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REVIEWS OF Treasure Valley Hospital IN Idaho

Steel Blue

Since I needed surgery, I'm glad it was done here. Completely different feeling for me from the "larger" hospitals. Phenomenal care from the time I walked in to the time I left. I wish I could remember all your names, but here's "shout out" to those of you who took care of me (and made me laugh) that day. Thank you! And thanks for the follow-up call.

Steve McCain

After having Carpal Tunnel and an Ulnar nerve release surgery done by Dr. Montalbano yesterday I would like to say I was treated very well by the Staff at Treasure Valley. I have had numerous surgeries done at some other hospitals and I would say this one rates at the top of my list for Care, Kindness, Respect, and just pure Patient-Caregiver relationships. Great Job!!

Molly Mamer

I just had surgery at Treasure Valley Hospital on the 20th. I was 100% satisfied with the treatment and care I received. The nurses were AWESOME! Getting settled and changed was a breeze, getting the IV in was effortless, and the explanation of procedures to come were perfect. They took the time to explain IV fluids I was hooked up to, the process of the anesthesia and nerve block, as well as the process of recovery once surgery was done. They escorted my husband to and from the waiting room to see me, both before surgery and in recovery, as well as keeping him updated at the completion of the surgery itself. The recovery nurse made sure I was comfortable standing on my own, had a little something to eat and drink, and she made sure I completely understood expectations following the surgery. She made sure I was able to get to and from the bathroom, and got me re-situated each time I had to get up and sit back down. I had no idea this place existed, and I HIGHLY recommend it. They took care of my family and I, and made me feel respected and well taken care of.

David Price

I went to this hospital yesterday for surgery. They were fantastic! Explained everything to me and answered all my questions promptly.

Heidi Nash-Banda

If being in any hospital could be wonderful it is this one! The staff is kind, considerate and genuinely concerned about your welfare. My nurses, Jess and Lloyd, were excellent! Given the choice I would choose TVH over St Luke’s and St Al’s anytime!

Mark Hannuksela

Great staff. Very professional and friendly.

judy McBride

My husband (Bill) recently had surgery at Treasure Valley Hospital and we were so pleased with the staff and Doctors. So nice to see a hospital that is trying to keep costs down and still provide quality service. We so appreciate the service given.

Teresa Heaps

Best experience ever. Fantastic nursing staff. Food was very good and prompt. Will choose TVH every time.

Carmen Wickam

My husband was treated very well before, during, and after his surgery. Everyone was dedicated to making sure he was comfortable and that all his needs were met. Family was welcomed and made to feel at home. Nurse Gary was especially great. The best hospital we have ever been in.

Caile Spear

From the time we checked in to the time we left, the staff was great. Surgery was for my partner and the receptionist let me know where the cafeteria was, where I could work on my computer and how I would be contacted. The medical staff were kind, explained what they were doing each step of the way, were calm not rushed, inserted humor appropriately and made us both feel comfortable. Recovery was handled the same way. Good place for outpatient procedures.

Sue Ledwich

The check-in process was very easy and pleasant! I cannot say enough about my nurse “Pam” just so awesome and made the whole process great! Dr. Black was great - no pain! All the operating and recovery nurses wonderful! An incredible experience- of course Dr. Lewis is the best!! See you all in a little over a month when I return for another surgery! Incredible hospital!! Staff the best!!!

Hans Boyce

I went in for a torn meniscus and was treated like a real human being from the start. The front staff was quick and courteous as well as knowledgeable. When I got into the back the nurses were kind and paid attention to my wants and needs. From what I was told about the surgery itself they handled it properly. And then finally the recovery room was peaceful and well managed as well as prompt care. I will be and already am recommending Treasure Valley Hospital to friends and family for any needs they might have.

Mike Amaya

I thought everyone in the hospital treated me and my wife with respect and took care of me very well. Thank all of you and I promise Margo I’ll try not to end up there for a third time

John Larson

I have been treated twice for different surgeries @ TVH. Both were out patient procedures , and I hope if I need to go back it will be an over night stay. The nurses and staff members really care for your well being. And to stay over would be just that much more pampering. So if you have a choice, TVH is it.

Liz Harris

Dedicated, kind staff who went out of their way to make sure my husband's health and outcome were their first and foremost concern. Kudos. Liz and Kent Harris

Eric Lecht

Recently had surgery at TVH; it was an outpatient, but an umbilical hernia is a delicate procedure. I didn't know too much about the place. What a wonderful surprise. Doctor-owned, I'm sure they are perceived by St Lukes and St Alphonsus as an existential threat. To be fair, St Lukes and St Als have ERs, which TVH does not have. So, the St Lukes and Als models are diametrically different. We could talk about American health care and how broken it all is for a long time. Treasure Valley Hospital is an American anomaly. The staff are top-shelf, and the protocols immaculate. My admissions nurse, whom I met with a week before the procedure was just so thorough. And she had personality. Everyone here loves their job. The day of my procedure I had a dedicated nurse who was just as thorough as the first. Their fail-safes are impressive, there are gonna be no mistakes. It was concierge service, and at a competitive price-point. St Lukes and St Als, don't get me wrong, they have great doctors too but it is more ...... institutional. T VH is the upstart, not corporate owned. The difference is startling, and a pleasant surprise. The doctor, John Getz, was recommended to me by another non-corporate surgeon as THE GUY to go to for my issue, and he was priceless. Super-chill, he'd done about 5000 of these procedures and knows his stuff cold. Would I recommend the facility? Hell yes I would. And the doctor I had was great. Great teams.

ruth salmonson

My husband just had surgery at Treasure Valley Hospital. Thanks to Dr Hjajjar for scheduling our surgery there. We have lived in Idaho since 1966 and were unaware of its existence. I can not say enough about the hospital as a whole. The staff, the kindness shown to us, the ease of just being there and being taken care of. The staff went out of there way to see that our needs were met and also told us how much they enjoyed working there. We were also told the cost of a stay was $23,000. cheaper then a stay at the other two hospitals in Boise as it is doctor owned. I give it an A+++

curtis emerson

The entire staff at TVH were warm and friendly. Everyone that worked with me showed a high degree of knowledge and professionalism. The facility was in great condition and very clean. I would recommend to anyone that is considering a professional procedure to use TVH if given the option.

Steve Cunningham

Great service and very well trained staff. From start to finish completely Satisfied.

Michelle Musia

Streamlined and coordinated. Small hospital attention to detail, cleanliness, professional and attentive. I'd like to shout out a huge thank you to my care team: Dr. Reedy, Amy in pre-op, Op team (not surprising I can't remember names thanks to Versed :)), Shelley, RN, Darin, RN, Jenny, CNA, Melanie, CNA and food services. Thank you for a pleasant experience. Michelle Musia

Kaitlyn Sowers

My experience with all the staff at Treasure Valley Hospital made my first surgery ever a relaxing experience. Jamie and Amber, my Preop RNs were phenomenal and made sure I was comfortable the entire time. Dr. Rigby was amazing with providing my nerve block, and Tatiana was amazing in explaining the entire process to me while also administering my anesthesia in the actual OR. Michelle made sure to introduce herself before I went back into the OR to inform me that she was going to be my scrub nurse in the OR, which was nice of her. She didn't have to go out of the way to do that, but she did anyways. I don't remember much of an experience with my recovery nurses, Rachel and Kestlee, because I was coming out of anesthesia, but I remember they were really quick in putting my clothes back on haha. They were also very patient when I asked for my husband 3 or 4 times before it processed in my head what their answers were. Suzanne was also amazing. She watched over me in my recliner and gave me medicine, ginger ale, and saltines to combat my post-anesthetic nausea. Overall, I will be going back to this facility for as long as I am stationed in Mountain Home. Thank you so much.

Mary Mendiola

During my stay at Treasure Valley Hospital I was treated with respect from the moment I stepped in the door until I was wheeled out the door! My procedure was on time and quick, but experienced some issues in recovery, which required me to stay for many unplanned hours. My nurse, Suzanne stayed with me hours after her scheduled time off. She stated that she wanted to make sure that I had consistent care and that I felt that I could depend on her. When she did have to leave, she reassured me that the nurse that was taking over was very good, and he was! Thank you Treasure Valley Hospital, especially Suzanne and Jeremy.

Iran Trenkel

I was treated very well. The nurses introduced themselves to me and looked me right in the eye and explained everything clearly. They were polite and cheerful. The surgery went well. I was very pleased with the whole experience.

Marlena Bechtel-Rysdam

Wonderful hospital nursing staff, anesthesiologist, and operating room staff were 100 percent professional, and extremely knowledgeable. Dr. Gustoval did a super job on my knee. The entire experience was super.

Scott H

This is my second surgery at TVH and again I give them 5 STARS! The staff is so friendly, caring and attentive. The care is the best I have ever had. Thank you TVH!

Kurt Wilkins

Went to Treasure Valley Hospital for the first time today for nose surgery. Everybody there was professional and kind. We had an exceptionally good nurse doing the prep. It is much smaller and seems more efficient and personal than St. Luke's and St. Al's. The surgery with Dr. Beasley went well. In fact it was amazing, no swelling, I could breath the first night and from the exterior, nobody could tell that I could even had surgery. Dr. Beasley is the same surgeon that reconstructed our 6 year old granddaughters face 2 years ago when she was attacked by a Rottweiler. He spent 4+ hours and did hundreds of stitches during the surgery. I'm not sure any doctor could have done a better job. She is beautiful! Thanks to everyone at Treasure Valley Hospital. It is doctor owned and it is very well managed.

Mandi Wolf

I was very impressed with the staff and the great experience we had. Very professional

Joyce Little

Hands down the best hospital in the valley! I had an RN and CNA at all times. I have had 3 surgeries within the past 6 years and each time I was well informed days prior to surgery. If I have to ever have to have another surgery (hopefully not but..) I would make sure the DR I use will be a owner of this hospital. Exceptional care throughout my stay every time!

Dave & Andrea Burfeind

Thank you Dr Poole & Treasure Valley hospital. I just had my right hip replaced. The overall experience was amazing. It all starts with Dr. Poole because he is an excellent surgeon , In my opinion the best in the Northwest. Next is his choice of treasure Valley Hospital. I am a nurse as well . I know good care when I get it . I would like to thank the staff that helped me in order which I met them. Starting with Aaron or known as Hollywood in surgery prep. Next is Becky in recovery. The room nurse Becca during the day and Joyce CNA. Then Kareen during the night. They all gave exceptional care. They explained the medications I was getting and what they were for. Plus giving patient education and direction as to what I need to do for myself now and in the future. They were all happy people wanting to help and I felt they truly cared. In addition anytime I rang the bell to get help they were right there. No delay. This comparison to another hospital that I’ve been at for my left hip replacement in 2016. The difference is night and day. I recommend treasure Valley Hospital. And thank you again Dr. Poole for making such a wonderful choice and taking care of me. Sincerely Andrea B.

Debra Armstrong

My husband had surgery at the center earlier this week. The staff was very kind and helpful. The center was nice and clean. Felt comfortable leaving my hubby in their hands. The surgery was quick and successful.

Jaci Turner

Everyone was so kind, easy to communicate with, & clear in their instructions. Especially appreciate their listening to our concerns regarding patients heart rate going low during sedation. They also called to see how patient was doing after surgery wondering if he was doing good & if we had any questions. It was a good experience for us. Thank you so much for your kindnesses.

Lisa Roberts

My husband had shoulder surgery with Dr. Hessing. What a great experience! Everyone was very kind and helpful. Surgery can be a pretty stressful event and the staff at Treasure Valley Hospital definitely care and treated us both with patience and respect. Thank you!

Elizabeth Casey

I had cervical fusion surgery done in early December at Treasure Valley Hospital. My experience from beginning to end was extraordinary. Every person I met from the front desk lady to the nurses that checked me in to the surgeon, anesthesiologist, nurses, assistants, etc were all very professional and thorough. I awoke to kind faces that spent the next 24 hours treating me like the Queen of Sheba. My care was second to none in this small 14 bed hospital. The staff to patient ratio is very small, so you get immediate attention. Every nurse, every assistant gave compassionate care. Every person who had a hand in my operation came by at some time or another to talk to me. I would only hope the next time I have to go for any type of surgery, that I would have the opportunity to go to Treasure Valley Hospital. Oh..... I forgot to mention that their food was exceptionally good, obviously all homemade and high quality. They told me they were able to do that with such a small facility. That was an unexpected bonus. All in all, I am very happy that my Doctor used this facility, and have nothing but good things to say about it.

Ellen Reyes

My husband was the patient, and we were both very pleased with the level of care he received. We were especially impressed with the way all staff made sure any questions were answered. We would definitely recommend TVH.

Cindy Wade

I had a fairly major back surgery here which required a two night stay, The care I received was excellent. You never felt you were bugging anyone if you pushed the nurse button, and calls were always answered promptly. Not that I felt like eating much, food service came and took your order (menu in room, but there are other items available too), and food was promptly served and warm, and healthy. All instructions were clear, and all questions answered thoroughly. If you have to be in the hospital, this is not a bad place to be. Thank you TVH for making my experience that was no more uncomfortable than it had to be.

Idaho Breastfeeding Coalition

Poor service. CNA forgot to do vitals. One nurse didnt pay attention to some serious pre surgery health concerns. Another nurse asked inappropriate nosey questions. Hospital called to have us come 2 hours early as they were ready earlier and then we had 3 hour wait. Not sure if they put other patients first.

Kevin Glenn

Having had the unfortunate need to be admitted for several surgeries over the past 11 years, I have had many out patient to 4 day stays. I have had experience with 4 different surgery centers to hospitals in the valley. The larger the facility, unfortunately the worse the experience. Treasure Valley Hospital treated me on two occasions with outstanding service both times. Their service is completely patient centered from admission to room care. Their staff and nurses have the best attitude I have ever experienced, which is saying a lot given the usual care elsewhere, where you have to bring a family member along just to see that you get the care needed. The staff seems very experienced and knowledgeable, and go out of their way to see that you are comfortable. Best yet, their food is great and they always make sure you never go hungry. I've heard the hospital is doctor owned, and if so, it explains a lot about why their care is so different. Kevin Glenn

James King

Treasure Valley Hospital and its staff show that they are very concerned with the positive outcome of the patients going there for surgery. Pre op was very concerned with post operative infection reduction and elimination. They do everything possible to make sure post operative infections are eliminated. This is very reassuring. The staff is competent and caring and make sure that every need and concern is quickly addressed. We feel very confident that we have received the very best care that is possible. We recommend Treasure Valley Hospital more highly than any other medical facility, because of their comprehensive program of post operative infection prevention!

Nadine Bolton

You couldn't ask for anything more from the staff here. Very friendly, and very attentive. They give their full attention to you. They are good about explaining everything that is going to happen.

Deidre Thurman

VERY personable employees who help you with a smile and don't act like you are a hindrance and they have to go out of their way to help you!

Bart Harwood

2 fractured wrists. One open reduction with plate and screws. Well done. Impressive care.

Patty Robinson

Every teammate was wonderful. They all worked together and all had a great sense of humor. I felt like I was having a spa day. I was so relaxed and no one ever left me alone. Recovery room time was awesome and they offered me things to eat and drink. Best of all they gave me Lorna Doon cookies. A favorite of mine. Definitely the best hospital stay I’ve had. I would highly recommend!

cherish rucker

So kind and personal. They were so clean and organized. I really appreciated all of them.

Andrea Jolley

I recently was a patient at the Treasure Valley Hospital. I just want to express our appreciation for the helpful and cheerful, people we came in contact with. From the time we checked in… to checking out there isn’t any negative thing I could think of. The Lab techs did a great job of hitting the spot- right on first time!! My stay at the hospital went well. The procedure was a success thanks to everyone involved, especially Dr. Peter Reedy. Thank you! The staff was willing to be of assistance to my husband also. It was required of me to get up and walk as soon as possible. Several of the nurses and I had some great walks up and down the halls. The cafeteria was great for my husband. The food that I was served was great. This might sound odd, but I love the water container I received. It held a lot of water, good handle, and good straw. Good choice. (I have used it every day)! I would recommend anyone needing surgery or medical assistance to use Treasure Valley Hospital. We thank you, the staff (everyone and every job) for your service and willingness to make our stay comfortable. You have a beautiful establishment. We appreciate you. Thank you!

Jimmy Byland

Five star room and staff! I have had several surgeries requiring overnight stays, I was able to sleep at night there! Not luxurious, but large private room with 24 hour access for visitors. The food service was not "institutional" but chief prepared and reasonable priced. From pre-op to release a very personal care, providing friendly comfort when I really need it!


Going into surgery is never comfortable nor something I would expect a good experience from. Tiffany was the best pre-op nurse I could have had. She answered all my questions, even the ones I asked to forget what I was about to go through. The anesthesiologist was also good and explained everything he was going to do before hand and during the process of going under. Great caring staff. Thank you.

Nancy Pearson

The hospital is very clean. The nurses are fantastic. Doctors are amazing. I felt like they were aware of my needs. Answered all my questions. I would recommend this hospital


I had spinal surgery at Treasure Valley Hospital. They keep the number of in patients very low, (I was the only one the first night.) My experience was the best care I have ever received at a medical facility. Having been in the healthcare profession myself I was probably even more critical. If needed assistance they responded immediately. They were very punctual in administering meds. to keep ahead of the pain. They had a pretty good menu from which to choose if your diet allowed, and if you thought you might want a snack during the night, they made it happen.

Nickola Cooper

Wonderful staff and facility could not have been a better experience and still involve back surgery. Thanks to all of the nurses who were so nice to me. All three meals I had were delicious.

Chris Heering

Great place to go under the knife

Lailonnie Schneider

As a patient at your hospital just last week, I will always remember the feeling of family I had with the staff. No matter what each individual provided as a service to my healing, it was with a smile, courtesy, patience and understanding. The personal and professional atmosphere is warm and cheery, an example of what all hospitals should and could provide.

Hub Cap Annie

My husband had Rotator Cuff surgery recently, and the staff took such great care of him. The ladies at the front desk were so friendly and helpful getting us signed in. The hospital was so clean and every person that came in contact with us treated us with the most respect and care. This is the second time we have been in this hospital for a schedule surgery. Dr Gustavel did a text book repair!!

Kristi Stom

As a patient I had a repair surgery to a broken wrist. A year ago my husband had a knee surgery. Treasure Valley Hospital offers quick, courteous service. They are efficient - less hassle and waiting around. Unlike the big hospitals, they are adequately staffed so you get the attention you need. Staff seem less stressed than at Luke's or Al's - I think they are just spread too thin. Great customer service! Remember what that used to feel like? Staff is cheerful, friendly, and helpful. And the charges are much less than the big hospitals. I will definitely go there for future medical needs.

Patricia Failla Vintageblessings

Highest recommendation, top notch, clean and efficient in every way. I had complicated cervical surgery with an incredible surgeon (Dr Johans), the anesthesiologist was great and calmed my nerves, and the nursing staff was amazing! I want to thank Jalene, as well as Tina and Jess, these women are amazing RN's who love their jobs and who treated me like family. I never needed to even use my call button! Their cna's Liz, Celia, and Melanie were just wonderfully proficient and provided me with excellent care. The chef provided me a gluten free, delicious meal plan. I find it amazing to have such an excellent hospital, right here in Boise, for surgery. Thank you so very much, I cannot say enough about my completely wonderful experience for a really difficult surgery :)

J Dresser

A great experience, even though I was having surgery. From the front office staff to the preop and postop team, everyone was amazing! Staff jumped in and helped each other out. As a nurse myself, I was very impressed with the team work. Thank you for all for caring for me!

Marianna Valadao

All of the staff at Treasure Valley Hospital were very caring and comforting as they helped me along every step of the way during my MRI and surgery. They communicated extremely well and seemed to be very organized. I would definitely refer any of my friends or family to TVH if they were in need of their services. I appreciate all their help to make my surgery go as smooth as possible. Thank you!!

Kelly Lane

Excellent service and care. Nurses are attentive and did a great job meeting my needs for surgery. I'm very grateful for all the time staff spent with me, double checking details and minimizing my pain and nausea. TVH went above and beyond. I was very nervous but Ivy RN went above and beyond to ensure my safty and comfort, while I was there. Great experience, best IV placement ever, thank you Ivy. I will definity recommend TVH and will come back if I ever need surgery again. Thank you TVH for your excellent and professional care.

Jeff Root

(Posting this for my wife who had the surgery) Treasure Valley Hospital had a very friendly and amazing staff. The facility was very clean and well kept. Dr Williams is awesome, we had a great experience all around.

Ron Bollinger

Very welcoming group of people. They did a fantastic job on my shoulder. I was very impressed to receive a call from Dr. Lynch to allay my fears of the surgery that was scheduled for the very next day. Thanks!

adolfo valdez

My overall experience was very good. I have to say that the reception area could be improved for the initial pre surgery check-in as the counter and waiting bench are very close. Receptionist needed to instruct patients to be seated muiltipule times and we be with them shortly. I understand this is for patient privacy laws but it would be nice to have information to help receptionist and patients to help start the process positive. After registration the nurses were very polite, professional and did a great job explaining what process they are going to proform. Recovery was good and again the nurses were helpful and very professional.

David Wilson

Have had surgical procedures at Treasure Valley twice now. The staff there have been absolutely wonderful, caring, professionals. It's comforting to a patient to be surrounded by these folks throughout a time when honestly, it's not a pleasure to be there, but a necessity. Thank you very much for the great care.

Dave Anzara

very friendly staff, love them all.

Sue Molchan

Everyone at Treasure Valley Hospital were friendly and professional. I felt welcome and cared for from the moment I entered the facility. Thank you.

Gloria Young

I felt that all of the staff that I had contact with were very personable, caring and professional. I will not hesitate to refer family and friends to this hospital. Thank you for a great visit!

Janet Corbett

From the check-in process to pre-op to post-op...we could not have had a better experience! This hospital is very attentive to its patients and provides the utmost care! Highly recommend Treasure Valley Hospital!

April Uriarte

Billing is ridiculous. Even if you are paying your bill they turn your account over to collections. Then the collection agency charges you 21% interest on an account you are paying on. At least, St Luke's tries to settle the account without additional charges. Will not use this hospital or doctors in the future. I will go to St Luke's where I know it is complete services.

Marion Noname

I went in for a knee surgery. Overall the staff was fantastic and made me feel heard and listened as I was very nervous. However, one nurse seemed to be more concerned about getting rid of me that making sure I was OK, she barely explained how to clean the drain and suggested we go to the ER, once I started having tingling in my arm. We were already in the hospital, why would we go somewhere else? I feel that for one person I should not shame all the other great staff among great were Patty, Alison, Tatiana and Cynthia, Konnie who were great and very helpful.

Lynette Roderick

We were met by the nicest people I have ever met. Everyone was courteous and very thorough they all did an awesome job. This was the best experience in a hospital we have ever had.

Frank Boden

The staff is friendly making you feel like family, from the receptionist to the prep nurses. The prep nurses were exceptional as they were the other two times I was in there. I especially like their protocols which professional. Keep up the good work!

Brian Wiley

This place rocks. I am not a fan of having to have surgery, but if I do have to have one, it will be here. The whole team clearly loves what they do and who they do it for. If you happen to get Patty as your nurse, rest easy. She's got you. :-) Her smiles will make you feel better. Thank you!

Jennifer Jensen

I had a wonderful first surgical experience at Treasure Valley Hospital today. From arrival to departure the staff were all so friendly, caring and efficient. Would choose this location For future procedures if needed!

Ricketts Insurance

This was my first surgical procedure but I have been involved with other family members in other hospital facilities. From my first doctors office visit through pre admission the process was flawless and transparent. Having surgery is not a fun experience but the staff at Treasure Valley Hospital made me very comfortable. From admission to recovery I was keep comfortable and informed of every detail and their go out of their way to help you was very impressive. The hospital staff and my doctor followed up with me after discharge to check on how I was doing. I highly recommend Treasure Valley Hospital to anyone needing a surgical procedure.

Larry Penn

Great care. Five Star Review


TVH is by far the best hospital in the valley. Thank you Gary and John along with the entire staff for making my stay/surgery such a pleasurable experience.

Debbie Jones

We had a wonderful experience! Doctors, nurses and staff explained everything clearly. They answered all question we had. We definitely recommend TVH!

John Fraser

I just had surgery to correct a herniated Disc. Surgery is no fun, and Lumbar Surgery even worse, but the experience at TVH was most excellent. Dr. Hajjar's surgical expertise corrected the problem with the disc, and I am now pain-free ! I will echo what some others have reported in their reviews … The staff is great - I received a lot of one-on-one attention. The food was also great. Being a smaller hospital is probably why the Service tends to be so personalized. A big thumbs-up to TVH and thank you for "fixing" me !

kmblee McDonald

I was treated absolutely the best ever by my nurses: Jenn, Maria, Lori & Melissa. I was so scared and they took my under their angel wings and cared for me better than I've ever experienced. Thank you ladies. I think of you every day

Gail Fyanes

Everyone was great! Ivy made me feel very comfortable, she is one awesome nurse!

Gary Steitz

I consider the care I received at Treasure Valley Hospital during my recent surgery the BEST I have ever experienced. The surgical team was excellent! My procedure required me to stay the night and those on duty were so attentive, no matter the hour of the night. The ratio of nurses to patients ensures the highest quality of care possible. I did not encounter even one staff person that was any less than pleasant and professional at all times. They treated my wife, who stayed with me, with such respect and did not act like she was in the way. They made her feel very comfortable, as well. I absolutely recommend Treasure Valley Hospital to anyone facing a surgical procedure of the types performed there. Side note: The food is FANTASTIC!!!!!

Angela Stephenson

Have had 2 surgeries here in 2 years and had a great experience each time. The staff is helpful, friendly, and informative. The check-in and check-out procedures are efficient and well managed. I highly recommend TVH!

Abe Koehler

Nurses took great care of me, surgeons were attentive and accommodating.

Paul MacLachlan

Friendly service by courteous staff. Shoulder surgery completed in 4 hours.

Mr. B

Highly recommended! The Nurses’, CNA’s, even the cafeteria staff were over and beyond kind and helpful. Very relaxed atmosphere, my girlfriend had surgery which required an overnight stay. I was very great full she had these professionals to take care of her.

Sean Keef

This place is awesome. Great staff - professional, competent, compassionate. Excellent patient to staff ratio. Was happy with every aspect of my surgery here.

S Krohn

Had to have knee replacement surgery and Dr. Holley said he could operate at 3 hospitals in the area, including Treasure Valley Hospital. I opted for TVH and am so glad I did. They gave me great service from the moment I went in the door until I left the next day. A big thanks to Karen, RN; Margo, RN; Eric, Mandy, Jill Angela Samantha and Kelly, for making me so comfortable and taking such good care of me that i actually wanted to stay longer! What a great team and supportive staff there. Would pick them again and again.

Tia Henrikson

I had my first experience with this hospital on January 23, 2019 and I was pleasantly surprised. The hospital is very clean The staff is amazing and treated me very well. I would highly recommend.. I hope I won't need any further surgeries but if I do Treasure Valley Hospital would be my first choice for the procedure..

chalae logan

Everyone’s very kind and personable. The food and staff was greathen ! My second surgery here and it was wonderful both times!

Lance Hatzenbeller

The staff is amazing at Treasure Valley Hospital. Amber, Dave N., Dr. Kemp, Rich and anyone else I forgot to mention were the best! I would recommend this surgery center to anyone needing this service. Thank you all for taking such great care of me!

Mysha Oveson

What a wonderful group of people! From check-in with the receptionist to pre-op all the way to the recovery room and check-out this staff was incredible. Very personable, they were able to chat and seemed to take a personal interest and several staff members expressed their gratitude to work in such a great place that didn’t try to rush patients through. We were very pleased with the attention and services provided here at Treasure Valley Hospital.

Dani Carlson

Very professional and caring environment. I am a surgical nurse myself and was so impressed! Thanks everyone for your exceptional work.

Jack Smith

I had a surgery here recently and found the admin staff and doctors to be outstanding. Nursing services were very deficient, lacking and somewhat unprofessional. OR nursing care was dismal at best and I left the facility dripping blood and having blood clots. Would never use this hospital again.

gin amundsoon


Jodee Howell

The staff was great and went above and beyond! They were all super friendly and accommodating. Angela at the front desk was extremely nice and informative. They were all very patient with everyone that they spoke with. Our nurse, Erin, was so gracious and kind! You guys were all awesome!

Marilyn Hornbaker

Both my husband and myself have had outpatient surgery here as well as used the imaging center. The medical, nursing & auxiliary care is excellent. Staff are very user friendly & enjoy what they are doing. This facility is our #1 choose for outpatient surgery/services.

Kelly Parker

Wonderful experience with Jessica for an MRI. I couldn't get through it the first time because of pain laying on the table. Jessica hurried things along as much as she could and talked me through the last of it. I got through it this time with her help. Receptionist was great too.

A.J. Hardee

I had Hip and Knee replacement surgeries. Dr.Daines is one of the BEST Ortho's in the state, and maybe the country. We highly recommend both Dr. Daines and Treasure Valley Hospital! Treasure Valley has a high care giver-patient ratio so your needs are met in a timely manner. The support staff was attentive, they were polite and treated me well. They were eager to help and extremely responsive to my needs. I can't express my gratitude enough, and would highly recommend Dr.Daines as your surgeon and Treasure Valley Hospital as your venue to get your surgery

Linda Letsom

I have now had three surgeries here, and am very pleased and blessed, with good staff members. They took good care of me the whole time. I thank all of you very much. I am glad you are there, and a choice of a place to have surgery. May you all be blessed.

Kathy Purin

I had a fairly minor knee surgery in February. From the moment I walked into the hospital early in the morning you could tell this situation was going to be bad. The front counter was not equipped to handle four patients all at one time. One man even swore under his breath at the receptionist because he was so frustrated. The pre-op nurse was fantastic but that is all I can say was good about my experience. I never did meet the anesthesiologist. My care was in the hands of a nurse anesthetist. Immediately from waking up my clothes were put on and I was put in a wheel chair and sent to check out. The check out nurse kept saying, "I will get you out of here in a hurry". The post-op nurse talked about some exercises but I did not get any post op exercises written down nor did I get any instructions. I could not bear any weight on my leg but was not asked if I needed any crutches. My husband spend time driving around right after my surgery looking for crutches so I could at least get out of the car. I feel my review is legit because one month earlier I had minor surgery at St. Luke's Hospital. Yes, I am sure it cost more but the service and expertise was excellent. Never again will I have anything done at Treasure Valley Hospital.

John Charlton

I just had shoulder surgery at Treasury Valley Hospital and was extremely pleased with the entire experience. Everyone, from registration, the nurses in pre-op, the anesthesia team, the surgery team, and recovery was very professional and friendly. I felt at ease knowing I was in competent hands. The surgery went well and I’m on the mend, completely satisfied with the entire process. I wouldn’t hesitate to seek them out if I ever need surgery again, and would highly recommend Treasure Valley Hospital to anyone.

Kimberly Pitkin

We were very happy with our experience at Treasure Valley Hospital!❤️

Bill Holdridge

Had rotator cuff surgery, the staff was extremely professional, friendly, and relaxing. It made the entire process a breeze.

Ryon Rhoades

Very excellent and personable staff. everyone we came in contact knew what was being done and eased through my wife procedure with no questions or loss of what was to be completed.

Robert Lamaster

My wife and I have both had procedures at TVH and have been impressed every time. TVH has wonderful staff that work together very well to provide the best patient care that I've ever experienced. They are kind, compassionate and keep you well informed of everything happening and what to expect. Surgery can be a scary time, but the staff makes it as painless as possible.

Jan English

I can't say enough about Treasure Valley Hospital and the staff. Everyone I came into contact was so kind and considerate and the care was first rate. My surgeon, Dr. Kemp has to be the best! Due to circumstances beyond the staff's control, there was a glitch in the delivery of an item. Everyone involved, Suzanne, my fabulous nurse, Leslie who I would have been in big bladder problems without, Georgette, the pharmacist who took the time to fully explain the situation and keep me updated, the Pharmacy Director who personally came to apologize (really, none needed but much appreciated) and the Director of Nursing who expressed such dismay at the situation I wanted to give her a hug. Lastly, the good fairy who kept a constant supply of Lorna Doone cookies coming to my husband. Thank you all so very much. (I hope I got everyone's names right!) Janet English

Amanda Harding

I didn't even know this hospital existed. They by far gave the best care to my husband when he had shoulder surgery. They explained everything to me and the Dr. promptly came out when he was done and showed me pictures and explained what he did. Great place.

Vanessa Quist

Hands down best hospital experience I have ever had. My mom had surgery at Treasure Valley Hospital recently and while I was waiting up front during her procedure the receptionist would give me updates on how she was doing. After my mom's surgery the clinical staff was very attentive, caring and personable not to just my mom but to me as well.

Linda Langrell

The best in the valley; I have been there to have procedures done a few times (latest was this last Thursday). The staff are fantastic, and the facility is clean and efficient. Wait times have always been minimal. If I have to go through another surgery, this place would be my first choice to have it done!

christine little

Dr Poole and assistance, nurses, cna, physical therapy, kitchen crew, admitting and house keeping were 100% on task. Never have I been in such a warm, loving care facility. Spoiled me and my family. It was quiet at nite so I could actually rest. Alot of gentle caring. Dr called me at home the nite before surgery and I was called the day after I left. Treasure Valley hospital is very unique.

Judy Caldwell

I just had surgery here and was very pleased with the care I received. The hospital is very clean, everyone was very friendly. A much better alternative to the big hospitals.

kay lewis

I could not be happier with the care I received, the staff was kind and caring, from the front desk check in, to the nurses, and then the discharge nurse, everything was explained to me without being rushed. All my questions were answered. My doctor is Dr. C Robinson, I opted for a local for my surgery and he was excellent in explaining the procedure and what to expect. I was nervous, but between him and the staff they helped me through that and I'm so very happy with the results. I would highly recommend my awesome doctor and Treasure Valley Hospital to anyone if you are ever needing anything medically done. A+++ to everyone, thank you.

Dawne Meckel

Where to begin. I had a lumbar fusion and was in a lot of pain. I don’t know whether it was luck or God sending me Lindsay but she is AMAZING. Kind, compassionate a very, very good nurse. Then there’s Margo and Tina (and all the cns’-Celia❤️). Margo, thank you for your kindness. You are a natural caregiver. Trinity? You make me laugh. If I’m missing anyone, I am sincerely sorry. These big hospitals could learn A LOT about patient care. If you’re lucky enough to find yourself in this hospital, sit back and relax. They’ve got you covered.❤️

Janet Bolich

Doctors and nursing staff from front to back. Perfection

Anita Ryan

Had surgery done today, the facility is clean and well maintained, all the staff from check in to discharge were amazing. I was treated like a VIP throughout the entirety experience. The nurse to patient ratio is always low so there is always a nurse when I needed one. The anesthesia staff were very thorough and kind and did a great job anticipating my needs. Treasure Valley has an extremely low infection rate and top quality staff and facilities which is why I chose it and I was not disappointed

Ty van den Akker

Great personal experience with my shoulder surgery. Felt personal and professional without a lot of the nonsense that seems to go with larger hospitals.

Stephen Minoux

From the hospital staff ,nurses & Drs were very professional through my entire surgical procedure. Explained everything thoroughly. I would highly recommend Treasure Valley Hospital to others.

Nadia Shadaé Saakyan

Angela up front was so warm and welcoming at 5:30 in the morning! She was truly so sweet and full of knowledge!

Rachel Hubler

My husband had a short, 15-minute procedure done here (required anesthesia) and the whole staff was so kind, welcoming, and professional! Thank you Treasure Valley Hospital for a successful procedure!

Tim Johnson

Staff was very attentive and nice. Took much longer than expected however. Surgery was scheduled for 1 but did not get in until 230.

Earl Sailor

This hospital made my shoulder surgery an easy experience. The office staff, nurses, and of course my doctor (Joseph Lynch) all made this process seamless. I would highly recommend this hospital for any procedure that they offer.

Lezlee Greatorex

Absolutely love this hospital!! Very clean and the staff is amazing. I have had 2 surgeries here, carpel tunnel and C5 C6 fused and both times were treated so well! Every doctor, nurse and receptionist are so kind and caring.

Dave Summer

I had my gallbladder out 8/29/17 at Treasure Valley Hospital By My Surgeon Steven Williams. I am ecstatic I took his recommendation of the this hospital. It was by far the best hospital experience I have ever had. The nurses were all great! Rebecca, Karrie, Abbie and Colleen RN. Dr. Brock my anesthesiologist all a pleasure. Colleen called me at home the next day to see how I was feeling after my procedure. Above and beyond. I would highly recommend this hospital to anyone seeking day/outpatient surgery.


This is a great hospital, all the people I came in contact with were very professional, helpful and friendly. They made me feel very comfortable from the beginning by explaining the whole procedure to me so I knew what to expect, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Treasure Valley Hospital.

Dianne Tomkinson

I had arthroscopic surgery on one knee in August, 2017, and arthroscopic surgery on the other knee in September, 2018. Both were done at Treasure Valley Hospital. I love this hospital! You get a lot of one on one attention, they listen to you and the nursing staff is constantly checking on you. I prefer this hospital over any of the others in the Treasure Valley. The other hospitals could learn a lot from Treasure Valley Hospital.

Gary Beerly

The people are great the Dr are great the rooms are great and the food is great. I feel great, thanks

Samantha Damron

My husband just had neck surgery and prior to this I hadn't even been aware that this hospital existed. All of the nurses are extremely efficient and very personable. They made an uncomfortable situation bearable. His anesthesiologist was very informative, friendly and put our questions to rest with ease. The staff did their best to keep the family of patients comfortable and never made me feel like I was in the way or bothersome. I would highly recommend this hospital for any surgical needs!

Rebecca Ewing

I have had two surgeries there since January. The staff is AWESOME. They treat you like family. The facility is clean and well run. All u can say is thank you for everything you all did for me.

Connie Messley

In the past 11 months I have undergone 3 joint replacement surgeries, all done at Treasure Valley Hospital at my request after observing friends and family recovering from other hospitals in the area. Each time I had the best care from check in to discharge and beyond. These guys are awesome and less expensive than the "non-profits".

Leanne Moitoza

I had surgery at the Treasure Valley Hospital yesterday and what a great experience! The staff was attentive, professional, accommodating and caring. I was treated like family and my nerves were set to ease by the nursing staff. My nurse Erin was fantastic along with all the other staffers I encountered! I will definitely come back to this hospital if I need to have surgery again! Great experience! This hospital is more affordable and I highly recommend it!

K Smalley

Would have liked to see my surgeon pre or post op, but he and surgery was running late. Staff was awesome! Thank you, all!

Fred McAdams

Very knowledgeable, courteous and friendly staff. Good service while in and follow up after release.

Susan Sass

I had my gallbladder removed. Going in I was nervous but the personal family care provided was exceptional. I was in and out in 3 hours with minimal pain and zero issues. They called the next morning to ensure there were no problems or questions. Best Hospital in the valley with a bonus-- employees that care for and about you !!!

SK Wasserman

Just had surgery there that required an overnight stay. From the front desk to the discharge, all of the staff were professional and patient. Whenever I called for a nurse, they came within just a few minutes. I was expecting blah to mediocre hospital food, but was pleasantly surprised to find that food was very good and made to order as requested. I would recommend Treasure Valley Hospital anytime!

Richard Harris

Very nice facility, everyone was nice and the food at the cafeteria was good. Why the 3 star rating, the patient parking sucks. There is not enough parking and it's not clear where you can park without getting towed. Had to drop my wife off and find street parking about a quarter mile from the facility.

Maggie Escalante

Everyone nursing staff from the beginning to end where so great to me ! My out patient experience was great! Nice facility.

Lisa Owens

My mom had rotator cuff surgery with Dr Lynch at this hospital and he was so amazing. He called her before the surgery and again after on a Saturday. He took time to explain how the procedure went and showed genuine concern for my mom. Everyone we encountered at this hospital was amazing. I highly recommend this hospital they took great care of my mom.

Lisa Frederick

The staff are so attentive. They were all fantastic and took such great care of me following my surgery. My nurses Joyce, Kristina, Celia and Janele (spelling ??) were amazing ! Thank you !!

Dennis Lund

From the receptionist to the surgeons, the nurses and CNA’s Treasure Valley hospital was amazing. Such great care that was so focused on my care. HIGHLY RECOMMEND Treasure Valley Hospital

Dave W

When you become a patient you don't want to be anywhere else. I had multiple fractures of my right leg, surgery was 8-28-17. Dr Clark Robinson was fantastic. Anesthesia A+. All of the staff were absolutely amazing. Professional kind, caring, organized, and to say multi-tasking is an understatement. Everyone needs a pay raise, it was a busy day. These are the best of the best. This was the "first step" in the right direction. Thank you for everything. Dave

Tina Bayless

Nurses here took excellent care of my husband. They were happy and appeared to enjoy working at this hospital. Food was also good.

Dawn Johnson

The staff here were awesome. Esp. Amy a nurse that was in pre-op. The only negative was my doctor. I don’t think he spoke over 10 words to me. After surgery a PA spoke with me in recovery. In fact, later when I saw where the doctor did his incisions they were not where he explained they would be. I am still recovering from my surgery as I type this.

Sharon Hudson

Can not say enough about the wonderful staff and doctors. I was recently there for out patient surgery and my nurse Erin made me laugh and feel so at ease before surgery! Her skill with starting my IV was phenomenal. So professional and thorough you know you are in good hands!!

Faith Ann

My husband had shoulder surgery here with Dr Goodwin. Everyone was awesome, especially the nurse that got him ready for surgery! This has been my fourth experience with Treasure Valley, and I would recommend this hospital to anyone who would like fantastic care!


Clean, well organized hospital. The small size allows for a lot of one on one attention by the staff. My biggest negative was the speed at which they wanted you out the door. I don’t think both of my eyes were open after my surgery (general anesthesia) and some unknown woman was trying to dress me. If you go here for day surgery be ready to move quickly afterwards, they will press the issue.

Jessica Becker

I went in for my first surgery today; A Bröstrom procedure on my left ankle. The staff was absolutely nothing but kind, generous, educated, professional, and beyond helpful! Everything went like a breeze and two hours after surgery I was back home watching shark fest doing great! I was very worried with this being my first procedure, I don’t know what for as I am an aspiring nurse and currently a CNA and have SEEN these surgeries.. Despite having high hopes for the care I would receive it far exceeded anything I can imagine! Would definitely recommend for any outpatient surgery, and 100% recommend Dr. Johnathon Wolf!!

Gary Noriyuki

I rarely write reviews on anything, but after my shoulder surgery and brief stay at Treasure Valley Hospital, I felt that I had to pass on that EVERYONE from preadmit to checkout was fantastic! The facility was clean and the food that Thomas Cuisine provided was very good. Thank you Anne, Lloyd, and Mellisa, Patti, and Dr. Hessing.( These are the only names I can remember or I would’ve named everyone)

Liz Nyikos

I arrived at Treasure Valley Hospital at 6 am this morning. My tonsillectomy was scheduled for 7:30. They were very prompt and on time. I was very nervous, this being my first surgery of any sort at the age of 27. They were reassuring about the anesthesia, as well as very clear about what to expect during my recovery. The gentleman that drew my blood was kind and apologized when the needle stung a bit being pulled out. I had no poor reactions with the anesthesia thankfully but when I woke I was very chatty and kind of emotional. I felt a bit bad for the nurse that stayed with me after waking up, Rachel, for her having to listen to my life story, but she was extremely kind and I was so very glad to have her as my attending nurse in the immediate post-op recovery. She didn't make me feel embarrassed or uncomfortable whatsoever. She was very understanding and continued to reassure me. I had a wonderful experience at this clinic and would highly recommend them to anyone. Thank you Dr. Beasley and team!!!

Dennis Gribble

TVH R Thanks for a great experience at Treasure Valley hospital. I had a hip replacement by Dr Poole on April 3rd and stayed overnight until April 4th. The facility and staff were professional and caring. Special thanks to Erin in pre-op, Michael in recovery, and Tina, Becca, and Terri for their great care. Thanks!! Dennis Gribble

Erica T

I was rushed out the door even though I was having difficulty breathing with stabbing pain in my chest. I threw up majority of the way home, I couldn't even open my eyes once during the drive home. My discharge nurse was awful! She not once spoke to me in a calm manner, no compassion whatsoever .. she was constantly raising her voice at me saying repeatedly after every time I spoke, "I cant understand you, what are you saying?" the entire time while I was having much difficulty breathing with the severe pain in my chest when inhaling, because of that pain and breathing I was only able to get out a few words at a time. I was in tears as she was so mean, cold. Didn't want to help me. A patient should never be yelled at!! I was only there for 5 1/2 hours total. Just terrible how they rush you out the door after a surgery and general anesthesia. I was so hoping for a better experience but unfortunately I was not a lucky one. After this experience I would never recommend or return to this facility. Just lucky my doctor is awesome! Crossing fingers he's a surgeon at another hospital than here.

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