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REVIEWS OF West Valley Medical Center IN Idaho

Waunetta Roseberry

Small hospital but big on patient care. I particularly liked the continuity of my personal team. For three days I had the same nurses, CNA's and household staff. In addition to taking such good care of me, they were also very attentive to my family. Periodic updates by text to make sure they were kept current on my surgery. I could not have asked for a better or more caring group of people, from the Reception at the main entrance to Registration and the Pre-Op, and my after surgery team. Thank you all.

Maria Jensen

This was my first visit and the staff was amazing. They show that they care about you, genuinely. The injection that done was my first and the doctor was amazing. My first epidural ever! And if I need another I will look forward to it. He’s excellent at what he does. And the nurses in the back were so kind and caring. Thanks to you all. I’m so appreciative of all of you.

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It was really nice. Treatment was handled fast and responsible. All my needs we're met or exceeded. I had a three day stay, which I wish I didn't have. But if I have to stay I'd do it at West Valley.

Anna McDaniel

Got immediate care, the staff was outstanding and took care of my medical needs.

Tom Flanik

On time and very efficient. All questions answered. Would recommend highly.

Rico Amor Davila

Awful. Doctor was pompous and asked me very few questions. Made me feel dumb for asking questions and was more concerned with my neck than my concussion. Of course, nothing wrong with my neck. Told me he couldn't do anything. Nurse was nice but billing lady was condescending. Would not recommend. Nice receptionist though.

Mark Stites

The people there we so very nice, helpful and totally took great care of me. Mark

Eva Levanger Matthews

From the time that my husband took me into the emergency to being admitted, surgery, recovery I have never been so well take care of. They took one look at my face and could see the pain I was in and to me went well beyond what I was expecting. From the Nursing staff, Crna's, Cna's, Doctors, Surgeons, Anesthesiologist, Physical therapist, my deepest thanks and appreciation for all of your hard work and making me feel well cared for. I know I will probably miss some names here in my thanks but your faces I will remember. Thanks to Dr. Augustus, Dr. Cornwell, Dr. Hogg, Cindy, Kara, Kellyln, Lacey, Jacinda, Mandy, Mariah, Brandi, Karen, Carie, Laura, Mary, Lisa , Spenser, Eva, Alma, Gary Weber, Bonnie, Davie, Joel, Tom, Lavonne, Mary, Tanner, Jessica, Emily, Carlee, Jennifer, Leo, Christina, Rikki, Ryan, Margie, Rosa, Stephanie, Jodi, Ursula, Sarah, Kelsey, Breanne. Thank you for your patience, hard work and carrying. Merry Christmas to you all.

Debbie Kellogg

I can't complain about anything. My care was awesome. They were great with my family ❤️. would recommend over the big cooperate hospitals any time

Susan Wakeley

Have been here at least 2 1/2 hours no Dr nothing took my sons blood and have had him do urine sample and still nothing wow for ER I won't want to be seriously ill and come here you would probably end up dying before anyone did anything. Love the fact tons of nurses at nurse's station doing homework in class they are all in instead of tending to patients. Not to mention it took 3 nurses trying to start iv and one who did get took blood out for testing then left it sitting on counter in room because they were not sure if needed or not. Efficient think not!

Kristy Thomas

My experience with the PA was fantastic. My experience with the workers at the lab was also fantastic. Giving 2 stars to get attention so you will contact me. I have a concern about my visit that really really needs to be addressed. I was too distracted with my own problems to say anything while I was there. I want a written way to contact someone for my records.

Arlene Kropf

West Valley Medical Center exceeds expectations. Their staff makes the patient feel valued and appreciated. The facility is clean and comfortable. The staff works well with each other to ensure the well being of the patient. It is a great small hospital!

valerie madison

Everyone at West Valley Medical Center are such awesome people. I felt like I was at a spa resort, not a hospital every person I met always had a smile and was genuinely concerned with my care; It made my stay very comfortable and I would recommend this hospital to all.

Chris Smith

Nice people here, got me tested and explained everything very well .

Shannon Getz

We were so impressed with West Valley Medical Center! Our son has had 6 surgeries in the last 4 years. West Valley was our favorite hospital by far. Everyone was so friendly and answered all of our questions. They took great care of our son and took care of us, too! Amazing!

Forest Malone

Everybody was professional and nice. I had a very nice experience.

C Zumwalt

From Thur. Nite til I left on Tuesday afternoon I had the greatest of care! You folks out did yourselves with the most amazing treatment one could have. Don,t change a thing as, you have the best people rite where they should be!

Faris McMullin

Great care with Docs and nurses who listen.

Lauren Cap

Best hospital to have a baby! Not only did all the staff go above and beyond...this hospital treats you like family! They have a king size bed in your recovery room..this enabled my husband to really participate in the white le experience! He bonded with our new baby and was informed on all the new baby info! This made a huge difference compared to our previous experiences where he was sat in a corner bound to a uncomfortable couch. We were given our privacy yet the nurses did there duty on making sure we were informed and baby was healthy. My husband was really stressed and this environment really let him be apart of the whole process which eased his stress. I would not have a baby anywhere else! 5 stars all the way!

Nick Kretzmann

We just had our first baby delivered here the first week of December 2017. The maternity department was wonderful! It is a hospital not a spa, so manage your expectations. Nurses will be in often to check vitals and baby will get poked and prodded to make sure everything is OK, but that's why you go to the hospital right? That being said, we were consistently amazed by how kind, caring, and attentive the staff was! We had minor complications and spent 4 days and 4 nights there. We had many different nurses through the different shifts and they were all wonderful. They patiently answered all of questions, addressed any concerns, always asking if we needed anything. A big thank you to Lacey who was exceptional! Since this was our first baby we leaned heavily on the lactation consultants for help breastfeeding and they were very knowledgeable, professional, and helpful. Cindy particularly is a wealth of experience and information and we soaked up all of her advice that we could! The food overall was pretty decent for hospital food. We ordered the chicken pasta several times and loved it. Other little things like the way the maternity section is locked down to protect the babies and the way the nurses sanitize their hands in every room shows the professionalism of the hospital. We felt that the attitude of the hospital in general was very personal and patient oriented. From the maternity staff, to the phlebotomists, to the cooks and cleaners, everyone treated us so well. We were blessed to have this facility so close to us and would highly recommend the maternity ward to anyone in the Caldwell area.

Darren Hurst

On January 17, 2019 I found my wife lying on the floor of our bedroom going through what turned out to be a major stroke. She was taken by Ambulance to West Valley Medical Center in Caldwell Idaho. First let me say this, the ER staff at this hospital was awesome. They were friendly, reassuring, knowledgeable and professional. Though my wife did not recieve her full in patient care at this hospital I am convinved beyond a doubt that their actions along with the EMS personnel that came to my house are the reasons my wife is alive. To the ER staff at West Valley Hospital, Thank you from the very depths depths of my heart. Forever grateful!!

Francis Ulric

Went there for a knee replacement, ,everyone I interfaced with there was professional and it seemed the people working there were working in a place they liked

Brenda Miller Stieg

Very intelligent, caring doctors who were able to quickly determine the issue, develop an effective POC (plan of care), involved me in the evaluation and treatment process. As a working professional, I appreciated being treated as an intelligent person and not just another patient. It’s obvious that the nurses, counselors, and doctors see the whole range of patients who are struggling due to differing diagnoses, however they deal with everything and everyone with a calm and caring nature. I am in the medical field and I am grateful I was self referred to this hospital for a brief stay. Sincerely, B

Danna J Pettigrew

The best care in our Treasure Valley. Excels in every way.

Connie Ward

The nurses were the best! Helpful and attentive. Very caring. probably one of the best stays in the hospital I've experienced. Thank you, West Valley!!!

Tamorah Jean

My daughter just had a baby at west valley. She says that it was her best stay at any hospital. This is her third baby and Theresa was there to help skipped her lunch to guide my daughter and I'm so happy that she was well taken care of thank you west valley.

Bonnie Crites

I was late to my appointment (for events that were not under my control). The staff and the doctor were still saw me and were polite and helpful. Dr. Payvar was helpful and answered all questions I had. It was a very good experience.

Titus Fay

absolute garbage. I went there due to a wasp sting which they wrapped. I could hardly walk so they recomended crutches. they gave me a perscription for antiinflamitory and that was it. I talked to a Dr Dixon for maybe 3 minutes. I was charged over 300$ for that visit. then Dr. Dixon sent another charge for close to 90. Just for a wasp sting! I went to West Valley Offfice and they stated that since it was a full service emergency room they could charge that. I found out that over 1400 was the bill before insurance took over. ludicrous. DO NOT GO TO WEST VALLEY!!!!!

Arlene Robinson

My experience here is always excellent. Very professional and friendly w/expert knowledge.

Kendra Warth

We visited the emergency department a few hours ago for our son who cut his lip open. They got us right back and that nurses and PA we had were incredible. They took the time to explain everything to our son and were extremely kind and patient with him. They gave him a little stuffed animal and gave it the same amount of stitches in the same spot as our kiddo which he thought was pretty cool. They made a stressful situation very calming and stress free. A giant thank you to everyone who helped us tonight.

Matt Stringer

My experience was wonderful. Gratefully I was only admitted for two and 1/2 days. Staff was obviously extremely capable and professional. I had Amanda as my night nurse two nights and Emily the third. they were kind and helpful. My surgeon Dr. Stritke did an amazing job. I am grateful to West Valley medical Center. I think you saved my life. That is pretty important :)

Noel Kopke

Was helped right away. The staff keep me calm before and during my MRI. What a great place.

Bob and Glenys Rasmussen

Always professional, always compassionate. The hospital staff are friendly, helpful and keep me posted on how things are going which adds to my sense of calm. The care is top notch, whether a visit to the emergency room, surgery or checking on a loved one. The best hospital care and staff around.

Sara Samul

The nursing, techs and physician staff were all amazing! The social workers had so much to share. I had a very good experience and felt well taken care of.

John Moline

All those involved treated me very good.

Elfs Alt

They always do an amazing job with paitent care. Regardless of what you are there for the medical and business staff are caring and considerate to all needs large or small. Thank you so much!!!!

Dorie Pennington

Everyone was great, fully explained the procedure(s), took away my fears! Thank you!

Aubrey Coryell

I was very pleased with the hospital staff but not so much with the staff at urgent care. The doctor I had at the urgent care before being sent to the ER was very rude and I will not be returning to that location. Thankfully I rarely have to go to urgent care but if I do I will go somewhere else.

Monte Fullmer

Massively impressed with the total professional atmosphere that is located in this facility. Definitely holds it's own weight in services rendered.

Laurie Radcliffe

Each staff member I enacted with was kind, friendly, and knowledgeable. Plus they all had a sense of humor! In spite of the circumstances, it was a very good experience. I would highly recommend West Valley.

Wuss Puss

Do not go here! My husband did and what a horrible mistake! We’re heading straight to our family attorney.

Jere Sandor

This was my second stay. The staff is always friendly and professional.

Craig Talbot

Great staff and doctor! I trust them with my care! I can't say enough good about them!

Luwana Couch

Had endoscopy this morning and from the first person that helped me to the very last person- they made me feel at ease and comfortable. It was greatly appreciated.

meep mop

I’ve been in for broken bones and surprise sicknesses. Every-time the staff has been awesome and helped me get answers quickly. The staff listens and cares about what you have to say and is very understanding.

Ken Kaderly

My mom is over weight and has bad knees. She has fallen a few times and they took her to this place. The first time she laid on her floor all night and had an accident ( number two ) they sent her home in the same clothes. Tonight i picked her up from there and i guess they don't even wheel the patients out anymore. The nurse just pointed to my mom and kept walking. I will personally never spent a second or a dime in this building. As you can see i will not even call it a hospital. Good luck.

Maralyn Wells

Always good to see Dr. Becky she is so caring

Martha Pascual

There really nice and friendly, and the staff was amazing they answer all my concerns.

Nunya Biznass

I would give the ER zero stars if I could.

Margie & Casey Baker

Could have been much better. With the medical staff knowing my medical history, and dangerous symptoms of my heart made the wrong decision of letting me go. They chose to ignore the obvious by not giving me a ultrasound and angiogram. If they had pursued digging deeper they would have found three blockages of my heart, and addressed the issue. Two days later I went to another hospital and had a Triple Bypass heart surgery. Poor medical decisions for sure!!!

Billy Evans

I received Excellent care, made me feel really comfortable and made sure my pain level was controlled. The staff was attentive especially Desiree she was awesome. She made sure all my needs were met and the night nurse Tom was also attentive to my needs. I would definitely and highly recommend this hospital to all my family and friends.

Barbara Britt

I was very well taken care of before, during and after my surgery two weeks ago. The staff was attentive, the per surgery and post surgery areas were clean and well stocked. I’m pleased to have chosen West Valley for my surgery.

Evelyn Felty

Excellent service.

Mimi Anavia

My daughter was admitted to St Lukes for 3 days and all because your so called “NP” said that what she had was just “viral”. No blood tests were done, nothing, but no my daughter was fine it was just a virus. I wouldn’t recommend any one to bring their kids here they take forever and for them to just tell you that all your kid has is just “viral”. Never taking my kids here again.

Kathy Ward

From the check-in for surgery thru the preparation, each component was flawless. The clerk to the nurses new their part of the process perfectly. During the surgery the nurse was right at my head to give me updates . I have been in the hospital many times, and my experience gets better and better.

joan vassar

Dr. Moulton is exceptional in every respect. We are very confident in his expertise an his kind personality makes every visit a pleasure.

Michael Felton

Big Ed, your the man! Doctor in the ER, great! Receptionist great. Radiology, great! HOWEVER, the registration lady at night... elderly, shorter, dark hair. She needs to be dismissed. I've never seen a 19 year old male tear up at the rudeness and flat out awful comments that come from the mouth of an employee working in a place of medicine and healing. If I were her boss and overheard what she said last night, I would have had security escort her to her car and tell her to never step foot on property again. Then I would beg that kid to not go public with what was said. Other than that I had to leave five stars as I refuse to punish good help and good care by leaving a bad review in light of one careless employees judgmental acts, who's mouth defecates stereotypes and personal insults. The squeeky wheel gets the grease, I'm not the only one in these reviews that has mentioned her. Be gone evil spirits, leave this woman. Allow the light to guide her to a better place where her negative curses will not affect thy neighbors and friends while in sickness and under burden.

Rita Goins

I was an Outpatient at West Valley Medical Center. My experience exceeded my expectations! The nurse that took care of me when I arrived was so nice and explained everything that she was going to do to prepare me for surgery. I received a visit from my Doctor (Dr. Agee), my Surgical Nurse, the Assistant to the Anesthesiologist and from the Anesthesiologist. Everyone was so kind and took great care in telling me what to expect. I would recommend this facility, and the Staff, to any of my family and friends. Thank you so much for taking care of me!

Marla Bellamy

This time I had a great experience. The nursing staff was always helpful and answered my questions. The other departments also even though I don't think anyone likes their blood drawn at 3am. The food was great and I have had some bad food elsewhere. The doctors visited many times and had time for my questions

Hailee Kiser

They took over a week to fax paperwork for a stomach pain issue, and the doctor I saw was not the one to fax it. I have been trying to get my medical records to go elsewhere for a second opinion and it has been over a week and my paperwork still is not ready. I feel like they do not put their patients health first and they drop the ball and drag their feet on getting things sent and scheduled. Especially when their patient is in pain and struggling to do things like eat.

Bob Hintz

16 surgeries in my life and from beginning to end, it was by far the best experience and stay in my life!

Meg S

Very kind staff

Dr rog

I live to blocks away from West Valley. When I get hurt I go 15 miles to the other guys.

Tami Larson

I would give you 5 stars except I am really getting tired of these surveys I already did one how many do you expect me to do?

Ginger Fuhriman

My own experience was a very good one. I have yet to have a bad experience. The Staff was extremely kind and caring. Anytime I was in need of something, there was always some right there. They always treated me with respect and courtesy

Yvonne Gillmore

Professional and courteous care. Highly recommended.

Larry Scott

I received the best care I have ever gotten at a hospital. Right from coming in the front door to register. The pre-op area was top notch. The OR people were great as well. Then to recovery all went very well. The care I received when I got to my room #330 was the best. Right on down to the meal selection. Then out the door. I am coming back to have a pain pump removed in the near future. So "I'll Be Back". Thanks Larry

Ben Mitchell

Very good place I would go there for any reason and no other hospital they are considerate nice to you and know how to do their job they explain things to you and let you know what you're up against I recommend this hospital to everyone

ari scales

i got the help i needed. the patients and staff I met there were amazing and kind hearted people. I've had very mad psychiatric hospital experiences and I went in afraid and not knowing what to expect. they really worked with me and gave me the help i needed when I didnt know where else to turn. I highly recommend this facility to anyone who needs somewhere to turn to.


Nursing staff, PA, and physicians were very professional. I was seen in emergency, and eventually admitted to med surg, and I had surgery the following evening. They treated me with kindness and empathy. It just so happens that my daughter was having surgery in WVMC on the same day. The outpatient department were very professional as well. I highly recommend West Valley.

Sam Owens

Nurses and staff were very attentive and helpful. Always positive and made sure we had everything we needed for ourselves and the new baby.

Bert Richard

very courteous, and right on time. great service.

Michael Hunt

Total knee replacement. Everything and everyone at WVMC was more than satisfactory. I was treated well during my surgery and overnight stay. The staff was very responsive to my wants and needs.

Peggy Peterson

We had a great experience here. It’s definitely improved since our last visit. The food was really good. I was pleasantly surprised.

Savanna Phillips

NEVER GO HERE! I went into the ER for a ectopic pregnancy. I was told I could take the shot instead of surgery just for them later to Tell Me 2 hours later they weren't going to give me the shot and force me to get surgery. After I was taken back and was in surgery while I was out they proceeded to go tell and show family and friends very sensitive personal information of my surgery that I DID NOT want given out and DID NOT say they could share!!! They did not ask me nor did they tell me that information even to me. Besides that the doctors were very bad at explaining anything that was going to happen or go on. They were rude and very insensitive to the situation. I will NEVER go back under ANY circumstance.

Layne McInelly

I was so impressed with the quality of care I received here. Next time I need a hospital I'll be going to West Valley Medical Center.

Jose Perez

When child is sick and the parents let them touch all of the furniture. I didn't want to tell the parent any thing cause my experience with my sister and her kids. How long does it take a migrain shot.

Rebecca Cannon

In the past I've had excellent experiences at West Valley. Unfortunately last night was the worst. I was in a car accident earlier and was feeling the effects and was told to go in. I first want to say the 2 male nurse staff was incredibly nice and attentive. Once I was put in a room the Dr. came in asked a few questions, ran his down down my spine pushed on a few spots where I said ouch. He's saying things out loud to his scribe, said you have whip lash. I'll give you a Valium and a Norco here, and a prescription for ibuprofen and left the room. Less than 2 minutes. The billing person who came in was so nice and sympathetic to my situation. Then the nurse came in she was rather short with me, when I was in the middle of asking her a questions she basically shushed me. Then said sorry they were talking in my ear...Gave me my pill and papers and said to make sure I had a ride. Very disappointed, will now be going to St. Luke's in the future.

Leann Vaterlaus

My Dad was treated and passed away there April, 2018. We all felt he received the very best care and the whole family was treated with such grace, compassion and love! It was a beautiful experience! Thanks to all who work there!

Blythe Nichols

We could not of had a better experience with our scheduled C-section for our breech baby last month, all of the staff and Doctors were so knowledgeable and wonderful. From the OR to recovery to the two post op days we always had what we needed and my recovery has been super fast. I would have another baby here in a heart beat. The smaller community hospital feels was a great experience ❤️

nelli douglas

The care my husband received after surgery was excellent. During his four day stay, the staff was attentive and caring. We could not have asked for a better place to be. Thank you West Valley Medical Center!

Jim Hartline

Very professional and wonderful nurses and doctors . Would recommend west valley medical highly.

Kyiah Evans

I suffered through a trimalleolar (3 broken bones) fracture of my left ankle. After St. Luke's fixed the dislocation of my ankle, they referred me to an orthopedic surgeon, that did not have time to see me. Neither did several others that I called, right before Thanksgiving. Two of my friends highly recommended Dr. Wolf to me. I called, and he was able to get me in the following day! During the visit, he focused on what needed to happen to fix the three broken bones in my ankle, which is what I wanted to hear. He arranged for me to have surgery at West Valley Medical Center the very next day! The staff at West Valley Medical Center, including Dr. Fox, the anesthesiologist, and Dr. Wolf did an excellent job! The staff processed me through quickly, and the surgeon receptionist put me at ease about my surgery and smiled as I was wheeled in. All of the nurses were professional and explained things well, putting me at ease. Dr. Fox made excellent recommendations to me, about anesthesia, listened to me, and I had no nausea and vomiting post surgery! Dr. Wolf inserted a plate, 12 screws, and a tightrope! I am now three months post surgery and was able to walk up & down the hills of downtown Seattle for four days & nights sightseeing, & my ankle is solid! During my healing time, Dr. Wolf was very accessible to me by email, phone calls and office visits. My husband emailed him the night of surgery with a question, and he called him back within the hour! On another occasion I emailed him with some pain, and he called in an Rx and emailed me back. Further, his office manager went out of her way to process my paperwork for my leave of absence at work! I would highly recommend West Valley Medical Center, due to the cleanliness, professionalism and compassion! I knew I was in good hands, and was made to feel at ease! Share Add a photo

chelsey butterworth

Had the most condescending and rude encounter here that I have ever had in my life. One of the physican assistants there tonight was incredibly rude and condescending towards me. Acted like I shouldn’t be there and asked me “but why are YOU in the emergency room” after already knowing why I was there. I need an mri of my neck and shoulder for possible tears or pinched nerves. I wanted nothing more other than answers as to why I have pain when I breathe, when I turn my neck and move my shoulder and arm. I was told I probably have a pinched nerve and radiculopathy. Which I know I have radiculopathy, I get trigger point injections and occipital nerve blocks for this issue. I have become so frustrated with what is wrong with me. I want answers as to why this hurts and never gets better. I have injured it somehow and it’s worse than before. I was in a car accident in 2014. I have had back surgery and knee surgery from the accident and all of this has been ongoing since then. When you live like this it is very frustrating. I am wanting to know what is wrong with me and to fix it and move on with my life. So when someone you to for answers has none for you other than to go buy some cream and go to physical therapy but never get to the bottom of what’s wrong... that’s where the problem lies. Maybe if you were serious about physical therapy you would have sent a referral to one.... but you did not. All you did was send me on my way with me being back there for a total of 2 mins. Very disappointing that doctors do not care about patients anymore and try to get to the bottom of what their injuries are. I fractured 2 ribs 6 weeks ago from a Cali king bed frame falling on top of me with wooden slats in it (extremely heavy) so this very well could be from that as well making things worse. My neck always hurts because of car accident 4 years ago I get ongoing treatments for it but things have changed since and needs to be looked at to see what else is wrong. Will never be going here again I will drive to a different hospital if I ever need care in the future. The way you treat people needs to be a priority and like I said this “doctor” didn’t care whatsoever about me from what was said by him. Demanding “why are YOU in the emergency room” after I had already told him why I was there. Extremely unprofessional and condescending. I am literally shocked I was treated in such a way. I will not be charged for this either. I will demand this not be paid through my insurance as nothing was done at all. I was back there for literally 2 mins. So if I see a charge I will take this up with whoever I need to as well.

Samuel Mcclellan

The staff was so considerate and understanding during a very difficult test. Sandy in radiology was an angel. I highly recommend these wonderful professionals.

Kristi Brogan

I received excellent care from the doctors and nurses at West Valley Medical Center. I was in ICU and then later moved to the 2nd floor. In both places I was well taken care of.

Corinna Harper

I went to the ER for treatment. The service was good but come to find out that even though the hospital is listed as in network, for my insurance, they dont have in network ER Doctors. There is a blurb about it on the consent to treat form. When you are in the ER in a facility listed as in network for your insurance, why would you even think to question whether the Doctor is in network? You go to the ER to be seen by a Doctor, not a hospital. You will be stuck with the Doctors bill. What should have been covered is now your responsibility. The response from the facility is, we understand your frustration but it is your choice to come to the ER. That is very poor patient care.

Josi Keys

Dr. Fu is the best!

Olivia Grim

My mom had a surgery here; her gallbladder in fact. She said the stay was very nice, but not over the top amazing, which I could understand because it is a hospital. On the other hand, my dad had terrible pain one night at home and dry heaves and so my mom took him to urgent care (a WVMC) and they said they couldn't help him because it seemed to serious. So my mom took him to WVMC E.R. and they had diagnosed his issues as appendicitis. They got a doctor and then the doctor had said that he was going to do surgery that night, then an hour later he turns around and says he doesn't want to do the surgery because he was too tired. He had also did a bunch of blood work on my dad and said he would be fine over night because it hadn't ruptured. My mom pleaded the doctor to do it because my dad has sepsis. He told her no. It completely ruptured and the infection had gotten to his blood stream, but luckily they could fix. With my experience, it is not too well. I had a doctor here, and I will not say his name for the sake of things. I was in for a checkup and some shots for the flu, and he told me that my weight was terrible and that I was fat. He told me to only eat meat, and drink water. And that was all I could have. He also looked me up and down and looked at my face and said, "It might also help with all of that..." as he waved his pen around my face referencing to my acne. I thought he was such a terrible doctor. My mom switched me over to St. Lukes and told me that the doctors over there will actually help us instead of telling us a problem and not giving us a solution. AND WHY IS THE PLACE CALLED "DEATH VALLEY"???

Mandy Ellestad

I was very impressed with how my co-workers (second family) took care of me at West Valley when I had my baby 2 weeks ago. I had an exceptional experience and the nursing care was more than I could have asked for. I really appreciated the night shift nurses (Carrie, Mandy, Becky Jo, Susan, and Katie) that cared for my most precious gift while I got some much needed rest. I felt my baby was safe and in the best hands which allowed me to relax and sleep. My husband was well taken care of and one of the nurses, Monique, even went and bought my older son a color book and crayons to help keep him occupied.

joanne atkinson

My husband had to be brought to West Valley hospital the care we received by all staff was exceptionally wonderful .we were treated with kindness respectful excellent staffed people.He had to stay for about 3 days.His oxygen wouldn't stay up.they told him as soon as it did he would be able to go home.After tests they said he had pneumonia .He 2as seen and worked on by well trained staff from dietions to respitory therapists .we have been telling friends and family about the way we were treated.thanks to all the staff.God bless Joseph and joanne

Elaine Collingwood

It was a very positive experience, The staff and my care in my room was excellent. I could not ask for better people who took care of my during my stay. Thank you for such a positive place to go and have things fixed.

Steve Weber

Was a quick check in and got done what needed to be done. Thanks West Valley.

James Patterson

Thanks to everyone at the surgery center and the orthopedic floor (Desiree, RN / Kristine, CNA / Jake, RN). I received friendly, attentive, and professional care and have been really impressed (both times) with the hospital in general and the surgical facility and staff in particular. Thanks!

james freidenfelt

On Monday the 26th of February I went into West valley Medical Center to have knee revision performed.I did not expect what awaited me.I was pleasantly greeted at the door and immediately helped with admission papers. It did not take long before I was being prepped and informed of what was to take place . All my questions were answered with ease and the atmosphere was very relaxing.After the operation recovery went very well. I was in very good hands. I waited for nothing.I want to thank Amonda, Lilly,Kim my night nurse, and Aaron who all performed beyond expectation.Desiree, the lead nurse, I want to give a special thanks for bringing such cheer and knowledge to the room.Kelly best of luck with the career change. Dr. Nicola you are the best. Thanks for a second chance at walking.

Ruthie Fry

West Valley beats St Lukes & St Al's ANYTIME! Because of our experiences at ALL these hospitals we can Honestly say WEST VALLEY IS THE BEST!!

Elaine McGrath

Great care and friendly and helpful staff at all points in the surgery process!

David.Sierra Hernandez

Where do I start? Sat in the emergency room hallway for Over 8 hours while the incompetent hospital staff jerked us around. After getting the most insincere apology and lamest excuses, we were taken to a room. Keep in mind this is 9 hours later. Terrible communication skills from these people and very disappointing to know that a hospital is ran in such a chaotic way. Don’t recommend. Unfortunately this hospital is the closest to my house. I would have driven to Boise for expert care over choosing these shmucks if I would have known beforehand.

Amanda Cook

I had Teresa as my labor and delivery nurse. She did everything to make sure I stayed calm and comfortable. She generally cared for my son and I. We had our joking moments and she told me how to handle my contractions. Sure enough I didn't get the epidural until 2AM the morning of my sons arrival. It didn't work but I made it a long ways into hard labor with her guidance of managing my breathing. She will always hold a special place in my heart! I could tell she has a heart of gold and she loves her job. I was re admitted that following week with an infection in my c-section site. She came in and visited my son and I. She's definitely the best nurse I've come by being in a hospital. Thank you for everything Teresa!

Lisa McKnight

Exceptional quality care.

Kelley & Greg Morrton

Everyone was very efficient and my tech was friendly and thorough.

Dolores Shields

My CT Scan was on time,quick, efficient and the technician very pleasant!

Gwen Thomas

From the moment I entered the ER until I left after my stay I was impressed at how well the hospital ran. Everyone from the housekeeping staff to the doctors were very kind and concerned for me. The nurses were top-notch and very thorough and the tests they ran on me were well explained beforehand. As a bonus, the food was good.

Bobbi Jo Weir

We had a wonderful labor and delivery experience! Highly recommend this staff of amazing nurses that took care of us and our new baby!

Sharon D

I have been a Patient at various Hospitals in the Treasure Valley, and I choose West Valley for any length of stay. The entire staff is pleasant and attentive. I believe recovery time depends on comfort, peace of mind, attentive care, and pleasant staff. I had all these during my stay. The staff is definitely caring and concerned about the Patient. The care I received is a reminder of why we owe so much to those that care for us during recovery.

Jack Lewis

Very professional staff. Awesome care. Just an overall great experience for a Hospital stay. Thank you

brant caldwell

it was a very pleasant visit

Jennifer Luther

Excellent caring staff. Private rooms. I've had over 14 surgeries and this facility was by far the best!

Rose Isbell

Best ❤ awesome medical staff.

Gayle Van Weerdhuizen

For having surgery I didn't realize a hospital could provide such awesome care for their patients. A big shout out to the pre-surgery staff and the floor nurses Brittany, Kristine, Hannah, Dani, Desiree, and Lilly. Thank you for listening to my needs and taking wonderful care of me. Your kindness was felt throughout my whole stay.

Jen Keasal

The Day Surgery is the Best, Friendliest, Cleanest, Compassionate and most Professional staff-hospital visit ever! So impressed, I would highly recommend West Valley Medical Center! They gave my mom who was my driver for the day a free meal ticket to use at there Cafeteria while she waited for me to be done with surgery! The care from the Nurses, Anesthesiologist, Doctors was amazing!! I was taken such good care of from beginning to end! I was there for 7 hours or so total and I wish I could have stayed the night and been taken care of longer!

Andrea Thompson

Quick and easy. The staff is was awesome and friendly!

Kris Ward

Recently, i have been in the West Valley Center several times. Every time i feel informed, and treated respectfully. I have confidence in the staff and they are friendly and helpful.

Netti Davis

My experience at West Valley Medical Center was great. Checked in, about a three minutes wait and on I went! Thank you!

marianne gatchell

The nurses and staff are FABULOUS! I was treated respectfully and like a person. The nurses and staff went above and beyond to assist and make my time there as pleasant as it could be. I was very impressed and given the chance I will go back to West Valley. From admitting to discharge every person I came in contact with exceeded expectations.

shawn sorensen

Rad tech was extremely nice, informative, and professional. Admissions was quick, friendly, and efficient. Would highly recommend West Valley Medical to friends and family.

robert culver

Everyone was very nice and caring at the hospital. I was treated with care and respect.

L Burfeindt

This is the best hospital ever! It was great 3 years ago when my husband had his surgery and has maintained the quality of service, friendliness, and expertise since. The doctors, nurses, and support staff are knowledgable and friendly always making sure you are kept up to date on the progress of the person that is in the hospital and, that the patient is comfortable and want of nothing. The cafeteria has good food, too. Great Job, West Valley Medical Center!

Lesta Hall

I went through a lot of trouble to get DIS-enrolled from Molina because, contrary to what they told me, West Valley Medical Center was NOT in their program. I am SO grateful I did! It was well worth it. I love WVMC! And I will never go to any other hospital again. I'm 68, and have been to a lot of hospitals in my day, in many states, for me and my kids), and I can assure you that West Valley Medical Center rates at the very TOP. Everyone there really DOES treat you like family. I've never seen so many truly caring people in one place in my life.

Catherine Hoadley


Londa Burke

I would never recommend this place for medical care. Spend the extra 10 minutes and go to St. Luke’s. Unless your well-being isn’t important to you. In September I was taken via ambulance to West Valley’s ER. I had been suffering severe back pain and at its worst, had been on the floor for ten hours with back spasms. The paramedics had to administer IV pain medication to get me on the stretcher just to get in the ambulance. Upon arrival at West Valley, we informed the staff that I have breast cancer and had been having pain for several days in my back. They tested my reflexes and said because I could move my hands and feet, that I was fine and “there was no reason I couldn’t go home.” My husband argued that I was in too much pain for it to be nothing and asked that we be taken to St. Luke’s if they wouldn’t help us. We were then escorted out of the ER by four staff members and given back exercises to do. The next day, still in excruciating pain, we went to St. Luke’s. They actually did their job and took an X-ray of my back revealing my spine was broken in 3 places because my cancer had spread. They fit me with a brace and appropriate medical referrals. We complained to West Valley about our care and received a letter saying they had handled my case appropriately. Sending me home with a broken back, no brace and exercises that are contraindicated for a broken back, that is their standard of care. Horrible experience.

Crystel Buckley

After a recent emergency surgery at a different location, I had serious anxiety about hospitals. They were very nice and cared about how I was feeling. It made me feel like my concerns and fears were tended to with care.

Robert Rogers

Excellent care. Alma, nurse practitioner, was very imformative explaining my condition in ways I could understand.

Katrina Barnes

I took my daughter in the ER for treatment. We have been here for 3 1/2 hours and no one has explained anything. No one has checked on us after the initial doc. I ask out with the nurses and they say just a little longer. No one has offered a blanket or anything. I literally feel like I'm in a prison cell. All of my doctors are through St Luke's and the only reason I went here was because I live in Caldwell. Never again!!! I seriously think I would get better treatment and way quicker treatment at an animal hospital!!

Melissa Wells

Came in with my husband to the er today was greated by a guy sitting at the front desk who clearly did not want to be here. Then after asking my husband a few questions he was told to come on back to a room so I go to fallow them and im told that family is not welcome! Ummmmm are u kidding me? So if your seen here you cant have your spouse with you? What if it was my child that needed seen??? I could see if it could be domestic violence or Somthing but for a rash you cant have family? Wow this place is a complete joke!

Anthony & Rosalinda Ramos

West Valley Medical continues to grow with our community and is our families trusted medical facility. There was a time when we had to drive all throughout the valley for various specialist but those days are long gone. I am so very pleased to have all the services so close to home. All my resent cancer diagnostic testing, surgery and hospital stay was top notch. The staff of each department provided me exceptional care and attention so that I could get back to focusing on being a husband and dad. I'm so proud to have West Valley Medical here in Caldwell that I seriously urge you to consider having your next medical exam, lab, treatment or surgery here. Best wishes.

Agustin Vazquez

Best place for medicare, very helpful, fast check in. The doctors listen, and care to help you. Makes you feel like you're not just business. Your health matters.

Lance Hancock

Quick service, very nice, and extremely affordable without insurance!

Mandy White

Edit-had to be hospitalized this week. They were better this time. I've learned a trick. It helps significantly when you're doctor does the residency through the hospital. The food is amazing, I'll give them that. I'm giving them one star because I have to. Don't go to this hospital if you're on Medicaid only. You won't be given a second look. Huge waste of time!

Diane Augustus

Very professional help. Much kindness and very good information.

Ryan Kolodziej

The most caring and considerate nurses I ever had. Nice to not be rushed out on an out patient procedure. My wife enjoyed the complementary meal tickets saved us $15 - $20 on meals we pay at other hospitals.

mary delia

This is the best hospital that I’ve ever been in.

Kimbre Christopher

Very kind and supportive staff, always friendly and attentive.

Clay Thornton

Every one was great and very nice to me

Janice Price

i had a mamagram and attended a weight loss seminar both were good

Sheila Hensen

I never thought bought I would ever say this about west Valley but they were actually really good when I went into the ER then was admitted ,they joked around with me and took very good care of me . What ever changes they made they need to keep doing they actually acted like they truly cared about me instead of just there cause it was their job. They were all wonderful yes I said it! Thank you for caring and taking care of me and making me feel comfortable.

Bill Richardson

It's like being treated by family! Awesome staff! Great care! I was seen in ER. Everyone listened carefully, and the treatment was effective. I complemented the ER to one key staff member. She said it is why she works at West Valley. Patients come first. She lives closer to other hospitals, but chooses to make a 30-minute commute to work at West Valley because of this.

mystella peña

Great caring staff.

Crystal Ingerson

I just gave birth to my son here on Monday. The nurses were incredible. They were all caring and professional. So was my doctor, Dr. Robinson. It was overall a wonderful experience. The only complaint i would have is they don't give out "I cut the cord" shirts anymore :( we were really looking forward to getting one as we had last time.

Russ Rensink

it was very good under the sercomestance good people good treatment good outcome I thank you

Bambi Munoz

Truth be told I only come here because of location. If there was a better urgent care in the area that accepted our insurance we'd be there. I feel like a hostage whenever I need to bring myself or children here. We sat and waited for over 2 hours and NEVER saw a doctor (unless you count when he was in the hall on a personal call and chatting) I saw this on my way out of the office. The nurse tried to fix the situation by stating I should come back when they were less busy. Walked out into an empty waiting room, if they were so busy why does the Dr have time for personal calls? This "experience" isn't much different from every visit at this "death valley medical center" as they're well known locally.

Maryellen Andrus

My husband fell and broke his wrist. He was seen almost immediately at the West Valley ER room and treated. Dr Gold and all his staff were great.

tari dec

The moment we walked into the hospital we were greeted and escorted to check in. The nurse assigned to me was fantastic. She took time to go over my procedure. The anesthesiologists was great. My nurse couldn’t find a good vein for the IV so he had to take care of it. He was gentle and made me very comfortable. Everyone I encountered at West Valley Medical Center was friendly and helpful from the time I arrived to the time I left.

Tia Desirena

I facilitated an intervention for a family in Caldwell. There family member is a drug addict addicted to many drugs. She is suicidal and has threatened others. She has a lot of drug induced problems also. To get her into a detox hospital then to a impatient rehab. I was told by Intermountain that she needed medical clearance to be taken there and she needed to go to the ER. At the ER they were told if she did not receive medical clearance she has no place to go!! Her sisters went back with her, the nurse and doctor did nothing, they did not drug test her they did not check her anything!! They told her that intermountain did this all the time!! Shame on these people drug addiction and use is an epidemic and no one is willing to help, no wonder we have so many drug addicted people especially to heroin no one wants to help and those of us that do our hands are tied because we need stupid medical clearance to get someone in when they are corgule in public but psycho at home!!!! Shame on you!!!

Alan C Romans

Staff is extremely good they are very understanding about what you are going through and is always looking for ways to better serve you. Awesome personal attention.

Sandy Welsh

This hospital charged twice as much as St Luke's in Boise for basically the same procedure I had almost 2 1/2 yrs ago. My AC in the room was NOT working so I was given a small fan and they opened my door, didn't move me. I was in a cervical collar which is warm enough without sweating from the heat. The nurses we nice but not any better than St. Luke's. I have called twice now to the billing department to have my account audited. I get the same reply of "it will take 72hrs to get a reply from someone." This was being paid for by my car insurance company because I was involved in a hit and run accident. The amount charged to my car insurance made me feel like they thought I was their Cash cow. I was there for ONE night! Because of the LARGE amount billed there is nothing left to finish paying bills from the date of surgery, post op appointments or for physical therapy. I strongly encourage people to shop around before any surgery.

Bruce Mayfield

The staff and the Surgeon were great, always providing information in advance of my wife's surgery. We had follow up calls to see how she is doing. Tomorrow we meet with staff members of the surgery team to see how she is progressing after her surgery. This information through out this process has been great.

Christine Clements

I came in for cervical surgery. Everyone is always so courteous and friendly. They explained all the steps so I would know exactly what would happen. I felt bad because I was a hard stick for my i.v. Surgery went extremely well, was able to go hime the next day. Call buttons were answered promptly and I was given the best care I could have ever asked for. I highly recommend West Valley for any needs you may have. They are angels, bless them.

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