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REVIEWS OF State Hospital South IN Idaho

Josh Hiaring

Tara Baker

House supervisor Amy was so rude over the phone--no excuse for it. I was politely trying to find out basic info like the hospital mailing address and whether patients can access their phone and e-mail (so I can contact a friend who is there). She treated me like I was trying to find out personal info about patients and made me feel like I was wasting her time. It upset me so much to be talked to this way--I can't imagine how she must affect those poor psychiatric patients!

Ana Angel


Shut this place down. Is Idaho just a state that makes its money off scam organizations? Disgusting.

richard stewart

I was there for a good while the staff were extremely friendly and helpful I had been transferred from juvinile detention straight there an there was alot of social activities sports and great team building exercises the staff did a great job handling conflicts between kids

Donna Jones

I was over medicated. Treated horrible and seen a doctor only once in the 21 days i was there. I was lucky i got out. I have no psychiatric illnesses. I was there for an alcohol over dose. Court ordered! I was worse when i got out and checked myself in to Intermount Hospital in Boise afterwards. On my release, they dumped me infront of Health and Welfare with no where to go thank God i had a friend to stay with until i found a place to buy. I was treated like a homeless person. My car was inpounded and they offered no help to retrieve it. JUST DUMPED ME LIKE TRASH.


Monica Murillo

they sent me home because they said they couldn't help me. they didn't talk to me once about how i felt and what's going on. the staff are the worst people, they joke about you most of the time. they let other peers bully peers. the doctors and everyone that works there are jokes. the worst hospital i've been to honestly.

Mallory Hawk

The staff is rude and unprofessional. They are constantly joking and making fun of patients and Dr.s that work at the hospital. The hospital is unclean and bathrooms were left covered in urine and God knows what else for days. The program seems to be designed to keep you there as long as possible... I complied only in order to get out, so that I could get back to competent health providers with whom I trust. Alot of time is spent watching tv, channels such as FXX were most popular when I was there, it was definitely not therapeutic programming (The Simpsons, etc.) were the programs that we watched most...I came out worse than when I went in, not just mentally but (thanks to the filth) I was physically ill by the time I left, as well. A 'bug' sent me into septic shock, less than a week from my departure from State Hospital South, I am lucky to be alive after my horrible stay in that place and recommend that authorities do something to rectify the deplorable conditions and conduct by staff, as soon as possible. I pray for anyone unfortunate enough to end up at that place.

Maria Sanchez

Denton Thaves

Why did they tore down F and G buildings there was nothing wrong with those two building because the buildings have peeling paint or rotten concrete does not mean those concrete are not going to fall down. Those two structures could of bin repaired and turned into low income houseing there is many uses. By not destroying those two concrete structures you could of saved Idaho tax payers thousands of dollars by leaving those two buildings stand. State hospital south Y building could of bin turned into low income Houseing or an office building, there was not a thing wrong with Y building. Why destroy History. I am kind of curious ? What did the insides of those three buildings look like and how long they where not in use.

Amelia Beth Gilruth

Med doc was cool #Kyle #Laura Met friends. Still, don't recommend. Take care of your kids/people. ❤

Trevor Gregory

Rebecca Blackmon

I was there in 2003 as an ADOLESCENT! I wouldn’t even give this place one star! This place is horrible. I will never be the same after leaving this place. One of their staff members, Aaron Greenwell, helped me escape, had sex with me and then took me to a truck stop because he was afraid of being caught. Even worse things happened to me and another girl that escaped at the same time with his help. He got away with it and after being flown back to the hospital after going through some really degrading and awful things, they told me to get my GED at Idaho State University and they would release me even though I was just traumatized. I suspect they were afraid of what would happen to the hospital. I got my GED there and left. I believe to this day it was covered up. Aaron was never charged and no one was held accountable for this. Do not let your family member be sent here. My life will never be the same after this place. There is a lot more to what happened so please do not let your family member go to this hellish place.

Les R

Terrible place to work!

Justin Proctor

I was recently in State Hospital South, Blackfoot in march of 2012. This place is more of a warehouse for the mentally ill than a actual hospital. The Doctor only sees you if your lucky once per week. The are severely under staffed, which is not their fault, that is the fault of the state of Idaho. I have witnessed a out of control psychotic patient violently attack another patient waiting in line for meds and cracked her head open on the concrete floor. She had to be transported to the medical hospital by paramedics. The nurses and aid workers are EXTREMELY rude to the patients and act like they are doing you this huge favor by being there. Most of the time after you see your doctor and they order new meds for you, they dont get put in the system and dispensed to you for 3-4 days after they see you. There whole process is designed to keep you there as long as possible. If I ever need a long term hospitalization again I will travel out of the state of idaho to obtain that help. NEVER AGAIN WILL I GO TO SHS BLACKFOOT!

Israel Green

chris anderson

Being there made me want to commit suicide even more than ever. Horrible doctors. Herb doctors is what you get. Some people have real problems mentally. They need medicine seroquel,xanax,lithium, real medicine not herbs.

Aaron O'Brien

Ed Her

Its ok

Anon O

You can always complain to the Dept of H & W not sure if that will do any good - Administrator Richard Armstrong, the AG's office possibly or the Gov. State Hospital South is a state agency.

Donna Abbott

My teenage daughter was court ordered to Blackfoot 2x's. During my visits & correspondence with person treating her it was a horrible experience. I was praying for answers for her behavior & never got the answers that made sense. That was when she was 15 & 16 years old. After her release she continued to get in legal problems. During a welfare check I had called for, I was worried of her continued behavior & suicide attempts. During the check she spit on a officer sentenced to 5 years Pocatello Prison. During court hearing they sent her once again back to Blackfoot. They sent her back to courts stating she was in right mind?? After 5 years straight in prison with NO Mental help or medications she was released August 2016 so worse than before. Since her release date more small legal problems. We were blessed with a Judge, public defender & prosecutor that she was court ordered committed. Went to Orofino. After couple months we received update they considered her gravelly mentally ill. After numerous conversations assurance she wld be there getting help they released her 2 weeks later. Numerous mental illness diagnosed! She went to streets & after 2 arrest for stealing a judge in a different county ordered another commitment order & Sadly she's back in Blackfoot currently. Omg as Parents of a now 28 year old we are so confused, stunned can't explain all the feelings not only for what we are going through but worried about her care in Blackfoot. They have NEVER helped her in her young youth where maybe she could have had proper care then & have a happy life now. Our fear is that she'll get no help once again and won't get treated properly & released. Idaho is I believe 50th in State for worst mental health. No PROPER PHYCOLOGICAL DR'S which I was told medicad doesn't pay for. So who is responsible for helping our very seriously disturbed daughter? She has Schizophrenia, bipolar, optional definite disorder. Unless Blackfoot has changed we are not as optimistic about the hospital as we were 13 years ago to current...

Jennifer Staples

After reading other's reviews, I was hesitant to bring my 12 year old here. I did so because of no other option. I was surprisingly impressed. I found the staff to be genuinely caring and sensitive. The rules were appropriate and visiting hours are accommodating. My child thrived in their reward program and seemed comfortable and at ease there. Her activities included yoga, hiking, swimming, biking, volleyball and more. My only complaint is that I don't think they got her meds quite right. It is understandable because she was on her best behavior the whole time there. I will continue that process with her regular psychiatrist.

Audri Troughton

I went in there with less problems then when I came out. I was constantly bullied by other patients with little to no intervention done by the staff. The manager of the adolescent unit told me to suck it up. To get out I had to pretend to not be suicidal anymore. I also have a bad ankle and to use a brace I would need to get a doctors note. I could barely walk, and if you don't participate in activities you lose privileges. If I ever need hospitalization for mental health again, I will leave the state or fake my way out again.

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