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REVIEWS OF St. Luke's Boise Medical Center IN Idaho

Valerie Music

The staff is amazing...dealing with the billing department is a nightmare!

Leonard Meacham

Fantastic Doctors and staff! Saved my life. Thanks

Kenna Mooney

Been using this hospital since I moved to Boise 6 years ago. There are downsides as with every hospital, but it is on a personal nursing level rather than the hospital as a whole. The hospital itself has worked well with our insurance and my family. I was seen at St. Al's ONE time, and was highly disappointed with them. Never again will I be seen there.

Zahara Al-Tememy

Sasha Gazley

The quality of medical care was great, but their billing department is awful. My daughter has been in to see a doctor twice. The first time I took her, the second time my husband took her. Now they are telling me that even though we are married and live together they cannot combine the bills (even though it's the same patient and we are both giving permission to combine them). So that means I have to set up 2 separate payment plans and pay a minimum payment on EACH payment plan. Their answer to my distress? I'm sorry, it's our policy....

Theresa Conway-Hayes

I’ve been in this hospital as an advocate to my daughter of whom is a patient there. Today she had a procedure and after I was called back to her recovery room Dr. Nelson popped in and began to tell me how the procedure went. He’d tell me things and I’d ask questions. At one point I asked, “who is her doctor?” He responded, “why are you asking these questions?” I was taken aback from such a ridiculous response. I said, “that’s what I do.” I said that it was a simple yes or no question and that I didn’t understand why he was getting defensive. His voice was rising and he woke my daughter up. It's my understanding that this is typical behavior for this radiologist. With his anger/annoyance issues and his complaint of such a busy schedule (as if that should have excused his behavior)... I think Nelson should be put on administrative leave until he can get his emotions under control before it effects his work if it isn’t already and learn how to treat other people with the respect that I’m sure he expects. He did not have my respect today and I hope to never have the displeasure of meeting that individual again. Updated Jun 11 at 3:30 PM In response to reply from someone at St. Lukes. I can talk and type until I am blue in the face about issues that have gone on during the 3 visits at St. Lukes. I did talk to a social worker again two days ago at the hospital. St. Luke's administration needs to take responsibility, look for the complaints (after all my name is on this review), and deal with the poor care being provided at your hospital.


Spouse was in the ER and admitted for care with what ended up being a heart attack. Care was wonderful. The only reason it isn't 5 stars is because of the staff conversations we overheard. For 2 1/2 hours in the ER we listened to multiple staff talk about their drinking and it was continuous the entire time! All i could think is we are being billed for staff to socialize. The next day we listened to cleaning staff sitting outside my spouse's room discuss work issues for 30 minutes. Yes employees will have social and work conversations, but discretion is important. How about using a break room or one of the many empty offices, consulting, conference rooms we walked by in the hallways. Because this happened multiple times it is apparent a culture change needs to occur. Customers/patients should not be hearing these conversations!



No one cure about I just wait two hour in room just for X-ray no me come then I left with pain knee that I couldn't walk.

Jeremiah Larsonjer2000

Referral service has been horrible. My son sat in a soft cast for two extra weeks waiting on his referral. My last two appointments, I have sat in the waiting area for over an hour trying to verify referral as it was sent to Tricare with wrong verbiage or the wrong request. Would like to speak with a supervisor on this issue.


Came in for flu symptoms and we where here for 3 hours for maybe 30 minutes of interaction. We waited with the monitors attached but off for 45 minutes and no one would come in despite asking. If you want to waste your time come here.

Mindle Hastings

Three of our four children were born here, and we've had great experiences each time. From the tours they give before you're ready to come deliver your baby, to the passionate, sympathetic, highly-adept staff, to the convenient and comfortable facilities, St. Luke's Boise is a fantastic hospital.

Linda Martinez

Had to go to the ER for a dental emergency and the doctor saw me in a rush. She didn’t really explained much and I felt like I was asking too many questions. Would of like for her to have taken her time and been thorough with the procedures they administered. This was my first time at the ER and was not what I expected since this entire town is known for their kindness and pleasurable people. Hope they treat their next patient better.

Terri Gibbins

My husband and I had the worst experiences in the ER and with some doctors. My husband had major heart damage/failure because they let him lie around for at least an hour during a heart attack, which was very apparent, until I demanded to get a doctor in there...unbelievable the incompetence. We could have actually sued, but didn’t want the extra stress. We are from Kansas City, where the health care is excellent. The health care in this area is the worst we have ever seen, and with the influx of people it will get worse! The morning radio said very few doctors per capita here. We’ve decided the healthcare is so bad, we are actually moving back to Kansas City. My husband would not have his heart failure now if they would have acted appropriately. I would try St. Al’s.

vicki nelson

In June of 2017 I felt my hip replacement of 2010 SNAP. I went by Ambulance to St Luke's in Boise- for 4 months kept going back but All docs I saw kept saying nothing's wrong with your hip-your just "drug seeking" even tho I never even asked. After 4 months of pure HELL, my pain Dr said she could tell how much pain I was in so she sent me to a orthopedic surgeon that she knewto get a true opinion-well when he put the xray up on lit board even I could see the problem. My hip replacement hardware was indeed broken and as if that wasn't enough, the ball part of the joint hardware was upside down- St Luke's Boise DOCS SHOULD EITHER GET GLASSES OR GO BACK TO MEDICAL SCHOOL CAUSE THEY MADE ME GO THRU 4 MONTHS OF HELL. ANYWAY THE DR who did the surgery was great and fixed my hip even better than the original replacement By the way he was a St Als doc. For that reason -what st lukes put me thru by ignoring me I will not go to Boise St Luke's as long as I have a choice.

The Prickster

Nurses have there head up their butts and don’t care about the father at all

MamaT Muli


Pamela Pruitt

Scheduled my best friend for medical induction at 7 a.m. 3 unprofessional and rude nurses told us that don't have enough staff, they don't have enough rooms, and Dr Fealko did not even show up. RN Kelly Rios (she stated she is head of department) proceeded to tell us that they cannot handle many patients and will have a different doctor or midwife (neither have dealt with the pregnancy or met the mom-to-be) to deliver since the doctor has vacation; family in town. How the hell can they expand when they cannot handle the facility they have?????? This hospital is a disgrace to our community!

Clayton LLC.

I had a really good experience tonight, and the staff was very very professional and kind. There's very few moments where I worry about my health, and tonight was one of them. Each person I encountered was super nice and very professional. I really appreciated that very much! Thank you!

Rosario Martinez

Best hospital ever..

Lawanna Bridges

I have had nothing short of great care through St. Lukes hospital. HOWEVER, their clinics (urgent care and primary providers) are horrible!!

Jessica Woodruff

Jj Steed

This place charges exorbitantly high for their services! We had our newborn daughter transferred to St Luke's so she could get a g-tube placed since Pocatello or Idaho falls can't do it. Well after the surgery Dr. Klima told us that we had to come back up to Boise to do her first g-tube replacement. We told him we had someone down here in Pocatello that could do it but Klima was being very persistent so we just told him ok (big mistake on our part). We had to take 2 days off of work for this appointment since it's a 4hr drive up there and back. The g-tube change only took all of 7 mins to do and we were on our way. Fast forward 4 months we get a bill for $1,040 from Dr Klima/St Luke's for her g-tube change! Insurance covered all but $270 but I'm furious that they charged that much! And to top it off they won't even work with me on my bill! My Dr here in Pocatello just did her 2nd g-tube change for just a Drs visit which is only a $10 copay from us! She literally just did the exact same thing as Klimas' nurse practitioner did for so much less! I can't believe Dr Klima and St Luke's would charge that much! Bunch of thieves!

Amy Hilton

I went in for an annual exam around my birthday. Because I exhibited health issues the billing department changed the coding from an annual check up to speciality services because I was no longer in need of preventative care, but actually had health concerns. I'm top of the other bills I'm now having to pay for the annual exam that my insurance no longer covers. Way to prevent people from going in for their annual exam.

Brooke Ricks

I had a fine birth experience but a horrible - nightmare experience with billing. Lost payments, poor customer service, unwilling to work with me, long waits on phone calls, etc. Never again!!!!

Keith Kraus

I think the St. is short for stealing. Go here if you want to see how quickly they can run up a bill and then throw you under the bus collecting it. Don't be fooled by that community neighbor stuff.

Austin Hays

The care was excellent but our final bill was $15,000 for a non-complication vaginal birth which I find astounding.

Sandy Romelsbacher

Excellent care!

Jacob Wood

Charged $2k for an xray and heartburn medicine, nor did they address the pain.

Hannah Cross

Mike Hunt

Well im still alive so that is pretty good i suppose.

Michael Finn

Nice service


Ginnie Halbert

I can not say enough about St Lukes, My Mom who is 93 had a Stroke friday evening, she was first taken to Nampa St Lukes where everyone was great and played a huge part in saving her life, she was then taken to Boise where the rest of the clots were removed, I wish I could remember the surgeons name because he was awesome, today she got a pacemaker, The doctors, all of them have been great, they call me and give me updates, daily, the nurses, all of the staff are great, very kind and caring, My Mom is doing great because of all of these people, thank you all.

Karen Martin

Bad .. Really Bad Experience at Saint Lukes Hospital .. 3-11-2013 In Room overnight after surgury called attending nurse for really bad cough and severe pain "Level 7" It took HER Over One Hour to get me medicine ( 72 Minutes).. She Even LIED To Me about this experience as she told me one thing, but a co-worker Confided in me a TOTALLY Different account of this. Patient Relations Dept Were "Curtious" in their investigation and agreed that my treament was Truly Sub-Par .. When Asked what they could do I told them to Reduce my overninght bill as I Certainly did NOT Get $1570 in Quality Treatment .. They Said NO Reduction in my Bill .. Too Bad Too Sad ... I am Now Searching for EVERY REVIEW Site avaialble to tell this Story .. I don't get mad very often, But this is why our medical system is going to Hell ..$1570 for Overnight Stay and They Treated me like I didn't matter ... Sorry for my Rant .. But I just have to tell others .. THumbs Down for Saint Lukes :(

Randall Post

Great hospital! My son was born here. He and my wife were well taken care of.

Kathleen Berg

Great staff in the Nuclear Medicine Dept. Thank you for taking such good care of me.

Dave Crego

Took well over an hour for transport. I literally saw them chatting while I waited in the Worst pick-up and valet area ever. For what they charge they should figure out transportation took over as hour to go down the elevator for staff" which never seemed to move and the general elevator was crowded and inefficient" Damn shame you bankrupt people and treat them like this. One star because zero wasn't an option.

Mary Tapley


Best hospital in the valley

Jake Dalton

Erica Jenkins

Their children's hospital saved my son's life.

Kathleen Meyer

Danielle Bolden

This room was disgusting that my daughter was put in for a hospital this is ridiculous and the doctor is ordering tons of tests while treating her like nothing is wrong with her DO NOT COME TO THIS HOSPITAL she has left my daughter in pain for 2 hours not seeming to care minimizing her pain probably think she is drug seeking which she is only 20 and had a child 8 weeks ago

Yuri Gagarin

Adam Bingham

Paul Ormsby

Fraudulent charges, did absolutely nothing for the wife, Bill has items never used, did not even finish check in and was told there was nothing they could do, charges over 500$. No signature becouse no service was provided. This is why our healthcare is under fire

Ryan Walton

I cannot believe the quality of care that my daughter received while in the hospital here. I expected this to be a long day filled with my child screams and the looks of unhappy nurses. Instead it was a day of nurses and hospital staff coming in to check on us to make sure that there we were100% comfortable and each staff member made sure to get a smile out of my little girl. I'm telling you there is no better staff than at St. Luke's. My day was simply awesome and when I had to run to pick up my son they arranged for someone to come in and play with my daughter while I was gone so that she wouldn't be by herself! What a great place!

Gabe McGuire

The quality of medical care is great. Their billing dept. is a joke. Dealing with them is the most frustrating thing ever. My wife and I have talked to multiple people in the billing dept. to get a bill straightened out with no luck. We have one bill that they keep saying is past due , but for some reason they wont bill our insurance. We have been dealing with this since August. Everyone tells us that they will take care of it, but it never happens. They keep sending the bill saying it's past due, but have yet to bill our insurance. Very frustrating. Just last night my wife and I got the bill again and decide that we are done with St Luke's. Too bad, because we are really happy with the care, but it's not worth the stress.

Basman Sabah

Andrew Taylor

Tom Szulga

Justin Stiefvater

Was in severe pain from a migraine took them a hour and half to get a few pills that wouldn't work anyway. Than took hour for them to release me after i told them i wanted to leave

Patrick Kelly

I consistently hear multiple complaints regarding poor management of their employees. It apears that many management staff care more who smiles at them than they care regarding the healthcare of their employees. Let's create a more professional staff relationship there. Where is the Board? Where is the CEO?

R Privatsky

So I have blood coming out of both ends and dizzy and having chest pains. And only my right foot swollen. So I go to st lks Boise, next to my surgeon just in case. Dr looks at my chart does NOT ask me anything about my health background and decides with the nurse, outside my door where I can hear them, that I am a drug seeker. Dr did not touch my foot or even look at. The only thing she did was check for rectal bleeding. Did not check my stomach or anything else. Therefore the nurse got snobbish and made close to rude comments about all the scar tissue in my veins. They run blood work and chest X-ray's. Never saw nurse again till I was discharged by Dr. Nothing for my neausa, nothing for pain (if I was a drug seeker I could understand this one), but not even fluids?? The nurse said that she would check on neausa meds...but I never saw her again. Then when she does come, Cuase I waited 30 mins after Dr discharge me, I decided to start unhooking stuff except for the iv,cuz I had been patient with them being that way for too long. The nurse says where are you going? I don't have papers yet. More like she did not check!! So pissed off. Glad I was having huge blood loss or severe bleed or something like sugars dropping. They wouldn't have believed me then either!! Grrrrrrr!

Cynthia Harris

Having been born in St. Luke's Hospital, and also using their great healthcare system alike, I can honestly say that this place is among the best... Especially in the Boise area/ Treasure Valley!

John Larsen

I was admitted into St. Lukes for a Whipple procedure performed by Dr Barton using the Da Vinci robot. From checking in to pre opp everyone was so friendly and caring it really put my worries to rest. After surgery I had to spend a nite in the ICU and again the nursing staff was excellent. I spent the remainder of my stay in 6 East and was just blown away by how caring, friendly, and professional everyone was. They went far above and beyond in everything they did. It felt like I was being taken care of by family members rather than a nursing staff.

Chris Booton

Do not like St Luke's they abuse the children and leave bruses on them they give kids money wen they shouldn't cause the kid can't have any cause he eats everything they yelled at the mother and wrote things in the chart that was not true they kept my son in there for 2 weeks without finds ng something wrong then they looked. They called Heath and welfare on the mother cause her son has a lot of medical issues they didn't want to treat so told them it was the mother even tho she did everything for her son and followed doctors orders.

andy salisbury

I cut my nose open an hour and a half before a flight I had to take at 6:50am and needed stitches. I arrived at St Luke’s at 20 minutes to 6:00. They all said they would hurry but couldn’t promise I would make my flight. They had me out in 20 minutes, and I just made my flight. Also, when I arrived at the airport, there was a long line and I had 20 minutes to get through it and board. I explained my situation to some of the people in line and everyone let me go in front of them, including the wife of the doctor who stitched me. I love St Luke’s and Boise. People are so nice!

John Stroh

Jessica Hall

I'm going to give them 3 stars because Dr. Harrison did a great job and the night shift nurses were awesome. Unfortunately, after my procedure I was in the care Dr. Osenbach and PA Kerri. Kerri got her underwear in a bunch when we (my husband and I) explained to her that my catheter needed to stay longer. We went back and forth with them over the catheter so we decided that I would take it out and see how things went (according to Kerry this was her original idea) and of course I was still retaining. Then I spent the whole next day struggling to get pain under control. I got to a point where I told them to go look up what my last doctor gave me because it worked. Finally, on Sunday they managed to get the right pain meds on board and I was starting to feel pretty good. Kerri comes in and basically says I've stayed a day longer than most people who had this procedure done stay and I either need to leave with the catheter in or without it but I needed to leave. Truthfully, I'm not even writing down every instance that happened the last 2 1/2 days since this post is getting to long but there were other issues with Dr Osenbach and a day shift nurse as well. I've been a patient at St. Lukes Merdian for years and have never been treated this poorly. Down Town location is not the place to put yourself or anyone you care for.

Alyssa Threadgill

When I had my daughter all the nurses I delt with were nice and professional but my overall doctor was only at a few of my appointments and they have rescheduled my wellness check for after I had my daughter so many times I still haven't been to the doctor it was supposed to be December 12th which is way to late considering I had my daughter in August. And now they want to reschedule my appointment again which was the last straw for me. I would recommend finding a doctor that actually cares about your health instead of taking all these days off for vacation and not caring about the health of their patients. Will not be visiting this hospital anymore. Also the billing department made so many mistakes trying to bill me when I had Medicaid I had to go in there 3 times to get their mistakes fixed. They only care about the paitents who they will be making the most money off of if you have Medicaid they could care less about seeing you so I recommend stay away from this hospital

Sammy Sanchez

Working at evs house keeping dont recommended. 1. If you have a boyfriend or husband watch out for manger becca She will abuse the phone usage and text them nasty pictures and nasty words. never did I say anything. HR doesn't know about this. 2. DRAMA . management is poor with drama that happens. Just because someone is higher then you doesn't mean they need to sit around and not do their job. 3. For having legit accused about calling in they dont take serious even if its health issues or family related. 4. Working in the night sometimes you over sleep but if you call in and let them know what's going on they still don't care. OVERALL POOR MANAGEMENT

Phillip Wayburn

Got mixed with a "director" named to Roman D. That guy is a joke. Worst experience ever.

Rick Del Vecchio

Long story, still very sick (they did nothing to help me), I will update this once feeling better.

Megan Stappler

Generally everyone here is great and super friendly! Occasionally it seems like you get a nurse who is having a bad day but they are eager to fix it. Hospital food is actually pretty good too!

Kris Albertson

The best hospital experience in the world. Directions were easy, parking was a snap, easy walk into the main complex. Excellent service and direction from the information desk. Clerks were friendly and professional. All the technicians were exceptional. In, out, ct scan complete in under 30 minutes. Phenomenal. Thank you!

Miranda Lloyd

The staff are amazing! They take you seriously, even when the cause of your problem isn’t immediately apparent. Unlike St Alphonsus, where they automatically assume I’m making up symptoms. St Luke’s is by far the better choice of hospital in the treasure valley

Isidro Meléndez

Angeline Petersen

When an emergency arises at 2am, trust that the ER at Meridian Saint Luke’s will take care of you. From the minute of waddling through the ER doors to the final transport in an ambulance (those guys were so great as well) to Boise Saint Luke’s - the service was incredible. Imagine being in excruciating pain and not wanting to worry about anything else than feeling better. With the amazing staff at St Luke’s you have nothing more to worry about, other than the baby you’re carrying and your health. Quick response time, appropriate care provided, and excellent knowledgeable professionalism from everyone involved with my care. They made quick responses to eliminate probable causes of my symptoms and decided the best plan of care. I compliment each and every St Luke's staff I ran across that night and into the morning at Boise St Luke’s. I wish I could personally thank each and every one of them for making the experience as pleasant as possible, even while experiencing some of the worst pain imaginable. The staff nurses were absolutely sweet and so caring. I hope to run across them again following delivery next year. I feel better today and am on the mend because of the excellent service from St Luke’s Idaho. I wish I could express in words the amount of gratitude. Thank you all so much!!!

Gordon MacKay

Not super awesome. Went in because of a infected wounds. was quickly seen by a Dr. who was in and out of the room in about 2 minutes. Pink nurse lady then started to follow Dr Jackrabbit's instructions, and took out half of the stitches, then ran away to another patient. Blue medical assistant lady took over and sucked at taking out the remaining stitches. Blue medical lady then cleaned the wounds that were NOT infected severely while almost ignoring the wound that was infected. Blue medical assistant lady went away to cough into her arm at a computer. Really. Pink nurse lady came back and said I was all done, I talked her into giving me some gauze and a tube of medical soap so I could clean out the actually infected wound myself at home. If you have a choice go to St. Alphs.

Barisuka Cookey

I am very happy with St,Luke hospital they meet all my needs the staff were very good to me, when my nephew was here and now is my son. The staff are always smiling and they take care of my love one like is there own.

one day at a time sweet Jesus

The staff in the ER are awsome, they dont make you wait, specially when you are in pain.

Aaron Driscoll

I wouldn't recommend any other hospital other then Saint Lukes Boise. All the nurses were amazing and they even sent us a card with some signatures even tho there were 18 woman giving birth that day they made the time to send us a card, they were amazing to me and my wife.

Emily Willen

First, they charged me for blood work that I did not approve of (i.e. I told them that I was not sexually active, & they still gave me a pregnancy test). Secondly, they are unwilling to work with me to reduce the cost of the medical bill. At the time I had my blood work done, they promised me they could waive my bill. I am currently unemployed, & have no insurance, & all of my spending if out of pocket & from savings (At the time I was also receiving money from my grandmother, who also passed a month after I had the blood work done). They then said after the fact that they can not reduce the bill because I can not supply them with my income tax (I don't work, so I can't supply them with it). Margaret, in charge of billing, refuses to call me back to work something out with me. It has been almost a year, & I keep getting the run around of playing telephone (I always call them, & yet they never call me), getting bills in the mail monthly that I simply can not pay for, & making decisions on my behave without even consulting me! Very unprofessional, & I feel emotionally violated by their behavior towards me. Sadly I have heard other people have similar issues with St Luke's. Choose another hospital, who actually cares for people. EDIT: Now I am homeless, but my room mate still gets my mail for me. St Lukes has now transferred my case to a debt collector (way to make it easier for me to get back on my feet). They still refuse to see me in the office to help me out.

Amanda McKague

My son was admitted there for two full nights and we had the best care! Laura and Kendal were my sons nurses and they are on peds floor and we were in room 4027. They were so nice to my son, they truly cared, they always made sure I was ok and all my needs were met. They made me feel right at home. They are meant to work with kids because they would get mine to smile even when he didn’t want to

Mark Edwards

Samantha Knigge

Front desk to emergency room was very disrespectful. The time I came in was 5:53 on Monday April first. A deaf girl case in minutes after I did and just because she couldn’t understand the lady at front desk she slammed a paper and pen down. You do not treat your patients like that. You should have better customer service. Then to tell me not to eat in the waiting room because I’m a patient is unacceptable I’m pregnant and if I want to eat I damn well will. You guys need to have a talk with your staff and how they approach your patients.

Jered Wilson

I took my wife in because she had a STROKE. I just ask for help to get her into a wheel chair because she couldn't move. Instead, a young RN came out to the car an started asking her questions. I told him 'she cant talk sh had a stroke, just help me get her into the wheelchair. He ignored me, and asked her if she could help move her legs and she couldn't. Again I toled him she cant, she's had a stoke, Help me get her in to t he wheel chair. I looked up and he punched her in the chest, drive hist fist down until her chest collapsed and her eyes bugged out. When I saw the pain in her eyes, I lost it and pushed him out of the car, in the process I punched him We then argued, and he went and got someone to help him get her into the wheelchair and took her inside. She hurt for a week after that. His pride was hurt, & I went court charged for battery. Will not go back to the downtown St. Lukes.

Jared McGee

An outstanding hospital with outstanding staff; everyone that we had talked to from the front desk staff, the physicians, and everyone in between were very positive, professional, courteous, and informative. This hospital also has valet for those in need of that service which only runs Monday-Friday from 8am until 5pm. This hospital thankfully is very clean and very spacious. The hospital has many departments and resources for the Idaho families that it serves.


We rode in on the ambulance and the doctors did great!!

Andrew Humes

DO NOT WASTE YOUR TIME HERE, YOU'RE BETTER OFF USING THE INTERNET TO DIAGNOSE YOURSELF. I had 2 nurses come in and both misdiagnose me. They put strep pharyngitis on the page when I had a life-threatening abscess that was spreading from my tonsil to my ear. But get this, I told them that. And they still gave me strep tests. 1000 dollars later I end up popping this abcess myself which is excruciating and a haven for infection. Sold a car to pay the first bill they sent me, just to call them and recieve an 800 dollar bill for nothing but sitting in a room while nurses that knew less than I did screwed me over. Part of me wishes that abcess would have killed me now because there is nothing I can do except pay the greedy bloodsuckers.

Dean Hernandez

Top notch hospital

jinwei zhang

Dena Johnson

I had to go to the ER. The nurses and everyone back in ER were nice and caring. It was the best experience I have ever had considering the circumstances. Keep up the great work. You are truly appreciated.

Gerald Oliver

If you call the phone numbers on the statement for Boise, you CANNOT get anyone, you get a recording that once in a while lets you leave a message, but you NEVER receive a return call ! If you choose to write a letter to the address on statement you NEVER receive an answer! If you decide to send a payment you can afford with a note attached, you NEVER get a response ! The phone numbers on the statement DO NOT MATCH the one on the computer, but the one on the computer does get a real person. I finally decided that any info I received either from the statement or the computer was very unhelpful to say the least ! I finally got back on the computer and decided how to reach this address, and here I am. On the other hand St Lukes Hospitals or just all their medical facilitys are the best for Emergancy's, Surgerys, and just all around care plus the caring for their patients ! The Stars at the top do not include the finance Dept as it needs Major Surgery itself !

Elizabeth Carrier

Have always been treated very well.

Laura Yvette

Thank you so very much to all the nurses and doctor's who took good care of me. I was admitted yesterday morning and had to go in for surgery that same evening. I was so scared and my anxiety was sky high! But I was blessed to have been under the care of these amazing and understanding people. I was in room 6005, my nurses Hannah, Karina, Lupe and Rachel were just the absolute best! Thank you St. Luke's!

Robert Whitaker

Hannah G

Got in quick, had great friendly staff! ER was a great experience then even with my surgery few weeks later was the same. They were all so nice, made sure I was okay and gave me everything I needed.

gerry morales

Amaya Schomburg

Took them over an hour to get my discharge papers and they kept me connected to the machine for an hour longer than needed I do not appreciate being ignored for almost 2 hours lazy staff

Chelsea Stuart

This was my first time being hospitalized here. I cannot begin to say how amazing all the nurses and doctor's are. I was there for 5 days and the whole time they went above and beyond. They not only helped me recover, they helped my preemie daughter adjust to living and breathing. I appreciate everything they did, and the way they did it. They care, but they also treat you with respect and they are very professional. I won't be going to a different hospital if I can help it. They are the best!

Brian Stone

ER staff is HORRIBLE

Emma Ann

Marko Teullet

Miranda guidry

Had my first hospitalization the other day because of having a baby.... I couldnt have been happier at how well the staff were there. Sweet caring and listened to me when i knew somwthing was going on with the baby coming.

Light Mama

Frank Su69


E.R. and Social Services: A depressed family member spends nine years holed up in room, sleeps for days, awake for days, won't shower for months, hasn't even cleaned room in the nine years been in there, won't socialize, etc. ... finally has violent outburst and threatens to harm us then finally to kill himself. Only six minutes spent with him in the E.R. and they send him home saying he wasn't suicidal, just depressed, and that he just needs to see regular doctor for anti-depressant. His mother was bipolar and same things happened and she was dangerously abusive -- right before she actually did try to take her own life. If someone threatens suicide ... take it seriously! They wouldn't even keep him for observation! Six minutes in the room and sends him home! They obviously don't care and probably hope they'll do it thus not become a burden to society. Anything happens to us or if he does try to kill himself ... going to be lawsuit city!

Chasity Lambrecht

This hospital used to be great. I had horrible doctors previously who never looked into my daughters medical conditions until st Luke's did a year and a half ago. Now, however, things have changed. Dr. Foy with the neurology team has refused to give a 6 year old epileptic patient her medication and continued to call me, her mother, a liar in the same conversation of telling me her test results confirm the epilepsy. Dr. Flynn with endocrinology refused a prescription refill for growth hormone shots until she can be seen and that's not until September. Which September is the magic number for all medical areas it seems like. The Nampa location told me that my extremely ill baby had a cold and refused medical care, the next day she was hospitalized for a week with pneumonia. This hospital is ridiculous, no one works together, they all have biases against patients with no health care or if they are on Medicaid. They also fired a friend of mine a job with a certified letter For being gay. I'm tired as a parent with a child with needs, having to fight the one place that is supposed to make life a bit easier for her.

Dani Barnett

Organized, together and pro patient. What a fantastic experience we had while my daughter was giving birth to my first grand child. All staff were excellent mannered And I cannot say enough Thank yous! D.Barnett Jefferson city, Missouri

Luann Bibb

I was in intensive care unit and they were wonderful saved my life. Best hospital I have been in.

Allie Carpenter

Kathy Franckiewicz

I have seldom had a situation that landed me Downtown Boise's SLRMC. HOWEVER, WHEN I DID...It was the highest level of personal care I've received at Any hospital in the Valley. The level of Nursing Care, Stupendous! The patient truly feels they matter, and the level of Compassion far exceeds any care you would want for your loved ones. I've been terminally ill for some time & have been known as a "Frequent Flyer," in the hospitals in the area. (Not to mention, Nationwide.) ALTHOUGH I CANNOT SAY THE SAME FOR SLRMC, MERIDIAN. THEY COULD LEARN QUITE A BIT FROM THEIR SISTER-HOSPITAL. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED FOR ANY NEEDS THAT MAY ARRISE. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐

Layla Masani

I was looking for a black family practice doctor but I could not find one.

Sergei Yarovenko

Very nice hospital and Doctor Derek take care of my son perfectly. Thanks for everything.

Alexandrea Durham

First thing first, I had a wonderful wonderful experience with the nurses and doctors. My son was born at 32 weeks and spent time in the NICU. It wasn't the experience I had wanted with him being my first child but we survived and while he was in the hospital it was an okay experience under the circumstances. I'm being discharged and while the nurse is running through this and that for me, my husband is giving our insurance information. A couple months pass and we start getting these ridiculously huge bills 100,000+$ and I call asking what the heck, we have insurance... I then have to give then the information AGAIN! I get a call from the anesthesiologist, wanting to know if I can pay my 3000+$ bill with a credit card because insurance isn't paying it, because they have the wrong insurance information, so I give them that information AGAIN! Then today I get a call (4/19/16) stating that my insurance information is invalid. I ask them for the intimation and it's from 5 years ago. So I have to give then the information yet AGAIN!! I'm so sick and tired of dealing with these clowns!! I will never ever ever again have a child at St. Luke's, NEVER!!!! Which is sad because the staff was wonderful but seriously not worth all this hassle!!!


Judy Parker

Last week I was taken to the Emergency Room and then admitted into the hospital. I was placed on the 7th floor and had the most rewarding, caring, kind and efficient care. I cannot thank the incredible staff of nurses and Dr. Balinger enough. The staff should have at least 10 stars as a rating..

Ruthie Fry

Stay away from this place. They treated us w/ such unfairness and disrespect & I truly believe our son is no longer w/us due to their neglect & NOT LISTENING misdiagnosing etc

Amanda Harding

My son was recently in the ER due to a broken wrist. The staff in the ER were awesome at making Landyn feel comfortable and trying to make light of the situation. Even though it took a few times to get his IV in they still were great. He ended up having to have surgery and it was no surprise that the greatness was extended to the surgical staff as well. Thank you St. Lukes for taking such good care of my baby!!!

Laura Mathes

They took excellant care of me with my cancer care.

Amanda Mitchell

These people are the worst, the most incompetent, lazy, contradicting, and asinine “professionals” EVER. NEVER GO HERE! THEY DON’T KNOW ANYTHING OR CARE ABOUT ANYONE. “Dr.” Wells did a surgery on my boyfriend 6 months ago and completely botched it up! Enough so, that the surgery took twice as long, because he had to take everything out and put it back in again -and did so wrong. Now my boyfriend is seeing a private knee specialist, ankle/foot specialist, and is having to go to pain management because he needs to get everything taken out again -which will be a huge process, because he developed a rare pain disease. If you have the option, just save yourself a HUGE headache and heartache and go somewhere else. These people are the WORST! This is my third encounter with Luke’s (1. Best friend, 2. Older sister, 3. Boyfriend) and it seems to be worse each time. A COMPLETE lack of urgency and communication, ex: appointment scheduling, type of prescriptions (dosage, location, or not even being transferred over), constant contradictions with nurses/doctors/and surgeons regarding before and after care, what to look for, what to expect, etc. It has been almost a month dealing with these people and I can not express the amount of added on stress they have contributed. It seems like we have received little to no answers, they don’t know enough about anything to discuss in the appointments and our calls lead to answering machines with no call back, constant ringing, or just get dropped. We were warned by multiple people of these experiences after the ambulance dropped him off there, and unfortunately we didn’t have a better one. I wish he would have chosen Saint Als, I have had nothing but great experiences there, and I know he would have as well.

Kaj Forney

Diane Bollinger

1st room was the size of a closet. There was 1 pillow, no blankets, towels, robes and the nurse was lazy. There isn't a place to get coffee, tea and water fir family...unless you ask a nurse for it. My daughter had to buzz several times for pain to even be addressed. She got so used to this day nurse that she was not even upset when her iv alarmed for 45 min. My daughter was the only patient in the entire back of the building...and not a priority to this nurse. Charge nurse helped change day nurse and room...what a difference! The rest of the staff were awesome. Now, it's taken an additional 2 hrs just to discharge. St. Lukes is no longer my first choice.


Liban Mohammed

Nice people who's helped my kid

Jessica Veley

Came in for a scheduled induction, just for the snooty nurse to tell me they don't have enough rooms to get me in or even enough nurses on duty. What is the point of expanding if your not prepared for the patients you have coming in already. Very disappointed and discouraged at this hospital.

Jerry Lunn

If someone tells you Hospital food is Bad they have never been to St. Luke's in Boise. The food is Awesome & Inexpensive. Stop buy & give it a try you will not be disappointed.

Becca Owens

Tony Miller

Samantha Hamilton

I came to St. Luke's while visiting my sister for Christmas because I was having feelings of dizziness and disorientation. The nurse practitioner that saw me was very frigid and didn't seem like she was happy to be there at all. After a very brief conversation with me about my medical history, a standard blood panel and urinalysis, I was told that I was "probably" just dehydrated and sent home. I had also taken extra special care upon check in to make sure that they took my insurance and was told I would be fully covered, only to find a few weeks later that I had a medical bill for over $200. The two stars they get is due to the fact that it was clean, and the lower-level staff members were nice.

Rick Armstrong

Kathleen Livingston

I loved all of the nurses and doctors who helped me get back to home.

Cindi Ruiz


They take carw of my son everytime

Ben Miller

I was life flighted to St. Lukes because my liver was bleeding internally. I had one foot in the grave and one on a bananna peel. I was admitted to the icu and promptly treated. Stayed there for a week and got better. The nursing staff was awesome. Always helpful and eager to get you anything you need. The doctors kept me in touch and up to date. As far as hospital stays go, this was top notch. If you had a bad experience with the nursing staff, you probably had a bad attitude towards them and weren't treating them with respect.

Lindsay Fisher

our daughter was in picu and the care and knowledge were wonderful. however we were there for 5 days and sleeping on a windowsill while worrying for your child's life is not the easiest. they lack any space for family members but there was no way I was going to leave my 12 day old daughter there by herself. however the people there like I said more then made up for it.

Serena Mullins

David Lupo

My first time here as a patient. Not bad. The nurses were helpful but not friendly. Only one seemed like he liked his job on this particular day. I do feel like I got excellent medical care.

Sarah Claire

I love all of my doctors and providers through st Lukes. 4 stars due to bad experiences with nurses when recovering from surgery and my child's birth.

Yoyo Lucatero

Great place for delivering babies ... And specially with the team of the woman's clinic next to the hospital

Mariah Chavez

I have always like ST Luke's, this last experience with my mom visit to the ER was very frustrating! We got checked back around 1:30 , she was seen for a blood clot in her portal vein and was having extreme abdominal pain and nausea. One nurse came in to check her blood pressure around 2:30 and was rude, and that was it! Left the room! We asked three separate times for nausea medication. None was given until 5:45 when they discharge her! I will still go to ST Luke's when needed but just because you are having a bad or busy day, don't take it out on the pt's, that is what you are there for! I'll update my start status according to our next visit.

Helena Covelli

Great care from all of their staff. They all seemed to care for your quick recovery and are very friendly. The food is pretty good and its fast being delivered. It is also a very clean hospital and they try to make your experience as easy as possible. The staff is their big plus, everyone ask about you and they will take the time to get to know you and help you make the best of a bad situation.

Christina Gaines

Very knowlegable doctors


Chris Gamble

Bradley Stiles

Christina Woodward

They saved my life back in 7-2014. I had Septic Shock. Amazing doctor's & nurse's.

Elena Karbusheva

Injured by vaccine ? Go to Ukraine for diagnosed and treatment . I was injured by vaccine in 2010 . I use wheelchair . Doctors from Hospital (I am 7 year treated not right ) . I have Guillina _ Bare . I have MRI neck with several tiny perineural cysts and 2 Lumbar punition test for evidence . Neurologist try to sold diagnose . Gastroenterologist try to sold autoimmune hepatitis . Endocrinology didn't diagnosed adenoma pituitary and prescribed levothyroxine which damage my health . Hospital didn't treat me with blood pressure 215 / 120 . They extort money . "Doctors" which treat me non competent , non adequate and aggressive.. Patient Relation cover criminal action of" Doctors".

Pam Oscars

August 2018 My husband had back surgery at St Luke's and I had to drag him out of there to come home! Surgery day was extremely organized and the staff kept the family very informed. The tracking monitors in the waiting room were great. Best nurses and health care we have ever seen! Everyone was so friendly, helpful and caring. The nursing staff went above and beyond to make my husband comfortable as the pain from back surgery was intense. If we have to choose a hospital again it will be St Luke's! Thank you!

Nikki Bergman

my review is 100% directed at the billing practices and costs of this place. i went in about 6 weeks ago due to a debilitating migraine...after vomiting for 3 hours i gave up and had my boyfriend take me to the ER. i waited in the lobby for 45 minutes, puking into the trash can from my bathroom. when i finally got taken back, i was given an IV with fluids and a "migraine cocktail" consisting of benadryl, zofran and a sedative. i slept for about 45 minutes and was sent home after less than one hour actually being treated. today i got the bill: almost $1300! lucky for me, i had insurance this time so i'm only responsible for a mere $500. the hell do you expect people to pay for this? i had to go in for the same thing last year and will be paying that $1500 bill for the next three years, 2 of those years at 8% interest. now add this one on and my choices are now to buy groceries or pay you. i tried to get some of my last bill reduced but the billing "counselor" i spoke with could not have been more condescending or unhelpful. i'm going to try calling again to see if anyone is willing to help me with this next bill because i'll be paying these off for the better part of the next decade when you factor in your lovely interest rates. i will say that the doctors and nurses i've seen have been exemplary and i in no way direct any of this anger toward them. you guys are supposed to help people, not profit off of their illnesses. do better!

Ben Bockelman

lps sugar plum T.V.

My Dad was admitted and physical therapy was to busy to come see him. And his nurses told him he wasn't that special. Sounds like to me they need to work on their bedside manner.

Brian Ohlrogge

Peachy Establishment

Andrew Starley

St. Lukes is an absolute joke of a hospital manaent wise. They are horrible to their staff, do not communicate or help in any way possible and every time I called for billing help I was told a manager would call back within 24 hours and they never did. My wife works for them as an RN and when she went on maternatiy she had no help as to what needs to be done to cover our new daughter, she was hassled by billing while we were still in the hospital, and now they are saying our daughter wasn't added to our policy which is through them, and we have to pay out of pocket for her birth. They say we were passed the 60 day threshold even though it was there fault by delaying helping us saying they would call back and never would. I would be upset with the service even without my wife being an employee and having our insurance through them but the fact the treat their own staff they way we were treated is pathetic! I can't wait for a new hospital to come to twin!

Lisa A Shoe

Great place great place to work.

Michelle Clark

Ashley Lynn Nadorff

The nurses here are wonderful. They always treat my mom so well.

Cece C.

Seems like they bought the city and get to do whatever they want. Even take whole entire streets! Ive used them that was a lot of money for some antibiotics! They not only are taking Jefferson they also took a lane of Idaho St. So they just keep making it harder to get to work in the am. They pretty much have lost most of the communities support. It will be interesting to see what comes of these hospitals that have been in crazy expansion mode once Obamacare money shrivels up. Might want to rethink your expansion St Lukes, the free lunch is soon to be drying up.

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