daughter did not have a gross break. Get a second opinion.

David Shin

Edit 11-15-18: AMITA, yes I would like you to contact me, in fact I have contacted you several times by phone and email (the same you provided below) and still have not heard from you. Each time I call, I am put on hold for a very long time, and then don't have the option to leave a voice message. The last time I called on 11/8/18, the call just dropped after waiting 20 minutes on hold. Check your emails and respond please. Original post: I signed up for a sleep study at AMITA and before I was even able to schedule, the study needed to be cleared by my insurance. When the AMITA Hospital representative contacted me, I clearly asked her multiple times, "Will my insurance cover all the costs of this study?". The first time she sounded unsure and gave me a very generic answer of "oh I'm sure you're covered if the insurance approved it", so I asked again to make 100% sure that she should check to see how much of it was covered. She responded again, "it is covered", then again I asked, "Is it COMPLETELY 100% covered?", she responded "yes". So I scheduled the appointment and did the study. Not more than 1 week later I get a bill for $1800 demonstrating that my insurance covered 70% and I owe the balance of $1800. It took me 3 weeks to hear from someone and they leave a message simply saying I owe them the full amount. It takes me another 2 weeks to get a hold of someone to speak with to dispute the charge. I wait another 2 weeks only to find out that the Hospital has determined I owe these costs... the same entity that charged me the costs in the first place. Another broken hospital organization that is OK lying to its customers about costs. Do not recommend, go to another service provider if you can.

Yolanda Shavers

I'm currently waiting on a procedure, seriously in the stretcher awaiting my turn, apparently I checked in an hour before I should've. It was 11a, it is now 1:50p. My surgery should've started a 1p. Some people have been offered blankets, red buttons to contact her nurse. I was cold so I went to ask for my own. Here's another funny fun facts, when you go to register in the west tower you must write your first and last name on a desk until a receptionist walk to it. Privacy act.....not Here is my major problem, no one has come to talk to me about anesthesiologist, my medical history or postoperative care. I really wouldn't have a problem with it except for everyone else surrounding he has had this conversation, in regards The exact same procedure. maybe they know something about me that I never told them. And HIPPA what is that supposed to them. The kindest most respectful person that I interacted with, was the phlebotomist & Sheri( not even my nurse). FYI do not schedule an EGD or an colonoscopy at this location. Here is a very real fear, I had to list a contact to pick me up, which I replied my son who works here, because they asked how far are they to pick you up. I truly hope I did not screw my son's position here at this hospital. In addition the nurses were very complementary to my son after they seen him with the hospital name & logo (you did so well with him mom) I will not forget those nurses names that were so Rude to me..... Words of advice if you have to go there take another person as a witness, maybe your treatment won't be as bad if there is someone else to confirm & or witness your treatment. FYI Dr. Muska is GREAT, you can see him at other hospitals,

teresa torres

The service here sucks it is not good i don't now why they have a botton to call your nurse and they never come you have to go out and look for them and they think you are a bother why even come in here i hate this hospital.

Atanas Tripzter

I've been here couple of times over the years. Their emergency room is extremely slow. During my visit there were 2 people in the entire emergency room and when I walked in there was no one at the front desk. Total wait time... 20 minutes at the front desk and another HOUR and 45 minutes before I received any treatment. I was here with kidney stones that passed by the time they gave me any meds

JoAnne Hernandez

If I could give it less stars I would. The communication between Drs was horrible the equipment was filthy, so we're the rooms etc. the only saving grace was the nursing staff

Anna Per

Scheduling department is horrible!!!!

Carlos Hernandez

(Translated by Google) I had an accident at my job and they brought me here and they treated me very well I recommend it 100% (Original) Yo tuve un accidente en mi trabajo y me trajeron aquí y me atendieron super bien lo recomiendo 100%

Al Joe

I wouldn't even give 1 star if I didn't have to. This place is an absolute joke. You call this a medical center? Your staff needs get trained better with their customer service. All your reviews have written negatively about all the staff. I SPECIFALLY have one to complain about. The tall, skinny one with longer hair on the 4th floor (entrance 6) works for Dr. Charles O'Laughlin (Ortho surgeon) STE. 4009 is a horrible staff member! She told my family and I to go somewhere else if we didn't want to wait anymore. Mind you, we were the only patients there. She needs to get fired ASAP. I'm not sure if she was discriminating, but whatever the case was, she was terrible. This place needs to get it together and train their staff. Every single review I've read has something negative to say about the staff members. Wouldn't it make sense for you guys to actually DO something about it or hire new people!?

Philip Tornabene

Went to the Emergency room Tuesday and was treated like gold stayed there for total of 3 days nurses and very nice and treated me great and knew what they were talking about

Evelyn Paramo

I have been there a couple of times... got treated at the ER and the nurse shoved the pain med! Not into an IV but derectly in my vein! I couldn't breathe for a minute. I was literally choking infront of her and she just said relax and breathe. The room was sooo dirty just like the whole hospital. The nurses are stuck up and act like if you have apsolutely no value. Their housekeeping department is rude ( the managers) a lady would always come and clean my baby's room and once I heard the manager tell her "you dont have to clean the room, it just has to LOOK clean" also after my son was discharged I bought some flowers for the only housekeeping manager that was nice to me and once I got to the door I was dismissed my another manager with a hand gesture that I did not appreciate. The hospital has great services it's just most of the staff that sucks.

Deena Kuranda

Don't pay attention to the ER wait times on the website. My doctor told me to go to the ER because of severe abdominal pain and I've been sitting here for over 2 hours. Others have been here waiting more than 4. If I wasn't in so much pain I would go elsewhere.

Mary Ann Hetreed

I had an anterior hip replacement this past Monday, February 12. The scheduler who called Friday told me surgery would be at 8:15 AM. We arrived at 6:00 AM. I found out later that my surgery was scheduled for 10 AM and I didn't need to arrive until 8:00 AM. The hospital had just gone live with a new computer system the day before. The nurses were all complaining that their training was last November and they had forgotten everything. My 10 AM surgery didn't start until Noon (because of the new computer system) and ended at around 2:00 PM. It took several hours to get up to a room. I was told that I would be walked or at least put in a chair that evening, but I was not. The nurse said she couldn't find anybody to help her and she couldn't do it alone. I was told to not let my pain go beyond a level 5 or 6 and yet when I asked for pain medication, it took them so long to order it using the new computer system, that my pain would be at a level 10 and I would be crying in pain, before it finally arrived. On top of the new computer system, their "tube system" wasn't working and they had to walk over to the pharmacy for every medication. Finally at 3:00 AM the nurse told me to sit on the edge of the bed and dangle my legs and that would make me feel better, but she had no help and couldn't let me stand or walk, or put me in a chair. At around 9:00 AM, a physical therapist and occupational therapist arrived at the same time and spent around 15 to 20 minutes walking me and said they were done - I could be released. I have been in other hospitals and had other major surgeries, but this was the worst experience I have ever had.

Wes's Basement

Terrible place, terrible treatment. Listen to the majority here if you are reading this. STAY AWAY FROM THIS PIT!

ICEMAN //////

Always good service very helpful nice staff

Maricruz Hernandez

I literally just got back from the ER, i just cant believe the experience i had there. It was horrible, to the point that the doctor made me cry. I come in saying i hurt my lower back, so they are running some results while i wait for the doctor, and starts off soo rude, but when he said, "didnt u have a similar accident like this not too long ago?", i said yeah i hurt my back at work like 2 months ago and he said "hmmm i find it alil suspicious".....????. Wth is he trying to say? Really?...and he asked if i smoke cigarettes and i said yes then he says " you shouldnt do that its bad for you"....???!! Noo freaking duh, i smoke oh well, that didnt cause my injury?? A freaking box fell on my back. Is he there to make me feel like crap? or care for me? Im so angry and confused at this point. He was just so rude how he approached to me & rolling his eyes, instead of a "im here to help you" i got a " i dont believe you" i told the nurse who was sooo nice, that i dont want an x-ray, no meds nothing, i just wanna go home cuz he was soo rude to me. And i seriously started crying cuz i was in alot of pain, i havent been able to walk for 2 days and now that i can alil, i was able to go to the ER to seek for help and this is what i get? All the other times i get treated well so im not saying this is a horrible Hospital cuz its not, BUT make sure ya'll hire the good caring people that are in it for the right reasons not for the wrong reasons. I never had something like that happen to me, he was RUDE hes gotta go. I remember working there as a transporter and i would see patients yell at the nurses and doctors how rude they are and they're no help and this whole time i thought it was the patients acting up, like maybe that patient is on meds or isnt on his/hers meds or he/she is old or being ungrateful but after how he treated me? And making me feel like crap, shedding a couple tears ? i can truly now relate now... that Hospital has changed though, like i said hire the ones that are in it for the right reasons.

Michelle Gans

I wish it was possible to give zero stars. They don't ever do anything other than drug you up and send you home. Every time I've gone here I've had to go to another place immediately afterwards to get actual care. Rude staff that doesn't listen and dopes you to get you to stop complaining. So sorry to bother you with my bleeding!


Was admitted for 3 days. $33K hospital bill which I am sure was inflated & padded. No surgery. My insurance paid $32K plus. Amita billing me for almost $800, because $32K is not enough for them. Outrageous! Their billing Dept. Completely unwilling to work with me to pay it off. It was on their terms or NO terms. Absolutely zero compassion. Such pettiness & corporate greed. I do have other medical bills. But it was like talking to a brick wall. So I told them to send it to collections. Collections will at least negotiate. Amita will not. My employer is on staff at ABMC. You'd think there would be professional courtesy. Nope. And we refer ppl to ABMC all the time for labs & x-rays, etc. I will no longer do that. When big corporations take over, many times they destroy what used to be great. ABMC used to be a great hospital. I will also mention, the bed sheets were so worn out, they were sheer. I had 2 holes in them & the " blanket" was more of a light throw...for a child. As was the kiddie bed they put me in. My visitors couldn't believe it. One inch over & I would've been on the floor. All for $33K. But I will say, my nurses were wonderful ppl. .

Elec- 765

I have been here before twice. The first time was disappointing because they called me the day of my appointment to cancel because their MRI imaging machine was down for 3 days but they didn't bother to call the patients ahead of time to tell them the machine might not be ready and to reschedule. So I lost a day of work and pay for that because I had to take a day off for the missed appointment. The second time I had a upper EGD procedure done and the hospital charges a ridiculous amount of 9,041.00 to have a simple camera go down my throat into my stomach and esophagus for an inspection. The hospital charges 500.00 for a simple spray of medicine in my throat (which is outrageous) and 1,389.00 to collect 2 small tissue samples (this does not include another 900.00 the pathology lab is charging to inspect the samples). The breakdown of the bill is as follows... Pharmacy Services 506.00, Laboratory Services, 1,389.00, Operating Room Services 1,520.00, and Outpatient Services 5,625.00, totaling to 9.041.00. This bill seems outrageous to me for a 20 minute procedure. I asked ahead of time before the procedure and the hospital says they are not able to release what the pricing is because it may vary. There should really be some healthcare law about this where hospitals need to report a price range because hospitals are basically charging whatever they want and not giving a fair pricing structure to patients.

Dawid Dudzinski

Stay away if you can. Hospital relies on contractors to do the medical work - Alliance Pathology Consultants is one of the worst there. The hospital is the building and not much else. You will get an avalanche of bills from every imaginable direction and websites to pay it. If you have any questions then you are out of luck.

Matt M

Terrible exprience with this place

Salah Moghram

Worst healthcare experience. I went to the ER for some chest pain, I got xray, bloodwork, etc. I was told there is nothing serious and I was sent home. Later I got two bills, one from the hospital and another one from a 3rd party Lab. The hospital bill has lab expenses too. I called the hospital and I was told that the 3rd party lab bill is for reading some lab results - just reading not even running the tests.- When I asked my doctors friends about these tests -tests mentioned in the lab bill- they all told me that these are basic lab tests and any technician or doctor should be able to read them. I have a great health insurance that covers 90% of that scam lab bill. However, I am still disappointed about the levels of scamming our healthcare institutes have reached. The moral of my experience, don't go their unless you have a great health insurance that will cover their scam, or if it is an emergency and you don't care about the bills!

Kristi Lucia

If I could give this place less, I would in a heartbeat. I went to their ER with a Bronchitis induced panic attack and couldn't breathe. There treatment was to put a towel over my mouth and told me to breathe through my stuffed up nose! So they blocked off all sources of breathing! Horrible service! Stay away!

Manish Patel

Brought my wife, Amisha for jaw pain around 1:00 AM. It is 4:33 AM, still no doctor. This is a garbage hospital


Had an MRI done at an outside facility, when I took the results to the Womans center with me to my follow up Ultrasound, I had to wait hours before being told they could not upload and would not do anything for me and I needed to go back to the original center which did my MRI. I called the original center and was told this happens all the time with Alexian, unsure why but they would schedule me. Later that afternoon the technician called and said the images uploaded would call me back the next day I can cancel my appointment with the other center they will get me back on schedule. The following day, I received a call at 9:00AM and was told to come in at 10:00AM however email the written report before coming because they did not make copies. I rushed to get ready and got a call back stating the radiologist could not make sense of the written report so I needed to go back to the original facility that read my MRI and have them do the ultrasound because they cannot help me. This makes me very worried as there were findings on my MRI and I have been going to Alexian for 15+ years and never had this issue until now. So if the other facility finds something, how will I be treated at Alexian when they refuse to read the scan's that were sent and do not understand the written reports? Is it honestly my responsibility to have the radiologists communicate so I can be treated and diagnosed? I am extremely disappointed and now have to wait until next week to get into the other facility since I cancelled the original appointment the first time and now they are booked up. This still does not resolve what I will do if they need to do a biopsy since Alexian cannot read the other places reports!!!! Scared/Concerned/Do not know if my original report is right, do not want to pay for another MRI at Alexian!!!!!!!!!!!

steven k

My coworker suffered a stroke about 2008 or so. Luckily we were working in Elk Grove and he ended up here. They cut a hole in his skull to relieve the pressure. He was a difficult patient in that he was the very definition of a heathen but they treated him as though he was the best of God's children. He cussed and swore the whole time he was there and they had to deal with his redneck family. The staff at this hospital are the best and I am convinced that there are few places if any in the United States where he would have received more competent care. My friend is alive today solely because of the care he received at Alexian.

andy man

My father was misdiagnosed here and my mother was sent home without anything being done about her heart. Thank God we were able to send them both to Northwest Community were they were both treated properly. I will never go to Alexian if I am sick.

Al Trigo

Quick compassionate care in ER, mother admitted for emergency surgery, when I asked about the surgeons reputation "awe inspiring", he lived up to it, post op care great. Even food services deserve 5 stars.I thank God first, then Alexian Bros.

Angela Serbest

Annoys me every time I go there


Took my dad into the emergnecy room for chest pains, wheezing, and short of breath. When arriving went into the triage area and asked for assitance to bring my dad in. He has only one leg. Was told someone would come out to help us bring him in NO one came I managed to get him in a wheel chair and took him in and then stood in line to wait to be triaged. I DO UNDERSTAND waiting in line but he thought he was having a heart attack I thought the screening process for an emergnecy room is to take emergent cases first the triage would not even look at the people in line. Maybe they should hire someone to go from patient to patient in line and ask why they are there. Once in triage things did get better. They took him for a ekg and evaluated his blood pressure and oxygen level. Which was a releaf. We were returned to waiting room which is fine Lab came and drew labs which is also a plus. We didnt wait long to go into er ro9m The nurse and doctors there were fantastic. He was admitted and stayed 3 days in the hospital. The last day they did a stress test on him and discharged him Which was another mistake. No one noticed he was now weak and unable to transfer from wheel chair to bathroom Or unable to stand A dr or nurse should of checked him after the test and make sure he was not struggling with this. After only a 20 min drive home going up a ramp in a wheel chair he was unable to transfer to another wheel chair into the home and fell. A neighbor helped him get in along with my mom who is 74. She then noticed how weak he was. So she keep him im his wheel chair and on the same level as the bathroom and kitchen He later fell out of his wheel chair and paramedics where called to help him back in his wheel chair. Anyways he is now belted in his wheel chair. So he cant slide out or fall out. To me looks like physical therpy should of been done and testing to see if he was strong enough to return home Which he was not. So for my rating i had to give overall a low rating major health issues missed. This also was a first that he was discharged to home and not to friendship village for physical therpy. With the new weakness showing up and being told they couldnt believe how strong he was before the test. I feel they missed the ball.

Jessica Smith

I go inside and say " I think my mom is having a heart attack I need a wheel chair " the lady at the front says " ok you can take that one " NOT ONE PERSON CAME TO HELP ME. I get her inside I ask a lady if she can check us in and get help she says " no you'll have to wait in line " I looked at her and said " I THINK SHE IS HAVING A HEART ATTACK WHY ARENT YOU HELPING ??" she responded with " I guess I can get the triage nurse " and then just walked away we had to come to a different hospital. SHAME ON YOU!!!

James Garner

I had bunion surgery recently. The surgeon was good, the surgery was successful. However, the care received before and after was not good. Very lackadaisical, just going through the motions. Their lack of detail or even of just paying attention was appalling. Little things that were actually big things. Pre-op gave me socks three sizes too big and crutches too big, and didn't care. Post-op/recovery refused to give me post-surgical equipment that the doctor had specifically ordered, and that the doctor had to give me on the next office visit. The hospital staff didn't pretend to care about what they were doing. Nine months later, another bad AMITA experience. Have been blocked by AMITA from getting results from a stress test they not only referred to, but specifically approved. AMITA gets worse every day. Warning all of my new hires NOT to choose AMITA!

Venus Werner

I feel I've been treated in E.R. horriblely maybe 90 or 100% I was listened to in a llmy stays here at in NCH. They refused tibftind pain(m I migraine) for my had and srwm if knecjm. It DOESN'T WORL ON M I:R S IME. I've had rollercoaster fever 'and chill to my boke. An assistan carme in and told me I didn't need assistant panties and walk out . So I wnt dizzy & extremely light heasean, So I had fa)eb my neck and head are e÷off rh yt? echrts


If it was possible to give a ZERO rating that's all they deserve. This Hospital, ER, Hospital appointed Dr.'s (steer clear of Michael Tisman, is at an all time low. If you value your health, loved ones, go somewhere else.

zuby khan

My Wife Farah Khan Delivered Our Baby here and hands down the Best Hospital in town. From a 5 stars Gynecologist Dr. Jennifer Moriera to a 5 star Love and care from All the nurses and staff at Alexion. One of the Nurses there Laura her name was a very nice Hispanic Young Nurse was very Kind and Loving tremendous Job excellent Service. Everybody was Great.

Glenn Vermaat

Very good teacher for drivers assessment program nice facility and clean.

Rob Council

Great service with professionals that care. You can tell as soon as you enter the building.

Luis Loredo

(Translated by Google) For the attention q you are putting my brother. (Original) Por la atencion q le estan poniendo a mi hermano.

Jane Doe

Pryanka is a very rude person. If you choose to work in a field like this you should know better when it comes to the attitude you have when dealing with people. Like for real, very unprofessional i dont get how they get away with these nasty attitudes.

Ken Sheckler

I took my dad to the er this morning and I'm extremely disappointed with the level of care since Amita took over. It's like they don't care about the patients anymore. The doctor came in to see him at 2:05 and said that they are sending him home and now it's 3:00 and we're still waiting for them to send him home. While waiting I had to sit here and listen to all the unprofessional comments by one of the staff members talking about one of the other patients. I wouldn't even give them 1 star.

Yeraldi Lopez

Amazing staff and doctors. Have always been helpful to us.

Lauren Mary Socha

The Neuro floor of this place is okay. The rooms are in the old part of the building and are not up-to-date or even well maintained. Bed was very uncomfortable for someone experiencing spinal pain. Most of the nurses were okay, a few were cold and unfriendly, one was downright incompetent. The best nurse here was averaged compared to another larger hospital (LGH). The doctors at the neuroscience institute are great as was my own PCP in managing my pain and diagnosing a major problem requiring spinal cord surgery. 5 stars for the MRs, 2 for the nursing staff and 2 for the rooms. Oh and not averaged into total rating but 0 stars for the ER where some idiot PA was going to discharge me with a dx of sciatica. Please, I am a healthcare professional with a myriad of symptoms way beyond sciatica. I ended up needing neurosurgery for a rare condition! As to see a real doctor if you land in their ER.

Orhan Cercil

I went there and will NOT be there again. I am so sad because of the front desk workers. They are so rude and do discrimination I hate that. Hospital should warning them to good for customer. They looked at me first and they told me that we do not wanna talk and do not know anything about what you are saying, and not helping me. Because of my religion, they acted so mean and rude. DO NOT go this hospital. I would give mines instead of 1 if i found it.

Yushi Kum

lame ass and llossers, racist. Shame that we are in the us. If it was in Mexico, they will be beat up. I just wait for them to attack, so I can hit them back.

Ala Al-Shammari

The worst hospital ever worst stuff don’t go to this hospital got 8:30 appointment for MRI i didn’t get in till 10:30 most of there equipment don’t even work

Simon Simeonov

Their surgery scheduler is awfully. Kept changing it all day, latest at 5:55pm the day before. Someone is making thousands of dollars and they can't honor a simple request

Jlo Viv

I have to say i had a great experience with my stay at this Hospital i had a premature baby and he was cared for wonderfully every nurse who spoke with me and was with baby was very informative and helpful I appreciated how the special care nursery cared for my little bundle so many nurses i had unfortunately i couldn't remember all there names but here are some i did Melanie.Jennifer.glenda .kaylin.heather. alison.melissa.lynda lactation nurse.amanda in nursery eva thank you

Clarisa De La Torre

(Translated by Google) Your attention is very professional (Original) Su atención es muy profesional


Compared to others in the area, save your time and go somewhere else.

Wxffle Qween

I don't know if this place has changed in the last few years but when we used it a couple of times we learned that they tend to do more harm than good. If you want good medical care I would definitely go elsewhere. We used to say this is where people go to die as they surely will not be saved by anyone in this hospital.

Timm V

No sense of Emergency in the ER. If my situation were life threatening I would of Died. I Waited 5-6 hours to see a Doctor after being involved in a nasty car accident. Would of left but was in too much pain. After waiting they told me they called me when they did not and took me off the list. Then apparently charged me twice for triage because of the mistakes... Also, I was appalled when I seen a gentleman come in bleeding profusely from his head and the receptionist made him wait in line to get triage and vitals. When he clearly needed immediate attention. This place is a joke.

Sarah Lynn

I delivered my first baby at NWCH and because of insurance changes I had to deliver my second here. I absolutely loved this hospital. It's not quite as up to date as NWCH but still overall a better experience. The staff is so friendly and accommodating.

Eva Cameron

Devil in the White coat sends young adults to ghetto for black box meds to make you look like a Toxic kidney you come out in someone else's clothes they steal NIKE at the transfer Hospital Hartgrove in the ghetto, the 6 west high pregnant nurse was giggles that my son was kidney toxic from psychiatrist, no sign of dignity then the paramedics .Can't do flights of stairs so the left my son for dead on the garage floor as well as expensive siamese cat ran away. Also in the medical records they lie your son is allergic to eggs when it is Cymbalta hives. The staff also lies and pretends he is psycovdruuging himself when he is cymCymba paralyzed from the MD to fill his own pockets for an 80 billion dollar industry of poisoning called psychotropic drugging . My son is in the morgue there and for HIPPA they won't allow a legal guardian to bury him after he died of black box meds they gave. 9/8/2018! Cymbalta paralyzed

Elena P

I gave birth at this hospital in August 2017 and was hesitant about writing a review. I have mixed feelings overall. The two nurses and the midwife who were on duty were great, I can`t thank them enough for their patience and kindness. Especially the nurses, they were so kind to me, on a personal level. And even after birth when we were moved to a different room for our hospital stay, everyone was really nice and caring. Except one thing that made me really uncomfortable, but I wasn`t thinking much of it at the time. When my baby was taken for his hep B shot, when they brought him back they said they had given him formula because he seemed hungry. I was planning to breastfeed from the beginning and I still am to this day, thank God, but what made me a bit uncomfortable was that I believe I should have been asked if I was ok with that first. I still think about this and I believe that it is important especially at the time when you establish your milk supply and there is a slight possibility the baby refuses to nurse after being given the bottle. Another thing that bothered me was that one of the nurses on the day we were discharged discussed with me the vaccines (we gave him the shot after 3 days because we weren`t sure what we wanted to do about the vaccine schedule being so intense) and I was explaining how I felt worried about all the ingredients in the vaccines and especially the aluminum and despite the "debunking" of the anti vaccine researches it just doesn`t make sense that ingredients such as aluminum and mercury would be safe for such a small body and immune system that is a day old. So in the midst of discussing all that (and we only discussed it because she was trying to persuade me, not the other way around), she said that she preferred a few children with disorders caused by the vaccines rather than her children being exposed to the risk of suffering from the diseases that the vaccines prevent. This to me sounded very cruel and most of all - it sorta gave acknowledgment to what she was trying to deny so hard in the conversation.

Laina Ferraresi

I waited 4 1/2 hrs before being seen in ER. I came in at 4:00 pm and left at almost 10:00 pm. Then to top it all off. I never saw a doctor. The nurses were great but I would expect to having been seen by a doctor. However, a doctor did call me at home the next day to see how I was doing. Still don't know source of the pain. Basically, 6 wasted hours for nothing. Not even a prescription. It seems that if you don't come in by ambulance, you just sit and wait. With all the cubicles available, you would think they could take a patient who just walks in.


It was terrable experience. Please don't trust the doctors they sent me straight trough the hell. Thank God there were other doctors from other hospital to seve my life!!!

Robert Rosenthal

I have used Alexian Brothers outpatient services here but have never been admitted as a patient. One of my doctors has an office in their building so, on occasion, my appointments are there. The doctor is great, but this review is about the Medical Center. I am sometimes a little troubled by the religious icons. However, I am tolerant and understand that is a key part of their mission. Their facilities are quite nice - since the last time I was there, they added a small food court in the lobby - a nice touch. I needed lab work. In the past, I've waited a very long time as they get busy. This was also around lunch time. I went to the check-in desk and asked how long the wait was for the lab. She said there was no one ahead of me so I decided to get my lab work done while I was there. One of the reasons I don't typically get lab work done there and prefer to use my primary care doctor's lab is the cost. The co-insurance for lab work done at the hospital is outrageous. I needed the tests done quickly and couldn't wait for an appointment to open at my doctor's lab. I went through their lengthy check-in process, walked back to the lab, and was taken in within 5 minutes or so. I do like the service they provide there. As said above, their facilities are nice and clean. The staff seems very knowledgeable, helpful, and truly caring for their patients.

Jasna Latic

Sylvia Walt

Wonderful experience .Very speedy Check in an d great ki dness leading up to my daughter's procedure.

Kim W

Excellent hospital. Efficient service. Real people.

Luz Padilla

The front desk staff at the ER have no customer service skills what's so ever. The lady at the front desk was very condescending, not very understanding, and unsympathetic to everyone who would approach her. She was very unprofessional and was even taking selfies with her cell phone. I will definitely be writing a letter of complain about my experience with this place. If you are looking for a hospital to go to, Lutheran in Park Ridge is by far the best hospital I've ever been to.

Primavera Nunez

Love it

Joseph Rice

You know. Before the generic response of “we are sorry for your experience” that you see on those reviews. How about you fix your damn ER. Been sitting for 3 hours (still am) with my grandfather and his abdominal pains. Was told a nurse would come out. Took 30 minutes. He said he needs to get his charge nurse. That was an hour ago. He’s only near again becaus Sunday he was told his CAT scan was Clean. Only to get a call in the morning saying they actually found issues. How the hell do you miss cysts on a kidney and stones and say he’s just having a muscle pain. Front desk nurse is a grade a pain in the ass who just yells at everyone that walks on. No friendly experience what so ever here. I get your an ER but a little kindness goes a long way. Guess we will continue to sit here while my grandfather is still hunched over in pain ever few minutes. I could literally drive to any other hospital in the state probably and been attended to by now.

Krisi Alayna

The absolute worst that I have ever been treated at any ER ever. The nurses are extremely rude, unethical, discourteous, inconsiderate, insensitive, and just mean. I have a prediabetic condition which causes hypoglycemia which I can only manage with diet because no doctor cares enough to figure out why this keeps happening to me and people don't actually research the condition. They assumed I was faking or exaggerating and kept trying to get me to tell them my whole medical history when I could barely sit up let alone talk. I hate my condition and I hate that medical staff don't know anything about it.

Ken Foerster

I have had several procedures performed at Alexian Bros, now Amita. The skill, care, and compassion from Dr Feihage, Dr Sagar, the nurses and support team at the hospital have been excellent. I have recommended family to come here for their care. Keep up the good work.

Joe D

I'm never using this hospital again. You guys made my poor daughter who's only 7 months old wait almost 2 and a half hours before my wife finally complained. The ignorant nurse told her our child wasn't a priority! I'm not finished on Google with you guys. I'm going to every social media outlet and news agency to write about the horrible experience in the emergency area and heartless nurses you have employed. A gentleman before us was holding his chest and couldn't breathe right and still let us go ahead of him because he saw we had a baby! The baby had a fever of 103.7! Never again! My child and everyone else's child is a priority!

Tyler Murray

Pretty ok experience. Had to repeat my entire reason for being here to like 7 different people because nobody can communicate or read a chart really quick, was here like 5 and a half ours to have a few tests done (ekg, chest xray, cat scan) and some blood drawn that took less than 10 minutes combined, so around 10 minutes of that 5 hours was actually doing something. Then i ask for a doctors note, which took around an hour for someone to grab the piece of paper, and write 3 words on it, took her literally 3 seconds. It took the 50 women in the back almost an hour to NOT even walk the note down a hallway. Thank you to the one nurse that took the initiative to get up and grab that note for me. My girlfriend and baby came to pick me up, and had to end up driving home WITHOUT me as they were sat outside for 40 minutes as i waited for said note, which required me to then continue to wait until the Uber I had to order arrived, setting me back 15 dollars. And the cherry on top is I walked out with more questions than answers, effectively wasting my time, my day, cost me 8 hours of work, and 15 dollars for an uber. Maybe stay off the cellphones and quit gabbing, and put your head down and do what youre paid to do.


ER is terrible rude, was working with staff and reception was rude and inconsiderate even tho your spending thousands of dollars. Please try to be Human.

Caroline Chen

Very unfriendly information desk in the west building. The women with blue eyeliner talk pretty mean. I was trying to reach social worker office. Other lady was looking for the locate for me. The women with blue eyeliner told me " You need an appointment. I am seriously." with impatient attitude. (She did not help with any other information before this sentence.) Okay, you are serious. So, I came to hospital for fun? I really don't understand that why she needs to talk to me in that way. I was not make trouble, I only spent 1-2 mins at information desk. That was the service I got.


Friendly doctors and nurses however this hospital is not equipped to handle its patients, I was taken here by ambulance after a medical emergency and the hospital didn’t have access to medications I needed which I find UNACCEPTABLE.

Crystal Marie

MEDICAL MALPRACTICE. This ER hospital is the worst and I DO NOT recommend going here. I was there the other day with my father, it took about 2 hours to get a “doctor” to evaluate my dad. This “doctor” did nothing whatsoever to help his pain when you can clearly see that he was in terrible pain. Even the nurse personally told my father that she didn’t understand why that doctor didn’t give him stronger pain killers. While we were there, The ER “doctor” ran multiple tests on my dad, but couldn’t come to a conclusion on what was wrong with him because apparently there was nothing wrong with his test results. Therefore we had no choice but to go to another AMITA hospital since my father was STILL IN PAIN. The new doctor was able to pull up the results on the tests that the ER “doctor” ran and saw that there was results that my father had a bladder infection. Why did the ER “doctor” say that he didn’t have anything and didn’t know what was wrong if the results showed that he had an infection?! Worst of all, that ER “doctor” prescribed my father with the INCORRECT medicine which caused his infection to get WORSE and cause his bladder to swell up even more than it already was!? You should be ashamed to even call yourself a doctor. You aren’t doing your job, you aren’t helping people, you are making them feel worse. This is MEDICAL MALPRACTICE.


I delivered a baby there 5 days ago never deliver the baby here before choosing the provider there think of consequences. Midwifery group is excellent so was labor and delivery staff but postpartum My goddness was worst experience of all. My husband had to run to store and my newborn was crying i called nurse and requested her to give my daughter to me she was hungry and i wanted feed her i explaned her I’m alone plz help me they never came. Than i went to take shower and again requested if housekeeper can clean my bed it’s been 2 days and the blanket is soiled she said I’m sorry we don’t change or clean the ber unless it’s really soiled laundry costs us $100 that’s y we don’t change sheets or clean bathroom meaning no room services available. I delivered my son in 2012 at swedish hospital very good maintenance and care for mother and baby but here they don’t help u in anything not even respond to calls i would never suggest anyone that hospital for delivery.

Jamie Anfeldt

I will never use ABMC again. The AMITA Healthcare System is a joke. They definitely did not care my son was having an asthma attack and dismissed him as if I made the whole thing up. He was later admitted and kept at NCH. I don't take asthma lightly--my 6 year old nephew passed away from bronchial asthma---his doctor out of Alexian dismissed his systems, too. I physically, emotionally, and mentally would not be able to handle another death of a child in my family due to their disgusting negligence. Screw this hospital and their system.. Oh yes, their pediatrics er is not always opened--that blows my mind.

Kari Martinez

Wonderful experience .Very speedy Check in an d great ki dness leading up to my daughter's procedure.

All Ornone

Terrible customer service especially for a hospital. Wanted to give zero stars but couldn’t. Never again will I deal with this place.

Vaishali Patel

I am extremely satisfied and happy on the recent care that my mom received from the ER Dr. Grant, Dr. Primary care Dr. Chhabra, Cardiologist Dr. Gries and Ortho surgeon Dr. Chhadia! These are the doctors who treated her for the recent health complications! They are excellent and very knowledgeable! Nurses and entire staff on the 4th floor is caring and provided excellent compassionate care!

Mercy Alu

Horrible hospital. I had surgery here at alexian brothers elk Grove village. No good aftercare. I aspirated and ended up with pneumonia in my left lung after major abdominal surgeries. No pain meds ordered. Nothing to do in room except hooked up to blood pressure monitor, laying flat and aspirating fluids while no pain med available most of first day because nobody could reach doctor, nobody was sure what type of surgery, ( two major abdominal performed by two doctors resident in the hospital), yet no properly transcribed patient chart?. After getting the dizziness, pain and nausea under some control by next morning ( midnight), all nurses coming in had no idea what surgery I had, who primary doctor was, no transcription from doctors, calling for hours no response from doctors, not clear what's going on here. One checked my dressings and put old dressing on top of my food tray with fresh lunch. Another dropped dressing gauze and went to pick and put on top of outer layer under my abdominal wrap, after listening for abdominal sounds. I refused, because I don't want any further infections. They aren't sure to change dressings or not since waiting for doctors orders. Today is Saturday, and I came in Wednesday. The nurses don't have clear information from shift to shift. Nobody knows if I was a patient or came in originally for outpatient admission. One was surprised on seeing my abdominal binder. She thought I only had gallbladder surgery. But I had two entirely different surgeries. I must get out of here today to a new hospital. Horrible place!

Tommy May

I Called to contact somebody and the receptionist was rude and cut me off several times and then hung up. Wow, a little unprofessional.

Jacque Bursott

Friendly staff, free valet parking 8AM to 4:30 PM. ALL service facility. Diagnostics, lab, emergency, surgical, maternity. Cafeteria with Deli section. Hot and cold options. New wing has private rooms and up to date technology for patient use.

Jurgen Asani

The emergency room wait is unreal . We had to wait almost 3 hours to get helped . This is not the first time this has happened . We go to this hospital because it’s close to home . This is the last time . Do not go here .


Good service

Evelyne Deckinger

Went there the day after Christmas. My arm was hurting really bad. Dr.checked for a blood clot or cellulitis. Finally got an appointment with my regular doctor. It turns out my arm was broken!

angie zamora

Have awesome Doctor that works out of alexia. Brothers is been my hospital for over 15 years

Wake Girl

Since often it seems reviews are written in anger at a real, or even at some imagined slight; this time, I wanted to share my family's positive ER experience, in hopes it might also be helpful to someone else: We ended up in the ER with my Mom after her family doc seemed to have little idea what to do for her, or what was wrong. We found the Medical Provider (Physician Assistant - PA) at Alexian Brother's ER who took care of my Mother during this unexpected serious illness, to be not just quick & professional, but also more caring & compassionate than we ever expected, especially considering how busy the ER was, with more ppl just pouring in the doors constantly. Thanks to Alexian Brother's great ER Staff, a lot of hard work, intuitive thinking, and smart testing/treatment by that wonderful PA (despite some crazy-overworked circumstances), my mother recovered quickly, and is back to her usual feisty healthy self. So, if due to serious illness or injury, you ever find yourself in need, I highly recommend Alexian Brother's ER & Hospital.

Wesley Elementary

Been sitting here for over 3 hours with a 4 year old boy throwing up and 5 people after us have gone in. Was told they don’t go by you comes in first but how bad the person is. Son has thrown up three times after drinking water while we sit here. Great hospital this is.

Patrick Bateman

Great experience made even better because the most beautiful Nurse works there.

Dj Shadowsix

They still perform exorcisms here

Natural Healing

Do anything possible but go here if you have a loved one in pain. My sister with terminal cancer was admitted here 5 days ago and passed this am. Several times she was in extensive pain, and while I could get the nurse / doctor to order pain meds, it would take the hospital 'pharmacy' hours to send them up to the room. This occurred even at 10:00 at night after numerous calls. Can you imagine the pain of someone dying and having to wait for these pharmacy issue? One nurse in particular, Judy on the second shift, was horrible. Didn't care, didn't follow-up, would sit with the meds in her hand and have conversations while my poor sis was waiting in agony. Judy that cares for room 244 in the west tower during the day and afternoon shifts - don't allow her to take care of anyone in need of attention. Plus the night staff nurses (11-7) are horrible, missed many things.

gerhard richter

Went for imagining. The check in was fast. The Imagining Department is quite a distance from the check in area. The staff was efficient and the wait wasn't bad.

Michelle Scofield

Horrible ER service! I was brought down to the ER from my doctors office by wheelchair and holding a barf bag. Once arriving I was told to go talk to the I go over and ask what the wait time is and they tell me 5-6 hours. I then ask if I can put my name on a list and come back....I was told no and to call my doctor back too see if he can give me more anti nausea meds. REALLY! There wasn't even a seat available. Alexian use to be a great hospital up until AMITA took over.....they have ZERO compassion for people!

ricky Movahedan

my experience at Alexian Brothes Medical Center on 03/21/2014 confirms other reviews that,it is all about money and not patient care.I have a deducible of 700.00 $ for me and my husband , which they asked me to pay up front.even if it is their regulation to collect the deductible from the patient,it should have been 350.00 $.And also i don't have a lot of nice thing to say about the staff

Jamie Filipponi

The Ambulatory center is amazing especially Gail! I have a difficult port, yet she is always very patient and friendly and is always able to access it. I would Raye the Ambulatory center a 5 alone as the staff is so nice. Unfortunately, my experience for the most part in other areas is below acceptable. On 2 or 3 separate occasions I was released before I should have been by 2 or 3 different Dr's. One Dr said they didn't know what was wrong with me so he released me and he was quite ride about it. Another time, I was released while my blood glucose was over 450! That same Dr. came at me pointing his finger and yelling at me that I was a horrible person and I will always be that way. Unbelievable! A nurse overheard and reported to the charge nurse. I made a complaint, but they refused to give me any updates. The last time, I was released again with no answers. The Dr's barely looked at my chart before coming top see me, yet continued on with medical advice. I nicely alex if he even tag my chart and he said no. He left the room and never came back. So unprofessional! My husband was telling them all along that part of my issue could be a side effect from one of my meds, they didn't listen. Upon my 10th visit to the ER, they began to listen and resolved the medicine issue. Once I was of the medication, the issue was resolved. The only other part of the hospital that is good is the ICU; the nurses I had were amazing.

mikey kocelko

as nice as the staff is it makes no difference if the business as a whole is incompetent in processing insurance and confirming whether or not it would be accepted, but despite that accepting a patient without informing them of that issue and then charging them full price without any means of easily remedying the issue. something like this that they consider a small mix up is something that may or may not ruin financial situations for others depending on when they decide to get back to you.


The nurses and doctors here are great. They make sure to call and follow-up after appointments or for reminders. I came for an annual physical and will return next year. A little disorganized between departments, I had to return another day for a test that one of the phlebotomists forgot to administer.

Eyup Dagoglu

My wife she made an appointment for ultrasound to do in Addison location 3 pm. We went there and they said your appointment is at main hospital. The scheduling department is messed up the location!! we were late to our appointment in main hospital and they took as 1 hour later . We drove longer and spent more time for their MISTAKE!!!!! Nobody calls you or email you to confirm your appointment too.No professionalism!!

Tammy Lee

Brought my Mother in to detox from pills in a safe, supervised manner. She spent 13 days there. Dr. Wood of DOUBLED HER DOSAGE of Klonipin and Trazadone and released her....can you imagine our horror. We saw her daily but never him. We keep telling nurses why are you giving her the pills she is to be detoxed from? It took him literally 8 days to call me back (me calling 2x a day and them paging him) to discuss my Moms care. He was rude, arrogant and could care less about her....quite obvious he is just there for his paycheck. DR. WOOD IS THE WORST DOCTOR EVER. Read his reviews. I WOULDN'T BRING MY WORST ENEMY TO ALEXIAN. We also spent hours going over her medical info which is fine but then they lost it all when we got her into her room and had to do it again. They rushed thru it doing it in her room. It was horrible. We now have her a Rush and receiving excellent care with a TEAM of Doctors who actually care about my mom and her well being. Try calling Alexian and getting hold of anyone and see how that goes before making a decision to go here.

Steve Ostrow

I have been going to Alexian Brothers for some 15 years now. I have never had a bad experience there, most of my doctors offices are right at the hospital so it makes it very convenient. Recently I underwent by-pass surgery and all of the nurses for my extended stay were excellent and provided me with exceptional service. I didn't feel like a number but a person they cared about. I am very happy to say that the hospital is my number one choice for medical care.

Julie Frerichs

I was at Alexian Brothers for 26 days. I was in Emergency, Surgery, Intensive Care, and in hospital rooms. I received excellent care. Every day I came in contact with doctors, nurses, aides, technicians, food service, housekeeping, transportation people, and others. In a month, that comes to a few hundred people. I did not encounter a single person who wasn't efficient and compassionate. Thanks for the wonderful care!

Timothy McLin

My husband is here having surgery on his toe and I want to shout out my thanks to the nurses Rima and Lynnea in Day Surgery for their excellent care, humor, listening skills, caring concern and hospitality as professionals. What a great pair! Kathleen Meitzer McLin

Esther Muro

I have been to this hospital four times in one year and this last visit was horrible!!! The admitting nurse and admitting staff were wonderful as usual. I waited in the lobby for TWO hours with abdominal pain, when finally a male nurse named Vince came and told me I was going in the ER hallway until the first room is available. The ER doctor was wonderful check my abdominal pain ordered a CT and pain medicine. I waited for half hour for my pain medicine then asked Vince which by the way he was to busy on the phone, he finally gave it to me and was totally unprofessional, as he WALKED me to the CT and during which my daughter who is eight months pregnant, was sitting on a chair in the hallway watching one room become available only to be giving away. I WALKED back and sat in the hallway when my daughter informed me of just what happen during which another room became available, so I asked Vince is that my room? and he said he would check. Well, they gave that room away too and Vince said I'd probably be on my way out soon so i'd be okay in the hallway. Well, he was wrong, I had gallbladder stones and was ordered to have an ultrasound. I was admitted, stayed overnight and I ended up with a gallbladder removal and a cyst had burst in my ovary. I was so upset to have been treated with no respect and no privacy I was so mad and refuse that Vince be my nurse for the rest of the short time I was in the ER ROOM. I cried and upset my daughter , I also advised him my insurance was going to hear about this since I'm sure you charged them for a room and not a bed in the hallway. Also, my daughter was all set to deliver at that hospital and will now be going elsewhere since she witness this awful treatment I received.


Excellent service. A very welcoming hospital with great emotional connections to their patients. I went to visit my grandfather when I walked in while he was speaking with the doctor. His cardiologist was very thorough and explained procedures clearly. Altogether 5 doctors came in while my visit and all were extremely sensitive to his health and continued to reassure us that he is in good hands. That really helped put all of us at ease.

Nana Moore

I recommend that no one goes to this hospital Yesterday I came Through the emergency room and I’m seven months pregnant and they had me wait in the waiting room for an hour and 30 minutes just to see a doctor the doctors they didn’t give me any medicine and they didn’t offer me anything not a pillow not a cover I was there for about 4 hours they sent me home the same way I came didn’t give me a ride which they said they would They made me to go to the waiting room and wait another hour and 30 minutes just to see if they could get Me a taxis which was not for sure 100% and it was 10 at night I ended up leaving because it seem like most of the time all I was doing was waiting,so they had a pregnant person just walk out barley could walk or breathe at 10pm to walk home they seem like they had no Sympathy.

Maggie J

They'd sooner take your money than actually provide you with care. I am still going back and forth with this hospital about a bill I cannot afford as they have set me up with collections and have made these past two months a financial hell for me. And now I have no way to get in touch with the department that did these exams on me because everything is now under AMITA--which are run by incompetent and unfriendly individuals. You can't even report a doctor or examiner for malpractice to Illinois medical board because of this; this loophole just give them power to do the bare minimum while swindling families out of their money. And all this because my gynecologist refused to schedule me for a pelvic ultrasound before my insurance policy was up; instead, she deemed my medical issue as a result of me being "anorexic" (which no I am not; I'm at a healthy BMI for my age and height). Don't walk away from these "medical professionals" and their medical services: run.

Leah Casto

Absolutely no help. I’ve been sitting in my room with no word on my condition for hours. Look out my door and see my nurse laughing and chatting with another nurse. Really?

shannon diviak

Have honestly never been here but I called to ask a medical question and a nurse, (Lashanda? Can’t remember) took the time out of her schedule to help me. I had to leave a review because of how kind and helpful she was. Definitely made for the medical field

Paul Jordan

Great hospital. They took very good care of my Grandparents, and my Dad.

Rahim khan

Amazing well service

Steve Ignots

Sometimes the ER is backed up but the care is first rate

Rachael Parchman

This hospital offers a "skip the wait" for the ER. Meaning you can set the time you want to come in, and you don't have to sit in a waiting room full of sick people. So I did. And I waited at home for my appt time, came in, to be told I had to get in line to see the Dr. Why even have a service if your not going to uphold you part if it.

Lukasz Wojtanowski

Great place to have your baby delivered - the staff is extremly nice and carefull (too many names to mention, but we really appreciate everyone's support there)We have enjoyed our stay in the facility even though my wife was going through some little after birth problems. No questions that we will be going back there with our 2nd chd in the future.

J Raby

Central scheduling is terrible to people. They need staff that won't hang up on patients or delete the orders from their doctors out of the system. They also need HR people who will not be rude to you just because you are jewish. I get it, you're a religious hospital but where do you have the right to treat people who are of a different religion so poorly? Horrible people here.

Alecia Butler

NEVER GO TO ALEXIAN BROTHERS IN ELKGROVE VILLAGE!! I just had the worst experience there. Something is wrong with my back and i walked in to the ER crying barley walking. They then let me lay on the waiting room floor for 2 and half hours in extreme pain. I was crying and every time i move im experiencing sharp shooting pain. When they final took me back they did an xray and it came out inconclusive so assumed i have a strained muscle. I DIDNT EVEN SEE A DOCTOR! They let me sit in my room for two more hours and didnt tell me what was going on until they where checking me out. When i was asking questions about what i should do for work they said i was fine and should be able to work my double shift and carry 20 pounds easily by tomorrow as long as i take a norco??? Um what? I dont want to be doped up at work! When i told them i dont think i can do that they said well just dont go. I replied obviously annoyed and said "well i need a note then." She then told me i was verbally abusing her and that they have a zero tolerance policy and told me to leave. I didnt even swear or raise my voice all i did was sound annoyed because they let me sit there in pain for 5 hours then told me im fine go home. I am never returning to this hospital and i highly recommend none of my friends do either unless they want to wait forever then be treated like garbage by the staff. Absolutely disgusted with this establishment.

Tony James

Sitting in the ER for 6 hours they won't let me get something to eat,DONT COME TO THIS HOSPITAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Richard Borowski

On multiple occasions an elderly family member has been admitted to the medical center and I cannot say enough about the quality of care and the dedication of ALL staff that was evident. Health care is complicated and the results may not be what is hoped for...but the effort and capabilities of the facilities and staff at Alexian Brothers is a model others would do well to learn from and take to heart.

Allison Popowski

After standing in line for 1/2 hour and having pre-registered online, all you need to do is know someone (like a nurse somewhere else in the hospital) you can go to the head of the line and be seen immediately. Good to know!!! Whatever!! Not coming back ever again! It's not THAT great of a hospital!

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