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REVIEWS OF Portneuf Medical Center IN Idaho

Champ__gaming420 240

Great staff!

Shirleys Hawk

I can’t believe all the bad-mouth reviews. PMC is an excellent hospital whose staff has never been anything but caring during different family members stays. They were personable and efficient during my son’s last visit. They were extremely patient with his frequent “nurse button calling” to ask for coffee or blankets for his Mom. Lol. Keep up the good work PMC!

Terry Newsom

In the last 6 months I have had 2 of my children in your center. You saved both of their lives. I cannot express enough how grateful I am for everyone who works their. Your staff which include everyone we dealt with were EXCELLENT! Thank you !Thank you! So grateful!

David Elbrader


karen swallow

No one knows what they are doing. The doctors don't even tell the nurses what's going on. The patient has to tell each person that comes in the room what is happening. Still absolutely no care. I will never go there again. Worst care ever! After looking through the reviews I am shocked that so many people have had the same lack of care at this hospital. The numbers speak volumes. More 1 stars than anything else. That is a big problem, apparently this has been going on for awhile.

Jay Van Etten

I went into the ER for kidney stones, and after 4 tries with the IV they finally got it in my hand even though the nurse and doctor both did not like how it was inserted. During the CT scan the IV comes out. A couple days later I had pain in my arm and a nurse I know said to go again because I may have infection and or blood clot, so I went to the ER again and the nurse and doctor both have X ray vision and rudely said that was not the case. That night I went to Bingham memorial hospital in Blackfoot where they performed blood work and ultrasound finding that I did have a blood clot, damage to the vein. After was all said and done my wife tried calling to talk about being billed for all of the mal practice procedures and nobody could care nor talk to her. To bad I had to give 1 star to give this review. If you need a hospital go to BINGHAM MEMORIAL, BLACKFOOT IDAHO

Bill Russell

Sister-in-law had her baby here and the staff and Physicians do not practice up-to-date best evidence research when caring for their moms and babies. Staff was awful and pushy. My sister after delivery had to go be treated and Blackfoot for her preeclampsia because they did not treat her appropriately according to guidelines.

Garrett Critchfield

I have been impressed by the quality of care given at Portneuf Medical Center each time I have been there, once for a personal surgery, and the other for the birth of my first child. The nurses are great and the physicians actually care enough to take the time to ensure their patients are being properly taken care of. With that being said, the billing has been a nightmare. The billing center has been outsourced to Texas and I have had nothing but problems with being billed correctly. To make matters worse, the customer service representative each tell me something different until I have my insurance company contact them to finally achieve progress in resolving the issue. Overall, this facility and the employees are great, the billing process however has been frustrating, inaccurate, and time consuming. I wold have given a 4 star review, but because this billing issue has been going on for over 4 weeks I decided to knock off another star. *Update* As you can see somebody responded to my message wanting to help. I sent an email the same day and haven't heard anything back in 3 weeks. I don't know about any of you, but that just tells me they really don't care. I was able to get this solved, but only because I got my insurance to call and hound them on it for about two weeks.

Emma Hollaway

They treatment was really good with my heart cheakups

Otis Hawks

Recived excellent care here

brooke cutler

Took my baby in with a 104.3 fever and shaking uncontrollably. By the time we reached the hospital (it's approx a 20 min drive) her fever was down to 101.6 and the shaking had stopped. Nonetheless we waited approximately 2 hours before being called back then about another 20 to 30 min in our room and the only person that came in was to take vitals but she didn't bother to check my daughters temp. Which concerned me. But whatever I'm not a doctor. I ended up standing outside the room to flag someone anyone down. Asked if her temp had been taken when they took vitals the nurse said no so I asked politely if she would mind doing that simple routine check for me. She did. Babies temp was down a little more. So I told the nurse we were just going to go. She asked if the doctor had been in to talk to us yet I said no you are the first person I've talked to since arrival. She said ok you can leave if you want. I told her thank you and yes we do. We gathered up and left. So aside from that the condition and cleanliness of the hospital was absolutely disgusting. I hesitated even putting my baby on the bed. The floors were nasty cups magazines and trash were all over the place. Tables were sticky. Just gross in general I even watched house keeping walk through with a push broom not even attempting to get any thing swept up. And our room still had garbage on the tray from the previous patient. And also when we arrived and the nurse at the front desk initially took us to fast track or what ever to check babies temp she pulled back the curtain to the room and says Oh!! Oh well it's ok to come in we're just taking her temp. I about fell over. From the second we walked in I was completely disgusted in all aspects. Things have really gone down hill since the closing of bannock memorial and the switch from Pocatello regional medical center to portneuf. Sadly!!!

Kristina Perkes

Regina Lipshin

Why don't you just look at all the negative reviews. This hospital should be under investigation. They are literally killing people. The emergency treats you like you are an inconvenience to them by being there, even if you can need a wheel chair to make it to the front desk. They don't listen to your concerns and you will honestly leave feeling worse than you came. Between the insensitive doctors who think they know more about what your feeling than you do, to the nurses who roll their eyes and don't have sympathy. Go anywhere else, and I mean anywhere. My cousin was turned away after bleeding while pregnant then she went to Blackfoot and was rushed into emergency surgery. She had an ectopic pregnancy and would have died within hours if she would have trusted portneufs instructions to go home. Please reconsider.. their responses to the negative reviews are literally the same word for word, and sound like an answering machine. Goes to show how much they care, they still get their paycheck.

Brittney Ceci

This place is horrible. I'll be going to Bingham from here on out. And you should too.

heather liljenquist

HORRIBLE NIGHTMARE, I think that I would rather die then go back there to their rude, lazy staff. They are awful people up there. You can tell they hate their jobs, but I would too if I worked for a greedy place like that. Waited 4 hours to get my weak unfed grandmother in for her surgery. I am embarrassed that this hospital is in my town.

Skylar Elquezabal

If I could give you no stars I would. Let me start off by sayin when I was diagnosed with gallstones you guys were absolutely fantastic. However, these past few times have been HORRIBLE. Not only was I lied too but my life was put in danger. I found out very early when I was pregnant. Everything was great until I started having a lot of pain. I went to that hospital 3 times and had gotten 3 ULTRASOUNDS and every time I was reassured that it was normal pain. Well it wasn’t until I had my OB do an ultrasound and found out that my baby had implanted into my right tube. Now please tell me why your licensed radiologists and doctors cannot tell the difference between a Fallopian tube and a uterus? It wasn’t until one night my tube was on the verge of bursting and I was in EXCRUCIATING pain that they then took me serious. I had to tell them many times I have an ectopic pregnancy and they didn’t believe me until they called my OB who was on call thankfully and I had surgery that same night. In all reality this should have been caught the very first ultrasound. And if not AT LEAST the second one. You put me through so much unneeded and unwanted stress you caused me my physical pain. The surgery I had to have could have been prevented but instead your doctors and radiology department had better things to do and pushed my concerns to the side.

Tori Saez

Angela Johnston

Kenya Anderson

I live in Pocatello but I'd much rather drive to all the way to Blackfoot to go to there hospital this Hospital sucks! Their employees don't know how to communicate their Rude the nurses are rude the only thing I like are the doctors and they need new people working with them so It don't make them look bad.

Anna Self

The serive we recieved was fine but the billing system is so messed up. We never received and bill ever from them. Six months later I have a collection company calling me. Very unprofessional if you can't even get bills to people how can you do anything else right ?!

Tiffany Hohman

My grandma recently fell and broke her hip. At any age this is a frightening experience for all involved. My grandma is 91. I am super impressed with Dr. Miller and his surgical team! Dr. Miller was friendly, personable, informative, and an excellent surgeon!! So many of his team were cheerful faces without names and that was very much appreciated. Im sorry I dont remember your names. Thank you Jeremy the anesthesiologist who lightened the mood and eased my fears during pre-surgery questioning. The ISU medical team was attentive and caring from admit to hospital discharge. Dr. Sterner and the other young man that was with him when they came to admitting were so compassionate and attentive through-out the entire experience. Theresa the night nurse was a superstar! Helpful, kind, considerate, and just fantastic! Brandi was also kind, and so helpful. Sophia was ray of sunshine each meal she brought to grandma. Everyone I named was so kind, friendly informative and patient with my questions.These staff were excellent and made a hard experience tolerable. I can tell they really like their job and enjoy helping people. Thank you for your hard work, diligence and compassion !! Warning to the ER nurse, you have to ask before giving a shot. Tetanus or otherwise. You dont just give a shot and then tell people about it. You gave my grandma a tetanus- diptheria shot with out permission from my grandma or myself. That is not ok. She and one other nurse on the 3rd floor (post surgery) are the only reason for the 4 gold stars instead of 5. The good eggs far exceeded the bad and I am grateful for that.

Corine Kingzio

The worst hospital experience in my life......Well, the ER department sucks big time..Yes I know it can be busy at times but you need to make sure patients are not in pain while waiting almost 3 hours in the ER..... I just hate that they make you wait so long and you can hear the nurses outside your door having a pow wow. And not checking up on you....Am not saying the whole hospital is bad..just a very bad experience with the ER department......I hope someone can fix it.


Such a great hospital.

Bart Gardner

Great hospital!

Keven Thomas

I love the experience on taking care of my wife and child I have had, my first born here and they did a tremendous job caring for my wife

Kathi Cook

Was the worst hosiptal, I have ever had the misfortune, to have to go to. Would never take anyone I love, to this messed up place. The Dr wouldn't believe anything my children told them about me. They gave me a MRI when they shouldn't have, because of my pacemaker which my children told them about which they didn't believe. I would give this hospital a -10.

tracy cree

I have been to the E.R (graveyard shift) several times for both my babies, a couple of those times the nurses were rude and treated my family with such disrespect when we were polite, calm, and cooperative as can be even though our baby was miserable it was a horrible experience. Just glad my baby is okay in the end and glad to be out of the E.R away from rude nurses and doctors. I had both my babies delivered there and that was a whole different experience i loved portneuf when it came to delivering my babies there. BEWARE THE EMERGENCY ROOM.

Jennifer Bascom

Portneuf has always taken great care of me and my family. I have a history of mental illness and they always treat me with respect, wether it's in the ER or their Behavioral Health Unit. Thank you Portneuf for your care and compassion. 10/10 would reccomend.

Randal Slutz

It is unfortunate that there are so many bad reviews. Portneuf is by no means as bad as portrayed in the many ultra negative reviews. I feel compelled to offer my own experiences. Three years ago, I was in a severe motorcycle accident which crushed 2 vertebrae and caused permanent damage to my spinal cord, leaving me as a total paraplegic. The neurology team put me back together by inserting two rods into my spine to hold everything in place. I spent 3 weeks in ICU and the care of the doctors and nurses was absolutely superlative! They also recommended that I go to Craig Hospital in Denver for rehabilitation. This was a recommendation with the best interests of the patient in mind. Craig is one of the top three hospitals in the country for spinal cord injury and it was the absolute best place to go for rehab for my injury. I could write several more paragraphs of my experiences with wound care and urology which are both stellar but I don't believe most people would read that far. Portneuf, as any other hospital, may not be perfect but it deserves far better reviews than the majority of what is written here. Thank You, Portneuf!!

Kim Shorten

Sandy Lee

My father was admitted to the ICU at PRMC on Monday, April 22, 2019. As a family, we were very impressed with the hospital and the critical care staff for their compassion, respect and knowledge. The hospital was very clean, modern, and the food in the cafeteria was very good. We were all very impressed. Although the outcome wasn’t what we were hoping for, we throughly appreciated the care, and knowledge of the doctors and staff. As a family we complied with my father’s advanced care directive, of “comfort care”, the kitchen staff provided us with beverages and we were apprised of his progress. Thank you to Pocatello Regional Medical Center, critical care nursing staff, doctors and others who supported our family during this difficult time.

Lexi White

Harold Carey Jr

Went there to visit a friend. The nurses were very helpful. Receptionist also were very friendly.

Michael Hodges

Instead of going here especially the emergency room, consider saving money while receiving the same care by staying home. I went there for serious pain and with bloody puking that came out of nowhere, and after 3 hours and a single test (blood) they said we dont know what's wrong but you're not dying and discharged me

ken barker

We went to the emergency room a week ago. We had Blue Cross of Idaho health Insurance. We saw a doctor from Rocky Mountain Physician Group who admitted us to the hospital. Total time we saw that doctor was less than 5 minutes. The bill: $1760.00. Just for that one doctor. Now that does not cover the ER, other doctors, or anything else. Just to see one doctor.

Hans Gunter

The billing is atrocious, and the waiting time are through the roof. IT's faster to drive to Blackfoot or Idaho Falls than to be seen there.

Kenzie Lewis

I took my friend to this ER today. He told the nurse he was at 10/10 pain and she proceeded to be very slow. Someone who is in 10/10 pain shouldn't have to sit through a new nurse getting taught how to do an IV. The service was slow when he needed immediate care. Won't be returning.

Debbie Simpkins

My mother was recently in ICU in this hospital and the nursing staff in that area of the hospital was good, night shift was fabulous! Thanks josh, Doug, kody, and Luke you guys make that floor thanks for your wonderful care. But CV floor could take some lessons.

Yvonne Rodriguez

Veronica Garcia

Curtis Cameron

The staff and cardiologists, simply put, saved my father's life.. Very comfortable rooms and professional treatment overall. Very happy with everything!

Jocelyn Freeman

They did not bill my insurance when I was a patient there, even though I gave them the number and information. They didn't even try.

Pat Hill

DON'T use their ER! The Employees are GREAT! But, they are way understaffed. The people are wonderful and do the best with what they can. I think the nurses, aids, doctors, etc, are wonderful!!! They are understaffed and the ER is a dangerous nightmare. Doc told me to go to ER for blood in stool. Took 8 hr in ER to be told to keep my previously made appointment for colonoscopy. The hard gurney triggered my Ankylosing Spondylitis. The bight lights triggered a migraine. The stress triggered a lupus flare. I was much sicker when I left there, than when I went in. Eight hours was ridiculous. We were there for the full 8 hr. Two full hours in waiting room and 6 full hours on hard gurney. I won't go to that ER again, unless I am unconscious and in ambulance. However, I would go there for other things, surgeries, etc. All floors appear to be understaffed. But, they are understaffed with very good people.


The collections company they use, outsource receivables, is abusive. A hospital should be ashamed to work with thugs like them.

Anas Alghamdi

Doctor monro was making fun of me cuz i dont have money and my SAUDI GOV have stoped paying for me.....ill take to court

Lori Rieck

I recently brought my 8 month old in to the ER because her face was swelling from an ear infection. She had an upcoming appt with an ENT to get tubes in. She had had amoxicillin, augmentin, and FOUR recefin shots since this ear infection started in JANUARY. I didn't want her to have anymore antibiotics. So I go to the ER thinking they should call their on call ENT to get tubes in her ears since she's not responding to antibiotics and the infection is now spreading to her face! The PA gives her drops. She wouldn't get someone to put tubes in. A 15 min procedure. I know there has to be someone on call for stuff like that. If she has any kind of hearing loss or speech delay due to not getting the tubes in in time Portneuf will be to blame.


I can't believe I have to give them 1 star to share my experience with them. It was horrible and that is no lie. Worst hospital ever and dumbass doctors and nurses as well that don't know what the hell they're doing. I will not be returning

Caitlin Irick

TERRIBLE! I'll admit, there are a few doctors that care about their patients, but they just want you out and/or don't really care if you're hurt to be honest unless you threaten to sue them! I've experienced (Seen/watched) and heard so many bad things about them... Only come here if you need to.

Holly Borgholthaus

Nice people and great facility! :)

Reyna Latimore

Moses T Collier Jr

Helpful staff, took care of my family. For a large hospital, good service.

EC Stilson

I have worked for Portneuf for the past three years--the compassion and care shown to patients makes me very proud to work here. I came from the University of Utah and am happy to see that so many of the core patient-centered goals align from that organization to ours. Additionally, I recently had a surgery at PMC and was so impressed by everyone who helped me. You can tell the employees--and all of the medical staff--really care about the patients.

meshatri alangari

The ER is the worst ER I have ever seen, they just want your money and give you wrong medication, if you think going to the ER , prepare for waiting 2 hrs at least to see the dc

Tom Jensen

I had to go in for several surgeries and that turned out to be the easier part. I have Liberty Health Share and it's like pulling teeth to get Portneuf to work with them. Liberty Health Share negotiates with hospitals for a lower price so they can ensure cheaper rates for it's members. The hospital has sent several of my bills to collections instead of negotiating with my insurance. Other hospitals work great with liberty healthshare with no problems. I'll have to be close to dead before I'm going back to Portneuf.

Austin Jensen

Horrible medical provider. You're always hearing about their misdiagnosis, some actually cost people their lives. me personally with my own experience I was left in wet bandages after my surgery because they wouldn't change them after my shower, I had a nurse not sterilized my IV location, and being ignored on my pain medications, I mean he'll I almost died on the hospital bed while they were walking in and out trying to figure out what was wrong with me. I highly recommend going to Bingham memorial in Blackfoot or mountain view hospital in Idaho falls. Medical Care is already expensive might as well spend your money on people that will actually fix you properly.

Batman Conway

Amanda Hasenoehrl

How many beds do u have


They got the informational part of my referral with my name, birthday, etc, but not the referral itself. Instead of calling my doctor they sat on it for about two weeks until I called and had it all figured out. Get my ultrasound today and am told I'd hear back from the radiologist about my results. Come to find out when I called Portneuf, they said I'd have to come to the records department and get them myself. Hmmm. "Oh well we usually mail them and it will take about 48 hours, or you can call your doctor and we can fax it to them" really? Talk about incompetent.

Rook VanderLinden

Alex Rodriguez

Aimee Bozeman

Most people are quick to post bad commentary, but more often than not, the people who had a good experience will forget to commend a place/service. However, I cannot speak more highly of the treatment I received in the ER this past Tuesday night. Every single staff member (check-in desk, PA, nurses, x-ray technician, etc.) was absolutely wonderful. I came in for sprained ankle, so nothing in need of immediate attention. However, every single person who entered the room treated me with the utmost care and concern. The nurse, and nursing student who was with him, were so kind and caring. I was offered snacks, drinks, popsicles, ice for my ankle, and a blanket. The PA was not only knowledgable, but he continued to check on me and reassure me while awaiting the x-rays. The x-ray technician was very careful in positioning my foot so I wouldn't be in pain. I have been in emergency rooms before where I felt like just another patient to check off and get out the door. Here, I felt genuine care, and the staff clearly took pride in their work. Amazing experience, and I would recommend them to anyone.

Bill Hoyt

Took 3+ years to straighten out an emergency billing. This is a prime example of a "for profit" hospital with locations all over the country and the subsequent lack of communication skills. Wait until Obamacare kicks in - we ain't seen anything yet.


Got charged over 500$ for two, half hour speech therapy sessions for a 2 yr old... literally... after insurance it was brought down to 465$.... Portneuf couldn't care less about the community or their patients.

kasia mordecai

I went in with severe pain in my stomach, and it turned out that my gallbladder needed emergency removal surgery. They were efficient at diagnosing my condition, the staff was friendly, and the food was excellent.

Curtis Evans

My son had to get stitches and we took him to the ER to have it done. The care and attention that we received was very good. They took my insurance card and called the insurance for the coverage amount (in network) . They came back to me before we left and had me pay my responsible amount. A couple weeks later I got a letter in the mail from "Rocky Mountain Physician" (which I assume is some medical group) basically stating that the individual (Physician's Assistant) that provided the medical care isn't covered under my insurance and I'm responsible for an additional $1040! How can a hospital be considered in network but the medical personnel is not??? I was not given any of this information while I was there! What a joke!

Medic LF

I wish these Bingham trolls would quit telling lies on this site to try and get Patients . Bingham Memorial is a critical Access hospital who is passing themselves off as a full service hospital which they are not however are getting much better reimbursement than either EIRMC or PORTNEUF MEDICAL CENTER. In short they are cheating the system by providing minimal care. Sure there are Physicians from Pocatello and Idaho Falls who practice there because the get paid more from the pseudo critical access Bingham Memorial. Nothing gets done about the situation by the State. Pportneuf has the Best Cardio-Vascular Center in the area. We are very lucky to have a wonderful Cardiovascular Surgeon and Interventionists.

Veldon Foil

Turned me away at the admissions and the billed me over 100 dollars for it, absolutely pathetic, they don't actually want to help anyone just get their money

Amber Frost

Heather Howe

DO NOT go to Portneuf Medical Center's emergency room. We have used Portneuf for years from doctor visits to major surgeries but we are now looking elsewhere. My husband had a procedure there and got an infection 2 days later. We went to the ER. They don't tell you that the doctor's won't participate with Blue Cross insurance. We waited for hours and the kept apologizing because the were so busy and had 2 life flights come in. We understood and were fine with the wait. Well they weren't sorry enough to not charge us during this time. We saw the Doctor for less that 10 minutes. $1700 bill seems outrageous.

Nichole Hemans

This is the best hospital I have ever been to. I delivered my baby girl here and was very happy with every process. All of the nurses and staff members were so nice and helpful. All of our nurses made us feel so comfortable and safe. Megan and Mariah in labor and delivery. Michelle, Mitsy, Kilanni, Janet and intern Rachel in labor recovery. Dr. Bill's was also amazing as the on call doctor and of course our amazing Dr. Whinehold who delivered my baby girl was the best. We will be forever grateful for the wonderful experience this hospital and staff provided us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

Guillermo Raya

Terrible Health 'Care' customer service. Poor billing processing and will call you not even a month later if you owe $31.

Aaron Brantley

Portneuf Medical in general has been very poor. Everything from the medical staff to billing is sub par. I would never recommend this to anyone. I am still receiving bills for procedures I had done 6 months ago.

Jeremy Monroe

Nice staff and friendly doctors, clean and new hospital. The wait time much better than Boise or any of the other places that I have lived

Sarah Stoker

Very displeased with the midwives and their nursing staff. I had to sit and wait for one of the nurses to get off her personal cell phone while she was talking about unimportant information with her mother right in front of me during MY appointment. I guess in her mind that's acceptable behavior and didn't apologize to me. She finally takes my blood pressure and starts gabbing about her and her mom to everyone in the hall. She then gives me a survey to do that she hand wrote my name on, my name wasn't even spelled correctly. i said my name was wrong and she just laughed it off. Every appointment I've had with the midwives only lasts a few short minutes. This is my first pregnancy so i'm nervous, excited, and in unknown waters, i don't know whats normal for a midwife visit, but they ask if i have any questions then send me on my way every time.I thought they were supposed to give more direction more positive vibes more reassurance or at least somewhat of a road map of whats ahead, or things to avoid and things to do for a positive pregnancy. I don't know what questions i'm supposed to ask. I asked 4 weeks ago about prenatal care or classes and birthing info and they just said "oh we do that later on" i'm 20 weeks and would like to know all my options. I asked about prenatal exercise classes or groups and they had no idea and basically said go find out for yourself or ask someone on facebook. Every time i go i feel like i have to talk fast or try to keep them in the room with me because they say "ok see you in 3 weeks" and are gone before im ready to leave. I wanted to have midwives because i thought it meant a more personal and positive experience and i thought it'd be more than just a dr. visit i thought they'd be on this journey with me but instead i feel like they barely see me sitting in front of them. Every time i leave i feel disappointed and let down. I have to turn to the internet for information, or any kind of road map, and positive reassurance. I really hope it gets better, every woman should have a positive pregnancy and dr's or midwives that care and are interested in their patients.

Tyshawn Wright

my sister was in there and they treated her pretty badly and was very rude to her

Anissa Bacon

Brian Brimhall

My wife's delivery of our son was an incredible experience. The staff responded to all problems and concerns quickly. We were treated so well. I would recommend that anyone having a baby at Portneuf will be well taken care of. Thank you, Portneuf!

Kyle Frost

I will definitely go elsewhere for medical treatment. I’ve been here on three occasions, the first I paid for out of pocket. The next two occasions were workman’s comp visits over a year ago. I was under the impression everything was taken care of as I have not received a bill since the incident until today I received a collection letter for $1500. No bill, no phone call just pay us $1500 within 45 days or we’re coming after you. What a joke, have had nothing but problems with the billing department.

Sarah Knapp

Horrible ER care that didn't help the problem at all. We had to go to another doctor afterwards.

Bre Lum

I had my first born here, and I really loved the experience. I was so happy with how friendly everyone on the staff is and how willing they were to help myself and my husband with all our needs. The room was fresh, clean, and comfortable. I actually had my doctor come to do the deliver of the baby, but the doctors on staff were very good. All the nurses loved the birth plan we wrote and even argued over who would get to work with us. My grandfather also had to spend an overnight here. They were great during that time as well. The doctors were very professional. And I really appreciated how they sent in different specialists, like a physical therapist. They had to write several tests on him, and everything was done quickly, which was really nice to not have to wait for hours.

alyssa mcneel

My dad was taken to Soda hospital with stroke like symptoms. They transported his to the Pocatello hospital with concerns of bleeding on the brain. The doctor that saw him Sunday was good but left for a few days. The doctor that took his place has not even been in to check on him or give my family any information on his condition. It is now Tuesday and still nothing. No doctor and no questions answered. This is ridiculous! My dad is over 80 and is not in very good health to begin with. I would never come to hospital.

Michael Constantinoff

I was seen for kidney stones, and my visit in the hospital was great. The staff that treated me and everyone I interacted with was fantastic. My review is due to billing. At no point was I given the option to pay for services on the day they were provided. I did not receive a statement asking for additional payment, I paid the hospital bill after receiving a collection call and was told that the billing was sent to an old address. While at the hospital I updated them with my new address. I then over a month later received an additional collection call be cause the physicians part of the bill was separate. I could have paid it all at once at time of treatment. I could have paid it all at once when I was sent a bill. I could have paid it all at once when I got a call by the first collector. But no, the billing process is so convoluted that none of this seemed reasonable. Now I just hope that I don't get another collection notice tied to this.

Neil Vargason

The worst hospital ever !!!! And then talk about billing issues. Plan on going to collections if you go hear. They are lazy and would rather send everything to collections rather then bill your insurance themselves. Pretty sad when you would rather drive 150 miles to a hospital in Utah.

Mariela Rox

CherRae Helton

I went in a couple years ago to the at and I was very sick and the dr came in and told me the only reason I was crying was because of the tests being ran. Then he walked out. I also was just in there due to not being able to breathe, heart irregularities, ear pain, and Dr Anderson came in within a minute of me being there and listened to my chest and said there is nothing I can do for you, you have the flu. Drink plenty of fluids and lots of rest. It took longer to get initially checked in then it did for the dr to see me. Now it has been 2 days and my lips are so sore from being dehydrated (I have been drinking nothing but water and gatorade). My ear pain is now into my jaw hurts to talk. My eyes are swollen and very sore. I have been taking Tylenol cold and flu, ibuprophen, Theraflu just to help and I am not getting any better. This hospital musy be giving their "dr's" their license to practice from a cracker jack box.

James Stringam

Tyson Anderson

The customer service and billing departments are absolutely atrocious. I’ve never experienced this level of awful service anywhere else. Had to go in for an emergency where they kept me there for over 4 hours just to tell me no one was there to perform the amputation. They gave me the choice of waiting 3 days to have the operation done or They begrudgingly said that a doctor was available In idahofalls ASAP. Then I had a workman’s comp claim I got sent there for and Rocky Mountain physicians group ended up charging me for the visit! All while blaming portnuef. Total nightmare. If I ever have an emergency again I will make the trip to Bingham or ermac.

Christian Joel Hawker

I went in to the ER at 4 in the morning. I told them I had appendicitis because I obviously had appendicitis. It was a no brainer, and I'm not even a doctor. They tested me for every imaginable thing. Even ran tests for STDs. What was I gonna do, say no? I pumped full of morphine. They gave me some liquid to drink for the CT Scan, and I kept throwing it up. The nurse was getting huffy and puffy with me. Maybe she hasn't had appendicitis before, but if she did, she most likely wouldn't have been so damn mean. She was a monster! At 1:00 PM, they finally took me in and ran a CT Scan. Results showed appendicitis. Good job, Portnuef. I'm so grateful you could take your merry-ass time to diagnose the obvious. After surgery, they slapped me with a $26,000 dollar bill. I didn't have health insurance. I was a college student in my last semester and couldn't afford $230 a month for Obama Care, and the company I was working for at the time was going under. I've tried every option to lower the cost: Medicaid, County Assistance, blah blah blah. Now I'm not trying to get out of paying for the surgery. I only want a realistic amount for a same day, out-patient, arthroscopic surgery. $26000 is not a realistic amount. My only option at this point is medical bankruptcy. The one star is out of gratitude for finally completing the surgery. The doctor did a very good job. His name was McKnight, I think. He did an excellent job, and the portion of his work in contrast to the overall bill was very fair. Everything outside of that was very shady, and I'm left disgusted. I take my health very serious, I exercise, and I'm pretty much a hippie when it comes to my diet. Appendicitis is spontaneous, and there is no known cause for it. Life really gave me a low blow, and Portneuf sure had a hay day with my poor luck. My advice is go elsewhere. Good thing you can only get your appendix out once.

Steve Littleford

Dr. Holt is the doctor of the year! He made me breath again with having the best treatment regimen. The R.N I believe is MAXX was great the two work as a team as well with the rest of the staff at Portneuf. I debated and checked out 4 other outpatient care and my husband and I were pleased with the excellent service this hospital has to offer. I am on my way to a great recovery thanks to people who know what there doing. SAVING LIVES From Amelia Littleford

Sheyann Bair

Darla Wyatt

I'm surprised at the other ratings. We were on the 3rd floor ICU. Every nurse my mom saw was exceptional!! They treated her with kindness, respect, love, and patients!! This was the best hospital stay ever for my mom (She is 73) and has had some hospital stays in the past! We will be saying goodbye to eirmc for sure!! NEVER has anybody in our family been treated well at eirmc. Portneuf will be our new hospital from now on!! From the volunteers to the doctors that work there, everything and everyone is exceptional!!

Michelle Muse

Still haven't' heard back from PMC regarding my dads mishap in the ER last year. I just got a notice in the mail regarding our INS. It seems Regence Blue Shield holders are being charged large "surprise" bills because PMC Er Docs. are not in Network. We have been told to seek any care at Bingham Memorial hospital, Easter Idaho Regional Medical Center, Power County Hospital, Caribou Memorial Hospital , Bear Lake Memorial, Franklin County Medical center and Neil J Redfield Memroial Hospital. Its to bad we can not go to our local hospital but again i am doubting the care they provide , through experience with my father.

Cindy Fisher

You would think a "state of the art" facility would have better billing practices. Their reps don't even know what they are charging for and their website is not user friendly and is super confusing. I have to go around in circles to get to where I want to be, and I am not technologically challenged. And be careful with online payments. I've had an account showing that I owe with their "medical group" that I've paid 4 different times. They say my money has been "allocated" to different open accounts with the hospital since that one is technically paid. Is that even legal? It STILL shows that I owe despite repeated calls. I recently made some partial payments on open accounts, which came out of my bank account fine, and then the website decided, I guess, to charge my debit card the full amount owing before those payments, thus overpaying the accounts and draining my bank account and causing fees. When I call customer service, they say they can't "see the payment yet" even though it's already out of my bank account, so call back in a few days and wait on hold for another 1/2 hour with NO MONEY IN MY BANK ACCOUNT. NOTHING BUT PROBLEMS from this hospital. I'm done. No more lab work, no more doctors. I'll be going to Bingham Memorial Hospital or any other area hospital from now on for everything. Their services are hit or miss, but their billing is a joke which make it just not worth it.

C Quinn

My daughter made a sudden trip to the emergency room. The treatment was fine. However, the in-network hospital has contracted for out-of-network treatment by Emergency Room physicians as part of their services. There was no notice of the practice, they just kind of do it, and the resulting bill from the physician was 10 times the value identified by my BC/BS insurance - who also notified me simultaneously that it was my responsibility to pay the full amount because we did not use in-network physicians. I consider the practice between Portneuf and there Emergency Room physicians to be an ongoing lie of omission for the purpose of monetary gain by the physicians. There should laws to prevent; but there are none currently.

Dave Nordland

best ever sweet people....very professional best doctors ever

Standard Nerd

Have an emergency? Go to Idaho Falls, Ogden, or Salt Lake. For profit hospital with too lean of an overworked staff to handle your care appropriately. If you absolutely must go to them (which is sometimes unavoidable) always get a second opinion from another hospital or doctor. Also be very careful of unrelated tests that have nothing to do with your ailment.

Valorie Price

Please don't take your loved ones here. My mom was just seen in the ER last Thursday and released. Her coughing up blood was blamed on a bloody nose. 2 days later she was flown by life flight from EIRMC to the U of U where she is right now for emergency surgery to fix 5 bleeding vessels in her right lung. This is not our first or even 2nd bad experience with this hospital. After 3 weekends in a row at the ER with my mom several years ago we had to tell them to check her gallbladder. Sure enough it had to come out. Before that I had to drive from Utah to Portneuf ER , load her in my car and take her to EIRMC to have a tennis ball sized infection from her brain removed. She almost died. NEVER AGAIN WILL WE WALK THRU THEIR DOORS FOR CARE.

Courtney USMC wife

Edit: 07/12/17 i had received communication with Todd (who was awesome to deal with) and the billing manager from Portneuf called me and said they would take care of it and i didn't need to worry about it. THAT was the customer service i was looking for and will cause me to go back. Thank you for all your help. If i could give this place .5 stars i would. It's extremely sad that i have to write this review because the staff is great. I love the doctors and others who have and do work there. I can honestly say if i was in the middle of of having a child and this was my only option for a hospital i'd choose to have the baby on the side of the road. I have been going here for a few surgeries and to the women's health. So needless to say they have gotten money from me. Now i will be driving either to blackfoot or idahofalls. They have sent me to collections and have screwed my credit over 30.00 in 2016 and they claim they sent me bills and now again in 2017. Well if any person with a brain looks at my history they would see i either call in that day i get the letter and pay it in full or if it is huge i set up a payment plan. Well it happened again after i had paid in full for an mri my insurance came back and fixed an adjustment causing me to owe more. They claim here too that they have sent me letters (who knows where). It's funny the letters i seem to receive get paid that day. Hmmm weird huh. I'm so annoyed with calling them and fighting over this. Portneuf has caused me nothing but headaches and i'm so sick of this happening i will not be returning here ever again and it sincerely breaks my heart because i love the doctor i would want to deliver our first child. But after all of this stress i honestly think i would have a miscarriage stressing out about how Portneuf would handle my billing.

Jeff Schwartz

Mother-in-law was admitted to the hospital, I called for information, the nurse took a message to have another nurse call me back. 3 hours later they told my wife to call me. Total incompetence with a simple message, It makes e wonder what else they can screw up...

Nic Tarbet

This hospital is bar none the worst hospital I have ever been to. From their imaging staff, to their mental health clinics the entire hospital is poor at BEST. I would highly suggest that anyone go to literally any other hospital for their needs than this one. Zero respect for the hospital in any regard.

Melinda Harris

Came in tonight because I was throwing up blood. The receptionist at the front was rude. I waited almost an hour in the lobby to be seen & was the only one in the lobby. There was maybe 10 cars in the parking lot so it wasn't busy. Just finished a 9 hour shift and all I wanted was to lay down. Finally I decided I would just leave & go to Bingham in Blackfoot tomorrow. I just did not receive a positive vibe from the medical facility. When I told the rude receptionist I was going home he said " they're here now". I still left. Hopefully it's nothing serious. I sure hope I never have to spend time here.

Brent Ashcraft

Wife was scheduled for surgery that a doctor had recommended. We told them that they needed to send in for a prior authorization to our insurance for them to ok it. My wife called multiple times to talk to someone and got no where. The hospital called us the day before to confirm the surgery. They said no prior authorization was needed and that we would have to pay up front. From the sound of it, they didn't bother getting a hold of the insurance. They just gave us a estimate and told us they couldn't give us a firm price on what it would cost. They then informed my wife that we could get a hold of the insurance to figure out the cost. Obviously the surgery is a no go until someone at the hospital does there job. Very disappointed. If I could give a zero star I would.

Harley Williams

Chad Gilliam

Very piss poor service all I think about is money, I will drive to Blackfoot if I have an emergency

Jason Tanner

In their patient agreement they say that a proper pain regime will be decided between the patient and the doctor and that a responsible pain plan will be conducted.... They could care less how the patient feels or how much pain they are in. Even after being admitted because of my medical condition, that they felt necessary to keep me here for up to and maybe longer than five days, All they care about is, "the DEA is cracking down so I'm sorry but we don't need them after us." ARE YOU KIDDING ME?? Don't ever go here because they have no intentions on helping you...

Robyn Hales

I find it hard to believe this place has 2.2 stars. My family member just had her gallbladder out and we couldn't be happier! Having moved to Idaho from the Salt Lake City area a few years back, we didn't know what to expect in small town Idaho but we couldn't be more pleased! We were met with kindness and the utmost professionalism. I've had family members in all if the Salt Lake area hospitals and none of them even come close to the care we received at Portneuf. If I ever have to have anything done in the future, this is where I will be going!

Jared Larsen

Eric R

Staff is friendly and really try to make you feel at home. Abby the RN has been supper helpful and kind.

Alan Curtis

Meshari Alangari

I waited for one hour to see the doctor(Brian W) “I think that his name “ in emergency room and when he came for one minute and he’s saw my knee swallowing the one which had surgery last couple months and my blood pressure was high and I have pain because I slipped on the ice and he said I can’t do anything for you , and he said that the ER stands for people who’s dying !!! He did not respect the patient or taking care !!!!

Mindy B

Terrible hospital. Only concerned with making as much money as possible. Expect to be up-charged to the highest amount possible. Was charged $3000 for a lymph node biopsy and they didn't even hit a lymph node. Tried to dispute the bill and they sat on it long enough to turn it over to collections. Got the letter saying they were going to do nothing with my dispute the same day I got the collections letter. I have been helping my family switch from these people over to Bingham Memorial and they are all much happier. I will also be going elsewhere.

bobbi hunt

Hospitals should be public not private owned. I understand that peope that don't smoke deserve a smoke free area just as a smoker deserves a smoking area. It's an empedment of my civil rights to force me to not smoke freely within the rights of others by designating smoking areas.

marlin jessepe

Andrew Workman

I have used this hospital since it was built, I have used their emergency department several times as well as had some surgeries performed here, unfortunately their only best service came when I was in the OR for an inpatient gallbladder removal, that took a week and It wasn't even that great. Their emergency room doctors, and nurses tend to be very rude, as well as very pushy to try and get people OUT as quickly as possible. They are however very quick to send bills demanding payment in full BEFORE the insurance has even processed them, this is a tactic to get you to pay more than necessary. I have to disagree with the last comment this hospital is FAR from the best hospital in Idaho. I have had many cases where I have had to sit and wait up to two hours for someone to even see me, and in many cases you wont be seen by a portneuf doctor, you will be treated by some doctor from rocky mountain emergency center, that is associated with portneuf, then three weeks later you get a bill from a completely different entity not even realizing that you weren't treated by a portneuf doctor. I would not recommend this hospital to anyone their facility is about the only thing that shows quality. Also I have had many friends and family tell me that all other clinics, and sections of the hospital show just as low quality as the ER does, my recommendation, STAY AWAY! your paying for treatment , in a fancy building with rude staff.

Pamela Lowell

Had very negative experiences with this place.

Clint Housley

Helpful and friendly. Great place to work also.

Landon Christensen

I went there because I was having links basum and hip spasms no one would even help me all they could do is complain that had been out there before and go to my record doctor do not go to this hospital that you don't care they are just there for the money

Lindsey Duncan

Shelley G.

We have had so many issues with this hospital over the last 4 years. Today was the final straw! We were sent to the hospital to get a cast fixed for our 8 year old because his primary office is closed. Went to the ER where we were told to go, signed in, got taken back, then we're told they can't do a cast! Why let us sit and wait if you know you can't do something? What kind of hospital doesn't have supplies to do a cast? We were assured by a very rude nurse upon discharge that we will still be billed for the visit though! Billed for what exactly I'm not sure, but the way their billing is lately I'm sure it will be huge! In 4 years with this hospital I have been sent home in full blown labor twice in 10 hours at 25 weeks pregnant only to come back hours later and deliver. My daughter had a procedure that left her physically bruised with clear finger marks from 1 nurse that still works on the peds floor to this day, unable to walk without extreme pain from the pediatric nurses holding her down so hard, the Dr. Dropped a catheter on the ground during the same procedure and still used it, I listened to the radiologist be a complete jerk to his radiology tech during the procedure and yell at her more than once, and none of the staff was ever disciplined for any of it! An ER visit where my daughter was screaming in pain and throwing up, was sent home with "it's just a virus" only to come back 4 hours later and be told she had double ear infections, a high fever and the throwing up was from the pain of an extreme migraine. How do you miss that? That is just the beginning of the hell we have been through with this hospital. I hope we never get stuck being treated here in a true emergency. You have a better chance of actually being treated if you make the drive to Blackfoot or Idaho Falls. I will drive to any other hospital over this one every single time from now on.

Tiarra Marie

One hour in the waiting room with a sick baby with a fever of 104.4 who was visibly shaking. This hospital sucks!

Gay Reynolds


Ben Smith


I came into the ER last year after a severe mountain bike crash near Wolverine Creek. I am from Utah so I was concerned about the out of state insurance costs, however my aunt (an RN) told me to stop in Pocatello and get into the ER right away after I described my symptoms to her. She was worried the swelling in my thigh could be pinching my femoral artery. I got checked in and went back to a room where a nurse's assistant gave me a hospital gown and told me a doctor would be in shortly. About 30 minutes later the door opened but it wasnt a doctor is the ER billing representative. She asked me how I was paying and I told her I'd pay my co-pay with my credit card, which I did. Her attitude when I asked her several questions was very poor, borderline agitated. I could tell she was making the answers up in order to get out of the room sooner. Probably needed to go check her facebook or something. Another 20-30 minutes passed and finally a "Doctor" comes in. He actually turned out to just be an RN. I told him my symptoms (which by this point were getting unbearable) and he simply laid me on the table, massaged my thigh for 30 SECONDS, then prescribed me 800 mg of Ibuprofen. I said, "are you sure the swelling is not pinching my artery? I have a 2 hour drive home to Ogden and I cant be passing out on the freeway and crashing." His answer was simply, "The Ibuprofen and icepack will help. Let's get you out of here." I made it home with no incident, thank God, and after two weeks I was back on my bike. However 4 weeks later I got two separate bills. One was from the hospital for the ER visit and was $735. Understandable for an out of state ER visit. Fine. The other bill, however, was for another $400 to be paid directly to the "doctor" who wasn't actually a doctor at all. He touched my leg for 30 seconds and gave me 4 pills and then walked out of the room. That was worth $400? YOU HAVE TO BE KIDDING ME!!! I have medical personnel in my family and I know without a doubt he didnt even care about my injury. Nothing he did was even close enough to determine whether or not I had a pinched femoral. NOTHING. He just wanted to get me out of his ER so he could continue enjoying his lazy Saturday shift! The entire 2 hour drive home I was wondering if I was gonna pass out and crash my car and die. Bottom line is this: this hospital, its ER, the "doctors", the staff (excluding the friendly blonde receptionist), and the services rendered were NOWHERE NEAR WORTH A $1200 MEDICAL BILL! After months of disputes with Rocky Mountain Physicians, the company that actually employs the "doctors", they refused to give me any sort of assistance in paying for this ridiculous waste of my time. They eventually sent the bill to collections, ruining my perfect credit. F**k this hospital. -Cameron, Harrisville, UT

Joe Porath

This place is a band aid stop! My wife was just diagnosed with breast cancer. Her concerns had been discussed two years prior and told it was nothing to worry about! The test were not thorough and caused a false diagnosis. Salt lake had to redo all the test plus more that should have been done for a full diagnosis. Then PMC did not even send the test to salt lake for the doctor to review for treatment. But the bills beat us home . Maybe they should be as concerned about there work as they are about billing, because they are not. My advice is to go directly to salt lake . The real doctors are there and they care about more than a paycheck. I have had other family treated here and saw negative treatment in the past. I fully respect doctors because they perform miracles everyday. I am also upset right now because of the hand my wife has been delt. I have not felt the urgency and the professional experience from this hospital that they advertise . I would get a band aid here but I wouldnt count on them to save my life

beautifulmess 88

I was in a few days ago for bad stomach pain and back pain. The doctor told me I had back pain because I was fat and my stomach probably hurt due too the pain medicine I take. I tried to explain to him I don't really take it in the first place and two that yes addiction runs in my family and I work my ass off everyday to not go down that road. I literally was devastated especially after he said I have to check on the weight limit for the cat scan cause you might be too fat. I understand they are there to help but when I'm so mad I'm literally crying in a ball we have a problem. Luckily they got a bigger machine and found out I have ovarian cysts. The doctor was determined to find out why I was there however he needs to work on his manners because it could end up bad If he does something like this to someone who can't hold their anger and punch him. Like I wanted too. Also was in two days prior to this for shortness of breath and chest pain and all they did was blood work no ekg. My primary care is livid about this.... There are good doctors and good people just gotta stop cutting corners and use manners, I didn't think it was that hard.

mary tormey

Won't let me post a 0 or negative... I was there to report hazardous materials dumping and was violently raped with needless. Than they did an illegal override hearing, and subjected me to more abuses, holding me against my will, keeping me from photographing bruises and preventing me from reporting problems. I suspect they were trying to cover up illegal activity at the Rise complex...

Megan Qualls

Would rate zero stars if I could. Don't go here. All they care about is their money. Had a pap smear and they did the lab results here. Took them 2 and half weeks to get back to me only to say your results were inconclusive please wait about 10 months to do another one. I could have cancer but I won't know for another year. What kind of joke is that?! Finally got the bill (two months later) my insurance covered most of it but I still have to pay a portion of it. I don't believe anyone should have to pay for medical services to which the results were inconclusive. So I called that number and I asked why I should even bother paying and gee the woman on the phone was less than understanding. Infact told me that I'm paying for services done and when I told her the tests results were inconclusive and I shouldn't have to pay especially since I have to go and do it again, she got very defensive and so I just hung up, no use arguing with someone who has no empathy for others.

Shelby Whitworth

Some of the nurses are great, but most of the doctors are airheads. I am honestly scared to go to this hospital in case of an emergency because of how the doctors treat their patients. Ridiculous.

Heather Jubitz

I was admitted here for a hip replacement in February of 2016. The admitting staff were great and easy to work with, the doctors and nurses that prepped me for surgery were funny and polite, and the staff in orthopedic surgery were so helpful, understanding and sincere. I am forever grateful to them for taking such good care of me during my stay there! 5 stars.

kevin schmidt

If you have anything serious, I'd recommend going somewhere else.

Elizabeth Crawford

I really don't like this hospital. Although I like some of the staff, I think the management is poor. Terrible policies lead to lack of respect for patient's experience. I'd rather drive to Blackfoot - Bingham Memorial.


Samantha LLC

Elio Purin

I went one time and am getting all kinds of bills. I only had simple lab work done. They can tell me what one of the bills was for but not the other one. How do they not know why they are billing me $600? I already paid for the 1 day I was there and would just like to know why Iam being charged more for work on a different day that I was never even there. Too bad they can't tell me. If you don't pay they just try to wreck your credit. Beware of going here. You might get extra "mystery" bills.

Andres Garcia

My wife recently had our first baby their. I can’t believe how well we were treated and how welcome we felt! All the staff was amazing, they made sure we were comfortable all the time, super friendly and super helpful. Nurses were going out of their way to help my wife and my baby with all the things they needed! Super great service at labor and delivery! Would recommend to anyone! It was such a positive experiment having our first baby here!

Evers Squad

My dad was recently sent here after a terrible skiing accident. He was stabilized and diagnosed with 8 ribs broken in multiple places, level 4 lacerated spleen, and blood pooling in the stomach that would eventually go away on its own. They sent him home after 3 nights. After returning home he went for more scans at a hospital in Utah where they immediately sent him to a different hospital for trauma. He is currently in surgery to have his ribs plated or replace with titanium, his lungs are being drained of all the fluid that has been collected, and on top of it they had noticed that his liver had been lacerated as well. They will also be cleaning out his stomach from the pooled blood. His life was on the line and still currently is. He needed emergency help and if this hospital could not help him or did not know how to help him they should have been educated enough to have sent him to a hospital that could have.

Plead4 Peace

It’s clear from the owners repetitive response he does not care to make a change. Contacting management will do no good as they are the problem that flows from the top down. I have had the same piss poor treatment from them on numerous ER visits and sent away with no care only IVs to hydrate me so I could continue my sickness. They gave my grandmother far too much medication, proven by other doctors after my parents took her to a different medical facility. Also I was sent to collections before any bills were received. We all need to contact the BBB and save the lives that will be lost if this hospital continues to function as it is. One nurse has even quit hospice after realizing how many lives she may have ended by following their corrupt practices of giving medication only to gain money through drug incentives set my doctors and Big Pharm. Please act now and help rid Pocatello of such dangerous services.

Marina Ramirez

Cindy Neumann

I am not impressed with this hospital's emergency room. After waiting two hours to have my daughter seen, I went to the window to ask why she wasn't taken back when all the people ahead of us were taken back first, this I understood, but now for all the new people who came after us, I didn't understand this. After I asked the receptionist the question, a male nurse who was sitting at the counter lunged himself thru the window and said that all the people who came in were sicker than my daughter. I called him out about the two girls who just came in and within five minutes was taken back. I left taking my daughter to Bingham ER in Blackfoot. She was seen fast and admitted for a blood clot, sepsis, and a kidney infection. Thank God for Bingham Memorial Hospital. Portneuf er knew exactly who my daughter is, and what was wrong, but they cherry picked everyone else before my daughter. The nurse who said she would be taken back next probably said that BECAUSE there wasn't anyone else waiting. This is a very very you in and out glorified urgent care. It's not a teaching hospital or a caring hospital. I'd avoid it if possible. Bingham is only minutes away, And you'll be truly cared about there.

Camry Burke

I had to be seen for some unexplained pain. My first visit was really good. They were fast concerned and made me very comfortable. Took tests kept me out of pain did x rays which showed nerve damage.However unfortunately I had to be seen again, it still was a good visit. But I was concerned that after a fall I had on same side no x-rays were ordered.And I happened to over hear two nurse's saying how they hated their job. They hated taking vitals and it was dogs work. And that they wanted to go somewhere else so they did not have to take vitals. It was right after I had my vitals taken. I was stuck in a room and still no explanation to my pain. I couldn't get any referrals to someone that could help me. Other than that portneuf is very good at helping people.

Jasmine Phillips

I absolutely hate the way pocatello runs their medical. They start sending my bills off to collection agencies before a month even passes. They are unfriendly/rude and I hate having to go to any doctor here, I'd rather drive to idaho falls and use the hospital in blackfoot.

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