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REVIEWS OF Saint Alphonsus Regional Medical Center IN Idaho

Kenna Mooney

Terrible hospital. The staff was unhelpful. When registering/checking-in, the lady barely listened to my information. Later found out, she billed the WRONG insurance, with the WRONG policy number. Which not really sure how you do that when you are required to give the insurance card. Has all the information on it. I was then misdirected when heading to a certain area. No one would help explain how to get to where I needed to go. They all just acted like I was an idiot for being lost. When I finally got to my appointment, it took them an HOUR past my appointment time to be seen. Very very disappointed.

Emery Nebraska Martin

A couple cops drag me to St. Al's. I get there and a mean looking Doctor walks in shoots me in the shoulder with Ativan and benedryl while the cops brood over me then he shoves a huge dose of ketamine or some form of tranquilizer in my knee. I pass out immediately and then they ship me to Intermountain ICU. I don't remember anything and am walking around ICU with no awareness of anything around me and then I finally come back into awareness about a week later when I get a call from a friend. I have a huge bruise under my eye and I think bleeding of the brain and a concussion. The doctor diagnosed me with a disorder I don't have and forces me to take meds I try to refuse "or I can't go home" she does not tell me the side effects of the drugs. This was January of 2015. I go in 20 and 160 pound female. I get one shot of invega. I take cogentin and risperdol. Then they put me on seroquel. I mindlessly trust the doctor and my mom who tell me I should take the meds. In June I notice my pants are getting a little tight and I step on the scale and I'm 200 pounds. Terrible people.

Christy Robertson

Visited E.R . @ 2 a.m. Saturday morning. My spouse was in serious pain so bad he couldn't sit still. Took St. Al's 16 hrs. To stabilize spouse. While in E.R. for more than 4 hrs. Seen one Dr. And two nurses. One took blood and left it on the table entire time we were there. Then another cut spouse shirt and left. Leaving it hanging on him. After being admitted for 3 days . They never had answers, one didint know what the other was doing. And they starved him for 2 days because someone mentioned surgery .omg !!! O am so ashamed of them all. On E.R. no one on floor. And if they were , they were more interested in a computer game. And were put out if the alarm went off when spouses blood pressure spiked. Shame on everyone who works there. Dont take your loved ones there.

Jessica Cox

The doctors and nurses we dealt with were all very pleasant. My only complaint is the surgical waiting room was very loud and not very comforting.

Skylar V

Don't ever go here or bring a loved one. Those idiots released my father, a dementia patient, WITH OUT communicating with my mother. It was by lucky accident that my sister in law was arriving at the hospital to sit with him for several hours while my mother went home to sleep and found him. The hospital's response to my mother was "Well it all worked out didn't it?". Unbelievable. It's not over St Alphonsus.

Cary Wilhoit

The ER was slow. People were professional and polite

Beckham AlAmir

Never ever go here if possible. Inept care by mainly third world doctors and staff that don't care at me. avoid at all costs! Yes great in case of trauma. Horrible experience more than once. A disgrace to humanity! lucky this place have a one star because i felt bad,,

Curt Park

They care more about money than actually helping you.

Krystel Walsh

Racist people

Samantha F

The staff at Saint Al's saved my grandfather's life! He was treated with great care and respect. I can never thank Dr. Kapadia and his team enough.

Claudia Mouser

Wil Sexton

Horrible billing department

Erin Miley

I will not go to this Hospital ever again in my life they are rude careless..unprofessional. inconsiderate. Slow. Security was talking about patients problems in the waiting room very unprofessional not a joking matter to laugh at people who are staying in your hospital. The emergency room is for emergencies so you would think that they would be kind of busy , the only had one person to take vitals.. keep up the pace!! Horrible place

a lady who knows things

I've worked here the last 4 years so I might be a little biased. However, I've been on both sides of the system, having utilized healthcare resources and a recent stay. Biggest kudos and reason for this review is to the billing department. I recently received a check for an overage I paid on a medical bill, in the form of a refund. I hadn't even realized the error, so it's nice to know some places still have some integrity. Thanks so much for holding true to those core values. It certainly means something to me.

Linda Huffman

Recently met my new oncologist at ST ALS Boise. Pleased with the friendly employees, the flow of the office, and not feeling rushed during my exam. I was surprised with a phone call informing me of my next one year recare appointment. This office is on it. Impressed!!!

Carol Dunn

I went in yesterday for a panic attack that was at the point I couldn't manage it anymore. Was triaged beautifully, asked all the self harm questions you would expect, etc. Doctor came in, asked a few things, told them to give me an ativan and some zofran for the nausea. Great...I'm safe, everything is going to be alright, symptoms are subsiding. Except....the social worker they sent in to visit with me at that point in time was so incredibly unkind in tone, mannerism and lacking in compassion I feel it must be reported. Her beef with me? That I was a "rich, insured, non-homeless" woman who should realize how much better I have it than most of the people she sees (her words). I said "Is there some reason you are treating me with such a lack of compassion? I'm totally aware that I am very blessed and yet am having a bit of a hard time today (my husband asked for a divorce the night before)." She replied, "Well, I just don't see what I can do for you, because I'm pretty sure you don't want a referral to a homeless shelter!" I said "I don't think there is anything you CAN do for me, clearly there is nothing you can or will do for me!" At that point she left in a huff and the chaplain came in and sat and visited with me for an hour and was a marvelous and wonderful man. Usually St. Al's sends out some kind of questionnaire about how they did. Maybe they will and I will likely rake her over the coals again. It's unfortunate for her, perhaps she was having a bad day, maybe there were too many "rich, insured, non-homeless" woman being seen in the ER that day. I've worked in the medical industry for years, it's always that one day you screwed up or the patient was cranky that your boss gets a note from the patient about you. This is her day I hope. And for the record, I am not a rich (I've been unemployed since July), insured (when my husband divorces me, I will be uninsured) non-homeless (he told me he's going to sell our house out from under me...we just bought it a month ago) woman. I'm a gal who suffers from anxiety and it can get extreme when my stress level is as high as it is right now. If you're a social worker in an ER setting, your going to see a few of those. God bless.

Mike Raub

Be very careful, if you question your treatment they will tell you to go elsewhere. I feel cornered!!


Please fix the parking situation between the 999, 901 buildings and Curtis Road. Can never find any parking and it seems employees are parking their vehicles in patient spots.

Jennifer Matthews

Sean Britton

My girlfriend and I were in a horrible car accident this past weekend where she was ejected from the vehicle and we were both taken by ambulance to the trauma center. The care at the hospital was so so. The nurses them selves seemed less than concerned to say the least. My lady had to use the restroom so she pressed her call button to get some assistance and we were close enough to the nurses station that we could hear the button on the other end beeping well the nurses continue to stand there and we overheard them talking about how difficult some other patient was and it went on long enough that my girlfriend how to get herself out of the bed use the IV stand and walk herself to the bathroom and finally when she was almost done using the restroom the nurses decided to finally come in and ask what she was doing. Once we were out of the hospital she is supposed to have a follow-up CT scan and we have called the hospital three separate occasions and not one time do they even know what is going on or that she even has a follow-up CT scan so they told us they would get a hold of the correct people and have them call us. Well the only callback we have received is could you guess, then wanting to get our auto insurance and health insurance information so they can get paid for their lousy care. While on the phone with this gentleman this morning we can try to figure out what we needed to do for her follow-up care and again he just transferred us to an office that was closed. Needless to say if we were in a condition to pick any other place to go in the valley we definitely would have. My lady has bleeding on the brain which is something you think they would be highly concerned about that we can't even get through to the correct people to find out when she needs to be coming back in to take another CT scan or just simply to schedule it. If you are in the position to where you need to choose Urgent Care I please advise you to go somewhere else.

Kaitlin Peters

This hospital was amazing. We get a queen bed after having our sweet baby girl so my husband gets to sleep next to me! The hospital food is amazing. Actual meals that you can choose off of a menu! They have amazing options like salmon, halibut, etc! I feel and have felt like I was in a hotel! :) definitely recommend!!!

Keegan B

My fiancé was in the emergency room with lots of pain. The bed side hospitality was there until they started taking things off or replacing bandages. It was violent and by the look on her face/the sounds she made it was painful. She has a bruise on her arm from them poking her with a needle 3 times before switching arms just to get an IV. We waited almost an hour before someone walked in to tell us we were good to leave. If it wasn’t the closest hospital to us I would refuse to go here.

Kenneth Guthrie

Tell me my kidneys are failing and my placenta has a hemorrhage yet you guys only give me fluids and watch me?? I am very disappointed in how i was treated. If I’m dying I might as well die at home with my baby if no one is going to help me with anything. I definitely came to the wrong doctors. This is why I don’t go to the hospital!! I never get what everyone else praises you guys for so much .

Renato Delatorre

Their billing is horrible. I keep getting billed for things I've already paid for and they sent it to collections without telling me about it. I keep calling them to explain its already been paid for then they say ok and a month later I get a letter from another collection agency for the same service i just dealt with another agency. I dont think they know how to run the billing department and we are paying for it with our credit report. St. Luke's is so much better

Marina Marcucci

Had a car accident, ended up having surgery on my arm but had to get neck surgery at a different hospital a month and a half later because they ignored the fact that I had an unstable fracture on my c1. My head started to tilt to the left, and they ignored the complaint. Even had to chastise a nurse and doctor, because they were not listening. Not to mention the 5 separate bills from one hospital.

Jennie Lamonica

The nurses think they I don't need to do their jobs they are lazy and unprofessional and so disrespectful it's a palling. To make matters worse some of these nurses or so-called nurses are teachers I don't know what is more frightening their lack of considerate kind care to a patient and their families Who are suffering, or the fact that this is A teaching hospital I wouldn't take my dog there. X

Rick Norell

Wonderful Doctors, Nurses, and staff! I have enjoyed everyone I have met at the ER, on the floor, and at a later follow-up visit. Certainly my go to place if I need medical care while visiting my son in Boise.

Donald Thomas

Took 4 hours for mother to be released after her Doctor submitted discharge papers

Bell Gonzalez Fimby

Absolutely love this hospital

Thad Bosse

95% of staff have been amazing for the past month.

Becca Morehead

All around great employees

Shell E

Staff is very professional and the Doctors are fantastic

jessica haymes

Half of the nurses must hate working there because they were super rude!

Trina Michaelis

Great staff. Food not too bad!

Frank Riskey

Caring and professional medical care. The food is good too.

Cristofer Brody

Kelsey Wilcox

I love working here and have been a patient here also. The care I have received from them as a patient has been attentive and excellent, and it is such an awesome place to work and volunteer.

Owls4_ever 2005

They treated my grandma amazingly they gave her good food and they helped her with everything, they gave her encouragement to stand saying "you can do this, take it slow, you've got this" They all are do kind. and is better than any experience I've ever had at a hospital.

Easterling Family

Absolutely the worst service ever. I gave them my correct address in 2017 when my son was getting stitches. They had the address from my childhood home. That I moved from when my parents sold the house and moved to Montana from in 1990. I gave them the correct address in May of 2017 AGAIN. They told me they would send me a final bill after insurance paid. I never received that bill. Fast forward to today. I call after seeing a collection on my credit report. (For a very small amount). They tell me they have been calling me at my phone number from the same home that I moved from in 1990! And that they verified my address when they called! Which is impossible. Since I have not lived their since 1990 WHEN I WAS 15! The customer service rep said they weren't getting mailed returned so I must live there and that they verified it when they called and spoke to me at the number that I have not had since I was 15. Also a quick Google check shows the number belongs to someone else. The rep refused to do the same thing I had just done. Wow terrible!

Glen Elliott

Emergency room and cardiology departments are professional, personal and through. I am very satisfied with the care i received and the follow up visits. Highly recommend.


My Doc was great Hanna was great Ryan was great! The rest of your ppl sucked you treat people horrible and do not communicate! I had surgery in a hernia your nurse Karen took it upon herself to think she had the right to refuse to take care of my pain! Also my Doc said I could eat a reg diet after surgery I asked 3 times if she could just see if I could get that order she said no. The Doc will see you when he sees you. Doc came in guess who had been trying to call all day and was mad they didn’t call and ask rather then making me not eat for 2 days. He said I could go home if I wanted I could eat take my time. I asked again. Rather then put the order in 5 minutes after I asked they came and took the iv out gave me papers and told me to be on my way. Thanks for being so caring saint als I hope you get repaid the same kindness some day! Your lack of communication is amazing they all thought I was just there for ab pain but I had surgery. The fact that you will make fun of patients and laugh at them by the elevators says a lot to. Patients have the right to be safe, be treated with respect, and the right to privacy. You lack all! I work in the same field and I don’t care what I think someone may have done or not done I would never treat them like they were nothing!

Noe Garcia

Best food EVER!! Go there for breakfast even when no one is dying YUM.

Carrie Hall

Wonderful hospital the truly cares for patients and community.

Josh Delaune

Saved ny Xuz kife

William Steiger

Everyone has been awesome. Friendly, will go out of their way to help you. I'm here because my back has gone out while traveling to the area.

Amie Erickson

Last night, my boyfriend was having severe asthma, so we went to Saint Alphonsus, even though we live next to Saint Lukes. After getting a room, we were immediately greeted by friendly staff who were very professional. I wish I could remember their names to specifically thank them. One woman happily escorted my son and I to the cafeteria, since we had missed dinner. Then she took the time to print off some pages of firetrucks, garbage trucks, and a police car for him to color while we we're waiting for daddy to finish breathing treatments. We are very thankful.

Deb Seymour

Best hospital and staff I have ever seen. I had surgery here and my stay was 4 nights. From pre-OP area to staff caring for me in my room was top notch. Every staff member I came across was caring, friendly and kind and very competent. Food selections and food was superb. Very healthy and nutritious options. Lots of fresh fruit options and grilled foods like salmon, halibut and chicken.

Josh Witte

The staff is excellent here. I spent several days hospitalized here and, considering, I couldn’t have gotten better service and care. The equipment and amenities are top of the line and state of the art. It has a fairly homie feeling and isn’t too clinical feeling. The availability of a loved one to stay in the pull out couches is a definite plus and comforting as well.

Teresa Pascacio Valdovinos

Is good hospital

Melody Woodard

The reason for the 3 star is because when I didn't have insurance I got crappy Care. The Dr was rude and told me I was imagining the pain because the problem didn't show on a x-ray. I finally found a chiropractor that saw I was in pain and scheduled me for an MRI where I found out that I had Tendonitis. The flare ups hurt so bad that before I figured out what the pain was from that I kept going back to ER hoping to get a different doctor that cared more about the patient than the money but to no avail. Always got the same Dr. Recently I have had good care but I also now have insurance. Im not sure if that's why or if its because the doctors care about the patients and I just had a bad Dr when I was seen for the Tendonitis pain. Luckily I haven't had to see the rude Dr. Recently. I should have reported him to the higher ups though and if I ever have to deal with him again he will be reported.

Leah Hope

Assuming employees take most of the parking which is quite annoying. The nurses and cnas are unprofessional and lazy. Had to ask for a flu shot 3 times and still didn’t get one over the course of 2 days, night staff took personal calls in the room while taking vitals and we were trying to sleep. Took 30 min for a wheel chair, we finally started leaving hobbling down the hallway and they then finally brought us one (because they’re liable if they don’t). Reccomed St. Luke’s by far and we will be transferring there. Also used chloraprep when we told them it would cause an allergic reaction, obviously not reading charts, again lazy.

K Granger

OMG: I have surgery early early Monday morning. And the warning reviews have me scared. In my situation from ambulance to ER. and released that night, I had nothing to go by, but then early the very next morning I get a call and have to arrange a ride thru Lyft for an appointment—- s broken collar bone. Couldn’t it have waited at least 1 day ? I got a small dose of how unempathetic some of them are. They should know how lucky they are to have a job and that empathy should be a job requirement. If they don’t have it- they should. I sure hope my surgery goes well - it’s an out patient surgery but my collar bone really needs to be adjusted to match the level of my other collar bone ( clavicle )..... I hope that isn’t something that “ gets missed”.....!

Diane Drechsel

My mother is on the Neurology (4th floor) at St. Alphonsus. After spending a week with her, my sister and I saw first hand the gentleness and kindness of Dr. Petersen and the staff that care for her. We are so grateful that she is in such safe hands. You have our five star rating!

Elaina Adams

I will give this hospital one star only because it is the lowest possible rating. I wouldn't send my worst enemy to St. Al's in Boise. My son has been a patient there for more than two weeks with a critical illness and it has been the worst imaginable hospital experience. Most of the nurses and aides are very sweet and helpful, but the DOCTORS are unbelievably cold and uncaring. My son has chronic pain issues and although that was not what he was admitted for, they refuse to address his pain at all. They have labeled him a drug addict because he has been on opiate pain killers for nine years after breaking his back. They are weaning him off all of these medications and just letting him writhe in pain. Even when his pain is from another source, they don't want to provide any relief. They take hours to respond if you request to see the doctor to get additional medications for pain, anxiety or anything else. They stand there staring at him and ask him what he wants them to do! They are supposed to be doctors! They should KNOW what to do.They seem to feel that their only obligation is to treat the illness for which he was admitted. The doctors handling that part of his care are fine. It's the residents who are in charge of everything else who are incompetent and completely lack any form of compassion. I have never seen such a sorry bunch of worthless doctors. He is transferring to another hospital today and we will NEVER go back! I will warn everyone I know to avoid this hospital!

RubyDawn Manning

Disgusting. Rude on the phone when I called to check on my stepdad in ICU. Next few nurses were nice, the last one was arrogant and showed no empathy. The non-slip socks didn't fit so they'd CUT them and stuff them on the front of his feet. When he was discharged he was given his last round of pain medication. The "nurse" sent me to go get the car while he was brought down. I pulled up to the main entrance was about to get the seat adjusted for him and look up and he's WALKING OUT WITH HIS SOCKS HANGING OFF, IN SHORTS AND A TSHIRT!!!!! Mind you it's 5:30 PM and cold out!! WTF. I'm so angry!! He has 4 broken ribs, sternum fractures and a broken foot!

Blackblood Syndicate

If there was an option for piss poor you can bet your sweet ass id be choosing that option as well as filing a lawsuit for gross neglegence towards pregnent women

Lynnette Hunter

When I was feeling sick it felt like forever to be seen but in retrospect. Was brought back into the ER exam room around 8:30pm on a Friday night and ended with being admitted by 11:30pm Friday night and in room on 5th floor by midnight. For it being a first time staying overnight at the hospital it was very pleasent. The nurses and the doctors were very informative. And if I was having a problem it wasn't very long till the nurse was in my room to tell me why my iv drip was beeping. And Katie the CNA on night shift was very concerned about my heart rate which lowerd with time. Everyone that I came in contact with were very personable and professional.

Coleen Baker

Husband admitted for obstruction. Was there for several days and was told certain goals had to be met in order for him to go home and he was experiencing high blood pressure enough so that they were trying new meds. Was there on Wed nite and stayed until 6:30 PM- no one came in except nurse to check BP which was still high. He still had nasal tube in. Went home and received call to come get him at 10 PM that same night! No one could answer my questions - was obstruction gone, did he need new meds, if so what were they for, how is his blood pressure, etc. Met at door of emergency room and given an envelope and told to call dr in AM if I had questions - what???? What kind of hospital discharges a 77 yr old person at 10 PM at night without at least providing discharge information to the person picking them up. I called first thing time morning to get answers but have yet to hear from anyone. We will never use this facility again. No after care and even sadder they don't care

tina morley

Brought my mom here via ambulance . they put her in a dirty room . plus dirty. Items used to do a iv. Then we asked for ice water for my mom and still 2 in a half hours later still no response the er here has became rediculouse.

Mike Lavey

Thank you for making my first hospital experience so pleasant. I think that you all have difficult jobs and that you do them with precision is obviously required. You also added a quality of caring and humanity that I did not expect but very much appreciated. Thank you.

Jeremiah H

All I did was visit a friend during the holidays like a good samaritan since no one else would. And now, because these idiots are most likely covering something up, my name is being tossed around for something I didn't do. Most corrupt and misinformed staff ever! I'm sure the religion totally appreciates this kind of service.


The ER staff and Doctor were nothing but professional and friendly. They actually talked to my husband and I, making frequent visits to the room to check on us instead of leaving us there. And the doctor went out of his way to recommend family doctors we could turn to since we don't have one. It was nice to be treated like a person for once, not a nuisance. Thanks guys.

Jacob Halbert

Best hospital, best doctors!

Jackie Stoneman

They don't know how to treat their guest respectfully. They clearly don't like their patients to have visitors.

Laurie Barrera

I had a very positive experience at St Al's in the ER as well as in a short hospital stay for observation. The staff checked on my frequently in the ER, tried their best to keep my comfortable and despite having to wait for a room, paid attention. The staff for my hospital stay were all wonderful, most notably the night nurses. I did read other reviews that are not positive. My advice is to treat people as you want to be treated. Any ER situation requires full information and calm. When I was in ER I knew there were life threatening emergencies but the staff never made me aware of their stress. That is a big deal.

Mary Scott

I was referred for an Echo cardiagram and stress test. They ignored the request from the clinic at the Pulmonary Clinic at the University of Utah until I had called them 4 times, then had the request faxed to them again. It took weeks to schedule. I did go in and get the test done, requested a copy of my results and that a copy of the results be sent to University Pulmonary clinic. The records department told me I COULD NOT have a copy because it belonged to the University (that is illegal you are entitled to a copy of all your medical records). They never did send complete results to the University, so I have had to repeat them at the University. Not a good experience, too bad it is rated highly in Idaho, but my experience would indicate it is not deserved.

Dee Dugalic

If I can put a negative times 10 on this place I would. The worst service I’ve ever received for an ER. Been here for 2 hours sitting in a patient room with my daughter and NO ONE has even talked to me. I asked the staff if I could just leave and those stupid nurses rolled their eyes at me and told me that the doctor is busy.

Terry Benstine

I was well taken care of at saint alphonsus when I was brought in for black out and I found out I had a grand mal ceasure that happened on November 19th 2013 thanks for caring for me

Ted Rollins

Terribly slow billing, not impressed

Emily White

Jim Schumacher

Dr. Conklin is awesome! I highly recommend him for all you ER needs.

Annie McKillop Araki

Do not put your life in the hands of this organization.


My mom went in for emergency surgery to remove a brain tumor. Everyone was so good and kind to our family. The nurses went above and beyond to make us feel at easy. The Drs took care of my mom with the utmost importance. I would like to say thank you to Nurses Suzi, Kourtney, Katherine and NA Loren for being the best as well as all the others. Neurosurgeon Anderson is one of the most professional Drs we have met and made us feel confident in his skills. Thank you all.

Megan Mcrae

My son's doctor office told me to take my 23 month old to this ER to get hydrated because he has had one diaper in 18 hours. The doctors were rude and refused to treat my infant son who has RSV running temperatures of 103! They told me he was fine and normal for a baby with RSV! Never again! Incompetent doctors!

Krystle Richards

CALLED CPS AFTER THE BIRTH OF MY CHILD DUE TO THEIR PAPER WORK ERROR!! Well THis place called CPS after the birth of our child stating they testing our childs cord and it had tested positive for THC. Well week after words they sent CPS out to our house with no paper work them just saying they recieved this positive test(We didnt know anything tell this point of them showing up). Well they didnt have any paper work of this test but demanded my wife take a test. She stated she did want tell they showed us that this had really happened. Well we let them do a walk threw our house and all ws good. She stated she would get paper work from them and show us to go take test. Well we never recieved paper work just phone calls wanting my wife to test for them. Mean while we was trying to find out were this had came from cause were not users and not sure were this would stim from. Well after doing our research it came from St. Alphonsus and there nurses. Well days into our investigation we recieved a Paper from RISK MANAGMENT of ST. ALPHONSUS STATING "THERE NOT SURE THAT WAS OUR SONS CORD". THat they had a mix up in the dates and what not. Well at this time CPS was very persistant and we did wha twe could to tell them what had happened but they did nothing to help they just put us on the bad list. They CLOSED THE CASE GIVING GIVING MY WIFE A LEVEL 2 CHARGE FOR CHILD ABUSE. Well at this point my wife and I paid for a hair folicule test at a local probation testing company. We paid out of our pocket for this test and she passed the test with NOTHING TESTING BACK OVER 90 days. Well the COURT WOULD TAKE THIS CAUSE THEY SAID THE CASE COULD ONLY BE OPEN FOR 30 days and we was a couple days short. THIS ALL CAME FROM THE BAD PAPER WORK FROM THE START!!! NOW US AS PATIENTS ARE PAYING FOR THIS!!! THIS WASNT THE ONLY PAPER WORK ERROR NEITHER!!! SOMEONE MUST BE HELD FOR THIS ACTION!!! OUR MOST PRECIOUS TIME IN OUR LIFE WAS A WRECK DUE TO THERE PAPER WORK ERRORS.....WHICH IN THE HEARING THE WENT BACK ON AND SAID THEY HAD GOT IT ALL STRAITE AND FOUND OUT IT WAS OURS!!! HOW IS THAT POSSIBLE SEND A LETTER HEADED PAPER FROM RISK MANAGMENT OUT SAYING SOMETHING THAT DESTROYED OUR FAMILY THEN GO BACK AND SAY IN COURT THEY "FIXED THE ERROR".

Sherhea Smith

Brought someone in to the Er and in the exam room, there’s literally still blood on the metal tray in the room. Gross!

computer man mikey

Last couple times being in ER department the rooms weren't fully cleaned not sure if they are understaffed or what but there is no reason for blood to be found on floor in room. They should make sure rooms are sanitary and safe for next ER patient. The last couple times my son has been there he came home wilh his arms looking like he got in bad fight. They having to jab him with needles to get blood to test. They need to educate them better on how to draw blood.

Britton Valle

Shane McIntyre P.A is racist. If you are in the E.R do not receive care from this individual. Three weeks ago I went in to receive medical care for my shoulder , Shane refused service, he even laughed at my situation . The visit was less than 2 minuites. I asked for a option to pay cash since I didn’t recieve any treatement, he charged me for level 3 service which was $250 out of pocket, if that wasn’t painful enough I received an additional $300 bill in the mail from the provider for his 2 minutes of time. So $550 for 2 minute conversation and to be laughed at. Insincere, racism fueled experience . Very dissapointed and hurt by this experience . I’ve never had this kind of experience this far in my life.

Miranda Lloyd

Save your time, energy, and money and go to St Luke’s instead

Yvonne Miranda

Racist ignorant staff. Just because you dont know more than one language doesnt mean you can hate on the people that do. Educate yourselves. Stop deleting peoples reviews. Take responsibility for your actions and apologize, as adults do.

Michael Warren

I had surgery with St. Alphonsus. They don't tell you when your scheduled time for surgery is until the night before, and even then they forgot to call me. Communication was very poor across the board. Then, when I had my follow up appointment, they were not able to see me due to "not having a room available." Very disorganized and unprofessional. I ended up walking out after waiting a long time after my scheduled appointment time. They were not apologetic.

Nickole Mallicoat

Went 11/11/17in emergency at about 4:20 am. I have been having bad breathing problems. Nurse guy takes me to a room takes my BP, sticks something on my finger. Then says " you seem a lil irritated, are you on any street drugs?" Are you kidding me!? I needed help breathing not a nurse who thinks he is a parole officer. At primary health, when this first started, they had me on a breathing treatment in a minute. Yes no air and no sleep make s me mad, and panic. He left me sitting there said he would be back in a "while." I left. I am so upset. I was scared about this and he didn't even help me, or even talk to me about it. Front desk lady was nice. She should be the nurse, and he should go be a heartless prison guard or a probation officer. That's more his speed.

one day at a time sweet Jesus

I will never go to this hospital again.My daughter was in pain and I was waiting for two hours!!!! for them to attend my daughter, I went to go ask them how much longer it was going to take and the staff said they didnt know how much longer cause they didnt have any rooms, I had to take my daughter and go to St.Luke's hospital and it took them 15 min for them to attend my daughter, I highly recommend to go to St.Luke's

Shawn Pedersen

Leaving 1 star review due to racism and due to the level of service not provided by Shane McIntyre P.A. Issue not resolved but quick to collect $$$ without doing anything for you. Beware.

Jose Perez

Took a friend in today into the emergency room. There was young crowd of 8 of 16-19year olds out side in the parking lot. I tried to let the staff know that there was a problem. I needed to leave very disappointed in some of the staff and especially the security I didn't feel safe. Doctor and some staff were kind and professional. But there has to be a better way to identy a person. Upset and emotional that I can't be with my friend. Car is damage with scratch's but all I can think about is my friend.

debra brown

Some place r better than other love 5 south super nurses

Josh Osborne

terrible service been here for three hours a nd my girlfriend is sleeping when she added tho go home an hour or so ago

Kim Pierson

I recently had a major surgery there. I was beyond impressed with the experience. From the minute we checked in we were so well taken care of and informed.


I'm from out of town, went here for the 1st time. Everyone was so friendly, they take care of you, and they find you what you need to know.

Kyle Nelson

Unbelievable customer service. Not only was my procedure twice as much as the competitor, i was 5 days late paying my bill and they sent me to collections. Never do anything with St. Alphonsus.

Kristi Zubizareta

Worst hospital ever came in for shortness of breath like my doctor told me to go in I go I have wait hourin half to even be seeing then they put me in another waiting room and prescription

Chelsea Nicole

Andrea Stuart

They saved my life a few times, and I wasn’t grateful like I should have been, but I am now. Thank God for Saint Alphonsus.

Gwen Moyle

All ways the best care for your family and the nicest people. God bless you all. Thank you.

aras elbanev

Today is March 4. It has been one year since my mother passed away. She had worked in the ER of St. Al's for 39 years! We found out she had cancer and she was under the care of Karl Schultiess'. (I'm not sure if I'm spelling his name correctly) He was rude, callous,unsympathetic,and indifferent about her care. I'll never forget one of the last times she went to see him. She was very sick from the progression of cancer and it was in the last stages of shutting her liver down. She was so embarrassed to go out in public because she was yellow. She sat with my sister in the room and waited for him to come in. When he did, he made a "joke" about how yellow she was. After the appointment, my sister and my mother cried together. It was hard enough to watch my precious mother die, but Karl Schutiess, made the situation unbearable. Although I really like St. Al's, would NOT recommend anyone see Karl Schultiess. I wouldn't take my dog to him.

Sandy Redfield

Thank you for the wonderful care and concern for my needs when I was in St. Al's recently for serious surgery. Everyone was very kind and my needs were well cared for.

Nate Streeter

I truly hate to give low ratings, but I cannot say they don't deserve it. I've had two separate issues. Provide care and billing. Billing at St al's is a crime. I am currently in collections (going on 3 years now) for FEMALE REPRODUCTIVE SERVICES... I am and have always been a MALE! My insurance has petitioned multiple times, I've called countless times. Always to hear how it's someone else's fault. It's now being blamed on the Dr coding wrong... but no one but her can fix it. Well I know better, but still left multiple messages without response. I am more than willing to pay my bill, but not for false charges, even my insurance company is flabbergasted at the attitudes and resistance they met trying to get this fixed. If you use their service, Expect false billing and celebrate when they get it right... because they will never correct it. The billing department just slightly tops the care I've received by medical staff. Honestly using the word "care" is giving too much credit... this was disheartening. I went in coughing up blood. After an hour wait, my NP found in 2 minutes talking without a physical exam... that it was a body nose. (I had a terrible cough that would rupture inside my windpipe, causing blood to run into my lungs, causing a trouble smell and miserable feeling) She sent me for a nasal scope. There was no blood found in my sinuses of course, since it wasn't a nose bleed. The nose Dr instead found my sinuses are too small for me to breathe and felt I should schedule an appointment for surgery..??? I was an athlete in my 20s, running miles daily, racing for years with these same small passages. I somehow still breathe fine through them, I felt this was very irrelevant care... again. I was sick, coughing up blood and no one listened. I left and went home, and eventually recovered. A WEEK after my visit the NP called and left a message... "to check on me since she just noticed my visit was for coughing up blood". She flat out ignored and argued with me about my symptoms... then when finally charting a week later, she noticed why I was there. Great care indeed. I did not return her call, as I had nothing good to say to her. I would not have left these reviews, but for the fact that I feel powerless... I've been turned into a harassing credit collections company for what has now grown to 130$... all because they refuse to do their job correct.

M R Eyes

Was just there a few days ago when my wife had a mild heart attack. Two nights and two stents later she was released. We will be having a Happy Thanksgiving this year due to the diligence of the staff at St Als.

Daya Brown

Honestly I've been here before for my brother for a surgery and it was fine but I went back because my younger brother was going to be admitted for a behavioral hospital for kids and we where there since 14:30 and we got back into a room and waited there until 20:30!! And no one came in and talked to us. We where told a social worker would be there at 16:30 and waited until 18 to be told we are next but still didn't talk to anyone. We told the head nurse and nurses we are leaving with a psych patient. No one stoped us no one did anything. This place doesn't care, they didn't help us at all. I probably won't ever come back to this hospital. The ER staff don't care, they acted like everything was fine and rather sit in little offices and stare at computer screens and talking to each other instead of trying to help us.

Bradie Olivera

In 2014 I chose this hospital to have my baby at. Worst decision in my life!!! First of all very poor patient care when I had to be induced 3 weeks early the staff made me feel very uncomfortable, then my doctor who promised me she would be there to deliver my baby instead went he to pull weeds instead and when it was time to push I had to wait 20 minutes for her to show up. Then after delivery they told me all the placenta was removed and let me go home even though I was still bleeding excessively. For the next 3weeks I was constantly calling them telling them I'm still bleeding way more than normal and all they did was sent in medicine for me to go pick up at 2 a.m. finally I went in for my check up and they ended up deciding they didn't get all the placenta and I would have to go in for a d&c to get the rest........well the doctor who performed that was way too rough in doing so that she burst a blood vessel and so yes I continued to bleed and ended up having to have a hysterectomy and almost a blood transfusion and I had extremely low iron due to all this for about 4 months!!!! I recommend st. Luke's all the way!!! STEER CLEAR OF THIS PLACE

Heather W

Had to wait 1 1/2 hours for my diabetic mother to get an ultrasound. She had to fast (not good for a diabetic) which in turn put off her taking her medications for cholesterol, high blood pressure, and diabetes. In what world should you make a 72 year old stoke patient with diabetes skip breakfast only to put her off for a simple ultrasound? Avoid St. Al's whenever possible.

Janelle Allen

Had a family member go in to major surgery released him went back due to pain and then was told a doctor would be coming in and never did....if you can avoid going there I recommend that....

reyna Linares

Mejor hospital muy considerados excelente doctors enfermeras

Devina Orellana

This review has nothing to do about Dr.Ressing. He was amazing, very nice and I had total comfort with him being me doctor. He really cares. However, the management staff and his assistant were very unprofessional. Kacey and Laurel made it so hard to get an answer. When first making an apt on the phone Kacey told me the apt would cost 152.50 and I agreed to make the apt. After my apt with him she charges me what she told me the price was going to be and everything was fine. The next week I get a bill for an additional 80$. Day 1 I called Kasey and was told by receptionist she would call me back after she was done with her client and I never got a call back. Day 2 I call back and get ahold of kacey who says she will talk to her supervisor Laurel and call me back that day. The same day I call back after 3 hours of no call and now they are closed. Day 3 I call Kasey again and she says there is nothing she can do for me so I ask if I could speak to her manager Laurel and she transfers me to her. Laurel said she would figure out why the appointment was coded differently and why I was charged additional amount. That she would call me back the next day. Day 4 it's 3 o'clock and still no call so I called her and I'm told he will call me back once she's done with a client. I said ok and 5 o'clock came around and no call so I call again and now she's with another client and I am told I will get a call tomorrow first thing in the morning. Day five and no call by 2 so I call and I finally get to Laurel and She told me there's nothing she can do for me. I am very upset with how all this went down especially because I really enjoyed the doctor however I am kind of glad because I didn't end up getting stuck having to deal with them through the whole process. $80 doesn't sound out like a lot but I was told one price and when I call I am told that I am responsible and that the price they gave me was an estimate that can change. I canceled all my future appointment because if I have to, five days in a row call over one appointment then it's way to much and it is ridiculous. I would recommend to stay away again not from Dr.Ressing but all else involved.

Austin Youngflesh

Steven Von Flue waisted my time lying to me saying I dont have anything wrong with my heart and I'm perfectly fine. Claimed I was in there for anxiety..... he never realized i have an actual heart condition. Sorry to say but if you're a medical "professional" you wouldnt make those assumptions. Other than that my doctor Louie Beech was great very honest and straight to the point

For 5

Had a surgery done here. The pre-admission nurse wasn't warm or friendly the way you'd hope a nurse should be. The surgery went smoothly, and the surgeon was great but the nurses were something else. I woke up from surgery to two young nurses staring at me. One told me I sleep weird, and they both chuckled. I asked, "How so?" and she said, "It's nothing." I was embarrassed and had no idea what to be embarrassed about. They both reeked of cigarettes. I was relieved it was an outpatient procedure and I wouldn't have to deal with them long term. I've always gone to St Luke's in the past, and they always have the best nurses there.

Michael Shipley

The docks are not designed for big rigs but the shipping/receiving Dept was extremely helpful in getting my truck in to an old school lifting dock.

cait hone

I was told my account was put on hold for 30 says so I could send in a financial application. Barely a month later and I’m getting calls from a debt collector? I thought my account was on hold and they never sent me anything about it being active again either. I have been making payments when I can and they havent got the decency to at least let me know what’s going on. Apparently they’re just money hungry.

Duane Johnston

Everything takes a referral which of course takes weeks, then if they think you're worthy of treatment you get an appointment that is weeks at least or months to actually see a doctor who will refer you to see someone else and you guessed it the whole process starts over. You will probably die before you get to see someone but they will pat themselves on back over the great care you recieved!

Dawson Nielsen

They treat there patients like crap. My girlfriend goes in not feeling good and they didn't do anything for her to help we just waited 3 hours for nothing but to get told to go to our Family doctor witch we don't have yet because we just moved here. Can't stand people that work in the medical field and don't care to treat people right. I wouldn't recommend to come this hospital ever.

Colleen Malone

Staff are really nice and doctors are through

Rose Gempler

ER well my visit was very disappointing I had Cardiac problems during stay Staff kept ignoring my high BP very disappointing Im a Nurse for 38 years but I will not recommend.this Hospital very disappointed

Teresa Siow

99% highly satisfied with care given to my mothet

Kerri Schulte

This place is a joke. Unprofessional, disorganized and unethical services. They seem to have a small town mentality and are unable to adequately meet the needs of their patients. Their staff lack basic communication skills and struggle to effectively schedule appointments. When going in for an appointment the waiting room had 20+ people with no where to sit. Then not enough exam rooms to see the over scheduled appointments. I would skip the medical services in Boise and go else where. Maybe Seattle.

Azucena Esquivel

Exelentes enfermeras de maternidad... muy cariñosas y comprensibles sin duda con mucha experiencia y profesionalismo.. estoy muy contenta y agradecida por el servicio que resibí yo y mi bebe.

Shon Brunelli

Saint Alphonsus gave me a brain injury and its doctors and lawyers lied about it. The hospital never charted a 10X change in my IV. No moral compass!

LisaMichelle S

My husband went in with chest pain. They immediately determined he had suffered a small heart attack. This was not only petrifying to me but my entire family. I had lots of questions, but no one was available to answer. The procedure, angioplasty was to last 1 hour and after 2 1/2 hours I was climbing the walls. I went to his room only to be met by the least empathetic nurse, Susan, who couldn't look me in the eye to tell me what was happening but casually said "oh he had one, two or maybe even three blockages, so he was taken to intervention" I barely could compose myself to understand what she was saying. She told me to go to the waiting room and the doctor would come out to talk to me when he was done, so I just needed to wait...So scary, so rude and so frustrating. I couldn't believe what I was hearing, and I wanted to scream!! Fortunately, my husband was fine, but for those few hours I had no idea what was happening...I know that this is their job, and to them it's an everyday occurrence, but to me this is my husband, my best friend and father to my children, a little compassion and explanation would have been appreciated.

Gabriella Quijano

Amy Iris

I will NEVER use St. Alphonsus' s services again. I have used their ER services on several occasions and had gone to one of their family doctor's for a few years. After each visit, I have never not had an issue. They continually bill my insurance incorrectly, or not at all, they have sent my bills to my mother without my consent, thus breaking my privacy rights, and are extremely unhelpful when I have attempted to resolve these issues. I would give them a zero star if I could because I have never had a good experience with them. Do yourself a favor and go to St. Luke's.

Irene l

T Childers

Very nice facility, they pay attention to each patient as if it were a small town Hospital. They worked on my dad and he's doing great!

ky guyz

I had imaging done and the staff were cold and aloof. The tall gentleman running the MRI made me feel like I was a bother to him. He rushed the procedure and shewed me out the door. Will not be using this hospital again.

Stephanie Scott

Not sure what he is but B. Hamilton is the worst, no patient empathy....he is either a PA or Nurse Practitioner. No way would I ever suggest someone go to him and if they did I would tell them to run, fast. Maybe he needs to be on the receiving line of poor health care, maybe then he would realize how it feels to be talked down to!!

Sarah Kelley

Best experience I have had with any place healthcare related. People were very pleasant, competent, and caring. I had surgery on my shoulder at the day surgery center. They made it a breeze. I felt so cared for! I would and will recommend them to everyone I know.

Fernando Mariscal

Thanks for caring for the lady we didn’t know. We’re a few friends with a guest who took a concerning amount of pills from a prescription bottle with her name. Claiming it was normal, the lady showed all symptoms of overdose. As we don’t “Pop Pills” we were alarmed. Upon arriving, the first question presented was, “Ok, what are you guys on!?” As we’re in wide eyed panic, we are Stunned and confused as we aren’t the ones on the gerni. Immediately we are interrogated with stern faces after a waki call in, putting the overdoes to recess. Isn’t there a guide sheet? “Your friend is gunna be okay, might be a mild overdose. You guys did the right thing. What drugs is she on. She have any ID on her? Medical prescriptions? Because I’m certain there’s a policy. DBs: Admin blond and dark beard with glasses.

Don Petersen

Day surgery was wonderful and the best experience I have had in a Hospital from check in to check out. All the staff and nurses including the Physician were the best.

Dustin Tatum

Hands down the worst medical facility I’ve been too. Shattered my collarbone and dislocated my shoulder on a Saturday, was told I had to wait till Monday to see a specialist. Called Monday and they said she was working all weekend and was off the next two days. Went in to finally be seen Wednesday and spent 45 minutes in the waiting room then another hour and 45 minutes in the exam room being completely ignored and not updated. Finally an assistant, not the doctor told me he wants to see if it will heal on his own and said I shouldn’t be snowboarding after thirty years old. Didn’t even get to talk to a doctor. Got a second opinion from the shoulder clinic and they actually took new X-rays and found a lot more problems and had me in surgery the following day. I would have been permanently damaged and limited had I listen to the staff at St Als. Really let down by so called professionals as I was never treated like a customer or a patient that matters. Even the info desk person was irritated that I didn’t know where the office was and made it clear it was inconvenient for him to draw a map because he was busy on his cell phone.

Fizzy Pop

Not what I would expect. Not happy. I recently moved from Utah, and this place was far from par. They can't treat burns? All they needed was a simple antibiotic ointment, and they made me get something that was $150. I had to drive back to Utah to fix my severe burn. Saint Lukes is the place to go.


Worst experience ever!! Had to fight the drs and nurses every step of the way to get my mom the help she needed because they wouldn’t read her chart. They discharged her before she was healthy enough to leave and she was right back in the hospital again less than a week later. If that wasn’t bad enough we had an encounter with the ER dr and his bedside manner was horrific! We went to St Luke’s after all that and they were amazing!!

Tena Smith

If You Was Adopted and born at Saint Alphonsus Hospital born either 1/24/60 or 1/26/60 and 1/24/61 or 1/26/61 born with names Patrick William And Timothy Scott Smith.... Birth Mom Sharon Smith. If anyone knows these men please let them know they have family looking for them...


I really love this hospital! Everyone there is so wonderful and talented! Thank you to everyone who worked graveyard in the er yesterday and helped my infant with her difficulty in breathing and high fever. I am forever grateful ❤️

Felicia Luna


Maggie Hodges

They are not willing to work with patients on payments. charged me over 1200 dollars for a 4 hour emergency room visit while I was bleeding with my first pregnancy. They told me they didn't know what was going on and sent me on my way. Thanks. Then sent me to collections without even sending me billing statements. Way to ruin my credit... now I have to wait even longer to get a house for my son.

Natalie Pittenger

I was in town on business and had to have an emergency appendectomy. The staff was wonderful! I cannot emphasize that enough. Not once did I ask a question and have it go unanswered, or have a request go ignored. Everyone from the front desk at the emergency room all the way to my floor nurses were just fabulous. It was so refreshing to be surrounded by people who made a potentially stressful experience a delight.

mary delia

I’m a patient on the rehabilitation Ward I had back surgery. Everybody has been wonderful with me PT and OT have worked with me and have a lot of patience long as they are patient with me and not pushy with me I’m OK . Other staff and nursing and Cnc have been wonderful


I was given several Xrays at St. Alphonsus following injury to a titanium implant in my neck. One of the screws had broken and clearly migrated out of the device and was close enough to compromise my aorta (which would've let to quickly bleeding to death). The Radiologist report did not even mention the broken screw and said everything was find. Fortunately I got a look at the actual Xray as did a hospital worker... it was blatantly evident to both of us that the screw had backed nearly half way of the hole. I had to repeatedly talk to the surgeons and get them to look at it and do something, rather than merely listen to the incompetent Radiologist reports. Finally they admitted the broken screw left me in imminent dangers and they performed surgery in short order, removing the broken piece, but unable to get the piece out that was broke off inside. St. Al's Risk department said they would follow up with a board review of the Radiologist, but the patient (me), was not entitled to know the results of their investigation or disciplinary action. What that says about their lack of integrity can only leave fear in the minds of potential patients that might follow... if your life isn't at risk before they treat you, it might likely be so afterwards. Caution... DEMAND to see YOUR Xrays with your Surgeon, their Radiologists are bogus. and not just at St. Al's

Paul Cavigliano

This comment is directed at the cafeteria: Great breakfast. Unfortunately, the imbecile in charge ends breakfast at 10am to start lunch. WHO THE HELL EATS LUNCH AT 10:30!?!? Only bagels and donuts from 10:00-10:30 Breakfast should be served till at LEAST 11. Nothing worse then arriving at 9:50am and the staff are already clearing out the breakfast items. If it wasn't for this one inconsistency, I would rate at 5 stars. MORONS..... Actually, I should say moron, as in the guy in charge, Hal, you know who you are.

Lonnie Virginia Archuleta Shaw

Phyllis Hogston

I give it a 5 star because they were the most friendly place. Security officer was amazing.

Matt Marshall

Very rude staff. Felt like they didn't want to take care of me. Super long wait time for doctor when no one was there. Will never be returning for any reason

Jeri Turner

My husband and I have had several experiences at St Als. All of our experiences have been positive. Especially when my husband had massive blood clots in both lungs. They saved his life. At one point, when he was in distress, the staff literally ran to care for him. Once that immediate crisis passed, his nurse stood at his bedside, watching him sleep, to make sure he was alright. She stood there for a good ten minutes. As busy as nurses are at St. Als and at all hospitals, this was above and beyond the call of duty. This was "Tender Loving Care." St. Als also saved my life as well. The other thing I'm impressed with is that when either my husband or I are referred to a doctor besides our primary doctor, the doctor we're referred to has all of our records so we don't have to remember our histories. It's very convenient and makes us feel well cared for. We've both received excellent care and wouldn't think of going anywhere else.

Idaho Flyboy

بغداد الحبيبة

waiting for emergency room in the lobby for 45minutes

Roxann Newcomb

It was horrible and still is. There is zero customer service, but lots of fraud. They had to correct a bill and finally after numerous calls, I received a corrected bill. I paid this immediately on their website along with another payment for a different date of service. I received email confirmations of my 2 separate payments. Then they sent me another bill with the amount raised back up to reflect the incorrect amount. They took my 2 separate payments and combined them into one for that date of service they raised back up after I paid. Now they have turned me into collections even though I have all the proof showing corrected statements and payments. I've tried contacting Mandy, the billing supervisor, but she won't get back to me!

Rebecca Wegener

My wife was in rehab after her accident and had excellent care. She has had many surgeries since and each time has had excellent care. Love this hospital.

Kaydee Mulligan

1 star is too much credit for them, if I could choose none I would. My 1 month old daughter passed away in the care of Dr Oyfemi in the NICU. I DO NOT RECOMMEND THIS HOSPITAL. She was very unconcerned and left home not even minutes after my daughters passing.

Xiaofeng Fan

Dr. Scott Shappard serves as both a family physician and OBS. He is very friendly. Talking to him in the annual wellness check is like talking to a colleague, neighbor and friend.

Wanda Wilson

DO NOT GO!!! With no insurance, I thought it was my only option to get care, but they did absolutely nothing... I went in with severe back pain that had been going on for 4 months and finally was seeking help after trying every other method. Only to be turned away with nothing and a huge bill... no empathy and no solution... finally went to a regular clinic (family medicine) that got me in right away and provided quality care with xrays, pain management and a referral for more exams and testing... I understand that the pain seems impossible to bear for even 1 more night but trust me it's worth waiting and will save you money...

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