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REVIEWS OF Advocate Trinity Hospital IN Illinois

Nora James

I'm so surprised this place is still in business. The doctor gave out my grandmothers medical information to non family members after I specifically told them to only give medical info to me per POA legal document and verbally. It took 2 hrs for the doc to come see me about medical results. The hospital is disgusting. The nurse was cool. My gma was brought by ambulance, so this was the closes hospital. Some staff seem to be bothered if you ask a question. By far the worst next to roseland.

Bernard Granderson

Very good services I enjoy

Anthony REI

I have nothing to say but excellent service and care

Marsalis Anthony

This hospital has killed more people than it will ever save! Today I was escorted out by the orders of a Caucasian male physician. Upon my arrival he approached me, I allowed him to inform of the situation. I was very diplomatic and stated facts once I spoke. Trinity Hospital is known for gunshot wounds and Incompetent physicians. He had a look of disbelief, I guess he doesn’t read the reviews. A lie told once is a lie, but a lie told more than once is the truth. The only thing that needs to be evaluated is Trinity hospital staffing!

Deon Rogers

I personally feel that my pain is less than it was when physical therapy started with Dr. Shandrea Boyd. My right ankle does have more mobility and flexibility. The on-site and at home exercises were beneficial. While I may still loose my footing or buckle at times, with extended therapy I think I could be back to 98%. Dr. Boyd is great.

Apple Smith

Extremely rude ER staff. Like for real. I dont know why you are a nurse if you are that nasty.

Cyndy Elione

The ER is the absolute worse that I have had the misfortune to come to, Jackso Park hospital is better service than this hell hole. I will never come back here if my life depended on it!

Velvet M. Brown

Closest & large hospital for the far southeast side of Chicago. A plus is that it belongs to the Advocate Medical Group.

Kimberly Copeland

If I could give this ghetto hospital no stars I would. I had a referral for a ultrasound due to findings on my mammogram in March 2018. I scheduled my ultrasound immediately for April 28th at 7:30am. I arrived at the hospital and registered only to be told that I didn't have an appointment for an ultrasound. Now mind you I had someone from registration call me the day before my appointment to confirm my appointment and they confirmed it was for an ultrasound. The next available appointment would be another 2 months away. I would recommend going to Pet Smart before coming to this ghetto trash hospital.

Laquinta Butler

Great hospital

Tanyika Prince

If I could give them less than 1 star I would. This hospital is terrible. The nurses are not friendly or helpful. The care partners SUCK!! the hospital smells really bad, the bathrooms are not clean, my mother in law asked for water at 1pm they didn't bring it until 5:30pm. The staff is horrible.

brenda gonzalez

I'm almost 3 months pregnant and having heavy bleeding and pain and they have me in the waiting area for about 3 hours going on 4 it's ridiculous. Thinking on leaving and going to another hospital and never coming back.

Cassandra Boozer

The nurses on the second floor is a joke!!!!

Jennifer Cobb

My mother went to this hospital twice. Both times were bad. The second time she died. To top things off someone on the staff stole the rings off of her dead body. The first time she was kicked out of the hospital at 9pm even though there was no problem with her insurance and the hospital was not crowded. This hospital is dangerous and criminal. Stay far away.

Arianna Smith Parker

I wish I could give them no star’s. I sat in the ER For 5 hours before deciding just to leave. People who came after me were being serviced before I was.its extremely terrible how long you have to wait just to see a doctor or to get a room

Gillette Kelly

The hospital has the worst doctors that lack morals like Dr. Morgan, along with other horrible doctors that work here. The hospital is filthy as hell, and the rooms have no air. I was shut in a airless room, and the windows had latches on them. I didn't see the doctor before or after surgery. They can close this rat trap and it shouldn't get anymore funding to stay open. The doctors can't be trusted here. They'll let any doctor work here. I will never return to this poor of a excuse for a hospital. The old blood bank lady is an arrogant bish. Never will I ever enter the doors of Trinity.

Quinzola Garrett

Arrived here on 10/12/19 @ 6:54 pm. It is now 1:13 am on 10/13/19 and we are still here. Have not even seen the doctor! This place is terrible, the staff is extremely slow. Worst Er I e ever encountered! I didnt want to give that one star, but I wouldn't be able to post my review with at least that 1 star. But they definitely didnt deserve it!!!

Aracely Antimo

DONT GIVE BIRTH HERE ! id share my experience but there's way too much id complain about . this is not a good hospital at all.

L Brown.

Ver long wait. But professional staff

Jennifer Goodwin

My father was rushed here after almost being in a diabetic coma. The nurses and doctors are extremely friendly and very accommodating. But my father developed horrible bed sores, we saw them when he first got them, they were relatively Small, now they cover over half of his butt his anus is almost showing, unexceptable. They weren't turning him at all, they would only move him to change him, we are seeking legal action. You have to be your loved ones advocate!!!!

Desiree Valentine

I left work early today to come to the hospital because I was in a lot of pain. Blood clots were coming out and all and they took forever to do everything with me. If you are having an emergency do not come here. This is not my first visit and every time I hope for the best and they always treat me like I'm not important the worse part is the emergency room was empty today

Joseph Thomas

outpatient surgery department rates 5 stars

paris white

Lab work was completed within 10 minutes of my arrival

Lauren McClain

Worst hospital every they deserve no stars. Housekeeping is cleaning the er talking and cussing on the. Its just crazy been here since 4 still haven't been seen and it's almost 9:00. Worst experience ever. Might as well went to John H Stroger.

Denita Day

My father was there this past week. He was treated well in the ER, ICU & 2 South. The nurses were very attentive and the doctors were very thorough. They discovered and error made by a doctor at one of the "Better" teaching hospitals that almost resulted in him receiving a pacemaker. His is now resting well and his heart rate is better than it has been in 4 YEARS. I've read some of the reviews and I think we have to remember that medical professionals are human as well and even in an emergency we still have to watch our own presentation. You get what you give.

Gordon Gekko

Pathetic American healthcare at its finest.

Cheryl Branch

What kind of hmo this hospital take I Love to a doctor there me and my husband

Delores Phillips

Was there on Saturday afternoon ER room staff wonderful, but didn't appreciate that one lady from the clerical staff asking about the copay, unprofessional!

Jamila W

I cant even write about my nightmare with this hospital. Its bad enough that the Doctors in ER have no clue how to treat a child but now I'm stuck with a bill in collection. So if you absolutely have to go here.......after 30 days call to see if you owe money. Once a statement comes to you it down hill from there. Insurance, medical card, nothing will help.

Audrey Currie

We have been sitting in an empty waiting room for 5 hours. They don’t even deserve 1 star. We Imentioned how long we had been sitting . I was rudely told it had not been that long, as if I could not tell time. Terrible customer service !!!!!!

Michael Turner

i found the staff professional and caring. i received quick and quality care. it does help, if one knows their medical history and what meds, you've taken recently. Overall, a good experience.

Olivergavin Gavin

It's a great hospital they save my friends life. She had died and they save here life I highly recommend this place to Families and Friends and the Public.

Cris Baranca

dropped the placenta on the floor bottle fed the baby despite requests not to. Forced the epidural despite verbal requests not to have one, over used I.V bags...they do whatever to make more money off insurance. Charged to have the baby makes skin to skin contact. fvck this shet hole. rat race dump. REALLY SHeTTY HOSPITAL WITH MEDIOCRE STAFF

Gabrielle Stokes

Had to wait in the lobby because of flu reason even though we had a flu shot last month

Athena Carter

Worst hospital in Chicago!!!! Almost killed my mother, very neglectful. Has lazy nurses, not clean. When you complain everyone wants to give you an attitude.

Mimi B B Lala

The doctors are very nice.. The nurses just need to put their pride aside and always smile. They always take care of me.

patricia Robinson

Worst hospital experience I've ever had to be at set in the emergency room for7/2 hours and haven't been able to to see the doctor they called everyone else that came after me left the hospital due to the fact that i have heart problems and never got service im not paying a bill that i haven't got service i wouldn't recommend none of my Family to visit i would have been better off at cook county hospital .the service at this hospital is very unprofessional.left the hospital because I'm not feeling well well i guesz if i fall dead who's responsible? SMH very disappointed

jennifer long

The most unprofessional and ghetto hospital to go too. One of my parents had surgery there today and when I called to receive a status update. They said, "they had no record of this patient with that name". Come to find out they messed up his registration when he checked-in for surgery. What kind of hospital looses patients and have no records of. TRINITY NEEDS TO BE CLOSED.

Gwendolyn Haythorne

E.R waiting room is ok but too long t o see an E.R. doctor. TRINITY HOSPITAL E.R SUCK!!!

Nikita Harris

I have been sitting in this hospital for well over 7 hours for my niece to be seen. They told me that she was in fast track and only had 4 people in front of her at 2 pm. I waited patiently until 6pm than asked again how many people in front of her blew my mind she told me 5 people!!!!! Wait 4 hours later she has 5 people in front of her.

Amekia LaShae

The nurses were kind, The Doctors were kind I love the staff!

Cash Hampton

The bathroom in the emergency waiting room smells like dog sex . Horrible service waited 6 hours so far . This one girl that work here came w her son left early said good night to everyone this security officer came in a hour after me got seen and left before me . It’s a vomit

Rachnette Auston

It's nice and the staff treat you with respect.

William Moore

My aunt was admitted into emergency as a stroke victim and was professionally handled from day one to ICU to General Population with understanding and care throughout that time.

Denishia Phillips

I had a great experience with the labor and delivery staff. They were excellent and very knowledgeable. The nurses were especially good. They made my stay comfortable and eased my concerns and fears. I highly recommend the labor and delivery department.

Lib Hopper

Do not take your loved ones to this place, and if you do hopefully, you won't regret it. It took three times for me to determine they would never be used again. All three times I regretted it. Found out you can get a private ambulance and not be at the mercy of a 911 ambulance call that will take you to the nearest hospital, inferior or not.


God help you if you get stuck in this hospital! Terrible Drs.

Felicia Haynes

Went to the ER last night for chest pain/pressure. I thought I was having a heart attack, I was told to sit and wait until the triage nurse was available. I completely lost one seemed to care that I was having chest pains and trouble breathing. I got out of the wheelchair and proceeded to the back where the doctors were. I was SHOCKED that they told me I had to see the triage nurse first. I'm using the counter to support myself, I'm winded, pressure in my chest and the DOCTORS told me to return to the waiting area. I thought patients with chest pains were seen immediately. If I can help it, I'll never go to Trinity again. My entire situation was handled unprofessionally. From the intake clerk to the one showed compassion.

Norma Torres

Excellent care, highly recommend it to anyone

Cristina Munoz

horrible! came to the ER. they took blood work then had us waiting for over 3 hours to get seen. can't even have the copay back because of the blood work. horrible hospital!

Kelly Jirous

I recently completed physical therapy at Trinity, and was very impressed with their services. The PT area is large, clean, and has many diverse tools for the different needs of patients. Everyone was kind and professional. My physical therapist, Patrick, was excellent! He was knowledgeable, helpful, and really focused on my specific needs. Each session was different and targeted my needs at that particular time. I feel confident moving forward that I have a strategy to deal with my physical concerns. I am thankful to have this excellent resource in my community.

Amanda Ybarra

We been here 14 days now. The social worker is really nice. Some of the nurse are nice. Only way to get into Er is by ambulance. Wait time is long. Cafe hours are short here.

john frank

I dont know any thing about the hospital. My x is there for observation so I'm going to give them the benefit of being a great hospital.

S Wise

Like many others have stated, the emergency room wait time is RIDICULOUS !!!! It was horrifying to see so many people in dire need of medical attention and no one was being seen nor released. I sat there 2 and half hours with my elderly mom but we decided to go home because we noticed that the people who were there before us hadn’t even been seen yet. So what are our chances? It’s sad how they treat the Black community !!!!


There is very little knowledge and no one cares about patients. Very disorganized and rude staff. Do not bring your relatives here!

Leticia Cruz

Where do I start 1. ER wait is ridiculously long! 2. Most nurses are rude! 3. They gave my mom insulin with out checking her sugar, she ended up having a diabetic attack 4. She had an accident on herself it took two hours before they cleaned her up! 5. Very poor sanitation 6. Neglect Patient Over all this hospital is disappointing in so many ways and I would not recommend this hospital to my enemies.

Amina Valentine

Dr Joo In The ER Was Pretty Pleasant To My Husband Stitched Him Up Beautifully The Nurse Couldve Been More Attentive, Bathrooms Could've Been Cleaner But The Dr Was Great.

regina wilson

The care and attention I received was excellent. No complaints.

wendy whalen

My Aunt had to wait 8 hours in pain crying for some pain medication. It’s just ashame get to a room and have to wait another damn hour for a doctor to even come in and see what wrong. It’s a hospital people need help and every body problem is major

Sister Robinson

Doctor...what brings you in today? Me....7 days ago I began having increasing symptoms of stiff neck, pain down my spin, migraine, unable to eat, nausea, unable to move my bowels, severe chills and harsh cough. Pain is 8/10. Doctor...just get some rest, drink lots of liquid and take the cough syrup I’ve prescribed. I told him I wasn’t seeing a health professional to be paying for a home remedy. He walked out. I asked for a manager, she said she will be right there. 15mins later Dr Muhammad Ali comes back in the room and said “you’re all done, you can go”. The manager office door was now closed. Another occasion was I got scheduled the last appt of the day, when I arrived the door was locked and no personell insight. Another occasion, I got a Pap smear and was irritated for several days thereafter (no latex allergies). Finally, I asked for a FULL std screening, I was not tested for HIV. I’m switching back to UIC health. Update: the medication that I was given has the side effects of my actual problem. I called back to inform a nurse my symptoms has not improved, she referred me to the ER to pay $250 copay for further testing which Dr Muhammad Ali should have done 3 days ago at my visit as my symptoms are the same, now after a prescription.

Ethel Fay Okocha

Just completed Physical Therapy at Advocate Trinity Hospital following total knee replacement surgery. The staff is professional and my Physical Therapist, Ms. Tonya Ward was amazing!!! I have resumed my normal activities!!!

TJ Ducote

I've been admitted to Trinity Hospital twice this year, each time coming through emergency. The staff was busy but came frequently to check on me. The floor nurses as well as the rest of the staff including room service were friendly, kind and quite patient. I have no complaints. Thank you Advocate Trinity Hospital Staff.

Jose Ayala

Hospital Motto Should be: "Experience NEGLECT of Patient Care @ Trinity!" Inexperienced Nurses WILL DO THEIR VERY BEST TO IGNORE YOU, NEGLECT YOU & ULTIMATELY Give You a Rude Attitude if U Voice ANY CONCERNS! I WOULDN'T RECOMMEND THIS HOSPITAL TO ANYONE Not even Our Dog Pewee! He Recieves Better Care & Attention at the Animal Hospital. Too Bad I'm Not a Dog!

Shelia Jenkins

Worse experience ever! Nurses are rude and incompetent. The hospital is not clean and the quality of care afforded my sister almost cost her, her life. I will never, ever go to this hospital again.

Daniel Nunez

Last week my grandmother was rushed here at the age of 104. She was brought to the emergency room and then transferred to the ICU. My grandmother held on to life for approximately 24 hours which led to dozens and dozens of family members rushing to the hospital to pay their final respects. All of Trinity’s staff demonstrated incredible compassion and empathy to my family in that difficult time. We were provided a space in the hospital, provided complimentary coffee and water, and were updated by doctors regularly. I want to give a special thank you to Dr. Gao, who after pronouncing my grandmother deceased took the time to hug each member of the family who was present at that moment. Trinity has great staff with big hearts and my family will always be grateful to them.

Ernest Patterson

I've been here since 10a it is now 3p, I have yet to see a Dr. 6/28/19

Kina Ward

I came in here with my mom and we waited for over 3 hours. I asked one of the staff members how long would it take before my mother would be seen and they didn't have an answer stating that "there was a whole lot of ambulances that just came in". This hospital used to be one of the best in the city and now, I just don't know. The service used to be much faster and now I just don't know. This hospital has really gone down.

Anthony Davis

It really could have been better if the nurses would do their job and not complain who does what. One day someone will die, If they haven't already.

Lauren Gher

3 south medical surgical nurses are very friendly and professional : ) 5 star rating!

Masihuddin Mohammed

They delay sending your reports to your doctor. Very bad customer service & attitude towards patients

Denise Mahomes

I never been to trinity hospital before so don't know.


Too bad there is no zero stars! The time we spent there was ridiculous. Many questions were not answered and if they were, the answers kept changing. Many of their staff need to be trained on their professionalism and how they interact and treat their patients.

Rowena Simms

I have been here several times for Imaging services. The wait time to check-in is usually around 10 to 15 minutes and the wait time for the actual service is usually no more than 30 minutes.

Darius Molark

i was bleeding heavily for three days and thursday, june 19, 2016 admitted myself to trinity er late at night. i suffered pain for at least an additional four hours, but it was my turn to wait behind others, a few also in obvious pain. when i finally made it, there was about two hours of tests and then i received the most professional care ever and i certainly appreciate it. i want to think the following individuals even though i am not sure of their proper names: nurse dale gold, technician lonnie, both working under dr. azzizi. pls pardon the spelling folks (a phone call from tight administrative staff couldn't even get it right) but the best to you and your careers! i am grateful we have such topnotch care providers in chicago. darius (l. dunn).

Davis clyde

They were all so nice and courteous they treated me like I was a king

Brenda Wallace Abayomi

I just sat over 8 hours in ER with my child. Just for the doctor to come in and say your daughter is here for throwing. She is here for chest pain that they don't have the equipment to do an echo. If something happen to my child once I leave. Hell will no fury.

heated central

I've been waiting over 2 hours

Jose Munoz

It is the best hospital all doctors and nurses are kind my little sister was born there

Sandra Fields

Someone stole from my FAMILY members why he was in surgery .it's an shame that someone would do the sick like that they must remember that GOD SEE EVERYTHING. THE STAFF SAY IT HAPPENS ALL THE TIME. SOMETHING NEEDS TO BE DONE ABOUT THAT. IT'S AN INSIDE JOB THEY NEED TOO HAVE A BETTER WAY of making sure your thing's are not stolen while you are THERE it's between the nurses security or housekeeping Point Blank

Diamond Rose

The Nurses are fantastic but the Therapist has no concern for the patient or the family. When it comes to a Physical Therapist bullying and intimidating the patient and the family. It’s time for the Dean of the Hospital to re-Evalute who gets hired. I will never come to this hospital again some of the staff are horrible and show no compassion, then you have Great Nurses CNA I have worked at a Hospital for 31 years and never experienced what I did this year form Trinity Love the Doctors. Great Doctors


I worked there 4 years as a CNA. No room for advancement I spoke to everybody trying to advance into another role it was useless. Glynis was the manger and she doesn’t know how to work with her employees and speak to them. She was horrible as a manager.

Linda Villa

This "place" because it can't be called hospital, has the worst staff . The emergency room nurses are rude and even suggested to go to another hospital. Save yourself the trip here..Go to Christ Hospital.

Kelly Clayborne

Very slow i wouldnt recommend this hospital if you are in serious pain seek help elsewhere !!!!!!

latakia wilks

I’ve never been to a hospital that was more concerned and they made sure I was in good hands thank you MYIA H in ICU for taking good care of me

Patricia Morris

I had a bone density & a pelvic ultrasound done today at this hospital. From the time I walked through the door at 7am until I walked out, the experience was thoroughly cordial, professional & caring I must admit some reviews had me concerned about what to expect but not one encounter was negative ..I am naming names: Cynthia, Tiffany & Ray in radiology all top caliber professionals! The receptionist on the desk at 7 am(I didn't get her name) and last but certainly not least the very nice lady at station 5 who checked me in (she said her name my bad I didn't write it down) Everyone a big thank you! Yes I will recommend this hospital highly.

Erica Williams

I'm currently visiting my friend in the hospital for a bad reaction to chemo and the nurse is DRENCHED with perfume. Why in the world would a nurse wear perfume???? I mean really. Have some professionalism. The I-V monitor keeps beeping and they take so long to respond. I've visited other people here previously so I know this is an isolated incident.

Sharrell Brown

Sad to say that I was very disappointed with my services here. I had my first child here a few weeks ago and the maternity unit just wasn't what I expected. The nurses weren't attentive and were acting like they were doctors "like they knew everything." Most of the nurses had on fake nails or had long nails examining women. Than to make matters worst went to pick up my baby's birth certificate and all of the information was wrong. The BEST part about my experience here were how nice the staff from the Cafeteria were to me. Fyi there were some GREAT nurses there too but the half stepping ones out weighed the good ones. #MyTruth

China Mac

I literally experienced the best service here birthing my first son & losing my second this place is definitely recommended. Great service the doctors and nurses are wonderful will forever be my best pick

Brad Warner

2 family members one in her 80's and one 95 have been seen there in last year and both were very well served. Thank you

Young Mecca

Had a pleasant experience here. The staff and care was very helpful.

Agustin Rogel

Just a perfect hospital to attend to patience,They both have good staff and perfect doctors i can grantee that they are really impressive.

carlos rico

OK this hospital took me in real quick in the ER but we we got to our room it was dirty blood stains in the curtains, blood sample tubed on the floor ,needle paper on the floor as well, and when they send me to a nother room there was to many nurses coming in and out besides this one nice nurse Jay den . Think she did a good job but then the other nurses didn't know what to do because everyone was everywhere .The 2 hours later one nurse came in just because they called her that they got the wrong name I was receiving medical care for someone else WHAT !!! Not a good hospital

Jordan The profit

Worst hospital in Chicago. Expect to wait 9+ hrs with rude service as well as a dirty building!

Tressa D . McMillan

I have always had wonderful care at Trinity. My doctors are phenomenal and the support staff was very professional. I highly recommend this hospital.

chunkie costello

When i was 7 months pregnant i came here to the er cuz i wasnt feelin good they left me sitting in waiting room for 6 hours without someone checking up on me when i passed out in there restroom blood coming out of my mouth never will come here as a patient

Stephanie Townsend

Hospital is filthy people are hanging around not patients the security out smoking not watching the facility just overall needs to be closed

Victoria Ramos

My grandfather was at this hospital for 2 weeks before passing away. The nurses on the MICU floor were SUPER attentive to my grandfather and us as a family to answer all of our concerns. However, once he was moved to the second floor to be discharged, two nurses really stuck out to me with their lack of bedside manner and ways to address my family appropriately. The day my grandfather was to be discharged, he took a turn for the worst and my family didn't expect it. My family and I felt that Jasmine 45-2798 and Julie 45-2710 (nurses) did a horrible job at attending to my grandfather. Both of them had terrible bedside manner and Julie specifically didn't treat my grandfather like a dying patient (which he was). Jasmine had a poor choice of words to use with my family after taking in heartbreaking news of my grandfather's condition. Thank you to the nurses in the MICU for doing all you could to make him better and comfortable. I wish he was never transferred to the second floor with those horrible nurses.


I received top notch service at Trinity hospital colonoscopy lab! Dr. Atlas was calm and reassuring. Dr. Flores my anesthesiologist was friendly and pleasant. Nurses Sharita, Paige and my tech Shar were personable and highly professional! I'm extremely pleased with my service here!

cris farfan

i was in extreme pain. i was waiting for two hours while the nurses were chatting. i had to leave the hospital to go to another hospital. i do not recommend this hospital to anyone.

Latisha Butler

I question the hiring practices here ....Recently went for two interviews here and had a very bad vibe and experience. Seems that they don't want actual professionals at all and the peer interviewers seem more threatened about new people being interviewed for positions they're already in although it was for different shifts... My interviewer smelled like she was drenched in cigarettes and had me waiting around for 35 mins and really act as if she that she didnt want to be bother which was very unprofessional...I was hoping to be interview with Mrs Stubbs but this was the 2nd time and last time I will waste my time applying here ...I was told that this was a prestigious hospital to be employed at but I was wrong and disappointed. Hope these things improve bad image for the hospital because you never know who knows whom.

Jennifer Jones

I've been here before but this rating is specific to the lab. I went in on a Saturday morning to have pre-surgical testing. I was in and out in less than 15 minutes. The phlebotomist's could have been a little friendlier (I was also their super early in the AM, so maybe she's not a morning person) but her work was top notch. She's so great at her job I didn't even feel the needle from the syringe go in! I believe her name was Iesha or something like that. We need more phlebotomists like her cause I have definitely had some horrible experiences in the past!!

Christina Howlin

My mom was discharged from her on Saturday her chest is bruised because the medicine that she was given was not going into her system but instead under her skin. I need answers. So no one bothered to check to see if the medicine was going into her veins. I have pics and videos. I need answers someone is going to have to tell me how no one noticed this. She had a nurse nurses assistant and a care partner.

Jackie Arias

Was in the E.R for over 8 hours and all they could say was i don’t know how long

Monique Green

The staff is rude some not all. I wouldn't see my fish to this hospital. Was literally yelled at by a nurse by the name of Comfort for bringing my daughter to see her grandma. I don't know where these people find this false sense of authority but they need to find something else to do with it. Never would I recommend this hospital to anyone

Alika Almighty

I had scheduled an appointment for an MRI and the soonest they had was October 31th. I called again to see if they had any openings for sooner and luckely they did for October 21st. My appointment was 7:30am and I got there at 7:15. By the time they took me in it was 7:22am. But the lady at registration said they took me down for 7:15am and I was late. I was confused because when I called they said 7:30am.I always double check my appointments. They dont know what happened but I didnt get to have my MRI and ive been in pain for 3 months and waited this long to get approved. So now I have to wait till Nov.9th???? Like are u kidding me ???? Never again will I come to this place. I found a different hospital and now I have an appointment for my MRI next week Oct 25th thank god. Don't go to Trinity!!!!!

Maria Munoz

Security are jerks and unfriendly even to a simple question...

Rhonda Butler

I just read some of the reviews and I have to take them only at face value. My Mom is a patient at Trinity right now. I have to give a shout out to the nurses on 2 south (all shifts). They have been great in assisting her. She has been there all week, and saying how good they all are. Now my Mom is not an easy person to please all the time, and neither am I. So this is a shock to me. I have to give the greatest shout out to the staff in the newly remodeled Dialysis treatment department. It was her very first treatment ever and she was not going to have it done because she was DEATHLY afraid of the process. No one other than the patient is suppose to be in the center but they allowed me to stay for a bit until she got settled. Thanks to you all so much for the care and patience you've had with my MOM. Yes I would recommend Trinity Hospital.

tietiana conley

Worst hospotal ever sat there for over 4 hrs with no service and them telling me not to eat anything. The staff is rude and unprofessional. The bathromm was spelling so bad that the smell was in the waiting area. There where no papaer towels in the bathroom or any hand sanitizer. Infection control my ASS!

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