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DJ Hill

My daughter is in the NICU and was transfered from a different NICU because they couldn't figure out what was wrong with her. Within a day you guys found out what is wrong with her and she is so much happier and healthier already. Hands down best hospital I have been to. Very happy with the staff and care my baby girl is receiving. Thank you everyone at Lutheran general!!

Dana Kukla

It’s good for just the basic or textbook cases or issues your child has if you come here for your child. If your child has a more specialized condition this is not the place to be. There are a few good specialized doctors here, not many. So if you come listen to your gut instinct. I have 2 boys with specialized conditions. One comes here. The other, the doctors here don’t have the expertise and you don’t want your child to revert backwards. It can be a hit or a miss. Dr Kaplan - Nephrology Dr Gorla - Gastro Dr Hakhu - Pediatrician These docs above are hard to come by, but not all docs are as great

Pamela Jay

The best Hospital in the Chicago area. From the volunteers, who meet you at the door and escort you through registration, to the staff that make your stay a pleasure during your surgical recovery, Luthern General makes you feel as if you are at a spa with all the amenities. The best part is that you will not find a cleaner facility, friendlier staff, a team that is always are on their "A Game". It follows that only the best Doctors are associated with Advocate Luthern General. Luthern General recently earned the top award for stroke care, the highest level of recognition awarded by the American Heart Association and American Stroke Associations. I highly recommend Lutheran General Hospital, its staff, medical care and management.

Cindy Chunowitz

Their hospital and Dr's are great if you plan on having an MRI or scan be prepared to wait a vert long time as I have had to wait over an hour! The people that actually do the scans are nice. Once they left me in the dark to find my own way to my car at night by myself!

Pamela Swann

This Hospital is one of the best Hospital my experiences here are 100% on point with what ever my needs has been, I had two children here.and surgery for both girl, also surgery and Procedures each time was a wonderful experience thank you Lutheran hospital for being so great!!!

andrew Brayan Socha #5

This hospital it’s been the hospital I’m even going with and every one in every good care you feel like I’m in the having every single time I’m there Just can’t say thank you enough .

isa korkes

If I could be 0 stars I would. Worst ER for adults. Wait time is horrible. Nurses are super rude. First hospital I seen people been treated in the waiting area. Super dirty. Its just ridiculous. DONT GO THERE.

Erlene Green

I would recommend anyone to go to Advocate lutheran general the staff is wonderful the nurses is magnificent they have a great sense of humor and they have an awesome spirit within them. I like being here they took very good care of me Advocate lutheran general is the best.

Syed Mohammad Ali Shah

I have been to other hospitals in the United States and this is easily the worst. The practice is easily the worst, especially gynecology and pediatrics. It almost seems like they are more concerned about making money than they are about actually getting the patient well. One of my children was born here to my wife and some nurses (one to be precise) were so rude. As somebody mentioned below there is a shortage of staff and the existing staff is over worked. Plus my daughter's case was handled really badly here and in the end the blame was put upon me. Thankfully we went to Lurie children's hospital for my daughter and she is now coming along really well. Terrible hospital and terrible practice. Don't be fooled by the building, this is not a place you want to come to in order to get well.

Mary Ann Kauer

Terrible culture at this hospital ER especially. Poorly trained nurses, doctors and social workers. They discriminate as well. I was there briefly and the record shows so much inaccurate documentation. In simply bringing up the matter to the ER Director, the woman sounded so unprofessional and became extremely hostile and inappropriate with me and she even began to harrass my family when they were simply attempting to discuss the matter. It was not possible to even redirect Ms. Niese to the complaint as she would drift away from it which was so odd it honestly sounded like something was wrong with her. The patient relations dept is incompetent and basically non existent at this hospital. I see on only a few of the many negative reviews especially about the ER that the response is to contact patient relations. Trust me, do not waste your time. They pass the complaint off to the wrong "director" (there are many) purposely, so that who really should see it, does not ever see it.

Shaheena Lofthus

It's expensive and I get that. My family continuously deals with piling up costs, but that is besides the point. The Doctors are excellent. Two of my brothers' lives were saved here. My youngest brother was born severely premature and was able to come home in a month due to careful care in NICU. I don't even care about people complaining about the nurses. I hope you realize you can request other nurses for help instead, which is what we did in my brother's case. My other brother had chronic heartburn and throwing up as an infant and was prescribed the correct medication to help him despite the price. He was recently diagnosed with Autism Disorder and Advocate is the only place providing the most support in helping him receive the therapy he needs to live on a day to day basis. Any issues, and there are few, can be discarded. Lazy nurses or confusing protocols, but ultimately this is an excellent hospital and if it weren't for the PHYSICIANS, my brothers wouldn't be here or functioning properly today. Thank you Advocate for saving their lives and helping them.

L Aphrodite

I drove my mother to the er here this morning. They were so compassionate towards her and we were so grateful as they helped her with her panic attack. Thank goodness as she is elderly and has a heart condition.

Seth Arkin

To be clear and fair, my negative experience with Advocate Lutheran General concerns a billing matter, not the medical service or any particular associate. But I had lab work done by ACL Labs on the hospital campus entirely because my insurance provider instructed me to go there for in-network service. Instead of being billed as "ACL" it was billed to Cigna as "Advocate Lutheran General" and thus deemed out-of-network and my responsibility. After months of phone calls, appeals, visits to the the ACL facility and more, nothing could be done to adjust this. Rather than have it go to collection, I paid the bill, but feel it unjust. Even worse, I don't know what to do to avoid this next time.

Shardey Washington

they are okay i didnt know it would take 8 hours in the hospital but on the other hand they were very nice and they brought me warm blankets so i was happy on that part.


It’s a company not a hospital I used go in there every month at three in the morning with severe pain and every time they give me pepto, no help, and a thousand dollar headache they way they trapped milked us by “giving” me extra residents that no help and confused the real doctors and they cost 1500 each and the “main doctor” had her purse and coat in her hand and said this is dire emergency when it’s simply a screwed up gallbladder she continued saying you need an ambulance delivery which costs a lot long story short maybe stick out the pain til you can go to the next over hospital

Brad Ryan



Stay away from this place unless you want them to mess up your labs and kill you. Nurses are incredibly rude and condescending, some of which are responsible for murder, judging from the reviews. The words "hurry up and die already so we can free this bed" have been said to patients and it doesn't surprise me. Horrible people work here.


Great staff of nurses and doctors that really care for their patients and families.

Martin Mendoza

Worse ER ever 3 hours here and have not even seen a doctor.. smh

Shelby Cordry

Let me say while you are a patient they treat you very well. However, make sure you have the money to pay them the minute they bill you. My husband and I are going through a rough patch financially since my surgery here. They would call about every two weeks after our bill was finalized. I would explain our situation and asked for patience. They said ok, but continued to call. Now I am getting calls that our account is in collections AFTER I finally broke down and applied for financial assistance but am still waiting for result of that application. We have bills from other doctors and hospitals that are a year old and not in collections, but not here. 6 months even with me talking to them twice a month trying to keep them aware of our situation.

Tracy Hrycyk

The only reason I go here is because of a specialist doctor that was recommended for my son. Doctor is great, the hospital is not. Billing has sent me to collections after 6 months, because I made 1 payment to the 1 bill they sent me in 6 months. The bill was higher then normal because we hadn't met our deductible for the year yet when we went, so unless it's a larger bill from a surgery, I don't remember if we carry balances from visits with doctors unless they send us bills. If they really wanted their money that bad, why weren't they mailing the bill? Now we are sent to collections for my sons bill because they didn't mail it to us.

Sargon Yalda

Certain nursing stations seem too busy texting and socializing when they should be taking care of patients. I was in a room with my father for 45 mins when I finally had to go to the nursing station and demand help. One wold expect that at least one nurse would pop their head in every 20 mins to check on a 86 years patient. The quality of care at LGH has spiraled downwards in the last 10 years or so, sadly.

Nathan Toranzo

I went to their emergency room with a herniated disk in my back.the on call dr told me as an emergency room her only job was to attend to the most important issue,my pain,not anything m.r.i.,no real examination, just a shot of torridol and a lidocaine patch. The admitting staff was cold,as was the e.r. nurse and doctor. And after administering me a temporary band aid,i was shoved out the door.

Jim F

No cold beer in vending machines!


Best Neuro treatment, nurses are top notch if you die...then you didn't go to this hospital. There's only one thing, the food is really bad, Unfortunately I've had many different hospital meals maybe it was me, it just didn't do it for me. But then we don't go for the food.

Laura Muller

Negligent, horrific care, get transferred out ASAP if an ambulance brings you there. I am an intensive care trained health professional and my mother was brought there by ambulance. The care of her arrhythmia (atrial fibrillation) was negligent. The cardiologist wrote an order to start an intravenous drip with no titration or monitoring parameters (I don't know how the hospital can remain accredited by JCAHO with this fact alone). The nurse administering the drip had no idea what her goal of treatment was or when she should page the doctor again (MD had said "I'll check on her later"-for hours he never came back!!). This was after the crash cart was emergently pulled into my mother's room due to chest pain with atrial fibrillation. Family members were all out of town asking the nurse questions on the the telephone and she would just tell us mom's heart rate was 130s-150s. It took an HOUR between when the order was written and the drip was hung on my mother. Then they allowed my 88yr old mom with heart disease to continue to "run her marathon" with a heart rate of 130-150s (your goal is to decrease it to 80-100 ASAP by titrating the drip) for HOURS. We are blessed that she did not have a heart attack. We were asking via telephone to please page the doctor , the nurse refused. We asked "are you titrating it?" "what is your goal heart rate?". She didn't even know. She said "the doctor said he would check on her later". She would give us no information except to say "we're monitoring it". We asked "so how long are you going to let her have a heart rate of 130s-150s before you page the doctor?" and she answered "we're monitoring it". It was an awful feeling all being out of town and feeling so helpless. I am the medical power of attorney for my mom, I had a right to information and be involved and the communication and care was despicable. Thank God she made it out alive and will NEVER be transported to LGH again.

Abdul Malik

Unethical, corrupt And poor Management . I Have Called HR And Also Been To Hospital Physically To Inform About The Immigration Racket Running By Philippino Staff in Hospital with Proof But Still No Response or Action from Management. Staff is Luring Patients To Fix Immigration Status For Money, Only Later To Exploit And Extort. Already Complained in Police

javier ambriz

we did have a very bad experience there last week when my wife gave birth our baby ..the nurses who were in charge treated her badly with attitude and discrimination ..we regret having chosen this hospital to help us.. .. they dont have any idea what is a humane treatment is ,and on the contrary they are rude and incompetent.....totally sacary and traumatic what been experienced....dont choose this hospital for you health care ...look for other option .first..

Lena Bondar

Very bad hospital! Stay away if you can!

Karolina Krogulec

These people are rookies! I was going there when I was pregnant. These kids didnt even tell me that my baby was breached. But they gave me bunch of bologny how my pregnancy was perfect. I almost lost my baby!! Dont ever go there!!

Jay P.

This is a very good hospital with very good food. The doctors are very caring and nice to me.


Had acute mastoiditis and needed to have surgery on my left ear. The procedure was done perfect and the staff at ALGH should be commended.

irfan ahmed

Advocate Fitness Center Do not ever go after 4pm to this location, Employee who works their only one word been taught to them is "I DO NOW' If you ask any question they will say I do now talk to my manger Kristen Turner, This employee do not even how to use computer in age of science & Technology, I had worse experiences they don't even greet you! I have even complain Fitness Center manger Kristen Tuner

Jeffrin Itticheria

This hospital is amazing. Hands down to the hospital.

Aigerim Damirbekova

Stephanie is the best nurse ever in delivery department !!! Thanks to her I had very easy delivery. She literally came every 30 mins , was changing me and made sure that I didn’t need anything. Thank you Stephanie . Unfortunately , we couldn’t find you next day to give small gift for everything u did for us . Thanks again Lutheran , u r the best hospital !!!

Kay J

Truly an awful hospital (specifically the ER department). Extremely rude nurses and staff. Do not come here if you need emergency services

Noni Busdi

Hmm. DS in Substance Abuse...Very unprofessional! Isn’t there a code of conduct when it comes to former/current patients and personal relations. You are not above this code of contact. This hospital and the nurses they hire are so unprofessional. Ridiculous.

Nereida M. Littrell, PhD

My mother has been hospitalized for 5 days in their Cardiac Care Unit. She could not have received better care. The staff is caring, attentive and oh, so patient! Love the hospital!


They just want your money. My wife broke her water bag prematurely so when called was asked to come to labor and delivery where they performed ultrasound and fern test and did examination. Then we were told everything is fine and water bag is intact and send us home. Wife kept leaking throughout the night and next day( sunday. It was nightmare). Then on monday had to admitted to labor and delivery as infact water bag was infact broken and there was very little amniotic fluid left in the bag. Now they charge the 1st labor delivery visit as outpatient visit not as prenatal or maternity visit and my insurance wouldn't cover it. Calling to Hospital they keep sending me to different departments. Nobody fixes this problem. Now we have to pay 1000$ for misdiagnosis by resident doctor.

Touseef Munawar

world's worst hospital ever,name should be "slow gency" instead of emergency.... waited around 3 hours in emergency for doctor,same excuses every time,we are super busy,....took more than 8 hours in emergency and at the end nurse came and said come tomorrow again another doctor will come and see you and next day same excuses and wasted 7,8 the end I was told you are fine nothing serious,just muscle pain....realy unprofessional team

Sean Johansson

I recently had to visit the ER at Advocate Lutheran General for a dog bite, got in the middle of my two German Shepards going at it, my thumb was literally hanging by a few pieces of skin, and I will say I was treated very nice, the nurse Jackie was super nice and the Dr. who stitched me up was awesome! Did a great job and changed my view of this hospital. They were thorough and took care of me in a timely manner. Hats off to the staff in the ER, keep up the great work.

Rajesh Kannan

My wife was treated in this hospital maternity office for almost 5 months. we decided to go back to our country for delivery at 6th month and i took my last appointment with the doctor just to get the travel note . They charged 954 US dollors for providing the travel note and medical documents alone. I would say Its a best hospital but the charges are very high........... :(

Dean Savakis

This place has gone town hill. If only people decided where to go for care instead of insurance companies this provider would be bankrupt. The administration and the systems (particular the referral department) move at a snails pace. I have had to call multiple times waiting literally hours for referral issues and confirmations to be addressed. Mistakes in a referral system at Advocate has costed me money out of pocket in previous circumstances with me paying a higher bill out of pocket than what is charged to my insurance company. Only in a broken healthcare system can a provider get paid more for doing a horrible job with top management making millions in bonuses. I do not take pleasure in giving anyone a bad review. I asked for a manager to call me back to address the problems I have faced. They didn’t think it was important enough to respond to my request.

Cristina Lopez

Central scheduling personal is inept. I was put back in the cue at least 5 times without any explanation. When I finally did get connected to the correct party, she was very unhelpful. She would not schedule my appointment “without a doctor’s order”. However, it had been faxed over (I even saw the doctor’s assistant do it.) She was just too lazy to look for it!

Elec- 765

They canceled an MRI I had scheduled and did not bother to call me the day before to inform me before I took time off work for it. Melissa in scheduling also does not bother to return your phone calls either. Other than that, everyone else made a good effort when I was there. Let's see how much the bill comes out to.

Anh Hong Nguyen

Unbelieveable care!My father was in ICU. I asked the nurse to call the chaplan. She did not call them , or some reason, the chaplan did not show up. I asked to speak to the doctor, they did not call me back either.Then when I lelf, the chaplan wrote a note to me .WHEN YOU NEED THEM, THEY DID NOT SHOW UP.When I get back to the hospital in the next day and I asked the nurse please page the doctor. The nurse said to me "The doctor will call you tomorrow". THE DOCTOR DID NOT CALL ME BACK.I called 5 times to ask to speak to the doctor.No answer.So what kind of care this place give! I never see anywhere else treat people like this.Unprofessional , and unrespected. If there is zero star, I will go for it!

Amy Scott

I am not reviewing the constant construction, overcrowded parking, the food or the accommodations. I'm also not considering the ER in my rating. Honestly, I've been there many times and 8 out of 10 times they have given great care. Some staff are definitely better than others, though I don't work under the crazy conditions they do either. What I know for certain though, is that the LG ER docs and nurses saved my daughter's life by diagnosing a rare disease in time to treat and cure it, that her pediatrician twice missed. I am instead reviewing the doctors and nurses, surgeons and specialists that have provided my unfortunately sickly family care over the past 25 years, the most recent experience being last flu season when my son was brought in by helicopter and spent over a week in ICU. I have personal experience with the following specialties at LG: Gynecology and Obstetrics, Pediatrics/Infectious Diseases, Gynecology Oncology/Surgery, Pediatric Neurosurgery, Cardiology-Adult, Cardiology Pediatrics, Pediatrics ICU, and AMG (LG) family doctors at Nesset Pavillion, AMG OB/GYN doctors at Parkside, AMG Neurology doctors at Parkside. Each and every doctor and nurse, specialist and care team that oversaw our care have been absolutely top-notch. They have quite literally saved both of my children's lives, as well as mine and my mother's many times over her 16 year battle with ovarian cancer. Their doctors were the ones that finally diagnosed my MS, found my endometriosis just in time to preserve my fertility (Shout out, Dr. Locker!) when another gynecologist (affiliated with another hospital) literally patted my knee telling me "It's just cramps. Go home." My neurologic team have kept me going for 15 years with MS with the latest treatments and research. I understand that overall, hospitals are just awful. No one wants to be there; it's generally a horrible time in your family's life and very easy to get angry at any and everything. But if you're sick and your very life depends on the quality of care you receive; LG doctors and nurses are the people we will continue to count on to help us.

Mark Pettersen

If you have the choice of being left on the side of the road or going to Luthern General the wisest choice would is to be left on the side of the road. They are very unorganized, unprofessional, and disrespectful. They will leave you for hours with no news or updates and completely lack communication on all levels. If you're a patient, a visitor, or have an I'll family member you will be left in the dark on anything ranging from trivial matters like when the doctor will be in to see to important ones like treatment options and discharge. They will discharge or move 80 year old patients with no warning to family leaving you with a missing family member. And, as always, there is no communication so even the staff has no idea what is going on. If you are hurt or I'll you would be better off waiting to encounter a fully licensed professional team on the street then attending this ill run house of pain. The only thing you will find in these walls is frustration and regret. Do not go. There are literally 1000s of better options withing a 20 mile radius of LG.

Brad Richko

Last Wednesday I went for a colonoscopy I knew what to expect because I had three previous colonoscopies in the past!! I woke up choking the two doctors told me I need to quit smoking and they walked away from me.I could barely catch my breath they sent me home 5 hours later I was at the emergency room the emergency doctor called the doctor who did the colonoscopy and she diagnosed me over the phone. They said I aspirated and I have a touch of ammonia 2 days later I went to St Francis they said there's no sign of a pneumonia they told me they definitely did something wrong in the procedure for the last 7 days I cannot feel my tongue it's been numb I called the doctor and told her everything she said I bit my tongue I don't understand why nobody explained anything to me and sent me home I lost one week of work my tongue is numb I cannot taste anything the way I used to and I'm still very congested and nobody has an explanation I even call to file a complaint and a head nurse came on the phone and didn't do anything she told me to call the doctor who did the procedure!!! Lutheran general hospital in Park ridge is getting way too big they cannot handle the volume of people so people are literally getting sick I also remember 5 years ago when they had a problem with sterilizing the tools they used to give colonoscopies and people were getting infection I really believe that's what I have

Amy Ephraim Bartose

Just like the recent reviews expressed, the emergency room is ridiculous. I went for severe pelvic and abdominal pain and debilitating fatigue. The ER was empty when I arrived at 6am. They made me wait for 5 hours for a CT scan. The Dr came in and said my scan and blood test results were fine and he referred me to another doctor and quickly left the room. I was in shock and left. I had questions so I called him back only for him to still not answer my questions. It is the next day and I am in bed with the same pain and problems as yesterday. A complete waste of time and money. The staff is cordial and goes through motions with no connection or real concern for the patient.

Dianne Lopez

WORST HOSPITAL I'VE EVERY ATTENDED!! 5 hours in the emergency room just waiting to see a Dr. Some patients are being treated in front of everyone in the waiting area and it's so unsanitary!!! I will NEVER come here again. Staff is horrible as well.

Norton Geller

The hospital and staff were great during 24 day at the hospital. The were caring and dedicated to address all my concerns and address any issues I had.


The childrens hospital was better than I expected. The staff was great and well knowledge of what they are doing . My 3 year old son needed stitches they made him feel comfortable with the whole process . I felt that they treated him like if he was one of their own kids .

Noelle Roach

Thank you to the wonderful ER staff that saw me yesterday. The Dr listened to everything I said and treated me with respect and understanding. From the time I walked in until I left everyone was great.

Mary Cunningham

I cant stand the way the doctor's offices operate. The Yactman Pediatrics office is the worst. You can never get through to anyone and they have the worst policies. They won't email things. They are like dealing with a drs office from 1952. I am pulling my kids out.

Olga Barladym

Crappy ER - brought in my daughter with fever, spent almost 4 hrs waiting for ANY help!!! Number of rookies came by, suppose to perform urine labs but they FORGOT TO DO IT!!! After spending 6 hrs in there now have to go to another hospital because symptoms are still there and those idiots haven't done anything!!! All they do - post fake 5 star reviews to themselves. Incompetent idiots

Melissa Keszei

Please stay away from this hospital. They will overcharge you for simple services and refuse to do anything about it. I'm seeking legal help at this time. I was sent here by my doctor to have 2 ultrasounds done, one on my thyroid and the other on my gallbladder. Checked with my insurance and was told cost out if pocket would be around $150 per ultrasound. Received a bill from this hospital a few weeks later stating I owed almost $600! They'd charged my insurance over $1800! I'd had the same ultrasound done on my thyroid a year prior at Mercy and was only charged $120 out of pocket and $350 to my insurance. Called the hospital thinking this was a mistake. They refuse to work with me. Filed a claim with my insurance that I was being overcharged and they agreed. I'm now going back and forth with the insurance and the hospital. Insurance claims the hospital sets the prices and needs to resubmit the claim. The hospital claims the charges are non disputable and are threatening to send me to collections. This is the response I received directly from the hospital: "When it comes to charges billed, Advocate’s charges are based on annual market studies. They are performed to ensure pricing is in alignment with other like hospitals in the area. The Advocate standard is to be at the 75th percentile. 25% of our charges will be higher than other hospitals and 75% will be the same or lower than other hospitals in the area. All patients are charged the same prices, regardless of insurance. We do not lower our charges on an individual case basis. Charges are monitored annually, and updated as necessary. Charges billed are not disputable."

Bruno's Tech Reviews

I was admitted a year ago to the 5W Adolescent Behavioral Health Center for the Day Hospital and I DREADED waking up in the morning having to go here. The nurses, fat and rude. The doctors never came and they usually fell asleep on the job, and they kept changing my discharge date. Go to Resurrection for better care.

Nancy Khio

This hospital is all about business. They keep everyone here to the point that there are no more rooms available for other patients. They seem to be so understaffed because I have to hit the call button 5 times before they come help me. They can never figure out what’s wrong with the patients and they just keep them for observation for days. You’ll be in the waiting room for hours. Plus the doctors rarely visit you when your in a room and the nurses never know answers to anything.


I brought a close friend of mine to Lutheran advocate general hospital for a colonoscopy at 9 AM. It took 25 minute wait just to get registered, then about two hours for the procedure. They had me wait with my friend after her procedure from 11:25 AM until 1PM so as to speak with the doctor who never showed up! Unbelievable. My friend was hungry and we were both tired of sitting and waiting. I asked to see the doctor, and was informed that doctor was busy, and we would have to wait for at least another 45 minutes to an hour and then maybe doctor would see us. We asked to be discharged and then had to wait for the nurse! They wouldn't let us go to a cafe in the hospital to eat! Insisted, for liability reasons, that I get my car and pick my friend up at "discharge" location! Stupefying, idiotic! My impression of Lutheran advocate general hospital is that it is run down, incompetently managed, profits, doctors and nurses come first, patients are a problem to be disposed of, ignored, and disrespected. Their time is important, but my time is not. This is the attitude, and perspective they have. They don't care a lick for the patient. I am very disappointed.

jordan styczen

Horrible hospital, this is regards both to the patient parking garage that just received an addition and the quality of the majority of doctors that work here. I was told by a RESIDENT doctor that everything I was experiencing was normal when experiencing severe depression after my father’s cancer diagnosis. Was given no therapy or antidepressant medication. How can you say you’re in the top 100 hospitals if you can’t even treat someone with severe depression appropriately? I felt like the physician assumed I was drug seeking rather than coming for actual assistance. I was told that “because I know I need help, I don’t need it”. Lol I’m a SOCIAL WORKER maybe that’s why I know and am aware to reach out for help when I know I need it, not everyone that comes through the hospital or physician doors is a drug seeker. Don’t try to label people as such if you don’t even have the people skills to ask how people know more about mental health. I also suffer from endometriosis and they keep refusing to do anything for it just because I had, ONE AND I REPEAT ONE, surgery 5 years ago. They use the excuse, “well you’re only stage I because that’s what you were 5 years ago at diagnosis. I was informed by an employee at the hair salon that I go to that her doctor at Amita healthcare told her that you need surgery every few years to ensure a cleaning and that the endometriosis is not growing, which the only way to know is surgically. She informed me she had a hysterectomy in April which brought her back to stage I endometriosis and then a few months later she was stage IV. It seems like they like to use every single excuse in the book to not treat you but still collect the money on it. I am very underwhelmed with the doctors that are in this hospital, it is VERY RARE to get a competent doctor here and if you end up finally finding one, they always leave to go work with another hospital. I have also been blackmailed by a doctor to be on a highly controversial “FDA approved” (and I say that sarcastically) medication or else he wouldn’t consider surgery. Then when I agree to do only do 2 months on the medication, I get stuck on it for 4 months and then he tells me he won’t do surgery because I’m endometriosis stage I. Well I may be stage I, I don’t have ANY CLUE because it’s been 5 years and all they’ll do is put me on birth control, but I’ve looked at many medical articles saying stage I can cause more pain than stage IV for some people. Also the ER has gotten downright abysmal, was there for an ovarian cyst in December and they had me there for 4 hours to run tests and all that, but they discharge me and just say “take some ibuprofen, it’s not that bad”, well easy for you to say when you don’t have abdominal pain due to endometriosis 24/7, 365. I am very disappointed in the quality of care that I receive, it’s like they don’t want to help their patients if they’re not a trauma case. SHAME ON ADVOCATE!!! Also I’d like to add, you know they made that multi floor addition to the patient parking garage? Well I STILL see hospital employees parking in the patient parking garage, they have their own parking sections to park in. Even with the addition of the new parking floors if you get here by 9-10am for an appointment the whole parking garage is packed, there have been many times that I have had an early morning appointment or my father was in the ER or the hospital and had to park on the TOP FLOOR of the garage. This is ridiculous that our parking is being used by hospital employees, that’s not what the patient parking is for and then people who are actually patients can’t find anywhere to park!!!!!

Amanda Lytle

By far the worst hospital I have ever been to. I will actually be changing my OB because he will only see patients from this hospital. I absolutely will not be delivering here. This facility is dirty, the staff is rude and unprofessional, the wait times are outrageous and never have I seen a facility that has more doctor/patient interaction in the waiting room than it does in the actual ER room. I was sent back to the waiting room with an IV in my arm. Not exactly the most sanitary practice. This entire facility is more concerned with making money than treating their patients with the quality of care that they deserve.

Savannah Lynn

Be patient and respectful and I can promise you, yourself and your family will receive the same amazing care that I did. I went in expecting reality; ER waits are always long. People tend to forget someone bleeding out and dying in the other room takes more precedence over your slight fever and headache. But when I went to the adult ER for chest pain, they happily helped and were so supportive. That same attitude continued when I stayed overnight for cardiac observation. They were amazing and understanding; polar opposite of what I've had to deal with in other ERs for the past few months of no answers.

martin brado

Every thing is perfect

Marlyn Brouder

I was in the ICU December 22-28 bed 1. Nurse Maureen and Nurse Hai (I think I’m spelling it right, pronounced as Hi) were AMAZING! I had Septic shock that ended up attacking my muscles which left me not able to move much and was in a lot of pain!! They took GREAT care of me! When I’d push the call button, Nurse Maureen and Nurse Hai were right there!!! I was very blessed to have them with me! Nurse Maureen was my rock and she kept telling me how great I was doing, even though I wasn’t. She kept positive energy around me! I appreciate her and Hai for everything they did for me! Nurse Hai would just pop in my room and ask me if I was ok or needed anything!! AMAZING!! I hope they know how many hearts they’ve touched in the ICU UNIT! The doctors in the ICU UNIT were AMAZING as well! They kept me in loop and my family! I was extremely ill and they were on top of everything trying to help me! Thank you ALL for everything! Bless your hearts and may your lives be filled with love and joy!! Warmly, Marlyn

Deb Derbin

It hurts ever time I have to think my mom had to die at Luthern General. I had to spend 24/7 there after the first night walking in next morning to her literally flopping like a fish our of water. Finally got a nurse to give her her morphine push and then was told 8 pm the night before was the last one she had. Hospice fabulous and advised we leave her in the room she was in but under Hospice care. But the hospital Doctors don't even read the charts. I hope Dr O'Reilly can live with over riding the Hospice Dr orders. When he came in the room he didn't want to give her the morphine drip. Said she looked comfortable. I looked at him, still wearing the same scrubs for 48 hours told him to give her a morphine push, get the drip started and continue the pushes. Next time I saw him was an hour after my mom passed to confirm her death. It has been 5 days and he never signed the certificate. So Luthern General feel free to contact me.

Chris Figler

I have many issues that “the best hospital in Illinois” has not been able to figure out after many trips to the ER even my doctor is affiliated with Lutheran and nothing has been figured out and they are trying to charge me over $4000 for nothing don’t go here and now they are trying to black mail me telling me that I can not see my doctor without paying $800 upfront don’t bother going here unless you want to owe money and not get any results

J Stovall

I just finished having a second surgery at Advocate Lutheran General. Both times have been a terrific experience. Every person that played a role in my care was highly skilled and kind. They were also careful to keep me Informed about what would happen next. I really appreciated how everyone was so careful to clean their hands and ward off infection. I also think the meals were tasty. I’m very happy with the care I received.


They tell my mom, the cat scan results will be in 45 minutes. It's been 3 hours so far. They took her room away and put her in the hall the whole time. No pain killers for what looks like a broken knee. If neglect is your fetish this is the right place for you.

Stephanie Falcetta

Love LOVE this hospital! My son was there at 2 weeks old, and had open heart surgery. Saved his life. They all work as a team. They learn from one another. The staff is caring. Everyone is friendly. It is very clean. Heck, even the cleaning people were great! I can't say enough good things. I'm ever so grateful for the doctors and staff here.

Alamdar Ramzan

If you want to wait an entirnety to eventuallye be treated in a room filled with filth and ants, along with receiving sub par service. Then this is the hospital for you! THIS PLACE IS A JOKE. SAVE YOUR LOVED ONES! AVOID THIS HOSPITAL LIKE THE PLAGUE

Ольга Макарова

It was a first time and very great experience

Lisa Fox

My dad was recently admitted for just over a week and I came up to see him. Everyone there was extremely friendly and took fantastic care of him, taking time to talk to him about any questions he had and treat him like a person, not rushing him. They all even asked if I needed anything, going above and beyond! I know hospital staff are all extremely busy, but they never made it feel like they were rushing. Thank you to everyone involved in his care! :)

ariana festa

This hospital is terrible. They don't treat you like a patient under any circumstances. My friend needed an MRI and it took almost 2 days for her to get it. If they're telling her that her problem is so terrible, then why are they putting her at the back of their minds? Stop wrapping treatment around how much money you're making rather than focusing on the well-being of the actual person.

Mae B

Worst ER service! This is not my first time here and I have had the same experience at least 3 times. Came in to the ER with a client and was taken in right away to do some tests. After, we waited 6hours without seeing a doctor. We were placed in the ER lobby not in an Er room! I understand that I get might've been busy that day but they also appear to be understaffed and this causing a delay in delivering care. My client had to redo tests that were done when we first came in, no valid explanation was offered and a ton of time wasted! I hat really his place and I need to get all my clients out of their whole system. They unreliable and I equipped to be an ER! Zero starts if possible. DO NOT COME HERE WITH AN EMERGECY!

Anuj Bahl

What a nightmare this place is! We were forced to stay here because my dad went to the ER and it's our local hospital. Sadly he has terminal cancer with serious other issues that arose from the cancer. We're still here after over 5 weeks and we've been to almost every floor of the hospital and dealt with hundreds of doctors and nurses. Since nurses effectively provide almost all the care, that's what i am basing my review on. The nurses here range from caring and very good to abysmal. Many are here just to collect a paycheck and it's obvious. They cut corners, half ass their work, and act bothered anytime you need assistance. There's never a time for when doctors will visit or tests and surgeries will be performed. They'll give you an approximate time and it'll be 6 hours later. This is literally just a factory for treating sick people. They move them in and out. The more the merrier. They keep adding wings and additions because they make a fortune providing Sub-par care. I realize I might be a little biased, but many friends and family that came to visit felt the same way. Many rooms are woefully outdated and depressing. Little things like turning the heat up in a room for a shivering cancer victim takes hours. This convoluted place doesn't even have temperature controls in the room or accessible by nurses. A work order needs to be sent it to change the temperature. And every review agrees that the waiting times in the ER are ridiculous. My dad was in extreme, unbearable pain and sat in the waiting room for four or five hours before he was seen. I would never use this facility again in any capacity.

Evelyn Posadas

if i can give 0 star i will. i read all the bad reviews, its all true based on my experienced when i brought my son this sat. long waiting in ER. The doctors are not proffesional. i have to tell them to do the MRI when they cant see anything. after they found out they just send us home with no solution saying just a migraine where there's a result from mri its a microbleed. should i wait for another episode of chest pain and vaso vagal syndrome? Don't ever bring your family here,its waste of money and time Worst hospital i ever seen. .

Elena P

I just called to schedule a prenatal visit, before everything else, the lady who picked up the phone repeatedly refused to scheduled it because I told her at this point I am waiting for my card in the mail, but I have a confirmation I am accepted and an ID number. She refused for a few times , then I offered to give her my ID, which I was told will serve as identification until I get my card in the mail. And she said that she does not see it in her system. I obtained that in an office and I was specifically told that I can go to a hospital before my card arrives. I am currently pregnant and not seen a doctor because I was figuring out my insurance until now. This attitude was plain rude and I am disgusted by the hospital`s reps. She sounded as if she wanted to get off the phone and not waste her time with me. Well, this hospital may be convenient for me based on location, but I am certainly not going there after this conversation. I will even further complain to health institutions because this is not how you treat potential patients. I was told I had to wait for my card, she just plainly refused to schedule an appointment.

tanniru rahul

Have waited 4 hours in emergency room to be taken care of. They don't understand the meaning of emergency and prescribed unnecessary tests which is totally unrelated to my injury. Never go to this hospital.


The worst ER experience ever. Nurse Bailey is not empathetic or compassionate with the patients whatsoever! I checked in at 3:30ish pm on April 17th and it's about 7:19 pm now. I heard her telling a patient who was asking when he will be seen that he is not dying. I also overheard her tell another patienr you've only been waiting 4 hours others have been waiting for 6 hours. Around 7:00 pm I asked if I can go to the cafeteria to grab a quick bite to eat since I was told that there are 6 people ahead of me and it might be another few hour wait; and I was told that the reason for the delay is because the hospital is slow at discharging people and the ER is being used to house patients who are now waiting to be admitted. This left the ER patients waiting about 4-6 hours. Then, Nurse Bailey had the audacity to snap and tell her colleauge if she goes to the cafeteria I will take her name off the list. Mind you, I was told it'll be a few more hour wait. The elderly suffered because of the hospital's incompetencies.

Kihlibarn Muchabari

Security guard confined me in a room and forced me to stay until i see a doctor who said there is nothing he can do so they let me go. Not sure if to cry or laugh

Eley Burger

I was born here in 2003, by a Jewish doctor. My family praises this hospital whenever they pass by it.

S Sharma

Do not go to the ER if you are on Medicare (Disability) , you will be their lowest priority and wait hours while other people arriving after you get in to see the doctors first. I also saw a number of minority patients ( One a young woman with her obviously ill infant) just get up and leave after waiting for what surely seemed like an eternity to them, make what you will of this. My doctors however did seem competent.

Erik Hosp

Sent to their ER from advocate ICC doc for immediate CT scan and blood work for stroke related symptoms. Sat in waiting room for 4 hrs and was told if (I'm quoting their staff) "If I'm not dead on the floor or missing a limb making their floors dirty that I will be there for a few days to wait" Yet old lady came in saying her shins hurt and was admitted for a CT scan in 20 minutes. Left to get a referral and was told I haven't been there since 2012 and that they cant help. Got food, went back and now they can take me because I was at another Advocate location but that I owe them a co-pay i have a receipt for from 9/13 of this year.

Rasul Abduguev

Staff of their infusion center is very slow. I scheduled my appointment for 7:30 and didn't get my shot till 8:35. And they almost gave me the wrong shot

Darrin Scott

Extremely unprofessional staff. Had to take an unfortunate trip to the emergency room (wasn't the patient) and wasn't greeted when entered or even asked what the problem was. Plenty of people to help, but they were too pre occupied... with their faces in their phones. What a joke

Supra sam

I said my goodness they take a long time here

pamela helen gunchick


Leah L

I already gave a review on yelp but today I remembered my surgery from 2011 and thought I should review the hospital here too. I needed a hernia repair and I had no insurance. The billing department helped me apply for financial aid. They covered my surgery fees completely! I will always be so greatful! Because there was no way I could afford my surgery costs. They gave me an answer so quickly, probably just a week after I applied. In another week, they had already scheduled my blood tests(I paid for those) and in another week, they scheduled my surgery. Very quick! I wasn't even scared about the surgery because I was so happy that I didn't have to pay for it. On the day of the surgery, the nurses were so helpful making me feel comfortable because I started getting very anxious and scared. They treated me like a princess. The anesthesiologist was an amazing doctor. My surgeon was Dr Daniel Resnick. I can't say enough about him. I trusted him completely. I just wish I could find my anesthesiologist name so I could post it on here or give him a review. My recovery was great, 2 weeks or so. Had no scars. I'll just always be greatful! Thank you GLH!

Gurpreet Singh

Did not like the treatment my daughter's got here. They injected 7 needles in her body in the name of vaccines. My daughter was sick for next 3 days. Never ever go back to this place. NICE LOOKING BUILDING THOUGH !!

kimo dabeca

Save yourself the aggravation ER is horrible. Waiting for hours, nurse comes out every 20/30 min tell us that a room is being clean for us and should be ready shortly. This room must be a huge suit cause it’s be an hour and it’s still not clean. Last time I check ER room was no bigger the a bathroom with less things to clean. I rather have driving to downtown Chicago to children hospital. 1hour inside room and not a visit from a doctor yet. Going on 5hrs and still haven't see a doctor come check my child.

Olena Fomina TurboCharging Your Growth™

Advocate Lutheran General Family Birthing Center Tour Review I was so delighted to attend the Labor and Delivery tour at Advocate Lutheran General recently. Our tour guide who is also a nurse at Lutheran General as we learned - Sara Peiken was great, highly professional, educated, very knowledgeable, detailed and so very well thoughtful about every aspect of the tour, entire process of Labor and Delivery at Advocate Lutheran and questions that we all had for her. I was specifically impressed how far and beyond Sara went to include every important and possible detail about Labor and Delivery in one hour and a half tour. Our tour experience started with a friendly and detailed email reminder about our upcoming tour. Then, tour started strictly on time and ended on time as well - so professional! We had fast-paced yet very broad classroom introduction into Labor and Delivery process at Advocate Lutheran where Sara covered all the necessary and important topics concerning Family Birthing Center, what to bring and the process of labor and delivery at Advocate Lutheran. After the classroom introduction we were able to tour Labor and Delivery unit, Postpartum Units - both in older and newer parts of the building, Nursery and even take a sneak peek view of the C-Section room from the hallway as it was sterile to come in. We also attended cafeteria and visitor waiting areas. Sara also went ahead and had extra resources for us available to pick up to learn further about our Labor and Delivery preparation at Advocate Lutheran. Sara also stayed longer to answer any other questions from the audience and was so very kind and helpful in giving us advice and all possible options for our Labor and Delivery experience at Advocate Lutheran! We have attended several other Labor and Delivery tours and while others also had some great experiences, Sara’s tour was the most prepared and well-explained. I highly recommend to attend the Family Birthing tour at Advocate Lutheran to get deeper introduction about your choice of delivering at Advocate Lutheran General. We are also considering taking some of the Birth preparation classes taught by Sara and her colleagues at Advocate Lutheran General!

Kids Train Channel -

This happened 4 years ago in 2009. I gave birth to my baby boy, the resident that delivered almost dropped the baby, the baby had to have painful blood draws by another resident who was learning, so when they brought the baby back there were marks all over his hand, poor thing he was being practiced on. After delivering my husband and I were led to the maternity suites which were one small room with two beds and one small dirty bathroom. They told me my husband could stay but not sleep on the extra bed. They didn't let me see the baby until after 3-4 hours after delivery, and then took him away again even when I requested for him to be back. In the morning they didn't give me any breakfast. The lactation consultant stopped by when my baby wasn't there. I had the worst experience ever, will never ever go back there again. Being a medical doc, I can say that this place is a laugh, I have been to better hospitals. Take home message, if your a mother about to deliver do not go here!!

Jen M

Just got out of hospital.... not happy at all it is 11/10/17 9pm and no one could tell us what was going on. According to the family my grandpa had a stroke. When I get there i ask guy in front desk of ER makes a call and tells me we can go see him. He sees my big family doesn't say anything! We're walking with my family to the room and some "paramedic/nurse" stops us really loudly "wowowowowow!!! where are you all going NoNoNo only 2 at a time...!!!" She's yelling this!! None of us yell back we simply do as she says.. who knows maybe she's stressed or needs a raise.. don't care! No need to yell. We're not deaf. So she tells us to sit straight across room 10 family waiting room. We do.. very peacefully. Then 10 minutes later another nurse comes by and tells us "this room is specifically for family members whom patients are in critical condition. You guys can go wait outside!" Still attitude.. dont understand why every nurse is giving attitude! Okay so I explain that we just want to know how our grandfather is doing? Which is exactly what i asked the guy in front desk. As i said he sent us back didnt bother telling us anything. Anywho lady/nurse kicking us out tells us she can't do anything and just Walks away! Okay.... jaw drops. Instead some other lady says she'll lead us out. I ask can we please just have an answer and then well take off. She gets same nurse/paramedic that yelled at us in beginning. She comes straight towards us with an "intimidating walk"" supposedly I don't even know why it's not like we're going against her. I ask "can we know how our grandfather is doing".. she asks "what do you want to know....? What do you guys want to know?!? Labs are okay everything is okay. You guys good now?!?!!" Um... wow.. what good would come out of debating with this lady. If anything does happen within the next hours which by the way I left since they wouldn't tell me anything because clearly something was wrong.. since he was in the ER. Will comeback to edit if it gets worst!

shiny angel

Money minded, rude doctors. I was admitted to be induced to deliver my baby though me and baby we're perfectly healthy. Noticed spotting when i was admitted and informed. They ignored my words. I was devastated how forcing the doctors were to do C section. I even requested to avoid epidural as it gives many side effects. The anestheologist was very rude and shouted at me to calm down. Horrible experience. Never expect a shameful hospital exist in America. Paid a huge amount at the end from pocket excluding the insurance.

Leonard Zemlinsky

Medical Service level is good, but beware of the food. Food quality is not the highest and meal size is basically appetizer. It is apparent that hospital is in difficult financial situation and may be trying to cut costs on everything, including quality and sizes of meals delivered to patient rooms. You may be better off ordering from outside. Service is also taking unacceptably long time. Frankly, you are not in the hospital for food, but if we will have a choice of hospital for routine medical procedure, we will likely select another hospital in the future, where complete patient experience is excellent. Our advice to management team at Advocate Lutheran Hospital in Park Ridge: treat patients with respect in all areas and provide full user experience. Don't compromise on quality. Provide complete service to your patients, delivering medical expertise, comfortable stay and high quality meals to patients.

asthmatic asthma

My nephew was born here and the nurses were really caring! I find this to be a great hospital

ahmed soorty

Absolutely terrible patient care. These people make you wait for hours and hours before u can even get into a room. U can be dying and unless they actually see u physically dying they don't care. I came in through an ambulance and they still made me wait for hours before I was seen. Go to another near by hospital. This hospital always always always claims there is a trauma more important then your health.

karyn Hernandez

For children, hands down the best hospital. They treat you and your child with respect and concern and always there to make sure that your comfortable throughout your whole stay. They have Drs that care and always make sure you are informed of everything going on. They make every day special for the kids and parents. However, for adults the absolute worst. The ER staff is rude and inconsiderate and act like they are doing you a favor, instead of realizing the reality that we choose to come here and we actually pay for their services. If they didn't have patients they wouldn't have a pay check. And this mentality unfortunately transfers throughout the whole hospital when it comes to adults. Dont get me wrong you will find excellent nurses and great comfort at times....but you'll be lucky when you do. They don't respond to you. They don't tell you what's going on or explain anything about your stay here. Very unresponsive on both the floor and ER. Sadly enough I have never had anything bad to say about this hospital until I decided to have it be the hospital for me and my husband and not just our kids. Hopefully they can find a way to make the adult part as comforting and as tolerable as possible and learn something from all the wonderful staff and Drs that they have for pediatrics.

Ahmed Ayoub

I really like the staff in the Maternity ward, they are all very wonderful.

Major Kimbrough

My mother was sent to this hospital on the verge of dying. The staff was great in the er always updating us with what was going on. Afterwards she was sent to MICU the staff is great! The nurse Liz was awesome to my mom she gets 10 stars


If I could give the hospital's patient relations group less than one star I would. The last thing someone should worry about when going to the hospital or seeing a doctor is the safety of their vehicle. While parked in the valet section of the parking garage at Lutheran General Hospital, I had an altercation with an employee of First Class Valet contracted by Lutheran General Hospital. When I returned to my vehicle, my passenger side doors were keyed. The incident was later reported to patient relations at the hospital which then communicated my grievance to First Class Valet. They were quick to pawn off all responsibility to First Class Valet. Never once did they deny the damage or indicate that the valet employee was questioned. Once the information was given to First Class Valet, patient relations stopped returning my phone calls and hid behind emails. I would have expected higher standards and greater accountability from Lutheran General Hospital. I guess not.

David P.

Medically prudent, but financially extremely risky. Imagine checking into the hospital to receive treatment that has, in your experience, taken less than a day. Then imagine being forced to undergo three and a half days of unneeded tests and observation, to sit in a hospital bed, perfectly healthy, while your hospital bills rack up and the physicians refuse to consider your financial concerns. Imagine the frustration. This was my experience at Advocate Lutheran General. The term for this is "defensive medicine" and is the largest source of waste in the healthcare industry. If you have ever been frustrated with insurance and medical bills and wondered why everything is so expensive, it is because of hospitals like Advocate Lutheran General. I originally thought this was due to the doctor, but Patient Relations contacted me to let me know that the doctor followed standard procedure and that this was the natural efficiency of the hospital, or to use his words, "just the way hospitals work." I do not recommend this hospital.

afraz Bakar

Been coming here since I was 8, use to bea good hospital but now it's the worst hospital. The emergency room that they just upgraded is always full, yet there is always rooms empty when I pass by.

Angelika Pashko

I had multiple surgeries done by Dr. Jacobs at Lutheran General and absolutely in love with their service. Staff members are very helpful and every time it’s a good experience when I go there. Thank you for your care!

Carol Fedij

Poor hospital care for psychiatric needs. Also not pleased with the doctors and nurses correlating patient care and records.

Tong Kim

my son was 4 when he taken to general for stomach pain. when arrived a DR. Money(yes it is real, no joke) wanted me to sign release for him do an emergency appendicitis. i asked him is it normal for 4 years old to get appendicitis removed, Dr. $$$$ said "around 50% 4 years old get it done." what? i thought i need get my son out of this butcher shop. i asked him how do u know is appendicitis, DR. $$$$ points at middle of the stomach and says "that is where the pain is and that how he know is appendicitis" what? i am no doctor but that is not where your appendicitis because i had mine removed. i also know my son and knew it was gas and mentioned to him. at which point he got all upset and want to call the security to have me removed, so i calmed myself down and waited till i was alone with my son and get him one of biggest burbs in the history or burbs. all my son said after that he was hungry and no more pain. now what kind of doctor don't know difference between gas appendicitis. they still would not release son until they did some unnecessary x-ray and cat scan, really. never take your kids here.

Jerry Fay

Don’t judge a book by it’s cover. All that glitters is not gold. The “new” Lake Forest Hospital is reminiscent of a shopping mall, big and beautiful. However, our recent experience there with my son was anything but golden. It was actually a stay and a sequel interrupted by two days. He was admitted through the Emergency Dept. secondary to a GI bleed. He stayed there essentially for symptom management, the hospital unable to determine the site of the problem. So in both the ER and stays at NWLF he was given transfusions to boost his hemoglobin numbers. Stating further diagnostic tools were unavailable, we were assured by the GI specialist he was told he would be transferred to the Chicago facility. After a weekend of waiting we were told he would not be transferred to the Chicago site due to problems with Blue Cross insurance. Interesting; his insurance was accepted at one site but would not be accepted downtown. A patient representative came in the room that Monday morning stating “Were sending him to Lutheran General since we don’t want him to be spending thousands of dollars out of the pocket.” Interesting. He has the premier insurance provider in Illinois that will not cover the cost of further diagnostics in the main office downtown. That day he was finally transferred ten hours later to LG. We won’t not recommend Northwestern-Lake Forest to anyone in the future. So much for the ads in magazines, television, and billboards saying how much Northwestern Medical cares. UPDATE: Our son was diagnosed with Angiodysplasia. He underwent endoscopic tests. The source of the bleeding was located and treated. Thank you Lutheran General for all you do!

george khio

the doctors here fail to see warning signs of serious symptoms. My sister-in-law was pregnant with very high blood pressure the doctor told her she was fine we went to another hospital and the ER they saw the results from this Hospital and said that the doctor should have sent her to the ER right away she could have had a seizure and passed out. Another incident with my sister-in-law one of your resident doctor told her that she needed an injection in her back to prevent infection of some disease because she had a cold. He clearly did not know what he was doing since he was poking her in the back repeatedly saying I'm sorry I'm sorry and he kept missing spot that he was supposed to inject her. This is a human being not a lab rat. After that she was in crutches for six months and still to this day has pain in her back it's been over a year. yet another incident my uncle was having chest pain sweating a lot and having pain in his leg the doctor said he was fine and told them to just go home and rest he woke up from sleep with his pillow filled with sweat and its chest was hurting he told his wife to take him to another hospital to the ER and the doctor said he was having a heart attack. my final words are go to this hospital if you want to die. Two of my family members almost died because of this Hospital doctor's negligence.

Patrick Kulwicki

I was there for almost 2 mouths and well it was pretty good.

Ethereal Broadway

Staff was really nice.I love the spacious,clean rooms.Also thanks for helping my liitle baby get better!

Ruth Ravve

My mother was a patient at this hospital on several occasions. I found that most of the doctors, nurses and any staff I encountered to be kind, helpful and professional--However i am giving my rating 4 stars instead of 5 due to an incident when my mother was rushed to the emergency room with a very low heartbeat. A young and clearly inexperienced doctor in residency called me to say my mother was not going to survive, that I should prepare for her funeral. He was very cold and uncaring as he told me this. When I arrived at the hospital my mother was awake and talking to me. Another doctor (thankfully NOT a resident) got her heart beating again and then installed a pacemaker. I was told the young resident doctor should never have given me such information and said it in such a way. My mother has been fine ever since and i am thankful but I am still a bit shaken and stunned when i recall the conversation. I recommend this hospital as long as that particular resident doctor isn't in charge.

Carl Oliveri

It has been almost two years since my mom has past. She was at Lutheran General for the last 24 hours of her life. I couldn't, and don't have words to describe how I feel about the amazing care that she received. I want to thank the staff for their dedication, compassion, and empathy that went into my mom's care. Please accept my heart felt thanks for all that you did to treat her with the respect and dignity that she deserved.

Martin Iraq

The best

Sue Sargis

Very slow inefficient hospital. Doctors run test to jack up prices. It’s hotel California you can check in but never leave

Rakshita J Patel

Went in there for my sprained ankle!! Had to wait 20 minutes but I was being taking care of. Nice stuff and very friendly doctor!! The nurses are amazing!!

Monica Dunford

I called Advocate Lutheran to schedule a test, and based on my insurance plan I will have an estimated out of pocket experience at which point the scheduler said “and how would you like to take care of this”? Ummmm, why are you asking me to pay for services that haven’t been provided? I was told this is how we do it and actually we are behind with this other hospitals do this! I was absolutely dumbfounded, and told her the verbiage is all wrong, she began to talk over me with her robotic script until finally I requested to speak with a supervisor and to may surprise, was treated the same way. They weren’t interested in what I had to say as the patient, collecting money and the numbers at hospitals are what healthcare has come to. It’s based on a scoring system and bonuses are given to upper management of the hospital scores/grades are good! Please train your staff properly! Patients matter

Kristie Bavaro

My mom got admitted into the hospital and they put her in a double room. She has anxiety so we had to stay with her and you can have to sleep in a chair that hardly fits in the room. It seems like because she has medicare they cram you in a double room. Of course, they say they will try to find a single room and never happens.

Michael Montenegro

our experience with this hospital was nothing but positive. The facility is very clean and has many places for you to kill time comfortably while your love ones are being treated. I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to the doctors, social workers, and nurses who went over and beyond to treat my family member during her recent stay there. We were always informed by the hospital staff of her current condition, which put my mind at ease. Thank you very much! Special thanks to Dr. Atienza and social work Mike (forgot to write down his last name), and all the nurses who were involved in my daughter's care.

Theresa Yvonne

I went to Good Samaritan hospital in Downers Grove for both of my pregnancies. During my second pregnancy, because i was high risk since i had complications with my first pregnancy, i was referred to see a specialist, Dr. Barbara Parilla in 2016.I seriously wish that i just stayed at Lutheran General with her as my doctor because she was honestly the best doctor i've ever met. She actually cared about my health and my baby's health (even though i didn't give birth to my youngest there) and she even checked up on me to see how I was doing AFTER my pregnancy( I HAVE NEVER EVER HAD A DOCTOR DO THAT TO ME EVER!) The staff there was honestly the best too. At Good Samaritan, my youngest was born dead. (they revived her THANK GOD) after 5 minutes. the umbilical cord was wrapped around her neck for God only knows how long. I also had Endometritis 2 days after i gave birth because the doctor at Good Sam didn't clean me out all the way AND i also hemorrhaged and had to have a D&C done. i lost soo much blood and passed out before they even gave me anesthesia. I Was hospitalized for 3 days because Good Sam messed up HARD CORE! Dr. Parilla asked me if she wanted me to have her deliver my baby, but because it was 30 minutes away from my house and Good Sam was only 10 minutes away, i declined her offer. I seriously regret that decision because Dr. Parilla is honestly THE BEST high risk maternity doctor out there!!!. i HIGHLY recommend this hospital over ANY hospital in the chicago land area. Thank you, Dr. Parilla for everything you did for Avery and myself! :) (oh and yes, Avery is now 2 years old and completely healthy- THANK GOD) but anyone reading this review, PLEASE PLEASE go to this hospital. I honestly wouldn't recommend any other hospital than this one! :)

Amber Januszyk

The most horrible experience I ever had in my life. Can’t recommend this place to anyone

Baby Perez

At first I really liked the hospital my daughter was transferred from another hospital here. But we saw numerous doctors and teams and nurses and one after the other all asking the same questions which we happily answered. The problem was they don't communicate with eachother, we were told by every team, every specialist that we would be going home that was around 10am and they couldn't communicate to eachother enough to get the paperwork going until 430. That is ridiculous. More than enough staff. Here are some things I liked Nurses sweet and good with kids Nice spacious rooms Good decor Constant well checks Brittany child specialist she was sweet Magician Hospital volunteers Things I. Didn't like Gabrielle j from registration very unprofessional asking about what country I come from. (Eeoc wouldn't approve) No bed linen changing No shower or offering of spongebath Not letting parents know they can take a shower Dirty shower Not enough hooks in shower and floor can become very wet and slippery No toilet seat covers No help for parents to get food or drinks *nourishment station had a couple muffins and some milk but I was here for days and needed an actual meal, couldn't leave my daughter alone and no one offered to sit with her so I called delivery which one nurse told me I was not allowed to do Doctors do not communicate with eachother Doctors give contradicting orders, had to get definite answer. Ultrasound took 12 hrs for results to be read!!!!!!! Discharge took over 5 hrs. I feel like they kept us an extra day and extra hours to charge insurance for more. It seemed very unethical.

Patrick Donovan

After my original review was taken down. I ended up leaving work to get my mother. Horrible management!

Ambulance Business

great hospital except for a Russian nurse in their cancer unit, just downright mean

Martin V

Went to the ER, unfortunately there was a horrible wait, yet there was no one actually there in the ER as soon as I walked past 2 AM. The receptionist in front told me this is going to be 3 hour wait. Okay. I sat down and perhaps 30 minutes later I was called to the back. Unfortunately, the hospital staff was so busy they couldn't provide me with a room and left me in the hallway for 2 more hours. Thankfully I had my phone fully charged, and my cut wasn't bleeding, had already closed and I was in zero pain. I felt some most discomfort during the injection of the numbing stuff, however no pain. The doctor was super nice and apologetic and took care of me right away. I left around 5:30 or 6 AM. It was already bright out. Now, if this was a bigger cut, and if I had been in pain and left for hours by myself bleeding in the ER I would have given 0/5 stars! Thankfully that wasn't the case.

Kathy Schick

My sister and I came to your hospital's Emergency Room last night (11/29/17) trying to get some treatment started for her son (my nephew). We arrived at 7:00 pm and finally left in frustration at midnight to go try another hospital. We weren't the only ones trying in vain to get treatment. There were people in obvious pain and distress who were not being cared for as well, some of them having to wait for seven or eight hours. One woman was experiencing severe chest pains for about six or seven hours before she was taken in to a room for treatment. We saw no attempts being made to inform anyone of them about the long wait to which they were being subjected. Many of these people needed immediate treatment but nothing was being done to help or inform them of the reason(s) for them being "abandoned" by the hospital staff. In conversations with some of the people who were waiting as long or longer than we were, we learned that is more the "norm" for Advocate Lutheran than an exceptional event. This situation for us, as well as for all the others in the ER, was inexcusable. If you have any choice of where to go for quick, caring treatment, go anywhere you can, except Advocate Lutheran General! It should be avoided at all costs!

Ryan Kazam

Staff was nice. Fellow Dr Broy did my endoscope. He was very professional, easy to understand and likable.

Merle` Werner

I went to Ambulatory care to see a friend who was having op surgery. I gave my car to the valet Michael. He was amazing and the man in front of me had trouble walking and he walked with a cane. Michael made sure to get a wheelchair and get the man to the registration. Keep up the great work Michael!! But charging $5 for valet?? Seriously LGH.Some patients have no choice because of medical reasons and I think that's taking of advantage of these patients. There should be no charge!!!!

Leslie Barajas

Absolutely worse Children’s emergency room ever! Earlier this year back in February I arrived because my daughter (4years old) was bruising unexpectedly and extremely tired. No other symptoms. We waited, they did blood work, Drs said she is fine to go home. We went home at 3am. but as a mother I am I was uneasy knowing my daughter is sick she is not normally as tired as she was. And not pleased with LGH none diagnosis. I called her Dr left a voicemail explaining her and the lab results of her blood work. Later I found out her pediatrician heard my voice mail from her personal vacation all the way in India. Called me ASAP asked me to rush my daughter to Children’s memorial down town. She was diagnosed with ITP, she had low white cells and dangerously low platelets. They found blood clots she needed treatment ASAP. I’ll never know why the hospital had all the answers in front of them but didn’t properly diagnosed my child. She could had died because of them over at LGH. I would had give them 0 stars but that’s not an option. I went again last week with her because it was the nearest hospital to us. She was bleeding from her ear. They said she could had scratched her ear. But she had too much blood they couldn’t see. Again uneasy with the results. I went over to her Dr in the morning and she had an ear infection she ruptured her membrane and she was in pain. She could had scratched her ear at one point AFTER she was already bothered by the on going infection. Please as a parent do not take your child there. I gave them 2 chances and they dropped the ball both times. Both had severe bad outcomes if it wasn’t for my mothers intuition that something wasn’t right.

Paul Schollenberger

The entire staff at this hospital has been the most professional and caring staff that anyone could expect. Yesterday my wife had brain surgery that was performed by Dr. George Bovis. Before this surgery, I researched his credentials and determined that he was the best option for my wife, and he proved me right! He has corrected a medical situation that many other doctors could not figure out over the last several years. His willingness to take on my wife's health meant the world to me, and he did so with the utmost professionalism and skill. What impressed me more was the support staff; The recovery nurse Ingrid was so intent in helping my wife through; she kept me informed, and she clearly cared! Once my wife was transferred to SICU, the same thing occurred. Steve clearly showed his professionalism in that he had to deal with multiple situations at the same time, but he still took the time to make sure my wife was properly cared for. All of the nurses that have taken care of my wife have been awesome! Thank you!!!

Mohammed Daud Miraki

They need to hire more personnel

Davina Rivera

Great hospital, caring staff, fantastic doctors, and the rooms are clean and large. This has been my primary hospital for years and I've had 2 children at this hospital.

Rachel Rose

Please avoid this hospital !!! They have no ideea what is wrong with you, they keep you in the hospital for a couple of days and send you home without solving the problem so they can have you back on their emergency room one more time and make more money on your expense. Smart move on their part, not so good for your health and your wallet.

Lana Varabei

Awful and Unprofessional!!! My mom was taken to the hospital in ER because of heavy nasal bleeding. The doctors connected NPA (nasal trumpet) to stop bleeding. One hour later mom's nose started bleeding even more causing the pain. We had to rush to ER again and wait for 5 hours for the doctor to check on the nasal trumpet (NPA) that was put earlier during the day. What a Shame! After all the doctors who worked night shift in ER removed that NPA since it was incorrectly connected by the same hospital 'professionals'. They don't know what they are doing there! Don't waste your time!

M Roberts

In my opinion, this hospital doesn’t even warrant one star. Seven hours in the ER to run simple blood work and get an ultrasound. Ridiculous! The doctors and nurses were basically nowhere to be found for updates. The patient advocate didn’t return to the room once. What they were super diligent about was collecting our insurance information.


I have family that have been here and have never had a bad experience. I myself had to go here for cancer treatments. it is clean and the staff is friendly as well as compassionate. This hospital is a godsend.

Stephanie Fonseca

Came in to get blood worked drawn. Asked one building where the suite was and was told to go to the building across the street. Got there, was told to go back to the other building. Got driven there at the least which is why 2 stars was given instead of 1. 16 minute wait for blood work was 1.5 hours without any apology as our sign-in didn't show up on their register. All out, could have been better organized and if you see someone in your drawing room for over an hour, they're probably waiting for you.

Tom Kanka

I had an appointment in the Heart Failure Clinic on December 22,2017 and a nurse named Lela stole $60.00 from my wallet. I reported it to Philip in the Campus Safety and Patient Security department and did not get satisfactory results or service. Philip told me I would be contacted by Patient Relations - it never happened.I would not recommend Lutheran General for outpatient services since the nurses steal from the patients.

Deb Paul

5/16/2018This past Friday I buried my dad who was 86. He was admitted to LGH early May and just a word of warning, DO NOT take an elderly patient to LGH! For the most part the staff was terrible except for a couple of nurses, Rose was most helpful, and for a couple of doctors. I knew he was in trouble when he went to the ER and was told nothing was wrong, go back to Advantara. He also requested something to eat in the ER and was told it would be there shortly, shortly turned into three hours. Little did we know that he had the beginnings of pneumonia but after almost 6 hours in the ER they didn't catch that. That evening he spiked a fever and looked like death warmed over. He was brought back to the ER and it seemed like forever to get a room ready for him. The staff, most of them, are cold, unfeeling, rude and with an attitude. Nurses are supposed to be caring and making the patient feel important, at LGH you are bothering them if you are admitted, most of the time the nurses are in the hallway talking about their dogs and boyfriends and dinner and....... Patients were ringing the nurses call button and it would go for 10 minutes before it was answered. Half of the time the equipment they used on my dad did not work!! When inserting tubes for feeding they were installed incorrectly both times! I had arranged for a visit to the U of Chicago but after entering LGH he went downhill so fast that he could not make his appointment. Only after his passing did I learn that the hospital is a "learning, teaching" hospital and if I had know that from the beginning I would have moved him somewhere else. When I think back on the recommendations they offered I believe that he could have been helped with different options. BUT, you never know what doctor will see you and what nurse will help you, it changes several times a day! This entire hospital is a disaster!! One doctor even ordered by dads IV's removed and for us to get him out of the hospital, didn't care where just out!! This doctor should not be practicing medicine, talk about absolutely no bedside manner!! My 85 year old mother could not understand what they were doing to him most of the time and it was like pulling teeth to get any kind of explanation. Please, save yourself a lot of grief and take your elderly mom or dad someplace else for care, because they won't get proper care at LGH!!

Brian Banyamin

I had Appendicitis a few years ago and the staff did a wonderful job!

Nathan J

Nurses are very nice and professional, very helpful also, but to wait over 10 hrs for an MRI with PPO insurance when you have 2 compression fractures it’s just unacceptable, doctors did show up twice but nothing after that.

A. Kasa

the worst hospital exeperience ive ever had some of the nurses were okay some were terrible. Yet all the docs were bad except the psych doc he was alright, the others were tereible my main doc i saw once in a week an saw his "helper" twice who couldnt help at all but just rely messagea to the doctor who prob never recieved them this playing telephone way of treating patients is a JOKE and a childish way of "treaing" people. this is just my humble opinion and nothing more take it with a grain of salt or hopedully with a bucket of ice water to bring you back to ur senses and hopefully realize ur here to help people an comfort them as well goodbye very upset

Hilary Dunn

I had to go to the ER there recently... the doctors and nurses were nice but the wait was a little too long--I mean 3 hours?!!!!! I would prefer if were less cluttered and the furniture needs a little updating maybe. But again it's about the doctors and nurses and they were perfectly fine

Jennifer S

This is by far the most amazing hospital I have ever been to. My son needed surgery and the entire staff was so kind and nice. They made this a very pleasurable experience. I could not say enough about how amazing everyone that worked there was. Would recommend this hospital for your children to everyone. Thank all you from the bottom of my heart.


I have been to Lutheran General Hospital several times for very serious "Emergency" situations. The doctors and nurses are excellent and attentive. Of course, if you have an emergency related to cardiac issues or brain issues (e.g., stroke, aneurysm, etc.) you will be seen immediately. If your case is not considered "life or death" you may have to wait a bit before being seen. Doctors/Nurses are very professional, efficient and on top of their game. They work very well as a Team as well as individually. The health care that I received in the E.R. was, and has been, exceptional. I was very satisfied with the care and treatment that I received at Lutheran General Hospital. They also have an excellent Trauma Center. Several of the doctors on the Trauma Team were trained at Cook County Hospital (some did their internships at Cook County Hospital and worked there for several years before joining Lutheran General Hospital's Trauma Team). The Trauma Team at Lutheran General Hospital is exceptional. Therefore, I rate the Trauma Team with five stars.

Palak D

I used to think this was the best top hospital in the world, I had much love. Until one day I had a relative in the ER for mental health for a 2nd time and a very rude woman called and right off the start said "you cant just drop them off here again". I'm sure the hospital is overwhelmed but the amount of rudeness and anger thrown onto me from this employee was completely unacceptable. "What was I supposed to do in the case of someone not wanting to live and not willing to take medicine?? Let them die?" The employees response was "I dont care just dont bring them here."

jeff swanson

ER wait was over 5 hours on 03/05/18 6PM to 11PM, nobody acting with a sense of urgency, people are rude and not informative.crappy waiting area, I could have should have and wished I had gone somewhere else for simple check on bump on the head. Never again will I go to Lutheran General Hospital

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