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REVIEWS OF Mountain View Hospital IN Idaho

Scott Humphries

Riley Sessions

My wife and I had a wonderful experience with Mountain View. We have had both of our children born there. The staff of nurses and physicians were wonderful to work with. I will always be thankful for the care they provided.

Daniel Newell

Cole Welch

Great and friendly staff

Doug Byrd

It's been 24 hours since I had my hip replaced and I've got to say I feel really freaking good! They've been really good at keeping a tight schedule regarding pain meds (Percocet & Toradol) so that helps a lot. All the staff is amazing. Very comforting, sociable, attentive with great bedside manner. As for food? Not at all your standard hospital food. You're given a menu. You select what you want (great variety), then call a number where a live person anwers the phone and takes your order. The food is actually really good! At this point, other than having to give myself Lovenox injections into my belly (they're teaching me how to do it for when I get home), I'm both surprised with how I feel and impressed with this facility, staff and high level of care and compassion!

Sarah Elizabeth Roberts

Very unhelpful with patient financial plans. Especially considering my insurance already paid 3/4 of the total billing.

DeeJay Poorman

Melanie Webster

My daughter had surgery there last week. Nurses and staff were great. Made us all feel very comfortable.

Marcie Smith

July 2015 Just had a hysterectomy and Mountain View hospital and staff were great. They checked on me, answered my questions, were professional and friendly. The hospital was clean and efficient but I didn't feel like a number and I was not pushed out the door too soon. Sometimes you feel like you just need a little more time before leaving and they give it to you. Of course in the hospital after surgery they check on you constantly (required) like anywhere else so its hard to sleep but that's anywhere. Not only were the nurses and aids friendly and careful but the food was awesome. It made me want to eat even though I didn't feel up to it. Food was made to order from a menu. Doesn't get better than this hospital and I have been to many hospitals having 6 children and kidney stones. There was only one con I had. The pillows. Awful. Didn't squish in the least to support your neck; so they are for side sleepers which I couldn't do after my surgery. Bring your own pillow.

Kayla Cocobear

Will not have my children anywhere else. 9 out of 10 of the nurses were AMAZING. My son was in the NICU for a week after he was born, and my insurance stopped paying for my room after just 4 days, but they found away to keep me and my husband there so that I didn't have to leave him. Also the nurses were very gentle! When they came in to take my blood they would wake me up to tell me what they were doing, but I didn't even feel the poke so fell back to sleep... Every time. They were VERY clean, professional, and caring. The only time I was unimpressed with them is after my surgery, when I knew there was something wrong with me and the doctor on call kept making me feel as though I was over reacting, but the nurses, and MY doctors and surgeons after finding out that I was short of breath made sure to find out what was wrong and even kept me one more night to keep a close eye on me. This is MY hospital for life!

Carlos Chavez

This review is regarding their billing department. I visited one of Mountain View's affiliated clinics on 08/2018. The receptionist made me pay for the full cost of the visit because they didn't have my insurance. I totally understand why they did this and that is not the issue. I called the following week with my insurance information and I was told I would receive a refund. I had an accident 10/2018, so I visited another (MV affiliate) facility, insurance card on file. I paid my $20 co-pay and went on with my day. They billed me for the x-rays from two different facilities. I was later explained this is normal since they take them at the clinic and send them to be reviewed elsewhere. Well, in 11/2018 I called because I had not received my refund from 08/2018. I was told they held my refund from 08/2018 because I had an outstanding balance from the OTHER facility 10/2018 (x-rays). They never applied my "credit" to the bill and never refunded me. After much back and forth, they applied my refund to the bill and I should still have about $34 to be refunded back. I've called in once in 12/2018 and once 01/2019 and was told both times that a refund was issued and later that I was not issued and someone would call me back to resolve it. Now, nearly 6 months from the original visit, no refund, no call back. Literally the worst customer service with a billing department, ever. I hope I never have to visit their facilities again.

Jose Ramirez

Olivia Andrews

Excellent birth experience. I came in wanting a natural childbirth they were respectful of my wishes allowed me to labor how I wanted. Very pro skin and mother bonding. All the nurses were very kind and not pushy. Very helpful with establishing breastfeeding. Even the food was good. Recommend this hospital to anyone.

Ellie Beckett

Matthew Roesener

Been there twice with my wife for our second and third sons; the first was complication free and the nurses/doctors/staff were all amazing; second ended up with quite a scary emergency, but again - everyone handled it so well. The atmosphere is amazing, genuinely the only truly good experience I've had at a hospital and they duplicated it. Highly recommend the Birthing Center at Mountain View.

Riley Evans

For the most part, this hospital itself was great for my child's birth. Much cleaner, much more welcoming than EIRMC. What was *not* acceptable was how many nurses/doctors told me I needed to consider supplementing w/ formula (when I fully intended on breastfeeding! And no thanks to them, I'm still nursing my 23mo old! - - At time of 1st, unedited review) before my child was even 48rs old. My milk hadn't come in on 3 days. It can take up to a week! Now that I'm educated on lactation I am disgusted by how much I was pushed to use formula from nearly everyone. I had just had an emergency cesarean. Birth on its own is a trauma, but with a cesarean you have medications running to the fetus. It's no wonder she had issues. I think what was the worst part was how impersonal, and extremely unhelpful/vague the lactation consultant was. My visit made me motivated to become a great lactation specialist, unlike the one that was in my room for a total of maybe 3 minutes. I was very out of it, exhausted. She acted very weird about directly latching my child which is a VERY normal part of the job. To me, she was very unprofessional with it. I'm surprised I even nursed my child past 2yrs (really, past that first few days) with their lack of help. I didn't get ANY real information on breastfeeding. Nothing about latch, how to tell if baby is getting enough (by output--meconium/pee, and other signs), nothing about pumping (how to or that it is not an accurate depiction of supply)...nothing. It was disgraceful. Had I known more about lactation I would've probably been making formal complaints.

Lu Calixt

Excellent nurses, good doctors and delicius menu.⭐ I recommend them 100%

Michelle Hall

Excellent care from start to finish! It was the easiest/best surgery I've ever had. Thank you to the volunteers, billing department, the nurses, anesthesiologists, and the doctor! No complaints here.. Definitely will recommend to others!


We recently delivered our second child at Mountain View after being so pleased with our first experience there. We were happy to recognize most of the nursing staff from our first birth, which was great because they were all so kind and helpful. They’ve updated their policy so they now feed both mom and dad during the entire hospital stay, on top of having ‘dad fridges’ stocked with snacks, drinks, frozen meals, etc. which we thought was an awesome touch. Overall super impressed with both hospital stays we’ve had at Mountain View!

Alexzandria pulido

I had my baby girl there and it was so welcoming and my birth didn't go as planned but they had me ready for my c section in seconds and I loved my labor nurses and my lactation consultant mikey was amazing she helped me so much if it wasn't for her I would have had a nervous breakdown but shes amazing and I absolutely so thankful for her my postpartum was great except there was one nurse stephanie she never checked in she never was on schedule with my medication she usually had someone else come and help me she also forgot to take my IV out I had to remind her multiple times to and she never emptied my urine bag so when the shift change came it was the size of a basketball and the other nurse had to deal with it but other than her it was great


I was born here

Jon Stenquist

Friendly staff, doctors and nurses. No one ever wants to be in a hospital, but Sarah and Lee in the imaging are great - going the extra mile to make a difficult situation bearable.

Terri Sommer

There for surgery today. Too busy. Felt unsafe. My nurse Ashley was confused and on her phone texting.

Jason Martin

There are not enough good things to say about the nursing staff in Labor and Delivery. My wife just gave birth here and we were extremely impressed with all of the nurses! I highly recommend MVH, if you are going to have a baby, this is the place to do it.

Idaho Reviewer

I’ve been to Mt. View quite a few times for a few different reasons and for the most part I’ve been satisfied. This particular interaction wasn’t my favorite. For some reason, in admissions, there was only two people checking patients in and at least 6 people waiting in line when I got there. Behind me was a group of employees who were standing in a circle talking about the best hair care products. After a few minutes one of the two girls checking in patients approached the group of employees and asked for assistance. That is when two other admission clerks came over and began checking in people. Casusing the line to move much quicker. It took me 15 minutes just to be checked in and brought back for imaging. The girl who checked me in didn’t have the most pleasant attitude. Then, once I was sat down in the imaging lobby I waited only a few minutes when a lady opened the door and called my name. That’s it. No “Hi, come on back.” No nothing. Just said my name and nothing else. Once I went back I was pretty much treated like I was just one of many people being processed through. As if we were a herd of cows or something. Neither of the technicians were friendly or pleasant. I got the impression that everyone there was just burnt out by their hospital job. I would compare it to the same service you’d expect by the DMV employees.

Brittney Goodier

DO NOT go to the wound care center here! They run you around the ringer to get more money only to prolong your recovery. They just want money and charge for even a sock. They made situations worst over a 2 month span with 3 day weeks visits until finally we had enough and they called in real professionals who got the wound taken care of in a matter of hours.

Merelou Bludworth

Mario Pruett

For anybody trying to become an employee good luck,especially if someone within the company dislikes you,some departments tend to play favorites such as the Housekeeping department

Stephanie Skillicorn

If I could give this hospital a higher rating, I would!! I had my first child here, so I went in with my eyes wide open and it was a WONDERFUL experience. Nurses were SO so kind and attentive. Never got frustrated with any questions and genuinely cared about my experience and health. They worked so well with my doctor, the anesthesiologist was amazing (I believe his name was Paul?). The delivery wing was amazingly quiet. I can’t say a single negative thing about my experience with Mountain View. If I lived in Idaho still, I would definitely go there again. I am forever grateful for my doctor to recommend them to me.

Brad Reed

The financial part of a hospital stay is never fun. However after having both knees scoped l have nothing but good to say about the people who I was involved with. From checkin to being wheeled out. All we're very professional and kind.

Marissa Empey

I've been to Mountain View three times and each time the staff was phenomenal! The nurses go above and beyond. The administrative staff that I've talked to have all been kind and very helpful.

britne kent

Levi Edwards

Somebody told my wife that this hospital took our insurance when she called 8 months ago to get our pregnancy plan in place. We show up to take a tour a month before we are due and they tell us they DON'T and never have taken our insurance. Some incompetent person gave us misinformation and completely ruined our entire plan. That person will go about their day giving out misinformation never being held accountable for their actions. It's now up to US to figure this out because they sent us down the wrong path and won't take ownership of their mistake. Very very disappointing.

jennifer Troncoso

Nurses and everything are great. However if you're trying to become an employee for housekeeping good luck there really racist and they favor people over people (they pick favorites)

Imelda Carrillo

They charged me over 300 just for a "sprained ankle" which was worse that just a sprained ankle... The doctor didn't even look at it he just went in and was out with in 2 min ... Then I get the bill and they charged me 100 for a stupid brace that one didn't fit right and two I could buy that brace at Walmart for $10 the nurse was cranky... Never again will I ever stop by.

Jeff Butikofer

Trevor Atkison

The staff were excellent, facilities clean as they should be, and procedures spot on. Couldn’t be more satisfied.

Reagan Bierma

For our first baby, the experience was even better than we have ever imagined! All of our nurses were so sweet taking care of us in every aspect. The facility was squeaky clean and seemed nearly brand new. They made the labor and recovery process one to remember. Definitely will be going back for our future babies.

Nayely morales

Mike Wyatt

Great nurses and excellent doctors. Girlfriend had a baby here, I'd recommend this place over eirmc anyday.

Jen McGary

This review is for the Sleep Center. I haven't even made an appointment or made it to the facility & I'm absolutely horrified at the unprofessional actions of staff! My doctor requested in-home study based on blood work, health history and my preference. The scheduler insisted that I have to have an in-lab study done. She completely ignored my doctors and my wishes, based only on a few vague questions (not a thorough history) proclaiming she knew exactly what I needed and even suggested that I need to talk to her manager so she could "convince me" that was what needed to be done. When I told her that was not what was agreed upon, she continued to insist that the in-lab study was the only way I was going to get the study done. Instead of waiting for me to contact them, she went behind my back, called my doctor and told her that my wishes were to have the in-lab study done. Who does that? My rights were definitely violated! They did not have permission to contact my doctor and they do not have the right or medical knowledge to tell patients what is best for them, period. Unless you like being pushed around and violated, stay as far away from them as possible.

Jake Connors

If you need a sleep study avoid this place.

Marlena Alvey

Went to Mountain View Hospital for a total hip replacement in November of 2013. I was there four days. The staff was WONDERFUL! Everyone assigned to my care went out of their way to make sure I was comfortable and well taken of. I love this hospital. The rooms are spacious, private and the hospital is just the right size for a homey feeling.

Caitlin Croft

If you can choose, definitely go to Mountain View! Nurses, doctors, the facility are exceptionally better then the other hospital. I’ve had sisters deliver their babies here, along with family members hospitalized for injuries and illness here as well. I couldn’t speak more highly of this hospital.

Anonymous USA

I want 2 point out that a Respiratory Therapist that works there is unprofessional & unethical. I wouldn't recommend on going to the Respiratory part of this hospital, but I do have to say rest of the Mountain View hospital is good.

Carissa Dutton

Friendly and knowledgeable staff, very helpful and attentive. There seems to be a great amount of respect both for patients and among employees at this hospital.

LaNay Robbins

Okay so here is my complaint. Normally I would give Mountain View Hospital a 5-star rating, however my experience with the billing department this last week has been unacceptable. I received a call from a collections agency that the Hospital had turned my bill over to collections. How could they turn us over to collections when I haven't even received a bill yet and the surgery was just one month ago. I pursued the problem and they told me that a previous procedure happened in February and they sent the bill to my PO Box. What my PO Box? I said, I haven't had a PO Box in over two years.They proceeded to tell me that when my husband checked in for his surgery in May he gave them the PO Box number as a correct address. "Really," I said. Funny thing is he never even knew the PO Box number. I was also told that several phone attempts were made and that we didn't have voice mail. "What?" I exclaimed, I have only Sprint service and going back through my phone calls I do not see anywhere where I have received calls. And, no voice mail, really that is interesting as all my Sprint lines have voice mail and have never been full. I have a very hard time believing that it is true. "Why did the collections agency have my current address?" I asked. I was told they match it with the SSN. However, when talking to the collection agency they said that it came over from Mountain View Hospital with the address. I have tried to be kind and I talked to a supervisor about this issue and all I get is that they see my point of view but if I knew I had a procedure then I should have looked for a bill. Funny thing is that my insurance is such that it pays a portion prior to my deductible starting so I never even knew the bill had not been paid. (I will take the blame for my thinking of the situation.) Talk about frustrating. My advise to anyone is to make sure that when you visit Mountain View Hospital you ensure you have the correct address on file and have them delete any previous addresses. Good luck billing department, you need all the help you can get! Deception is not a real ethical way to run a business.

Steve Mcdonald

I love Mountain View Hospital!!! Both of my experiences have been great. All of the nurses, assistants and doctors have treated me exceptionally well. I just had surgery there and they were professional and made me feel so at home.

Aubrey McKay

I've had surgery for my clavicle here three times. Each time I was treated well by the nursing staff and given all the attention I needed. The actual healing part of this hospital is good. As for payment, they're VASTLY overpriced and want to milk you for charges so outrageous that insurance won't possibly pay for all of it. They act like they're John's Hopkins, but they're really only identifiable by the word 'good'. Go across the street if your doctor will allow it.

Studio 1c

If you need help go

Angell Johnson

Sandy LaMonte

Labor and delivery department deserves all the praise in the world. Staff are amazing and quick to help with anything. I was able to get a room quickly, even though I was a walk in and my birth went off without a hitch!

Chuck Hungerford

Ammon Cates

Nick Robinson

My wife gave birth tonight to a perfect little boy after lots of complications over the last 4 years. Our nurses were amazing! Very patient with all of our stupid new parent questions and I feel like they have taken a real interest in us and have been perfect. Facilities were very very clean and they even offer snacks and drinks for the Dads. Couldn't recommend higher!


John Bess

Jodi Moon

Flare Undead

Michael Infanger

Great patient-oriented service

Stasha Mouser

Amber Arriaga


I absolutely love the labor and delivery unit of this hospital. I felt comfortable and at ease through my entire labor and recovery. The nurses here are the best. The rooms are nice and the food was delicious. The billing department has also been easy and pleasant to work with.

Evelyn Nelson

I had a small incident in the mountains with my horse and a tree that landed me in the Mountain View Advanced Wound Care Center. The nurses and doctors in this facility should be the model for medical institutions everywhere. They turned what could have been a long and painful process into a very enjoyable experience. I’m almost sorry to be healed because I will really miss all my new friends. Thanks for everything … you guys are the best!

Ronald Guymon

5 stars. Just had a procedure done at Mountain View Hospital. This was not my first visit but was certainly my best experience! Other than the unpleasantness of the side effects of surgery, my experience at Mountain View Hospital was excellent from start to finish! Each person who came in contact with me did their job with skill and with my health and comfort in mind. My impression this time was that the management team of Mountain View Hospital has been successful in instilling in its workforce the knowledge that every person has a specific role to play in making Mountain View Hospital the best in customer satisfaction. A special thank you to Dr Blatter who did the surgery with skill and caring. His nurse, Christina, called me the following day to see how I was doing and to answer any questions I had. Thanks to all who contributed to my care. You are all doing a fantastic job!!!

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